Golmaal 3 (2010) Movie Script

"Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Everything's gonna be Golmaal."
"Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Everything's gonna be Golmaal."
"Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Everything's gonna be Golmaal."
"Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Everything's gonna be Golmaal."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Our attitude is different."
"So is our style."
"We've a knack of stealing."
"Better safeguard your heart."
"We've stolen your slumber."
"We've made your heart restless."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Destiny says we'll always meet."
"We love you and we
can't stay apart."
"Everyone's talking about us."
"We've made your heart restless."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Everything's little Golmaal."
"Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Everything's little Golmaal."
"Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Everything's little Golmaal."
"Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Everything's little Golmaal."
"We've to keep the
promise we made."
"We've to gradually
spread our magic."
"We've to come and go
with the breeze of air."
"We want to dwell in your heart."
"There's a story
we want to narrate."
"We want to mesmerize you."
"There's a story
we want to narrate."
"We want to mesmerize you."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
"Golmaal. Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Golmaal is back again."
lf you have college..
..then l have knowledge.
l am here to educate
wasted students like you.
Your parents must
constantly be saying..
.."Son, think big".
"Distinction. Go get it".
So here you go.
Once you read this,
life will be a bliss.
This is the path to
your success, very cheap.
Only Rs. 2000.
Final year history papers,
only for Rs. 2000.
Go conquer the world
with just Rs. 2000.
How do we believe,
these papers are authentic?
So don't, Mr. Pinocchio.
You have just four days to
yourself.. Go and study.
- Move. Move.
Move aside.
- My children. - Sir.
Sir. - Come on. - Come down, sir.
Sir. Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
My useless and worthless Nunnu.
Nunnu passed his exams
only because of you.
Nunnu passed, sir.
He has topped Science,
Commerce and Arts.
All three, sir. - All three?
Nunnu, fetch.
Fetch his blessings!
Bless you.
So now, all of you too
grab success just like Nunnu.
- Yes.
Come and take it.
Concentrate and remember.
Where there's a will,
there's a way.
Where there's a bird,
there's a bird's nest.
Where there's Harsha, there's
Bhogle (lndian commentator).
And where there's Asha,
there's Bhosle (lndian Singer).
Here, distribute these papers.
Come and get them.
Come and get them.
- You will all pass.
Buy them.
Thank you very much.
l hope you enjoyed the ride, sir.
Actually l am sure you enjoyed it.
After all.. our rides
are world famous in Goa.
The ride was nice.
But this is the first
time l am observing..
..a speed breaker in the sea.
- That's you.
Hey, don't..
Take the money. -Enough, enough,
take your money.
The ride part is done.
Now where can we
find a one-night bride?
You must know it..
Tell me. Tell me.
- At Panjim beach?
- At Palolim beach?
l.. l'm.. trying
to say l don't know.
l don't know.
Go away.
Get out of here. Come on.
One night bride! One night bride!
Hey Why are you getting furious?
Why are you getting furious?
"Try my love, my stammer prince"
"My love."
"My stammer prince."
- Look, don't..
"My stammer prince."
Hey what is it? Acting too smart?
Do you want me to calm
you down? Just get lost!
Size zero, style hero.
Who is she?
She's Daboo.
My.. partner.
Why don't you ask her,
"will you be my partner"?
You rascal, l'll slap
you so hard.. you swine.
Get lost.
Just a minute.
What's going on? Take it easy.
Easy? They are cheesy.
Why you..
Violence is never the solution.
l'm going to..
- Don't instigate them, Daboo.
l don't like it.
l hate violence.
But she started it.
You're a guest.
Come, stroll around.
Why do you want to get beaten up?
Are you trying to teach us
what we should be doing?
Mind your own business.
Or else you won't even
realise what hit you.
Daboo, l..
- Talk to me.
Daboo, ask him not to point
his finger. - l will, l will.
- Oh, God.
Calm down, calm down.
Get me ice-cream. lce-cream.
Come on.
This is the last stop.
You go to your house
and l will go to mine.
Thank you, Pritam.
How many times have l told
you not to call me Pritam?
Do you call your father Pritam?
No, his name is Bappi.
Pritam is here! Pritam is here!
Pritam is here!
Your kids have borrowed a
lot of money from us, Pritam!.
You owe me 40.
- And me, 50. When will you pay up?
Look, either pay the entire
year's rent or vacate my house.
And how much do l owe you?
Nothing, l have just
come to enjoy your misery.
You've been insulted again!
Pritam, your sons owe me Rs. 1 lac.
lf l don't get my
money today, l will..
Who dared to trouble my father?
Father, we're here.
How much do we owe you?
How much?
- Rs. 40000.
Rs. 50000
- Laxman. - Yes.
Give out 10 %
amongst these poor people.
- What's this?
lt's a fair deal.
What fair deal?
That's for them,
Raghu sir, not for you.
20 % for you.
We had already
decided that. l mean it.
Next week, l will pay
back the remaining.Take it.
Next week. Remember that.
You sold fake exam papers?
What if the children fail?
Pa, the children
will learn a lesson.
Next time, they
wouldn't try a short-cut.
They will work hard.
Don't keep talking
about hard work.
Don't keep repeating it,
it doesn't suit you.
Pa. Pa.
- What?
You're insulting us. Yes.
Was l giving out Filmfare
Awards to you until now?
Look at other children of your age.
Roger's son is at a
high post in the bank.
Akhilesh's son.. He's a
chief editor at The daily Times.
Rajan's son is a pilot.
Sameer's son..
- That's enough, Pa.
Why do you always
give us their example?
Why don't you talk about the
other kids who were with us?
Look at Sajid. He has been sent to
the prison under a murder allegation
Farhad. He's been
arrested under a rape case.
You.. you never give
us their examples.
Give me the napkin.
Thank you.
- Don't forget, Pa.
By naming a dog 'Masakali', he
wouldn't turn into a pigeon.
Hey, shut up.
The truth is, Pa, that
you never understood us!
l wish we had a maid.
Mother. l wish we had a mother, Pa.
Yes. - Mom!
Coming, what happened?
l'm hungry, mother.
Daaga, Teja.
Your boss is a genius isn't he?
l used my left hand
to steal this necklace
..and my right hand had no clue.
Why are we laughing?
This man forgets
more than he breathes.
His amnesia will someday
give me high blood-pressure.
Puppy Boss. We're laughing because..
..we stole the queen's necklace.
Necklace? Why did we
steal the necklace?
Because we're thieves.
Thieves. Oh! Yes, one day l
will be the best thief in town.
The world will always remember me.
Do me a favour and
remember yourself!.
You fool, what are you staring at?
Drive faster. Speed up, Daaga.
Run over anyone
who comes in the way.
Who are you people?
Why are you taking the dirt road?
Now l get it.
lt's because l have
this costly necklace..
