God's Waiting Room (2021) Movie Script

[waves splashing]
[serene instrumental music]
[Brandon] I guess
when you consider it,
life is... life is chance.
A bunch of moments
stuck together.
Could have gone
one way or another.

But in the end,
they went the way they did.
I guess the only
way they could.
And I don't think
there's anything that me
or anyone else could
have done to change that.
[Rosie laughing]
Tell me I won't.
-Tell me I won't.
-[Rosie] You won't.
[Rosie laughing]
[Brandon] And I guess
that's where we'll begin.
[Rosie laughing]
[Rosie] No, you won't!

[thunder rumbling]
[rain splattering]
[crickets chirping]
So, when am I seeing you again?
What makes you think
I want to see you again?
[Jules chuckling]
Oh, okay.
No, for real, though,
I would like to see you again.
If that's okay.
[Jules] Maybe?
Hmm. Okay.
-No, for real.
-[Rosie laughing]
[Jules] Okay.
I just wanted to see
your face again.
Shut up.
[both giggling]
[explosions booming on TV]
[dramatic strings music on TV]
-[Nino] Hey.
-[Rosie] Thanks, papi.
[Rosie] Okay.
[gentle guitar music]
[Rosie humming]

[crickets chirping]
[indistinct chatter]
[guard] Mercer.
Open cell two.
[ethereal instrumental music]

Yeah. How many episodes
am I behind?
[man] You're an entire season
and now it's [indistinct].
What's an entire season?
[man] Did you see the first--
you didn't see the first
season? [indistinct]
[man] No, yes, your whole
season [indistinct].
I mean, how many episodes
are we talking about?
[man] Like--


[woman on TV] Um, I'm going
to give you the recipe
for six apple dumplings,
which is what a batch
usually is.
But I've already got
half of mine in the oven,
just to kind of simplify
the video editing process.
[woman] I can't
eat my meat with fruit.
Meat with fruit?
I don't-- I don't like fruit
with my meat.
I love fruit. Love meat.
But I don't want
to eat 'em together.
[Brandon] Hmm.
Where's my room, back here?
[woman on TV]
And if it don't come out,
which it never does,
turn it--
Am I staying back there
in the spare room?
-In the spare room?
-I can stay there?
All right.
All right, I'm not a weakling.
I am a strong person
out here on the street.
And there's a lot of very,
very nice people here.
-[Leigh] Yeah.
-[man] In Tampa.
And all joking aside,
it rains a lot here.
[Leigh] Mmm.
During rainy season,
and I know hurricane season
is coming
and, you know--
Mm-hmm.Gotta bunker down, man.
-[Natty] Yeah.
-Look at me.
-[Leigh] Yeah.
-I'm a hairy man.
I can take-- I could
take the rain without--
-[women laughing]
-without a shirt.
When you-- When you're
a gorilla, you can take--
-[Leigh] Yeah.
And-- and I am a gorilla.
You have beautiful eyes.
They're really cool colors.
[man] It's only a reflection
of your eyes.
[Leigh] Aw, that's so--
-[Leigh] Thank you.
[man] My eyes might be pretty,
but you're just seeing
a reflection of your own, baby.
'Cause you are pretty.
You're a-- you're
a bit younger than me.
[ethereal instrumental music]
[Jules] Fucking, I saw him
at the Wawa the other day, man.
Some hit looking ass,
a white bitch with no teeth.
-[razor buzzing]
Nah, they were buying
lottery tickets or some shit.
Nah, he looked at me
and he was like,
"Oh, you need to respect
your elders."
I'm like, "Yo,
who the fuck do you think
you're talking to,
first of all?"
Right. Exactly.
Yo, stop moving your shit, bro.
All right.
Yeah, but Mom, that's exactly
what I've been trying
to tell you.
[speaking Spanish]
[man] You know about his powers?
[Jules] All right,
Ma, honestly, I--
I just-- this today is not
the day for this shit.
I'm-- I'm just--
I can't. All right? So...
Ma. All right, you know what?
I'm going to go.
'Cause I don't want to say
something stupid and...
All right.
Fucking Christ, she drives
me nuts sometimes, bro.
Let me hit that.
All right.
But tell that motherfucker
he still has
to pay for the last shit.
Fucking Mom driving me nuts.
[razor buzzing]
Getting this Macklemore shit
off your fucking head, bro.
This Macklemore
and the face-ass motherfucker.
[Jules chuckling]
I know you weren't
getting any pussy
with that long ass
fucking floppy dog shit.
[Natty] Fuck that.
[Leigh] Yeah, no,
most definitely fuck that.
I don't know.
[Leigh] Rosie.
Trust me. He's fucking gross.
[Rosie] I mean, he can't
be that bad, right?
[Natty] Uh,
I don't know, Rosie.
You tell us, dude,
that's wild.
Ooh. Nice one.
-[Leigh] Thanks.
-Yeah. Hell yeah.
He's kind of cute, though.
[Natty] Yuck!
Remember last year,
that whole thing went down
with him
and that one chick?
Like, I'm pretty sure
he's fucked, like, everyone.
He's super gross.
No, like, don't you get, like,
all your shit from him?
[Leigh] Like a million
fucking years ago.
He's like some gross
little New York pizza rat.
[Natty chuckling]
I mean it was-- Mm-mm.
Dude, Rosie.
You are like little
miss innocent anyways.
You cannot hang
with dudes like that.
Yeah. It was random anyway.
[Leigh] You got to listen
to your girls.
[Natty] Yup.
[gentle ethereal music]

