Gol-deun seul-leom-beo (2018) Movie Script

The road is bottlenecked
towards Hanam Bridge.
Main street out of Gangnam
is slowing down quite a bit
from Gangnam Station
to Yangjae Station.
Traffic is forming
in tunnels #2 and 3...
The election of National Liberal
Party, the front runner
Yoo Young-guk received the final
Presidential nomination today.
With his approval rate skyrocketing,
Yoo is on the campaign trail
in Hongdae, Gwanghwamun, and...
He entered politics when he was
as young as 35-year old...
Kim recently saved a
famous idol singer Su-ah
from a robbery attempt...
Kim did not hesitate
to spring into action...
He's my savior.
I'm late for my delivery...
One more comment please!
The police awarded him
with Model Citizen Award...
He even donated his reward
to those less fortunate
that people are deeply touched by...
He became an overnight sensation,
and received numerous offers
to appear on TV shows...
An ordinary delivery man Kim
received 3 Courier of the Month Awards,
and is known to be a model citizen,
who inspires those around him.
Korean won is predicted to remain
at all time low next year...
Golden Slumber
GANG Dong-won
KIM Eui-sung
KIM Sung-kyun
KIM Dae-myeung
and HAN Hyo-joo
Have a good time, this is 3 min.
Traffic Report sponsored by S-Oil.
There's more traffic
than usual this morning.
An accident was reported on
the middle of Sungsan Bridge.
A huge truck collided with a sedan,
it'll be hard to pass through.
1st and 2nd lanes are blocked...
Is she sick?
...be careful when switching lanes.
Meanwhile, election campaign is
happening near Yeouido station.
Campaign vehicles and the parade are
causing quite a bit of traffic.
It'd be wise to avoid
the area altogether.
Jeon Sun-young reporting.
Candidate #1 Yoo Young-guk
Hey, Ju-ho.
Dude, open the security cam app!
Hurry up!
What happened?!
What's going on with you?
Dude, isn't this cool?
I'm gonna attract customers
with this make-up
on the first day of the store.
Geez. How's the ceiling construction?
It's going well!
Don't be a tight ass, okay?
Didn't we start this shop
to loosen our asses?
You're too diligent for
no good reason, seriously.
I'm leaving some packages.
Holy cow, you got a perm?
The shop down there.
Ant Hairshop?
They suck big time, go to
Barley Hair next time.
How can I? They always do me favors.
Falling on deaf ears...
Going to #1203? This is for #1204.
Just toss it, it's light. Thank you!
Always getting used.
Honey, wait!
Thank you.
Sign here please.
Model citizen, right? You saved Su-ah!
Mom, he's super famous!
Hold on a second!
He really is! What a surprise!
Give me an autograph!
You're too tall...
Good, that's perfect!
1, 2, 3!
Thank you.
Wait, could you toss
this on the way out?
Take care!
Did you do your homework?
There he is!
- So cool!
- Hurry!
Model citizen! Autograph please!
Give me an autograph!
Hold on a second, I got a call.
- Kim Gun-woo!
- Yo, Moo-yeol!
Been a while!
Here, model citizen!
Will you stop it?
Got hussled a lot?
Always one of three,
get into politics, donate money,
or get insurance.
My life's got completely complicated.
Speaking of which...
What's with your hair?
I don't know.
Everything's screwed up.
What is it?
Insurance for you too?
Not gonna answer?
It's nothing.
Weren't you doing
something with a friend?
How did you know?
I've been watching you.
Why don't we try to get
the band back together?
Forget it, I'm sure everyone's
too busy to do that.
Isn't it weird?
That I came to see you
out of the blue after all?
Why'd it be?
You probably came to fill your quota.
If you knew, why did you come?
Should I ignore you then?
We're friends!
The world isn't what you think.
Have some doubt, you nave punk!
I did something bad.
No, I'm debating if I should.
And whether to resign or not.
Damn, you really do live
to the fullest.
Fine, I'll help your quota.
I just need to make this delivery,
pick a good package for me.
A good life insurance!
To the Blue House.
