Godzilla: The Planet Eater (2018) Movie Script

For many, many years,
we have been observing
you Earthlings.
Far before Godzilla appeared,
before the dawn of civilization,
we continuously intervened
in the lives of you Earthlings.
You Earthlings
have been so interesting to observe.
As a result, we know more about you
than you know about yourselves.
In essence,
humans are dependent on each other.
And your ability to be self-determined,
so-called freewill, is very limited.
A god's words could never be
accepted by you humans.
Only the words of other humans
are accepted by humans.
It is for this reason
that a human is required
to reveal a god's will to other humans.
In this case, you humans desire heroes.
Not status, nor reasoning,
but someone who embodies
the spirit of your era
through their beliefs and actions.
Humans will admire that leader,
search for truth in their words,
and discover God in what they gaze at.
Therefore, there is no need to persuade
all humanity to enter heaven's gates.
If just one person, a hero, shows the way,
all of you will follow.
I've searched and waited.
A hero, shaped by human history,
will eventually appear to lead the way.
That's right.
I've been waiting for you...
I can't detect its life signs.
Is it dead?
No. The electromagnetic pulses
inside its body are still strong.
They have slowed down,
but the overall waveform is stable.
It's only sleeping.
Probably just saving power
for its next awakening.
What was the point of it, in the end?
I mean, Godzilla's existence.
Don't you remember?
How was this monster born
in the 20th century?
Humanity's nuclear bomb experiments...
Humanity's foolish actions
created this monster.
That's what we were taught.
- But maybe it was the opposite.
- The opposite?
Let's think of the Earth
as a massive ecosystem.
Imagine if all the technologies
that humans had created till now
weren't really
developed to serve our own ends,
but to breathe life into that monster...
That's another way to think about it.
What if humans were merely the opening act
to the creation of Godzilla,
the ultimate life form?
What? That's...
Never say that
in front of Captain Sakaki...
As a human myself,
I don't want to accept it either.
All monsters, and Godzilla,
are called monsters
because they cannot be defeated by people.
what has surpassed human intellect
is no longer within the category
of human achievement.
From the moment you decided
that you'll defeat Godzilla,
you were aspiring to become something
that is no longer human, Haruo!
You're wrong! I...
If you want to win,
then steel your resolve!
You'll surpass humanity and Godzilla,
and become something greater!
There are no more transmissions
from Mechagodzilla City after this one.
Godzilla has once again
entered a dormant state.
That traitor...
We were so close!
Captain Sakaki
should be sentenced to death!
Thanks to that bastard's actions,
we lost our one and only chance
to defeat Godzilla!
What would have happened
after we defeated Godzilla?
What on Earth
would that city-scaled nanomachine
have done to Earth's environment?
A new era of prosperity
lay in store for us, of course!
A new future, in which all will be led
by the Bilusaludo's ultimate wisdom!
And for some mere personal belief, he...
I could say the same about you!
Becoming a monster
fused with a machine?
You call that prosperity?
What is that if not your personal belief?
Are you as delusional as Sakaki?
Captain, Lieutenant Colonel
Mulu-elu Galu-gu's actions
were clearly rebellious.
Captain Sakaki should be acknowledged
for stopping him!
Cut the crap, you Earthlings!
Who on Earth do you think
has helped you live this long?
Just because you helped,
does that mean
you have the right
to give us life or death?
Even those who did not volunteer
were forced to undergo
the nanometal procedure,
which is inexcusable!
That was a necessary measure
to defeat Godzilla!
Can you not see
the gravity of the situation?
What I see is Mechagodzilla's true form!
It is the Bilusaludo's weapon
for the invasion of Earth!
Aren't we fighting a common enemy?
It's no good. There's nothing I can do.
But... her heart is beating.
She's alive, right?
Thanks to the nanometal.
What a frightening technology.
The same metal that's eroding her body
is acting like a life-support machine.
She'll probably live on.
But that's all.
She'll never open her eyes again.
We'll return to the Aratrum.
They must have
some more advanced treatments!
Her brain has stopped functioning.
Captain... She is already...
So, this is where you were.
What did the others say?
They are arguing.
Retreat is out of the question for now.
Captain Sakaki, opinions are split
regarding how you will be dealt with.
Judging by Dolu-do, it seems like
the Bilusaludo faction suggested
to condemn your actions.
Because we were only a step away
from beating Godzilla?
That's right.
If you'd had cooperated
with Galu-gu and the Bilusaludo,
Godzilla might have been beaten.
