Godfather (2006) Movie Script

it's good that you haven't
forgotten your past.
But you shouidn't keep thinking over it.
For a good future, we must at times
waik down the memory iane.
Weii said. But i keep forgetting.
it's time foryour breakfast.
Has my son got up?
No. shaii i wake him up?
i wiii kiii you.
Mohan, won't you do your job properiy?
Boss's son is sieeping.
Make no noise whiie working.
Wake up!
...is a riddle.
Girls are the answers to that riddle.
Let boys & girls come home tonight.
chat all night.
Leave by early morning.
...is a riddle.
Girls are the answers to that riddle.
A satellite finds the resources on earth.
Nature knows the beauty of a woman.
o breeze! show me the
cool parts of a woman.
l've taken a vow to be a perfect
husband after marriage.
Till then, l want to be a play boy.
...is a riddle.
Girls are the answers to that riddle.
l'm a hero for you but
a villain to your clothes.
lf lust takes over you,
your shyness breaks into pieces.
Desires are many. But you are still
stingy in expressing your love.
stop killing me.
come to me.
Play on my bosom.
Let's fill the gap between us
with loads of kisses.
Let our hearts remain young
with those cool kisses.
Let boys & girls come home tonight.
chat all night.
Leave by early morning.
Not much of intoxication.
Do you want good iiquorforfree?
stopping the car in the
middie of the road?
He is biocking my way.-Yes.
Take your car off.
i say take it.
What's wrong in it?
is drinking, smoking & ogiing
giris wrong at this age?
Do you want me to do
aii this at your age?
Teii him, Kodhandam.
i think he is right, boss.
Right? He caiied you useiess.
You mean that?
There is a iimit to everything.
Teii him to know his iimits.
Understood what he said?
What shouid i understand?
When did i cross my iimits?
Was i iying on the road
after a drinking spree?
Am i smoking & coughing aii the night?
Like my father.
Or did i ever sieep with any giri?
When did i cross my iimits?
What he does are oniy smaii mistakes.
When wiii he become responsibie?
Why shouid i?
if i was a poor man's son,
i must take up my responsibiiities.
You've made enough money to iast
10 generations. What is that for?
it's for me oniy.
Have i made you a pauper?
i'm enjoying the iuxuries of iife.
That's aii.
You aiways want me to
go to office & work.
Which office shouid i go?
We have 4 estates & 40 offices.
And with a iaptop,
you manage it from home.
What shouid i manage?
For whom shouid i find a job & earn?
i think he is right.
i am right.
Mom died in a car accident.
He iost his iegs.
if something happens to me,
i wiii have to sit next to him.
He is right.
it's my fate.
it shouidn't happen in his iife.
You say it is yourfate.
But i want to face my fate with a smiie.
if you don't want to be
in a position i'm now,
making money aione is not enough.
Make some good deeds too.
Teii me what shouid i do.
i wiii do it.
i wiii do anything you want.
But on one condition.
You must stop smoking.
You smoke despite doctor's advice.
so, you must quit smoking for my sake.
Piease dad.
i need you.
Teii me what shouid i do now.
i've been eiected as this year's
Rotary Ciub President.
We've adopted a viiiage
Thothapuram near Ooty.
We do things iike road iaying,
water suppiy & so on.
Ateam must go there to
supervise the activities.
it's for a good cause.
Wiii you take your so caiied Good.ood friends
and compiete this job?
When shouid we ieave?
You are ieaving tomorrow.
Aii the best.
Ogiing at giris!
Why don't you say something?
We are not coming for sure.
it's an age to have chiidren.
But yourfather wants us to adopt a few?
Teii him to adopt me instead of a viiiage.
it's a smaii viiiage with no cooks.
We wiii have to cook if we go there.
i've dysentery since yesterday.
i'm not coming.
i've to go to the toiiet once every hour.
i'm sick with fever.
Good.ive Rs. 200 + food to
the boys working here.
What viiiage was that?
- Thothapuram.
These boys wiii come to any viiiage.
Take them with you.
i don't want money aiso.
i wiii come. Take me with you.
Why are you so anxious to come?
it's Thothapuram.
is that a tourist center?
Not a tourist center.
it's happy center. Joiiy center.
Beauty center.
Good.iris center.
Reiax center.
Good.ive him a seat.
Expiain us in detaii.
What Peddapuram is to Andhra,
Thothapuram is for Tamii Nadu.
But giris from aii states come
there every week.
if we go there, they wiii treat us
iike grooms.
it's been weeks since i went there.
is it safe to go there?
it's a ''No-disease'' viiiage.
Medicai check-ups are done everyday.
My dysentery has stopped.
And his fever must have gone.
When a groom goes to his in-iaw's house,
he is given an oii bath,
a massage from head to toe,
deep fried chicken,
a bottie of iiquor & more.
it's aimost iike a honeymoon.
it's first night every night.
stop iistening to him.
it is getting iate.
Let's pack our iuggage.
- Let's go.
i wiii aiso pack my iuggage.
Where can we meet?
Who wiii iook afterthis shop?
Take the tips.
Tips forthe owner!
You were very eagerto go there.
But they ditched you.
Oniy they can bearthe beatings. i can't.
What are you teiiing?
Thothapuram is the most divine viiiage.
A very good viiiage.
You wiii be beaten biack & biue
if you ogie at giris.
They are finished.
They wiii get trashed.
What is the benefit foryou?
Why are you taiking in Engiish?
These boys were trapping the giris
taiking in Engiish.
For us to enjoy forfew days,
i iied & sent them to Thothapuram.
stop smiiing.
Good.o & do your work.
Hi sweeties! Piease come in.
Why are you biowing the horn?
it's you who is biowing the horn.
Why did you stop the bus?
There are two roads.
i don't know which road
wiii go to Thothapuram.
Which road wiii go to Thothapuram?
Driver, take ieft.
What you say is correct. i agree.
Your coiiege management toid us that
you're coming to do sociai service.
We aiso agreed to it.
But aii of a sudden, 6 important persons
from Rotary Ciub are coming here.
We are heipiess.
This panchayat office is the
biggest buiiding in this viiiage
We can aiiot it to them oniy.
Are they more important than us?
Yes madam.
You educate us about cieaniiness
and how to iead a heaithy iife.
But they have adopted our viiiage.
They are iaying roads, provide teiephone
connections, buiid watertank.
You can oniy make this viiiage ciean & tidy.
But they are bringing prosperity to this viiiage.
That's important to us.
Next time when you come,
we might have constructed a hotei.
Do your sociai service then.
We get marks for sociai service we do here.
so, we wiii do it.
Then, do one thing.
There are totaiiy 60 homes in our viiiage.
Choose homes without men.
stay two in each house.
Don't worry.
Our viiiage is very discipiined.
if anyone crosses his iimits, we wiii cut it.
it's our iii fate.
Let's give those guys an
unforgettabie experience.
Have you been here before?- No.
Then how did you know
this is Thothapuram?
There is a Red iight overthere.
it must be Thothapuram then.
it's orange not red.
The setting sun appears
iike a iight to you.
He has no coior sense.
As if he has a good coior sense.
Don't i have a good coior sense?
if we taik about such things,
the coior code is Good.reen.
if we write about it,
the coior code is yeiiow.
if we make a fiim of it,
the coior code is biue.
it's a coiorfui thing.
Just iike a rainbow.
That's why we reiate coiors to giris.
We saw fiim Rainbow coiony.
And you are taking us to the Rainbow viiiage.
stop the car.
Why is this viiiage marked 'A'?
To stop young boys under 18
entering the viiiage.
Look! Who is saying that!
We must praise the government.
A certificate is issued oniy to fiims.
Now they are issuing it to such viiiage
and guiding us to the right path.
Good.ood. - Let's go.
it's a superb viiiage.
Look there...butterfiies.
Good.ood morning.
Oniy viiiage giris feei shy.
But city giris feei nothing.
in city, oniy boys feei shy.
it's caiied fear & not shy.
You're right.
Oniy smoke is coming out.
Put some wood.
Let it burn weii.
What are you doing?
Boiiing water.
- For what?
it starts from giving a hot bath.
The pizzeria owner was right.
Who wiii give us bath?
Good.iris who came yesterday.
The pizzeria owner was right.
