Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu (2016) Movie Script

All the world is a stage"
Filled with colorful dreams...
The heart is the star...
Filled by a river of endless love"
Here's your tablet...
All that remains to be understood...
ls the story written for us from above
...I'll bring your breakfast.
But what remains etched in time, is the role we play.
You got the plan, Patil?
- Once he is done, you do your thing!
-All the world is a stage
- 0k, Patil.
- Filled with colorful dreams.
- And you, don't mess up.
- Yes sir.
- Shiva..
All set for the big day?
It's all up to you We need this
client. All set for the big day?
It's all up to you
We need this client.
Don't worry, it'll go well.
You get this client on-board...
I'll make your New York dream happen.
This client is already ours
You can start booking my tickets.
- When are you going back to Mumbai?
- Tomorrow evening flight.
There's a dinner with Mr. Khanna Join us!
Actually, I've one small personal errand to run
I've wandered and searched endlessly...
- Here are the documents from the minister:
- Drowning in an unseen ocean...
Yes. Give it to me
- We have to travel quite a distance. Come with me
- This heavy heart sinks with the setting sun
- I'll drop you back
- Ok.
So smile once before fading away...
Life is a game of chess...
But we are just pawns in the hands of the lord...
But we are just pawns in the hands of the lord...
So surrender, play your pan with a smile
lntrospect, and walk his path.
All that remains to be understood...
ls the story written for us from above
How much longer? Is it very far?
No no, just another few kilometers...
Yes, tell me"
Why do you say things like that?
I'll take care. You stop worrying.
I'll come in the evening, we'll go watch a movie 0k?
Make sure you eat. Ok. Bye
Why did you stop?
I've got some work here
Who is he?
Why is he coming with us?
He's someone I know.
Is he coming with us to the site?
...Hey Venki!
Place the striker properly on the line...
...You can't cheat just because I'm a kid!
I can hear my mother calling me
I'm here to see a patient.
...22, 23, 24, 25, 26..
- Hi
I think it's been 6-7 months
since your last visit?
In fact, I tried contacting you by phone and e-mail.
But I guess you were busy
Why? Any issues with the payments?
No no...
I didn't call you regarding than, actually...
- Just a minute
-Ya, sure
Ya, I'm sending you the mail.
Before we present it to the client
I'll explain everything.
I'll call you back.
So I was saying"
How much longer?
He'll be here, are you taking him out?
- I had to take him shopping
- I see"
I'm going to the U.S for 4-5 months"
So, I'll be busy with work
I won't be able to come.
In the last 4 months, your father's
condition has become worse.
He cannot make new memories.
He's always lost in the past.
So you should constantly keep an...
I'm sorry, one minute.
By now Venki would've forgotten everything...
Venki, you didn't move anything did you?
I pocketed the red, you remember right?
Now if I pocket this black, I win, 0k?
You win?
Didn't I pocket the coin before I went to the toilet?
You forget everything like Ghajini!
Yay, give me the money!
Never mind. I'll take it myself.
Susheel... Susheel, where are you?
Susheel, you've started your pranks again?
No, I'm just playing with Venki
- I know all your game; give me the money
-I promise, I didn't take any
Don't lie, give it here
- Venki gave it to me himself
- I'm sure you...
Give it back to him
- Go do your homework, go on
- You don't even let me play
Sol was"
How much longer? It's been quite awhile
Two minutes
Venkob uncle...
Do you know who's here to see you?
Look who's come...
Your son, Shiva.
We'll leave? I'm getting late
Go on, take care of yourself.
Let's wait till the end of the day
and we'll take a call on this.
I'll talk to you later. Bye.
We're going to buy you some clothes
Why do I need clothes?
I should buy your mother a few sarees
It's been a long time since I did.
She really likes silk sarees.
Where's your mother?
It's been 8 years since mom passed away.
You've forgotten.
She died?
She had cancer.
Where was I?
You were with her...
It's just that you don't remember.
Pushpa is alive.
If mom was alive, wouldn't she
be here with us now?
Come here
Ya, Fine, fine, I'll...
Yeah that's fine I'll mail you
Come here
Should be fine, yeah it's 12 now? So you
should get your mail by 1 or something
Ya, I'll call you back
What are you doing here? Come with me
Stay here, don't roam around
Your mother's not coming?
Keep quiet for sometime.
One minute. Come back here.
What's wrong with you?!
You just put whatever you find in your pocket?
Haven't I provided you with everything?
I'm so embarrassed because of you.
Sir, please, let it go.
Mind your business! You're a driver right?
Drive us back to where we picked him up!
Coming, sir.
- Take the bags from the back.
- Ok sir.
Get down.
I've have some work
I'll come the next time I'm in Bangalore.
Take care.
Hello. I'm on my way now...
I should be there by 5, I think.
How about the presentation?
Looks like you've done quite
a lot of shopping with your son.
Did you go to a mall?
Sir... Sir?!
Madam.. Madam!
Hello... huh?!
0k, I'm coming.
Sorry, work call.
It's alright, we're quite modern ourselves
You can talk to friends, we don't mind.
She has no time for friends.
She's very hardworking and dedicated.
Working for an NGO isn't
a small thing, right?
Avi works very hard too...
Heart surgeons always do.
Forget about NGOs she's got
a lot of offers from top hospitals
Apollo and Wockhardt have also made offers.
Same thing with him In the
U.S, he had a lot of offers
But we were stubborn,
we asked him to settle down here itself.
And take care of our own hospital. But we were
stubborn, we asked him to settle down here itself.
And take care of our own hospital.
I'm sure you've heard of our hospital?
We know it very well.
One of my cousins had malaria..
Had him treated at your hospital.
Is that so?
When we'd been there,
it felt like we were in afive star hotel.
Wasn't it?
We don't have any expectations.
Since we have our own hospital,
you can just help with that.
What else? After the wedding
I think supporting him is enough work
NGOs keep opening and shutting down...
Aunty, one minute.
This marriage won't work out.
If you're just looking for support,
increase your staff.
Every area has a medical college
There's no shortage of doctors.
I don't want to waste your time
My time's precious as well.
There's an emergency. I have to leave
Please have the coffee I made it myself.
And, the clients have received the repon.
We've to be ready for them tomorrow.
- Connect with Shiva, he's going to coordinate
- Definitely.
We have to wow them.
One second.
- Are you people running a circus?!
- One sec...
Do you think this is a joke?!
- Sir, calm down...
- What do you mean by calm?!
How can you let this happen?
I'll take action, I'll sue all of you!
Shiva please, one minute"
Shut up!
You had one job!
I pay you to take care of my father!
How can you call yourself a doctor?
VWII you listen to what we have to say?
I'll make sure this ends your career!
Sir, I'll talk to him.
Shiva" Shiva, just wait a second.
- Shiva wait a minute!
-I don't have time for an apology.
I'm not here to apologize.
And destroy my career, I just don't care.
My only concern is"
To find your father, my patient.
