Goli Soda 2 (2018) Movie Script

Who are you guys?
Please list the items recovered.
Two sets of clothes, a new neckband, some cash and a train ticket to Ahmedabad.
New spectacles and a cell phone without SIM card.
Do you think we can't catch you if you throw the SIM card away?
Why did you bring me here and not to the police station?
If we arrest you, we will have only 24 hours.
But here, we have all the time until you tell us everything. Got it?
Seems like a long trip.
Where was he picked up from?
Ambalavanan Pharmacy, sir. It's near the railway gate.
-When? -Two hours ago.
All the details of the three missing people are in this file.
All three of them knew him.
I'm also from the department.
Head Constable in Manali Pudhunagar for six years, batch 1998.
Relieved of duty for not doing your work properly.
Make him sit.
If you are a police officer, then who am I?
Open your mouth only to answer.
Look at these photographs.
Do you recognize anyone?
Tell me.
Who is he?
On the same street as my pharmacy in Maxworth Nagar
is the Nellai Parotta stall.
-He works there. -You show up when we're closing.
-Are you late again? -What do you have?
We have a stove, fire, lentil soup
eggs, cashews, cloves, turmeric, masala and tooth powder.
-What do you want? -Enjoy it, sir.
-How did you know? -I knew you'd come, so I kept it ready.
-Hold on. -He's perfect!
He earns money from the hotel and lives for sports. He's sorted that way.
When he is not working in the hotel, he spends his time on the court.
Basketball is not just a game for him, it's his life.
His name is Oli.
Every year, around the festival of Diwali,
a basketball tournament takes place in Manali Pudhunagar.
The factory which organizes the tournament, hires two players.
So, this year we will play, win the cup and get that job.
-And we will drink from that cup. -In uniform.
Without any education or educated parents,
these youngsters try to survive by doing some work or the other.
He is one among those thousands of youngsters.
He is a rickshaw driver.
His autorickshaw stand is on the same street
where my pharmacy is located.
His name is Shiva.
Hello. Every week, we meet people who enjoy their work. This week...
-My name is Shiva. -Please look into the camera.
My name is Shiva. I wasn't good in studies.
I had no dad to educate me.
Tamil is fine. But I find English very difficult.
I was driving a rental autorickshaw.
And then, I saved money and bought the same autorickshaw.
My mom told me, "It's okay even if you clean the toilet.
-But be your best and love what you do." -Have some coffee.
Just a minute. Mom, come here.
This is my mom.
-Hello, ma'am. -Hello.
I heard that there are many facilities in your autorickshaw...
I don't charge anyone for these facilities.
I go by the auto meter.
You can even pay by card too. I have a swiping machine.
And my inspiration comes from our very own Annadurai.
-Hello. -What's next for you?
I was born and brought up here, in North Madras.
Here, 12-year-olds take drugs. And they'd end up being alcoholics.
They find it difficult to get rid of this habit.
Ladies do petty chores and take care of their families.
The reason behind it is lack of education.
They aren't educated. What else can they do?
I want to start an on-demand taxi service and provide jobs for the uneducated kids.
I will teach them how to drive, and offer them jobs.
That's my plan. And I need a car for that.
That's what I am working towards.
-Hey. -Whack him, Dinesh!
-You're crossing your line these days. -You even provide free Wi-fi.
You've caused us so many troubles.
Passengers are asking for books, papers and such things.
-Is this a rickshaw or a library? -Next, you'll probably provide foods.
What is this, Dinesh?
He's doing his job sincerely. You should try to do so too.
Get going, boy.
That was the first time I met him.
Since we were in the same area, he used to visit my shop.
Eat it while it's still warm. Should I cover it?
Why are you late?
-Why are you here so early? -Here.
We had a veneration ceremony at home. Please have some.
-You didn't give me much. -That's all I have.
Today's Sunday. Let's see if I'll get more tomorrow.
He gave his earnings to me to save for a car.
It's 95,580 rupees, man.
That's great, man.
Hey, why are you so surprised?
Nowadays, suspicion arises only when things are right.
Who is he?
-Where are we going? -To the church at Retteri!
What? Who are we meeting there?
-What do you mean? No one. -You jerk.
She is Inba, Maran's girlfriend.
-What is this? -I'm tying this nuptial thread here.
Don't ever take it off. Okay?
Dock Thillai.
-You work with them. -Keep quiet.
You work with them, don't you?
Maran worked as a driver for Dock Thillai.
Nothing happens in North Madras without Dock Thillai's knowledge.
Where is Thillai? Tell him to come out! Come on!
Why should they die for the dispute between us?
-We can sort it out. -Wait, he wants to say something.
No, Vincent. Don't go alone.
Come on, guys.
-Let's talk it out. -Sir.
He is my friend!
Come on, buddy. We've known each other for so long.
Enough with that thing. Buzz off.
My friend, you haven't understood my game.
You still trusted me and came to my area.
Are you that stupid?
Don't spare them! Get them!
Sir, it's Maran.
Ask him to go home.
Hey, what happened?
Why all of a sudden?
Nothing serious. I just feel like like it's enough for now.
-Is the salary not enough? -It's not that.
Are our rivals poaching you to be on their side?
-Or is it the police? -It's not that too.
Get the food.
Look at it from my point of view.
You have been with me for four years.
You've seen things which you shouldn't have.
You've heard things that you shouldn't have.
How can you leave work all of a sudden like this?
What should I guess? Tell me.
Okay. What do you intend to do after quitting this job?
I'll find a respectable job...
Who would give a respectable job to a driver like you?
Respectable job?
-Six months. -My bet is nine months.
-You think so? -Sir, he doesn't look scared at all.
He will potter around for a year and then be right back here.
I'll never come back.
-Why, man? -Hey, Maran.
You get two sets of outfits every year and three meals a day.
What else do you need?
-The keys. -Give it to me.
See you, Mr. Kumar.
Where are they now?
I don't know, sir.
I haven't seen them in a while.
-Are they friends? -They...
-Have you quit your job? -Yes.
Don't you know why?
Will you ever do anything I ask?
How arrogant.
Can't you ride carefully?
Easy. It's been 30 minutes since you quit your job. Stop horsing around.
-Where is that girl? -I'm here!
-See you, Middleman! -Middleman?
The fuel tank is almost empty. Fill it.
-Hey! -Hi.
-Have you lunch? -I'm headed to the hotel for that.
It's so late and you still haven't had lunch. Here, have this!
-I'll have something else. -You have it.
Fine then, see you later.
The three of them knew me.
-Sir! -But the three of them...
-What brings you here? -I was heading to your hotel.
They didn't know each other.
-This thing is difficult to lift. -Hey, Sarvsundaram!
You wash the dishes. You peel the onions.
Hey, you come here. Oli, you go and hide.
Wash your feet, guys.
Only hard work lifts our status!
If this hotel is our temple, then our boss is our God.
What's with all the flattery? What's the matter?
Why are you sweating? Did you go to the basketball court?
Why do you suspect us? We sweat because we're working hard.
-Show me your legs. -Are you going to get me anklets?
Why are you late?
-Hey, I'm the owner of this place. -So? Does that allow you to be late?
Making an investment isn't enough. Show some interest too.
Please come in. What brings you here?
Should I come to you only when I'm not well?
You're dear to me, Natesan.
Sir, I myself thought of coming to meet you.
I know a boy. He needs some money.
He drives an autorickshaw, but he wants to buy a car.
Never mind what he wants to buy.
How much does he need?
He needs 50,000 rupees.
-Does he own the autorickshaw? -Will you be his guarantor?
Of course.
We will find you if he doesnt pay the debt.
-Start the car. We'll see. -Okay, sir.
Madhi, it's midnight. And you are still on Facebook.
Why do you think I'm on Facebook whenever I use my laptop?
What is this, Mom? I'm working.
