Going All the Way (1997) Movie Script

Train now leaving.
Destination... Kansas city,
Independence, Lee's Summit,
Warrensburg, Sedalia,
Jefferson City, Kirkwood,
St. Louis, East St. Louis,
Centralia, Effingham,
Terre Haute, Indianapolis.
All aboard! All aboard!
I'm so sorry.
Here, let me.
I'm so sorry.
It's OK.
Excuse me, sir.
Hey, gimme a bud,
will you?
Yes, sir.
Right away, sir.
Thank you.
Here you are, sir.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Hey... Indianapolis.
Am I right?
Shortly high?
Yeah, Short...
Yeah, I went there.
Yeah. That's what I thought.
Tom Casselman,
class of'48.
Sure. Gunner.
Hell, everybody knows you.
Yeah. How are you?
Have... a seat.
And you're, uh... um...
Willard Burns.
You're "Sonny" Burns.
Right? Yeah!
Right. That's what they called me.
Yeah. I remember you.
You're the photographer,
Took pictures for
The Daily Echo.
Yeah, just sports stuff,
you know.
You might've seen it.
Actually, I got...
There was one of you
in particular.
It was in...
You were scoring in the Southport game.
Right. I remember that.
That's a great picture.
Yeah. Action stuff, Right?
Damn good, too.
Damn good stuff.
Yeah. This is great,
running into you.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah. As a matter
of fact, I've been...
Well, I've been doing a little
photography myself.
I picked me up a Nikon
over in Japan and...
I mean, I'm not worth
a damn yet...
post card shots
and tourist crap...
but I wanna learn.
Here you go.
Oh, thank you.
So, um...
Korea, huh?
You must've seen some combat.
Mmm. Yeah.
You know, I caught a little shrapnel
in the ass is all.
Yeah. I didn't...
you know, I didn't really, uh...
Got stuck in Kansas City.
Public Information.
Good conduct.
Well, hey, you know, somebody's
gotta hold down the fort, right?
Exactly. That'd be me.
You know what? There's really only
one thing you missed.
Yeah? What's that?
Yeah? Yeah?
You really liked it, huh?
Oh, God.
I mean, it...
it changed
my whole approach.
Right. Sure. To what?
Everything, you know?
You name it.
I mean, I never really...
Hell, I never really thought
about anything before I went to Japan.
I mean, in college,
I memorized stuff,
but I mean really think, you know?
I mean, take your
Zen Buddhism, OK?
- Okay.
- They got these riddles,
and they really make you think about
things differently.
Do you know any zen?
Uh... well, I had
some sukiyaki once.
You know...
in Chicago.
Well, uh...
you ever have
any sake?
not that I know of.
Did you play
any sports at all?
No. I always wanted to...
Ha ha ha!
Hey, at least you
didn't get arrested.
Hey, at least you got your fingers
worked out, huh?
Fuck it.
Maybe you'll never return.
- Cheers.
- Ha ha ha!
Last stop!
Feel like I got
hit by a truck.
You know, uh...
we should get together some time, huh?
No shit.
Yeah, that'd be great.
You got a lift home?
Yeah. Yeah, I think...
my mother's picking me up.
Christ died for our sins!
Communism is the religion
of failures!
Christ died for our sins!
Communism is the religion
of failures!
Hey, see you later,
all right?
All right.
Gunner! Oh!
Ha ha ha!
There he is! Sonny!
Oh, it's Sonny!
Sonny! Sonny!
Oh! You're home!
Oh, You're home.
Welcome home, son.
Thank you, sir.
We thank you, oh, Lord,
for protecting this dear child
and for bringing
him home safe...
from the horrors of war.
Mother, I was only in Kansas City.
There's danger everywhere.
We're in a "no parking"zone, folks.
Elwood. Your father...
such a worry wart.
Come on.
Oh, I almost forgot.
We have a surprise for you.
What's the surprise?
Well, it's not a surprise
if I tell you.
Come on1
Surprise! Ha ha!
There she is!
Welcome home!
Give your best girl a kiss.
Got you a little treat,
Sweet dreams.
Fuck you, God.
Come here, Sonny.
Come on, Sonny,
take my picture.
Come here, you war hero.
Come here...
Mmm... tastes good.
Well, I think
he'd feel better...
if he got up
before noon.
He deserves a rest...
after fighting for his country
for 2 long years.
He's been home 3 days,
and he hasn't been out of
the house.
Good morning to you
We're all
in our places
With bright,
shiny faces
For this
is the way
To start
a new day
I heard Eli Lily's looking
for young men.
They have a wonderful
retirement plan.
Life is just
a mountain railway
From the cradle
to the grave
Have you thought about
life insurance, son?
Oh, look who's here!
Hi, everybody!
Oh! Look at that cake!
Oh, she is some girl...
Kind of girl
you wanna marry.
Wanna go for a swim?
It'll do you good, son.
You do look
a little pale.
How's your pie?
Hey! Hi! Absolutely.
