Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth (1992) Movie Script

Come on.
Whoa! No, no, no.
Hello, Gentlemen.
Am I a free man?
Takuya Fujito. Thirty years old.
An archeologist and a former
assistant professor at Toto University.
He is single.
To be exact, he is divorced.
He has a daughter.
But he seldom pays alimony.
The National Environment
Planning Bureau?
What would a government
organization possibly want
from an average citizen like me?
Last month, a very large
meteorite fell to Earth.
We have been investigating
its effects
on the environment from
various aspects.
During the investigation,
we've found this.
It's a satellite photograph.
Where is this?
I can only tell you that it's one of
the Indonesian islands at this point.
My firm owns the island.
Who are you?
I am Andoh, secretary to the
president of the Marutomo Company.
Some tea?
We plan to develop the island.
The Japanese government is
also funding the development.
I see. So what?
You want me to go and collect
this thing for you?
Of course, you can refuse.
If you think that the job is
too tough.
Of course not.
There isn't a job that's too
tough for me to handle.
Except this one time, when there was
this tough woman I couldn't handle.
I told you we should forget
about this crazy guy.
You jerk.
Now, now. Ms. Tezuka.
We can't allow for personal feelings.
So, then.
If I do this, am I a free man?
Well, forget it.
I will be released from here
in another week or so anyway.
Why in the hell should I help
you people?
Takuya, you sound like
a man with no ambition.
Masako, don't worry.
You'll get alimony soon.
I don't think it's gonna be
all that soon.
Theft is a major offense in
this country.
On top of that, you ruined
precious historical remains.
Hey, wait a minute. Hold on!
How long am I gonna be in here?
Oh, I'd say another 15 years.
What? Fifteen years?
Wait! Masako! Hey!
Just hold on a minute.
Please come back! We can talk!
Miss Masako!
Yes. Come in.
Good morning, Gentlemen.
Morning, Professor Fukazawa.
Thank you for your work.
My pleasure.
So, he and Miss Tezuka
have left for the island?
Yes, they left from Bangkok today.
What do you think? Will they succeed?
Hmm. I hope so.
I think this will be a
difficult task for Miss Tezuka.
I mean, having to work with
her ex-husband.
I don't think so. Actually,
I think they're still in love.
Well, there have been some terrible
changes in the climate recently.
Men are destroying the very
Earth they live on.
We can't go on like this for
very long.
This meteorite isn't helping things.
Abnormal atmosphere.
Rising sea level.
The effect on ocean plates.
I'm afraid it looks like we
may be headed for doomsday.
Point 0-5 off Alaska.
Have we found him?
We've found where the
meteorite landed.
It's right next to where
Godzilla was sleeping.
He was resting deep in this
ocean trench.
When it landed, it woke the giant
creature up from its hibernation.
Boy, what a day.
Godzilla's at large once again.
We're heading too far South
by three degrees.
Oh, all right. Do you think maybe
you can tell me where we're going?
Well, I guess so, because you
sure can't run away now.
Infant Island.
Shall we land?
Don't drink too much.
It's a long way.
Oh, my God.
This is terrible.
Men destroy what nature has
been creating
for billions of years.
One clay, all of this
will happen to Japan.
You think it'll be this bad?
Wait. Can this thing hold us?
The three of us together
weigh about 180 kilos.
No problem.
It's okay.
Oh, Well.
You said it was okay!
Hold on tight!
So what are we supposed to do
now, you liar?
This is your fault. I think
you've gained weight. Huh?
You're the same. I'm glad
we're not married anymore!
You two! This is not a good
time to argue.
Uh-oh. We're gonna have to jump!
What are you waiting for?
You mean, jump from here?
Where else? Go now. Hurry up!
You jerk! You want me to die!
Maybe there's a god after all.
It'll be even faster if we
float down this river.
Yeah, cool.
You're pretty good for a
white collar.
Thank you. I had to take a
survival training course at work.
Working for a big firm isn't
that easy, huh?
Row! Row!
I'm rowing.
