Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Movie Script

San Francisco 2014
Thousands gathered in
the Bay Area last night
to honor the victims
of the 2014 attacks.
Part of a wave of
memorials and protests
demanding that the secretive
monster-hunting coalition
known as Monarch
be held accountable.
The recent spike in mass
die-offs in the world's oceans
could be caused by efforts
to locate and track Godzilla
who hasn't been seen
in over five years.
Top brass in the mysterious
Monarch organization
will face another intense grilling
as the government continues
to push for extermination
of the Titans.
And rumors persist that Monarch
may be hiding even more creatures
discovered since the attacks of 2014.
A historic tragedy that changed
the world as we know it forever.
The day the world discovered
that monsters are real.
Cease to resist, giving my goodbye
Drive my car into the ocean
You'll think I'm dead, but I sail away
On a wave of mutilation
A wave of mutilation
Wave of mutilation
Shit! Shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit, shit!
- Uh...
- Maddie?
Good morning!
- Morning, Mom!
- Oh, God.
I made us breakfast.
It's, uh...
eggs, toast
and what was once... bacon.
And which do you recommend?
The toasted eggs.
Thank you.
What were you working on?
Um, I was looking at recipes.
For toast?
Dad's been emailing me.
But he looks good... healthy.
- Have you responded?
- Not yet.
Madison, I just don't
want to see you get hurt.
I know.
Especially with everything
that's going on right now...
Mom, I know.
Listen, I know things
haven't been easy for you.
But we're gonna get
through this... together.
You sure he's gonna be okay?
He is in the safest place
that he could be right now.
Wanna hear some good news?
I finished it.
You think it's gonna work?
It's gonna work.
It's gonna be okay.
Dr. Russell, we need you
in containment.
I'm on my way.
Monarch Outpost 61
Yunnan Rainforest, China.
- What the hell happened?
- No idea.
She was sleeping like a
baby until an hour ago
and then boom! Radiation levels
went through the roof.
Almost like something
triggered it.
Thanks, Tim.
You know, I can take it from here.
Why don't you get some rest?
No way. Sleep or no sleep,
I'm not missing this.
Containment team,
move into primary position.
No effect. This thing
wants to be born.
Emergency protocols in effect.
Two to address the primary team.
The time has come.
Meet Titanus mosura.
Or as we like to call her...
Activate containment grid.
What's happening?
Something's really wrong here.
Containment systems
are failing.
Perimeter alarms are going off,
the whole network's going insane.
What do you mean?
How is that possible?
Emma, I think someone
else is doing this.
Containment team, stand down.
I repeat, stand down.
You are scaring her.
Dr. Russell, I'm sorry,
but you know the protocols.
We have to terminate.
I'll handle this.
Mom, no!
Madison, stay here.
It's gonna work.
Stand clear.
It's okay.
Maddie. Wait!
Get back in here!
Maddie, go back!
Look out!
Son of a bitch.
It worked.
What we are witnessing
here, senators,
is the return of an ancient
and forgotten super species.
Monarch Senate Hearings
- Godzilla, the MUTOs, Kong.
We believe that these Titans
and others like them
provide an essential
balance to our world.
And while some
may pose a threat,
Monarch is uniquely
prepared to determine
which of these Titans
are here to threaten us
and which of these Titans
are here to protect us.
Thank you for the 5th grade
History lesson, Mr. Coleman.
But we still haven't
heard one good reason
why Monarch shouldn't fall
under military jurisdiction
or why these creatures
shouldn't be exterminated.
Monarch was tasked
with finding and destroying
these radioactive monsters.
But you either can't or won't
tell us how many there are
or why they're showing up.
So, maybe it's time for the
military to put them down.
Killing them would be a mistake.
They returned because of us.
It was our atomic testing
that awoke Godzilla.
Other creatures like the MUTOs
from strip mining
and seismic surveys.
But these are not monsters.
They are animals rising to reclaim
a world that was once theirs.
It almost sounds like you're
protecting them, Dr. Serizawa.
As if you admire them.
I admire all forms of life.
Senators, if we hope to survive,
we must find ways to
coexist with Titans.
With Godzilla.
A sort of symbiotic
relationship, if you will.
Like The Lion and the Mouse.
Or The Scorpion and the Frog.
So you'd want to make
Godzilla our pet?
We would be his.
Uh, no. No, actually.
That's not what
Dr. Serizawa meant.
No one is implying that...
- we would be Godzilla's
- Excuse me, we have to go.
or anyone's pet.
Dr. Serizawa, Dr. Graham,
this hearing is not adjourned.
Dr. Serizawa!
I hope you understand
the consequences of
walking out that door.
Uh, you know what, senators, while
I confer with my colleagues here,
I'm gonna set you up
with a very brief
and pretty fun documentary
on Titan reproduction.
I think this is the one where
the genitals are blurred out.
But if not, uh, you can leave
a comment with my assistant.
The feed cuts out there.
The survivors haven't
been able to give us
much more than what
the footage allows.
Only that Emma and Madison
were the only ones taken.
I'm sorry, Mark.
I should've been there for 'em.
- Who are they?
