Going for Gold (2018) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[upbeat music]
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[Emma] That's me.
Emma Wilson.
And this is my squad.
I know what you're thinking.
"Wow. Look at them.
They're amazing."
And you'd pretty much be right.
But this isn't the first time
I've been
in a red-hot cheer squad.
Believe it or not,
we used to be a hot mess.
And to understand that,
we have to fly 8000 miles
back to where it all began.
My dad's in the Air Force.
I've spent most of my life
traveling to bases
all over the world.
We've been stationed
in California
for nearly 18 months now.
It's the longest
we've been in one place
since I can even remember.
I was finally starting to make
real friends. That's dad.
Ever since mom died
when I was little,
it's just been me and him, and
today he's supposed to find out
his new assignment,
another year here
or having to say goodbye,
- Hey.
- Hey.
I have exciting news, Em.
- We're staying in California?
- Even better.
If you thought
it was great here,
you're gonna love Australia.
- Australia?
- It's a 12-month assignment.
It could be extended
to two years.
But how awesome is that?
[Emma] Tell him
that you want to stay,
that you have friends here,
a life.
Uh, tell him something.
Look, I know we've been
moving around a lot
and you have been
so understanding.
But I really think
this will be good for us.
Yeah, yeah,
it's, it's great, dad.
Maybe I can get this extended
into something longer,
but in the meantime,
it'll be an adventure.
Just you and me, right?
- Right.
- Okay.
I'm gonna go back, report in
and then let's head home
and pack.
[indistinct announcement on PA]
[Emma] I've already learned
how to say goodbye
in six different languages.
In Japan, they say, "Sayonara."
But no matter
what the language,
it never gets any easier
to say.
[upbeat music]
[indistinct announcement on PA]
Good afternoon, Major Wilson.
I'm Flight Lieutenant
Susan Thompson.
I trust
your flight was enjoyable.
Yes, it was fine. Thank you.
This is my daughter, Emma.
- Hi.
- Lovely to meet you, Emma.
You know, my daughter,
Hannah, is about your age.
She's looking forward
to meeting you.
- Shall we?
- Please. Lead the way.
[Susan] I've arranged for you
to move in
to the town house next to mine.
The Air Force retains
several units in the complex
for officer housing.
Welcome to your new home.
This part is just a five-minute
walk from the house
if you ever wanna come down
and take in the view.
[music continues]
Hey, Ethan. Come and meet Emma,
your new neighbor.
Hey, nice to meet ya.
Sorry, I'm actually running late
for training,
but maybe we can hang out later?
Yeah. I'd like that.
See? You're making friends
He seemed nice.
Let's get you in
to your new home.
Come on through.
The movers dropped
everything off yesterday.
So I'll leave you
to look around and unpack.
I'm just next door
if you need anything.
- Great. Thanks, Susan.
- [Emma] Thank you.
What do you think?
- It's nice.
- Give it a chance, Em.
I-I know
we're gonna love it here.
Let's get you settled in.
[giggles] Thanks.
Wishing on a shooting star
Can you tell me
where you are?
'Cause all I have
is this dream...
- You'll like her.
- Good.
[doorbell rings]
Am I a fool to believe...
- Good morning, Susan.
- Good morning, sir.
Hope it's not too early
for a visit.
[Wilson] No,
it's a very nice surprise.
- This is my daughter, Hannah.
- Nice to meet you.
Right back at you, big guy.
Is that our girl?
Uh, yes.
- Oh, fantastic.
- Uh...
You-you have to forgive Hannah.
She has the manners of an emu.
The thought of you nearby
Is driving me crazy
And I can't wait for love
and I'll wait...
- Oh! Wow!
- Wow!
Mum told me you're
into gymnastics and dance.
- But this, this is special.
- Hm.
I'm Hannah, Susan's daughter.
Flight Lieutenant Thompson's
daughter reporting for duty.
Hi, uh, I'm Emma.
It's very nice to meet you.
- So you're a gymnast.
- Um, used to be.
I'm sort of more focused
on cheerleading now.
I'm kinda hoping to do it
while I'm in Australia.
Cheer, huh?
We're not really into it
as much as you Yanks are,
but we'll find something
for you to do.
- Come on.
- Where are we going?
Uh, only the perfect spot
in Adelaide
for an ex hashtag gymnast,
hashtag cheerleader,
hashtag dancer.
this might not cut it.
Your room's upstairs?
Uh, yeah.
[Emma] Well, day one,
and already making friends.
It's too bad that making
friends isn't the hard part.
Good. Beautiful.
[Caitlin] Point the toes.
Point, point, point.
Well, here it is.
It's not much, but it's us.
Good job.
Straight on to the beam.
Beautiful work. Let's do it.
- You know... Hey!
- Hey, Mia!
Have you met
my new American friend, Emma?
Ooh! Fresh blood.
This should be fun.
Don't be fooled
by Mia's size, okay?
She's the toughest girl I know.
Are you gonna train with us
Uh, yeah. I-I guess I am.
- [Mia] Cool.
- And that's Issy.
[Hannah] Poor kid,
she was born without a spine.
- Wow.
- [Hannah and Mia] Yeah.
[Emma chuckles]
[Hannah] See?
Namaste, Emma.
Uh, yeah. Namaste to you.
Issy is just basically a hippie,
you know?
Into yoga, soy...
All of that stuff.
- Okay.
- Hey. Hi, I'm Caitlin.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- This is our coach, Caitlin.
She was actually
in a great gymnastics team
back in... World War II, was it?
Uh, it was barely 15 years ago,
you little punk.
This is Emma.
She just moved next door.
She's actually a cheerleader
from the States.
So I'm, uh,
secretly trying to recruit her
on to joining our team.
Wait. What?
Oh, didn't I mention that?
Well, we could always use another
member to round out the team.
You wanna show us
what you've got?
I mean, I wasn't really planning
on jumping in to a team so soon.
Why not?
You'll make friends,
you exercise and...
I don't know,
you can close your eyes
and pretend you're cheerleading.
- Yeah.
- Exactly.
[Emma] Should I tell her?
Should I say that I don't wanna
make a bunch of friends
that I'll have to leave
in a year?
But she'll understand, right?
Hannah, give the poor girl
some space.
She's probably jet-lagged,
and you guilting her
into joining the team
probably isn't helping.
Geez, you don't have to get
all Mama Bear on us all. Ugh.
[Caitlin] Well, why don't you
just stick around?
Watch the girls in action.
No pressure.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
At least join us
for some stretches.
At the very least,
it's gonna be a good workout.
Okay, I mean,
I, I could use a workout.
Well, you guys get stretching.
I'm going to finish off
with the junior squad.
I'm looking forward to seeing
what you can do.
Don't worry. You'll be great.
So, uh, when does
the rest of your team get here?
- This is the rest of the team.
- [Issy] Yeah.
Uh, let's just say
we are in a rebuilding phase.
- A rebuilding phase?
- [Hannah] Yeah.
Uh, a bunch of girls retired
when they went to uni
and we lost a whole bunch
to another team, so...
It happened all at once
and this is us.
Yeah. [chuckles]
Come on.
[upbeat music playing]
[music continues]
Nice, Issy, if you hit
your routine just like that
at the state comp this weekend,
you'll be assured a medal.
- [Caitlin] Well done.
- Thank you.
