Golden Chickensss (2014) Movie Script

How dare you steal my chicken?
Steal my chicken! I'll eat you instead!
In honor of me...
those who sold their bodies were called...
"Chickens" flourished through the ages
They reached their pinnacle
during the Tang Dynasty
In the capital Chang'an, today's Xi'an
"academies" or brothels were considered...
respectable businesses
Delicate jade, scented dream
Jade, flower and flute
but not gold
Short flute, piercing sound, plays forever
Good day, master
Sister, on second thought?
Half my life lost with the river
Play the flute, blossoms wither
My mother is calling. Excuse me
You're stingy with love!
Ah... master doesn't wish to haggle
Nine-tenths, then?
Finish yourself just
before the nine yard mark...
Yes or no?
You don't get it? Let's replay using NICAM
It's written right here
The price includes sucking, licking and blowing
Why the extra charges?
Your dick is tiny, it'll take me forever
Pay up or better luck next time
Can I pay less just for a regular blowjob?
You're one cheap customer
Just a blowjob? You wasted my time
Some other time
the madam is calling me
I was just kidding
Do I look like a cheapskate?
How about a 10% discount?
How about I do 90% of the work...
and you finish yourself off, deal?
When China entered the Republican era
polygamy was outlawed
But how can a man be faithful
to just one woman for life?
So men left their wives at home
and visited brothels everyday
Is that you, Master Ip?
It's been so long since your last visit
Miss, this isn't my sort of thing
But you're famous for banging ten at a time!
Ma'am, I can "fight" ten at a time
Fight or bang, whatever
I have just the right opponents for you
Granny, respect yourself!
Drop the facade. You're a regular
at the Gold Pavilion!
It was in the movie!
"The Grandmaster" visits brothels
"Ip Man" is a faithful husband
It'll take forever to boil water
by burning $10 notes
Use $100 or $500 notes
In 1932, the government of British Hong Kong
issued a ban...
on prostitution
Governor Peel ordered
all western prostitutes...
to stop working on June 30, three years ago
But you girls are native think?
Due to your massive numbers
the government has given you 3 years
to switch careers
No... no...
That means, effective June 30, 1935
all brothels in Shek Tong Tsui will...
shut down for good
What's today's date?
What time is it?
Burn it all
- This will be our last - Burn it
Thirteenth Master
That was the end of prostitution in HK...
Get real
Wherever there are men, there are prostitutes
Afterwards, HK entered the "nightclub era"
For more details about HK's nightclub era
Please re-watch "Golden Chicken" 1 & 2
Now that the HK nightclub scene is over
How do people order chickens?
"Secretary Mini"
"I have a new contract for you.
When do you want to see it?"
Just leave if it's urgent
Dr. Tin, your phone's been ringing non-stop
Can't you see I'm operating?
As a responsible doctor
I never answer calls during surgery
- I'll be quick - No calls
Go on, get out
Apply pressure here
Today, all you need is a cell phone
to order chicken
It's also all a chicken needs to get customers
Mr. Chan, Ms. Kim can be
at the meeting in half an hour
Please confirm, and I'll book the meeting room
Mr. Chan, Ms. Kim can be
at the meeting in half an hour
Please confirm, and I'll book the meeting room
My name is Kam.
I'm not a secretary or a mother...
but a "madam"
Kammy, where were you?
Fourth Uncle is waiting at the Four Seasons,
Room 404
Yes! More work!
I'll soon buy you all
Momo dear, go to Room 705 now; 705 is waiting
He's balding. Tell him he has lots of hair
Ceci, don't go anywhere. Stay!
I have a big business for you!
Really? Oh I am so happy!
Just a few more steps. It's the same old 403
I'm coming for dinner
Please ask Third Aunt to go easy on the MSG
She uses too much every time but you know me
I'm afraid of artificial stuff... that's right
I've arrived. His name is Chan?
Yes, service him well
No excuses
I need the meeting materials to arrive
in two minutes!
I'm with the client now!
"You sent me the secretary's message
by mistake.
Relax. Work slowly."
I know, I'll relax
and work slowly
What the hell?
I said no big boobs. Big boobs are fake!
It's like this every time!
Boss, it's a misunderstanding
I used padding to create the illusion. Look...
It's flat
Now this is an airport runway
which means "real boobs"
So organic. Oh my god, it's so sexy...
I'm so horny
Thank you!
You're welcome
Clients rarely like flat-chested girls like you
That's why for the sake of your future
career development...
I suggest that you enlarge your boobs
- Really?
- I can help you in this regard
Visit me sometime
"Dr. Tin Chung -Plastic Surgeon"
You grew up sleeping on your stomach, right?
How did you know?
My mom made me do the same
Madams used to only present chicks
to customers. But now...
Chief Chen, your 10 cases of Dom Perignon 2003
have arrived
I'll have them delivered today
We offer a variety of services
Madams take care of all of client needs
Good morning, Chairman Chu. It's Kam calling
I just found the bag that Mrs.
Chu had her eyes on
Would you like to buy one to make her happy?
How much?
It's a steal, Chairman Chu...
790 thousand
Alright! Thank you!
What number are you?
Thirty three
Thirty three
Chief Fung, I saved you a spot in line...
for your son's dream kindergarten!
Number 33
So are you coming to
Chief Chen's party tonight?
Each day after 2pm...
I must wake up all the girls
If I fail, I'll hang myself
Mona... MONA! WAKE UP!
