Goldstone (2016) Movie Script

[orchestral music]
[siren chirps]
Driver's license?
You know you was
ten Ks over back there?
Where you headed?
Been drinking today?
No worries.
Just need you to blow into this.
Keep going. Yep.
Step out
of the car, please.
I said step
out of the car.
[handcuffs clicking]
[engine starts]
[phone ringing]
Hey, fellas,
you wanna settle down there?
Oi! You mob!
[groans softly]
[vehicle beeping outside]
[truck hisses]
Morning, Mayor.
Morning, Josh.
Heard there was a bit of silly
buggers down here last night.
Nothing too serious, I hope.
Just the usual.
How're you going?
Oh, I'm keeping busy.
There's... just shit
going on with the blackfellas
out at Broken River.
You know, they're drinking,
fighting, whatnot. So...
I've got enough to keep me
in and out of trouble.
I bet you do.
Josh, there's something I've
been meaning to let you in on.
Furnace Creek's applied
for a new expansion license.
For where?
Everywhere, just about.
Well, the whole
Goldstone catchment, anyway.
Fuck, that's bloody big.
Top you up, Josh?
Yeah. Thanks, Sally.
Yeah, it's a very big deal
for all of us,
and I mean all of us.
But it's complicated.
Needs blackfella approval,
and there's a mile
of bright red tape.
What do you want from me?
Well, I know you don't like
to get too involved in things,
but just keep your eyes
and ears open,
and if you feel any heat,
especially from Broken River,
let me know.
We got Tommy from the
Land Council on our side,
but we don't want anyone
further complicating things.
Yeah, no worries.
Also, you might want to know.
A stranger blew
into town last night.
A detective.
And get this.
He's a blackfella.
What, Indian black
or African black?
No, I mean blackfella black.
Near as I could
tell, anyhow.
What's he doing here?
Ain't too sure yet.
Well, find out.
And Josh? Remember.
No worries.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[man] Mmm. Mmm. Yeah, I know.
What are we payin' em
a fortune for?
We should have had a contract
two fuckin' weeks ago.
Look, if this thing
falls through,
blame the fuckin' lawyers.
No, I'm just saying if it did.
Okay. Okay.
Gidday, Josh.
You want a soft drink? Beer?
No. No, thanks.
Jeez, I hope the boys
weren't too much trouble.
I've pretty well
had a gutful at this point.
Yeah, no,
you know what they're like.
Look, I don't have
the time for it anymore,
so if you can't fix it,
I'll have
to start charging people.
Come on, Josh. Mate,
you know as good as anyone
with no mine, there is
no pub, there's no Josh,
there's no fuckin' Goldstone.
Without Furnace Creek,
we'd be a bloody piss stop
on the highway to nowhere.
You know, just like when
the blackfellas were in charge.
You... you heard
of the new expansion license?
Look, you've always
been a good supporter, Josh.
You know, always been
looking for ways
to show my appreciation.
But this one's
major league, mate.
We're talking
a few hundred million dollars
worth of gold, probably more.
I just need to know
if we can count on ya.
Looks like a lot
of trees there, Johnny.
Oh, mate,
that's just for starters.
How about... how about
I look after it for ya
since it's, you know,
it's your first time and all.
Look, I better
get back to it.
All right. Yeah.
You have a good one, eh?
Yeah, you too.
Hey, old man.
I was looking for Maria.
Who are you?
My name's Jay.
About six months ago,
your phone was used
to call a police hotline.
It was about an Asian-looking
girl in the desert.
Did you make the call?
And is this her?
Could be.
Where'd you see her?
Under that first tree,
heading out to town.
And what was she doing?
Sittin' in the shade.
Did she look
like she needed help?
Who's that?
Oh, that's Tommy.
Big Land Council boss.
[distant explosion]
[phone rings]
Yeah, what?
Well, fuckin' deal with it.
Well, get onto Josh. Ask if
he knows anything about him.
[horn blares]
[doorbell rings]
Good evening, sir.
Please, sit down.
I'm Anne,
but you can call me Pinky.
How long you
been in town, Pinky?
A few days.
I cruise in for a few weeks
and then I cruise out,
just like you guys.
Are you married?
Not anymore.
I hear ya. Got kids?
A beautiful girl.
Yeah, she passed away last year.
