Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) Movie Script

Target within range, sir...
Don't hesitate!
- Prepare missiles!
-Reload missiles, hurry!
An earthquake!
Shoot that mountain!
Wars and pollution...
...relentless wars and environmental
...have awakened vicious monsters.
All mankind has come together
to fight the monsters...
...instead of killing each other.
Thus, the Earth Defense Force
was born.
Meanwhile, mutants, a new human
race with superb physical ability...
...were found around the world.
The Earth Defense Force gathered
them and made a special troop...
. . . called M Organization.
Their greatest enemy...
...is the king of monsters,
which first appeared in 1954...
...and has repeatedly
threatened the world.
Its name is...
Too deep. Surface!
- Depth, 6700!
-The limit!
- Temperature's rising! 80 degrees!
Ninety degrees!
Captain! Over the limit!
Manda is right behind us!
Computer targeting system down.
Manda vanished.
Damage to the ship, 72 percent.
Captain Gordon.
You almost lost the ship.
This time you won't escape
That's it.
If this were real, you'd be dead.
You're lucky
that this was only training.
...don't be proud.
But I won.
You aren't practicing
to beat your opponents.
What else?
To become stronger
than what you were yesterday.
All right. Ozaki...
...report to me later.
Why hesitate?
You think you won?
No. You won.
One important thing
you should remember:
All you need to think about is killing.
You have a heart.
That could be fatal on the battlefield.
How can we defend people...
...without a heart?
You're too soft.
We're mutants.
We were born to fight.
Our mission is not to defend.
We just fight.
A mummified monster
was found off Hokkaido.
A biologist is coming from the UN.
You will be the guard.
That's it?
It's an easy job.
Too easy for the M Organization.
The Gotengo is under repair now.
Captain Gordon is in a cell.
He struck his superior officer
in court.
So you have time to kill.
The biologist from the UN...
...must be old and argumentative.
Sorry for being old
and argumentative.
The biologist,
Ms. Miyuki Otonashi.
Are you really a biologist?
Look like a model to me.
I thought all mutants were musclemen
who were interested only in fighting.
I didn't know there
were flippant ones like you.
Why not?
It's just the same
as a wannabe-model biologist like you.
- I'll make myself clear.
- What do you mean?
Don't stand in my way.
Don't talk to me
if you don't have any questions.
Or rather,
don't look at me when unnecessary.
Babysitting a girl.
It suits you.
Try your best.
I don't know what we'll do.
A hybrid of machine
and organic life form.
A cyborg monster.
We checked its outer skin,
it's 12,000 years old.
Was there such
a technology so long ago?
Not on this planet, I'm sure.
You mean it's from outer space?
M-base was detected in it.
Humans have four bases: adenine,
guanine, cytosine and thymine.
Mutants have another strange base.
We call it M-base.
The monster has it too.
Mutants just didn't suddenly
They have some biological links
with this monster.
It could be the ancestor
of you mutants.
As the first Japanese elected as UN
secretary-general, how do you feel?
I believe in mankind's potential.
Someday our logic,
science and courage...
...will solve all of life's obstacles...
...for example, the origins of life...
...and other mysteries
that still remain unsolved.
I strongly believe that day will come.
Are you going to New York now?
Yes. Flying to and from...
...as if I were living in an airplane.
Only, I miss Clint.
My dog.
You keep a doggy?
Only, he treats me the same way after
I became UN secretary-general.
Dr. Jinguji, look.
Infant Island.
- The monster is Gigan.
-The monster is Gigan.
-Infant Island.
-Infant Island.
- There is something we must tell you.
-There is something we must tell you.
-12,000 years ago...
-12,000 years ago...
...Gigan came, destroyed everything.
-...Gigan came, destroyed everything.
- Mothra fought to stop it.
-Mothra fought to stop it.
- It says so on the wall.
-It says so on the wall.
- Gigan is evil.
-Gigan is evil.
- You have this evil in your blood.
-You have this evil in your blood.
In me?
- But remember...
-But remember...
...you have a choice...
-...you have a choice...
...in deciding what you are.
-...in deciding what you are.
- If you don't become Earth's enemy...
-If you don't become Earth's enemy...
...Mothra will be on your side.
-...Mothra will be on your side.
What was that?
No, it wasn't.
