Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024) Movie Script

For most
of human civilization,
we believed that we were
Earth's most dominant species.
We believed that life...
...could only exist
on the surface of the planet.
Well, after a certain point,
you have to wonder
what else were we wrong about?
We have mapped
less than five percent
of Hollow Earth.
But our ecosystems
are linked in ways
we never could have imagined.
We are not
two separate worlds.
We're one.
Kong is settling in
to Hollow Earth.
So, the big guy likes
his new home.
We think so.
His species
was a very social one.
It's not natural
for Kong to be so alone.
He's the last of his kind.
Every day he searches
for a family
that he'll never find.
What about Godzilla?
on the surface, Kong is below.
As long as they don't venture
into each other's territories,
we've got nothing
to worry about.
Humanity is lucky...
Godzilla's fighting
the battles we can't.
With some critics
calling out Monarch
for the billions
in taxpayer dollars...
going to Hollow Earth
and classified technologies
like the mysterious
Project Powerhouse.
Well, here to discuss,
Monarch's own,
Doctor Ilene Andrews.
Let's start with Godzilla.
He stopped the attack in Rome,
but he's still in the city.
Should we be worried?
It's clear to us now
that Godzilla is a Titan
who protects us
from other malicious
Titan threats.
Kong's heading in
for the night.
Looks like
it was another rough one.
That's the farthest
he's gone yet.
Maybe he was looking
for a date.
Good luck with that.
I hope he's up
for some interspecies romance.
Sinkhole detected
in Sector Five.
That's Kong's
hunting ground.
Whoa. It keeps doing that.
More electrical anomalies?
I don't think so, man.
I haven't seen anything
like this before.
Well, we should
tell Director Hampton.
I'll type it up.
This whole place
is an anomaly.
It's so weird.
Tell the Italian military
Rome would be flattened
if it weren't for Godzilla.
They can threaten him
all they want.
Just tell them
to find another scapegoat.
Director Hampton, what's up?
Well, Outpost One
is still a nightmare,
and they sent this over.
I thought you might want
to take a look.
Is this from the sensor array?
Yeah, we've been getting
some pretty weird spikes.
I mean, it could just
be regular interference.
-Yeah, but it keeps happening.
We should prep a survey team
just in case.
And what about Godzilla?
Oh, he's still sleeping.
Like a big angry baby.
Let's hope
it stays that way.
eyes on your own paper,
all right?
Let's make sure
we circle the answers
really, really clearly.
Your daughter is intelligent,
but she's not engaged.
Her grades are slipping,
she's not interacting
with any of her friends.
And these problems aren't
going away, Doctor Andrews.
They've been getting worse.
Okay, I'm sorry.
She's just still adjusting
to our world.
I understand that,
but we have
a number of students
who are
culturally displaced and--
Sure, but her culture's
not displaced,
she is her culture.
She's the last living member
of the Iwi tribe.
We're just trying
to reach her.
I know. Join the club.
Come on.
For centuries,
the Iwi tribe were
the guardians of Skull Island,
the ancestral home
of the great Kong.
But when
shifting storm patterns
destroyed the island,
the Iwi were annihilated...
...with only a single member
of the tribe having survived.
A young girl...
...found and rescued
amid the punishing storm.
Her fellow villagers
were lost to the tides.
Gone to history, just like
the great Kongs themselves.
Holy shit.
The Iwi were unique...
...in the sense that they
had no spoken language.
Many believe
that tribe members developed
the ability to communicate...
We're gonna figure this out.
Where will you be
when the next Titan attacks?
How will you protect
the things and people
that matter most to you?
Today's podcast
is brought to you
by Gargantua insurance,
the only insurance company
that provides Titan protection
for your home
and personal belongings.
'Cause Godzilla may not care
about your hopes and dreams,
but Gargantua does.
Okay, Titan truthers!
Oh, we have got a lot...
...to unpack on today's show.
Recording in progress,
go away!
Uh, yes. I just want
to let everyone know
that there is no...
I'm gonna kill...
Unbelievable! What?
Hi, Bernie.
