Gold Bodyguard (2023) Movie Script

Customer successfully received
ready to go
The front is safe and can pass normally
Beware of heavy smoke ahead
There is also smoke behind
Expand defensive formation
This is an ambush
Enemy firepower is too strong
look professional
Not necessarily a real professional
if time goes back
Might as well change a bodyguard team
safe outside
Come out
Empty car
There may be an ambush at
the entrance of the tunnel
We need to send another
car out to investigate.
Big cow
The short one only has two bullets left.
The taller one has the most bullets left.
And this one looks the strongest
The way he holds the gun is a little weird
My left shoulder must have been injured
left shoulder left shoulder
one shot
two shots
What's wrong, Mr. Zhang?
Didn't see it
Because I wore it
Youyou diapers
A hail of bullets
Not only does it not leak
Not uncomfortable yet
adults and children
Don't worry about going out
Welcome to watch our advertising
This diaper can be used by
both adults and children
Today in our live broadcast room
Only ninety-nine
Did you think there was only one pack?
Two packs
Three guarantees
four packs
five packs
And also free shipping
Hurry up and click on the Little Yellow
Car No. 2 link to place an order.
Limited quantity
First come first served
While everyone is still placing orders,
Introduce yourself to
the new family members
The three of us are real bodyguards
From Contradictory Security Company
The person sitting on my right
is the founder of our company
Mr. Tong Song
The one on the left is extremely powerful.
Is our company's security consultant
Mr. Liang Meng
You can call him Daniel
I am the company's publicity
director and technical consultant
Our company's business scope is wide
But the main thing is to
provide customers with
Personal and property safety and security
Our advantage lies in
Outstanding professionalism
Excellent technology
The key is good quality and low price
Prices for common people
emperor's service
Our boss said
Promote our company's products more
Now I see our diapers
Already robbed
If you didn't get it, don't worry.
I asked the boss to add
another five hundred orders
We don't have many jobs as a bodyguard.
This live broadcast is
getting worse and worse
Will the company really want to
change careers in the future?
Just because there is no life
We need to find another way
Not only did they earn advertising fees
Also using the traffic from
their live broadcast room
Did a wave of free publicity
Spring body leech waist
What does it mean
able to bend and stretch
That medicine was taken in the morning
Don't forget
one two three
one two three
(seeking bee liquid)
Acupuncture Guide
not educated
Acupuncture Guide
Point acupoint point acupoint
The word itself refers to
reading acupuncture points
Many words nowadays are because
People like you read too much
So the sound changed
Where did you get it?
Got it from a second-hand bookstall.
The boss said it was out of print
You've been very studious lately
That is required
As the saying goes
External training of
muscles, bones and skin
Take a breath inside
This is internal strength
Brother Song
It's been several days since
our live broadcast, right?
Their diapers sell for millions
We haven't received a
single job as a bodyguard.
Have you really changed careers?
Are you from the bodyguard
company downstairs?
This is for you
You deliver food and also
do courier work part-time?
It's strange to say
I go to the restaurant to pick up food
When I got out of the car, I
put this envelope in the basket.
There's still a hundred
dollars buried underneath.
I can't just take money, right?
I just sent the things to you.
OK thank you
No signature
Anonymous letter
Let me see
I want to invite you
Help me protect the girl in the photo
starting today
three days
Pay after the work is done
one million
Not even a signature
Does anyone know who is in the photo?
One million back
This is An Ning's sister
I follow a big stock trading V
He said the bull market is coming
Then I have to get in the car quickly
But just the three melons
and two dates in my hand
Not enough to put together
You also know
Online loans are so convenient now
an ID card
Deposit within 48 hours
I just borrowed 100,000 yuan
Who knew I bought a junk stock?
I was trapped all of a sudden
Am I asking you this?
I'm asking why you are in the hospital
I still don't have the money
Those debt collectors know that I
work as a caregiver in a nursing home.
Just looked for it
Four or five people surrounded me
I'm trying to trick them
Fall to the ground
As a result, I forgot that
there are steps below.
The whole person went down
I'll go to the hospital to check
The doctor said it was a mild concussion
inward observation
Then I must not blackmail them to death
I've already done this scar makeup
They said they filmed it
with their mobile phone
Said he didn't touch me at all
Do you have any lawyer friends?
Can I ask?
This scares me
Do you need to be legally responsible?
If you are short of money,
you should first come to me.
Can't find you
Why can't you find me?
I have been calling you for
more than a year since dad left.
It's you who don't answer
my point is
I can't find you
Finding online loans is more convenient
The results of it
Caused a lot of trouble
Do you know that there are people who
come to us specifically to protect you?
Have no idea
You don't have to worry about my affairs
I will pay the money I owe myself.
I didn't want you to help me
How did you come
This is your favorite candy
Only the lavender flavor is left
Sister Ning
This is your sister's boyfriend
How to speak
What boyfriend
Hello uncle
Where's the uncle?
I am her
Dong Dongdong
Shut up
A bit too tempered
Don't have a meal together
Come and have something salty
Don't eat, don't eat
You haven't had breakfast yet
I'll go up and ask again later.
Someone asked us to protect your sister
Although the way is a bit strange
But it's not groundless
Sister Ning
Although I have never
seen your sister before
But I heard you mention her
I feel like your relationship is okay
Why is it like this now?
Why don't you tell me
How many times have I
discussed this with you?
You don't even agree
Does it make sense for you to
let dad spend all this time?
What if there is a miracle?