However, if you had done that,
you would have had
to desert Sergeant Tani,
and you'd probably have had
to become a monster yourself.
Not in body, but in mind.
Captain Sakaki
has a strong sense of humanity.
That's why we didn't beat Godzilla.
Is that what you're trying to say?
Galu-gu said that if we don't throw away
our humanity, we'll never defeat Godzilla.
In the end, we agreed with him
in a paradoxical way...
I disagree.
Because Haruo chose
not to throw away his humanity,
the birth of the Bilusaludo's Godzilla
has been hindered.
Why was I the only one saved?
- That's...
- It's a miracle!
Captain, don't you think
there's some deeper meanings there?
The Bilusaludo were arrogant
and turned their backs on God.
Yuko, who was taken in by them,
is also dead.
She was punished for her sin!
But you were protected by something
and survived.
And saved us all!
This must be grace.
A divine revelation
that the choice you made was right!
You guys...
Everyone was enlightened
by going through this trial.
For our great god's intentions.
Up until now,
I'd never given it much thought.
But now I have no doubts.
Our god is protecting all of us, Captain.
He hears our prayers of fighting Godzilla!
If you want to win,
then steel your resolve!
You'll surpass humanity and Godzilla
and become something greater!
I can't do it.
This is the place
of the God of the Houtua.
You need permission to enter.
Ah, is that so?
I'm sorry. I think I'm lost.
In the end, this Vulture
was the only thing we recovered.
But when the control unit was taken down,
it received an emergency stop signal
and the commands were locked.
When we try to reboot it,
it won't even connect with electricity.
Are the functions
of the nanometal itself frozen?
I wonder how Belu-be managed to reboot it.
They never shared that with us.
Even if we tried to analyze it,
Mechagodzilla City's remains
have structurally broken down
due to extreme heat.
It's hopeless.
Sokolov and I both touched
the nanometal at the same time.
He was engulfed by it
in just a second.
But I...
Look, I got it on this part of my arm.
But nothing happened.
Sokolov was done for,
but I was able to shake it off easily.
It can't be explained. Right?
- That's right.
- It's a miracle.
Exactly. It is an undeniable miracle.
Both Captain Sakaki and I
have been blessed.
Captain Sakaki, do you have a minute?
It seems like there were people
who failed to escape
and didn't suffer erosion
from the nanometal.
They all have something in common.
I'm amazed
they're all calling this a miracle.
Everyone in Mechagodzilla City
complained about poor physical health
and received
a medical examination from me.
So did you, Captain.
So, the thing they have in common
that you're talking about is...?
Everyone got medical treatment
in Houtua village.
Perhaps Houtua's medical techniques
include an anti-nanometal-erosion
antibody of sorts.
If that's the case,
why aren't you telling everyone?
Do you think I could do so
in such a situation? No kidding!
If they don't believe us,
they'll probably hang us.
Now most of the survivors
are joining the Exif Cult.
In a place like this,
where we can't escape,
I don't want to become the minority.
Looking back now, our daily lives
were full of miracles.
- I couldn't see a thing.
- Well, about medical supplies,
I'd like to restrict their distribution.
Is that all right, Captain Sakaki?
- Realizing it is a miracle in itself.
- Yes, that's fine.
- I see.
- I understand.
Metphies, a moment please?
Do you mind if we walk and talk?
It's something personal.
Please go ahead first.
So, what's the matter?
The thing that protected us
from the nanometal...
It wasn't a miracle.
Houtua's medical treatment
provided us a special antibody.
Yeah, I guessed so.
You knew it?
How could you make fools
of everyone like that?
Maybe from your viewpoint
I am being dishonest,
but desperate times
call for desperate measures.
I have to do whatever it takes.
Metphies... You...
Let me tell you why.
It is to fight Godzilla once again.
To prepare for the next battle,
we have to unite everyone's hearts.
But... we can't...
defeat Godzilla.
Do you really believe that?
Tell me the exact reason.
Do you really have
no means left to defeat Godzilla?
Or have you just lost
your will to fight Godzilla?
If it's the former,
you can take back what you've just said.
I'll find a way.
Will the god you worship
beat Godzilla for us?
"Sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic."
One of Earth's scientists said that.
How about you think of it like this:
You talk about God in the same breath
as the occult and superstition
because your science
is not sufficiently advanced
to comprehend God.
To us, the existence of God
is purely a mathematical conclusion.