You're always late! What time is it?
Get up now!
No brown, no brown! Straight hair
Straight hair makes me more young,
you know? Perm look old, ok?
I'll get you 25% off the Prada bag
Come quickly, I'll take you there
The busiest time of day for a madam
is after 4pm
You have to be ruthless to compete
for customers...
Jimmy, will we see you tonight?
Really? La Madame saved two girls for you?
Can you believe anything that liar says?
She borrowed girls from my stable
You're guaranteed two good ones tonight
If not, come back to me!
Fix your makeup, hike up your skirt
Hey, Swarovski! Wait, where're you going?
After you grab the clients, you grab the girls
Including the floating population,
HK has close to 4 million women
20,000 are prostitutes
It's a 100% increase in ten years, meanwhile...
the number of johns has multiplied by 3-fold
That means grabbing girls is harder
than grabbing clients
Fai, what're you doing?
Got any girls?
But we're doing "A Simple Life"
I'll even take Ann Hui!
Where are you going now?
We promised La Madame first
I don't want her talking behind my back
Okay, hold on!
Hi, La Ma'
I'm sorry,
I didn't know you marked Mona and Liza
I'm short on players before half-time.
Consider it a loan
I'll release them by midnight
I learned something new recently:
Even in our profession...
we must still respect elders
It gets harder to do your work as you age
Don't trouble yourself next time...
to call about something so trivial
Mona-n-Liza, you keep them
La Ma' you have a big heart!
Let's be friends in the next life!
Our generation doesn't say such things anymore
Thank you very much!
Relax. It's just work
"Fly out" the hair...
You make it more... curly... curly
Madam Kam!
Son of a...
I slipped on the wet floor!
Are your boobs okay?
I'd sue the mall for millions
if your boobs were damaged!
You seems fine
Go change now. It's past 7pm!
Come girls, get to work! Thank you!
Candy, Mona, Liza, Afa and Mike,
You're up first. Move! It's past seven
He wants to break up with me...
What a jerk! Can't he wait till after work?
Now we're one short!
Who's ready to go?
I'm ready!
A Disney girl?
What's your name?
I am Woo Loo
Woo Loo or voodoo? Whatever
Grab your bag. Let's go
Hello, bosses!
How do you do? I'm Kam, Kam, Kam
It's an evening of wine and fine ladies.
You'll be satisfied by both
Good evening, bosses
Boss, here's the first course:
Alaska hairy king crab
paired with Hokkaido milk pudding...
Bosses, let me introduce two beauties...
Woo... this is steep. What a thrill
She's Afa
Guess what color I'm wearing
I don't know
It's color
Boss, I haven't been introduced yet.
I'm Woo Loo
They say rocking is bad
for your back and your fortune
But you won't be happy if you don't rock
So, pick me! I'll be your ultimate fantasy
You're guaranteed multiple orgasms
I... do it all:
aerial stunts, the upside-down positions...
even the dragon-boat trick!
Maybe for the next round?
I also have a secret family skill
Great! You can shave ice for us!
I guarantee you can't get enough
Shave the boss.
Shave him clean!
I'll shave anything. Just pay me more
The toughest part of being a madam
is not procuring...
but maximizing the volume of clients each night
Time management is the key
All the girls under Madam Kam are well-trained
Each knows
in order to turn more tricks per night
you need to quickly clear out the first client
Finish by 12:30
you get more business
Finish them off quickly!
Madam Kam
I'm done
She must still be shaving ice
Just pay me more
We're here! Hurry!
What took you so long?
What a drag!
I brought you snacks! Have some!
Watch my dress!
It's a crime to waste food
- Come, have some...
- I'm allergic to seafood...
It stinks!
Have a little
- We're going on a boat ride - Eat this
Thanks but I took seasickness pills.
Oh my god... a stretch limousine!
BMW 7 series
Mercedes AMG C61
Aah...the latest Rolls Royce Phantom
I see we have a car expert here
As they say, better to cry in a BMW...
than to laugh on a bicycle
What car do you want to ride in?
Any car, as long as you pay me
A... hearse?
I'm sorry
Depends on the price
There's nothing wrong with selling your body
But the price must be right...
to respect your body...
and appease my soul
Let's start...
La Ma', how are you?
Hi, Madam Kam
I'm returning Mona-n-Liza to you.
Thank you so much!
No need
You keep them
I'm getting married
After all, I'm not getting any younger
If I couldn't get hitched by my age,
I'd be a real loser, right?
Come see my husband. Isn't he cute?
He's Shaanxiese
Very honest looking!
Good for you
What about you? You said you'd leave
once you made enough
When will that be?
I'm leaving right now.
Let's go...
to Chief Chen's Beach Party
Sun's up! Get up!
Get to work!
- It's beautiful!
- What is?
The sun! Damn it!
Don't you think?
The sunrise is stunning
I'm really sleepy
Pick up the gong and drum,
sing a song chewing gum...
Stop, stop, stop!
I didn't hire you to sing!
It's a party, don't just stand around
Strip and swim!
No, no, no...
Go ahead without me
Pull your neckline down...
How can I shoot if you wear so much clothes?
More seductive...
Turn around...
Look at me, look...
You don't even have boobs!
Hey, you!
That's extra!
You... yes, you! Run to me!
How did it go?
Show me
Good boobs, good attitude...
But photos, no good
- Sure - Run!
Relax... you're almost done, okay?