I'm sorry.
Are you a single girl, Pinky?
Yeah, most of the time.
You hear of things
happening out here?
Are you a cop?
I've heard... stories
about girls getting
caught up in stuff.
But you should know by now that
all roads lead to Furnace Creek.
There's nothing else out here.
I do know one thing for sure,
and that's this land
ain't no place for a young girl.
I'll be gentle.
Maybe next time.
There is...
next... time.
[gunfire continues]
[motorcycle starts]
[rides away]
Jeez, you don't
mess around, do ya?
They meant business.
You wanna make a statement?
Are you gonna tell me
what you're doin' out here?
I know you ain't
out here on no holiday.
Who sent ya?
Missing Persons.
Well... I'm gonna tell ya now,
there must be some mistake.
We got no missing
persons out here.
Seems to me like
a big old waste of time.
You should probably just
turn that old rust
bucket of yours around and...
head back
to where you came from.
That's for you.
From the Region Commander.
You wanna argue about it,
you can give 'em a call
and you can sort it out.
But I'm guessing you don't want
any extra attention out here.
Well, I can tell you now
I ain't got time
to be anybody's cattle dog,
especially yours.
old Ruby Rose,
she's as mad as hell.
Wants you out of here
quick as a snail's fart.
Oh, yeah?
Best get packin'.
It's all off-grid.
Gas fridge and stove.
It's a bit rough,
but should be quiet enough.
What's the old Winchester for?
Mostly wild dogs.
And whatever else
comes out of the desert.
Ferals around here
have been mixing
with the dingos.
Making some crazy half-breed.
Wilder than the purebreds.
Twice as cunning.
Just a word of warning.
You see, out here...
folks don't take
too kindly to outsiders.
So if you do want
to go lookin' around,
just be careful
where you step.
There's plenty
of snakes about.
[door closes]
[plane passing overhead]
[vehicles approaching]
Take your hands off your gun!
Take your hands
off your fucking gun!
Now drop to your knees slowly!
Put your hands on your head.
Put your hands
on your fuckin' head!
[woman speaking
foreign language]
[Johnny] How're ya goin'?
You can call me Johnny.
Can I get you
a cold refreshment?
You want a soft drink? Beer?
Do you realize you
were... intercepted well
within a restricted area?
You know, it's a fuckin'
dangerous worksite out here.
You know,
you could have been injured.
Well, even worse than that.
What were you doing out here?
I just got lost.
You get lost much,
And what'd you
see out there tonight?
A beautiful sunset.
Oh, beautiful sunset, yeah.
You might wear a badge,
work for the Crown.
So do we.
The difference is that
we keep this country
in business.
See, it's all about...
it's all about standards
of living, you know?
We can't stop the wheel turning
for anyone, including you.
So I suggest...
I suggest that you...
you get on your horse
and ya fuckin' ride
out of here while ya can.
Go on.
Drive safe, though.
[chuckles] Drive safe.
Mayor's invited you
to morning tea.
She'll be expecting ya.
What were you doing out
at Furnace Creek last night?
You just can't go
wanderin' round like that.
You cross the border
at Furnace Creek, copper or not,
they got their
rights to kill ya.
You know what
goes on out there?
What are you talking about?
Talking about a plane
full of Asian girls.
It's all done off-site.
They fly in, they fly out.
It's all legal.
You heard of trafficking?
Jesus, Jay.
Well, how do you know
they're not being trafficked?
How do you know they are?
Don't make no difference.
That kind of shit
ain't my watch.
Belongs to the Feds.
Do you know where
they keep the girls?
That ain't your concern.
And why ain't it yours?
You on the take?
Part of the security team?
You calling me
dirty there, Jay?
That what you're doin'?
Callin' me dirty?
Who's letting the grog
into Broken River?
It's a dry community
and it's soaking with piss.
And it's on your watch.
Askin' or callin',
whatever you want it to be.
Brother boy.
Where you from?
Oh, here and there.
What were you
doing up at Broken River?
Just lookin' around.
Well, you see,
we got protocols out here.
This is not your country
to go walkin' around on.
You're a guest here.
Just like the white man.
You understand,
brother boy?
[car engine starts]
Mr. Swan. Come on in.
Sit down.
You can call me Maureen.
Milk and sugar?