..that you're
kidnapping me, you rascals.
Stop the car.
Stop it. Stop it.
You scoundrel, fools.
Trying to kidnap me. Kidnappers.
Puppy Boss, you're the boss.
You've stolen the queen's necklace.
HlV. "Haar" (Necklace).
That's a good thing,
why are you wailing?
Did you guys hear a siren?
The workers must be
exiting the mill now.
l will ask God today.
Why is the mill so silent?
Puppy Boss, that's the police.
Police. Police. Police.
- Yes.
We'll take different routes.
- Correct.
Police confuse, case diffuse.
- Correct.
We'll meet at the den in an hour.
- Correct.
- You go to the left.
And you to the right.
And Chumma will exit from the back.
Who the hell is Chumma?
What's wrong with you?
What else? Boss doesn't
even remember his own name..
..how will he remember the address?
"We'll meet at the den".
Go get him.
Who are you looking for?
No one. We're looking
for the thief.
Carry on.
Someone has stolen
the queen's necklace.
Shanta, will you get me some water!
The queen's necklace?
Hey, watch.
What is he saying to the police?
What's going on, lnspector? - What?
Every day we hear of theft,
loot, kidnapping, rape..
lt's rightly said.
Mumbai is a city of incidents.
This isn't Mumbai, it's Goa.
"We will have a great time."
- Great. Great.
Nothing at all.lt's
dangerous outside, so stay inside.
Just to be on the safe side. Go.
Safe side?
But Kareena is on
Saif's (lndian actors) side.
His short-term memory loss..
..can put us behind bars
for a long term, Teja.
JFK. Jail.
- Jail?
This is my house.
lf you need any help.. - Please.
- What?
Don't look back.
- Why? What happened?
Let's run.
l think we've found your thieves.
Where? Where? Where? Gandhari.
They're hiding behind
those flowers. Rascals.
Just look at them.
- Where are they?
There they are. Catch them.
Catch them. Catch them.
Kill them brutally.
You dogs.. Portuguese Pirates.
You stole the queen's necklace?
How will the queen answer the king?
What are you staring at? Go.
lf l don't get all
my money in time..
..l very well know
how to recover it..
..from your three
fraudulent children.
15 days.
"Forsaking the world."
"Forgetting all sorrows."
"The direction where
there's happiness."
"We got to go that way."
"Whether it's right or wrong."
"We don't care about anyone."
"ln there lies direction of life."
"We got to go that way."
"Whatever happens now."
"Let it happen."
"We'll keep walking without a care."
"We'll keep walking."
"Say it from your heart."
"Keep saying."
"We'll keep walking without a care."
"We'll keep walking."
"May this journey never
stop and continue this way."
"That's what the winds say."
"May we never be braced by sorrows."
"Hold on to this moment."
"Pray for it."
"We aren't concerned about anyone."
"Our path is completely different."
"The entire world knows."
"They know that we don't care."
"We've a small world."
"We live here as we like."
"We don't listen to anyone."
"They know that we don't care."
"Whatever happens now."
"Let it happen."
"We'll keep walking without a care."
"We'll keep walking."
"Whatever happens now."
"Let it happen."
"We'll keep walking without a care."
"We'll keep walking."
"Say it from your heart."
"Keep saying."
"We'll keep walking without a care."
"We'll keep walking."
Hey idiot, are you
playing pool or golf?
You scoundrel, is that a
codeword for an abusive word?
What happened?
Who do you think you are?
- Daboo.
Sounds like a smelly box.
- Daboo.
What's so funny?
Who are you?
They call me Gopal.
And what are you called otherwise?
Get lost or else l will slap you
with the back of my hand. Go on.
ls something wrong with
the front of your hand?
Laxman can handle you alone.
You will beat me up?
Why.. would..
- Hey.
He's talking about me.
l see, you're L.. L.. Laxman.. too?
No. l am just Laxman.
You're L.. L.. Laxman.
Hey Madhav, if we ever
make him run a race..
..he will be the hurdle
instead of being the runner.
Ya, When he plays cricket..
..the game would have
not 20 but 200 overs.
Comma. Comma, he is
calling you a comma
lf l am a comma..
then you're a full stop.
- What? What? What?
Try and touch me.
Show me your finger.
- Finger?
Touch me now.
- You touch me.
Do it. Do it.
- Show it.
Do it. Do it.
Hey, get the hell out of this club.
None of you guys have any guts.
Just keep saying "Do it.
Do it. Show it."
Hey, you, get out.
Get out now. Now. Now.
Hey, ask him not to point fingers.
Hey. Listen to me.
Get out.
Hey, ask him not to point fingers.
- Get out.
What are you thinking?
What your abuse means!
That makes it four.
Here. Deliver this quickly.
Madam, we've been wearing these
old staff clothes for so long.
We need a change, ma'am.
Gopal sir, please request
her to get our clothes changed.
Yes, please
Fine, lets get your clothes changed!
Pinto, exchange your
clothes with Sadrick.
And Sadrick
exchange yours with Pinto.
Go on now. Problem solved.
(Sound problem)
Daboo, Vasooli.
Gopal. Gopal. Calm down.
Look, Vasooli lent you money for
yourjet-ski business isn't it..
So you will have to return it.
And Gopal is a good boy.
Don't get angry, Gopal.
Angry? l never get angry..
Do l ever get angry?
- No, no. no.
- Hello.
Vasooli. Actually, they
really tried very hard.
But because of
certain circumstances..
..they couldn't arrange your cash.
l hope you.. are you
getting any of this?
No. But it sounds really nice.
However, they aren't
nice people, Chintu.
l will..
- Scoundrel. Rascal.
That's what you will
call us, right, Vasooli?
But that's not an apt insult for us.
Yes. And calling us.. Shahid
Kapoor is an insult to him.
Actually, Vasooli, we..
- Had arranged for the money.
You did?
We did?
- Yes, but suddenly..
What? Someone shot bullets at you?
No, no.. - Say it quickly, l
have to leave for Panvel tomorrow.
Dande, he took all your money.
- Yes.
But Dande is a police..
- Police.
He isn't scared of
the police at all!
He's such a dangerous man.
He took your money.
- My money.
- Give me his number.
- That's it, l got the ten digits!
No, those are just three.
Take the entire number. 9..
- Wait, l will dial
it for you. - Yes.
- Dande. You dog.
Who is speaking?
- lt's your daddy Vasuli!
Listen carefully.
Bring my money back or else..
- Or else?
Or else?
- l will cut you into pieces.
Wow. - Do you realize
who you're talking to?
Yes, l do.
l am talking to a son of
many fathers! - Very good.
He's calling me the
son of many fathers.
Gandhari, sit in the car.. quickly.
You scoundrel, rascal.
Stingy man.