Of course, it's midnight here. But not there.
-I'm on call. -I can't sleep with the lights on.
Keep quiet, everyone.
-Why is it so bright? -No one saw us, right?
-Make sure you do it quietly. -Everyone is asleep.
If anyone comes, howl like a dog or hoot like an owl.
You better shut your mouth. You'll only confuse everyone.
-Don't play the fool. -Open it and finish the job.
Check whether the size is correct or not.
What is this? You're taking yellow jerseys instead of white.
-Did the color change? -Take this.
I have a Stephen Curry jersey!
Whose name is printed on your jersey?
-LeBron James. -Mine is Rasual Butler.
We will rock it.
-Where is my jersey? -Here you go!
This is nice!
-My jersey reads Michael Jordan. -Fantastic!
-We have extra jerseys, man. -Give me those.
-Never take more than you need. -You and your principles.
Pull the gate down. Hurry up, let's leave.
-Come, let's go. -Someone's watching.
-This jersey is very nice. -Team yellow is going to win.
-We are going to rock the game. -Okay.
Hi, sir.
-You're standing despite the pain. -It's my mom who's in pain. Come in.
She slipped near the well and her leg swells.
She doesn't want to go to a hospital. That's why I called you.
I feel much better now.
Please have a look at it. I have to make a call.
How are you?
Yes, I see you.
-Can't you carry some money? -I had a job interview--
-Have you eaten? -Yes.
No, you haven't. That's why you look so tired.
Fill the tank, eat something and then go for the interview.
-Okay. -Got it?
Please buy a book from me, sir.
I'm really hungry, sir.
If you have a sister at home, she'll love it.
Please buy just one, sir.
-Have you read this book? -No, I haven't.
Here you go.
First, you read it. Okay?
-He was stealing during the daytime. -Yesterday, you said it was at night.
Yes, it was at night. But stealing is still wrong, isn't it?
-Did you see his face? -Thieves never live happily.
-Shall we go to the police? -No, I'm not coming with you.
Tell everyone how much of a thief he is in Whatsapp groups.
-How much? -It's 20 rupees a piece.
-I don't want it. -Please buy one.
We'll tell them
that if they're true Tamils, they'll share it.
I'm sure this will go viral.
After all, we have almost ten groups, right?
Yes, if we share his photo with a caption that reads,
"The thief can be near you," he'll surely get caught.
-Oh, my God! -What happened?
He is literally near me.
-What? Is he following you? -I don't know.
Sir, just get moving.
-You're refusing to buy after using it. -I said I don't want it.
-Please. Hit it, sir. -Fill it good, old man.
He saw me.
Hold it, man.
Gosh! He's following me now.
Delete that photo and run for your life!
-Get down. -Hey, stop!
This poor girl was running after your rickshaw.
You've opened the packet anyway. So please, buy it.
And you followed me for that? My passenger is in a hurry.
Sorry, sir. Sorry, miss.
I deleted the evidence for nothing.
She is the girl who took my picture.
-Hey, Saranya. -What is it?
He is a good thief.
There are only thieves. They are not good or bad.
Even that day, he spared the extra jerseys.
Fine. Let's just hope that he doesn't steal anything else.
I've seen him before.
He comes to play basketball, near my house.
What do you mean you have seen him?
I just hired someone last week.
-Really? -You are a little late.
It doesn't have to be a driver's job. I can do anything.
-Are you fine with any job? -Yes.
No problem.
-I have your number. I'll call you later. -All right.
Now that you are ready to take up any work. All right, then.
What? We're not allowed to take the cargo? Where? At the port?
-What is it? -Maran came.
And I told him that there's no job for him.
-See you, sir. -See you later.
Hold on a minute.
Gnanaoli! Sunil! Sundaram! Giri! Nirmal! Simon! Thirukar!
Parotta Boys! Get over here!
-What shirt is that? -It is...
Didn't I tell you all to wear your jerseys?
If you really want to participate, you must wear one.
Actually, sir...
What the hell is this?
We stole it last night!
Go, do your warm up.
-Hello? -Yes?
-I have an exam today. -Are you ready for it?
-What exam is it? -Chemistry!
Oh, you shouldn't be worried then. It will be easy.
-Looks like all eyes are on us. -My pain is getting intense.
-Yes, the pain in your body. -I don't mean pain, I said fans!
-He's insane! -Huddle up, boys!
-I didn't hear anything. -I didn't say anything yet!
Hey, look over there.
Oh, my! What is this?
Looks like they bought their jerseys from the shop we robbed.
-The same yellow jersey! -The ugly yellow jersey!
-Take your time to answer during the exam. -Why? Can't you write faster?
-Hey! Take those off! -Why should we? They should do it!
-Tell them to take it off! -That's not possible!
-Ask them to take it off. -We're locals, so we won't.
I've had this Michael Jordan jersey for three years! Look at it!
Hello, opposition's captain! He's the real deal!
Please allow me!
Why are you laughing?
To continue the game, one team must change the jersey.
Our talents don't lie in these jerseys. It lies in these hands that work hard.
-You said it. -We're ready to play without the jersey.
My mom always said that thieves never prosper.
-Since when do you have a mom? -If he had one, she would've said so.
Should we exchange these jerseys at that shop?
The owner there will get you arrested.
Something must be going on.
The boy you are going to marry is doomed!
Why is she smiling at me?
Hey, I can't see her. Buzz off.
My dear, girl by the shore
Where have you come from, my dear?
Don't say so.
Don't dip your fingers in the water.
-Oh, my precious lamb -She's bothering him on purpose.
Like the soap I wash myself with
Your fragrance draws me to you As you pass me by
She yells at me for nothing.
You made my worthless mustache twirl With all its might
Whatever was laid to waste Works like a charm thanks to you
A true bachelor, I am
You rolled a dice into my life
And now, you've melded my heart with yours
You are my bride, now and forever
The queen of my heart, indeed
And now, you've melded my heart with yours
The paratha was great. I called to check if you guys do home delivery.
What's this? Are you going to drink this early in the morning?
If I bathe when I'm drunk, I'd slip in the bathroom.
So, I'll drink it after taking a bath.
-Where's my man? -Maran!
I woke up early to prepare this.
-Okay, buddy. -What?
Let's get some tea.
-What is it? -As if you don't know.
Oh, my golden star
The light of my life
This parrot seeks a home in your nest
Let me wink
And hold your delicate hand
Let's sit down and chat It doesn't matter what we talk about
Like a math problem Why do you pierce your gaze on me?
Once everything's all tallied up All that's left is you
You are my bride, now and forever
The queen of my heart, indeed
And now, you've melded my heart with yours
You are my bride, now and forever
The queen of my heart, indeed
And now, you've melded my heart with yours
"Could you please make some stews?"
What's with these vegetables? Are you making stew today?
Oli is treating his cold.
You're leaving me behind Where are you going, my dear?
Seems like things are getting exciting.
Come over to me
Step out of the house, darling
I yearn to see your beautiful face...
-Where are you? -In the office, Mom.
You are my bride, now and forever
The queen of my heart, indeed
And now, you've melded my heart with yours
You are my bride, now and forever
The queen of my heart, indeed
And now, you've melded my heart with yours
Looks like these boys are going to work in our factory.
-My mom knows about us. -What are you saying?
She checked my phone!
Idiot, you take everything easy!
Just seconds after I left my phone aside after speaking with you,
I saw my mom going through all my messages!
She asked so many questions. "Who is he? What does he do?"
She keeps nagging and asking me where my anklet disappeared.
I've been struggling to give her an answer.
So, I told her that having an anklet on just one leg is the latest trend.
My mom is so suspicious. She always spies on me.
-Get up, man. -What the hell?
Every night before I sleep, don't I send a blue heart and a lip emojis to you?
Otherwise, you'll get mad at me for not texting those things.
