God's Army (2000) Movie Script

Isn't it funny how a few short days
can change your whole life.
And sometimes, its not until later,
much later, that you realize what
happened to you,
and when it happened, and why it
happened. Life sure is
strange. . .sometimes.
Hop in.
Let's hit it man.
I'm Harmer and this is Stokes.
I'm Harmer and this is Stokes.
Hey, how's it goin'?
I'm Allen.
Ya feel that earthquake?
When ?
I don't know, just like ten minutes
I didn't feel it.
Well, there will be another one.
Where you from?
From Kansas.
Kansas? Woah.
Yeah, right near Kansas City.
Well, you're not in Kansas anymore
Welcome to Los Angeles, Elder, the
greatest mission in the world.
I got a letter here from your bishop
about your father.
He's going to be in prison for a very
long time.
My stepfather. . . . he's my stepfather.
Says here that you are sealed to
him, that makes him your father.
How's your mom doin'?
She asked to have her name
removed from the records of the
I suppose you are wondering what
you are doing out here on a mission
while your family is falling apart
back home.
Your dad served a mission.
A lot of good it did him.
You're not here to do good for
yourself. You've been doing that for
nineteen years.
You come here to do good for other
people. Help them turn their lives
Your parents made some decisions
that were bad decisions. There's
nothing you can do about that.
Your job is to help some people
make right decisions, to turn their
lives around. To do some good in
this world.
Do you think you can get out and
do that?
I don't know.
Well, why don't we go out and find
He's such a sweet boy.
I know, I know he's a sweet boy but
he's driving me crazy.
I'm going to put you with one of my
best men.
. . .flipped back his coat, he's looking
up at the guy, and he's smiling. .
He's 29 years old.
He's one of the oldest ones we
ha ve.
His name's Dalton but mostly they
just call him Pops.
Dalton !
Yes Sir!
I think your husband caught us
Oh, no!
Elder Dalton, this is Elder Allen,
your new companion. He's from
So. . .you're the one.
Alright, let's do some good.
Is this our place?
Well who lives here?
We're about to find out.
Why can't we just go home first?
We are going home. . .
. . . one door at a time. . .
Hi I'm Elder Dalton, this is my
companion Elder Allen. We're
missionaries from the Church of
Jesus Christ . . .
Listen, I'm a little busy.
Well, we just have a short message
we'd like to share with you today.
Look, I don't have time right now.
What would be a more convenient
time for us to come back?
Look, I don't want to be rude but I'm
just not interested in what you have
to say.
Well, I think if you aren't interested
in what we have to say, you must
not know what it is that we have to
I'd like to leave you with this
pamplet that talks a little bit about
Jesus and his visit to the Americas.
Do you know that Christ came to
the Americas after his resurrection?
Well, he did. And I think you'll be
very interested in what he had to
I gotta go.
If you have any questions, give us a
call, the number is on the pamphlet.
I could ne ver do that.
Yes you could. Right now in fact.
You got the next one.
You don't knock on people's doors
like that!
At that rate,
we'll be home before you know it.
Ok, why are we here?
To gain physical bodies, experience
and wisdom.
No, not everybody, just us, just
To baptize.
To preach the gospel.
Wrong. It's to preach the gospel by
the spirit. Ok? It can't just be you
and me, it's gotta be me, you, and
the Holy Spirit.
Yeah, good afternoon sisters.
Hey, you lonely today elder?
I'm lonely everyday. Did you read
that book I gave you?
Oh, we've been too busy.
Well read that book.
Then you'll stop and talk?
Just read the book. . . .
Okay, its not about us. Its not about
how smart we are or how fast we
can flip through the scriptures.
Who were those girls back there?
How many people are you going to
con vert?
What? In my whole mission?
Over the next two years, how many
people are you going to convert?
I don't know. Like 30, yeah like 30.
Wrong. You're not going to convert
any. You're not going to convert a
single soul. Because it's not about
you .
It's not about me. It's between them
and the Lord.
We give them some tools, some
information. We're like the
telephone company.
The Lord's on one end. We hook up
the line, but it's their conversation.
The Lord converts them. They
convert themselves. All we do is
teach. . .by the spirit.
The field is white Elder, ready to
harvest. Even in Los Angeles.
That was kind of a trick question.
So where are we going? And who
were those girls back there?
Your turn.
I did the last one.
You need the practice.
Hi, I'm Elder Allen and this is my
companion Elder. . .
. . . Dalton, and we're missionaries
from the Church of Jesus Christ. . .
Not again.
We have a short message. .
How many times do I have to tell
you guys? If you come knockin' on
my door again, I'm gonna step out
there and I'm gonna beat you to
Hey buddy, take it easy. We're just
trying to share something with you.
If your'e not interested that's fine
but there's no reason to be rude.
I'm rude? I'm not the one knocking
on your door all day. I'm not even
going to listen to this.
He y!
Hey, get your foot out of my door!
I'll get my foot out when you
apologize to my companion.
Yeah, I'm not apologizing to
You're going to apologize, and then
you're going to sit down and listen
to what we have to say.
Yeah, I'm going to get my gun ! !
Open this door. . .get in there and
teach him a lesson !
That gets the award, that gets the
I'd like to thank the academy and all
those who voted for me.
It was pretty good man. I'm going to
laugh myself to sleep tonight.