In these kind of cases, every minute is crucial.
I don't want to waste it on you.
One more thing, I told you
specifically while leaving...
...to keep an eye on him all the time
You just left him at the gate and left...
You're as much at fault as us.
You can help with the search
or sue us It's your choice.
You heard about Latifs daughter?
I heard she eloped!
That too on a Kinetic Honda!
Which Lat?
The guy who sells coconuts
near your house. That guy...
Oh Yes! Tell me tell me! I remember now.
That fair girl, right?
But her marriage was fixed, wasn't it?
What marriage are you talking about?!
I'll tell you what happened...
- There's some boy who...
- Mother! Those are just rumours...
What actually happened that night was...
er...that night...
Go ahead, what happened?
Mother, Look!
Sister Nazia...
- There is veg food at the wedding, right?
- Huh..Wedding?
- I requested Razak for rice and curry.
- Huh..Razak who?
What rice and curry? Who are you?!
I think he's a madman on the loose
Get out of the car!
- Where's Rank'?
- Razak'?!
We'll be late for the wedding!
What wedding?! We're on our way to a funeral!
Listen! If you don't get out now
We'll end you ourselves.
Salim.. Quickly call brother Aarif.
If you don't get out now,
I'll mess you up right here! You don't know me.
- What about the wedding?
- Go, go, loaf about some more.
This evening, may I...
Decorate the sky with the stars for you?
That story you had forgotten...
May I search for it in the basket of your memories,
Unravel it gently and narrate it aloud for you?
Where's your ticket?
The imprint of your palms on the wall...
Are the same lines"
That trace the footsteps of your path on this journey.
May I unravel the tangles of that maze for you?
You are the soul of the ocean;
I am the emotion of the waves.
I reside within your soul...
Why are you looking on the outside for me?
Just once, call out for me loudly...
I'll echo with an answer from inside you.
This evening, may I...
I was angry and...
It's ok, don't worry about it
I looked around here,
but no one's seen him
Actually, we're wasting time
looking in the same place
You should ask around your house
and I'll look around here.
- I'll call you when I find out something.
- Alright.
Give me a cigarette.
Here you go.
Here you go.
- I'll pay later...
- Ok. I'll add it to your tab...
- The match started?
Did she eat?
No, I talked her into having some fruits...
Then she felt tired and fell asleep.
We have a chance of winning if Sachin plays well.
He seems to be playing well.
Our bowlers have been whacked.
That Balaji doesn't know what ayorker is!
He kept bowling full tosses...
...And they kept scoring boundaries.
Oh No! Bowled out!
He just had to rotate the strike
He tries to hit every ball for a six!
Stupid fellow!
Here comes the snail...
He doesn't know the difference
between a one day and a test match
Last match he scored 15 runs,
...in 50 balls!
He should just support Sachin on the other end.
Our Dravid should've come...
He plays sensibly...
No. Last time he won us the match
by playing in the middle order.
Dravid will play well at any position
- Oh No!
- Damn!
You told your mother you needed a laptop?
It's not a problem. I have money from my
pan-time job. I'll manage with that.
When are your exam results?
My exams are in June
Oh, in June?
We should get an emergency light.
Emergency light can't power a TV.
Oh? It Can't?
I wonder what's happening with the match...
...I just hope Sachin isn't out.
I wonder what you two will talk about once Sachin
When did you wake up Pushpa?
The silence between you both woke me up.
Once I'm gone...
I really don't know how you both
will live with each other.
The Silence...
The grimy silence that paints your worries
The hot silence that gives birth to a sigh.
- I needed a phone number...
The stubborn silence that ties your eyes blind.
The silence"
The false silence that gives birth to distance
- Hello...Hello
The raw silence that does not give any answers.
The cruel silence that mocks your loss
The time for the bitter truth that lurks around...
To grow its roots firmly into the ground.
The problems of life and living...
Teaches a new lesson every passing minute
Those forgotten jaded interactions
keep resurfacing.
Playing hide and seek from within
Excuse me sir...
We've got the test results.
It's Alzheimer's.
If this becomes your life, you are doomed, Shiva.
Ok I hear you, I understand.
But it's your life too, right?
If you ever get tensed, just quickly down a peg.
Listen carefully, don't get confused,
Make a quick escape.
Leave it all behind...
Dad, I need to talk to you.
I got promoted at work.
They've offered me a senior position
Really? I had no idea
But it's in Bombay...
So what? You shouldn't pass on this
I've heard it rains a lot there...
But we'll get used to it with time...
- I can speak a bit of Marathi, Hindi...
- Actually, I've already accepted the offer.
You did the right thing
But with your condition...
...shifting to an unknown city is not a good idea
This institute deals specifically with Alzheimer's..
Superb facility! Everyone there is of your age...
They'll take care of everything...
You'll have special care round the clock...
Nothing to worry about, you can relax...
And I'll visit you regularly...
I'll take you there tomorrow,
you can see for yourself...
And another thing...
Please don't get emotional and misunderstand me.
I'm doing this for your own good.
This has all the details.
I'm not any outsider: I am your inner voice
Listen, and open your eyes Shiva
Leave all those small things behind and soar...
The time for the bitter truth that lurks around...
To grow its roots firmly into the ground.
The problems of life and living...
Teaches a new lesson every passing minute
Those forgotten jaded interactions
keep resurfacing.
Playing hide and seek from within
Did you get any information?
No. No one's seen him around here. Did you hear
N o.
I think we should file a missing
persons' report with the police.
0k. I'll see you there
What do you want?
We wanted to file a missing person complaint.
Venkob Rao, 66 years old.
Tell me your name first!
Sir, he's Shiva I'm Sahana
His father, Venkob Rao, has been missing from the
old-age home near Saraswami Circle since evening
Wham was the name you said?
Not yours! The old man's"
Venkob Rao! I told you once already right?
You...watch your tone...
We're here to help you...
So help us!
- My are you asking us the same question?!
- Shiva just calm down...
Look madam...
...Yelling like this isn't going to help anyone.
Tell your husband to lower his tone.
If not, I'll have to send him out.
Sir, he's not my husband
I'm a doctor who works at the old-age home
Also...He's just tensed that his father is missing...
We apologise
Does he run away often?
Sir, he hasn't run away.
He has... He has a medical condition called Alzheimer's
Most people just call it forgetfulness...
Yes, yes... I know about it...
So do you have a photo of his?
I do sir.
He was wearing alight pink shirt and
a red sweater when he went missing...
Maroon... It was a maroon sweater.
Our old-age home's ID card was in his pocket as well.
You say he's got a medical condition.
Couldn't you take good care of him?
Here, fill in the necessary details
and contact number in this form.
We'll pass a message to the control room...
We'll check hospitals for unclaimed
bodies from accidents and inform you
If we get any other information we'll call you.
But you need to understand...
We have our own limitations.
\Mth our current man power, it's
tough to deal with all the cases.