- Do l look stingy to you?
You are dead meat! Stay there!
You rascal, beggar!
Rotten tomato!
Diseased parasite!
l will create multiple
bullet holes in you..
..so that your soul
confuses its escape!
Lower your volume, police!
Gopal, l think someone is going
to be taken in for a long term.
Where was l? Oh, yes.
lf l don't get my money, l
will tear you into pieces.
l will bury you in the
middle of this beach. Yes.
Are you coming here or
shall l come to you?
Let's finish this. Tell me.
l am here.
- Hello, sir.
l am here, lnspector Dande!
You are asking me for money?
Smart Alec, my boss whips
money from everyone in town..
.. and you are asking
him for money?
Gandhari, shut up.
What, shut up?
Are you a rascal?
Do you have many fathers?
Don't say that publically!
Arrest him.
- Sorry, sir.
These three asked me
to call you, sir. - Who?
- Where are they?
You are trying to
fool me? Arrest him.
Arrest him.
Bro, how much is 222?
Guys, we're in a big soup!
We have business competition!
- What?
Yes. And it's none
other than those guys.
- Come on.
Madhav, look, it's the psycho gang.
Don't be scared.
Just don't point your finger.
- Yes.
Let's go to Khan..
What are you guys doing here?
This is our territory.
- Yes.
Only dogs have territories!
That's exactly why l am asking,
what are you guys doing here?
You're good. You're good.
Say that in Hindi.
What's playing on this Pogo channel?
We are here for business!
You cannot start a
business until we are around!
Why not? Why not?
Do you know who's supporting us?
The Congress?
- Mr. Puppy.
Mr. Puppy.
Puppy. Puppy.
Today we launch our new business!
And thus, we want you to
take the first ride. - Yes. Yes.
lt's time to take
him for a ride, Gopal.
What should we do?
lt's a Fevicol bond.
- ..does not come off easily!
Come on, come on.
Let's go.
Mr. Puppy, you're our life's pillar!
A sole supporter of our
Lost and found memory!
You're our dear Johny
and you're our dear Lever.
Shut up, Laxman.
Oh! l am right! No!
Sit here and get going.
- Grab the handle!
Let's go.
Move, move aside!
l'm dead. l'm dead.
Move, move aside!
My hands are stuck!
The brakes have failed!
My hands are stuck!
Oh God!
ldiots, move aside!
lt's come out! lt's
come out! lt's come out!
Hey, Daaga. Oh God.
Move, move aside!
Someone rescue me!
Run. Run.
- Move aside.
You'll put me into trouble.
Go away from here.
Oh no. Hey dumb,
why are you after me?
Hey, get down! You! Come on,
get going from here.
What are you doing,
Get off. Get off?
This was bound to happen, Gopal.
This was bound to happen!
lf you try setting things on fire..
..you will surely burn
your fingers in the process!
Mother, we didn't
set anything on fire.
We just used some glue!
Oh, yes? Glue.
What glue, Gopal?
The entire jet-ski is destroyed!
And the handle..
l wonder where the handle is!
But mother, if someone
intrudes into our territory and..
They've gone too far!
They were scared that we
might ruin their business. - Yes.
When certain people begin to
climb the ladder of success..
..there are many who want to
snatch the ladder away, Pa.
Shut up.
With great effort we
talked Mr. Puppy into.. - Yes.
The source of this
finance is definitely..
..a certain pilla or puppy
- Yes.
Look at this sad creature!..
Please translate!
lt's now clear, Mother.
Next time, if they interfere..
- We will..
That's enough, Daboo.
What's enough, Mother?
- We wouldn't..
Stay quiet.
Madhav, we will have to
do something about it!
lf we wish to bell the camel.
We will have to arrange a bench!
We will have to
arrange a bench Madhav!
Pa, if we had it our way..
l will have it our way!
And you all will listen to me.
No one will say anything.
l will talk to them.
Come out!
You have ruined my
children's business!
ls this what your
parents have taught you?!
l doubt your upbringing!
Come out!
Who the hell is
shouting like a mad dog?
ln what culture
have been brought up?
Come out.
What is it? Why are you shouting?
"Disco.. dancer."
"l am a disco dancer."
"Singing is my life."
"l am crazy for it."
"So sway, dance.."
"Come dance and sing with me."
"l am a disco dancer."
"Life is short and full of bliss,
it doesn't wait for anyone."
"Craving hearts unite..
like fire and water do."
"Why shouldn't we do as we please?"
"Why shouldn't we cross all limits?"
"Wherever we find love.."
"..my heart.."
"..heads that way."
"So sway, dance.."
"Come dance and sing with me."
"l am a disco dancer."
"Disco.. dancer."
The name is Prem.
Prem Chopra.
You could've robbed,
stolen, cheated.. anything.
But love, never.
A mosquito born in filth can
only spread disease, not love!
lt's unsuitable for a bedbug
to aim a place on a silk carpet.
lmagine where a king stands!
And imagine a pauper!
l don't know where those two stand!
When poverty knocks on one's door..
..loves escapes off the window.
You're insulting my true love.
l am insulting you!
What do you do for a living?
l am a disco dancer.
My life is singing.
l am crazy for it.
Then dance, sway, sing!
But tell me, how much do
you earn in a month?
Dad, please.. - Rs. 500 to 600.
Rs. 500 to 600!
Gita spends more than
that in a month on petrol.
Papa, l am prepared to spend my
life with Pappu in just one sari.
Go to your room, Gita.
- Papa, please.
l said go to your room,
that's my order.
Guddi. Guddi.
Guddi, stop. Stop.
l cannot live without Pappu.
Your ideology will
not change my mind.
l love Gita! Greatly!
Guddi, open the door.
Listen to uncle Shambhu,
dear. Open the door.
The name is Prem.
Prem Chopra.
Everything l do is
with 'Prem' (Love).
Rs. 5 lac cash.
The price to leave my
daughter Gita alone forever.
Money cannot buy love.
Wealth has no stature
as compared to love.
l see. Then here.
l refused Rs. 5 lakhs..
..you think you can buy
me over with Rs. 10 lakhs.
Turn around and take
a look, it's empty.
l give you six months.
Earn Rs. 5 lakhs and
my daughter Gita..
..will be yours forever.
l will be back.
Think about it, Pritam.
Those who live in huts..
..shouldn't dream of
living in palaces.
You're trying to make an
umbrella made out of glass..
..when it's raining stones outside.
Mr. Prem Chopra.
Those who live in glasshouses..
..use their
basements to change clothes!.
- Pappu.
Guddi, you've
turned into an old maid!
Have you seen a mirror off late?
People must call you grandpa now.
People often change with time.
By the way, l am here
for Gopal and Laxman..
What do you want of them?
Not you, l want to talk to them?
- Yes, tell me.
l am their mother.
