Golgo 13: The Professional (1983) Movie Script

Golgo 13: Nationality unknown.
Age unknown. Real name unknown.
Golgo 13
Produced by
Yutaka Fujioka
Original Comics Written by
Takao Saito and Saito Production
Script by
Shukei Nagasaka
Animation Director
Akio Sugino
Directorof Photography
Hirokata Takahashi
Art Director
Shinichiro Kobayashi
Original Composer
Toshiyuki Kimori
Key Animation by
Shinji Otsuka and Atsuko Fukushima
ComputerGraphics by
Toyo Links
CG Executive Producer
Koichi Ohmura
CG Director
Satomi Mikuriya
Tetsuro Sagawa as Golgo 13
Goro Naya as Leonard Dawson
Toshiko Fujita as Cindy
Kumiko Takazawa as Rita
Kiyoshi Kobayashi as Jefferson
Reiko Muto as Laura
Directed by
Osamu Dezaki
There are clear skies
on the coast tonight.
The windspeed is 3. The barometric
pressure is 1018 millibars.
Temperature is 22c. We're expecting
10 mm of rain before daybreak.
Now we continue our music program...
Thank you everyone...
Thank you Vice President Ralph,
and Governor Rosen...
Senator Prescott and
Congressman Miles.
And... all my life-long friends...
thank you.
I'm grateful that I could have this
wonderful birthday party tonight.
After living for 62 years,
I feel truly rewarded.
And now my greatest happiness is that
I can introduce the new president...
of Dawson Corporation.
Oil Baron
Leonard Dawson
As C.E.O., I will hand over most of
the authority to our new president.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce
the youngest president in the history...
of this company.
My closest friend and best student...
My only son,
Robert Frederick Dawson!
Now, I have received the greatest
present I could from my father...
by becoming the newest
president of this company.
As a small token of my appreciation,
please accept this flower bouquet.
Thank you, Robert.
A bouquet of anemones and white
verbenas to symbolize 29 years...
of appreciation for my father.
Robert!! Robert!!
Bishop, you don't have
to worry about it.
But... but, it's already
the time, Pago.
That man will never
break a promise.
Are you Bishop Meletti?
Yes I am, Sir.
Talk to me.
It was the third Tuesday
of last month...
My parents, my brother and his wife.
My sister and her family...
In an instant I lost everything,
in my hometown of Sicily!
It was the local Mafia and Dr. Z
that murdered them!
Marchel was just nine years old!
Maria just started to walk last year.
As you may have already realized,
my family was also part of the Mafia.
We had often fought with
our own flesh and blood.
I hated that fate and decided to
become a bishop, however...
this I can not endure...
I've already deposited the amount we
agreed to in your designated account.
I heard you are a man who makes
the impossible... possible.
I accept.
Lord... my heart burns with unforgiving
vengeance. Please punish me!
You have a very hard target, Duke.
The fact is, that even the highest
levels of people in the Mafia...
don't know who Dr. Z is.
Yet despite this, he still controls
a large number of Mafia bosses...
and completely controls
every political party in Sicily.
The research costs twice
as much as usual...
because they're such
a new organization.
This is the entire map of the
town of Messina, in Sicily.
This is the floor plan
to Dr. Z's mansion.
Also, this is a video of Z's family.
I snooped around and shot the video.
That's all I got so far...
I'll tell you, with my years of experience
and intuition... this assignment is...
Well, good luck!
This is Dr. Z's mansion.
You should consider the whole cape
of the Ionia Sea as Dr. Z's mansion.
They have an unusually
tight security system.
Since the brutal murder of the
Meletti family, all the underlings...
now carry a 1976 model Ingram M11.
It's a high-powered sub-machine gun
that was used on the Cambodian front.
This is my own conclusion, but...
I'm sure that Dr. Z is in this mansion.
They're spending too much money
on security... so I doubt it's a decoy.
This is Dr. Z's only daughter, Cindy.
