Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003) Movie Script

Circuit connection, 40 percent.
Fifty-five percent, 70 percent.
Eighty percent, 95 percent.
DNA computer connection initializing.
DNA computer connections complete.
System normal.
Orange alert.
Unidentified target.
Stand by to intercept target.
A UFO is heading for Japan.
The target is approaching.
Entering the southern air-defense zone...
And is heading north off Iwo Jima.
Intercept. Two F-15s dispatched
from Hyakuri Air Base.
Any visuals?
Yes, Sir, coming up.
Blue One, what's your status?
Blue One, radar locked on target,
we're going in to identify.
Target has reduced speed to
Mach 2.
Commencing pursuit.
Roger, Blue One.
Target approaching.
Entering air space.
It's ignoring all our warnings.
Roger, Blue One, copy.
Target in sight, cannot identify.
Request to fire a warning shot.
Confirm fire of warning shot.
Safety system off.
Target locked on.
Target still on course.
What's that?
What's the problem, Blue One?
Singing, I hear singing.
It's just your imagination,
Blue One.
Blue Two, come in.
He's coming right at us.
It's not responding!
I can't pull up!
Shoot it down. Fire all missiles.
Fire at will.
Safety systems off.
What's happening?
Target has disappeared.
We've lost the radar signal, Sir.
Was it shot down?
No missile reached the target.
We're getting a visual
from the satellite.
My God.
As we reported in our
news bulletin today...
Godzilla has not been sighted since
last May, when it attacked Tokyo.
Mechagodzilla is still under
repair and is not operational.
A defense force spokesman says that
it will not run wild this time...
As it did before. This is Koji
Nakamoto at Yokosuka Naval Base.
This F1 is the first
supersonic fighter...
Made entirely in Japan.
Now it's a little outdated, unfortunately.
Look at it. What a fuselage.
The clean lines from
the nose down to the tail.
Uncle Yoshi, have you ever
touched a real one?
Shun, didn't I tell you
not to call me uncle?
Yeah, my first job was as
ground crew for the F1.
Then F-4s and F-15s.
There'll probably never
be another one like this.
Hey, and Mecha G?
Mecha G?
That's a good machine too.
Great. Finished.
That's great.
I'll show it to Grandpa.
Grandpa, look, it's finished.
An earthquake.
Mr. Chujo?
Mr. Chujo?
Mr. Chujo?
Here we are, Mr. Chujo.
Incredible. Tell me, am I dreaming?
No, you're not dreaming.
It's been a long time, hasn't it?
Uncle, are you okay?
But, Uncle, who are those girls?
Don't worry now.
They're old acquaintances.
So you do remember us, Sir?
Well, naturally.
How could I forget you?
Do you remember, you met two fairies
from our family on Infant Island...
43 years ago.
Well, now we've come to find you.
Yes, but I'm an old man now.
This here is my grandson.
Please, sir, we have
a favor to ask of you.
A favor?
That's right.
We came here because we believe...
You'll be able to
understand our problem.
Well, all right, if you think
I can help. What's the favor?
It's Godzilla's bones.
You must send them back to sea.
Human beings made a weapon
using the bones from Godzilla.
That was a mistake.
It was a mistake to build Mechagodzilla?
My nephew, Yoshi.
He's in the air force...
On the Mecha G ground crew.
No human being may touch
the souls of the dead.
We came to tell you that Godzilla's
bones must return to the sea...
And remain there.
But Mechagodzilla is our only protection.
That's right. What if Godzilla
attacks us again one day?
If that happens, then Mothra
will be there to protect you.
But 43 years ago,
Mothra destroyed Tokyo.
Why would it choose
to protect us this time?
Please listen. Godzilla's bones
must be returned to the sea.
If they're not, then Mothra will
declare war on the human race.
Naturally, we don't want
that war to happen.
And neither does Mothra.
During the fight with Godzilla...
Mechagodzilla suffered damage
to 37 percent of its components.
It lost an arm and its
Absolute Zero system.
However, repairs are
continuing apace.
I'm pleased to tell you that
the arm has been replaced today.
Suppose Godzilla returns.
Is Mechagodzilla ready to go
into action?
The Absolute Zero system.
Is it repaired yet?
As of now, it's hard to tell...
When repairs to the Absolute
Zero system will be complete.
However, Mechagodzilla is working.
It doesn't make any sense at all.
They know it's not operational.