Do I know you?
My last name is Shu
My full name is...
Shu Fok (i.e. comfort)
Let's get some comfort!
Let's do one more
This is awesome!
Shiatsu King! That masseur...
what's his name...
Shu Fok... he stole two Hermes bags from me!
Pardon? I didn't book a masseur?
How much are those bags worth?
150 each
I lost 300 grand?
Hire some wise guy to find that bastard!
Like Ekin Cheng
What about him?
I saw him in concert.
He's the only wise guy I know
Davie Bro, it's me, Kam, Boobie Kam!
You sound hoarse. Do you have a cold?
Esophageal cancer? Don't talk!
Get some rest. Goodbye
Bah Bro, it's Boobie Kam calling
How are you?
You're his son...
Bah Bro passed away a few years ago?
"Gordon Bro"
"Jackie Boy"
Hello, Kam
Thank you so much, Jackie Boy!
I haven't kept in touch now I'm asking for help
All the wise guys I know are gone
except for you
There are no wise guys anymore
but lots of GOLDEN brothers
You should thank
After I posted your story on their forum...
the brothers caught the thief within an hour
A gigolo
Is he?
Be careful when you play
I wasn't playing... well, thanks again
You're welcome
I owe you one
Just save the good stuff for me
How about a foursome?
Thank you
Your birthday is next month!
You still remember?
Gordon is leaving prison that day
Should I... be there?
...sounds like a plan
If I'm not hung over, I'll be there
You're awesome
Mr. Auyeung
Madam Kam!
Sit down, Madam Kam
Did they serve you well, Mr. Auyeung?
Are you satisfied?
Ahh... no
No? Did you all slack off?
Did you, Loo?
I never slack off when it comes to money
No, it has nothing to do with them
I was talking about my Snowy-baby
My Snowy-baby has suffered a lot
Why does life treat my Snowy-baby so badly?
She was my mistress for years,
never asked for anything
She just wanted good food
If you like to eat, you naturally
get fat, right?
That's right
She went on a diet for me
That's nice...
She lost 40 pounds!
She dropped down to 250 pounds!
So skinny
Then she was diagnosed
with an incurable disease
Huntington's Disease...
Don't cry... Let's have a foursome?
You'll all pamper me
Of course...
Make it an eightsome, okay?
But Snowy still has one unfulfilled wish
We lived as man and wife.
I'm satisfied
I just have one last wish
Just say it, I'll make it come true
Before I die, I want to have
a taste of my idol...
Louis Koo
Mrs. Auyeung's appetite is bigger than yours!
Louis Koo is just a smalltime actor
I called his manager, for a quote
What's his price?
I asked him, how much for a quickie?
How much for a night?
So how much was he?
Son of a...
he said he was fully booked!
He couldn't even spare an hour?
I'll pay any price, just name it!
So, how much did he want?
How much?
He said, sir...
call us again and we'll call the police
He's just a spray-tanned b-list actor
My Snowy is afraid of the dark
I don't understand why she wants him
I want him too
Me too...
But I really want to grant her last wish
Why are you staring at me?
You think I can find a Louis Koo for you?
Yes, you can
A friend of mine owns a nightclub
in Bumfuk China
He has a stable of celebrity look-alikes
One is a dead ringer for Louis Koo!
Are you sure?
It's true!
My Snowy is gravely ill.
She can't think straight
We just need to find a 60% look-alike for her
We'll fulfill her wish while she's in a daze
The Koo look-alike is arriving tomorrow
Check him out, make sure
he looks the part, okay?
I'm at the Golden Bauhinia Square
Where are you?
"Bumfuk Int'l Entertainment City"
Hey, over here! Come over...
You must be Madam Kam
Yes, you must be Louis Koo
Just Bumfuk Louis Koo
Lets get in the car?
Say... you have a big set
So do you
After you, Kam
First of all, thanks for inviting me
I've sung in nightclubs for over 20 years
This is my first gig overseas
Is that so?
Is this your first time visiting HK?
I've visited several times,
but not dressed like this
Not many people took notice of me
Kam, have you ever experienced Bumfuk?
I rarely... go that far...
Bumfuk is fun! Come over sometime
It doesn't take long to get to Bumfuk
Okay, I'll think about it...
Louis, do you mind if I restyle you
just a little?
You think this is too plain?
Not at all. You have great style!
But HK Louis Koo
doesn't have such good taste
Go back to your mother!
Do you shit with your mouth
and think with your ass?
Yes, step on it! I hope you die!
Where were we?
Dress more like Louis Koo
Well... you decide
Just don't make me look like a mute donkey
What do you mean?
A dumb ass
Louis Koo must be a dumb ass
It's Louis Koo!
Damn! The chicks here all have big tits!
It's better if you don't talk
Hello, everyone, I'm Bumfuk Louis Koo
Hello, Mr. Auyeung...
Let go of my nuts, asshole!
What's wrong with you?
You're screwing my wife!
When did I ever screw your wife?
You will, in a bit!
You're the one who hire him to screw
If you can't take it, call it off
But her wish will be unfulfilled
if he doesn't screw her
That's right, now let go of my nuts!
I don't want to! You're screwing my wife!
I'll pay you double for your trouble
No problem then, grab my nuts!
Grab my tits too if you want
Ayah, I'm exhausted
It's double, right?
Don't talk or you'll be exposed
as soon as you open your mouth
I know, just act like Louis Koo
Give me a demo
Like this?