The doctors said there is no hope
It's nothing more than watching the
electrocardiogram every day for comfort.
But at least dad is still here
But you signed up to give up treatment
It's gone
Do you know that everything is gone?
People who come to us
to protect their comfort
I should know your
relationship with your sister
Who do you think it will be?
Not sure
I think
Most likely it's a prank
At least give me a deposit
The candy your sister ate
just now was lavender flavored
Why don't you give her a call?
What are you doing
There is a wasp
I think you are sick
imported apples
provoke you to provoke you
Compensate me quickly
Brother, I feel like you
bought it too expensively.
Why is this wasp chasing
me and stinging me?
Lavender itself attracts bees easily
Mix it with sugar
It's equivalent to making a fishing nest
I just saw a wasp outside
But close the window
I think it should be fine
I'm not saying you have
obsessive-compulsive disorder
Why don't you open the window?
Did you know that our Anyi
is allergic to bee venom?
Do you want to harm her?
There is bird droppings in the window
I want to die without rubbing
Wasp stung her
What does it have to do with me
Tell me one more thing
It's not intentional
Can't take it seriously
Have you forgotten that you were stung by
a wasp in your hometown a few years ago?
Half my life was almost lost
Fortunately, the rescue was timely
It seems you are quite dangerous here.
Get discharged
I originally wanted to leave today
close the window
The cooked duck flew away
How are you preparing for Plan B?
It was ready last night
You guys live here
Just her
I don't live here
I'm very traditional
We won't live together
before we get married.
This is the old home of the
director of the nursing home.
Use it as a dormitory for them
The nursing home is not
far from here either.
Just behind the mountain
Nursing homes are also in bad shape now.
Everyone has almost left
Just live here with a caregiver by yourself
I usually come over in the
evening and cook a meal for her.
Although she doesn't eat much
Sister, sit down
I'll cook for you two
Someone sent this to us
Leave a message and let us protect you
What else did you get into?
Maybe those lenders are afraid
that something will happen to me.
After all, it's the uncle
who owes money these days.
I'm telling you seriously
I'm telling you serious things too
Just take two photos
You just want to find
an excuse to spy on me.
What are you doing
spy on you
baby kiss
Please keep your voice down
An Yi won't let me mention this
Is this surveillance in a nursing home?
You are really online 24 hours a day
I was very handsome when I was a child
and smart
Her dad likes me very much
Then I told my dad
Let's just treat our
two families as in-laws.
So my marriage to An Yi is like this
It was decided early
where will you go later
Return to nursing home
An old man celebrates
his 70th birthday today
We prepared a program for her
Can you stop looking for nothing to say?
Not embarrassed
You used to be in the acrobatic class
A skill
Horse riding archery tightrope walking
Unlock top bowl somersault
What I am most powerful about is
you've seen it
There are so many flying cards online.
What's that?
I don't just fly cards with my hands
I have even more powerful skills
Do you know how to acupuncture?
What I'm best at is the smile point
Laughing point
Three fingers below the
person's belly button
It's the armpits and soles of the feet
Play the relaxing music so loudly
Stop making people complain
The neighbor is not at home anymore
and we are going out to play.
What are you thinking about?
The hospital wasp thing
Have you ever felt a little strange?
We just received the commission
An Yi would almost have had an accident
That was a total accident
Unless someone controls the wasp
Then this guy is awesome
Can control bugs
Suddenly I want to watch this movie again
What is the wireless network in your home?
There's no wifi
They're all rubbing
shoulders with each other.
I'll look for it for you
Can't find it
Did someone go out to
play and pull the switch?
When I came back in the
afternoon, there was still
Are you in arrears?
What's wrong
The neighbor's electric
meter is not working
The arrears should also be displayed.
Unless the power is out
Where is the second floor
behind this billboard?
What's wrong
Don't wash it, it's dangerous
What's the rush?
It'll be fine soon
I come
Why are you dragging me?
Let's go
what are you doing
Are you sick?
It's okay no problem
Fortunately, no electricity arrived
This is called auspicious
people having their own destiny
It's not a matter of whether
there is electricity or not.
Think about it
I took a shower and listened to music
Suddenly the door was knocked open
Am I not trying to save you?
It's all my fault
If I had rushed in early,
I would have been fine.
I will close my eyes
what did you see
You'd better forget about it
Forget it completely
I don't care about you
I am leaving
Take a look
This is what we captured on surveillance
There are two angles
The wire was hung up by a truck.
This is the delivery
truck from Cuntou Factory
Pass here every night
It's usually fine
Mainly because the motorcycle was overtaking
and coming in the opposite direction.
As a result, the white
car coming towards me
Also change lanes and go retrograde
Next truck
To avoid the white car
Also forced to change lanes
Turned to the door of the next door house
The wire height at the door is low
So there were wires hanging
off the back of the truck.
That hung up wire
Just put it on the iron
frame of the billboard
The bathroom floor drain
happened to be clogged with hair.
The water overflowed
What a coincidence
It's not surprising that this
kind of emergency happened, right?
But An Yi has been a bit
too memorized recently.
Mrs. Liu celebrates her birthday today
I have to help prepare it
You should also change your clothes.
Don't catch a cold
The suitcase is in the car
This is already the second accident
Isn't it such a coincidence?
The daily driving time and
route of the truck are known
The variables are motorcycles and cars
unless they are arranged
The wires and floor drains
were also tampered with.
How can it be
What if the person taking a
bath at that time was not An Yi?