[upbeat music playing]
- Oops, sorry, guys, wrong music.
- No way.
That's actually the music
that my cheer squad
won championships with.
What? Show us your moves.
Do you guys wanna see
my routine?
- [all] Yeah.
- Let's see what you've got.
Okay. Um, Issy.
Will you start the music
over again?
- Sure thing.
- Look. You know...
It'll look a little weird
without the rest
of the group,
but you'll get the idea.
[upbeat music playing]
Issy, can you stop the music?
- [music stops]
- You're amazing, Em.
We seriously can see
why you're a champ.
Well, thanks.
How about you guys
come up here and join me?
I'll teach this whole thing
to you. It'll be fun.
Issy, why don't you get
right here in the center?
Back there. And then, Hannah
and Mia on either side of her.
Cool. Face this way
towards the mirror.
Yeah. A little more room.
And then
we actually need one more.
So, Caitlin, do you wanna
come in behind Issy?
Me? Uh, no, no, no.
Oh, come on, you dinosaur.
Show us you're not
just a bag of fossils.
Ugh. Okay.
Okay. Issy, you're gonna do
a walkover right in the center.
You two are gonna do
backhand springs.
And make sure you leave yourself
enough room.
Five, six, seven.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
And you come up.
One, two, three...
Hey, like that.
...two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
Three, four...
Six. Six, seven...
Right foot.
One, two, punch three.
- Straight to eight, that's it.
- All right.
So you're gonna bend your legs
like this.
So you're gonna...
Just like that. Do like that.
[screaming, laughing]
I'm supporting you!
Cross your legs over. Make sure
your knees are touching here.
...seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four...
[Emma] Okay, so maybe
this was the opposite
of not joining a squad.
But, I mean, look at them.
It feels good
to be doing some cheer again,
even with a few crazy gymnasts.
Girls, that was amazing.
You bring that sort of energy
to comps, you're gonna smash it.
You'll qualify
for nationals for sure.
We have a comp this weekend.
You should totally come watch.
- Sound good, mate?
- I'll be there, mate.
Check it out
[upbeat music playing]
[crowd applauding]
Aaa aa aah
Go go
Aaa aa aah
Go go
Aaa aa aah
Go go
Aaa aa aah
Go go
Aaa aa aah
Oh oh oh oh
Aaa aah
Oh yeah
Aaa aah
Oh oh oh oh
Aaa aah
Oh yeah
Aaa aa aah
Go go
Aaa aa aah
Go go
Aah aa aah
Go go...
Uh, excuse me.
I think there's been a mistake.
Hannah didn't go
outside the border.
Yes, she did. It's recorded
clearly right here.
I, I didn't. I-I was close,
but I'm sure I didn't.
Unfortunately, this says you do.
I'm afraid the decision's final.
I didn't go out of bounds.
Please don't argue with me.
The point two deduction stands.
But this isn't fair.
One more word from your gymnast
and you and your team
are red carded.
[Caitlin] Okay.
Here's what I think
of your yellow card.
[all gasping]
- Do you know those two?
- Well, yeah.
Right. You and your team
are disqualified.
What? No, they-they're
not even a part of our team.
- [Hannah] This can't be serious.
- I know, I know.
- This isn't fair.
- Just leave it, leave it.
[Caitlin] I know.
We're disqualified?
Yeah. It was Charlotte and Abi.
I got yellow carded for descent
and then Charlotte water-bombed
the judge
and now we're disqualified.
Why is Charlotte even here?
She isn't even
competing anymore.
You guys know
what Charlotte's like, okay?
She probably did it to see us
fall flat on our face.
[Caitlin] Unfortunately,
a red card means
the team misses
the next competition, too.
But that means
no more comps this year.
Yeah. And no chance
to qualify for nationals.
[Caitlin] Look,
I'm really sorry, okay?
I know this isn't fair.
[sighs] Come on.
Let's get our stuff.
[Hannah] It's just not fair.
[Emma] Hey.
- Who were those girls?
- Charlotte and Abi.
They used to be in our club.
They're really good, Em.
Like, really good.
- And then they left.
- Why?
Years ago
when we went to nationals,
we were certain
we were gonna medal.
Then we came seventh, right?
Charlotte and Abi decided
they didn't wanna be
in a team that couldn't be
champions, so they left,
took a bunch of girls with them
and started a cheer team.
Wait. A-a cheer team?
I thought you guys didn't
really have that here.
They're horrible people, Em.
Like, I am talking, the worst.
You can't be thinking
of cheering with them.
No. No, no, of course not.
I have dealt with girls
like that plenty of times.
They're the last people
you'd wanna be friends with.
I'm really sorry, Hannah.
It's, it's okay.
I mean, it's...
You know what?
It's just disappointing.
I really thought we'd make it
to nationals this year.
Hey. Come on. We got your bag.
[instrumental music]
Sorry to intrude.
Still recovering from the loss?
Yeah, it's been a rough morning.
Caitlin tried to get
the disqualification appealed,
but it got rejected.
I'll bet you, it was Charlotte's
plan that whole time
to get us disqualified.
You know, next time I see her,
I'm gonna get
one of my redback spiders
and I'm gonna put it
down her back.
I'm not even joking.
I can't believe
we're done for the season.
I wish we could still compete.
Ugh! I just wanna
crush Charlotte into the ground.
- Please.
- Like, is that too much to ask?
[Emma] And that's when
the idea hit me.
It was perfect.
Everyone would win.
The only problem was,
I knew it would mean
we'd all become a lot closer.
And that would only make it
that much harder to leave.
What if I told you guys
that you could still compete
and get revenge
on Charlotte and Abi?
How? Y...
We're disqualified.
Well, for gymnastics.
But what if we form
our own cheer squad?
I mean, if they're cheerleading,
then there must be competitions,
Well, cheer's just
starting to catch on here,
so there's a few, but...
Okay. Then why can't we
get a team together?
[Caitlin] So a cheer team, huh?
[Emma] Yeah. It's a great way
to keep competing.
Just think of it
exactly like gymnastics,
but with music
and dancing added.
And if we're really good,
it'll be
a new championship
to compete for.
Well, if you're willing
to put in the work, I'm in.
I still think my redback spider
was a solid idea, but...
Okay, okay, first things first.
We do have enough girls here
to form a cheer team,
but if we're trying to compete
against Charlotte at her level,
we'll need more members.
So anybody know
how big her team is?
Well, last time we saw them
cheering at the footy,
there was only like, what,
ten or twelve maybe?
- Yeah.
- Wow. Yeah, that's small.
Any team I've ever been
a part of has been full 24.
Like we said, it's too new,
so all the teams
are still pretty small.
Do you know what level they are?
Um, just became level four.
That's the highest
there is here.
- How the hell do you know that?
- What?
[Emma] We-we can totally
achieve that.
Oh, wait, uh, also,
we're gonna need uniforms, too.
- It's gonna be a lot of work.
- Well, I'm in.
And I think
I can arrange uniforms.
How about you guys?
- I think it sounds good.
- Okay. All right, everybody in.
Can't let you hog all the glory
without me.
Okay. On three,
everybody say rah!
Wait. Rah?
What is that supposed to mean?
It's a cheerleading thing.
Well, wouldn't something like
cheers be more...
- [Hannah] Just do it, Mia.
- No.
- Okay. Fine.
