Godspeed (2016) Movie Script

I don't know how things turned out
this way
I suddenly remembered when Wu
took me to the airport this morning
Boss, have a good trip
This damn traffic
Our country's real great though
Twenty four hours, Big Bro
Places to eat, twenty four hours
And traffic jams, twenty four hours
Not a single day without traffic
I think I need a doctor
my bladder's going to bust
Spending all day in the car
Nothing's wrong with Wu, right?
Wu's fine
That day he took me to
the airport he told me have a good trip
That threw me off
Because usually when he takes me to
the airport
He'll say
When are you coming back?
When's your return flight?
How long after you met those Thais
did things turn out like this?
From the start they
took me somewhere new
Somewhere I'd never been
It wasn't long before
I felt something wasn't right
Then why the fuck didn't you run?
How would I run?
Where to?
And then?
Then a bunch of guys came
And after that?
After what?
What I'm saying is
did you and that Edward Scissorhands
become friends in the end?
Grab him
How did things get so fucked up?
My contact in Thailand ran into
a little trouble
So they started to suspect me
Anyway, the crowd he ran with
was real paranoid
If they started to doubt you
it usually wouldn't end well
Were you also dressed like
this that day?
Wearing these smartass glasses?
You want to say something?
We're friends
I respect you a lot
Stop suspecting me
I came a long way
to show you I respect you very much
You've done business
with me for so long
and your Thai is still shit
You say you respect me
But your pronunciation for "respect"
sounds like "dick"
Are you saying I'm a dick?
I respect you
Bring it here
Touch it
Touch it
Those fucking Thais
Especially the dealers
They love to drop big money on rocks
Sometimes when they cut a rock open
It's nothing but a rock
But if they cut a rock
And inside there's jade
And if it's good jade
Holy shit
Then you hit the jackpot
Why'd they make you touch the rock?
You think there's anything inside?
I don't know
You don't need to know
You just need to say if there is
or there isn't
I don't know what to tell you
Some people say, those about to die
Will usually give the right answer
It's really in there
How did you guess there'd
be something inside?
He already spent so much money on
the damn thing
If I said no
He would've popped me right there
If I said yes
The way things were
I still had a chance
So was there anything inside?
There really was something in there
So you could say
that rock saved your life
You could say that
When will those goods be
ready to deliver?
Another two weeks
Is it that little punk again?
How do you know him?
Applied for the job
And you trust him?
It's a gut feeling
Gut feeling
Ah Wen
Where's motherfucking Ah Wen?
He had to go do something
Haven't seen a hair of his ass all day
That ugly ass monkey face motherfucker
Did you know
The past few years
when he first came here
I looked after him
He was like a guide dog even
a blind man wouldn't touch
I found out later
When he takes drugs
He's even more like a damn poodle
He'll jump all over you
Holy shit
Fucking twitching all over the place
Like someone's about pop
his ass any moment
Crazy as shit
What's the matter with you?
You keep fucking staring
The fuck are you looking at?
Is there a motherfucking ghost?
You know, you've had this problem for
a long time
I have a problem?
What's with you
Afraid if you come over
I'll fuck you up?
You keep motherfucking staring
Making me nervous as fuck
You've got a motherfucking illness
How long have we known each other?
15 years
Why is it in 15 years
You've never torn the
plastic off the sofa
What's wrong with my sofa?
Nothing wrong
It's just a little weird
I'm telling you
As long as you keep it wrapped
It's as good as new
But it looks old as balls now
Who're you saving a new sofa for?
We buy things so we can use them
Not to keep them feeling new
This isn't even a good sofa
You ever seen a good sofa
That has plastic wrap on it?
Don't judge my sense of style
You're making a personal attack
Wearing a fucking white shirt all day
Dressed like some charity worker
Even if you don't wear clothes
Just because you don't wear it
Doesn't mean it'll stay new forever
What about my clothes?
I just fucking like it this way
Your sense of style's quite special
Wearing a tank top with a gold watch
Holy shit
What's a watch have to do with
Don't look down on this watch
It's a Rolls-Jordan, yo
What's a Rolls-Jordan?
It's a partnership by Rolls-Royce
and Michael Jordan
Where did they partner?
Rolls-Royce and Michael Jordan
are in two different worlds
How would they partner?
