Godless Youth (2017) Movie Script

When I close my eyes
I see a world
in which all people are equal.
Everyone can be
who they want, and decide
how they want to live.
A world in which you don't
have to fear punishment for mistakes.
People have the same opportunities
no matter where they're from,
no matter who their parents are.
There is no envy or jealousy,
no poverty and no wealth,
and no sectors.
No one has to fight.
Not for their lives,
not for possessions,
not for justice.
But when I open my eyes
I see the world for what it is.
Mendacious and cold.
The coaching team welcomes you to
the Rowald Education Performance Camp.
My name is Loreen.
Please hand in all electronic devices
before we leave for the camp.
These new bracelets
will record your bio-data.
We'll evaluate them every evening.
You will not use any kind of technology
during your stay. This may cause
some stress for some of you.
If so, do approach us,
we can medicate this problem.
Additionally, we'll implant a transmitter
under your skin for insurance reasons.
This way we'll be able
to locate you in the area at any time.
You know this is about your future.
Only the best of you
will manage to qualify for one of
the five Rowald universities on earth.
So do your best and help each other
to become the best.
But most importantly,
have fun!
Give it to me!
- Is there a problem?
Ever seen anything like it?
What did Security want from you?
It was just my phone.
I forgot to hand it in.
- Yeah.
Ronen? - Yes.
- Get ready. We're leaving soon.
- Here.
And Nadesh. You're in tent number four.
The equipment is down there.
Right. Bernardt, Suri,
Jan and Titus, tent number three.
Have you slept in a tent before? Apparently,
forest noises make the first night difficult.
But my sister says you get used to it.
It's great here.
Ever been in the mountains before?
Almost makes you forget
what it's all about, right? - Yes.
So what is it all about?
Right. I almost forgot.
Cut it out. It's important to you too,
or would you prefer a deadbeat state uni?
In tent four, pupil Zacharias.
Very good overall fitness. Always well
above average over the past two years,
with a downtrend in the last quarter.
He keeps a diary. He's unstable.
Reference group?
Excuse me. His father took his own life.
He's struggling with that.
My sister visited the camp two years ago.
She said they observe us very closely.
They only pick the students
that fit their system. If they want you,
our school's assessment is irrelevant.
So if you were substandard,
you can easily make up for it here.
Need any help?
- I'm fine.
Next in tent four is Ronen.
Solid average. Physically not very fit.
Strikingly high sickness-absence rate.
Clearly someone for the reference group.
Team spirit is what they're looking for.
Individual performances count too, but
the scouts want to see how we work within
a team. - Nadesh, don't worry. We'll manage.
It's great to have you on the team.
Great social skills, physically fit
and significant leadership potential.
I think our focus should be on her.
Any objections?
Are you alright?
Yes. I didn't mean to wake you.
A notebook!
Do you still get those nowadays?
- It's an old one.
What do you write in it?
Just stuff for myself.
Be careful with the mosquitoes.
I've got some bug repellant,
if you need it.
- Yes?
You're with Bernardt.
- Bernardt? We're a team.
You're with Zacharias.
- Zach, Zach!
We're doing the orienteering together.
You were in the athletics team, right?
That was two years ago.
- The winners get 20 points,
but we must stick together.
You have to finish together.
Please listen up everyone.
Every tent will post a guard.
You'll find the allocation list
on the board. We've spotted
some criminals in the forest.
- What?
What do you mean, "criminals"?
- They're illegals.
People who have left their
designated area and refuse all help.
From the integrated sectors?
- They break the law.
All contact with them is forbidden.
These people are squalid, carry diseases
and they'll try to steal from our camp.
If you see any of them in the forest,
it is your duty to report it to us.
ls that clear?
Yes, of course. - How can they
roam the forest? It's all fenced off.
They will always find a way. - If we all
keep our eyes peeled and work as a team,
there won't be any danger.
Any more questions?
Is it true you'll only be
awarding five certificates this year?
You used to give out at least eight!
- You can't do that! - Is it true?
The distribution basis
hasn't been decided yet.
But will there be fewer than usual?
Each day you will find
the results from the clay before.