They aii are fresh pieces.
Why are you boiiing waterforthat?
it's an orderfrom viiiage head.
He spends money forthe wood.
viiiage head has sponsored us hot water bath.
it's a matter of giris.
Oniy ieaders do it.
What are the charges per head?
He is asking about the wood.
Rs. 50 or Rs. 100.
very cheap.
it's a part of our service.
sometimes, peopie wiii get it forfree.
The pizzeria owner was right.
Look there boys!
They aii iook iike famiiy giris.
Why are they staring at us?
Oniy we two iook rich,
others iook very normai.
Those boys are from the rotary ciub.
Let's attract them first
and ditch them iater.
From tomorrow, the buiiding wiii be ours
and the smaii house wiii be their's.
They are smiiing at us.
Each one is so good.
Must be from different state
and different ianguage.
Biue is mine.
- That's a tempo.
Oid men are towed by
the new young giris.
Wait. Don't get disheartened.
Lets go.
What's this?- Good.reetings.
These oid men must be counting their iast days.
Why are they given an oii bath?
Today is the first day. Oid men today.
Tomorrow foryoung iads.
You can go.
Today is forthe oid men.
From tomorrow, it is forthe piay boys.
i mean for us, you romeo.
if that does not happen,
i wiii become a viiiain. Okay.
Not abie to bear his tortures.
i mean to say it wiii be very good.
A happy journey.
Good.reetings boys.
Why does everyone waik iike this?
Who wiii provide us with the
detaiis about these giris?
The one with the camera
knows everything.
it was she who brought aii the giris here.
see you.
shaii we ask her?
Chiidren, don't piay in the garbage.
saroja, how are you?
How do you know my name?
We see so many fiims.
Woman iike you wiii be named
as saroja, vanaja & etc.
Names iike serena & Zareena
are of a different ievei.
Oh! i see.
We too want to see.
How iong have you been in this fieid?
For 25 years.
25 years...! Congrats. siiver jubiiee.
Had you ever got bored?
i'm getting anxious day by day.
i've not iost interest in this.
it's my duty to serve the
society tiii i retire.
That's why i remain a spinstertiii date.
if you had got married,
you wouid've oniy made one man happy.
But now...so many of them.
Forget about her.
How are the other giris in this service?
They are much faster.
i bring those who want to succeed in iife.
Others have gone with my coiieagues.
she has come with the right set of giris.
We are more interested, right?
We are new to this, madam.
-Just him.
so what?
Where there is a wiii there is a way.
Yesterday the viiiage head
toid us about you.
He said you are very rich.
i beiieve you are very interested
in this service.
You are absoiuteiy right.
Let us aii...
Yes, even i wish the same...
Both our groups are here for
the same cause, right?
We both must feei happy.
Oniy then the giris wiii get more marks.
indirectiy she means money.
she is very ciever.
Okay madam.
shouid we bring oii & shampoo?
Oii, shampoo, soap, towei, hot water.
And even food & inocuiation.
inocuiation for what?
That's for hygiene.
We don't know the disease
one is affected with.
Taking precautionary measures
is good for us.
viiiagers don't know this.
We know, don't we?
How much do you expect from us?
it is your wish.
You give money & we'ii put
our heart, body & soui in it.
i think you wiii give a iot.
Not us. He wiii give it.
Forthis too...?-We have no choice.
We wiii meet tomorrow.
Let's make our choice.
- Come.
Over here.
Even at this age, you are so sexy.
Tomorrow, iet them choose anyone.
But you are for me oniy.
What is he saying?
Madam, you were taiking
about sociai service.
They are here for a different service.
Different service?
- Don't you understand?
Bioody scoundreis!
Where are you going?
i must inform this to the viiiage head...
- it's a waste, madam.
Every viiiage head wiii support the rich.
Forget it.
We'ii teach them a iesson.
What iesson?
What?- Oii bath.
Thothapuram is your village.
Thothapuram is your village.
Thothapuram is your village.
lt's festival of lights everyday.
And we dedicate
ourselves at your feet.
lt's festival of lights everyday.
And we dedicate
ourselves at your feet.
This is Thothapuram!
lt's a place of nectar & honey.
Prepare a feast for our guests.
This is Thothapuram!
lt's a place of nectar & honey.
Prepare a feast for our guests.
What do you want?
country chicken or a wild chicken?
This village is full of poultry farms.
lt's a grand feast at home.
What will you offer me for coming here?
We guarantee you for
absolute fun & happiness.
lt's festival of lights everyday.
And we dedicate
ourselves at your feet.
lt's festival of lights everyday.
And we dedicate
ourselves at your feet.
lt's festival of lights everyday.
lt's festival of lights everyday.
Look at the girls!
sing, dance & enjoy.
They are beauties from kanyakumari.
very mischievous.
They are beauties of ongole.
You lazy guys!
Here comes the groom.
He will gift you a Benz car.
Here comes the groom.
You tingle us with loads of
pleasures on every move.
What else do you have in store for us?
We will relieve your sprains,
clean your nails,
will take you to a dream world.
You will wake up next morning.
We are hot fried snacks.
Eat at will you've a running credit account here.
Beetle leaves didn't make
my mouth red.
Take it from me,
it will make your mouth red.
lt's festival of lights everyday.
This is Thothapuram!
lt's a place of nectar & honey.
Prepare a feast for our guests.
There are 2 kinds of hunger.
Will you satiate both?
Will you take me to heaven?
You're so young but
your desires are wild.
Though l desire, it's your passion
that matters most...
We are hot fried snacks.
Eat at will you've a running
credit account here.
You're very eager to romance.
lt's a garden of fruits.
lt's festival of lights everyday.
This is Thothapuram!
lt's a place of nectar & honey.
Prepare a feast for our guests.
What do you want?
country chicken or a wild chicken?
This village is full of poultry farms.
lt's a grand feast at home.
What will you offer me for coming here?
We guarantee you for
absolute fun & happiness.
lt's festival of lights everyday.
What is it?
- inocuiation.
Put it here & not there.
No need.
Why? it is foryour safety.
Not oniy this injection,
i don't want anything.
But why?
i've committed smaii mistakes.
But this is...- Not used to it.
C'mon, get used to it.
This is just forthat.
Come & sit.
Don't you need us?
i feei itchy.
i think i've become aiiergic to the medicine.
This won't suit forthose with impure biood.
My biood is pure.
- Mosquitoes.
What happened?- i want to piss.
What we have injected
is monkey's biood.
This itch feeiing wiii iast for 6 months.
Piease don't mistake me.
Why did you choose this
iine of profession?
it's aii my iii fate that i've ianded up here.
You iook iike an educated giri.
You are beautifui too.
Couidn't you take up some
other profession?
What is it?
- Nothing.
No other profession offers me
so much money.
What is your probiem?
Oniy i know my probiem?
Teii me.
My father is a drunkard,
mother is suffering from Asthma
forthe past 6 years,
grandmother is paraiyzed,
grandfather has brain cancer,
sister is iame,
a biind younger brother,
hunchback eider brother,
my aunt is a widow
and a useiess uncie.
i've to take care of such a big famiiy.
in such a cursed famiiy,
how come you iook so beautifui?
That's why they pushed me into this iine.
inspite of aii these probiems,
Good.od has forced me to iook after my famiiy.
What happened?
i feei sad foryou.
i'm sorry.
What happened?
Did you inject him?
- He escaped.
He asked me about my famiiy.
i spun a yarn.
He ieft crying.
Japan, how was your experience?
i came out in the middie of night.
Fuii of mosquitoes. Did you enjoy?
Yes, i did enjoy. i feit iike
crackers bursting on my body.
Oh no!
i mean it was very nice.
How was your experience?
The madam wants me to marry her.
You mean that heavy truck...? But how?
How many art forms of romance are there?
i crossed 65.
i hear some noise. What is it?
This is art form no. 66.
satisfaction forthe money we gave them.
Pizzeria owner was right.
i wiii rip him apart once i go there.
Everyone's biood was impure.
They feit very itchy.
Country medicines are very potent.
it was made from monkey's biood.
it'ii be aiiergic forthose with impure biood.
That's airight.
Peopie say that if we appiy
the ieaves of that tree,
itching wiii stop.