Mr. Mercer?
[woman] Mm-hmm.
12 years, huh?
Long time.
Actually, it could have
been worse for you.
A lot worse.
Yeah, I was figuring
I did y'all a favor.
[woman chuckling]
Cute. Very funny.
Well, my job is to get you
contributing back into society.
Basically, that means
that I'm the one
that's going to get you
the paycheck.
[gentle instrumental music]
[water swishing]

[indistinct chatter]
[speaking Spanish]
[foreman] We gotta get
going here, man.
Only got 30 minutes to get
these over to the guys.
[Jose] Yes, sir.
If they're waiting,
I'm going
to dock y'all's pay, not mine.
[speaking Spanish]
[crickets chirping]
[dishes clanging]
[man speaking
indistinctly on TV]
[Nino laughing]
[Nino sighing]
[gentle ethereal music]
Oh my God, are you crazy?
Open up.

Open up.
[Rosie sighing]
Shh. Shh. Shh.
-What are you doing?
-[Rosie] Shh.
[whispering] Going to sleep.
-[Jules] Come hang out.
-Your dad home?
-[Rosie] Yeah.
I'm gonna come in.
[Rosie] No. No,
what are you doing?
-Are you crazy?
-Yo, I'll scream.
No, you won't.
If you don't come out,
I'm coming in.
-Absolutely not.
-[Jules] Fine.
-[Rosie] No, no, no.
-[Jules chuckling]
Take these.
Come on, just
give me a minute. Okay?

[both giggling]

[Rosie whispering]
God. Oh my God.
You are ridiculous.
Slash, I'm a genius.
[Jules chuckling]
[Rosie] Oh my God.
[Jules] It's going to get
lonely in here fast.
[crickets chirping]
All right. Suit yourself.
I know about you.
-[Jules] Know about me?
-[Rosie] Yeah.
[Jules] Yeah?
What do you know about me?
That you fucked, like,
[Jules] Lies.
I think this shit
is heated actually.
You're from New York.
What's it like?
[Jules] There's not enough
pools in New York.
Don't you get bored
of this place?
Don't even.
[Jules chuckling]
Come on.
[Rosie sighing]
[Jules] Hey.
Bad girl.
-Shut up.
-[both chuckling]
[Rosie chuckling]
I feel like a criminal.
[Jules] Can I kiss you?
[soft instrumental music]
[music swelling]