A technology you have yet to discover
called the Gematron Calculation
has allowed us to make contact
with higher-dimensional beings.
Are you serious?
Yes. And just like humans rely
on strategy and tactics,
and like the Bilusaludo
rely on engineering,
we Exif rely on our god
to defeat Godzilla.
Don't talk nonsense! Why wait until now?
If your great god
is going to solve everything,
what's the meaning
of all those sacrifices we've made?
Did everyone die for no reason?
I've had no choice but to wait...
for the time to be ripe.
The anger that burns in your heart now,
the hatred you have against Godzilla,
will someday become prayers
and reach the god.
That's why I've been waiting...
for the time when your hatred for Godzilla
overcomes your doubt about God.
If I join your religion,
will I be able to defeat Godzilla?
Don't mock me!
Is that how you tricked
Adam and the others?
It can only be you, Haruo.
If you welcome God to this world,
you'd be the best one
to stand at the altar.
Why me?
You are more noble and proud
than anyone else,
and you did not question
how people ought to be.
That's why you caught my eye.
The one who truly hates Godzilla
and the hero to stand in front of God.
I told you that before, Haruo.
Aratrum is maintaining
a geosynchronous orbit.
Due to the Bilusaludo engineers' boycott, the
gravity-coil engine's efficiency was decreased.
Right when we had to consider
withdrawing from the Earthsphere again...
Admiral, we are out of time.
We must decide how to handle
Captain Sakaki's case.
- This is an emergency.
- What's happened?
- Captain Mori!
- Dolu-do.
Tell this to the members
of the Central Committee!
In response to your insulting attitude,
we, the Bilusaludo, now exert the right
to issue an objection by force!
In repayment for our comrades
who died in Mechagodzilla City,
you must make Haruo Sakaki
take ultimate responsibility.
Until you agree to this demand,
we will shut off the power of the Aratrum.
Dolu-do, you would go this far?
The Bilusaludo are
a minority on the committee.
Justifying the Mechagodzilla incident
is a matter of life and death.
- What is the status of the backup battery?
- Operational.
But the residential circulation system
can't be maintained more than 48 hours.
Call the security forces immediately!
We need to devise a strategy
to recapture the power station!
Wait! Do you intend
to exacerbate our problems further?
This is a full-fledged revolt!
This is no longer just an issue
of Captain Sakaki alone.
If we give in to such intimidation,
we will be handing over all initiative
to the Bilusaludo from now on!
Ah, so there you are.
Metphies lost his mind.
It's as if my words can't reach him.
Well, as a man of religion,
I guess you could say
that he's back on his right path.
For any missionary,
this is a great opportunity.
People are desperate after seeing
that even Mechagodzilla is powerless.
They can only escape despair
by clinging to God.
But is it right for us
to just let them be?
Regardless of whether it's right or wrong,
we don't have the right
to tell them what they can and can't do.
What do you mean?
It's a tricky situation.
Metphies has switched
the incident at Mechagodzilla City
from your liability issue
to a religious miracle.
And so, Captain Sakaki has gone
from being a trustworthy leader
to some sort of altar decoration.
People here are thankful
for what you've done.
But they don't want to hear
your opinion on anything.
They'll only listen
to what comes out of Metphies' mouth.
The whole thing is entirely on him.
Even if that's true,
what do they want with me?
Oh, yes, I forgot. Come with me.
As of this moment,
a brand-new prayer altar
has been established.
Now, let us honor our god!
Let us pray and believe
that a miracle will befall us!
Through our devotion to our god,
our god will grant us
salvation and blessings.
Let us hope that Garbetrium's guidance
will help us through our struggles.
The thing is, I've just received
contacts from the mother ship.
The Bilusaludos seemto have
taken over Aratrum's power station.
They're shutting off Aratrum's power
until you are sentenced.
And, well...
We think the best way to solve this...
is to have you vanish for a while.
It will appear as if you've escaped.
- Wha...?
- I hate to do this,
but it's the only way
to protect you and calm things down.
If you deviate from regulations
so much that even Mori can't defend you,
we might be able to reach a compromise
in negotiation with Dolo-du.
But if that's the case...
I know. It doesn't solve
any foundational problems,
but it's enough to buy us some time
until everyone cools down.
Miana... Why...
This girl is going to help you out.
I'm not sure to what extent
she understands my instructions, but...
Haruo. Hide. Safe.
Uh... Yes... I guess that'll do.
Captain, if you stay here,
you will be used for Metphies's own ends.
There are times when doing nothing
is the best course of action.