- Ready?
One, two, three.
- [all] Rah!
- [Mia] Cheers!
So do you know
what Charlotte's team is like?
I've seem 'em a couple of times.
Not competing,
just at the footy.
All right, they are really good,
you know?
Already won a bunch of trophies,
they've been to nationals.
This might not be
as easy as I thought.
Do you really think
we can beat them?
Do they have guys on their team?
Uh, I've never seen any.
If we have guys,
it would be a huge advantage.
We could really
throw some big stunts.
Anything to smash
Charlotte and Abi.
You know, if you wanna
scope out the competition,
Charlotte's gonna be cheering
at the footy game tomorrow.
- Oh, football. I love football.
- Uh, Aussie rules?
Oh, is that like rugby?
Not quite. It's also not
cricket, soccer or field hockey.
Well, just come with me, okay?
You're gonna love it.
[chuckles] Okay.
Hands in the sky go hard
Here we go...
There they are. ACC.
Adelaide City Cheer.
Or never lie
You keep me waiting
For another time
Can't keep it down
Or never lie lie lie...
- Sorry.
- Hey.
Hi. Nice seeing you again.
I see you've already met Ethan.
Um, not officially.
Oh, well, uh, we might
have to change that, "Hey."
But for now, keep your head
in the game, okay?
Don't forget why we're here.
Flying flying
flying out of love
Flying flying flying...
Wow, they're good.
Well, but we'll be better.
- [upbeat music]
- [cheering]
[whistle blows]
[music continues]
I have to admit,
I had an ulterior motive
in bringing you here.
Keep your eye
on number 18, okay?
- Oh, wow. Yeah.
- [Hannah] Good, right?
That's Liam,
the best player on the team.
Maybe a nice little addition
to ours.
[Abi] Look, gals,
Hannah's decided
to give up gymnastics
and join the footy team.
It really does suit you better.
You guys will fit right in
with the rest
of the footy meatheads.
Hey. Let her talk.
She'll be eating all of
her insults before she knows it.
What is she talking about?
We're starting a cheer team.
Emma here is our secret weapon.
- [laughing]
- You start a cheer team?
[scoffs] Wow, I mean, I know
you're, like,
totally obsessed with me,
but this is starting to get
creepy. Don't you think?
[Abi] Aw, that's so cute.
They actually think
they can compete against us.
Come on, then.
Show us what you've got.
What? Here?
- Like, right now?
- Oh, unless you're scared.
I mean, Hannah did foul
the gym comp, so...
What can I say if we just think
that we're better than her?
Well, that's enough.
You ready?
Let's do this.
[cheerleading music playing]
Pump it pump it up
Pump it up
Pump it pump it pump it
pump it up
Watch me
[music continues]
[Emma] Guys, just do exactly
what we did at practice.
Are you ready?
Yeah do it
That's what
I'm talking about
That's what
I'm talking about
Yeah do it do it
that's what I'm talking about
That's what
I'm talking about
Is that the best you've got?
Let's call the boys.
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
You can't touch this
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Nice try, but looks like
your team loses.
[scoffs] Again.
Let us know when you graduate
from the Junior League
and can actually cheer.
Honestly, say the word
and I'll put a funnel-web spider
in her locker.
- [chuckles]
- What? I'm into spiders.
As tempting as that sounds,
all we need to do
is up our game
and we'll smash them
in the championships.
Sorry, Mia and I have to go.
Good luck with recruiting.
See ya.
Look, we need guys.
At the very least,
we have to get Liam.
Hey, Liam. Great win.
- [Liam] Thanks.
- Yeah. Congrats.
I've never seen footy before.
Oh, sorry. Hi. I'm Emma. I just
moved here from the States.
Ah. Hi, I'm, I'm Liam.
Well, Emma, I'm glad I could
introduce you to the sport.
Yes, she's only been here
for a couple of days
and she's already
shaking things up.
Did you hear we actually changed
our gym team to a cheer team?
- Um, no.
- Uh, well, we did.
And now we're lookin'
for some extra members.
We could really use
a couple of guys.
[Emma] Yeah.
Maybe someone with...
I don't know, killer backflip.
- Mm.
- [chuckles]
Well, you're not serious. I...
Me cheerleading?
Do you have any idea what kind
of flak I'd cut from the guys?
Well, just think of it like
footy and gymnastics.
Except, you know,
with a bunch of cute girls.
- Mm.
- Hm.
[Hannah] Liam,
we did gym together for years.
Okay, I will just tell my mum
to tell your mum
to make you do it.
So you might as well
give in now.
All right. I'll think about it.
- Well, it wasn't a no.
- [sighs] Don't worry.
I'll push his buttons to make
sure he actually wants to do it.
Trust me. Just leave it with me.
All right,
so, uh, that's one down.
- Let's go.
- Wait. Where are we going?
To recruit our next member.
- It's very exciting.
- [hip-hop music playing]
I'm sure you'll love it.
Get in.
Our next member's in here?
Yup. Right there.
Hm. I don't know.
She doesn't really look
like the cheerleading type.
[Hannah] Judge not, my friend.
Tilds used to be
in the gymnastics team
until she had a little bit
of a falling out.
But I think she'll be very keen
to give us a shot, all right?
Hannah. What are you doing here?
Who's the Girl Scout?
She's no Girl Scout.
This is Emma.
One of the best dancers
I have ever seen.
- Oh, yeah?
- And, uh...
We're looking for another really
great dancer to join our team.
Didn't I hear
you guys got disqualified?
Uh, that was for gymnastics,
but we're forming a cheer squad.
I'm not exactly
the cheering type.
Look, Tilds,
you're an awesome dancer.
And, plus, we could really use
your help with the choreography.
But cheer
is just so mainstream.
I don't think so.
Okay. Well,
if that's how you feel...
Wait, wait.
- What?
- Ah.
Did I mention the part
that we'll be competing
against Charlotte and Abi?
Charlotte and Abi?
What's she talking about,
Girl Scout?
Well, the, the plan is
to face off against them
at the state championships.
And, and then, then
totally just destroy them.
- Yeah.
- With our routine.
[Emma] Just humiliate them,
cause, well, lots of tears.
You guys good?
- Of course, we're good.
- Yeah, we're really good.
Well, congratulations
'cause now you'll be great.
- I'm in.
- All right.
The training's Monday
and Wednesdays at the gym.
I'll be there.
What's with the whole
Charlotte and Abi thing?
[stammers] What was up
with all that?
I'll let Tilds
explain it to you.
We have another member
to recruit
before we can call it a day.
Care to tell me what
the plan is this time?
What's the fun in that?
Let's just say,
we're gonna make her an offer
she can't refuse.
Oh, wow, you're not in, like,
the Australian mafia, are you?
Why do you have to be
so cryptic?
- Belly dancing?
- Oh, very serious.
Watch and learn.
And what about this offer
she can't refuse?
Sorry, no spoilers.
But when I point to you,
just say, Liam.
What? Liam? Wait. Hannah.
[Middle-Eastern music playing]
Hannah, what are you doing here?
Actually, came to see you.
This is Emma.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Yeah, you, too.
Em's convinced us
to start a cheer team.
And we just thought
you'd be perfect for it.
Oh, that's awesome.
I'm sorry, look,
I'm really flattered,
but I'm taking
12 hours of dance a week.
