Golden Delicious (2022) Movie Script

(soft calm music)
(phone beeps)
Today is a very special day.
Whoa, look at her go!
Hey hey hey hey
Look at me, I graduated!
That's my big sister.
(soft calm music continues)
(phone beeps)
(chuckles) Okay, so,
(clears throat) here's
what's happening.
Our dad is asleep right now.
[Janet] Look at that.
(George growls)
(Janet yelps)
(Jake and George laughing)
Oh my gosh.
(cars whooshing faintly)
(train chugging faintly)
(phone beeps)
- [Jake] Happy birthday, Mom.
- Thanks!
Happy birthday, dear.
You're still as beautiful
as the day I met you.
- [Andrea] Aw.
- [Janet] Aww.
Don't forget, you're
opening tomorrow.
- [Andrea] Aw!
- That's great, Dad.
Happy birthday, Mom.
I love you so, so much.
Thank you for all that you do.
- Thank you for being here!
- Aww.
[Jake] Thanks for
cleaning my dirty underwear.
- You're welcome.
- That is so gross.
Can you, like, grow up?
For sure.
[Janet] Anything else to say?
Yeah, where's our food?
[Andrea] (laughs) I know,
that's exactly what
I was thinking.
[Janet] No, you're meant
to say something, like, nice.
Okay, Mom, thanks
for birthing me.
[Andrea] You're welcome!
(Plane engine roaring)
(soft calm music continues)
(ball thumps)
(hoop rattles)
[George] Get some more
rotation on the ball
when you're shooting.
More what?
More rotation.
(basketball thumping)
You sure this thing's
not gonna break?
It hasn't come
down in 20 years.
It's not gonna happen today.
Now hustle up, school
starts in the morning.
Dad, I'm tired, and
Vee's gonna be pissed.
Valerie's gonna be fine.
She'll have extra
time to do her hair.
That's a bit sexist.
How's that sexist?
Well, it's
definitely not woke.
Me being non-white
makes me woke by default.
Yeah, Dad, that's uh,
that's not how it works.
Jake, (sighs) don't sass me.
I came home early to
help you with this.
(chuckles) Okay, don't
use me as an excuse
so you can play hooky.
Please? (scoffs)
(basketball thumping)
Ah shit! (grunts)
- You okay?
- Yeah.
It's that shit knee again.
I'm fine.
Now you're stuck.
Don't double dribble.
(basketball thumps)
Square up your shoulders.
Don't forget to follow through-
- The wrist.
God, Dad, I know.
(basketball thumps)
(hoop clatters)
What was that?
You didn't follow through.
I did.
(basketball thumps)
Let's try again, okay?
This time, drive to the hoop.
- Dad, can we just please-
- Come on.
Let's go.
(basketball thumping)
(Jake exclaims)
Jake, you all right?
You smashed the
ball into my hand.
Let's see.
Ah, your uncle used to do
that to me all the time.
Yeah, and look at you now!
You'll be fine.
Shake it off.
(Jake stammers)
I'm done, Dad!
(soft introspective music)
(truck rumbling and hissing)
(door creaks and thuds)
(soft introspective
music continues)
(door creaking and thudding)
(basketball thumping faintly)
(soft introspective
music continues)
(basketball thumping faintly)
(soft introspective
music continues)
(basketball thumping faintly)
(soft introspective
music continues)
(camera clicks)
(sighs) I don't
have any new one.
(door knocks and creaks)
This is all I could
find in your closet.
(chuckles) Thanks.
So, what, he just, like,
smashed the ball back at you?
He's an overaggro
washed-up sack of leftovers
trying to relive his...
(Vee laughs)
Yeah, I don't know.
Maybe I drove too hard to
the net when I wasn't open.
So what's gonna
happen with tryouts now?
Mm, I don't know.
Stay on as Coach's assistant.
Social media manager.
(chuckles) Right, thanks.
On the bright side, if you
can't try out for basketball,
then that means
more time with me.
Maybe we could
finally, you know.
(giggles) So, my
sister finally caved
and bought me a pack of condoms.
Wow, that's, uh, that's so-
- Awesome of her, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Are you crazy?