Yo, this dude that took your picture,
for which you will always be
remembered. . .
. . .his name is Magnum.
Hey, hey. I want a copy of the
Yeah, before the second coming
man. Yeah, right. Not happening.
Come on. And this worthless bum
right here is Sandavol.
How's it goin' man. That was great
man. It really was!
Sandy was just pla ying the blues
because his girlfriend is going to
marry his big brother.
She's my fianc'e.
She's your sister-in-law. I'm Banks,
and that funny looking spud over
there, that's my companion,
This immature beha vior has got to
Come on man, I'll show you your
room. This isn't funny guys, it's not
Did you see his face?
Who was were before?
Lambert. He left to Culver City
about five hours ago.
Five hours. Wow.
That's one of the blessings of the
life of poverty. Doesn't take long to
Hey, tell me. What do you think of
Um, I don't know.
He means well. I think he tries a
little too hard. Ya know? I guess
you don't do ya? Yeah.
Well, anyway, welcome. And I'll
watch out for you, ok?
Dear heavenly father, thank you for
a good day's work.
Thank you for sending Elder Allen
and forgive us for the manner in
which we welcomed him.
Please bless us as we go along and
just help us through our days.
In the name of Jesus Christ.
Amen .
Alright, goodnight!
Don't touch me.
We give thee thanks for our Savior
and through Him we may be
forgiven of our sins and our
weaknesses. That we may serve
thee in worthiness we pray.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Amen .
It's good to have you.
We're not finished?
It's a personal prayer.
It's 1 0:30 Elder, lights out.
Pops, hey Pops wake up.
What time is it?
Its two o'clock. Get up. Your greenie
just went AWOL.
What time does the bus leave?
That's quite a wait.
You don't have to stay.
No, yes I do. See, I'm your
companion. At least until you get on
that bus.
So what? You're going to try and
talk me out of it now?
No, you're a big boy. You can make
your own decisions.
It's bad timing. That's all. I might
come back later.
No. . .they won't let you. You throw it
away and it's gone.
They'll let me come back.
Well, yeah. When you are 65 and
you've got arthritis and kidney
maybe they'll let you help people
with their family history. . .
Boy, wouldn't that be fun?
I just didn't think I should be here.
Well then you shouldn't. Three
hours from now you won't be. Good
for you. And good for me. I don't
need anymore deadbeat
I'm not a deadbeat.
Then you must be a coward.
Ya know, you don't know anything
about me.
Alright, fine. Why are you leaving?
What, I've known you for half a day
and you expect me to bare my soul
to you?
At least no one can say I didn't try.
Yeah. You gave it a whole 1 2 hours.
He y!
He y!
You got a girlfriend?
You miss her I bet.
It's not a girl, I don't even have a
He doesn't want to talk about it.
Ok! So what are we going to do
here for the ne xt three hours?
Maybe its a word of wisdom
Maybe he likes to take a drink now
and then.
Maybe. . .
Or maybe its a morality problem.
Maybe he's in love with you.
Fine, I'll go back! Just leave me
Ok, good decision.
I told you, I don't want any
deadbeat companions.
I can sta y if I want.
You do it my way. You do the work,
you keep all the rules.
But I'm keeping my ticket.
Good idea.
And, I'm not unpacking my bags.
Alright then.
That hurt?
It's nothing.
The Book of Mormon talks about
horses in America.
There were no horses in America
before Columbus. It's pretty much a
documented fact.
Why you still reading that stuff? It's
as bad as pornography.
How do you expect to defend
yourself against these people?
Man, these people are the enemy.
You want to look stupid in front of
You gotta know their weapons and
their strategy!
You know, you got some weird
terminology there.
You ought to be reading the
scriptures, not this garbage.
Whatever you say.
Hey did I ever tell you what the
snail said when he was riding the
turtle's back?
Ha ha
How many of those are you going
to do anyway?
1 60. . .
Hey Pops, why don't you get down
there and do a few?
I could be dead in six months, what
do I want to exercise for?
Because it's fun Pops. Don't it look
like fun?
What do you call three lepers in a
hot tub?
A stew.
OK. Why did the lepers have to
stop the poker game?
Cause they threw their hands on
the table.
Ok. This will do it.
Why did the lepers have to stop
their hocke y game?
There was a face off on the ice.
Yeah, that's pretty good
It's 7:30. Personal study.
Right. . .
What am I supposed to be
Well then, that would be personal.
Hey wake up! It's 8:30, companion
Why don't you turn to the book of
First TImothy? Chapter 1 .
First TImothy. It's in the Bible?
Page 1 506 . . . second column.
In the New Testament. Top of the
Ok. ''But we know that the law is
good if a man use it lawfully.
Knowing this that a law is not made
for a righteous man. . .
Alright. Let's do some good!
Hi. I'm Elder Allen and this is my
companion Elder Dalton.
Look, I'm very busy right now. Why
don't you just go and talk to
somebody else?
Ahh, there's no nobody home.
Hi, I got to go to the bathroom. I've
got to go to the bathroom
Hey Pops.
Man that looks good.
Hey guys.
Hey Connie.
You must be the new one.
Yes this youngster here is my new
Hi, I'm Connie. I'm Brandon.
I mean, I'm Elder Allen.
Connie I would like one of those
great big greasy double cheese
With a couple of onion rings.