What's wrong?
This reminds me of a crawling piss
Snowy-baby, look who I brought you?
Oh Louis!
O speak again, bright angel! For thou art
As glorious to this night, being o'er my head
As is a winged messenger of heaven
Is she possessed?
She's just high from the morphine
When she's high, she recites Shakespeare
This isn't normal. She's scary
Take her hand...
Take her hand!
Look, Louis Koo is here!
It's him, Louis...
Just follow her
What is a youth? Impetuous fire
What is a maid? Ice and desire
The world wags on...
The river's flowing, time is passing
Once it runs out, we've got to, have to,
ought to break up
Are you Louis Koo?
It's him alright
Louis Koo, French kiss me
Not a chance!
To hell with it!
My Snowy-baby!
My Snowy-baby!
I was deeply moved
I'm so screwed
Now the girls will mark me
as the lowest Hindu caste
What's that?
Does it burn?
Dr. Zhi
Can you make my nipples pink with needles?
Use spray paint. It comes in all colors
It works on whatever color nipples you have
Why don't you visit us anymore?
Because I've stopped ordering chicken in HK
How could you quit ordering chicken?
I still order
but I want good quality chickens...
fresh meat, cheap
Where do you go?
If you want quality and cheap prices,
go to Japan!
The Japanese Yen has plummeted!
You're not afraid of radiation emissions?
No emission scares me more
I thought the Japanese
didn't service foreigners
Like you...
they can pick and choose when business is good
With their economy in such a mess,
beggars can't be choosers!
It's the never-give-up mentality!
You take a trip to Japan with your girls
Find out how they run brothels
and how women do it in Japan
I have lots of contacts there!
Once you arrive, find Asshi Konpon
It's 405!
#405, 2nd Avenue, Kabukicho... this is it
Excuse me!
Someone's here
He's hot. Is he a pro?
I hate Japs the most! Don't you dare come over!
What are you doing?
How much?
Japanese men never change their hairstyles
Eh? You're from HK!
Alright! Please help us
We're looking for this man: Asshi Konpon
That's me, Asshi Konpon
Konpon is his Japanese name;
his real name is Gun
Once you meet him,
you'll want to call him... Asshi
We just arrived from HK...
It's stuck!
What's wrong?
I can't open it... What's the matter?
Stop pushing! Pull!
Got it
What an Ass...hi...
A mysterious black hole...
Look at the size
This place is huge
This place is a blowjob parlor
Does anyone know what happens
in a blowjob parlor?
I see. How?
Well... we don't do it here;
this side is for clients only
Then can you show us the other side,
Ass...hi san?
You want to check out the other side?
Of course
I'll lead the way then
Good. Let's go!
Is anyone opposed?
No. Why would we?
We're going
Yes. Chop chop!
Good evening. This is cute
This side is a working girl's heaven
Why, do they blow customers here?
Not exactly. Customers don't come in here
They'll enjoy the service from the other room
Telepathic-blowjobs? That takes skill...
and more money!
Dumb ass! The customer first picks a girl
then sticks his dick in the hole
The girl on this side does the rest
You might just as well have a man
blowing them behind the wall
That's right
Takuya -The Blowjob God
It's Takuya... the Blowjob God!
Takuya! My idol!
It took several years
before they figured out I was a man
We're your die-hard fans!
Back then, I made enough
to afford sushi everyday
Life was easy
Now that I'm famous,
everyone wants to challenge me
Boss Asshi set up this
"Marathon dick-sucking contest"
The top three contestants get freebies
Now they all jerk off at home
before they come to me
Have you noticed how stiff my mouth is?
Sometimes, even I order tofu,
I can't take a bite
How sad!
If men get good at it, we'll be out of a job!
It's true. Men give the best blowjobs
Men know what men want
But if you're not afraid of hard work
I can teach you...
for free
For free?
For free!
If we learn from you, we'll out-blow
the competition in HK!
It's a deal...
Why not do an internship?
Learn and make money at the same time
That's the do-anything-for-money spirit of HK!
Don't you take me for a sucker
You' good
- Pick your hole and get to work!
- Okay!
Why do the holes come in different sizes?
Because men's dicks come in...
different sizes
The bigger it is, the longer it takes,
the more you charge
A bigger hole means more money!
This is tiny
This is still small
Too small
This one is mine... Yeah!
Idiot, that big hole is
for bento box deliveries
I knew Jap dicks couldn't be that big
I'll teach you some tricks
Men getting blowjobs
don't get excited about climaxing
They want to hold out and not come
It's like getting movie stars on set
The more you suck up to them
the more they refuse to come
So stars, are you ready?
Go for it
Learn from a pro
You're screwed
No pay and you have to pay out
That really hurts
Let me teach you a trick
Read less
- Read less?
- I read less with tabloids
Read less?
Oh... relax
You must relax your larynx
and a certain involuntary muscle
make that involuntary muscle voluntary
There's an helpful exercise. Follow me
Have you loosened up?
I'm not loose
She's loose, she tries first
No one could mess up with such a short banana
Just watch
I'll take the largest one!
Are you sure?
This is not a banana
an umbrella
Umbrella is big
Even I can't handle that
I knew that!
I'd swallow even a Toyota if it paid more
This is a big one
Show me what you can do
Go for it, go for it...
Snap, snap...
Deeper, deeper...
- What is it?
- She's choking!
- Are you alright?
