Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973) Movie Script

(pleasant instrumental music)
(dramatic choir music)
(sheep baaing)
(sheep baaing)
(cars honking)
(exciting music)
(cars honking)
(eerie music)
(alarm ringing)
(exciting music)
- [Woman] Hey, we've got a winner.
- Hey!
Well done, champ!
(crowd commotion)
Drink up, kid.
- Drink up.
Get it while you can.
- Come on, kid, let me buy you a drink.
You gotta learn to stand up
and take your medicine like a man.
(upbeat music)
Getting on into drinking time.
It's the golden hours, boy.
Full of banjo dust and starry-eyed broads
looking for a good time.
What do you say, champ?
Let's go on up to the
Comstock for a party.
How about it, folks?
Let's go up to Virginia City!
It's all on me!
All on Elbow Johnson.
(cars honking)
(girls laughing)
(somber instrumental music)
(cans clanking)
(dramatic music)
- [Woman] You sure you know
where you're taking us?
A lot of deserted looking mountains.
- [Elbow) Listen honey,
these old mountains helped the union
pay for the war against the south.
Why, a hundred years
ago this Comstock Lode
was crawling with miners
from all over the world.
Billions came out of
the ground every month.
Yes, people living in
the Comstock nowadays
kinda wish they could go back, you know?
Living in the past ain't so
bad when you think about it.
(upbeat banjo music)
(bar commotion)
(upbeat saloon music)
(dog whimpering)
(dog barking)
(upbeat saloon music)
(cash register ringing)
- Hey.
I want my money.
Hey, she stole my money.
- I didn't take his money.
You lying little creep,
take your dirty paws off me.
- Now hold on just a minute, kid.
That's about enough now.
Now my pal, Wendy, here is one
of Madame Alta's best girls.
She ain't no thief.
Now you just take it easy.
You probably lost it
out there in the street.
- Okay, okay, that stuff
doesn't go in this town.
You're 86, kid, get the hell out of here.
This bar money won't even pay
for the drinks you ordered.
Now go on!
(door slamming)
Mr. Maldove, this kid's
trying to cause trouble.
He's interrupting our music.
Folks around here are
trying to enjoy themselves.
- He tried to paw me, Mr. Maldove.
Then he calls me a thief.
Says I stole his lousy few bucks.
- You are a liar!
And you're all a bunch of animals in here.
- We don't treat ladies like that up here.
We're civilized.
We don't tolerate anarchy.
- My sheep are more civilized than you.
(bar commotion)
(saloon music)
- All right!
Knock it off!
Take care of him outside!
- [Bearded Man] How're you feeling now?
Is that cold cloth helping you?
- [Young Cowboy] Yeah, thanks.
- Boy, they really work
you kids over up here.
When my students come up here to visit me,
I try to keep them out
of the tourist saloons.
I guess the bright lights
and music are too much.
The old allure of the Comstock.
- [Young Cowboy] You a school teacher?
- I'm head of the anthropology department
at the university in Reno.
- I wanted to go to the university
but I had to stay and
work on dad's sheep ranch.
It's small.
Before mom and dad died
they were saving up
to go home to the bass country
and leave me tend to things.
My life was always pretty
well laid out for me.
Just me and the land.
- What's your name, son?
- Eddie.
Eddie H. of Aria.
- Well, Eddie H. of Aria,
looks like your clock's waited up for you.
(sheep baaing)
Go on in now and sleep off that alcohol.
You'll be all right by tomorrow.
Maybe I'll look in on you.
- Yeah, sleep.
Thanks, mister.
(somber music)
(sheep baaing)
Hey, how's all God's children tonight?
Hello! Hello!
Hello! Hello!
(pleasant music)
(sheep baaing)
(ominous music)
(sheep baaing)
(baby creature squealing)
(menacing music)
- Well I'm glad we're
gonna look in on Eddie.
It's really a sick scene
beating up on people.
Couldn't you see who did it, Dr. Clemens?
- It was too dark.
They pushed him out the door.
I found him in the alley behind the bar.
- I've heard those friends of Silverdale's
are all members of a secret society.
- The 601.
Came into existence in 1870.
Pretty effective brand
of frontier justice.
But Silverdale wouldn't be
mixed up in anything violent.
After all, his money
restored half the town.
He's a respected historian.
Come on, Mariposa, let's cut
the daydreams and find Eddie.
(sheep baaing)
Looks deserted.
This is where I left him last night.
(sheep baaing)
- Maybe he's in the hills with the sheep.
(ominous music)
(sheep baaing)
- My god!
Mariposa, get his blanket.
He's been in shock. You'll be okay.
We'll take you up to
the lab for a few days
and look after you.
Don't worry, Eddie.
I think we've all stumbled
onto an amazing event.
Almost incredible from
a scientific standpoint.
On April 21st, found half-formed
embryo alive and breathing.
Possibly the result of
chromosomic breakdown
in cross fertilization.
Incubation machine for transport
to private test laboratory
at Indian Flats immediate priority.
Witnessed by my research
assistant, Mariposa,
and Eduardo H. of Aria, sheep rancher.
Near Mount Sugarloaf, Nevada.
(ominous music)
(motor revving)
- Good morning.