- We don't know yet.
We believe...
they were after this.
- You didn't.
- It's the Orca.
Uh, that's why we
think they need Emma.
She believed that if we
could somehow replicate
the biosonar the Titans
use to communicate...
I know what the hell it is.
I helped build the prototype.
Who is he?
Uh, Sam Coleman,
I'm the head of Technology.
I joined Monarch, uh,
shortly after you left.
I'm a big fan
of your wife...'s work
and you... that's not even...
so weird. I'm sorry.
Emma and I destroyed
the prototype.
And then Emma decided
to rebuild it.
After San Francisco,
she went home to Boston,
spent years developing it.
- She thought it could help.
- Help what? Play God?
No. Help prevent another attack.
Orca was a grad school
science project.
It was meant to
t-to keep whales
away from the shoreline.
Not so you could talk to your
little creatures out there.
Listen to me.
They'll think it's one of them.
You use the wrong
frequency on one of 'em...
and you're gonna be responsible
for a thousand San Franciscos.
Which is why we
need to get it back.
Emma always said,
no one knew the Orca
better than you.
It shouldn't even exist.
That may be, Mark, but
it's fallen into the wrong hands.
And right now, the Orca
is the only thing keeping
Emma and Madison alive.
Mark, we know you're hurting.
But if we find the Orca,
we'll find your family.
I promise.
When was the last time
you spoke to Emma?
About three years ago.
After San Francisco, we...
we went back home to Boston.
Tried to put the
pieces back together.
Emma dealt with it by doubling
down on saving the world.
I started drinking.
I can't tell you how
much I hated myself
for letting Maddie
see me that way.
Uh, you mind if we cut in here?
It's just, you're gonna...
wanna see this.
Emma combined the bioacoustics
of different Titans
to create the Orca's signal.
A sort of baseline frequency
that all the
creatures respond to.
Attracting them, repelling them,
even at times,
calming them down.
It's pretty remarkable, actually.
The problem is, we don't know
which Titans she combined.
But if you can identify
those frequencies,
we'll be able to track the Orca
and find Emma and Madison.
How many of these
things are there?
And counting, after Godzilla.
Most of them were discovered
in deep hibernation.
While others we contained at top
secret sites around the globe.
Cambodia, Mexico, Skull Island.
We even found one in Wyoming.
They're everywhere.
Why don't you kill 'em?
The government wants to.
But Emma and I believe
some are benevolent.
Don't kid yourself.
Ah, hey, look at that.
We're here.
Castle Bravo, this is Raptor One
on direct approach.
Castle Bravo
Monarch Outpost 54, Bermuda
Raptor One, you are cleared
for assisted descent to Pad 4.
Sensors set for three meters.
Beginning subsurface descent.
This is new.
Yeah, we call it Castle Bravo.
Our new flagship facility.
Built to track and study
Godzilla on his own turf.
I thought he was missing?
Well, only if you don't
know where to look.
As you know,
at approximately 0700 hours,
our containment site
in China's Yunnan
Rainforest was raided.
A specimen, code-named
Mothra, escaped.
Only to cocoon itself later
under a nearby waterfall.
Our Dr. Emma Russell
and her daughter Madison
were taken hostage.
This is the man responsible.
Alan Jonah.
A former British Army colonel
turned eco-terrorist.
Obsessed with restoring
the natural order.
And to fund his operations,
he began trafficking in a
new and dangerous market:
Titan DNA.
What the hell's someone
gonna do with a giant worm?
You kiddin', Martinez?
What can't you do with it?
bioweapons, food.
Hell, there isn't a country
or a company on the planet
that doesn't wanna get its
hands on one of these suckers.
And remember,
this is just a larva.
That's a baby.
After it cocoons,
somethin' else is
gonna crawl out.
Somethin' bigger.
- Meaner.
- We don't know that, Rick.
Oh, yeah? Just...
wait for it, Chen.
Our Intel indicates that Jonah
wants to capture this specimen.
Which means that he and his
mercs won't be far behind.
At 0500, we'll ship out to
launch a joint operation...
I wouldn't bother.
Excuse me?
Sounds like a duck hunt to me.
Uh, Mark, why don't we
let Colonel Foster...
A decoy, a diversion.
Look, they've already
got Emma and the Orca.
Why would they
want just this one,
when they've got the
keys to your entire
magic kingdom of
horrors back here?
I think that they want you
to go after this Mothra
so they can go
after a real prize.
Something bigger.
Mark, this is not the first
specimen they've captured.
They know what they are doing.
That's not just a specimen.
I've got an ex-wife and
a daughter out there,
in case you forgot.
Well, no one has
forgotten that, Mark.
But, uh, to remind you, you were
brought on here to track the Orca.
And to advise us...
I advise you to kill these things.
All of 'em!
Especially him.
You wanna make sure these things
don't fall into the wrong hands?
You kill them,
and the Orca is useless.
Emma wouldn't have wanted that.
Even to save her life.
It wouldn't be the first time
Emma put all of this before herself
or her family, would it?
Dude hates Titans.
Yeah, well, you would too,
if you were him.