We haven't checked its mobility.
Isn't that right?
You listening, Chujo?
Sure. Yeah, that's right.
During the battles last year...
We inflicted serious damage
on Godzilla...
As you well know.
We've continued searching for
Godzilla using the surveyor satellite.
But we haven't been able to
find it.
I have a question.
Please go ahead.
Experts reported that the monster
was attracted by the bones...
That were used to construct Mechagodzilla.
I'd like to know the defense
agency's opinion.
Can you comment on that?
Chujo, how did your vacation go?
Okay. I just stayed
at my uncle's place.
Did something happen on vacation'?
No, why?
You've been so absent-minded lately.
Disassembling strobe three...
Where's the mess?
On the first floor.
The new Mecha G pilots.
Bye, Guys.
Okay, see you later.
I'm home.
In his speech to the press, the
minister said Godzilla wouldn't appear.
So, what's your opinion on that?
Well, if that's correct, why are
we wasting so much money...
On repairing Mechagodzilla?
Now, we've seen what Godzilla can
do and we can't take any chances.
This is our only defense.
In Shinagawa, the theater of last
year's great encounter with Godzilla...
Most of the area was destroyed,
and rebuilding has yet to begin.
Yes, but if I'm right, Mechagodzilla
was designed to fight Godzilla...
And other monsters that attacked.
That means Godzilla isn't
necessarily the only danger...
To this country, and that other
threats to national security...
You're back early, Shun.
If that's the case, it seems strange..
Say, what are you doing?
Just putting a few things in order.
See? I'm making a record
for future generations.
You see these?
They're photos of Infant Island.
Forty-three years ago, I went
there as a language expert.
I was part of an expedition.
It was there that I met the fairies.
Is this what Mothra did
to Tokyo, Grandpa?
That's right.
Mothra attacked Tokyo...
Because some villains
kidnapped the fairies...
And brought them back here to Japan.
Mothra was merely coming
to rescue the two fairies.
See this? It's the Mothra symbol.
We found this on the island.
What happened was that
we rescued the fairies...
From their kidnappers.
Then this symbol was painted
onto an airport runway.
That way, we successfully managed
to attract Mothra to us.
Yashiro, Sekine, Kuriyama.
These three pilots will be leaving
us temporarily to go overseas.
They've been chosen to study combat
tactics and strategy in the States.
We hope the experience will lead to
better efficiency and precision...
In Mechagodzilla's operations.
They will return to Japan in a year...
Bringing with them
newly acquired experience.
We wish them all well.
When do you think you'll be leaving?
Our flight leaves tomorrow night.
Thank you very much.
Hey, come on, you can relax a
little. Here.
Have a drink.
How's it going?
I've just been accepted as a pilot.
It was confirmed today.
That's great.
Say "Congratulations."
We did work together, you know.
Hey, introduce me.
This is Asuza. We worked
together a few years ago.
We were ground crew together.
How are you?
So tell me, why did you
wanna be a pilot?
Flying has been a dream for me,
so I volunteered as soon as I could.
What are you doing hiding
over here?
This is Akiba, my colleague.
A top gun. Mecha G's first pilot.
Sure, he may be a good pilot,
I grant you.
But the way he treats machines,
it's a wonder there's anything left.
What's your game?
Human beings made a weapon
using the bones from Godzilla.
That was a mistake.
Well, are you a product
of man's mistake?
Airman Chujo, Mecha G ground crew.
Why aren't you at the party?
Well, I didn't feel comfortable.
I'd rather be here.
See, parties like that
aren't really my cup of tea.
Mine either.
Did you come here to say
goodbye to Mechagodzilla?
It's all right, you can stand easy.
Thank you. Well?
It's true.
I'm going to miss Mechagodzilla.
We never finished
the job against Godzilla.
I get the feeling that it doesn't
want to fight Godzilla anymore.
Maybe it's better if it stays
that way, in disrepair.
No, I can't agree.
I wanna fix it so it can
fight another day.
Please take care of it.
You want me to freeze the project?
Yes, Prime Minister,
that's what I'm asking you.
Let's call it a recommendation.
To be honest with you,
your story is ridiculous.
Why is it so ridiculous?
Tell me, what does this say?
It says that life has to be lived
within the time that nature allows.
We have made a killing machine
with the bones from Godzilla.
We mustn't forget that.
Somewhere, we crossed the line
between mortals and gods.