[Jules] I'm nervous.
[Rosie giggling]
[roller coaster cranking]
Oh, my God.
[Rosie screaming]
[both screaming]
[Rosie laughing]
[Jules] Ladies and gentlemen,
it is my pleasure to introduce
to you the lovely,
the talented,
and the beautiful...
[Rosie] Really?
[Jules] Eh.
[Rosie chuckling]
You're so stupid...
[playing gentle guitar melody]
I've got a five dollar bill
down in my pocket
And it's burning up a hole
as fast as a rocket
I know it ain't much
But baby
it's something
I'd rather be broke
than living for nothing
You and me baby,
we got to get out soon
We could be dangerous
'cause we're young
I could be your Bonnie
And you could
tote a gun like Clyde
Then we'd
really be on the run
If you like
my idea of fun
Oh, you and me baby,
we got to get out soon
You and me baby,
we got to get out soon
You and me baby,
we gotta get out soon
[Jules yelling] Yo, someone
get this girl a contract!
[Rosie] Oh my God,
why are you so--
-[Jules yelling] Rosie!
-[Rosie] Why are you so loud?
[Jules] Yo. Oh my God.
That was incredible.
Yo, I'm-- I'm blown away.
I'm blown away.
Do you mean it?
[Jules] You blow me away.
Yes, I mean it.
Oh my God.
Now, what can't you do, huh?
[chuckling] That's
what I want to know.
What can't you do?
[Jules] It's just different
when you fucking grow up
in New York. I just feel
like people romanticize New York
and this shit just--
It suffocates you.
It's like we can't breathe
in New York.
It's like, look at-- look at
this. You know what I'm saying?
This place is fucking heavenly.
You don't get this.
You got birds chirping,
the fucking sunset.
And for real, you don't know
how good you have it here.
You sound like my dad.
Yeah? Well, your dad
knows what's up, then.
I think you're pretty heavenly.
[Rosie chuckling] Shut up.
[Jules laughing]
[gentle music]

[woman speaking
indistinctly on TV]

[people cheering on TV]
[faucet running]
[thunder rumbling]

[exhaling sharply]
[door thudding]
[faucet shutting off]
[speaking Spanish]
[shop din]
[Leigh] Oh, that's cute.
[women speaking indistinctly]
For the magazines and the book
thing? Put this by it.
My little hideaway.
[Leigh scoffing]
What you hiding away?
[Natty laughing]
Yes. Why is that so you?
I don't know,
I just keep finding them.
[Natty] It's like they knew.
[Leigh] Oh, I definitely
need this...
[Natty] Okay, if this doesn't
have me written all over it,
I don't know what does.
[Leigh] Definitely. But do you
think you can, like, fit it in
-your pants and hide it?
-[Natty] Damn.
[Leigh] That's for you.
[Natty] Guys, guys. Okay.
So, this spot is super cool.
[Leigh] Which spot?
-[Natty] The Hub.
-[Leigh] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And it's really authentic.
Oh, yeah, for sure.
Am I going to be able to get in?
I mean, no one said anything
last time. [giggling]
[Leigh] It's definitely
not going to be boring.
[Rosie] Good.
'Cause I'm tired
of being bored
all the freaking time.
[Natty] I'm not boring.
You're boring.
[women giggling]
I just feel like my life
is moving in slow motion.
[Natty] Girl, I'm telling you,
we're going to have so much fun.
Yeah, because I'm hooking us up
with the good shit.
[Natty chucking]
Yeah, you little drug ho.
You know how I do.
Do you remember
Jason's, how lame that was?
-[Natty] Yes.
-[Leigh] So fucking lame.
[Natty] Do you remember
last week at Soul Night?
[Leigh] Yeah. That was fun.
It was definitely not boring.
[ethereal instrumental]
[engines revving faintly]

[Jules] How do I look?
[Rosie] You look
so stupid right now.
What? Eh!
[Rosie laughing]
[Jules] Eh.
Tu me vuelves loco.
-Dance with me.
-[Rosie laughing] No.
[Jules] Come on.
Una bachata,
[speaking Spanish]
Eh. Eh. Eh.
[Rosie laughing]
That's not bachata.
What do you mean
that's not bachata?
No, you're doing it wrong.
[engines revving]
This is the step.
You go one, two...
Eh. Eh.
-Vamos, vamos.
-[Rosie laughing] Ah.
[motorcycles rumbling]