Outpost 32, this is Raptor Five
on approach with
reinforcements and supplies.
Requesting permission to land.
Serizawa has all
sites on high alert,
so transmitting
emergency codes now.
Copy that, Raptor Five.
Codes are good.
Nice to have you back.
Monarch Outpost 32
I'm scared.
I know. Me too.
Let's go.
Eyes straight ahead.
Deep breaths.
Just like we talked about.
Mother of God.
She had nothing to do with this.
Monster Zero.
Any survivors?
They tried to launch
an emergency beacon,
but we cut them off in time.
They'll figure it out.
Fire all the drills.
Do you have everything you need?
Let's get started.
We have a grizzly situation
up here in the attic.
Come on, Andrew. Andrew.
Stop. Look.
An intruder! Get her!
- Get her!
- No! No, don't get me!
Andrew, Madison, get her!
Bear kisses! Aaah!
All personnel, report to
battle stations. Code: Red.
All personnel, report to
battle stations. Code: Red.
This is not a drill.
All personnel, report to
battle stations. Code: Red.
What's happening?
Something's wrong.
He's never been
this close before.
- Who's "he"?
- Who do you think?
He's taking out our
observation drones.
- Trajectory?
- Straight at us.
1,200 meters and closing.
G-Team! Barnes, Martinez, Hendrix,
I want you on those crows, now!
You heard boss lady!
Let's move!
Dr. Stanton,
do you have his bioacoustics?
Acoustics, comin' up.
Okay, he's closing.
We're at 800 meters.
His movements are erratic.
Heart and breathing elevated.
He's definitely not
happy about something.
How are they getting him?
Godzilla's bioacoustics.
It allows us to track him.
Even to get his vitals.
Circling now.
Closing in, 200 meters.
All teams in position.
Weapons cocked.
Ready to engage
on my command.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
Hold your fire.
We don't know if he will attack.
He will if you keep
those guns on him.
Now, I want him dead
more than anybody
but unless this is a fight
that you know that you can win,
for God's sake, stand down.
Stand down.
You can't be serious.
I am.
Stand down.
Stand down.
I say again, safety your weapons.
Do not engage.
His heart rate... it's slowing.
Open the shields.
Oh, yeah, sure, let's
bring him in for a beer.
You outta your goddamn mind?
Let him know we're not a threat.
Open the shields.
Do it.
Hey, what's with the light show?
It's an intimidation display.
Like a gorilla pounding its chest.
Consider us very intimidated.
I don't think it's for us.
What are you doing, dude?
Well, that was interesting.
Could we maybe
close the shield now?
Show me his territorial routes.
Because I wanna start a boat tour.
Just show me!
Coming up.
You care to tell us
what you're looking for?
When an animal leaves
its hunting ground,
it's usually because its
threatened by something.
Run a course projection.
We've gotta go after him.
He's looking for
something out there.
It could be the Orca.
Dr. Stanton,
what's your projection?
All paths have him
landing in the same place.
Good, then.
I mean, let's go!
Let's go find him, let's...
What's in Antarctica?
Contact the Argo.
Yes, ma'am.
USS Argo
Monarch Command Ship
The specimen at this site has
been kept entirely off book.
And since it's a more recent
discovery, our data is limited.
But it seems to be
another apex predator.
Emma called it "Monster Zero".
It may have been a
rival Alpha to Godzilla,
battling for dominance
over the other Titans.
Dr. Chen?
I've been scouring through thousands
of years of myths and legends.
But it's almost as if people were
scared to even write about it.
As if it was meant
to be forgotten.
So, I hate to crash the party,
but I got some bad news.
You could just say "news".
It's always bad.
We lost Godzilla.
Dropped off the
scan near Venezuela.
Dropped off?
I'm telling you, Dr. Brooks
was right. It's a hollow Earth.
That's how he moves
around so fast,
using these underwater
tunnels like wormholes
just like... zippin' around.
Everyone look sharp!
We're approaching the base.
They're here.
Keep 'em busy.
Merge reaction force.
Move out!
If Jonah is looking to
extract genetic samples,
they'll be here.
In the biolabs.
Alright, two minutes! Check your
equipment. Stand by the door.
Come on, Ash, make it snappy.
- Detonator ready.
- Let's go.
Come on, Maddie.
Move, move!
Remember, eyes wide.
We got friendlies in here.
Movin' to tunnel two.
Ambush! Ambush!
It's an ambush!
We're taking heavy fi..!
Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
We got friendlies!
Get down there and help Barnes.
I'm goin' after 'em.
Roger that.
Hey, guys...
I'm getting an EKG reading.
Barnes, this is Foster.
I've got eyes on the target.
Repeat: eyes on the target.
Let 'em go!
Emma, Madison, let's go!
Let's go. Emma, Maddie, come on.
- Daddy.
- Madison, walk to me!
Walk to me now.
Come on, honey.
Barnes, I've got two
hostages, one target down.
- Maddie, come on!
- I do not have a shot.
Repeat: I do not have a shot.
Emma, what are you doing?
Let's go! Come on!
- Dad...
- Maddie.
What the hell?
I'm sorry.
Out of the way!
Get the door!
