Godzilla 2000 (1999) Movie Script

You sure it'll come?
I'd be damned if I disappointed
an important client.
Our budget for this research
is already too low.
Io, do you read me?
Roger, loud and clear.
Turn west 18 degrees.
What's that?
Changes in density of scattering plasma are
expressed in the form of voltage regulation.
In other words, when a charge
fluctuation occurs on the earth's surface,
the plasma in the sky above
is induced to the ground.
A kind of systematic law is created between
the plasma and the tremor in the ground.
In short, it's a seismometer.
And what do you figure out with it?
You are slow, Auntie.
The seismic center does not move.
If it moves at a fixed speed...
It's coming, Dad.
It's here, it's coming...
We still can't contact the Ocean Queen.
Maybe they headed to a different
port because of this fog.
Or maybe they're having
problems with their radio.
Recently, the ocean seems unsettled.
All we can do is drink,
isn't it, brother?
What are you saying?
You're always drunk.
Look, it's closing time.
It's an earthquake!
If you want to get out, now's the time.
I'm okay.
Better still,
worry about your own daughter.
Io is my partner.
Here we go!
Too close.
Dad! Come on! Faster!
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
You're rather young for a deputy
chief cabinet secretary.
You're also chief of
Crisis Control Intelligence Agency.
It went up to Level 3.
Excuse me.
Level 3?
Are you saying it landed?
At Nemuro.
Get ready to dispatch the National Guard.
The area is fogbound.
It would be difficult to dispatch.
Io! Steady! Steady!
- It's better, isn't it?
- Not at all!
Why don't you take some photos?
That's what you came here for, right?
Honestly, I didn't want to take this job!
I've got enough!
You better replace the film.
Run! Move it!
Does Godzilla hate the energy
created by human beings?
Ibaraki Prefecture Kashima Nada-eki
Japan Trench
Finished installing a
G Sensor at Point 23.
Depth is 5,300 feet.
Heading ten degrees right!
It's like a forest of chimneys.
What's that?
You said you'd give me a job with
a computer magazine after Nemuro.
We can't make stories without pictures.
Even a little radioactivity, though harmless
to your body, can ruin your film.
Continue the hunt!
I have to deal with that family again?
Don't complain.
I have a headache.
Is this Kimura from Matsushima?
- This is Shinoda from Tokyo.
- Hi.
The data you just sent me...
That's right.
The temperature of the sea water off Kinkazan
at 38 degrees and 15 minutes north
is a little higher.
- Here, you have to grab it really tight.
- Okay.
Excuse me,
is the Godzilla Prediction Network here?
- Network?
- Yes.
Well... eh... you see,
go over there, turn left,
and then turn right.
That's the short cut.
Turn left, then right?
- Get moving! Move your hands!
- I'm sorry.
Anyway, go to the left, and you'll see.
- Okay?
- Yes.
What's wrong?
Excuse me, Ichinose here.
How's the concentration of radioactivity?
Normal. Good.
How about the seismometer?
Excuse me?
Here is a contract you need
to sign before we continue.
"Admission fee: 200,000 yen.
Monthly dues: 50,000 yen. "
- What's this?
- For membership.
The members will predict
the damage by Godzilla
and study the right investment
and business strategy.
I'm not planning to be a member
of your Godzilla club, you see?
I just want to continue my work.
If you want to continue your work,
you need to be a member.
Mr. Shinoda!
I'm in charge of managing this club.
Right now, we have a promotional offer.
How about this plan with an extra discount?
Crisis Management Information Center (CCI)
The meteorite is highly magnetic.
The material could replace
uranium as a new energy source.
- Meteorite.
- Probably.
If we can tie this
discovery to clean energy,
it will be worthwhile for
CCI to put in the effort.
All balloons have been inflated.
Aqualift system, stand by.
Stand by to commence lifting.
All ships, commence lifting.
It's going up too fast!
It's rising on its own.
What the...
In Nemuro,
northeasterly wind, wind speed 9...
"Godzilla: Close-Up Photo Revealed"
In Urakawa, northwesterly wind,
wind speed 3...
- Dinner's ready!
- Okay.
...southwesterly wind,
wind speed 3, cloudy...
Hello, this is the
Godzilla Prediction Network.
Hold on, please. It's outpost 2031.
Oh, it's Sonora from Fukushima.
I've been observing slight
tremors since this evening.
And the source is moving south.
Young master, Godzilla again?
Let me help.
- Yeah. Give me your hands.
- Sure.
Jeez, you smell.
No, your breath.
- See you tomorrow.
- Thank you. Bye.