Where should I meet you?
In the red key?
Great. Yeah. Bye.
I don't see it
that way, you know?
To me, all those years,
it's like, wasted.
All that time, it just seems like
it was flushed away...
jockin' around and acting like
I knew it all...
and being a big rod and...
I must've seemed
like a real asshole.
Oh, you know...
That's all right.
Hell, I get to thinking how
I was back then...
It's embarrassing,
you know what I mean?
Really, there were a lot of times when
I felt like, myself...
Lock up the women and children!
Hey, you old cocksman!
You old jocks can still
hit the ball, huh?
Shit, man.
We're 5-2, and leading the league.
Ha ha ha!
You guys remember
Sonny Burns.
Sonny, you know this bunch
of muff divers.
You got Wilks Wilkerson,
Jocko Biemer...
Russ, hey, let's get another round
for the boys.
Please and thank you, huh?
So, Guns, you still blankin'
Deedee Armbruster?
Hey, be careful, Gun.
She'll make an honest man
out of you.
No. The old cocksman is not ready
to pack it in yet.
So, I heard Shins tied the knot, huh?
You mean, "Pops" Shins?
Oh, no!
Patsy already dropped
a bambino for him.
Hey, Guns, we need a good man
on the mound.
How's the old wing?
Yeah, how about it?
Don't you worry
about the old wing.
Yeah? All right!
The old Gunner's back!
Gunner! Gunner! Gunner! Gunner!
All I wanna know is...
what the hell was I doing hanging out
with a loser like Sonny Burns?
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Whoo-hoo! Aah!
Yeah? Hey.
Where you going?
Oh, I don't know.
I just thought you might...
You know, you haven't seen
these guys...
I don't feel like shootin' the shit
with those guys right now.
- Let's get outta here.
- Yeah?
Hey, you guys
still out here, huh?
Welcome home,
Guns, baby.
How you doin'?
Oh, these two look good.
All right, war hero.
Why don't you stop loafing
and get a job
instead of hanging out
in front of my house?
Nina... I'm home!
Yeah, that was that
Southport game.
Did you take that picture?
I... I don't know.
Nina loves that picture.
That's a 67...
Speak of the devil.
Hi, Nina.
Hi, darling!
Oh... sweetheart.
How are you?
Good. I want you to meet my friend,
Sonny Burns.
Sonny, this is my mother, Nina.
Very pleased to meet you,
Mrs. Casselman.
Hmm. Well, you fellas
want a drink?
Uh, no. I was just gonna get me
and Sonny a beer.
It's a very nice apartment
you have here, Mrs. Casselman.
Oh, it's suits me fine,
bachelor girl like myself.
Sit down.
I haven't seen
you before.
What'd you say your name
was again?
Willard Burns.
That's Sonny Burns.
He went to Shortly.
I know all the gang from Shortly.
I haven't heard
of him before.
Well, nobody did,
Why not?
Well, I didn't do much.
Oh, hell yes, he did.
Sonny was an ace photographer
for the Echo.
He was the same for the paper
up at I.U.
Oh. I.U.?
What house were you in?
Uh, the rooming house.
Ha ha ha! The rooming house.
That's good.
That's funny.
Well, I guess I just don't
get the joke.
Well, I'm gonna give Sonny
a lift home.
I hope you're not forgetting
about tonight, Gunner.
No, Nina.
I broke 2 dates to be with you
tonight, sweetie.
Not that I wouldn't
rather be with you.
I want you to show
Nina a good time.
All right.
We'll paint the town, Nina.
Come here.
Give me a kiss.
Come on.
Mmm! I love you.
Well, I'm
a mighty, mighty man
I'm young and
I'm in my prime
Yes, I'm
a mighty, mighty man
I'm young and
I'm in my prime
Well, I don't
pick my jobs
I'm ready for
any old kind
Yes, I'm
a real young man
A brand-new 25
Yes, I'm
a real young man
Well... you're up awfully early
this morning.
Do we have sausage or bacon and eggs
or anything?
That's not what you
like in the morning.
Your stomach is too delicate
for greasy things.
Did you have a nice time
with your new friend?
Does your new friend
make it a habit...
of going to bars in the middle
of the afternoon?
So what if he does? So what if he
goes to bars in the morning?
Don't yell at me.
No need to yell at me.
I'm not yelling!
I'm not yelling.
I just asked what business
is it of yours...
what Gunner Casselman does?
It's my business
what happens to my son.
It's really none
of your damn business, Mother.
And for your information,
he's a great guy.
When you lie down with dogs,
you come up with fleas.
Where's my mind?
I'm losing my mind...
I'm losing my fucking mind...
fucking mind...
It's my business... business...
It's my business...
it's my business...
...the photographer.
I remember you.
You took pictures
for The Daily...
I've been doing a little
photography myself...
This is so good.
I mean, this is...
I never... you know...
I never observed anything.
I never looked
at anything...
and questioned it,
you know?
At least not till
I got to Japan.
And only then, I think, 'cause I was...