I don't have the bandwidth
to add anything else.
Such a pity. We're trying to get
the old gang back together.
You know, Mia, Issy, Tilds.
Uh, Liam.
Liam? How is he?
Wait, has he said anything
about me?
I mean, wait, sorry.
Forget I asked, um...
He's gonna cheer with you guys?
We hope so.
He seemed interested.
Why? Are you guys friends?
Oh, I wouldn't say that.
Em, you didn't know.
They used to date.
- They made a great couple, too.
- Oh.
Ah, I feel so stupid.
I mean, I didn't even think
how you would feel,
you know,
spending so much time with him.
The possibility
of feelings resurfacing,
passions flaring.
- Oh.
- No, that would be unfortunate.
[music continues]
[Emma] You told them
when to come to practice, right?
[Hannah] Yeah,
they should be here any minute.
- [door creaking]
- Wait.
[Mia] You invited her to join?
- [Emma] Is there a problem?
- Are you kidding me?
Tilds is the worst.
Tilds and Mia
had, like, this falling out,
back when
they were on the same team.
[Emma] Hm.
Hey, pip squeak.
I didn't know
this team are letting
little kiddies compete.
Hey, coach. Warm-up?
[Caitlin] Yeah,
you know the drill.
[instrumental music]
- Go the other way.
- No.
- Yes, cooperate.
- No.
Oh, am I early?
Is everyone here?
We got some stragglers.
You know boys.
At least I hope so.
[door opens, shuts]
[Caitlin] Hey, Liam,
nice to see you.
You can drop your stuff.
Join in the warm-up.
- I told you.
- Hm.
[Liam] Amahli.
Hey, Liam.
I heard you might join the team.
Really? And you still came?
Well, I'm glad you're here.
[stammers] For the team.
- Not because I'm...
- [Emma] Okay!
I think we're warm. Um,
do you guys wanna get started?
[sighs] Okay, sounds good.
All right, guys, I'm
super excited to have you here.
This cheerleading thing
is a little bit new to me,
so I'm gonna coach you
through your gymnastics moves,
but Emma will lead the routines.
All right?
- Emma, you're up.
- All right.
[Emma] So maybe our team was
a little rough around the edges
and there was some tension
already bubbling,
but we had a lot of raw talent
out on the floor.
It just needed to be molded
into one cohesive squad.
[sighs] Okay, guys, look.
I've been a part
of a lot of cheer teams.
But I feel like
this one has the potential
to be the best.
I feel like
we could go to nationals.
So why don't we start
by getting in formation?
Follow me.
- Okay, you guys ready?
- Yeah.
We're gonna start with this,
and you step forward.
Go out, two.
In three. Four.
[instrumental music]
Five, six, seven, eight.
[laughing] Oh, my God!
[Caitlin] Great work.
Okay, so we still
don't have enough members
to properly compete,
so if you know anyone,
it'd be a huge help.
Anyone? Really?
You know, we could really use
another guy
to help with formations
and stunt groups.
Well, Liam,
you got any jock friends
willing to spend weeknights
with a bunch of girls?
I actually might.
Meet me at the Blue Eagles
soccer pitch grandstand at 3:00
on Saturday.
I reckon I know just the guy.
[instrumental music]
So what are we doing here?
Just wait and see.
It was nice seeing Amahli
at the practice yesterday.
Though it was a little awkward.
That's what happens
when you jilt someone, big guy.
- [whistle blows]
- [scoffs]
[Emma] I don't know, it seemed
like you guys were getting along.
Maybe she was just nervous
about joining a new team.
Yeah, maybe.
- [whistle blows]
- [crowd applauding]
But she looked amazing.
Just don't stuff it up
this time, yeah?
Yeah, I won't.
Amahli's pretty special,
but I don't think
she's ever gonna forgive me
for bailing on her.
Well, when they were dating,
Liam was meant to be
in a salsa demo with Amahli
at the school formal.
And it was, like,
a really big deal for her.
- And he didn't show.
- What happened?
Amahli had to drop out.
She didn't have a partner.
- [crowd cheering]
- [scoffs]
She must have felt horrible.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I just got so self-conscious.
And, well,
I was never that good at it.
The guys were giving me
such a hard time,
so I just, I just panicked.
I didn't even call her.
Well, maybe it's not too late.
It just so happens,
I won junior championship
in salsa
when I was younger.
Maybe I could teach you
a few things.
You could surprise Amahli.
- Really?
- Yeah.
That's what friends are for.
[Emma] There was that word
again. Friends.
I guess there's no denying it.
I'm getting in deeper now.
Well, here comes our guy now.
- [crowd cheering]
- [upbeat music]
[crowd cheering, applauding]
Wow! He's good.
But I mean, how does
this translate to cheer?
Just watch.
[Hannah] I did not know
Ethan could do that.
See that?
[crowd cheering]
[whistle blows]
So I used to compete against him
in gymnastics
when we were younger.
But something tells me
he'll be quite eager
to start it up again.
- Mm.
- Mm.
- Oh, hi. Emma, right?
- Yeah.
It's-it's really great
to see you.
- Thanks for comin' out to watch.
- It was my pleasure.
Uh, I mean, it was, uh,
it was, it was our pleasure.
It wasn't just mine.
Yeah, we'd love to come
and cheer on the team, don't we?
Wasn't there something
you wanted to ask Ethan?
Yes. Right.
Yeah, I was just,
I was wondering if, uh,
you know, you're not too busy
or anything,
if, uh, you know,
you had any interest at all...
Will you join
our cheerleading squad?
[clears throat]
Uh, that's what
you wanted to ask me...
[clears throat] Uh, yeah,
I mean, cheerleading.
- Um, do guys even do that?
- Liam does.
[clears throat]
- Are you on the team?
- Emma's pretty much the captain.
Yeah, maybe I'll come
check it out.
I'll text you Emma's number
and she can send you
the details.
Uh, no, it's, it's fine.
It's really not necessary.
- Already done.
- Uh, great.
Text Emma
if you wanna join, okay?
Sounds good.
Take care, Emma.
Bye. [chuckles]
- Oh!
- [chuckling]
Oh, my God.
Hey, Liam, can you just close
Emma's mouth?
- She's drooling a little.
- Okay.
All right, all right,
all right, yes.
Stop. I think he's cute.
Okay, we get it.
Can we please not be children
about this?
- Thank you.
- Well, mwah, mwah.
[indistinct chatter]
- Hey there, kid.
- Hey.
Have a good day?
Yeah. I guess
you could say that.
Good, good
'cause I got some great news.
I've just been waitin'
for the right time to tell ya.
[Emma] Oh, no.
He's said that before.
And it almost always means...
I think
we're gettin' out of here early.
Yup. Called it.
My superior officer
in California is transferring
and, um,
they offered me the job.
If I take the promotion,
well, we might be able
to stay in California for good.
Do you know
how long it would be?
I-I mean, just because,
you know, my friends and I,
the-the squad,
we're trying to compete
at the state championships.
It-it won't be for a few months,
so you still get to compete,
but the thing is
we won't be here
for the 12 months
that we thought.
You get to go back
to your friends.
Isn't that great?
[Emma] No, as always,
it's the worst timing.
I'm not ready
to say goodbye again.
It'll be like we never left.
Just you and me, right?