Now, Mr. Swan...
Jay, isn't it?
I'm going to call you Jay.
I heard something
about a missing person.
You see, there's not much
I don't know about
when it comes to Goldstone.
Now, out here, Jay,
we run a very tight ship,
where even the smallest stones
can cause mighty big ripples.
And we don't take
too kindly to mob who come in
and throw stones
with no reason.
Young Josh is a good boy.
Took him a while,
but he understands
how this place works.
So I suggest you keep
your head down,
keep those waters
nice and still.
Oh, and this is for you.
I was planning
to give you just one slice,
but I thought,
what the hell.
Hope you got a sweet tooth.
Thanks for the little chat.
And if you need
anything, just ask.
And I mean anything.
Hey, Josh.
Gidday, Mick.
Looking for a bit of love?
Oh, not tonight.
Bit of business, actually.
Oh, yeah,
what kind of business?
You got foreign
workers here, yeah?
Yeah, like usual.
They got work visas?
As far as I know.
Why, is there a problem?
No, no, no.
No, just an inquiry.
An inquiry?
Yeah, I want to talk to 'em.
What, now?
Well, they're busy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.
Won't take long.
You know, Josh,
some people might
call this a raid.
Come on, Mick,
it's not a big deal.
Excuse us, Mick, Mrs. Lao.
You girls speak English?
Are any of you girls
here against your will?
Has anybody threatened you
in any way?
Are any of you being
forced to pay back money?
Okay, thanks for your time.
Today here we make history.
Today we guarantee
your community's security.
We're talking
about infrastructure.
We're talking jobs and training.
Getting those lost kids
off the drugs
and into full-time jobs.
Look, I know some of you
mob are worried about your...
your sacred sites
and protecting your culture.
But at Furnace Creek,
we pride ourselves
on our environmental
and our cultural record.
We hold our hands out
to walk together down
this new pathway to the future
with the approval of this
new exploration agreement.
Let's just jump to it
and I'll invite
the Broken River
council board members
to come up here to give their
autographs of approval in front
of youse all here today.
Thank you.
Hey, old man.
You want a ride?
Lookin' for that girl?
Chinese one, eh?
Yeah, you know something?
My grandfather
saw first white man here.
He come on a camel.
Then the Chinese men come.
They said they all
look for the gold stone.
And they follow
the same God.
Money god.
I know why you came here.
I know your face.
Just like your father.
What, you knew him?
He be taken away
when he was a young boy.
Then he came back a man
and he said he had a son.
Must be you.
See that bird?
You hit 'em with the car.
Next time you be careful.
Look after him. Protect him.
They need more time
to understand.
But when you need him,
they save your life.
They'll find the water,
just the middle of nowhere,
in the desert.
Clean water, too.
Yep. I show you something.
What you really come here for.
Don't worry, not far.
That way.
[Jimmy singing
in foreign language]
[continues singing]
[continues singing]
[no audible dialogue]
[whispers] Hey.
What's wrong?
Well... I'm thinking
of gettin' out, Maureen.
I'm thinking to quit
while I'm ahead.
But Johnny,
we're so close.
Old Jimmy walked out
of the signing ceremony.
What? Tommy told me there'd
be no problem with Jimmy.
Yeah, well, he is.
He's a big fuckin' problem.
Already told
the suits down south
we've got the green light.
Maybe he wants more money.
I'll have a chat to Tommy.
No, no.
He's the type
you can't buy.
You know,
he doesn't go to church.
Hasn't touched a drop
of the grog we've
been runnin' out there.
The old ways
are in his blood.
Probably hold off
until he fuckin' dies.
Maybe we could speed things up.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
Fuckin' shit, no. No, no.
Johnny, we got so much
at stake here, remember?
Just leave it with me.
I'll do everything.
Okay? Okay, babe?
Hey, Josh. Back again?
Yeah, looks like it.
Business or pleasure?
[orchestral music plays]
Where you from?
A small town
a long way from here.
A small town,
long way from here.
What's your name?
How'd you get here?
It's a long story.
It's okay.
You can trust me.
You come here much?
You don't look like
the others around here.
How's that?
You just look different.
Nah, I'm just
the same as them.
Maybe I just didn't
start out that way, though.
How did you?
I don't know.
Didn't do things
the way other folks did.
