Going In (2023) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[upbeat music]
[Newscaster] As we have been
reporting over the
last few months in Toronto,
the new popular street drug
that has taken over the
city, known as Pearl,
is even more dangerous than
originally anticipated.
Researchers say that
Pearl gives the user
a 15 minute out-of-body
experience, or OBE for short,
and renders them to
a zombie-like state.
Addiction is highly prevalent.
As further studies show
the extremely hazardous,
long-term effect
to be catatonic.
Moreover, decided
cases of overdose
have directly resulted
in vegetative states.
Buddy! Come on.
[upbeat music]
[Newscaster] Thought
to have originated
somewhere in Southeast Asia,
police have had no
leads on how or when
this bizarre new substance
has become available
in our streets.
Crime has risen,
with gang violence
and illegal trafficking
increasing as a result.
[phone line trilling on radio]
[Radio Personality] We've
got an epidemic on our hands.
Crack cocaine, forget it.
Pearl is what we need to be
worried about for our kids.
[upbeat music]
[Caller] My whole family
is wrapped up in this.
And it's ruining our lives.
I just don't know
what to do anymore.
[phone line hangs up]
[upbeat music]
[mellow music]
So when you begin to realise
that coming into being
is also the very same
as returning to nothing,
and as we all know in life,
one's living is a dying.
That being and nothing
unite as becoming.
Yeah, becoming bored.
[class laughs]
[hands slap]
Funny you should mention
that Jimmy. Very on point.
Class, as we saw earlier,
with every thesis
there is an antithesis,
which in turn
creates a synthesis.
The synthesis is a
resolution of any tensions
that might exist between
a thesis and antithesis.
Any questions?
[siren blaring]
[mellow music]
[gate jangles]
[Dealer] Oh, shit!
[mellow music]
[body thuds]
[pills tapping]
- Professor?
- Yes, Sarah.
If there were any
tensions between us,
how would you resolve them?
[class laughs]
Oh, um. [clears throat]
Well, I mean, that would be...
[students laugh]
With that...
[desk scrapes]
[students laughing]
That's all for today. Thank you.
You sure you
don't want coffee?
Haven't seen him for
at least five years,
and there he is
standing at my door.
Spying on you?
Who is this guy?
Reuben Goldstein.
We've known each other
since we were 13 years old.
Used to be best friends.
Used to go out drinking together
quite often, partied a lot.
You? Party?
Please, I don't think I've ever
seen you out past 10:00 pm.
He's the reason why.
So what are we
talking like philosophy,
trivia party or
something like that?
No, really partied while we
were in school for years.
It's a blur. I don't
remember most of it.
But something happened, and I
had to cut him outta my life
to get back on track, got sober.
He took it really badly.
I regret the way it
happened, but had to be done.
Hmm. Well, is he
still pissed at you?
Like are you in trouble or...
I don't know.
Well, I hope you aren't.
I mean, it's tough to
find a new squash partner
in this [laughs] day
and age, golly. [laughs]
Ready to take off?
And then I said to him,
"Alan, you have to consider
that the banalities of
contemporary neo formalism
have actually
gestated to the point
where they now dictate
its very identity.
There's just simply no
room for a new narrative
in such a traditional
and restrictive form."
Oh, well, sure.
And what did Alan say to that?
Whose work did he
paraphrase this time?
He's always regurgitating
someone else's opinion.
This time, Zikovsky.
I would've asked you to come,
but I knew you'd say no.
You always say no to everything.
[Reuben] Wah gwaan Leslie.
Reuben, it's been
years. What's up?
Yeah man. Don't
worry, I remember.
What can I help
you with today?
I need to talk
to you. Privately.
Leslie? Who is this?
It's fine.
As you can see, we're kind of
in the middle of something.
Meet me tonight at the
bar. You know the one.
I'm sorry, I don't frequent
places like that anymore.
So, no thank you.
Be there.
[dramatic music]
[toothbrush brushing]
I feel bad.
You shouldn't. You
said you weren't going.
Ah, but we have a history.
I don't think you realise
how close we were.
Practically best friends.
He's never needed me
for anything, ever.
Why have I never
heard about him?
And why haven't you talked
to him in five years?
[toothbrush brushing]
We just grew apart.
[water flowing]
[Leslie spitting]
Can we plan on me staying
over Friday night too?
They're fumigating
my neighbor's place.
Yeah. Sure.
Goodnight, Leslie.
[dramatic music]
[door closing]
Wah gwaan Leslie, me
never see you last night.
You gonna harass
me every day now?
This is my place of work.
That is up to you.
Me just wanna chat.
Is that all right?
I'm listening.
I'm starting a youth
centre in the old hood.
I was hoping you'd help me out
as a personal favour to me.
Oh, okay...
Here's the address.
Meet me there at 10. Zeen?
I'll see what I can do.
[mellow music]
[students talking]
[dramatic music]
[mellow jazz music]
[Leslie sighs]
Oh, ginger ale, please.
[mellow jazz music]
[Leslie sighs]
[mellow jazz music]
[crowd clapping]
Yes king, thanks for coming.
Oh, sure.
This is a nice youth
centre you've got here.
Many youth, much youth.
[glass sliding]
You mind telling me what the
hell's going on here, Reuben?
All right. No more bullshit.
You never would've come if
I told you it was a bar.
You're right,
so you had to resort to
lying to get me here.
It's my little brother Les,
he's been missing for a week.