On the side this time?
No, no, no, no, no in the burger.
No lettuce, no pickle, some of those
french fries around the side like you
And one of those great big
chocolate shakes with extra syrup.
Anything for you Brandon?
No. I'm fine.
Will you close your mouth when
you're eating? It's disgusting.
Man, is she really pretty or have I
just been out too long?
You've definately been out too long.
I think she's pretty.
Yeah well, you know what they say,
if you don't look once you're not a
man, but if you look twice you're not
a missionary.
How many times you guys look?
I looked once. What about you?
I'm still looking once.
Here you go.
Gracias. Thank you.
And here's your check.
Hey, uh, Connie. . .
You know we're missionaries, right?
Sure. I know. You guys come in
here all the time.
So, you know what we do, right?
Yeah, you're kinda like nuns, but
you're men?
Yeah, kind of. But you know we only
do this for two years
and then, you know, we go home
and go to work or go back to
school. . .
Or get married.
Sure, sure. We could do that.
You know, I mean I could do that.
You know, with someone.
Can I ask you a question?
If I gave you a book, would you
read it?
You don't have money for a tip, do
you ?
No, we'll leave you a tip and the
Book of Mormon. If you'll read it.
I like to read.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I sure do lo ve missionary work.
I'm not quite clear on this. Was that
called finding or flirting?
I wasn't flirting. I was being flirted.
Yeah, that's right. I wasn't dancing
president. I was being danced.
I wasn't kissing president. I was
being kissed.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Are you going to eat that?
Hey, did you guys know that Joseph
Smith gave four different accounts
of the first vision?
Did you ?
Why don't you put that stuff away
man? That's really starting to get on
my nerves.
Alright. I just thought you might
want to learn about your own
He gave different accounts because
he was talking to different
audiences in different
That must be why the first
presidency never e ven mentioned
that God and Jesus Christ
appeared until after the 1 900s.
It's not true.
It says it right here.
Look its not true. Orson Pratt and
John Taylor both taught it,
Why don't you look it up? In our
books for a change.
How many lies do you have to find
in there before you're going to get
Just forget it okay?
No I'm not going to forget it.
Look at this stuff.
Who are these people?
Don' they have anything better to
do with their time? I mean we've got
drugs, disease, people living out on
the street
and these people spend their time
trying to tear down other people's
Doesn't that give you a clue?
Why are you getting so upset
I'm getting upset because you're
wasting your time with that garbage
instead of doing your work.
And why aren't you with your
Because he's sick of listening to this
You're dragging him down and
you're dragging the rest of us down
So why don't you get it together?
Excuse me. . .
. . . I have to use the restroom.
I better go.
I'm Catholic and your mother was
I know Papa.
And your grandparents and your
great grandparents were Catholic.
We know that Papa. You've been
good to us. You and Mama always
took us to mass.
You're mother was devout.
But these missionaries, they have
the Lord's spirit.
Laura felt it. She felt it at my
I feel it every week at church and
when I pray and when I read the
scriptures Papa.
Do you feel the spirit when these
boys come to visit?
I do.
Do you feel it now?
I do Papa.
I feel nothing.
We have a baptism scheduled for
Laura still lives at home. She needs
your blessing, your consent.
Laura has already been baptised.
We're Catholic.
We're Catholic.
Hello there sisters. You're out early
We're the early birds. We get all the
worms you know.
Did you read that book I gave you?
I read it.
You read the book?
I read the book.
You read the Book of Mormon?
Yeah. What, you don't think I can
read or something?
No, it's just. . .
What was your fa vorite part?
I like the part where that prophet. . .
Abinadi, yeah.
Yeah ! Where he tells the king and
all the people to repent and all
and they won't do it. And so they tell
him to deny Jesus
and he won't do that and so they tie
him up and the y put sticks under
him and they set him on fire and
they burn him to death.
It was kind of sad.
But I like that part a lot.
So can I have that appointment
How about Saturday night?
We're working Saturday night.
Ok, how about Saturday day?
Yeah, we can do that.
Can I do that?
Yeah, we can do that.
So what is your dad like?
I mean, we're companions. I'm
supposed to get to know you, right?
My dad's a really great guy.
Not much of a sense of humor
What does he do?
He's a janitor actually.
Yeah, he works at my old high
He was always hoping that I'd be a
surgeon in the military. You know,
become an officer.
So, he didn't want you to go on a
mission ?
No, he's not Mormon.
Oh .
Not yet.
When he found out that we don't
get paid for this, for being
you should have seen him. He
didn't understand that at all.
How about your mom?
My mom died a long time ago. She
had cancer.
What about your mom?
She's still alive and all.
Well, that's a good thing.
Yeah. My dad. . .left when I was
I haven't seen him since.
I don't remember much about him.
Just that he took me to this baseball
game once.
And the last time I saw him. . .he
gave me this autographed baseball.
. . . Hank Aaron.
Yeah. . .
Yeah, that's what I thought too.
But then when I was thirteen . . .and
I saw Hank's real signature on a
baseball. . .
. . .didn't look anything like mine.
No wa y!
That's the kind of guy he was, huh?
Hey, Dalton !
Brother Rose! This tadpole here's
my new companion, his name's
Elder Allen . He's from Kansas.
Yeah, right near Kansas City.