Sahana please stop the car for a minute...
Wham happened?
No, nothing...
It doesn't make sense to search aimlessly.
We've looked around your old-age home and my house...
I don't think this is working out.
We'll try tomorrow.
Alzheimer's patients might follow old routines.
So, let's follow your father's old routine
Let's hope something works out.
If my father is following his old routine
we would've found him by now.
His life was like clockwork
He didn't have a life besides his
morning walk, office and home
Especially, after retirement, he would always
be at home with a book in his hand.
Extremely boring and ordinary.
Venkob uncle was anything but ordinary.
Anyways, let it be
Contact your family and friends.
In situations like this we need all the help we can get.
I don't have friends here anymore...
And family...
...Nevermind, let's leave
That's the house...
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay
Venkob Uncle, come on smile.
It's your birthday
Venki, you look like a villain
with that knife in your hand.
- Yes he does.
- Thank you.
Susheel, come here quickly.
Shoot the video.
Hold it properly, don't shake it.
Hold it steady...
That's what mom tells me
when I'm taking a leak.
Oh god...
- Six and six. Even interchanging the numbers won't help
- Sixty six?!
Why don't you replace the first six with a 'one'?
- You're sweet sixteen is it?
- Yes
Quit joking Venki.
Ravi, sixty six...
Don't know how much damage this
damn disease will do in another year...
One year is a lot of time. Stop worrying.
- Let's cut the cake
- Yes
- Susheel, go sit next to Venki.
- 0k, I get the first piece.
0k, let's all sing?
Happy Birthday To You...
Thank you, thank you...
Uncle uncle, wait a minute!
Ask for something... make a wish
Yes, make a wish
I just did...
VenkLVenki... What did you wish for?
Wham else, that my son Shiva"
That my son Shiva...
I'm going to take a dump Change the plates by then.
Why are you going every ten minutes brother?
Your stomach is screwed?
Shut up and do what you're told.
Alright brother...
Hello? Boss?
Everything ok?
Everything's fine.
The cop at the check-post took 500Rs
but nothing besides that.
You don't have to worry.
We'll finish up and be back in the morning.
It's not our first time.
Look Ranga, it's a very delicate matter...
Nothing should go wrong!
In our line of work, your
first mistake will be your last.
Finish up and give me a call.
Change the number plates by the time I come back.
Yes brother:
Had dinner?
Yes, I had.
You didn't ask me if I did?
Why should I?
Ok, let it be...
Fine, tell me.
I ate too...
But I don't know why, if I don't talk to you,
I don't even feel like eating.
Here we go, quoting film dialogues again"
You dance for film songs, why
can't I quote film dialogues?
Yes. You're quite the hero.
I'm not going to water the radiator all my life.
Just you wait and watch. I'll get my own vehicle...
I'll get my truck and take you away forever:
You understand?
Hello?" Hello?...
Hello... Hello?...Hello?
Reshmai'... Hello?
You moron!
How many times do I tell you
to stay away from that witch?
Give me that.
Always flirting... Finish up here!
What's taking you so long?
- Make it fast!
- I'm coming...
I'm latching the door, hold on..
Stay right there! I'll come get you!
I gave him one smack! He was shaking...
His phone was broken,
I had it repaired for him...
His pant was fully torn!
They'll be confused during the postmortem.
Wham amazing acting!
And the songs are no less...
They're superb!
And in the climax, everyone's flying around in the fight!
Now that's what I call a movie! Just superb!
Like I would get scared...
My blood is fear-proof!
- He was...
- Enough already!
How much you talk!
All your jabbering is making me thirsty
Give me some water.
Can I have some water too?
Ah! Ghost! There's Ghost!
This looks bad...
Are you alright?... Hello?
Hello... Hello?
Come here! There's been an accident!
- This"
- Come soon, I think the driver is dead!
- This is our vehicle
- Yours?
- Someone's calling from the inside!
- Sir, there's no one there"
- Listen...
- Shiva"
- Don't you hear that?
- Sir...Sir...
Give me the key!
Don't... please don't open it...Sir!
There's nobody inside Sir...Please don't open it!
Sir?... Are you hurt?
- No...
- Come on, get down slowly...
I'll call an ambulance...
Wham did I get myself into?!
Ranga? Brother?... Say something... Ranga?
Rangai'... Brother?
Rangai'... Brother?
Rangai'... Please say something brother...
Where's the body?!
Boss, l...that...!
You picked up these two and left the body?!
You F'' idiot!
Always messing up! How many times do I tell you?!
Son of a
How many time; have I warned you?
Hanumanth, make sure you get all
the fingerprints.
Don't you know what to do near a crime scene?!
Look what you've done! Idiot!
Who are all you people?!
Get out of here!
You have any idea how badly you have screwed up?!
Brother... Brother... Please don't hit me
Please brother...
Please don't hit me brother: I've made a mistake.
I'm sorry, please
Brother... Please don't hit me brother...
- It wont happen again
- How irresponsible can you be?!
What the hell do you eat, you PW?!
In our line of work, your first mistake is also your last.
If they've got phones, take them.
Ok boss...
You've messed up enough.
Yes? Wham happened?
So much happened within a blink of an eye...
Where are you now?
A bit further away from the Dasenhalli checkpost...
Listen carefully...
Kill them both.
And when the time is right...
- Kill that boy of yours!
- What?
But Boss" I've never directly...
I've never asked you to
get your hands bloody.
But you're the one who messed up.
So fix it!
But Boss"
I'll forget the fact that you've been with me all these
If you want to live, do as you're told.
Brother, what did Prakash sir say?
Brother?.. Wham did he say?
He told me to kill these two!
Sir! Please don't kill me sir!
I have a family sir!
Please don't hurt me!
I beg of you! Oh god!
Radio City!...
...FM means Radio City $1.1...
Look after the shop for two minutes...
Very unfortunate man...
I'll ask around and if I get
any information I'll call you...
Same phone number, right?
I'd called you many times, but you didn't answer.
So I thought you've changed your number.
0k, I'll take your leave...
Like father, like son..
I didn't understand...
Your father used to come here for a
smoke before boarding his office bus.
My father used to smoke?
Yes. He would puff his smoke so quickly so
that no one would see and then leave..
Why did you never tell me?
It's a cigarette shop's policy...
I never told him about you
and never told you about him.
0k, which brand?
Yours was the big king.
His was the small one.
- One, two, three"
- One, two, three"
- Laughter gives you a hundred years! - Laughter gives
a hundred years! - One, two, three... - One, two, three...
- Laughter gives you a hundred years!
- Laughter gives you a hundred years!
Now... Laugh like a Kannada movie villain..
Everyone together!
Go on, go on...
Wham are you doing here?
Did Venkob die?
No no...
Oh...You've come to see how the
Venkob Rao Laughter Club is running?
Venkob Rao Laughter Club?
How would you know?
Anyway; what do you want?
Can we sit for a minute?