He'd been working for a
powerful drug lord, Fang,
the one responsible
for the Pearl epidemic
and turning the
city upside down.
Jesus Christ, the one
that's been on TV every day?
Ya man, every day.
Saul had been trying
to save some money
to get through school, just
selling some dope on the side.
He left me a message last week,
said he was in trouble
with Fang and he was scared
and then he just
disappeared, vanished.
I know he was kidnapped.
Did you call the police?
[hisses] Police can't do shit.
Fang's operation is
tight. No one gets inside.
Plus, Saul was selling.
Cops won't care.
Young black drug
dealer gone missing?
Come on, them happy about it.
Okay, how do I fit
into this equation?
Fang is well protected.
The only way
remotely close to him
is by winning his
underground tournament.
Every six months he hosts
a mysterious competition.
No one knows what the
challenge is until it begins.
So you have to show up
prepared for anything.
If you come with me, we
stand a much better chance.
You have a different
skill set than me.
You always look at
things more academically.
If we get in close,
we can get some info
and hopefully get back Saul.
So you want me to enter
a tournament with you?
That's what this is about.
It's much more
complicated than that.
First, we need to
find some invitations,
and that won't be easy.
You remember the
promise you made me?
[Reuben] That if I
ever needed anything,
you owed me and you
would come through?
Yeah. I mean, that
was a long time ago.
Long time ago or
not, I saved your ass
and you made a promise.
I mean, I'll have
to think about it.
All right, come help
me with something.
I want you to see
how real this is.
[mellow jazz music]
[crowd clapping]
[glass breaking]
[crowd cheering]
Tony, wah gwaan Spider?
Hey Reuben, what's up man?
Same shit, different... [groans]
You sell drugs for Fang
just like me brother.
I seen you do it.
Tell me everything you know
about Fang's operations.
How do we get in?
Oh, I don't know nothing, man.
I sell Pearl and crack for
him. I never even met Fang.
I fucking swear.
Tell me, Leslie is our
friend telling the truth?
It's your call. I'll do it.
I don't know. Isn't
this guy your friend?
Why would he lie to you?
Hmm, hmm, hmm, all right.
No hard feelings Tony.
What you think Les?
I want you to understand this
is serious, Saul needs us.
I never asked you
for anything before.
Are you gonna harass
me every day if I say no?
Every day, I'll stop at
nothing to get Saul back.
I need your help just
like the old days.
[Leslie sighs]
This is me brother man,
you used to help him with
his homework, remember?
We need to be there for him.
If you say no, you'd
turn your back on him.
[Leslie sighs]
When you put it like
that, what choice do I have?
A promise is a promise.
All right.
[mellow music]
Just one, just to
make it official.
[sighs] To make it official.
[glasses clinking]
[upbeat music]
Going nowhere,
going nowhere fast
'Cause you running,
running from the past
Can you hear me
I can't let go,
no I won't let go
[upbeat music]
Can you hear me
I can't let go,
no I won't let go
I'm looking for a pair of
invitation to the tournament.
Fang's tournament? Now
that will be hard to find.
Can you help?
Working in Fang's restaurant
you must pick up some
tips here and there.
I don't know. Last year's
tournament was insane.
Six people were killed by
tigers and the time before that
he had the losers branded after
a bare knuckle boxing match.
Fang is batshit crazy. Ruthless.
I don't want anything
to do with it.
Why do people even enter
if there's a chance of dying?
The winners get $30,000.
Only lowlifes who
are crazy enough
to participate are invited
and mobsters, drug
dealers and criminals
are invited to
bet on the action.
It's all fueled by Pearl.
I want to help
though, I owe you.
I'll rub shoulders with these
people and see what I can do.
Thanks Tiger, keep
an eye out for us.
Let's go ask around.
[upbeat music]
Good kid.
That it's give and take
You're a habit, you're
so hard to break
What the fuck?
Did you hear me
I can't let go,
no I won't let go
[upbeat music]
Did you hear me
I can't let go,
no I won't let go
[upbeat music]
So don't you
tell me it's over
Don't tell me its over
I won't let you go no
Oh no, no way, no how
It's not over now
[upbeat music]
I'm in panic,
feel the urgency
There's a dark cloud
hanging over me
Did you hear me
I can't let go,
no I won't let go
Did you hear me
I can't let go,
no I won't let go
No, no, no
So don't you
tell me its over
Don't tell me it's over
I won't let you go no
Oh no, no way, no how
Don't you tell me its over
Don't tell me it's over
I won't let you go no
Oh no, no way, no how
It's not over now
Can love me oh oh oh
Can you need me oh oh oh
Can you work and see,
it better belong to you
To you, to you, so don't
you tell me its over
Don't tell me its over
I won't let you go no
Oh no, no way, no how
Don't you tell me its over
[Reuben] Ladies.
- Hello.
- Hello, hello.
Tournament, Fang.
What do you know?
I didn't hear
about a tournament.
[Woman] What kind info
are you looking for?
[Reuben] What do you know?
[indistinct street chatter]
Howdy partner.
Oh hi.
Is that your
associate over there
chatting with my associates?
Uh huh.
Well I got news for you,
that makes us associates now.
Oh, well that's good to know.
I'm Nora.
I appreciate
the follow through
on your cowboy costume, it's-
- Cowgirl.
Cowgirl. Sorry.
So do customers make a
special request for that, or-
- No, I do what I want, I wear
what I want, I be who I want.