"No matter what stands in your way, you will overcome it."
It's his!
If she asks you what you do, tell her you're a software engineer!
I told her that's your profession.
"How to attain eternal pleasure?"
Mystical herbs from the Amazonian rainforest!
She asked me why I saved your name as Baby on my phone.
-I forgot to lock the phone at night. -Move a little.
We are just keeping them, ma'am.
If we sell it to a scrap dealer we'll get some money.
-And we'll buy little booze with that. -Just a small drink for us.
I told her that calling you Baby is easier.
Even if she figures it out,
-I have a plan in mind. -Yes, I bet you do.
-She'll definitely be fooled. -Let's hear your plan out.
Wow! You sound just like her, baby!
Is she hears it, she'd believe that it was her voice!
This is your mom speaking. Hang up, you brat.
You're really talented!
-Did you quit your job? -Yes, ma'am.
-What's next? -There's a software company...
Your room seems okay. You just need to change your roommates.
So, you didn't come here to see how he lives,
but to tell us what your standards are?
Is she that stupid?
Her name is Innocent Inbavalli!
How did you get stuck with her?
Our gang used to tease school girls when we hung out near the grain depot.
One day, I squirted water at them. Others left without saying a word.
But she slapped me.
It shocked the hell out of everyone. So, that's how it all started.
Why are you slowing down?
She thinks I'm a middleman, doesn't she?
No need for the helmet. My mom knows everything, right? See you!
See you, Middleman!
I'll whack you up. Middleman?
-Yes? -Sir, this is Shiva.
It's about the car loan, I'm at the bank. The manager is here. Hurry and get here.
These are the documents needed for the car loan.
And that's my high school certificate.
A letter of appreciation from the Commissioner.
The article about me in the newspaper.
So you're that famous autorickshaw driver?
You argued with the previous manager over a swiping machine, right?
I didn't argue, sir.
I requested a swiping machine. And he asked why an auto driver needs it.
Should he provide it just because you need it?
Just do what other autorickshaw drivers do.
Why take this new route?
All this trash about buying a car and standing on your feet.
I'm just curious. You have three meals every day, right?
And you have clothes on your back. Why don't you just make do with them?
Why wish for cars and planes?
This society is like a huge machine.
Folks like you are just spokes in the wheel.
Only if you spin correctly, can wheels like us be at peace!
Problem arises when the likes of you wish to fulfill your dreams!
There's no one available to do household chores!
The maid asks for 5,000 rupees!
And the driver asks for 10,000 rupees!
Who else would you give a loan to?
Corporate giants and cricket team owners get 9,000 to 10,000 crores in loans.
Rather than repaying the loans, they leave the country.
And because of that, you say that there's imbalance
and recover that money through fines and GST!
If you'd split that money and gave it to the educated but unemployed youth,
they would have prospered in life and you'd have recovered the lost money.
Are you done? There is no loan for those who speak like revolutionaries.
I don't have the documents you want.
But I have something that those with the documents don't have.
The intent to return the money that I owe.
But looks like you don't want that. Give this back!
He's already so arrogant. Imagine how he'd be once he gets a loan!
Don't you have three meals a day and clothes to wear?
Then why work? Just die.
True human beings are those who help each other.
Shame on you and your fat ass.
A security guard?
You did nothing when someone fled with 145 billion rupees loan.
-What? -Get lost!
Is this okay?
Everyone gets an opportunity in their life.
If used wisely, they can be the boss of their own lives.
But if they miss the chance,
they'll remain as employees for the rest of their lives.
Come on, now. I've had enough of your stories.
I'm talking to Captain Booze about your problem! It'll be sorted out.
This has become a habit of yours.
Aren't loans meant to be for the needy? Do banks exist to cater to the rich?
Am I not worth even 50,000 rupees?
You're worth 1.5 million rupees!
-What are you saying? -Seriously, man.
If we were to bring black money smuggled abroad, back to India,
every Indian citizen would be worth 1.5 million rupees.
You could buy ten cars.
I can't even afford milk. And you try to make me dream of butter?
They say they will end poverty. Sure, by killing the poor.
Yes, Mom?
I'm at Mr. Natesan's house.
I'll be on my way.
Have they started firing firecrackers already?
-Hey, come here! -Just make Indian pancakes. I'll be there.
What is it?
You have one rupee and you want to make it 1.50 rupees.
That's right.
-How many days until Diwali? -Ten.
-Ten days, right? -Yes.
Set up a firecracker shop.
That's a brilliant idea.
-That's awesome. -Don't thank me.
-Thank this boss. -Thanks!
Sure thing. Now, get to work.
Good night.
If you use an opportunity wisely, your life...
This is cool, buddy!
-The shoes don't match the jersey's color. -Must you complain? They're all free.
-This shoe doesn't fit me, man! -Wear the right shoe on the right foot!
-Where are you? -I'm almost there.
Thanks for the shoes!
Sure thing!
-Why haven't you reached yet? -It took a while to leave the office.
-The match is about to start. -Hey.
Don't you dare play in the semifinal without me.
-Okay, come here quickly. -He's in love. And I still need socks.
Buddy, we've got jerseys and shoes. What next?
Hey, where are my shoes?
You're not playing. So, no shoes for you.
I'm heartbroken!
Does our boss own a restaurant just to make a profit?
-I don't know. -He ensures we eat thrice a day.
He runs the restaurant to keep us happy!
-I couldn't even digest the paratha I had! -Who asked you to eat it?
You came here as soon as he left the restaurant!
I'm going back there to cook.
Gosh, you're here. When did you get here?
I didn't see you. Please, proceed.
Did you guys close the restaurant so you can play here?
Hey! You heard the man! Answer him!
If you want to come back to the restaurant again,
make sure you come with the trophy.
-Which teams play in the semifinal? -Those chumps. The Parotta Boys.
-Do you see that tall blockhead? -Yes.
His three-point shots will kill us!
If we let him play this game, we can never win!
-What? -That's only if he plays.
-What the hell are you saying, man? -What?
It's all set.
Maran speaking.
-Where are you? -On your left.
Can't even ride safe.
Thanks, sir.
-What is it? -Today is the semifinal. We need to win!
See that team over there?
-That team? -No, the one I'm pointing at.
-Him? -He must not play in this match.
Don't worry, man. We will definitely win.
It's okay.
The team from Sowcarpet will make it.
Why did you spit on me?
-What the hell? -Whack him!
Do you know who I am?
How dare you hit me!
See the buzz already?
What does the counselor have to do with a firecracker shop's license?
That's the system.
When we step into a new house, are we alone?
Don't you think that cockroaches and lizards will also be there?
They crawl out of the woodwork.
-Where are you going? -We're going to meet him.
-So, you just waltz right in? -We're pretty close.
-Does he know you? -Yes.
I'm the owner of Ambalavanan Pharmacy.
Hold on. You can't just barge in. Wait over there.
-Come on. -Come on.
I said, go!
How could they talk to you in that manner?
They're the cockroaches and lizards I was talking about.
Excuse me, sir.
-What brings you here? -I'm here to see you, sir.
I have something to discuss.
Ambla, go ahead. Get him a chair!
-That won't be necessary. -Have a seat.
I spoke to you about the autorickshaw driver the other day...
-Oh, is he the guy? -Yes, sir.
About that 50,000 rupees? I thought I've resolved it that day.
-Hey, Karuppu! Get him what-- -I'm not here for that.
The thing is, he has some money.
He wants to move from a three-wheeler to a four-wheeler.
-And? -He needed 150,000 rupees for installment.
I don't prefer taking loans on interest.
So, we came up with an idea. For that, we need your help.
Diwali is around the corner.
If we could set up a firecrackers' shop, we could raise the money we need.
Very smart move. Intelligent guy.
There'll be no interest. And your returns will be almost double.