Well Elder, you're not in Kansas any
Yep, heard that one already.
Brother Rose, are you in our ward?
Brother Rose isn't baptised yet.
Why is that I keep forgeting. . .
Brother Rose can't give up his
I'm trying.
We got a deal going. For every cup
of coffee he drinks, we get a free
ride somewhere.
What are we up to now?
You know there's only one way to
pay that off. . .
clean the slate.
I know.
Benny's getting baptised on
Saturday. Feel like going for a
Elders, Brother Rose, hi !
Hey, Benny.
How ya doing?
Great. Benny, I would like you to
meet my brand new companion.
Elder Allen.
Elder Allen, hi.
Where're you from?
Back east, mid-west.
You know, Toto, Dorothy, yellow
brick road.
Yeah, I love that movie
Come on out back, Brother Rose.
How are ya?
I'm doing well. How are you?
Good to see you.
Hi elders.
Oh, my gosh, what is this?
Oh Elaine, you didn't have to do
Oh, yes she did.
I see you finally made it.
I am right on time.
If you're not ten minutes early,
you're late.
Yeah, who told you that?
You did.
So is this the greenie?
I'm Elder Allen.
Hi Elder Allen, I'm Sister Monson.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
This is Benny's sister Elaine.
Benny, do you want to eat first or
shall we have an interview?
Honestly, I think I'd rather eat first. If
that's alright.
Give you time to relax.
That's right.
Benny, who would you like to say
the blessing?
Brother Rose, will you say it?
Our Father in Heaven, we thank
you for this food. . .
Okay, Benny . . .
the reason l'm here today is to talk with
you a little bit about your baptism.
Yes, it's on Saturday.
And to be sure that you understand
the covenants that you'll be making
with the Lord.
And also to be sure that you are
ready and worth y to make those
So I need to ask you a few
And whatever we talk about is just
between you and me.
Do you understand?
What do you play?
I played a little baseball. . .
No, I meant musical instrument.
Piano? Guitar?
No. Not really. Do you. . .play
It's shaped like a really big violin.
I know what a cello is.
My brothers were all jocks.
I'm not a jock.
They could bench press 300
pounds, but they wouldn't read a
book to sa ve their lives.
I like to read.
Oh really?
Yeah, I do.
Alright then. . .
in a jock's opinion of course,
what would you sa y are the three
greatest books ever written?
Wow, there's so many. . .
why don't you go first?
Alright that's easy. First would be
''Grapes of Wrath'' by John
Second would be Tolstoy's ''War
and Peace'' or ''Ana Corinnina''. You
take your pick.
And then maybe Chaim Potok's ''My
Name is Asher Lev''.
Have you ever read any of those?
I think I read one of Steinbeck's
back in high school.
It was about the dumb guy and he
strangles the rabbits, you know?
''Of Mice and Men''?
Yeah, it's a short one.
Okay, your turn.
Wait, let me guess.
Volumes one through three of the
Goosebumps series.
Actually um, hmmm, I think my
choices would be. . .
. . . the Bible, the Book of Mormon
and the Doctrine and Convenants.
Yeah, those would definately be my
You set yourself up for that one.
So, you think I'm ready?
I think you are.
Do you think. . .
. . .could someone like me teach the
. . . be a missionary I mean?
Absolutely. You just take a year or
so to prepare and study and then. . .
if you're worthy and able, you could
be a missionary, yeah.
I can run faster than you can in
I know you can. I know it.
But I'm 24 years old.
Benny. . .when I was baptised I was
I was in my second year of medical
You could have been a doctor by
This is the best thing I've ever done.
It's the best thing I'll ever do.
So, what do you think of the
I think Monson's nice. I don't know
about that other one though.
Yeah. Sister Fronk.
Yeah, what a. . .
She's a very smart girl.
She thinks so.
Well, she is pretty, don't you think?
No, I didn't notice that.
Maybe if she'd smile once in a
She had on a nice dress though. . .
don't you think?
You know, I didn't notice.
Kinegar! Elder Kinegar! Kinegar!
Hold him down !
C'mon, his tongue, hold it down !
Not with your fingers. He'll bite your
fingers off
Oh great, here we go again. Call
9-1 -1 now!
We need some oil.
Wait, I've got oil. Hold him !
I'm holding him.
C'mon ! . . .
Say the blessing man !
Hold him !
No, no, no. It's North Lincoln. Just a
block from Bundy.
Marcus James Dalton, by the
authority of the Holy Melchizedek
l annoint you with this oil which has been
set aside for the blessing of the sick.
In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
North Lincoln.
Let me seal. Take his hands.
Marcus James Dalton, in the name
of Jesus Christ and by the power
of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood,
I seal this anointing which has been
made by a worthy
and faithful preisthood holder. I
leave a blessing upon thee. . .
Okay, let's go, let's go!
Dr. Betrune, 7 203.
Dr. Betrune, 7 203.
Why don't you come with me?
A brain tumor is a very difficult thing
to treat.
They operated and took most of it
out before his mission. . .
but, they didn't get it all.
It stopped growing and that's when
he put in his papers.
He had to go through
chemotherapy, radiation. He lost a
lot of his hair,
he lost his energy.
I think that's why they sent him
here, because we have the best
cancer center in the world here.
Just in case.
He's got maybe three or four
months left.