My children have
suffered a huge loss..
..because of your children.
Your children?
- Yes.
lt's best that you
talk to your children.
My children are sensible.
Because they're like their mother.
You better talk to your children.
Guddi. Pappu.
Hey, do you recognize him?
Show him your finger and you
will remember him forever!
Show it, show it.
- Like this.
Gopal, tell me.
When will you give it?
- Right now.
Not the pop-sickle. l mean my money.
Vasooli, forget about your money.
- Yourjet-ski business was ruined.
That's why we bailed you out..
..so that we can
start a new business.
Do l look like a..
Fool to you.
- Vasooli, the truth is bitter
This bitter?
Come this way, everyone knows..
.. that you don't hold
any respect amongst others!
- Yes.
And only because you are
not a well known name.
Nor do you enjoy the fame
of an established business.
With respect, you
will also attract fame.
And gorgeous girls
will fall for you.
That felt nice.
But the jet-ski business..
was ruined.
On that note, l just remember..
Diwali (Festival of lights)
is approaching.
Why don't we open
up a fireworks shop?
Vasooli fireworks.
Vasooli 'Chakri' (Fireworks).
Vasooli 'Sursuri' (Fireworks).
Vasooli 'Lavangi' (Fireworks).
Vasooli Missile.
- why?
Vasooli rocket would fly by too!.
This Diwali, you'll be famous.
"Here. There."
"l will be famous."
"Here. There. Everywhere."
What happened?
Why are you so tensed?
Today's we celebrate the
opening of Vasooli fireworks!
Daboo, someone has set
up a fireworks shop right..
..in front of ours!
Oh shit.
Gopal, they've launched a
similar business yet again. - Yes.
Hide it. Hide your fingers.
Oh, no.
lt's okay.
Dance and say the same,
it will be great fun!
Say it!
What are you doing?
Copycat. Copycat. Copycat.. Copycat
You copy our business ideas..
..better than one copies in exams.
We will destroy your
entire shop, Vasooli Fireworks.
- Yes.
You will destroy my shop?
You will destroy Vasooli's shop?
l have a knife!
l will stab you!
Hey Madhav!
Do me a favour let's play holi.
Happy 'Holi' (Festival of colors).
lt's 'Diwali', get lost.
We'll take care!
- Basheer?
You forgot all about me on..
..this auspicious occasion
of 'Eid' (lslamic festival).
Happy 'Eid'. Happy 'Eid'.
Happy 'Eid'.
Puppy boss, leave him.
Puppy boss, lt's 'Diwali' today!
DDLJ (lndian movie). 'Diwali'!
And he's not Basheer, he's
from your rival gang, Vasooli.
V-SS-LL-OO. Vasooli!
Danger. Danger.
Wasn't it you who l met
that night..
..the night queen's
necklace was stolen?
Yes. Yes.
Yes, inspector, sometimes
the thieves are to..
..our left and to our right..
..and we never realizes it!
l have seen you two before!
Hey, pink shirt, Why
are you hiding your face?
He's talking to you.
My mother eloped with someone.
Since then, l've been hiding
my face, you don't understand!
Okay, okay.
And you, blue shirt.
The person with who his
mother eloped, was my father!
lnspector, look at
their understanding!
- Yes. Drop it!
Buy crackers for your child.
Or else your wife will beat you up.
Shut up, Gandhari, you shouldn't..
lnspector, you want crackers,
don't you?
Come with me, to
Vasooli fireworks. Come.
No, no, no, Vasooli.
Come to Puppy fireworks.
Just a minute.
The better rocket out of the
two will win the first sale.
Now you light it!
Hey hey, look down.. Here.
"Golmaal. Golmaal."
"Your love.. is coming ..
.. back to me."
"Your love.. is coming ..
.. back to me."
"Where are you? Where am l?"
"Where am l? Where are you?"
"Come back to me once."
"Your love.. is coming back to me."
"Where are you? Where am l?"
"Where are we lost?"
"Come back to me once."
"Your love.. is coming..
..back to me."
What's going on?
lt's the Sunday Mass, Guddi.
l am talking about you.
What have l done?
Aren't you ashamed..
..of following me around..
at this age?
l didn't follow you, Guddi.
Well, coincidentally,
6-7 times in a day..
Coincidences don't
occur 6-7 times in a day.
All the neighbours
have noticed you..
lf you were so concerned about me..
..you should've come back then!
l had left for coming back.
But l was exhausted
trying to fill the bag..
..your father gave me.
l danced in the discos all night!
Sold coconut water during the day!
On weekends, l went about
selling sweets from door to door.
Children would shout at me
"Here comes the sweet seller".
When l returned, l saw
that your house was locked.
l asked everyone around.
ln turn, they asked me as to why
did l not ask about it 3 years back.
l waited for you, Guddi.
But you.. you got married!
Didn't you?
Did you buy those 3
children from the Big bazaar sale?
Buy one, get two free.
Did your sons pop
out from a toaster?
They are not..
They are not my children.
They are uncle Shambhu's children.
You.. you married uncle Shambhu?
What is he saying, Guddi?
What are you.. No.
Have you gone crazy?
They are uncle Shambhu's grandsons.
Their family passed
away in an accident..
..and Gopal and Laxman
started living with us.
My father suffered a
big loss in his business.
He couldn't endure the shock.
He.. he died.
l moved to Goa from Dehra
doon with whatever little l had.
l settled here
with Gopal and Laxman.
l didn't marry, Pappu.
l just waited.
But why am l telling you this?
My days would begin
with 'Roshni' (Sunlight)..
..and end with
'Chandni' (Moonlight).
Two girls at once!
No, no. The sunlight and
the moonlight, lt's a phrase!
Since l couldn't find you..
..l devoted my life to orphans.
l took up a job at
the Jamnadas orphanage.
And one fateful day, the owner
of the orphanage, Jamnadas..
..died while drinking milk.
While drinking milk?
Yes, the buffalo fell on him.
The orphanage was orphaned.
Jamnadas transferred
everything in my name..
..which was already under debt.
l lost everything.
All the children were adopted.
All l was left with
was the orphanage's bus..
..and three helpless children.
l didn't get married all
my life, just like you.
l just waited.
Wow, that's great!
Shinde, hold this.
l knew it. l just knew it.
1942. A Love Story (lndian movie).
lt's true that love
doesn't come with an expiry date.
By the way, l am Daboo.
Look, Daboo.
- l saw everything.
Listen, Daboo..
- l heard everything.
Daboo, the children
should never find out..
..that we are not
their real parents.
For my sake.
Look, dear, if they
find out they're orphans..
..they will be hurt.
- Yes.
Fine, Uncle. Okay, Aunty.
That chapter will stay closed.
But what about this chapter?
What do you mean?
Fate has brought you
two back together?
