Godse (2022) Movie Script

-Please come.
-Take a seat.
Grandma, the groom's family is here.
Greetings, ma'am.
Go and get our daughter.
What is she doing?
Does she want to wash my feet?
-Are you the groom?
-What is your name?
-Your educational qualification?
What sort of education did you receive?
Have you no sense?
How could you enter a house
wearing those dirty shoes?
-What sort of upbringing is this?
-Come on.
Ask her to come out.
Mom, that will do.
You've decked me up like a goddess.
Don't be shy. Try to talk.
She is a kid. What will she say to him?
How long will you ogle her?
Ask her something.
Is this old woman not blind?
Though she has no vision,
she has strong extrasensory perception.
Ask her if you have any questions.
Your name?
-Educational qualification?
Ma'am, please allow her to talk.
Do you want to hear her voice
or know the details?
-I am sorry.
This is an important phone call.
Yeah, tell me.
Do you own any property?
Yes, I do.
I hope that makes you shut up.
Excuse me?
It's a bit inconvenient
to talk to you inside.
If you don't mind, can I talk to you
outside for two minutes?
Brand new. Single payment.
Shall we sit in the car and talk?
Superb idea!
Talking in the car is a brilliant idea.
Why don't you come this side?
We can go for a long drive and talk.
Stop! Stop it!
Help! Help!
I am the only son to my mom.
Please! Please stop!
Let me go.
Mr. Arvind.
Catch it.
What the heck!
Move. Move aside.
Come on, move back!
The media is not allowed here.
Go away.
Do you hear me? Move back!
No entry here.
You shouldn't be here.
How many times should I tell you?
Move back.
Hey, lady! Don't you understand?
Go back.
Good morning, ma'am.
Good morning.
What's the position?
Suspects have taken
the residents as hostages.
How many residents and suspects are there?
Maybe two to three suspects.
Maybe three to four residents.
What's the suspects' age?
Their age group is 30 to 35 years.
Any weapons?
Suspects have sharp knives.
What are their demands?
They look like dacoits.
They planned a robbery and messed up.
Trying to escape.
Where is the SP?
Don't harm the hostages!
You cannot escape from here!
You have only one option.
Come out and surrender.
I repeat.
Come out and surrender.
Okay? Come.
You said you had to be meet
your potential groom.
Since you have some trouble here,
she's come to help.
-I mean--
Give me the position, sir.
I'll talk to them.
No. The situation is critical.
Special Forces have surrounded the house.
They will handle the operation.
Sir, just give me 30 minutes.
If they don't give in, take action.
I am Vaishali.
I'm Assistant Superintendent of Police.
I have come here to help you.
My name is Vaishali.
I am here to help you.
Please, respond!
Please, respond!
I am here to help you!
Please, respond!
No police! No!
I am here to help you!
That's why I have called her.
No, no!
I am here to help you!
I can help you!
Can I come inside?
Let me come and see you.
Can I come inside, sir?
Please, sir. Please.
Sir, it could be risky.
I can help you!
I can help you.
Believe me!
Sir, I'm going inside now.
Vaishali, no!
No! Don't go inside.
Don't risk the lives of the hostages.
Listen to me, Vaishali.
You are not going inside.
Keep tracking. I am going inside.
Okay, ma'am. Be careful, ma'am.
No weapons.
I don't have any weapons.
Please. Don't do this.
Please save me!
-No police!
We want a helicopter.
-Please save me!
I don't know these people.
Save me!
I'm pregnant.
Please save me from these people.
Don't do this.
She is pregnant.
No police. We want a helicopter.
-I beg you!
-Do you understand?
-Please drop it.
-No police!
-No police!
-Please help me.
She is pregnant. Please let her go.
Where is the helicopter?
-We want the helicopter right now.
-There is no helipad here.
So that vehicle will take you
to the helicopter.
-Please let her go.
-We won't.
I will arrange a helicopter for you.
Listen to me. Please leave her.
I promise.
I promise to take you to the helicopter.
-Please leave her.
-The police!
-Why are the police here?
-No, please don't attack her.
The police have come to take you
to the helicopter.
-No! Please listen to me.
Please listen to me.
There is a helicopter.
Suspect is in target, sir.
Sir, don't approve it.
Whatever you want, I can help you with it.
-Hey! No police!
-Let her go!
Don't shoot!
Stop it!
No... No!
No... Please help me.
There is a hostage here.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot!
Please help me!
I will help you.
I will take you to the hospital.
I will help you.
No. No problem.
No problem.
What is all this?
Why are you going on long leave now?
You hardly take leaves.
I need to attend to some personal work.
Where is Vaishali?
Here she comes.
I am resigning from my job, sir.
You are the most successful negotiator
on our team.
You have handled
a lot of delicate situations very well.
What is the purpose of our department?
To protect the public
from anti-social elements.
When thugs barge into homes,
put a knife to people's throat
and make insane demands,
they must fear getting shot by the police.
Shoot-outs do happen every now and then.
You are not at fault
for what happened yesterday.
No, sir.
When someone is dying
right before my eyes,
I can't remain a spectator, sir.
I am hurt.
Please accept this resignation.
You haven't come to terms
with that incident yet.
I am going on a trip.
I'll be back in ten days.
If you still stick to your decision,
I will accept it.
Be normal.
Take care.
Give it a thought.
Right. Let's do the same.
Of course.
Hey, boy!
Mr. Murthy!
Where is he?
Hey, boy!
Where did he disappear?
Let's have some food, Mr. Murthy.
Take your glass.
I forgot.
-Cheers. Let's eat.
Everyone has left.
What is it, Mr. Murthy?
-The fish has gone cold.
Hey, waiter!
-Come here.
The fish has gone cold.
Sir, you ordered it an hour ago.
Don't make excuses.
Take this.
Heat it up and bring it back steaming hot.
The kitchen is closed, sir.
-Hey! Do you know who he is?
He is Paramahamsa.
He is very close to the Revenue Minister.
-Hey! Do you know who he is?
-No, sir.
He's Satyamurthy.
Very powerful.
You don't want to see him get angry.
Take the fish to the kitchen.
-Bring it back smoking hot.
-Sure, sir.
-Bring it back quickly.
You must come in a flash.
-Mr. Murthy.
You were saying something.
That idiot has disturbed us.
You carry on.
If we don't advise these leaders
how to stash their corrupt money,
what will become of them, Paramahamsa?
Very true, Mr. Satyamurthy.
I tucked away Rs. 300 crore
that the boss had sent last night.
He gets pleasure, and I get palpitations.
That's not the end of it.
The next morning,
he sent another 60 crores.
Is that so?
Where is the fish?
Who the heck are you?
Hey! I saw you on Netflix.
Netflix. On Netflix.
All right. But why are you here?
Where is my fish?
Hey! Three of you!
-Three Musketeers! One, two, three.
-Bring the fish here.
-The fish is here.
-Ouch! It's piping hot.
-Is it?
Very hot.
One, two, three!
Who are you?
Who are you, man?
Where are we going?
It's your birthday.
So, I've planned a surprise.
What sort of surprise?
Don't look. Hey!
