Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (2018) Movie Script

All landing ships have been annihilated.
Remaining forces unknown.
The operation was a success!
But suddenly... a different Godzilla...
Hereafter, all communication was lost.
Where's the analysis of the gathered data?
This was the last recorded video.
Displaying now.
B-But how...
Estimated height, about 300 meters?
That's too large!
This has to be a mistake.
Comparing with database.
More than 98% match with past data.
This Godzilla is indeed the one.
It's continued to grow for 20,000 years?
Is it immortal?
Captain Mori, what should we do?
We can't return to this planet anymore. We'll plan for the next inhabitable...
Before that, what if it notices this ship?
Controller, if that enormous Godzilla
were to fire its heat ray,
how much power would it emit?
I'll convert it from the estimated output.
I-It will pierce the atmosphere,
and reach this ship.
Although I believe the probability
that it'll notice us is low.
We need to withdraw
from Earth's satellite orbit at once,
and retreat to the moon's orbit.
- Then we can't send rescue ships!
- They've all been annihilated!
There should be a possibility
of survivors.
We Exif are opposed to the idea
of abandoning survivors.
We'll use drones
to search for the landing team.
We don't have time!
- It's the captain's decision!
- On what basis?
However, if we don't find any survivors
within 48 hours...
we will withdraw from Earth.
I can move.
I can breathe. What's going on?
Where am I?
A human's house?
Wireless and positioning system
are out, huh?
Looks like this isn't Heaven nor Hell.
Can it be? Did humanity survive?
Hey, wait! Please wait!
The fog won't descend.
Where did you go?
Please wait!
Is she fine in this atmosphere?
After 20,000 years,
adaptation wouldn't be unexpected.
Damn it.
I need to report to the mother ship.
Maybe the landing ship's communicator...
it only knows the general direction.
I wonder where Metphies is. Yuko... Adam.
If I chase, she retreats.
If I retreat, she chases, huh?
Heat source detected?
Might be the landing ship.
Hey! It talked!
Watch out?
Thank you for helping me.
I am Haruo.
Uh, I mean...
I'm Haruo. Ha-ru-o.
Ha. Ru. Oi.
Yes. I'm Haruo. And you're?
This sound.
Hey, wait!
Are there others?
Other humans that survived!
This is Master Sergeant Yuko Tani
and three more. Anyone out there?
Yuko? Is that you?
Haruo? Is this Haruo?
You're alive? Who else is there?
I'm with Adam, Major Belu-be, and...
Yuko? Yuko!
So it's that way?
I got through to Captain Sakaki
for a moment!
He's alive!
Not now, Master Sergeant Tani.
Hey, did you really see it?
I did! They were rushing toward me
really fast from the forest!
What is that? It went through the armor!
One more shot.
I don't want to die.
I did it!
Let's verify it.
It's a human no matter how you look at it.
This pattern is somewhat...
Already that far...
- Stop!
- Haruo?
Stop it! Hey!
Are you okay?
Haruo! Please get away!
Wait, Yuko. Calm down!
Captain Sakaki,
we were just under attack by that.
- What?
- It's true, Haruo.
We were just fighting a battle with her.
R-Ridiculous! She's been with me this...
Regardless, we will get that creature
in restraints. Adam!
O-Oh, I ran out of...
What's going on?
Damn it. We're completely surrounded.
This many have survived?
We shouldn't provoke them.
Yeah. And we're all out of bullets.
An underground kingdom?
It's just like an ants' nest.
So this is where they continued to live.
- Hey!
- Wait!
Let us out!
Hey! Glad you made it!
it's safe to retract your helmets.
This atmosphere is the same as it was
20,000 years ago.
I'm glad everyone's safe.
- Captain!
- Captain Sakaki!
Belu-be, you're all right.
Lieutenant Colonel Galu-gu,
glad you're safe, too.
You and everyone else were captured, too?
Yes. We were surrounded by a large number.
Where's Metphies?
Unfortunately, he's not here.
This is great air.
Those people were okay
with the forest's air.
It looks like their lungs
work sufficiently in the open air,
but fundamentally
it must be close to ours.
So does that mean they're humanity's...
descendants, is what you want to say?
That might be jumping to conclusion.
But based on how they look,
they can't be anything but human.
They had powder-like substances
spouting from their skin.
Could it be their scales?
Perhaps they could have evolved
from insects.
Hey, a moment.
It's difficult to call them humanoids
based on our definition.
What do you mean?
Their scientific strengths
have not reached proper standards.
Even if they were your descendants,
this is not evolution, but degeneration.
What are you trying to say?
We should only be thinking about
how to escape this place.
Even if we must kill this race.
In any case,
I wonder what they want to do with us?
I don't think they want to kill us.
How do you know that?
They treated all of our wounded.
Is that true?
Actually, I was also treated by...
They could use us for sacrifice.
Look at the walls.
This looks like a graveyard.
Maybe we'll end up like that, too.
If they wanted to kill us,
they wouldn't bring us to their village.
I hope that's true.
So Captain Sakaki, what should we do?
- Captain!
- Captain Sakaki!
You're still the commander.
Run, Haruo.
Do as your soul cries out to do.
We need to somehow escape,
and contact the mother ship.
I found a signal in the forest
almost matching a landing ship.
But I thought all landing ships
were destroyed by its attacks.
Adam's flying unit should still remain.
Yeah, that's true, but...
we can't fly on those things.
We just need to contact the mother ship.
Then we'll procure weapons and food
from the wreckage.
Weapons? Captain Sakaki,
don't tell me you still want to fight it?
You're... Is this...
Some kind of ritual?
For sacrifices?
Give me a break.
Their faces are the same.
They were twins?
Give praise to the Egg.
For the darkness of the land
is the Houtua's tranquility.
For the light of twilight shall cleanse
the vengeance beyond our gaze.
Is this a type of telepathy?
Why do they know humanity's language?
No, for us,
we hear Bilusaludo's mother language.
our brains are changing the language.
Borrowing the Egg's song,
we ask the Passing Crows.
Lend your ears to the Baby Chick.
This be the question from the Egg.
It is ours, the Houtua's, collective song.
Baby Chick?