You can learn a lot from him in that
You're not sending him home?
I tried sending him home. He won't
go !
Hey, how ya doing?
What day is it?
It's Thursday.
We got a 3:30 appointment.
Take Sandoval.
Yeah, sure.
Just rest.
I got it. . .3:30. . . Sandoval.
Take Sandoval.
I'll take him. I'll take Sandoval.
What's that again?
As l was saying, family relationships
do not have to end with death.
Couples can be married for eternity
in temples.
Didn't I tell somebody to take out
this trash ?
I'll do it in a minute! I'm talking to
somebody here!
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
Families can have the promise that
if they live worthy the y can endure
forever, not just until death.
Let me get this straight. . .
You're telling me that even after I'm
dead. . . I'm gonna be with my family
and all?
That's right. But only if you live
worthy, of course.
Look guys. . .
I really don't think I'm interested.
That's my mom and that's my dad.
He lost a little weight since then,
Those. . .are my little brothers.
There she is. The one I told you
about. . .
she's waitin' for me.
My little brothers are gonna get at
her. I know they will.
Isn't she gorgeous?
She's beautiful.
Where's the rest of them?
. . .the mission pictures?
Oh, right here.
Can't afford to get them developed.
I figure . . . I'll just wait until I get
home and do it all at once.
Probably cost me. . . about a
hundred thousand bucks.
Hey! Get outta here!
That's not funny!
That's just plain childish !
Somebody get back here and close
that door!
I've had enough of this
Short sheetin' beds, pictures on the
It's getting way out of hand. Way
I can't pray this morning. I don't feel
like praying. I feel like strangling
Mangum, you sa y the prayer.
I said it yesterday.
While Pops is gone I'm in charge.
That's what the president said, so
you say the prayer.
Father in Heaven , thank thee for
this day and for a good night's rest.
And please bless Pops that he'll be
back with us again very soon.
And bless us today that we'll have a
good day out there on the streets.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Amen. Let's just eat and put this
childishness behind us.
What'd you want? Granola?
No, I think we got a bad box.
Gimme the sugar puffy things.
Dalton's death bed. . .
Pops, its Allen?
Yeah. Where are ya?
I'm just on the street right now in
Are you wearing your watch? Do
you know what time it is?
Yes, I know what time it is.
Alright, what are you doing?
We're on our way to that
Who are you taking?
Take Banks.
Just take Banks. And hurry up,
you're going to be late.
Fine. I'll take Banks.
Alright. Goodbye.
Take Banks.
Yeah, okay, you see what I'm
asking. . .what's that all about?
Blacks aren't good enough to be
I already told you blacks can be
priests. Look at me. Do I look white
to you?
You are starting to look a little white
to me, yeah.
And what is this 1 9 7 8 stuff? Why
couldn't we hold the priesthood
before then?
My daddy was a good preacher.
Why couldn't he have been a
Mormon preacher?
The first thing you gotta
understand. . .
Oh, I understand all right.
It's that the priesthood isn't a right,
it's the authority to act in God's
It's not just something you can take
on yourself. I mean , it has to be
given to you.
By the white man?
No, you're missing the whole point.
It's not about race.
It is about race! It's always about
race !
And what about that part in the
Bible, you know the part where it
says God accepts e verybody no
matter what race they are?
Right! That's absolutely right!
And that's when the apostle Peter
was commanded to take the church
to the gentiles,
the white people, because before
that it had only gone to the Jews.
It's another kind of parallel. It's the
ancient church of Christ with the
Latter-Day Church of Christ.
And it's probable that we were the
first church in the country to have
black leaders in front of white
That's right. And I think what Elder
Banks is trying to say. . .
Hey, nobody cares what you think.
And even when the Jews had the
gospel, even when they had the
priesthood, not all the men had the
Only the tribe of Levi. They were
the only ones that were given the
authority to officiate in the temple.
And that's in the Old Testament.
You can look it up.
And that's another thing,
Why just the men?
Why couldn't I be a Mormon
I'm sure I know more about the
Bible than he does.
Yeah. That's the last thing that you
all want is a black woman behind
the pulpit
It's the Lord's Authority. It's the
power to act in his name.
He gives it to whome ver he sees fit,
whenever he sees fit. That's all
there is to it.
So , when is he gonna let us
women have a bit of it?
Is he ever gonna let us have it?
I don't know.
You'll just have to ask him that.
Boy, they are makin' a fool outta
you .
You're going. I know you're going.
How do you know?
Because we've been together three
I've been in the same ward for five.
Yeah, there's no way. You're outta
Hey, Steerman was in Westwood
for seven.
No wa y!
I could talk to Beecroft for you.
What? We're kinda tight.
That guy owes me.
I'm sure.
I didn't even know about this stuff
until after I was baptised.
Threw me for a loop you know?
It's like the Lord just led me smack
up against a big, brick wall.
I read everything I could find on it.
I asked everbody else what they
I called this guy, this African guy, I
mean, a real African guy.
This Mormon guy and I didn't even
meet him, I just knew that he was
He didn't help any.
You know, my brother served his
mission in Mexico and he baptised
like 80 people.
No wa y!
Yeah, I'm gonna be pretty
embarrassed when I go home with,
like twelve.
Twelve is good. That's nothing to be
ashamed of.
Really. . . 1 2's good?