[birds chirping]
[instrumental music]
About time, captain.
Some of us have stuff to do.
I'm sorry, guys.
Is this everybody?
Oh, we're just waiting on Ethan.
Do you think he'll come?
Don't worry,
you smitten little kitten.
He'll be here.
- Okay.
- [door opens, shuts]
Told you.
[Emma] Okay.
Get it together, Em.
If we're gonna win,
they need a leader.
Just don't think about leaving
and everything will be fine.
All right,
let's get down to business.
[upbeat music playing]
Have you told anyone else
you're doing this?
No way. And what about you?
Same as you. Less people that
know about this, the better.
Well, Em is pretty awesome.
You-you know, I think she's
keen on me, actually, yeah.
- Just like that.
- Yeah.
Out. Straighten it.
[indistinct chatter]
- [chuckling] No, no...
- What? Wait, what?
[Emma] Everything is going
so great,
but we still need
a couple more team members.
- This way.
- Nice.
[birds chirping]
- Hi.
- Oh, Ethan, hey.
Uh, if you're lookin' for Liam,
I think he already left.
No, I was actually
waiting for you.
No, I was wondering, maybe you
wanted to hang out tomorrow?
Like, just the two of us.
Oh, like a...
- Like, a date?
- [chuckles] Whoa.
[Emma] You heard what dad said.
We're leaving in a few months.
Don't get too attached.
Let him down gently.
Look, I promise you.
If nothing else,
it'll be fun and informational.
"Fun and informational."
That sounds romantic. [chuckles]
- What do you say?
- What did you have in mind?
[instrumental music]
[birds chirping]
Oh, this is so cool,
I've never seen
an albino kangaroo before.
Just keep him
nice and low for me.
- Okay.
- Stay nice and still.
He's so cute.
I'm so excited right now,
you have no idea.
Oh! I'm sorry about that.
So it was, like, a legit date?
- I guess.
- It was? [chuckles]
You're gonna break
the poor boy's heart
if you leave in a year.
Yeah. [chuckles]
Hey, so, uh, remind me again,
what are we doing here?
Oh, just follow my lead.
Hannah! Ugh!
Every time.
Hi, girls. Are you here
to see the mayor?
- Yes. Yeah.
- She'll be right with you.
- Please take a seat.
- Lovely. Thank you.
[telephone ringing]
- [Emma] The mayor?
- [Hannah] Uh-huh.
You still haven't told me
why we're here.
[Mayor] It was a pleasure
speaking with you, girls.
Hello, Hannah. And you must be
Emma, the American.
- Lovely to meet you.
- Hi.
I've had a chance to review
your request for funding.
Charlotte and Abi have also
asked me to fund their team.
I'm afraid we can't fund
two teams
within such close proximity
in our council area.
So, uh, w-what does this mean?
I was going to present
the documentation
from both squads
and put it to a vote,
but Abi's had rather...
It was Charlotte.
Oh, was it? Oh.
Charlotte suggested
the council support the team
who wins the state championship.
We're a new team, though.
We're gonna need funding
to even compete.
Well, as Charlotte and Abi
pointed out,
Coreega Gymnastics has received
a great deal of funding
over the years,
and I think you'll agree
it's only reasonable
that the council
should support the team
who will best represent
our area.
- But...
- Good, it's settled.
Whoever achieves
the highest result
in the state championships
will receive council funding.
Thank you, girls.
I must move
to my next appointment.
You know, Emma,
it's not too late
to join a championship team.
Maybe it's time
you ditched the losers.
We'll see who the losers are.
[scoffs] Suit yourselves.
Don't say we didn't offer.
She drives me nuts.
Seriously, I just wish
Mia was here or something
just to throw a spider at her.
This is good.
How do you figure that?
Hannah, do you not see
that Charlotte's
tryin' to stop us
from competing?
If we weren't a threat,
why would they even bother?
I guess.
But how are we
even gonna compete?
Right, we don't
even have uniforms.
We can't even afford to pay
our entrance fee
for the competition.
Well, we're not giving up.
I know a guaranteed way
to make some money.
It has worked with every squad
I have ever been a part of.
[instrumental music]
So this was your big idea?
I don't get it. A car wash
and barbecue always works.
Yeah, I'm actually surprised
our incredible team dynamic
isn't doing the charm.
Guys, stop, come on.
Just give it to her.
You're not children.
[Tilds] Okay, so we've already
washed my car three times now,
trying to inspire someone
to pull in.
What's the total?
Well, factoring the cost
of the food and supplies,
we've managed to break even.
[Hannah] So no uniforms,
but we can buy a Magaschoni.
And where have they been?
I don't know.
Footy or training or something.
How's it goin'?
You makin' heaps?
No, not good, we even put Issy
out in the front
in one of her poses
to attract people and...
- [car honks]
- That's not working, either.
We gotta do something.
Yeah. Yeah, this is pretty sad.
I've got an idea.
Let's go.
- [Liam] I got an idea, too.
- Where are you going?
- Oi, come back.
- Wait, hey!
Hey, where you go...
We might need that bucket.
When all of our customers
pour in.
[instrumental music]
Insurance and incentive.
[Ethan] Your turn
at the footy club.
- Hey, guys. How you going?
- [man] Hi, guys.
[man] Heard you needed
some help.
Brought the boys along
to assist.
- All right.
- [man] All right.
- How you doin'?
- Real good. Thanks.
Can we help?
Uh, with our fundraiser? Sure.
I'm Bec, that's Millie,
Rachel and Will.
- Emma.
- [Bec] Yeah, we know.
We heard about your cheer team.
We also heard
you're looking for new members.
- Do you guys cheer?
- Yeah.
We're a stunt team
from the Eastern Hills.
No way! That's perfect.
Wait, but why would you
wanna cheer with us?
Well, honestly,
Charlotte and Abi
have been terrorizing every
other cheer team in the area.
Ours included.
When we heard that someone
was finally forming a team
good enough to take them on,
we wanted to see for ourselves.
Yeah, but are you any good?
[instrumental music]
[chuckling] Wow.
You're decent, I guess.
You're in!
All right, guys,
so I've counted the money.
We have way above what we need.
Uniforms, entry fee,
everything is covered!
[all cheering]
Yeah, you're welcome.
Good thing Ethan and I
came along to save the day.
- [Hannah chuckles]
- You were barely even there.
Hey! No, no.
Oh, no, stop, stop, stop!
[all screaming]
Wet 'em.
[Emma] Like I said,
a car wash always works.
Not only did we have
the money we needed,
but we also picked up the extra
team members we needed.
We were also
finally acting like a team.
We officially had
each other's backs.
Maybe at this exact moment
we were shooting
each other in the backs,
but you know what I mean.
[instrumental music]
Stop playing with my hair!
Okay, you'll be pleased to know
the new uniforms
have been ordered.
- [all cheering]
- [applauding]
So they'll take
a couple of weeks to arrive.
We'll just have to make-do
in the meantime.
Coach, was it a problem
getting a toddler-sized uniform
for Mia?
We'll have to tailor
Tilds' uniform
to accommodate her mammoth head
and cankles.
- Shut it, pint-size.
- [Emma] Guys.
Will you please take it easy?
Things are finally
looking up for us.
The last thing we need
is internal drama.
So please,
take it down a few notches.
Okay, everyone, you guys wanna
get in first formation?