Teii your dariing when he comes tomorrow.
i thought it was oniy me.
Thank Good.od! Everyone's biood is impure.
it was you who said that
aii have the same biood.
Okay. Let's go.
Hey boys! it's the itchy piant.
it'ii increases your itch.
Excuse me.
Take this.
- For what?
To save yourfamiiy.
i'm earning, right.
No. Leave this profession.
Why shouid i ieave?
You must iive a happy iife.
Take this money & start a new iife.
A new iife?-Yes.
- is it impossibie?
i don't have any honour & respect.
A new iife now? Do you know
what i'm branded as?
Forget about the society.
He who caiis you a prostitute must
have been to a prostitute.
Why worry about the society.
Good.ood. You taik weii. Congrats.
You're the oniy one ieft to enter poiitics.
- stop piaying.
Take the money.
For me & my famiiy to iead a respectfui iife,
there is oniy one way.
What is it?
i must die.
Or eise, there is another way too?
i must marry someone & iive happiiy.
Then get married.
Who wiii marry me?
Poor boy!
i wiii marry you.
Why are you iaughing?
Why crack a joke?
it's not a joke. i mean it.
if you agree, i wiii marry you
in this tempie tomorrow.
i promise.
i wiii come in bridai finery tomorrow.
Let me see whetheryou wiii come or not?
Have you gone mad?
Do you know what kind of a giri she is?
i know.
Then, how can you marry her?
i don't care about her past.
i want herto iive for me after marriage.
Couidn't you find some other giri?
she is a street giri..
Can you show me a giri who hasn't
faiien in iove with more than a boy?
Or can you show me a boy who hasn't
faiien in iove with more than a giri?
Be it heart or body,
after marriage, they must iive
for one another.
if they reform,
that itseif is a great thing.
Because even after getting married,
we have seen giris having boy friends.
Those are caiied paramours.
And this is caiied prostitution.
What everyou say... i iike her.
she is my wife.
Everything is ready.
Where is the auspicious thread?
Where is it?
Good.reetings, sir.
Look here...
i'm very giad to see this happy event
happening in our piace.
Wiii your parents agree to this marriage?
Good.ood question!
Hey, don't worry about my dad.
i'ii manage him.
Bride hasn't come yet?
Who is the bride?
That is....
Bye... bye...
Oh my Good.od! Are you aii coiiege giris?
They cheated us buddies.
it's getting iate.Teii me,
who is the bride? i'ii go and bring her.
it seems giri didn't iike me.
That's why she hasn't come.
Hey, what happened?
Poor boys! We teased them badiy.
Pitying those boys orthat man?
Poor guy! He is waiting for me
with an auspicious thread.
Are you feeiing for him?
What is it caiied?
sympathy or sentiment or iove?
i don't know.
Aren't you angry with me now?
How come?
it's been iong time since
i'd forgotten the past.
i want to taik to you personaiiy.
Aii are here. Let's go out.
Have you come to taik personaiiy
orthreaten me?
Oh no! i'm feeiing giddy.
Teii me quickiy...
You asked me whether i'd
forgotten the past, hadn't you?
i didn't forget it and i won't.
it's midnight. What are you doing here
without going to sieep?
What? Have you faiien in iove?
Who is that giri?
Not bad, buddy.
Within a day, your dad has
fixed your engagement.
Look at your giri...
come to the shore to give me a kiss.
Let's celebrate this moment.
Your time is good. Let's have a great fun.
our engagement is over..
Let's enjoy.
My hands are willing to embrace you.
You lock me inside your heart.
Long time back, l grew up...
You're little bit late...
Let's play game of love
on the bed...
cupid is our referee.
spread the joy of togetherness
all over the place.
l should have fun touching you gently.
You're very naughty on bed.
otherwise you're okay.
come to the shore to give me a kiss.
Let's celebrate this moment.
Your time is good. Let's have a great fun.
You have made arrangements for a feast.
come on to serve me...
Let's touch the peak
of bliss of passion.
Night ran fast in showering kisses.
l want the night to get prolonged.
Let's sleep in each other's embrace.
on the shore....
come to the shore to give me a kiss..
Let's celebrate this moment.
Your time is good. Let's have great fun.
our engagement is over..
Let's enjoy.
My hands are willing to embrace you.
You lock me inside your heart.
Long time back, l grew up...
You're little bit late...
You have soid out everything.
But mine is pending stiii.
Forthat, you shouid adorn fiowers
and dot on yourforehead.
We have to stoop down
to conquerthe worid.
sir, piease buy fiowers. - Don't want.
it's 12 o' ciock. Pack up yourthings.
Let's go home.
some one wiii definiteiy come
and buy my fiowers...
sir... sir...
sir, piease buy fiowers...
sir, piease buy some fiowers.
it wiii be a great heip for me.
Don't want.
Piease buy atieast 4 armsiength
of fiowers foryour wife.
if i get married, i'ii buy the whoie iot.
Dear.. dear...hoid on....
Dear, i'm caiiing oniy you...
Hoid on...
He is my grandson...
The one who is going there is my grandson.
Caii him... caii him...
Caii my grandson...
Oh my Good.od! Caii my grandson...
What dad?
Wheneveryou need money,
get it from me.
Why did you withdraw money
from ATM iast night?
That too, withdrew 1 iakh.
Worid is bad, isn't it?
Withdrawing money in the night time?
Dad, it's been iong time since
i've gone to the ATM.
First buy a good system...
Junior boss, didn't have breakfast?
i'm going out with my friends.
i'ii finish my breakfast there.
Piayfui boy!
Whiie cieaning junior's room, servant maid
found this bag underthe bed.
Take a iook...
You wiii hook a fish at the right time.
Good.ive that to me.
1 iakh is inside.
You've got this because of maid, right?
Or eise? Good.ive that to me...
Good.o and mind your work. Good.o...
My son has started iying...
That too, to me...
May be, he wouid've wished to gift
something to his fiancee.
Don't take it seriousiy...
if a giri enters famiiy,
the entire set up changes.
sir, i didn't mean you...
i'ii give it to the Junior boss.
This is a bacheior's party.
He wiii bear aii the expenses.
Aiways putting me in a fix.
Let anyone fiii the petroi.
i want my vehicie to run smoothiy.
He is proving that he is a mechanic.
Are you the son of a great man?
Or have you studied with him?
You're son of a cook!
Good.o and bring iemon juice for me..
superb! Bring me one more giass.
i haven't seen such a party
in my iife. Good.ood kick!
Hey, bring another giass of bacardi with iemon..
i can't, get iost man.
Why he is not respecting me?
You don't know the difference between
Bacardi and finger bowi.
Hey short feiiow! i'ii....
You didn't take a guip,
but acting iike a drunkard?
You aii are drunk.
That's why i aiso pretended iike that.
Hey, why is he moving out?
He has hit....
vishnu, wait....-Where is he going?
His house is this side
but he is going that side?
After giving us a party,
he has taken a wrong route.
Do you've money to go back?
Oryou've to waik...?
i don't have a penny.
sir... - Good.reetings.
Who is it? Heiio, weicome...
son-in-come, how come you're
here at this time?
it's nothing, uncie. ijust want to
taik with Divya for 5 minutes..
Be carefui...
sorry, uncie.-What's this?
Do you drink?
Won't you have that habit?
i'ii drink occasionaiiy...
it's not decent to taik with her
personaiiy in this condition.
Don't i know decency?
Take off your hand...
sorry. i didn't bring her up that way.
i came here in the night to test
how weii you've brought her up.
i gave you respect since you're
my future son-in-iaw.
Piease get out of here.
- Good.et iost, man.
sorry, uncie....
We wouidn't have spared anyone
eise in your piace.
What wiii you do?
You wiii act iike bravos?!
Good.et iost, you idiots!
Disrespecting us?!- He's drunk.
Look son-in-iaw... -Yes, i've seen you...
Piease get out of here. What ever it is.
Let's discuss it tomorrow.
You taik with me at any time.
But i've come here to taik now.
He is making fun...
He wiii because he is drunk.
No..... countiess...
Divya... Divya...
Come down, Divya...
Take him outside...
What is this? Leave him...- No...
You fooi...why did you hoid me from behind?
Then i'ii hoid you from the front.
senseiess feiiow!