Stop judging my tastes
Careful you don't piss me off
I'm not judging You
We have things so we can use them
Even if they get old or dirty
In the end, we get attached to them
But sitting on a plastic wrapped sofa
ls messed up
So what?
You're saying you want
to help me tear it open
I don't have anything else to do now
Holy shit
Motherfucking pants stuck to the ass
It can't breathe like that
Tear it
Keep tearing it
Holy shit
Too amazing
Good as new
I don't even want to sit now
You move pretty fast
I'm smoking a motherfuckering cigarette
The fuck you looking at?
I'm not here to see your pretty face
I came to tell you your boss wants you
The Wind's strong up here
Your cigarette ash is going to drop
The fuck are you doing?
The fuck are you doing?
Motherfucker Fuck
Don't run
Damn fast on those stubby ass legs
Did you advertise for a delivery man?
Go to 100 Huayin Street,
behind the train station
Once you get there,
don't take the elevator
Take the stairs on the side
To the 9th floor
You'll see a lion
Open the door and go in
Keep going to number 906
Did you fall just now?
I forgot to tell you there's
a bump when you walk in
You don't need to keep looking
There's nothing to see
You've done anything before?
I was in auto parts
Our business is simple
Delivering goods
About once every two weeks
Think about it
Hang up and go downstairs
Take the stairs again
There'll be a noodle stand by
the entrance downstairs
Eat a bowl of noodles there
Make sure to order the pork
and pickle noodles
A pork and pickle noodles
Motherfucker can't you read?
We only sell beef noodles
Pork and pickle noodles
At four in the morning, go to
a sauna on the east side
There won't be many customers then
You can sauna half an hour
After the sauna you can order
breakfast there
I recommend you don't eat it
Because the breakfast there's disgusting
You need to get up around six
Anyone want a towel?
After you wake
Take your key
and open a new locker
Inside will be what you want
A new set of clothes
Where to?
Young boss
Young boss
Fuck you
What the fuck's this for?
Can you drive?
Young boss
I don't smoke myself
Young boss, where are you headed?
I'm just off work
If it's on my route back
I can give you a discount
It's not on the route
Young boss's headed far?
Airport and train stations are on my way
I'm going down south
Going down south,
it's best to take my car
Young boss
You know what's most important
for driving long distances?
The most important's not to look for
Some shiny new car
You got to find someone like me
A driver you can make conversation with
Like that driver just now
Yelling at the slightest move
What if you drive halfway
And he picks a fight with you?
Is down south on your way?
On my WHY
We'll pass right by my house
Young boss
I'll give you the cheapest fare
Going south
I'll charge you the 150 km to Taichung
After Taichung, no charge
300 km there and back
1 km is 25N 300 km's exactly 7500N Plus the 70NT minimum fare
And tolls and gas fees
I'll count them as just 1500 N In total it'll only be 9070N That's the cheapest
That's the cheapest
Young boss
On top of that
As a personal service
I won't charge when you're on the clock
I'll wait while you take care of business
And after that I'll drive you back
Young boss, young boss
How about this
9070N I can take 9500NT instead
I don't need the 70N Make a new friend
Make a new friend
Big Bro
Feeling all right?
You can call me Old Xu
Xu, spelled X-U
Not S-H-U
You don't have to spell it, I know
No big deal
It's easier to spell it out
I was driving all night last night
You drove all night and you're still taking
me this far out?
No big deal
I'm used to it
Wait a moment
Take the interchange
Rest up and get gas
I've been a driver twenty years
There won't be any issues
You're not a native here
Young boss's real sharp
You can tell just by listening
Over twenty years ago,
I came from Hong Kong
I can't be considered a
Hongkonger by now
I count as Taiwanese
Can you watch the road when you talk?
I'm just happy to talk to you
Why come to Taiwan?
Hong Kong's no good?
It's been so long
I've forgotten it all
Daily life, though
It's all the same over there
Can't say one side's
better than the other
Or the other side's better than the one
No such thing
Big Bro
Can you turn up the air conditioning?
Not cool enough?