She's the only person who's actually
in contact with Dr. Z right now.
Dr. Z's orders are
given to Cindy first...
and she passes them
along to his executives.
I had a hard time
taking this footage.
You know, 8 professional bodyguards
are with her wherever she goes.
There were many men
who've made a pass at Cindy...
but her people killed most of them,
after she finished playing with them.
Currently, she isn't seeing anybody.
Any customers?
Yes sir, just one.
Miss Cindy wants to have lunch.
Why don't you have him
go someplace else.
Yes, I will tell him.
What?! He doesn't want to leave?!
Yes, he said he was here first.
All right... I'll tell him to leave.
Miss Cindy, let's go back.
I'll take care of this.
That man...
Bring that man.
Welcome home, Miss Cindy.
Welcome home.
You're the first Japanese man
I've ever met.
Why don't you drink, too?
Chavis, Valentine, Cognac...
I can make world class
drinks in this room.
Until I get bored of you,
I'll kindly keep you in this room.
Who hired you?
Duke Togo!
I know your other name is Golgo 13!
I know you have just one purpose!
To take the life
of my father, Dr. Z!
If you know everything,
why did you invite me here?
I'm tired.
My father's tired, too.
He said he's tired of
this bloody business.
But nobody can kill my father.
Even if you are the
best professional assassin.
How was it?
Do you wanna push me more?
Perhaps I might confess to you
where my father is.
I burned...
It's been such a long time.
Please keep quiet for a while.
Yes, father.
Well, yes.
No! It's not what you think.
I wanted to know how much
information he has about you.
No! I will never do that...
What?! But he's unarmed.
No! I have to tell you this.
Why are you afraid of someone
who doesn't even have a weapon?
Father, you've never
been like this before...
Duke, can't you back out
from this job?
My father said he couldn't
let you live unless you back out.
Local time, 7:35 PM.
Messina, B blocks.
G has left Dr. Z's mansion...
and heading to the Anton Hotel,
where he is staying.
Roger, give me an update
ten minutes from now.
He got close to Cindy. It seems
like we can begin our plan.
We will do the one thing that
nobody could have ever done.
The legend of Golgo 13
will be ending soon.
I brought the item you requested.
Set the time, to start the fuse.
Then just insert this terminal.
Today is my birthday.
Duke! Nobody has ever escaped
when they tried to kill my father.
Take this horse.
I want you to leave Sicily,
ride from here to the harbor.
Well, good luck.
Who's there?
I tested the phone in your room.
The phone rings exactly 15 seconds
after you open the locker.
I discovered the door
was a time-lag switch.
You were just doing a
one-woman show with the phone.
I know Cindy.
You're Dr. Z.
Adjust the sighting!
Target... two-four... eight-four...
G showed up!
Everybody, stand by!
Now shoot!!
Target has moved!!
Pago, did you tell
anybody about this job?
Then who did this to you?
They weren't Dr. Z's people,
were they?
I'll ask one more time.
You've never told anybody
about me, have you?
I understand. I believe you.
Dr. Z is dead.
Shoot! Shoot!
Blow up the church!!
Who is it?
Somebody's after you.
They're a huge organization that
I've never seen or heard of.
Our strategy was perfect.
So was our information!
We predicted his actions perfectly.
We hunted down our target.
But we still failed to catch him,
even after badly wounding him.
Are you saying that I have
all the blame for this?
You assured us that the Pentagon
would commit the most skillful people.
Yes I did, Director!
My loyal aide, Braygan,
led a team of our best men.
We did everything we could do.
Everything you could do?
Does that also include getting
3 of our special CIA agents killed?
Your loyal aide interfered when
our 3 agents were about to kill G.
The ends justify the means!
I don't care what happened to your
3 agents, as long as we could kill G.
Don't act that way to me!
You failed!
This is an undeniable fact!
Stop it, both of you!
We're partners!!
We are tied together
to the same goal.