Where are you?
Cops told me to move the truck.
Be back there in a bit.
Are you still there?
You got my truck, I can't go anywhere.
Are you really okay? What's wrong?
You idiot...
You still listen to this song?
Stop reminiscing about
the band, you fool.
The good old days.
Moo-yeol, something happened here...
The presidential
candidate Yoo Young-guk,
you've just killed him.
Another bomb is in your hand.
3 minutes after the initial explosion,
shit, 1 minute has already passed.
Model citizen Kim Gun-woo,
kills a Presidential front
runner and kills himself.
That's our plan.
What are you talking about?
You're holding a bomb!
Are you gonna kill everyone here?
Listen up.
Your 11 o'clock, and 2 o'clock,
they're on you.
You're dead if you get caught here!
Do you get it?
You'll die!
Tell him to pay back
for the Sunyang op.
Don't forget! Don't trust anyone!
Stay alive.
Eliminate him.
Location confirmed.
Clean up crew, move in.
Left turn at 3-20...
That way!
I'm sorry, I gotta
borrow this for a while!
Alpha, on the move.
Just step on it!
Out of the way! I'm sorry!
Sorry about this!
Kim Gun-woo
Gun-woo! Why aren't you
answering my calls!
- Sorry.
- Did you see the news?
A bomb went off in Gwanghwamun.
Is everything okay? I'm scared, baby.
I accepted my defeat at the primary,
I'll serve Yoo to the best
of my abilities for him.
What do you mean?
We're just getting started.
Yoo was assassinated.
Don't be so surprised.
Become the President.
I'll make you one.
On the bomb scene,
Candidate Yoo Young-guk and
his entourage were inside,
and all are confirmed to
have died in the explosion.
It's real?
The police are investigating...
It happened...
...whether both incidents
were instigated
by the same perpetrator.
They also stated that
this was likely a terror incident.
They're taking unprecedented...
My friend died...
I got a call from Moo-yeol in
this morning all of a sudden.
He told me to run away.
I held a bomb...
What? You're scaring me!
Crazy bastard...
...it is likely the RC car
had a bomb attached to it.
You can see a high-speed RC
car going under the car.
How was it able to carry a bomb?
...and if it's capable
of carrying a bomb...
He said...
Don't forget! Don't trust anyone!
Let's hear from an expert.
Not to trust anyone.
With wireless trigger installed,
even an RC car can be detonated
and explode a target.
What's the matter?
Trigger can be a cell phone,
a remote controller, or a timer.
Homemade bombs can be made
with simple instructions online.
Who's outside?
Probably a delivery from a market.
Aren't you the model citizen?
It can't be...
Please tell me it's not true...
A thief! Look!
There's a thief!
What the heck?
Stop! You bastard!
Hello there, we're having
a big sale.
- Give me one.
- Please take a look!
Welcome to Olive Young!
No need to go all out, pull back.
Initiate facial recognition.
Are you looking for anything?
This hairspray is very strong.
Would you like to try the wax?
No thank you...
Thank you for shopping today.
Washroom upstairs
It comes to $39.50.
We got his location.
Ok-in District 210
Is this the courier? Where are you?
My same day delivery
oysters aren't here yet.
You weren't home
so I left it in the storage.
Storage? What storage?
The one by the shoe rack.
Honey, he left it inside the shoe rack!
- Shoe rack?
- Please take a look.
Thank you for using us.
Why put it there?
Tell him to pay back
for the Sunyang op.
Press 1 to leave a message,
and press 2 to leave your number.
What the...
Moo-yeol gave me this number.
I don't know what's going on...
Holy crap!
Please just go!
We're back from
a commercial break.
Everyone must be grieving
over today's shocking news.
They were once someone's sons,
friends and lovers...
I switched songs
for a friend I miss.
Shin Hae-chul's 'To You'.
- This security cam footage
- It's uncle!
was shot only 30m from the explosion.
Eat quietly please.
It's uncle!
The police identified the
suspect as Kim Gun-woo.
Kim became a trending name recently
for saving Su-ah from
a brutal mugging incident.