I was an outsider.
You know? I was a real outsider
for the first time.
And I realized that I didn't know shit
about my own society.
I just accepted it.
That's when I wanted to learn
how to start taking pictures...
Learn how to see.
You already got that.
You know, it's like
you were born with it.
This is... so good.
I don't know.
I guess... thanks.
You're very kind.
I guess I'm just lucky that way.
No. That's... that's not lucky.
That's good.
Okay, I got it!
We are choppin' in tall cotton tonight,
my man, oh, yeah.
Nina's got a date
for the races...
Saturday night
at Churchill Downs.
She'll be in Louisville.
We're gonna have the place
to ourselves.
Oh, ho-ho!
Think you can line up a hot one
for tonight?
I... yeah.
- Yeah?
- Sure.
Good. I figure one of us gets
the couch.
The other one gets the bedroom...
or the red room...
Have us a regular
What do you say?
You say "yes"
is what you say.
Oh... I actually got
this little drink theory here, OK?
It's called the secret
of the sea breeze.
Now, these are the girls' drinks,
all right?
Now, the secret is...
they can't taste
the vodka
because it's mostly grapefruit,
It tastes like nothing,
you know?
I love this one
of the monument.
Thank you very much.
The way you get the line
of the shadow...
That's a masterpiece.
It's really good.
Very kind of you.
Sonny, that looks just like
the monument.
You know, Buddy...
Great art, it sneaks up on you.
You have to let it soak in
a little bit, study it.
Right, yeah. Yeah.
Do you know, uh,
Gunner learned zen in japan.
Oh. That's not all he learned.
I love you, Sonny.
Me, too.
What are you talking about?
I don't wanna
be like some teenager...
parking and making out
at a golf course.
This look like a goddamn
golf course?
We're still hiding out.
Well, where do
you wanna do it?
In my own house.
In your own house.
Well, that's great.
With your parents upstairs?
I mean, my own house.
Goddamn it.
I wanna get married.
Gunner, my mother was 22
when she had me.
I'm almost 23 years old,
for God's sake.
It's time for me
to have kids.
I want a family.
Deedee, you know...
I just got home, you know?
I don't even know
what I wanna do yet.
Here, you want a puff of that?
I want children...
more than anything in the world.
You know that.
You're an adult, Gunner.
What are you waiting for?
I don't know much right now.
I just...
The only thing
I know is...
I love to do it
with you,
and you like it,
and I like it.
So come on...
let's do it.
Oh, I love you, Sonny.
Me, too.
I feel sorry for Deedee.
How come?
He's never going
to marry her.
She was just
his girlfriend...
in high school,
that's all.
You know, it's not...
Is that what I am?
What do you
want me to say?
What would you
like me to say?
Nothing. I would just like to know
what your plans are.
I don't know!
I don't... I don't...
I don't... I...
I don't want anything.
OK, I won't ask.
'Cause every time I ask,
it turns into this.
No, no.
I mean, I don't...
I don't...
All right.
I don't even know.
Don't be angry, OK?
I'm not.
Will you call me?
Yeah, I'll call you.
Will you?
Yes, yes, I will.
I will call you,
I will.
I'll call you
on the phone...
OK, fine, all right.
I will.
I'm sorry.
I'll call you.
It's like
this deep new book I'm reading...
Called A Lonely Crowd,
And I'm realizing that I've always
been kind of...
more of an outer
directed guy, right?
And now as
time goes on,
I'm kind of becoming
more inner directed...
and not giving
a shit so much...
what the crowd think.
You mean what
the lonely crowd thinks?
Hell, any crowd.
They're all lonely,
you know that.
You've always
been kind of more...
of an inner directed
guy, right?
Um, well, um,
I don't know, actually.
For Saturday night
I fell in love
Oh, goodness.
I want a Sunday
kind of love
I want love
Ohh, man.
What I wouldn't give
for a nice,
new piece of ass
right now.
You bet.
What about Deedee?
Well, what about
Buddy Porter?
Yeah, well, Buddy's, um...
You know, she's...
She's, uh...
She's nice.
She's good.
You know, she's...
She's Buddy.
And she's available.
Right, exactly.
See what I'm saying?
It's not just
getting laid we want.
That's not it.
It's something else,
It's something...
something extra.
It's a little something...
It's something different.
You got it.
I mean, say you could
only eat one thing...
for the rest of
your life, right?
Say, I don't know,
peach pie, OK?
Now, fine, great,
maybe you love peach pie.
Maybe peach pie
is great to you.
But that's all you get?
I mean morning, noon,
and night, peach pie?
Breakfast, lunch,
dinner, peach pie.
Peach pie,
day in, day out,
Day in, peach pie.
I mean, for God's sake,
Maybe you want some
blueberry one day.
There's nothing
wrong with that.
You know, maybe
you want some... some...
some chocolate cream.
Lemon chiffon.
Lemon chiffon.
God, you know exactly
what I'm talking about.
I want a Sunday
kind of love
I really think he's...
he's on to something here.