I didn't believe
what other folks believed.
What did you believe?
Doesn't matter.
That boy's long gone.
So why all
the questions, Mei?
So I don't
have to answer yours.
Clever girl.
What do you really want,
Mr. Policeman?
Need to know what's
going on out here.
What do you think
is going on?
Not too sure yet.
The truth can be
hard to find out here,
especially once
the sun goes down.
And when you find the truth,
what will you do about it?
[phone rings]
[man] I got some information.
About what?
About what
the fuck's going on.
Who is this?
Meet me out
at Shadow Tree Crossroads.
[hangs up]
[bird screeches]
What happened?
Looks like the old man
tanked himself.
[camera shutter clicks]
How do you know that?
'Cause I know
what it looks like.
[camera shutter clicks]
Except usually it's the kids.
We had five in the last year.
[camera shutter clicks]
And I got a witness.
[camera shutter clicks]
[Josh] Said he
came here fishin'.
Saw old Jimmy
swinging from the tree,
but... it was too late.
[speaking foreign language]
[Maureen] Josh!
Oh, hope I'm not interrupting.
I was just heading home
and I saw the car.
No, you're all right, Maureen.
I just heard about Jimmy.
Shame, takin' his
own life like that.
Yeah, I know. I didn't
think he was the type.
Oh, it's often
the way it goes.
Ones you least expect.
Is there a problem?
No, no, just... just procedure.
I record all
the suicides we get.
Oh, good. I want to make
sure there's no problems
for the family getting
a release so they can go
ahead with the burial.
Can be really painful,
dragging these things out.
Yeah, no worries.
No worries, Maureen. I'll...
I'll get Max over in the morning
and I'll dress the body.
Should be ready
by tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, good, Josh.
Appreciate it.
No worries.
Oh, there's one other thing...
Don't ya reckon
Mr. Swan has overstayed
his welcome, eh?
Yeah, I get your drift,
but it might not be so easy.
He's here on Federal authority.
Since when were you afraid
of a little authority?
Talk later.
[animal howls in distance]
[animal howls in distance]
[Josh] I want you out of here,
pure and simple.
I did some checkin'.
I know why you
got sent out here.
Because of the hornet's nest
you set on fire
back in your hometown.
I've gotta admit,
lookin' at you now,
I wouldn't have thought
you had it in ya.
Five men ended...
pretty much single-handed.
Jesus, you're
a dangerous man, Jay.
I guess all that
blood on your hands...
send anyone to drink.
Ya ever loved anyone?
What do you reckon?
I reckon you're too gutless
to do a lot of things.
It's probably one of 'em.
Just end in a big
fuckin' mess anyway.
I reckon I'll just bypass it.
Yeah, why not bypass
the whole fuckin' thing?
But you already thought
about that more than once.
Pulling that Glock
out of your holster
and popping it in your mouth.
Out here,
all on your lonesome.
Fuck you, Jay.
Fuckin' bypass.
Like this whole
fuckin' country.
You think your
missing girl's out there,
you go right on ahead.
I won't stop ya.
But you're chasin'
a fuckin' ghost, Jay.
You got no witness
and you got no victim.
No fuckin' crime.
Belongs to the missing girl.
Where'd you get it?
Doesn't matter.
It's just a lost passport.
Oh, it's just a lost passport.
What, just like an old man
just killed himself...
on your watch.
You think you or me
or anyone can make a
difference to any fuckin' thing?
Think you really cleaned up
that town of yours?
You might have
stirred up a bit of dirt,
but it's just a matter
of time that the dust settles.
Well, at least
it's a little bit thinner.
You go out there, guns blazing,
they'll probably kill ya.
And all of this shit,
it'll just keep goin' round.
And I'll be the one
stuck on light duties
in some fuckin' hell hole.
I thought you
were already there.
[slow orchestral music plays]
Why did you come back?
Still looking for the truth?
Or something else?
I don't know.
Maybe... a lot of things.
All at once.
Why did you choose me
from the others?
I guess something
just caught my eye.
What something?
You sure you are just
like the others, Mr. Policeman?
What are you
really doin' here?
What do you think?
I think you're pretending.
Pretending what?
To be like the others.
I do what they do.
Makes me no different.
Just like you,
do like the others.
Let me help you.