We'll reshuffle the assignment teams every
day. The process is fair and transparent.
It has proven itself over the years.
Are we clear? Can we get started?
So get going.
Let's go.
I think we have to head north.
Oh look,
there's the scanner.
Did you have a good relationship
with your father? - So-so.
I've read a lot about loss and
how it makes us stronger. My grandmother
died last year. We think
losing someone makes us weaker,
but it's not true
- What do you want from me?
I want to help you.
I don't need any help. Leave me alone.
But we're not allowed to separate.
They'll see us go different ways
and deduct points! Zach!
I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you.
Zach, please stop!
We have to stay together!
Oh no. Shit.
Do you really live in the forest?
- Hard to imagine, right?
Sambia, hurry! Come on!
Sambia, everything okay? Come on.
Where's your partner?
Our speed was too different.
We got separated. - You're expected
to support each other.
The strong help the weak.
I know.
It was my mistake.
Don't vomit.
They'll deduct points.
They see everything.
What happened? - I got lost.
- You were supposed to stay together.
You're not getting any points.
Go on and register
for tonight's guard duty.
Your turn.
Sorry if I was
too inquisitive back in the forest.
It's okay, if you don't want
to talk about your father. I'm sorry.
That's okay.
Are you writing
about the girl in the forest too?
I saw you. She's an illegal, isn't she?
You have to report her, Zach.
Any contact with them is forbidden.
They should be locked up.
They're like animals - Nadesh!
Not a word!
To anyone.
What I write in my diary
is no business of yours.
Yeah, third place!
I'm catching up with you.
Shut up. - Where's Nadesh?
She's slipped all the way down!
Forget him.
He's a romantic. Too soft for all this.
What happened to you yesterday?
Have you seen the ranking?
You're not even in the top ten.
- I'll catch up.
Then hurry up. They don't have
any fixed quota on how many of us
they'll admit. Could be three, none
Bernardt hasn't a clue.
- How do you know?
Want some?
Kale and dates.
- Thanks, Titus. I had some.
The idiot had his jacket stolen
last night. Damn illegals.
I told you to keep your hands off that!
Give it back!
Are you crazy?
Nadesh, calm down!
- Leave me. Leave me alone!
Zach's beating up Nadesh!
I know it was a mistake
to take the diary.
But I only wanted to help him.
His father died and I thought,
if I knew more about him,
understood how he feels and thinks,
I could respond better to him.
I thought that was our task.
To strengthen the team and integrate
every individual into the team.
It's the only way
to be successful, right?
A lack of transparency
leads to conflicts. Nothing new there.
I expect you, Nadesh,
to reach out to Zach.
Solve your conflict together.
Mistakes are allowed,
as long as we learn from them.
Of course.
Then we'll see Zach now. You can go.
And concentrate on the next assignment.
Don't overestimate yourself. - Yes.
Zach, please follow me.
I didn't tell them anything.
We can put this between the rocks.
Then what? - It covers the first metre.
- No, that won't work either.
So we swim across using the rope?
- I'm not going in the water.
It's too powerful and cold.
We'll freeze before we get across.
What would we do, if this was real?
Find another spot.
Wait, can we do that? We were assigned
this spot. - I'm sure they'll tell us.
Where are you going?
We can't see a way
to cross the river here.
We're going to look
for a narrower crossing.
We weren't agreed
on whether it's allowed.
Very good.
Incident in section 4.
Has something happened?
- Go back to the camp. Bring the chest.
Do you know who was flown out?
- Bernardt. He tried to cross the river.
Overestimated himself.
Damn leaderboards!
So what happens to him now?
Where's the diary?
- I don't have it. - Where is it?
What are you ...? Leave my stuff alone!
I didn't take your diary. - Where is it?
Where is it? Where is the diary?
Let go. I don't have the diary!
- Stop lying!
Come with me, please.
Mention the girl and I will kill you.
Where's the diary?
- I don't know. Really. - You're lying.
I didn't take it!
- Quiet!
As you are obviously
unable to solve this conflict yourselves,
I'm forced to intervene. You'll move
to another tent, Nadesh.
Why me? I didn't steal the diary!
It's for your own protection.
You can prove yourself in a new group.