How can you tell?
Well, uh,
his use of color.
You know,
the reds and the green.
And like, you know,
The movement that he gets.
You know?
How long you supposed
to look at it?
Oh, my.
Talk about art, hmm?
Uh, excuse me.
Do I, uh...
Do I know you
from somewhere?
Because you look
very familiar to me.
Mmm, I don't think so.
What's your name?
Marty, Sonny.
Sonny, this is Marty.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Marty was at Shortly.
She was a couple
years behind us.
Yeah, I went to Shortly, too.
But I don't think
we actually met.
But then
we wouldn't have,
You being a big rod
and all.
Isn't that what they
called you golden boys?
Oh, well, you know,
that was high school.
And college, too.
Depauw, wasn't it?
Football star,
big man on campus,
So, you went, uh...
You went back east
to college?
Uh-huh. And I'm going to go back
and live there.
Really? Uh, when?
Oh, when I serve
my time here.
Well, daddy would
let me go now.
But mother thinks
if I stay here,
I'll meet a nice Jewish boy
at the country club,
get married,
and grow up to bejust like her.
So, I'm taking courses
at Harrod and painting.
If I can hack it for a year,
I get my freedom.
Ayear from now,
I'll be gone.
Where are you going?
Well, New York, of course.
- Sure.
- Yeah, I mean, you know.
Is there any place else?
No, absolutely not.
No, I meant what
part of New York?
You know,
I actually, uh...
Well, I may be heading there myself,
as a matter of fact,
to do some studying
on the G.I. Bill.
What would you study?
Well, you know...
philosophy maybe.
Or, uh...
Well, or...
Art, yeah.
You know, I figure art.
Probably something,
you know,
something to do with,
you know, art.
Well, I've got to run.
Oh, thanks for
the coffee.
Did she leave?
Hold on a second.
Hold on there
for a second.
Listen, I was, uh...
Well, I was thinking
maybe, you know,
we could get together
sometime, you know.
'Cause, uh...
Because I...
I want to talk to you
about some stuff.
You know, I was thinking
we could get together...
and talk about some, uh...
some... stuff.
Like what?
Well, uh...
OK, would you at least
give me your phone number?
It's in the book.
You all right?
Did you twist your ankle?
No, my ankle's fine.
I just got such
a goddamn hard-on,
I can barely walk.
Yeah, she's...
I don't even
know what she is.
She's something else.
She just thinks
I'm a dumb jock.
Oh, no, really?
You think?
Why don't you tell her
about zen and that stuff?
You know,
take her to see some art.
I don't know shit
about art, OK?
Oh, really,
really, you do.
You know,
you look like you do.
You know how
to stand and...
What happened to us?
I thought we came down here
to improve our minds, right?
We were going to
see some real art.
Wasn't that the idea?
I guess even art
leads to pussy.
I guess.
Come on, man, let's go.
Sonny, I want you to meet...
a wonderful man.
Happy to meet you, son.
I'm Luke Matthews.
Mr. Matthews
wrote a book.
Well, I'm going to leave you
two alone...
for a little while.
I've got to run.
"Matthews is a pseudonym...
for a hardened convict...
who found god
on a prison rock pile. "
Mr. Matthews,
I believe there's been
a misunderstanding.
What's that?
That is my mother.
Your mother understands
that you were troubled,
and she wishes
to help you.
My mother does
not understand...
that I'm sick of
hearing about God.
I don't believe in God.
And frankly,
I don't even like the guy.
Well, you can't
dislike something...
or somebody that doesn't exist,
can you?
Mr. Matthews,
I think I just need to...
I need to figure some things out
for myself.
Yes, but at your age,
you need to be watchful.
We can come under the influence
of magnetic people,
and not realize they may walk
in evil ways...
and take others with them
on the downward path.
Are you talking about
Gunner Casselman?
Is that who you're talking about?
Is that right?
Because if you're talking
about Gunner Casselman,
he happens to be
a good friend of mine.
He's great.
He's a good friend.
And I believe
I'm at an age now, sir,
where I can begin
to pick my own friends.
And frankly, if I want to hang out
with Lucky Lucciano,
I will, sir.
The ways of evil may seem glamorous
at first,
until you view them from inside prison
bars as I have.
Mr. Matthews,
I'm really glad that you're out
on bail... parole.
You did your time
or whatever.
But I think I need
to lead my own damn life.
You're at a turning point, son.
Then I'll make
the goddamn turn myself.
- Yeah, so I'm trying
to snow her, right?
With a bunch of
intellectual shit.
Right, right.
And she keeps shooting me down,
you know?
And every once in a while,
she's yawning, OK?
Ha ha ha ha!
And she's really
pissing me off.
Finally she makes
this crack...
about how boring people are
in the Midwest.
I just flipped
my lid right there.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I just said exactly
what I thought,
not giving a shit
if she liked it or not.
Absolutely. What'd you say?
What'd you say?