Beautiful weather today! Clear as a bell!
No smoke up in these
mountains, aye Mr. Silverdale?
- Tourists.
Every year they come like locusts.
- I say good morning, Charles.
Here are some papers you should sign.
Anything interesting
happening on C-street?
- Philip,
you know how difficult it is for me
to conduct business before breakfast.
However, you might be interested to see
some of our local citizens up early.
Soliciting the tourist dollar.
(wind howling)
- I don't know why you trust
a woman like Madame Alta.
She's really quite offensive.
Couldn't we move her down in the canyon?
At least she wouldn't be advertising
on the main street of our town.
- No, Philip.
When I restored this town,
when I published my first
historical study of the Comstock,
I insisted on absolute
attention to detail.
After all, Madame Alta's grandmother
founded her establishment in 1863.
She's a very important detail, Philip.
- At least she does contribute to our
historical society's theater fund.
- Yes, she does, Philip.
Yes she does, indeed.
(pleasant music)
Dr. Clemens seems to be
hauling more equipment
out to Indian Flats.
- Morning, doc!
- Where you going so early in the morning?
Hey, that's the kid that
tried to rough me up.
- Take it easy, Wendy.
Doc Clemens will take care of him.
Hey, Mariposa, when are you coming over
to have your fortune told?
(pleasant music)
(ominous music)
(tires screeching)
(creature crying)
- Pick it up, Eddie!
(creature crying)
- [Eddie] It's gonna be okay, right Doc?
It's gonna live.
It's not gonna die, doc.
It can't die.
Do something!
- [Doc] Quiet!
We need oxygen, quick!
We've got to get it into the lab!
I'll get the door.
Come on, you two, move!
(ominous music)
Set it down here.
- Here's the oxygen tank hookup.
- Good.
It's not airing the empty zone.
More pressure!
Open it all the way!
(air hissing)
I think we've made it.
Stabilize the pressure.
- Pressure is stabilized
at 79.6, Dr. Clemens.
- [Eddie] He's gonna live.
It's really a miracle.
- We've been lucky, Eddie.
I wonder how long it will be--
- Eddie!
I want you to let us keep
this hybrid organism here,
in my private laboratory.
If we can keep it alive
it may provide the proof I need
for a certain theory
of cellular realignment
that I've been working
on since I came up here.
(eerie music)
As a matter of fact,
I came out to this
university from Cambridge
precisely so that I could
get up into these mountains
and research some unusual fossil imprints
that I found in the abandoned mines
15 hundred feet under the earth.
That's why I must ask you
to keep this discovery
top secret, Eddie.
You understand.
It's not only the safest
procedure for the embryo,
it's also in the best interest
of the scientific community.
(ominous music)
- No, Mr. Barnstable.
My property is definitely not for sale.
Nor may I venture to add
is that of my associates
in the Comstock Historical Society trust.
This, of course, includes
our leasehold on the mines.
Both here and in Gold Hill.
- My client is a farsighted
and progressive man, Mr. Silverdale.
He was one of the pioneers in
the space exploration program.
We must all move with the time, sir.
Seven million dollars and we'll
pick up your letter stock.
- I think not, Mr. Barnstable.
- 10 million, with
options, Mr. Silverdale?
- No, Mr. Barnstable.
(somber instrumental music)
I hope I do not appear rude.
But your world is so
far removed from mine.
I have dedicated my
life to the restoration
of this famous bonanza citadel.
It has become a historical landmark.
In 1874, Ulysses S. Grant
spoke from this same balcony.
Money cannot buy
immortality, Mr. Barnstable.
(pleasant instrumental music)
(people chattering)
Each Sunday after church,
we celebrate a little
polite communion together.
We dress in honor of this
great old mansion's heritage.
My associate, Philip Maldove.
Christopher Barnstable.
- Philip Maldove, I do know the name.
How do you do, sir?
- [Philip] Welcome, Mr. Barnstable.
- [Barnstable] Thank you.
- Mr. Barnstable has been
trying to buy the Comstock
from me this morning, Philip.
(pleasant instrument music)
Hello, Florence, nice to see you.
Tom, how's the family?
Madame Bubl, Monsieur Bubl.
Mr. Barnstable is an
emissary from the east.
Or is it from the Riche
tool and mining industries?
- You are very well informed, sir.
Amazing man.
- The price of gold and silver is going up
on the international market.
- Yes and our mysterious Mr. Riche
would like to get his
hands on our mining leases.
Aye, Barnstable?
We all know the expense of
going to the lower level
but might it be worth it if
the price of gold was up?
A little champagne, sir?
- I hope these good people
will be more anxious to
do business than you, sir.
(whip cracking)
(horse neighing)
- Good morning.
- Up early, Mr. Maldove?
- Beautiful day, isn't it?
That's one of the pleasures
of living in the Comstock, Mike.
Tell me, you turned up any
interesting curios recently?
- Nothing too much.
Last week found some
interesting things, though.
- What's that?
What'd you find?
- Sure can tell a lot about folks
from the stuff they throw
out into the garbage.
- You better tell me damn fast, Mike.
- Saw some funny looking stuff.
Funny smelling, too.
It was wrapped up in a bunch of sheets.