Take care of all your emotional
problems after we take care of G.
Besides, we have a lady present.
He is the information
broker who helped G!
Our team got rid of him!
Good job, Braygan.
I found it, General.
The dog!
The hunting dog!
He's the best in the world.
He's incomparably stronger
than the three CIA agents.
Incomparably stronger?
Would you like to test him...
Assistant Chief?!
Why don't you look at him?
Where is he, Braygan?
Big Snake!
Over here!
As you can see,
he is in a different class.
I want you.
You like it?
Brand new car! Isn't it great?
It seems like you're doing well,
not as usual.
Well, the situation
didn't change so much.
I just started a
car dealership this year.
I consider myself to be
like brand new car, too.
I want you to think
like that, Duke.
Can I also have a cigarette?
Everybody, why don't you
go get a hamburger!
I want you to use this car.
There's no charge.
It looks small, but as
a former F-1 circuit mechanic...
I did a high performance tune up.
Everything's exactly
the way you requested.
Why don't you check my work?
The trigger is an
electric push button.
It can rapid-fire
15 shots per second.
And the balance change caused by
the recoil is set under a decimal point.
And this silencer kit is...
I understand, Rita.
You don't have to explain anymore.
I trust your work.
Tell me how much
the modifications are...
and the cost of the car, too.
No... you don't have
to pay this time.
But Duke...
Can you pull my trigger just once?
Quietly, and gently.
Your left shoulder's
wound is still fresh.
I heard a rumor...
You're in danger.
I've heard a dangerous enemy
is going after you.
But... Im not worried about you.
There were so many times...
...but every time it happened,
you created a legend.
The immortal man...
The man you never
want to aim your gun at.
The real professional...
What is this?
I told you I don't need it!
Duke, I'm not that kind of woman!
Don't misunderstand it, Rita!
I insist on paying you
for your excellent work.
Besides, you better stay away
from San Francisco for a while.
They work very thoroughly.
Are you worried about me?
Get out now.
Change taxis 3 times to go home.
Oh, I'm so happy.
We identified Golgo's
target in San Francisco.
He is a former Nazi,
Hitler's chief bodyguard.
Currently using the alias,
Don Hughes.
The client is a Jewish-American.
A survivor of the
concentration camps.
Don Hughes is currently living in the
penthouse of the Don Hughes building.
The building is surrounded by 50 mm
thick tempered bulletproof glass.
He never leaves his residence.
We predicted G's shooting points.
The rooftop of the USA building...
or the rooftop water tower
of the S.S. Hotel...
or the JR Tower observatory.
There is one more possible
point within a 1 mile radius.
The Super Beer company's billboard has
the same height as the Hughes building.
However, the USA building is between
the billboard and the Hughes building.
So it's impossible
to shoot from there.
Therefore, we will remove
this place from the list.
Next is the means to destroy
the 50 millimeter bulletproof glass.
A special shooting needs
a specially remodeled gun.
Most likely he would use a M-16 type,
recoilless, full automatic silencer gun.
He will get this weapon...
from the illegal gun maker, Rita.
Age, 29.
American citizen.
7:58 PM
G started to move.
All right.
Everybody, begin the operation!
To all groups! Open communication
circuits immediately!
"A" group has set position
at the USA building.
This is "B" group...
Positioning completed at S.S. Hotel!
This is "C" group speaking.
JR tower observatory is OK... over.
This is "D" group. We've lost
sight of G's car at A. B. B. zone.
Damn! All right, then join
the other group from there!
It's all right, G's destination
is limited to a few choices.
We've got the penthouse of
Hughes building in sight.
Don Hughes' presence is confirmed.
It's been 125 minutes
since we lost sight of G.
But he hasn't shown up
around the S.S. Hotel.
There is no trace of him
approaching the USA building.
Same at the JR tower.
He may have given up
on shooting tonight.
Can't be!
According to his clients...
tonight is the last day
of this assignment.
Has G ever broken his word?