- Cough it up!
Don't worry
I'll call 911
Keep it up!
Everyone worked hard today
You've worked hard
Thank you
You've worked hard
Thank you
Thank you. Thank you
Now you know this isn't easy money
It's harder than being screwed
Being a prostitute is even tougher
than I imagined
Jap dicks are so small
I had to work extra hard!
We should charge more!
That's right!
Since it's so tough, want to switch
to something else?
It's called "20 second subway grope"
Once lights go out...
everything is up for grabs for 20 seconds,
it's that simple
Sometimes clients are forgetful
they leave lots of expensive souvenirs behind
No luck today
Only a Casio and a Seiko
Better than nothing
20 seconds a pop, that's 2 pops every minute!
That's right, 120 per hour
If I work 9 hours a day
that's a thousand a day
that's a thousand pops a day
- You're nuts - I don't get it
20 seconds a pop, 60 seconds per minute
Why not do 3 pops per minute?
That's 180 pops per hour!
Why just work only 8 hours a day?
I can work round the clock 24/7! Look...
I can sleep. They grope...
I'm not awake!
What about bathroom breaks?
I can shit as I work, you see...
You earn a lot more doing 6,000 pops a day!
Wait till you try it
How do you do?
So you're a "doctor"?
Not a veterinarian, I hope...
Feel good?
It feels good
1,000 yen extra
More... more...
More... more...
Good evening
How do you do?
What a stink!
No deal...
Grope me!
What's your problem?
I'm Japan's #1 Dentist!
Show me your teeth!
My hand is caught!
I'm not happy!
Jap pig!
Relax... it'll be over in a flash
Bring it on!
You have cavities
Damn! This is worse than the blowjob parlor!
What's wrong?
- I'm stuck!
- 3, 2, 1!
Where's my money?
Thanks for groping me
How much is there?
Thank you...
Thanks a lot
I've been in Japan a long time
No one ever accepted my invitation
You worked hard...
You worked hard...
Did you like it?
I'm glad I could help...
as long as you're happy...
One more
Madam Kam, count me in
I have a cold, I can't smell a thing
Count me in too!
When I grew up in the village, I even ate shit
It's alright. Just pay me more
I've never had a foursome before. Come...
Ew... it really stinks
Fine! Let's make it a foursome, boss!
We can handle worse!
I'll go first!
It sure smells...
worse than shit
What a stink!
My god...
Comfy, boss?
It really stinks
Girls, don't quit!
You smell good
You cleared my nasal passage
Madam Kam, you alright?
Joey Ma!
Joey Ma! Give me a kiss first!
My turn!
Aren't they bouncy?
What's up?
When you were a gigolo,
women drooled over you
They queued up to bang you everyday
We still have a queue now
You still play "duck"?
But ducks make more money now!
My boys are different
They have it up here and down here
But I only like it "here"
I'll take care of that
...Papa Joey?
You don't know the rules
This boy is fun. Chat with him
I'm sorry
I don't speak Hindi or Urdu
We can't talk
My Cantonese is probably better than yours
We speak the same dialect...
We speak the same dialect...
Bite your tongue!
Speak for yourself!
He talked back to me
Then hit him!
He told me to hit you!
I dare you, jerk!
Don't call me "jerk"!
I'll smash your head in...
This is how we entertain here
Don't call me "jerk"!
Venting frustrations...
I see!
Good. Hit me!
I can take lots of beatings,
I was in the special forces
But I had a sex addiction...
No one wants to hear your sob stories.
Get lost!
You... only perverts wear sunglasses
in the dark!
Tell your 10 worst secrets
If you can't, you two French kiss!
I'm handsome. I'm a billionaire, I think
And third?
Um... I love you very much!
You love me? You two French kiss!
Come on, baby!
Keep it up!
This is fun!
What are you looking at?
Your legs
What's so special about them?
I can't resist, they're so thick
Shut up, asshole!
Hear me out
No matter how thick your legs are...
I love you just the same
Take me away with you
Huh? You mean to a motel?
My price is...
Why aren't you playing?
I'm confused! We're spending
our hard-earned money...
venting on men?
If I need to vent, I just punch the air. Look!
It works just fine!
If you earn lots but don't spend,
you won't be happy
I can't help it, it's my nature
Whenever I see people with lots of money
"not spending" gives me a high!
So don't force me to change
If I change, I won't be myself anymore
When I can't be myself, I'm unhappy
You're right!
But I'm paying tonight
You should've said so sooner!
Joey, get me another date. I want to have fun!
Hins, off you go
Sorry man! Thank you!
Loo, we have a star who takes any beating
Any beating at all?
I'm King Duck Mikey!
Don't you hate me inside and out?
You want to smash a bottle over my head,
don't you?
It's just a prop!
It's fake!
Use a real bottle!
But you can't smash a real bottle on your head.
It's fake in movies
I'll show you
The bottle won't break but my head will!
Come on!
Don't take it so seriously
Sorry... don't take it so seriously
That's why he's Duck King
He can take worse! Mikey!
More! More! More...
If you drink all 36 cans without throwing up
I'll give you a 10 grand bonus
Just one more!
Don't quit! You can do it!
Come on!
More! More! More...
Pay more! Pay more!
Keep it up...
I did it!
What about down here?
I wet my pants!
I still have more!
Hats off to you!
If you're lost at work and forget how to love
please look out the window and think of me
If you lose your money, you'll be very sorry...