I see! Those women are the amplifiers
for communicating.
Then, the Houtua's are...
It's the name of this race.
Why did you burn the Houtua's yard
with a rain of fire?
Are the Passing Crows wings of death?
Rain of fire?
We had to do that in order to land!
Then why did you bare your fangs
at the Baby Chicks?
Are the Passing Crows wings of death?
We apologize for the misunderstanding.
But we want you to know.
We came here to destroy Godzilla!
Destruction. Fear.
The enemy of our God.
The Passing Crows oppose Godzilla,
and pecked at his servant's meat.
That's right! We came here
to take back Earth from Godzilla.
Fight against? A God? Challenge? Godzilla?
The Passing Crows are not wings of death.
They sing songs of life with the Houtua.
However, those claws
will not reach Godzilla.
You're saying we can't win?
The Houtua's God was defeated by Godzilla,
and only left behind an Egg.
Those who challenge, those who oppose,
all become engulfed in flames
and disappear.
That's not true!
We can win!
The Passing Crows may meet the end
of their journey as they desire.
Still, the Houtua will walk a path
of harmony and life.
Their lifestyles seem primitive,
but their cultural levels are quite high.
The tied ropes that are strewn about,
those are letters!
They have peculiar patterns.
Even primitives will have letters.
No, they're a highly developed race.
Oh that's right, Captain Sakaki.
It's about that first Godzilla
we defeated.
As the Houtua say,
apparently that was a subspecies.
You mean they're the same race
as the flying ones we encountered?
That's not all.
Even the plants and insects,
and life forms in the forest
are showing similar characteristics
with Godzilla.
What does this mean?
It's a strategy to copy a powerful
creature's phenotypic trait to survive.
So it's just mimicry, but beyond that,
and wants to become homogenous.
Perhaps the surface creatures
have entirely submitted to Godzilla.
I won't accept such a thing.
Captain Sakaki, what you said earlier...
were you serious?
That you'll fight it once again?
I am serious.
You! Whose fault do you think it is
that we're in this mess?
If you hadn't led us to battle
and brought us to a place like this!
- Hey, how could you...
- Wait.
We defeated the first Godzilla
with Haruo's plan.
As someone who knows defeat from
20 years ago, I almost want to thank him.
Thank you, Belu-be.
I was doubtful, too.
But if we withdraw here,
then why did we get this far?
But Captain, I honestly don't know
if we can win against that...
the scale's way too off.
If size is the only problem,
then there are a lot of possibilities.
Haruo's strategy was correct.
No matter how big that bastard is,
we'll gather supplies, recreate the stage,
and defeat it in the same way.
This is our last chance
to take back Earth for humanity.
Am I really correct?
Thirty hours have passed since
we lost contact with the landing team.
We still cannot confirm any survivors.
I hope this doesn't come
to a harsh decision.
I'm periodically detecting
a unique signal on the surface.
Looks like it's repeating its patrol.
It's claiming Earth as its own, huh?
Damn that Godzilla!
It's foggy as usual.
The suit's communication device can't
be used to contact the mother ship, right?
We'll look for the landing ship.
Thank you.
We'll be fine on our own from here on.
Haruo, they won't understand our words.
They should understand
that we're here to defeat Godzilla.
To the village elder who let us go outside
and returned our weapons, we thank him.
Let's go, Haruo.
Yeah, lets go. Let's go.
We, together.
Are you memorizing the words we're saying?
Such high intelligence!
It might be more than I anticipated.
But why come with us?
Probably to monitor us.
Understood. Please come with us.
The landing ship's crash site
should be around here.
For now, though.
It's no good. The compass and
positioning system aren't being useful.
Even if we find the landing ship,
who knows if the mother ship is in orbit.
Let's just look for it.
Is this amusing?
Let's see. It's inconvenient
if we're not using names.
Are those your names?
But we can't tell the difference.
I think the one who saved me was mIana,
and the one you encountered was mAina.
How can you tell?
The one who glares a lot is mAina.
Earthlings' reasons
are always so emotional.
Besides, I was with mIana
the whole time yesterday.
Ha. Ru. Oi.
That's right. My name is Haruo.
They've taken a liking to you, Haruo.
But their language abilities
are quite high.
What's with them?
This signal...
maybe I found it.
What is this place?
Yuko! Yuko!
These things are pesky!
Damn it! Keep firing!
That is...
I'm sorry.
I'm glad we made it.
Hey, can you show me those arrows?
No! Poison.
Battle formation! Fire!
Did we do it?
Which team survived?
Captain Mori.
It's been about 48 hours.
I hereby terminate the search
for the landing team...
and will once again
leave this solar system.
Please wait, Captain Mori.
Garbetrium has given me an oracle.
Disrupting the wicked cloud,
from the bowels of Heaven and Earth,
thou shall once again exchange voices.
A prediction?
You mean the nonsense that your fickle god
occasionally sends on that gadget?
Even if it's nonsense,
has it ever been wrong?
You Bilusaludo's observation
of the Exif's precognition
is from proper application
of Gematron calculation.
Before even bringing up gods,
it was a scientific analysis.
So this "from the bowels of Heaven
and Earth, exchanging voices,"
does that mean
we'll hear from the landing team?
Surface signal captured.
It's a distress signal!
This is Metphies.
Currently, we're gathering troops
near the area of our emergency landing.
Requesting aid. I repeat.
Currently, we're gathering troops
near the area of our emergency landing.
Requesting aid.
We'll welcome anyone who returns
as heroes.
- Can communications open again?
- The noise removal circuits went down.
Please keep trying.
The Central Committee
intends to leave the solar system.
What do you want to do?
Haruo. Got a moment?
Belu-be, Galu-gu. Where've you been?
We were confirming
whether or not what we saw was true.
What do you mean?
Haruo. We can win.
What did you say?
What? You're not coming back?
Hang on a second, then why did we...
This isn't everyone's volition.
That's what I wanted to know
and gathered everyone.
Everyone, I'm sorry.
I drafted
the Godzilla Search and Destroy Plan,
insisted on the deployment of the
landing team, and brought everyone here.
I inherited the commanding position
from Leland,
and as a result, we lost many comrades.