So that now you can fulfil
your unfulfilled dreams? - No.
This isn't possible.
So sweet.
They both still think alike.
Guddi weds Pappu. Wow!
Go for it, Daboo.
"My heart."
"l am still the same, so are
you and so is this world."
"But wonder where she is."
"Everyone's here, but
wonder why l am still alone."
"Who should l call out to here?"
"Your love.. is coming back to me."
But what's the problem, Aunty?
lt's full of problems, Daboo.
This isn't possible.
Come on, Aunty, why
isn't it possible?
lf wife is the heart,
husband is the heartbeat.
lf wife is the lamp,
husband is 'Diwali'.
lf Wife is the speech,
husband is the abuse!
Get married at this age?
People will mock me!
What will the children say?
l don't mind, Pritam, get married.
Gopal. What do you think
about marriage? - Whose?
Wishes that you and me
should get married. - Yes.
How many excuses will
you cook up, Pritam?
That's enough.
Next week if l don't get my money..
And if l don't get my rent..
..you can forget about
staying in this house.
lts a warning!
"Your love.. is coming back to me."
Chillax, Pappu!
Don't worry about this house..
..you have Guddi's house!
lt's quite spacious!
Daboo, what will the world say..
What about the world?
Come on, Aunty, you love him,
you want to marry him.
And you're
concerned about the world?
Oh, my God!
l don't believe this.
Aunty, you're getting married!
You're actually
thinking of getting married!
At this age?
What will the world say?
Daboo, talk to aunty!
Facebook, did you hear this?
Aunty is going to get married!
l don't believe this!
That's enough, Daboo.
l don't know how much
longer l am going to live.
And you..
- Uncle.
l read somewhere.
"Add life to days,
not days to life."
"Life for me is living
each moment for you."
"Without you.. nothing is right."
But.. it's not that easy, Daboo.
You know that our
children don't get along.
l see, so that's your problem.
Then there's no problem.
What "No problem", Daboo?
What will the children say?
Don't worry. None of your
five children will say anything.
By the way, we need
to handle only two.
One is crazy,
the other can't speak.
And by the time the
third one finishes speaking..
..you two will be married.
Daboo, don't be crazy..
Guddi, l think Daboo will rest
only after getting us married.
Shut up, Pappu.
What are you saying, Daboo?
Mother's.. mother's..
- Yes, mother's marriage, Laxman.
Gopal, mother's
happiness lies in it.
Oh, no, this is suicide!
lsn't it, Brother?
Don't be hard like
the coconut skin.
Think like the soft inside.
lt's their incomplete love story..
..and it's happy ending
depends on your permission.
But how can we say yes?
For our mother's.. mother's..
- Your mother's..
Happiness, Laxman.
Think about the one she loves.
Think about his three children.
They too shall get a mother's love.
And who can know
better than you two..
..about what
mother's love is all about?
That's fine, Daboo, but..
- But what?
This is an opportunity..
..to do something for mother.
Fine, suppose we agree.
But what about the world?
What will the world say, Brother?
People will laugh at us.
They'll say, "Look, they're
going to their mother's.. mother's".
People talk!
That's theirjob.
You're concerned about the world?
Your mother went through so
many troubles to raise you two.
Was the world concerned
about your mother then?
She raised you two.
Made sacrifices..
..did the world think
about your mother then?
What is important?
Your mother's dreams..
..or the world's opinions?
What is important?
Your mother's love..
..or the world's hatred?
Enough, Daboo.
Those three little children
will receive mother's love.
Little? Well, yes, one of them..
..cannot even speak yet!
But, Brother, the world..
- Forget the world.
This wedding will happen!
Okay. Okay.
Mother's.. mother's..
Will happen.. will happen..
will happen.
Yes, she's the one
whom he used to follow.
l've caught him red-handed.
At this age? you should be ashamed!
Even the lord is just a
few days older to you!
You're growing old..
..and such cheap behavior.
There are just two reasons..
..due to which a person
falls on his face in life.
Either his shoe-lace is untied.
Or he's characterless.
For the first time, don't shut up.
Continue. You're absolutely right.
That is why l am warning you guys.
My aunty will lodge a
complaint against you.
She has high contacts.
Anything is possible.
You all will be in a fix.
lsn't there a way out?
- There's just one way.
Getting Uncle and aunty married!
Getting Uncle and aunty married?
That sounds so strange.
Dude, marriages only
happen amongst relatives!
Mom marries dad.
Sister marries brother-in-law.
Brother marries sister-in-law.
Similarly, uncle marries aunty.
And yes, let me tell you one thing.
Your to-be mother has two children.
- Little ones.
- Quiet! l am not done yet!
- Yes.
And anyway, they loved
each other in the past.
Really? - Laxman, it's a noble
deed to bring two lovers together
And, Lucky, you always
wanted a mother, didn't you?
Those who have a mother have.. kiss.
Emraan Hashmi (lndian actor).
- Fool.
He means heaven.
Madhav, so what do you say?
Think about it.
Tell me.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
Hey, we want to meet our soon
to-be mother and her children.
Meet them?
- Yes.
You can.
Meet them at the wedding.
- No, no.
We want to meet them
before the wedding.
You want to meet them.
- Yes.
You rascals.
Want anything, Son?
Mother, he's calling you "mother".
He wants a mother.
Mother, your blessings.
Where are your children?
They didn't listen to me.
They wanted to buy
gifts for their brothers.
They left. They'll be late.
Here, have some biscuits!
How much will you stuff us, Daboo?
Can l ask you something?
Yes, Son. Go ahead.
Do you consume liquor?
No, if this is an inquiry.
But yes if it's an offer!
l told you, not to
point your finger at him.
Where are your..
- Drop it.
Where are your children?
They just called.
They're in the school bus.
But they'll be late as they
are stuck in a traffic jam.
You can meet them at the wedding.
One big happy family.
You seem to be the groom
and you seem like the bride
Who are the witnesses?
These two.
Somehow, you look like the groom!
l feel the same.
So you are representing the groom?
- Yes.
And you are representing the bride?
And you?
- What difference does it make?
Take the signatures..
..and complete the
formalities quickly.
Dear, calm down,
calm down, calm down.
Marriage is a once
in a life time thing.
lt's the unification of two souls.
Hey, boring old soul,
just do yourjob.
Yes, yes, yes.
Sign here.
Sign it, sign it.
Come on, quickly.
But the children aren't here yet.
- They will be.
According to the priest,
1 1 :32 is an auspicious time.
Sign it.
Let's send father to
Bangkok for his honeymoon.
What is he doing here, Laxman?
Dude, whose wedding are you off to?
Your father's.
Madhav, how does he know?
Relax, He's mocking us.
Come on.
Uncle, are you going to
take up the entire day?
lt's done.
They're married.