Just be yourself
What... happened to your mainland ascent?
I'd do anything to make money...
except lose myself
Please look out the window and think of me
My every heartbeat will find its way to you...
the love of my life
My true self is reserved for the one I love
Give me drink!
Where were you?
Trying to get Mikey back here
He wants to take the money and run!
Not so easy!
I had to change my pants
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to Madam Kam...
So touching
Thank you!
Your birthday is next month!
You still remember?
Gordon gets out of prison that day
"1996 New Year's Eve"
Fai Bro, no more bitching, just drink!
Who's bitching?
I was bored to death in Canada everyday!
I should never have left...HK is fun!
Bro, we're "taxmen"!
We're powerless outside our jurisdiction!
Bro, stay here with us
Witness the arrival of a new epoch in HK!
Are you alright?
Gordon! Was that you?
Whoever threw up is the bitch!
It wasn't me
Brother Gordon, feel better? Have some tea
What's your name?
I'm Kam, Boobie Kam
I see...
where did you get these?
A lucky draw
You're quite lucky
If you ever run into trouble, just call me!
Let me massage your temples... oops!
I, Gordon, is not a weakling
Big Brother is superman
What're you doing?
Hands off my boss!
Hands off my boss!
Kam, listen...
I can't protect you
if you attack me in public again
He dumped me... he dumped me
He dumped you because he's stupid!
If no one wants Kam...
I, Brother Gordon will take her!
Wow, Brother Gordon is so manly...
Kam is so lucky
Give her some tea!
You've gotten hotter
Have I?
You know how much I missed you?
But my name wasn't on your visitors list
Brother Gordon
didn't want you to see him weak
I really missed you! Whenever I think of you...
I get an erection
For real?
For real
I've got your favorite pair of tinted glasses
Jackie is waiting
Let's go
Bboss is now a shopping mall
Neighborhood used
to be packed at night. Now...
it's only busy in the daytime
Lots of people shop here.
. Look at the long queues
Can you tell me how to get to Club Bboss?
What did you say?
Club Bboss?
Brother, do I know you?
It's just ahead
Thank you
Let's get baby formula next...
Jackie Boy!
Big Brother! Long time no see...
Long time... No see your ass...
I couldn't come because of work...
Time for retribution!
We're in public!
Does the boss need a permit to beat people now?
Big Brother, I was working...
What now?
Go over to there first...
What are you doing?
- Let's talk...
- About what?
Chop chop, Jackie Boy...
Let off some steam...
What's going on? Get up!
Nowadays lots of people upload footage
on the internet
youtube or Facebook, you know...
Everyone sees it...
We'll be caught...
What do you do now?
A tour guide?
It's just temporary. Now that you're out,
we're back in business!
Kam! Wait for me at Hung Boy's tavern tonight
Who's that?
Baby-faced Hung...
Never heard of him
I'll whatsapp you!
Take Boss for a drive with my car
I have to get back to work.
Let's talk tonight?
We'll talk tonight!
He's nuts, right?
Let's keep shopping
Beware of nutcases... Let's go
Ever since you decided to go away
No one knows how bad I feel
I'm not in the mood for parties
don't want to ask after friends
Ever since you left and didn't come back
Nothing is the same anymore
No reason for me to get up early
No pillows to rest my head
Now that you're gone
My only joy in life is lost
Hong Kong is no longer part of my world
Pretend I'm traveling overseas
The sun may sets but my spirits rise
To brothels where there's no hotties
To brothel where there's only mummies
Back then, I fought my way out of Tuen Mun...
moving down Castle Peak Road
I conquered Yau Oi, Sam Shing,
Cafeteria Beach, Gold Coast
Siu Lam, Sham Tseng, Ting Kau, Tsuen Wan...
Why don't you take Tuen Mun Road?
It's faster...
Sham Sui Po, Mongkok, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui
and Tsim Tung
My territory spread across the harbor
to Wanchai, Causeway Bay
and eventually Lan Kwai Fong!
In those days
everyone knew Brother Gordon
People still know you, Boss
If no one wants Kam.
. I, Gordon Bro, will take her!
I wouldn't cry if I could laugh...
wouldn't be lonely if I found my soul mate
Pity that I've never met her
How could a wanderer like me
get close to anyone?
Your turn?
I wouldn't cry if I could laugh...
wouldn't be lonely if I found my soul mate
Pity that I never met her.
How could a wanderer like me...
ever find love?
You said love is a trap...
that you can't bear...
Tonight I'll hit the road again
No need to love me anymore
Big Bro
I thought you sold it
I'd rather sell my ass than your watch
This watch is worth half a million now
I'm taking this watch with me to my grave!
Jackie Boy, I'm out
It's time to reclaim Tsim Tung, my old turf!
Then can you manage a few blocks for me?
Sure! We juniors know only one thing
If Big Brother is good, we're good
We'll do well
Call Godfather now
See what jobs he has for me
Godfather... William So?
The pop singer? How's he doing?
His "Your Somebody" was amazing...
Enough! Hush!
Our Godfather, Brother Fly is handsome!
He's way out of your league
Just call him. Let's drink!
Your dancing...
almost gave me a hard-on
What's up with you two?
My phone keeps vibrating
I just called Godfather.
Perhaps he whatsapped you?
Read it out loud for your Big Brother
He said, gather a 100 men
at Tsim Tung tomorrow
Tomorrow Big Bro will show you how to kick ass!