I got you!
We gotta go!
Martinez! Foster!
Let's go!
What is Dad doing here?
I don't know, honey.
Let's go.
We can't leave him.
What are you waiting for?
Wake it up.
Come on!
You've gotta be
fucking kidding me.
Fall back! Fall back!
Get to the chopper!
Come on!
Come on, hurry!
We'll do an emergency vertical
take off at max RPMs.
Number two's now spinning up.
Oh, shit!
This is Raptor One to Argos!
Requesting immediate
urgent extract!
Again, I said, urgent extract!
Griffin, get us
the hell outta here!
Madison, no!
- What are you doing? Let go of it!
- No!
- Madison!
- Maddie!
Argo, this is Raptor One.
We've been hit.
We're down.
Everybody hold on!
Everybody clear out!
Let's go!
I'm stuck!
Are you all right?
I got it. I got it. Go, now!
Anything on the satellites?
Subs have Godzilla
haulin' ass off Argentina.
We lost Monster Zero on a
tropical storm over Brazil.
Scanning the entire southern
hemisphere. So far, nothin'.
Then scan the northern.
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
I know what I saw, Sam.
And I'm telling you,
she pulled that trigger.
All due respect, Colonel,
you saw wrong.
Okay? She wouldn't
have done that.
Christ, she recruited pretty
much everyone in this room.
Maybe Jonah forced her, right?
Maybe he used
Madison as leverage.
No, no,
it had to be someone else.
It was Emma.
Foster saw it right.
It was her,
no one forced her to.
Are you sure?
First, she releases Mothra,
and now, Monster Zero.
Anyone else
sensing a pattern here?
Yes, and not a good one.
It's as if she's trying
to start a mass awakening.
Well, it's just too bad that
no one tried to warn you that
that was gonna happen.
Hang on, guys.
Why the hell would she
want to release them?
And why would she team up with
Jonah, of all people, to do it?
We'll ask her
when we find her.
let's keep looking.
Godzilla appears to be following
the same path as
Emma's Osprey,
heading north over
South America to here.
Outpost 56 in
Isla de Mara, Mexico.
We touchdown there
in 10 minutes.
What about the people?
I'm sorry?
The people. The people
down there in that village
that don't realize they're
gonna be the 'special of the day'.
We've sent G- to begin an evacuation.
Dr. Serizawa, we have a call
in the emergency channel
from Isla de Mara.
Answer it.
I suppose I should go first.
Where's Madison?
- She's right here.
- Dad, are you okay?
Madison, you alright, hon?
I'm sorry.
- You don't need to be...
- It's okay.
I'm so... Dad?
She's fine, Mark. Trust me.
Trust is a little hard
to come by, Dr. Russell.
Especially after
what you pulled.
I know.
And, uh, I can only imagine
what you're all thinking.
But if there were any other
way to do this, I would.
Do what, Emma?
I'm saving the world.
By releasing those things?
That doesn't make sense.
As impossible as it seems,
it does.
Hear me out, Mark.
After we lost Andrew, I swore
his death would not be in vain.
That I would find an answer.
A solution to why
the Titans were rising.
But as I dug deeper,
I realized that
they were here for a reason.
And that despite all the years that
we spent trying to stop them,
we never dared to
confront the truth.
Which truth?
Humans have been the dominant
species for thousands of years,
and look what's happened.
The mass extinction we feared
has already begun.
And we are the cause.
We are the infection.
But like all living organisms,
the Earth unleashed a fever
to fight this infection.
Its original and rightful rulers.
The Titans.
They are part of the Earth's
natural defense system.
A way to protect the planet,
to maintain its balance.
But if governments are
allowed to contain them,
destroy them,
or use them for war,
the human infection will
only continue to spread.
And within our lifetime,
our planet will perish.
And so will we.
Unless we restore balance.
And what's gonna be left
if you do this?
A dead, charred world
overrun by monsters?
No, Dr. Stanton,
the exact opposite.
Just like how a forest fire
replenishes the soil,
or how a volcano
creates new land.
We have seen signs that these
creatures will do the same.
San Francisco, Las Vegas,
wherever the Titans go,
life follows.
Triggered by their radiation.
They are the only thing
that can reverse the
destruction that we started.
They are the only guarantee
that life will carry on.
But for that to happen,
we must set them free.
You are murdering the world.
Because as difficult
as this will be,
I promise,
humanity will not go extinct.
Using the Orca, we will
return to a natural order.
A forgotten order
where we coexisted in
balance with the Titans.
The first gods.
This is a dangerous path.
You are meddling with forces
beyond our comprehension.
Gambling with the
lives of billions!
And what are you
gambling with, Serizawa?
Monarch is broken.
It's on the verge of being
shut down by a government
whose only objective is to
eradicate the creatures.
And if that happens,
what will our chances be?
You are outta your
goddamn mind!
First, you put our
daughter's life in danger.
Now, you get to decide the fate
of the world. That's rich, Emma.
I couldn't be more sane...
and Madison couldn't
be stronger.
After we lost Andrew,
I trained her to survive.
And at least now,
she will have a fighting chance.
A fighting chance...
