God Sex and Truth (2018) Movie Script

WEBVT I as a woman,
am not my eyes,
not my mouth,
not my breasts,
not my cunt
and not my asshole.
I am a conscious being
and each and every part of my body
is a nature given asset
designed for various functions
including sexual desire
Sexual pleasure is an incentive given by God
so that men and women will copulate
which in turn will facilitate
the continued existence of our species
No one fucks
just for the sake of having children.
They do so because they get
an immense pleasure out of it.
I believe that power and
sex are the only true prime movers in life.
But Power is looked up to
Sex has always been looked down upon
Right from the medieval times
some men consciously for social reasons
or personal reasons
assumed upon themselves to culturally change
the fundamental validity of our sexual code.
They thrust family, monogamy, continence,
the postulate of privacy to bring down
the pleasure of intercourse to so called
acceptable limits of various societies.
Spelling out the code of tradition as a whole
they even managed to psyche people into believing
that even the very sight of a cunt
and an asshole are obscene.
But mostly and very damagingly
they employed moral and religious interpretations
of natural God induced feelings
to suit the prevailing social needs of that time
and one of them was to ensnare a womans sexuality.
To achieve this they used the force of the body,
the mind and above all the force of guilt in
a woman's own mind
which would be the most powerful
because civilizations always have a
tendency to program civilians to feel bad
about whatever feels good.
And then unable to deal with the rebelliousness
which rose against those restrictive codes
and the frustrations all around
they blamed them on the failures of the
individuals to abide by the code
by hiding the fact that the failure was in the very code itself.
Two bodies attract each other directly as the
product of their nature driven instinct
and inversely as the square of their psychological
distance that they want to rapidly close in.
It sounds like a rule of physics
but it is actually a rule of connection
which is the only true natural authority,
that can and should govern the emotion
of both love and sexual desire.
It should never be what it is.
It should always be what it could be,
and what it should be said, Ayn Rand.
could be is an aim while
should be is a destination.
A woman is not a property,
and any who think otherwise are just slave drivers.
A woman to be restricted to just one man is being
barbaric to the very existence of her sexual being
because she is being restricted from being herself.
Any man, no matter how strong he is, will go weak in his
knees in his desire to be inside a womans cunt.
From the advent of the homo sapien species till today
mankind has made massive advances be it
in social progress, in technology, thought processing
and whatever else chosen.
But it couldnt invent a single thing which
gives more pleasure and happiness than sex.
Realising this very early on
I guiltlessly have pursued sexual pleasure
and I truly believe that sex for me is the
most important part of me feeling alive.
I just hope and pray that some day will come,
a true liberation in the whole world.
A Liberation leading to the ultimate sexual celebration.
Until then its only the world of porn
which offered me that ultimate heaven.
Ever since I was sexually awakened
I was obsessed with sex.
Obsession is nothing but
an intense focus on an object of desire
and my obsessive desire for a man
and his body is like a self induced drug
which gives me an unimaginable high.
This is how even religion works.
Its just a question of letting myself be overwhelmed
with the very existence of a form.
I don't want to ever get out of this ecstatic fidelity
because I want to immerse
myself in the dirtiest of sexual acts
so as to cleanse my soul and get it blessed
forever in the purest of sexual tranquility.
I want to be so close to you as a man in
an insane intense intimacy
and for that just having sex with you will not suffice.
I dont want to just kiss you,
I want to lick the insides of your mouth.
I want to smell and taste each and every part of your body
including your asshole,
because it's only then I can express the upper
limit of my passion filled desire for you.
My loved ones asshole is the cleanest
place for me in the world
because it's only by reveling in it,
I can be exorcised of the socially, morally
and religiously programmed dirtiness of mind.
The desire in your eyes will make me feel like a Goddess.
I want your nostrils and tongue to desperately
start seeking the deeply inscensic scents and tastes
that lay in between the holy valley of my thighs
and in between my ass cheeks
and because of you worshipping my such private holes
so very religiously, they will become a zone
of intense spiritual awakening for both of us.
I want you to wet your finger in my cunt juice
and rub its tip slowly against my anus
pressing gently push it into the tightness of
my rectum to feel my anal walls
throb around your finger in a drum beat of life.
I want you to slowly take your finger out of my anus
and suck on it even as i shudder at that beautiful
sight in an ultimate recognition of your extreme
and ultra pure worship of my sexuality.
And when you fuck me in my pussy
and then in my ass I feel an incredible ecstasy
its like falling off a shallow cliff into
a heavenly pool of soft nectar,
and once I fall, I don't ever want to come back
because I want to feel this pleasure forever.
I want to hold out forever in my Alexandrian
and Hitlerian like greed to conquer Sex
the intense atomic pleasure of the feel
of my tight asshole around your cock
has the power of a star force
and like a possessed electromagnet
it starts sucking out the cream from your cock.
Theres no way i want to win this particular war
and escape the shock of your explosive sexual electricity.
And then all my thoughts and feelings
disappear in an implosive deliverance
as I cum and cum
and every cell in my body screams out
its celebration of the primal act of Sex,
the only true love intended by nature.
I thank God for creating Sex
and for creating me as a woman.
Thank you God!