Must've been too soiled
to send to the laundry.
- Where'd it come from?
- From Doc's.
Out in Indian Flats.
- Listen, Mike,
from now on I want a complete report
on all waste from that laboratory.
I've suspected for a long time
that something perverse
has been going on up there.
(tires screeching)
He's at it again!
(glass shattering)
He's up to something, all right.
Get that box, hurry!
(eerie music)
There's nothing but paper.
Nothing but...
Wait here.
Look at this glove.
It's been eaten away by
the foul-smelling stuff.
That maniac has a dead body up there.
(dog barking)
- Come on up here.
That's it.
Okay, Lance, now shut up.
Come on.
Chew on this, it'll calm you down.
That's a good boy.
(car horn honking)
- [Mariposa] Hey, Sheriff?
Sheriff Gordon?
Are you up there?
We need some equipment.
We're on our way to the lab.
- I'm closed.
I'm working on the county
communication system.
Mr. Silverdale wants it finished
before the tourist festival.
- I've gotta get some
electrical cable and some fuses
for Dr. Clemens.
He needs them tonight and it's too late
to make the supply house in Reno.
- Hold it right there, Mariposa.
Radio shop is off limits by
order of the town council.
Now the cables down in the yard.
I know exactly where it is.
I'll get it for you.
Now you can beat it out of here
and let me get back to work.
- Thanks a lot, Sheriff.
Dr. Clemens said to put these on his bill.
We really appreciate you taking time away.
- Hey!
Who's that in the jeep?
- Oh, just a friend.
Thanks again, Sheriff.
I gotta get back now.
The professor has a project tonight.
- Looks like your friend took a hike
down the canyon, Mariposa.
Lousy, damn weird kids!
You've got no respect, you hear me?
I'm gonna get you for this!
Little bastard!
You weirdo!
(Mariposa giggling)
- I couldn't help myself, Mariposa.
He thinks he's such a big deal.
Walking around like he's the
head of the FBI or something.
He'd like to bug the whole town.
- You're right, Eddie.
(ominous music)
Come on.
Let's walk out to
Captain Story's monument.
Look at this one. It's really quaint.
Come on, I'll take you to the monument.
(somber music)
He was killed in an attack
on Chief Winnemucca's Paiute nation,
after the Civil War ended.
Look, there's Sugarloaf, Eddie.
It's where they rode
into the Indian's valley.
- Hey, shouldn't we get that
cable back to Doc Clemens?
- Indians say they owe their origin
to the marriage of a
white wolf and a princess.
The wolf turned into a rock
at the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain.
Madame Alta told me about
it when she read my fortune.
- Maybe I oughta get
back and do some work.
- You care about your flock, don't you?
I mean,
they're like your children.
- It's hard to explain in words.
I guess I like being
alone in the mountains,
close to the Earth.
When I had this vision,
it seemed like the whole sky opened up,
filling the barn with gold dust.
And the sheep started moaning
and spinning around my head.
And I looked up
and the sky was on fire.
Oh, it was beautiful.
Like in the bible.
And then this little thing was born,
screaming before my eyes.
Lit up so bright, it
blinded me to look at.
You must think I'm crazy,
being a scientist and all.
- No.
I don't think you're crazy.
I think something wonderful has happened.
(somber music)
(ominous music)
- [Clemens Recording] Bone
structure appears related
to anatomy of ruminant mammals
constituting the genus Ovis Bovidae,
closely allied to Ovis Aries.
However, domestic sheep's
wool appears to be growing
only on lower portions of face and body.
Weight, 47.6 pounds.
Length, 51 inches.
Response to injection of
100 percent amino acid
has aged it quickly.
Intravenous feeding continues.
Respiration appears normal
but still no apparent
signs of physical activity.
Body immobile and in a deep sleep.
- By our rational theory,
the embryo should be dead.
I think the time has come
to advance it to advance it
to the examining table.
(eerie music)
- [Mariposa] What do you
see this time, Madame Alta?
- I see a great machine.
It is a machine of science.
A machine of death.
You're sewing the seeds of
your own destruction, my child.
Strong psychic configurations
hover over your every action.
These mountains hold danger for you.
Even as I speak, the
ground trembles with evil.
I can feel the vibrations here.
They come from deep within
the cent of Mother Earth
through underground caverns.
- I feel no danger, Madame Alta.
Psychic phenomenon is an
extension of natural law.
A science, not superstition.
- You have visited my grandmother.
The miner's spirits.
She lies in a sliver-lined
casket at the graveyard
which looks out toward Sugarloaf Mountain.
She has seen you there
making love to a boy.
- Hey, how did you know that?
No one was there that afternoon.
- I've been warned by the
spirits of a thousand miners.
Our air will fill with cinders.
You must leave this place
before you destroy us all.
- Listen, Dr. Clemens
work is very important.
(ominous music)
- You and Doc have got to get out of here.
You gotta get out of here now.
- Let me go, Alta.
Please, I have to go now.
(door closing)
- You think she really
believed that crap, Alta?
- Of course she believed it.
I'm clairvoyant, remember?
I've seen the dark.
- [Philip] You wanna keep
operating up here, Alta?