Why don't you listen to yourself?
It's not all math, Emma.
Some things you can't control.
And there are some things
that you can't run from!
This won't bring him back to us.
I can only urge you all
to take refuge.
Over the last 60 years,
Monarch has prepared bunkers
around the world to save
and restart civilization.
This won't bring him back to us.
I can only urge you all
to take refuge.
Over the last 60 years,
Monarch has prepared bunkers
around the world to save
and restart civilization.
I suggest you find them.
That bitch.
How long till this thing lands?
Three minutes.
- You might wanna rethink that.
- Why?
Somethin's not right.
Check this out.
Emma's not at Isla de Mara.
I mean, the signal's too
weak to be local, she's...
bouncing it off our satellites.
They must be holed up in
one of our old bunkers.
She could be anywhere.
What is that?
Oh, Jesus. She shut down
the containment system.
How much time do we have?
Containment system bypassed.
We're patched in.
Ready to broadcast the Orca.
Mom, don't!
I'm sorry, did a child
just tell you what to do?
Maybe Dad is right.
Maybe this isn't the way.
By all means, Dr. Russell,
let's reconsider our entire plan.
Especially after telling
all your friends about it.
Madison, we talked about this.
No, you said you were
gonna help people.
that you would let them...
We don't have time for this!
Did you really think this
was gonna be easy, painless?
Is that what you told her?
- Leave her out of this.
- Why?
You're the one who
pulled her into it.
Madison, tell me,
what exactly did Mommy sell you on?
Some grand utopia?
Man and monster living
together in blissful harmony?
Sir, they're attempting
to lock us out.
It's now or never.
Emma, you came to me.
This is your plan.
We both want to save the planet,
but everything is going to die
if we don't see it through.
At least let them get to safety.
Ma'am, our window's closing.
I'm sorry, Madison.
This is bigger than
just you and me.
Isla de Mara, Mexico
Monarch Outpost 56
You got a catchy
name for this one?
Local legends call it
The Fire Demon.
That's comforting.
Remember that tropical storm
where we lost Monster Zero?
It's changing direction and, uh,
guess where it's headed now.
That's not possible.
No storm moves that fast.
Unless it's not a storm.
Oh, man.
We need time to
finish the evacuation.
Then you better hurry
'cause it's closin' in fast.
It's not a coincidence that
Monster Zero thing is headed here.
It's reacting to
Big Bird's cries.
That means it's coming
for food or fight or...
something more intimate.
What do you suggest?
All fighters, weapons free.
Oh, I think we got his attention.
Everyone strap in.
All ships, follow our lead.
It's gonna be okay!
Hang on, kid!
Argo to Gold Squadron,
Let's lure this turkey
away from the mainland
straight to Monster Zero.
ETA, two minutes.
Gold Squadron,
engage on our six.
Copy. Start the clock.
Bogey. 9 o'clock, hot.
Raptor 223, get outta there.
He's on your tail,
get outta there!
Cobra's Raptor is off the team.
ETA to Monster Zero, 60 seconds!
Raptor 27,
bogey coming up on your six.
I'm losing control here!
I'm losing control...!
We've lost the squadron.
ETA to Monster Zero, 30 seconds!
Ten seconds!
Jesus, they're killin' each other.
Mayday mayday,
this is Raptor One to Argo.
Argo, do you read?
Copy, Raptor One.
What's your status?
We're screwed, that's what.
And we got kids on board.
We're gonna need immediate
mid-air retrieval.
Lock on to their position
and prepare the hangar
for an emergency landing.
Hangar doors are unresponsive.
Manual override?
They're stuck!
Alright, which way
to the hangar?
I can show you.
Anybody else?
I know the way, I...
Come on!
I hope you got a big wrench.
What's the problem?
Hydraulic systems are jammed.
I'm trying to
jump start power.
It's not looking good.
It's Admiral Stenz.
Dr. Serizawa, Col. Foster,
I need you and your
forces to immediately
disengage and withdraw
to a safe distance.
Admiral, I don't understand.
We have been developing a
prototype for a new weapon.
An Oxygen Destroyer.
Designed to exterminate all
life forms within a two-mile radius.
With any luck,
it will kill these things
and this nightmare
will finally be over.
Admiral, we must keep
our faith in Godzilla.
I'm sorry, Doctor,
you had your chance.
The missile is already on its way.
May God have mercy on us all.
He's not lying.
It's coming in hot.
Argo, you gotta get this
'Sprey to a good wing now!
Have the crash and
fire crews ready!
What the hell do you
think you're doing?!
Look out!
Hold on!
Come on, Griff!
Head in!
Head in!
That's what I'm talkin'
about, Griff!
Everybody okay?
Get on to the back.
Yo, thanks for the lift!
Oh, God.
We're gettin' outta here.
Military launched a weapon.
It's gonna kill 'em both.
Well, that's not the worst idea.
Dr. Stanton,
can you locate Godzilla?
Yeah, I got somethin'.
His vitals are fading.
Radiation levels are plummeting.
Come on, big guy, fight it.
He's gone.
Looks like
you got your wish, Mark.