I told you not to look.
Just two minutes.
Two minutes?
We are getting closer.
I can't wait.
Just two minutes, darling.
We are almost there.
-Let me get to the door on your side.
You must open your eyes
only after I get there, okay?
Only two seconds.
Darling, get down.
Wait. Wait.
-One second.
-Here we are.
-I just can't wait.
It's high time to surprise you.
Baby, thank you so much.
You like it, darling?
It's yours.
Oh, my God! Surprise.
-Happy Birthday to you!
-Baby, thank you so much!
-Happy Birthday to you!
-You are so great!
-Happy Birthday to you!
-You gave me such a surprise, baby!
Thank you so much!
This is an ultimate gift.
-Who are you? Darling--
-I love you!
-I love you so much.
I love you, baby.
Baby, where are you?
Sit down.
Some big shots are getting kidnapped.
Before this goes public,
you must go and meet the Home Minister.
All these random kidnaps
seem to be systematically executed
by someone.
Find if there is some commonality
among the victims, and do it quickly.
hand over this responsibility to the CSO.
We must solve this issue in 24 hours.
-Okay, sir.
I am under a lot of pressure
regarding Keshava Reddy's abduction.
So, I have put you in charge of this case.
By the way, why is your uncle
not answering the phone?
He is supposed to present
the state budget tomorrow.
He is on the job.
He hasn't stepped out of the farmhouse.
It attracts the attention
of the entire state.
It's quite stressful.
Why don't you smile?
God has gifted you with a chiseled face.
But you never smile.
Okay. Solve this issue immediately.
I will smile after I solve this case.
She's declined my call.
Why are you rejecting my calls?
Oh! I am just asking
why you declined my call.
-Why did you call me?
-We must go to the Commissioner's office.
Have you lost your mind?
I quit my job.
I have nothing to do with your department.
-Get lost!
Your resignation is pending approval.
The Home Secretary wants to talk to you.
The Home Secretary wants to talk to me?
The Home Secretary wants to talk to me?
Sir, I'm Vaishali, ASP.
Sir, I'm Rishi.
-She is the one.
Sir, he is calling!
-She is Vaishali.
-Are you Vaishali?
Please come with me.
-What happened?
-Just come.
-Where are you taking me?
-Please. Please, come.
Who do I talk to?
I don't have the time to explain.
-At least tell me--
-Please take the call.
You have a camera there.
Hello. How can I help you?
Tell me.
I am Godse.
-What's your name?
-I am Vaishali.
Your full name and rank?
I am Vaishali Vimala Kumari,
working as ASP.
Special Police Wing, Negotiation Team.
Are you the best in your negotiation team?
No. I am just one among them.
Looking hot.
Probably that's why they sent you
to deal with me.
What are your measurements?
-Your body measurements.
-What happened?
-We lost the call, sir.
No, sir. I disconnected the call.
You just do what you are told.
Sir, but he asked for my measurements.
So what?
All right.
You just attend the call.
No. Don't.
Answer the call!
I should know what's going on here first.
Only then can I handle the situation.
Don't irritate me. Do it now.
Hello, Mister.
I need to sort out a few things here.
Please call me after some time.
Thank you.
What is happening here?
I need to know what is happening.
Only then can I handle him.
Just follow the instructions.
How do you recruit such people?
He is calling again, sir.
Just attend the call.
Don't irritate me.
Chitra, go and take the call.
-Yes, you.
-Go and take the call.
-Okay, sir.
Hello, sir.
I am Chitra Ramachandran.
Special Officer, Negotiations Wing.
Let's talk, sir.
Mr, Godse, please listen.
Give me that.
Sir, please. Please.
Give me one chance, sir.
I want to talk to you, sir. Please.
I am here to negotiate with you.
Please give me once chance, sir.
Please talk to me, sir.
Let's talk. Please, sir.
Are you playing games with me?
Sir, sir...
Sir, don't shoot. Sir...
Hey, move!
Godse! Let's talk. Please.
Today is your lucky day, Officer.
Please. Let's talk.
-My answer to your question.
You don't look like that.
Once come with me for coffee.
It will be clear to you.
I don't want to shoot you.
I like her.
See what she's asking for.
She wants me to give up all this
and go with her for coffee.
How else can I make you believe?
You are right.
But you promised to have coffee with me.
Mind that.
Let's forget my demands for a while.
-Let us both talk.
In general, what do you notice in people?
Money, looks, power, or anything else?
What do you notice?
I look for honesty.
Good answer.
Maintain the same honesty till the end.
I give you my word.
Think again.
Can you see me?
Or is there any disruption?
Are you afraid of speaking the truth?
No. I am listening.
Could you please keep the revolver aside?
We cannot speak frankly
in this kind of atmosphere.
If anyone is not being honest at your end
your SP will take a bullet.
I won't give you the chance.
You won't give me the chance.
Sounds good.
I like that word.
Who are all watching this?
Keep the revolver away
and I'll tell you who all are here.
Basics of negotiation.
DGP Bharadwaj.
-Commissioner Pavan Acharya.
And the chief of investigation team,
Chitra Ramachandran.
Some agents are monitoring the screen.
And some of the officials...
I don't know exactly.
Is there no officer higher than the DGP?
There are no officers higher than IG here.
The IG is only leading this.
Come closer.
I don't know who you are.
-You don't know me.
But I guess you know what would happen
if something went wrong?
I know.
-I trust you.
-Thank you.
You didn't wish your SP.
He is offended.
Sir, are you okay?
I don't know what is happening here.
You must handle this carefully
step by step.
Don't panic, sir.
We will take care of this.
You are my only hope.
Trust me, sir.
You must maintain complete honesty here.
Otherwise, you know what happens.
Godse, don't!
You have to tell me your demands.
You must know my demands from this guy.
Wait on.
I will tell him to find out.
Just wait.
Godse, no!
Godse, please. Hear me out.
After three days,
this morning, he showed us the SP
and demanded negotiation.
The department is keeping
these kidnaps most secret.
The media doesn't know about this yet.
Mainly, the CM office
finds it most uncomfortable.
Not so uncomfortable.
But if we can't provide security
to senior officials,
we'll look like fools.
We are tracking him. Once we zero in,
the commando operation will begin.
Till then, you need to keep him engaged.
Meanwhile, the special forces
will reach the island.
Whichever island he is on,
we have to take the support
of the local government.
It's not that easy.
How long do you want me to hold him?
Maybe eight to ten hours.
The CM takes these kidnaps very seriously.
Vaishali, will you be able to handle this?
But I need my team.
How is this going to end finally?
I am sure it's going to be a positive end.
Positive ending.
I just don't feel that way.
I believe in it.
You are not a fool.
Where is the SP?
I need to talk to someone.
Can you get him here?
Okay. But before that,
I want to see the SP.
Your SP is fine.
SP sir?
Sir, are you able to hear me?
He is fine. Trust me.
He just fell unconscious.
-Are you able to hear me?
-SP sir!
-Godse! Godse, no!
Godse, don't hit him!
-Please listen to me.
Godse, no!
-SP! Get up!
-Get up!
-Just stop!
I will leave this room
if you act like this.