Can't you put some clothes on?
You're making me hot
Jackie Boy, what have you got me here?
I need men!
The number you dialed is unavailable
at this time...
Brother Gordon!
Why are you here?
Jackie's tied up.
I dropped by to see if I can help you
I'd be damned if you can! Get lost!
Maybe I can! Put away the knife!
We're buying G Dragon's concert tickets
to scalp!
G what?
G Dragon, one of Korea's hottest singers!
People queue up for a Korean concert?
He's not Andy Lau!
We want Andy Lau too!
100 center court seats, how much?
That's all? I'll take 20 more
Center court, eh?
The world has changed!
I can make 50 grand with 100 G Dragon tickets
I bet more than that on a horse race!
But G Dragon is the coolest!
Why so serious? Why so serious?
Get your crayon-crayon!
Your style went out of fashion, Brother Gordon
This is now...
Why so serious?
Follow me...
Why so serious?
You're hard...
It's my phone
You have a whatsapp message
Godfather keeps "watapp" me all day
How does it work?
I'll show you
To whatsapp me, find my name first...
Select "Kam" then send me a message
Write with your finger...
Why waste time writing
when I can call you directly?
You don't want to write? Then press the mic...
"Hi Kam!", let go and it's sent
Why waste time recording
when I can call you directly?
The world has changed
People don't want to converse
They don't want an answer back,
they don't want to listen
They prefer talking to themselves
Like what you're doing now?
Yes! Hi, Kam...
Then I get the message. You try...
You still have an unopened message
from Godfather
How do I open it?
Try it yourself
Press the green button
Then what?
Press again to enter...
It's Godfather alright!
He says...
"Gordon, a real job tomorrow,
a meaningful one this time"
"The Chief Executive is making a public speech"
"Take some brothers with you
and heckle him off the stage!"
Kam, HK still needs us!
I haven't forgetton the half million
you lent me for my legal bills
I'll pay you back with interest
as soon as possible!
I know you will
I love HK! Support the government!
I love HK! Support the government!
Fight Real Estate Hegemony!
Housing for everyone!
Fight Real Estate Hegemony!
Stop Baby Formula Trafficking!
Safeguard Supplies!
Oppose the government!
Support the government!
What're you doing over there?
Support the government!
What are you opposing?
Who do you think you are?
I'm a supporter
I belong to the supporters!
Come over and support... our side
Support us to oppose...
Are you against me? You're confusing me!
Time for retribution! Step outside!
Step outside!
Let's go. I have to punish you!
Why are you here?
If you don't stay on your side
you won't get paid!
I don't want it!
I want it!
Let's go!
Sir, I'm still in...
You were against me?
Boss, it's all fake. It's just a show!
They paid us to play a part!
What are we doing?
What happened to the world?
A lot has changed.
You can't turn back the clock,
if you want to survive!
Just follow the status quo!
You mean be like you and peddle baby formula?
Better still, become an extra
and pretend to protest!
It's just a job, Boss!
Don't take it so seriously!
Otherwise you're screwed!
It's not how we did things in the old days!
We knew the difference
between right and wrong...
The past is...
Shut up and listen!
I refused to work as a valet in Tsim Tung
When Godfather asked me why,
I said, "It's beneath me!"
So who's a valet now?
Why bother? No one remembers those things!
No one remembers Tsim Tung Big Brother Gordon
Tsim Tung Brother Cream? Maybe
I don't care! Your Big Brother...
wants to reclaim Tsim Tung
to restore his honor!
Are you... with me?
You haven't been my Big Brother for a long time
Wise guys only know one Big Brother
it's called "money"
Wake up, Big Brother
The world has changed
The world has changed
The world has changed
The world has changed
We have changed
No idol can shine forever
No applause is everlasting
The world has changed
The world has changed
The world has changed
The world has changed
Brother Gordon, what happened to you?
Don't ask, let's just go
- Where?
- Just go!
For a midnight snack? What's wrong?
We don't belong in HK anymore!
Then, where do we belong?
HK is doomed!
At least you can still work and make money!
I'm a Big Brother!
Not some lousy errand boy!
I want to rebuild "Bboss"!
Are you with me?
Of course, you have my undying support...
Good! Kam
I owe you half a million
Plus interest,
it comes to 2.5 million
I owe you 2.5 million!
Now lend me another 1.5 million
When I make it back, I'll pay you 5 million
Brother Gordon
That's my retirement fund...
Reopening Bboss takes a lot of money
Nowadays no one knows about Bboss anymore
Okay, I'll just call Brother Fly.
He said he'd back me...
Once I got out of prison!
I just need to get a hold of him...
Here we go...
It's ringing
"Brother Gordon"
Brother Fly died years ago
Silly girl!
Why didn't you just tell me from the start?
Because I wanted to show you how...
the world has changed!
We queue up, scalp concert tickets...
that's how we make a living
Why so serious?
I got it!
I, Gordon, owe you half a million
I'll pay you back
"Gordon: I finally learned to use whatsapp"
Half a million?
How did he get half a million?
Kam, they say Gordon has gotten friendly
with Drug Dealer Ken
He's smuggling heroin?
He's leaving by boat at dawn
He'll get himself killed!
He'll die!
If no one wants Kam...
I, Brother Gordon will take her!
Step on it, driver!
I, Gordon, vow...
I won't let my woman work the streets!
Brother Gordon!!!