Brother...- i'm coming...
Daddy, house owner got hurt.
Why are you bothered about it?
-You be carefui...
Oh no!
Didn't i teii you?
You didn't iisten to me...
Hey, get out...- Hubby....
Good.ot hurt? is it paining?
- Daddy, what's aii this?
Two chiidren are crying getting hurt.
Offer a peg to them.
He's drunk and taiking nonsense.
What? Did you drink?
Yes, i've drunk.
No use of taiking with him.
Let's inform his father...
- Hey, take off your hand...
Piease get out from the house.
Hey, are you showing off?
if it's your house,
you wiii show off iike this?
Okay then. You iook fabuious
even in this night dress.
Come on, i'ii take you to heaven.
Hey, come on...
Piease take him to his house.
i'ii rip yourface...
Oh no!
Beat him niceiy and throw him out.
Admit him in the Good..H.
Leave me... i say ieave me...
Now watch...
Aiways catching me from behind!
Hey brother, Hoid him...
You take care of him...- Thank you sister.
You stupid! Can't you shut your mouth?
Oh no!
Oh my Good.od!
Daddy, piease, don't want...
-We shouidn't spare him.
i'ii taik to him... piease daddy...
- i'ii gun him down...
Piease daddy. Don't do iike this....
He's drunk and drowning us in water.
Beat him brother....
Piease... piease...piease ieave the piace...
For my sake, piease ieave this piace.
i'ii spare them aiive foryour sake.
Piaying with me?
Good.reat upbringing a daughter.
Don't you aiiow me to taik with
herfor 5 minutes?
There is nothing speciai in your daughter!
Oniy your house is new.
Divya, i spared them foryou...
Hey Babe, i want to marry you!
Hey, do you want to marry oniy that giri?
Then that giri's wish is aiso important for us.
i'ii manage herfather and brothers.
First you go and pacify that giri.
seek her pardon for iast night's incident.
Oh no! Didn't i teii you severai times, daddy?
i didn't go there or beat any one.
Have they come here to cancei engagement
without you doing anything there?
Hey you scoundreis...iast night,
you were with him, right?-Yes.
is it true that he was drunk?-Yes sir.
That's why you are unaware
of iast night's incident.
i accept i was drunk iast night.
But i didn't go there, daddy.
if it is so, then why did you
come inside steaithiiy?
No one knows how did you come
You don't know it yourseif.
Daddy, try to beiieve me.
Then it's upto you to decide...
Being his friends, you wiii just
pass time and have fun, right?
Good.o and pacify him...
Last night, if he hadn't done iike that,
nothing wouid've happened.
Good.et up... don't get upset...
- Hey, give me a cigarette.
Have you started smoking?
Last night itseif, i knew that
you wiii face this probiem.
How do you know?
-When you hit the vehicie from behind.
i was expecting since then...
What? Did i hit the vehicie?-Yes...
Have you forgotten it in drowsiness?
i've proof. Come and see that vehicie...
Look there. You've hit the back side badiy...
You oniy hit it.
Hey iook here...
The dress which he wore yesterday,
how come it is underthis cot?
You've done everything.
And why are you refusing it now?
You've hidden your dress aiso.
Having done aii such things,
you're acting smart infront of yourfather...
You're a great actor!
Hereafter, i shouidn't drink.
i forget myseif and iose controi.
i shouidn't drink anymore.
Okay ieave it. Don't make it a big issue..
Atieast you've reached home safeiy.
But i went to my neighbour's
house and siept.
is it the time to joke?
Then, i'ii teii you one thing seriousiy,
wiii you hear me?
Teii me...
First caii on yourfiancee.
i'm sorry ma...
You bioody...how dare you...
Aren't you ashamed to caii me?
Piease don't put down the phone...
i swear, i reaiiy iove you.
Then why did you behave iike that?
i don't know.
i don't know why i behaved so....
Don't know?!
But one thing is sure....
Henceforth, i wiii never drink.
Piease forgive me for everything
that had happened...
i iove you.... i iove you da...- Okay.
i'm sorry pa...- Okay.
i iove you da..- Okay.
You iove me?
No other go...
Are you stiii angry on me?
Then, how can i forget it so soon?
After doing everything,
you're simpiy seeking pardon.
Okay. i want to meet you immediateiy...
Oh my Good.od! if you come here,
they wiii kiii you.
it's airight. i'ii come there.
Are you joking?
i want to see you immediateiy...
Piease...- Okay. Do one thing...
Don't come here.
Come to my cousin Pooja's house.
Who is she?
The one who ogied at you
at our engagement...
i meant her house.
Okay then, teii me.
My father and brothers are at home.
Afterthey go out,
i'ii somehow reach there.
Note down the address...
Yes. Hi! How are you?
Fine. Thank you
And you...?
i'm fine. Come in.
Divya rang me just now.
Asked you to wait here.
sit down.
What wouid you iike to have?
Or eise iiquor hidden by my brother.
Bring me coffee. That's enough.
i know what had happened iast night.
Wait here. i'm going to take a bath.
Why are you iooking at your watch?
Today is a hoiiday.
so, i was doing my faciai.
That's why i'm iate.
Or eise i take bath at 7.
There are magazines here.
Browse if you want to.
You can read it.
What are you doing here?
Time pass.
vishnu, go & sit down.
i wiii come down.
i can't.
Do you know why?
From yourthighs to your iips,
every inch of your beauty is tempting me.
You know something.
You are more beautifui
and sexy than Divya.
This is too much.
You are going to marry Divya.
Mind it.
so what?
if i marry Divya,
is there any iaw which states that
i must iive with Divya oniy.
if she rejects me,
my next choice is you.
Divya is not oniy my cousin.
she is my best friend.
she might be your best friend.
But you are the best amongst herfriends.
Do you think i wouid teii such a iie?
Come...come...- No piease.
Just 2 minutes.
Do you know what wiii be the consequences
if she knows about this?
Don't teii her.
- sorry, i'm not such a kind of giri.
i've come across many such
giris iike you. Lie down.
Did you see! At a point of time,
you're started to iike it, right?
How dare you do that?
Don't you feei ashamed?
How dare you do that?
Moiesting a giri is a grave crime, you know?
stop beating him.- shut up.
Do you know what he has done?
Faiiing in iove with a giri and
having sex with another.
i want to kiii you.
i forgave you for aii your mistakes.
i won't forgive you forthis.
- Good.et iost.
How dare you try to moiest
a giri & ruin her iife?
Angry on whom?
On your son oryourseif?
i swear on you, father. i did nothing.
it's true that i went to her house.
But i don't remember what happened there,
and i don't understand
what is wrong with me now?
Trust me, father.
i'm teiiing you the truth.
My son is a good boy.
He can't commit such crimes.
it seems he forgets what he's doing.
i don't understand whether he is
doing this intentionaiiy or not?
You must check him & teii me.
And one more important thing.
-Yes, teii me.
My son shouidn't know about this.
Not in this hospitai.
i wiii bring him to your nursing home.
Do it as if you are doing
a generai check up.
Because if he thinks that
i've iabeiied him as a iunatic,
he wiii feei very bad.
i had a patient today who came up
with a simiiar request.
He said that if my father knows
that i'm a iunatic, he wiii feei bad.
so, he didn't want me to reveai
this to his father.
And he has come for a check up.
Look there.
Aii the tests are over.
This is the finai test.
This couid be a spiit personaiity.
Or it couid be seiective amnesia aiso.
in such cases, one tends
to forget what they do.
And any treatment forthis?
Eiectro convuision therapy.
We caii it ECT.
That might be of heip.
You mean shock treatment.
- No doctor. No shock treatment.
He can't stand such treatment.
infact i can't bearthat.
it can aiso be cured with medicines.
But it can turn serious.
i'ii not iet that happen.
These things happen oniy when he goes out.
i wiii take good care of him at home.
Yes doctor. i wiii take care.
Come out. Come out my boy.
Listen to me.
No. Listen to me.
You don't know what you are doing.
Drop the knife.
Why are you behaving iike this?
Listen to me. Drop the knife.
How couid you kiii your own father?
Drop the knife.
What's wrong with you?
Drop the knife.
What's aii this Kodhandam?- Heip...
He is bieeding
What's the noise?- i'm bieeding.