He drives the bus.
Here, have sweets.
Hey oldie, pass me the water.
Pappu, My left eye seems to
be twitching for some reason.
That's because soon trouble
is going to pop its ugly head!
Look, they are coming now.
They're married.
Why didn't you wait?
What are you looking for?
Where are your children?
"My father's wedding."
"People are fooled
once in a while."
"ln a blink you are.."
What are you staring at?
Meet your brothers?
The two of us and the five of you.
Give each other a hug!
You are now brothers.
No, no.
- No.
This can't be.
- No.
lt's a lie. - This can't be.
lt's a lie.
He is not my brother.
Did you just call me insane?
You stammer prince!
Our brother?
Divorce him.
Oh no.
That hurt.
My brother won't spare you.
Oh, no.
No, Gopu.
- No, no, no.
My fingers.
Gopu. Gopu.
Gopal, he'll freeze.
- Gopu.
Leave him.
Don't do it, Gopal.
lt's cold.
Turn him in.
l won't spare you.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
This isn't right, Daboo.
l couldn't do better than this.
Pal, l've just made two
lovers meet each other.
But you lied.
What lie?
- What lie?
You said the children were little!
But they are huge.. Hooligans.
You're a big liar.
l didn't lie.
l only concealed the truth.
Can't you make a small
sacrifice for your parents?
l thought all you brothers
will live together in harmony.
They're bad luck.
- Yes.
We won't live together, not at all.
We weren't bitten by a mad..
- No, Lucky.
Who did you call dog?
- Him. - You are mad.
She has left!
Pritam's cheaters are here.
Pritam's cheaters are here.
You are here?
Give us some time.
No, no. - What no! We have
been staying here since so long.
Why are you laughing?
He means to say there's no need.
Your father has
surrendered the keys to this house.
Now you all are
homeless just like us.
Pa, the luggage?
l am a coolie.
l am going to load the
luggage in the train..
..which shortly
arrives on platform No. 2.
We have to go to mother's house.
l've gathered your luggage.
Let's go.
Pa. l will not pick this luggage
up and lose my self-respect.
My self-respect is equal to
that of the president of lndia.
She never visits my house..
..and l don't visit hers.
Wow. Very proud of you,
very proud of you.
Thank you, Pa.
The president won't visit
our house anytime soon. - No.
But HE would surely be on
his way to recover his money?
- Raghu.
Raghu. l don't want to
stay here, l am coming along.
What are you doing, Lucky?
You're going?
Lucky.. - You go on, but we are
not coming along. - No, Madhav.
Let him go.
Madhav, l..
- l am there for you!
Laxman, we will not
go to their house.
We could live on the
streets if needed.
We can't live with those
who don't respect us, Laxman.
My brother.. Why you..
Pa. Pa, we're here.
- Why?
Why? Because we get it..
..when death is near, one
often runs in the wrong direction.
Shut up.
Pa, let's go.
Mother must be waiting, Pa.
We'll go to mummy's place.
Uncle, come in.
Come in.
Gopal, Laxman.
Pa is here.
Aunty. - What happened?
- Look who is here.
Uncle, where is your luggage?
- Here it is.
You. You're here to
drop Pa off isn't it?
He isn't a semester to drop out of!
We're here to live
with Pa.. and our mom.
Mom. Mom.
Bless you.
Your Warsi is here.
Sorry, l mean 'Waaris' (Heir).
We have seen a mother before, but
only in Nirupa Roy (lndian actor).
We have heard the word "mother",
but only in songs.
We have used the word mother.
But only in abuses.
Hey, what are you saying?
We've found a home, Mother.
- Home?
No, no, he means to say..
..that the home is now complete.
All under one roof.
- Yes.
And if you go to see..
even beggars..
..keep all their
coins in a single bowl.
- Beggars.
Shut up, Laxman.
- He means to say..
..children are bound to stay
with their parents. - Yes.
Gopal. Son, listen to me.
- Run.
Excuse me. Mother, where will
these three.. - Stay? - Where?
Aunty, they will stay in Gopal
and Laxman's room, isn't it?
And brother and l?
- ln the storeroom.
lsn't it?
Gopal and Laxman will live in the
store room.. - Did you hear that?
Gopal and Laxman will
live in the store room.
Mother has made her decision.
Let's go, let's go.
Just a minute.
He will smash you now.
You said.. you can
never live with us.
So what happened now?
lt's our wish, we changed our mind.
Good that you changed it.
The one you had
before was of no use.
Look who is talking.
He's talking about the mind.
Finger. Finger. Brother, Finger.
- Run.
Brother, we'll have to do..
something about them.
"ln this heart you reside."
"My partner of many births,
we are together."
"ln my eyes there's light."
"We are together."
l am don!
Parag, another important detail.
The person at whose house l
hid the queen's necklace..
..had a funky look and his
face looked a little insane.
Puppy boss, you're mind-blowing.
l am not a bomb to blow your mind!
Sorry, boss.
But if my mother was alive..
..she would've died out ofjoy.
Because the person you
are getting sketched..
SKTDS. Sketch.
Has the queen's
necklace in his house.
So we will find him.
That man and the necklace,
isn't it, Parag?
Another important thing
that l forgot to mention.
Please welcome the
guests with Pan Parag.
He isn't Pan Parag..
..he's sketch artist Parag.
Have you finished the sketch?
l've finished the sketch, but..
- Let me see.
l salute you, Parag Hussain.
What a sketch!
lt's him. That's him.
That's the one.
By God.
You aren't human.
You aren't human, you're an angel.
You're caf Barista.
Mr. Puppy.
Let us see.
- l won't show it.
PUC , please.
- l won't show it.
Puppy boss, show.
You scoundrels..
He's Aamir Khan (lndian actor)
As in Ghajini (lndian movie).
l never said he's
Salman Khan (lndian actor)
..as in Chak de (lndian movie).
Boss, Shah Rukh (lndian actor)
starred in Chak De..
..but why did you
get this sketch made?
l was watching
Ghajini on a DVD yesterday.
That image got sealed in my mind.
lt was a wonderful movie.
"l went adrift.."
What else does he expect?
He keeps forgetting
after every short-interval.
Does that happen for real?
Have you seen anyone
losing his memory so frequently?
Forgot it. Forgot it.
10 men try to hold on to one man.
This. This way.
He exhibits his sculpted body.
Six packs and two
partitions on the head.
And there's something
written here, here, here.
There's something written all over.
ls he a man or a notice board?
And he carries a camera.
Click here, click there,
click, click, click.
Are they trying to fool me?
The other day, l
said in a fit of rage..
..that you've grown old.
Actually you're
still the same for me.
lf you dye your hair, Pappu.
Then you've looks to die for.
Your personality is still the same.
For so many years, you've been..
You hid your
feelings in this photograph?