I thought you said this was
a shortcut.
What are we gonna do now?
Climb this damn thing?
I think we should camp here tonight.
We'll figure it out tomorrow.
For you.
Daddy. I hope you're catching
lots of bad guys.
What's this mean? Did you tell her I'm
some kind of policeman or something?
Anything's better than telling
her you're a thief.
Hey! Wake up!
Hey! There's a cave behind
the waterfall.
A cave?
What is it?
Cave painting.
It looks very old.
How old could it be?
Well, I'd say tens of
thousands of years.
This is tens of thousands of
years old? That's amazing.
That's hard to believe.
Look at this.
There is another path.
Look at that!
What could it be?
It's not rock. It's not metal.
It's like some kind of eggshell.
You mean, it's an egg?
An egg this big?
You think it's a dinosaur's egg?
It's too big to be a
dinosaur's egg.
It's Mothra's egg.
It belongs to Mothra.
Who's there? Who said that?
Wait, Masako.
We are here!
That flower talked!
How can this be?
Can you tell us who you are?
We are the Cosmos, my friends.
And... Are you from space?
We have been living on Earth
since before humans ever existed.
Over 12,000 years ago,
there was a guardian of the
Earth named Mothra.
At that time, there was an
advanced civilization on Earth
and the Cosmos were in
perfect order.
But then something terrible happened.
Some scientists created a
device to control Earth's climate.
This device greatly offended
the Earth.
Offended the Earth?
The Earth is a living being.
It can also be offended.
Since its climate was being controlled,
it felt that it was in danger.
Oh, yes it did.
So it created the black Mothra.
The black Mothra?
Yes, my friend. Battra was its name,
and it was a very fierce beast.
It destroyed everything and anything that
was endangering the life of the Earth.
Mothra battled Battra in
order to protect the Cosmos.
Battra was laid to rest
in the northern sea by Mothra.
But when the climate controller
was destroyed by Battra
there was massive flooding on the Earth,
and most of our land sunk underwater.
Mothra survived in the mountain
with a few Earth Cosmos.
Once again, men are endangering
the planet in all sorts of ways.
Yes, we agree.
Then came the meteorite.
Typhoons and landslides.
My company has destroyed forests.
I feel very guilty.
If it wasn't for the destruction
of forests and the meteorite
Mothra's egg would have
remained underground.
But now Mothra's egg has been exposed.
Tell us. What do you think
will happen next?
Not only Mothra has awoken, we
fear that the dreadful beast
Battra has also awoken somewhere!
What is that?
What's happening to our planet?
Marutomo Architect Office
Marutomo Construction
Save the forest. Don't kill the forest.
All right, stay back. Keep back, please.
Get back. Get back. Come on.
Stop the destruction!
Go home!
No more Marutomo!
Where has the green gone?
Golf Course Development
Welcome, Sir.
Who are those irritating people?
They're just a bunch of
radical environmentalists
trying to make a big fuss
about nothing.
They won't interfere with the construction.
Of course not.
You'd better make sure of it.
The development in Indonesia
is nowhere near restarting yet.
If the Fuji project is late
as well, I'd lose face.
You know I won't stand for that.
What did you say? A giant egg?
Mothra? That doesn't matter!
I'll speak to the government
and make a deal with them.
Make sure you bring it back
to Japan!
What an attraction this'll be.
My God.
Now, how are we supposed
to bring that thing back?
Do you really think that it's
okay to move it?
I guess it'll be better to preserve
it in a stable environment
than letting it go rotten here.
The egg would be better off if
it was in Japan instead of here.
Since when did the Marutomo Company
start caring about a stable environment?
We will put our trust in you.
We hope that humans
who live on this Earth now
don't make the same mistakes
that destroyed our world.
We'll do whatever we possibly
can to help you this time.
Both Mothra and we.
So you'll go to Japan?
Well, thank you.
And I promise, I'll help you.
I'll spread your word
to anybody who will listen.
Do you think
it's a giant creature moving underwater?
It's Battra.
This report's just come in
from Miss Tezuka.