You young people nowadays
Can't stomach the slightest hardship
When we were young,
there was no air conditioning
Never heard of it
A light breeze on your face,
that was paradise
Young boss
Listen to me
If you want to succeed
In the future
There's three things
young people need to do
That is to
Suffer Suffer Suffer
You can only succeed
if you grow up with suffering
Then you'll understand
the meaning of hardship
Want a taxi, bro?
What's the fare?
Depends where you're going
We charge by taxi meter
Taxi meter
Taipei to Kaohsiung?
Taipei to Kaohsiung is 7000
To Tainan?
Tainan's a thousand less
Just 6000
Even with tolls
Even with tolls?
Everything included
How new's your car?
Seven, eight months
So new
About eight months old
Not bad
All right
I'll ask for your car next time
Young boss
What time you want to arrive?
It's still early
Want to eat something before hitting
the road?
So many people are in line over there
There should be something tasty to eat
This isn't a restaurant
There's nothing to eat here
Excuse me, do you
Oh, we thought there was food here
No, no
Uhh, that
I got the message yesterday morning
I rushed over at dawn
My father passed away last night
Oh right, this...
Maybe the messenger was sensitive
What happened to him?
My father passed
very suddenly last night
May I ask where you're from?
I'm from Taipei
My father had a lot of
Taipei friends when he was alive
He doesn't keep in touch with them
as much now
How did you and my father...
We were friends despite our ages
When your father was younger
he helped me out
Thank you
Come on
Aren't they
usually only
given at the funeral ceremony?
Every place has its own customs
Don't feel forced
It's the thought that counts
I wasn't prepared to present it
right away
My money's in the car
I'll go back and get it
I'll come with you
It's fine, it's fine
It's fine, wait a moment
I'll be back in a minute
You stay here
Stay and watch
I had nothing to do with that shit
Bro, don't blame me
You wanted to get out of the car
and look yourself
So many places you could've looked
And you had to stop in the boondocks
What is this shithole?
What're you going to eat here?
Nothing to eat here but
bullshit and birdshit
What's there to eat?
You tell me
What can you eat?
Damn it all to hell
Nearly fucked me over
If you're going to look
Don't look in a goddamn funeral
Someone's father died Big Bro
Someone's father died
Dead dad, fucking great choice
Lining up for good eats
I'll beat your ass
Someone's dead dad,
and you're lining up to eat
The fuck are you doing?
Head up your own ass
Serves you right
None of my business
Dirty criminals
Lowlifes terrorizing decent folk
Cash has been tight recently
Your Taipei friends came to see you
What should I call you?
What's your name?
I'm Little Xu
It's spelled X-U
Not S-H-U
There's no entrance fee
to see Chiang Kai-Shek's grave
Look at a stranger's corpse
and it costs 2500
You were gone so long
I thought you wouldn't come back
I'll add the 2500 to your fare
The total's 12,000
What fare?
You were the one who wanted to eat
Why am I paying it?
We should've cleared out a lot sooner
Why the hell did we stay?
Young boss
You couldn't have left
You know what?
If you ran
They would've all chased you down
and killed you
No joking
All right
I'll be generous
That 2500
I'll pay 1000
You pay 1500
The total's 11,000
The total's 11,000
1000, 1500?
I'm not paying anything
I didn't want to take your taxi in
the first place
Now what
Anything that happens is my fault?
Okay, okay. okay
Forget about it
Let's not talk about it anymore
Could you give me some cash
in advance?
Let's say
4000N Upfront?
Not even halfway there and you want
an advance
And I don't even have money
on me now
No money
Why would you take my taxi
with no money?
I already told you
I've got no money on me
Even if I had money back there
I wouldn't give it to them
When I'm finished with business
I'll have money
I'll give it to you then
Have you ever heard
of paying a taxi upfront?
With your car this shitty
Did I bitch when you pulled
a 9000NT fare out of your ass?
Don't insult my car, all right?
I maintain it regularly, excuse me
Then cut the bullshit
Keep driving
Anyway when it's time
I'll get you the money
I'll get you the money
Young boss
To tell the truth
I've been too good to you
Just now I was making a run for it
But then I thought it over
and decided to come back to save you
If I hadn't come back
The one lying on display back there
Could've been you, you know?
You understand
what the hell they're doing?
Why would they turn up
at someone's funeral?
Don't know
Meeting a friend
Anything weird like this happen before?