Then you find out what she's doing
and why that kid is
hanging around Clemens.
(ominous music)
(rails clanking)
- Stay here, Mariposa.
These old tracks won't
take us any farther.
- Be careful.
It's awfully dark and
lots of old loose rocks.
(ominous music)
(eerie music)
(menacing music)
- Mariposa?
Mariposa, I think I've found
what we've been looking for.
Mariposa, are you all right?
(foreboding music)
My God.
It's that same smell.
It's Phosphorus Yellow.
(eerie music)
Mariposa, my God!
(eerie music)
- What happened?
I smelled the gas and I went lightheaded.
- Phosphorated gas.
It escape from underground chambers.
Come on!
- The air smells good.
- Yellow allotropic forms of Phosphorus
aren't necessarily poisonous.
Its compounds are used
in Phosphate fertilizers
and it's a basic constituent
of all plant and animal life.
How're you feeling now, Mariposa?
Don't think we better go down
there again without masks.
- I'm okay now, Dr. Clemens.
- Normally animals satisfy
their Phosphorus requirements
by the ingestion of food.
But an abnormal metabolism might require
abnormally high quantities of the element.
An interesting parallel
between science and legend.
- Legend?
- In researching the myths,
which surfaced with the
minors in the 1860s,
I came across one reoccurring story
concerning a prehistoric animal.
I would surmise at this time
that there's a definite relationship
between the yellow phosphorated
gas in the mine chambers
and the mine monster legend
and I see a further similarity
to the substance the hybrid discharged
when I took it out of the incubator.
- [Announcer] Welcome, everyone,
to Bonanza Days in Virginia City!
(crowd cheering)
(upbeat music)
(crowd commotion)
- Well, well, well, Mr. Silverdale.
How are you?
Good to see you again.
- I don't like this.
It's a good thing we're dealing
with him in our own way.
(upbeat carnival music)
I do wish we could be a
bit more secure, Charles.
There' an unhealthy element
hanging around Madame Alta's.
I don't like it.
- Yes, Philip, I know.
I already instructed Sheriff Gordon
to step up his surveillance program.
He should be just about finished with
the new communication system by now.
(gunshot booming)
(glass shattering)
(crowd cheering)
Nice to see you!
Dr. Clemens, in from Indian
Flats for the festival.
I hope to see you at the concert tonight.
Howdy, folks.
(firecrackers popping)
(people cheering)
(gunshots booming)
- Lance, sit up.
Sit up.
That's it. That's a good boy.
- Something strange about all this, Cyrus.
Doesn't feel right.
Shooting guns everywhere.
I'm getting pretty fed up.
- The whole game makes me sick, Alta.
(gunshots popping)
Let's walk down where it's cool.
(glass shattering)
- That's good.
Lie down.
Lie down, dead dog.
Stay there, that's it.
(gunshot booming)
You shot my dog!
You dog killer!
(crowd yelling)
- Look, I didn't mean to do it.
He must've stepped in
front of me when I fired.
You've gotta believe me.
I didn't mean to do it.
I'll make full restitution.
- [Silverdale] All right, folks!
- Murderer!
- All right, let's call
it a day, shall we?
The festival is over,
ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you.
Thank you for your understanding.
(crowd yelling)
Well, sir,
you've just created a
most unfortunate incident.
The whole thing's quite nasty.
- It was an accident.
I didn't mean to do it!
Look, I said I'd make it up to the owner.
Perhaps a donation to
the Historical Society
in his memory?
Silverdale, these things
do happen, you know.
(ominous music)
It was just a damn dog!
(somber organ music)
- This is a sad time for us all.
For Sheriff Gordon,
for myself, personally.
I feel a deep sense of loss,
as a child confronted with
a dark mystery of death.
He was only a dog
but he filled our lives
with joy and gaiety.
Until a bullet struck him down.
I ask you now to join me
in a moment of silence for our friend.
(somber organ music)
And to the Almighty, we
commit our friend departed
and commend his body onto the ground.
Earth to Earth,
ashes to ashes
insure a certain hope of the resurrection
unto eternal life.
- [Congregation] Amen.
(somber organ music)
- Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Thank you for coming.
I appreciate you coming.
Appreciate you being here, thank you.
Thanks very much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Alta, thank you.
Thank you very much.
(somber organ music)
- Don't feel so bad, Mr. Barnstable.
I saw the whole thing.
- Telling you,
you can't beat a German
Shepherd for obedience.
Playing dead was nothing.
That dog could do anything.
Hell, he could probably get a job on TV.
- You mean you went
through this dumb charade
for a dead dog that isn't even dead?
- That's right.
He's a fine dog.
I shipped him down to my
nephew in Albuquerque.
He'll like it down there.
Gonna miss him though.
(dog barking)
- The emissary from the Riche Corporation,
Mr. Barnstable, if that's his real name,
will be trying to buy up all
mine leases in the county.
I think we've successfully stopped him
without unduly alarming
our citizens, of course.
- Did you see that crowd yesterday?
They wanted to tear him apart.
- Who would sell his property
to a man like Barnstable?
- How nice.
A sort of instant hate.
- My grandfather,
the one who brought the
railroad across these lands,
once said to me, "Charles,
"events have a certain logic.