Or clean the floor drain
while An Yi takes a shower?
Everything has probability
It's just a matter of probability
Considering that someone
asked us to protect An Yi
We need to be more vigilant
You and An Ning will follow An Yi
to the nursing home in a while.
I'll go to the hospital again
Why go to the hospital?
Evidence does not stand alone
Unless the hospital
wasps also have a problem
Can you do it alone?
There is Brother Bao
winter winter winter winter
take pliers
Why don't you have good
eyesight at such a young age?
Aren't these pliers right at your feet?
Pass it to me
You have to hire someone to work with you
Let us young people do this job?
You're talking like I'm so old
You are not old, you are young
Please help me blow up some more balloons
Okay, thank you for your hard work today.
Peaceful, right?
Hello, Dean
Are you An Yi's sister?
It's really hard for
you to come and help me.
I also want to thank you for
taking good care of An Yi.
Where did this candy come from?
Don't you know your blood sugar is high?
Uncle Zhang
Have you smoked?
Where did it come from
I gave him candy in exchange for it.
Uncle Li
This tea is quite strong
Face turned red
Ancient tea
At what temperature?
Must be fifty-three
Twenty years old Pu'er
longer than your year
twenty years
I will write down the usage and
dosage of this medicine for you.
What are you doing?
Everyone is waiting for you
Let's go
Why are you wearing this outfit?
Didn't you buy this?
Same as you
That won't work
Today is such an important day
I push you to change your clothes
Is the water temperature okay?
You like to eat that egg custard?
I did some research recently.
While stirring
Don't use cold water
Use warm water
The taste is just right
Tell me what you like to eat then.
Write it down in the notebook I gave you
How embarrassing to say this now
What's embarrassing
This color is different
Just last night
Someone comes to buy candy from me
I was left with the lavender flavor.
it's him
Just this person
But it's normal to think about it
My store guards the hospital
Various taboos for various patients
I sold it to him without much thought.
This is your favorite candy
Only the lavender flavor is left
Okay Brother Bao
Then I'll wait for you in
the hospital parking lot
You borrow money to trade stocks
You want to help the nursing home?
You know it all
What can you hide?
Rest assured
What if the nursing home really disappears?
Your son won't come to pick you up
Just follow me
Go live with me
You listen to me
I'm a person who never lies
You said how could I lie to you?
Daughter in law
I saw a wheelchair
Racing with a private car
Wheelchairs also outnumber private cars
I really didn't lie to you
Be happy
Eat here and eat here
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Who is this person?
His name is Bai Bing
Just call him Baiyanlang
He is Mrs. Liu's son
Mrs. Liu gave him the company
He kicked Old Mrs. Liu out of the house
More than ten years
Don't care at all
Are you okay?
It's okay, you chase him first
So able to run
Today is your good day
My son came here specially this time
Here's a cup of tea for you
Bengbeng used to be a stray dog
One time I fed it a sausage
It will come every day from now on
Wait for me to wake up at
the door in the morning
Wait until I fall asleep
before leaving at night
You are busy with your business
I have it with me
That's it
Look at what you said
The company has been losing
money in recent years.
My son has been struggling to support him
I will inevitably ignore you
Can't my son apologize to you?
Last night
My dad gave me a dream
He said, why don't you give me the things?
I'm worried that no one
will see you off to the end
I have a whole day today
This godless person
My hands are still trembling even now
What if my hand trembles again?
It seems my dad was right
Please eat shit
Fuck me
Everyone, evacuate immediately
Back to the house
Good men do not fight with women
let go of me
I'll wash your hair
call me
Come on all
How are you okay?
Just learned internal martial arts
I'm worried that no one
will practice my skills.
Bring it on
Up up up up
Blame me for not being good at studying
You have to rely on me
muscle skin
You wait
No one is chasing
But he chased away one of his shoes
Brother Bao, smell what this smells like
Smell it
This guy has athlete's foot
Really awesome
I mean the smell on my hands
It seems like something spilled in his bag
bee attractant
This thing is particularly
useful for catching bees.
When I was in my hometown in Guizhou,
often used
Why is this man a bee hunter?
Don't be disappointed either
At least we found a pair of shoes, right?
Size 41
I can just wear it
Found it
What do you want with that crap?
No lesson learned
The book is a good book
is my problem
Dong Dongdong
When I smeared shit in whose face today?
I should let you record it for me
Post it online like this
Maybe it will be popular
That group of people is not a
good person at first glance.
You took advantage of others today
What will you do if people come
to take revenge on you tomorrow?
Think of me now
You just dragged me
Got me kicked
You did it on purpose?
I don't want you to make things worse
Everything you say is right
What was the situation at that time?
What should I do if I
scare the old man out?
Isn't that okay?
In the end, everyone was quite relieved.
It's not what you think
What you think may not
be what everyone thinks
Can't you understand the difference
between relief and danger?
What do you mean
I'll just put up with that bastard
you can
I can not do it
I wonder
Why should everything be done as you say?
Have you considered other people's
feelings when doing things?
Always make your own decisions
I want to advise you to calm
down when things happen.
You calm down
Are you still cold-blooded?
What does it mean
You fall back and forth
I just want to use the topic
to talk about the past.
I tell you
that matter
I can never get over it
Start from the hospital
You just keep holding your breath
But I've been putting up with you
Do you think you are the only one
who feels uncomfortable about dad?
That's my dad too
I thought you would blame me
But I didn't expect it
to be this unforgivable
Because you were the one who gave up on him
How many times has the doctor said this?