Oh, so Venkob has joined
the list of missing people.
Makes sense though...
Poor chap Built a home of his
own by taking several loans.
If he had lived there, he
would've probably been alright.
Just because you couldn't look after him
You sent him off to an old-age home.
Look Uncle... I didn't come here
so you could judge me.
I wanted to know if my father
made any contact with you.
If you have any information, tell me.
If you don't, then excuse me, I'll leave
Your generation's gotten plenty of arrogance.
Do you know anything about your father?
You would've died as a child...
Venkob gave you a kidney to save your life!
Go look for him! At least now you'll realize his value
Louder! I want everyone to laugh louder.
No matter how much I looked, I couldn't find
any photo in which he's kept a straight face
He always had a smile on him.
Yes. That's one thing he did right...
Let's add ,Cash Reward'
It'll add value to the poster
Shiva" Tape?...
I've some urgent work, I'll join you later...
Shiva, what are you doing?
Don't you get the seriousness of the situation?
It's your father, not some object that's gone missing!
- No matter how busy with work you are...
- Hold on a minute...
...there cannot be something
more important than this!
- I don't know what went wrong between the two of you...
- Hold on I'm coming.
He might have punished you as a child...
Maybe he didn't even treat you like a son...
Even if you don't love him, it's still your responsibility to
find him
I've said what I had to say...Now it's up to you.
I'll meet you later...
- Where to sir?
- U B City...
- Ok Sir.
Shiva, the client's ready.
Sorry... So as I was saying...
In the previous quarter there's been a dip in the market.
And our solution ensures that you see a lot of profit.
That's it gentlemen.
It's good
Awesome job Shiva!
I've heard New York gets
cold this time of the year.
Make sure you carry a sweater, alright?
All your friends are going
abroad for higher studies"
I know you want to study in the U.S..
But... we spent a lot on
your mother's treatment.
But ViswanamHs son did his engineering here.
- And got a well paying job here...
- I'm not ViswanantHs son.
And if we're pulling comparisons...
Most of your colleagues moved on to bigger things...
But you've remained at the same job all your life!
I'm going to be lame for my train.
I will figure out my own future"
I'll be back in two days.
Lakshmi !
Lakshmi... I thought I'd never see you again!
- Listen...
- I've made plenty of mistakes
But God's given me another chance...
...I'll never fight with you again!
I wouldn't wish that hell on my worst enemy!
I don't even know how I got out of there!
- I wanted to see you and our son...
- Listen!
Please come sir. Have a seat.
Why don't I tell you how you escaped?
Right brother?
Adding potatoes to the upma was a nice touch
Did your daughter cook this?
My son is constantly busy with work"
But I'll ask him to come this Sunday
- If he accepts we can go ahead and plan the wedding
- What's he talking about?
Don't you know anything?!
How did they get inside the house?
Yes! I invited them over...
- I'm always lonely at home and wanted some company
- Quiet down!
Why should I quiet down?! This is our house!
How would you know how stressed I was!
You have no idea how shaken
I was that you hadn't come yet
He called me up saying you were in an accident,
and asked for the address to bring you home
He carried you on his shoulder!
We'll go in?
Take grandpa inside
- Come grandpa, careful...
- Madam, your husband's fine"
- Just a small accident
- Careful. Please come in.
Only after they came in did I realise that they're thugs!
Give me that!
Go inside... Go on!
Where's his phone?
OK...Where's putta?
How did grandpa get into the van?...
Speak to him!
He wants to speak to you.
Er... Nothing sir...
...Nothing sir, my name's Kumar.
I didn't get a chance to introduce myself last night...
This is my wife, Lakshmi.
I'm the manager of a nearby brick factory.
We're a.. a middle class family, sir.
We put everything we had into this house and
now we've become a lower middle class family.
I swear to God...
I won't tell anyone about you.
I can.. Who do we worship?
- Biligiri Ranganamhswamy
- I swear to Biligiri Ranganathswamy!
Please let us go sir...
Even if the po.. police...
Even if the police ask me, I'll say I don't know anything
I swear... I swear on her!
All this has happened because
of your damn water!
Or else by now we would've
gotten rid of the body by now and...
Shut up!
What's all this about a body?!
Nothing! What body? There's no body...
The police took the body away, right sir?!
You stay quiet! Talking about murders"
Sir, please let us go...
If you want you can take my car...
Or I can drop you anywhere you want!
If you go with them I'll come too
Let's die together...
Who said anything about dying?!
Stay quiet...
They're all very nice people
They're in some trouble,
we should help them...
Can you shut it?!
- You as well!
-V\Iham did I...
You'll achieve nothing with anger.
Get up you old fool!
- I've been tolerating you!
- Lakshmi, he's going to do something!
Talk again, and I'll stab you to death.
You think we're fooling around?
Not a word!
Never thought I'd see a knife in my son's hand
There's a kid in all these pictures"
Where's he? I don't see him...
My son... Hari...
Holidays So he's gone to his aunt's house.
So you both were playing with these toys?
I swear on Biligiri Ranganamhswamy...
...I wouldn't lie about my son
Ma, how long do I sleep on the floor?
I'm feeling sick
You were trying to lie to me?!
I'll kill all of you.
This is your last warning.
Don't try anything like this again.
Oh you..come come
Why did you lie to me?!
At your age, don't you understand the seriousness
of the situation?!
Have you lost your mind?!
Why'd you make up that story
about kidney donation?
- Is that something to joke about?!
- Definitely.
You know how much it messed with my head?!
You should've taken a pain killer.
Only donating a kidney makes him a father?
As a kid, when you used to
pee and poop all over the place.
He used to run behind you to clean up after you.
He wasn't your father then?
And what of those thousand questions
you have pestered him as a kid?
All of which he answered patiently.
Doesn't that make him a father?
Have you ever played with kids?
Annoying brats!
The most mindless things one has to do
to make them happy.
Poor guy, despite slogging the whole day at work...
He used to come home and play with you...
That was his mistake.
Forget that, if he had just left the gate open..
You would've run into some traffic
got run over and died.
These are too trivial for you, right?
You're all grown up now...
Come have a drink
Hey, you kind-hearted girl..
We've spread the word everywhere, TV also.
~Giving yourself for others comes easy to you~
Check if his son has any leads...
We seem to be doing all the searching.
Hey, you kind-hearted girl..
Your presence brings comfort to those in pain..
You wear your inner-beauty...
in place of ornaments and jewelry.
- Hey, you kind-hearted girl~
- Doctor".
- Hey, you kind-hearted girl~
- Doctor".
I'm up here!
- Come up...
~Take my hand..and lead me.~
Please sit.
My jeans are a little tight...
but not as much as me though.
I wanted to ask you if you had
any leads about Venkob Uncle...
Also, the other day...
I think I was insensitive and mean.
'Without knowing anything about you...
Doctor, stop.
In your profession...
You must come across a lot of people
who abandon their parents.