Looked like that taxi driver
was about to run off just now
Something's strange today
Call Kaohsiung and
tell Blackie to ready a car
And borrow two of his men
All right
Young boss, have a steamed bun
That'll be 100N Fuck
Didn't know you had
a damn cafeteria on board
When I got left the car just now
you said you didn't want any
Now you're looking hungry
Okay, okay, I won't charge you
Here, here, take it
No charge
Young boss,
you travel north to south often?
How long you've been doing it?
Over a year
Hire a ride each time?
Did you pay each time?
Only this time's different
Aren't you the one who fucked it up?
It's not my fault
I meant for us to just grab a bite
and then hit the road
I couldn't do anything about it
When I'm done with business
I'll help you pay that 2500
Why's there someone
following behind us?
Must be your imagination
How was the hospital visit?
If it's fine, why were you knocked out
for two days?
The doctor said lots of people actually
get that symptom
Anyway, I underwent a few tests
Twenty one plus two
Twenty three
Twenty three plus one
Twenty four
Twenty four plus two
Twenty six
Twenty six plus three
Thirty plus two
Thirty two
Thirty two plus three
Thirty five
Thirty five plus one
Thirty six
Thirty six plus two
Thirty eight
Thirty eight plus one
Thirty nine
Thirty nine plus two
Forty plus one
Forty one
Is this the first time?
How do you get better?
If the doctor said it's fine, then it's fine
Young boss
You're dreaming
Hey hey hey
Wait for me here
I'll be back soon
What if you're not?
I'll be back
Let's go together
Wait for me here
Ten minutes
Twenty, at most
Young boss
Look at my face
Take a good look
Do I look like a fool?
All right
A lot of people go in
Then run out the back
I don't mean you, of course
Let's go together
If you come with me
The people inside aren't
going to be happy
If they aren't happy
You might not get your money
I'll give you your money
as soon as I'm out
You'll take me back to Taipei
Hey hey hey
What're you looking at?
This is because you didn't fucking prepare
the pins well
What're you looking at?
How is it?
Not bad,eh?
What're you looking at?
Hurry and set it up
The fucking hell's wrong with you?
Brother Tuo
Holy shit
What's up?
How did you get here today?
Kuo-Kuang Bus or police car?
You must be the world's
smartest motherfucker
Making deliveries in a taxi
Your boss fucking likes you
The other day he was buttering
your ass up all day
But that bastard's weird
Thinks I've got bad taste
Told me to tear
The plastic off this sofa
How does it look?
It's good
It's good
No wonder he likes you
Can you hurry the fuck up?
Ah Cai
Can you move faster?
What, are you giving birth?
How is it?
Are you fucking having fun over there?
How is it?
Fuck you, is how.
Holy shit
Not bad,
Have a smoke
What the fuck are you
standing there for?
Bring the money here
Check it
It is real money
Ahh, Brother Tuo
Are you all on vacation today?
Why's there no one outside?
You're fucking crazy
Vacation my ass, holy shit
Ah Wen?
I asked you where's fucking Ah Wen?
He said he's busy, he'll come later
One of these days,
we'll have to fix his ass
Brother Tuo
I'm truly sorry
It's late almost a week
But the stuff's real good this time
It's very different
It's still the same
Ahh, have you tried it?
I'm not about to fucking try it
I told Ah Cai to try it
Just seeing him in high spirits
I can tell it's good stuff
You must have been fucked over
by that,that what's-his-name,
That Thai motherfucker
When I came back from my trip
to China last week, something came up
So then
I wanted to call you immediately
What was it?
I went to Henan to meet a friend, right?
He took me to his old family home
Introduced me to his old man
That old man was seventy-something
When I came over
They were just having lunch
Then that old man brought a bowl
of noodles in
He grabbed some food
Then hauled a bench outside
You know what he did with that bench?
Did he take it outside to sit on,
while he ate?
How can you be so dumb?
I'll give you another chance
Try and guess
You know what he did with the bench?
He must have used
it as a table to eat on
I'll tell you
Once he took that bench outside
He squatted right on top
of the damn thing to eat noodles
What a fucking joker
You know
When he took that bench
Why he was squatting on it?
I'll find you later
You know why?
I don't know
You don't know why, do you?
You think you can live past today?
You think you'll live
to motherfucking 1400 years old?