Kim Gun-woo, you're full of surprises.
As a confirmed act of terrorism,
we've formed a task force
with the Intelligence Agency
for further investigation.
What's the motive?
Any ties to North Korea?
We're investigating
all possible courses.
- Yes?
- Is it true that
a bomb was installed on an RC car?
It's being looked into.
Do you have any solid information?
Why bother with a briefing then?
As an ongoing investigation,
we're only disclosing
irrefutable facts.
Please bear with us
as this will take time
to provide you more
accurate information.
Any validity that
this was a conspiracy
to stop Yoo's presidency?
You've swiftly released
the suspect's ID.
Is there a reason for this?
Is being swift also a problem?
As I've said before,
the task force can only
release irrefutable facts.
Moreover, as per national
emergency protocol,
all fake news and rumors
circulating on social media will
be tightly controlled from now on.
Us cops are glorified butlers here.
Sir, is there nothing we can do?
The police are powerless,
bound by our orders.
Boss, where are you?
He hung up.
I guess he can't stand
being called 'boss'.
You dress like spies
but act like hooligans.
Don't call me that.
So, are you running far away?
How can I run without you?
You okay?
What's going on?
They say you killed Yoo Young-guk.
Let me talk to them.
Mr. Kim Gun-woo.
Let the boy go.
Where are you?
Let's chat face-to-face.
I didn't do it!
Then why do you run?
Fine, I got nowhere to go,
I'm too tired of running.
See the camera behind you?
Wave to it.
I'm capturing everything.
Where do you think I'm going with this?
It's all over for you.
Move out.
We got you all!
No! No!
- Still capturing?
- Who are you?
See that?
You killed him.
What did you do?
- Right here?
- Yes, sir.
We'll be late, let's move.
Right away, sir.
Look here, Mr. Kim.
Everything's messed up.
Why're you doing this to me?
Isn't it obvious?
You killed a Presidential candidate
and even your own friend.
It wasn't me.
It can't be, it wasn't me.
0530 hours, telephone booth
across Sunghee Elementary.
I'll kill Yoo Young-guk with
my own hands today.
That's my voice...
But it wasn't me.
Right, it's been fabricated.
Everything is always about
perception in this world.
Depending on what we put
on those billboards,
you can either be a hero,
or the most wanted man.
Mr. Kim, I'm giving you a chance.
To confess.
No one is on your side now.
See what happens to
everyone you contact.
They'll all die.
What's with that car?
I'll check, sir.
Grey Galloper, pull back!
Pull back at once!
You're obstructing government affair!
Pull back!
Who are you?
Come with me!
Who are you?
There are over 10 million
security cams in Korea.
When you need to hide,
the sewage is your best bet.
How do you know Moo-yeol?
He's dead!
Shut up and follow!
He died because of you, you killed him!
If you had just died,
everyone would be alive.
Hey! Run!
Come on! Get in here!
You're gonna drown!
Yoo Young-guk from the
National Liberal Party...
It's too quiet
considering the debacle.
The scale of this
conspiracy is mind blowing.
I thought Moo-yeol was
an insurance salesman.
My wife thought I was
a ginseng salesman.
Until she died.
You don't know me but I
know you inside out.
Moo-yeol was my friend too.
Until he died.
Are you okay, sir?
We've scanned all security
cams but he's gone.
He was part of the Sunyang op
with Agent Shin Moo-yeol.
What about it?
Who cares about a failed op?!
Put up reward for tips.
And tail all his associates.
Yes, sir.
Bloody hell...
What a mess...
We were like shadows,
who worked for our country.
Why me?
I'm just a civilian.
They're after your image.
Model citizen overturned
into a criminal.
A sensational story
that everyone loves.
If a good person who would never
do such, commits a crime,
there's a sense of betrayal.
Then all focus will be on you,
and no one'll care about
why the crime took place.
What do they gain from it?
Don't try to find it,
you'll only die faster.
Had I died, he would be alive, right?
Okay, the song has an effect.
Like I said,
I know you inside out,
that's why I turned it on.