Ilene Andrews,
we met in Hong Kong.
Oh. Oh.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hong Kong.
Yeah, that was so long ago.
So, no, God, uh, yeah.
That was when
my hair was longer.
You cut your hair.
Highlights too, it's nice.
I was wondering if I could get
your help with something.
Uh, sure.
Sure, yeah. Of course, yeah.
Come on in, Doctor Andrews.
Just straight down
that hall there.
To the left. Okay.
Have a seat.
What can I help you with?
You know, mi casa es su home.
Okay, so.
The sequence on the right,
this is a signal
that's been interfering
with our equipment
in Hollow Earth.
-And, uh...
And these are drawings
by my daughter, Jia.
And you're gonna think
that I'm completely insane.
No, the patterns are the same
in the middle section.
Yes. Exactly.
Thank you.
Look, our analysts,
they don't know
what to make of this.
They're talking in circles,
they're saying
"radio interference,"
"coincidence," but I...
I know that you think
outside of the box.
I didn't know
who else to turn to.
And they sent you
here because...?
No, no one sent me.
I came here on my...
You know,
that's what's ironic.
You know,
Monarch wouldn't confirm
my crucial part
in taking down Mechagodzilla,
which cost me thousands of...
hundreds of subscribers
on my blog.
Oh, and the trolls...
the trolls online,
they question
every single thing
that I put up.
Especially this one troll.
This one troll named
You ever heard of him?
-No, I don't think I have.
because he's a trash bag,
I'm more qualified
than half of those people
that you have working
over there.
I knew what Godzilla
was going to do
before anybody
at Monarch said...
Which is why I am here,
I am here. Okay?
Can you help me or not?
That depends.
Are you the new boss
down at the Mess?
The what?
The Monarch
Hollow Earth Station.
The MHES, the Mess.
Yeah, nobody calls it that.
I run the Kong
research division
but technically
Director Hampton is in charge
-of general operations.
Well, Director Hampton
doesn't have a kid
who can talk to Kong.
You want to go
to Hollow Earth.
I'm so glad
I didn't have to say it.
I thought you were never
gonna ask
-but I really do need proof.
-No, I'm not asking.
I mean, that would help me
with my bona fides
for my blog. And I knew
that you would be the person
to help me do that.
Okay. Well, if this happens,
and that is a big if,
then Monarch would need,
you know,
whatever you guys call it.
Final cut on anything in...
Whoa. I'm sorry,
final cut? No, no, no.
You know, that will destroy
my journalistic integrity.
No really true, good
documentarian gives final cut.
I could make you a producer.
Okay, okay! Fine! Final cut!
Final cut! Fine!
Look, something is happening
to my daughter,
and I have no idea
how to fix it.
You work out what's going on,
and I will get you anything
that you want, okay?
That is a promise.
Well, anything is a lot,
but that's very generous,
but I...
-And we have to go. Right now.
Godzilla is on the move again.
Okay, listen to me.
If Godzilla's on the move,
he senses a threat coming.
We don't know what it is.
And you're not concerned?
Of course we're concerned,
That's why we're monitoring
the situation.
Monitor the fact
that if Godzilla heads...
What is it? You just...
-And I am telling you,
-We have a problem!
that Kong doesn't
leave Hollow Earth.
Which is why Godzilla has
no reason to retaliate.
-What's he doing up here?
-No idea.
-Well, does Godzilla know?
-Not that we can tell.
Yeah, well, it's only
a matter of time.
And what happens if Godzilla
starts heading this way?
Then we all run like hell.
Get up, let's go!
Keep it up. Come on. Let's go.
Sedatives in place.
All right, the good news is
it's just an infected tooth.
But luckily, you've come
to the best doctor in town.
All right,
Kong sedation at a 100%.
Vitals stable.
Trapper, you are clear to swap
the damaged tooth
with replacement.
Touchdown, Trapper.
Whoa. Fella.
What'd you have for breakfast?
All right?
Yeah, this sucker's ready
to come out.
All right, let's roll!
There she is.
Thanks for getting down here
so fast. Nice work.
You are most welcome.