-Where do you want to set the shop? -Maxworth Nagar.
-Near your pharmacy? -Yes.
Hey, Saami!
Yes, sir?
Have you allotted fireworks' shops in Maxworth Nagar?
Just one spot left.
-Just pay him and he'll take care of it. -Okay. Thank you, sir.
Come here, Ramakrishnan.
We'll handle the police and the fire department permits.
We'll give you supplies of 65,000 rupees. So, just pay me an advance for the shop.
If they give you supplies worth 65,000 rupees,
you can easily earn up to 15 million rupees.
So, you want me to buy you a new neckband with the profit?
Oh, stop it.
This is Oli, sir.
There was a small fight at the basketball court.
The police were there. Can you come to the P6 police station?
-Sir. -Where is he?
He's inside.
Those boys' future are important. Make sure they don't file a "fire."
He means an FIR, sir.
Sit down.
Natesan. How are you?
Come. It's been a while.
We detained them over an incident at the basketball court.
When asked who could vouch for them, they referred you. So, I called you over.
Back in our day, kids didn't go beyond fighting and pickpocketing.
But now, they slit throats and run away!
Of late, it's hard to tell if it's the same old North Madras.
You know them. So, sign here and take them with you.
-Okay. -I trust you. Please ask them to behave.
Sir, we were released as soon as you came.
What did you tell him? Are you guys friends?
Or did you have to bribe him?
-Hey, old man. It's Maran here. -What is it?
Come over to the P6 station.
Just a petty issue. But the police are a huge fuss over it.
Turn around a bit. To your right.
You quit your job because you didn't want this to happen, right?
But my roommate called for help.
A small incident took place at the basketball court.
Hey, look at that.
He's our man. Hey!
He messed with us on purpose! The game got ruined because of him!
-Wait! -The beautiful girl
-What happened to you? -Shining like a mirror, turn around
-He's over there! -Do you know her?
Why are you here? I told you I don't want to see you here.
Stop yelling. People are looking at us. It's just a small matter.
Really? Let's create a scene then.
Then it will be all over the news and everyone will get to know about it!
I told you to not to go there, didn't I?
If I had said Mr. Thillai's name, they'd have let me go.
But I didn't for your sake.
Gosh. They needed another player for the game.
-That's why I went... -Hey.
Do you think I don't know what you are good at?
Jack of all trades, master of none! You went there to play basketball?
I'll break your teeth if you lie to me.
It all happened because he's way too easy on you!
What did I do? Buzz off!
You guys are free, aren't you? What are you waiting for?
The pencil company's owners showed up. Then the match was stopped.
I have nothing in life to call my own. And yet, a girl trusts me.
Shouldn't I at least play for her?
-But the match got canceled. -It's okay. We'll take care of it.
Listen up, boys. This isn't supposed to be discussed like this.
It must be discussed before the boss.
Oli, would this do?
Life gives everyone an opportunity.
If one uses it wisely...
-Oli! -Sir, did you speak to them?
Yes, I did.
-They have agreed for a rematch. -Thanks, sir.
-Where are you? -At home, talking to the boss.
-Hello, sir! -Hello.
Natesan, please help. They are beating up our men!
-Sir, please let me go. -Who do you think you are?
Wait. Why are you beating him up?
Look at this atrocity!
I'm Thillai!
Do you think you can touch me because you're a police officer?
Who are you messing with?
The ring must have left this mark.
It needs three stitches. Then you'll be alright.
I'm sure you must have bashed him up for messing up with an officer.
There's a fight on the eighth street. Let's go and take a look.
Natesan, the public won't respect us if you come along.
Rats are creating nuisance at the station. Just take care of that.
Just don't go to the market. You have become the talk of the town.
You'll feel humiliated.
When you look back, you'll realize that it's not the tasks that we accomplish,
but the opportunities we don't use, that changes our lives forever.
When did you come?
You're meeting your girlfriend in your dream?
Today is the final match.
Now, get up and get ready.
Hey, no!
When the wind blows...
Am I still dreaming?
Why are you crying?
-What happened? -That man beat me up.
Why did he beat you up?
-What's going on? -What happened, Madhi?
-Today is your interview! Remember? -I'm getting ready for that.
Are you wearing the shirt that I bought?
Yes. The old man is ironing it.
-Have you oiled your hair? -Yes.
-Applied powder on your face? -Yes.
-Have you showered? -Won't that wash down the powder and oil?
You're always fooling around!
I'm going to hang up.
-Tuck your shirt in. -I will.
Take that thing off your neck.
-Has he left? -Yes, Mom. He has.
He needs to leave behind his old ways and be responsible. Let's wait and watch.
If it works out, good. Or else, I won't say anything.
You will have to break up with him. Understood?
-What time is he coming? -He is on the way.
Let me call you back.
We are just next to the road. Unload the stock.
Firecrackers? Just got the load delivered.
Hey, you! Give this boy a price list.
I was planning to set up a shop here.
We've already set up shop here.
-I've worked hard for this. -Go away.
-Please listen to me first. -Just leave.
Take this and go spread the word about our shop.
I got a permission to set up my shop here.
-From who? -The counselor.
Then go and ask him.
Get going.
-Why are you hitting my rickshaw? -Should I hit you then?
Get going!
That man. Is he your mom's younger brother or elder brother?
-He's a neighbor! -What the hell?
A neighbor? Who is he to beat you up?
He beat up my mom for asking that question.
Did he beat up your mom? We shouldn't spare him!
Please don't!
-What is it? -That man...
We can't mess with him.
He is no ordinary person.
Shouldn't we just report this to the police?
Never answer the questions in a hurry. You need to understand them first.
The concern you show makes me wonder
if you expect me to buy you clothes with my first paycheque.
Get going.
Are you expecting new spectacles then?
-You're waiting for my pay, aren't you? -Just go already.
Who moved the flower pots?
Have a drink before you leave.
-Leave, old man. -Hey...
Call me once you get there.
I will be very happy if you all come together.
You are my first invitee. I will definitely come. On Sunday, right?
What is it? A petition? Get over there.
It's regarding the shop. I was here the other day with Mr. Natesan.
Oh, right. Have you set up shop?
No. But someone else did. That's why I came here to see you.
-Someone else? -Yes.
No one would do that.
No, but someone really did.
-Hey, Dinesh! -Yes?
Ask Saami to come and meet me.
How old are you?
Do you have an ID?
You're no longer minors.
It's true that you're allowed to do anything
as long as the law permits.
You're allowed to fall in love,
celebrate Valentines Day or even get married.
-No one can question-- -I'll marry him.
We are orphans.
With your help, we can get married.
-Abdullah, do you have some cash? -Yes, sir.
Ask the boys to get the garlands.
And call the Registration Office to let them know about this wedding.
Hey, why don't you get some photos of the God?
Why do we need God when we have them?
Give some space, everyone.
Where are you? Wait, I'll be right out.
-I'm right here. Come over. -Wait up, I'm coming.
-You look stunning. -You think so?
Would you dress up like this every day?
If I do, would you give me whatever I ask you?
So, what kind of a job has your mom found for me?
What do you think? A collector's job? Just take whatever's coming your way.
Just nod your head and agree to whatever my mom says.
I'll take care of the rest.
Are you training me for the future?
What are you talking about? Won't you listen to me?
-Tell me. -Yes, dear.
You are the only one who shows so much concern.
-What about your uncle? -Why bring him up? Hang on a second.
-Where are you going? -The car looks familiar. Hold on a second.
We allotted one of our shops to Thillai
-and this boy-- -Yes, boss?
Saami, looks like someone else has set up a shop in the area.
We've allocated it to Thillai.
That's right! We did.
Oh, yes.
They've always been there for us.
I will allocate the area for next Diwali. You can set up a shop then.
-Will that be okay? -But the car offer expires before Diwali.