You must be patient for now.
I understand.
Painful... Sadness... Why?
I... wanted to defeat Godzilla.
My chance was right there in front of me.
But somehow...
I couldn't bring myself to do it.
In the past, humans lost to Godzilla.
You survived, but lost your civilizations.
And for us who escaped,
we lost something even greater.
If I have the courage
to stand up against Godzilla again,
I thought I would
be able to take something back.
But in the end, humans continue
to fight amongst each other.
They turn a blind eye towards reality.
And now I don't even have a place to be.
For what reason did I go this far?
You, me, not lose.
We won, so we are here.
Are you trying to cheer me up?
You wanted to lose for a long time.
So, what do you consider a win or a loss?
Win is survive. Live on. Connect life.
Loss is die, disappear.
To challenge Godzilla.
Haruo must win.
From now on, with us, together.
I can connect life.
Why would you do that?
Accept visitors. Learn them.
Our role.
It's all right.
You don't have to go that far.
Can you let me rest?
Here, I can sleep without any worries.
Current standby power is at 43%.
Due to the malfunction
of some onboard circulation systems,
we have consumed
more energy than expected.
- Agitation is spreading within the ship.
- What should we do?
Damn the Bilusaludo...
What the hell are the higher-ups doing?
We should not fear the darkness.
We must utilize the light
of the human spirit and shine it forth.
If we have faith, we can step forward
even with our eyes firmly shut.
Without hesitation or fear, we must pray.
Peace lies therein.
Everything is ready.
Our sons.
I only need to add
the finishing touches to this ritual.
The alliance of the stars is as revealed.
However, there were
many unexpected plans.
Excuse me, but I must say that I feel
preparations could have gone smoother.
No, in order to ensure
the offering is perfect,
there is more
preparation yet to be done.
We are only after a single Earthling.
Are all these preparations
really necessary?
He is that valuable for us.
For he is qualified to lead us
towards true glory.
Is that why you told the sacred name
to an alien who is not even Exif?
When the time comes,
he will offer his soul to God
and praise his name.
Proceed as you wish.
May the guidance of Garbetrium
be with you.
Praise the god. All will continue
down the path to devotion.
Do not hide in such a place.
Why don't you show yourself?
That time...
I was undressed
because I was being treated.
Miana must have already...
found the switch to unlock the suit.
You are... Maina?
I see... So, it was you...
But... why?
Because scared.
You look like lose.
You look like disappear. I'm scared.
So I'll make you win. Connect life.
I see.
I'm scared too.
Now, show yourself.
From the start, you have
been listening to our conversations.
You've heard everything, right?
The words that cannot be heard.
Conversations through telepathy.
When did you find that out?
When I noticed you were the only one
who always remained silent.
Whenever you were with us,
you wouldn't even utter a word.
That's not an easy thing to do
if you're not used
to communicating through your mind.
It seems I've overly
made light of you as a regressed race.
Your minds are
more precise than I thought.
Why did you keep your abilities a secret?
To maintain trust, of course.
For other races,
telepathy is considered a threat.
I didn't want them to beware of me.
So you just made them underestimate you
while you secretly read their thoughts?
I don't need to go out of my way
to read the minds of humans or Bilusaludo.
Those tribes who do not know telepathy
are ignorant of people's inner thoughts.
Through their speech and expressions,
they express how they feel openly anyway.
They reveal everything about themselves.
You just need to observe them.
What is it that you desire?
To offer guidance, salvation,
and blessing to those who are lost.
What are you blessing them with?
What will you use to save them?
Where are you guiding these people to...
with all this secrecy?
If I were to tell you that,
I'd have to offer you up as sacrifice too.
Now, get on your knees and pray...
...for the Golden Death.
What are you doing?
I was preparing to entertain you.
The banquet will start soon.
Yes. I'll be inviting
every soul on this planet
to celebrate our blessings.
You are one of our most important guests.
Now, drink this.
Let's say every human in this world
were to disappear completely.
I wonder if Godzilla would be able
to remain the way it is?
What is this?
No, it would only be a giant creature,
but nothing more.
Its power is feared.
Its existence is hated.
He is a monster, because he is cursed.
That's why your existence is so essential.
Godzilla is only Godzilla...
because your hatred is towards it.
Now... I heard my sister...
She said, "Ghidorah."
As you can see, the pot is now empty.
However, the soup that was inside
hasn't just vanished.
It has become a part of you.
Part of your flesh and blood.
It has neither deteriorated nor died.