Brother Gordon!!!
Why are you dressed like this? Go home!
Jackie said you met with Drug Dealer Ken!
You're dead if you get caught!
Dealer Ken is just an old friend!
What are you smuggling?
Now Ken only smuggles...
baby formula!
Is that what you're doing?
I'm immigrating!
Slow what?
Don't you get it?
Slovenia is a signatory
of the Schengen Agreement
I'll get a Slovenian passport in a few years
then go to Spain, Italy, France...
What will you do in France?
Conquer Chinatown
Then bring you over to live
the good life with me!
Are you done?
Set sail!
Brother Gordon!
Go now. Take care
Go home
Brother Gordon!
- Bye-bye -Brother Gordon!
Where's your Rolex?
That old thing is only worth 700,000
No point in keeping it
The past is past. I know that now
But I'm a Big Brother!
I have my honor to maintain!
Lose at one table,
I take my chances at the next!
You were the only one there for me...
when I got out of prison
You deserve Brother Gordon's love
But Brother Gordon...
no longer exists!
Even if the whole world forgets you
you'll always be my Brother Gordon!
You can win everything back that you've lost!
I don't have any chips left
Look, I'm Wonder Woman!
We can partner up and revive Tsim Tung!
You're right, we belong here
If we can make it, we make it here!
We're partners from now on
Whatever you say, Big Brother
The sun may sets but my spirits rise
Fake northerners are no surprise
Their boobs sag as soon as they undress
As we help each other fight, we can travel far
If we're steadfast, the future is ours
Dry your tears
Climb over mountains, see beyond the stars
Setbacks force us to fight.
Like waves in the sea
Hope carries us forward to the beacon of light
This spray-tanned singer really sucks.
How much is he?
10 grand
That's what he pays us
He just wants an audience.
He's a big kingpin in Bumfuk!
Madam Kam! He's...
Brother Gordon!
How do you do?
Handsome stranger, come perform more often
I will. I had a great time today
I'll pay you triple...
- Thanks
- Let me sing two more songs
Please do!
Let's sing a duet...
"No Return to Sword Mountain"
- Yeah!
- You first, sing like Roman Tam!
Roman Tam?
Despite my many skills...
That's not the song!
And you sang horribly. Let me do it
No return to Bumfuk
Courage overcomes...
- He's good!
- Isn't he?
Kam san... Good morning!
When did you arrive?...!
Sensai, Takuya san
He's Brother Gordon
I'm in HK to judge
the "Blow Like Takuya Contest"
I read that this place has good food
I want to try the geoduck sandwich!
Can't understand a word he said
Geoduck... yum!
We've got a big one over there!
I can't wait!
Go on!
Mr. Au-yeung! How come you're alone?
I'm not alone, my wife is somewhere...
Here she is... allow me to introduce her...
This is my wife, Rihanna
Kam, you have quite the collection of friends
It's true
What about that sucker over there?
It's Professor Chan!
Did you have plastic surgery?
- Recognize me?
- You look much better now!
Professor Chan. Gordon
Today's me surpassed the me of yesterday
Today I'm Legislator Che Chan
My slogan is:
"Speak for the People;
when Government won't listen"
I know you're good with numbers.
But political activist?
I did the math! A legislator salary
is 80 grand a month
I go to meetings
when I want and throw eggs
They kick me out within 5 minutes
The effort to return ratio
is amazing!
You make a lot of sense
What do you think of our restaurant?
Kam... You're paying 150 grand a month
for rent...
on top of renovations, overhead and staff
But you're selling cheap fast food?
You'll only clear 300 grand tops
But you also have to support this... brother
It's doesn't make economic sense
Brother! That's where you're wrong!
Where did you find this guy?
Big Brother, give me some face...
Take him inside first
Kam? You too?
Get up!
Get in there!
Get in there!
How did you come up with such an idea?
You turned the exploitation of women into...
a lucrative, respectable partnership!
Look, business is thriving. Double or nothing!
Let's open a chain.
I can pay you back sooner
No hurry
Money isn't everything
What matters is that Big Brother has respect
Look, they've all come for you
it's because of your charm and integrity
They're all your friends
Big Brother
Dear brother!
It's Godfather
Hush! It's Chinese New Year. No sadness!
It's really him
That's the Godfather
Brother Gordon!
The day you ran away with your somebody...
Brother Gordon, that's out
Then what's in
The sun sets but my spirits rise
Night falls but there's no fear in my eyes
Hope will be renewed at first light
As we help each other fight, we can travel far
If we have faith, the future is ours
Dry your tears, climb over mountains
See beyond the stars
The sun sets but my spirits rise
Night falls but there's no fear in my eyes
Hope will be renewed at first light
As we help each other fight, we can travel far
If we have faith, the future is ours
Dry your tears, climb over mountains
See beyond the stars
Setbacks force us to fight,
like waves in the sea
Hope carries us forward to the beacon of light
Setbacks force us to fight,
like waves in the sea
Hope carries us forward to the beacon of light
A client specifically asked for me.
Who bestowed this honor?
The Chief Executive has spoken!
Even you call me that,
no wonder I feel so stressed lately
Help me relax?
Help the Chief Executive? Yes!
You must run for the Chief Executive office!
You must do it! I even thought of slogans:
"If Andy Lau runs HK,
he'll give us endless treat"
"No need to flee HK with Andy as our Chief"
You be the judge
Can this man be our Chief Executive?