Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974) Movie Script

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Hey! What's wrong?!
Hang in there! Hey!
Nami! Nami!
Oh... Grandfather!
A monster! A giant monster will destroy the
city and burn all of the people running away!
A monster!
So, the old man and the girl are
descendants of the royal family of Azumi?
You're pretty smart, brother!
You'd think so, brother.
I've been working on the marine exhibit here
so long that I feel like I'm an Okinawan.
Even so, her prediction was pretty scary.
This is the entrance to the cave.
I'd go inside with you,
but I have work to do.
I understand. Thank you!
See you!
Ah, Shimizu!
Shimizu! We've been
waiting for you!
What's the matter?
We've discovered the
entrance to a cave.
A cave?
This is it.
We have the right to see what's inside!
Just a moment!
Reporters are not allowed
into the restricted area!
Hey, you!
No reporters are allowed in
the area! You can't go in!
A reporter?
What is so funny?
I'm the archaeological investigator from the
Shuri University. I'm Saeko Kanagusuku.
This is great!
This mural was painted by
the ancient Okinawans.
Are you sure?
This is a mountain floating in the sky.
This is the sun...
But it's strange how they
have two of them here.
I'm not sure about this.
This is the coming of their monster.
Look, what kind of
prophecy could this be?
A prophecy?
Perhaps it's this...
This thing looks like it... But what is it?
Of course! It's the guardian of
the Azumi family, King Seesar.
King Seesar?
It's the one treasure of
the Azumi royal family.
It is handed down by tradition.
Anyway, a legend states that the people of the
mainland tried to conquer the Okinawan people.
A brown monster came forth and began
rescuing the royal family and their subjects.
The monster's name was King Seesar.
When the time... black mountains...
...appear in the sky...
Oh, Shimizu!
Are you going to Tokyo as well?
Yes, I'm going there
for a while. And you?
I am, with this...
I've deciphered some
of the wall paintings.
But I can't understand
the mystery of this statue.
I'm going to see Dr. Wakura
at Tokyo University about this.
Dr. Wakura?
Really? That doctor is a world
renowned archaeologist, huh?
You know him? And you are?
I'm a freelance reporter...
No, I'm a scandal hunter.
No, I'm really interested in
that statue you have there.
If I could get the scoop on
that, I would be very well off.
Well, nice meeting you.
It's incredible!
What's happening?
Those clouds look like a black mountain.
When the black mountain
rises over the clouds...
...a great monster will come forth
to destroy the world.
It's what I've learned
from the mural.
The mural?
The prophecy continues...
"But when the red moon sets and
the sun rises in the west...
two monsters will join forces
to save the people."
A monster!
A giant monster will destroy the city and
burn all of the people running away!
Thank you for accompanying
me from the airport.
Hey, I'll be alright here.
Just a moment!
Hello. Welcome back home.
Hello. I brought you a guest.
Oh, you're mean!
How was I to know that
Dr. Wakura was your uncle?
I'm sorry, but I wanted
to see your reaction.
Well... aren't you a jerk!
Uncle, where is Masahiko?
It seems he found a strange
piece of metal in the caves.
He took it to Professor
Miyajima's laboratory.
This material can only be...
...some kind of space-titanium.
You mean this metal is from space?
An earthquake!
It's been like this for the
last ten days. Right, father?
The earthquakes continue
to be in the news.
A slight tremor of the second magnitude
was felt in Cape Namura, in Hokkaido.
The quake's center moved south to Wotsuhoku and
is continuing to move in a southward direction.
The cause of the epicenter's
movement is still unknown.
Some think that a monster
is burrowing underground...
These murals are very strange...
But they seem vaguely familiar.
Doctor, perhaps you
should get some sleep.
No, I'm okay.
Hey, could you get me some coffee?
Make it strong.
Give the statue to me now!
Get out of here!
Are you alright?
Professor! It's Godzilla!
"When the black mountain
rises over the clouds...
...a great monster will come
forth to destroy the world."
The ancient prophecy is coming true.
Yes, but who would have guessed
that the monster would be Godzilla?
Uncle, I have to go.
Where are you going?
To Mount Fuji. I'm worried about
Professor Miyajima and my brother.
It's dangerous! That area is a battlefield!
I know... But I'll
find a way to get there!
What's wrong, grandfather?
A monster!
The prophecy that you foretold
is coming true at last!
The only one who can defeat
Godzilla is our own King Seesar!