It simply ceased to be soup in a pot.
Combining with something greater,
it is reborn
as something completely new.
That is what I mean by devotion.
But we are not soup.
We can choose who we devote ourselves to.
We just need to think clearly about it.
What is a more desirable devotion?
For example, Colonel Leland
and Captain Sakaki
have devoted themselves
to the goal of humanity's victory.
And although you could consider this
a noble endeavor,
their outcomes failed to meet up.
For it was impossible to defeat Godzilla
with humanity's justice alone.
Then what is the right path to victory?
It's the god!
Only God can defeat Godzilla!
Precisely. The one whose supreme power
surpasses even that of Godzilla.
Our great god.
There is no path to victory...
unless we devote ourselves,
and become one with God.
To be one with our god
is to leave behind any notion
that you are an individual.
With this in mind,
do you accept our god as your savior?
Are you willing
to sacrifice yourselves to him?
Let us pray!
Let us call on the name of God!
Bring death to Godzilla!
And victory to us!
- Agreed!
- Agreed!
Very well... then now,
let us reveal the secret name.
Come forth, the Golden King,
whose name is Ghidorah!
The Wings of Death!
Come forth Ghidorah! The Wings of Death!
The almighty Ghidorah!
Come forth! The Wings of Death!
Come forth Ghidorah!
Bring us a glorious end!
Help us achieve ultimate victory
with our flesh and blood!
Oh, great Ghidorah! Bring us victory!
Come forth, Ghidorah!
Help us achieve ultimate victory
with our flesh and blood!
Come forth, Ghidorah!
Bring us to a glorious end!
Come forth Ghidorah! The Wings of Death!
The almighty Ghidorah!
Come forth! The Wings of Death!
Ghidorah! Bring us victory!
A distorted gravity wave
has been detected close to the ship!
What? Is it something other than Godzilla?
Space-time is breaking down!
This is... a singularity!
It... It can't be!
A naturally occurring singularity?
That's impossible!
There's no change on the monitor.
The external monitor signals
have been on loop from 120 seconds ago!
This... This is unexplainable!
Everything was normal until just now!
The interior main frame's
Gematronic calculation circuits
are sending out codes
I've never seen before!
I can't control it!
Is someone trying to hack us?
Come forth, Ghidorah!
Bring us to a glorious end!
The time has come...
The singularity's gravitational field
is expanding, no...
It's moving... No...
What the hell is this?
The border of the gravitational field
is changing.
You fool! Give me precise reports!
But I don't know what is going on!
An object more massive
than the singularity is...
is approaching us!
Can't you provide me
with a proper analysis?
All outboard sensors,
thermal response, radio waves,
radiation... the time stamps of the data
are all over the place!
An analysis program has 80%
of all systems spewing run-time errors!
What have you done?
Dolu-do, are you responsible for this?
No! What is happening?
What is it?
Is the cause of the abnormality
internal or external?
It can't be...
Space-time itself is distorting!
Steering systems, navigation systems...
Our systems are being overwritten
by a non-authenticated command.
What is the source of the input signal?
The Gematron calculation crystal
inside the main frame!
This... This is not someone hacking us!
Target coordinate... What is this,
an imaginary number?
Where is this ship being taken?
There is a gravitational field
around the Aratrum! This is impossible!
Ergo region expansion!
We're being dragged to the static limit!
Quickly turn back!
Thrusters to full power!
I'm trying to,
but the steering command won't work!
An anomalous gravitational field
has hit the ship!
External pressure has exceeded
270% of the hull's durability limit.
Cracks in residential blocks
two and three! They're decompressing!
Where is the plasma propeller?
Why won't it ignite?
There is not enough power!
Dolu-do! Restore the power! Hurry!
I'm trying to, but I can't!
What do you mean? Stop kidding me!
Rotational deviation increasing!
The electromagnetic shell will collapse!
Attention, Power Room! Dolu-do, respond!
The power room
was already destroyed 40 seconds ago!
Then what was that transmission just now?
I... I don't know!
All data transmissions
are losing temporal integrity!
No way...
We've lost signs of life on the bridge.
So we're... We're dead?
Why? Why is this...?
Aratrum! Aratrum, please respond!
What exactly happened?
Professor! We can no longer detect
signals from the Aratrum.
And this
gravitational field disturbance...
Could it have been attacked by Godzilla?
No. I can't detect
any attacks from the ground.
What...? What on Earth is going on?
Everybody... go... there...
The lookout tower?