People let their guard down
when they're sentimental.
"Doubt everything,"
Moo-yeol always said that.
I guess you two weren't close.
I heard you weren't coming in today.
Ms. Jeon Sun-young.
High school friend of Kim Gun-woo.
Is that a problem?
Do you know Shin Moo-yeol?
He met Kim on the day of explosion
and died from his bomb.
Everyone who met him
are dying one by one.
If you two were close,
it could be a problem.
Ms. Jeon, tell him that
you'll cooperate.
Tell him now!
If you comply, we can track
his location when he calls.
You want to wiretap my phone?
We call it identification.
Identifying his number.
For your own safety.
He won't make contact.
We weren't that close.
Jang Dong-kyu
I just don't get it.
Even Gun-woo.
It's pretty clear to me.
His face is plastered on TV.
It's not about us believing it or not.
So are you saying
he actually killed Yoo?
He's not crazy enough to do that.
You're so spineless.
That's why I'm a lawyer.
You don't like coffee.
I know you don't.
It was a blessing that
Sun-young didn't marry him.
That bastard's too damn affectionate.
Stop it.
Stop what? Listen to what I'm saying.
I said stop, asshole!
Why? Why should I stop?
I was saying how you got
married really well.
What are you saying? She got divorced.
I'm saying it's good to do
a full circle, dipshit!
Why didn't I get a call
when you got divorced?
Your friend is the best
in the divorce business.
I was gonna call you
for my next divorce.
I knew this'd happen.
Let's get together soon!
Gun-woo: It's late but
have a Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year! Hope all goes well!
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
Me too.
Wait for me.
We can get back together later.
Gotta go.
Kim is standing on the roof
of a building in Gwanghwamun.
It's less than 30m
from the explosion.
It's easy to identify him
as Kim Gun-woo.
I'm told there's another video.
Yes, let's take a look.
Kim was seen purchasing
an RC car 3 days ago.
Restore my reputation?
No way, I want money.
Also, I want safe passage out
of this country with my daughter.
Hey. Pass it onto Director Hwang.
If all my conditions aren't met,
I have no problem going public
with this bastard and tell the truth.
You said you were Moo-yeol's friend.
His friend!
Come on, smile.
It's because of your family?
We're looking into follow-up
terror attack and accomplices.
What was the real reason
for total media blackout?
It's up to the discretion
of the task force
to release new info.
Security is crucial.
How are you certain that
Kim Gun-woo was the one
who called from the phone booth
when it is hard to track down?
Have there been any other calls?
I'm here with Kim.
Should I go public and tell the truth?
Pardon, could you repeat that?
Any additional calls from the suspect?
About that...
Send money now.
I know all about the slush fund.
I'll take that question.
There hasn't been any more
calls from the suspect.
We got a rat in the room.
Situation in the briefing room.
The whereabouts of...
Anyone assisting or safe
harboring the suspect
will be punished by
full extent of the law!
Sir, you know this is pointless.
I know you feel wronged,
but take the heat if you fail!
If you fail, they'll toss you too.
What are you doing?
Did your business go well?
Don't kill me!
Go away, it's over.
It's all over!
You're useless now!
We go separate ways.
Wait! Blood!
Shut up, it's just a scratch.
I'll drive you to the ER first!
Keep your hand up!
Is he nave or really stupid?
I can't seem to quit him.
- Get in the back!
- Okay!
You didn't really plan
to sell me to them, right?
That was my plan all along.
- Really?
- Don't know! Shut it!
Ops like this wrap up within 72 hours.
30 hours left.
Now what then?
Get the one who stole your face.
Hide your face first.
Members of the ruling party
held an emergency meeting,
and selected Jo Se-hyun as
the new leader of the party.
Most members are in agreement
with the decision,
it is likely that he'll be
their Presidential candidate
unless there is a big surprise.
Congressman Jo
has not made an official
statement about this yet.
Only 2 days till we
can swap candidates.
My apologies.
I'll take care of it now.
The transition must be as
smooth and quiet as possible.
Yoo was a trash alive, he
even stinks as a corpse.