He'll do it.
He must do it tonight.
Stop the car!!
Say that again!
I found G!
He's at the Super Beer billboard!
It can't be...
What's he doing there?!
He's preparing to shoot!
What's he aiming at?!
You can't even see the Hughes
building from the billboard...
because the USA building
is obstructing the view.
But... but... I can see
he's clearly preparing to shoot.
He's aiming approximately at
the 48th floor of the USA building.
48th floor?
Wait a minute!
Computer one, come in!
This is lead vehicle!
This is lead vehicle!
This is computer one.
Lead vehicle, come in!
What's the status on the 48th floor
of the USA building?
Just a moment.
Hurry up!
I've got it.
The Union Company booked the
entire 48th floor of the USA building.
The whole floor for one company?
Yes, sir.
Does that mean someone can look
through the north-side window...
from outside the south-side window?
Huh? Sorry, could you repeat that?
I'm asking you if there are
any windows that you can see...
straight through to
the Hughes building...
when you look at the
USA building from the billboard?!
Roger!! Checking now!
Don Hughes was
just shot a moment ago!
There is one window!
The 18th window from the right
can see straight through...
to the penthouse of
the Hughes building!
Don't let him escape!
Stop G at all costs!
All vehicles, surround JBR area!
Attention all groups!!
I found G!
He's now running from
JBR area to E block.
All vehicles!
Use police car camouflage,
and drive to E block!
G entered the 14 freeway where
it's currently under construction.
We'll hunt him down there!
The 14 freeway quickly
becomes a dead end.
Check the body!
Yes, sir!
Come in, Braygan.
Come in, Braygan!
Come in, Braygan!
Duke, is that you?
Who's there?
When I came here as a poor immigrant
from Italy, the first job I got...
was as a shoeshine boy.
After 53 years, I did all kinds of
hard work to build up this fortune.
And when my wife
passed away 13 years ago...
the one reason I had for living
was my only son, Robert.
He read poetry.
He loved painting.
He fell in love with all of his heart,
like a young boy.
Then he married and
had finally grown up.
My long cherished dream, to give
all of my business to my son...
was about to come true.
At the moment I felt
my dream come true...
my life was destroyed!!
With just one bullet...
from Golgo 13!!
I swore revenge on him!
I used my enormous fortune and
bought all of you from the government!
Because you are the
experts in this field!
I bought your organizational
abilities and brainpower!
You see! I bought you!
However... look at the mess
you've gotten into now!
I forgave failure the first time.
But you have failed again!
There's no more forgiveness
for a third time!!
Take my words to heart!
The next time you fail,
is the time you all die!
Braygan is dead.
But you came back alive.
You may still have
a chance to beat him.
Listen!! Next time,
either he dies or you die!
You good-for-nothing!
Listen to my words carefully!
That woman...
That woman...
Why don't you give
me that woman?
You monster!
Miss Laura.
Master Dawson wants to see you.
I would like hot tea, Albert.
Certainly, sir.
I will kill Golgo.
Robert used to love
the view from here.
Yes, sir.
I've heard the clockmaker was killed,
but I didn't know about Rita.
Rita was a good girl...
I want to know who's controlling
everything behind this.
I'll pay you double.
Any clue?
Is that the name of the boss?
No, the name of the man I killed.
I see. You can find the boss
if you investigate Braygan.
I assume he's an experienced member
of the US army special forces.
Well, if you know that much,
I can do something.
By the way Duke,
how's the wound?
I'll see you at the usual place,
two weeks from now.
He's frightened...
A man like him...
...is frightened!
So, Golgo left the Amazon?
He's in Miami now getting
treatment for his injuries.
Now is the perfect
time to attack him.
So why is Dawson calling us here?
I don't know. He made us
come all the way here.
Who does he think he is?
All of you pledged loyalty to me!
You said you would do
everything you could.
The CIA provided three agents
and their elite unit.