So, what you're saying is
we should stop the project?
You must remember,
man made nuclear weapons...
Which brought Godzilla back,
and that was a mistake.
You're right, it was a mistake.
But Mothra destroyed our capital city.
I just can't risk it doing so again.
I agree with you that one day
we'll have to discard Mecha G.
However, as long as this country
is threatened by Godzilla...
We can't give up our only defense.
It would be suicidal for us.
It's my duty to protect
every citizen of this nation.
Even if that defense brings disaster
to those you're trying to protect?
This morning,
the carcass of the creature...
Was found washed up
on the Pacific coast.
Units from the Japanese self-defense
forces are working flat out...
To try and get rid of the carcass.
You'll have to clear the area.
But I have to finish..
Security comes first. We have orders.
All civilians must evacuate
the area.
Take a good look.
This is what we're up against.
Worse, some of the monsters
are even bigger than this.
It was wounded, it seems,
and managed to reach the coast.
And it's a big one too. First one
of these we've had for 17 years.
A Kamoebas, right?
No, a specialist?
It was first found on Selgio Island.
Discovered by Dr. Miya
some years ago.
Megalo Matamata, giant sea turtle.
Couldn't he come up with
an easier name to pronounce?
The injury?
Right here. It has deep cuts
in its neck caused by giant claws.
It was fatally wounded.
It was attacked by some kind
of giant predator, I'd say.
Like another monster, Sir?
It can only be...
Captain, we've got an unidentified
object off our port bow.
Well, what about the Absolute Zero?
I already told you, didn't I?
Get me a synthetic diamond
1.25 meters in diameter.
And I'll fix it tomorrow.
There's a budget limit, you know.
How do you expect me to
purchase a diamond that size?
If you can't afford it, give up.
Isn't there any alternative
to the diamond?
Only carbon in that crystal
form gives enough power.
Nothing else can replace it.
A U.S. nuclear submarine was
lost off Guam earlier today.
The Navy and Air Force are searching.
So far, they've found no trace.
That's why we need Mechagodzilla
back in service quickly.
It can move without Absolute Zero.
But it won't be functional.
I was told it could work
without it, is that right?
Yes, it can move, that's true.
Wait a minute. We haven't even
done the final checkup yet.
It would be suicide.
It's quite true, Sir.
The final checkup's not complete.
Mecha G can move,
but if it does get damaged...
We're not sure
if it'll be able to survive.
In other words, Mechagodzilla
could be lost forever.
So how long is it going to take for
this final checkup? I need to know.
At the earliest, two weeks.
I don't have the time.
And what happens if Godzilla
attacks in the next two weeks?
Lieutenant Yamamoto,
report to green sector.
You don't want Mechagodzilla
to fight?
Somebody told me your uncle
went to see the prime minister...
To try and stop the Mecha G project.
If we dump Mecha G, do you think
Mothra will defend the country?
What is it? Maybe you're
just scared of fighting Godzilla.
Come on, don't be an idiot.
Look, Akiba...
I've worked here for over
four years, you hear me?
No one knows Mecha G
better than me.
You're just a mechanic. Don't mix
it up with a professional fighter.
Shoulder arms!
Right turn!
Left, right, left, right.
You are an idiot.
I know you've made Mechagodzilla
your life, but still.
It's all you talk about.
Engine performance stats.
The latest developments
in navigational aids.
You even get crazy about cannons.
Machines are the only things
you're interested in.
Who says I get crazy about cannons?
You're in love with machines.
You don't even think about women.
Chujo, you have trouble with Akiba?
Yes, I'm sorry, Sir.
I couldn't care less.
But you must have upset
the big brass.
You've been summoned to a hearing.
Defense Agency
I hear my son behaved
disgracefully towards you.
I must apologize.
You know, my son volunteered
to be a pilot because his ambition...
Was to pilot the only
giant robot ever constructed.
And he has realized that ambition.
However, that is not the point here.
I asked you here today not to
talk about my son's ambitions...
But about Mothra.
We'd like you to tell us what happened
that day up at your uncle's place.
Quite honestly, we have
a little problem here.
We find it very hard to believe
the story Mr. Chujo told us.
Tell me something. Did you
really see Mothra that evening?
Is it also true that Mothra told you it
would fight in place of Mechagodzilla?
Tell me, are you dropping the project?
If Mothra does manage to kill Godzilla...