Okay, stop it with the arm.
Wow, it's like getting pushed
by a Chihuahua.
All right, that's enough!
[scoffs] What is it
with you two?
- [both] It's her fault.
- [Hannah] Seriously...
Why do you guys have it in
for each other?
Okay, fine.
You wanna know
what the real problem is?
Tilds single-handedly sabotaged
one of the most important
dance competitions of my life!
Please, you lost that comp
just fine on your own.
- Are you kidding me?
- Just let Mia talk.
I was in the zone and
I was ready to perform, okay?
I was ready to go,
and then Tilds just comes along
and she spills her soda
all over me.
- That's why you're upset?
- It was a really big deal!
I mean, I lost the comp
and Tilds won!
Ever since that one night,
I've been playing catch-up
to her
and I'm so tired of it.
You're still eating my dust.
All right, you know what?
I can't even listen
to "I'm A Little Teapot"
without breaking out in a rash.
How old were you
when this all happened?
I think I was six.
- And you... I...
- Yeah...
Yeah, you were six
and I was seven.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Yeah.
[Emma] Wait, you guys
have got to be kidding.
Okay, look,
it was a really big deal.
- All right?
- It was actually pretty cute.
I think she was the same height
back then.
[Emma] Okay, everyone,
just, uh, calm down.
Mia, Tilds,
you need to let it go, okay?
When we're in here,
we need to be a family.
When we're on this floor, we
need to look out for each other.
Okay? We need to be there
for each other.
I know you don't wanna put
the rest of your teammates here,
all your friends, at risk
of falling apart and losing.
If we don't,
we're never gonna win.
You guys do wanna beat
Charlotte and Abi, right?
- Yeah, of course.
- Obviously.
Then, on this floor,
you're sisters.
Got it?
[mellow music]
- What's happening?
- Nothing. We're all good.
Well, there's a competition
down south this weekend
the Autumn Cheer Challenge.
And I have registered us
to compete.
Oh, wait. So we're gonna compete
without our uniforms?
We don't need uniforms,
we just...
We need one performance
under our belt as a team, okay?
All right, well, why don't we
run through the full routine
with music,
pretend like it's the real deal,
see if we can get through
without stumbling?
Good idea. Okay, let's do it.
First positions.
[cheerleading music playing]
Gotta bring it
gotta bring it
Bring it bring it
Hey gotta bring it
Gotta bring it
bring it bring it
Gotta bring it
gotta bring it
Gotta bring it bring it...
- Anyone up for a bite?
- Yeah.
I can't.
Sorry, I got a big night.
And, Emma,
I was hoping I could borrow you.
Uh, it's actually
kind of important.
Yeah, no prob.
Sorry, Ethan. Can we,
maybe do it another night?
- Sure. I'll see you around.
- Yeah.
- [Hannah] See you guys.
- Bye.
So what's up?
- It...
- Oh, uh, okay.
No, okay, we need to work
on this. Come on.
- We got a lot of work to do.
- [Liam chuckles]
- [cheerleading music playing]
- [audience cheering]
Okay, so I checked
the competitors list
and Charlotte's squad
isn't competing.
Okay? So you can get that
out of your head.
Let's just focus
on doing our best. Let's do it.
- [cheerleading music playing]
- [audience cheering]
[girl] Go!
[Charlotte] Oh, look.
It's Emma and the wannabes.
And they're growing.
Are you taking the worst members
from every cheer squad now?
[Charlotte chuckling]
Abi and I heard
that you guys were competing,
so we thought we'd come to offer
some [inhales]
moral support. Hm.
This comp is probably
more your level.
It's mostly junior teams.
[Abi] Mia and Amahli
fit right in.
And Tilds,
on an emotional level.
Nice uniforms, by the way.
It was a really smart move
to pull them out of a dumpster.
Ignore them. They're just trying
to get in our heads.
We know how amazing we are.
[man on PA] Next up,
the only senior-level fourteen.
- Eclipse All-Star Cheer.
- Warm up, guys.
Eclipse All-Star Cheer?
That's your name.
Yeah, that's right.
And you can watch us
live up to the name.
[scoffs] And you'd think
with a name like that
you'd actually have some winners
in your team?
[cheerleading music playing]
[audience cheering]
All ladies in the house
Gotta move to the beat
All ladies in the house
Get on your feet
Gotta bring it
gotta bring it
Gotta bring it
gotta bring it
Bring it bring it
gotta bring it
Gotta bring it bring it...
Zig-zag yeah
All ladies in the house
Gotta move to the beat
[crowd applauding]
All ladies in the house
Get on your feet
[audience cheering, applauding]
that was a disaster.
Pretty much.
We let Charlotte and Abi
shake our confidence
right before our routine.
Of course,
we were gonna stumble.
I'm so embarrassed.
I might as well quit.
Now, if you quit,
then I'll quit, too.
- You'd quit because of me?
- Oh! Yuck!
We just need an edgy routine,
that's all it is.
Edgy routine isn't gonna do
anything we haven't done.
[indistinct chatter]
Do you know
how embarrassing that was?
Well, it's not just
because of you.
[indistinct chatter]
Don't need an edgy routine,
we can't do it...
Hey, you guys!
What we need
is to work together as a team
and not be
at each others' throats.
Look, we all bring something
special to the group.
That's one of our strengths.
And while each of these
individual talents are great,
it's not gonna help us
if it's dividing us
instead of unifying us.
So what are we supposed to do?
Belly dance like Amahli?
Actually, yeah.
And it's not just
belly dancing, either.
Liam, playing footy
has taught you
how to work
with your teammates, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And same
with you and soccer, Ethan.
Look, not only
can we learn how to work
as a single unit,
but we'll be able to bring
something new and fresh
to the table,
something the judges
have never seen before.
What exactly are you suggesting?
I think it's time that
we all learned some new moves.
You ready to bust out
some hip-hop?
[hip-hop music playing]
Hip-hop is all about attitude.
Left leg, right arm. No.
One, two, three, four.
Five and six. Seven, eight.
In soccer, even when we warm-up,
we wanna be in perfect sync.
We wanna show the opposition
and ourselves
that we're on the same page.
[Ethan] See,
even without a word,
they're in perfect sync.
So let's give it a shot.
Ready? Yes, that's it.
- Loose. And now you come.
- And go.
- You start from the back.
- Yeah!
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
All right, guys, so soccer
warm-up is all well and good,
but if you guys wanna see
some real teamwork,
then just watch and learn.
[indistinct chatter]
Meaner faster stronger
All right,
so now we're gonna do that.
Then you start, then you start.
Meaner faster stronger
- All right.
- [Liam] Beautiful.
[upbeat music playing]
Okay, guys, core energy
is paramount in belly dancing.
So age and body type
don't matter.
[Hannah] It's like you're
lifting your hip a bit.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I want one of those bell things.
[Middle-Eastern music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
You guys! That was insane!
Okay, competition's tomorrow.
If we keep this energy level up,
there's no way we're gonna lose.
Everyone get rest.
I'll see you
at the championships.
[Ethan] We could actually
stand a chance.
[Hannah] We can,
of course, we can.
- What are you talking...
- Oh, shoot.
I left my soccer bag inside.
- [Amahli] Oh, I moved it.
- [Ethan] See you, guys.
[Amahli] Sorry,
I'll come with...