I hope you'll try harder there.
The points you scored over
the last two days will be deducted.
Then I will lose my admission!
You only have yourself to blame.
We warned you.
And him?
What about him?
He doesn't care about
the admission! They're so rich,
he'll never have to work at all!
- That's enough. Calm down,
or I will take your behaviour
as emotional immaturity.
And as for you,
I'll have to see Supervision about that.
You can go.
Everything okay?
I'm alright.
You still have a chance, Nadesh.
We'll be here for another five days.
If you try hard, you'll still can
I didn't steal the diary. They searched
my stuff. Why doesn't anyone believe me?
I do.
Zach's seeing one of the illegals.
In the forest. I didn't want to say
anything in front of the psychologist.
I don't want him to get into trouble.
It's bad enough with his father.
But he needs protection from himself.
It's good that you didn't mention it.
No one has to know.
I'll talk to Zach.
- Don't tell him I told you about it.
I'll talk to him.
Climbing harness?
- Yes.
Rope brake?
- Yes. - First aid kit?
Water bottles?
- Yeah! - Then off we go.
Follow me.
- What about Zach?
He's flying home today.
- The best team
will be awarded 30 extra points.
Stop slacking! Come on, move!
Nadesh, zero points.
What's wrong?
Let me down.
Are you insane?
Get in your tent.
Have you seen Nadesh?
- No.
Nadesh is missing.
- Her of all people. - Bad news
Zach wasn't on the helicopter.
He wasn't there when they landed.
- Can you locate the two of them?
The storm's jamming the signal.
- Send a search drone. - In this weather?
No use.
My god, where were you?
The helicopter waited for you!
I'll handle this. Zach!
Where were you? - I just wanted to see
the forest before I go. I got lost.
Nadesh is missing.
Do you know where she is?
She was climbing.
Maybe she got lost too.
Can I go and have a shower? I'm cold.
Good morning, Titus.
Your time on the treadmill this morning
was a new personal best. Keep it up.
Good morning, Zacharias.
Report to Supervision.
Your attestation is ready.
Good morning, Wladim, your
hydro level is in the bottom third.
Please increase your water intake.
Your presence level
on the treadmill is negative.
Due to the increasing productivity gap,
and in order
to preserve our economic system,
we needed a model that would minimize
the negative gross individual product.
By segregating the population
into service providers and recipients,
and housing each of them
in specialized sectors,
the needs of each group could be
addressed much more effectively.
The strong help the weak. The weak
contribute by means of optimized costs.
Nevertheless, in the service
recipients' sectors, the outer three,
there are still many challenges to be met.
Especially the many
illegal border crossings
and criminal elements
among the service recipients
pose a growing threat to all our safety.
This development
must therefore be firmly opposed.
Thank you, Wladim.
Who wants to comment
on Wladim's presentation?
- ls Wladim coming to camp with us?
The lists are public.
If his name is on there, then yes.
I can't imagine he
fulfills the conditions for the camp.
I can't imagine he
collected enough health points.
Wladim may be fat but he does his best,
like we all do. - Maybe it's not enough.
He ruins the class average.
We want Bernardt to come with us.
Bernardt's physical and cognitive
scores are much better than Wladim's.
Bernardt's new.
We'll assess his performance
at the end of the year.
This discussion is over. - Well
we took a vote.
Bernardt is to come with us.
I wasn't at any vote.
Wladim has no place at the camp.
He belongs in a special school.
What's wrong with you?
What do you have against Wladim?
We're meant to help each other.
Is this how you do that?
You don't have to act like Robin Hood
just because your father died.
This is about all of us. Not just one.
That's enough.
He's on the list. He's coming with us.
End of discussion.
Zach, it's good that you
stand up for Wladim.
They fear for their admission and Wladim
takes the flak. - He'll take his chance.
And we'll help him.
See you tomorrow.
What are you doing? Leave it!
What is this? - Zacharias
- What are they doing with his stuff?
Stop it!
Zach, it's been three months.
That stuff has to go.
Where's the box?
Please stop.
Where's Wladim?
Wladim's reported sick.
- And he's not coming to the camp.
Is that true?
- Is what true?