So you would leave the room and go away?
If I don't like it here, I will leave.
Whatever you want from here,
I am your only channel.
I haven't yet asked what I want.
Tell me now.
State Industrial Minister Phani Kumar
must be here in one hour.
In one hour?
I need to discuss with my superiors
and find out where he is.
Find out.
I have no idea where he is.
One hour.
Godse, listen!
I don't know where he is.
I lost the fish.
I guess you got the message, sir.
The Home Secretary wants us to escort you.
Hey! Don't you ever let me enjoy
some peace and quiet?
You don't let me fool around with girls
nor do you let me fish.
Let's go.
Godse is not an Indian citizen.
He has no identity in India.
So, he is not our citizen?
-He is not.
-Check it.
We don't have any information.
He is very smart.
Sir, but how will this work?
This is all we have.
The Home Secretary is waiting for you.
Here he is, sir.
-Hello. Sorry to bother you.
-Hello, sir. Thanks for coming.
Hello, sir.
Sir, we have to proceed.
It's already late.
-Shall we go?
Sir, one second.
Sir, can I have your jacket please?
Thank you.
Sir, if you don't mind,
can you wear this, please?
You bloody!
Chitra, please connect.
Mr. Phani Kumar.
Greetings, bro.
Minister of Heavy Industries.
In simple terms,
make me understand your job.
To introduce new industries,
to support the existing industries,
to develop infrastructure,
while directly or indirectly
providing employment
to the unemployed youth,
and to raise income for the government
in the form of tax.
So you provide jobs
to all the qualified graduates.
We came to power promising the same.
Phani Kumar?
Do you know this man?
That is Keshava Rao.
Hey, why didn't you come for a walk
in the past two days?
He is a very big industrialist.
There are many companies in his name.
Say hi to him.
Hi, Keshava Rao! How are you?
I am not fine.
Keep your cool.
Everything will fall into place.
Answer all the questions he asks.
Okay, sir.
You two have a great rapport.
Rapport, my foot!
All right.
I will ask you a few questions about him.
You must answer honestly.
Ask me anything.
I'll reply instantly.
Bro, keep the weapon aside first.
-How many companies does he own?
Each company's annual turnover?
Approximately 200 to 300 crores.
Total manpower?
Keshava Rao, when we last met,
what was the number you mentioned?
It is 11,266.
And productivity?
Doing well.
Running well.
Earning well.
You answered so well.
As if you have been prepped!
Mr. Phani Kumar.
-Stand up.
There is a change in his tone.
I said, stand up!
Move back.
Remove your blazer.
All that you said was a lie.
Bro, till now
I have spoken only the truth.
Mr. Phani Kumar!
Speak the truth at least now.
Otherwise, your wife, your daughter,
and your son,
who's studying in New York,
will also be involved in this.
Brother, all that I've told you is true.
-Hey, bro...
You have three seconds.
You spoke nothing but lies.
Yes or no?
They are all shell companies.
Don't hurt him.
You mean...
They exist only on paper.
Just suitcase companies.
Godse, please listen to me.
We can work this out.
You have to trust me.
Keep the gun aside.
Sit down.
Keep the gun aside.
Sit down!
Godse, please.
We've agreed that we'll be
completely honest, right?
Yes! Yes! That was the condition.
But, please.
You need to understand.
But you gave me a chance.
I must use it, right?
Godse, please. What can I do?
Mr Godse! I'm DGP Bharadwaj.
I lead this operation here.
I don't want to talk to you now.
Step aside.
Let's talk it out. Don't act in haste.
Don't take advantage of the situation.
It is said that truth alone triumphs.
And righteousness will protect us.
-Godse, I didn't know anything.
All windows are open for you.
Truth and righteousness
never win on their own in our society.
To make them win,
we've got to struggle and fight wars.
-Only with our help can they ever win.
-Please, Mr. Godse.
-You take oath and occupy positions.
-Please put the gun down.
-You sign and enter the service.
-I have the right to negotiate.
You forget your duties
and become audacious.
-You're frustrated.
-Godse, please don't get emotional.
Why does this happen?
You saw what you did!
You saw what you did!
Sir, happy?
Are you happy with what happened?
Vaishali, please listen.
Let me tell you--
-What should I listen to?
-Hear me--
-Did you listen to me? I was talking.
-Let me--
I know you are all hiding something,
which is why,
you didn't want to take his name.
Chitra, you asked me to come there.
Why? Because these guys
wanted me to talk to him.
-So you should let me talk.
-I said, get out!
-Take her out.
-No, sir.
I know there is something happening
and you guys are not telling me!
I will handle the case from here.
Vaishali! Vaishali, wait.
-I don't want to talk.
-I need to talk to you.
Vaishali, please listen to me.
Sir, two minutes.
Please come.
This Keshava Rao was just a truck driver
at a quarry seven years ago.
Now, he is the CEO of sixteen companies.
Crores of turnover.
He is believed to be a front
for a politician.
Why didn't you tell me all this before?
My responsibility was to keep Godse
engaged in negotiations for a while.
Why is Godse doing all this?
What is his real name?
You're late. I've been waiting for you.
-Sorry, ma'am.
-Sorry, ma'am.
-You got what I asked for?
-Yes, ma'am.
I need every piece of information
on Godse.
Right now. Fast.
Any information so far?
Okay. Try and match his image.
Chief Security Officer?
You are not needed now.
Come back when I ask you for you.
Keshav runs only shell companies.
So what?
-So you know a lot of things?
-Yes, I do.
Not just that.
I can find out the island
that you are operating from.
-One small mistake.
My entire special force
will swoop down on your island.
-Will this mistake do?
Okay. Let's make a deal.
Let Keshav go.
Give us all the information you have.
We will spare you.
You're trying to tell me
that if I follow your instructions,
you will spare my life.
Come closer.
Come, come.
Shut up.
I tell you this one last time.
I will speak only with Vaishali.
Get lost!
Don't make this worse for you.
I will kill you, man.
What do you mean?
Are you going to drop
a missile on this island?
Keshav will die along with you.
That's all.
You seem very confident.
I must kill that confidence right now.
Bring him!
It's you! Don't hurt me.
Don't worry.
You have someone to protect you.
A very powerful police officer.
This guy?
He knows nothing.
He just reacts angrily
without much thought.
I got him that job.
Hey, do as this man says.
Sing a song.
What? You want me to sing a song?
I must sing a song?
Come on, sing!
You want me to sing?
Hey! You used to sing a song for Uncle
when you were a kid.
Sing that song. Come on.
Whenever I say "Uncle"
Kisses rain down on my face
Hey, shut it!
What are you trying to say?
I have lots of heads here with me.
If you don't bring Vaishali immediately,
heads will start rolling in a row.
"In the prestigious Christie's auction
"Mahatma Gandhi's specs
sold for Rs. 2.3 crores.
Owned by business tycoon
Mr. Viswanath Ramachandra."
Okay. Check for more.
Viswanath Ramachandra.
"Viswanath Ramachandra."
All right.
Viswanath Ramachandra.
Yes, ma'am.
He was a businessman.
We have to find out
why he turned into Godse.