"A way of rolling down the
mountains like an avalanche.
Now, Alta, when we granted you a license
you agreed to abide by my
decisions concerning outsiders.
If we can stop Barnstable,
Riche will have to deal with me.
We must act now.
No billionaire opportunist
will own our lands.
No cyanide gold and
silver processing plants
will pollute our air.
(speaking foreign language)
(upbeat saloon music)
(upbeat saloon music)
- Well,
looks like I've finally
bumped into the right place.
Madame Alta, how about
some of that Sierra beer?
- It's a pleasure to entertain
such a distinguished visitor,
Mr. Barnstable.
How about a shot on the house?
- I think I could even go
for one of those today.
- It will nip the dust out of that beer.
- It's good.
Nice place you got here.
I even tried to book accommodations.
But I found you only
take short term guests.
- We're a regular little
oasis, Mr. Barnstable.
- Scotch.
- Why don't you have him join us?
- Philip,
Mr. Barnstable would like to
have you join us for a drink.
- I don't drink with men like Barnstable.
- After you get off tonight,
why don't we go into Reno
and pull on a few slot machines together?
- Don't you ever!
(ominous music)
- Come on, man, wait a minute.
This thing's gone far enough.
Look, I said I was sorry about the dog
and I really meant it.
I even went to his funeral.
(gun clicking)
Come on, Philip.
All I want to do is buy you
a drink and be friendly.
I'm not playing any games.
I'm up here on business.
What do you say we just shake?
- Maldove, for Christ's sake.
Put that gun down.
You must've been drinking all day.
(ominous music)
You kids get the hell out.
I can't let you meet here anymore.
It's too dangerous.
- [Eddie] Let's get out of here, Mariposa.
- [Clemens Recording] 327.8 centimeters.
Phosphorus Yellow contact
area increasing volume.
Vital forces functioning
at minimal level only
throughout the body.
- Dr. Clemens has separated
the yellow Phosphorus
from its radioactive isotope.
- How did it get into my sheep's body?
- Can't be sure yet, Eddie.
However, my study in the fossil imprints
I've been excavating
seem to indicate that
those 19th century miners
actually did see a living animal.
A throwback to the prehistoric age.
- The mine monster!
Its system must've excreted anabolite
which complex with the yellow Phosphorus.
This resulted in the
release of Phosphorated gas
which cause flames and
explosions deep in the mine,
which, in tern, brought
about the blindness
and temporary insanity
reported by journals at the time.
Thus we have a rationale
for the so-called visions
of the miner's legend.
Then in the great mine disaster of 1874,
the animal was incinerated.
In time, those smoking compounds
were seeped up
into areas above the mine shaft
on the other side of the mountain,
near what is now Eddie's ranch.
- On my grazing land?
- Compounds must've been
ingested by the mother sheep.
That's what's responsible
for the embryo's growth rate.
Ah, hell.
Look, I haven't had a
decent meal since yesterday.
Mariposa, you'll have to
take the night monitor shift.
Guess we all have to graze if
we wanna survive, aye, Eddie?
(menacing music)
(gunshots booming)
(upbeat carnival music)
(crowd cheering)
- Go on, get back.
Go on.
Go on, beat it!
(crowd cheering)
- [Philip] I tell you,
I've had it with Alta.
- I wish you could've seen
yourself when you came back.
You were drunk and disgusting.
Thank God no one saw it.
- No one will know about
it, Charles, I promise you.
- Looks like you're enjoying
our western hospitality,
I thought you'd be leaving town by now.
A civilized person would've
taken no for an answer.
My friend, we don't break ranks
when we see eastern money.
We're a loyal community, Barnstable.
- Just a rip-roaring old
two guns western town, huh?
Right, Philip?
- Step right up, ladies and gentlemen.
Contest closes at sundown!
Whoever eats the most pie
will be declared champion of the contest.
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen.
All benefits to the lady's bizarre.
(ominous music)
- Barnstable.
You son of a bitch.
(people laughing)
(water running)
(ominous music)
(foreboding music)
(coin clinking)
(upbeat saloon music)
- Phil.
Just about to have another
drink on the Riche Corporation.
Won't you join us?
- Thank you, Barnstable.
- Now that's the way we
do it up in the Comstock.
Why don't y'all drink and get friendly?
- Phil, I think I should apologize
for the pie incident.
I guess we all acted like kids.
Anyway, I'm sorry it happened.
- 1 had too much to drink the other day.
I'm afraid I said some
unattractive things.
- I've been called a lot
worse things in my day.
- It's a tragedy that two men
can't relate to each other anymore,
like gentlemen.
- I think I'm finally
beginning to understand
you people up here.
- Look, this place
closes in a few minutes.
We can break open some
good cognac at my place.
I have a magnificent view of the canyon.
- Nice place you've got here.
- Yeah.
I've managed to make it comfortable.
(somber music)
The high ceilings remind me of the 70s.
- New York?
Miss it?
- Actually.
I miss the action.
You know, before I met Charles,
I put together the harbor commission deal.
And then the trumped up scandal.
- I guess Silverdale really
saved your ass on that one.
You know, you're not exactly
loved on Wall Street,
even now.
- Lies!