I'll do my very best.
Shut up!
The courier, why is he still alive?
I thought that was a done deal.
An agent with similar
physique gets plastic surgery
to fabricate evidence.
We call him 'Silicone'.
He doesn't have to look identical.
They'll automatically believe it.
An illusion created by the
government and media.
It's actually easy to fool the public.
Why'd they go this far
just to frame me?
Think you're the only one?
Anyone can be a target,
if he's worth exploiting.
Stupid bastard!
It's a list of plastic surgeons
who were recently audited.
One of them probably
saw you in person.
Probably to study your face,
that's the protocol.
Wait! Him!
Yu-mi introduced him as her cousin!
Now the problem is finding him.
Undergoing divorce
He's in the middle of a divorce...
Ah yes, Mr. Kim, sorry about that.
Mr. Kim?
Gun-woo, what happened?
Why're you asking me about
that plastic surgeon?
You're a model citizen,
you can't do this to me!
Okay, I'll ask your wife.
Does she know you co-signed
for Hye-mi and lost a ton?
Okay, fine.
What do I do?
Good afternoon.
Our law firm has a lot
of nosy characters.
I think there's been
some misunderstanding.
He and I are friends,
actually, not even friends.
There's a severe punishment
for harboring a criminal.
You got this far after graduating
from a third-rate school.
- Mr. Jang?
- Yes?
Want to start from the bottom again?
So you sold out a friend?
It wasn't selling out.
I just told them where we're meeting.
You actually believe that
Gun-woo killed a man?
Our friend Gun-woo?
Sun-young, does this make sense?
Who knows?
After quitting the band,
we all went separate ways,
marriage, studying, and working,
and never got together properly.
Why were we always together back then?
I know, what were we grinning about?
Dammit, I made a mistake.
But I had to think about my family.
So what do we do now?
The police will be all over
the botanical garden.
Botanical garden?
He didn't say it directly out
of fear for wiretap,
he wanted to meet where
we shot the gig poster.
I'm so glad you have bad memory.
It's not there?
Get what he asked for, I'll meet him.
You will?
Can't sleep?
And you?
The agents came by again.
Reward money isn't taxed.
Even with a tip, we can get half.
So what?
I'm just saying.
It's got surveillance
and GPS functions.
So this is what special agents use?
Bought it online.
Here, put this inside your ear.
Get going!
Can you trust your friend?
What's the rush by yourself?
What about the boys?
Right, boys...
Why aren't they here yet?
I told them to meet us at the zoo.
Why isn't he coming?
Or botanical garden...
What time is it?
Why isn't he coming?!
How should I know?
Why? You're his BFF!
And you're not?
You know what?
Most people barely smile
before 11:16 AM on Monday.
Which means, no one's smiling now.
Funny, eh?
But you woke up early, right?
Smiled when you woke up,
and thought about stuff
to talk to me with?
It's so obvious.
I don't do stuff like that...
Me too.
I did that all morning.
You okay?
Not skipping meals?
Where do you sleep?
Where's Jang?
You know how jumpy he is.
This is what you asked for,
it's from Jang.
There's some emergency money.
did I live a bad life?
Moo-yeol died because of me,
and so did Ju-ho...
I just wanted to live a good life,
without hurting others.
An ordinary life.
No way.
We all believed in you.
Don't you remember?
You were the only one
who believed in Jang
when he wanted to go into law.
You even lent him tuition money.
Sun-young owes you too.
And you helped me when I got married.
Only you believed that
I'd be good on keyboard.
Actually, no one wanted
to play the keyboard.
Goddamn swindlers!
Kim! It's a trap! Get out of there!
Come on! Get out of there!
No! That's not it!
I didn't know I was being followed!
They came to see me though...
Gun-woo, it wasn't me!
Gun-woo, believe me!
Get the hell out!
Run westward.
Jump over the metal fence!
Hop in!
Get it together!
There's no time to be sentimental!
Now I understand why they
picked you by how you're doing.
They thought you'd be easy to exploit.
They could abuse you however
they want but you can't do shit,
that's what they were thinking.