I don't want to miss the chance.
Oh, right! You are here about the car, right?
We have some cash for you. Hey, why don't you go take it?
Sir, I don't take money on credit.
Saami, give him his cash back.
-He doesn't want a loan. -Hey, boy.
-Come with me. -Boys from this area come to me for help.
But things go wrong at times. It happens.
We got all the permits for you, but you end up not setting the shop.
Sign here.
It looks like you have missed a zero. I gave you 100,000 rupees.
The load is here. And you owe us service charge.
The firecrackers are all right there. Take them if you want.
Who is stopping you?
What am I going to do with the firecrackers?
What about us then?
-Get going! Just shut up and get lost. -Come on, move your ass.
This isnt right. I'll talk to your boss.
Where are the guys who went to get the garlands?
-Are they standing in the right place? -Yes.
-Go over there. -I never thought this could happen.
Okay. Now, exchange the garlands.
Are you both happy?
Why did you touch my feet?
Let's take photos.
Who has a good phone? Apple or Orange?
Congratulations, man!
All will be well. Don't cry, we'll handle the rest.
-Are you sweating? -We have some sweet pongal.
Hey, stop taking videos. Snap a few photos instead.
Print a copy of this and come to the Registration Office.
-What are you doing here? -Hey.
I'm here for work.
You mean the "respectable" job? So you left your job to roam around?
I'm here to visit an acquaintance. Why are you here?
-We have a flat tire. -Let me take a look at it.
Hey, man. Have you fixed it?
-How are you doing? -I'm fine, man.
-A nail punctured the tire. -Should I remove the wheel?
-Hey, listen. Don't do it. -I'll just have a word with him.
-Hey, listen to me. -Sir, a word, please.
-Go ahead and eat. I'll join you later. -Okay.
What is it?
-He only returned 10,000 to me. -How much did you give?
I gave him 100,000 rupees.
How much did he give you?
-He gave 100,000 rupees. -Where is it?
I gave it to your wife.
Are you trying to cheat?
You gave her 80,000 rupees.
And you returned 10,000 to him.
-What about the rest? -I've spent it--
Spent it? Did you really? Whose money do you think it was?
You need to sweat it out to earn it.
Not snatch it away.
You are acting haughty, aren't you?
What a filthy dog. Hand me the money.
Bloody swine.
This is my money!
You return his money from your share.
But that's my money.
-Knock him out. -Can't you be more careful?
Hey, where are you rushing to?
Are you going to the Registration Office?
Hey, are you pimping them out?
Who are you?
Answer me. Who are you?
-Isn't that Thillai's car? -Yes.
What are you doing there?
-His tire is punctured. -Why are you even there?
-Let me help loosen the wheel first. -This is so unnecessary!
My mom is waiting. Hurry up!
-How can I leave it midway? -Let them figure it out themselves.
Just give me ten minutes.
-Why poke your nose-- -I'll be right there.
-Who was that? -Wrong number.
-Get me the wheel spanner. -Okay.
Please, sir.
-It's my money. My 100,000 rupees. -Get lost.
-Please. -Don't let me lose it!
-I worked hard to save it. -Just go.
-I'll kill you. Hey, take him away. -Please, sir.
-Can you not hear? Get the hell going! -Sir.
-It's my money. -Bash him up. Or else, he won't listen.
Hey, haughty guy! Rough him up a bit!
I can't stand how he shows off with that rickshaw of his. So arrogant.
Who does he think he is? Let's finish him off.
He's trying to mess with us. Bash him!
What are you doing? Hey!
Am I wrong for asking for my money back?
Get him!
This guy is showing off because of this rickshaw, isn't he?
Do you think wearing this uniform makes you a lion?
One should be a lion by birth.
Don't guys from our caste have what you're looking for?
Do you know how your dad died?
A boy from a different caste eloped with a girl from our community.
Your dad hacked him to death.
In the riots that followed, they burnt him alive.
From that day, your food, studies, clothes have all been sponsored by our community.
Didn't you tell her?
-Sir. -What?
I will take the tire to a friend's shop and get it fixed.
Shall I ask Maran to drive you there?
He's all suited up and well groomed.
-Would he drive us around? -He sure will.
-Hey, Maran. -Yes?
Let's get going. It's only ten minutes away.
Don't worry, sir. I'll either close the deal or finish him off.
-Come. -Stay strong.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
-What is it, man? -Let's go, sir.
-Take her home. -Get out of the way!
Come along!
Someone else comes forth And orders me around
Is my life no longer mine?
Someone else comes And shoots his tongue away
Don't I have any emotions anymore?
Someone else comes forth And orders me around
Is my life no longer mine?
Someone else comes And shoots his tongue away
Don't I have any emotions anymore?
When we stand up, there are obstacles
When we walk down, Our path is full of thorns
If they chase us away
What do we say? Where do we go?
It ends before it even begins
Oh, the noose is getting tighter
Snatches away everything And torments without mercy
It ends before it even begins
Oh, the noose is getting tighter
Snatches away everything And torments without mercy
Beasts dance about and feast on justice
All wrong is right, proclaims the world
Beasts dance about and feast on justice
All wrong is right, proclaims the world
Beasts dance about and feast on justice
All wrong is right, proclaims the world
Beasts dance about and feast on justice
All wrong is right, proclaims the world
Beasts dance about and feast on justice
All wrong is right, proclaims the world
Our boss is here. Come this way.
He has just arrived. I'll speak to him and call you back.
-Maran, park the car there and leave. -Yes, sir.
-Why did you come here? -I'll leave in five minutes.
Sir, Oli...
Sir, Oli...
Hold on.
Where is that girl now?
-Sir. -Why did you bring her here, sir?
You can't trust girls of this generation.
If she can boldly go to the police station, she can do anything.
Today, we brought her back. But I can't watch her all the time.
Until she forgets him, she will stay here.
She has to!
She will get all that she needs.
Our boys will escort her to and from her workplace.
If you're still worried, you can pack your things and stay here.
From now on, I'll take better care of her, sir.
Didn't you see?
She won't stop on her own. She has to be controlled. Get lost!
Leave, ma'am. Hey, take her away and leave.
Come, ma'am.
It ended
Before it could even start
-Where did you kidnap her? -Near her school.
She's like a doll.
Even though she is blind, she's very sharp.
-Did you call her dad? -He may be an honest man.
But for the sake of his daughter, he has agreed to sign.
-What is his name? -Sagayam.
-It's him. -Pick it up.
-Bring me some water to drink. -Okay.
Do you have water in the car?
-Let me check. -Give it to your boss.
We'll wait for just ten minutes. Then it is up to you.
-What? -I've spoken to him.
Consider the deal done.
Mr. Maran?
I'm thirsty. Can you give me some water?
Thanks, sir.
Who is she?
Who is she?
I don't know--
-Are you messing around with me? -What?
Tell me the truth. Who sent you here?
It's nothing like that, sir. I don't know who she is.
Are you double-crossing us?
That blind girl knows you and you say you don't know her?
Just a minute, sir. Let me ask her about it.
How do you know me, dear?
Maran speaking.
She knows me from the basketball court. I swear. I don't know her, sir.
-Has he signed it? -Let me check.
-What is it? What do you want? -Sir.
You did what I wanted. Now, leave.
-I said, get lost! -Get lost.
Leave, or else you will get it from him.
Hey, why don't you just...
-What happened, Palani? -It's done, sir. He has signed it.
That child is very sharp.
She remembers Maran from one meeting. It's a risk to spare her.
Finish her.
She is just a little girl, sir.
-Won't you listen to us? -Just listen to me for a minute.
Didn't you hear us when we told you to leave?
She can't even see, sir.
At least, you tell him. That girl is not a threat to you.
-Please, sir? -Leave.
Who are you to decide what I should do?