Just a minute.
- What?
Pappu, you, too.
Whenever l look at your photograph..
..time stands still.
For me, time is still
standing where it was.
Maybe time never moved on for us.
You should've changed
the batteries, Uncle.
Daboo you are here?
- Where else?
l am going to have a
sleep here tonight.
But, Daboo, here..
- lt'll be fun..
..when the three of
us chill together.
Daboo, Guddi, Pappu.
Don't trouble him anymore.
Go, go out. Go out.
- Of course.
l am just an obstacle now.
Now you're only
going to listen to him.
Your beloved husband.
Mr. Pritam alias Pappu.
- Enough. Go.
Yes, yes, l am leaving.
Aunty, Uncle, it feels really
nice to see you two together.
You're a stunning couple.
Thank you.
- For what?
You won't understand.
Pappu, if l hadn't understood..
..this would've never happened.
She's a lovely child.
Fate is so strange. She's an orphan.
How can anyone be an
orphan as long as you're there?
Doesn't she and Gopal..
look like a stunning pair?
ls there anything between them?
l don't know.
Sometimes l feel.
But sometimes l feel..
l wish that our children unite,
just like we did.
Laxman, it's really good..
..these three fools
came into this house.
The fun will begin when
the clock strikes.. - 12:00.
When the clock strikes,
they'll be dumbstruck.
They don't know that
it's a full moon night.
As always, that
ghost will come tonight.
And as soon as their door..
And when they..
They'll be.. scared to death.
And they don't have
Bhairon Baba's amulet.
Where did you get the amulet?
- lt's a teabag.
Ghost. Ghost. Ghost.
Madhav, ghost.
There's no such thing as ghost,
don't be insane.
These rascals are going
to scare us as ghosts.
lt's them. You
mean a traitor within.
Fashion designer bathes nude.
Jayasurya (Sri Lankan Cricketer)
goes to Sri Lanka.
Shut up, Laxman.
Let them come.
Ghost, why you..
- What are you saying, Madhav?
- Now she's our mother as well.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Hello, Pa.
Two minutes, Mother
- Ya sure.
You've completed our family.
That's why we've..
brought a special gift for you.
On a special..
- Day.
For a special..
- Pa.
A special..
- Gift.
There's was no need..
Wear it, wear it. Go, go, go.
You're looking nice, Pa.
Absolutely out of this world.
You're looking..
- Rafiq.
No, l mean.. doesn't
it look a little odd?
ls it odd?
- Yes.
You think we're lying.
Laxman is lying.
Then go and ask your Laxman.
Go. - l'm going. l'm going.
Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!
Okay. Okay.
lt's Pa. lt's Pa. lt's Pa.
What is he saying?
We aren't scared of him, get it?
Come on, come on. lt's no ghost.
He's stunned.
He couldn't even say my name.
Gopu. Who is under
the blanket, Gopu?
Pa is under the blanket..
- Pa!
Sorry. - ls this.. is this the way
you treat your father? - Sorry, dad.
We thought it's a ghost.
Ghost ? at this age.
Pa, didn't you teach them?
Pa, we just..
- l drive the bus.
And you thought l was a ghost.
You beat me up so severely.
Washer men don't beat their
clothes this way. - Sorry.
Are they my children or
the punishment for my sins?
They beat me up so severely.
Let's go, pa. - Pa.
How will l go to the bathroom now?
Pa, why are you walking like this?
Now l won't be able
to sit on the chair.
Sorry, Pa.
We couldn't even
recognize our own Pa's behind?
Yes. Got attracted to
the glittering behind..
.. and started beating it up
- Yes.
Not everything
that glitters is gold.
Every footballer is not Maradona.
And every soap is not Rexona.
Shut up, Laxman.
Now it's our turn.
Just watch.
An eye for an eye.
And a bum for a bum
"Bum chiki chiki Bum. Gopal's bum."
"Bum chiki chiki Bum."
"Bum chiki chiki Bum.
Madhav's bum chiki chiki bum."
"Bum chiki chiki Bum."
My clothes are still wet.
Anyway, my children are useless.
But their shorts will come in handy.
Shut up, Facebook.
l don't know, Lucky.
He's been barking since l
brought him out for a stroll.
He's getting irritated
because he's tied up.
Let him loose.
Let him loose. Let him loose.
Yes, let him loose.
Yes.. loose.
Daboo, let him loose.
Heave ho! Heave ho!
Leave him.
Uncle. - What a dog!
Hey, idiots!
Pa. - Pa.
And Pa?
Vasooli will take care of Pa.
Let's go.
We were waiting for this
day so eagerly. - Yes.
Let's go quickly and cut it.
Cut it?
- Knife? - Matches?
What do they want to do to Pa?
Pa. - What?
That's why they called Vasooli.
Shall we call Puppy?
Have you gone crazy?
We can't trust him.
That absent-minded professor
will kill Pa instead. - Yes.
And anyway, Pa is
going through a bad phase.
Laxman, Lucky.
We will have to save Pa's life now.
Exactly like we've to take off our
pants ourselves in order to pee.
Shut up, Laxman.
But why have you called me here?
Uncle, once Gopal
and Laxman are here..
..there's going to be a blast.
Here they are.
We will have to save him.
Come on.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to Daboo.
Happy birthday to you.
Come on, cut the cake.
Raise your hands up in the air,
like the ragamuffin don't you care..
Dabbo dabbo dabbo that's my girl,
happy returns of the day.
May you live for a 1000 years,
golmaal golmaal..
May god bless you golmaal golmaal..
May you live for a 1000 years..
golmaal golmaal
May god bless you..
golmaal golmaal.. golmaal golmaal
Are you done?
Do you want a grand salute now?
What a surprise?
You all remembered?
- Of course.
Do you know who organized all this?
How nice, Gopu!
Come on, cut the cake.
- Yes, please..
Where is Facebook?
Daboo, don't call Facebook.
He has ruined the
features of my back.
Come on, cut the cake.
Blow the candles.
Tell me the truth.
Were you here to
celebrate or to start a fight?
Talk to him.
You really are like God's justice.
You're soundless.
What a shot!
Brother, that fatso.. hit me.
Hi, guys. l've an
announcement to make.
Today, on my birthday,
there's a movie treat for everyone.
Yes, yes.
Hurry up. What are
you all waiting for?
Come on.
What do you mean by everyone?
Mother, Pa. Everyone.
l won't go with them.
- Me..
Say it quickly or else
the movie will get over.
Won't go.
We will go.
lt's Daboo's birthday.
There can't be anything more
important than that. - Yes.
Gopal, if you could come..
- l said no.
ln case you change your mind..
Mind. Only if he had a mind.
- Let's go.
Never mind, never mind, never mind.
You go along with them.
And listen.. look after Daboo.
