Godmother, The (2010) Movie Script

Hold the door.
Give me a hand.
What if he comes in ?
Don't worry, he can't.
What if he finds a way in ?
l bet we can find some good food
in this house.
You think so ? Do you think
they have chocolate, too ?
Maybe. Wanna find out ?
Come on !
Look what l found.
- Are they chocolate ?
- Yes, chocolate, too.
No thanks, l'm full.
l wonder who these guys are.
l don't know. Probably
the family who used to live here.
Where are they now ?
l don't have a clue,
but the house is ours tonight.
- Did you like the biscuits ?
- Yes. What book is this ?
lt's not a book,
it's a diary.
What's a diary ?
lt's a notebook where you write
everything that happens every day.
- Why ?
- So that... you won't forget.
Whose is it ?
l think it belonged to the boy
who used to live here.
Do you think he would mind
if we read a little from it ?
l don't know...
Do you want us to ?
Let's see...
l found something.
''Friday, May 23rd.
Today started like any Friday.''
''l was in school,
during the English class.''
- Are you in the story ?
- Yes, because l'm reading it.
l want to be in it, too.
- Who do you want to be ?
- l want to be a princess.
Okay, you'll be the princess
and l'll be the storyteller.
Now, do you want to hear
how the adventure starts ?
Ahmed started swearing,
like he always does.
l renounce Satan and all his works.
- Who are these guys ?
- The bad guys. The mobsters.
''Dou you renounce Satan ?''
''Yes, l renounce Satan.''
The fat guy is one of the bad guys ?
l like him.
Wait for the rest of the story.
What gun would James Bond wear
with this suit ? Glock or Beretta ?
l don't know about that
James Bond of yours,
but l know what Margelatu
would choose.
- Again with that Margelatu ?
- Yes, Margelatu.
My dear ! Hurry,
your Mom is waiting for you.
- Okay.
- Quick.
Granny's dearest, bye !
Bless us, Father !
Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,
now and forever,
until the end of time.
We baptize God's servant Radu,
in the name of the Father, amen,
and of the Son, amen,
and of the Holy Ghost, amen.
Now and forever,
until the end of time.
Police ! Nobody move !
Arrest him !
Police ! Nobody move !
Take those hoods off !
You're in the church !
Don't move, ma'am !
- We're on duty, granny.
- What duty ?!
- Do you copy ?
- Yes.
Everybody out !
Arrest him !
According to Article 328 of the
Penal Code, you are under arrest.
Hands up !
Take him away !
Nobody moves !
Tell him l won't say a word,
no matter what happens.
He is under arrest.
Give me the baby.
Why did you take off your hoods ?
You compromised your cover.
We're in a church.
So what ? You'll be doing
night rounds from tomorrow,
dealing with hobos and drunkards.
Yes. What ? Understood.
Why did you send the SWAT guys
to arrest Prodan ?
He's just a petty accountant.
We didn't want to risk any surprises
when we arrest Spanu.
We suspect he's working for him.
You've arrested him on a suspicion ?
lt's more than just a suspicion.
Look !
Manase is Prodan's cousin,
Spanu's right hand.
Prove me you have a case,
or you're finished.
We've asked the Financial Guard
to comb through Prodan's companies
and they found something.
Those guys always find something.
We've got clear evidence
of tax fraud.
And ?
We'll make Prodan give us Spanu,
we take Spanu and let Prodan go.
You want to lock up Spanu
for tax fraud ?
lt worked with Capone.
lt's just an example.
Did you talk to his wife ?
He didn't deny.
Come on, she's leaving.
Let's go !
But be careful,
they're dangerous.
- Okay, goodbye.
- Bye.
l don't understand. Why did they take
the boy's father ?
Do you remember when l stole
those bottles last year ?
The boy's father stole bottles ?
Something like that. The kid
and his mother are alone now
and they have to take care
of each other.
Like us.
To the right ! Stop ! Go back !
- Come on, you idiot !
- Shut up !
We lost her !
Hello. How can l help you ?
Get out, what are you waiting for ?
- Keys !
- What keys ?
- The car keys.
- l don't have them.
The boss is gonna kill us.
Did you hear that ?
He must have gotten in.
Come on !
Don't be afraid. Pretend there are
two people, not the dog.
Two people ?
They're here to pay a visit.
They came in a car.
Officer Bumbescu, Precinct 5.
My respects.
l feel embarrassed
to use a gun like this.
Carpati, semiautomatic.
You can't kill yourself with this thing.
You'll miss point blank.
