Godzilla Minus One (2023) Movie Script

Odo Island Airfield,
final days of World War II
Odo Island Navy Detachment
- Eijiro!
- Yes.
Engine normal.
- Fully refueled.
- Roger.
Ensign Shikishima?
Tsukuba Naval Air Corps, Tachibana.
Remember me?
Of course.
I am greatly in your debt.
I'm amazed you were able to land that bucket of bolts...
on this Swiss cheese of a runway.
You haven't lost your touch.
In simulated dogfights, no,
but suddenly I'm a real kamikaze pilot.
Then be grateful for the downtime.
But it's odd...
We've scoured your rig
and can't find anything wrong.
What are you implying?
I'm on your side.
We need more people like you.
Why obey an order to "die honorably"
when the outcome is already clear?
- Get the guns!
- Yes, sir!
- Enemy raid?
- I don't know!
- What is it?
- Something big!
A new Yankee weapon?
Taki! Taki!
- Light the beach!
- Roger!
What in the hell?
It's Godzilla.
- What?
- A local told me.
That comes from the deep,
Godzilla they call it.
G... G-Godzilla?
We're screwed.
Take cover!
Take cover!
What the hell is it?
Nobody knows.
- Ensign Shikishima.
- Sir?
Can you reach your 20 mm gun?
You're our only gunner.
We're just mechanics.
But what if it only makes it angry?
A 20-mm gun can kill anything!
Hurry, before it gets too close.
Go! Now!
What's he doing in there?
Quick, shoot.
It's going this way.
- What do we do, sir?
- Ammo!
Fetch the ammo!
You idiot! Don't shoot!
Cease fire!
Fall back!
Fall back! Fall back!
Sir Tachibana!
I lured it over. Shoot it dead.
You guys didn't deserve this.
Everybody's dead!
They're all dead!
Because you didn't shoot!
Damn it!
Tokyo, December 1945
Watch where you're stepping, man.
Is that you, Koichi?
How is this possible?
Weren't you a kamikaze pilot?
Do you have the nerve to show your face?
You're a disgrace!
Look what happened because of cowards like you!
If you'd only done your job...
My children wouldn't have died.
Do you know if my parents survived?
Everybody's dead.
This whole place was engulfed in flames.
Your folks, too.
My children met the same fate.
"My dearest son, Koichi..."
"Come back alive," right?
That's what you said.
Stop, thief!
Out of my way!
- Go!
- Grab that woman!
- Please!
- What?
Get back here!
Where did you go?
It's your fault for sitting out in the open.
I'd be seen.
You've been here the whole time?
Yeah, waiting for you to get up and move.
I bet you're hungry.
Why didn't you just abandon her?
And leave her in a place like that?
Stop joking.
Wait a minute!
Please don't follow me.
Are you going to leave us to die on the street?
I don't care.
After you're done, you're leaving.
Hear that?
He's so mean and scary.
Where's your husband?
Is he a soldier?
Do I look like I'd have a husband?
Whose kid is she?
- Does it matter?
- Of course, it does!
During the air raids...
her dying mother begged me to adopt her.
You have no relation to that child?
Nope, so what?
What are you, stupid?
You're in no state to care for a baby.
You couldn't leave her either.
What's his name?
Well, how about you?
Why do you dress like a vagrant?
By choice?
Well, I'm no harlot.
Don't look insulted.
She had to find a way to survive
and no one blamed her.
What about family?
"Haru Shikishima" "Eiichiro Shikishima"
Your parents?
They were killed in the air raids.
Then you and I are the same.
No, you can't...
What's the story?
- What do you mean?
- Don't play dumb.
The mother and child you picked up.
Think you're some kind of saint?
They just showed up.
If they're staying, you pick them up.
It's a bit late to play the hero.
Count me out.
I'm through caring.
Is that girl able to breastfeed?
No, she's not the child's mother.
Say what?
At this rate, she'll die of malnutrition.