Regarding that,
I can never apologize enough.
I've come to believe
that the plan was successful.
But as you know, we encountered a monster
far greater than our expectations,
and were defeated before even a fight.
We can't win against it.
There are people who thought that.
Honestly, I was one of them.
However, is that really true?
Is it really immortal?
I believe that it isn't.
Humanity's history has been
a chain of challenges against chaos.
And every time,
humans always used knowledge as a weapon.
We have defeated its kin.
To humanity, this is one victory.
Theoretically, it was proven
that Godzilla can be killed.
currently we lack supplies and soldiers.
In this condition, isn't it impossible?
Galu-gu, Belu-be.
We've acquired the most powerful material.
It's nanometal.
Autonomous metal. If I recall,
it was material used for Mechagodzilla.
Mechagodzilla was attacked
right before activation,
and was destroyed with the laboratory.
The development data was also lost,
and you said that it can't be recreated.
However, it had survived.
And in a more evolved state.
That's what this is.
It's the Houtua's arrowhead, right?
Is that nanometal?
The exterior had changed,
but the arrowheads and knives
that the native people were using
was definitely nanometal.
An artisan made weapons utilizing
this special metal characteristic.
for nanometal to self-regenerate,
it fused on a molecular level
with its surroundings
and had an ability to duplicate.
This proliferation speed is abnormal,
but since its been left alone for a while,
it may have resulted
in the limiter malfunctioning.
There were more, bigger clumps of it
in the weapons workshop.
They're harvesting it from somewhere.
Mechagodzilla's laboratory
that was at Mt. Fuji's base
isn't too far from this Old Tanzawa Pass.
I see.
The carcass must be in the underground.
That's right.
If we can find the harvesting location,
and collect a good amount of nanometal,
we can defeat Godzilla.
We can?
Um, still, it's not too late to return to
the mother ship and discuss things there.
The Central Committee will likely abandon
Earth, and continue the wandering journey.
If we return,
they will forcibly withdraw from Earth.
To go back
to a cruel and humiliating ship life,
or remain here and continue the fight
to take back Earth.
I won't force this on anyone.
I'll respect those who want to return.
Everyone, please decide on your own.
Can we really win?
- With his strategy, we defeated one.
- But it'll be a military crime.
Well? What will you do?
- I will stay.
- Me too.
- I will remain.
- Please, let me stay.
It's obvious for Bilusaludians.
Instead of retreating immediately,
we should recover the carcass
of Mechagodzilla and examine it.
Whether we fight Godzilla again or not
can be decided after we determine the
effectiveness of the alternated nanometal.
If we give up here, the people who
gave their lives can't rest peacefully.
I'll stay.
Yeah. If we run, we could be saved, but to
live the rest of your life regretting...
- I'll remain.
- Me too!
- I'll stay, too.
- So will I.
- I'm staying!
- Please.
- I want to stay!
- Me too!
Professor, you didn't want to go back?
This place is a treasure house
full of research material.
Let's ask where the nanometal is.
Are they really going to guide us there?
Let's believe in them.
A habitat for glowing moss, huh?
Captain Sakaki.
- What is it?
- It's about the Houtua.
The powder that's on their skin...
I researched it.
A part of the Houtua's genetics
are most likely insects.
And one that is a sudden variant.
If they did inherit humanity's genetics,
that kind of evolution won't happen.
Because the creatures
turned into a Godzilla,
they must be carrying
some kind of monster factor.
Corporal Marco Ghione and two others,
w-we have returned!
That's it?
Where are the others?
What's going on? Answer me!
Captain Sakaki again, huh?
Monster factor...
Well, before that,
our problem is the surface's ecosystem.
Is that so?
Gradually, this ecosystem
has been made to serve one individual.
All the organisms serve one?
It's Godzilla.
Earth's current ecosystem
is structured to serve under Godzilla.
As the lord of creation, I can surmise
that Earth chose not humans, but it.
Earth chose Godzilla?
Pollution and global warming
due to carbon dioxide,
and the multiple nuclear tests
conducted because of the armaments race.
Such repeated environmental damage
brought the arrival of monsters.
That's the accepted theory.
If civilization disappeared, the natural
environment would slowly be restored
and return to its original state,
or so we thought.
reality has given us the opposite.
The Earth has changed so much
that it cant be undone.
So we need to defeat Godzilla.
It's humanity's responsibility to do so.
Th-This is...
There's no mistake.
What is it?
Haruo, I picked up a unique signal ahead.
The only one that can transmit
a signal like this is Mechagodzilla!
It's alive!
Our Mechagodzilla!
It looks like an exit.
It's them again! Shoot them down!
Yuko! Did you see that?
Yes. That it has evolved this far...
This way! Over here!
No way.
I-Is this a city?
Why would such a...
I-It's all nanometal. But how?
How did it get to such a large amount?
It took 20,000 years and kept growing.
From Mechagodzilla's carcass.
Yes, this is...
Mechagodzilla City!
Mechagodzilla, huh?
But how can...
The signal source is up ahead.
On this planet that Godzilla rules,
and even after losing its master,
our Mechagodzilla
had been continuing to fight.
Let's go, Haruo.
It's the Houtua.
They noticed the twins weren't around.
Thanks for bringing us here.
Please, return.
That, sinister thing. Poison.
I see.
What did they say?
They said it's poison. Poison, huh?
This one
has turned into nanometal as well.
Perhaps the material for the
town-like structures are being provided
by the metallic chemical element
that it consumed.
It's probably all connected underground.
For 20,000 years
it continued to consume...
We won't be consumed too, would we?
Don't worry.
It's only obeying the order
of "defeat Godzilla."
There's gas being emitted
from the nanometal's exterior.
This is creating the clouds above,
becoming a type of heated, active
camouflage and concealing this area.
No wonder we couldn't find this place.
Isn't it astounding?
This facility...
I see,
it's Mechagodzilla's development plant.
That's correct. It's a reproduction of it.
A reproduction? But such a scale...
It self-multiplied
by several 100 times its size.
As I thought, the commands still work.
You can retract your helmets.
The environmental maintenance
command is still alive.
The air around the City
is adapted for our needs.
These sure are strange looking structures.