That Wladim isn't coming to the camp.
Wladim's physical scores
don't fulfill the medical requirements.
The insurance won't cover him.
- The insurance?
- The decision's been made. Accept it.
No way. He was on the list yesterday.
And today it's all different?
I'm sorry, Zach.
Ronen, your presentation, please.
Quadratic functions
We know that the graph
of a quadratic function is a parabola.
We can study together. I'll tutor you.
- Forget it. Look at me.
I can't cut it. I'm too fat.
- So let's train. You can't stay here.
Has anyone from special school
ever got into Rowald Uni?
I have to go back in.
Good luck to you in the camp.
What's that?
- My diary.
Give it to me.
Is there a problem?
Is this yours?
- I have a medical attestation for it.
My father died recently.
Supervision told me to write down
everything that comes into my head.
That's how Supervision works
at your school.
We have group talks for these things.
Mental problems can be medicated.
The doctor told me to do it, said it was
important. - We can't monitor this.
It isn't good to have secrets.
If I can't take it with me,
I won't go to the camp.
It's just an old notebook.
What harm can come from it?
I think we should respect it.
Can I see the attestation?
Who are you?
What happened?
I tripped.
I'm alright.
So what happened?
I tripped.
I think we have to head north.
Oh look, there's the scanner.
Did you have a good relationship
with your father? - So-so.
I've read a lot about loss.
How it makes you stronger.
We're not allowed to separate.
They'll see us go different ways.
Zach, please stop!
Are you lost?
You're illegals. Right?
What's that supposed to mean?
Are you legal?
Isn't it forbidden to talk to us?
What's your name?
- Zach...
Are you afraid, Zach?
- Of what?
How cute. So you don't get lost?
Do you really live in the forest?
- Hard to imagine, right?
What's your name?
What happened?
- I got lost.
You were supposed to stay together.
You won't get any points for this test.
Careful. There are guards everywhere.
Aren't you afraid they'll find you?
Where do you live?
Do you have a hut or something?
Nice and soft.
Must be warm.
Where are the guys?
I have to go.
What's your name?
- Ewa.
Will I see you again?
Excuse me,
have you got a jacket for me?
Mine's gone. Stolen.
One of the guards must've dozed off.
Come on. I'll get you one.
- Thanks.
I told you to keep your hands off that!
We don't tolerate violence, Zach.
- My diary is none of Nadesh's business!
We all know your father's death
was painful for you. All the more
reason to be part of the group.
A sense of community
can be very beneficial.
This is not a community.
It's a battle.
Everyone against each other.
Is that how you see this camp?
As a battle?
No, I don't, but you do.
You set us against each other to find out
who's the strongest. Am I right?
This camp is a great opportunity.
I know you have what it takes
to get the certificate. Your potential
is way above average. Don't waste it.
The Rowald Foundation needs people
like you. People who question things.
But don't oppose us.
This will help you.
We thank you, Zach.
Cooperation is the key to success.
Thank you.
Come on!
Where are we going?
- Are you scared?
Come on!
Okay, okay!
Are you rich?
I think so, yeah.
What's it like to be rich?
Don't know.
I'd love to be rich too.
With people to serve you.
It's not like that with us.
My dad owned a company.
He died.
Of what?
He killed himself.
That's awful.
Maybe the money made him sad.
For you to be rich,
others have to be poor.
Yes. Like you are.
We have everything we need.
But you steal.
- So? It doesn't hurt you.
Just buy something new.
I didn't mean it was wrong.
Think it'll hold?
We can pull ourselves across
along the rope.
How about swimming across?
Zach, what do you think?
No idea
- Forget him!
He's not interested.
Fuck! It won't work like this!
- Shit, I really need those points.
We should find a different spot.
I don't think we're allowed to.
I would just swim across.
Forget it. The current's too strong.
- It's not far. I'm a good swimmer.
Titus, tell him it's crazy.
- What's your damn problem?
Don't you think I can do it?
It's only 12 metres tops!
It'll earn us loads of points!
I'll do it.
I'll show them what I'm made of.
You're secure.
Titus, pull!
Do something!
Where are you?
What's wrong with you?