- Take this ancient amulet from here.
-Take this ancient amulet from here.
Mr. Secretary,
material for the conference.
Thank you.
Let's strengthen the air defense
above the UN.
Rodan is attacking New York.
We've deployed Operation Rumbling.
- How's the secretary-general?
-Still missing.
Anguirus has shown up in Shanghai.
Dispatch Karyu!
King Caesar is in Okinawa.
Kamacuras is in Paris!
In Sydney too!
What the hell...?
You loser!
Special bulletin.
Monsters have appeared
all over the world.
- Mommy. Mommy!
- Don't go out. Stay at home.
Damn armadillo.
Don't let him get away.
...prepare to fire.
Fire phaser!
Don't let him get away.
After him!
What are you?
I'll shoot you.
Who do you think I am?
Don't shoot, Grandpa.
It looks scared.
What the hell are you?
Check the damage.
Fire missiles!
You're tough.
There's an energy plant ahead.
Stop the monster right here!
Ozaki and Kazama form a team.
The rest of you shoot like hell!
Divert its attention.
Then you guys fire the phaser.
Go fry that son of a bitch!
Okay, finish it!
What's going on?
The UFO in Paris
eliminated Kamacuras.
King Caesar vanished!
All monsters are gone!
The UFO is approaching.
Where is it heading?
Point zero, zero.
- Above headquarters.
-Right here!
It's dangerous here.
There's no safe zone around,
Mr. Secretary, what happened?
I was in danger.
They rescued me.
Who are they?
My friends from outer space.
You mean aliens?
They aren't hostile.
A new door is opening for mankind.
Let's witness this
historical moment together.
Hello, people of Earth.
We come in peace.
You aren't our enemy? Prove it.
We eliminated the monsters for you.
We could have attacked you instead.
We came from outer space
to befriend you.
Our planet's name is hard
for you to pronounce.
So call us Xilians.
What's your purpose?
The Earth is in danger.
A huge planet is approaching.
At this rate,
it will hit you in 11,736 hours...
...17 minutes and 32 seconds.
Thirty, 29, 28...
Planet Gorath.
There's only one way to avoid it.
Concentrate all your firepower
on one spot to intercept it.
We calculated the exact time
and place.
...is a great trial for us...
...to step forward to the new stage.
With their help...
...mankind will rise
to a higher level of evolution.
And the universe will be united.
Goodbye, United Nations.
Hello, united universe.
The Space Nations!
We're in the square looking
at the UFO.
We can't get any closer because it's
strictly guarded by the Defense Force.
But look...
...people are all over the place.
Here to take a look
at the Xilians.
The frenzy is increasing.
Now we're back.
Our guest star for today is...
"X?" What do you mean by "X"?
I renamed myself.
So everyone call me X from now on.
It's a collaboration across space,
galaxy, universe, black hole and--
Okay, we got it.
I see what you mean.
It suits you.
- I know.
-Yes, it suits you.
Finally aliens are here on Earth.
What do you think
of their performance?
Professor Otsuki?
What's wrong with you guys?
- You're all insane.
-No, you shut up. You are wrong.
You always denied the existence
of aliens.
They have come, see?
- Here they are.
-Admit it.
There's no proof that they really came
from outer space.
No scientific proof.
Let's not talk about scientific proof.
Talking about proof will kill our dream.
Let's dream on.
That's a good point. I wouldn't expect
that from you in a million years.
To fight full contact- No, I mean
to get in contact with aliens...
...has long been scientists' dream.
You can't deny the fact
that they're here.
But as I remember, you were
of the opinion that aliens don't exist.
They are here, so I admit it and deny
what I didn't admit before.
You'll see. You'll all pay.
So when is this gonna happen?
I agree with that man.
Just when we find out Gigan
is a monster from outer space...
...the Xilians enter the scene.
That doesn't mean the Xilians
are related to Gigan. There's no proof.
You want proof?
- Sis!
-Anna Otonashi is your sister?
You look like you're doing well.
Your boyfriend is kind of cute.
Him? He's not my boyfriend.
What do you mean proof?
The Xilians have more
advanced science than us.
Notice anything?
It will help our science make
rapid progress.
I can't tell, but it's...
Look carefully.
He doesn't blink.
Everyone blinks.