Bye, guys. I think I just...
[upbeat music playing]
What was that?
- Are they...
- I don't know.
I feel so stupid.
I thought Liam
actually liked me this time.
Come on, we don't know for
certain that they're together.
We both saw them, Ethan.
What are we supposed to think?
What are you doing?
It's Amahli.
I quit.
So is the team ready
for tomorrow?
Yeah. I think so.
We've been training really hard.
Good. Well, I'll be there
doing some cheering of my own.
I know...
I haven't really
gotten to know the squad,
but they seem like a good bunch.
- Um, dad?
- Hm?
Can we talk about California?
- [knocking on door]
- [doorbell rings]
[knocking on door]
Hannah? What's up?
- They're quitting?
- Yeah.
And not just Ethan and Amahli.
Somehow it spread to the whole
team and it's blowing up.
I mean, Tilds and Mia found
a reason to fight, of course.
And Bec and her friends are mad
because they gave up performing
to join us,
and... we don't even have
enough people to compete.
[sighs] So any huge plan
to save the day?
[Hannah] I don't know,
you can kiss Ethan or something.
I'm just brainstorming here.
I don't know.
Maybe this is a sign.
Maybe I just shouldn't get
too involved.
[Hannah] Huh?
I have to tell you something.
I'm not gonna be here
for as long as I said I was.
I'm leaving in a month.
What? When were you
gonna tell me?
I don't even know
if I was going to.
It just would've been easier
to hop on a plane and leave.
Hannah, you have no idea
what it's like.
Trying to make friends
all the time,
just to have
to leave them forever.
I've learned to say goodbye
in six different languages.
[Emma] And I'm really
not looking forward
to learning how to say it here.
[Hannah] What about
all that stuff you said
about being family,
about us being sisters
on the floor?
I-I can't be a part
of that family.
I can't be here to clean up
messes like that, okay?
Maybe you should learn
to start leading.
That's great, you know,
you like it or not,
you are part of this family.
And if you choose to do nothing
'cause it's easier,
that's your decision.
You know,
we all believed in you, Emma.
When you got here,
that team had been gutted
by Charlotte and Abi.
And when they left...
we thought
about going with them.
- You did?
- Yeah.
Right? Cheer was easy.
Not many teams,
Charlotte and Abi
even went to nationals
in their first year.
Abi told us
that we weren't good enough
and that she wouldn't
have us and...
Some of us took it really hard.
Like, me and Mia.
We believed them.
You came along and you built us
to be something better.
So, yeah, all right,
leaving your friends is hard,
that I understand.
But what I'm not gonna
forgive you for is
coming in, giving the team hope
and then leaving
when we need you
'cause you're too scared
of saying goodbye.
It's hooroo down here,
by the way.
So hooroo, Emma.
Hope we're easy to forget.
I've been looking for you.
I had a fight with Hannah.
I know. I heard.
Em, you know
I never wanna upset you, right?
It's just...
I never knew
how you really felt.
I know all this moving around
isn't easy.
I don't know.
It seemed easier
than the alternative.
Ever since your mom died,
moving around made sense.
Not setting down roots,
not getting too close to people.
You know, the less
you're close to someone,
the less chances
they'll break your heart
when they're gone.
And now I'm worried
that I've passed that on to you.
Just you and me. It's selfish.
There are people who need us.
And we need them, too,
even if it risks the hurt.
Come here.
- Dad?
- Be honest with me.
You wanna stay here?
[Emma] Yes! Tell him yes!
I'm gonna turn down the job
in California.
And I think we might be here
a while.
Where are you going?
I have some calls
I need to make.
There are people who need me.
And I need them...
even if it hurts.
[upbeat music playing]
[cell phone chimes]
Wait. You guys are here?
I didn't think
anyone was coming.
- Did you get the text?
- Yeah, I got it.
I thought I was the only one letting the
team down, so I came ready to compete.
I don't understand
why Em has asked us
to come so early, though.
- Let's go find out.
- Yeah.
[Mia] Do you think
she's downstairs?
[man on PA]
...the B team.
Can the Eclipse team
please assemble
in the room upstairs?
[Hannah] Wait,
the whole team's here?
[Tilds] Yup, I thought
I was the only one
who got the text until everyone
started showing up.
[Emma on PA] If I could have
your attention please...
What is she up to?
Um, I wanna thank you all
for coming.
I know some of you may not be
too happy with me right now.
Some of you think
that I betrayed you.
But I just want you to know
that I would never do anything
to hurt you
and I would never do anything
to destroy everything
that we've built.
And to prove that, um,
I'm gonna need some help.
Amahli, will you join me?
I don't understand.
What's happening?
Could everybody
please give a warm welcome
to our pre-show performer,
the Brighton Bombers'
very own number 18,
Liam Nelson.
- [man] Yay!
- [woman] Nice shirt, Liam.
- I'm loving those frills.
- [laughing]
Liam, what is going on?
I'm fixing a mistake.
And I'm showing
what I was doing with Emma.
Amahli, may I have this dance?
["De Aqui Pa Alla" playing]
[song continues]
So that's what
you guys were doing.
- Learning to salsa?
- That's it, man.
Trust me,
Emma's got zero interest in me.
And besides,
I've only got eyes on one girl.
Okay, you're officially
- Hey.
- Hey.
Look, that was really cool
what you did.
I mean, I feel kinda stupid.
Like, for jumping
to conclusions.
No, it's, it's okay.
You had good reasons to doubt
how I felt.
Look, I haven't been
as upfront and honest as...
I'd like to be.
But I'm ready
for that to change...
starting now.
[instrumental music]
Can you give me a second?
You pulled out all the stops
to get the team back together.
- You must really wanna win.
- I do.
You guys, can I just
say something?
[sighs] Look, I know that
things have been a little rough.
There's been tension
in the group.
And I really hope
that we can all
put that to rest
because this is the best squad
I've ever been a part of.
And it's not just the talent,
even though
we have a ton of that.
I mean, even those of us
that fight
have learned
to put our differences aside.
But over everything...
you guys are my friends...
my family.
The truth is that I need you.
And I think
if we stick together,
we can do really great things.
And I know that we can
still win this championship
if we still want it.
This team's good enough,
no matter what anybody else
has told you.
So what do you say?
Let's go win ourselves
a championship.
[Hannah] On three, guys.
- One, two, three.
- Rah!
Y'all ready?
One two three four five six
do it
[upbeat music playing]
[crowd cheering]
Let me see your alligator!
What's that you say?
I said let me see
your alligator
What's that you say?
I said
Let me see your alligator
What's that you say?
I said
Let me see your alligator
What's that you say?
I said stop
[music continues]
[crowd cheering]
[man on PA] Next up, our final
and highest level event,
open level four, competing
for the grand champions trophy.
Go bananas go go bananas
Go bananas go go bananas
Go bananas
Go go bananas
Go bananas go go bananas
Go go go go go go go go
go go go go
Charlotte, Abi.
Good luck.
Thanks, but we don't need luck.
Yeah, we have talent.
I managed to weed out anyone
that's dragging us down.
Do you know what, Abi? I'm glad
you didn't take me in your team.
Because when we beat you today
and your squad realizes
they've had to put up with
how awful you are for nothing,
they're gonna drop you so fast,
you're gonna be begging us
to let you join.