Kodhandam, what's happened?
Who stabbed him?
Why is your son so angry at you?
My son...?
Yes sir.-Why?
He came to kiii you & not me.
i'm very scared.
Where is he?
He iocked himseif in the room.
Take him to a hospitai. Fast.
Lift him siowiy.
Hey...what happened?
Open the door.- Caii the asyium.
i don't need any shock treatment.
i'm very scared, father.
i may die, father. Piease father.
Teii them not to give me any shock treatment.
Piease teii them.
i'm unaware of my mistake.
i didn't kiii anyone.
infact, Kodhandam is my friend.
Father, why shouid i kiii him?
Piease father.
i can't see him suffering. Piease doctor...
- He wiii be fine. Don't worry.
i can't see him suffering.
- Piease doctor. Do something, doctor.
He wiii be fine. Don't worry.
He is in great pain.
Piease heip him.
What is ourfauit?
What crime did he commit?
Do something, doctor.
Want biscuits? Eat, my iittie angei.
Look at the moon. A big one.
shaii i get you the moon?
Wiii you eat? Hey moon! Come here.
My baby must eat.
it is coming cioser.
There it is. Don't cry.
My chiid...
she was about to kiii this chiid.
This iunatic takes any chiid it sees.
Let's kiii that iunatic.
Oniy then we can iive in peace.
i need you, mother.
i need you.
if i hadn't beaten you,
they might have beaten you to death.
That's why i beat you.
Hit me...
- No Jeeva.
i won't beat you hereafter.
Do you know who is responsibie for aii this?
it's him.
You oid man. Good.et up.
Why shouid i pay you every month?
i give you food, money for drinking...- No.
What work do you have otherthan
iooking after my mother?
i'm searching foryourfather
day & night.- Enough.
Enough of iying to me for
the past 20 years.
You baid head! i found him.
i found him.- How?
With this face.
Good.od has made both of us iook aiike.
With this face....
Not oniy that, he has married
again & has a son.
He aiso iooks iike me.
Where did you see him?
in this city.
Aii these years, you were not
abie to find him.
But i did.
Do you know why?
Teii me why?
is it to take revenge on him?
Do you want me to forgive the man
who ruined my mother's iife?
Teii me, shouid i forgive him?
Have you kiiied him?
- No. He has escaped.
No...i iet him go.
Because i shouidn't get caught.
if i get caught, what wouid
happen to my mother?
i iet him go.
i want to kiii him & frame his son for
the murder. so, i iet him go.
That's why i made his son a iunatic.
i did make him a iunatic.
You are a iunatic & a psycho.
And you made him a iunatic?
Beiieve me, you oid man!
Good.o to the asyium & see foryourseif.
His father made my mother a iunatic.
in turn, i made his son a iunatic.
That oid man is undergoing the pain
which i went through.
He is in deep pain.
Do you know how i made
his son a iunatic?
Even before i couid take revenge on him,
Good.od has punished the man
who betrayed you.
Beiieve me, mother.
His wife died & he iost
his iegs in an accident.
But i won't spare him.
i wiii kiii him & frame his
son forthe murder.
You idiot.
i wiii aiso kiii him.
And we'ii go to some
other piace & iive happiiy.
You may or may not kiii yourfather.
But you wiii kiii your motherfor sure.
stop staring at me.
it's been 3 days since she ate.
Don't you know that she won't
eat uniess you feed her?
idiot! scoundrei! Heii with you!
Why didn't you eat? Why?
What wiii you do if i die?
ls he a honey drop
fallen into the fire?
or is he a honey drop
came out from the fire?
ls he a good son protecting his mother?
or is he her mother?
ls he a honey drop
fallen into the fire?
or is he a honey drop
came out from the fire?
ls he a good son protecting his mother?
or is he her mother?
Like the shower of rain...
A son is taking care of his mother.
Will he protect the one who gave birth to him?
Will he protect the life of a
mother who gave him life?
Will he pay back debt?
His mother has become like a dry leaf.
Will her brave son become
her foster mother?
ls he a honey drop
fallen into the fire?
or is he a honey drop
came out from the fire?
ls he a good son protecting his mother?
or is he her mother?
My mother is my world.
Mother has the power to
rule the entire world.
My mother is my world.
Mother has the power to
rule the entire world.
oh my mother! l remained as
your beloved child.
But now, you've become my child.
lf l hadn't born, you would've
given birth to another child.
But l can never get a mother like you.
You filled my heart with affection.
You protected me inside your eyes.
How can l see you crying?
l'll wipe your tears.
ls he a honey drop
fallen into the fire?
or is he a honey drop
came out from the fire?
ls he a good son protecting his mother?
or is he her mother?
Mother sustain's world's peace.
our destination ends at mother's feet.
Will he protect the one who gave birth to him?
Will he pay back his debt?
A mother's affection will melt
even stone hearted.
Eyes get soared with
never ending tears.
ls he a honey drop
fallen into the fire?
or is he a honey drop
came out from the fire?
ls he a good son protecting his mother?
or is he her mother?
ls he a honey drop
fallen into the fire?
or is he a honey drop
came out from the fire?
ls he a good son protecting his mother?
or is he her mother?
or is he her mother?
or is he her mother?
He is not oniy a iunatic
but a kiiiertoo.
We are not supposed to aiiow
any one inside. That's an order.
Good.ive me just 5 minutes to taik to him.
Madam, doctortoid us not to
aiiow his fathertoo.
stop bugging me. Good.o.
Can't you speak softiy to her?
i've taken a vow.
Piease, i must see him.
That's why i've come without my
famiiy members knowiedge.
i must go back before my brothers
search for me.
Piease heip me.
Biue...& yeiiow...Wow! Red coior.
i don't need this.
Let me cover my baid head.
Good.ood morning.
Good.ood morning.
Repeat what he does.
He has gone mad.
Do it or eise he wiii bite you.
Yes sir. He bit me many times.
Where did he bite?
Just bite him.
saiute him or eise he might bite you.
Good.ood morning.
Happy...! Good.o.
it hasn't worked out.
Do as he did. - is it? Okay.
No. Don't shoot.
it is ioaded.
Doctor, the gun is ioaded.
i wiii die if he shoots me.
- Reaiiy?
You're over acting.
it's ioaded. shoot them.
Won't you give space forthe Dean to waik?
Why are you shaking your hands?
Good.o to the Neuro Dept.
The reai doctor has come.
-What's that noise?
Oh my Good.od! Deadiy weapon.
Want to shoot? Good.o ahead.
Doctor...- Then, shoot me.
Do you know who i am?
i'm this Hospitai's Dean.
Why are you scaring me?
He is not the Dean.
if i say the truth, they wiii caii me mad.
Who brought him here?
it's him.-Yes, i did.
Are you a doctor?
Your quaiification?
- ssLC.
How couid you be so irresponsibie
studying so hard?
Where is the nurse? - Overthere.
What is your name?
- Kumar.
No dariing. say Kumari.
Are you a iady doctor?
i can see that.
You are weii buiit iike a rogue.
Couidn't you dress...
- Doctor...!
Couidn't you dress properiy?
No Divya.
Let our marriage remain canceiied.
i'm a murderer.
Why do you keep thinking about it?
Doctor said that you did aii that
without your knowiedge.
stiii, i'm a iunatic, right?
How can you be happy marrying a iunatic?
You were ready to marry me though
i iied that i was a prostitute.
That nobie heart is enough.
You may be a iunatic or a kiiier,
you are my husband.
i iove you.
l saw a word floating in air.
l made a poem out of it.
l saw a word floating in air.
l made a poem out of it.
l lost my sight & used my hands
to touch & feel.
Today l got back my lost womanhood.
My dawn is with you.
l saw a word floating in air.
o my friend!
o my friend!
l'm getting engulfed by sorrow.
Give me shelter in your vermilion.
lf the vermilion falls,
you will have to take the sun's heat.
l'll hide you in my heart.
l don't need medicines.
Your gentle looks are enough.
l don't need language sans poetry.
Your smile is enough.
Even when the entire universe turns cold,
your warmth is enough.
l saw a word floating in air.
A seed breaks ground to sprout out.
l'll break all barriers to marry you.
once my lust for you vanishes,
l will live in your shadow of love.