Let's go see him.
Nice to see you again, sir.
Mr. Secretary.
We met before.
Who are you?
Anna of Nitto TV.
I'm busy. What's your question?
Your idea of the Space Nations
is wonderful.
I would like to do an interview
and let the world know about it.
- Let me think about it.
-Soon, I hope.
Excuse me.
How's your doggy?
Oh, dog.
You devil!
Xilians' flunky dog!
Kill that man,
or the Earth will be destroyed!
Evil will come!
Mr. Secretary, you're bleeding.
Let's go to a hospital.
I'm all right.
You need treatment.
Forget it!
This is not human blood.
I thought so.
It's not of any living creature
on Earth.
He must be an Xilian.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I'm Ensign Ozaki.
At ease.
Go on.
About the secretary-general...
...since he returned, he's been trying
to set up the Space Nations.
So what?
People who don't like his idea
might attack him.
We should assign more guards
to him.
I'm well aware of it.
You may go.
Will do.
You seem to have a complaint.
You sent the monsters to wreak havoc,
and then you got rid of them.
Why did you do that?
You're still young.
Might isn't always right.
Peaceful methods are much better.
But with our power--
Enough! You may go.
One who depends on power,
will be ruined by it.
Remember that.
These pictures were taken
at different spots at different times.
They look like the same picture.
They precisely match each other.
It's impossible.
It must be some kind of holograph.
So Gorath doesn't exist?
The Xilians tricked us.
Both the secretary-general
and Commander Namikawa are fake.
Two of the Earth's leaders
have been substituted?
We don't know who to trust.
I know one person...
...who definitely
hasn't been substituted.
Captain Gordon.
You're mistaken.
Hello, everybody.
Today we're broadcasting live.
Our guests are Secretary-General
Daigo and two Xilians.
Thank you for coming
to our program.
That's Daigo's data.
Biologists are curious these days,
they want to investigate everything.
- Major general...
-If you go too far...
...you'll find out things
you're not supposed to know.
What are you gonna do to me...
...you Xilians.
You found out too much,
so you must die.
You've finally exposed yourselves.
Damn earthlings!
You're not gonna interfere
with our plan, lowly worms!
You Okay?
I'm fine.
Here's a surprise for you,
Mr. Secretary.
What's that?
Have you forgotten it?
Oh, that's my dog.
Go to the secretary-general.
Mr. Secretary, call his name.
He'll like it.
His name?
Don't you remember?
What a pity.
Young lady...
...why don't you tell its name
to the secretary-general?
The name of the secretary-generals
dog is Clint.
That's right. Clint.
Come here, Clint.
Come over here. Come, come.
I'm sorry.
How have you been, Clint?
I've been away from you
a long time.
Candy, come on.
You have no way
of knowing her name...
...because she's my dog.
But you said--
I never said this was your dog.
So, what's your point?
This is what the Xilians really are!
...for your sake--
The ruse is over.
From now on, I'll be in charge.
Hello, earthlings.
You exist only to be our food.
Not bad for cattle.
Your resistance is futile.
Our science and weapons
surpass yours.
The monsters are under our control.
You haven't got a chance.
Stupid cattle.
So you need a lesson.
What's wrong?
Damn you.
You're a mutant, aren't you?
Take care of the rest.
Get to the exit.
I'll take care of them.
They need you.
Save the Earth, captain.
Release all the monsters.
Make the earthlings realize
they're cattle.
This is our farm.
Destroy their civilization completely.
Never give up!
Captain, it's Anguirus.
Their long-cherished civilization
will be wiped out in a moment.
Poor humans.
Oh, no.
This is bad.
Let's go, Kenta.
What's his name?
Minilla. Call him Minilla.
Minilla? Whatever. Let's go, Kenta.
Come on, Minilla.
All of our forces
have been wiped out.
The Xilians haven't found this
underground dock yet.
Is Gotengo ready?
Yes, sir.
Now Gotengo is our only weapon.
Don't move.
...why didn't you kill me?
Because we're a team.
They'll find us soon.
- Let's go on the offensive.
...keep cool.
The Gotengo is our last hope.
The South Pole?
Area G.
You're going to wake Godzilla?
It's too dangerous.
It might destroy the whole world.
What if they control Godzilla too?