It's Mechagodzilla.
Some of the parts are constructed
by Mechagodzilla.
This is an evolution
beyond our imagination.
If we can convert all this material
into parts,
wouldn't it be possible
to build Mechagodzilla again?
Not only that,
but construct more ambitious plans!
Just as I thought.
The signal source is inside this building. Can we still use
the original command codes?
Most likely, yes.
Are we going inside?
Either way, we have to search this place.
Let's go.
It feels like
I'm about to go inside a monster.
It's here.
This is the signal source.
Haruo? What's wrong?
Wait, is this...
I thought you said
nanometal won't attack humans!
While it's alive, it won't.
These corpses got absorbed
because they couldn't get away in time.
Will this really be okay?
Here it is. This is...
the signal source?
The exterior is covered
with nanometal, huh?
The carcass of Mechagodzilla.
No, this isn't an ordinary carcass. The signal was indeed
coming from the head.
Half of the artificial
intelligence unit's block is alive.
Control is possible!
Yes! We can do this!
This is...
We've accessed Mechagodzilla's
artificial intelligence
and are now reproducing the control unit.
The body may have been destroyed
by Godzilla,
but the head that was tossed aside
kept on fighting.
Then, using this base as the center,
it continued to grow via the nanometal
over 20,000 years, and built this City.
- Amazing.
- Yeah.
Why does it look like
this area has been gouged out?
It's the hole Godzilla opened
with its heat ray.
At that time, 200 meters away,
it burned down this development facility,
along with 730 of my comrades.
Such destructive power. That's still nothing.
It's estimated to be
six times its original size.
Using that as a basis for output,
if each cell generated electricity
at the previous amount,
- the heat ray's power is...
- Stop it, Metphies.
Oh, my apologies.
I wanted to say that if we rebuild
an anti-Godzilla weapon from the past,
it probably won't work
for the current one.
Anti-Godzilla weapon?
Such a limited strategy
is now unnecessary.
If we mobilize
all the proliferated nanometal,
we can deploy an overwhelming
material warfare strategy.
Okay, first we need
to secure communication.
Haruo, communication
to the base camp has been restored.
We should also be able
to contact the mother ship.
Okay, first they'll leave
the Houtua village.
From here,
we can cluster control the entire City.
We'll fortify city structure,
and construct an enormous trap.
I'll turn this entire city
into Godzilla's execution device. If we had all this,
then even if it's Godzilla...
Wait, Captain Sakaki.
Do you still intend to fight Godzilla?
This time we'll win!
We weren't wrong the other day.
It's just a problem of scale.
And we have enough materials here
to cover that.
- However...
- If eliminating Godzilla
would go against
the Central Committee's policy regardless,
I am ready to accept
any punishment handed down to me.
But, Captain Sakaki...
Captain. The data from the mother ship
appears to be Godzilla's recording
of special movement waves.
The time it doesn't move is long.
Sometimes, it'll wake up
as if remembering, and patrol the area.
It might be wandering this area
because it's looking for this place.
Godzilla appeared right after
we defeated the first one.
It's mildly suspecting that
something's happened in this area.
Right now,
a camouflaged cloud is hiding us,
but if we activate the city,
won't it find us?
We have to act before it finds us.
will fortifications make it in time?
Of course.
The interior's circuits
are being scanned, too.
Skeleton, armor,
and the engine's interior mechanisms
can be customized to the pilot's
characteristics as much as they'd like.
Power storage equal to a fusion reactor.
I'll get three times more momentum.
But the pilot can't endure it,
so there's no point.
If we mechanize everything, we don't have
to think about the body's burden.
Yes, but wouldn't remote controlling
have about a less-than-a-second delay?
It's complete mechanization.
You don't need to worry about that.
Thanks for gathering.
I'll start immediately.
I'd like to confirm the strategy overview.
This strategy is similar
to the previous plan's deployments.
The problem is, where should we
deploy this strategy?
And it will be this City.
We'll lure it here?
We'll do close combat with that monster?
We can concentrate all the energy within
this Mechagodzilla City and overpower it.
When the fortifications are complete,
we'll lift the heated camouflage cloud,
deploy the mobile weapon currently
in production to the outer crater,
and divert it to the trap point.
Mobile weapon?
- Belu-be, if you would.
- Yes.
Currently, we're strengthening
an existing weapon with nanometal.
And this is the completed form.
We'll make overwhelming improvements
to the defense, attack power, mobility,
and add in flying abilities.
We call it the Vulture.
With this Vulture's saturated attacks,
we'll provoke Godzilla,
divert it to the trap point,
and drop it on the detour route
in the underground's nanometal vein,
and swiftly carry it to the capture point.
For the heat ray, we'll use laminated heat
armor plating, spray nanometal particles,
deploy a thermal energy buffer zone,
and somehow hold out.
However, this is a speed battle.
At the capture point, we'll fill it
with liquid nanometal, and stop it.
Using the railguns we set up,
we'll focus fire on one point.
Then, we'll noise sync, and from
both flanks we'll destroy the dorsal fin.
Once the shield collapses...
From behind, we'll finish it
with this EMP harpoon.
It's like a lance for a whale.
From the harpoon's electric pulses,
its electromagnetic waves will run wild...
and its body will explode to pieces.
Its grave will be
the very hole it opened itself.
May I say something?
It seems like all of the nanometal
will be handled by the Bilusaludo.
The base for the control script
is written in Bilusaludo language.
To have other races use it
would be inefficient.
Unless you're saying you don't like how
the Bilusaludo are monopolizing nanometal?
No, that's not what I'm saying.
If you were operating it,
you'd be working constantly.
We are not tied down
by physical limitations such as fatigue.
But that's insane.
This City's environment itself supplies
the Bilusaludo with endless energy.
Just leave it to us.
It's completely changed.
Our nanometal is amazing, right?
I actually have a small favor to ask.
In the past, before this place
was destroyed by Godzilla,
there was a lab that analyzed and repaired
our Gematron calculation crystal
with your technology.
Can that be reproduced
with nanometal's abilities?
Oh. What will you do with such a thing?
I wish to repair this Garbetrium.
It's a ritual component.
Oh, so it's just junk?