Let's go!
Let me through! Let me through! Excuse me.
This... This is...
What is about to happen?
It's a powerful gravitational field.
So this is where you were, Dr. Martin.
Captain Sakaki!
What's going on?
- Haruo!
- What?
I can hear it from there.
What's going on over there?
There are faint life signs near that hill.
I'll go there. You stay put.
What are you on about? Explain yourself!
Metphies is planning something.
Planning? What could he possibly
be planning in this situation...?
You mean he planned all this?
That's what I need to find out.
- Doctor!
- What?
I've detected Godzilla's vibrations!
What did you say?
It's leaving the base of Mt. Fuji
and appears to be headed in our direction!
Godzilla, too, at a time like this?
Updrafts created by this field
have created cumulonimbus clouds.
I can't believe we're seeing this
on planet Earth...
What is causing all of this?
Does it have something to do with the loss
of communication with the Aratrum?
A strong downburst is expected.
Isn't it dangerous to be here?
But Godzilla is approaching the area.
We can't let it roam free!
Something is coming out of the clouds.
A gas front? No, it's something else...
There's another one!
Over there, too!
- Those rifts...
- What the hell are they?
What is it?
Is that... a monster as well?
That's impossible!
Why has the sensor not detected
a thing that size?
Infrared, radio, magnetic waves...
they're all unresponsive!
The only data I've been able to receive
is the increasing gravitational waves!
Godzilla is the only thing there!
Impossible... We can see it, can't we?
What? A malfunction?
- It isn't working here, either!
- What?
No matter how many times
I try it, it's not working!
Even if I enlarge the search area,
there's no response!
What's going on?
What... is that...?
Even Godzilla...
What are you planning, Metphies?
I'm seeing a sudden spike
in Godzilla's electromagnetic waves!
What? Don't tell me
it's going to fight that thing?
The beam curved?
Godzilla's electromagnetic waves
are spiking again.
Did it use gravity waves
to bend the heat ray?
No, it can't be.
Space itself is distorting?
According to the data, the beam
continued in a straight line!
There is no indication of the beam ever curving.
That monster cannot be seen on this machine.
It can only be detected with
our eyes and ears.
Are you saying it's a hallucination?
It's passing through it! Could it be
that it has no physical form?
But it bites Godzilla!
It makes no sense!
It can touch, but not be touched?
It's a contradiction!
What happened to the asymmetric shield?
Even nuclear warheads
were ineffective against Godzilla.
Godzilla's internal electromagnetic waves
have dropped dramatically!
But it was only bitten...
There can be no doubt that there's
a shield surrounding Godzilla!
But its waveform hasn't changed at all.
There isn't any indication of it
being damaged!
Then what's happening?
Are we just having some horrible dream?
The gravitational disturbance
is expanding!
Huh? There are three of them now!
What is going on?
Still nothing is showing on the sensor?
It still shows nothing.
All we can see is the abnormal
gravitational field is expanding.
Apart from that,
there is no response at all!
Then... what is that thing?
The one that shall devour all.
The King of the Void.
Metphies? What are you doing here?
She's alive.
What is going on?
Did you do all of this?
My mission, handed down across
eternal time, is about to be fulfilled.
Your mission?
I've been waiting for this moment.
Our chance meeting with you,
the long journey through the void.
Everything was for this day of harvest.
Life sprouts from seeds known as planets.
The flower called people
blooms into civilization.
The final fruit of that flower
is Godzilla.
We Exif have seen this cycle occur
on many planets.
And our god is the one
who picks that fruit and eats it.
King Ghidorah. The Golden Death.
This universe only exists
and has value as a tribute
and a sacrifice to Him.
Ghidorah... Isn't that the monster
who destroyed your planet?
We Exif once strove to find
the ultimate truth.
It lead us to make ourselves offerings
and become one with our god.
We handful of priests were left behind
to spread this blessing
across the universe.
You call destruction a blessing?
Not only Godzilla,
but also us and this planet...
are you trying to destroy it all
with Ghidorah?
Embrace this demise.
There is no greater blessing.
Don't mess around!
Do not refuse it. Do not lose your way.
Hand yourself over to fate.
Deep down, you too...
must have wished for it.
Cut... the... crap...!
The electromagnetic waves are decreasing.
Godzilla is definitely taking damage!
Godzilla's force field
is definitely activated.
But it's not deflecting the damage!
Even though he's just being bitten?
Those defenses
that caused us so much trouble...
Why... is destruction a blessing?