[rain spattering gently]
[Rosie] I thought I saw
something [indistinct].
[Jules] What'd you--
[Jules laughing]
Yo, you're fucking dead.
[both laughing]
[Rosie speaking indistinctly]
[Jules] Yo, you're dead.
[Rosie laughing] Help me!
[Jules] Yo, so the dude
who used to live right here
was, like, 400 pounds
back in the day.
Fucking starts
doing that Subway
motherfucking Jared diet.
You know,
the one from the '90s?
-Know what I'm talking about?
-[Rosie] Yeah.
Before he was a pedophile.
So, my man
would get up every day,
and he'd walk a mile up
the road to the Subway
out by the Winn-Dixie,
buy himself a sandwich,
then he'd walk
his fat ass back home.
[Rosie giggling]
[Jules] You want to hit this?
Cali shit right here.
[Jules chuckling]
This shit has flavor, right?
-[Rosie coughing]
-[Jules laughing]
You all right?
-You all right?
-[Rosie coughing]
What happened to the guy?
[Jules] Oh, the Subway guy?
Yo, that shit really worked.
My man was looking ripped
after a while for sure.
[Rosie laughing]
[Jules] Went from, like,
a fat tubby ass--
[Rosie laughing]
[mysterious orchestral music]
[pills rattling in bottle]
[pill snapping]
Hey, yo, this plus the weed
is going to make you
hungry as fuck.
[whispering] Open your mouth.
Oh, hold on, hold on, shh.
[Rosie chuckling]
[soft mysterious music]
-[Rosie] Um.
-[Jules] You okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-I got you.
[wrapper crinkling]
-[Rosie] Oh, it's just--
-[Jules whispering] Hold that.
I want you to put it on me.
-[Rosie] Um--
-[Jules unzipping his pants]
-[Rosie] I--
-[Jules] What's wrong?
It's just I--
I've never done it before.
[Jules softly chuckles] What?
I'm sorry, I-- um, I um--
I just-- I'm sorry.
You're fucking with me, right?
[Rosie] I-- I just--
it's not a big deal.
[Jules] You fucking with me?
But-- but I like you a lot.
It's not a big deal.
I'm cool. I can--
[Jules] Oh.
[Rosie] I'm sorry.
It's just-- This--
this stuff you gave me,
it's-- it's really good.
And I-- I mean,
it's really strong. I--
I trust you. And it's okay.
-Trust me?
-[Rosie] Yeah.
Ugh. What does
that even mean, you trust me?
-It means that I trust you.
-[Jules] Oh, my God.
[Jules sighing]
[whispers] Fuck.
You all right? You okay?
[Rosie] Yeah. I'm cool.
[Jules chuckles]
I kind of feel
like I should take you home.
What do you think?
[car engine rumbling]
[Rosie] Come on.
[Jules] All right,
just make this shit quick.
[Rosie] What's your problem?
-[objects clanging]
[Jules] Yeah, yeah,
fucking Christ almighty.
[door thudding open]
[speaking Spanish]
[man on TV speaking Spanish]
[Jules chuckling]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[Jules] Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I'm from New York, bro.
[Jules chuckling]
[Jules] Mmm.
[Nino slapping Jules' thigh]
Yo, my man,
you got a problem with me? Hmm?
[Jules] Mmm.
[Jules chuckling] Oh man.
Yo, Rosie,
I'm gonna be out. All right?
[Rosie] Text me.
Rosie, what the hell was that?
[chainsaw roaring]
[soft, ethereal music]
[woman] Hey, love,
you doing okay?
-Yes, ma'am.
-[woman] You need some water?
-No, I'm all right. Thank you.
-All right.
[woman] You're welcome.
[insects chirping]
[dog barking in distance]
[gentle, ethereal music]

[motor rumbling]

[Leigh moaning]