It's a precious foundation for our hearts.
To the Shining Valley, a song of grief.
A Snake that bites on bones sneaks near.
The Passing Crow flies towards twilight.
To the Burning Mountain, a funeral song.
The darkness of the land
is the Houtua's tranquility.
Give praise to the Egg.
To the Passing Crows, wings of life.
The wings will break.
The Egg proclaims nothing.
This place is creepy.
What do you think about this strategy?
What do I think? Well, you know...
What's wrong?
We all feel uneasy about this strategy.
Should we believe in the Bilusaludo
and nanometal?
How ridiculous.
Those who are lost possess intelligence.
However, if you remain lost and arrive
at God's Gate, you shall not pass through.
Another preaching just for ease of mind?
Please stop it.
Right now is not the time for god.
Don't lose sight of the main goal.
Right now, what's important is to gather
all intelligence to defeat the evil being.
It's more than I imagined.
If she stays near the City, she'll be
supplied with nanometal's endless energy.
Within five kilometers
of the crater's rim, she's invincible.
I can't believe I can freely...
this is the Vulture. Bilusaludo's power!
I think that's enough, Yuko.
Master Sergeant Tani is doing well.
The compatibility between her
and the Vulture is amazing.
They're a competent unit.
How's the situation?
It's going well.
Looks like problems during the test flight
can be easily fixed.
I see. That's good then.
But you should sleep.
It's like we returned
to the spaceship, isn't it?
We're surrounded by machines,
so it's somewhat nostalgic for us,
yet somewhat different.
Yeah. That's true.
So what do you think about this strategy?
I'm sure it'll succeed.
That's not what I meant.
Is it okay for everyone
to get dragged in like this?
Well, that's...
I think I'm obsessed with Godzilla
because of personal grudges.
Haruo, you were my hope.
We don't have any memories of Earth.
And honestly, we never understood
the older people's homesickness.
The memories of Earth that Grandpa
spoke about were almost like a fairy tale.
It didn't feel real.
Grandpa, huh?
I'm sorry. Because of Grandpa, you...
That's okay. It's not your fault.
But because of that incident,
we all received hope.
To give up everything,
and live life not feeling anything.
In space, I thought that was normal.
But you were different.
You can be mad at the things
you can't forgive.
I feel like that's what you taught me.
And so, wherever you go,
I will follow you.
That's what I decided.
It's nothing. My wounds haven't healed.
Ever since I came here,
it hurts sometimes.
Captain Sakaki.
I'm actually concerned about something.
Ever since we got here, a lot of soldiers
are reporting poor physical health.
I'm also
filling in the doctor's role, too.
Many of them were members who were treated
at the Houtua's settlement.
Didn't they smear their secretions
of powder-like substance on you too?
Yes, probably.
Maybe that doesn't have
a good affinity with this nanometal.
When I took them outside
the City's buildings, they were healed.
I see.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Everything is destiny.
Tens of thousands of years ago, our
mother planet was destroyed by monsters
and we became wanderers of space.
And there, we discerned our mission.
In other words, we are to guide other
species who share our same challenges.
A missionary road.
Well, this is...
Did you come to join the gathering, Haruo?
No, just a change of pace.
It doesn't look like that, though.
I'm lost.
Come in.
I asked Galu-gu, and had them make this
into my personal workshop.
What are you doing?
It's just a broken sacred item.
I was repairing it
with Bilusaludo technology.
The Exif's cultural inheritance, huh?
You said you were lost, right, Haruo?
Is it okay that I'm the commanding officer
for this strategy?
Everyone chose you, Haruo.
This is the Bilusaludo's fort,
and our last hope.
But I can't help but feel
that nanometal is something dreadful.
This is a sinister thing.
A sinister thing, huh?
In essence, it's a wicked thing.
It's no different from a monster.
And to the Bilusaludo who worship it,
I have apprehensions.
Their thought process is too robotic.
But can you really call that intelligence?
Isn't it just logical?
Those with intelligence
will become lost, angry, and grieve. Our battle must be something beyond that.
But the Bilusaludo belittle the souls
who believe that.
They are not trying to unify
the galaxy's intelligence.
But instead, it's as if they want
to become one with monsters.
One with monsters?
I've told you before
that toward the end of many planets'
civilization's development,
they gave birth to monsters.
The Bilusaludos, even now,
may make our same mistake again.
Was your planet
destroyed by monsters, too?
To that which brought
the end of our civilization,
we hesitate greatly
to carelessly say its name.
Words just have that much strength.
So it's like a bad omen?
Yes. But Haruo,
to you who is about to face Godzilla,
I should probably tell you.
The destructive name that we Exif
have been secretly hiding.
Why me?
Remember it when you're in battle,
and about to be swallowed in fear.
There is a far greater destructive power
lurking somewhere in space.
Compared to that,
Godzilla would not even be worth the fear.
Hey, hey...
Keep it within the corner
of your memories.
But you must never say it
in the presence of others.
The Shining Valley is the lamenting marsh.
The Snake beckons it into darkness.
The singing should reach
the bottom of the marsh.
The Passing Crow to the skies...
So pretty.
The people of the past watched the town's
night sky as they walked outside, right?
Yeah, probably.
I'm jealous that you know about
the past Earth.
I was just a kid,
so I don't remember much.
Were you listening
to the Exif's teachings?
No, it was a personal discussion.
Major Belu-be said that any intellectual
life relying on religion is immature.
That's very Bilusaludian.
Haruo, are you okay?
You didn't look so well before. Yeah, I'm fine now.
I won't be lost anymore.
What we should be doing now
is defeating Godzilla.
So Earth can once again
be in the hands of humans.
I promise you, Yuko.
We'll win, and I'll show you
how Earth used to be.
With Mechagodzilla City's discovery,
the Bilusaludos on the ship
are now against withdrawing from Earth.
They say we should reconvene in the City
and fight with Godzilla.
As if echoing them, the Exif agree.
All intelligence shall be joined together,
and are hardening their claim
for a joint struggle.
Give yourself
to universal intelligence, huh?
We must all be as one.
Until the promised day
God descends upon us.
It won't go crazy on us, right?
The fortifications will be done
in a few hours.