How could you allow this to happen?
It looked like he was going to make it.
No one has ever got this far.
You talked him into it.
- It was his idea.
You knew he wouldn't make it.
It's impossible.
Don't be such a baby.
- You're an asshole!
Is there anyone who likes you?
Do you want to hit me?
Go on then. Hit me!
What do you want?
I'm not the problem.
You're the problem!
You're fighting all of us by yourself.
Let's go.
You know who was flown out?
- Bernardt.
Damn leaderboards!
So how is he?
Where's the diary?
- I don't have it. - Where is it?
What are you ...? Leave my stuff alone!
I didn't take your diary. - Where is it?
Where is it? Where is it?
- I don't have it! - Stop lying!
Come with me, please.
Someone stole my diary.
They know about you.
You have to be careful.
- No one will find us.
I want to live with you.
- Oh, really?
I thought we were illegals to you.
We steal.
We're criminals, antisocials!
- I don't care. You do what you want!
Our life is tough.
You don't have a clue about this life!
You're doing just fine!
- I'm not!
It's shit over there!
They make me sick! If you don't
show results, they dump you. Hypocrites!
Yet you all comply.
- Yes, because they're all afraid.
I want to be with you.
Find the spot where we first met.
I'll meet you there tomorrow afternoon.
But you have to get that thing out.
Then you'll be one of us.
Listen up, everybody!
We're going climbing in 15 minutes.
So, pack your rucksacks!
Zach, not you.
You're going home. - What?
You're a danger to yourself
and your fellow pupils.
That's what the team has decided.
- Why? Because Nadesh stole my diary?
The insurance won't cover you any more.
The helicopter
will pick you up in an hour.
Zach, are you coming?
Stay here and don't move.
The helicopter arrives in 20 minutes.
Take care.
Faster. You can do it!
Now I'm one of you.
- Yes.
Are you insane?
Are you running off, or what? - Shit.
What does she want?
- Get lost, Nadesh. - Are you mad?
She's probably infected you.
- Infected? - Forget it.
Now I won't get my certificate because
you're fucking that whore! - Shut up!
You fuck guys from the camp to rob them?
- Piss off. - Nadesh, bugger off!
What are you after? You should be
locked up. - Go on then, lock me up!
Learn how to throw first, girlie!
- No!
Help me.
Help me!
Ewa, wait. Ewa!
My god, where were you?
The helicopter waited for you!
The others say
you and Nadesh had a fight?
What about?
She took my diary.
- Nothing.
We made up.
So where's the diary now?
- No idea. It's gone.
Let go of me! I haven't done anything!
Do you know this girl?
You bunch of pigs!
What about her?
She's an illegal.
We found traces of blood
on her clothes. It's Nadesh's.
She killed her.
But it wasn't her.
Then who was?
It was me.
I killed Nadesh.
I'm on the list. I can go to camp!
- I told you you'd make it, if you tried.
Did you prepare your presentation?
- Yes.
Okay. Come on.
Everyone in your class refuses
to go to camp with Wladim.
Couldn't you have settled that in class?
Bernardt hasn't been with us long enough,
as I told my students.
Besides, the class is strong enough
to shoulder someone like Wladim.
Nor does your class
want to be taught by you any longer.
Excuse me?
- I'd gladly forward you their email.
They have lost all faith
in your impartiality, as you favour
specific students. - That's not true.
It's not just the students.
I've had talks with parents too,
several of whom
have supported us
generously for years. In their opinion
Bernardt is likelier to raise
the class's performance in the camp.
- The list has been posted. It's too late.
Teachers can commend individual students
at their discretion.
It's in our sponsors' interest
that we only promote the best students.
And what happens to Wladim?
If we dump Wladim now, he's done,
although he has enough points for camp.
You want to ignore school regulations
because some pupils think he's too fat?
If you promote
your best-qualified students,
I'll make sure that this complaint
doesn't cause too much of a stir.
It would be a pity,
if you had to leave our faculty.
See to a high admission rate
at the end of camp.
Our sponsors love that. And it'd be
beneficial to your annual evaluation too.
Thank you.
- We think
you made
the right decision about Wladim.
We just wanted to tell you that.