It's not every day
you get to climb
inside a 300-foot ape's mouth,
is it?
Yeah. And you're sure it's
gonna be strong enough?
The tooth? Yeah.
That's the same
polymer composite
they use on the vehicle
heat shields.
He could chomp through
the Eiffel Tower
with that thing.
good teeth aren't gonna help
if Godzilla senses
that he's up here.
Well. You can't have a Titan
with a toothache,
can you?
-Don't worry.
Couple of hours
he might be a bit groggy,
but he'll be good to go
back down.
You know, when I first heard
that you were gonna be a vet
I thought no.
That is way too boring
for Trapper.
Then you go and become the
weirdest vet in the world.
Yeah, it's basically
me and Doctor Dolittle.
Except my animals are bigger.
I thought finally, someone has
made him grow up.
Nope. Someone tried that
back in college,
-but... didn't really work.
-Oh, yeah?
what was it she said to me?
you are not a serious person."
Oh, she sounds very smart.
Yeah, ish. She got a PhD.
Two, actually.
How's the kid doing?
You know. Struggling.
Trying to find her place
in the world.
Yeah, I know how that goes.
Don't worry,
she'll be all right.
She got a good mum.
Doctor Andrews. Your guest
has been asking for you.
Please don't take this
the wrong way,
but can I just say,
that your research library
has many glaring omissions.
I had to call in
some serious favors
from my Discord chat.
They were not...
Bernie, do you have something?
Yes, I've got something.
I do have something.
Whatever signal
you guys are picking up,
okay, we have seen similar
patterns repeating over time.
And each spike corresponds
with a specific Titan event.
Can you hold this, please?
Thank you so much.
Okay, check this out.
See this? King Ghidorah, huh?
First encounter with Godzilla.
-Here, uh,
discovery of Skull Island.
All right. So what you're
saying is that these signals
-aren't just random patterns.
-Yeah, it seems that way, yes.
And Godzilla's
picking up on it?
Oh, I can do you one better.
Now, look,
I've looked
at points of similarities
in each wave form
and I compared them
-to that pattern, and...
-Bernie, what are you saying?
It's a distress call!
It's a distress call.
A psychic energy SOS.
Now, if your daughter is
seeing these symbols,
then something down
there is calling for help.
Regular soundwaves,
they can't propagate this far
without decay. This?
This is something that
we have never encountered.
-And it's getting stronger.
-You got a working theory?
telepathic alien language.
It's some sort of
distress signal.
Signal? From what?
Or from who.
Well, whatever it is,
this is why Godzilla's
on the move?
We can't say for sure.
But it seems that way.
Well, we have
to figure this out fast.
The wolves are already
at our door.
The government has been
looking for an excuse
to take over
Hollow Earth operations.
And the corporations
are licking their chops.
because who wants to be rich
and get rid
of all the monsters?
I mean, that'd be terrible,
We'd better find the source
before D.C. gets wind of this.
I'm giving you
full operational oversight.
Take a small team.
Mikael, make it fast
and don't let anyone die.
We'll be in and out of there
before nightfall.
You, uh, you feel like
going for a ride?
Thought you'd never ask.
Attention, all hands.
Prepare HEAV three
for Hollow Earth launch
in T minus five minutes.
There's no response
from the Hollow Earth outpost.
Their radios must be down.
Well, then
that's our first stop.
Copy that.
All right, wakey wakey,
everyone. Kong's up.
Hey. Hey! Doctor Andrews. Hey.
Come on, we had a deal!
Bernie, this isn't sightseeing.
It's a reconnaissance mission.
So, I see how it is.
When you need something,
it's all
"you're so smart, Bernie,
you're so capable, Bernie,
"I'll subscribe
to your Titan blog, Bernie,"
and when I deliver it,
you toss me aside.
Okay, look.
This could be dangerous.
Come on.
I'm no stranger to danger.
I didn't mean to rhyme
that time.
Look, you owe me. Okay?
I helped crack this thing.
This could be like last time,
when we saved the world.
Remember? Hmm?
Prep a seat for one more.
Thank you, Doctor Andrews!