Exactly! Who the hell are you to decide about her life?
Did you bring her into this world?
Who are you to decide whether she must live or die?
How dare you question him.
Hey, stop.
Stop it.
Come here.
Tell me. What should I do then?
She's a little girl.
You can just let her go, sir.
She won't tell anyone about us.
Should I talk to her?
You said you would talk to her, right? Go and talk.
-Thanks, sir. -Go.
-What do you want? -I want him.
Who are you to decide what I should do? This is my life!
There is a ritual in our community.
We don't let our girls marry just anyone.
You know why?
A virgin is akin to the Goddess of Wealth.
We can't let the Goddess leave.
If it's that pig you want to go and live with,
then do one thing.
Leave the Goddess here.
-Who are you? Where are you going? -Wait!
Stop right there!
-I know your boss. -Does he know you?
-You can't just barge in. -He knows me from my pharmacy.
-He's busy. Now, leave. -Let go of me.
What happened, sir?
My granddaughter passed the government exam.
We expected the job, but our hopes were in vain.
We went to meet Counselor Dhananjayan and he promised a job for her.
He demanded 200,000 rupees. It was a huge amount of money for me.
I got a loan on a high-interest rate and used it to get her the job.
Saami, get that money.
We waited for a long time. We got neither the job nor any information.
When we went to ask about it,
he said another guy gave 300,000 rupees. So, they gave him the job.
If I had given him 350,000 rupees she would've gotten the job.
What is this?
Is this fair?
My granddaughter worked hard for this.
She deserved the job, doesn't she?
Who is he to meddle in this and give the job to someone else?
When I asked for my money, they threw me out.
He has some money and a few men around. Does that make him God?
I can't go to my house without the money. The moneylender is humiliating me.
Why did you save me? Leave me, I want to die.
Just sit down!
Why should you die?
You have every right to live in this world.
So do I! But he doesn't! Come with me!
-Madhi! -She tried to kill herself?
-Oli. -Wait, buddy.
-Why did you bring her here, Natesan? -She's bleeding profusely.
Is it a case of an accident or a fight?
Have you told the police? We don't know if she will live or die.
-You can save her, sir. -Madhi!
The spinal cord is damaged.
Why was she not taken to a government hospital? Leave!
-What happened? -Hey!
She is an innocent girl. She did nothing wrong.
I was the one who did everything. What did she do?
When they hit me and took her in the car, she was just staring at me in despair.
I'm just good for nothing!
If I can't take care of the girl who loves me,
why should I live? I should die!
Why should you die? What wrong have you done?
What is your mistake?
-Natesan! The doctor is calling for you. -Why should you die?
-Natesan! -What is my mistake?
What is Madhi's mistake?
What is our mistake?
I will talk to that man and take you away from here.
You won't tell anyone about this, right?
Drop her at her house. Do you know where she lives?
-I'll ask her. -Fine, then.
-Be careful. -Yes, sir.
-Sir. -Yes?
-Thank you so much, sir. -Never mind.
I'll tell you the name of a drug.
Tell me what it's used for.
This is administered before a bypass surgery.
-What happens if given otherwise? -It'll be too dangerous.
It leads to fits. And the entire body will go into seizure.
One side of the body will get paralyzed and it'll lead to death.
It will be hard to know how the person died.
-No, don't go. -Leave me!
Leave the child!
Don't do this. Leave the child.
Don't do this. Who is she to you?
Don't risk your life for a child you don't even know.
Don't do this. If the boss finds out, you'll get into trouble.
Damn him! If you come any closer...
Give me the child.
-Take this! -Maran!
-Maran. -Let me go!
Let me go!
-Hey, he's coming! -Hey!
Hit him, Raj!
Hey, Maran!
Here is the car key. Take her and run away or they will kill you.
I can buy the car next year. I have the strength and confidence.
But what can a man his age do?
Who are you to change our fate? Come on out here!
Hey, who is that?
Instead of stealing our money, you can just eat shit!
Where are your other men? Where are they?
-Please spare me. -Tell me or I'll kill you.
They have gone to the office in Pulianthope.
I welcome our leader, Seemai Raja
who has arranged this grand celebration
for the 50th year anniversary of Veera Vagaiyara community.
The protector of this place, the braveheart,
our leader, Seemai Raja.
He's the rising sun of our community.
Let's welcome the local counselor
and the secretary of the community, Mr. Danakodi.
And Mr. R.K. the treasurer and our community administrators.
Above everything else...
-There he is. -Hello. I'm coming right up.
Come up.
Come on, move forward.
-Enough smoking, Dhanasekar! -Hey!
Bring all of them upstairs.
-Fantastic! -This place is really awesome!
You're dead meat!
I'm very happy today! Our community's flag will fly high!
-I guess the main attraction is here. -Take a look at that!
Mr. Thillai is here! Get the garland!
Look, our lion is coming.
Long live, Thillai!
Long live, Thillai!
Long live, Thillai!
Sir, you're so great!
Welcome Dock Thillai!
Give him the garland. Long live, boss!
-Get going. -Saami, take all our people to lunch!
Not a single person should miss lunch!
Are you a vegan?
Do you want meat or veggies?
Eat up, kid.
We have a lot of support.
-I'm in demand nowadays. -That's right!
If one comes to you, then...
Do you think you can stab me because you have a knife in your hand?
What is this?
-What is this, Thillai? -Nothing.
Don't you dare come close!
-Hold him. -Come on.
Get him!
Get him!
Catch him! He's messing around!
Keep moving!
He is an auto-rickshaw driver, Shiva.
I know everything about him.
We'll finish him, Thillai.
I have lost so much in life. I can't afford to lose him.
Does it hurt, my boy?
Do you need a painkiller?
It does hurt.
It does hurt. Not here, but here.
Bruises and cuts will heal. But what about this heart?
We know how hard I've worked to earn those 100,000 rupees.
I skipped meals for six months to save money!
Forget it. Swindling other's money is what people do these days.
What? Aren't you a person too?
The money was with you for six months.
You didn't think, even for a moment, to steal it.
You didn't, despite the fact that you are not a rich man.
Those who think about the welfare of others end up being on the street.
And those who steal people's money can live happily?
Those swines, they should all die!
Weapons and arms aren't a solution to any problem.
Then what is?
Religion and caste? Why discriminate on the basis of caste?
Was it my choice to take birth in a particular caste?
For someone else's fault...
What can I do to correct your mistake?
Everyone lived together and in harmony in the old days.
For the sake of convenience, security, religious and agriculture duties
were shared among different people.
While returning from the farms, a farmer's legs would be muddy.
So, they prayed from outside the temple.
That became a habit. And later, when we went into the temple
they said, "Your dad and granddad prayed from outside. Do the same!"
Are we working so they can reap the benefits?
Had my ancestors questioned this practice and revolted
we have got our rights long ago.
They cheat people. And when we question that, you label it as violence?
We have to kill them!
How many of them will you kill?
If we kill three of them, this city would be cleansed.
Okay, so you clean up this one street. What about the other streets?
Just because people like you didn't do your job right...
It's your fault too!
If you had taken action against the guy who hit you in that market,
you would have been a great police officer today.
But you didn't.
You walked away with your bicycle and your hand on your face.
That ordinary driver hit a police officer and became famous.
And now he is known as Dock Thillai.
That incident changed the lives of two people.
He used the opportunity that you missed.
If you hadn't returned his slaps with kindness,
we wouldn't have been standing here helpless, not knowing what to do.
You suffered and made others suffer too.
I knew everything.
You were going to the interview. What happened?
Why did you go to kill him?
I'm on my way.
They will never let us live.
They won't do anything to you.
-What? -It hurts.
They have already injected something in me.
Oh, no!
Even as I held her in my arms, she died quivering.
First, we have to kill Thillai. After all this, we shouldn't spare them.