So you found a child but you have
no idea how to care for it.
What were you thinking?
I don't know.
It's not for you.
Adults can survive on anything.
Use it to make rice gruel.
there goes my prized white rice.
What a nuisance, I swear.
March 1946
Damn it.
I'm soaking wet.
Have you found a job yet?
Well I did find something.
What's that?
Money's not bad, either.
Look. They even paid an advance
of 3,000 yen.
That's wonderful!
It must be a scam.
Like the rice you carried that got stolen.
It's nothing like that.
What makes you so sure?
It's government approved.
There's a reason why it pays well.
What reason?
During the war, both sides laid
thousands of mines in the sea.
This is a clean up job.
But the pay is extremely good because,
it comes with a certain amount of risk.
What are you, crazy?
You just survived a war.
What else can I do?
At this rate, we'll starve.
Akiko's life depends on it.
I understand that but...
This brings in money.
With money,
we can even buy American powdered milk!
For that, I'd do...
I forbid you to die!
Don't worry. Just because it's
dangerous doesn't mean I'll die.
It's not like kamikaze pilots.
And besides...
I'll be on a special boat made to evade mines.
This is specially made?
Hey, are you our new sharpshooter?
I'm Shikishima.
Fighter pilot.
What? This guy's useless.
You're ex-airman?
Just a military castoff.
Seeing this boat?
The US and imperial navies laid
60,000 mines off Japan's coasts.
All kinds. But the worst are
the American magnetic mine.
Any approaching boat made
of metal sets them off.
Ah, hence the wood.
The boy catches on fast.
We mostly handle moored mines.
But wood boats are the best
I'm Noda.
I developed naval weapons
during the war.
Boat captain Akitsu, and Mizushima.
The kid and Doc.
Not fond of that nickname.
And I'm not a "kid."
You're still green, so "Kid" it is.
I know, I know.
I wasn't in the war.
This is the minesweeper Shinseimaru.
Paired with Kaishinmaru.
The mines rise up from the seabed
like balloons on strings.
Between our two boats,
is a cable with a cutter.
All we do is clip the mine wire...
and it floats to the surface.
Then we fire on it with this baby.
Take a look.
this one's a bit tricky.
May I give it a try?
Are you sure?
You have to estimate it's position
accounting for the movement.
Nice shot!
Same with jet fighters.
Not that I saw any real action.
You didn't? That makes me
and Shikishima equals.
Hardly. You can't fly a plane.
If I'd gone to war, I would've learned.
If only it had lasted longer.
You'd better not mean that.
No, sorry.
You idiot.
Fire! Fire! Fall back!
You all right?
Another bad dream?
I was dreaming.
Or maybe...
you're just a dream.
What's wrong with you?
Tell me.
This is Japan, right?
I returned alive, for sure, right?
- I returned alive!
- Stop!
Yes, I know.
I know.
I know.
July 1946 Bikini Atoll,
Operation Crossroads
Nice place you built here.
Worth every saved penny.
Would you a drink?
Oh, why thank you.
May I take a photo?
- Please don't waste your film.
- Smile!
Don't move.
Got it.
- Thank you.
- Hey Doc.
No coveting now.
Of course not.
Noriko's married woman.
Please stop.
I'm not a wife.
What does that mean?
She just moved in on her own.
She had no place to go,
so I let her stay.
And the child?
She brought her, too.
But they aren't related.
Akiko was orphaned in an air raids.
- Wow, that's a beautiful story!
- No.
It just sort of happened.
- Akiko.
- Yes?
I told you. I'm not your father.
- Don't say that.
- He's right.
Fate has brought you together as a family.
Accept it. Embrace it.
Make them happy!
I don't want that.
Why not?
March 1947
Welcome home.
I just returned myself.
What are you wearing?
How does it look?
I got a desk job in Ginza.
But don't I give you enough money?
It's time I stood on my own two feet.
At this rate,
you'll never find a wife.
Have you seen how fast Ginza
is rebuilding?