We won't need Mechagodzilla anymore.
This isn't a formal hearing,
Airman Chujo.
So you can speak freely.
What happened that evening?
Was it reality or just a vision?
Will Dr. Yamamoto
please contact reception?
Will Dr. Yamamoto
please contact reception?
Hi. Well, then.
What else?
What did you reply?
So you'd rather not tell me,
I see.
All I can see is, we made
Mechagodzilla into a weapon.
And now maybe we'll scrap it.
So either way, it's a selfish decision.
Whatever. It's up to you now.
You do what you think is best.
This is Red 29.
Point 3251 north, 1390 east.
A giant creature has been
located off the coast.
Present heading is northwest.
All ships, battle stations.
Weapons systems ready to fire.
Systems ready.
CIC control. Radar localize.
Fire at will.
It's still closing. Range, 450.
Prepare secondary systems.
Yes, Sir.
Secondary systems, stand by.
Target locked on. Fire.
Right rudder.
Right rudder.
It's submerging again, Sir.
Prepare torpedoes.
Prepare torpedoes.
Launcher ready.
We've been told that earlier...
Godzilla was seen off
Hachijo Island...
And is presently heading towards
Tokyo despite heavy bombing.
Say, Grandpa, tell me,
if Godzilla does attack...
And if Mechagodzilla
goes out to stop it...
Do you think that Mothra
will come to protect us all?
Along the Tokyo shore, according
to the emergency director.
We've loaded the Hyper Maser. We can
use that instead of Absolute Zero.
Mecha G is functional.
Hyper Maser unit loaded.
Godzilla heading northwest.
Shinagawa's been a pile of rubble
since last year. We'll fight it there.
You mean, fight it on land, Sir?
We have to try to minimize damage.
Godzilla still advancing,
course and speed steady.
Godzilla just passed Uraga.
Set defense lines, Shinagawa City.
We have to lure it there.
All units, redeploy immediately!
Spotter One, land troops redeployed
in Shinagawa City.
Keep coming!
Father, Shun has disappeared.
Residents are required
to leave immediately...
Taking only essential items.
He can't have.
Go to the refuge, quickly.
But, Father...
Target moving into the harbor.
Could be surfacing. Over.
Lookout One,
confirm explosion of mines.
Target moving into the harbor.
Godzilla! Prepare to fire!
Godzilla has touched land.
All units, pull back to point B.
Confirm chest injury.
You see that?
Judging by the wound,
it's the same Godzilla.
So that could mean,
if it hasn't healed completely...
We may still have a chance.
All infantry units, point B.
SSM One in place, confirmed.
Pulling back to point B. Over.
Roger, SSM One. Over.
Target locked on. Tubes ready. Fire.
Control, I can't read you,
you're breaking up.
Launch confirmed.
Missiles tracking target.
Come on! Hurry up! Quickly!
Follow the markers!
Hey, where are you going?!
Come back here!
All armored units in position!
Target approaching!
Target approaching!
Prepare to fire Hyper Maser.
Sir, firing Maser.
It's passed Shinagawa.
It didn't stop.
Sir, it's heading for Hachioji.
Godzilla is advancing
towards Minato District.
It's luring Godzilla there.
Godzilla in Minato District.
Check the unit connections.
Unit connections complete, A-okay.
All right, finally,
Mechagodzilla is ready.
Hey! You're running the wrong way!
It's okay.
Shun! Come back here!
We have to evacuate!
Wait, Grandpa.
I wanna try something first.
Godzilla's still advancing!
Our defenses are unable to stop it!
That's it.
The symbol.
Hey... Hey, what's that?
There's an old man,
and there's a young kid with him.
What the hell are they doing
down there?
And what's that sign?
Grandpa, Mothra's come to save us.
It can't be.
Godzilla and Mothra.
If those two attack us together,
we're not gonna make it.
All units, maximum alert.
Mothra has appeared.
It's attacking Godzilla.
The prime minister has ordered
us to be on standby.
So for now, continue the checking
and any maintenance.
Chujo, come here.
Mechagodzilla, remain on standby.
I repeat, Mechagodzilla,
remain on standby.
That's my uncle and my nephew.
I thought so. Your uncle drew
the same symbol...
On the airport runway 43
years ago.
It's the symbol to attract Mothra.
Tell me, Sir, are they safe?
We haven't been able
to pick them up yet.