Want to kill these two as well?
Kill one dealer
The police won't give a shit
Kill two
The police can look the other way
But kill three
And the police will come for you
Through hell and high water
Your brain's not busted on drugs, is it?
Let's go
What're you still doing here?
You want a hand?
Tell Blackie
Get some more men out here
I don't care what it costs
I want these guys caught
It's my first time riding a Mercedes
It's so steady
So quiet
Tomorrow's my birthday
Did you know?
How would I know?
Driving around today
I kept wondering
Should I go eat steamed dumplings?
What's to wonder with dumplings?
Just go eat them
It's not that simple
Young boss
You know how much I make a day?
After paying for gas
1200N I have to bring home 1200NT each day
Any extra, I get to keep
If I make less
I have to pay the difference
You know, in Taipei
There's a great steamed dumpling place
A lot of Japanese go there
Last year on my birthday
My wife
My kid
And my old mother-in-law
We went together
To eat steamed dumplings
To celebrate my birthday
That day
The place was packed
I let them off first
So they could take a number
In fact, there was a parking lot nearby
But I wouldn't park
It was too expensive
On principle
I don't park in any illegal spaces
or pay parking lots
That day
I searched all day before finding
a free parking space
After parking I realized
It was a long way from the
dumpling place
I ran back to the dumpling place
And saw my family from afar
Still waiting in line
I thought
It's been so long
And our number hasn't been called?
Then I noticed
the looks on my wife
and mother-in-law's faces
Those expressions
Were nasty
I thought
I'd comfort them
So I said It's fine
It'll be our number soon
My wife
Giving a dirty look
Said to me
We've finished eating
And waited for you a long time
We've finished eating
And waited for you here a long time
A long time
I saw that
They weren't holding anything
Didn't order me
Any carry-out
I was stunned
Didn't know what to say
I said
Wait another minute
I'll fetch the car to pick you up
You know what my wife said?
No need
We can call a taxi
Mom Let's go
What's that supposed to mean?
I drive a taxi
I drive a taxi
She said that, my wife said that
What did she mean ride a taxi home?
I don't remember
if I ate anything that day
I kept driving until dawn
Young Boss
Today thank you for helping me
Make a decision today
If I live past today
Tomorrow I'll definitely
go eat steamed dumplings
Old Xu
Look around
See if there's a toolbox
Check if there's a screwdriver
Seems like there's
something under my foot
Kick it over
Can't reach it
Don't kick so hard
How do you kick this thing?
Young Boss
Young Boss
If we die here
Will they think
We were lovers committing suicide?
This is your new phone
Don't go back to Taipei yet,
find someplace and sit tight
For how long?
I don't know
I'll tell you when it's time
Are you okay?
Should be okay
What does that mean?
My thigh hurts
Get that checked out somewhere
If you were shot
Absolutely do not go to a hospital
Then where do I go?
Find a small clinic
I'll contact you later
Move a little farther
Move a little farther
Go in
Go in
Careful, your blood
Don't get it on my leather chair
Young boss
I'm telling you this ahead of time
If we go to a hospital later
And they have to operate
Surgery, whatever
I don't have money to pay
I'll take you back to Taipei now
You're on your own after that
Take me back to Taipei?
Why not just send me to
the First Funeral Parlor
You mean the Second Funeral Parlor
Why the Second?
The First is for big shots
For bodies who are somebody
You're a body who's a nobody
They'll send you straight to Second
Hurry up and take me somewhere
with a doctor
My boss told me not to go to hospitals
If they find out those
are gunshot wounds
They could report to the cops
If not hospitals, then where?
How should I know?
Find a pharmacy, get me bandages
for the bleeding
If it gets worse, I'll figure something out
What if the doctor says we need
to amputate?
What the hell?
I keep turning and turning, there's no exit
It's like a maze here
There's no street signs or anything
I keep getting lost, can't find the way
They should shoot a horror movie here
How'd we arrive at this kind of place?
Who's gonna talk first?
what'd you drag us out here for?
Is this fun to you?
Playing hero?
If you have the guts,
kill me with one shot
I'm the one who
fucking fixed Brother Tuo
The fucking bowling
Training for the fucking World Cup?