Now isn't the time to worry about that.
If this Mechagodzilla City beats Godzilla,
is it really a victory for us?
If it beats Godzilla, will the nanometal
then consume the land?
Geez, stop thinking...
What are they doing?
Okay, I'll see you.
- What?
- I still have things to do.
Machines and humans aren't the same.
Don't push yourself.
I'll be fine.
The land howls.
The Burning Mountain will rise.
That breath is a storm,
that rage is thunder.
Crossing over distant time,
he commands the power of destruction.
Godzilla has begun moving.
How much time left
until the City is complete?
Twelve hours at the least.
If we shorten it more,
safety will be sacrificed.
That bastard still hasn't noticed us.
Postpone the heat armor plating.
Finish the counterattack system
in six hours.
Yeah, let's do it.
Are you sure?
Provoking Godzilla may not be...
We can't win by just hiding.
It's a race to see how much
we can get done before he notices us.
Terminating heat armor plating
construction process.
Creation of counterattack system network
energy distribution will be raised by 25%.
- How was the Vulture's final flight test?
- We didn't have enough time.
How many units are currently ready?
- Three total.
- How many more can be made?
We don't have any more power suits
to use as a base.
We can't make any more.
One has 300 times more firepower
than a hover.
With these abilities,
three should be enough for the job.
Yeah, but...
But the railgun battery
shoots in three frontal directions,
and has ten cannons equipped
on each flank, just as you wanted.
The cannon's power is 20 times
stronger than before.
You did a great job
in a short amount of time.
I want to show you one more thing.
It's the final blow.
The EMP harpoon. It's almost complete.
Once we collapse the shield,
we'll skewer it with this.
Captain Sakaki!
The nanometal has gone crazy
and is eating the Bilusaludos!
- What?
- At this rate, even we'll...
Where? Galu-gu, send for help!
Calm down, Haruo.
It hasn't gone crazy.
It's a form of logical conclusion.
What are you talking about?
They sequentially fuse with the City,
and supports the control unit
as a neural processor.
Fuses with it, and supports it?
They've discarded their bodies,
and you can say they've become
Mechagodzilla City.
To us, this is a great honor.
You become an even more efficient being,
and contribute to your peers.
That's insane!
Such a thing can't be forgiven!
Don't you want to win against Godzilla?
With limited time and limited resources,
it's an obvious decision to begin
discarding the most inefficient thing.
The physical body
is one such thing, right?
Metphies mentioned that you guys wanted
to become the same being as monsters.
Are you planning to give birth
to a new Godzilla on this planet?
Godzilla is the product
of Earth's civilization.
You seem to regret this as a mistake,
but for me,
I commend it as a great achievement.
If you were to be faulted,
it's the foolishness that you couldn't
control Godzilla that was generously born.
Think about
who this planet currently belongs to.
If Godzilla was the name
given to the environment's ruler,
we humanoids must attain the goal
of becoming Godzilla.
Are you being serious?
To be fused with Mechagodzilla City
is the same as organisms
evolving to the next stage.
Instead of being weak creatures
controlled by emotions,
you'll live in a world of perfect logic.
If you lose all your emotions and
get absorbed in a world of perfect logic,
can you really call that evolution?
- I don't want to do it.
- Me neither.
So in the end, you guys are the same
as those Houtua bug people?
You can't differentiate
a bug from a human?
Beasts serve the environment, and
intelligence rules over the environment.
And then an innate physical body
is just another part of the environment.
If you deny evolution
and approve of degeneration,
you'll only end up like those bug people.
It's better than
becoming an accessory for a machine!
Saying accessory is too much!
Master Sergeant Tani.
We're about to fight Godzilla with them!
Captain, only the Bilusaludian volunteers
are fusing with the nanometal.
They only became like that
so they can fight Godzilla with us.
Yuko, you're okay with this?
Why can't I be okay with it?
I can't agree to all of the Bilusaludo's
way of thinking.
But it's better than the Houtua, since we
don't even know what they're thinking.
Because we can communicate!
Yes, but however...
Control, please respond! Control!
The gas emission from
the nanometal's exterior has stopped.
- What?
- What's hap...
Looks like the energy used to generate
the gas has switched to fortifications.
What do you mean "looks like"?
Godzilla will notice us.
Resources should split to fortifications.
That's what Mechagodzilla City
itself has decided.
Aren't you the ones managing it?
It's the ones who fused
with Mechagodzilla City.
They're already demonstrating abilities
surpassing a normal person's.
Movement detected.
Movement direction has changed.
Moving at 60 kilometers per hour.
It's headed straight towards us.
So it found this place.
Fortification status?
The harpoon's completion
will be in about 30 minutes.
It will reach this City in about an hour.
P-Prepare for battle!
Hurry with the fortifications!
The Mountain's roar
will burn the Shining Valley.
And wherefore is the Baby Chick?
May it sing on the Shining Valley.
So proclaims the Egg.
It is time for a trial.
Godzilla is decelerating.
Currently 30 kilometers per hour.
At this rate,
our fortifications will be done first.
Godzilla has stopped moving.
Why did it stop?
- Detecting electromagnetic concentration!
- Galu-gu!
Deploy thermal energy buffer zone
in the northeast!
Spraying nanometal particles.
Deploying thermal energy buffer zone.
Adjust reflection angle
in every laminated armor, hurry!
Roger, adjusting reflection angle.
Nanometal particles
replenishing density at 35%.
Replenishment has compl...
Electromagnetic concentration, rising!
Incoming heat ray!
- Heat ray landed on northeastern rim.
- Thermal energy buffer zone diffused 74%.
Damage report!
We avoided a direct hit,
but we lost control of one section.
No problems.
We can withstand long-distance attacks.
Godzilla is resuming movement.
Fortification progress?
The first harpoon
just went in to its final check.
The second harpoon's stand was melted
by the heat ray,
and it'll take 30 minutes to fix it.
I'll stall it with the Vulture.
You can't do it alone.
We'll deploy the other two units.
They haven't been calibrated
with the operating system.
Copy the settings from Unit 01.
Master Sergeant Tani's? Then the interface
would be for Earthlings.