The Pentagon gave Braygan's
Special Forces and Snake.
But there's one man
who didn't provide anything.
B... but we don't have
anything to provide you.
Why don't you look for something?
Even inside the federal prisons!
What are you talking about?
Well, if you're playing dumb,
I'll explain it to you.
It was the summer of 1970.
There was a joint secret experimental
project by the Pentagon and CIA.
It took place in the jungles
of Banjibal, Central America.
40 professional assassins were
gathered from all over the world...
and abandoned in the jungle...
Abandoned to fight against
2000 guerilla solders.
Unfortunately, the 40 assassins
were not given any food or weapons.
It was a cruel experiment to see
how long they could survive...
without weapons, while fighting
guerillas and wild animals.
The time limit on this
experiment was 80 days.
20 people out of the 40
were killed within 3 days.
10 more people were
killed within a week.
Another 4 people died after 10 days.
Then after 13 days...
2 heads and the scalps of 2 others
floated to the surface of the swamp.
Even though the
time limit was 80 days...
38 people out of 40 died
13 days after the experiment started.
Everybody felt the
experiment was a failure.
But shortly after, an expedition
confirmed a surprising fact.
The 2 missing people who were
considered dead, were still alive.
Not only did they survive by drinking
rainwater and eating tree roots...
but they also killed
all 2000 guerillas.
I don't know what
their real names are...
but people called them
"Gold and Silver."
Yes, Gold and Silver!
I want these two!
Chairman Dawson! I've listened to your
unreasonable requests for a long time.
We even overlooked it, when you had
chosen to make that one decision...
in Dallas.
But now, you are out of control.
This is not for the same
reason of mutual profit...
like what happened in Dallas.
This is just a personal grudge!!
I refuse to let them
out of prison!
I'm asking you to lend me the 2 people
who survived in Banjibal.
That's an impossible favor,
Chairman Dawson.
After they came back from Banjibal...
they were arrested for
continual acts of mass murder!
They're in federal prison,
condemned to death!
I know all of that.
That's why I'm asking you.
Don't be ridiculous, Dawson!
They're too dangerous.
I want their dangerousness.
That's enough, Dawson!
I can't support your
silly and insane ideas!
Well everybody, let's leave!
You bastards can't
talk to me like that!
You're rejecting my request?
Why don't you do it,
if you think you can!
But I'll stop operation on
all of Dawson Empire's companies...
for as long as it takes!
Tell your superiors what I said!
If I stop operations of Dawson Oil,
Dawson Bank, and Dawson Shipping...
everybody knows what will happen
to our country's economy.
I'll really do it!
Nobody can say "No" to me!
I'll kill Golgo 13, no matter
what it takes to do it!
Even if I have to destroy a city!
But if you agree to my request...
I'll make sure no innocents
get involved. I swear to God!
Chief Garvin, I must explain the
special procedures you're to follow.
They must wear handcuffs
while you are transferring them.
You must never be left unguarded,
until they feel that you...
are on their side.
You see, they look at people in
either one of two classifications...
friend or enemy.
Emily is doing very well.
And she's polished
her skills very well.
You're doing great, Emily.
You may feel lonely, but it will
only be for a little while longer.
Good girl... Good girl.
Laura, what are you
doing in my room?
Give Emily back to me.
Albert, can you leave?
Yes, sir.
Now, what did you say, Laura?
You didn't just make me
a tool of that monster.
You also took Emily away from me.
I need Emily for strategic reasons.
I'll never forget to appreciate you,
the woman who loved Robert.
I want you to know that.
You've completely changed
since you lost Robert.
But this may well be
your real personality.
You've frozen your own heart
to achieve your goals.
One thing...
Can I ask you one thing, Mr. Dawson?
Golgo 13 is a sniper
who works for hire.
There must be a client
who asked him to kill Robert.
But you are only obsessed
with revenge on Golgo 13.
You never tried to look for
the person who hired him.
Why is that?
I can't answer that
question right now.