Barnstable, do you know who
really put this town on the map?
Not Silverdale.
He couldn't function without me.
I know everything.
You're nothing but a pawn.
Silverdale is going right over your head
to Riche In Paris.
- You're real loyal, Phil.
I like that.
I like that.
- Look, Chris,
you put me in touch with Riche, directly,
I see you get a piece of the action.
- Naturally, I'll have to inform Mr. Riche
and Mr. Silverdale of your offer.
You've got no class at all, Phil.
(glass shattering)
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(menacing music)
- Suspect is booked, Mr. Silverdale.
No problem.
Security blanket is in effect.
I think we can keep
this out of the papers.
Mr. Maldove was treated at
the St. Francis Community
Hospital for flesh wounds
at 3:30 this morning.
Patient should be released
sometime tomorrow.
(police radio commotion)
- Hey.
What the hell are you people doing to me?
I haven't done anything!
Get over here!
You can't put people in
jail for no reason at all!
I haven't done anything!
Now look,
I admit I got a little drunk with Maldove
but that doesn't give him any
right to hit me over the head!
Let me out of here!
I want to use the telephone.
Answer me, you bastard!
- All right, Barnstable!
Calm down!
- [Chris] I wanna see my lawyer!
- Calm down!
- I demand my constitutional rights!
I want a lawyer, now!
You wait,
when Riche hears about this.
Your town's dead!
Do you hear me?!
- Apparently
you're not aware of the charges
against you, Barnstable.
Last night,
after an evening of
carousing in front of witnesses,
you repaid Mr. Maldove's
offer of hospitality
by attempting to murder him.
- What?
(radio squeaking)
- There's something jamming my network.
(radio beeping)
From above Indian Flats.
The new equipment's operating out there.
(monster growling)
- Mariposa'
Pull the master switch!
Look out!
This is charged phosphorated gas!
I've got to control it now!
- Should I dump some water over here?
It's still smoking!
- [Mariposa] It's all right, Eddie.
Dr. Clemens knows what he's doing!
- Don't touch anything!
Don't touch anything!
Leave that damn water alone!
That's the worst thing
for electrical fires.
(ominous music)
Stand back, you two.
I'm going to connect an auxiliary cable.
Okay, we're all right now.
- The whole thing's starting to shake
like it's having a fit.
(ominous music)
- [Clemens] We've got to keep
it in a state of hibernation!
- His spasms are subsiding.
There's a regular
pattern developing, look!
- [Clemens] That's incredible.
The entire cell area
seem to be multiplying,
expanding the tissues like a giant...
(foreboding music)
- Gentlemen, I have asked
you here to volunteer
in the spirit of our city's
first vigilance committee.
The Society of the 601.
As you know, there's been
an attempt on my life.
I must report to you,
we are dealing with no ordinary criminal.
Christopher Barnstable
comes to us representing
the largest mining interests in the world.
Riche International!
(men groaning)
Are we to let this
opportunist buy our land?
- [Men] No!
- Poison our air?
- [Men] No!
- Threaten our citizens
with acts of violence?
- [Men] No!
- We must face Mr. Riche
and his gangster emissaries
with courage and strength.
(men yelling)
Law and order will form the
backbone of our resolve.
- [Men] Yeah!
- A hundred years ago, the
601 would've lynched him!
(men yelling)
- Gentlemen, please, please!
We can't resort to mob rule.
Barnstable will stuffer
swift and exact justice.
No scandal, do you understand?
I don't want anything messy to happen.
- Hey!
(singing tune)
JI J Gotta wait &
J For the justice man J
J Sitting right &
J For the justice man J
s Kneel J
J For the justice man J
(rock 'n' roll radio music)
(yelling tune)
(rock 'n' roll radio music)
Get off!
(muffled yelling)
(menacing music)
(horse neighing)
- I wish I could've
prevented this, Barnstable.
But I can't dispute the
will of the majority
and the nasty publicity.
I'm sure your employer wouldn't
want any of this to get out.
After our little ritual is over,
your body will be discovered at the bottom
of the Yellow Jacket Mine.
Your neck will have
been broken in the fall.
It's only a thousand feet down.
You should've never tried
to escape, Barnstable.
(gunshots booming)
(suspenseful music)
- How the hell did you find out?
- One of those black-suited bastards
shot off his mouth at my place last night.
- [Chris] I've gotta get to a phone.
My head's bleeding again.
- Hang on.
With my lights off I think
we can lose them in the dark.
If we can make it to Indian Flats,
I think Cyrus Clemens will help us.
(suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
- It's Barnstable!
Dr. Clemens, hurry!
It's Mr. Barnstable, he's hurt bad!
- I don't care how bad he's hurt.
Keep him away from the hybrid.
No interruptions! It's critical!
- I'm sorry.
Doc Clemens says no one gets in!
- I want this man captured alive.
Can you hear me clearly?
If Barnstable reaches the outside,
there could be grave repercussions.
Remember that.
- [Man] Fasten your teargas canisters.
- [Silverdale] I'll be
in constant communication
with all personnel.
We have already cut off
the surrounding exits
to Indian Flats.
Good hunting, gentlemen.
(ominous music)
- [Philip] Squads one through seven.