You must have a very bad impressilAJn
of people like me
Everyone has their own reasons"
Very correct.
I've stood in front of a mirror...
Trying to convince myself with so many reasons.
My mother's cancer...
The pain in my father's eyes...
Seeing mum suffer...
Then my father's Alz...
- Alzh... Wham is it?
Alzh... Alzheimer's
My life?
Wham about my life?
Not one of those reasons I gave myself...
Gave me peace...
The cigarette's upside down..
Oh God!
When he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
I read-up a lot about it.
I realized then,
that we need time to show love.
You know the truth doctor?
I... I lied to my father...
The whole... what do you call this?
The whole...
I lied to the whole world.
I even lied to myself.
Shiva what are you saying?
It's 0k
It's getting very late"
Day after after...
I'll see you soon.
Please leave doctor.
...She left?
0k, my mother also left...
My father also left...
The doctor also left...
Now... it's just you and I.
You can leave too...
Why are you still here?
But they're checking for drunken driving...
Drive safely... Leave
The shadow monster is here"
He stands across the doorway of hunger...
VWth his mind set on consuming the light...
The missing civil servant Sanat Kumar
has been found dead...
- Driven by anxiety...~
What can I do, What do I do?
In this dull blinding fog that's taken over my mind...
What can I do, What do I do?
In this dull blinding fog that's taken over my mind...
Tangled up in this web...
You cannot escape"
Swimming endlessly...
\Mth no way out...
Where are you looking Grandpa? Look there!
Hari... Hari?
You're fever has come down.
Now, you're watching TV!
Give me the remote! Now...
Ma, please!... Please!
Give it to me!
This is a missing person's report...
...Venkob Rao, A 66 year old man...
...has been missing since 18th October 2014...
...from Basavangudi in Bangalore.
He's 5 foot 10 inches. He has round face...
...He's wheamish brown, average built...
...He speaks Kannada and English...
...A 50 year old man named Rangappa...
has been missing since 9th October 2014...
...from Banaswadi, Bangalore...
What can I do, What do I do?
In this dull blinding fog that's taken over my mind...
What can I do, What do I do?
I'm sorry... I can't take this offer right now
I understand...
...Take care
Sahana, I'm really sorry. The thing is...
I was really drunk
I must've made you really uncomfortable, right?
I'm... I'm not usually like that
What was it that you said? The whole world?
I've my own reasons to look for Venkob Uncle
He wasn't just a patient of mine.
When he joined our facility...
My personal life was... I was completely lost.
And spending time with him... It gave me hope
Not just that...
You said you'd destroy my career, so I'm a little scared as
We've spread the word everywhere, we'll call if we find
Keep looking
- Ok sir, thank you
- Alright
- Hello?
- Hello sir, my name's Shobha
- Ya tell me
- The man in your missing poster
- I saw him near the Ganesha temple
- When?
Around half an hour back"
- Please come soon
Whats your location?!
Yes sir... At what time?
At eleven? Ok ok... Alright
0k, yes yes I know the place,we're coming right away
Thank you sir!
Someone's seen him!
Eleven o'clock at JP Nagar
But... I got a call as well...
That somebody saw him at K.R.Puram at 10:30
A person can't be at two places around the same time
A person can't be at two places around the same time
We'll check them both
Chaos is fast approaching...
Making me go in circles"
The winding path is ahead...
Any luck?
The heart is getting heavy"...
The eyes that search are tearing up...
A pair of comforting hands by the side.
- We'll leave?
- 0k
Sahana, give me the key.
Chaos is fast approaching...
Making me go in circles"
The burden of self doubt...
ls eating me up from the inside"
Those forgotten days...
Full of memories.. seem like a second.
These moments spent searching...
Feels like days and days"
Floating against these waves of emotions...
The circle of life goes on...
Go check
It's the police!
Hello, anybody home?
Anyone inside?
- How did the damn police come here?!
- Police?!
- How?
-I swear to god, I don't know!
Please.. Please don't hurt him
- What took you so long?
- I was in the bathroom, sir.
- What's your name?
- Kumar, sir. I'm the owner of the house
- What's this about sir?
- Let's go inside I'll tell you.
- Let's talk here
- Get inside man!
- Come in
- Where's your wife?
She's gone to get vegetables.
She'd made a late-night call to us,
crying, that you hadn't come home.
- Does she think we're jobless?
Oh her?! She's a drama queen!
She watches TV all day long...
Like those over dramatic actors...
She overreacts for everything.
There was an accident on-route to your house.
- Did you see anything suspicious?
- Yes, around 12AM.
No, sir.
0k, talk to your wife...
Ask her not to bother the police every time
you loaf around and come home lame.
- Domestic quarrels aren't our problem
- Sorry sir
- Sir?
- You said your wife isn't home? what's that sound?
- Let's see, make way.
- Must be my son.
Ok let's see then
- But that's my...my bedroom, sir.
- Go stand there
- What's that sound?
- Nothing, you saw for yourself.
Right, you must be deaf.
Hello, mister...
Are you playing the fool with me?
Mum did you say?
Your son, right? He seems to have grown up fast!
What are you looking at?
Sir, who are you?
Pushpa's is seriously sick...
Shiva's gone to get help Did you come with the
Ambulance?! Wham is he saying?
I have no idea, sir.
Sir! He's got dementia, he's my father-in-law.
My son's a brat! He's locked him
inside and run off somewhere
- What a son!
- Wash your hands!
What a family you have!
Why do I get such cases...
- During a serious investigation
- Sorry, sir.
You just wasted my time! Idiot.
I told you sir, she's a drama queen.
- What a nut house!
- Sorry; sir.
Thanks god!
Move aside...
Now he comes out and orders me around
Brother, am confused, what game is this old man
He's not playing...
He's lost his mind, must have escaped from somewhere
He used to visit us once a month,
then suddenly he stopped.
I went to your house to make sure he's 0k
But it was locked.
Thinking that he might be traveling,
I sent this letter
I had no idea so much has happened...
I'm very sorry.
Careful kids, slow down
- Actually, I have to thank you.
- Why?
Because, the books you read as a kid...
Are now being read by these kids
He'd always carry a bunch of your old story books with
He would huddle the kids and narrate stories to them
He also instilled a love for an
in these underprivileged kids
He would sit with them
for hours as they drew.
When he was around, their
drawings would look amazing!
And, he would always tell them"
When you draw your...
- Imagination.
- Your imagination...
Your imagination shouldn't be bound by the size of the
Tell me, Sahana
Shiva, someone who bumped into Venkob uncle...
Called after seeing the missing report on TV.
He mentioned 'Razak' to them.
Did your father have a friend called Razak?
- Nothing that rings a bell immediately.
- Oh...
But I think there was colleague of his by that name
0k, Did Venkob uncle have a phone-book or diary?
We might get some information there
If there's a diary or phone-book,
It should be here.
All my father's old stuff is here.
I'll look there
You made these?
They're very good.