Monarch Outpost 55
Sedona, Arizona
Monarch Outpost 67
Munich, Germany
I thought we were going to
release them gradually.
One at a time.
I'm not the one doing this.
Long live the king.
You're a monster.
Mothra Cocoon Site
Yunnan Rainforest, China
Castle Bravo, this is containment
team Mosura. Do you read? Over.
- Castle Bravo, this is...
- Anything?
Dr. Brooks. We've lost
contact with the Argo,
Castle Bravo and the
other containment sites.
Angkor Wat, Skull Island,
Stone Mountain.
All the Titans.
They're escaping.
Wait, wait, wait.
It's-It's him.
He's the one doing this.
They're responding to his call.
Where's Dr. Ling?
She's outside.
Dr. Ling!
We've lost contact with Monarch.
Dr. Ling?
- Madison, wait.
- Get away from me.
Look, I know things haven't gone
exactly according to plan, but
- I can fix this.
- "According to plan"?
You said that you
were gonna be careful,
that you'd release
them one at a time,
that you would restore balance.
They were gonna take over
Monarch and kill the Titans.
I didn't have a choice.
You said we were
doing this for Andrew.
Do you really think he
would have wanted this?
Any luck?
Emma used to create the Orca
signal, I've never heard it.
How are you doing?
How's that?
Make this our compass.
It's something
my mom used to say.
She believed our stories
about monsters and dragons
could help us find the Titans
and restore our
connection to nature.
Wait, your mother?
You're second
generation Monarch?
It runs in the family.
That's incredible!
I don't suppose your family has any
tips on slaying dragons, do they?
Slaying dragons is
a Western concept.
In the East, they are
sacred, divine creatures
who brought wisdom, strength,
even redemption.
This Oxygen Destroyer...
Why wasn't
Monster Zero affected?
I mean, I'm no scientist but I
think it had something to do with
his goddamn head growing back.
I never seen anything like it.
Violates everything we know
about the natural order.
Unless he's not
part of the natural order.
What do you mean?
I was able to piece this together.
Well, he looks vaguely familiar.
It tells of a great dragon
who fell from the stars.
A Hydra whose storms swallowed
both men and gods alike.
You mean an alien?
Yes. He's not part
of our natural order.
And he's not meant to be here.
A false king.
The invasive species.
That could explain how he's
creating these massive storms
and the effect he's having
on the other Titans.
It's almost like he's reshaping
the planet to his own liking.
These legends,
what did they call him?
The One Who is Many.
- Gi-what?
- She seriously say gonorrhea?
Dr. Serizawa,
we're approaching
Castle Bravo, but
there's something you should see.
I'm guessing you weren't
expecting these guys.
Moscow, London,
Washington D.C.
All under attack.
On every continent, the Titans
are triggering earthquakes,
wildfires, tsunamis
and disasters we don't
even have names for yet.
Now, as before,
we have been trying to lure the
creatures with nuclear materials,
but they are not taking
the bait this time.
Their behavior has become
random, erratic.
And with our forces
spread desperately thin
and these things roaming
the globe unimpeded,
we are running out of options
and time.
Excuse me, do you
have something to add?
You're wrong.
Their behavior is not random
or erratic.
If I may, sir?
As amazing as this sounds,
they're moving like a pack.
They're hunting.
All packs, from wolves
to killer whales,
they all respond
directly to an alpha.
And this Ghidorah is
the new alpha and all
all the other creatures
are just doing his bidding.
an extension of him.
We stop him...
we stop them all.
Is there another creature that
might stand a chance against him?
Ghidorah and Godzilla's rivalry
was ancient and unique.
Right, so we killed our best
shot at beating this thing?
Jonah, you don't get it.
This changes everything.
With Godzilla gone,
Monster Zero isn't
using the Titans to
restore the planet.
He is using them to destroy it.
This isn't coexistence.
This is extinction.
Listen, while you were sitting
comfortably in some laboratory,
we've been fighting for decades
in one dirty war after another.
I've seen human
nature firsthand,
and I'm here to tell you
that it doesn't get any better.
It just gets worse.
So I'm sorry that Monster Zero
isn't exactly what
we were expecting.
But we opened Pandora's Box.
And there's no closing it now.
Maybe there is.
Oh, don't be stupid.
You broadcast again
and you will expose us all.
These creatures communicate
like whales, okay?
They can hear sonar for
thousands of miles, so...
Let's send a team,
let's broadcast the
Orca from Fenway.
It's just a few miles from here.
I could use the stadium
to amplify a signal
that might stop these attacks.
The city's already
being evacuated,
so we'll be safe.
- And then what?
- I don't know.
Figure out what the hell
Monster Zero really is
and try to stop it.
Before Monarch finds us.
I'm sure your old friends will
be very happy to see you again.
We can't just sit here, all right?
This isn't the world
that we wanted.
I seem to remember
you telling me
that the world always
belonged to them.
Maybe it is time
we gave it back.
Mark, wait.
What are you doing?
I can't just sit down there.
I gotta do something.
- Like what?
- Like go find my daughter.
Where are you gonna go?
She's the only thing
I got left, Sam.