Advance to entrance point A.
(foreboding music)
- [Man] Come on, men!
Take cover!
He may be armed!
- As soon as he shows himself,
we blast him with the gas.
If he's somewhere down in Clemens' lab,
we'll have to shoot our way in.
- Smoke him out.
I want him put on ice
until I contact Riche.
(guns clicking)
Will you put that gun away, Philip?
- I'm ready to drop the gas
whenever you say, Mr. Silverdale.
- All right, Barnstable.
We know you're down there.
We'll give you just 10 seconds to come out
and then we're coming in.
Ten, nine,
All right, Barnstable.
(suspenseful music)
(gunshots booming)
- [Clemens] It's Phosphorated gas!
(ominous music)
- We've gotta save the creature!
(gunshots booming)
- We've gotta get through and stop this!
All my experiments!
(explosions booming)
You're killing my experiment!
I've got a live animal down there!
- Where's Barnstable?
We want Barnstable!
Deliver him and we'll save your animal!
Otherwise, we'll smash it all!
- They must be stopped!
Call off your men!
- [Philip] Cease fire, men.
- Mariposa, Eddie, Alta!
Come on out.
I've made a deal with Silverdale.
Barnstable is over there in the doorway!
- There's Barnstable!
Get him, men!
- Freeze, you bastard!
(men yelling)
(glass shattering)
(ominous music)
(menacing music)
(ominous music)
(gunshots booming)
(men chattering)
- The boy's dead.
- [Silverdale] What the
hell have you done, Clemens?
What kind of beast was that?
- Easy, take it easy.
That's my hybrid out there, Silverdale.
You can't kill it.
We've got to capture it alive.
- [Silverdale] We're lucky
Bonanza Days are over
and the tourists have all gone home.
Look at the size of those footprints!
(ominous music)
Whatever it is, Clemens,
we'll deal with it internally!
I don't want the National Guard
or the Federal Government involved.
We'll handle this ourselves.
- I'm inclined to agree with
you, for once, Silverdale.
The existence of such an animal
could create a dangerous wave of panic.
Things could get out of control!
- We could hunt it down.
Swear in more deputies.
- Killing is a last resort, Maldove.
This may be one of the most important
scientific discoveries in history.
If we can isolate the animal, study it,
we may have the key to the
mystery of creation itself.
- Maybe the monster is some sort of sign.
A messenger.
Anyway, I hope I find him first.
(eerie music)
- What a masterpiece of
scientific reasoning, my dear.
You're a credit to your mentor.
- Let her go.
She's been under a lot of strain.
(eerie music)
(ominous music)
- You won't hurt me, will you?
What is it?
Don't be frightened.
I've been following you all
the way from the Glory Hole.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm your friend.
You've got to have food and care.
You'll never survive up here alone.
(ominous music)
Follow me.
Come on.
Down the mountain where you
will be warm and safe with me.
Come on.
- Mariposa'
Where are you?
(ominous music)
Watch out!
(ominous music)
Are you all right?
- Yes Eddie, but he
wasn't going to kill me.
Even after you threw the rock at him.
- He as wild.
What else could I do?
Where are you going?
Come back!
(monster growling)
- This is an official announcement.
A state of emergency is in force.
There is no cause for
panic, fellow citizens.
Our emergency communications
network is in effect.
Our vigilance committee is now
operating all media outposts.
Do not,
I repeat,
do not attempt to use your telephones
as the lines have been
appropriated for official use.
Until we discover the cause
of certain unexplained events
following the recapture
of Christopher Barnstable
by our deputy patrol,
I hereby declare marshal law
throughout Silverdale County.
Curfew is in effect.
(ominous music)
- Over here!
- My God, this is becoming
a nightmare, Clemens.
Your beast is heading for our city!
- Strange.
Seems to be leaving a clear trail.
There's a definite pattern to it too.
It's obviously a higher
intelligence than we thought.
- Ugh.
This is ridiculous.
- I can't accept this
concept of intelligence.
I say it's a damaged mongoloid beast.
But if you have discovered
a throwback, Clemens,
we could capture it for our museum.
- 50 cents a head for children.
$1.75 for for families.
It would support our
whole restoration program.
(child tooting)
We can even get the old Snow
Mountain railroad running again.
(children playing)
(girls giggling)
- They think there's
a monster around here.
Do you believe that?
Do you believe in the monsters?
- I don't believe in the monsters.
The stupid adults believe it.
- Yeah.
- These are good hot dogs.
(menacing music)
- [Silverdale On Radio] I repeat!
Keep all children off the streets.
All deputies will maintain
until we track this thing down.
(fire sizzling)
(suspenseful music)
(sirens alarming)
(dramatic music)
(horse hooves clapping)
(suspenseful music)
- The beast is out there in the canyon.
Our best guest is he's somewhere
past Julia Buelet's grave,
on the road up Sugarloaf Mountain.
Dr. Clemens informs me
that the cold night air
may have temporarily
interrupted his rampage.
He may be in a state of exhaustion.
If he is near the summit
as we think he is,
we may have to dismount.
That could be dangerous.
Now if we can encircle him at the top,
there's a good chance we
can bring him back alive.
He's a most valuable prize, I assure you.