I'm telling you, don't mess with me
I know a Thai guy
He has a custom when taking care
of his enemies
He does two things
The first
is to wear a helmet
The second
ls to put their throats between
a pair of scissors
Look at my neck
He gave me this scar last time
I was in Thailand
But I pulled through
Now he's friends with me
If you can pull through this too
Maybe even we can be friends
Ah Wen
Even though I hated you in the past
Every time I met Brother Tuo
I wanted to tell him
To keep an eye out for you
But I didn't want
to talk shit about others
in front of my friend
You killed my friend
Who said you could do that?
You might still have a chance,
depending on what you say
If I talk
I'll have no chance
Brother Wen
I'm warning you genuinely not to move
I mean it
Brother Wen
Don't move
Brother Wen, are you all right?
We're not finished yet
I'm done bullshitting with you
You don't talk
And you'll die
I won't kill you with one shot
I'll saw your head in two
Ah Wen
Who is it?
Red Eye
Or someone else
It's Red Eye
Red Eye says
When this shit's finished
Give me Brother Tuo's share
He says he'll come talk to you
As long as business can continue
Everyone should have no problem
I know everyone calls you Endless Ash
You're always happy
When you can smoke a cigarette
to the very end
Without the ash breaking
Ah Wen
Here's a cigarette
Smoke it
If the ash doesn't break
I'll spare you
Ah Wen
You better smoke this one good
And be careful
Don't make this
the last cigarette you ever smoke
I don't care what bullshit befalls
you after this
Don't send me your obituary
I know you won't die a good death
I furthermore know
That after you die
Even if all 23 million people
of Taiwan pray for you
You'll never reincarnate
Young man
This looks to be a gunshot wound
Most hospitals would report
this to the cops
But here
The police won't give a damn if cats
or dogs get shot
You're lucky
the bullet only grazed you only
The bullet didn't lodge inside
If it was stuck inside
We might
Have to operate
If it was lodged too deep
Near an artery
I wouldn't be able to do anything
This medicine won't have problems,
What problems would there be?
Cats and dogs
Are they not also flesh and blood?
What problems would there be?
When I'm hurt, I use this medicine too
There's no problem with
different body types?
As long as you don't give dog medicine
to humans orally
For wounds, it's not so bad
I'll give you antibiotics in a minute
Didn't you say dog medicine
is different from humans?
Antibiotics aren't so bad
How much is the total?
There's a standard fee for pets
For humans
I don't know
How about 1500?
So expensive
That's not expensive
A dog would be charged more
For a dog as big as you
Do you take health insurance?
Health insurance?
Dogs don't have jobs,
why would they have insurance?
This is a pet hospital
Old Xu
Old Xu
Old Xu
Do you have money?
The medical bill's 1500
Isn't it 150NT to see a doctor?
They don't take health insurance
Got everything with you?
Don't let that touch water
Didn't your father teach you
to carry money when you go out?
He left the day I was born
Back then, my mom left me this photo
And told me it was my dad
Were you sick as a kid?
This man
ls tall and handsome
Doesn't look at all like he's your dad
Since morning,
I've only eaten a steamed bun
Haven't had a drop of water
Money's gone now, too
It's no problem
Anyway, money's meant to be spent
I know you're no angel
But, really, I believe
It doesn't matter if someone's
had a bad past
What's most important
ls afterwards
To be a good person
Live in peace
Whatever you do,
don't take some guy's fucking picture
And say
It's your dad
How was the doctor?
Just a scratch
Listen to me
Turn around right now
Follow this road backward
Drive about half an hour or so
You'll see a sign
To Kouhu Township
You'll see a Jizo statue
Then turn left,
and not long after you'll hit a levee
Turn right following the levee,
then turn left at the first fork
You'll see that Mercedes
There'll be someone there to receive you
We have two packages stashed
in the car
You need to take those
two packages and go
Back to Taipei
Take it to the old spot
Put it somewhere safe
You understand?
Why didn't we take the
goods and money
straight back to Taipei?
The farther we are from it, the better
If we're too close
and something happens
We won't be able to get away
You let Brother Wen go like that
You're not worried he's going
to come for us someday?
Ever since I visited Brother Tuo that time
I always thought Ah Wen was odd
I just didn't think
something would happen so fast
Brother Tuo's already gone
His death brings me pain
But would killing one or two more
Relieve that pain?