Your dad's still shooting hoops.
Janet's out, and no
one else is home.
Vee, this feels kind
of risky, maybe we-
- Yeah, that's what
makes it hot. (giggles)
(basketball thumping faintly)
Okay, Vee?
I love you.
- And I love you.
- Wait, we said we would wait.
Until we move in together?
That's like a year away.
This is just,
this is a big deal.
I like your big
deal. (chuckles)
Soon, okay?
I promise.
(Vee sighs)
(Vee sighs)
(Jake grunts)
(Vee giggling)
Well, how's the kitchen doing?
I don't know, in an hour or so.
Well, this was important, too.
For Jake.
(door creaking)
Hold on.
(door thuds)
How's the hand?
(sighs) Just, uh, take
it easy tonight, okay?
They're gonna be, uh,
drinking at this thing?
Yeah, like you didn't
drink at our age, Dad.
Come on.
How do you think I
became a dad so young?
Just, uh, don't overdo it.
And if you do, wrap it up.
(both chuckle awkwardly)
What time are
you gonna be home?
Don't worry, he's in
good hands, Mr. Wong.
All right.
Have fun, you two.
- I told you.
- "Wrap it up, Jake.
"Wrap it up."
"Wrap it up."
"Wrap it up."
(Vee laughing)
(energetic rap music)
(camera clicking)
(phones toning)
(energetic rap music continues)
(crowd chattering)
(exhales) What up, boys?
- What up, man?
- Yo, yo.
What's up?
Looks like Penny
finally filled out.
Dude, did you see that new
bikini shot on Mary's Robogram?
Look, look.
(both laughing)
You know, you guys
ever try actually,
like, talking to these girls?
Dude, I barely had the
nerve to invite them,
so, like, what am I gonna
say to them? (scoffs)
Oh, you too cool for boobs now?
Valerie finally cave?
Are you getting some?
No, okay?
Trust me, I've tried.
She still won't budge.
After almost two
years together?
Yeah, she's
waiting for marriage.
I mean, at least she's
doing hand stuff, right?
God's okay with hand stuff.
And mouth stuff.
Yeah, yeah, totally.
Jake, milk it for
as long as you can.
She's the one milkin'
it, am I right? (laughs)
What happened?
My dad played
on the rough side.
You gonna be okay for tryouts?
Yeah, don't worry about me.
I got my right.
Uh, yo, not to sound
like an asshole, man, but-
- You've never made the
team with a good hand,
so don't know how you're
gonna pull this off.
Yeah, screw you guys, man.
(Both laughing)
No, where's Val?
(energetic rap music continues)
(dishes clinking)
(diners chattering faintly)
(George grunting painfully)
Hey, hun, how was the...
What'd you do?
What happened to cooling
it with the basketball?
I like basketball.
You screw up your
knee whenever you play.
I don't always.
And while you were
out training Jake
for a sport he
doesn't even like-
- Don't say that.
He likes it.
- He likes being-
- He's trying...
He likes being the
coach's assistant.
He's only doing that
so he can be on the court
where he wants to be.
We got slammed, and now what?
How are you gonna help
out with that limp?
Can we please not start
30 seconds into my arrival?
You're right.
I'm sorry for jumping
down your throat.
I should have been here.
I'm sorry, too.
I'm gonna go check
on the kitchen.
(scoffs) Oh,
you're a cook now?
Don't start.
(sighs heavily)
(soft upbeat music)
(camera beeping)
- Hey. (laughs)
- Hey.
Can I see?
Okay, if I could
afford a new lens,
they'd turn out, like,
way better, but...
(camera beeping)
[Vee] These are great, babe.
(Vee laughs)
Can we?
(phone chimes)
Happy Labor Day, everyone.
Can't believe we
start our last year
of high school tomorrow.
So exciting!
Uh, the most exciting.
Leopards rule!
Catch you leopards in the AM.
No, my hair's messed.
Can we do it again?
Okay. (clears throat)
(basketball thumping)
(players chattering)
- Hey.
- Babe...
One second.
(sighs) Okay.
(phone chimes)
Happy Labor Day, everyone!