I just looked right
at her and I said,
"Hey, look, bitch,
maybe I didn't go
to school back east, OK?
And I'm no egghead.
And maybe I am
just a dumb jock.
But I know a few things...
you don't know.
Like I know how to fuck you.
And I know you want it too. "
Yeah, so what...
What did she say?
She was jelly.
Oh, goddamn it!
Is this
in the Jewish style?
Well, I'm not
really familiar...
with this style
of painting.
So, I naturally assumed...
that since you're
taking lessons...
from that little
Jewish girl...
You know what, Mother?
You don't have to keep saying
Jewish all the time.
You can just
call her Marty.
That's her name.
Does it bother you
that she's Jewish?
No, Mother.
It bothers you.
Are you accusing Nina
of prejudice?
I'm not accusing
anybody of anything.
I should probably...
I'll just...
You know,
I never made a peep...
when you took out
those little Jewesses...
in high school.
I'm as broad-minded
as the next person.
But this is
a different story now.
Why is that?
Because you are a man now.
You are at an age...
when any girl might be
a potential wife.
And you know that!
Don't you play dumb with me!
I'm not.
You're not going
to marry her?
No, I'm not playing dumb.
You are going
to marry her?
That's what
you're saying?
You are telling me...
that you intend to
marry a Jewish girl?
What if I am?
Don't you know
what it means...
to marry a Jewish girl?
Don't you know what they have to do
before the wedding?
No, what?
The father,
the night before
the wedding,
he does it with
his own daughter.
It's part of
the Jew religion.
They... they...
they make them do that.
Mother, where did you hear that?
How did you come by
that little nugget?
It's common knowledge!
Oh, God!
The thing to do is just concentrate
on your art, right?
Forget all the bullshit.
Fucking "A."
Just concentrate
on your art.
Oh, Sonny.
You're terrific.
You really do
know about art.
Oh, you're the art, baby.
Did you forget the camp
pine tree pledge?
A pine tree man never ever
betrays another camper.
"And it came to pass...
when Onan went in unto
his brother's wife,
and had spilled his seed
upon the ground. "
Genesis 38,
verses 4 through 10.
"And the Lord slew Onan...
when he spilled his seed. "
My poor boy,
now you must be strong.
Stay strong.
Oh, Lord,
would you look down
upon this...
this fine young man...
in his time of trouble...
and help him,
help him to learn the way?
The true way.
Mr. Matthews?
Yes, son?
I was just wondering...
why the hell
you're in my room.
Your mother
has offered me...
the hospitality
of your home.
And I'm just here...
to do whatever
it is you need.
OK, son?
Well, good night.
Good night.
What are you doing?
I'm just throwing away...
some old kids games.
Oh, Sonny.
This might be something
you ought to save...
for your own kids.
I don't have any kids, Mother.
You will if you marry
the right girl,
settle down.
God save your
eternal soul.
Well, rocks
is my pillow
The cold ground
is my bed
The highway
is my home
So I might as well
be dead
I walked the wrong way
Seems I have
no place to go
My mother's
dead and gone
Father drove me
from his door
I got work down here
So I don't even have
a chance at love
I got work down here
So I don't even have
a chance at love
I was wrong,
gotta try
my Jesus comes
Oh, I love you, Sonny.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Where you going?
Well, Harry Stapler's
taking me...
to the Brown County Fair.
I just came by
to say hello.
Are you seeing him
all the time now?
Well, I could see you
on Saturday night...
if you want to.
That would be good, sure.
We could do something...
somewhere if you want.
Well, I accept.
I got
so much trouble
Sometimes I could cry
Good morning.
Am I serious about Marty?
I don't know.
What does that mean?
I like to fuck her,
and I like to talk to her.
Pretty rare combination.
Fucking "A."
She's going to New York too.
That about clinches it for me.
It's Columbia
and the G.I. Bill now,
that's it.
So, you're really
leaving, huh?
I mean, why not, you know?
Getting it from
both sides here.
Marty's mother
is all over her...
For seeing
And Nina won't quit
with her Jewish remarks.
Such a load of shit.
Whatever happened with that ad agency
you had in Chicago?
I didn't tell you?
I flunked
the personality test.
You're shitting me.
How'd that happen?
Well, they send you
this test in the mail, right?
And in one part of it...
you're supposed to draw
a picture of yourself.
So, I drew a picture of me,
you know, casual,
drink in one hand,
other hand in the pocket.
The psychiatrist
who graded the test said...
it showed a tendency toward
alcoholism and masturbation.
You believe that shit?
I guess I'll never make it...
in the ad world, either.
Fuck 'em.
I'm heading to New York.
Greenwich Village.
All you got to do
is get the G.I. Bill.
Why don't you come with me?
New fucking York.
Oh, hey, man,
I forgot to tell you.
Marty has this friend
who's coming down...
that she went
to college with...
who's apparently,
you know,
pretty hot to trot.
And Marty was thinking...
that we could fix you up
with her...
for that big dinner dance
saturday night.
Want to go?