- Thank you, Titus.
His father took his own life.
He's struggling with that. I'm sure
he'll recover but he needs time.
This camp will do him good.
- With all due respect,
this camp isn't a self-awareness
measure for students you can't cope with.
That's not what I meant.
I just think he needs a task,
a goal, something to give him a hold.
Zach is a special kid.
- In what respect?
He's creative, stands up for
fellow students. He has the potential
to be a leader.
- To be a leader? Well, well.
That's what you're looking for, right?
You're not the first teacher to try
and sell one of their students.
I'm not trying to "sell" anyone,
I'm only giving my commendation.
So you recommend the pupil Zacharias?
Fine. Let's add him to the shortlist.
We'll see if he suits us.
- On to tent five. Pupil Bernardt.
We have only little data about him.
They reveal next to nothing.
What should we do with him?
Excuse me, have you got a jacket for me?
Mine's gone. Stolen.
One of the guards must've fallen asleep.
Come on. I'll get you one.
This is your first camp, right?
Yes. I'm glad I can guide the kids
while they take this important step.
You do know they will also
evaluate you, don't you?
You're joking.
The camp can be hard on the kids.
The feeling of being observed all
the time puts enormous pressure on them.
Sounds like you're not too keen on it.
I love the forest.
And it's not bad
what the kids learn here. Nature is
an adventure to them. On the one hand
it boosts their self-confidence,
on the other, they return to town
a little more humble.
Here, try this one.
Zach's beating up Nadesh!
What's so awful
about Nadesh reading your diary?
What's in it that's so ...?
- You'd love to know, right?
We don't tolerate violence, Zach.
- My diary is none of Nadesh's business!
One more incident
and I'll send him home.
I don't think he's handling
this competition in a positive way.
That pupil has a bad attitude.
I'll talk to him.
You're serious about him?
There's no reason to give up on him.
Fine. He's your responsibility.
But not all pupils
deserve the hope we put in them.
Hi, Zach.
What do you want?
Loreen, the psychologist,
doesn't like you very much.
Did they send you here?
With a last warning?
I just want to help you.
Like you helped Wladim?
Zach, you're special. If anyone
deserves this certificate, it's you.
See this as a chance.
- I'm to play along?
What gives them the right
to say who's good or not?
This thing with Nadesh was bad. One more
incident and they'll send you home.
Why did you drop Wladim?
Did they threaten to fire you?
When you're young
you want to change the world.
But there are realities
we have to accept.
If getting old means becoming like you,
I don't want to get old.
You can't win this battle.
- That's no reason not to fight!
Come on.
Get cracking.
Can't you move any faster?
So, which group are you observing?
- I'm staying here.
I'm doing guard duty.
I don't feel too...
Would you like a pill?
- No thanks. Some peace and quiet will do.
Good. I'll take over.
Thank you.
Are you coming?
I found some illegals
in the kitchen last night.
Who decides who is illegal
and who isn't, anyway?
What would happen, if we just said,
"We're not playing along any more"?
If we all lived in the forest,
if we all didn't function for once,
if we thought about the people for once,
not performance,
would anything change?
The teacher knows exactly
what's going on here.
Yet he still plays along.
How much energy does it take
to lie to yourself every day?
Leave my stuff alone!
I didn't take your diary.
Where is it? Where is it?
Where is it?
- I don't have it! - Stop lying!
I don't have your stupid diary!
Hey, stop it!
- Give it to me! - I don't have it!
Stop it!
- Zach, come here!
But it wasn't her.
Then who was?
It was me.
I killed Nadesh.
Because she stole your diary?
- Yes.
Oh, um, excuse me,
do you have any idea
where this diary could be?
We didn't find anything
among the dead pupil's things.
No idea. Sorry.
Hello, Zach.
May I?
I can understand
you're not too happy to see me.
It wasn't you.
The evidence is clear.
This girl you're protecting,
you don't mean anything to her.
She's not worth it.
- Her name is Ewa.
Ewa, yes.
It's honourable, your trying to protect
her, but she killed Nadesh, not you.
You will ruin your life over this.
Please, tell the truth in court.
It's not too late yet.