- You all have your ropes and cables?
- [Men] Yeah!
- As you encircle the animal,
move closer until you
have him tied securely.
If you can hold him for a few seconds,
I'll be able to inject
him with a tranquilizer.
- Move up with caution.
Maintain your discipline.
Good hunting, men!
- All right!
(suspenseful music)
(horse neighing)
- Here he is!
Surround him, men!
(men hooting)
Watch yourself!
Move back!
(suspenseful music)
All right men, get him!
Get the ropes.
Move in there quickly
and get the ropes on him.
(men hooting)
- Move in there, quick!
Get him down!
(monster grunting)
Don't let him get up.
(monster howling)
He's bleeding.
Now run for it, Clemens.
We've got him.
Soon as he's quiet, drag
him down to the dump.
- You see,
by preventing the people from selling
their mine leases to you,
I was able to buy them all myself.
All in the interest of conservation.
Even picked up Doc Clemens'
lease on Indian Flats.
Even if your preposterous
story were true, Barnstable,
I'm afraid no one would believe you.
See, it's your word against Mr. Maldove's.
- That son of a bitch tried to frame me.
Kept me locked up with that crazy sheriff
and you let it all happen.
Even silenced Alta.
- What my grandfather used to say,
"Time is the eternal judge
of events," Barnstable.
I'm afraid it's all
water over the damn now.
You see, you became an
embarrassment to Mr. Riche.
I protected his reputation.
I sold the mining leases to
Riche International on my terms.
Here's the confirmation.
- You really did it.
You really did it.
- Yes, I'm reactivating the old mines.
Riche and I have agreed that
the charge of attempted murder
against you will be dropped.
You're technically a free man.
My deputies will escort you
to Reno Municipal Airport tonight
and Riche's plane will pick you up there.
I believe you have a
new assignment in Asia.
- You haven't restored the
past up here, Silverdale.
You've destroyed the present.
(crowd yelling)
- Town meeting will come to order!
(crowd commotion)
- I've arranged a
diversion in entertainment.
I think Mr. Riche would like you
to witness this announcement.
- Down in front!
(crowd cheering)
- Fellow citizens!
The crisis we have suffered
is at an end.
(crowd cheering)
Thanks to the swift and courageous action
of our volunteer Committee of Vigilance,
we may all return to our everyday tasks
in peace and security.
The wild beast,
whose rampage has wreaked
havoc on private property,
threatening the lives of
women and little children,
has been captured!
(crowd cheering)
Dr. Clemens informs me that
this creature's existence
is of profound interest to
the world scientific community
and must be kept here in our
most isolated part of town.
Naturally, the Comstock Historical Society
has accepted custody of the specimen
and will release news of its discovery
to the outside world in due course.
Now we may expect more
visitors to Silverdale County,
but revenues from tourism
will more than make up
for the inconvenience.
- You're not gonna make a circus out of
an important scientific
discovery, Silverdale!
I protest!
- You're out of line!
Shut up!
- I have more good news!
We have received a cable
from Rupert Riche, himself,
offering unlimited funds
in the common interest
of conservation!
And for our first project,
Riche will restore
the old Silver Queen
and Yellow Jacket Mines
to their original working
order as a historical monument.
- He sold us all out!
- It's a trick!
He's lying!
(crowd yelling)
- And the Sun Mountain
Railroad will run again!
- [Mariposa] Lies! It's all lies!
- On golden rails
built by a new Bonanza!
(crowd yelling)
- Lies!
- [Crowd] Lies!
- [Woman] He stole our leases!
Silverdale's got our money!
- [Crowd] Lies! Lies!
Liar! Lies!
(crowd yelling)
(foreboding music)
- [Woman] Lies! Lies! Lies!
Lies! Lies!
(fighting commotion)
- Look, fellow citizens!
Feast your eyes on the
8th wonder of the world!
(menacing music)
- [Man] Filthy thing is horrible!
- Kill it! Kill it!
It killed my son!
(people yelling)
Kill it!
- Guard that thing with
your life, Maldove!
Stop them!
Stop them!
Stop them!
Stop them! Stop them!
Stop them!
(crowd yelling)
Stop them! Stop them!
Fight in to them!
Run them down!
Kill them!
Make them pay!
Make them all pay!
(crowd yelling)
Make them pay!
(Silverdale laughing)
(menacing music)
Make them all pay!
(menacing music)
Run them down!
(Silverdale laughing)
Kill the traders first
before the rest, men!
(gunshots booming)
(Silverdale laughing)
Fellow citizens!
We are the custodians of an era!
(crowd yelling)
(Silverdale laughing)
I've dedicated my life
to the restoration
of this famous
Bonanza citadel!
(crowd yelling)
- [Clemens] Everybody run!
The truck's full of gas!
It will explode!
- Monster!
(explosion booming)
(Silverdale laughing)
- An eye for an eye!
Violence in the name of justice
controls the masses!
It always has!
Do you hear me, Barnstable?!
I beat you!
Time is the eternal judge of events!
Do you hear me, Barnstable?!
Do you hear me?!
I've beaten you, Barnstable!
(sheep baaing)
(eerie music)
(pleasant music)
(dramatic music)