That's brain death
Only the heartbeat remains
Others have gone
Someone has to do this
When I pick up the pen to sign
My mind is blank
I suddenly can no longer write my name that
I have been writing for more than 20 years.
That's when I realized
The most difficult thing in
life is to write your own name
I cried all afternoon
I realized that since then
You are the only relative in the world
How I wish you could give me a hug
Then say it's okay
I'm still here
But I didn't expect
What resulted was a year-long estrangement
It seems like you remind me every day
It wasn't cancer that killed Dad
but me
Not only did I lose him
also lost you
You once asked me nothing
Do I understand?
I tell you
I know
Know better than you
Your rich people's hobbies and interests
Most people really can't understand it
This scratch-off ticket
it's worth five bucks
But because it might win 100,000
This is great value for money
The same reason
I gave you so much money
my expectations for you
Far more than its value
But you failed twice in a row
I missed it twice in one day.
Do you know how sad I am?
According to your reasoning
Does anyone know that An Yi
is allergic to bee venom?
Then put wasps outside the ward
I also know that An Yi
likes that brand of candy.
Specially bought out other flavors
Only the lavender smell that
attracts wasps is left behind
Then use that obsessive-compulsive
disorder to open the window
Let the wasps in
The purpose is to kill An Yi
Several people suddenly
appeared around the girl
That ruined our plan
a cripple
a sissy
Add another fool
What kind of mysterious
combination is this?
I can confuse you too
But that's a hospital
Even if you get bee venom,
you can still save it, right?
That's a brain hospital
They must have known about it in advance
That hospital doesn't have the
conditions for rescue at all.
Plus it was the rush hour
for getting off work.
It's too late to transfer
to another hospital
does not mean failure
We've always had her whereabouts
You can start a new plan at any time
As you say
The wire thing is not impossible.
Then this person's calculations
are too careful, right?
There's no way it's a person
It must be an organization
regardless of cost
You have less than two days left
No need to plan anything anymore
Come to the most direct one
As long as something happens
Just don't bite me out
Killing is not difficult
The hard thing is that people
don't know you killed people
This is called great value for money
Kill someone by causing an accident
The possibility of
homicide will be ruled out.
No murderer
No one will pursue it
try your luck
You need this now
Don't believe in your luck
So I don't want to overdraft
The comfort has not returned yet
The phone is turned off
and cannot be located
What if there is danger?
Just finished meeting with a client
The goal is also under control
We have started a new plan
The key is who those people are
Why do they want to kill An Yi?
This is your last order
Once you're done, you can go to
Pilar Beach to bask in the sun.
You have to delay retirement
The house over there has been bought
Just prepare your pension
It seems like you got nothing, too.
I asked a circle of An Yi's best friends.
They all said they didn't know
Nursing home has no clues
I checked all the monitors
Although her phone is turned off
But I definitely don't worry
about the nursing home.
I can use a computer to
check the surveillance there.
I can go through her account
Find out the IP address from
which she last logged in
Liangjiang Holiday Hotel
Where is this?
Our hometown
I should have thought of it
When she is unhappy, she goes back to relax
Excuse me
catch the thief
Comfortable hotel at
the top of the mountain
Our car can only park up
to the mountainside later.
The road to the top of the
mountain is too dangerous
The scenic area only allows
internal vehicles to pass
Your home has been
developed into a scenic spot
Then go home
Do I have to spend money to buy tickets?
Just like Puyi returned
to the Forbidden City
We have a local account
And there are discounts
on accommodation too
It's a very large executive suite
Stay once a year for free
Now this situation
How about we call the police first?
Someone killed An Yi
It's all our guesses
Can't prove anything
What if the police call the
police and make them anxious?
What to do if a dog jumps
over the wall in a hurry
We are not sure yet
Is Anyi a hotel on the mountain?
If she goes down the mountain now
It's possible to miss it
How about this
Let's split up
Dongdong, you and I take the
cable car up the mountain
Peace stays here
Daniel, please work harder.
Hiking up the mountain
I'm afraid of heights
Just wait here with my sister.
Can you sell me your shoes?
Secretly filming others
Not too polite
rest assured
The person you want to protect
Not on the cable car
Now we have a radius of fifty meters
There is no signal
You are so efficient
I'll take a look
four lines
Like it's burned out
How did this mouse get in?
There's a mouse stuck on the console
What a coincidence
Like those people's methods
Maybe the person doing this now
Still around
I go to the other side
Don't follow me
one person
That means it has been
predicted in advance.
Our side
I'm the only one on the cable car, right?
Know yourself and know the enemy
I want my work to be completed successfully
Relying on a lot of intelligence
collection and psychological research
you are disabled
Will definitely take the cable car
The nature of your bodyguard profession
Focus on defense
look forward and backward
will be more
In order not to miss the
people you want to protect
There must be someone staying
at the foot of the mountain
Someone is walking up the mountain road
Go up the mountain
Have good physical strength
That must be Liang Meng
What remains at the foot of
the mountain is tranquility
The cable car station has
a large flow of people
She was there so she
could recognize her sister
As for Dong Dongdong
eight years ago
When performing a trapeze
in the acrobatic troupe
Have fallen down
Since then, I have been afraid of heights
He will definitely not follow you up here
We have only been exposed
to An Yi for two days
You have figured out our details so clearly
Such strong business ability
What can I do?