But in order to release him, we must
find the one who holds the key!
Godzilla! Punish those who once sought to
conquer the people of the Azumi royal family!
Go... Godzilla!
That's strange...
What would cause Angilas
to attack Godzilla?
What a mess...
There's no mistake.
This is the same metal that Masahiko
found in the caves. This is space-titanium.
Of course... It looks like the same metal.
Would you mind taking me to the
cave where you found this sometime?
Now, we're going to get a
closer look at Godzilla.
Would you like to go?
That's fine. I'll go
as soon as your ready.
This is an unusual pipe.
I made it myself.
The bowl's metal contains Astrenocon.
...magnetic waves develop, capable of
destroying positive and negative electrodes.
Come here.
Watch how this unit reacts.
That's an incredible pipe!
There are two Godzilla's?
What's going on here?
I didn't expect the real
Godzilla to appear so soon.
The earth people must be shocked.
Now I understand...
The Godzilla we saw at Mount
Fuji was only a cyborg.
A cyborg?
It's whole body must
be made of metal.
You could call it a
kind of Mechagodzilla.
That's it!
Angilas must have
called for Godzilla!
You're mistaken if you think Mechagodzilla
is the same type of life form as you.
Commander! Mechgodzilla's
head controls are out of order!
We cannot continue the attack!
Oh well... We'll have to
postpone our operation in Tokyo.
Bring Mechagodzilla back to
the base for repairs.
Yes, sir!
We're flying to Okinawa
first thing tomorrow morning.
I'm sure that Mechagodzilla is being
controlled remotely by an alien race.
The space-titanium is the proof.
I'm sure we'll find the key to
the whole thing in the caves.
Commander, the repairs
will take some time.
Commander! If we lose too much time,
headquarters will discover our mistake!
Don't worry...
We'll capture an earth scientist who
understands our space technology.
I have it!
Look at this.
These tattoos are a form of hieroglyphs
from the ancient Azumi family.
Used thousands of years ago, they
pointed the way to their weapon.
They will tell us where
King Seesar is sleeping.
What does it say?
"When the sun rises in the west...
...place this statue on the sacred shrine,
above the gate of Azumi Castle."
The sacred shrine of Azumi Castle?
"When the red moon sets and
the sun rises in the west...
...two monsters will join
forces to save the world."
That's the prophecy on the mural.
The sun rising in the west...
That's impossible...
What could it mean?
Tell our agent...
...to steal the statue of
King Seesar as soon as possible.
Now that they've solved the puzzle of the
statue, they can wake the monster at any time.
We'll be in trouble if King Seesar
brings other monsters to life.
The aliens will never guess that we're
taking the Queen Coral to Okinawa.
They won't expect us on the sea.
We've fooled them this time.
Incredible, huh?
Which direction?
It's that way.
lko, careful where you step.
I've been waiting for this
moment, Professor Miyajima.
Who are you?
We are the spacemen from the Third
Planet of the Black Hole in outer space.
Then you really are aliens.
I admire your deductive reasoning.
Our Mechagodzilla is the weapon
we'll use to conquer earth...
...but the controls in its head
have gone out of order.
Unless we repair it quickly, our
schedule of conquest will be delayed.
Therefore.. .
We hoped we could
employ the expertise...
...that won you a Nobel Prize.
I refuse!
But Professor...
Mechagodzilla was developed by our scientists
after studying the earth's greatest enemy...
...Godzilla and turned it into a great cyborg.
I think you'll agree that it is
an interesting invention.
What are you doing?!
Stay where you are, please!
Where are you taking them?!
To their execution.
Of course...
You still have a chance to save them.
I wonder how Professor Miyajima is doing.
I hope they find some clues to the mystery.
Is something wrong?
No, but I think someone is watching us.
What's wrong?
I thought I heard Godzilla's roar...
I don't hear anything.
You're right...
But I'm sure that I heard something.
Tell me why you took the statue!
The statue...
The statue was stolen!
I chased after the thief,
but he fell into the sea.
Did he fall with the statue?
I'm not sure why he fell.
It seemed like someone shot him.
Tonight's a fine time for romance.
Thank you very much.
You said it was important,
so I locked it in the safe.
Sorry to trouble you.
You're welcome.
How was your trip?
I'm glad to hear it.
Enjoy your stay in Okinawa.
You made a fool of me! I didn't
know you set a trap for him!
What you didn't know, he didn't know.