Uh, sure.
You know, I mean, who knows?
Lightning could strike.
You could get laid.
Crazier things
have happened.
Good night!
Well, Monday, Tuesday
Work hard all day
Wednesday, Thursday,
no time to play
Friday is
when I get my pay
So I can go out
Saturday night
Sleep Sunday all day
That's right.
No, I do remember.
Actually, absolutely I remember.
You... you haven't changed.
No, no, don't change. Don't change.
Saturday night
Ooh Ooh
You and me
I'm Sonny Burns.
Yeah, Son... Sonny Burns!
Sonny Burns.
Greetings and salutations!
Hi, Sonny, it's me.
Do you know where
we're going yet...
or when I
should pick you up?
Uh... oh...
Yeah, actually, you know,
I'm... I'm... I'm not... I'm not, uh...
I'm not... I don't
think I'm, uh, well, really.
You know, um, I haven't,
you know, I was...
I've... I've been really...
It's just been coming in in waves.
It comes and goes.
Just before y-y-you called
I was feeling... I was fine, but, um...
I'm really... I'm not...
I think it's something I ate, really.
you know?
Buddy, are you still there?
Yeah, Sonny,
I'm always here.
Isn't that how it is?
Well, listen, you know,
we can, uh...
I'm sure this won't last.
It's really, you know...
I'm... I'm just gonna
lie down for a bit,
and, um, and then...
and after I lie down,
uh, uh, I... I mean soon, very soon,
I'm sure we can go
to Hollyhock Hills or something.
So, is that all right?
Yeah, sure.
Hi, Harry?
It's me.
From the moment
you walked in
I knew
So, uh, now that
Nina's guy...
is taking her up to Max and Cutty's
for the weekend,
we're gonna have the place
to ourselves,
and I hear that Gale
is hot to trot.
So I think we may be
choppin' the tall cotton.
Tempted and tangled
by love
In the moment
I held you, I knew
You were meant for me
Oh, just to know the bliss
of one single kiss
Don't get up,
don't get up.
I just had to
powder my nose.
Well, you look, uh, great.
Thank you.
She'll be down
in a minute.
Here she is.
From the moment
I saw you, I knew
You were
a dream come true
As I still
feel this way
Until that day I'll
wait for you, dear
Gale Thayer.
Gale, this is my
good friend Sonny Burns.
Hi, Sonny Burns.
Hi. You...
Gale, Sonny
is an ace photographer,
sports being
his specialty.
Really? What's your favorite sport?
Mine, too.
So I plow through...
I grind to the end, you know,
and by then I'm
holding my breath...
as C.C. Waddles
to the front of the room, right?
And he stands right
next to Itchy,
and I look at him
and he looks at me,
and he waits about
a year and a half, right?
I had no idea what to do.
I'm horrified at this point.
So finally, he looks
at me and he says,
"Mr. Burns!"
So, yeah, straight. Ahem.
"Mr. Burns,
"In all my years,
I've never seen
anything like this.
Your speech...
has moved this
young man to tears!"
Whoo! Good night!
Ha ha ha ha.
That's it.
I love your imitations.
You should be
on Ed Sullivan.
Oh, why not?
Why not?
Time for the girls
to powder our noses.
We'll be right here.
Right here.
Yes! I am rolling, Guns baby.
I'm just... I... I feel... ahem.
You better eat something.
You got to line your Stomach...
No, no, no,
I got a large capacity.
I'm just...
I'm just fine.
All right.
Ha ha ha ha.
That was funny.
They just don't understand
Catcher In The Rye, you know?
I think
what bothers them...
what bothers them is that they know
that what Holden is trying to do...
is he's trying
to break through...
this accepted, unquestioned,
adult existence, you know.
And to get...
Excuse me, Gale...
Uh, and, um,
get to a place...
beyond where he can be...
he can be Holden and be accepted,
And... and not have the... the corruption
and disillusionment...
th-th-th-that just...
that seems inevitable, you know.
Sometimes I... I wonder
if we'll wake up one day...
and... and won't be
like holden anymore, you know.
That is really amazing, Sonny.
What's the matter?
Uh, nothing.
I'm just gonna have to...
have to go to the bathroom.
Oh, I didn't...
I didn't mean...
Oh, just go to the bathroom,
for God's sake.
I'll just...
Well, what... what are you thinking?
Why... why are you drinking?
Why do you think
you're so fucking amazing?
Just stop. Just... no.
No, God, please,
just don't... don't let me come.
Please, I'll go to church.
It's OK, it's OK, I'll get it up...
get it up... get it up.
Don't let me come.
I'm having such
a wonderful time.
Having such
a wonderful time.
Having such a wonderful time...
wonderful time.
Having such
a wonderful time.
You're so amazing.
You're so amazing.
Sonny, you're so...
you're so amazing.
You are... you are...
incredibly special.
You ought see
that she's a bitch.
She really gets into...
She's so perfect.
Does she love me?
It's too soon to know
Can I believe her?