More than 50 million people
die every year worldwide
Among them, 3.5 million
died in various accidents
There is a basic concept
in probability theory
called decisive phenomenon
meaning is
It will inevitably happen
under certain conditions
And we
is good at providing conditions
If you don't say the
second half of the sentence
I thought you sold insurance
Since you can calculate it so clearly
The hole must have been dug
Just wait for us to dance, right?
Why him
Because he's looking at
both of us at the same time
This is a new scenic spot
Developed not long ago
There are still many people
who hunt illegally here
No need for us to dig holes
There is already someone
Digging it for us
what we have to do
Just taking you there
Target No. 3 is approaching you
be prepared
local jade
authentic jade
Come on beauties
Come, come, take a look
Authentic local jade
You can't buy it outside
The quality of this one is very good.
There is a section of the road that is very
steep as we approach the top of the mountain.
No matter how good Liang
Meng's physical strength is,
After running such a long mountain road
Physical energy consumption will be great
The reaction will also be slow
So a little
little accident
can make him
Lost your footing and fell down
three hundred dollars
Three hundred is a bit expensive
Don't, don't
Is thirty okay?
There is a snake
You three stooges
He can really stand up to Zhuge Liang
We should have cherished each other
Each his own
Killer meets bodyguard
beat an opponent like you
my career
It can also draw a happy ending
There must be a period
But is it perfect?
Hard to say
It's just you and me on the cable car now
If something happens to me
It's hard for you to
explain clearly, right?
This is a new type of medicine
Has hallucinogenic effects
Many people regard it as
a substitute for drugs
If this dose is injected into you
If something happens, people will
just think you are a drug addict.
It's you who need to explain
not me
You know the last person who did this to me
What's the end?
Since I have touched your bottom
Naturally, he came prepared
What about this one?
Brother Song
you finally woke up
I went to confirm
The ice cubes are indeed gone
you're awake
Let me just say that
this method is effective.
It's not like I went to
medical school for nothing.
You're clearly a ploy
in the movie "Drug War"
Then you have to understand the situation
Do you know what kind of injection he got?
Am I right about this?
After I went up the mountain,
I first found comfort in the hotel
I found you later when I went to
the infirmary to get medicine.
You were unconscious at the time
Feeling hot all over
It feels like it's going to smoke
There is no internet or signal in the hotel
People are freaking out
Even the infirmary was so busy
that there was no one around.
Thanks to those ice cubes
I really don't know when you will wake up
those clothes of yours
I put the dryer on
what to do
Still no signal
I can't contact my sister and the others.
These people are very well prepared.
They must have disconnected the internet.
The signal tower was also destroyed by them
I guess the cable car
hasn't been repaired yet.
It really is
The staff worked hard
Just saved everyone
Where's the woman in the cable car with me?
What woman
It was just you at that time
What are you two talking about?
I asked my sister how she is doing now
I have no idea
if you go out now
Life is in danger at any time
let me go
Get out of my way
I'm going to find my sister
It doesn't flash, right?
Get out of my way
Get out of my way
let me out
If something happens to you now
All our efforts have become worthless
Including your sister
Sorry sister
Sister, wake up
How are you
Eyes can't see anymore
How are you
My arm seems to be broken
Have you called?
No signal
Let me try to step on your shoulder
See if I can get out
Out of reach
If I step on your shoulders
Maybe it can be dug out
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I'm afraid of heights
When I was performing a
trapeze in an acrobatic troupe,
It's because I didn't do a good somersault.
Broken my leg
And then there was a
psychological shadow from then on
But now comfort is in danger
No matter how difficult it is
I also have to overcome this fear
I'm quite heavy
Do not talk nonsense
Are you okay?
You can come up now
Let's never quarrel again, okay?
How uncomfortable are you then?
People in the infirmary
Said they couldn't fix my broken bones
Sent us some bandages and medicine
It hurts, it hurts
Don't scream, don't scream
Fortunately, it was the
conjunctiva that was injured
Not the cornea
conjunctival hyponeurosis
Apply some medicine
Should be able to recover quickly
I can do this
All Jingwu heroes act like this
I can
I'll get it for you
That's a dislocation
I have a broken bone
it's the same
Let me do it
You can also set bones
Health schools also teach this
Told in school
give it a try
Come on then
why are you going
Can't trust me
Do not worry
It doesn't hurt
Does it hurt that much?
Arm hurts
Warm in my heart
I heard
You came out of the trap
for you
I can overcome all difficulties
I'll go to the infirmary soon to check
Is there any medicine
that can make people mute?
Or just make us both deaf.
There's nothing wrong with this arm.
He must be stretching it
Ten days and a half month will be enough
Can you turn off the air conditioner?
I'm allergic
Some people are allergic
to air conditioners
Allergic to irritants
Don't just wipe it for sister
The water is out now
Leave some for me
It's my fault too
The bathtub was not blocked at that time
All the ice water is gone
But this water outage was
also caused by these people.
Why are they?
Maybe he wants to make us thirsty to death
All communications are cut off
How about we go down the
mountain and call the police?
I wanted to do this before
going up the mountain
But the roads out of the
mountains are blocked
Mountain road landslide
You said it was a coincidence or not?
Let me use my phone
Is this the notepad you carry with you?
Is there anyone around you?
What about using sticky notes like this?
Most elderly people in nursing homes use
I gave it
Can you recognize this
person's handwriting?