Okay, so I'm going to go?
-[bottle of pills thudding]
-[Jules] My bad.
Well, are you going
to go to Soul Night?
[Jules exhaling]
I don't know, I might.
[Leigh] You know
Rosie's gonna be there.
-[Leigh] Yeah.
What, you guys got, like,
a thing or something?
Why? Did she say something?
Not really.
She said you're cute.
Yeah, but a girl like her
probably shouldn't be hanging
out with a guy like you
anyway, so...
[Jules] Yeah,
that's what they tell me.
[Leigh] All right, well, maybe
I'll see you, maybe I won't.
[door shutting]
[Jules exhaling]
[gentle guitar music]
Drive the nail
Through my skin
Find my heart
so you can kill the sin
Love me softly
Hold me close
Take me home,
oh holy ghost
Damn all the rivers
Damn the saints
God damn all
this true love
It never wins
Burn my body
Shut your eyes
The dress I'm wearing
Could make the devil cry
Love me softly
Hold me close
Take me home,
oh holy ghost
Damn all the rivers
Damn the saints
And God damn
all this true love
It never wins
[muffled chatter]
[light switching off]
[door banging]
[Jules] Rosie. Rosie, I--
[Natty] Oh, shit.
You are fucking gross.
What is your fucking problem?
[Rosie] Don't fucking
touch me. Don't you dare.
What, Rosie? What? I don't know!
I don't know
what the fuck this is.
We didn't put
a fucking label on it.
[Rosie] Are you kidding me?
You're a gross
piece of shit loser.
You are a nothing.
I was so stupid to
think anything else.
[Leigh] Tell that
little bitch ass, Rosie.
Rosie. Rosie. Rosie, I'm sorry.
I don't-- I didn't know, okay?
I-- I-- Don't fucking
walk away from me, Rosie.
Fuck you. You're such
a fucking piece of shit, dude.
You're such a fucking dick.
[Rosie] I dreamt
I could reach the stars
I flew away
I flew away
Left you with a broken heart
This love has gone away
[Brandon] You see?
We only think we
got a say in things.
That we're in control.
But it ain't true.
Because everything
that's ever happened to us
in our lives has
brought us right to here.
To this moment right here.
[interviewer] So, you think you
were born to be a murderer?
Is something funny?
No, sir.
I guess I just
don't understand the point
in telling
a murderer that he's a murderer.
Because if he is, he knows it.
And I was born, same as you.
Same as you.
-[bird's wings flapping]
-[boy making bird calls]
[Brandon] And like I said,
whatever happens after that
ain't really up
to us, is it?
[boy] What is this place?
[gentle ethereal music]

[birds chirping]

[Brandon gasping]
[engine thrumming]
[birds chirping]
[water slushing]
[woman] Hey.
How are you?
Oh, um...
[woman] You're
so fucking adorable.
All right. Oh, uh...
[woman] Do you think you
could come here for a second?
[Brandon] Um...
[woman] Come here.
Yeah, get comfortable.
There you go.
[woman softly moaning]
Oh. Okay.
Okay, let's not cry.
Stupid baby.
Stupid fucking baby.
Stupid fucking baby.
Fucking pussy.
Fucking pussy.
[seat rattling]
[Brandon breathing heavily]
[Rosie groaning]
Rosie, hmm. Okay.
[Nino strumming guitar]
Rosita, Rosita, Rosita
[strumming guitar]
[Nino] Hmm?
[gentle instrumental]

[Jules making high-pitched call]
Yo. It's like, why
the fuck do I even care, though?
For real. Like, fuck it. Right?
None of this shit
means anything anyway, bro.
We're all nothing.
You, you are fucking nothing.
You-- you're
a fucking joke, bro.
You're nothing.
You're a fucking loser.
You're all fucking nothing.
It's all fucking bullshit, man.
We all just out here.
All you motherfuckers
are sleeping,
and I'm trying to
wake you motherfuckers up,
but you don't
want to fucking listen.
We're just out here.
We're all in fucking pain.
You feel me?
'Cause we're supposed to--
we're supposed to live
this fucking life of piety and--
and fucking morality, bro.
But it's just none
of us are fucking happy.
You know what
I'm fucking saying, bro?
[man] Fucking Edgar Allan Poe
over here.
[Jules] Ah, bro,
I'll come over there
and smack the shit out of you,
you goofy looking
ass motherfucker, bro.
I'm trying to fucking talk now.
-Listen to me, bro.
-[man] Yo, just chill.
You good?
Nah, bro. I'm-- I'm on
a preaching wave right now
and you motherfuckers are
going to listen to me preach.
[man] What the fuck
are you talking about?
No, listen to me when
I'm fucking talking, bro.
I'm the fucking
Messiah right now, bro.
I got a fucking message.
You heard?
[man] What fucking message?
Bro, the message is that
we are passing this shit on
like it is the body of Christ
and it absolutely
means nothing, brother.
It is a void of emptiness, bro.
And we're all
just a fucking sleep.
It's all crackers, bro.
[man snorting]
It-- That's what it is, bro.
It's all-- It--
it's just crackers.
And what are you?
Fucking crack
[indistinct] in the room.
[Jules] Mm-mm.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not a cracker, bro.
No, I'm... I'm
the cheap ass grape juice
pretending to be wine, bro.
Nah, for real though.
That's-- that's what I am, bro.
I'm just some cheap ass grape
juice pretending to be wine.
I ain't shit. I'm nothing, bro.
It's like... I'm nothing.
-[man] Fucking crazy.
-[Jules] Nah, bro.
Pontius Pilate
thought Jesus was crazy, bro.
He sold him out.
Don't be on no
Pontius Pilate wave.
[soft rhythmic music]