80's better, but 1 2's good.
80's better.
Well, 1 2's good.
I was on this youth activity thing
and. . .
We rode a bus out to Nauvoo, to
Carthage where the prophet was
Have you ever been there?
Well, they walk you through the jail
and they show you the rooms
and. . .
then they take you to the room
where the mob broke in and killed
the prophet.
And they play this tape, this audio
Man, my heart just broke open,
and all my pride went away.
And trying to look good in front of
my friends and I just started to cry.
And not because I was sad,
. . .because I was full of light.
I was full of heat.
And it wasn't me.
It was like the Spirit of the Lord just
came in and sat in my body.
And I knew right then. . .
that all of it was true. . .
all of it.
It's like I wanted to share that with
them you know?
but I couldn't. . .
cause it's sacred.
Sometimes I think God does it on
It's like He gives you a hundred
reasons to believe,
and then He just drops one or two
for you not to believe.
So that you can choose,
to see if you really want to believe.
I am Sandoval the Lamanite!
Oh, Hollywood! The days of your
probation are past.
You have procrastinated the day of
your salvation
until it is everlastingly too late,
. . .and your destruction is made
You have sought all your life for that
which you could not obtain,
You have sought for happiness in
doing inquity.
So repent, oh Hollywood!
Repent I say. For the day of the
Lord is coming.
For not your houses, nor your
mansions, nor your movie deals
will save you from the wrath of God!
Oh. Hey.
What would you think if the apostles
and prophets weren't telling the
truth ?
I mean, what if the y believed all
their lives. . .
worked their way up to the top and
now. . .
they know it's all a big lie.
I mean not just mormonism, but
Christianity, the whole thing.
They won't tell us.
Hey there.
The man that was here Markus
Dalton ?
I'm sorry, he's gone.
Is he dead?
We came to bring him breakfast, he
had snuck off on us.
Kay, thanks.
Come on !
Gwen Yule, having been
comissioned of Jesus Christ
I baptise you in the name of the
and of the Son and of the Holy
Ghost. Amen.
''The spirit of God like a fire is
the latter-day glory. . .''
Well, looked who showed up.
They're looking for you at the
I don't think they're gonna find me.
Where's Benny?
He didn't show?
Can I sit down?
I guess.
Just don't be rude to me, okay?
I wasn't rude. . .
I was rude. . .
I'm sorry.
Do you forgive me?
I wrote down the names of those
books that you told me about.
I'm gonna read them when I get
Yeah, look at Pops.
Thinks he's still young.
Do you know wh y I came on a
mission ?
Because you couldn't get married?
I'm sorry.
I can be a real jerk sometimes.
I almost did get married. . .
I backed out two weeks before the
He was a returned missionary. We'd
grown up together.
I loved him so much.
I wrote him every week. . .and sent
him cookies. . .and neck ties. . .and
But when he came home he was
just so. . .different.
Better, you know?
He was just so strong.
And his faith, when he bore his
testomony. . .wow.
And, I couldn't bear my testimony.
I mean, it's not like I was shy or
anything I just
. . . I couldn't say it was all true.
that Joseph Smith was a prophet. . .
the Book of Mormon's the word of
I believed it, but I
I wanted to know.
I wanted to be strong like he was.
He wrote every couple of weeks
for the first few months...
but, he doesn't write anymore.
I'm sorry.
Now I know. . .
I really do.
Harmer took the van.
Yeah, that figures.
No sign of Benny?
I think maybe he changed his mind.
Let's go get him.
Should we take the bus?
I don't wanna take the bus.
You're not tired.
I'm exhausted, but if I sit down I'll
fall asleep
and if I fall asleep I'll probably lapse
into a coma.
and if I lapse into a coma I'll
probably die, so I don't want to take
the bus.
Pops, what time is it?
It's late.
What about those girls?
What girls? You know. The girls.
What time is it?
They're early.
Hi. We're the sister missionaries.
Elder Dalton said you might like to
speak with us?
Man, this is really strange. They're
always here this time of day.
Check this out, there's like three
days worth of mail in here.
Have you been a member all your
No. . .
Well, yeah, kind of. . .
My mom married this Mormon guy
when I was seven.
So, you know, I got baptised when I
was eight.
We were Pentecostal before that.
You close to him?
Your stepdad?
No. . .
No. . .
He's in prison now.
Turns out he molested some kids.
He traveled around a lot and
he did it in a bunch of different
So, they're taking turns keeping
I'm sorry.
He never touched me or anything.
I'm grateful for that, you know?
Count your blessings I guess.
He brought us the church.
He baptised me, ordained me.
Sometimes I can't. . .
separate what he gave me
I mean, where does the good stuff
stop and the bad stuff start?
When I think of what he did. . .
When my mom married him, he. . .
I had to take his last name.
She wanted me to.
Sometimes I just wish I would
change it back, you know?
I guess, I just haven't had much
luck in the dad department.
Well, people let you down. . .
at least your real father's there for
you .
I haven't seen him in thirteen years.
I was talking about your real father.
Pops, Pops. . .
Wake up.
Kinegar's gone.
Let's go.
Don't tell me, it's past curfew.
What, are you guys gonna go with
Actually. I was hoping you'd come
back with us.
Read those books I left you.
There's a lot of things
in there you should know.
Get your hands off me!