Mrs. Liu
Her words are easy to recognize
when at home
I didn't pay attention
She asked us to protect you
It means she knows you are in danger
The whole thing has
something to do with her
I remember her son went to a nursing home
The purpose is to ask her for something
That thing must be very important
Even very valuable
Has she given you anything?
There is such a thing
I don't have much time left to live.
I still have something valuable in my hand
you are so good to me
I want to leave it to you
give it to me
Tomorrow I will go to the Brilliant Hotel
Hire the chef
Make delicious food for you every day
Don't talk about Chef Bao
Just buy the whole hotel
Better go to bed early
In this dream
Everything is there
I mean it
I'm serious too
Stop making trouble
You want something so valuable
You still live here?
Do I really want it?
I do not want
Keep it for yourself
It seems that the old
lady really wasn't kidding
This is the information I
got back from the hospital
The old lady's cancer cells spread quickly
optimistic point of view
One month left
She should be thinking
Disposed of all property before death
His son should have known about this.
Zhizi Moruomu
Mrs. Liu is afraid that her son
will be detrimental to An Yi
So let us protect her
And she was worried
An Yi may refuse her gift
So I kept it secret
Don't let us know who she is
old lady
I have investigated before
You don't have a dime
of property to your name
I didn't expect you to still have a hand
Not only did it invest in
a pharmaceutical company
And let your friend hold
the shares on your behalf
You said if you had told me earlier
I won't send you to a nursing home
She asked us to protect you for three days
Explain what she gave you
It should be time-sensitive
Can't cash it until tomorrow
This company is now listed
The market value has
increased several times
Her equity will be lifted tomorrow
Such a large amount of money
You can't give it all to that girl, right?
It doesn't matter
She won't live until then either
Wait until the old lady leaves
That money still belongs to me
just in case
What if the old lady donated the money?
She'd better not think that way
Otherwise, I will die for her in advance
No wonder these people
put so much effort into
I'm going to kill you tonight too
And he spent a lot of money
How much is the value of
what this old lady gave you?
The cable car is broken
The signal tower doesn't work
We have completely lost
contact with the outside world
Wait for foreign aid to arrive
Probably tomorrow morning
They must have laid a dragnet
But we are a bunch of destitute people
Can you bear it?
The trapped beast still fights
it's going to be a very long night
Then we won't sleep all night
Just stay in this room
I don't believe them
Dare to come in and kill people
with open swords and guns
if their purpose
Just let us stay in the house
It is better to be proactive than passive
Sometimes the best defense is offense
Take the initiative
Catch them off guard
But where are we going to find them?
Maybe they're staying in the hotel too
Check-in records can be checked
When we go to get medicine
I secretly went to the front desk to
read the registration information.
I didn't see the one wearing the peaked cap
they are unlikely
Check in with your real identity
You can go into the intranet
and check the monitoring
Can you still play computer
games with your eyes like this?
Just have someone to help you
The amount of information
monitored is too large
we don't have enough time
Check complaint record
Hotel at this time
I'm sure a lot of people
are calling to complain.
But these people won't
This is the legendary
blind exercise, right?
No one called to complain
There are fifteen rooms in total
Except our room
and six vacant rooms
The remaining eight are suspect
They are now very likely
Monitored by hotel
Staring at us
Find a way to cut off their screen
they can fix it
But we can buy some time
I'll join you
Otherwise I have to leave
someone to take care of me
I don't want to hold you back
Still need to prepare something
Wire strippers
Needle nose pliers
Transparent glue
Double sided tape
Melt gun
Ship type switch
fishing line
Forty watt soldering iron
Cross bit
electric wire
This is rent
The tools will be returned to you later
Pan a circle
Same as mosquito coils
Remove this
Need the coil inside
The hotel caused trouble for everyone today
to express apology
Send a fruit plate
Hope to get your understanding
Already slept
take it away
I saw my phone and wallet
Inside should be the person
who stole my things before.
These crappy fake shoes
Also conductive
The phone is out of battery
Show me his coat
My phone ran out of
battery when it was stolen.
It looks like they
haven't opened the wallet.
There is no shortage of things
Then why steal?
Woke up
three questions
How many of you are there in total?
where are they all
what is your plan
Don't do that
Just go to jail
I can bear it
I'm afraid you don't have time
There are check-in information for two people
on your computer for no apparent reason.
These two are not your people, right?
Check-in times are also different
One was three days ago
One was five days ago
One is 208
a 419
Go and have a look
Holding an electric shock
baton for self-defense
Well, take it
Give me the power bank to use
Brother Song
What happened to you just now?
You will learn to tap
acupuncture points now.
Acupuncture points are actually
the meridians of the human body
Some special points among them
Generally, there are more blood vessels
Or nerve endings
The so-called acupuncture
is actually acupuncture
Concentrate your strength on one point
hit it hard
This is compared to other
places where you hit
more effective
This is all from my book
The book is clearly
written in black and white
Didn't you see it?
It turns out you've
always looked at pictures
You're lucky if you
don't become Ouyang Feng
are you illiterate
I think I can see something
I come
How about it
Can't see very clearly
Somewhat blurry
Brother Song
That person just now
Deliberately registering
in the hotel system
Circle two people
Do you think it has something
to do with their plan?
Easily go up the mountain
They followed quickly
What time did they check into the hotel?
There must be a strong correlation
Maybe to reduce risk of exposure
So they need to find some outsiders
to cooperate with their plans
I put up with them all night
Dear, don't be angry
Can't kill him
I saw he also added a mark on it
a grumpy one
Another single and honest person
Why do you still choose your character?