This is so sudden.
Not for me, it isn't.
What about Akiko?
What will you do with Akiko
while you are away at work?
Sumiko has promised to look after her.
She was very excited,
boasting she'd raised three kids already.
In that case,
I suppose it's all right.
Thanks. I'll go get Akiko now.
The colossal sea creature
is projected on a course...
to reach the Japanese
archipelago within a few weeks.
General Douglas MacArthur
stated with regret...
that recent Soviet movements prevent US military assistance...
but called upon Japan...
to begin strengthening its security forces.
May 1947
near the Ogasawara Islands
What did this?
A giant shark?
Or a whale?
No shark or whale could do that.
A new Soviet weapon?
That's not weapon damage.
Then what could it be?
- An enormous creature.
- Like what?
Just admit you have no clue.
I was skeptical until I saw this.
Look there!
Floating deep sea fish.
Just like on Odo Island.
What did you see there?
It was like a prehistoric dinosaur
turned monster.
The local inhabitants called it "Godzilla."
Nonsense. You were half asleep
and saw an enemy tank.
Believe me or not,
something wiped out...
the entire garrison on Odo.
I thought the Americans did that.
Odo was never targeted by
US island-hopping forces.
It was a repair base for kamikaze planes.
Does that mean...
you were a kamikaze pilot?
If this is the Godzilla I saw...
it must have grown much larger
and more powerful.
Hold on a second.
Why were we called out here to begin with?
They don't expect us to fight that in this boat!
Yes, they do.
We obviously don't stand a chance!
That's a US warship!
What can we do in this little rig?
Stall for time.
The Takao is coming from Singapore.
The heavy cruiser?
Rather than scuttle it,
it's being returned.
That's good news!
The Takao's a beast!
So we've been ordered to stall for time.
Why can't the US handle it?
It's their ship.
They're worried about the Soviets.
Any military maneuvers would raise alarms.
They prefer we handle the small stuff.
This isn't small stuff,
and all we've got is a 13 mm gun.
I was told to make use of recovered mines.
Ah, now I see!
This is why they called us out here.
Plus our main weapon has to be
locally scavenged?
Nor are we allowed to talk about it to anyone.
There it is.
Their favorite gag order.
This country never changes.
Perhaps it can't.
Take a breather.
Thank you.
Don't push yourself too hard.
I can't help it. This is Godzilla.
I hear you.
When I start remembering the war...
I can't sleep sometimes.
I have to avenge them.
But at the same time...
I'm terrified of that thing.
We'll need more than a pair of those.
What is it?
There are way more of these fish
then I saw off Odo.
Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm!
Godzilla's coming!
Sound the alarm!
So it's coming, huh?
Hey kid!
Prepare to drop the mines!
- Roger!
- Man the gun!
We can't fight it on this!
- We can still flee!
- Agreed.
- Doc, stand aft and report!
- Captain!
Kashinmaru, do you copy?
Get ready to land a big one!
We're taking all the credit for victory.
- You idiot.
- Captain!
If we run, Takao will never catch up.
And the monster heads for Tokyo.
I don't want to see it in flames again.
But this boat is no match for it!
I thought you hated government orders.
With a passion.
But you know what?
Somebody's got to do it.
Okay, never mind!
Doc, the engine!
I'm working on it!
Hurry! Over here!
- Captain!
- I know!
- Full throttle!
- Right!
Drop the mine!
We'll never make it!
So try anything!
Now, Kid!
Here goes!
Did we get it?
No, we did not!
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad...
Shikishima, the gun!
Completely ineffective!
The mouth! What about the mouth?
Reel! Reel! Reel!
Drop it!
Mizushima, now!
What? No?
Get down!
Did we get it?
They made it!
Oh no!
Is it down?
What's that?
You're finally awake.
Where am I?
A Yokosuka hospital.
We were airlifted here.
What of Kaishinmaru and Takao?
What happened to it?