Some days I'm a cheerleader,
some days I'm a cowgirl
and other days I'm
just plain old me.
So you could say today
was spur of the moment?
Quit horsing around.
So where are we gonna wet
that whistle of yours?
Oh no thanks.
I'd probably get in trouble
with the sheriff for that one.
Don't need my PhD
to figure that out.
What do you mean?
I mean this isn't
my first rodeo.
But you're hot to trot, baby.
Look, I don't want what
you're selling. Okay?
And what exactly am I selling?
[Woman] Hey baby.
I mean...
I know you're not a cop
because I know all the cops.
Plus, your breath
reeks of booze.
I just wanted to talk.
Is that so wrong?
Do you think you're
better than me?
No, no, no. I'm sorry.
I just figured, it's 2:00 AM,
you're dressed like a cowgirl.
It's 1989.
I know what you're trying
to do and it's not gonna work.
You can't just expect
to get invitations
and just waltz in to meet Fang.
That's not how it
works. Trust me.
That's a great way to get
yourself killed. Do not do that.
Who are you? How
do you know this?
Well, giddy up then.
Adios amigo.
Who was that?
Your colleague Nora?
We don't know her.
Never seen her before.
What was she wearing?
[woman laughs]
Thanks for the tips ladies.
Thank you.
Bye Leslie.
[upbeat music]
Oh oh oh [indistinct]
[glass pinging]
[Leslie groans]
[Leslie burps]
Come on.
What? What do you mean?
Me don't understand
What did he say?
No idea.
[whistles] Tiger.
So you have anything for us?
This tournament is
very, very exclusive.
Ya man, everyone knows about
it, but nobody's talking.
We have nothing,
we don't have shit.
I've been getting deeper
with the Sun Yee On Triad.
I hear things.
Oh really? Go on.
I've got a lead
that might help.
There's someone you
need to talk to.
Do you remember Finn?
Finn? Finn?
[upbeat music]
Ooh yeah
Strutting down the
Boulevard [indistinct]
Who the fuck are you?
She's a long way
from the school yard
Fang's tournament,
We need two of them.
[laughs] Hey, Reuben.
There's no need for any trouble.
I know I still owe you,
I haven't forgotten.
Oh shite.
Look, I could get in a
lot of trouble for this.
I'm sorry to hear
about your brother.
A bunch of big wigs
already got their invites
and they're not gonna
give them up so easy.
Ooh you're going down
I was there when X got
his and you know his deal.
Good. Reuben. Are we good?
Reuben? Is it settled?
Reuben? I didn't need tell you.
She's got you down
Fuck! Shit! [groans]
[upbeat music]
That right there is X.
This is X's block.
He controls all of the
movement in the area.
If he didn't have a record
and could leave the country,
he'd be playing pro
ball in the league.
Guaranteed. He's the best.
Too bad I haven't played
basketball in years. Huh?
Remember how much
fun we used to have?
[Reuben] You were
good back then.
Now I just play
squash. It sucks.
X is the one with the
Jheri curl hairdo?
[Reuben] He still rocks
that greasy hair style,
refuses to change it.
The only thing X loves more
than shooting hoops...
is gambling.
[upbeat music]
Rude boy X.
We're gonna play for your
invitation to the tournament.
Excuse me?
First to seven.
[Leslie burps]
[upbeat music]
Did I stutter?
We know you have
two invitations.
We're gonna play you for
them, first to seven.
[laughs] Come on now Reuben,
I know you used to hoop
but that was years ago.
I can't be bothered
with this shit.
I ain't giving my tickets up.
Be gone wannabe, you and
the chump you're with.
[X laughs]
We win, we get the invitation.
You win, you get me car.
What the hell man?
Are you for real? The turbo?
First to seven, you
scared [indistinct] pompom?
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music]
Turbo injection, over
300 horsepower, club sport.
Porsche. There is no substitute.
Nice shot money.
[X] Gimme it
back. Gimme it back.
Gimme the back. Come on.
People looking like
zombies walking the street
Yeah money!
Nice shot.
Too easy.
I'm ready for war only
the strong survive
I think I'm gonna
paint it though.
The only question
is... what colour?
[X laughs]
[men laughing]
You see that? You see that?
Check it.
Well Reuben, this is
how you wanna go out?
- Check the ball.
- All right.
Come on!
[groans] Light work, light work.
I won't even have
to break a sweat
for the finest in
German engineering.
Who knew? Did you know?
God damn right I knew, I'm
gonna be sitting shotgun.
Shut the fuck up.
You shut the fuck up.
Check the ball.
Honestly man.
Reuben, you thought you
could come down here
and win with this
goofy ass white boy.
Oh it's about colour
now, we doing that?
It's always about colour.
You can't ball white boy.
Yeah, yeah, you, Christian
Slater looking motherfucker.
[men laugh]
You too bright man.
I should have wore sunscreen.
Sunscreen? X, could
you get any darker?
Fuck you.
Don't even get me started
with that greasy hair.
You having a fish fry later?
[man laughs]
[Man] That's a break.
Back to me. [groans]
[Leslie] On the board.
Here we go. Here we go.
Pure luck. Take me to
the hole there white boy.
[Leslie] Yahtzee.
I said take me
to the hole then.
I've been taking you
to school all day.
X, if you showed
up to my night class,
you'd be marked absent.
[men laughing]
[Reuben] Great pass, hmm.
Hey what the fuck?