When I was a kid, sketching
was my favorite hobby.
Drawing gave me immense joy"...
All I needed was an empty sheet and crayons.
I used to spend hours drawing...
Mom would constantly nag dad about spoiling me
with crayons and paint.
Now? You don't sketch anymore?
I don't even use a pen anymore,
where will I have time for colors?
But very nice"
You've collected and preserved all of this"
I haven't. All that is my father's doing.
Wham happened?
The day he went missing...
He had picked up a packet of color pencils
A book fell behind this thing...
One second.
Ya, push.
Shiva, look at that.
After mom passed away...
I had the whole house painted
But this space alone...
Must be my father's idea!
I still remember...
I was in second standard,
it was a holiday.
I was bored of drawing on paper
and wanted to draw on the wall.
Mom was asleep, I took the paint
she'd hidden and drew all over the wall!
Mom saw what I did and thrashed me.
She scared me that dad would do worse.
But after dad came home"
He asked
me why I'd left this space empty...
Then dad and I did this together'.
Mom got so angry with dad...
It was like world War 3!
Thou its my father who has this disease,
it's me who's forgotten everything
The nicer memories are like this
hidden away somewhere
- Ya ma?
- Sahana, where are you?
- I'm coming
- They'll be here any minute
- Ok ok...
- Don't be lame
- Alright, I'm on my way
- Come soon.
I have to leave, Razak's details are in this"
Call him and check if he's heard anything.
I'm glad I got to see this
- Bye
- Bye
Shiva" have you ever thought of it?
We think our story begins with our birth...
But it actually begins in the middle
of someone else's story.
0k... forget that.
I'll tell you the story behind yours
OK go on.
But I'm warning you right now,
I'm not as good as your father.
During his final year of BSc...
He saw your mother for the
first time at the canteen.
He used to say something...
\Mth one glance"
We knew we wanted
to share the ups and downs of life.
She was beautiful...
And she was very shy...
she would rarely look up
She would occasionally laugh...
And that laughter...
For six months I eagerly
waited for her to notice me
Finally one day, I decided I must talk to her.
I went and stood in front of her.
As I stood there...
She looked up and our eyes met.
I felt like I was stuck by a lightning!
I froze like a stone.
Stop pulling my leg with some film story.
- No I swear to you.
- Swear on me?
- Listen to the story no?
- Fine... And then?
Wham then? I was such a coward...
Not knowing how to face her,
I didn't go to college for a week!
Then, one day I sneaked into the
canteen, but she wasn't there..
I went to her classroom,
she wasn't there either...
I searched every pan of the college!
But I couldn't find her...
Just when I began to wonder if she
was my imagination, it hit me...
There was one place where I hadn't looked.
Do you know which one?
Let's see if you can guess"
Ladies hostel?
That's the difference between
your generation and his...
And which generation are you from?
All this time with old people
has made you old.
Do you want me to go on?
0k, where?
I didn't even know where that was"
Since exams were around, she was
almost living in the library.
So he started going
to the library everyday.
He would pretend to read a book and
look at your mother all day.
- Then I started reading the book in my hand...
- What?!
Wham happened?
He was reading in the middle of his own love story?!
He told me the whole world...
He used to tell me that one can see
the whole world through books
I wondered how such beautiful worlds and
stories were brought to life by just words...
Used by these writers and poets
I put my book down and Pushpa
was sitting right across me.
He found the answer to
that question in her eyes
Mom didn't say anything?
No... she didn't talk.
She waited for me to say something.
I didn't, she finally left.
- And then, what did you do?
-And then...
- Letter...
- Ya, and then...
Both of us didn't speak,
sol decided to write her a letter.
I wrote one" and gave it to her.
Where was she when you
gave her the letter?
- She"
- Her aunt?
She lived with her aunt.
How did you get there?
- Cycle? You rode"
- Ya, I went by cycle"
I made sure she looked when I
put the letter in the post box.
And then?
- Her aunt...
-When her aunt left the house..
She came down and took the letter.
She looked around, no one was around,
She opened the letter...
- Her joy disappeared instantly!
- Disappeared?
. My?
. My?
He was so tensed,
he didn't realize that it was raining
The soaked letter didn't have words, just ink.
- And then?
-And then? He kept cycling...
- Everyday I would cycle"
- To her house?
I would ride around her house
I would look at her,
she would look at me.
And then, the villain enters"
We didn't know that her
aunt was also looking.
But these two had no idea...
So as usual Venkob uncle...
went to see your mom but she wasn't there.
I waited day and night...
I went to knock on her door, but...
The house was locked.
College reopened, but she didn't turn up
No clue where she was!
I kept thinking what might have happened?
What might've happened?
I kept wondering what might've
happened. Finally...
I went to the library...
Amidst the novels I read...
There was a physics book with her name on it.
When I opened it...
I found my empty ink stained letter...
Filled with new words from her.
I'm going to my village for ten days
My father isn't keeping well..."
"He's admitted to the hospital."
- Your Pushpa,
She had written ,Your Pushpa,
Your Pushpa!
I've lost count of the time;
I've read those words.
Now, I had to see her!
So I went to her village
Once I went there,
I found out the truth
There was nothing wrong
with her father! He lied!
She was being forcefully married!
Wham could I do?
I couldn't think of anything
I went to the bus stand...
Then I remembered...
"Your Pushpa"
I realized I was making the
biggest mistake of my life.
I went to her house again.
They fought with me,
beat me up...
I fought back!
I just went and stood in front of her.
I asked her,
,Al'1\Mll you marry me PushpaZAfi
That was the first time I spoke to her!
She said yes!
I held her hand and dragged her out of there!
She said yes!
I held her hand and dragged her out of there!
Yes I took her away...
- Then?
- Then how did anything matter?
They married at a temple
For two and a half years,
they never spoke...
Except through their eyes
And they got married!
Such a romantic love story!
I had assumed that my father
had an ordinary life.
But in comparison...
My life's quite boring
Searching for him..
I've realized that I am completely lost.
I lost my father many years ago...
But now, I feel like I've found him.
I just want to see him once.
We'll find him.
Anyways, one more cup of tea?
Oh yes please, definitely.
- \Mth less sugar.
- Alright.
Don't forget to bolt the door properly
Boss I...
Did you finish the job?
I couldn't find the right time"
What? The right time?!
Keep waiting and your time will be up"
If you don't have the guts to do it, I'll send Pamil.
Where are you now?
No need for that...I'll do it myself.
Finish it then. I'll call you tomorrow.
Keep waiting and your time will be up...Finish It.
Shiva, did you call the doctor?
Get lost!
- Hello?
- Hello? Is this Shiva?
- Yes
-You'd reported Venkob Rao to be missing, right?
We've found a body. You need to identify it.
The body was found on a railway track...
Please come...
These old people are so careless...
They cross railway track like its a road.
Nothing's happened to the face,
so you'll be able to identify him
How are you related"?
Wham are you doing there?! Come with me.