Whereabouts unknown.
It was headed for Tokyo.
We need to sound the evacuation.
The government is not telling the public.
Why? We must hurry!
To prevent mayhem and confusion.
Are you kidding me?
We need to begin evacuating now!
No one will take responsibility...
for the chaos.
Information control is Japan's specialty.
Tell me what happened.
It's got nothing to do with you.
What is it that torments you so badly?
You took me in, saved me,
and we've been together since.
But you won't let me into any part of your life.
If you're carrying some burden...
I wish you'd share it with me.
who fled my duty...
as a Kamikaze pilot.
On the day of my sortie...
I pretended my plane was faulty.
And made a detour...
landing on Odo Island.
These are photos...
belonging to the mechanics there.
They all perished.
That night...
a dinosaur-like monster came ashore.
I was asked...
to shoot it with the gun on my fighter.
But I froze up...
and ran again.
When I came the next day...
I found them all dead.
People longing to see their families!
The monster...
was called Godzilla.
The other day, it reappeared.
And once again...
I couldn't do anything.
I'm someone...
who wasn't supposed to live.
Listen to me.
Everyone who survived the war
is meant to live.
- How do you know?
- I just do!
As flames took past, my parents,
they ordered me to live.
So whatever happens next,
I know I must survive!
That's kept me going.
I can't.
They beckon to me in my dreams every night.
Hurry and come, they say.
"Why are you still cheating death?"
It's just a dream, ghosts you created.
Maybe it's an illusion.
What if I'm really dead already?
I died long ago on that island...
and lie rotting.
You and Akiko are just the last
dream of a dead man.
That must be it! It has to be!
You are alive!
You are alive, Koichi.
Can't you feel it?
Okay, hold the spoon.
Gently, gently.
- Grip it firmly.
- Okay.
Good, now stir the broth.
You're doing great!
- There, it's done!
- Yeah!
I added your favorite, radish.
- Radish!
- Taste it for me.
- Okay.
- Let's do it.
First the soup, then the radish.
Can I...
put this all to rest?
I'd like to try to live again.
Is that what I think it is?
Hurry and report it.
Yes, Sir!
Patrols report the Creature is
heading east towards Tokyo Bay.
Is it close then?
- What is it?
- I don't believe it.
Is it here?
- Is that really a living thing?
- Oh, yeah.
This is Tokyo Bay Defense,
requesting permission to detonate Zone 4!
It's almost here.
Entering Zone 4!
- Now!
- Detonate!
No good.
It had no effect!
Blockade breached!
It's heading to Shinagawa!
And it is gargantuan!
This is an emergency news report!
A giant sea creature has come ashore near Ginza.
Those near Ginza,
follow police instructions and evacuate.
This is not a hoax.
People nearby
Are you hurt? You Okay?
What's going on?
What just happened?
Is that... Godzilla?
It's a scene that defies belief,
a giant creature on the loose...
trampling Ginza underfoot!
Tearing whole buildings apart!
The Nippon Theater, a beloved icon of the people...
is crumbling before our very eyes!
The Ginza survived the air raids
but not this! This monster...
has turned it to rubble!
And now the monster is coming this way!
I can see its enormous head
passing in front of us!
It's dangerously close!
Get up!
- Koichi!
- Do you want to live? Come on!
Did they get it?
This is...
the same as before.
Damage wreaked by the giant creature...
includes some 30,000 killed and injured...
and 20,000 homes and buildings were destroyed.
Recovery operations are underway,
but the path the creature took...
carries the risk of radiation that
is impeding progress.
Police have cordoned off central Ginza
to collect shards of the creature...
which are of unknown composition
and potentially hazardous.
I'm so sorry.
What now for Akiko?
We pull together, that's what.
Hey Akiko.
You like playing with me when
Dad's away at work, right?
Where's Mommy?
Mommy had to go away for a little while for work.
But you'll have me with you, okay?
You can't forgive me, Is that it?