You will not regret it.
You're kidding, right?
I'm the plus one. Hello.
Systems online.
Whoa. Oh. Whoa.
We're online.
We are going to Hollow Earth.
I am going to Hollow Earth.
Oh, my God. What am I doing?
So, is there, like,
a in-flight briefing
that I should know about?
You know...
-Yeah, there is.
-He's very...
There's no parachutes,
no flotation devices,
you touch any of this stuff,
you lose your hand,
and if you die,
make sure
it's outside my vehicle.
Good briefing. Great briefing.
Don't take Mikael
too personally.
Aggression is
his love language.
All right, Mikael.
Let's punch it.
HEAV one,
you are clear for launch.
Let's do this.
Just try not
to swallow your tongue.
Try not to swallow my tongue?
I don't exactly know
what that means.
Base to HEAV,
you're clear for entry.
On your count,
-Doctor Andrews.
-All right, let's go.
I'm not ready.
-And one.
-Oh, my God!
I'm turning into water.
Flight systems active.
Systems stabilized.
All systems good,
-How's everyone doing?
You all right?
-Never better.
Bernie, you good?
-Nice one. Oh, wow.
Looks like
Kong is headed home.
-How far to the outpost?
-Hundred klicks.
They're still
not answering comms.
Proximity alert.
nine o'clock.
Where? What?
Those are vertacines, Mikael.
They're called vertacines.
Um, are they a problem?
They're totally harmless.
Unless you get 'em riled up,
and then they pack
about a lightning bolt
worth of bioelectricity.
Predators know
to stay well away.
Which makes them
the perfect chaperone
if you happen to have
a cool biomimicry camouflage.
Which we do.
-Talk to me.
-It's not good.
Godzilla just made landfall
in France.
Ground team
is five klicks out.
We got picture.
Oh, my God.
It's a nuclear facility.
Atmospheric radiation levels
are dropping.
He's absorbing it.
Okay, he's charging
for something.
Godzilla consumed
a huge amount of radiation.
He is clearly preparing
for something...
Out of range.
Damn it.
We're coming up
on Outpost One.
Oh, God.
Oh, well, now. That doesn't
look good now, does it?
You seeing this, Doc?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm seeing it.
Well, there's
no heat signatures.
So much for survivors.
God, have some respect.
These people had families.
What could have done this?
I don't understand,
we've had this outpost
for years without incident.
So, why attack now?
What changed?
Hey, Doc.
There's a camera here.
You reckon you can pull
any footage off of that?
Oh, shit.
You think Kong did that?
No, that's not Kong.
That's something else.
Let's get off the ground
before that something else
comes back.
Saddle up.
Let's hustle.
Are you getting
anything off that thing?
Yeah, I'm just...
Oh, my God.
Here. Take a look.
It looks like an ape.
But that's impossible.
What the bloody hell is that?
I have no idea.
-Whoa! No!
Mikael! Mikael!
I'm working on it!
Come on, you...
Okay, okay, okay!
The hell was that, Mikael?
Calm down. Calm down.
It must've been the signal.
The same electrical
disturbances were
happening at the outpost.
Oh, come on. Come on.
She says it's coming
from that ridge point.
Well, let's take a look.
I'll get as close as I can.
The Hollow Earth.
A world untouched by mankind.
Is this
how Neil Armstrong felt
when he stepped on alien soil?
Is this one small step for me,
and one giant leap for...
Who are you talking to?
Are you kidding me?
Right down the lens?
It's a documentary.
You wanna be natural.
Just walk, if you just walk.
-All right, just keep...
-Yeah, just... Okay. Take two.
The Hollow Earth. A world...
All right, guys.
That ridge you pointed out
is about two miles
straight ahead.
I'm getting eaten alive
out here.
Oh, look at that.
I must be tasty too.
Kill it.
Only female mosquitos
drink blood.
So they can grow their eggs.
She needs it more than me.
-What's the holdup?
Not this way.
What? Why?
Yeah, we gotta take a detour.
There's something here.
Where, here? Like here, here?
Nah. I'm not picking
anything up.