Oh, please, my team
are gonna stay as the best.
And your team, well,
you can go back to being
the worst gymnastics squad.
Come on, girls,
we have a championship to win.
Abi is the worst.
When I was training
before gym state comp,
Abi convinced me
that the venue had changed.
So my parents and I
drove to the wrong place.
And by the time
we got to the right one,
I missed my first apparatus.
Charlotte won,
and Abi came in second.
Wow! Charlotte and Abi
really will do anything to win.
I know, right?
My folks got so mad.
They switched me
from gym to dance.
Also that Abi
could cheat her way to a medal.
Wait. Wait, guys, guys,
I've got it.
All right, I can call
my spider guy, okay?
All we need
are a couple of buckets.
We head up to the rafters,
wait for their finale
and then, boom!
It's raining spiders.
Okay, come on,
let's go get ready.
I thought it was a good idea.
- Wait, really?
- [laughing] Nah.
- [laughs] What?
- Come on.
[crowd cheering]
[man on PA] Here they are,
for the last two years,
Adelaide City Cheer.
[crowd cheering]
We are unbreakable
In it to win it
In it to win it
Never fading
when we'll last
For a while
It's game time get up
It's game time get up
It's game time get up
I'm the driving force
on this course
Take it to the road here
all night long
[crowd cheering]
I'm the driving force
on this course
Take it to the road here
all night long
You'll know
who you're messing with
Things things things things
Things got you
on that voodoo pile now
[crowd cheering]
New play on the team tryout
Never thought
that nice shaper found out
[crowd cheering]
All this time I was thinking
that you were mine
'Cause you say that you care
but you were never there
Say you and I we've been
wasting so much time
[crowd cheering]
I'm I'm I'm the baddest
baddest of them in this club
I'm the baddest the baddest
in here in here
I'm the baddest the baddest
in here in here
I'm the...
[crowd cheering]
[man on PA] And the final team
for level four,
Eclipse All-Star Cheer.
[crowd cheering]
[electronic music playing]
Let me tell you about
this girl I know ah
I know you know I know
[crowd cheering]
Okay here we go-go
oh no who's like your go-go?
Yes she's a real pro
she'll drive me crazy
Loco loco loco oh oh
When she moved it
low low low
Work them hips girl
and do the trick yeah
Show this tattered darling
can't do no fritz ow
She moves like this
moves like that
She puts that back
I heard that rap
She moves my shirt
oh I like that yeah
I like that
ain't nothin' but like that
Ain't just like a symphony
But you've been obsessed...
[crowd cheering]
They're amazing.
Say to me
I just wanna dance
I do I just wanna dance
take a chance with me
Go on dance and scream
[crowd cheering]
[upbeat music playing]
Go go go...
[crowd cheering]
They're killing it.
[Middle-Eastern music playing]
[crowd applauding]
[instrumental music]
You don't even need me
as we know
So you just leave me
this way...
I-I-I I can do
I can do without
I can do without
I can do it I can do it
I can do without
I can do without
I can deal with you
I can deal with you
I can do without
[crowd cheering, applauding]
- [whistling]
- Whoo!
[man on PA] Just waiting
for the final scores.
And the grand champion winner
is Eclipse All-Star Cheer.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have
a new championship team.
ACC have been eclipsed.
Two-time champions ACC
have been beaten.
- [grunting]
- [crowd cheering]
[man on PA] The presentations
will commence shortly.
How did this even happen?
Because they're really good.
Not as good as us.
Whose side are you on anyway?
I'm with the judges.
They won fair and square.
How can you say that after
everything I've done for you?
Oh, come on, Charlotte.
You're not exactly
the one with the brains.
You would never have left
that stupid gymnastics team
if I hadn't orchestrated
on getting you all out.
What are you talking about?
ACC. The A is for Abi.
It's my team.
I'm the one that even suggested
we form a cheer squad.
I set us up with the fundings,
which you lost.
I made sure
we only had the best,
and now it's over.
You guys are nothing without me.
[scoffs] You know what, Abi?
Hannah was right about you.
You really are awful.
And I'm not gonna
take it anymore.
Fine. We don't need you anymore.
Right, guys?
I don't need any of you.
[man on PA] Come on up,
Eclipse All-Star Cheer,
to collect
the champions trophy.
[Emma] So that's how our team
went from hot mess
to Australia's
hottest cheer squad.
Well, soon-to-be.
[crowd applauding]
[sighs] Congratulations.
Thanks. We have a great team.
Look, I'm not gonna
beat around the bush.
You guys were right.
- We want to combine teams.
- What?
Listen, Abi is gone. Okay?
And none of us have any interest
in being part
of a team like that again.
We wanna go bigger. Nationals.
But our team is too small,
and, frankly, so is yours.
If either of us
want a shot at placing,
we have to combine forces.
No way.
After everything you've done...
Hannah... she's right.
If we wanna go to nationals,
we need to double
the size of our team.
And they all have to be pros.
I mean, where else
are we gonna find that?
Em, it's Charlotte.
This whole time
we've been trying to beat her.
I know, and [chuckles] we did.
And I mean,
now that it's all done,
maybe it's time that we extended
our family a little bit.
But I'm not gonna do it
unless you're okay with it.
I mean, unless you guys
are all okay with it.
But Emma is captain.
- Almost a full team.
- [Caitlin] Twenty-three?
- That's enough to win nationals.
- [all cheering]
[Emma] Until we take nationals,
at least I have someone
to take my breath away
and a best friend
to watch my back.
Dad turned down his promotion
in California
and requested an extended
assignment in Adelaide.
I think he's learning
that letting other people
into your life
has its advantages.
I was really glad
I didn't have to say goodbye
to my new family,
but I've learned
that goodbyes aren't forever.
So until we meet again,
auf wiedersehen, ciao,
zaijian, cheers and hooroo
from Down Under.
'Cause I can't wait
for the day that you find me
And I can't wait for love
The thought of you near boy
Is driving me crazy
And I can't wait for love
And I'll wait forever
You and me together o-o-oh
I can't wait
for the day that you find me
And I can't wait for love
First day first kiss
Thinking about
what's coming next
You make me feel
I could fly
If I don't jump
I'll never know
I'll go any way you go
A magic carpet ride
It's a fairytale
Like make-believe
And happy endings
of some silver screen
When you take my hand
And say come with me
To a secret place
It's real not a fantasy
'Cause I can't wait
for the day that you find me
And I can't wait for love
The thought of you near boy
Is driving me crazy
And I can't wait for love
And I'll wait forever
You and me together o-o-oh
I can't wait
for the day that you find me
And I can't wait for love
Oh oh oh oh-oh oh oh
Oh-oh-oh oh oh oh
oh-oh oh oh
Oh-oh-oh oh oh oh
oh-oh oh oh
Oh-oh-oh oh oh oh
oh-oh oh oh
Oh-oh-oh oh oh oh
oh-oh oh oh
Oh-oh-oh oh oh oh
oh-oh oh oh
Oh-oh-oh oh oh oh
oh-oh oh oh
Oh-oh-oh oh oh oh oh-oh
I can't wait
'Cause I can't wait
for the day that you find me
And I can't wait for love
The thought of you near boy
Is driving me crazy
And I can't wait for love
And I'll wait forever
You and me together o-o-oh
I can't wait
for the day that you find me
And I can't wait for love