Why do you
think I need it?
'Cause it's in your eyes.
And why should I trust you?
I'm giving you a choice...
to be who you wanna be.
Maybe it's me...
giving you the choice.
If you need help,
press this green button.
And I'll come.
Then what will
become of you?
[priest] We are gathered today,
my brothers and sisters,
to return our brother
Jimmy to mother earth.
His life
is not destroyed by death.
God has taken him
to eternal life.
As we commend Jimmy to God
and commit his body to the earth
let us express
in prayer our common faith
in the resurrection.
As Jesus Christ was
raised from the dead,
we too are called
to follow him through death
to the glory
of eternal life with God.
[priest continues indistinctly]
Old Jimmy told me
all about you.
He wanted me
to give you this.
Your father
had two brothers.
That's them at the
front there, on the side.
Your father's
the one at the end.
What happened to them?
Government sent people away.
Far away from here.
They must
have been with 'em.
There's a lot of families
out here won't accept you.
They want to keep everything
for themselves.
But old Jimmy
wanted you to know that...
This mob... it's your mob.
This land, you belong to it.
[kitchen appliance whirring]
[Maureen] Come in!
Detective Swan.
Cuppa tea?
Nah, I couldn't have kids.
So I figured sponsors
was the next best thing.
I heard you were
at Jimmy's funeral.
Just plain terrible
what's happening out there.
People taking
their own lives.
We lost a bunch
of kids last year.
Yeah, I was speaking
to Jimmy's daughter, Maria.
She must be devastated.
Yeah, she was saying
Jimmy was gettin' pressure.
Really? Who from?
The Land Council
and Furnace Creek.
I heard you caused
a bit of commotion
back in your hometown.
Is that right?
I was just doin' my job.
My daddy was a sheep farmer
a long way south
and a little bit east of here.
Fifty thousand acres
of the most desolate,
driest land you've ever seen.
Now, my daddy was a hard man,
but my granddaddy... [exhales]
he was from a different world.
Nothing my daddy did could
ever please that old man.
There was no pleasing
my daddy, either.
When I heard he'd
hanged himself in the feed shed
one October morning,
I couldn't feel any sorrow.
Couldn't find
a reason to miss him.
And then it dawned on me.
I was just like him.
Daddy and Granddaddy,
the three of us.
As hard as that trampled on,
dried old earth
that we grew up on.
So after skippin'
from town to town,
marriage number five,
I just let things go.
Decided I just had
to look after number one.
Now, I never
told anyone that before.
But I reckon you
should think about it, Jay,
'cause one day you might wake up
and find yourself lonely
and old and poor,
with nothin' to keep
you company but the flies
'cause you left
the door half open.
Now, here we are
being civilized
to one another,
but you and I both know
things are gonna
change sooner or later.
Don't get me wrong.
I like you, Jay.
Just don't take it personal
when things turn
from ripe to rotten.
'Cause that's how life is, Jay.
Drive carefully.
They bitin'?
Not like they used to.
Nah, it's a shame.
Aren't you gonna count it?
No, I trust you.
You shouldn't, ya know.
You know that black cop's
been talkin' to Maria?
Yeah, I know.
What he say?
Nothin' much.
It was more
the way he said it.
He's trying to get
something out of you.
Well, you won't have
to worry about him anymore.
What you gonna
do about Maria?
What do you
want me to do?
Keep her mouth shut.
You're doin'
the right thing.
The past is the past.
It's time for your people
to move on.
Are we right?
What do you want?
The passport.
I just wanna know
where you found it.
I don't want any trouble.
If you just show me
where you found the passport,
I'll leave you alone,
I promise.
Up there.
I was scratching around
and come across it by accident.
You find anything else up there?
Just rubbish. Fool's gold.
Seen some fuckin' bikies
'round here, shootin'.
Shootin' what?
[stammers] At wild dogs.
Anything that fuckin'
moves or doesn't move.
They even fuckin' shot up
me fuckin' mail box. Twice.
Where'd they come from?
Where do you
think they come from?
Fuckin' Furnace fuckin' Creek.
[insects chirping]
[vehicle approaching]
[car door opens, closes]
[no audible dialogue]
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
Mrs. Lao?
That's a lot of noodles
you've got there.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I was hoping I could
ask you a few questions.