I'm what she's there for.
Not gonna let that happen again.
Good luck.
Queen of the Monsters.
Are you recording this, Stanton?
I record everything, man.
It's like a song.
I bet there's only one thing
that can understand this.
Yeah, I got it.
Pickin' up the reply.
Bringing it up.
He's still alive.
So, her and...
Godzilla, they, like...
they got a thing goin' on?
That's kinda messed up, right?
Symbiotic relationships
between two different species
arent all that uncommon.
Can you track him?
No. Signal's too weak.
But maybe she can.
How many nukes do you have?
We could help him.
This Category 6
hurricane over D.C.
is where King Ghidorah is nesting.
Working with all four
branches of the military,
this will be a joint operation.
To lure it away
from the mainland
so that we can
continue evacuations.
Long enough for our submersible
team to complete its mission.
So this plan is what you
call a long shot, right?
What do those nerds
think they're gonna do
down there with
a bunch of nukes?
You didn't hear 'em, Griffin?
They wanna bring Godzilla
back from the dead.
You'll be out of range
while you're down there
but a squadron will stay behind
to keep an eye out for you.
Appreciate it.
Alrighty, Bowman.
Let's take her down.
Dive the ship.
Make depth 150.
Good luck.
Thanks, Sam.
We'll need it.
What time is it?
Time to get talking watch.
Andrew's favorite joke.
You never took that
watch out of your pocket
without him asking
that question.
If you told me five years ago
I'd be trying to save the
thing that took my son,
or it would be the only way to
save the family I loved, I'd...
the only way to heal our
wounds is to make peace
with the demons
who created them.
You really believe that?
Don't you?
Isn't that why you are here?
There are some things beyond
our understanding, Mark.
We must accept them
and learn from them.
Because these moments of crisis
are also potential
moments of faith.
A time, when we either
come together or fall apart.
Nature always has a way
of balancing itself.
The only question is,
what part
will we play?
Did you just make that up?
I read it in a
fortune cookie once.
A really long fortune cookie.
Status on the ship?
Some sort of vortex got us,
it's dragging us.
1,600 feet till impact.
800 feet!
Emergency close, 200 feet.
Brace for impact!
Admiral, this is USS Brody
en route to evacuation perimeter
Weapons hot, ready to engage
Titans on your command.
It's like the whole sky's alive.
That's because it is.
Here we go.
Status report.
Can't fix our
position, GPS is down.
But inertial says we're at...
600 miles from departure.
That can't be.
I knew it, man!
The vortex was a tunnel
into the hollow Earth.
It's a subterranean...
tunnel system that-that
connects the entire planet.
Doesn't matter. I knew I
was right. I told you, Chen!
Shut up, Rick.
We'll take an emergency
pull forward.
Launch probes.
Range, 1,000 meters.
Camera, good.
Holding in range.
Pan right.
Looks Egyptian.
- Or Roman.
- No.
This is somethin' different.
This is...
This is way older.
Oh, my.
All the legends.
The stories.
They're true.
They really were the first gods.
If only the Earth and stones could
speak, the stories they could tell us.
Dr. Stanton,
any sign of Godzilla?
Yeah, the probe is picking
up a radioactive blob
just past that ridge.
Set the course.
Attention please.
Martial law is now instated
by order of the President.
The Greater Boston Area is now
under military supervision.
All citizens should report to
the nearest evacuation center
for immediate transport.
I repeat.
All citizens are to report
to the nearest evacuation...
Massive storms and other
disasters triggered by the Titans
have forced millions
to flee major cities.
And with D.C. hit hard
by a Category 6 hurricane
that has left the capital
completely flooded,
this is the single greatest
disaster in human history.
The grim search continues
as people around the world
sift through the
debris of leveled homes
in the hope of finding
missing loved ones.
And though this sight
is heartbreaking,
it is unfortunately
nothing unique.
Cities around the globe
have fallen under a wave
of what many are calling
"The Rise of the Titans".
I think we should stop.
'Cause I still wanna
have kids one day.
Preferably without flippers.
We'll stop, over the ship.
I got O2, CO2 and methane.
It looks there's some sort
of air pocket in there.
- My God...
- Zilla.
Ah, goodnight, Gracie.
Pull up the last frame.
the source of the radiation.
That's why he returned here.
He's feeding.
This is his home.
This is how he
survived for so long.
Always adapting.
It's incredible.
So, dude's got this
covered, right?
H-He just needs a little nap.
This process could take years.
We have to proceed as planned.
Hang on.
We're gonna launch
a nuclear torpedo
in order to revive
a giant monster.
Okay? This is-This is not like
we're just jump-starting a car.
We have another complication.
Our weapon systems were
damaged during the crash.
- We can't launch.
- Can it be repaired?
I'm afraid not.
Okay. What if we go inside,
set a timer,
and blow up the
warhead manually?
No way. If the heat doesn't
fry you, the radiation will.
I'll go.
What the hell does that mean?
There must be another way.
There's no time for debate.
I'll go.
Argo! We are red on
ammo and low on fuel!
We can't take much more of this!
Copy. Copy.
Just hold them off
as long as you can!