It's confirmed to be
"Mothra's egg".
"Battra" was created.
The Sixth Wing scrambled
from the Komachi Base.
The tidal waves moving in the
Sea of Japan
has been determined to be a
living creature.
The gigantic creature's presently heading
towards Noto Peninsula at 56 knots.
Roger. Destroy it before
it gets near the mainland.
We repeat. Destroy it before
it gets near the mainland.
It's not even hurt!
It's gonna land.
We have to stop it.
It could destroy us!
The ropes are all secure.
All stand-by. She's ready for towing.
There is something good about
working with a big firm.
A giant creature that landed
in Noto
is now presumed to be
traveling underground.
Currently, a warning has been issued
for all the cities in the Chubu Region.
So that's Battra!
Where's he going to go now?
After the creature wreaked havoc
and nearly destroyed Nagoya
it disappeared underground
leaving nothing but destruction.
It hasn't been seen since.
Something big's approaching.
What could it be?
That is...
So, where's Godzilla now?
Offshore of the Philippines.
I can't believe this.
All it was was one meteorite.
How could it bring about so
many disasters at one time?
The meteorite was simply a detonator.
Nothing more.
All it did was set off a time bomb
that was created by us humans.
What are you doing?
We're in danger.
I'm gonna let the egg go.
Otherwise we all go down!
No, you can't!
My boss ordered me to get
that egg back to Japan.
That's why I don't work for anyone!
Damn it.
Godzilla's gonna attack Mothra!
We have to leave the area!
What's that?
Oh, God!
Mothra! Look out!
Wow, they're both mad!
Mothra's going back to the
island now.
Right! Get away while Godzilla
and Battra are still fighting!
Oh, no!
What am I gonna say to my boss?
How can I go back
empty-handed like this?
Don't worry about it.
What is it he wanted?
He didn't want a big ugly worm.
He wanted an egg!
We have to get out of here
right away.
What's happening under there, Captain?
The temperature at depths of 7,000
meters has reached to twenty...
It looks like a large
volcanic eruption.
Now it's thirty degrees.
Still increasing.
It's the border of the Eurasian
Plate and the Philippine Plate.
They're gone.
Both Battra... And Godzilla?
No more signs of life, Sir.
Then the volcano must
have gotten them both.
Godzilla drowned in the magma?
It's a good thing that we lost
the egg, don't you think?
One can never tell what Marutomo
would have ended up doing with it.
I agree. I'm pretty sure they just wanted
to use it to make money for themselves.
That's the first time in years
we've agreed on anything.
Godzilla and Battra are certainly
both gone for good now.
We have a happy ending.
This reminds me of our honeymoon.
Remember? We were having drinks
at a hotel in Cairo just like this.
Nobody could have been
happier than the two of us.
I was so young at the time.
And so naive!
Yes, I was too.
That's why...
Why what?
That's why I should have done
things differently, if I'd known.
That's life.
Everyone grows and
learns from their mistakes.
We can't stay happy inside an
egg forever.
That's right.
Perhaps people should
take Mothra as an example.
Yes, including us.
Takuya! I can't find the Cosmos.
They've disappeared.
This is fantastic.
We can feature them in our
advertisements and promotional stunts!
The media will go crazy.
I agree. Completely.
Andoh. You did well.
Thank you.
Do not worry. You'll be paid generously.
We must prepare a nice place
for them.
Make a room somewhere in this
room and furnish it.
A room? Where would I find
things to make a room for them?
Uh, well, try a toy shop!
Buy something for dolls.
Great idea!
Wait! Wait!
What's your hurry?
What if Mothra comes to Japan
to save the Cosmos?
Well, that'd be...
The only reason Cosmos came
was to protect the environment.
The only thing the great Marutomo
Company is doing is helping to destroy it.
Now, don't you feel guilty
about that?
Well, I feel...
Midori! Hi, I'm back.
Welcome back, Mommy.
Has my girl been good?
Welcome back! Sis, thanks for
looking after her.
How was your flight?
You got here quick.