Who are you
have no idea
Including why they stole
An Yi's mobile phone
Why does the hotel shut down water?
I haven't figured this out yet
It's like we're doing a
jigsaw puzzle right now
We have to put these scattered
pieces of information together
Only then can we know their complete plan
Let's do this to save time
Let's split up
My cat went to the roof
I'm a little scared at night
Can you accompany me to look for it?
Not letting anyone sleep
You still don't let people sleep?
The three of us go find the grumpy one
I have an unknown premonition
just because of this character.
It seems that he and the girl next door
went to the rooftop to look for cats.
We are getting ready to go to the rooftop
What will happen if you go
to the rooftop to find a cat?
Maybe cats are not the key
The rooftop is
Get him, get him killed
call me
Beat me to death
I seem to hear Mimi's voice
the grumpy man's room
Wait for me
It's you
It's time to lose weight
Two years before the change
I can't even take this card off my body
What is left here?
There are sawdust
like wooden box
What does it smell like?
Bee attractant
An Ning, have you reached the rooftop?
Not yet
They probably still want
to repeat their old tricks
Use wasps to kill An Yi
Rooftop vents
There should be a box for wasps.
So why did they go up
there to find the cat?
Just to knock over the beehive
release the wasps
Find a way to stop them
can not see
Mimi must be up there
Otherwise, you can step
on this and take a look.
This house is full of bee attractants
How about we go to another house?
An Yi is covered in pollen now
Wasps will appear at any time
It's more dangerous to go out at this time
No water in fire sprinklers
Otherwise, just block the vents.
Quite polite
Aren't you here just to
stop us from going upstairs?
What are you pretending to be?
Why do you hit someone
Still pretending
Reveal yourself
Come down first and leave it alone.
This doesn't feel very stable either.
And I don't know what's in the box.
What if someone breaks it?
It's okay no problem
I'll see if there's
anything else I can use.
How's An Ning doing?
Suddenly two people
came out and stopped us.
Daniel is dealing with them
There are stairs in the middle
of the hotel leading to the roof.
I am going now
How did you know about their plan?
They look for the grumpy one
Just to cause a fight
We found broken bee
attractants in this house.
Then they want to use wasps
The intention to deal
with An Yi is obvious.
The key is how to make
the bee attractant smell
Enter the comfortable room
Attract the wasp over again
The only way is through
the ventilation ducts
The ventilation ducts in the
hotel are all interconnected
It must be full there now
bee attractant smell
As long as it's at the vent on the rooftop
release the wasp
Wasps will follow the smell and enter
and occupy the entire hotel
There was a wooden box
placed in this house before
It should be a beehive for wasps.
So it was a lie that they went
to the rooftop to look for cats.
Taking the opportunity to knock
over the beehive is the real thing
How can they guarantee that?
Wasps will attack ease
This brings us back to our original puzzle
Why did they steal An Yi's cell phone?
But not used
Because that's not their purpose
their purpose
Let An Yi chase the
person who stole the phone
I must have passed
somewhere during this period
They arranged the pollen in advance
stained by ease
Do you still remember Dongdong sneezing?
At that time, he thought it was the
cold air from the air conditioner
Allergy caused
But in fact, the air conditioner was
not turned on at all at that time.
And there's nothing in the house
something obviously irritating
So it's most likely pollen
People with rhinitis are
very sensitive to pollen
The person who stole Anyi's cell phone
There must be pollen on my body too.
So when Dongdong approached his coat,
sneezed too
This would explain why the
hotel had a water outage.
Because even if An Yi changes clothes
As long as she can't take a bath
Pollen will still remain on your body
Once the swarm enters the hotel
Being comfortable will become
a target of public criticism
What if we leave the hotel early
in the morning and go outside?
What if they released wasps in the hotel?
Still need some explanation
I don't even need to explain it outside.
That's in the mountains
Then why don't they do it during the day?
Maybe they haven't done it during the day
Let's completely seal off the mountains.
Even if something happens to An Yi
Can also be rescued in time
In the end, the whole thing
can be explained like this
a bee catcher for business
Come to this mountain to catch wasps
I also brought a bee attractant.
For safety reasons
He put the beehive on the rooftop
Unexpectedly his friend
Too noisy when playing cards
Got into a dispute with my neighbor
The fight started
During the fight
Spilled the bee attractant
The smell enters the ventilation ducts
It just so happened that someone was
looking for a cat on the rooftop again.
Knocked over beehive
The wasp also entered the hotel
Comfortable due to playing in the mountains
I don't know where it got pollen.
So the wasps attacked her
at last
An Yi due to bee venom allergy
It was impossible to go down the
mountain in time to rescue him.
So cause death
it was a complete accident
Let me take a look
Be careful
stand up
Are you okay?
It's okay no problem
The cat must be scared up there
Please, please hurry up.
Are you going up there?
Your quilt is covered in bee attractant
It'll be a hornet's nest soon
Golden Rooster Locks the
Throat and Seizes the Sky
Turn around secretly and
ask for a shoulder well
The cabinet has such a big gap
what to do
Go and take out the shower gel
Block up and hit down
to find the center pole
Iron Fist Miao Da Qi Hai Chi
Distinguish the situation in the
wind and look for the right door
If your eyes are sick, your hands
will be quick to pick up the tanzhong
Quickly turn around and turn behind him
One point in Weilu determines everything
Have you found Mimi?
Did not see it
What is this for?
The smoke will become bigger
when it becomes humid.