I'm the blood of Christ.
[man] You're killing
the fucking party right now.
[man 2] Is he always like this?
-[Rosie humming]
-[strumming guitar]
Oh Rose, oh Rose
Won't you come back home?
Rose, won't
you come back home?
[city din]
[woman] A new job. For what?
[Brandon] I don't know.
I just need a new one.
Well, I need to know why.
I don't fit in.
[woman] Fit in where?
Your job with the pool thing?
The world.
The world?
Are you all right, man?
Like-- like, what's going on?
You doing something?
[Brandon] Can you get me
a new job? Can you?
[woman] I can if you--
[Brandon screaming] Can you
get me a new fucking job?
Oh, hell, no.
-You're not coming--
-[Brandon] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Calm down, man.
I'm such a bone head.
[woman] What?
[woman] Water.
Yeah, I'm--
I'm... I'm afraid of the water.
[uplifting instrumental music]

[woman] Make it flip.
[people cheering]
So, like,
she, like, feels super bad
about the whole situation.
For real, though.
You guys should not let
some sketchy ass drug
dealer come between you.
It's whatever.
I don't really care anymore.
[Natty] I told you his
little bitch ass was gross.
But you didn't listen.
Ugh, I'm just
tired of people telling me
what I should
and shouldn't be doing.
I'm over that shit.
I'm just trying to help my girl.

[Natty and Rosie giggling]
[man] What's your number?
[Rosie] Um, you gotta earn it.
You gotta earn it.
Oh, how-- how so?
[Rosie] Uh... do tre flip.
Tre flip. All right, all right.
[man groaning]
[man 2] One more, boy!
[man 3] That was
almost a make. Make it happen.
[men speaking indistinctly]

[bingo balls rattling]
All right. B-14.
-[indistinct chatter]
Bingo. Six pack.
I got four, five, 11, 13, 14.
[caller] All right,
short intermission.
Little entertainment.
Oh beautiful
for spacious skies
For amber waves of grain
For purple
mountain majesties
Above the fruited plains
America, America
[people singing along]
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy
good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea
[woman] Yeah, like that.
From sea to shining sea
From sea to shining sea
Thank you.
[audience cheering and clapping]
[Rosie] I heard that accent.
Where are you from?
From Brooklyn.
Brooklyn, New York.
[Rosie] You know,
I'm going to be there soon.
-[Rosie] Yeah.
I don't know why.
Well, I had a friend
that would say that,
but I'm gonna go.
[man] I can't-- can't deal
with the weather anymore.
-I really, uh--
-So maybe you can come back.
[Rosie] I will be back
'cause, uh, that's what's
going to get me there.
[man] Okay. Maybe next
time when you come back,
you can do some
golden oldies for us?
[Rosie laughing] Yeah.
-We'd really enjoy it.
-[Rosie] Absolutely.
-Everybody enjoyed you today.
-Thank you so much.
[objects softly thudding]
[delicate piano music]
[Rosie sighing]
I won't
Let you go away