Masahiko Shimizu hasn't returned
here for several days now.
Hasn't returned?
- Yes.
What about Professor
Miyajima and his daughter?
He told me that he wouldn't be
returning for a few days.
That was the last time that I saw him.
Really. . .?
Have you finished the repairs?
Thanks for your help.
Please come down here.
Mechagodzilla will begin
operations at 6 AM.
A toast to Mechagodzilla's
return and success.
Keep your promise! Release
my daughter and Masahiko!
Oh, is that it...?
Well, I'll release them
right away. Come with me.
Ikuko! Masahiko!
Please enjoy your
final night together...
Professor, we were worried!
I'm glad you two are okay.
Come on, father...
- Professor!
Are you okay?
Damn! They planned to kill us off!
This is Professor Miyajima's!
Stay right there!
Who are you?
Are you an alien?
Where is my brother and
Professor Miyajima? Tell me!
We've killed them. Anyway,
you're going to join them.
Who are you?
I am with Interpol.
My name is Nanbara.
International police?
We've been trailing this group trying to
find out what kind of threat they posed.
We threw out a net
to catch them...
...and then you were
caught in it as well.
I decided to follow you instead.
Get up...
You're going to take us to
the entrance of your base.
Too hot...
I can't stand it!
lko, don't give up!
lko, hold on.
Get moving.
Who is it?
Turn this off!
Masahiko! Are you alright?
You're safe now!
- Let's hurry!
Let's get out of here!
You're finished!
Raise you hands...
Raise them!
Get back!
Well, hurry!
Hurry! Let's go! This way!
Just a little further.
My car is parked outside.
What a bunch of fools...
That makes three times
you've saved my life.
Three times?
You saved me on the
boat, didn't you?
Oh! Did you notice the
color of the moon?
A red moon...
"When the red moon sets..."
The prophecies are coming
true one at a time.
I'm going back in there to
take care of those bastards.
You go to Azumi castle.
Please let me go with him.
Brother, is it alright?
Yes, go ahead.
I'm going too.
In order to save my daughter, I
had to give them my cooperation.
I made a deal with the devil.
But you didn't have any
choice. You can't be...
No. I fixed the controls in Mechagodzilla's head.
I'm the only one who knows how to destroy it.
Don't you see, Shimizu?
I understand.
Professor, please hold
on to this for me.
I don't know what
you'd do without it.
It's a good thing you
found this. Thank you.
How are they?
Ask me later. Let's go
to the castle!
Who is it?
- Yes.
Give us the statue!
It's all your fault!
You brought this trouble on us!
If you hadn't touched the statue, we'd
not be suffering like we are now!
Shut up!
Hurry and give us the statue!
Give it to them.
Interpol agent, Tamura.
Then, you're Nanbara's...
Yes, we're partners.
Is that a fact...?
It's almost six o'clock!
The sun! The sun is
rising in the west!
That's it!
The sun rising in
the west... It's a mirage!
King Seesar...
Commander, King Seesar
has been released!
So, they managed to use the statue...
Alright, we'll begin by
defeating King Seesar.
Begin Mechagodzilla's attack!
We're too late!
Not yet...
We can stop him by
destroying the control room!
Right! Let's go!
Mechagodzilla. . .
Destroy King Seesar
while he's still asleep!
Hey, you! It's dangerous!
Where are you going?!
It's alright...
King Seesar can only be awakened...
...by a descendant of the Azumi
royal family and no one else.
Hurry and crush him!
I'm surprised you're
still alive, Professor.
But you shouldn't
underestimate us, either.
Let's go!
Please watch while Mechagodzilla wins.
Professor. . .
I would like to thank you
again for your cooperation.
Godzilla is still alive!
The other monster the ancient prophecy
said would appear... It must be Godzilla!
Godzilla is still alive?
We'll have to teach it another lesson.
Mechagodzilla! Destroy both
of the monsters!
This is its end!
What's wrong?
Godzilla has managed to turn
himself into an electro-magnet.
Fire his foot rockets, now!
Hey, listen... Throw my pipe at
both ends of the control panel.
Get out!
I don't believe it...
Mechagodzilla, our greatest
weapon, has been defeated.
It's too dangerous!
Let's get out of here!
Just a moment, please!
Father. . .?
He's alright... I'm sure of it...
Professor Miyajima is still alive.
Finally, the ancestors of the Azumi
royal family can now rest in peace.
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