Come on.
There must be many hostages.
We need to stop him.
Or else he might kill many more.
The inside information is
that he is operating from an island.
Trace his family and background.
Also, get some information from outside.
If you approach the Industrial Minister,
you may get some information.
But our superior has warned us
not to get involved in this case.
Of course.
But he killed the SP.
For no reason.
Don't we have to do our duty?
I will get some information.
Open the door!
Hello! Open the door.
Come, Vaishali.
Vaishali, keep him engaged
for four more hours.
I will track him down
and rain bombs on him.
What's the position?
Sir, our team is following
latitude and longitude.
We don't have that much time.
Log into it and talk to them.
Sir! Okay. Okay, sir.
Hello, Team Alpha,
follow the instructions.
Come on. We need him.
Track it. Track it. Track it, I say.
-I didn't tell you something.
-What is it?
Godse wanted to negotiate only with you.
That's why we sent for you.
-I don't know.
Welcome back.
I was waiting for you.
I don't know what is happening here.
But I wish good for everyone here.
Including you.
Are you upset that I killed your SP?
Don't talk about that.
I don't know the reason behind
you doing all this.
How violent you are!
Do you have some psychological problems?
Hey, Vaishali!
Why are you asking me all this nonsense?
Ask me what you want to know.
Why did you demand to negotiate
only with Vaishali?
I mean...
Why did you insist for me?
Do you really want to know?
Yes. I have to know.
If MP Ajay Sarathi gets here in an hour,
you will know why you are here.
-You know what you are demanding?
-One hour.
Let me hold me from behind.
There was an uproar in two states
because I had said that.
If you say that in Hindi,
hell will break loose across the country.
Do I need all that?
The interrogation gave me
a terrible headache.
Massage my head.
-Stop. Who are you?
-Who let you in?
-I want to meet the minister.
-You can't meet him.
-He's calling us.
Send him here.
-Who are you?
-Sir, I am from Intelligence.
Take a seat.
-Why are you here?
I was there
when you were talking with Godse.
I just got back from there.
I know, sir.
Godse is tracking your whole family.
You need to be cautious.
What do you want me to do?
I need some information from you.
Sir, where could Ajay Sarathi be now?
One second. Sorry, sir.
-Tell me.
This is not as simple matter.
A lot of bigwigs are involved in this.
Don't be tense. Feel comfortable.
Oh, no!
You made an elderly man kneel.
This task doesn't require
your attention, sir.
We will take care of it.
I'll handle it, sir.
What's special today?
Have you all eaten?
Can I get your breakfast, sir?
I tell you what,
get cow milk in a glass.
Okay, sir.
How long will this take?
Sir, it will take another five hours.
Five hours?
Such a long show!
He is a bit of a tough guy, sir.
Tough guy!
Shall we go?
I'll take care of it, sir.
Until this operation is over,
I will stay put there.
And I will stay put here.
So sad! He must have been through a lot.
Why else would he do this?
What do you say?
Give him whatever he wants. Okay?
-Okay, sir.
You can go.
Sir, I need to know
more about Ajay Sarathi.
He is a nominated MP.
And the Chief Minister's right-hand man.
Issues between Godse and him
never came to our notice.
-Sir, this is DGP Bharadwaj.
-Hello, sir.
-Commissioner Pawan Acharya.
-Hello, sir.
The Chief of Operations,
Chitra Ramachandran.
And Special Investigations Officer
Negotiations Team.
Hello, sir.
Sir, we don't have much time.
-So, let's proceed with the negotiations.
What is your opinion on Godse?
As far as I know,
he is a good businessman.
I don't know why he is doing all this.
I heard this operation is taking place
under your supervision.
If I may ask,
is there any special reason, sir?
Are you interrogating me here?
Oh, no!
Did it sound like that?
Not at all my intention, sir.
If you can give us some more information,
we can deal with him in a better way.
Can you keep your cool while talking?
Villain is a looker, isn't he?
He looks handsome.
Mr. Ajay Sarathi.
How are you?
What are you up to?
Did you feel this is the only way
to solve your problems?
I thought through an entire day.
I thought through an entire month.
I've felt this is the correct way.
Okay. What is your wish?
What do you want?
I will send everyone out.
You can tell me.
Why? Do you have a problem
if they remain there?
No. Not at all.
Tell me.
Do you kill people
if they don't do as you say?
Okay. Cool.
I will settle everything.
As you wish.
"As you wish".
To deny my wish,
why did you resort to such a massacre?
I don't understand
what you are trying to say.
The issues you faced regarding
your industries,
I will set them right.
All things said and done,
our Ajay is very eloquent, isn't he?
Yes, sir.
Is there anything else?
Let me think.
Why did you kill Shalini?
Who is Shalini?
You killed Shalini.
Don't you know her?
Do you know who Shalini was?
How would I know who Shalini was?
Sixty three days ago, on 30th January...
TV channels, newspapers,
and media networks that he's in bed with
carried an interesting headline.
Hostage case.
You were the negotiator
for that operation.
Do you remember?
Please save me from these people.
-Hey! No police!
-Save me...
It was a robbery case.
During the shoot-out that day,
the dacoits killed the hostage,
and the dacoits were killed by the police.
Come again.
It was a robbery case.
During the shoot-out that day,
the dacoits killed the hostage,
and the dacoits were killed by the police.
Do you recognize this guy?
Do you know who sent him?
The honorable Member of Parliament
sitting right next to you!
Everything was planned!
Do you know that?
What do you gain
from spinning such stories?
I don't understand.
Do you think I am lying?
My money, my business, industries,
or the loans held up
by international banks...
None of these is important to me.
I came here with a good intention.
But you not only killed
my pregnant wife...
You led a massacre!
DGP Bharadwaj?
Yes, Mr. Godse!
Can you take him into custody?
Is this an official statement?
Yes, it's official.
Whether you demand it or not,
it's my duty.
Nobody is above the law.
You tell me what actually happened.
If you want to know the truth,
within an hour,
Nijam News Media Head Punyamurthy,
the retired Chief Justice Ananta Krishnan
and along with the nomination papers
these rogues filed in the last election,
the Chief Election Commissioner
Lakshmi Narayana must come here.
That's my demand!
One hour.
-Go ahead. Tell them to move forward.
The Chief Election Commissioner
and the retired justice are on their way.
Sir, they entered the island.
Track and guide them immediately.
Ask them to move forward.
His name is Viswanath Ramachandra.
A London-based businessman.
He attended Davos Business Summit
for his business expansion.
Good morning, all!
I am Viswanath Ramachandra.
Thank you for inviting me
for the World Business Summit 2020.
I am really glad to share the stage
with eminent personalities
from different parts of the world.
Whenever I meet my business partners,
my colleagues, my employees,
they always have the same question for me,
you know?
"What is the most important quality
of a successful businessman?"
According to me,
a businessman has no friends,
no enemies, no emotions,
and no deviations.
And all that he loves
is the color of money.
You killed it this morning.
Great speech.
-You are a Telugu!
Please come.
-I'll call you back.
-Okay, sir.
By the bye,
I am Industrial Minister Bhikshapathi.