Look, I've read e verything you've
read and then some.
Why do you think it took me four
years to join the church?
Because I had to know every stupid
You're gonna go home, you're
gonna research and then you're
gonna wish you could come back.
Well guess what?
Naw, I know what you're thinking.
Look at you, you were so afraid that
you were just gonna disappear.
Well maybe I'd believe a little more
too if I had cancer.
You know it's true.
I've heard you say it.
I was lying.
This bus goes right through Kansas
Come on.
Suit yourself.
He is wrong. . .isn't he?
Why are you still here?
I keep training you guys. . .
kids like you.
Guys I came out with, they're zone
leaders, assistants to the president,
and he just keeps sendin' me you
Nobody made you come out here.
You could have stayed home.
Nobody would have cared.
What were you thinking?
. . .that you'd put on a name tag and
necktie. . .and suddenly you'd be a
different person?
Your faith would be stronger?
Didn't you pray before you came
out here?
Didn't you study?
I can't solve your problems.
I can teach you the rules, I can
teach you the discussions, but what
you really need to know,
what's gonna get you out of bed in
the morning,
get you out on the street and talking
to strangers,
I can't teach you that.
And I can't convert you, Elder.
Father in Heaven. . .
. . . I've been in this place for days.
I don't know if I'm doing the right
I ask. . .
I ask you now to tell me. . .
if this is true.
Father in Heaven. . .
Father. . .
Get up.
Let's do some good.
Brother Morales, hi.
Hi. Laura's not here yet. . .
she didn't tell me you were coming.
Today we're. . .here to see you.
Brother Morales. . .
I know you might not believe this,
but we're here on our Father's
and you might be the first person
that's hearing me say this. . .
. . .you are.
The messages we've taught you
are true.
I know they're true.
And I can feel the Lord's spirit is
with us right now. . .
right here.
Can't you feel it?
Well, I know that Laura's felt it.
I know that's she's found what I've
and I know that the Lord
wants you to let her join his church.
Elders, I really have to get back to
what I was doing.
I'll tell Laura you came. She'll be
sad that she missed you.
Would you mind if we left with a
pra yer?
Could we kneel?
Of course.
Who would you like to say the
pra yer?
Our Father in Heaven. . .
Would you mind saying the prayer?
Our Father. . .
who art. . .
in hea ven. . .
Our Father
who art in heaven. . .
hallowed be thy name. . .
Elders. .
Hi. We just saw your dad.
Thank you, elders, thank you.
. . .and we ask Thee to help us find
Benny as soon as possible. . .
and we ask thee to look after him
and watch over him carefully
wherever he may be,
And. . .we. . .
Yeah, he would have been admitted
probably yesterday or the day
Okay, yeah, thank you.
Hi, yeah, I'm looking for a friend of
mine I'm worried he might have
in an accident or something. . .
His name is Benny Yao.
Y -- A -- O, Yao . . . Benjamin.
Uh-huh . . .
Thank you very much.
Sent him home an hour ago.
What am I gonna do?
I never even saw them coming.
I was just walking, you know?
I was just walking.
They took your money?
I didn't have any money!
They saw that I didn't have any
money, so they beat me even more.
I can't even walk.
I can't sit up.
Hurts so bad.
I think I'm infected.
Gonna die.
Benny, you're not gonna die.
They wouldn't have released you
from the clinic if you were gonna
They sent me home because I don't
have any money. . .
They sent me home because I don't
have an y insurance.
I don't wanna die.
It'll get better.
This is just like when my mother
I knew that something was wrong,
and the doctor said she would be
But she's not fine.
My brother, he's laying in the bed
and the doctor says he'll be okay,
and he's not.
I thought the y were gonna kill me.
They beat me with their guns.
They beat me, kicked me,
they stood on my throat.
Look. . .
they broke my crutches.
Why would they break my
Elder Dalton. . .
they say you're a doctor?
No. . . I never finished medical
I'm sorry. .
But is there anything you can do?
Do you belie ve in Jesus Christ?
I do.
Do you believe that he died for your
sins and that he has all power,
even to raise you from the dead if it
is his will?
I do.
Benjamin Yao,
by the authority of the Holy
Melchizedek priesthood
I anoint you with this oil in the name
of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Benjamin Yao. . .
by the authority of the Melchizedek
I seal this anointing and following
the prompting of the Spirit I leave a
blessing with you
our Saviour has told us that. . .
. . . if we knock, he will answer, if we
ask. . .
we shall receive.
Our Father in Heaven has heard
your many prayers these many
nights as you ha ve asked for the
ability to walk.
This day, Benn y, you will receive
this great blessing.
through your faith in our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ, and through
the power of the priesthood
you may rise from this bed and walk
and from this day forward you will
and not be weary,
and you will run and not faint.
This is the blessing you desire, and
this is the blessing that our father in
Heaven desires for you.
And I leave it with you in the name
of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Amen .
They just called me at work, and. . .
I don't know. I was just thinking,
they didn't let me out, and then I
couldn't see him. And then I thought
that maybe he died. I don't want
him to die.
He's not gonna die. . .he's not gonna
I'm so glad
Wow. . .
I feel. . .
Hey, Pops. . .
You doin' okay?
Yeah, are you kidding? We've got
three baptisms on Saturday.
Yeah ! Woo!
Hey, Elder?