No. Something
doesn't smell right,
and it's not just you, Mikael.
Can you smell that?
It's like rotting flesh.
It's probably
just a carcass upwind.
-We keep moving.
-Mikael, hold up.
Listen, pal. I'm gonna trust
my state of the art thermal
over your
Ace Ventura
hippie-dippie sixth sense
all day long. You got me?
There's no need to call
people names. We're just...
Hey. And as for you,
freak show,
if you don't shut it,
I'm gonna take that camera,
I'm gonna shove it
right up your arse.
I'm in charge, we move.
Why don't we just listen
to somebody calmer?
I said I'm in charge.
I'm in charge!
It was a tree.
It was a tree!
Wait, wait, wait.
We should be all right.
We should be all right.
Those things
don't reach that far.
He was just eaten by a tree.
What you doing, Doc?
I'm trying to call
the Base for extraction.
It's just, one minute
he was there, right?
He was right in my face.
And then, a tree!
-Outta nowhere!
-I know, man.
I know. That's heavy.
But that's
the natural world, man.
"Red in tooth and claw."
You just watched a man
get devoured
by a topiary nightmare,
and you want to quote
Tennyson? Down here?
Yeah. Yeah, man.
He knew all about it.
"Let love clasp grief," man.
Come here.
You know, humans,
we think we took
ourselves off the food chain,
but maybe, maybe the Titans
are here to remind us.
I think that
there is something
seriously wrong with you.
It's not working.
We better move on.
We'll mourn later.
Jia. Come on.
-Come on, bud.
-But the...
He was eaten by a tree.
I don't...
I don't want to die like that.
Not by a tree.
we can't get
any closer than this.
Godzilla's burning hot
with radiation.
Whatever he's headed for
has him really pissed off.
This is Base
calling Fifteen Alpha, over.
Fifteen Alpha responding.
Godzilla's current trajectory
is showing
him heading
towards the Arctic Ocean.
What Titans are in the area?
Looks like
he's hunting Tiamat.
Classified file three two four.
Titanus Tiamat.
Titan nineteen.
Extremely aggressive,
Weaponizing her body
of razor-sharp scales...
Tiamat's Arctic lair
sits in the direct path
of electromagnetically charged
solar winds,
making it the largest
stockpile of energy on Earth.
If Godzilla takes down Tiamat,
he'll supercharge.
It's ruins.
Human civilization?
Down here?
The markings are older
than the ones
on Skull Island.
Centuries older.
But the architecture is
consistent with the Iwi.
Oh, this is remarkable.
Now, that's weird.
There's no moss on these ones.
Queen of the monsters.
In Hollow Earth.
Her lineage must go
back further than we thought.
No, no, no.
What is that? Whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
It's like some kind of
a irrigation system.
Only this predates everything
the Lemurians...
I mean, these guys
were the first, man!
-It just keeps going.
-Wait, wait, wait.
-Oh. Sorry.
Oh, whoa.
What the...?
Now, that is a trip.
Great Mulder and Scully,
look at that.
What could have created this?
Ancient alien astronauts.
Look at this here.
The water's
running underneath.
And this is organic.
Some kind of bioelectric hub.
It's like camouflage.
Should she be doing that?
She shouldn't be doing that,
right? Should she...?
This must be
the source of the signal.
Oh, we've gotta
check this out.
Okay. Go, go, go. Go.
Fifteen Alpha reporting
to base.
We're entering
Tiamat's domain,
but something is off.
Tiamat's energy
is distorting our radar.
We don't have a visual
on Godzilla.
Take us forward,
silent running...
-Yes, sir.
-...five knots.
-Get that out!
Get that out!
I need a status report!
That's right.
He's gone to Tiamat's lair.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, what did she say?
She says we're not alone.
See? I knew it.
I knew I felt something.
Come on, then.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
It's going away.
It's going away. Okay.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
It's an entire
Iwi civilization,
protected within Hollow Earth.
These structures,
they look like they've been
carved from
some enormous quartz crystal.
That must be
their energy source.
I'm feeling the energy,
but let's just keep it
together, all right?