Our ancestors obtained science
to grant prosperity
and even see into the future.
With it, they sought across time
for the truth of immortality.
It was the proudest age in Exif's history.
They predicted the end of time
and reached a conclusion:
"eternity does not exist."
The universe is finite
and will one day be deceased.
Then we must seek for rest and glory
beyond that final destruction.
I will never accept... such nonsense...
That is all deception, Haruo.
Life is a series of fears.
Release from them and eternal peace
are the longstanding desires
of every being.
You're wrong!
Listen to your heart. Face it.
Face your own true wishes.
Godzilla's body temperature
is rising rapidly!
Is it going to do the same thing
that destroyed Mechagodzilla City?
Godzilla's body temperature
is still rising!
With that much heat,
he could really do some damage
without even making a direct hit.
Since your earliest memories,
you have always been
a prisoner of fear and despair.
At that time, you must have prayed.
"I hate this.
I hope all this would end."
The things that have shaped your life...
are anger and humiliation,
and an inescapable feeling of entrapment.
That's why you have been waiting so long.
Waiting for one day
to be freed from it all.
This can't be!
Godzilla's temperature is now decreasing!
The heat is being absorbed,
even if the molecules
are still vibrating.
No, it's not only that.
It is producing intense heat,
but there's no steam at all.
If Godzilla is cooling down,
why can't we see any water vapor?
But Godzilla is continuing
to generate heat!
Then the heat is just... disappearing?
Where has it all gone?
The molecules have been vibrating quickly!
But the area surrounding Godzilla
is cooling down rapidly.
Its body temperature is also dropping.
Part of Godzilla's body had already
dropped below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
And it's still dropping!
Perhaps this monster
is from a different universe?
The laws of our world don't apply to it.
Its physical attacks
are from another dimension?
In that case...
could it defeat Godzilla?
This is no joke!
That monster's powers
wouldn't just destroy Godzilla.
It would destroy this planet!
Haruo. You should've remembered...
those who bravely
fulfilled their missions.
I fought even though
I had to throw away my life.
Why didn't you avenge me?
Why didn't you offer your life too?
- Stop...
- Ghidorah can defeat him.
Do you want to live on that badly?
So you can live with those girls?
Even though you've turned me into this...?
Please... Just stop...
Many people sacrificed their lives
in the battle against Godzilla.
Yet the only one left standing
is you, Haruo.
It's time for you to listen to them
and settle this once and for all.
Everyone who fought Godzilla before did so for the sake of mankind!
They didn't want to destroy this planet along with Godzilla.
Godzilla is floating?
How can something so heavy
float like that?
This monster is from another dimension.
Godzilla is totally powerless!
Then how is this monster able
to interfere with our dimension?
What are the conditions?
There isn't any way
of proving their existence.
That would explain a lot
if it were just an illusion.
Yet, Ghidorah's fang
has made contact with Godzilla.
From Ghidorah's perspective,
Godzilla is not an illusion.
The monster is determining
Godzilla's existence...
Our enemy is not Ghidorah!
Someone in our universe is guiding it!
I see... It must be Metphies.
I have to tell Captain Sakaki.
We need to go together to save Haruo.
He is fighting with Ghidorah too!
On many planets,
civilizations at the peak of prosperity
will eventually enter a forbidden zone.
When the door is opened,
a monster lets out its birth cry.
Once a civilization
gives birth to Godzilla,
it is doomed to destruction.
The question is, how should it
accept that destruction?
Don't you think it should stand
resolutely proud to the very end?
Are you saying
we created a civilization...
just to destroy it?
But that's not something
you should dwell on with sadness.
Our universe is finite.
This is a natural conclusion.
That is why us primates must explore
what lies beyond death and destruction.
It can't be... It's not just Ghidorah.
Even Godzilla's measurements
are becoming ambiguous.
Is reality being eroded?
Is this the God of the Houtua?
Your people's long journey
was a pilgrimage
to face your own destruction.
Godzilla is a punishment
for endlessly seeking prosperity.
In order to overcome this ordeal,
you must purify the souls of mankind
through devotion to something greater.
O'Egg. A guide to salvation
from abominable dream.
Deliver this song
to the Passing Crows!
Damn the blasphemous...
That's a... moth?
Haruo! Do not fear. Listen carefully.
Haruo, is that you?
I am calling you now with Maina's help.
Ghidorah can only enter this world
because there is a means of observation!
Someone is acting as Ghidorah's eyes
and watching Godzilla!