Listen, I just...
I just want you
to understand...
that, um...
I'm just... I am
I'm... I'm... absolutely...
I'm madly in...
I'm in love with you.
but, I'm...
I'm in love with you.
I am... I am
in love with you.
But... but...
I'm wanna go
to bed with you.
No, no, no buts.
I'm wanna...
I'm wanna go
to bed with you.
To bed to...
Take a nap?
No, I...
So... so...
we can...
So we can have, uh,
sexual intercourse.
All right.
Does she love me?
It's too soon to know
Can I believe her?
When she tells me so
Is she only
Is it all in my desire?
Orjust another play?
Oh, I'll cry
When she's gone
I wonder
Is it
zt's just all way too soon
Good night
What... what's the matter?
Sorry. It's just...
It's fine.
Ha ha ha.
It's fine.
It... it's fine.
It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna...
It's gonna...
See... see, it takes
a little time...
Get... get up and going.
It'll be all right.
It's all right.
just go away.
Why was I born?
Why am I living?
What do I... do I get?
What am I...
what am I giving?
Why... why... why do I...
do I want to think
I... I am here at all?
She will make everything OK.
Everything OK...
everything will be OK.
She will be OKfor me and we will be...
We will be OK.
We will be OK.
Please, dear God,
make everything... OK.
OK... OK...
Just go away.
I'm having a fabulous time.
I'm... I'm sorry, man.
I didn't wake you, did I?
I'm... I'm sorry.
I was just...
I got something that...
I think I need...
I think I need a little...
help here, please.
Hey, what is it, man?
What's going on?
God, man.
No, uh... uh... uh...
Man, that's not it, you know.
really, th-th-that's
not it, you know?
That's... that's... that's
not the way.
What do I do, man?
What do I do?
Well, you know, we got to think
of something, you know.
We... we... we gotta...
We gotta do something.
We gotta...
We gotta figure
something out.
We just gotta,
you know...
We got to get you
out of here.
I remember when
You fell from the eyes
Of my love
You made me reconsider
What a fool
I've been
And swear to God
I'll stray no more
By all the stars above
Golden teardrops
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ohh
You caught my envy
So, what happened
with you and Gale?
Thank you and good night.
Absolutely nothing.
Not a goddamn thing.
She frigid or something?
Oh, no. No.
Hell, no.
No, that would be me.
I fucked up, pal.
How about that? I...
Instead of fucking her,
I... I fucked up.
You know,
'cause I couldn't get it up.
I thought you were
hot for her, man.
Oh, man, you know...
Shit! Shit!
She was it, man.
She was... the dream, the girl,
the beginning, the end.
She was everything.
The perfect combination
of sex and brains,
The one we're all supposed to find,
the one we deserve.
You know, everything.
I bet you make out with Buddy
like a bandit though, right?
Oh, sure.
Exactly, yes, yes.
I have no problem making out
with the ones that I'm not hot for.
No problems.
You know.
I mean, what is that?
Why... why... why... why...
it's like the opposite
of what, you know...
If I'm... if I'm hot
for... for... for somebody,
then, uh, then my prick
is just nowhere in sight, you know.
It's game over.
It's not gonna happen.
You know?
No, maybe you don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I'll never forget the way
she looked up at me, man.
Oh, man.
Don't worry about that, you know.
It... Gale was a bitch.
That was the trouble.
That... that... that's
all it was.
Nah, she wasn't a bitch.
Those golden teardrops
For me
Those golden teardrops
For me
Those golden teardrops
I wish you'd been in Japan.
Best thing about Japan
was the women.
Uh, you'd have to say that
they're whores, you know, technically,
'cause you pay them,
but, I mean, it's not
like how it is here, you know.
It's not this "wham-bam-
thank-you-ma'am" kind of thing...
where you
feel dirty after it.
They... they... they
take their time there.
They treat you right.
Ah, if we were
in Japan right now...
Yeah, but we're not.
We're right here,
surrounded by Ohio,
- Right here in Indiana.
- Illinois!
Shit, I forgot, man. Fuck!
I forgot.
There... there... there's this great
little whorehouse...
about 40 miles
south of Chicago.
My frat buddies took me there.
It was great.
It... it... it was totally different.
What's different about it?
All the girls.
I mean, they're... they're...
they're pretty and they're sweet.
Hell, they're farm girls,
you know?
I mean, they... they... they
let you play with them.
They... they talk to you
like you're a real person,
like it's a real... date.
Oh, that's
what you need.
Yeah, that's what you need.
One of these nice,
sexy farm girls.
Treat you right.
All right?
That's the answer.
So, where is this place?
Ha! It's in this jerkwater town.
That's what
they called it,
the Gladiola House.
Ha ha!
You women have heard
See where
the fuck we are.
Here we go. Here we go.
Here, take this.
My new rocket 88
Yeah, it's straight,
just one way
Everybody likes
my rocket 88
We'll go
ridin'in style
You know where we are?
I can't...
Look at that.