Oh, my God.
It's an undocumented vortex.
Looks like several of them,
Routes to the surface.
These could lead
all over the Earth.
Oh, wow.
That's incredible.
You should make
eye contact with them.
It's considered polite.
Yeah, this is not
working for me.
How are they communicating?
Okay. No, I, no,
no, no. You can't take her.
I think she's taking her
to the...
Well, let me come!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hold on, okay,
we're not resisting.
Wait, wait, wait.
I don't know where
she's taking her! Hey!
-Okay, come on. Okay.
-Let's go, let's go.
Whoa. Oh.
Can I?
Thank you.
Of course.
What's she saying, Doc?
The beacon that we've been
following, it's...
It's the Iwi calling for help.
Oh. Whoa.
So, wait. They send out
this SOS, and then what?
Godzilla hears it?
Yeah. They woke him up.
An SOS for what?
They already live
in a nightmare
monster hellscape.
What could possibly
scare them?
Hey. She can understand
everything that you say.
-She understands me?
-Oh, good.
And a nightmare
monster hellscape
is a wonderful place
to raise a family.
Oh, wow.
This whole room
is covered in Iwi script.
It says that in the beginning,
Hollow Earth lived in harmony
with the surface world.
The Titans were
the guardians of nature
and the Great Apes became
the protectors of humanity.
But a great evil
threatened the peace.
A powerful and ruthless ape
desperate to conquer
the surface world,
led his tribe into war
against the one they call...
The Monster Who Ate a Star.
There's more.
The war with the Apes
nearly destroyed Godzilla.
But after a great battle,
he imprisoned the apes
in a fiery realm
of Hollow Earth.
Their false king
remains obsessed
with reaching the surface.
The Iwi call him
the Skar King.
Trapped within
their subterranean realm,
the Skar King harnessed
a terrible power.
The ancient Titan, Shimo.
He controls her
with pain.
Her power covered the Earth
in the last ice age.
We brought Kong down here.
He's been looking
for others like himself,
going deeper
into Hollow Earth
and getting closer
to their prison.
The Iwi must have known
it was just a matter of time,
and that's why they've been
calling for help, and that's
why Godzilla's changing.
He's gearing up
for World War Three.
Okay, but he barely survived
last time.
What's Godzilla
gonna do on his own?
He won't be on his own.
The Iwi believe
that at the end of the world,
one of their own
will return...
and awaken Mothra,
defender of the Iwi...
and ancient ally of Godzilla.
They believe
that their savior will be
an Iwi from Skull Island.
That seems like a lot
to put on one kid.
This is
Monarch Air Team to Base,
tracking over
Godzilla's location.
We've closed the shipping lanes
within 300 miles.
Plasma readings indicate he's
absorbing everything in there.
You know, I made
a deal with myself
when I became a mother.
I said to myself, "I don't care
what you have to sacrifice...
what you have to give up,
you will do right
by that little girl."
I just never thought that
the thing I'd be giving up
would be her.
Look, you don't know that.
Trapper, before we came here
she said that
she didn't belong anywhere.
If this is the life
that she wants,
then I have to give her up.
Am I having
a funny turn
or does everything feel
lighter down here?
Wait, wait, wait.
What are they doing?
That must weigh a ton.
Yeah. Yeah, see,
I don't know
how they can do it...
but somehow they're able to
move the pyramids' positions,
which disrupts the
gravitational pull
down here,
and that's how
they run their city.
An entire civilization
built off the manipulation
of gravity.
God, I wish
was streaming this live!
What you gonna do
with that, Bern?
Look, I know
what you're thinking,
but you don't understand.
To have been through
what I've been through,
seen what I seen
and have absolutely
nobody believe you.
This place...
This place is special, man.
It's magic.
How long do you think
it'll stay like that
if you start posting that
about, hmm?
Like, you look at any isolated
tribe or community,
how many of them
survive contact with
the outside world, hmm?
You know I think
you're brilliant, don't you?
You already saved
the world once.
Can't take that away from you.
Could you say that all again?
The last part,
so I have it on footage.