But can he shoot? Can he do it?
Is that what you want
me to do? Shoot it.
You gonna let me?
Okay, say it, don't spray it.
It's greased lightning.
Ooh hooh hoo.
Fuck you X, I'm the one. 4-4.
I'm tired of this shit.
You're gonna shoot
it. You're gonna miss.
And that car is
gonna be mine sucker.
Everyone here knows,
the second you step
foot in that car,
the oil light's gonna
start blinking like crazy.
[men laughing]
[Reuben] To the hole.
Yes, Leslie.
Come on sweet. Where's
the help D?
Why you burning them puff ass?
- Check.
- Fuck you.
- Check.
- Fuck you.
[men groaning]
[Leslie] Back door's open.
[X groans]
[X] Ooh, get
that shit outta here.
It's my house man.
Go back to marine
land motherfucker.
You getting excited now X?
Blocking a goofy
white boy like me.
Man, this is top gun man.
You goof. You about
to go down man.
Prepare the runway for take off.
[Man] Wheels up!
Ooh, feels so good
torturing you.
Torturing me? Reuben,
you got a lighter?
One spark and this dude's
head would be a torch.
[man laughs]
Why the fuck you laughing man?
Who put some bread in your hips?
[Reuben] Send it, send it,
send it.
[Leslie] Reuben on rye.
6-5 us, game point.
Come on now.
Not gonna shoot all game,
now you getting nervous.
White boy's fixing to show,
with your bacon looking ass.
X you got him,
he's folding under pressure.
[groans] Great match baby.
Yeah, yeah man.
[upbeat music]
My man, y'all must be tripping
if you think we're letting
you leave here with that.
Did you forget where you are?
Nah, nah, nah,
nah. Let 'em go.
They won fair and square.
All right man respect.
Ain't nobody beat me on
these courts in years.
Enjoy the tournament Reuben.
Even though you did con us.
Just make sure your boy
here bites his tongue
before he loses it.
That was fucking crazy man.
How'd you know we would win?
You almost lost your car.
[machine beeps]
[Recording] Hi
Leslie, it's Marnie.
I haven't heard from you
at all the last three days.
Just wondering what's going on
and why you were ignoring me.
Heard you've been skipping
out on your lectures too.
I'm worried, call me back.
[machine beeps]
[Recording] Hey
Leslie, it's Caleb.
Didn't wanna sound like
a dork or anything,
but just noticed you haven't
been around for a couple days.
Yeah. Just wondering
if you're okay.
If you want me to bring you by
some chicken soup, lemme know.
Talk at you.
[machine beeps]
[upbeat jazz music]
[Reuben groans]
We are close now Saul,
you won't have to
suffer much longer.
[phone rings]
[upbeat jazz music]
[car engine roars]
So, that's what you've been
doing for the last three days?
Yeah, basically.
Well, you're probably
gonna get fired.
I talked to the dean
and I vouched for you
as best as I could,
and he likes me
'cause of the computer club.
But you didn't even call in.
Or tell anyone to do anything.
Like these kids have
exams coming up.
It's important.
It's their education.
Yeah, it's not
that I don't care.
It's just I have something else
that's more important
to take care of.
I should call in
though. You're right.
I'll do that tomorrow.
Thank you for, for
talking to him for me.
Yeah, and sorry, did you
start wearing contacts?
So what's the deal with that?
Your prescription's
stronger than mine.
Yeah. Not really sure.
Normally I can't see
anything without my glasses.
But the more I drink it makes
me feel sick wearing them.
So I don't, and it's fine.
Bit of a scientific
breakthrough here.
You wanna publish this?
Get famous? [laughs]
Hey. I'm ready.
Sorry man.
Jesus Christ.
What are you doing?
Drinking and having
a good time. You?
Prescription's not the
only thing that's changed.
You're acting way differently.
I feel great, man. Feel
the best I have in years.
You might be onto
something though.
You know, by nature I
overanalyze everything
to the point where I have
zero impulse, you know?
Everything needs to
be a certain way.
And if it isn't, I
say no to everything.
I'm obsessively
compulsive, you know that.
I hate it.
When I'm drinking,
I can say yes.
In many ways it
allows me to do things
that I'm not able to normally,
it's bizarre but,
I feel almost medicated.
Well sure, I understand
everyone needs some liquid
courage now and again.
But look what's
happening to your job.
Oh, and Marnie keeps calling me.
Have you talked to her?
Come on. Be a man.
Call her back.
I mean, I always
kind of see you guys
as brother and sisters,
but it's still not right.
It's not right man. Okay.
All right.
Call her back.
Talk to the dean.
See if you can get a leave
of absence or something.
Plus, you know, I've had
no one to play squash with.
Roger, it's brutal.
[Leslie] Okay. All right.
I gotta wake up early.
Take care of yourself. Okay?
Talk at you.
All right. All right.
Nice seeing you Caleb.
[upbeat music]
You're the only one that
makes me feel this way
The only one who can
ever take the pain away
The only real love
that I ever knew
Only you can make me blue
Whoa, wah gwaan?
You having some fun Leslie?
We got the invitations man.
So? Our work has just begun.
There's no celebration
when Saul's still missing.
We got lucky today.
Yeah, today was fucking crazy.
Letting off some
steam. Is that okay?
All right, zeen.
Tomorrow we need to start
preparing for the tournament.
It's only a few days away
and we need to be ready.
Yeah, no duh.