I don't think so
In our line of work
If someone comes looking for us
Or someone comes to kill us
Would one more
Ah Wen make a difference?
In a little While, I'll talk with Red Eye
If we can continue doing business
We'll do business
If we can't do business
We'll see what happens then
What is it?
What is it? Say it
That day I took you to airport
I told you, have a good trip
I just suddenly felt like wishing you
a smooth journey
There was no special meaning
Why'd you suddenly bring this up?
Brother Tuo called me recently
I don't know how he got my number
He never called me before
He talked about other stuff first
Then he said
When you told your boss
to have a good trip
It seems you made him concerned
He told me to find a chance
to explain it to you
Do you believe people can live
to 1400 years old?
Holy shit
Too amazing
Good as fucking new
I can't bear to sit on it
You move pretty fucking fast
You know what?
A few days ago my phone rang
I took one look
Turns out it was a reminder
for my birthday
Holy shit
I only just fucking realized
I'm already fifty years old
Afterwards I was bored
I kept checking my cellphone
Damn thing jumped past the year 3000
Then the fucking display said
I was 1400 years old
Are these calendar programmers
Sick in the head?
1400 years old
You're being too emotional
I'm not motherfucking emotional
I just don't like people mocking me
Fucking 1400 years
They're motherfucking mocking me
They think I don't know
How long I can live?
Can we turn back?
Young Boss
I don't care where you go anymore
I'm out of strength
I can't go on driving
If you pay or not
It doesn't matter
Then can I borrow your car?
Can I borrow your car?
Can you borrow my car?
Can you borrow my car?
I'll tell you
Twenty years ago,
times were bad in Hong Kong
I was still young
I had this idea
Why not go see the world outside?
I ended up going a lot of places
Finally came to Taiwan
Settled down without much thought
Someone said
Driving a taxi makes good money
And you can learn the language
I bought a car right away
This car here
Year after year passed
I haven't made money
Haven't learned the language well
You could tell from listening right away
I soon met my wife
We married
Had a child
It's damn bullshit been over twenty years
I don't know how the time passed
I don't have any ideas now
I just tell myself each day
If I can drive another year, I'll drive
If I can drive another day, I'll drive
Hong Kong's pretty close to Taiwan
I used to go back once in a while
to see friends
See relatives
Not anymore
But in Taiwan
I have a home
And a wife, and a kid
I don't know why
I feel like my possessions grew fewer
and fewer
The only one thing
I'm certain I have now
Is this car
Even though it's a little worn
A little Old
No one would flag it down in daylight
Including you
But that's fine
I can drive at night
They can't tell at night
They just see headlights
Can't see it's a rundown car
By the time they wave me down
There's no problem
They'll get on
They feel obliged
The truth is,
we were born without possessions
I think, to be able to have this car
ls already a great fortune
What was your question again?
Young Boss
I'm really exhausted
You've got two choices now
The first, is stay here
And wait for me to wake up
Or else go on by yourself
Dear Listeners
Our program is near the end again
Today we want to play the song
"Subaru" by Shinji Tanimura
as a farewell to our friends
We look forward to meeting you
in the air tomorrow
Wish everybody happiness
Thank you and goodbye
Thirty nine plus two
Forty plus one
Forty one
Forty one plus two
Forty three
Forty three plus three
Forty five
Forty five plus two
Forty seven
Forty seven plus three
Fifty plus two
Fifty two
Fifty two plus one
Fifty three
Fifty three plus three
Fifty six
Fifty six plus two
Fifty seven
Fifty seven plus three
Sixty plus one
Sixty one
Sixty one plus two
Sixty three
Sixty three plus three
What's this for?
It's for you
I don't need this much money
I came here to give you the money
I finished my business a while ago
But I needed to wait for
the breakfast shops to open
It took some time to buy
steamed dumplings
How'd you know I'd still be here?
I didn't know
I assumed you were so tired
You ought to have slept a while
Either way, if you weren't here when
I returned
I'd drive around to search
If you'd really gone
I'd look you up back in Taipei
How'd you get there yesterday?
Stole someone's car
It was that late
And there were still cars to steal?
I just had to look around
It's still hot
Eat up
Old Xu
Happy birthday