Can't believe we
start our last year
of high school
together. (squeals)
(basketball thumping)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(players chattering)
(basketball thumping)
[Player] Whoa, whoa!
(camera clicking)
(soft upbeat music continues)
(camera clicking)
(camera clicking)
(players chattering)
(players laughing)
- Nice.
- [Player] Let's go
come on (camera clicking)
Let's go.
[Player] Post up, post up!
[Player] Yeah, on
me, on me, on me.
(camera clicking)
- [Player] Get off me!
- [Player] Nice!
(hoop clattering)
(camera clicking)
- Okay, okay.
- Ooh!
(camera clicking)
[Player] Kid's on fire.
Hey, Jake.
(camera clicks)
You want in?
Shit, wait, wait! (groans)
(camera clatters)
(everyone gasps)
Shit, dude!
Ron, shit!
What did you do that for?
Sorry, Val, I was just
trying to get Jake in the game.
Just thought he'd like to
get off the bench for once.
Ball didn't hit
you, though, did it?
Are you okay?
He's an asshole.
I know.
Shit, dude.
Does it hurt?
Ugh, come on!
Ron, look what you did.
- Not cool, man.
- He dropped it, not me!
- Screw you!
- What?
We playing or what?
Why do you hang
out with him again?
He's the team
captain and the MVP.
We need him.
Those are lame excuses, guys.
- [Ron] Cheers! (laughs)
- Yeah.
I know.
Well, don't let
me hold you up.
Jake, come on, don't go.
Yeah, I can't play, Sam, so...
[Player] Yo, boys,
let's go play!
Thanks for the party.
(soft introspective music)
(Jake sighs)
(basketball thumping)
(basketball thumping rapidly)
(soft introspective
music continues)
(food sizzling)
- Hey.
- You hungry?
What are you doing home?
I live here, too, you know.
Oh, do you?
- Har-har.
- [Jake] Mm-hmm.
I'm taking it easy tonight.
Gotta get my head
screwed on straight
for this next semester.
Here you go.
Shit, Janet.
That smells amazing.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Okay, I'm gonna
try my right hand.
Okay, let's see you do it.
(chopsticks clattering)
(Janet laughs)
It's good.
That's it?
What do you want, a medal?
(Janet scoffs)
Oh yeah?
Well, does it not
remind you of anything?
It reminds me of noodles,
so that's pretty good.
(Janet sighs)
Look behind you.
Shit, you found
her recipe book?
No, just going from memory.
Well, you nailed it.
Uh, says the palate
of a 17-year-old.
Hey, I'm refined.
Let me see.
Hey, just eat your own.
What is wrong with you?
Let me try.
Something's missing.
Excited about school starting?
(Jake scoffs)
Yes and no.
I mean, this term's
focusing on baking,
and I'm no baker, so...
- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah.
How'd you know for
sure that you, like,
you know, wanted to go
into culinary school?
Felt it in my
bones, as they say.
- Hmm.
- Why?
Eh, I dunno.
What do your bones tell you?
And please don't say basketball.
(scoffs) Oh my God,
sometimes I just wish that-
- Hey, you two.
Hey, Mom.
Is your Dad here?
(phone clicks)
Don't fill up on that.
I brought home wrong orders.
But I cooked.
I cooked.
Grandma's noodles.
Yeah, but something's
missing, though.
Maybe you can help?
I started work
today at 10:00 AM.
I've been starting at 10:00
and finishing at 11:00
for almost 20 years.
Do you really want to
work hours like that?
If it's with food, yes.
(sighs) You know, we
are not even asking you
to be a doctor or a lawyer
like our parents did.
You know, why not be a plumber?
Do you know how much they charge
to fix a clog in the
middle of dinner service?
You know, it's just, all
that tuition and for what?
Which I'm paying myself,
thank you very much.
Yeah, but we'll be paying
for whatever it is
that you decide to do
once the kitchen burns you out.
(Janet scoffs)
You should try
some, though, Mom.
Like, seriously.
It's freaking good.
Just give it a taste.
It's, it's good, right?
(sighs) You don't get
into the restaurant biz.
Do anything else.
I'm going to bed.