The source of the earthquake is moving?
- Thank you very much.
- You call this the "extra-discount" plan?
You didn't say I'd have
to pay the toll charge.
Unit 1, stand by.
Unit 2, cease drilling.
We've drilled holes into the rock,
but we hit something solid.
So we stopped the excavation.
How old are the layers on the rock?
The deepest sample we took is
about 60 to 70 million years old.
How come it floats on water?
Logically, it shouldn't float.
But if it's floating on its own...
On its own?
It could be a living
creature from outer space.
Level 1 confirmed!
This is Katagiri.
I understand.
I will be right there.
Is it him?
According to the ocean floor sensor,
it's heading south of Ibaraki.
I will leave you in charge here.
Just received an update.
He is moving south...
At this rate...
He'll reach the nuclear plant at Tokai.
What happens if the nuclear
plant gets destroyed?
This is Katagiri of
Crisis Control Intelligence.
Godzilla is heading for Tokai Village.
Shut down all your reactors immediately.
I can't. I don't have the authority.
You do now.
And as head of the Crisis Control agency,
I'm giving you authorization.
Now shut down those reactors!
Red alert! Red alert!
Shut down all reactors immediately!
This is not a drill!
- Reactor 1 shut down!
- Reactor 2 shut down!
Clear all circuits!
Clear all circuits!
Godzilla is headed for Tokai
on the east coast of Ibaraki.
The government is holding an
emergency cabinet meeting and
they're sending the army to
the presumed landing spot.
Why don't we observe from a safer spot?
If you want to climb Mt.
Everest, would you be
satisfied with Mt. Tsukuba
just because it's safer?
- Here comes Katagiri.
- Katagiri?
Deputy Secretary of the Interior
and head of the CCI.
Long time no see, Professor Shinoda.
I quit researching at the
university a long time ago.
I know.
You and Miyasaka were a fine team.
You should've come with him
when I established CCI.
Not in 1000 years.
My ideas are totally
different from yours.
What's wrong with killing Godzilla?
Godzilla needs to be studied
for biological science.
It's full of unimaginable mysteries.
To study Godzilla will be the key to disclose
the secrets of living beings on the earth.
So you let him destroy cities?
That's why I organized the
Godzilla Prediction Network.
We predict his next movement
and keep the damage at a minimum.
Why don't you join us?
I will give you discount.
This is the last day for your network.
Shutting down the reactors isn't enough!
You have to shut down all energy
sources around this area!
I'm General Tanaka of the 1st Division.
I'm in command of this operation.
You really think you can kill Godzilla?
It's moving!
Tank battalion ready to attack by 0530.
Ready by 0530. Understood.
As we learned from experience,
when Godzilla is attacked,
he advances instead of retreating.
We can make use of its aggressiveness
and lead it to the mouth of the Kuji River.
It's no use if citizens get hurt.
We thought about it thoroughly.
What if he doesn't do as we planned
and he heads toward the nuclear plant?
In that case, the "Blast Bombs"
we buried underground
will stop Godzilla from
going toward the plant.
Suppose we stop Godzilla and
corner him in the river.
Then what?
We've developed a new advanced weapon.
It's not like a traditional missile.
It's a new generation of full-metal missiles.
It's so powerful, I guarantee it'll
go through Godzilla's tough skin.
- Io.
- Yes?
So, what now?
Take Io and go observe
from a safe distance.
- What about you?
- I'm waiting for Godzilla.
Katagiri's determined to kill him.
That sound can mean only one thing.
He's here.
He's coming. Get going!
Locked on target.
Ready to fire.
Wait till he gets closer.
All units pull back!
Full-metal missiles, fire!
It responding to the
movement of the sun.
As things are...
As things are, what will happen?
Target in sight. Engaging now.
A call for you, sir.
- Katagiri speaking.
- This is Miyasaka.
The rock's gone! It just flew away!
What's that?
I thought we were going to the beach.
I thought we were going to catch bugs.
What were you all thinking?
What in the world?
What was that gigantic flying object?
If that thing didn't come,
we could have...
Kitaura, Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture
This way! This way!
Here we go!
It's logical to think that the object
came from another galaxy.
Why the deep ocean?
For 60 million years?
This is just a theory,
but that object draws
its energy from light.
When it landed on earth,
it sank to the bottom of the ocean
where sunlight couldn't reach it.
But when the research sub
beamed its light on it,
it woke up.
It could be dangerous to mankind.
It could defeat Godzilla.
It must have fierce destructive force.
But I heard it's been inactive for a while.
We have to take counter-measures.
Scan and analyze the object.