I want to return to my cell.
You got caught up in this thing.
- Yes, maybe I did.
But it feels right.
It's something you'll never understand.
What about your mother?
Will she understand you?
Should she lose you as well?
- Why don't you leave me in peace?
This has nothing to do with you.
What do you want? You don't care
what happens to Ewa, me or anyone else.
What's it to you?
- Nadesh didn't take your diary, I did.
I've read what you wrote.
It was a huge mistake. I'm sorry.
You're even more pathetic than I thought.
Zach, I beg you,
tell the truth in court.
Don't you talk to me about truth.
Nadesh was angry with me. She failed
to get her certificate because of me.
She attacked me with a stone.
It hit me on the head right here.
Then I picked up a stone,
threw it at her,
and then she was dead.
Judging from the coroner's report
the injury could not have been caused
by throwing a stone.
How far away from her were you?
I don't know. Maybe ten metres.
You didn't get closer and hit her on
the head? - Don't know. I can't remember.
Was anyone else present? Like Ewa?
She has nothing to do with it.
- But she saw what you did?
I don't know. I can't remember.
This torch was found at the scene
of the crime. - It's mine. - Your Honour,
my client is clearly lying.
- Stop it.
Several witnesses deny it's his.
- I don't want to be defended.
He's just trying to protect this girl.
- Stop it!
I killed Nadesh!
You've been living in the reserve, right?
- No, we just went there sometimes.
But you have no business there.
You're registered in the Gamma/3 sector.
It's shit! You can't live there.
So you went to the reserve to steal?
- We have to survive. - By stealing?
What are we supposed to do?
Starve to death?
Were you there when Zach
hit Nadesh with the stone?
I was there, yes.
But Zach didn't hit the girl with
the stone. Zach didn't throw anything.
So what happened?
- Zach couldn't have thrown it.
She'd hit him on the head.
He fell off a precipice.
I thought he was dead.
- Then what did you do?
I shouted at her to go and get help!
At that point Zach wasn't there at all?
Like I said, he was lying down there.
- That's not true!
And then?
- Then
all of a sudden there was this boy.
He was standing
in front of the girl.
He hit the girl on the head with a rock.
You want us to believe that?
- It's the truth.
The story about the unknown
third party. Heard it all before.
Your Honour, I think the perpetrator
is sitting right in front of us.
No! You want to pin it on me,
because you think we're antisocial.
It's easier for you, if it was one of us.
But it wasn't me. It was that boy!
So who was this unidentified boy?
One of the people from the camp,
how should I know?
Zach says he killed Nadesh.
If it happened like you said,
why is he telling us that?
Because he thinks it was me.
He wants to protect me.
And why?
I think he loves me.
And you? Do you love him?
Can we talk?
How mendacious they all are.
"The strong help the weak," what a lie!
In reality it's about weeding out
those who don't function, the weak,
who only cost money,
and to shunt them off to the sectors.
That's what they call "integration".
And everyone plays along with this lie
because they're scared.
They lie when they talk to me.
They lie on the web. They lie in schools.
Everyone learns these lies from the outset
until no one remembers the truth.
Why am I like this?
Why can't I be like the others?
I look around me and everyone
looks happy with the way things are.
But it prevents me from being who I am.
Why is that? Why am I different?
What is wrong with me?
We have always adhered strictly
to the protocols in the camp.
Is there no one who feels like I do?
Am I really all alone?
As regrettable as it is what happened,
we did everything we could.
What can we do,
if a pupil refuses his medication?
I have always regarded Zach as
a talented young man. He was introverted.
His father's death upset him more
than any of us realized.
- Do you have any idea
what Zacharias wrote in this lost diary?
You never spoke to him about it?
- No.
Were you aware Zacharias
was meeting this girl from the forest?
Did you understand the question?
- Sorry.
Did you know about the relationship
between Zacharias and Ewa?
It's my fault.
Excuse me?
I took the diary.
Before you continue
I must point out that
you're about to make a statement
that may incriminate you.
This will have severe consequences
for you. Do you realize that?
So why did you take the diary?
I wanted to help him
to better my position.
In what way?
The more pupils receive a certificate,
the better my annual evaluation will be.