I see.
Goodbye Robert.
Goodbye Dawson.
My brother will pick up my belongings
to bring to my parents' house.
Please tell Albert any amount
you desire, as consolation money.
He is already prepared
to pay you at anytime.
Goodbye Emily.
You know Golgo will
arrive here today?!
We'll start the strategy I've planned
so carefully and thoroughly.
We will finally get to see
Golgo 13's dead body in my castle!
Ladies and gentlemen...
Global American Airlines flight
to Los Angeles via Chicago...
has now started boarding.
Attention please...
Canadian Pacific Airlines Fight 803...
is delayed one hour
due to bad weather.
Let's hear the information, Pablo?
I'm sorry Duke.
It happens all the time...
So tell me about the information.
They're getting very close to you.
They've got condemned criminals who
were just days before their execution.
The FBI, CIA, and even
the Pentagon are helping.
This is a secret operation
on a nation-wide scale.
What's the name of the boss?
The chairman of Dawson Enterprises,
Leonard Dawson.
I thought so.
Two people at the airport
attacked me yesterday.
Dawson's butler, and
his granddaughter, Emily.
both were at Dawson's
yacht party.
Is that true, Duke?
That's means...
Since he's willing to use his own
granddaughter, he's desperate.
He's desperate to
set a trap for you.
A trap?
Sure, it's a trap.
He's planning to lure you to Dawson
Castle, by revealing his identity.
Dawson Castle is the headquarters
of Dawson Enterprises.
It's in New York, but stands as a
shining symbol throughout America...
and the world.
This Dawson company building
has 67 floors.
I'm sorry Duke.
It happens all the time, Pablo.
I can't believe this.
There isn't even slightest
possibility of doubt about it.
They took my wife
and children hostage.
Not even the slightest possibility of
doubt they won't kill them, unless...
Mr. Dawson, let me introduce
the twins, Silver and Gold.
I'm Dawson.
Your enemy is only one man,
Golgo 13.
Kill him!
Helicopters, Jefferson!!
Did you prepare two divisions
to go into action?!
Don't worry! I've had all the residents
around here evacuated!
You just follow my orders!
G is about to pass 34th floor.
Yes, go Snake!
G is on the 40th floor.
OK, begin!
Now Silver!
Go Gold!
Both of you, finish him off!
Scoop his brains out
and dump them!
He went inside the "morgue."
It looks like he's badly hurt
after the fight with Snake.
That's enough!
That's enough!
No one else should fight
with him anymore.
I understand.
Do you know the symbolism of
anemone and white verbena flowers?
These are the last flowers
that Robert gave to me.
Anemone is symbolizes
"a hope that's fading away."
And white verbena means
"please pray for me."
It's all right...
It's all right, Robert.
Golgo 13.
You were the best man for me
to burn my last passions on...
darkness, despair and anger.
It seems though, enviably,
you're not even human.
Please forgive my selfishness for
leaving my suicide note like this.
This is my first and last...
rebellious act against you.
Father, thank you very much
for giving me...
your tremendous love
over the last 29 years.
The birthday cake you baked for
my 6th birthday was very delicious.
The day of my high school graduation,
was the first time I saw you cry.
I felt so happy.
And thank you for caring for my wife
Laura and my daughter Emily.
You've always had
great hope for me.
It's very painful to me,
because I couldn't respond.
I rejected the great hope
that you had for me.
I'm sorry Father, I don't even
have the courage to kill myself.
Therefore, I decided to
ask someone to kill me.
I believe he will do a good job.
To my great father...
the oil baron, Leonard Dawson.
From your ungrateful son, Robert.
"The Oil Baron",
Leonard Dawson has died.
The US authorities have
officially announced...
that it was an accidental death.
Do you wanna play with me?
Hey, young man,
do you wanna play with me?
Don't you wanna play with me?
Hey, if you're not in a hurry...
I'll show you a good time
for less than $200 dollars.