You're the only one who
makes me feel this way
The only one who can
ever take the pain away
The only real love
that I ever knew
Only you can make me blue
[upbeat music]
Are you trying to
run away from me
Or is this just a
game of hide and seek
I dare you to walk away
It's a blue game you play
Ooh, I try to love you more
Ooh I love you mi amor
Are you tired of loving me
I ain't too tired
of loving you
Only you can make me blue
You're the only one who
makes me feel this way
The only one who can
ever take the pain away
The only real love
that I ever knew
Only you can make me blue
I don't wanna do
this all the time
Just so I don't
catch you in a lie
I can barely breathe
when I'm with you
'Cause it's only you
that makes me blue
[upbeat music]
'Cause it's only you
that makes me blue
'Cause it's only you
that makes me blue
Where you live Kelly?
About a drink away.
Oh yeah?
That's a nice neighbourhood.
I think we might be neighbours.
'Cause it's only you
that makes me blue
[upbeat music]
[crowd cheering]
You pay the price
You've had a lot of bad luck
Hey! Hey!
You've rolled the dice.
So you boys got
some moves huh?
Yeah, you got it Pontiac.
Yeah, too bad you
couldn't take us though.
Oh yeah?
Oh yeah?
You look tired, old. Ain't
nobody doing that junk no more.
It's almost the 90s, man.
Get with the times.
You fools wouldn't be able
to handle us in a dance off.
No chance homie.
Dance off?
These guys seen "Breaking"
one too many times?
Electric bug a little much?
Man, fuck you.
What's it worth to you?
Care to make it interesting?
Yeah, I got 10
grand right here.
It says y'all ain't shit.
That's right. 10 G notes.
Come on man.
Not that type of cash.
Not at a bar.
That's okay.
We'll just battle you for those
invitations you got earlier.
Yeah, don't worry how we
know, just know we want 'em.
10 grand on the table.
This could be
easy man. 10 grand.
What? No way.
Not a chance.
We can't lose, man.
Remember what happened
earlier? This is our day.
No Leslie.
[upbeat music]
Dude, I haven't been
to work all week. Okay.
Caleb says I'm probably
gonna get fired.
I need this money.
This is easy. Look at
these guys. Jokers.
Don't be a idiot,
we need these.
Yeah, but we can have both.
Simple, easy. Just
like old times.
Don't get carried
away. Stick to the plan.
Relax. Walk away.
I can't relax man.
We can beat these guys.
It's easy. We got this-
- Come off me!
I'm sorry, not this time.
Okay. All right.
I'm sorry too.
You're on.
Looks like it's on
like "Donkey Kong."
What the fuck have you done?
Yo, relax. It's nothing.
These guys are chumps.
These guys are talking
out of their asses.
You know this, easy. Let's go.
Oh yeah, looks like we have
an unsanctioned
battle right now.
Right here, gather round.
Let's go!
[upbeat music]
[upbeat music]
[Leslie coughing]
Where you at
Where you at
Where you at
Where you at
Where you at
Where you at
Show me, show me
Where you at,
where you at
Where you at,
where you at
Where you at,
where you at
Show me
[mellow music]
[Man on TV] "The National"
with Peter Mann.
Where you like it hey
Where you like it hey
Where you like it ah
Come on come on
Get your hands up ooh
Throw it up hey come on
Put your hands up
come on, ooh
DJ play it back, back, back
[Man on TV] Finally
stated their position on-
- [Woman on TV] And
it's being reported
the Blue Jays are
looking to re-sign
outfielder Mookie Wilson
after winning the AL East.
[upbeat music]
[crowd cheering]
[dramatic music]
[train chugging]
[dramatic music]
You think me a idiot?
[Leslie coughing]
What's up guys?
Can we help you?
I'm here about the
invitations, you cheated.
Me know those bills aren't real.
Man, we ain't cheat.
We just hustled you.
There's a difference.
The only difference is whether
you're able to walk
outta here or not.
You decide.
Man, suck my dick.
Oh, I bet you'd like
that, wouldn't you?
What the F...
Look, this is
your opportunity.
Gimme back the invitations.
We don't want no money.
Just give us what's ours
and we'll walk away.
[hand slapping]
Good job guys. Real good.
Just not good enough though.
Man you guys are
such fucking pussies-
[Leslie thuds]
[punches thudding]
Put the bag down Rastaman.
Put the bag down or
I slit his throat.
Put it down!
I used to fuck guys
like you in prison.
[punch thudding]
[Man] See you never punk.
[gun banging]
[Reuben panting]
[dramatic music]
What the fuck. Is he dead?
I've never actually
fired this weapon before.
It was just for intimidation.
What the fuck did you do man?
What did I do? What did I do?
You made me do this
when you thieved the
invitations from me jacket,
this is your fault.
I can't fucking
believe you, man.
You're out of control.
Now why is that
Reuben? Why is that?
If it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't be drinking at
fucking nine in the morning.
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't
be losing my fucking job.
If it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't be
watching someone die
in the fucking subway.
[train chugging]
Leslie, we need to go.
[dramatic music]
[train chugging]
[Leslie throwing up]
[Leslie panting]
[sombre music]
[indistinct lyrics]
You know last semester
we had this really...
Was that Leslie?
[sombre music]
[indistinct conversation]
They never found
the body last night.
We're in the clear.
What do you mean?
Talked to my friend on the
force and nothing came up. So.
[Leslie sighs]
I can't keep this up Reuben.