Stop the car.
Thank you for everything.
Hey! Wait!
What can you do on your own?
What exactly can you do right now?!
You have to rethink how
you approach your life!
Don't easily believe everyone!
You have no idea how
scary this world is!
Lie and get lied to!
I know!
Of course I do!
I know what this world is like!
So what?
Should I walk away when someone's hurt?
Should I ignore a good friend's call?
Should I run away from everyone
so that I alone can survive?
Of course you do! Run away and ignore!
At least don't get lied to!
So, are you happy?
Why should I live like that?
What's wrong with living
with some loss?
Is it a crime to live kindly?!
I'm sorry.
Forget it, you idiot.
Now you feel like a human.
Get in, there's no time.
This is unbelievable...
You incompetent punks can't
even catch a civilian?
There's no time.
Let's take a short cut.
If they're after Silicone,
then let them find him!
I don't believe this,
why isn't she coming?
- Dong-kyu! Jang Dong-kyu!
- This is insane!
Over here! Here!
They're saying Geum-chul
is an accomplice.
But they won't tell me
where they took him!
Calm down, his kids are watching.
What are you doing? You can't do this!
You're obstructing a murder
conspiracy investigation.
What murder?
A component used in
homemade bomb was stolen.
The police swept the chemical factory,
and found Mr. Choi's fingerprints
and Kim was caught on security cam.
That can't be...
If you're helping an old friend...
Not an old friend,
we're still friends, even now.
Jackpot! I got it!
Jackpot at #25!
We got a jackpot! Jackpot!
That machine is all the rage!
Shovel all that money!
We must find the surgeon
who worked on Silicone.
Then we can get to the men
who did this to you.
Oh, Mr. Choi, came again?
Let's hit the jackpot today!
Today, I'm lucky!
What the heck!
I should play the game! Damn business!
Let's rock and roll!
Jackpot! Jackpot!
Bikini girls are flying in the sky!
Who the hell?
Wait a minute!
Please, wait!
Who the hell are you?!
Did your son ever call?
He's a murder suspect, any comments?
My son will never do
anything like that!
Is that all you can say to the people?
Can you apologize on
behalf of the criminal?
Criminal? Who are you accusing?
Did he ever contact you
after he was gone?
What's it like...
How dare you! You know
nothing about Gun-woo!
Don't you dare call him a murderer!
The police released
incriminating videos!
Is there proof that those aren't fake?
You all faked worse things!
Experts are calling him a sociopath!
Listen, I'm his father.
I know him better than anyone.
I'm sure you want to
believe your son...
Not believing, I just know.
So, get out of here!
Sir! One more comment please!
- Are you doubting the police?
- Is there a conspiracy?
He was suspended in school
for violent behavior!
- He had a psychiatric evaluation!
- Was he always violent?
I'm doing well,
despite these pests.
You can ignore it all.
I'm fine.
So don't worry about me.
Eat well, careful on the road
and don't get sick.
Stay alive, Gun-woo!
Don't get caught!
Just run!
- What do you mean?
- Are you abetting him?
All parents worry for their kids.
Even as a parent,
you shouldn't do that.
Eat some tofu.
Stop it, it's my choice to call.
You're so dumb-witted!
Just eat tofu, you idiot!
There's some booze left.
Have a drink, here.
Go! Get going!
My clinic was raided during the audit,
I didn't know things would
blow up this badly.
They said I'd be rewarded
for keeping quiet.
I've been thinking a lot,
and to be exact, I'm a victim too.
Not the face!
Medical record.
Damn, this is a copy and paste job.
Even I'm impressed!
Shit! Not the face!
Man, I was the big shot back then...
Could the address be real?
Probably, if it's a bait.
Look, it was edited 3 hours ago.
That can't be.
Let's go.
We've been invited.
Invited? What about me?
Wait, sir!
Sir! Hold on!
- So we just go?
- Did you pay?
They wanted us to get a whiff of this.
They knew we'd find Silicone.
So it was all part of the plan?
They've been waiting
to use Silicone as a bait.