Where do you think Dad is?
(sighs) uh-huh.
(soft thoughtful music)
(camera beeps)
(camera beeps)
(truck rumbling and hissing)
(door thuds)
(soft thoughtful
music continues)
(blows softly)
(lens scratches)
(soft upbeat music)
(students chattering)
(phones chiming and beeping)
[Sam] So you don't remember?
[Gary] No.
How you doing?
(fingers snap)
Listen, we've talked about it,
and we're sorry about what
happened yesterday, we didn't-
- Yeah, don't worry
about it, we're all good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, we're good.
- All right.
- Cool?
- Yeah.
- Hey, we'll see you at lunch,
See you at lunch.
See ya.
So yesterday in your
room was really hot.
Can we do it again?
(locker clatters)
You know, I want to,
but, like, Janet might be home,
and I don't know her
schedule this term.
Like she even cares.
Besides, we'll
just tell her that
we're looking at university
brochures in your bedroom.
Which we should
actually start doing,
by the way.
(bell ringing)
Okay, yes.
Okay. Brochures.
I promise.
And the other thing?
Yeah, and the other thing.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(locker clatters)
(students chattering)
(blow thuds)
(both grunting)
Oh shit, sorry.
I didn't see you there.
It's my bad.
You live across
the alley, right?
Yeah, that's me.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You moving in on Labor Day, huh?
Yeah, not by choice, believe me.
Uh, um...
Dude, you look lost.
I am.
You are.
You are, right? (chuckles)
Yeah, yeah. (chuckles)
Can I see that?
- Yeah.
- Ooh, Mr. Roberts?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's brutal.
Trust me.
Uh, final bell's about to go.
Follow me.
No, this way.
I just went that way.
Yeah, come on!
You sure you know
where you're going?
Yeah, trust me.
(both panting)
(footsteps thudding)
This is it.
[Teacher] All right,
everyone, today-
- You're pretty fast.
- Yeah.
You're not too bad yourself.
I'm, I'm Jake.
Jake Wong.
Hey, Aleks Chen.
Shit, you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
It's just, you know, it's
an old basketball injury.
I actually, um, I
play, too, you know.
- Yeah.
- Sweet.
We should play some time.
Once this gets better.
Yeah, that sounds like fun.
- Cool.
- Cool.
Well, thanks for the GPS.
Don't mention it.
231, up the stairs.
- Good luck.
- Cool.
(soft hopeful music)
(bell ringing)
Oh shit.
(keys clacking)
(soft hopeful music continues)
Let's take a break.
It's the weekend!
I'm already taking a break.
I've been taking a break
for the last two hours.
What have you been doing?
(laughs) Come on!
(lips smacking)
Mm, wait, wait, wait.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
Why don't you wanna have sex?
(stammers) Okay, it's,
it's not that I don't
want to have sex.
I want it to be special, too,
but what makes it special
is that it's you and me.
I know that,
but this is, like,
this is a big thing
we're talking about here.
We've done, like,
everything else,
what's the difference?
Is it me?
Hey, no.
Girls want sex, too, you know.
I know that.
I don't know, Vee.
I think I'm just scared.
(stammers) Of what?
Of everything changing.
Nothing's gonna
change, I promise.
No, you can't
promise that, Vee.
I can because I love you.
I love you, too, Vee.
You're my best friend.
(lips smacking)
Take this off for me?
(Jake chuckles)
(Vee laughing)
You know,
if I had two hands,
it'd be million times easier.
I know, I know.
- (grunts) Ow, ow.
- (laughs) Be careful.
Your hand.
Slowly, slowly.
(lips smacking)
Wait right here.
(stammers) Are we, really?
(zipper buzzing)
(wrapper crinkling)
(sighs) I got it.
You sure?
Yeah. (grunts)
(Jake spits)
(Vee laughs)
(both sighing and grunting)
(wrapper crinkling)
I love you so much, Vee.
I love you too.
(both moaning softly)
(soft gentle music)
(troubled music)
(diners chattering faintly)
[George] Andrea.
Where you been?
We're getting
hammered out there.
Lucy called in sick, and
you're doing what, exactly?