If there is an alien in there,
there should be a vital signs.
Okay, keep it coming, careful now.
Turn the crane west by 20 degrees.
What about Godzilla?
Nothing so far.
The Marine Corps is still
sweeping the area.
Hey, back up!
All units, keep 300 meters
away from the target.
Sensors in scanning mode.
Stand by. Over.
Begin sensor scanning.
There are no vital signs.
But there is some density.
Either liquid or gas...
How could this thing even fly?
I have to say that their technology
is more advanced than ours.
Professor Miyasaka, a call for you.
This is Miyasaka.
Shinoda wants to see me.
He wants to use CCI's state-of-the-art
equipment to analyze Godzilla.
- Sir, any comment on the spaceship?
- Not at the moment.
The object is not showing
signs of movement.
Any idea if it could be dangerous? Sir? Sir?
Do you think it'll move again?
Since when are we on a first-name basis?
How about you pretend to be my porter
and you can keep working on this?
At least call me your assistant.
This is odd.
It turned on by itself.
Was it connected to your cellular?
No way.
Then how could it be showing this data?
To be blunt, you're the last
man I'd ask for a favor.
Where is Godzilla now?
I want to ask you the same question.
You can use the CCI equipment
under one condition.
You share all the data you
find about Godzilla with us.
It's a deal.
We're going back to Tokyo.
This data was hacked from my computer...
It's the Godzilla file.
If you give them our data, what'll happen
to the Godzilla Prediction Network?
Don't worry. Just bring me
the disk with the data.
I want you to help me with my
summer vacation homework.
I'm almost done.
Alright, bring that too.
These photos are from a Godzilla
skin sample I found in Tokai.
The first one clearly shows
scars and traces of damage,
but the second one shows none.
Are they the same piece of skin?
The photos were taken
only five hours apart.
That's a remarkable healing ability.
Every layer of skin, every cell,
every blood vessel...
They're all intact.
What a creature Godzilla is.
The question is, how can all
these cells regenerate?
Maybe it has something to do with
the radioactive properties in his body.
Let's put it under the microscope.
Look at that.
How does he manage to regenerate
his cells so quickly?
Cell recovery and reformation.
Even with the simplest life-forms,
we've never been able to do that.
It's like watching the process of creation.
In a way, we're its godparents.
You discovered it.
You should name it.
Let me think...
Regenerator G-1.
Regenerator G-1.
- The clouds are clearing, sir.
- Don't panic.
That thing's tied down
with electromagnetic cables.
Even if it wakes up,
it's not going anywhere.
If Regenerator G-1 is the secret
of Godzilla's healing ability,
then we're on to something monumental.
It could revolutionize modern medicine.
It would be wonderful
if we could do that.
This is only a fraction
of Godzilla's miracle.
It's like we're back
together at university.
Why did you resign?
I couldn't take it anymore.
It had gotten too unethical.
We were doing the research
for all the wrong reasons.
Come in.
Excuse me, sir.
There's an Io Shinoda here to see you.
Did you bring 'em?
It has broken the
electromagnetic cables.
You up to your tricks again?
Dad, I couldn't let them
destroy our network.
But they'll find out soon enough.
They're your own disks, right?
- Should we run?
- Yeah.
The UFO just flew away again!
The UFO is currently
flying over Yotsukaido.
Liquid or gas, how could it
still be alive after so long?
It must have been in
suspended animation.
I just can't conceive of any life-form
that could survive for 60 million years.
Good Lord, I just hope it's friendly.
Scanning helicopter! You're too close!
We will extend the broadcasting
time to continue...
Today, around 5:20 p.m.
at Makuhari, Chiba,
three helicopters from CCI were shot
down by an unknown flying object.
All six crew members
were killed in the attack.
What alien space vessel?
...residents need to be very cautious...
Good heavens!
Government officials ordered to dispatch
the National Guard to deal with UFO.
It's a scoop! Let's go to the rooftop!
No time, lets get out of here!
Get going!
Let go of me!
- What's the matter with you?
- Let go of me!
It's the scoop of the century!
Close off all streets around City Tower.
Evacuate everyone in there, now!
Right away, sir.
All aircraft away from the
5-mile radius around Shinjuku.
This is now military airspace.
Team 2 will start leading.
Yuki! Come on!
Now that we know it's hostile,
we must do whatever we
can to destroy it quickly.
Thank God it's going to be dark soon.
That gives us a few hours
to plan a course of act.
What's tomorrow's forecast?
Sunny and clear.
We have to use the Blast Bombs...
We've got to destroy that thing tonight.
When's it gonna do something?