Whenever the symbol's drawn
Mothra will appear immediately.
Did the two fairies
tell you that, Chujo?
No, they didn't, Sir.
So why are there only two
fairies left?
I've no idea. Excuse me.
Well, they don't want us
to use Mechagodzilla.
No doubt they're hoping Mothra
will do the fighting for us.
His son's the pilot.
Why doesn't he give the order?
Why do you think? He's afraid
of losing his son in the battle.
Look at that. Mothra must know
it's going to die.
Why's that?
Well, it's attacking with its scales.
Mothra's weapon of last resort.
Once it loses its scales, it won't
be able to stay airborne for long.
Shun, let's go.
Pull back! Everybody move!
Let's get out of here!
Right, Sir!
Come on, let's go!
Godzilla's position unchanged.
Mothra's wings have been injured.
Mothra is continuing its attack.
That's enough.
Whatever this battle costs
in lives and equipment...
We have to do something quick
to save Mothra.
We can't stay idle.
If we do...
Then we've lost anyway.
You mean...
We must launch Mechagodzilla.
Prepare yourselves
for the final battle, Gentlemen.
Prepare to launch Mechagodzilla.
Mecha G control,
ready to program vectoring.
Mechagodzilla ready for launch.
Locking arms away.
All systems running.
White Herons One and Two,
you are scrambled.
Listen. The final check
couldn't be completed.
If you're fighting at close quarters,
try to bear that in mind.
Don't worry, Chujo.
With my skill, I can over come
any maintenance problems.
Just take care of him, will you?
He's tough, but a little bit reckless.
Be seeing you.
Final launch preparation.
Clear launch pad.
Inspection complete.
ATP system clear.
All systems operational.
Mechagodzilla lifting
into launch position.
Fuel levels, maximum charge.
Crew in position.
Weapons systems activated.
Preflight check complete.
Ready for liftoff.
Pad lights, activate.
Pad lights on.
Releasing restraints.
Harness in place.
Mechagodzilla ready.
Ready for transportation.
Ready to lift.
Mecha G lift.
Where's my uncle and Shun?
We haven't had any news yet,
I'm afraid.
Mechagodzilla has been launched,
Chujo. You're off duty.
Thank you, Sir.
You need a car. Take mine.
Tokyo Tower is hit! It's falling!
The target's in sight. Here we go.
Release tow harness.
Mecha G.
It's moving.
Fire one!
Try this on for size.
Come on, move!
It looks like Mothra's hit.
There's two!
They're twins!
Where are they?
It's gotta be this way.
Bonin Islands, Sir.
Two large targets identified.
Heading for Tokyo.
Heading confirmed.
Targets on visual.
Speed, 30 knots.
Mothra larvae?
So that flying object was Mothra.
It was trying to help us.
It must have laid eggs on the
island so that its descendants...
Could carry on the battle.
Okay. Arm unit, Jettison.
Rear launchers. Fire one.
Hey, Uncle!
Come on, talk to me, Shun!
Hello, Uncle.
I told you not to call me uncle.
Wanna play dirty, do you?
Too slow, Boy.
Mecha G is down.
Control room...
Giant worms are surfacing.
Mecha G isn't moving.
Mothra larvae landed.
Come in, Akiba.
Damn. We've lost the controls.
They really are Mothra larvae.
Can't we switch over
to manual temporarily?
No, not unless the damage is fixed.
We don't even have the minimum.
It's not enough.
We're powerless, Sir.
Then find a solution!
I can try to fix it, Sir.
Who's that?
I'm at Hibiya Park right now.
I'm pretty sure I can fix it.
But you're not a qualified pilot.
I'm a qualified mechanic, right?
That's what you need right now.
He's dead right, Sir.
A pilot can't fix this.
Please, let's give him a chance.
Well, Sir?
Control center to all units.
A mechanic is attempting...
To repair Mechagodzilla.
Stand by for logistical support.
Try to lure Godzilla away.
We'll escort you to Mechagodzilla.
I'm grateful to you, Sir.
All right, don gas masks.
Good luck, Uncle!
I'll repair it. Don't worry.
Hey, everyone, listen!
Chujo's gonna fix Mecha G!
All right!
Right on!
Central control, we copy.
We're escorting Airman Chujo...
To Mechagodzilla to repair it...
White Heron Four,
lure Godzilla away from the area.
We can't go any further.
All right. Where's Mechagodzilla?