What now then?
Isn't it obvious? Bite the bait.
I'd like to turn myself in.
I'm Kim Gun-woo, the
killer of Yoo Young-guk.
I'll wait in Hilltown #320.
We could be screwed if this goes south.
Why not go for it?
The task force already ditched us.
They don't even share case files.
Secure the location.
Get ready!
Moving to position.
Alpha 1, ready.
Charlie 1, ready on the roof.
Nothing to report.
Beta 2, ready.
Area D, clear.
Charlie 1, on recon.
Ready to go.
Beta 2, installing cams.
No signal.
Motorcycle approaching,
stay in position until ID verification.
What's this?
Who the hell?
- Pull it up!
- Yes, ma'am.
Wait, is the elevator busted?
Identification failed
because of helmets!
Be alert and secure the target!
Who orders this much?
Is this a prank?
Stay alert!
Listen carefully.
You can never win.
The Agency's plan
cannot be stopped.
That's your reality.
Kim Gun-woo,
just be the killer.
Uniforms have intruded.
Stop them!
What the hell is going on?
Too many civilians on site!
Delivery for #310!
Your chicken's here!
Did you order something?
#320 can't be exposed.
Kill on sight.
Sir, #320! There!
What happened?
Secure visual!
All units move in!
Move in! Move in!
Why? Do you feel wronged?
If you are,
how would your dead friends feel?
How many lives
were sacrificed because of you?
You took the bait properly.
Suspect Kim Gun-woo,
committed suicide.
Kim Gun-woo, this is the police!
Kim! Turn yourself in!
Open this door!
What are you doing?!
This is a task force op,
pull out at once.
You jerks...
Remove them.
Lower your guns.
Lower them!
What the hell?!
Who shot that?!
Hold them back!
Don't move!
What the hell is this?
Silicone's exposed.
Shut it down!
Execute plan B!
- Don't move!
- Change of plan! Plan B!
Tonight at 8PM,
an explosion took place
at an apartment in Seoul,
Kim Gun-woo and an accomplice
were killed in a suicide
bombing incident.
The criminals were killed
on site, and a detective...
Alpha, Alpha, moving
to the spot with the body.
...is under the doctor.
With the prime suspect dead,
the task force is closing
the assassination case
of Yoo Young-guk.
I won't take any questions.
The Agency's plan cannot be stopped.
That's your reality.
Kim Gun-woo,
just be the killer.
Give up?
I can't do that.
But take what you can get.
Hurry up!
What'd that be?
If you survive, we win. Even Moo-yeol.
Don't let his death be a waste.
Stay alive and escape.
Just like how Silicone stole your face,
now you steal his.
Contact point.
Good work.
Shrouded in a devastating
terror incident,
there's been a release that
candidate Jo Se-hyun,
who emerged as Yoo's replacement,
has become a front runner.
Meanwhile, assassin Kim's high
school friend Choi Geum-chul
confessed his involvement
and was moved to the
prosecution office.
Lee Jung-wook reporting.
Could you elaborate?
I'm sorry.
I did what Kim Gun-woo
told me to do.
He always wanted to be famous,
he often said crazy things.
He was aggressive,
and had many complaints
against the society.
I knew it was crazy,
but he threatened my family...
Let me through!
- Geum-chul! Bud!
- Choi Geum-chul!
That's a lie!
Everything's fake!
It wasn't Gun-woo!
He's innocent!
Help me!
Please help!
Help me!
He didn't do anything wrong!
Please help!
Help us!
- Geum-chul, it's okay!
- Dong-kyu!
Dong-kyu, help us!
It wasn't Gun-woo! He's innocent!
This Monday morning dedicated
to memories of your friends.
They say people don't smile
before 11:16 AM on Mondays.
Those driving right now
will feel that way.
The traffic is heavy
as usual on Mondays.
Cars heading into
Seoul from Incheon...
Sun-young, can't you report properly?
This is 3 min. Traffic Report.
I'd like to apologize in advance
for what I'm about to do.
We have an emergency tip,
I'll connect now, hello?