I won't
Let you go away

I won't
Let you go away
There she goes.
Thought you ran off on me.
Of course not, papi.
[ice cubes rattling]
When you going to marry me?
[Camilla chuckling]
Honey, I've been
down that road before
and seen all I want.
We don't got to get married
to have a little fun, do we?
[Camilla chuckling]
How you doing?
I'm good, but how you doing?
You good?
Can I get you another?
[man] No, I'm good.
You got a fucking problem?
My man, I think you could speak
a little bit more
respectfully to this lady.
-What'd she think, bro?
-[Camilla] Julio.
-[man] Yeah?
-[Jules] Yeah.
Well, I think you should
mind your fucking business.
-[banging table]
-Come on, man, I will--
[Camilla] Fucking idiota.
I swear on my mother's life,
I will cut you
the fuck up, motherfucker.
I will cut you
the fuck up. What the fuck is--
Yeah? I wish you would.
[arguing in Spanish]
The next drink's on the house.
Little fucking bitch.
[man] You go,
you little mama's boy.
I'll smack
the fucking the shit out of you.
You fucking bald bitch!
I wish you would, boy.
[Camilla] Stupido.
[Jules] I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
[Jules] I'm just going
through some shit, Mom--
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I just want to fucking
talk to you for a second.
Stop talking like your
fucking drug dealing father.
How could you
fucking say some shit like that
to me, Mom?
Honey. The truth hurts.
Why can't you be good?
Why can't you take care
of your mama? I'm so tired.
-[Jules] I know, Ma--
-[Camilla] Julio.
[Jules] I'm fucking trying.
I'm fucking trying.
What? You can't--
I don't see you trying.
It's not my fucking fault.
Fuck. Whose fault is this, huh?
[Camilla sighing]
I'm fucked up, Mom.
I know I'm
a fucking disappointment.
All right? I'm just-- I--
I'm going through
some shit, and I just--
I need to talk to you.
[voice shaking] I'm sorry.
[Jules crying]
Okay. I want
you to have good things,
-you know, a good life.
-I know.
A good girl.
But you have to stop this shit.
I know, I know, I know.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Come here. Come here, mijo.
I know. I know.
[Natty] It's not
even going to be a thing.
I promise.
[indistinct chatter]
[mysterious, ethereal music]

I'm not saying it's
forever or anything like that.
[echoing] I'm not saying it's
forever or anything like that.
I'm not saying it's
forever or anything like that.
I'm not saying it's
forever or anything like that.
It's like, every day I wake
up with a pain in my stomach.
[words echoing and overlapping]
Like I'm physically ill.
[words echoing and overlapping]
And it's from this place.
And I feel like
it's crushing my soul.
[words echoing indistinctly]
I can't be here anymore.
Where are you going to go?
[words echoing]
Where the lights never go out.
[birds chirping]
[Rosie] I can't believe you
guys would leave me by myself.
It doesn't make any sense.
I'm like,
waking up next to this guy.
I just-- I'm-- I'm sorry.
I just-- I...
I'm sorry.
I just-- Where are you?
I-- I need you to
come back and pick me up.
Please. ASAP.
[engine humming]
I'm still mad at you, so...
[Jules] Look, Rosie. I...
Thanks for the ride.
[Jules] W-- would you
talk to me for a second?
[door unlatching]
[knocking on door]
Rosie, would you please
just talk to me for a second--
Please? I know I fucked up.
I know I'm a fucking piece of--
[Rosie] Why are you here?
Yo, please, just let me talk
to your daughter.
Get your fucking
hands off her, bro.
Rosie, just come
outside and talk.
Get the fuck up off me.
Get the fuck out of my way.
God, don't touch him. Stop.
Can you please stop?
[Jules] Get the fuck up
out of my face, bro.
-[Rosie] Don't touch him!
-[Jules punches Nino]
[Rosie screaming] Stop!
Neither of you
fucking care about me!
You're both assholes!
You shut up.
You don't fucking own me!
[sobbing] God.
[soft, dramatic music]

[Jose] Hey, amigo!
Hurry up,
we have to make it quick.
[ethereal music]

Okay. Yeah, that's great.
That's aw-- Yeah.
Uh, 6:30.
Right. Got it. Okay. Thank you.
Thank you.
[Tony] I'm gonna head out.
Think I'll be gone long, though.
You good?
-[Jules] Yeah, I'm good, bro.
All right, man. See you then.
[door squeaking open and shut]
[soft ethereal music]