It would be no problem if her colleagues
would volunteer as pilots.
No signs of a second attack from Godzilla.
It will reach the City
in about 20 minutes.
I'll get in Unit 02.
I'll get by with manual controls.
I'll take Unit 03.
What are you thinking? A commander can't...
Everyone's on edge from that argument.
Alliance's unification is key.
I'll spearhead the attack.
- But...
- Galu-gu.
We only have one thing to do to Godzilla.
Right now, I'll trust you,
and Mechagodzilla's abilities.
Haruo. We thank you.
Galu-gu, what's Godzilla's status?
There's no second attack.
It must've sensed
a long-distance attack won't work.
Vulture, all units standing-by
in arrival and departure deck.
Confirming blast deflector.
Unit 01, ready to launch.
Unit 02, ready for launch.
Haruo, are you ready?
Yeah, I can go.
First, we need to slow it down.
Keep firing at its right flank
to try to distract it.
After reaching a high elevation,
well do a nosedive.
- Roger.
- Roger.
All Vultures, launch!
First flight is going well, huh?
This is Vulture Unit 03. Status report.
Godzilla is moving to the crater's rim.
It must be diverted to arranged course.
Slowing it down, yet diverting?
With that last attack,
it confirmed our existence.
Northeast second harpoon stand,
control error reported. It won't function.
Haruo, the second harpoon won't make it.
What should we do?
Discard the second harpoon.
We'll begin the planned strategy
with just one.
Deploy forward main battery railgun ports.
Yuko, Belu-be, did you copy?
Ascend while circling towards the east.
We'll lure it to the trap.
- Roger!
- Roger!
Let's go!
It's not enough.
- It's ignoring us.
- We can't do it at this distance.
Switch to close-combat formation.
- Roger!
- Roger!
Close-combat is no good, too?
Here it comes. Scatter!
Over here. Come here!
Godzilla, redirecting to arranged course.
They did it!
Is the harpoon going to make it?
Okay! We'll divert it to the trap point.
You got it!
Electromagnetic concentration, rising!
Godzilla's heat ray blasted near Unit 01!
- Yuko, are you okay?
- Yes, I'm okay!
Status report from the surface.
Godzilla's estimated energy output
for the heat ray, three terawatts.
It's far beyond our estimations.
How can you possibly defeat
such a monster.
Captain Sakaki, perhaps you got yourself
in too much trouble.
Diversion on track,
800 meters to the trap point.
All trap sections
operations system check complete.
Activation prepared.
First harpoon, error from the final check.
But Godzilla is almost at the trap point!
- What should we do?
- Haruo!
We have to buy time!
Concentrate fire at its feet!
One more time!
Switch attack position!
Godzilla, same movement speed.
- What's going on with the first harpoon!
- It still needs time.
We can't stall it anymore.
Just 50 more meters... 30 meters...
It's at the trap point!
Do it, Galu-gu!
Damn it all. Fall!
- Yes!
- Release fake armor plating!
Godzilla, falling through the trap point!
Open detour!
Opening detour to the capture point!
Galu-gu, deploy the thermal energy
buffer zone to maximum density.
Leave it to me!
Spray the nanometal particles.
Spraying nanometal particles,
deploying thermal energy buffer zone.
Haruo, I'm counting on you
to divert it to the capture point.
Yeah. Yuko, Belu-be!
- Do you copy?
- We need to be bait, right?
Let's get to it!
All units, descend!
Electromagnetic concentration, rising!
- It's coming!
- Haruo!
- Haruo!
- Haruo!
I'm fine!
What was that?
So they saved me again.
The buffer zone has diffused 92%!
Direct hit damage is light!
Godzilla is taking the detour
to the capture point.
First harpoon final checks complete.
Ready to fire.
They made it.
Of course, we're Bilusaludo.
Dont let it notice the harpoons.
Keep its attention.
- Roger.
- Roger.
Begin diversion attacks.
Godzilla is accelerating
to the capture point.
Yes, come towards your grave!
Godzilla is slashing its surroundings
with its tail!
Doesn't matter, keep firing!
Just 900 meters to the capture point.
Don't get so cocky! Fire! Fire like crazy!
We'll get swept in, stand-by above.
About 500 meters until arrival.
Almost at the capture point.
- Godzilla has reached the capture point!
- Galu-gu!
Close off the detour.
Pour liquid nanometal!
Closing off the detour.
Pouring the liquid nanometal.
Liquid nanometal, effective filling point,
30% remaining...
Begin hardening!
Nanometal hardened! We have 30 seconds!
Open fire!
Godzilla electromagnetic wave noise
synchronization! Sync rate, 90%.
Flanking cannons, synchronized attack
on its dorsal fin.
Flanking cannons, firing at dorsal fins.
Meta material shield is about to collapse.
- Sync rate, 95%.
- Confirming resonance with noise waves.
Five, four, three, two, one...
- Synced!
- Fire!
Target hit!
Dorsal fin, destroyed!
Shield output, dropping to 80%.
Output dropping further, now under 30%.
- Shield has collapsed!
- Now!
EMP harpoon...
fire! Cease fire!
Status report!
EMP harpoon has pierced Godzilla.
Depth secured
for electromagnetic pulse emission.
Did we do it? Come on!
Now, let your electromagnetic waves
run rampant!
Firing electromagnetic pulse.
- Die!
- That'll teach you!
This is your end.
We did it!
- We finally did it!
- We did it!
Godzilla, silent!
Electromagnetic waves, overloading.
Now, fly to pieces, you bastard.
Why won't it explode?
Don't panic,
send the observation data to the City.
Barometric pressure
around Godzilla is changing.
What's going on?
Godzilla isn't exploding.
The plan succeeded, right?
That's what I hope for, but..
Temperature around Godzilla is rising.
It's over 500, and rising...
Now 600...
Just burn down.
Now 800...
Now over 1000!
What if it was changing the overload
into heat...
Will it not be killed by the heat?
No, something even more terrifying
is about to happen.
The barrier around Godzilla is melting.
The surrounding area's temperature
is over 1000!
The shield remains collapsed.
The temperature in this room
is also rising!
I see, so that's what's happening.
The heat isn't just spreading.
It's some form of molecular management.