-Let's go! -Hey.
-Let's go! -You still have a future. Don't do it.
Hey, they're not just a normal gang.
Just kill their boss and the gang will die too!
Move aside.
I will die.
You will die only if you're with me.
They must be desperately looking for me.
If we don't strike first, they'll kill us! Leave!
-My mom said-- -Move!
Careful. What's the matter with him?
This is me.
One day, when I was on my way to school,
a guy splashed water on me.
I became very angry.
The next day he apologized.
I liked that.
In a dispute,
he lost his life.
There was school on one side, and my house on the other.
Yet, I couldn't go in either direction.
Left with no choice, I started working.
I raised my child all by myself.
One day, when she was returning from school,
she faced the same incident.
I beg of you.
Because this is my daughter now.
My love, my feathers
Oh, my love
Oh, my love
My girl
Who are you?
The moment you glance at me
All my agonies melt away
The three of you must leave this place. This place is dangerous for you.
Stop seeing one another.
They didn't notice you, Oli.
For the time being, you can work at the restaurant.
-Look. -It's Oli.
This is not a club where you can come or go whenever you want.
Everything is a game to you guys.
Let him knead the dough and you work the stove.
He already looks baked. The stove's heat will scorch him more.
-Oli. -Come in, Oli.
Maran, they must be very angry with you. Wherever you go, they will look for you.
Ask our men to kill him the moment they see him.
We mustnt spare them.
But he won't look behind his back.
There's a place behind his house.
Just stay put there for a few days. Come what may, never step outside.
Shiva, don't think of me as a loser who's giving you an advice.
It's more important in life to be happy than to be right.
-In Mahabalipuram-- -Why should we run and hide?
For years, we have been struggling alone.
But only now, we have found a family.
Please listen to him.
That will be the best for all seven of us.
Eight of us.
My dear
Who are you?
When I listen to your voice
My confidence soars
I will bear anything if you're with me
As a companion and as a cure
And if you are close to me, my dear
I will heal all your wounds
Until your rickshaw is ready, drive this shared rickshaw.
Use this for the repair expenses.
-How did you get this? -Get going.
I should find myself once again
-What is this? -This is the attached bathroom, baby.
Okay, don't cry.
My dear!
Where is the interest, old man?
How long will you dodge us?
We've already been cheated by a man. Please give us some time.
Or else, we would set ourselves on fire.
If you set yourself on fire, the fruits will be wasted.
I have an idea.
Let's have the fruits and then you can set yourself on fire.
My dear
This is all I need
I lose my pride and I'm at your feet
My dear
I need you
When you kiss me I melt and become a child
On a new path, a new journey begins
With a new gait
With a new vision
With a new heartbeat
I see a new me
I have seen him. You made it to the semifinals, right?
You look great in uniform.
-Thank you so much, sir! -Go and do your work.
You came to my station and showed what you can do.
Now, I will show you what I can do.
When the girl is discharged from the hospital,
if she complains that you attempted to molest her and pushed her down,
all of you will be behind bars.
My dear
Why do you fear?
When I am always by your side
Why must you be afraid?
My dear
Why do you smile?
-Who is this? -Hey.
-Hey! -What is it, man?
-Who picked the phone? -Forget it.
-What's happening over there? -Nothing.
-How are you? -First tell me her name.
-I don't know. -Abhinaya.
I shall follow you to the end I shall be your life
I shall guard you, my dear
I'm here to serve you, my dear
Even in the deepest of sorrows I shall be by you as a pillar
I shall forget who I am I will be by your side, always
I'll be just like your mom too
My heart is yearning to soar
With you, my soft feathers
I soared high holding your hands, my dear
And all my fears disappeared
I'll shake the drizzle away
I'll leave behind all my burdens And I'll rise right up
-With my eyes -Open your mouth.
I will say billions of thanks
Won't you leave anything for me to eat?
I get hungry every now and then a lot these days.
Because I eat for two people.
You shared my failures
My victories are yours
I'll face anything for you, my love
Why did you come all the way from Chennai for this wedding?
I'm looking for a job for my son-in-law in this city.
They are going to live here after their wedding.
I know three people. Can you get jobs for them in Ahmedabad?
They are in trouble now. I would be grateful if you could help.
What happened? Why do you sound so sad?
Why so tense, Rami?
We kidnapped Sagayam's daughter, right?
That has lead to a lot of troubles with the police.
Our biggest problem is that Maran is free.
If he opens his mouth, we'll all be behind bars. We have no choice.
We must finish him off before that.
-Call Oli out here! -He's not here.
He quit a long time ago. I haven't seen him in days.
-Tell us where he is. -Get going.
Do you know who we are?
I belong to the community too. We too have an association.
-Shall I call them? -Where can he hide?
-Get going. -If we find him, he's dead.
Hey, man. What's happening?
How long will you keep running?
-Mom? -Hey.
-What is it? -I haven't seen you in days!
-Did you eat well, dear? -Yes!
-Have you had your food? -You said you would be back soon.
-Mom, why are you crying? -Wait, I'll call you back.
-Look inside! -Mom!
Where is your son?
It's been a while since I last saw him. He hasn't come home--
Do you think we don't know about your affair with Natesan?
Tell your son that he can run all he wants.
But if he ever comes back, we will kill him!
-That old man is here! -Pull over!
Do you think we can't find you if you move to another place?
Our boss is asking us to take you to him! Come on!
-Please let him go, sir! -Get him.
This is my business, man.
You've paid the interest, but not the principal amount!
If you try to get down, you're dead!
When asked for money, he said he'd burn himself.
Just tell me when. I'll send my guys over.
They've got phones and they can upload the videos on social media!
-Why are you doing this to me? -When people see it,
they will only share the video. Nothing more.
Listen up. Pay the money and take your granddaughter back.
-Understand? -What injustice is this?
Who's that guy?
Come on! Bring it on!
-What the hell, man? Get in. -Wait.
Get in and drive.
I asked you to move so you could be safe. Why did you create trouble there too?
I didn't cause trouble! They did!
Just let them be then! Why can't you just back off?
What was on your mind?
Madhi is not here!
What are you saying? She must've gone for a walk.
-I've looked everywhere. She's gone. -Check again and call me back.
Hold on, man.
-Is this the same girl? -Yes, man.
That picture of the girl you sent on WhatsApp. I saw her!
She's at the Nagarar Garden!
Get her!
Hurry up, guys!
Get down, come on!
Who is this guy? Always calling me when I'm either driving or taking a dump!
Ask him what's up!
The call got cut off.
They'll leave soon. Don't go there and create trouble!
What are you doing here?
Not a damn thing in sight over here.
And came here limping, with your crutch.
-I lost my way. -Gosh.
She lost her way.
Spare that crap for some other time.
Who brought you here? Hey, tell me the truth!
The thing is, I...
My fear has come true.
Don't get down.
Who is this?
The guy who runs the pharmacy! He knows all the three guys!
-Ask him! He knows everything. -No need for the phone. Wait.
Let's talk this through.
-Hold on. -Give me a minute.
Hey, Natesan. Tell me where Maran is!
Come out, Maran! We looked for you across the city
-and you are hiding here? -No, he is not here!
-See? -Let go of me!
-Why are you getting needlessly worked up? -Sir, please. No.
Call Mr. Thillai! He will resolve the matter.
-Please don't call him. -Call him.
Just tell us where he is and we'll be off!
I came to see if the girl was here or not.
He has stopped running.
I know the way to get my answers.
Hey, tell me why you're here! Tell me!
He's fighting back.
Keep your hands off me! Hey girl, answer me!
Please, man.
So, you won't speak.
Look at what she is carrying!
That is Maran!
That's the autorickshaw driver, Shiva.
Rage surges into the head And spreads throughout the body
Why steal my food to fill your stomach?