Colonel, take a look at this.
All the Titans have stopped.
What the hell's
gotten into them now?
It does appear as if the attacks
have ceased for the time being.
With the creatures going from
destructive to docile within minutes.
Now, no one is sure how or why,
but this seems to be happening
simultaneously around the world.
What's goin' on?
The Orca.
I wonder who could
have done this.
First contact,
you're gonna start
losing your long-range vision.
When you surface, motor skills
are gonna start to fade,
but I put a heliox mixture
in the tank which...
should help you stay
stable a little longer.
It was an honor.
Thank you.
My notes.
Are you sure?
He fought for us.
Died for us.
He's not only proof that
coexistence is possible.
He is...
the key to it.
Take care of them, Mark.
Bowman, take us out, fast.
Aye, Captain.
He's clear.
...old friend.
You all right?
Bowman, send a distress
message to the Argo.
Aye, Captain.
See anything?
Nobody move!
Are you okay?
I know how to find him.
I know how to find him!
Let's make him proud,
not screw this up.
- How did he, uh...?
- By saving us.
Sam, what do we got going on?
We think Emma activated the
Orca somewhere near Boston.
That's why Ghidorah and Godzilla
are both headed that way now.
But we haven't been able to
pinpoint the exact location
without the missing piece
of the Orca's signal.
I've got the missing piece.
It's Godzilla, right?
But I know we already tried...
It's not Godzilla.
It's us.
What do you mean "us"?
Emma combined the bioacoustics
of Godzilla with a human.
That's how she made the
signal for the Orca.
The creatures just think
it's another apex predator.
Well, that makes sense. I mean,
we are a bunch of horny,
murderous carnivores.
Yeah, that's real poetic.
Now, what?
We track it, we find it,
we get my daughter back.
What about Moe,
Larry and Curly over here?
Godzilla will bring balance.
Oh, I get it.
A little Serizawa
let-'em-fight action.
I used to love it
when he said that.
No, this time we join the fight.
What do you think you're doing?
I don't have time
to argue about this, Jonah.
I'm getting Maddie back.
Not with my men, you're not.
Emma, you said this was
about the greater good.
That the planet
deserved a clean slate.
But now you're prepared to
put all our lives in danger
because your little girl is missing.
- The Orca is with...
- The Orca no longer matters.
Man does not control
the laws of nature.
And neither do you.
I already lost one child.
I'm not losing another.
I have to fix this.
Let her go.
We have everything we need.
Oh, shit.
Okay, we've zeroed in on
the last ping from the Orca.
Fenway Park, dead ahead.
We'll lay cover fire to
keep Ghidorah distracted.
Copy that.
Colonel, all squadrons
are locked on target.
For Serizawa.
Is it just me, or...
has he been working out?
You kiddin' me?
Serizawa's got
that lizard juiced!
Damn right.
Oh, boy.
Godzilla's radiation levels
are goin' through the roof.
We got about 12 minutes
before he goes thermonuclear.
What do you mean?
I'm saying, in about 12 minutes,
it's gonna be a bad day
to be a Red Sox fan.
Okay, guys,
you need to find the Orca,
get Madison and get
the hell outta there!
Whatever Serizawa did to Godzilla
worked a little too well,
'cause he's about to explode
like an atom bomb.
- Watch left.
- Prepare for landing.
Go! Go!
I found something!
Over here!
Come check this out!
Are you alright?
I found the Orca, sir.
Looks pretty banged up.
No sign of your daughter.
She's back there!
- We gotta get outta here!
- Let's go!
Get in!
Get in!
Griffin, you alright?
Martinez, let's get her up!
Where's Madison?
I don't know,
I thought she was there!
Well, she's not there!
I can't get anything!
- Get that slack!
- Okay, okay!
Look out!
I hope you're as good as finding
her as you are of losing her.
I didn't lose her, she ran away!
Well, gee, I wonder why!
I can't blame that kid.
If I had these two for parents,
I'd run away from home, too.
What did you just say?
If I had the two of you for parents,
I'd run away from home, too.
- Home.
- Home.
Godzilla's radiation's
reaching critical mass!
Six minutes until he blows!
Order all remaining
craft to retreat!
- Madison!
- Maddie!
We got her. On three!
One, two, three!
Oh, my baby...
Is she breathing?
Roger that.
Osprey's comin' in two minutes!
We gotta work fast!
To do what?
You sure about this?
It's the only way to save him.
We fix it, get on the Osprey,
draw that thing
away from Godzilla.
Buy him time to
get back on his feet.
Mark, you've seen
what that thing can do.
I know.
It'll be tight, but we
have to take that chance.
- Are you good to go?
- Yes.
All right, one, two,
That's it.
That's it!
Come on, Emma, let's go!
Okay. Take her, take her.
- I still have to activate it.
- What?
I'm right behind you. Go!
Let's go!
Come on, Maddie!
Go, go, go!
Maddie, do you have pain
anywhere besides the leg?
- We gotta lift off, now!
- Wait!
Emma, let's go, come on!
- No! Mom!
- Emma!
Long live
the king.
Good thing he's on our side.
For now.
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