I know.
I can't keep this up.
What now?
I am gonna see this
through because I do owe you.
All those years ago when
you took the heat for me,
I never really got a
chance to say thank you
because I would've been expelled
and I obviously
owe you my career.
Which is funny now
because I'm out of a job.
We're gonna get Saul back
and then you and I aren't
gonna see each other anymore.
We're through, I
obviously can't handle it.
You enable me Reuben,
you're an enabler.
All right.
[Leslie sighs]
The tournament's in three days.
Let's get to work.
[dramatic music]
All right.
I heard through the
grapevine that this time
the tournament is some sort
of gladiator challenge.
There'll be various weapons,
exotic animals and
deadly obstacles.
Last man standing wins.
But I can't be sure, Fang is
a maniac and unpredictable.
[dramatic music]
Where's Tiger?
I don't know.
We need to chat with
him before tonight.
Let's go check his
parents' laundromat.
Tiger, Tiger! Wah gwaan?
Tiger, Ti...
[dramatic music]
[both gasping]
He been like this
since last night.
He overdosed on Pearl.
He started acting strangely
ever since he started
hanging around you two.
He sold all his things
just to buy drugs.
He really wanted to help us.
Oh, you help him all right.
You drove him to become
addict, a gang member.
All he wanted to do
was be journalist.
Mrs. Ling, I am so sorry.
First, I couldn't protect
me brother, now Tiger.
God damn it!
[sirens wailing]
[motorbike roaring]
[dramatic music]
[motorbikes roaring]
[dramatic music]
[sword clinking]
[dramatic music]
[sword whooshing]
[dramatic music]
[Reuben] Threw me gun
in the river.
Leslie, get behind me.
[gun banging]
[dramatic music]
[man screaming]
[gun banging]
Thank you brothers.
- Shalom.
- Shalom.
This was for Solomon.
Now get outta here.
We'll take care of this,
but we won't be able to
have your backs tonight.
All right.
[sirens wailing]
[sombre music]
[car doors thudding]
[car engine roaring]
[sombre music]
Leslie, you know
if we go in tonight,
there's no turning back?
I know.
You ready for this?
You think you can handle it?
I guess we'll find out.
[sombre music]
[crowd cheering]
May we have quiet
please and we can begin.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd cheering]
Please, and we can begin.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting indistinctly]
[laughs] It is everybody's
favourite time of year again.
Tournament time [laughs].
[crowd cheering]
You all are here because you
are low life sons of bitches.
You, you had to do
something really bad
to get your invitation,
hmm. [laughs]
Y'all know the rules.
Twice a year, Fang sets a
challenge to entertain himself
by putting you through hell.
[laughs] Sometimes it's
just a simple street brawl.
But then there was this
savage fight of survival
against wild animals.
And who remembers the
pistol duel to the death?
Yet not many. [laughs]
You never know what it
will be until you get here.
[Man] Tell us please.
No sir, I will not.
Not until I tell you
what the winner gets.
Either $30,000 or that
same amount worth of Pearl.
[crowd cheering]
And the loser? What
does the loser get?
Oh, I don't wanna give
away the surprise.
But ask yourself,
what would you risk?
[Man] What's the
challenge? Tell us.
Yes, it is time.
[dramatic music]
[crowd cheering]
Fuck, it's not a
gladiator challenge.
It's Connect Four,
Captain's Mistress.
It seems like a kid's game,
but it's actually very
mathematically complex.
It's a zero sum game.
So, even though it can be broken
into optimal moves or sequences,
any outcome is
[indistinct] optimal.
I'm gonna do it then.
Wait, you don't know
what'll happen if you lose.
What choice do we have?
If I win I get close to Fang.
Your brother's life's
in the balance.
It's life or death.
[crowd chanting indistinctly]
Good luck.
[dramatic music]
[crowd cheering]
That's it?
Let us begin.
And our host as ever, Fang.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd clapping]
Thank you Fang.
And now we welcome our
house player, Yulong.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting indistinctly]
Let us begin.
[dramatic music]
[crowd jeering]
[disc thudding]
[crowd jeering]
[Crowd] We want more,
we want more!
[dramatic music]
[crowd cheering]
[dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[crowd jeering]
[discs thudding]
[crowd booing]
[dramatic music]
[crowd chanting indistinctly]
[dramatic music]
[disc thudding]
[crowd cheering]
[man screaming]
Let's give him
a hand. [laughs]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[crowd cheering]
[dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[man crying]
[crowd cheering]
[Man] Ah! [crying]
I live for this shit!
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[man screams]
[all cheering]
[dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[man laughing]
[man screams]
No, no, don't worry.
He'll be all right.
All right [laughs].
[Fang laughing]
[Crowd] We want
more! We want more!
We want more, we want more!
[man groans]
[crowd chanting]
[dramatic music]
Oh, I love tournaments.
[crowd cheering]
[Leslie gagging]
[dramatic music]
[Leslie gagging]
[dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[man laughing]
[dramatic music]
[disc thudding]
[man screaming]
And then there were two.
[dramatic music]
He plays a perfect
game. Always on offence.
Never makes a mistake.
[crowd cheering]
Will the last
challenger take the prize
or will the house win?
What do you think?
[crowd cheering]
I'd like to go first actually.
[dramatic music]
And now that is
very interesting
because I do not remember
giving you that option.
Look pal, if I lose, you can
have both my fucking hands.