It's my fault...
for thinking I could dream again.
Mr. Shikishima.
There's actually a strategy being hatched
to defeat Godzilla...
led by private citizens.
It lacks any real basis for viability, but...
will you take part?
"Special Disaster Countermeasure Hearing"
- Wait, everyone here is...
- Yes.
- Ex-navy personnel.
- You're informed.
I'm ex-"Yukikaze" Destroyer Captain Hotta.
As you all know, Tokyo again faces...
an unprecedented crisis,
this time, a monster attack.
But we have no defense apparatus
of our own to protect our people.
What's more, any GHQ-led military
action runs the risk of escalating
US-Soviet tensions.
In short, we must confront the monsters
with our strengths as private citizens.
This is why we've gathered you here.
But we've negotiated the use of four destroyers...
originally slated for handover to the UN.
Are you saying...
you want us back on navy ships?
I saw what it did in Ginza.
There's no way to defeat it.
Especially from boats that have been disarmed.
You're dreaming!
That's what I'm here to explain if you allow it.
Mr. Noda?
The plan...
Pardon me.
The plan was drafted by me,
Kenji Noda, ex-Navy technical officer.
The first thing to know...
is that this creature the people
of Odo Island called Godzilla...
cannot be hurt by conventional firearms.
I saw it take heavy artillery fire
from the guns of Takao...
but quickly heal itself.
Quiet, please.
So we need a totally different approach.
Let me give you a demonstration.
This is concentrated salt water.
This wood model is weighted down
just enough to barely float.
What happens if we pipe in freon gas,
enveloping it in bubbles?
That's easy. Bubbles or not,
it would stay afloat.
That's what you'd think.
It sinks!
The freon bubbles prevent the model
from seawater contact.
My idea is to entrap Godzilla like this
and sink it to the ocean floor.
Did you have any idea Doc was
such a bigwig?
At over 1500 meters in depth...
the Sagami Trench is the deepest
place in nearby waters.
The plan is to strap freon cylinders
to Godzilla and let them foam.
We create a bubble membrane.
It'll sink so rapidly that
the pressure will crush it.
We kill it with the power of the sea.
That's the outline for
Operation Wada Tsumi.
It's of the sea.
Won't it withstand the pressure?
After 25 seconds, every square
meter applies 1,500 tons of pressure.
Even ocean-born creatures cannot
bear such rapid pressure change.
Can you promise...
that would kill Godzilla?
Godzilla is an unknown organism.
We can only predict what will happen.
But this is our best alternative.
Will it kill it?
Or will it not?
I can't absolutely guarantee it.
It can be done!
Mr. Shikishima.
Hear me out, please.
Now let's get to the details.
Two ships will corral Godzilla and wrap it in cable.
The cable will have multiple freon gas cylinders attached to it.
The gas will be released as it's being tied.
And Godzilla will take a rapid plunge of 1,500 meters.
What if that fails?
There is a Part B.
Look into the courtyard.
I'm Itagaki of Toyo Balloon Company.
What you just saw...
is an inflatable levitation device like the kind,
used in navy aircraft.
CO2 is shot into air sacs for buoyancy.
It's a life preserver.
When Godzilla hits the floor.
We raise it quickly back up to the surface.
If it bears the pressure,
it'll then contend massive decompression.
I can't say for sure that it wouldn't survive.
But we must do what we can.
You've all survived a tragic war.
So it pains me to ask you again
to put your lives on the line.
But understand this.
We can't rely on the US
or the Japanese government.
So the future of this country is in our hands.
I can't do it.
I have a family.
And that goes for most people here.
Why are we always the ones
drawing the short straw?
We got enough of that in the war.
I beg you to listen very carefully.
This is not an order.
You're all free to leave if you wish.
We have no right to stop you.
This plan...
does it mean certain death?
Of course not.
Then it definitely beats wartime.
It can't be helped.
Someone has to do it.
Who can sail the ships if not us?
That's right.