We've been waiting all day.
At present, all traffic and transport
facilities to this area are stopped.
The area around City Tower
is completely blocked.
An evacuation order was issued
for Shinjuku, Nishi-Shinjuku,
from blocks 1st through 6th...
This really is incredible.
A giant flying saucer appeared
in the sky above Tokyo,
like a scene from an old Sci-Fi movie,
and is perched atop City Tower,
It is looking down on us as if to challenge
mankind for rulership of this planet.
Hacked again?
All computers in the Shinjuku
area have gone down, sir.
- Isolate our main computer.
- Yes, sir.
The main computer at Anti-Hacking
Center has crashed too.
The main computer at KDO
has also gone down.
What the hell's happening?
- Try the infrared filter.
- Yes, sir.
It's hacking City Tower's supercomputer.
It'll soak up every last bit of data.
Use the linkage tracer to
visualize the access route.
Yes, sir.
at this rate, all of Tokyo's data
could be gone in a few hours.
I can't believe it.
This could be the end
of our civilization!
You really call this civilization?
Anything we don't understand,
we try to destroy.
And CCI, ground zero for
that kind of lunacy.
We're all gonna die,
and I'm part of the reason.
Aren't I?
- The engineers have just left, sir.
- Good.
Team 2 surrounding UFO and standing by.
Oxygen rate slowly declining.
Regeneration balance collapsing.
How long do you need
to set up the bombs?
- Half hour tops.
- And to pull out?
Ten minutes. That ought to be plenty.
Finally, I got through.
- Yuki?
- Guess where I am.
In a few minutes,
I should know what they're after.
Now listen!
Get out of there immediately!
You hear me?!
Katagiri's up to something.
Are you crazy?
No way I'm gonna leave now.
We gotta know why they're
interested in Godzilla.
I'll call you back later.
Hello? Hello?
I'm going to strangle that imbecile!
We're on the 51st floor.
Bombs moving into place.
Hey! Stop! Wait! Stop the car!
Out of the car!
Let me go!
My mommy's in the tower!
We have to save her.
Let us pass! Her mother's in the building.
Let us through!
Hurry up and go, Shinoda.
This building will be blown up soon.
- But...
- Its Miyasaka's order.
What are you doing? Get out!
- I think I know what the aliens want.
- There's no more time.
The whole building's coming
down in ten minutes!
Go on!
How about you?
I'll go as soon as I get this data.
Go find a guard and ask him to tell
Katagiri to postpone the blast.
Hurry up!
Dad, don't be too long, okay?
I promise.
Here we go...
Blast Bomb's in place.
All units pulling out now.
Detonation at 21:10 precisely.
Check. Detonation at 21:10.
All units, detonation at 21:10.
- Radio.
- Sir.
Two people are still inside the tower, sir.
Who gave them access?
I did, sir.
Clear the area immediately. No delays.
- Stop!
- Yes, sir.
Don't blow up the building yet!
My dad's on the 48th floor!
Contact Katagiri and tell
him to delay the blast.
There's someone left inside the building!
Postpone the detonation.
Proceed as instructed.
It's Shinoda in there, sir.
I'm not changing the plan.
Too late. We got to go. Follow me.
- Daddy!
- Io, wait!
Let me go! I've got to save him!
No, it's too late.
You can't go in there!
Don't do it!
It's a dead end.
I hear something.
I survived anyhow.
See here?
They want to change our atmosphere to
make it suitable to their living conditions.
The key word is...
What does it mean?
1000-year empire.
They want to build
their own empire on Earth.
But they needed more information.
Look at this.
Why are they so interested in Godzilla?
Did you bring your homework?
Something without form
can take on another one.
Regenerator G-1?
Godzilla's entered Tokyo Bay!
What if we just shut down
all the electricity in Tokyo?
If there's no power,
maybe he'll just go away.
No, it's no use.
I think so, too.
There's only one thing on
Godzilla's mind right now...
That's right.
Look at that.
It's Regenerator G-1.
What's going on?
It's absorbing Regenerator G-1.
It's using Godzilla's cells
to adapt to our atmosphere.
Hurry! Get the fire extinguishers!
Put out the fire!
Look at that.
It's trying to become another Godzilla.
That's ironic...
It used Godzilla to regain its own body,
and then it was destroyed by Godzilla.
Godzilla's coming!
Look out!
- Run!
- Get out of here!
Move it!
I've never seen him this close before...
- Come on!
- Leave me!
We scientists produced this monster.
And ever since, we tried to destroy him.
But then why,
why does he keep protecting us?
Maybe because,
Godzilla is inside each one of us.