Don't panic
Don't make any big moves
They won't attack you
This smoke really works
The wasps all flew out
Drive the wasps out first
and then close the window
How to go down the mountain if the
cable car down the mountain is broken?
I can only try and see if I can fix it.
By then everyone will be cold
Let's go to the infirmary first.
Even if you go to the infirmary,
there may not be any medicine.
Even if there is medicine, I won't use it
You guys open my phone
The password is six five
There are three medicines in it
Put them together in proportion
Can relieve my bee venom
Very good
This will help
Just temporary relief
A few hours
Aren't we going to the infirmary?
Why come to the kitchen?
The ventilation system in the back
kitchen is generally independent
There should be no wasps
So Anyi will be safe
I just thought about wasps
appearing at any time
That's why I didn't
take An Yi to hide here.
She is like this now
I'm afraid I'll be stung again.
I'll go to the infirmary later
Daniel, An Ning, go and
repair the cable car.
Dongdong, you stay behind
Let's put some tape on her first.
Anyway, there are no wasps in there.
Otherwise, I will have to
suffocate myself to death.
I went to the infirmary
The door to the infirmary won't open
What should I do if I go over
here and feel comfortable now?
I thought you were going
to let a few wasps in
I didn't expect you
extracted bee venom directly.
I plan to inject bee venom into
the wound where the wasp stung me.
Confuse the real with the fake
Are you okay?
Then we'll stay here until dawn
To capture the thief,
capture the king first
If you want to truly escape danger
You have to find their leader
Then we don't know where she is
But I know what she is doing
Take advantage of the situation
Lure the snake out of its hole
Okay, it's more real than me
After practice, I put
makeup on my sister too.
Don't move
Show me the trick
I can only try and see if I can fix it.
By then everyone will be cold
There are three medicines in it
Can relieve my bee venom
Very good
It's a pity that there is
no monitoring in the kitchen
An Ning and An Yi changed their
clothes here and you don't even know.
I didn't expect us to use a substitute.
Obviously didn't see our ad
All photographed
Is this considered an attempted murder?
Give this to the police tomorrow
I'll serve you all in one pot
What's wrong
sucker Punch
This sentence
Just leave it to yourselves
Give me
Do you smell this on you?
Bee attractant
We put a lot of it on our hands
Don't move
Show me the trick
Daniel, find a bottle and come over here
Use bee attractants to catch wasps
Arriving in the kitchen soon
Everyone, put this on your hands again
I won't leave this for you
We are also good at providing conditions
Don't believe in your luck
So I don't want to overdraft
Ms. An Yi, right?
Congratulations on becoming a billionaire
One hundred million
to be precise
At today's stock price, it is 636 million
Sister Ning
An Yi's money has also been paid back
The one million reward was also given
is it ok
Changed car
Give me the entire seat
belt of this car first.
We all have to treat our legs, so
why should we use a wheelchair?
Something for you
By the way, sister
This is the doctor my
friend introduced me to
Very reliable
How about Brother Song's legs?
Try there again
The current network of
relationships is unusual.
I really want to know
how much money you have
what do you most want to do
you still need to ask
Of course it is
Add to position
I'll take a call
Okay, I'll go there now
I have to go
The designer came to talk to me about
the renovation of the nursing home.
Go ahead
Bye bye rich woman
Why are you here too?
What are you doing?
Prepare to debut
What senior citizen group?
I'll talk to them about something
Bet a hundred dollars
If you have something to
do, go ahead and get busy
I want to eat braised pork
I'll go back and do it for you
Are you concerned?
I used to cook for her
and she didn't eat much.
Now she takes the initiative
to ask me to cook for her
Do you know what this means?
It means she wants to hire you as a cook
A group of single dogs can't understand it
Talk about business
What do you think
how am I
Too much licking is useless
Glib tongue is not reliable
Being in a hurry makes
you fat at an early age
I mean
How is my ability?
Just based on my performance in
those two days in the mountains
No matter what, it can be considered
a combination of wisdom and courage.
If I join you
Wouldn't that be
Even more powerful
What did I say?
One hundred per person
Did you want me to join you early on?
If that's going to happen,
I have to put forward conditions.
Five insurances and one housing
fund are indispensable, right?
If it doesn't work, you can consider the
three insurances and one housing fund.
Secondly, I need to be
more free during this time.
Because I have to take care of An Yi
Sister, think about what
position you can arrange for me.
One of you founders
a publicity director
a security consultant
I think just
Become a general manager for me reluctantly
Responsible for all daily
operations of our company
I believe that under my leadership
We will definitely be
able to make our company
shut up
What are you looking at?
What is there to see on a foggy day?
Let me introduce myself first
I am the chief security consultant
of Yingzhao Security Company
My name is Wang Mian
I have admired your name for a long time
Hello Mr. Tong
You just walk in
Skip my security system
Is it showing the strength of your company?
Our company is currently recruiting talents
I don't know if you are interested
Join us
Your company has a good reputation
A grass-roots team like us joins you
I'm afraid it's a burden
forget it
Don't reject me in a hurry
I sent something to your mailbox
After you read it
should be interested
Our company is indeed hungry for talent.
This is our first meeting
but I don't mind
Visit the thatched cottage three times
Is this your child?
He bullied my daughter
Are you deliberately looking for trouble?
That person drank
Can't drive
Have you read the information I sent you?
The conditions for creating a
car accident are well prepared
It's time to take action
This is what being a bodyguard
will look like when I grow up