- Well, then! Are we in, boys?
- Yeah!
My friends...
thank you.
Hear, hear!
What a surprise, to find you're
the mastermind of such a grand plan.
Well, I've had a direct encounter.
So the task fell to me.
And we were called for the same reasons.
Do you think Godzilla will return?
I think we can assume that Godzilla
has added Tokyo to "its territory."
I expect it'll be back within 10 days at the latest.
That soon?
Did you set up radiation detection boys?
Visual detection isn't enough.
How can you expect it to
walk right into your trap?
- I can't.
- What, no plan?
Who do you think I am?
Of course, I have a plan.
We have acoustic minesweepers.
We use speakers to play
a recording of Godzilla's voice.
- Its voice?
- Yeah.
It sees it as another territorial competitor.
- Hopefully.
- Hopefully?
You don't instill confidence.
And that levitation device?
I can't envision that working well.
Any other ideas, then?
I know!
We pull it up with the destroyers.
Godzilla weighs some 20,000 tons.
Too heavy for two destroyers.
In short, your plan is full of holes.
If you have a better one, let's hear it.
Mr. Noda.
Can you get ahold of a fighter plane?
Fighter plane?
I could anger it with gunfire
and draw it to Sagami Bay.
All planes were decommissioned.
Even if you could, it shoots a heat ray.
You risk your life flying so close.
I'll take that risk.
A fighter jet is more nimble than a boat.
You're not aiming to get shot down, are you?
Do you have a death wish?
You're drunk.
You just want to avenge Noriko.
Problem with that?
It's too late.
You should've married her before!
You knew how she felt.
Don't you think I wanted that, too?
Then why didn't you?
my war isn't over yet.
- You found a plane?
- Yes.
But it's a unique one.
It was developed at the end of the war,
Local Fighter Shinden.
Designed to shoot down bombers.
And hit speeds over 400 knots [about 740 km/h]
It's got a tail wing,
four 30 mm guns, and it's nimble as hell.
It's a plane full of innovations.
Only a few prototypes were field deployed.
They were kept here for
a mainland battle that never came.
They were left to rust,
and are in bad shape.
It's not air-worthy as is.
What we need is a top mechanic.
Someone who knows their way around a jet fighter.
I know just the person.
Ex-Odo Island detachment mechanic.
- Sosaku Tachibana.
- Got it.
Tachibana, Tachibana, Tachibana.
No known current address.
We're swamped with search requests.
This will take time.
I need to locate him urgently.
So does everybody.
- I beg you, please!
- What?
The country's future depends on it!
I'm sure,
but I can't do the impossible.
Well then...
where was he posted before Odo Island?
Then where was he?
I've asked everywhere.
But this Tachibana probably
doesn't want to be found.
We can find another mechanic.
Any other leads?
Just wait a bit longer.
Why must it be him?
Godzilla can come at any time.
It has to be Tachibana!
He's going to get my message.
Mr. Tachibana! It's really you!
What's this about?
The Odo Island massacre was all my fault?!
Are you serious?
I'm sorry.
I knew if I angered you,
you'd come to find me.
How dare you?
The Ginza attack...
was the same as Odo.
It was Godzilla.
I need you to repair
a fighter for me.
So I can kill it!
I needed to find you,
to ask for your help.
That's why I wrote those letters.
Please forgive me!
You're on your own.
I'm not helping you.
No, wait, Mr. Tachibana!
Please listen to me!
I need your help killing Godzilla.
It's something only you can do.
I burst a mine in its mouth,
and hurt it more than ship guns.
It's vulnerable from the inside.
Do you get me?
You don't mean...
I can kill it if I fly a plane full of
explosives into its mouth.
The war isn't over...
for you, either.
- You got that injury falling down?
- Ow.
It's swelling up like a grapefruit.
It's embarrassing, but I was drunk.
I barely remember it.
I guess you deserved to celebrate
after finding Mr. Tachibana.
Tail wing, huh?