Where are we?
there's a light
right there.
I see the light.
Is that it?
I think so. I don't know, man.
It looks like it.
Hold on.
V-8 motor
and this modern design
Black convertible top
And the gal's goin'fine
She's goin' with me ridin'
all 'round down thejoint
So, this would be the part...
where you go
into the church...
to ask directions to
the whorehouse, right?
No. This would be the part...
where you go into the church...
and ask directions
to the whorehouse.
This is the part where you
go into the church to ask directions.
All right, you son of a bitch,
you want to flip for it?
Loser goes
into the church,
asks directions
to the whorehouse.
All right.
You gonna call it?
You call it.
The way of the devil!
The way of the devil!
Oh, won't you come,
come and lay down your burden...
and rest in the arms of God?
He's waiting for you.
A stranger has come to us
out of the night,
out of the dark
and the rain.
Don't be afraid, son.
Pour out your heart to God.
Uh, excuse me, I'm lost.
- Praise the Lord!
- Praise the Lord!
The Shepherd loves
a lost sheep most of all.
Tell us, son.
Tell us,
what's in your heart?
Well, can you tell me how to
get to Gladiola?
nothing in Gladiola anymore, son.
What are you
looking for, boy?
It's just a...
It's a house.
A... A house?
Son, if you're looking
for the Gladiola House,
It's been closed down
4, 5 years ago now.
And hallelujah!
- Praise the Lord!
- Praise the Lord!
Rock of ages
Cleft for me
Let me hide myself
in Thee
Let the water
and the blood
From thy wounded side
which flowed
Be of sin,
the double cure
Save the wrath
and make us pure
You're a lucky fella.
You could've been killed...
maybe paralyzed.
Well, we'll let you lie here...
for a couple of months.
Got you in some plaster.
Be good as new.
That big rod Buddy of yours?
Hardly had a scratch.
Came up smellin'
like roses.
He's the kind
that always does.
We all thank God...
that you're coming
home in one piece.
You can just rest
as long as you want.
I'll bake your favorites,
and I'll rub your back for you.
All right, now,
let's not do any good-bye shit.
I'm gonna write you
from New York,
and you'll be out there
in no time. OK?
See ya.
Walking up those stairs.
You might get a little faint.
Your mother has your room
fixed up just right.
And I'll bring you up
a little snack later.
You never heard a word
from your fine-feathered friend,
if that's what
you're looking for.
He said he was gonna write
when he got to New York.
Well, I guess
he just got too busy...
raising cain
down in Greenwich Village...
with the rest
of the communists.
Him with hardly a scratch
and you almost killed.
Is that your Christianity, Mother?
Anybody you don't like
should die?
Let's not dwell
on the past, OK?
Such a sweet
little surprise.
Oh, that Buddy is so sweet.
Of course,
she wanted to be here,
but I thought
you needed your rest,
so I thought
we'd pick her up
on our way to celebrate
at your favorite restaurant.
Hollyhock Hill.
That's your
favorite restaurant.
Sonny, you loved
their fried chicken
when you were
a little boy.
What is it?
Uh, good news, Son.
I got you
an appointment...
with J. Briggs Dunlap...
over at Lily.
- He's their...
- Ohh.
Head of public relations.
Wow. That's wonderful.
Thank you.
Sonny! Come on down!
Sonny! Come on down!
We've got a surprise for you.
It's for your new life.
A career man...
needs a new car.
All right.
Now, you just go pick up Buddy.
Meet us up
at Hollyhock Hill.
She's waitin' for you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How's your arm?
Uh, it's... it's peachy.
You look, uh...
Thank you.
Very beautiful.
I'm not gonna go
to Hollyhock Hills.
That's all right.
See, I think you...
I think you...
You're great.
You really...
You really are. You're great.
You're beautiful.
You're... You're great,
and you deserve a great guy.
I've got one.
Uh, who am I?
I mean, I... I'm, um...
nobody I...
I can't begin to be...
whoever you need to treat you
the way that...
- I've got one.
- To love you.
Harry Stapler.
You what?
Harry Stapler.
We got engaged.
I tried to tell
your mother,
but she, uh,
she wouldn't listen.
I'm really,
really... happy... Sonny.
And Harry and I both
want the same things...
in Indianapolis.
I love you.
I'm happy you're happy.
I want for you
to be happy, too.
Thank you.
Hey, Buddy?
Could you do me a favor?
One way...
to New York.
There you go, son.
Tempted and tried
Where God made you wander
Why it should be thus
All the day long
While there are others
Living about us
Never molested
Farther along
We'll know all about it
Farther along
We'll understand why
Cheer up, my brother
Live in the sunshine
We'll understand it
All by and by
When we seeJesus
Coming in glory
When he comes from
His home in the sky
Then we shall meet him
In that bright mansion
And we'll understand it
All by and by
Farther along
We'll know all about it
Farther along
We'll understand why
Cheer up, my brother
Live in the sunshine
We'll understand it
All by and by
We'll understand it
All by and by