Sorry, I'm very busy.
Yeah, no worries.
Won't take long.
Did you ever have a girl out
there by the name of Zhang Mei?
I can't remember.
You sure?
What do you want?
The truth.
What's really
going on out there?
What's always
been going on.
You all right?
[sighs] What do you
wanna do, Tommy?
I wanna clean the dust away.
Make it shine again.
I wanna make a statement.
How long's this
been goin' on?
You gotta sign the papers,
film people...
Tommy, how much?
The man, he wants some money
if you don't sign the paper...
Tommy, what happened
with old Jimmy?
I grab him
and I put the rope around him,
took him,
and I lift him up.
All right.
[indistinct dialogue]
[phone rings]
Hey, Josh.
I want to see the girls.
They're not here.
What do you mean
they're not here?
Bring the fuckin' girls out.
What are you
doin' here, Josh?
Where are they?
What's wrong with you?
You know the rules.
When's the next plane?
Mayor's not going
to be happy about this.
[man shouting]
[man shouting]
[soft music plays on stereo]
[shredder whirring]
You okay there, Maureen?
[gasps] Josh,
you gave me a fright.
You working on a Sunday?
Yeah, just... [sniffs]
tying up a few loose ends.
What can I do for you, Josh?
Well, Maureen,
I'll just get right to it.
I know you're involved
in old Jimmy's death.
You realize
what you're sayin', Josh?
Cut the bullshit, Maureen.
Your hands are all over it
and I can prove it.
Just like I can prove
you've been on the take
with Furnace Creek.
Josh, I'm just an old woman
who likes to bake pies.
I've got 12 sponsor kids,
for Christ's sake.
Whoever's got the girls,
I wanna meet 'em.
And I wanna meet 'em now.
Which girls?
Don't fuck with me, Maureen.
Josh, I don't know
what's gotten into you.
You're not yourself.
I need you to set it up.
How much do you
think your life's worth?
There's billions
of dollars out there.
How do you think that
compares with an old blackfella
or a lone Asian girl?
A prostitute,
for Christ's sake.
But I guess that's
just your style, isn't it?
A copper who prefers to spend
his time with working girls.
Not a good look for a young cop
who wants to step up
in the world, is it?
And those hands of yours,
they may not be
as dipped as some,
but they're not squeaky
clean either, are they, Josh?
You set it up,
or I'll get the fuckin'
Feds up here tomorrow.
I'll need some bait.
Tell 'em I want in.
Do you really
want in, Josh?
Your own big slice
of the pie?
Make the call.
Or I will.
[man] Josh.
What's goin' on?
You tell me
what's goin' on.
One sec.
[no audible dialogue]
[Jay panting]
Can you do something
for us, mate?
Yeah, what's that, mate?
Just grab that
shovel over there.
Make yourself useful.
Let's go.
[Jay panting]
[man] You wanna get close,
this is how you do it.
Make it nice
and fuckin' big.
Nothin' personal, Joshy.
Just business.
[man whistles]
Hands on your head.
[engine starts]
[orchestral music]
Are you sure you wanna do this?
[cocks gun]
[man shouts]
[automatic gunfire]
[man grunts]
Where are they?
The girls.
The laundry.
[airplane approaching]
[engine starts]
Get on the ground!
Get on the ground now!
On the ground!
On the fuckin' ground!
[plane approaching]
Mayor's left town
without a trace.
No sign of her yet.
But you're free to go.
The Feds have
taken over everything.
It's all gone down
to the city with the girls.
I'm just waiting
to see what happens.
End up seeing any of them
wild dogs gettin' around?
I seen somethin' out there,
but I'm not sure what it was.
But I do know it
was no bad thing.
You know, growin' up
out here in the bush,
I wouldn't
change it for anything.
And I mean anything.
But sometimes I can't help
but get this feelin' that...
I coulda been...
or I shoulda been...
somethin' more than...
what I turned out.
I tell myself not to listen.
It's just this...
small piece inside...
that's cryin' out to be me.
I'm gonna put in for a transfer.
Somewhere by the ocean.
Need to clean a bit
of this dust out of me, Jay.
What about you?
You headin' home?
I guess.
[orchestral music]
[orchestral music]
[Jimmy singing
in foreign language]
[orchestral music]
[orchestral music]