Oh, well, we have to find out
what that was, right?
Oh, my God.
Is that a mini-Kong?
How did they find this place?
He must have sensed Jia.
That arm looks bad.
Yeah. That's worse than bad.
That's frostbite.
I'd better go take a look.
Warning, detecting
altered energy signature.
Oh, my God.
He's changed.
I know, I know.
Nobody likes a dentist.
Let's get a look
at that arm, big guy.
Trapper, he looks really hurt.
Yeah, it's not great.
I'm seeing nerve damage...
significant tissue loss.
So, what are we saying?
He's not gonna last a day down
here with only one arm.
Yeah, communication
to the surface is still out.
If I can get back
to the outpost,
I think there might be
some supplies
that we can use.
I don't think a massive cast
is gonna solve the problem.
I wasn't talkin'
plaster of Paris.
I'm thinking
more along the lines of, uh...
Project Powerhouse.
You can't be serious?
Oh, I'm deadly serious.
That prototype
was almost finished
when they pulled the funding.
All right, well, what are you
still doing here?
I love you, too, Doc.
Project Powerhouse, what is...
what is that, exactly?
After Mechagodzilla,
we realized that there were
some threats that
even Kong couldn't face.
So, we started working on some
minor augmentations.
Wait, what kind of
Making one of
the strongest Titans
even stronger
didn't go over so well.
So, we got shut down.
Lucky for us, the prototype
had already been transported
to Hollow Earth for testing.
It's stored in the armory
at Outpost One.
Autopilot engaged.
What do you think of that?
That's one hell of an
augmentation there, Trapper.
Only the best for Mr. Kong.
All right, it's ready to go.
Those injections should heal
the frostbite up nicely.
All right, there he goes.
He's moving.
You got this.
Look, it's a bit rough
and ready, but it should hold.
It's good.
It looks good, Trapper.
Damn good.
-Here we go.
He's either gonna love it
or he's gonna rip it off
with his teeth.
I think
he loves it! Yeah?
Skar King.
Hey, hey!
What did you tell him?
Where's he going?
Godzilla won't come down here
unless Kong brings him.
Okay, the last time
those two met up
it was almost the end of Kong.
He is taking a hell of a risk.
If Kong invades his turf,
could start a war.
Yeah, that's
a suicide mission.
But if Kong draws Godzilla
down here...
they can make their stand
in Hollow Earth
and then there's
a chance that
Godzilla can stop
Skar King and Shimo
from reaching the surface.
We are absolutely certain
that she can pull this off,
It's why Jia was called here.
Only an Iwi from Skull Island
can awaken Mothra.
And Mothra is the key
to Godzilla
protecting this place,
and its pathways
to the surface.
She's gonna be all right.
-She's gonna be all right.
Hey, she's evacuating
the villagers.
Gravity! Gravity!
The pyramids and gravity.
Yeah, I got it! I got it now!
-Tell me on the way.
-Come on, come on!
While we are throwing
random shit at the wall,
permission to take the HEAV?
Rally some reinforcements.
To the surface?
No, there's no time.
No, this idea's
way weirder than that.
All right,
we're underneath the pyramids.
Now what?
Iwi technology.
With the chemical reaction,
this liquid metal becomes
an engineering mechanism
forcing the two
electromagnetic pyramids
together, causing
an anti-gravity shock wave.
But only for a few minutes.
Or maybe less.
Which should keep those
things from the portals.
After that,
everything that is up
will come crashing down.
They're here.
We're not gonna make it.
There's not enough time.
We need something
to slow them down.
Yeah, but what else can we do?
It's vertacine mating season.
No way.
Your carriage awaits.
I'm gonna kiss you
on the mouth!
Come on. Go, go.
Buckle up,
you beautiful people.
Up and away. Yes!
No! The engine's out.
The gravity surge
must have taken out
the power-battery-thing.
Yes! Yes!
She's protecting the portals.
Oh, God!
Jia, you're safe! Come here.
Look, I...
"What am I talking a..."
-You all right? Yeah?
Thank you, thank you.
Yeah, saving the world
is kind of our thing.