Don't worry, it has no M-base.
The Xilians, Gigan, Ebirah fragments
found on Ensign Kazama...
...they all had M-base.
And the mutants too.
The Xilians must have manipulated...
...or rebuilt the gene structure
of the monsters to control them.
Why didn't it work on me?
What's important is
you weren't controlled.
Suppose Godzilla beats them...
...what next?
So easily?
You mean...
...we'll go to the South Pole,
straight through the enemy...
...wake up Godzilla, bring him here
and make him fight the monsters.
Meanwhile, one way or another...
...we'll annihilate the Xilians.
Then we'll go back to the South Pole
and lock up Godzilla again?
Yes, sir.
Miyuki, take care.
Same to you.
Come back...
Alpha system checked.
Beta system checked.
Ready for takeoff.
So they still have a big toy.
Go, Gigan.
Captain, Gigan is here!
Main engine dead!
Power circuit out!
Fire missiles!
What the hell is that monster?
I'll deal with you.
Godzilla will deal with...
It's coming.
- Repairs done!
Godzilla's after us!
Damn it. Where are we going?
...show me what you got.
I knew that tuna-eating monster
was useless.
There is a strong creature on Earth.
Why is Godzilla destroying
the town?
Long before you were born...
...men did a terrible thing
and made Godzilla angry.
A terrible thing?
You're too young to understand.
They made a huge fire
and burned everything on the land.
Godzilla will never forget it.
What's wrong?
What are you doing?
You all right?
What I've studied is of no use.
You have a choice to decide
what you really are.
Your wisdom will be necessary...
...after this battle.
Why do you guys fight...
...when you have no chance?
It's my mission to protect you.
Minilla, where are we going?
Don't touch!
What now, Godzilla?
What are you doing?
What is it?
It's finally here.
Fire phaser!
A fighter is taking off.
I'll pay my debt.
What are you going to do? Wait!
The rest is all yours, Ozaki.
Stop! Kazama!
What arrogant cattle. How dare you
drill your master's ship.
Kill the others.
Now that that's done with...
...bring them.
Wait a sec.
Too bad.
now you understand our power.
We need to take...
...the mitochondria
in your cells regularly to survive.
That is...
...we must capture you alive.
Capture us alive?
We've wiped out your civilization
so that you won't get funny ideas.
It's about time to harvest.
You can live here as cattle
on the farm.
We actually need you
to increase in numbers.
Stop with that nonsense.
You don't need civilization
and science anymore.
You're only going to use them
for destruction and carnage anyway.
We'll control you
so you won't do that again.
Now, let's enjoy the main event...
...the end of Godzilla.
Is that all Godzilla can do?
Here's another one.
Your opponent
is the upgraded Gigan.
Why don't you kill us?
Why should we kill our brothers?
The Xilians and mutants
are one and the same?
M-base was detected
in the blood of the Xilians also.
That's not exactly it. M-base
is quite abundant on our planet.
M-base affects the telepathic ability.
So it can control Gigan
and mutants.
Pretty smart for an earthling.
Mutants are our interbred ancestors.
But you couldn't control me.
You're special.
Your power has yet to awaken.
You're a "Keizer."
When M-base
and human DNA are combined...
...one in a million will result
in the most powerful of living beings.
Both you and I are...
We have powers that surpass
earthlings and the Xilians.
You foolishly assist the cattle.
Wake up and be a Keizer.
Keizer, slaughter these cattle.
What have I done?
Too bad.
You're a failure. Be gone.
Watch them, guards.
This is our planet.
Mr. Secretary!
Ms. Otonashi.
You're alive!
I managed to escape somehow.
People used to call me
"Mr. One-shot."
...take the others to the ship.
I'll finish him.
Yes, sir.
Use this.
Are you gonna hit a lady?
I told you...
...you exist only to serve us.
You're cattle.
I have a choice.
I have a choice to decide
what I really am.
We're not cattle.
We're humans.
You have the power to control
the universe.
Yet, you serve the cattle. Idiot!
I won't die alone.
The ship's self-destructing!
Come on.
The pain...
Take the controls.
Pull harder!
Godzilla is losing its energy.
We've got to give him energy
All systems down.
...that's enough.
Forgive them.
Welcome back.
It's over now.
...it's the beginning of a new war.