I shall take my weapons And vanquish a thousand obstacles
You can't stop me
The fire burns
Now, always and forever
The pulsating heart
I won't just stand and watch your tyranny Now, retreat
Now, retreat
Now, retreat
Now, retreat
-Spare no one! -Where are you running to?
Are you the chieftain of this world?
Am I a mute for you to speak for me?
Am I a puppet Whose fate lies in your hands?
Will you govern my actions?
Am I your stooge To nod at your every command?
Am I your slave To follow your every command?
It's no longer your regime
So, cut the celebration
Now, retreat
Mr. Dhanasekar!
No one should escape. You go that way!
Finish them off!
Hop on, quick!
You should just die!
He's getting away!
-He's getting away! -Hurry up!
-What happened? -Let's get going!
What happened? Where are they?
If he escapes, he'll be back with a gang!
-Won't they come back tomorrow? -They sure will!
-This chase will never end! -It should! It will!
Today it's you guys, tomorrow there will be someone else.
Running and hiding is of no use.
-Strike back! -They stab you, you stab them back!
Or we'll confront them and die with honor. Now, go!
Spare no one!
You baldy!
-Who's calling? -It's Thillai!
-We'll show him who we are! -Today, we'll finish him off!
Who are you to rule over my house?
Must I live by the rules That you have established?
Must time pass by Without me questioning these actions?
Must I die for you to live?
Don't test us There's a limit to patience, too
Do not hesitate to sever the head of him Who wants to stomp you!
This is my fort, the whip is in my hands!
-Before you get skinned alive, retreat! -Thillai, where are you?
How dare you break into my house!
Don't worry about me. Catch him.
-Hold him tight! -Finish him off!
Rage surges into the head And spreads throughout the body
Why steal my food to fill your stomach?
I shall take my weapons And vanquish a thousand obstacles
You can't stop me
Now, retreat
Now, retreat
Now, retreat
Head over to the church in Retteri!
Now, retreat
Now, retreat
Now, retreat
Now, retreat
Hand him over to me!
-Fight me. -What was our mistake?
-Did I not distance myself from you? -Yet, you always bother me!
You make the life hell for folks like us!
Now, die!
Take this!
Was it my fault that I was born in a poor family?
Should we never prosper in life? Should we always struggle?
Just because we were born poor, should die poor too?
Get him!
Who are you messing with? Bring it on!
What right do you have to decide what I want and how much of it I need?
-This is our life! -Our choices!
Who the hell are you to interfere in our business? You rogue!
My mom, dad, mentor and God. I'll respect only them!
We'll run over anybody who comes our way!
We try to lead a good life but the likes of you stop us!
-Do you know what happens-- -When one is ready to confront?
Do you know how a scared person can strike fear?
Do you want to see it?
-Should I show you? -Get him!
Catch him!
-Where are you running to? -Stop!
No matter what stands in your way, you will overcome it.
I didn't want all of this after I quit my job.
But you rendered me helpless.
His car is here.
What is this? It seems like nobody is here.
-Get the weapons! -Yes.
Get them!
Hold on.
Hold on, sir!
-Gosh! -What the hell is happening?
Please spare us, sir!
-What? -Please forgive us!
Are you trying to mess with me?
Please. Don't, sir.
Don't hit us, sir.
-Please spare us. Don't hit us. -Please.
Can you see that?
And these guys were out to kill him.
We all have worked very hard in our lives.
Was it wrong of us to wish to prosper in life?
Though I worked in a restaurant,
I didn't have a single meal on time.
We didn't wish for something fancy.
We just wished to improve the quality of our lives!
You came in hordes just because I loved that girl.
Do you know how many people in your community
are struggling to make ends meet?
First get them jobs, see to their sustenance, then come to me!
It's fine if folks in your clan beg for a living.
But it's wrong if they love someone from the other caste.
I'm not a good man. I'm flawed.
Knowingly or unknowingly, I've crossed your path.
And somehow, things went wrong.
I will fix things up however I can.
Is there a problem between us?
Why are you trying to kill me?
You killed a blind girl in cold blood!
What? That girl? But I let her go.
Didn't you ask me to do that?
-I told them to drop her off at home. -That poor thing.
She died in agony in my arms!
Gosh! What are you saying?
They injected her...
They injected her?
Give me your phone!
Give me your phone!
Maran is calling, sir!
What did I tell you to do with that blind kid?
Who are you to make a decision? Did I tell you to do that?
Did I ask you to administer the injection?
Who the hell are you to decide that?
Because of you, he's asking me things at the Retteri church!
What do I tell him? Should I drown myself and give up my life?
Take it.
I didn't know anything about it, Maran.
I'm not saying that I haven't sinned.
I wanted to make money,
but I didn't realize what I was doing suffers other people.
Please forgive me.
There was misery in your lives because of me.
Please don't hold it against me.
Trust is life.
Killing people wouldn't do any good to anyone.
You must turn over a new leaf.
If a leader changes himself, the entire clan will look up to him.
Hey, man.
-They'll never change! -Who do you think I am?
Let me go!
Get lost!
Now they know who I am. Show them what happens if one goes against me!
Please don't beat them up.
Don't hit them!
The autorickshaw driver must have left with the 10,000. Such audacity!
Hey, Ambalam! You haven't given me this week's recovery money.
Go, die!
Let them go! Stop hitting them!
The three of you know only about each other.
To get to where I am right now, I've pulled down 3,000 people.
They were trying to teach me about feeling and sentiments.
Had I listened to you and changed my ways, I would have been just a piece of junk!
I couldn't have become Dock Thillai! Get it?
One more thing, Maran.
It was me who gave orders to administer that injection.
I get hungry every now and then a lot these days.
Because I eat for two people.
If we throw them in the river, the fish would eat them up.
Construction is going on at the site.
No one will know if we toss them in the tar machine.
We'll throw them in that well. No one will know.
-I have done it before too. -You wretches!
Get going, guys!
What about the boys?
Are the boys dead?
I don't understand. Are they dead?
Is that a new neckband?
Who bought it for you?
I bought it for myself.
Who is in Ahmedabad?
No one. That's why I'm going there.
Where is Thillai?
The head of that community, the counselor and Thillai.
The three of them are missing.
What happened to them?
When I asked about the three missing people, I didn't mean the boys.
I meant these three men.
I'm here to investigate that.
What you've told me so far is the truth. But not the whole truth.
Tell me the rest of the story.
Tell me. There's still time.
Before this train leaves.
Your statement.
Now tell me.
What happened to these three men?
Are you still alive?
Hey, boys! You all are still alive? Why?
You wanted a better life. So go ahead and be there then.
Have a pleasant journey.
You'll be headed there first before us.
Kill him!
Do it!
Hey, what the hell?
Three points, buddy!
The worst person among the evils
is the one who turns good people evil.
The boys are in Ahmedabad. Right?
Did the wedding go well?
Ingenious plan, Natesan.
You bought a ticket for Ahmedabad, got off at the next station
-and held the wedding in Kanyakumari? -Where are you, sir?
Don't be afraid. I'm in Chennai.
Had you invited me to the wedding, I would've come.
How are those boys?
This wouldn't have been possible without your blessing.
But there's nothing like giving felicitations in person.
If you wish, you can still do it in person, sir.
What do you mean, Natesan?
In another ten minutes...
Tell me, Natesan.
I thought you fled in fear.
It's true that we boarded the train to Ahmedabad
and got down at the next stop.
But we didn't go to Kanyakumari. We are still here.
When those who sin walk with their heads held high, why should we bow ours?
We took them on not to run from here, but to show them that we aren't afraid.
Those who have fought for their future have never failed.
See you, sir.
Just a minute, sir.
Why, sir?
The only thing worse than an evil man,
is one who turns a good man evil. That shouldn't happen.
-That's why. -Yes, sir.
See you, sir.