Professor, you came too?
He has to leave though.
How are you?
I'm leaving for the observatory
in Mount Fuji right now.
What will you be studying?
It's that bad?
I'm afraid so.
The meteorite has destabilized
the Philippine Plate.
What could possibly happen
to the Earth next?
Where's Daddy, Mommy?
He's disappeared.
CEO Tomokane insists that Marutomo
has the ownership of the Cosmos.
He has no intention of
returning them to us.
How selfish of him.
Well, after all, it was his destruction
of the forest that woke Mothra up.
We can just wait and see how the
Earth is going to punish us all now.
Here it comes.
Our dear Mothra
Mothra oh Mothra
If we were to call for help
Over time, Over sea
Like a wave you'd come
Our guardian angel
Mothra oh Mothra
If we were to call for help
Over time, Over sea
Like a wave you'd come
Our guardian angel
Is Mothra coming here for the Cosmos?
If the predictions are right,
it should reach Japan tomorrow.
Yet another terrible disaster.
Mothra is different than Battra.
It's not coming to destroy us.
It's coming for the Cosmos.
I don't care what it wants!
That thing's big enough
to destroy a whole city.
We'll block off Tokyo Bay.
We'll test it to see if it's aggressive.
If the creature doesn't show
any willingness to stop
we'll have to attack it and
kill it.
It's in our best interest
to prepare for the very worst.
Right. That's why we must get the
Cosmos back into our possession.
Only they can tell Mothra not
to attack.
The Cosmos are missing.
The president of Marutomo
just called me.
He suspects that we stole them.
The blockade is doing no good.
The Self-Defense Force will now
attack with live ammunition.
Mothra oh Mothra
If we were to call for help
Over time, Over sea
Like a wave you'd come
Our guardian angel
Mothra oh Mothra
If we were to call for help
Over time, Over sea
Like a wave you'd come
Our guardian angel
Mommy, is Mr. Mothra coming
to Tokyo?
That's what I hear.
How's it going? Hear something?
Please turn off the radio!
I can hear it. Their song.
It's close.
Heard any news from Miss Tezuka?
Nothing yet, Sir.
Our dear Mothra
Righteous Mothra
Fight the great war
Fight the great war
Our dear Mothra
Righteous Mothra
Mothra has landed in Tokyo.
Please evacuate.
Quickly, quickly! Keep moving!
Keep moving! This way!
Mothra has landed in Tokyo.
Come on! This way, people! Quickly!
So that's Mothra.
Sir. Let's get away.
It's our fault.
We brought that monster here.
That's ridiculous, you fool!
Go on! Destroy the city!
I'll build it again. You'll see!
This way!
This is it.
You did? I see. Okay.
They are in Akasaka!
Mothra is heading to Akasaka!
Mothra is approaching!
You must evacuate the hotel immediately.
Hi, Daddy! There you are!
Hey. You've grown up.
Yep. You look younger
than you did before, Daddy.
I'm ashamed of you.
Daddy, please return the
Cosmos to Mommy.
I'm not proud of what I did
but you've done something just
as foolish bringing a child here.
So just how do you plan
on paying my alimony?
Daddy, I don't want you to be
a thief.
I didn't tell her. She just knows.
After this, I wanted to start
my life over again.
All alone?
I'd like to be with the two
of you.
Well, if you sell the Cosmos, it just
won't be possible. I won't have it.
And if I don't?
I believe we can work
something out.
Mothra's getting close.
We have to go now!
Hey! You all right?
Please Cosmos.
Please tell Mothra to stop.
I'll tell my Daddy not to steal
anymore, and I'll make him nice.
She wants a father she can be
proud of.
We understand.
Please, don't cry, little one.
Take us outside.
Somewhere that Mothra can see us.
Evacuation completed, Sir.
Well done.
We're ready to fire at any time.
Mothra, we're here,
and we're all right.
Please don't worry, and don't hurt
any more people. Do you understand?
Mothra wants to tell you
thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Mothra.
Don't fire!
Don't fire!