I'd heard rumors,
but they actually did it.
Mr. Tachibana.
Thank you all for coming!
You're Mr. Tachibana?
So this is the phantom
Local Fighter Shinden, huh?
Can you make this fly?
We'll do all we can.
Thank you.
Good luck. Good luck.
What's wrong?
Brighten up, Mastermind.
It's bad for morale.
I know it's my plan.
But I'm feeling we'll need
a miracle to make it work.
Doing nothing won't cause
a miracle, either.
You're right.
Take a look at these guys' faces.
They're not stupid.
They know they're risking their lives.
And yet...
their faces are beaming.
They're happy.
This time,
they'll make a difference.
Make a difference.
We all came through war.
This time, we're making it right.
"2 Floor Conference Room 3,
Special Disaster Countermeasure HQ"
Hurry up!
Make room.
One hour ago, east of Hachijo Island...
33.10 north, 140.01 east...
We got Geiger readings from multiple buoys.
Followed by...
here and here.
Godzilla's coming.
At last.
At this rate,
it's due to arrive over the Sagami Trench...
at 1100 hours tomorrow, which means...
We have to mobilize
and be in positions by 0800.
But tell me...
will your device be ready by then?
Take us with you.
The final 3 hours will be critical.
We want it perfect.
But you could get caught in the fight.
We've all seen war, too.
Then everybody, go home tonight.
Spend the time with your families.
You mean... be prepared?
Come to think of it...
this country has treated life
far too cheaply.
Poorly armored tanks.
Poor supply chains resulting in half of
all deaths from starvation and disease.
Fighter planes built without
ejection seats.
And finally, kamikaze
and suicide attacks.
That's why this time...
I'd take pride in a citizen-led effort...
that sacrifices no lives at all!
This next battle...
is not one waged to the death.
But a battle to live for the future.
Let's do it!
- Let's do it!
- Let's do it!
Finally, tomorrow's the day.
- I can't wait.
- You're not going.
What do you mean?
You're useless with that hand, anyway.
Even Shikishima's going!
Because I'm not a veteran?
I can be useful.
Not having been to war...
is something to be proud of.
I want to defend my country, too.
Take me with you!
We've been a team for a long time!
I'm begging you!
Take me with you!
I want to go with you!
We leave you the future.
Mr. Noda!
A little lower.
Here you go, Akiko.
I want to...
thank you for everything.
Was it fun with Auntie?
It was fun.
Good. I'm glad.
Is that for me?
Thank you.
- Akiko.
- Yes.
Is this you, me and mom?
That's mom there.
I see.
It's really good.
Why do you look sad?
What's wrong?
There there.
It'll be all right.
I'm not leaving you.
Mr. Tachibana.
It is ready?
Give me a minute.
The bomb you ordered.
Two machine guns,
140 kg... 120 rounds, 80 kg...
And one main fuel tank,
400 kg removed.
Instead, a No. 25 bomb in the nose,
and No. 50 in the fuselage.
Now, I can finally pay them back.
That's funny.
Part of me wants to live.
Same as all the men that day.
They all wanted to go home.
But instead,
they got squashed like bugs.
I understand.
This was drawn by a girl named Akiko.
I want to protect her future.
I will stop Godzilla no matter what.
You're finally ready.
Then, this is important.
Look here.
The bomb's safety.
Pull it right before flying in.
Got it?
One more thing.
Are you all by yourself?
To Sumiko...
"Look after Akiko.
Use this money for her."
From Daddy?
Huh? Yeah, from Daddy.
It's all right.
Don't worry.
This is Kuroshio 12, 35.03 N, 139.41 E.
Many deep sea fish were found!
Godzilla is sighted in Sagami Bay!
Underwater guidance decoy activated.
Take only the essentials with you!
Hurry and board!
Let's get a move on.
Mizushima took our advice?
It's the best thing for him.
I didn't want Shikishima to fly, either.
A failed kamikaze pilot?
It worries me.