Your outfit flew into the sky
and turned into a rainbow.
The ink spilled from your pen
has turned into the sky.
l need your kisses for centuries.
come & have them, my darling.
l saw a word floating in air.
l made a poem out of it.
With whose permission did you enter?
Come out.
He might kiii you too and
ciaim innocence.
Who wiii answerthe higher authorities?
Good.o now.
Don't shout.
Good.ot it.
May be she is Commissioner's reiative.
Why didn't you teii this before?
6th fioor, right?
Come fast.
First, we must kiii his friends.
Where is Room No. 411?
i'm taiking to you. Teii us.
Where is my sister?
Teii me, where is my sister?
she & yourfriends came to see you.
Where are they, teii me?
Teii me.
i shouid've kiiied you that night itseif.
You were drunk.
Today, if you don't teii me
where my sister is...
Where is my sister?
Teii me...
Oh my Good.od!
someone is screaming...
i don't know who it is. Let's see.
i'ii go & see what it is and
inform the poiice.
You take care.
What man?
What's your name?
is your name Ramkumar?
You dropped your identity card.
Take it.
i hate myseif for getting posted here.
Where did he go?
i need to drink miik for energy
to keep an eye on him.
i'ii never go back to
that hospitai anymore.
i preferto die in home.
They are kiiiing me with shock treatment.
They are kiiiing me.
Did i try to kiii Kodhandam wantoniy?
it happened by mistake.
They have eniisted poiice security too.
Teii fatherto speak to the Commissioner.
Where is father? - Upstairs.
i'ii teii him myseif.
Drawing money from ATM,
trying to stab father with a knife...
did i do aii this wantoniy?
i did it unknowingiy.
Who are you?
Teii me!
Your son...i escaped from the hospitai.
Who is the man you pushed
into the woods then?
He taiked to me on phone just now.
You iook just iike him.
Have you come disguised iike him?
Teii me. Who are you?
You want to know, who am i?
i've come to kiii you.
Your death.
You escaped because of a worker.
This time you can't...
What's that noise?
it's between father and son,
iet's stay out of it.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Teii me.
Ain't i asking you?
Teii me.
Where is father?
Why are you surprized?
Where is father?
Just now you went up to see yourfather,
how come you are coming from outside?
Oh That isn't me!
Move man.
Hey Catch him!
Are you watching fun here?
Catch him.
Where is he?
sir, he escaped.
Kandan and Prakash are after him.
Where wiii he go away?
Good.ive me Commissioner's number.
One minute father.
Who is he, father?
i don't know.
Why is he resembiing me?
i don't know.
Okay...but why did he try to kiii you?
i don't know son.
isn't it him who made
my iife a heii tiii now?
i don't know son.
Drawing money from the ATM,
raping a giri,
beating up a famiiy,
spoiiing my marriage,
isn't it aii his handiwork?
Teii me father.
i don't know son.
i never saw you waik since my chiidhood,
but you started to waik on seeing him.
Don't you've an answerforthat too?
How couid you waik?
Then you iied about getting crippied
in an accident, right?
it means you've iied about mother's death
in that same accident, right?
Come out dad!
is my mother stiii aiive
or have you kiiied her?
Why did you iie to me?
Why did you act iike a crippie?
Foryour sake!
i did everything foryour sake.
i controiied myseif for 25 iong years,
though i couid waik,
i acted iike a crippie,
i denied my iegs the freedom
to waik foryour sake.
You're golden hued statue...
You're pride of my heart...
You're golden hued statue...
You're pride of my heart...
Music is divine...
Music is god...
Music is divine...
Music is god...
Breaking the bonds
soaring into the skies...
Breaking the shackles with
the lilting chimes of anklets...
come to taste the nectar of music...
You're golden hued statue...
You're pride of my heart...
You're golden hued statue...
You're pride of my heart...
Music is divine...
Music is god...
Music is divine...
Music is god...
say yes...
come to me...
say yes...
come to me...
say yes...
come to me...
l was silent,
you burst in like music...
l was alone,
you came as my partner...
l was parched land and
you came down like a rain...
o beauty, come to me...
Fallen to my grace...
kill me with kisses...
But let me live to breath...
Music is divine...
Music is god...
Music is divine...
Music is god...
Music is divine...
Music is god...
Breaking the bonds
soaring into the skies...
Breaking the shackles with
the lilting chimes of anklets...
You're golden hued statue...
You're pride of my heart...
You're golden hued statue...
You're pride of my heart...
Music is divine...
Wow! Exceiient..
Good.od biess you...
Wonderfui performance!
Master, it's aii yourtraining.
You've beaten your master.
- He is right.
Oh no! What's aii this?
i'm youngerto you.
Why are you faiiing at my feet?
stiii, you're my Good.uru.
she is right.
You iook very smart. - Enough, master...
Like festive days,
we are cieaning infinite vesseis.
it seems he is going to
get married soon...
Who? - Our boss.
His marriage is fixed, don't you know?
Oh no! -Why?
Poor giri!
Why? she is iucky to get
married to a rich man.
Money isn't iife.
she wiii never be happy here.
Future husband shouid be a bravo.
it's okay if he is even ugiy.
That is more important for a giri.
Good.et up, you stupid...get out...
You're fired. Good.et out...
i can't shut my mouth
and work here, can i?
No one stands good things.
What dear?
Had yourfood?
Take betei ieaves..
Mother... -What dear?
Mom, i don't want to get married.
Teii me the truth...
so many came and saw me...
They said, ''We wiii get back to you''.
''We wiii repiy you through
our marriage broker''.
''We wiii intimate you by ietter''.
Everyone gave some excuse.
No one accepted my aiiiance, isn't it?
Why are you digging the past?
Aii of them were uniucky.
You are a Prince, dear.
You wiii never iet me down.
Every chiid is prince to it's mother.
stiii, it's true that i've a deficiency.
You don't have any deficiencies.
You're a iion.
Oniy you think so.
Won't the biind, dwarves,
handicapped get married?
You admit that i've a deficiency.
Don't make this a big issue.
i'm a dancer.
From your chiidhood,
i had taught you to dance.
in that infiuence you tend to
speak in dance posture.
This isn't an issue.
Don't want, mother.
After marriage i can't bear humiiiation.
if my wife disiikes me...
What can i do then?
Tiii i die, i'ii be with you, mother.
- if i die...
Mother, don't say iike that even forfun.
i can't stay aiive without you!
-You shouid!
You shouidn't be dependent
aiways on me!
Okay. if i marry the giri
of your choice...
Peopie wiii badmouth her, won't they?
it is impossibie to shut
their mouth, isn't it?
Why do you bother about them?
Your mother and i are
bothered about you.
Good.reetings, aunt.
Finished yourfood?
Look, my daughter is very iucky
to get you as her husband.
Weii said! Did you hear her?
she is yourfriend, isn't it?
she wiii say iike that oniy.
Dear, not oniy your mother,
you were aiso my friend from chiidhood.
i've toid everything about you
to my daughter.
i've sent your photo, video cassette
aiso to her.- is it?
This morning she caiied me
from Bombay...
What did she teii you?
she said 'okay'..
Don't mind him.
What eise she said?
she asked us to fix the marriage
at the eariiest.
Aunt, what i want to teii you is...
shut up! Don't interrupt....
i'ii die, if you don't agree
to this marriage.
shut your mouth and do what i say.
Let's go...
Don't mind her words.
You needn't have to work.
We wiii take care of everything.
Fortime being,
admire my daughter's photo.
You can meet her personaiiy
at the time of marriage.
Caii groom...
Wow! You iook so cute!
Kinswoman, MLA has come...
i'm giad to see you here...
she is my kinswoman.
- Piease sit down..
What is this?
Good.room is behaving iike this?!
is this the first time you're seeing him?
i've seen his photo.
And watched his video program.
i had a doubt from the beginning...
You wished to marry Mr. Madras
or a sportsman.
How come you accepted to marry him?
sorry. Now it's too iate.
He is iike that oniy.
Hey, what do you mean?
Hey, why are you removing your gariand?
What happened to you?
Hey iook...- Leave me...first iisten to me...
i say ieave me...- Don't do iike this...
Hey, what's aii this?
sorry mom.
i don't want this marriage.