[crowd cheering]
[dramatic music]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd clapping]
[dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[stick thudding]
[man shouting]
[Reuben scoffs]
[dramatic music]
[stick whooshing]
[men groaning]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[dramatic music]
[upbeat dramatic music]
[discs thudding]
[dramatic music]
Zero sum.
[disc thudding]
[dramatic music]
[crowd cheering]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[disc thudding]
[Leslie throwing up]
[crowd cheering]
Oh oh oh ooh.
[crowd cheering]
[man laughing]
[crowd cheering]
[dramatic music]
[claps] Congratulations Mr?
Congratulations Mr. Booth.
You already know who I am.
A new face at our tournament.
May I ask how you
got your invitations?
Oh, a friend of mine couldn't
make it so he gave me his.
Oh, of course, how
generous of your friend.
Now, now April. What's this?
Oh yes, your prize.
So Mr. Booth, what
is your taste?
or $30,000 worth of Pearl?
I'll take the cash.
I'm thinking about
opening up a youth centre.
Of course.
[man whispering]
[Fang laughs]
[Reuben groaning]
So, two little flies have been
caught in the spider's web.
Little do they know
that the spider slayer
goes much deeper than they
ever thought possible.
Came here for me brother.
You came here
for your brother?
No, you came here to die.
And you, I'm not sure if
you cheated it or not,
but Fang was quite impressed
by your performance.
Maybe you were drinking a
magic potion or just lucky.
No [speaking in
foreign language]
has ever beaten Yulong before.
Unfortunately, your luck is
about to run out.
[Fang laughs]
And now you are about to have
the greatest privilege of all.
Only those who are special
enough to deserve it.
As you most certainly know,
Pearl has rapidly
taken over the city.
For 15 minutes at a time
people are given an
out-of-body experience
away from their real
life problems, an escape.
Little do those peasants know
they aren't even
using it properly.
Ingesting Pearl orally, is
only scratching the surface
of its true potentials.
Whereas directly injecting
it into the bloodstream,
the future is possible,
astral projection [laughing].
You see, I have found a way
through ancient
"Towers of Alchemy"
mixing pure undiluted
Pearl with a guiding agent,
separating consciousness
from physical body
and transporting it to
a common plane [laughs].
You're fucking crazy.
[Reuben] You're
a dead man Fang.
[Fang groaning]
[Fang sighing]
[music player clicking]
[ambient music]
What you're hearing
are isochronic tones
synchronising our
brain patterns.
Like I said, you
are very fortunate.
Only a select few people
have earned such a
formidable death.
And do not worry
about your bodies.
We will dispose of them
properly, we always do.
No one will ever find them.
[dramatic music]
[men groaning]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic ambient music]
[mellow ambient music]
Are we dead?
We can't be.
If what Fang said is accurate,
then we must be somewhere else
entirely outside
of our real bodies.
What the fuck
has he done to us?
Seems like he
figured out a way
how to force our consciousness
out of our real bodies
and bring them here
to this common place.
What did he say? Astral plane.
Either way, we're here together.
So, he must be here too.
[dramatic ambient music]
[dramatic ambient music]
You found me
quicker than most.
As you probably gathered,
there's no escaping
from this plane.
I have brought you
here against your will
for my own pleasure.
Every time I return here,
I become even stronger.
Every time I kill someone here,
I become even more powerful.
Every time I exert my power,
I become a god! [laughs]
You're fucking insane!
Look around you.
In order for insanity to
exist, there must reality.
Is this crazy? No.
This is my world!
[Fang laughs]
[punch thudding]
[Reuben groaning]
[dramatic ambient music]
[punch thudding]
[Leslie groaning]
[dramatic ambient music]
[Reuben groaning]
[Fang laughing]
[dramatic ambient music]
[Fang laughing]
Yes, run, fear your new god!
You insignificant gnats.
No one will ever be
stronger than me here.
We need to figure out
a way to take him down.
I don't know anything
about astral projection.
Scientifically it's
not even recognised.
I jerk off thinking
of moments like this.
What I do know is that
allegedly it's always voluntary.
Whereas we were brought
here against our will
by the drug, Fang too.
It's just that he's
done this before
and he's learned to master it.
[dramatic ambient music]
[Fang laughs]
[Reuben groaning]
[punches thudding]
[kick thudding]
[genitals squishing]
[Fang laughing]
[Reuben groaning]
[dramatic ambient music]
[arms thudding]
[dramatic ambient music]
[Reuben groaning]
[kick thudding]
[Reuben groaning]
[Reuben groaning]
[Leslie laughing]
[dramatic ambient music]
Say goodnight sweet prince.
Say it.
[Reuben] Hey Fang!
Over here, you ugly little shit.
[laughs] I meant
to ask you earlier,
at what point did you...
[punch thudding]
[dramatic ambient music]
[Fang thudding]
[Leslie laughing]
It's just like Fang
said, this isn't reality.
We're only projections
of our consciousness.
Fang is only so strong
because he thinks he is.
But we're only scared because
we think we're supposed to be.
Fear is a prescribed response.
But now, fuck, if
we're not afraid,
I think we can be
as strong as him.
Look, you just
have to believe it.
[Reuben breathes deeply]
[Leslie chuckles]
Like he said,
no one will ever be
stronger than him.
But there's two of us,
that already seems fair.
[chuckles] My
man. Flex on him.
That was a lucky shot.
One you will live to regret.