It's probably...
Why are you showing me all this?
What do you want me to do?
Fear makes a monster a monster.
Hate makes a person a hero.
And it is a hero's prayer
that makes a god.
It is you
who did not become a new Godzilla,
but continued to fight
and curse Godzilla as a human
who should give praise to our god.
I want you to use your voice
to call on our god.
A hero like you offering his soul
as a sacrifice
will allow Ghidorah's divinity
at last to firmly take root in this world.
So, it was you...
We do not accept life that lives for pain.
The path to ruin should be peaceful.
We were all saved thanks to this.
Everybody has fought for too long.
If we're only living
to receive punishment,
then ending it all
is the only salvation for us.
Don't you think so too, Haruo?
But... But I...
Haruo! Hurry!
Give praise to the Wings of Destruction.
Recite the golden name of our god,
and seek victory and blessings.
Is this a flower?
That's right. A flower of spring
I made to protect this precious child.
One day, even in these times,
spring will come after winter.
A season of lives reviving.
That's right.
That's what we have prayed for
when we named our child.
That's right. Haruo.
You are Haruo, my sweet child.
That's it.
That's it.
There's no comfort for our mistakes.
Those are only excuses.
If I give up, it will all be a lie.
I don't need salvation.
Haruo... You...
No matter how small and miserable
my life may be,
if I were to betray the faith
of everyone who died before me, I...
What? What's going on?
Heat source, electromagnetic...
all our sensors detect Ghidorah!
The gravitational field is decaying...
Amazing... The irregularity
of the phenomenon has decreased
so much we can get data now!
Haruo... did you do it?
The ergosphere region is closing rapidly!
Ghidorah has finally been captured
by the laws of our universe.
You can defeat it now, Godzilla!
Ah, Haruo...
All that anger and hatred
are burning bright. It's blinding.
You are...
Sadness and pain...
are curses inflicted on all living things.
as long as you can hold on to that life...
Ghidorah will...
be watching you...
This is...
The season before the rains,
the season of flowers.
I wanted to show you, Haruo.
I see...
This is spring.
It's the first time I've seen it,
even though I bear its name.
I've been waiting for you, Haruo.
What did you mean
when you said you needed me urgently?
I want you to be the first one to see it.
What are you doing?
This won't move anymore, right?
Well, take a look at this.
I've successfully restarted
the power reactor.
Now the self-healing system
will also recover.
I think it will be able to move
by itself come tomorrow morning.
I was able to recover samples of nanometal
that are still active from Yuko's body.
There's not much equipment left,
so I'm not sure if they can be analyzed,
but this morning we finally succeeded
in getting the control system to work.
Do you not get it?
It's a nanomachine that can self-replicate
and make unlimited copies
of technologies that it memorized!
If we can control this in the same way
as the Bilusaludo,
we can revive past civilizations!
We'll be saying farewell
to today's primitive lives!
What's wrong with you, Haruo?
The insatiable desire for prosperity
is human nature.
And yet again,
the harvest season will come.
Time is on our side.
We only have to wait patiently.
What's wrong? Haruo?
Dr. Martin really is a genius!
Soon, we'll say farewell
to our primitive lifestyle.
It's surprisingly nice
once you get used to it, though.
Well, this lifestyle suits you very well.
Haruo, are you all right?
I'm fine.
Well, shall we get going?
What do you plan on doing?
Miana, do you find Godzilla scary?
Yeah... Scary...
So, I guess you hate it?
Hate Godzilla?
Godzilla is scary.
Tornadoes and lightning are scary too.
But... hate? I don't know.
There is no such word in Houtua.
Haruo, you can't go! That's losing!
I know.
A life without losing
is no different from a beast.
But when the time comes,
we can also choose a losing battle.
I don't understand.
It's okay if you never understand.
Perhaps if I was here
you'd understand one day.
That's why I've got to go.
Do you understand, Godzilla?
From all of those who hated you
and challenged you,
I am the last one remaining.
I'm the one
carrying all the lives you took
and all the dreams you stole.
I am right here!
If you really are
the incarnation of destruction...
then this time, make sure you
burn down everything without any traces!
Along with all the curses from the past!
I wish to not get sick.
I wish to not have bad dreams.
I wish to not get stung by bugs.
I wish to not get hurt
from climbing trees.
Well, everyone,
did you seal all the scary things into it?
Our Wrathful Lord. Our Wrathful Lord.
Please purify us again this year.
Please forget the curses with this flame.