Somewhere near Akasaka.
We'll take a detour.
Let's move out.
Yes, Sir.
The subway is blocked.
Well, find another route.
What the...?
Where's my case?
All right, we'll talk
about Godzilla later.
Now I've got work to do.
No time to stand around talking.
I have to repair Mecha G.
If I don't, our last hope of
defending Japan will have been lost.
This way?
This is Chujo. I've managed
to locate Mechagodzilla.
I'm going inside.
Keep Godzilla away from this area.
Maser, fire.
Control, patch me through
to the maintenance unit.
Roger. This is Tadokoro.
Chujo, you there?
The armor on the right side
of the head is damaged.
The communication cables...
And the primary control circuits
are burnt out.
Roger, Chujo. Copy that.
I need circuit diagrams, quickly!
Yes, Sir.
The control cable's gone.
No wonder it shut down.
We need a bypass, quick.
The cable's unrepairable. Over.
We've got to find a way.
What about J3?
I've got an idea.
Guys, why don't we try J3.
J3, right.
Tell Chujo to patch it
into the main router.
I heard you.
I'm on my way.
Right. It's connected.
Now, in the maintenance pod.
On my way there.
Control, this is Chujo.
Do you read me?
I read you. Go ahead.
MP2 is damaged. I can't open it.
I'm trying MP3.
Yeah, MP3 looks okay.
Radioactivity cleaning on.
Chujo, are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I think it's fixed now.
You can try the controls again.
Okay, we'll take it from here.
Now, get out of there.
Resuming command of Mechagodzilla.
What's wrong, Chujo?
What's going on?
Answer me!
I'm okay.
I'm out of Mecha G.
Resume control.
Akiba, Godzilla is heading
for the city center.
Resume control now.
Resuming control.
The capitol. It's destroyed!
Preparing Hyper Maser.
Stand by.
Mecha G.
I didn't understand you.
Looks like Mechagodzilla
doesn't want to fight.
Maybe I've been wrong all along.
You just wanted...
To sleep peacefully.
Godzilla's bones
must be returned to the sea.
Mecha G...
I'm sorry.
And now,
Godzilla must return to the sea.
Remember, no human being may
touch the souls of the dead.
Did I hear the voice of the fairies?
Human beings should recognize
their mistakes and correct them.
It's the only way
they can redeem themselves.
Finish Godzilla.
This job will be the final mission.
When this mission is over...
We scrap the project.
Fire triple Hyper Maser shot, immediately.
What's going on?
What are you doing? Stop it now.
I'm not doing anything.
Mecha G's not responding.
It's gone crazy again.
It's moving. But where?
I don't believe it.
It's taking Godzilla out to sea.
You'll have to shoot it down.
No, wait!
It's Chujo.
They're going to the Japan Trench.
I get it now.
I think Mecha G wants
to sink itself with Godzilla.
Are you in there?
Please answer me, Chujo.
Are you inside there, Chujo?
Yes. The hatch won't open.
There's no way
I can get out of here.
Chujo, are you piloting it?
No, Sir. Mecha G is piloting itself.
I can't control it from here.
Why didn't you tell me before?
I'm ready to die.
Too bad.
I'll go down with Mechagodzilla.
I'm not going to let you die
like this. I'm coming for you.
Go on, jump! I'll pick you up!
Come on, Chujo. Hurry up!
Let go of it! Chujo!
Mecha G.
Mecha G!
Depth 3700, 3800.
Contact fading.
3850 meters.
No more signal, Sir.
Contact has been lost.
I don't know if we can
really call it a victory.
Maybe a hollow victory.
But one thing's sure.
We made many mistakes in the past.
It's up to us
to correct those mistakes.
Perhaps we've learned one thing:
White Herons returning to base.
Mecha G, missing in action.
All mobilized units,
stand down to yellow alert.
Units three and five,
report immediately to Shinagawa...
For reconstruction missions.
Remember one thing:
Life has to be lived within
the time that nature allows.
Mecha G, it saved my life.
I'm the one who saved your ass.
I guess you did.
And, of course...
My copilot.
You showed great courage,
and we're very grateful to you.
The souls of the dead
can now rest in peace...
In the cradle of eternity.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Today's bioformation experiment
shall commence momentarily.
Bioformation of extinct
subject commencing.
I repeat: Bioformation Experiment...
Shall commence momentarily.
This concludes announcements.