[dramatic ambient music]
Your hands.
[Reuben groaning]
[dramatic ambient music]
[Leslie groans]
How did you get this power?
You are a pathetic little man.
This is impossible.
This is my world.
Well, we thought you
should renovate.
I think it could use-
- Some colour.
[Fang groaning]
This is your fight.
Victory is to mind use.
[dramatic ambient music]
[Reuben groans]
[both groaning]
[both gasping]
[kick thudding]
[punches thudding]
It's enough.
I just had the strangest dream.
That was no dream.
[dramatic ambient music]
[dramatic music]
[Leslie groans]
[dramatic music]
What the fuck?
Whoa okay.
Can I do 'em?
Let me do 'em baby.
It's my turn.
Remember, I told you, you were
going about this all wrong.
Acting alone? It was
never gonna end well.
[gun thudding]
[sighs] You did it? You
guys actually did it?
Is he dead?
It took me five months
to get inside this close
and you guys just blow
it up in one night?
All that work.
You're welcome.
You guys have no idea
what you've just done.
The implications of
this will be massive.
Are you a cop?
No dude, like I said,
I was trying to tell
you the other night,
she's like a shape shifter.
You guys need to get
the hell out of here.
I'm gonna go make a phone
call to break this party up
and you can't be
here, I have to go.
Saul man, let's get Saul back.
Saul man, let's
get him, let's go.
[dramatic music]
Saul's dead.
[dramatic music]
Fang killed him
three months ago.
[Reuben sighing loudly]
I told you he was
alive so you'd help me.
You never would've said yes
if you knew he was dead.
I lied to you and I'm sorry.
So all this was-
- The only thing keeping
me going was revenge.
I couldn't do it alone.
And as you saw, no
one wanted to help me.
They knew it was
a suicide mission.
You were removed
enough to not know.
You're right, I was just...
off living my life with a
girlfriend and a job.
Bringing down Fang was the
only thing that mattered to me.
And now, I don't
know what to do.
But it wasn't suicide
man. You're alive, baby.
Yeah, alive without purpose.
Yeah, me too.
But this is the most
I've felt alive in years.
Leslie, I lost
a brother in Saul
but I think I gained
one back in you.
If you'll have me.
I know you think I pressure
you into doing things, but-
[guns banging]
We gotta go.
[dramatic music]
Thank you. Erica
Andrews reporting live.
We're here at the
scene of a massive
criminal underground
drug entertainment ring.
[upbeat music]
Inspector McCormick, what
exactly happened here tonight?
Well, from the look
of things here tonight
is that we have shut down
a massive drug operation
and an illegal underground
gambling enterprise.
We've made many arrests.
Additionally, we have seized
several tonnes of the Pearl drug
and believed to have
pinpointed its direct source.
And are there any
details as to the parties
responsible for
bringing it down?
At this point, I'm
not at liberty to say,
but what I can divulge is
that this is the result
of a joint operation
between the RCMP,
the OPP and ourselves.
All things considered,
it's probably the biggest drug
bust in our city's history.
[Man] Hey, it's the
guys who took down Fang!
Is that true?
Are you the guys responsible
for bringing Fang down?
We've heard from
different sources
for the past five minutes.
Oh, well it's
pretty simple really.
Me and my associate here
came here to infiltrate
a Chinese drug syndicate
by way of a mysterious
underground tournament to
avenge his younger brother.
However, our plans
were greatly deferred
when a maniacal drug lord
with a penchant for theatrics
transported our subconsciousness
to a psychotropic hell scape
he controlled with his mind.
Yeah, but we kicked his
mind's ass and escaped alive.
Hell yeah. We did.
- What?
- I feel great right now.
Jumped 20 feet in the air.
Yeah. Phew.
- Lion.
- It was so cool.
Erica, what are you doing later?
[Inspector] All right,
that's enough.
Why is the media still here?
Section this off and get
these guys outta here.
Whoa! Whoa!
[upbeat music]
[Caleb] So you're
not coming back?
Well, are you going to jail?
Like do you have to
do time or something?
[laughs] Didn't you
guys like kill a man?
The drug lord?
No, not really. I can't
really talk about it anyway.
We signed a deal.
A deal. With who?
As a city we're primed to be
as environmentally conscious,
safe and drug free
as we possibly can.
These fine young gentlemen
are exemplary to
people everywhere
and especially to those
battling substance abuse.
By risking their lives
in getting these
drugs off our streets,
they have made an example
we can all follow.
[crowd clapping]
But that's not all.
Along with honouring them
with the keys to the city,
we felt it was
important to distinguish
what's happened, for the next
generation of young Canadians.
In partnership with the
government of Ontario,
and the Toronto Police,
we'd like to welcome you
to be the first to see
our newest initiative.
[crowd clapping]
With the power invested
in me here today,
I hereby declare this
Substance Abuse Awareness Day.
[crowd clapping]
So let's have our heroes
say a few words, shall we?
What do you think?
[crowd clapping]
Wah gwaan Toronto.
Yes. Zeen, zeen, zeen.
We just want to say
that the people, them,
they're the true key
to the city, thank you.
[crowd clapping]
I'd also like to add
that announcing today
we are opening our new
PI firm Goldstein Booth.
So, if you have any questions
or if you need any
help with anything,
look us up in the new
Yellow Pages, thank you.
[crowd clapping]
[upbeat music]
Did you park your horse outside?
[woman laughs]
[upbeat music]