[train rumbling]
Hey. What's up with him?
Ain't got nothing better to do?
Come on, Nino. Get him going.
Let's go.
[Nino] All right, blanquito.
[indistinct] this.
Make a loop. And cut it.
[Brandon] Yeah.
[muffled TV chatter]
It's kind of sad.
I mean, the tres
amigas are breaking up.
What are you talking about?
Rosie. She's leaving.
-[Jules] What?
-[lighter flicking]
She says she's sick
of this place or something.
I don't know.
[Jules] What do
you mean, she's leaving?
-Where is she going?
-She's going to New York.
Dude, she's taking a train.
-I can't deal with you--
-Who the fuck takes trains?
and this
fucking town neither.
[Leigh] It's just--
It's so contrived.
She's so dramatic.
[Jules sighing]
[Leigh] But I mean,
I'm still here.
Get the fuck out of here.
'Kay, well, man,
you're fucking gross, anyways.
Yo. When is she leaving?
-[Nino] Maana.
-[Jose] Maana.
[Nino] Hey.
Thank you.
Why do you do this job?
[Brandon chuckling]
I'm supposed to
give back to society, man.
[Nino laughing]
Give back to society?
The only thing we give
to the fucking rich people
is a place to park the cars.
Why you do this job?
It's work.
The family.
It's easy.
I work for my daughter.
Ella tiene un novio,
un puta novio.
Sorry, man.
She has a boyfriend.
He's giving her fucking drugs,
and he's just taking her,
and I'm losing my daughter.
He's a bad guy.
You know I used to fight
bad guys when I was a kid.
[Nino laughing]
I was a superhero, man.
-[Nino laughing]
-[Brandon] Yeah.
You came from prison, dude.
You could be the bad guy.
You know, when I was a kid,
I used to live with my mom.
We had these woods out back,
and, uh, I used to play there,
with my best friend
and... [chuckling]
One day I was
out there by myself.
There's a man out there.
[exhaling sharply]
He was a bad guy.
[clicking tongue]
I got bigger.
And time... time went on and...
I seen him one day.
I seen him one day.
You know, he took something
from me and I took...
I took everything from him.
Shit. Before I forget you.
No. Keep it.
-[Brandon sniffling]
-What was his name?
Your daughter's boyfriend.
[engine rumbling]
[Nino sighing]
The look in
her eyes said it all
The motherfucker ran off
And the rain, it did fall

Pretty girl,
the age of 19
The highwaymen stole
all her hopes and her dreams

Now she's looking for a way
To dance all night
and work all day

Rose, oh Rose, oh Rose
Won't you come back home?

Left what she
knew and took off
Without a trace,
without a call
Heartbreak and [indistinct]
dead and gone
She moved on

Rose, oh Rose, oh Rose
Won't you come back home?
This is the story
of a girl named Rose
They say she's from
nowhere but nobody knows
[Jules] Yo,
I'm going to be going away
for a couple of months,
so don't touch any
of my shit, all right?

Rose, oh Rose, oh Rose
Won't you come back?
Rose, oh Rose, oh Rose
Won't you come back?
Rose, oh Rose, oh Rose
Won't you come back?
Rose, oh Rose, oh Rose
Won't you come back home?
[Nino chuckling]
[Rosie chuckling]
I'm still working on it.
What are you looking at?
I don't know.
It's just stuff like
this that makes me feel
like this place isn't that bad.
[waves crashing]
[interviewer] If you were
able to go back in time,
what would you do differently?
I wish it could be me right now
so you can see
the way you looked in my eyes.
That's what I wish.
[interviewer] Well...
I see a man
sitting on death row.
You're saying you
wouldn't want to change that?
[upbeat electric
guitar and percussion music]

I'm saying everything's
right where it's supposed to be.

Someone, someone's alone
In the city tonight

You gotta do what's right
In the city tonight

Someone's alone

It was never meant to be.
Reach out your hands
to the one alone
In your city tonight

You gotta do what's right
In your city tonight
Someone's alone,
someone's alone
In your city
Attention, please.
This is a boarding call
for Amtrak
Silver Star train 92
en route to New York with
intermediate stops in Kissimmee,
Winter Park, DeLand, Palatka,
Savannah, Denmark, Columbia...

Someone's alone,
someone's alone
In your city tonight

You gotta do what's right
In the city

Reach out your hands
to the one alone
In your city
Reach out your hands
to the one alone
[echoing] In the city
[delicate strings
and percussion music]