There're still people in the hotel!
Cease fire.
Looks like Mothra's dying.
Where is it going?
No, not the National Diet Building.
Finally, Mothra got to...
Some really terrible news.
Oh, no!
The pressure of the magma
has risen significantly.
This is urgent. In an hour...
No, in half an hour, I want
this entire area evacuated.
Do you think Mothra is dying?
Mothra's not dying. This is just
the end of its larval stage.
Its larval stage?
Reporting from the National
Diet Building.
There has been a significant
change in the situation.
Mothra appears to be making
some sort of web or cocoon.
Look! They've got the Cosmos
in that basket! Get them back!
Don't you understand, Sir?
Mothra and the Cosmos are special
creatures with a special mission.
If we use Mothra for our own benefits
it will completely destroy Marutomo!
How dare you! Fool!
It's Mount Fuji.
Pull over here.
Are you okay?
Yes, Sir!
What did you say?
First the island.
Now Mount Fuji.
Why should I suffer more than
anyone else? It's not fair!
The Earth is getting its revenge.
Andoh, have you really gone crazy?
No, I'm not crazy.
You're the only one here
that's crazy!
You're fired! Get out!
You don't have to ask me to leave.
Your company will be destroyed.
This company helped to
destroy the Earth.
Now, it's getting its revenge!
The Earth wants its revenge,
does it?
Fine with me! I don't care!
I don't care. I don't care!
The marine divisions
are in place and ready, Sir.
Lights are in place.
Start operation in four seconds.
Oh, my god.
How can this be?
He must have gone under
the Philippine Trench.
Then he traveled through the lava
streams and came out at Mount Fuji.
That's impossible. Any lava stream
is at least 1,500, isn't it?
It's a creature beyond our understanding.
Turn on the emergency circuit.
Miss Saegusa? It's Godzilla!
Godzilla's still alive!
General! Godzilla is back!
He came out of Mount Fuji.
What a creature.
They said he's heading for Tokyo.
Mommy! Look!
Mothra will go find Battra
and fight it again.
Battra is still alive, too.
We have Battra coming from
the ocean.
And Godzilla in the mountains.
What now?
We have a plan that we hope
will work.
We're gonna try and lead
Godzilla to South.
Just maybe we can get him
back into the sea.
Godzilla is approaching Yokohama.
The entire city must be evacuated.
Godzilla is passing through Hodogaya.
Kanagawa is expecting
significant damage.
The entire city must be evacuated.
Godzilla is on the move.
It's approaching Yokohama.
Oh, dear!
What could possibly stop it?
Look there. It's Mothra.
Our dear Mothra
Righteous Mothra
The great war
The great war
Our dear Mothra
Watch out, Mothra!
Get away!
Mothra's reflecting
Godzilla's beam.
That's Mothra's final attack.
Battra, thanks for saving Mothra.
Battra saved Mothra.
They've become friends.
That's crazy.
Battra and Mothra are joining
forces against him.
Together they can beat Godzilla.
They won!
Can they be... It seems as
though they're communicating.
Yes, there is some sort
of communication going on.
What about?
Don't give up, Battra.
You've got him!
You can do it!
They did it!
They beat him!
There's going to be a huge meteorite
in the last year of the century.
I just can't believe it.
Battra was going to stop
the meteorite from landing.
Will it destroy all life on Earth?
It will. Battra's been
waiting around for many years.
It was going to destroy the meteorite.
But now, Battra's gone.
That's why Mothra has to go
to protect us?
Mothra will do it.
The large meteorite is presently
on its course to Earth.
Mothra will fly out and try to change
its course before it reaches here.
Why are they making such a
sacrifice for us?
That's something I'd really
like to know.
Because that was the mission given to
Mothra and Battra. And it's a promise.
A promise?
Of course, that's right.
Bye, my friends!
See you later!
If the world lives to see
another century
please remember what Mothra did for
you and the planet you live on.
Are they ever gonna come back
and see us again?
Sure, they will.
But until that time, we must take
good care of the Earth ourselves.