We've other things to do.
This is the worst job ever...
He'll show you the body.
Identify and let us know.
We'd filed a missing persons report for 'Venkob Rao'.
Any information about him?
When I...
When I got a promotion...
I had an option...
I could've stayed in Bangalore, but...
I ran off to Bombay...
What's the point of regret at this point?
I've been so selfish!
Venkob uncle's missing, that's it.
We haven't given up.
You haven't lost him yet. I'm confident we'll find him
I've never thought about him...
...if he was ok?...
...if he was doing fine?...
...if he was happy.
But now...
...I keep wondering if he's getting something to eat...
...if he has a place to sleep...
The painful thought of
of him being alive or not is killing me.
After seeing that corpse at the mortuary...
Wham if my father also...
Shiva, I'm sure Venkob uncle is safe...
It's just a matter of time Shiva...
We'll surely find him
Shiva... Shiva please.
We'll find him... please.
I've been noticing you...
Something has been troubling you.
There's two kinds of dogs inside us...
...One dog is black, and the other is white
Revenge, anger, lies, fear, selfishness...
...these are attributed to the black dog.
Love, compassion, peace, truth, selflessness"
...these are attributed to the white one.
Both these dogs are constantly fighting
each other inside us
I've been wondering all day...
Do you know which dog wins?
The dog you feed more wins
You understand?
I'm going to sleep...
You get some sleep too Shiva.
Is the job done?
Yes. I've killed them all.
- The bodies?
- Disguising a murder is my job, right?
The police are extremely alert.
- Where are you now?
- In a lodge near Dasenhalli railway station.
Stay put, don't come out.
I'll have you picked up tomorrow night.
Be careful.
Stay in Bombay for a while.
- I'll call you back when the time is right.
-Alright boss
Go there tonight...
Kill him
What can we possibly do...
We're going out, come on.
Sir, where are you taking me?
My wife and kid at home...
You drink?
Er...My wife"
I asked if you drink?
Brother, hand me the cigarette.
Here you go.
Now... I feel brave"
- Brave?
- Yes
- To do what?
- Nothing
You there! Bring us another half bottle.
Order a full bottle...
I can drink all night...
But wont flinch a bit while stabbing you.
Stab me? Just you wait...
Wham do you do for a living?
I mean, your business...?
Why do you want to know?
What fun is drinking without small talk.
Sol was just asking...
There's no need to talk when one can drink.
No talking even while drinking!
That body in the vehicle" Did you...?
Who was that?!
Lower your voice F'.!
Where were you taking the body?
Aren't you afraid of doing such things?
Oh god...
Sir... Do you've a family?
Let's go.
Thank God, it's completely dry.
Poor Reshma.
Please switch on... Please"
- Hello?
- Reshma?
- Reshma, it's me
- Who?!
It's me Manja!
- I'm busy right now, call me later
- Bye
- Give me a cigarette
- Make that two.
- Is that 0k?
- Smoke one or ten, how do I care?
I'm not your wife.
- I asked you for a cigarette
- Make it fast.
What are you staring at?
Someone just came by with your photograph
He went that way.
- Here"
- Your change!
Must be someone to take you back.
Let's go meet him.
He's not here to take me back
He's here to kill us
Stay quiet!
Sir, my high is completely gone..
Sir, who is he?
Why are going behind someone
who wants to kill us?
Come on, let's go!
Come on, run!
Sir! What are you doing here?
- Who are you?
- Thimmappa, the Inspector at Dasenhalli station.
I would've picked you up
if you'd called.
- I've some work at the station, let's go.
-Alright sir.
Who was that?
My life is no different from that of a dog"
All that loyalty counts for nothing.
Killing me like I am some rabid dog!
Killing you? Wham are you saying?
Look, I saw an accident and I rushed to help.
The body in your vehicle, your job,
the man who's come looking for you...
I have nothing to do with this!
Please leave us alone.
Sir, I don't care about my life,
please make sure nothing happens to my family!
I beg of you! I am pleading for...
Shut up or I'll kill you right here!
- Hello Manja?
- Hello?
Why didn't you call back?
Where have you been?!
You've no idea the kind of trouble I am in.
Ok forget that...
Tell me exactly where you are.
Hold on..
He's back! I'll call you later...
Manja, wait a second! Hello?!
Why can't I have a normal love story?!
- Did you find him?!
-Hold on...
- Thimmappa, bring me that file.
- Ok sir.
- I'll find him
- Look Pamil...
As per our plans, we shouldn't be
connected to this matter in anyway
He's playing the fool with us,
Everybody is still alive!
If we don't take care of this,
I'll be going down.
And if I go down.
I am taking you down with me
Alright, I'll take care of it.
- Where are you going?
- I'm feeling sick...
It's the food she's been cooking
It's messed up my stomach
Hello? Baby...?
- Brother!
- You bd!
- When did you take the phone out?!
- Tonight.. Just tonight!
Keep quiet. Go back to sleep.
I swear to God!
Oh god, what now?
- What have you told that b'?!
- Nothing!
- You F"', I'm trying to save you all!
- Please stop, why are you hitting me?!
You want a girlfriend?!
Girlfriend? You don't know what a witch she is...
- You can all die now!
- I'm sorry...
- I'm going to kill you!
- No!
Go to sleep.
Oh god...
Sir! Please open the door!
I've to go to the bathroom, please!
Ranga sir, phase open the door... Mama'?
Open the damn door! Grandpa?
Someone open the door!
You and your cooking!
Always messes with my stomach!
Why eat my food.
You should eat at the bar henceforth
You simply claim that you don't want to fight. But...
He won't take long to find us...
It's not safe here.
- Is there a place we can shift to?
- Yes there's a godown near our brick factory.
Get everybody ready, we have to leave.
Go now!
- Hello?
- Hello...
I've information about your missing person..
Please tell me
How much will you pay me?
I'll pay you what you want.
I just want to find my father...
Who's it?
Give me any information you have, we can...
I don't want to hear stories...
I found him two weeks back at the
city market, he's with us.
- You loafer!...!
- Shiva"
Two weeks back he wasn't even missing!
How did you find him?!
- Where are you?
- Shiva"
I'll throw that money at your face.
There's a cash reward,
so such calls are inevitable.
I know... But, we cannot
let these things get to us
We must keep looking" 0k?
The winding road...
Chaos is fast approaching...
Making me go in circles"
Those forgotten days...
Full of memories.. seem like a second.
I had to ask you something...
You'd mailed a video of my father's birthday
It ended abruptly
Do you remember what he wished for?
Before his condition deteriorated...
He'd make that wish every opportunity he got.
What was it?
That you should find a nice girl...
Have a small family and live happily ever after.
He used to pester me to get married,
showing me photos of random girls
If allowed, he would have married me off in my sleep
How can one decide by
just looking at a photo?
The winding path is ahead...
- 0k, I'll call you. Turn Right.
- Wham did he say?
The police there said the same thing...