Zach was going to be sent home.
I thought I could prevent it
by trying to understand him.
- By reading his diary?
I don't understand pupils any more.
They punish every weakness without mercy.
They're cold. Zach's different.
Shut your damn mouth!
My daughter died because of you!
Clear the court.
We'll adjourn for a break.
This court will retire to deliberate.
- Hi.
And that's your room.
Five individuals to gather data
for three days. Room 09-28.
Required qualification 2b.
Two for sector Alpha/7.
Room 11-08.
- One truck driver
Three canal workers,
sector Gamma/2. Room 17-02.
Required qualification
- Two facade cleaners. Sector Alpha/7.
Room 11-08.
They closed down the camp for a month
for "concept restructuring".
But when they re-opened it,
there was no longer a place for me.
Sorry about that.
- Never mind.
I'd probably
been asking too many questions.
Do you believe the official version?
That the illegal girl killed Nadesh?
- Who else?
There's no evidence of a fourth
person at the scene of the crime.
Unless the tracking signals
had been tampered with.
Titus, tell him it's crazy.
It'll earn us loads of points!
Titus, pull!
Do something!
Where are you?
What's wrong? Are you tired?
Now I won't get my certificate because
you're fucking that whore! - Shut up!
You fuck guys from the camp to rob them?
- Piss off. - Nadesh, get lost!
What are you after? You should be
locked up. - Go on then, lock me up!
Learn how to throw first, girlie!
Go on, go and get help!
Go and get help! Piss off!
Titus, we have to go and get help.
Zach is hurt, I...
Now to the pupil of the year.
With a well-above average result
of 97.8 points,
Titus confidently managed
to secure first place.
That not only makes him
the best ever to leave our school,
but also at a national level
his result places him
in the top three.
Congratulations, Titus.
And how does he know? No!
What did he say?
In the Nadesh K. murder case....
- That's impossible!
...the illegal Ewa A.
was convicted as expected.
The court accepted as proven
that the homeless girl
killed out of greed...
- That's not true!
...and ordered her
to be sent to a closed rehabilitation
facility indefinitely. - Let him try!
Pupil Zacharias W. was acquitted.
The court qualified
his admission as a defensive lie.
Does the young master want anything else?
Well of course we'll support you!
That goes without saying! Certainly.
I won't even discuss it.
Titus, you have a visitor.
Do you like it?
I'm not sure.
It's oppressive.
You've come a long way to visit me.
The place where you live
is far away from here.
It's very nice
to breathe fresh air again. Thanks.
You may go.
Yes, so what do you suggest?
You look different. Tired.
- You observe things very carefully.
Yes, everyone thinks so. It's the eyes.
Like those of a fish,
my nanny used to say.
- So, is it true?
Did you observe Nadesh's death too?
What makes you say that?
The tracking system's been tampered with.
Someone else was at the crime scene.
What did you have against Nadesh?
You're acting as if I killed her!
Why did you do it?
How did it make you feel?
You felt nothing. Am I right?
It's good not to feel anything.
It makes me strong.
I can do things no one can.
Like killing a human being.
Can you prove that?
Do you think anyone will believe you?
Your statement in court
was a big surprise.
Why did you do it?
- Because I felt guilty.
Do you feel better now?
What's it like to feel guilty?
Does it make you a better person?
You're sick, Titus.
I'm not sick.
I'm the best in my year!
I'm the elite
leading this society.
I think it's time for you to go.
Let me go.
Let go of me.
Let me go.
Let go of me now!
Wake up.
What's the matter?
- Go on,
get dressed.
Hurry up.
Excuse me, what's happened?
- Did you talk to Titus yesterday?
- Did you?
- What about?
I wanted to make him turn himself in.
I'm convinced he killed Nadesh.
Why would he do that?
- I don't know.
Maybe he just wanted to see someone die.
I think Titus is a very lonely person.
Titus slit his wrists yesterday evening.
We found this on him.
I'm very sorry.
You can leave now.
But be ready to give a statement.
You look different.
You don't like it?
- Where to?
No idea.
To wherever you don't have to be perfect.
Where's that going to be?
We'll have to find it.