Dealing with a supply order.
Stop daydreaming.
We need to clear those tables.
The office next door took the
entire staff out for dinner,
and I can't handle
it with my knee.
Just give me a second.
For what?
Andrea, hurry up!
Don't talk to me like
this is my problem.
This is your family's place.
(stammers) My family?
We're family.
(Andrea sighs)
I'm done.
Where are you going?
[Andrea] I'm sick
of Chinese food!
(George sighs)
- Just be careful.
- Thank you.
That was amazing.
You're amazing.
- Hm? (laughs)
- Get outta here, Vee.
- See you, J-Pop!
- Bye!
(birds chirping)
(Jake sighs)
(basketball thumping)
(chuckles) You
heard that, huh?
Nah, don't be.
It's cute.
My boyfriend used to
call me Sexy Leksy.
Ex-boyfriend, I mean.
Oh, so you're, um-
- A top.
Yeah, I thought the
whole school knew.
(Jake laughs)
I was, I was gonna say single.
And yeah, they...
they know you're a top.
Been out here long?
Yeah, just um dribbling
up and down the alley.
- Mm.
- I don't have a net yet,
so... (laughs)
Hey, you, you can play
on mine if you want.
I mean, it looks like
it's gonna fall apart.
Yeah, no, it's definitely
a million years old, but...
You break it, you buy it.
How about that?
You sure your
hand is up to it?
I'll be fine.
(light upbeat music)
You did that
practicing for tryouts?
Uh, yeah.
You trying out?
Yeah, definitely.
(hoop clatters)
Everyone on the
team as good as you?
(chuckles) Well, I've never
actually made the team, so...
I can see why.
(chuckles) Oh, shut up.
You want friends at
school or not, huh?
- I'm teasing!
- [Jake] Yeah, all right.
Look, you only shoot and
dribble left-handed, right?
You gotta learn both sides
if you wanna make
it on the team.
(basketball thumping)
Uh, yes.
Just like that, huh?
So, line it up.
There you go.
Control your nerves.
And follow through
with the wrist.
You got it.
Yeah, I got it.
(basketball thumping)
- Damn!
- Stick with me,
and I'll get you there.
(basketball thumping)
(light upbeat music continues)
(hoop clatters)
(basketball thumping)
(bugs chirping)
(sirens wailing distantly)
(phone chimes)
(keyboard clicking)
(cars whooshing)
(phone ringing)
[Andrea] Hi, you've
reached Andrea Wong.
I'm sorry I missed your call.
Please leave a message
at the sound of the beep.
(basketball thumping)
(Jake chuckles)
(sirens wailing distantly)
(basketball thumping)
(car tires crunching)
- That's my Dad.
- Oh.
I'll introduce you guys.
(hoop clatters)
(car door thuds)
Who's this?
This is Aleks.
He just moved in behind us.
Hey, Mr. Wong.
Call me George.
Good to meet you, Aleks.
See you're helping
with Jake's game.
Yeah, trying to work on his
right-handed approach 'cause,
well, you know.
Right. (chuckles)
Where's your mom?
You tell me.
Usually right behind you.
Maybe Janet'll know.
She here?
Ah, no.
She said she's, like, on a
dumpling tour or something.
- Dumpling tour?
- [Aleks] Dumpling tour?
Yeah, it sounded
weird when she said it,
but I thought-
Dumpling tour?
That sounds awesome.
[Jake] You know what that is?
I don't know
anything about that.
Doesn't matter.
I'm sure she's fine.
Both of them.
So, uh, you mind if I get next?
- Uh-
- [Aleks] Sure, yeah.
(basketball thumping)
Bring it.
Aggro much?
Calling foul, Jake?
What's gotten into you?
Aleks, your ball.
Okay, yeah.
(basketball thumping)
Let's see what you got.
(basketball thumping)
(somber music)
Good check.
Good check.
(birds chirping)
(somber music continues)
(people chattering faintly)
[Sam] It's not like
it's gonna be forever,
so, like, why am I worried?
I have no idea.
- Hey, Jake.
- Hey.
- Hey, man.
- Hey, man.
Hey, what's up?