Any luck?
But I've called you repeatedly!
Chaos is fast approaching...
Making me go in circles"
How many times do I tell you, sir?
No, it's not that.
Those forgotten days...
No, I'll tell you again.
Full of memories.. seem like a second.
These moments spent searching...
Shiva, what are you thinking?
Feels like an eternity...
Like I said, this is where it happened...
...The body was found there"
...The driver lost control here"
Did you find any other prints in the vehicle?
Check again...
- Hello?
- I'm calling from Dasenhalli police station.
Do you house a patient named Venkob Rao?
He's gone missing.
- Missing?!
-Yes, he escaped when he was out with his son
A son? Do you know where his daughter lives?
He doesn't have a daughter, just a son.
- Are you sure?
- Hundred percent sure
Why? Any information?
Investigation is ongoing...
- Thimmappa! What are you doing?
- Sir, two minutes...
- I'll call you back
- Ok.
I got a call from Dasenhalli police station.
Saving what?
Same thing!
Just another call from another station
I'll check it out.
Sir, I found this ID card at the accident spot...
I don't know what links
the old man to your case
But I know where this old man lives
- Get the vehicle.
- Yes sir.
We're from Bangalore"
My father Venkob Rao, he's gone missing
We got a call from this station
about some information
Venkob Rao? Let me check
He beam me up and took away the phone.
I don't know why...
...He hates you!
Mania, where are you?!
What's going on?!
I'm so tensed!
So much has happened
I'm losing my mind!
- Where is he?
- Where are you right now?
Near Somanahalli railway station,
some abandoned place behind a brick factory.
We are all hiding here.
That monster's back,
I'll talk to you later.
- ls there a brick factory close by?
-Yes, we went past it
- Turn around...
- But we're almost at that old man's place.
Do as you're told!
No one's called from here
Sir, could you please check again?
We've a record of all
the calls made from here
Our Inspector is out
with an officer from Bangalore
- You can wait till he's back
- 0k, we'll wait sir.
- Pull..
- Ok.
- What's all this for?
- Do as I say.
Manja, where are you?! What's going on?!
You have no idea how tensed I am!
A lot of things have happened,
I'm losing my mind!
Where are you right now?
The monster is back,
I'll talk to you later.
If he finds me on the phone
I'll be in trouble
If Reshma rats us out...
Patil will be there, right?
Why don't we run away?
- There's no running from this
- What do we do?
We have to face it, get ready.
We're leaving...
The less you speak about us the better.
I'll make sure no trouble comes your way.
I'm leaving...
Don't forget to bring half a litre of milk.
Why half? I'll bring one full litre
Brother... Let's not do this, let's catch a train
and go as far away as possible
Walk this way, you'll find a station...
Wait for me there
- No brother, let me stay
- Leave...
- Brother; I won't screw up please...
- Leave.
- Brother, let me stay with you
- Leave!
I won't call her again. Please let me stay...
Wait there, I'll come
Take care...
Sir, that's the place you asked for.
Get out.
Drop n!
Never bring a knife to a gun fight, you fool!
Thimmappa.. Take his knife
Rangai'... Brother?
Rangai'... Brother?
What happened?!
Mama ..
Let's go to a doctor!
- Get in queue, I'm right behind you...
- Ok.
You idiot!
- Brother?
- Come back here
This is it...
- This is my last stop.
- Don't say such things brother:
- Make sure nothing happens to that family
- Ok brother:
What will I do without you?!
Stop crying-
Both our stories are the same...
We were lost before being born
I never tried to find away out.
What are you talking about?
But, don't make the same mistake.
Before I die"
I was able to do one good thing"
I can a light I haven't seen all my life.
I can see it...
No... Ranga. Brother?!
Ranga, please get up!
No... Don't leave me alone!
I'll never call her again!
Please get up.
Please get up...
I promise I'll never call her again!
Sir, the inspector must be busy.
He's not answering his phone.
You can wait if you want to.
Sir, when could he return?
- I don't know madam...
- Let's go...
Shiva, I'll just put up a plAJster here...
It's awaste of time, Sahana
This is another dead end.
Let's head back to Bangalore.
If something's happened to him,
I hope he went without pain.
Don't say things like than.
Please don't give up hope.
We've got so many contradicting calls!
What hope are you talking about?
I'm sorry.
Sir, what about him?
I don't know how his path crossed with mine
Take care of him or not...
Its your choice
Go on drink...drink.
- Listen...
- Manja!
I loved you so much.
Who is it?
Who are you looking for?
I'm Sahana's mother.
- Please come in.
- Sahana's wedding has been fixed...
Please stay away from her.
Oh fading light of the evening sky...
Why did you leave me behind
in the company of the night.
The light of the candle is tormented...
By the thousand desires of the blowing wind.
Why are you dragging this wandering existence...
Further away from the light.
Lead me through this encompassing cloud of
Into a place where I can feel your light.
Venki Venki, what did you wish for?
What else will I ask for?
I hope my son finds a girl like Sahana
Why someone like Sahana?
Sahana's here,
why don't you ask her?!
Ravi, that's what I did.
Why don't you try asking?
- Venkob Uncle!
- What do you say?
You people are so jobless.
Here I am calling out to you...
Pleading to you..
Oh, light at the edge of the sky...
I stand here alone and defeated"
Can you even see me from there?
From the edge of the evening sky!
Just manage one more day without me.
- Hello?!
- The missing poster... Venkob Rao!
-Yes... tell me
We found him, he's living with us!
- Venkob Rao?
- You're the son?
- Yes
- Please come in
Come in. He's become a pan of our family.
Don't worry, he's alright...
He's sleeping inside
Wham happened?
Mom's going to be fine. Dont worry.
I just wanted to see you once more...
To tell you that I've realized my mistakes.
...That I've changed so...
- Hello?
- Hello?!
Venkob Rao's been found!
His sonjust called.
Ok sir! Thank you...
Thank you so much!
Today, I've found
all the memories that you've lost.
You saw mom for the first in the canteen.
You looked for her all over...
You ran away when mom looked at you, right?
Running behind her, you failed thrice in exams
Dad, do you remember this?
You visited the library just to see her.
She was sitting right in front of you
You remember cycling around her house?
Who's that?
He felt helpless and boarded
the return bus.
He realized life would be meaningless
without your mom.
He stopped the bus
and went straight to her house
And there...
I wanted to talk to her.
I gathered all my courage and went to her.
I wanted to talk to her.
I gathered all my courage and went to her.
The twinkling of the star...
Has become the light of my life.
This lingering melody...
Has become a song of love.
She looked at me...Our eyes met!
I felt like I was stuck by a lightning!
You have become my life"
My breath...
Sailing through emotion; you came to me as a dream.
With this confluence of our souls...
- Sahana... will you marry me?
-A new story begins.
\Mth one glance"
We knew we wanted
to share the ups and downs of life.
Its a celebration of love
And this story will go on forever...