This is Finance Minister Manikya Rao.
Ajay Sarathi, MP.
Hello, sir.
This is Mr. Jai.
-Hi, Jai.
Jai has told us that you run businesses
in London
and employ around 18,000 people,
and you are the highest tax payer there.
We are proud of you, Mr. Viswanath.
You are in London and you are planning
to expand your business elsewhere.
We have come to invite you
to invest in the two Telugu states.
Great initiative.
How come you invested
in the land of the British
who ruled and looted us for 200 years?
Mr. Viswanath,
if you are planning to invest,
you must do it in India.
If you want to provide employment,
it should be in our state.
Whatever taxes you pay,
should be paid only in India.
Because you are a Telugu.
Please come and invest in our states.
We will speak with the CM
and get you single window permission.
We will support you in all possible ways.
Thank you for your invitation.
-I'll definitely think about it.
-Thank you, Mr. Viswanath.
A few days later,
Viswanath Ramachandra came here
with a proposal
and he was given all permissions
and was allotted land.
He then prepared a project report
and raised 1,600 crores as loan
from international banks.
He received 500 crores
in the first tranche.
He stalled the infrastructure development
half way
and ran away with the money.
The lending banks
filed a case against him.
He is a fugitive.
Now he has kidnapped a few VIPs
and is playing games with us.
Sir, Godse is calling.
We have to go.
Sir, please.
You all respected my demanded
and came here.
Look, gentleman.
What you are doing right now
is completely wrong.
As per my briefing, you came to this state
to expand your business.
And this state government
gave you a wonderful--
Using the great opportunity
this state government gave me,
I raised loans from international banks,
stalled the work and absconded with money.
Is this what they told you?
Yes. Exactly.
I didn't come here to set up business
or make money.
And definitely not because these people
invited me at an international summit.
Do you know why I came here?
After the international business summit...
My high school classmates
had organized a reunion.
I wanted to be there
and give them a surprise.
So, I set foot in India.
-Vikranth, don't follow me.
-Yes, sir.
It's a one-day personal trip.
Arrange for my return journey.
-OK, sir.
-OK, bye.
As I was driving to my village,
it brought back so many memories.
The village beckons,
The excitement soars
A melody springs
From the overwhelming memories
The green fields
And my village surroundings
Haven't forgotten my name
Despite the long separation
On the edges of the village,
On dusty roads
As I step down,
It felt ecstatic
The breeze from the green fields
Caresses my chest
My heart sings,
As if born again
Like an infant longing for his mother
This land beckons me close
No matter how tall a tree grows
The roots are deeply embedded in this land
Lift, please.
Hey! You are...
Hey! Sitaram!
Hey! Godse!
How many years has it been!
Hey, Godse!
-How are you?
-You didn't forget that, did you?
-How can I?
Hey! I just saw a Merc go this way.
Was that yours?
That's not mine.
Tell me it's ours,
and it'll make me so happy.
You haven't changed a bit.
But you have changed a lot.
-Let's go.
-We're meeting after 15 years.
-Do you remember my vehicle?
-Wait. Let me drive.
It's been so long.
Let's go.
Hey! A big surprise for all of us!
Look who's here!
-Our Godse?
Godse has changed so much!
How many years has it been!
Hey, Godse!
-Don't call him Godse. He gets angry.
Hey! I told you not to call me that.
For us, you are always Godse.
-Do you recognize him?
-How can I forget?
Look who is here!
-Hi, guys, how are you all?
-Hey, Viswanath!
Good, good.
I'm good, man.
Where is our scientist?
Where are Raghava and Pawan?
Haven't they come yet?
You want to meet only the scientist,
not us?
Oh my! I'm kidding, man!
-Hey! Our stage!
We can neither forget the stage,
nor the play.
Why is he frozen?
Hey, shoot!
Godse! Shoot.
Quick! Shoot!
Why are you standing still?
Godse, shoot!
Come on, shoot!
I won't shoot.
I love Mahatma.
That's a toy gun.
This is just a play. Shoot him.
I won't shoot. I love Mahatma.
-Godse, stop!
-Godse, stop!
Hey, that's not my name.
Godse, stop!
-Godse, stop.
-Shall we dance?
-It's the same beat.
Let's go!
What happened?
-What happened, man?
-What happened?
Raghava! Raghava!
You promised to return with him
and the money.
I don't want money.
Ask him to get up.
You are his best friend, right?
If you tell him, he may get up.
Please ask him to get up.
He used to say he would become
a great scientist, right?
He will.
Please ask him to get up.
What's happening here?
Please. He will listen to you.
He loves you a lot.
Tell him.
He has left us, Aunt!
What happened, man?
I went to the city
to make some purchases for our reunion.
-Hey, Pawan!
-Our reunion arrangements are terrific.
-Let's leave at 5 p.m. today.
Where is our scientist?
Call him up once.
Pawan, tell me.
Raghava is here.
-He wants to speak to you.
-Give it to him.
Hey, scientist! How are you?
I am good. How about you?
I am fine.
On my way here,
I saw your mom at the bus station.
Anyway, why don't you
come to Pawan's place?
We can talk here.
Okay. I'm coming.
The food is aromatic!
-Looks like he's going to eat it all.
Hey, come in!
Hey, scientist.
You're here at the right moment.
Pick up a plate and sit down.
We can talk things happily later.
First let's dig in.
Hey! Won't you come to my place
unless he comes here?
That's enough.
Hey, scientist.
How are you, bro?
I am good. Of course.
No doubt.
You will become a great scientist.
I've told your mom
that you'll become a great scientist.
-You will, won't you?
-Yes, I will.
You will!
You said you wanted to tell me something.
I met your mom at the bus station.
You told her that you'd send some money.
Do you have it?
I'll get it.
My boss promised to pay me today.
-I will go and get it.
Scientist! My train leaves at five.
Come back before that.
Yes, I will.
Hey, scientist! Where are you off to?
You guys carry on.
I will be back soon.
-Scientist might not get here in time.
-He will be here. Let's wait.
If I don't start now,
it'll upset our reunion plans.
If I miss the train,
it will be a big problem.
Scientist and you can come together.
Open your eyes, son.
Rajaram! Rajaram!
Hey, Rajaram!
What happened?
What happened?
-Call an ambulance!
Somebody call an ambulance!
What happened to you?
Please drive faster!
What happened to him?
He is my tenant.
He is highly educated.
Ten days ago...
I am leaving for work, son.
One minute. I'll come along.
Yes, come.
What is it?
Sir, can you find me some work?
This kind of work?
You are so educated.
Why do you want to do this work?
My mom had slogged for 25 years
to get me educated.
If I can't help her financially now,
what good is this education?
Son, you're well educated.
This sort of work--
I need the money.
No. Listen to me.
It's okay. Take me along.
I will do it.
Hop on. Please.
What is this, son?
Please start the vehicle.
I will carry it.
No. Give it here.
What's the matter?
Have you met your friends?
Can you please come down?
Okay. Coming.
What is it?
He wants to speak with you.
My friend has come from the village.
I need to send money home.
If you can pay me now...
Who will finish the job there?
Lazy son of a bitch!