Good morning.
My name is Kim Gun-woo.
I've been framed for
assassinating Yoo Young-guk,
- and is on the run.
- This guy's alive?
Driver! Turn the volume up!
I was pronounced dead,
who could I be?
In addition,
who would that be if it's not
my corpse lying in the morgue?
Jeon Sun-young! Are you nuts?!
It's Kim Gun-woo! He's alive!
Is it natural for a
dead man to come back?
The public is crying foul with
conspiracy theories and rumors!
That will never happen.
Of course! He's a piece of evidence!
Him being alive is evidence.
- Clean up properly.
- Certainly.
I'll take care of it myself.
This is a state of emergency.
Initiate checkpoints at major roads,
and get all cops involved.
Scour all available security
cams, even dash cams!
Once he's found,
shoot to kill.
Gun-woo is alive.
Then what about...
the body we verified?
He was after a plastic surgeon,
someone stole his face!
That sounds absurd!
Whether you believe it or not,
he risked his life and
came back for Geum-chul!
He came back for Geum-chul?
Why are you exactly my friends?
But why meet there?
So sentimental...
When I asked him why...
I guess I miss those days...
We got together to practice,
and hung out everyday.
Had I known how it'd turn out,
we should've got together often.
I miss you all so much.
Let's all meet
if I survive this.
So survive and come back to us.
do you know why he named
his shop Golden Slumber?
He didn't even like The Beatles,
when we played together.
We forced him to play
over and over again.
He wanted to bring
everyone back together.
Even so, how could he do this!
He's making a grown man cry!
I hate it!
Gather the media!
I got this!
Let's put on a show
in front of the media!
My friend is alive!
He's alive!
The internet is blowing up
with Kim Gun-woo's appearance on the 3 min.
Traffic Report...
The police stated that this
was a broadcasting accident,
and the station also
stopped the broadcast...
The man claimed to be
Kim Gun-woo promised to
come forward at a Sinchon
outdoor theater at 4...
What the hell?!
Sinchon Rotary 50m
Water discharge 4PM
You're all participating
in an illegal protest.
Please disperse at once.
Wait a minute! This isn't a protest!
We've just gathered here,
we're all good friends.
- Take him away, hurry!
- Is speaking out illegal?
I'm just waiting for my friend!
A friend who's framed!
I'm a lawyer!
Kim Gun-woo spotted.
Don't move!
Stay right there!
Target secured!
Everyone, check your phones!
Kim Gun-woo's article is up.
Check the article!
It's all over! Disperse at once!
A scammer?
Let the man go.
It's all over, please go home.
Wait! Please! Over here!
Everything he's saying is fake!
It's all fabrication!
Don't listen to that man!
Everyone! Please don't go!
Wait! I'm a lawyer! Please wait!
Sun-young, this is bad.
Stinks like hell!
Look at this rat.
Mr. Kim Gun-woo.
You could've just walked away.
I've thought it over,
and there's no reason for me to flee.
Did you suddenly grow balls?!
Why interfere with government work!
Is that why
you killed people?
No, we killed people
for the nation!
You bastards!
This is it.
Is he high?
Since it's all for our nation,
I'll gladly die.
By the way,
can you swim at all?
What's he barking about?
Lieutenant! I need a favor!
Could you pull up Donggyo Intersection,
and Sinchon Rotary too!
It's a matter of life and death!
Oh man...
Snap out of it, this is
against regulations.
This is police property!
Gun-woo said he'll climb
out of a manhole.
But he's dead!
Didn't you see the news?
Zoom in on that one! #274! Sir!
Pull up screen #274!
Come on, hop in!
There's no time! Let's go!
Forget it, I'm not forcing you!
I'm gonna go!
I told you I'd pay you back!
How did you know?
Who's Jeon Sun-young?
Your best friend apparently.
She told me about this manhole
and asked for my help.
We're even now.
Are you ready to greet?
It's Kim Gun-woo!
Kim Gun-woo!
Are you really Kim Gun-woo?
One comment, please!
I am Kim Gun-woo.
Let's go!