Why did you stop ?
l want to be around her
one more minute.
Around whom ?
The wife of the guy
we arrested today.
What do you care about her ?
Didn't you see the way she was looking
at me in the church ?
That's because you arrested
her husband.
You're such an idiot !
The black one is nice.
And so big.
lt's a gas guzzler.
There's something fishy
about those two.
Let's wait and see what happens.
Nothing is going to happen.
We're wasting our time.
She's the godmother of my child.
Her husband put in a good word
for me with the Boss.
Radu is my cousin once removed.
My mother and his mother are...
l wonder if the Boss wants
to harm her or her son.
l don't know, Manase...
What do you think ?
Let's get to work !
- Wait, wait...
- What ?
Who are those two ?
l don't know them,
but they look like pros.
l think l'll have a heart attack
from this chewing-gum.
This is worse than an audit.
They've got guns.
We should call a couple more guys
with heavy guns.
Let's not take any chances.
Are you scared, Manase ?
No, but if they have guns
it's the end of story !
Wait ! Let's see how many
guys they have.
Help us, God !
l'm alive.
l'm alive !
l wonder who that guy is...
- Her lover.
- Right...
l wonder who that guy is.
- They're still there ?
- Yes.
- Where do you think you're going ?
- l've got some business.
You've got no business here...
Get him !
Why are you hitting me ?
You're such an idiot !
Get him !
Hit him !
- l've got him !
- lt's me ! Are you crazy ?
Get up !
They're letting him have it.
He's getting smacked down.
- Why do they beat him up like that ?
- Go ask them, if you dare.
Goons from Moldova.
They're cheap and mean.
They'll slice him up
and hide him in the basement.
He's banged up.
Let's get to work.
- Let's stop those two.
- Look at their guns !
Police ! Drop your weapons !
- My gun fired accidentally.
- What did l tell you, idiot ?
Come on, stand up !
Shitty guns !
He hit me in the head
with a gun !
Look at all the blood !
l'm good at throwing things,
did you see that ?
- Did you get him ?
- l got him.
The cops !
- Let's go, Manase !
- They cracked my skull !
The cops are coming !
We're the cops, you asshole !
We're not paid enough
for this.
Good evening.
She wants us to stay
till morning.
Don't fall asleep.
l'm cold.
Let's get up
and get the blood pumping.
Good girl !
Now imagine we're in a garden,
on a warm summer day.
We're patrolling the garden,
like officer Bumbescu.
- Can we listen to music ?
- Yes. Music !
l don't understand what he's saying.
When he's mad,
he speaks his language.
Mafia ? What do you mean ?
You're a cop, idiot.
l'm in, too.
Fuck my cop pay.
- Nobody's gonna hire us anyway.
- You think ?
- Are we in ?
- We're in.
- l don't have any ideas. Do you ?
- l've got no idea.
Tell her about the madman
at Cernica.
He's at Cernica.
The priest hit you really hard.
Does it hurt ?
- Leave me alone.
- Let me give you a kiss.
- Shut up !
- The pain will go away with a kiss.
What the hell are they doing ?
Spanu will be shocked
to see this.
He says he's thinking.
Police ! Put down your weapons !
Put down your weapons !
Put your weapons down !
Police ! Put your weapons down !
- She's nutty like a fruitcake.
- She's American, what do you expect ?
- To your left !
- Get him !
lt's the real deal.
She really scared him.
Did you see his face
when they started shooting ?
Princesses always win, right ?
Right. Let's see
how the story ends.
lsn't it over ?
Have you forgotten the kid's dad
is still in prison ?
Let's see.
How did you spend your days
in the monastery, priest ?
l spent my days praying and
learning Averroes' teachings.
Hello, godmother.
Hey, l've seen that fat guy
You think so ?
She didn't like the flowers.
Lilies are for funerals.
Gerbera is for funerals.
You think so ?
Father, what the hell
are you doing ?
- Stefan ?
- Yes.
Good for you, Fane !
How is it ?
Put some more.
Don't move !
l don't care if it's closed.
Go buy diapers and tissues.
Cheers !
Police !
You're under arrest for illegal
possession of weapons.
Move ! Both of you.
No, l don't like this story !
Why ? What's wrong with it ?
lt shouldn't end like this. They
should all live happily ever after,
the way they do in all the tales with
castles and blonde princesses.
- Okay, l understand.
- And the bad guy must be punished.
You got it.
Come on up.
Look in the box.
Put it here !
Miss, stop !
Let them be, it's alright.