Please don't speak like that, sir.
He is highly educated.
Is he?
What is he doing here then? Huh?
He is in need of money.
There. Look at them.
They finished the job a week ago.
I am paying them now.
Go and finish the pending job
and meet me next Monday.
Sir, please pay us for the job
we've already done.
Don't irritate me. Go away!
It's okay.
He is being very unfair, son.
-Don't mind him.
-Let's complete the job.
-I couldn't do even this much for you.
-It's okay. I am used to all this.
You made a wonderful solar cycle.
-Super! Congrats, Rajaram!
-Congrats, Rajaram!
Our friend will become a great scientist!
Our Rajaram won the gold medal
in the Science Olympiad!
Your education won't go waste.
It will come in useful in some way.
Man lives on hope.
I don't know why.
I lost that hope today.
What are you saying?
Hey... Hey!
I know this is our destiny.
Why am I still crying?
Hey! What's your academic qualification?
Masters in Technology.
What are you doing now?
I am a life insurance agent.
-What's your qualification?
-Bachelor's in Technology.
What are you doing now?
I am taking care of my dad's dairy farm.
Hey, where is our topper?
Where is our top-ranking student?
Over there.
Hey! You are a topper, right?
When you earned the top rank,
the whole village celebrated.
What are you doing now?
What are you?
I am a tutor in a coaching center.
-What's your qualification?
-Masters in Technology.
-What are you doing now?
-I'm still trying to get a job.
Hey! What's your qualification?
What are you doing now?
Hey! What's your qualification?
What are you doing now?
I studied hard and completed
my Bachelor's in Technology.
After making all possible attempts,
I am finally running an eatery
right in front of the college I attended.
As children we believed that Rajaram
would become a great scientist.
All his studies, degrees, and medals
were of no use to him.
He ended up working as a painter.
He couldn't bear it.
He couldn't bear it and committed suicide!
What sort of system are we living in?
What did we study and what are we doing?
When he graduated,
he was so happy wearing these clothes.
Here, this is his gold medal.
Have you seen it?
My son is a great scientist.
For the final procession
Of starving deaths
Withered hearts
-Become pall-bearers
What good is education
That guarantees no jobs?
What good are dreams
That don't provide a square meal?
Is this an endless war
For employment?
When will there be a solution
For this predicament?
Awake! My country, awake!
Awake, my country!
Awake, my country!
Does your story
End in sacrifice?
Does your anguish
Burn on the pyre as your achievement?
The flames of potential
That sparkled in a classroom
Why doesn't it transform
Into a bright future?
Is the governance at fault?
Or are the governed cursed?
With time as witness
Is this a social betrayal?
Can we anticipate a revolution
At least now?
Hey! You will drop it.
He is very fond of it.
After fifteen years,
I came back for this reunion.
But I didn't expect to see this.
I shall leave now.
But I will come back.
For all of you.
-What is it, Visu?
I want to tell you something.
You look different.
What happened? Tell me.
I've told you what happened
in our reunion, right?
It was very unfortunate.
I've made up my mind.
I want to shut down
all our operations in the UK
and start them in India.
By doing that,
thousands of unemployed,
qualified graduates
will get job opportunities.
What do you think?
Such a noble thought, Visu!
I am with you.
And I am so proud of you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I am being a bit selfish here.
Our baby will be born an Indian citizen.
It is full of joy
Filled with tenderness
This sweetness of family
-So beautiful!
-This fragrance of intimacy
You like it?
Like an iris
Like a just-born baby
It's the same dream
All around
It shall be wonderful
Whatever our future holds
The rest of our journey
Is filled with bliss
It's full of joy
Filled with tenderness
It shall be wonderful
Whatever our future holds
The rest of our journey
Is filled with bliss
Hey, let us in!
Godse is our friend!
There's no one named Godse here!
This is Godse's house.
Godse! He is not allowing us.
Sir, I tried to stop them.
It's okay. They are my friends.
Let's go in.
-Godse. One minute.
-Wait a minute.
Come. Let's go in, guys.
Our destiny
And our paths are all same
What a house, man!
By the way, where is your wife?
No matter what you do
Your friends?
I shall always stand by you
It's me.
How did you know?
Superb, sister-in-law!
Finally, Godse!
You told her about all of us!
I spoke to them about it.
You better take this issue
to the CM's notice.
OK, we'll talk.
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, London Businessman!
Sorry for the delay.
Who are they?
They are with me.
Hello, sir.
So, finally you came to India.
To create more employment.
I had already asked you
to come and invest here.
But you rejected the idea.
Yeah. I had to change my mind. So...
Change is good.
Invest all your money here.
Let us all develop together.
This is the beginning
A festival of joy
In a hearty friendship
This is a new chapter
Like an iris
Like a just-born baby
It's the same dream
All around
It shall be wonderful
Whatever our future holds
The rest of our journey
Is filled with bliss
A festival of joy
Filled with tenderness
It shall be wonderful
Whatever our future holds
The rest of our journey
Is filled with bliss
I have just landed from Delhi.
I have a small job on the way.
I'll finish that and reach
the party office by 10:15.
So, what's up?
How is Viswanath Industries faring?
He has completed half the work, sir.
Are you sure?
His investment has already crossed
600 crores.
He is very happy doing his work.
So, it's time for me to speak with him.
Yes, sir.
Okay, fix the meeting.
Mr. Viswanath,
this might not be the right time.
I have a proposal for you.
We have a small factory on the outskirts.
You need cement
to construct your buildings anyway.
I like an investment for its expansion.
We can create more employment.
I'll think about it.
Do think.
Take your time.
Come with a positive outcome.
But don't say no.
Jai will be in touch with you.
Don't call and annoy him.
No, sir.
It was about the Rs. 100 crore investment.
Check out that cement factory.
We will take a call based on that.
-What do you want?
-Mr. Sarathi has sent us.
-Mr. Sarathi sent you?
-Please come, sir.
-Come on. Let's see.
Please come.
I will inform him that you are here.
What is this?
There is nothing here.
Let's go a little further and check.
They have come to see the factory, sir.
I think we are at a wrong place.
Hey, this is a cement factory.
This seems to be a suitcase company.
But he's told us it's a cement factory.
Suitcase company doesn't mean
they make suitcases and handbags.
They talk about it on TV
and write about it in newspapers.
These are fictitious.
Shell companies and suitcase companies
don't exist physically.
They exist only on paper.
You know something?
Where do you think
all the bigwigs keep their loot?
They divert it to companies like this one.
Hey, someone is coming.
It's Jai.
Let's go talk to him.
You have been pestering us
to invest Rs 100 crores.
Is this the factory?
What's wrong with the factory?
Everything is fine.
But there is no factory here.
This is the first unit.
That is the second unit.
The building beside it
is the administrative block.
Every month, around Rs 1,200
will be credited as salary
for guys like you.
Our guy won't invest in such things.
He has to.
He has to invest, buddy.
So, are you threatening us?
I'm seeking investment.
But he says I'm threatening.
I know.
This is how system works here.
Do what they want
and your work will progress.
Make this clear to your guy.
Okay, I will.