(locker slams)
I can't believe she gave it
up to you, of all the people.
(Ron chuckles)
What the hell is your problem?
What'd you last, like,
ten seconds? (chuckles)
See you two on the court.
"See you two on the court."
Why are the hot ones
always such assholes?
Hey, you got a
charger I can borrow?
(basketballs thumping faintly)
- Hey.
- What's up?
What's up?
(basketball thumping)
(players chattering)
(whistle trills)
All right!
Partner up and warm up!
Time to shine, people.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Listen, I've got
you, and you got this.
- Okay?
- Okay.
(Aleks chuckles)
(whistle trills)
(bright upbeat music)
Come on!
(basketballs thumping)
(whistle trills)
Okay, high knees, let's go.
(sneakers squeaking
and thudding)
(basketball thumping)
(bright upbeat music continues)
(basketball thumping)
(sneakers squeaking)
- [Player] Ooh!
- Let's do it again!
(hands claps)
(bright upbeat music continues)
Let's see what you got.
(basketball thumping)
[Player] Come on, get him!
(hoop clatters)
(whistle trills)
Divvy up into two teams,
run a game, see who
stays and who goes.
Let's see something!
(upbeat music)
(basketball thumping)
Where's the pick?
- No, no, no!
- [Player] Hey, hey!
[Coach] There we go!
(players chattering)
(basketball thumping)
(players chattering)
There we go.
(hands clapping)
(upbeat music continues)
[Coach] Get on him.
(players chattering)
[Player] Go, go!
(players cheering)
[Coach] All right,
there we go!
(players chattering)
(players cheering)
(upbeat music continues)
(players chattering)
(players cheering)
Whoo, whoo!
Yeah, baby!
Yeah, I never
even saw it, right?
So it was like sore, and
yeah, it was hilarious.
There's this huge scar...
(people chattering)
Playing with the
new kid paid off.
(locker rattling)
You know, just be careful
he doesn't give you any gay.
Otherwise, Val might find
bigger and better things.
(Ron moans)
Oh God, are you
miming yourself
getting a blow job from Valerie?
'Cause that's masturbatory,
creepy, and I'm gonna tell her.
(scoffs) Whatever.
You know, Val deserves better
than you, Jakey Two-inch.
Lay off him, Ronald.
How is he getting laid?
By her?
Wait, he didn't tell you two?
(chuckles) Yeah.
Jake is finally a man now.
Check the Gram.
Dude, is that true?
She caved?
Who cares?
It was probably so bad,
it'll never happen again.
(locker slams)
You are such an asshole!
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
Yeah, no one likes you.
And we only put up with you
because you're the captain
and, until now, our best player.
And no, no, Aleks
didn't give me any gay.
That's not how it
works, you caveman.
Me thinks the jock
doth protests too much.
The hell does that mean?
It means for a straight guy,
you're a little too obsessed
with Jake's virginity.
I'm not gay, you dick!
I'm pissed that he
got Valerie's V-card!
Are you sure about that?
(low soft music)
- Look at this guy.
- [Player] (chuckles) Nice.
(player whoops)
(player whistles)
(player howls)
(players laughing)
(players cheering)
- Get a room!
- [Player] Whoo!
[Player] Yeah!
If you're still not hard,
you should see a dick doctor.
Back off!
You, you fucking fa-
That's what I thought.
Hope you all enjoyed the show.
If I make the team,
there's plenty more
where that came from.
(phone chimes)
Hey, man.
- Hey.
- You okay?
(phone chimes)
- Is it true about Valerie?
- (scoffs) No, man.
Come on, I told you.
She's waiting for
marriage, remember?
Yeah, yeah.
(locker rattles)
(phone chimes)
Oh shit.
(locker slams)
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
(sighs) Okay, okay, um...
Only a few dozen
likes, thank God.
No one super gossipy saw it
or, you know, our parents.
How could you be
so careless, Vee?
It was an accident.
I didn't see the wrapper.
I was just trying to
commemorate our special night.
You know, like a little
secret between you and me.
I didn't mean to out us.
Besides, why do you even care?
You're a guy.