He's got Akiko.
He'll make it back alive.
The underwater decoy team was destroyed!
Godzilla has entered Sagami Bay!
Wada Tsumi ships, leave port now!
It's already here.
Godzilla's through the final defense line!
Heading for shore!
I'm off!
Time to end it once and for all, Shikishima.
Leave port now! Repeat.
Wada Tsumi ships leave port now!
What now?
The plan's ruined!
We embark anyway.
We need to sink it over the Sagami Trench
or it won't work.
Shikishima will have to lure it!
Move out!
Let's go!
Radio from Mr. Shikishima!
I'm in the air preparing to lure
Godzilla to target area.
We'll be ready.
Get there quickly.
Don't do anything rash!
I won't forgive you if you orphan Akiko.
You hear me, Shikishima!
He's ignoring me.
Ms. Shikishima?
You have a telegram.
- Thanks.
Wow. Was to lure it out!
Godzilla looks really ticked off.
It's in pursuot.
Our turn now.
All ships, battle positions!
All ships, battle positions!
Freon cylinders are ready!
46 cm cannonballs ready!
Levitation switch ready!
Cables ready!
All circuits ready!
Power on,
release safety device!
That's it. Keep coming.
- Team one attacks as planned.
- As planned!
Atta boy.
That's Godzilla's heat ray.
The ships won't survive this.
All ships must evacuate!
No, this is okay.
Stick to the plan.
But the heat ray!
Once fired, it takes time to regenerate.
We go now!
Give the order!
Commence Operation Wada Tsumi!
Fire 46 cm cannonballs,
cylinders and levitation switch!
Crane deployed!
Maintain course, Hibiki!
Hibiki, maintain course!
Maintain speed, some damage is inevitable.
Hibiki is closing in, 4 meters!
2 meters!
Brace for impact!
Brace for impact!
Crossing complete!
Full speed!
Full speed!
Full speed!
Very good!
- Captain, the switch.
- Roger!
Oh no. Not yet?
- Hit it, Captain!
- Now!
- Freon!
- Got it!
Depth 1,200 meters!
1,300 meters!
- 1,400 meters!
- Keep going!
- Dive!
- 1,450 meters!
1,500 target passed!
We sunk Godzilla!
Did it succeed?
Persistent bugger.
- Move to Part B.
- Do it.
Now rise
Depth 1,200 meters!
1,100 meters 1,000 meters!
Cables stopped!
They stopped at 803 meters!
Why? Why did they stop?
It chewed through?
Hibiki, pull Godzilla up!
90 degrees max speed!
The two ships lack the thrust.
We've no choice.
Give it all you can!
Yes, sir!
At this rate...
the crane won't hold.
Get away quickly!
This is Yokohama tugboat Fujimaru!
Doing our best to help!
That voice.
Mizushima here.
Is that you, Captain?
Kid, is that you?
You bet!
This is Toyo Kisen's Koeimaru,
here to help.
And Yokohama Eisen's Nikkomaru!
At your service!
Shiokazemaru, assisting!
- Nanamimaru.
- Minamimaru.
- Kisshomaru.
- Junseimaru.
- Wakamaru.
- Heimitsumaru.
- Kaiomaru.
- Hyuga.
- Choukamaru.
- Shuseimaru.
- Taramaru.
- Yasakamaru.
The useless to the rescue!
I'll be damned.
I gotta admit I'm glad to see him.
All you tugboats out there!
Let's catch a Godzilla!
- Everybody pull!
- Everybody pull!
Godzilla's rising again!
Come on, show your face!
Depth 700 meters!
Keep coming, keep coming!
It's not damaged enough!
All ships evasive action!
What's he doing?
- Don't.
- Stop!
No, look!
I see him.
I see him!
Pilot ejected!
He's alive!
This seat has an ejection button.
Just pull that lever.
Mr. Tachibana.
You did it!
You did it!
- Koichi!
- Akiko!
Is your war...
finally over?