I will make it very clear to him.
Hey, London Businessman!
What a surprise!
Stop putting pressure on me.
What happened, Viswanath?
I have a vision.
With that vision, I came here to invest.
And you know that.
We are all on the same page.
Let's develop together.
Not at all.
As long as people don't realize
the intentions of you people,
they will continue to be deceived.
Your intention is to make money.
But I want to create job opportunities
for thousands of graduates.
I'm not willing to invest Rs 100 crores
on these suitcase companies
that exist only on paper
without any physical presence.
You have come here all the way
to convey such a small matter?
This may be a small matter to you.
But I am taking this project forward
like a sacred duty.
And please!
Don't interfere.
Then hear me out.
If you want to continue
without hindrance,
you will have to fulfill our wishes.
Otherwise your work will stop midway.
What's with these successive notices?
This is your fourth notice.
Stop your construction at once.
Otherwise, we'll seize the factory.
The minister is very busy.
He can't meet you.
I will wait.
As you wish.
The minister wants to see you.
-Hello, sir.
See, Mr. Viswanath.
No use circling round me or my house.
Please, sir. What did you tell me
at the business summit?
Why these notices now?
My work is half complete, sir.
If it stops now,
my vision will be shattered.
-I want you to consider--
-Viswanath, we say many things.
But you never came forward to invest.
Sir, please listen.
You can withdraw all these notices.
He is here.
Sarathi, I have told him the same.
It is not in my hands, is it?
We have to follow the boss's orders.
What can they do
going against the government?
I told the boy a number of times.
He wouldn't listen.
Visu, are you okay?
I got a phone a call. So, I came out.
Why did you get out of bed?
I was not able to sleep.
Hello, sir.
My name is Viswanath Ramachandra.
Sir, I have been trying to meet you
for some time.
Oh, really?
What is the matter?
I came from London to set up industries
and create employment opportunities here.
But some people who are corrupt--
Since I refused to entertain the demands
of some people working under you,
they are creating obstacles
under one pretext or the other.
These are the various notices
I have received in a span of three months.
I've spoken to several people
who are similarly affected.
Let me see.
If you can empathize with me
and take action,
it'll be really helpful.
We followed all the guidelines
mentioned in the Industrial Policy, 1991.
You've told me. I'll look into it.
-You may leave.
-Thank you, sir.
Before asking someone to invest
in our fake companies,
don't you check his background
and his capabilities?
He has united all the industrialists
who suffered losses because of us
and is ready to fight against us.
He still has faith in me, so he came to me
complaining against you.
I have no doubt.
He is a man who will fight for his rights.
He shouldn't remain in this state. Okay?
I will close this issue, sir.
Do whatever you like.
Set fire to the factory!
Reduce it to rubble!
Come on!
The whole factory should turn to ashes.
Hey! What is this?
They have torched the factory.
Viswanath Ramachandra is here. Kill him!
Come on!
Hey, no!
This is a private army of goons.
They are doing this because
they didn't get what they wanted.
-Let go of me.
-Godse! Let us get out of here.
Let's go.
Fast! Move fast!
They have destroyed the dreams
of thousands of people!
We told you, Godse.
We are used to this.
This is our life.
You came here to help us
and became a victim yourself.
This hurts me more.
Why do you waste your life
on people like us?
As your friends,
we are proud of your achievements.
That's enough for us.
Please leave. Go back to London.
I didn't come here just for you guys.
When I went back after the reunion
I couldn't even sleep in peace.
I would hear the anguish of
millions of unemployed graduates.
So, I wanted to create
at least a few thousand jobs here.
I shut down my businesses in London
and came here.
But I now understood.
Many MOUs and GOs concerning
large industries like ours,
are put on hold by the government
for stupid reasons.
If they are cleared,
millions of jobs can be created.
Let's do it.
Let's get them cleared.
How dare they do this?
-Let's we meet the CM--
The CM is their ringleader.
He used to sell oil on a bicycle.
He has earned billions now. How?
Does that mean we can do nothing?
They showed us
what corrupt politicians can do.
We mastered technology.
Let's show them what we can do.
How much they got
from the central government?
How much loan they got
from the World Bank?
How much is actually spent?
How much is diverted
to suitcase companies?
Let's make these accounts public.
Come on!
Our systems have been hacked?
Track immediately the IP address
they have used to hack.
Our systems have been hacked, sir.
Hackers have our entire data.
We are trying to trace them.
Guys, did you track their IP address?
No, sir. We are trying.
Come on! Track them! Track them!
Bounce their IP address
and reverse hack them.
Got some information from Intelligence.
He's hacked all government departments
and seized
all the confidential information.
If it comes out,
our government will collapse.
Here is the evidence of their crimes.
You can take this to the Governor.
Got it.
Thank you, buddy.
Thank you so much.
Let's go.
Take care.
We are meeting the Governor
with such sensitive data.
You think it will work out?
Providence protects the truth
through someone or the other.
That faith will lead us on.
Watch out!
Raghava, get up.
Let's go to a hospital.
They will kill you too.
Raghava. Get up.
Let's get you to a hospital.
I am not able to call you Godse.
I won't let you die.
One last time...
Don't say that, Raghava.
Look how you are shivering.
Here. Take this.
What are the police doing there?
Some damned crooks have sneaked
into that house to rob.
The police have surrounded the house
to nab them with their guns pointed.
The crooks couldn't escape.
So they took
the lady of the house hostage,
and slit her throat.
Poor thing.
She was expecting a baby.
She was nine months pregnant.
How much the baby must have suffered!
Our baby will be born an Indian citizen.
Tell me, sir.
What was my mistake?
Would you kill us if we said no?
If we questioned,
would you resort to massacre?
What makes them so audacious?
Is it the power that people gave them
through voting?
Or is it the money they have accumulated
by misusing that power?
What has emboldened them?
I want to kill that audacity
and make lives better.
And I have chosen this path to do it.
This shouldn't have happened to you.
I am really sorry about it.
But the path you have chosen for justice
is wrong.
We have very powerful systems
in place for that.
To implement them,
we have constitutional bodies.
Where are they, sir?
As long as there are leaders who subvert
the system and create disorder,
people like me will rise up in revolt.
Mr. Punyamurthy!
As the head of a media network,
can you tell me in simple terms
what your job is?
To take the policies
of the government to the public.
That's why we are called
the fourth pillar of the Constitution.
Fourth pillar of Constitution!
Fancy word!
Mr. Punyamurthy!
What is this news?
"Friendship outlasts death"
"Bank scammed, businessman absconds"
"Robbers murder housewife"
You sing praises of those you like
and smear those you dislike.
Professing to speak the truth,
you sell lies to the public every day.
Are you not ashamed to be called
the fourth pillar of the Constitution?
What is the share of the CM and the MP
in your channel?
What nonsense are you talking?
Together they own 69 percent.
Sixty-nine percent.
You can create anything, huh?
Target. Target right now.
Yeah, right, right. Ninety degrees.
Maintain altitude, 120 meters.
I want them rounded up and locked up!
I understand your situation.
You called him here
as he's hand in glove with them.
You have called this gentleman here
for justice.