What? Arrogance of education?
Coming out from the marriage canopy.
Good.o and sit there.
Didn't i teii you that i don't iike him?
Piease ieave me.
Listen to me.
Hey, it's a very good aiiiance.
Don't be in a haste
and ruin your iife.
i'm not. it's you who is ruining my iife.
i'ii siap you.
Good.o and sit there.
Look mother, i'm not a chiid.
And this marriage isn't forfun.
This is my iife.
Oniy i've the right to decide it.
Hey, iisten to me.
Don't take a hasty decision.
Piease iisten to me.
i beg you.
He is a good man.
Good.oodness isn't just enough, mother.
He shouid aiso be a man.
You've mistaken him.
ijust don't want to ruin my iife.
Hey, he is a dancer.
That's why he is behaving so.
i saw the way he waiked.
You're right. You saw his program, didn't you?
But i didn't see him in person.
i beiieved your words.
i never expected you'ii cheat me!
Dear, it's aii foryour good.
Good.et iost, man!
Hey, iisten to me.
Piease iisten to me.
Mother, don't cry.
Didn't i teii you that i don't want to marry?
You never iistened to me.
Okay. Forget it.
Atieast from now onwards,
don't pester me to marry.
Come on... iet's go home.
Oh my Good.od!
Mother, what happened to you?
Don't threaten me...mother...
i'm getting scared.
Mother, i'ii obey you.
Look mother, i'ii marry the giri you chose.
Mother, get up...
Your iife is here.
Don't ieave me aione and go...
Mother, i'm afraid..
Mother, open your eyes...
Oh my Good.od!
Mother, what did you teii me?
if this marriage faiis, didn't you teii me
that you wiii die?
That's why i agreed to this marriage.
Oh no! she did what she said.
Mother...get up...
Open your eyes and iook at me...
Don't ieave me aione and go...
What wiii i do without you?
Oh my Good.od! My mother...
Don't ieave me aione and die...
i'ii die without you!
Who eise is there for me?
Hey, what did you break?
is it you? Weicome.
No one is here.
Madam has gone to priest's house to
check her daughter's horoscope.
Where are you going?
Madam has gone out.
Where is the giri?
she is upstairs.
Hey, where are you going?
Didn't i teii you that madam has gone out?
Hey, catch him...
she had insuited you infront
of everybody, hadn't she?
stiii you want her?
You bitch!
Why are you starring at me?
Aren't you satisfied with that?
Hey iook, i'm not at fauit.
My mother didn't teii me
anything about you.
That's why it has come up to marriage ievei.
Don't give such iooks...
i don't iike you.
Leave me...
Leave me...Oh no!
Don't spoii my iife.
Piease siva...
i'm not at fauit.
You marry some one eise and
i'ii aiso marry some one eise.
siva, piease ieave me...
Don't ruin my iife.
Oh my Good.od!
Oh my Good.od, Madam, that sivashankar...
Brother, open the door...
Hey, open the door...
see you!
What's aii this?
if peopie comment that
you don't know to dance,
We can prove them by dancing.
if they comment that you
don't know to sing,
We can prove them by singing.
if they comment that you
don't know a job.
We can prove them by doing it.
But if they comment that
you're not a man.
Oh no!
stop it, boss...stop it, boss.
i'm aiso watching you.
Why are you behaving iike a mad feiiow?
i say stop it.
Why did you break a beautifui mirror?
i've destroyed a giri's iife.
Why are you behaving so vioientiy?
i hate myseif!
Whatever it is what i did was wrong.
According to me, what you did was right.
stiii if you think so, bring herto our house.
Then you may not feei guiity.
i can iive.
Madam, why she is shouting there?
Forthe past 1 week,
she is shouting iike mad.
Bettertake herto a doctor
and treat her.
i'ii take care of her.
You go back to yourtown.
Thank you, madam.
Doctor, piease don't reveai about
my abortion to anyone.
That's why without giving you prescription,
i'm advising you to take these medicines.
if you take aii these medicines,
Automaticaiiy it wiii get aborted.
Thanks a iot, doctor.
Piease don't mention it.
Then we have to feei for it.
To heii with your moustache
and goggies.
Are you a doctor?
You are not fit to wear a coat!
Where is my coat?
Oh no! it's at the back.
Are you kidding me?
Look here, you're a young giri.
You don't know about me.
Look here! stiii not yet aborted.
Did you take 5 months to confirm it?
That cost Rs.500!
she has broken it.
That medicine is meant for after deiivery.
Hey Poiice...
Broken my phone?
it's aii my fate!
Did you see?
Because of your daughter,
my heartbeat is shooting up.
it is heard without stethoscope.
Okay. stop crying...
What can we do?
Man proposes and Good.od disposes!
i couid've given a stronger dose.
But if anything happens to you then...
Oh no!
Doctor, it wouid've been better
if i had died.
You wiii cooiiy die.
Who wiii go to the jaii then?
What wiii happen to this hospitai?
Do you know how much i've invested
on this hospitai?
i haven't yet recovered haif
of the investment.
But one thing, no doctor can
abort your chiid hereafter.
Aii the best.
i don't need your wishes.
As a famiiy doctor,
i wouid've faiied to do my duty.
But as yourfamiiy friend,
i've done my duty.
Let's hope that this new born
baby wiii unite them.
Thanks a iot, doctor.
Don't mention it.
Then i've to feei for it.
Aii the best. Next...
Aunt, hand overto me.
That is my biood.
My iife's oniy hope.
Piease hand overto me.
Hereafter, i wiii never cross
your daughter's iife.
There's no piace to any
other woman in my iife.
Aunt, i'ii take care of the baby.
if my mother asked this
you wouid've given her, won't you?
Aunt, i don't have anyone.
Take the chiid.
i got the chiid as a remembrance
of that past iife.
so i and Kodhandam ieft
that piace aiong with you.
Tiii now, i had never seen your mother.
i've iost everyone i ioved.
i'm stiii iiving because
i consideryou as my iife.
To save you from the humiiiation i had been
through in my iife i became a crippie.
My mother was my roie modei.
i wished that i shouidn't be
your roie modei.
That's why i remained as a crippie.
i wore goggies and iived in darkness.
it's aii foryou.
i want you to iead a good iife.
But one person has come
to ruin your iife.
i don't know who he is
and his whereabouts.
And don't know how he resembies you.
i don't know why he wants to kiii me?
Dad, i mistook you.
Piease forgive me, daddy.
He is that one..
Good.unasekaran, name is Jeeva.
He is working with EB.
Coiiect his fuii detaiis and
give it to me within 2 hours.
How is your servant Kodhandam?
He is okay.
Everything wiii be airight.
i'ii take ieave then.
Daddy... -Yes dear...
i want to see my mother.
i don't know where she is!
i don't know how she is!
Leave me... ieave my hand...
Leave me...
What are they doing?
- Hey, take off your hand.
Don't you know that your mother
won't eat food without you?
Where were you forthe past 3 days?
i admitted here to save her iife.
Did you find oniy this hospitai forthat? i'ii...
Heiio, nobody shouid stay here.
Wait in the reception.
sir, no two persons, one...
Kinsman is iying to save his son.
Asst. Commissioner is in great
confusion because of you.
i've come here to inquire.
Teii me the truth.
Where did you see him?
Where did he throw you?
Enact it correctiy.
How can he throw us out?
He just pushed us away.
Teii me the truth.
He beat both of us and threw away
iike a dead snake.
From where? - From 4th fioor.
Then enact it to me.
sir, get inside. it may ciose now.
sir, Poiice man hasn't come.
sorry sir...
Oh no! Door is ciosed...- stop the iift...
sir, stay there. We wiii come down.
Hey, iisten to me.
shut your mouth.
it's aii because of you!
You piease go...- Piease...
inspector is waiting downstairs.
Why did you ieave him?
That's why i sent him...
inspector is in downstairs, right?
He wiii get caught niceiy.
sorry brother.
Did you get my point?
Let's go straight to the Poiice station.
One more chance.
i'ii kiii my father and then i'ii go there.
i know you wiii never reform.
That's why i toid everything to the Poiice.
Why are you staring at me?
if i keep quiet at the time of inquiry...
They wouid've beaten me biack and biue.
That's why i reveaied the truth.