We did some good today.
Yeah. . .
Yeah we did.
Hey, its 6:30, let's go. . .
Companion prayers, let's go!
Pops?. . .
Elder Dalton?
I'm Gene Dalton, Mark's dad.
Excuse me.
Hi, pal.
If a few of you will come forward
and grasp the casket by the
handles firmly, then we'll proceed to
the. . .
We'll handle this. Can you just give
us a few minutes alone? We'll take
care of it. . .thank you.
Elders, come on up here and help.
President. . .
maybe you could. . .
say a few words since we're not
really gonna get a chance to say
I can't help but think of the
scripture. . .
''Greater love hath no man than
that he lay down his life for his
Three years ago Elder Dalton found
out. . .
that He wouldn't grow old. . .
that he probably wouldn't get
married, and that he wouldn't have
Most men would've cursed God and
given up, he came here.
he chose to be with us.
And there isn't a day goes by that I
don't run into somebody whose life
Elder Dalton touched.
Somebody that he taught.
Somebody that he trained, or
reached in and pulled out of the
world and into the light of the
Now, he wasn't perfect, we all know
He had faults and weaknesses and
he made mistakes.
He lacked patience, he lost his
He even flirted with my wife.
But he was just like we are,
imperfect, even clumsy spiritually
But other times perfect. . .
if only for a moment, in his heart,
and he had his eye single
to the Glory of God.
Now I want you elders to know
that even though you may not give
your lives as dramatically as Elder
that you are heroes and martyrs.
You are giving your lives, your
hours and your days and your
months and years in service of
''Whosoever will save his life shall
lose it,
and whosoever will lose his life for
my sake shall find it.''
Elder Dalton has lost his mortal life,
but we know that he's found his
eternal life.
Amen .
Amen .
Amen .
President Beecroft didn't let us
grieve too long.
He told us to get right back to work.
Transfers came two days later.
Only one person from our district
was moved.
We knew it was going to happen.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you.
Sister, Costa Mesa, huh?
Go get them.
Sister, it's been a pleasure.
Good luck with everything. .
Thank you.
Hey, I'll call you when I come
across some good books.
Alright. .
Try not to drive too many people out
of the church.
Yeah, maybe somebody in Costa
Mesa can do something with that
Kinegar's replacement finally
showed up,
. . . another spud named Elder Rex.
He arrived with my new companion,
. . . Elder Downey, from Salt Lake
How ya doin'?
So where're you from?
Ah, Kansas, wow! Big tornadoes,
Help my sister please, she's been
looking for a job for so long. . .
I just hope that she finds a job that
she likes and that she feels good
''For all have not every gift given
unto them.
''For there are many gifts, and every
man is given a gift by the spirit of
. . .and bless us with thy spirit as we
go out on the streets today, we
in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Amen .
Alright. Let's do some good.
Everything worked out as Pops had
On Saturday I performed my first
. . . actually my first three baptisms.
Thanks Mangum.
Later that night we taught 1 5 of
Benny's friends and family.
Within the next three months, eight
of them were baptised, including his
Dalton was right, the field is white
and ready to harvest, even in Los
The last I heard Laura was going to
Ricks college and she was
Her father never did join the church.
He died of a heart attack three
years later.
One year to the day after Benny's
baptism, he left for his mission to
He served a successful mission and
he's now the mission leader in the
Santa Monica Third Ward.
Brother Rose ne ver went back to
drinking coffee, but he is still giving
free rides to the missionaries.
I recently heard that Carla did get
It took two years and a major career
but now she's the spiritual living
teacher in her relief society.
Sister Monson went home and
somehow within a year, she
became a secretary for one of the
general authorities.
She married a construction worker
and ga ve birth to twins.
Magnum found out that his father
had sold his car to help pay for his
mission ,
so he stole his father's motorcycle
and went off on a cross country
tour. He didn't come back.
Finally, President Beecroft bumped
into him in Casper, Wyoming.
He was living in a trailor behind a
truck stop.
He was a cook, his girlfriend was a
waitress who was expecting their
first child.
They gave president a free bowl of
chili, president gave them a free
Sandoval the Lamanite used the
Navy to help him finish college. The
Navy is now using him to train
torpedo men somewhere in Virginia.
He's married, no kids yet.
He says he's going to retire at 42
and live the rest of his life on a
His wife says otherwise.
Banks returned to Los Angeles after
his mission.
He studied comparative religion at
Loyola University and married Elder
Sandavol's little sister in the L.A.
He now teaches seminary to high
school students in St. George,
Utah .
I don't know what happened to
Kinegar. I ne ver heard if he came
back to the church or not.
My parents, so far, have not.
Elder Downey and I became good
friends. We still talk every month or
We talk about all the people we
taught, all our companions, all of
our funniest, and all of our most
sacred experiences.
As for me, when I went home, I
transferred all my credits to
Brigham Young University.
My first day of class, my freshman
English teacher became ill
and was permanently replaced by a
graduate student named Jeanine
We were married two months later.
Somehow I still got a C in English.
We're thinking 40 years from now,
maybe we'll go on another
mission . . .
. . . together.
Oh, yeah, two months shy of our
first anniversary
we had a baby boy,
a beautiful baby boy.
We named him Dalton.
Dalton Allen. . .
Mostly. . .
we just call him Pops.