I don't understand why you demanded
that I should come here
with the nomination papers
filed during the last elections.
You make numerous inquiries
before you issue a passport.
MPs or MLAs represent millions of people.
But why do you let them
enter the Parliament or Assembly
without conducting an inquiry?
Pick one from the nomination papers
of the previous election.
Read it out!
"This Nomination belongs
to Maddala Adikeshavulu.
Constituency, Balabhadrapuram.
Immovable property:
A house in the village,
three acres of farm land,
two bedroom apartment in the city,
and 120 grams of gold.
Movable Property:
Ambassador car, Innova."
Do you believe those details are true?
What will you do
if they I prove them false?
I can cancel their nomination.
If the elections are already over,
we can rescind their victory.
-Of course!
According to Section 125/A-CPC,
Representation of the People's Act 1951,
we can take action against them.
Don't hurt me. I will tell you everything.
Open it.
Name is Maddala Adikeshavulu.
Constituency is Balabhadrapuram
I have 236 kilograms of gold.
I own 1400 acres of agricultural land,
and 18 shopping malls.
Seven guest houses.
Three shopping malls.
And all the companies in my name
belong to him.
-Can you hear me, sir?
-Yes, I can.
There are land mines here, sir.
Surround him and lock him down.
Okay, sir.
Move forward!
They all have advanced weapons.
Just shoot them.
Total net value--
This is the truth.
Nomination papers
that 90 percent of representatives
file as judicial affidavits.
All lies!
Ma'am, Godse has streamed it live.
What? Sir, one second.
-Across how many portals?
-No idea.
Mr. Godse!
We have brought all those you asked for.
It's such a sensitive matter.
How can you stream this live?
These are things that people
should know transparently.
Why do you call it sensitive?
Godse, I know.
You have been done great injustice.
But this is not the way to deal.
Vaishali! How many views?
Seven million and counting.
Stop it!
Let the public know the truth.
Call the Home Secretary.
Tell all the TV channels
to stop the live streaming.
I want this to stop right now.
You got it?
Inform all media and channels
to stop this nonsense immediately.
Tell me at least now.
Will you submit the proof to the Governor
and annul their victory?
Will you arrest them immediately?
Tell me yes or no!
Though I'm retired now,
I was a Chief Justice before.
So, I shouldn't express my opinion
in public, but...
On a personal level...
Whatever you are doing now,
we should have done it long ago.
-Just stop it!
-Don't involve in this, okay?
-This guy is gone.
-Don't do it!
-He'll die at my hands today!
-Don't touch me!
Leave me!
We have to stop this operation right now.
-I am giving orders to blast!
-Okay, sir.
Just do it.
-Why? Why don't you?
-Calm down...
Good job, guys! Good job.
Well executed, huh?
Thank you.
What happened?
Godse ordered food on Zomato
from Blue Fox
using his credit card three minutes ago.
-Yes, sir.
-Three minutes ago.
-Has the food been delivered?
No, sir. The executive has just started
from the hotel.
-Share the GPS with me right now.
-OK, sir.
-And keep this a secret, OK?
-OK. Sure, sir.
-Get out!
Get out!
Ma'am, what--
Sit. Fast.
Check! Check that!
Godse's credit card details, right?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Pull it up!
When did he order?
How many minutes ago?
-Five minutes.
-OK. Good. Pull it up!
-Whatever you can find.
-It's done, ma'am.
Last ten days' purchases. Right now!
-I want it right now.
Yogi, listen carefully.
Godse mirrored live
from a Philippines IP address.
But he is in the city.
That criminal misled us.
I have forwarded a GPS location.
Follow it. I am on the way.
Yoginder! It's a trap!
-It's already--
-Sir! Where's the CM now?
He is in a secret place.
What's your problem?
His life is in danger!
If any of you move,
all of you will be blown to pieces.
Mr. Viswanath. please listen--
Just shut up!
One word out of your mouth,
my bullet will lodge itself in your heart.
I mean it.
As a child I had heard of
people possessing huge wealth
and enjoying royal luxuries.
In order to experience them,
I left the village I was born in,
and the state I grew up in.
And I even left my beloved country!
And I got into many businesses.
Yet I couldn't experience it.
Just, in the name of service,
you guys simply came into politics.
And in no time, you amassed huge wealth
and enjoy a luxurious life.
Mr. CM!
What is your salary
for serving this state?
After the deductions,
a CM get 3,05,000 rupees.
An MP gets 2,83,000 rupees
and an MLA gets 1,25,000 rupees.
So, on the whole,
it only amounts to Rs 1.83 crores
in five years.
But today,
using some anonymous people
and the so-called suitcase companies,
you have amassed
exactly Rs. 72,000 crore.
Usually, one earns money through a job,
or a business or agriculture.
But how do you make thousands of crores
by engaging in public service?
Because you are all looting public money
in the name of service!
Your power and money
make you act very audaciously.
I am here to kill that audacity.
-You are misunderstanding--
-Shut up!
Do you take me for a politician
who breaks his promises?
This man, with your backing,
has caused a lot of destruction.
He stopped lots of industries
and indirectly killed 3,00,000 jobs.
What did I do, man?
Every student who has worked hard
for 25 years
wishes to spend the next 25 years
doing a job that suits his qualification.
Only because of you people...
As per the surveys,
only 6.3 percent in this country and state
are able to live like that.
The remaining 93.7 percent
find no meaning in their education.
Their jobs have nothing to do
with their education.
Such miserable lives!
One guy promises three lakh jobs.
Another promises five lakh jobs.
You make hollow speeches,
pull wool over voters' eyes,
bring many of your unemployed politicians
to power using their votes
and finally treat them worse than insects.
Many businessmen like me come here
to create employment
and serve the people.
Whereas you enter politics
in the name of service
and set fire to my business and destroy
my ambition right before my eyes!
That's why!
Only a qualified man
should sit in the Assembly.
A decent man should go to the Parliament.
A courteous man should become a mayor.
A civil man should become a village head.
You are all not fit to sit on this planet.
Rich with clear streams
And bright orchards
Green fields waving
-I need to stop him.
Jai Hind!
This is the confidential data disc
that Godse wanted me
to send to the Governor.
Sir, there is some sensitive information
that requires your attention.
Godse collected all this
and he lost a lot while collecting it.
Sir, these are the details
for your reference.
This demonstrative evidence
is pointed in the right direction, sir.
Our systems have been corrupted.
Sir, Viswanath Ramachandra, alias Godse,
and his friends
tried their best to deliver
such highly sensitive information to you.
But they were murdered.
Godse did this in retaliation.
Are you saying
that Godse's intentions were right
though he killed so many people?
No, sir--
Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi.
But this Godse killed corrupt politicians
who pretended to be great souls.
The path he chose might be wrong. I agree.
But his final goal
was to create employment opportunities
for millions of qualified graduates.
The government has not cleared many GOs
concerning private industries
because of the selfish motives
of these politicians.
You can get them cleared, sir.
Millions of unemployed
will find job opportunities.
Sir, it's a humble request.
Please take action.
If you want to define power,
there should be a demand first.
I will show the power of a rubber stamp.