It's attacking us.
There's no point in shooting it.
We'd get burned alive.
Room temperature steadily rising,
becoming unmanageable.
Control, what's going on!
This place isn't safe! Evacuate!
Don't be flustered.
People have lost because of what they
are, but now's the time to turn it around.
Now is the time for us to use the blade
of knowledge and purpose,
and cut the chains of destiny!
Steel yourselves!
Allow yourselves to be consumed by it!
At the land of beginning, ever since
the first axe struck a tree in the forest,
- this is the future that was promised!
- This is...
It's either that bastard or us
who survives as the ruler.
The battle is just starting.
No way. I'll take no part in this.
Let's go, everyone.
So they were inferior races after all.
This way! Hurry up!
But Haruo...
I want to believe that you're different.
Answer me, Galu-gu!
Damn it! What should I do?
Haruo, let's continue the attack.
That heat is produced
by the molecular vibrations energy
not being focused,
but being released uncontrollably.
We need to make it focus the energy
so it can blast another heat ray.
Okay, we'll provoke it.
- Yuko, are you ready?
- Roger!
We can't get any closer.
All units, maintain rotation
at this distance. Open fire!
Let's hurry and get away from the City!
Otherwise we'll be burned alive!
Go towards the southern part of the rim.
You'll see a crevice in the rock wall.
All units, withdraw and ascend!
With that heat,
we can't get in shooting range.
Can we not fire the harpoons?
The mount has melted.
Haruo. There's a proposal from the City.
Ascend up to the Tropopause,
and power dive! We'll acquire enough speed
to pierce Godzilla.
We will become the spear itself!
You mean, a suicide bombing attack?
In our final form,
there shouldn't be any problems.
We'll be successful with not one,
not two, but three units.
But we can't even get close
with that high temperature.
Based on the Vulture's construction,
there's only one part susceptible to heat.
If we repair that part with nanometal,
theoretically it will hold out
for ten seconds.
What are you saying?
The part susceptible to heat?
Where is it? Galu-gu!
It's you, Haruo.
What the hell do you mean?
- Ow! It hurts!
- Fusing with nanometal
was only for volunteers!
Galu-gu! Galu-gu!
It only hurts in the beginning.
You'll be at ease soon.
Relax and surrender yourself.
This is the only way to defeat Godzilla.
If we let this chance escape,
then we have no chance of winning.
- But...
- No! I don't want to!
No way!
Don't try to eject. You'll burn to death!
Did you bastards trick us?
Haruo, my comrade.
I know you would understand.
You, who hates Godzilla just as much.
Once the fusion is complete,
we'll be true brothers-in-arms.
I'll go ahead. I'll see you at the top.
Please help me.
- What should I do?
- Haruo.
Why won't your body accept the nanometal?
Theres no data
for this antibody response.
What did you do to your body!
Haruo, do you copy? Haruo!
I'm sorry, there were communication
disturbances so I couldn't reach you.
Metphies! What are you doing?
- Metphies!
- I heard what's happening.
Are you okay?
I'm fine, but Yuko is...
Listen closely.
Hey, what are you doing, Metphies?
To stop the nanometal
from running rampant,
its behavior should be under control
at Galu-gu's control unit.
Metphies, you bastard!
If you destroy it, it should all stop, and
Master Sergeant Tani's encroachment, too.
Pull yourself together, Haruo.
Finishing off Godzilla is priority.
At this rate, Mechagodzilla City
will not only consume Godzilla,
but everything as well!
That thing's propagation will not stop
until it has consumed the entire Earth!
We are so close to defeating Godzilla!
Isn't that what you wanted?
Even if that's a victory for Bilusado,
it's not a victory for Haruo!
All this time, and you betray us, Exif?
Just because a machine carried out
the function to kill Godzilla,
what glory would that bring?
- Victory is grasped beyond fear and grief.
- What's wrong with that?
- People's dignity should be there.
- Hey, are you listening?
Electromagnetic waves detected.
Godzilla will soon resume activity.
- The shield is regenerating!
- Haruo!
- You cannot lose sight...
- Don't be fooled by that religious freak!
- of things that have moved you forward!
- Remember your duty!
What are you doing, Haruo?
Answer me!
stop the nanometal's encroachment.
Right now!
With Godzilla right in front us,
there's only one thing to do.
You're the one who said that.
The only thing we need to do
is defeat Godzilla as humans!
Haruo, why do you not realize
the contradiction in what you say?
All monsters, and Godzilla,
are called monsters
because it cannot be defeated by people.
To defeat what has surpassed
human intellect
is no longer within the category
of human achievement.
From the moment you decided
that you'd defeat Godzilla,
you were aspiring to become something
that is no longer human, Haruo!
You're wrong!
If you want to win,
then steel your resolve!
You'll surpass humanity, and Godzilla,
and become something greater!
Stop, Haruo!
It is time for a trial, Haruo.
Mechagodzilla City is...
sinking. Yuko!
Yuko! Yuko, hang in there. Yuko!
Yuko! Yuko!
...is to gather all intelligence.
Right now, what's important...
Tens of thousands of years ago...
destroyed by monsters...
became wanderers of space.
Our mother planet also...
...to defeat the evil being.
Don't lose sight of the main goal.
However, if you remain lost and arrive
at God's Gate, you shall not pass through.
In essence, it's a wicked thing.
It's no different from a monster.
They are not trying to unify
the galaxy's intelligence.
But instead, it's as if they want
to become one with monsters.
...that toward the end of many planets'
civilization's development,
they gave birth to monsters.
Those with intelligence
will become lost, angry, and grieve.
Our battle must be something beyond that.
Was your planet
destroyed by monsters, too?
To that which brought
the end of our civilization,
we hesitate greatly
to carelessly say its name.
Words just have that much strength.
So it's like a bad omen?
But Haruo,
to you who is about to face Godzilla,
I should probably tell you.
The destructive name that we Exif
have been secretly hiding.
Why me?
Remember it when you're in battle,
and about to be swallowed in fear.
There is a far greater destructive power
lurking somewhere in space.
Compared to that,
Godzilla would not even be worth the fear.
Hey, hey...
It's Ghidorah.