If this had gotten out,
you've be getting high-fives
all around school.
What do you think people
would've said about me, hmm?
Okay, yeah.
You're right.
I'm sorry, I just,
I just can't... (sighs)
It just freaked me out
to have that choice
taken away from me.
Our choice, from us.
Do you regret it?
Of course not.
Why don't we put
out a different story?
What do you mean?
Like, um, we'll erase
the old one, and uh,
and then we'll find something
new that'll distract everyone.
(phone chimes)
(upbeat music)
Hey, Robogram, here is a special
episode of J-pop and Vee.
Where are we going, babe?
Where it all began!
(Vee laughs)
It's time for...
(dog barking)
J-Pop and Vee origins!
Once upon a time, there was
an eight-year-old J-Pop,
and he got this plastic
ring from the dentist.
(bell dings)
(hearts bubbling)
And he crushed hard
on his classmate Vee.
Then, at this very park, he
saw his big shot. (gasps)
He, yeah, got down on both
knees, and he proposed.
Both knees.
What a gentleman.
We got married at recess
under the monkey bars.
[Both] I'm all yours.
We broke up the next day.
Well, marriage is
a big deal for a kid.
(laughs) We finally
made it real and official
when he asked me out on this
very spot just two years ago.
(Jake puffs)
(hearts bubbling)
I think it worked.
No one's talking about that
other post except for Ronald.
And thankfully, he's too stupid
to have screen grabbed it.
(basketball thumping)
(phone clicks)
What's wrong?
Uh, nothing.
I'm just, I guess I'm just tired
with the training
and then the tryouts.
(scoffs) What?
(stammers) I can't
like basketball now?
I thought you're just
doing it for your dad.
Uh, I don't know.
Yeah, maybe I'm just growing
to like something new.
You over photography now?
You haven't finished
your school application?
It's September.
Yeah, but school deadlines
are like really soon.
Do you need a push in
the right direction here?
No, I'll get it done, okay?
You get bored of
shooting me, too?
(sighs) Vee, the lens is
still broken, that's...
That's why.
You're the only
one I care about.
I'm all yours.
I promise.
(bright somber music)
[Sam] What's the word?
I made it.
You made it?
I made it!
(hand claps)
- You made it, yo!
- Finally, dude!
Dude, we're on the team!
(all cheering)
We are gonna dominate.
Boys, let us celebrate.
Come on!
Jake, come on!
(laughs) Whoo!
(bright somber music continues)
(Jake grunting)
(door knocks)
[George] Jake,
can I come in?
Yeah, just a second.
Dad, what the-
Aren't you supposed
to be at work?
Come here.
I'm on the way out, but I
wanted to wish you luck today.
It's your first game!
Yeah, it's no big deal.
Yeah, it is, man.
It's a big deal.
We worked hard for this.
I'm proud of you.
Good luck today.
Put some clothes on.
Don't barge in.
(door thuds)
(soft hopeful music)
(Jake sighs)
(bell ringing)
(locker rattles)
(students chattering)
(low tense music)
(Jake sighs)
- All right.
- Yeah, I mean, that's...
You gotta do it.
Whoo, whoo!
[Player] I'm gonna jump today.
Low gravity day.
- Do it.
- Yeah.
Do it.
But you gotta tie
your shoes first, man.
Those are fucking
Tipoff in 20 minutes, boys.
Do the school proud.
- All right, Coach.
- Let's do it, Coach.
(Jake breathing shakily)
(players chattering)
You okay?
Uh, I don't know,
I feel kinda sick.
You're clammy as
fuck. (chuckles)
Dude, I've never
played before.
Want some water or something?
The back alley boys
are having a moment.
How sweet.
Screw you, Ronald.
Yeah, I bet you'd like to.
(Ron moans)
Does that do it for you?
For God's sake, Ronald,
we're about to get on the court.
You're our team captain, man.
Act like it.
Why'd you join
the team, Aleks?
You just wanted to see more
D, didn't you? (laughs)
(tense music)
(Jake grunts)
Don't call us that.
(blow thuds)
(Jake grunts)
(locker rattles)
(blow thuds)
(blows thudding)
(tense music continues)