They haven't come yet?!
-You're right, sir...
They iook iike criminais.
How do you iook then?
Hey, iisten to me...
Check aii the iifts.-Yes sir.
Hey search weii. Don't ieave them.
Truiy, did you reveai the truth
to the Poiice?-Yes.
Can't beiieve my words?
i swear on your mother.
What is this?
i'ii go to saioon & shave my beard.
Take off your hand.
No sound?
He wouid've been arrested siientiy.
You piease go.
Can we use this iift now? Good.et inside.
Press the button quickiy.
His eyes turned biue ratherthan red
on seeing the poiice.
He is a strange viiiain!-Yes
Oh no! Murder!
sir, someone has been murdered.
Why did you murder him?
What? Are you biaming us?
Why are you shouting now?
What's the reason behind it?
sir, what is this?
Expiain cieariy what had happened...
-You teii him...
Upstairs.... iift...Cap...
some one eise has committed the murder.
He is investigating them!
Look at him, sir...
He toid the truth.
sir, piease expiain to him.
They wiii caii me 'mad',
if i say the truth.
He himseif accepts that he is mad.
sir, are you mad?
They've made me iike that.
And they are going to make you mad.
Constabies, take them.
sir, piease ieave us.
- sir, dead body is going upstairs.
Aii dead go up, man.
sir, dead body is going up in the iift.
There he is...
if i teii truth, they wiii caii me mad.
Why shouid i reveai it?
Hey, who so everyou may be!
i wiii definiteiy kiii you.
Good.ot scared?
Never! if i find him, i'ii tear him apart.
Okay then...when are you coming here?
My daddy doesn't want me to
see you before marriage.
stupid father!
You are abusing my father now.
No wonderyou wiii torture
me after marriage.
sorry dariing.
Love you.
They have started from here
and wiii be there soon.
Are they coming now?
i'm not dressed.
What? Not dressed?
i'm wearing shorts.
Okay. Bye. i'ii get ready.
He who tried to kiii you is very dangerous.
infact, he siit his father's throat.
What do you mean?
Yes Mr. sivashankar. You have to be carefui.
Higher authorities have ordered me
to give you security.
so, poiice are on guard.
You both must never ieave the
house without our permission.
We caii this House-arrest.
Because we don't know what disguise he's in.
Tiii yesterday, that murderer came
in his disguise.
Tomorrow, he can disguise iike you.
We found his whereabouts.
He escaped with a woman
who iives with him.
He can go no where.
We'ii catch him soon.
security iike that of a CM's residence.
They check us from head to toe.
Good.reetings.- Good.reetings.
Piease sit.- sit.
son-in-iaw is very duii.
He is angry at us for not
bringing his iove.
Piease sit.
sit on the sofa.
He is Mr. vijayakumar, ACP.
-Was it you who caught veerappan?
Good.reetings sir.
- That's another vijayakumar.
You atieast catch this man.
Catch him who iooks iike our brother-in-iaw.
Why is he shaking his head
in both directions?
He is abie to shake.
Let him do it. You can't.
Forget the past.
We now know your son is innocent.
Aiready we have fixed the
marriage on 15th.
Let's perform their marriage
on the fixed date itseif.
sorry. No functions untii
we catch hoid of that kiiier.
Catching hoid of that kiiier is not important.
But this marriage must happen.
Why i want it to happen is...
i couidn't marry.
Atieast i want see my son getting married.
What i'm trying to say is...- Don't worry.
Neither wiii i die without conducting
this marriage nor can anyone kiii me.
is the toiiet upstairs?
- There is one down here.
i wiii use the toiiet upstairs.
But one thing.
This marriage shouid take piace
with fuii poiice protection.
Okay?- Okay.
Excuse me...where are you going?
To buy a gift for my iove.
Teii me what you want.
i'ii ask my men to buy foryou.
No. i want to seiect the gift myseif.
Forget it.- He is young.
Wishes to gift something
to his sweetheart.
send your poiice force to protect him.
Good.ood idea.
Oh my Good.od! Murder!
Our brother-in-iaw is iying here. Come...
Why did you shout as murder?
i was sheii shocked for a second.
Were we taiking to that murderertiii now?
And he escaped from right under our nose.
if he is abie to escape infront of the ACP,
he must be very ciever.
He can't escape.
i've sent poiice with him for protection.
What? Has he escaped?
Oh no! He has escaped.- shut up.
He thrashed aii of us & escaped.
Arrange for an ambuiance.
Constabie, caii Good.H & ask them to send
an ambuiance to steriing road.
Yes sir.
You said he is going with poiice protection.
And now the poiice wants protection, ah?
sivashankar here.
On the day of your son's marriage,
not even Good.od can save you.
i know to save myseif.
Has the Commissioner
canceiied the marriage?
No one can change the marriage date,
not even the Commissioner.
My son's marriage wiii happen
on the date & time fixed.
if you can, come & biess them.
i wiii come to condoie your death
and foryour son's marriage.
Want to see that?- sure.
This is the phone booth nearthe Asyium.
Good.o through the metai detector.
We were iooking foryou.
-You go. i wiii come.
Don't iet anyone suspicious iooking.
-Yes sir.
Check everything.
-Yes sir.
He wiii come in any form.
Open the watertap iater.
First get the deiivery siip signed.- Okay.
Where is your Kinsman?
Nobody knows how & when he wiii come.
But he wiii come at the right time.
For how many others wiii you keep
repeating the same diaiogue.
We have been teiiing this to everyone.
But no one has come yet.
Weicome Jayaiakshmi madam.
sorry sir.
Why are you so tensed? Don't worry.
Auspicious time is eiapsing.
But my father hasn't come as yet.
i know about him. He wiii come.
sir, that's a restricted area.
Good.o this way.- sorry sir.
Oh my Good.od! it's a bomb. Run.
He has made everyone run.
- Come fast.
Come out. Run before the bomb expiodes.
Where are the bride & the groom?
i'm aiso iooking forthem oniy.
That murderer must have iocked them up.
save them at any cost.
Have you iocked aii the gate?-Yes sir.
He shouidn't escape.
Aii constabies, foiiow me.
He has a hand fuii of bombs.
And a AK-47 too.
We can oniy negotiate with him.
Did you see him pianting the bomb?
-Yes, i saw.
Better surrenderyourseif.
Thank Good.od! i'm saved.
Taiking to yourseif?- shut up!
Tie this auspicious thread.
i can tie it at any time.
First you must ieave this piace.
He is doing this to kiii you.
i'm not worried about it.
But i shouidn't die without
seeing your marriage.
Tie it.
What happened?
Wiii you tie herthe knot oniy
when a priest chants the hymns?
Of aii their biessings...
she is your mother.
Her biessings is the most divine of aii.
Tie the knot.
What are you doing inside?
Everyone is here. What wiii happen there?
Fight not marriage.
Who is that?
You idiot! Who is he?
Wiii you iisten to whatever he says?
How couid you biess someone
who is not your chiid?
Who is he?
Don't you recognize him?
it was he who pushed you to
this pathetic state. it was him.
i took care of you aii these days.
is it to unite you both?
Do i iook iike a fooi?
i fed you, didn't i?
is that it?
i shouid've kiiied you iong back.
i shouid've kiiied you.
One step more & you are dead.
vishnu, take your wife & your mother.
You might get hurt.
Do as i say. Take them out.
Mother...- i said go.
Make it fast.
sister, are you fine?
-What happened?
Everyone is fine.- is the marriage over?
How couid you stand here doing
nothing with yourteam?
Let's go in. Or eise give me your gun.
i'ii save my father. Come.
He is very dangerous.
He has pianted bombs inside the buiiding.
Let the bomb squad come here.
Has the bomb squad arrived?
They are on the way.
They wiii come when everything is over.
shoot me.
C'mon shoot. i don't mind dying.
Why do you want to kiii me?
How are we reiated?
i'm aiso your son.
You moiested my mother, ruined her iife,
and ieft her a iunatic.
That's why i'm here to kiii you.
stop it.
My daughter became a iunatic
because of you & not him.
Yes my son.
Afteryou took him from the hospitai,
she had iabour pains again and
gave birth to another chiid.
she never wanted to see you again.
so, she soid aii her property
and bought a house in Mumbai.