Tell me. What gift do you want?
Popcorn for everyone.
And cheese popcorn
for the birthday girl.
The scoundrel's here.
His name should've been
Facebook and not Laxman.
Come on, hurry up.
Or we'll miss the movie.
- Yes.
Just a minute, sir,
l am preparing the bill.
Why? Are you a mouse?
Are you a mouse that you're
preparing a 'Bill' (Burrow)?
You're going to pay everyone,
but not me.
Rascals, you're
entertaining yourself here..
..after swindling my money.
You're here to watch a movie.
Get lost.
Why do you speak?
Don't say anything..
- What was he blabbering?
What was he saying?
You coward.
What's going on here?
What's this? Talk to me.
Fine. Let's talk. Come on.
Look, what they are doing.
No. No.
Gopal. Gopal.
l'm fine. Please stop him.
lt's okay, Gopal, it's just..
lt's okay.
Gopu, let me..
- l am doing it.
Let me.. - How many more
people do you owe money?
Gopal. - How much more will my
mother suffer because of you?
Gopal, don't blame Pa.
We owe them money.
- l see.
You came here because you
couldn't return the money.
Oh, my God. What are
you saying, Gopal?
Brother is absolutely
right, Mother.
What is he right about?
You aren't honest either.
Hey.. - Hey, don't think we
don't know about your business.
Not just you, entire
Goa knows about it.
But our mother never faced
a problem because of that.
Your entire family is a problem.
Gopal, that's enough.
Shut up or else..
- Or else..
Stop it.
You're brothers.
We don't have any
father or brothers.
Enough, Gopal, you're going too far.
You shut up, Daboo.
You were very eager to
get them married, isn't it?
Now watch.
See the
consequences of your decision!
You wanted to get married.
You made a mistake, Mother.
You made a mistake!
Guddi. lt happens in a fit of rage.
After all, they're children.
They aren't juvenile children.
"Mother took a wrong decision.
Pa took a wrong decision."
lf you two hadn't
decided to raise them..
..they would've been
rotting on the streets.
You did so much for them
though you aren't their parents.
So many sacrifices.
lf l go and tell them
that they're orphans..
..they'll be stunned.
Daboo. Didn't l tell you
that they shouldn't find out?
They shouldn't find out.
They're our children
and they always will be.
Don't tell them anything.
Get lost from here.
Didn't you hear what he said?
Let's end this
chapter once and for all.
"She isn't their, mother."
What are you saying?
ls this a joke?
Pa isn't our Pa.
Quiet. Stop it.
You've gone crazy?
You're talking nonsense.
What, Madhav?
What is he saying?
He's speaking the truth.
Aunty and uncle
made me promise them.
But this fool heard everything.
You're simply great.
You didn't utter
anything all your life.
And today when you did,
you stunned everyone.
You hid it from me as well, Daboo.
What would you've
done if l had told you?
Why didn't Pa tell us?
How can he do this?
l am going to talk to him.
- Stop, Madhav.
What will you ask him?
"Why did you raise us
if we were orphans?"
When he doesn't want you
to find out and be hurt..
..then you shouldn't
hurt them by telling them.
They will die.
No one will say anything.
Lucky, you didn't hear anything.
We don't know anything.
And you, too.
Gopal, if you don't say it..
lf you say anything..
l will break your finger.
Guys, l am an orphan as well.
Take me in your gang too.
Don't we look like the
lndian Cricket team?
Why? Are they orphans as well?
"Life.. has gained speed."
"The passing lanes..
just said to us."
"This moment.. belongs to us."
"Once it's lost, it
can't be gained again."
"Understand the gestures
of the passing winds."
"Live each day like it's your last."
"Live each moment
like it's your last."
"Live each day like it's your last."
"Live each moment
like it's your last."
Happy family Toy Shop.
Thank you, Vasooli.
You financed my children again..
..and helped them set up a business.
Don't thank me, Uncle.
Mr. Puppy has 50 % stake in it.
You've to cut the ribbon.
Come, Mr. Puppy.
He's our Pa.
Mangu cobbler.
Mangu cobbler?
You sew bags, don't you?
- No. My name is Pritam.
Pritam. The music director?
You hum old songs, don't you?
Mr. Puppy, just a minute.
He's Pritam, our Pa.
- Yes.
He drives a bus.
- Yes.
Please cut the ribbon.
l have seen you somewhere.
You must have seen him in the bus.
Cut it, cut it. - lt's alright.
But l..
Cut it.
- Cut it.
"When we stay together,
happiness stays closer."
"There'll be no distance."
"Even if we face any
difficulty at any point."
"We will just talk to one another."
"These small
problems are meaningless."
"They come and go like
the days and nights."
"Don't be disheartened."
"Live each day like it's your last."
"Live each moment
like it's your last."
"Live each day like it's your last."
"Live each moment
like it's your last."
"The world is selfish."
"lt has a bad habit."
"Don't depend too much on it."
"Stay closer to your kin."
"They complete you."
"They will show you the way."
"You didn't know."
"lt's your destiny."
"You've to achieve it."
"Let the world hear
what l just said."
"Live each day like it's your last."
"Live each moment
like it's your last."
"Live each day like it's your last."
"Live each moment
like it's your last."
l remembered.
"l've remembered."
"l know who.. who you are."
"l now remember you, too."
"Long live brother Puppy."
l remembered.
Any doubts, l remembered everything,
Mr. Puppy, this
line doesn't suit you.
How do you know that?
But l have recognized him.
He's the one who has got it.
- What?
Tell us.
- No, l won't.
Tell us.
Just a little.
Clue. You want a clue.
- Yes.
l will give the clue.. and my
intelligent assistants will say it.
Teja and Daaga.
Teja. There's a cricket match
between lndia and Australia.
lf lndia wins, Sri Lanka..
l don't know.
lt's okay. lt's okay.
Hear this song.
"lt's the custom of life."
What comes after that?
"Keep singing.."
Boss, don't insult us.
l lost.
No, we still have it.
The stolen queen's
necklace is with him.
- Yes.
What is he saying?
-Do you really have..
Get lost. - ls he telling..
CLlMAX. Silence.
What silence? He's forgetful.
l'm not forgetful. lt's your father.
He is lying. Where's the necklace?
Pa, you're a..
You've committed a theft.
Gopal, l've never seen
a necklace in my life.
Gopal, just a minute.
Pa, don't lie.
You have the queen's necklace.
God gives an opportunity to
someone who doesn't want it.
Where is the necklace?
Or else l will blow you up.
l won't talk to you. See.
Listen, l am not a thief.
l don't know
anything about the necklace.
You are such an actor, Uncle.
Like a national award winner.
Uncle, let's suppress
this matter right here.
Just tell us where
you hid the necklace.
Uncle, bad news is
that you're a thief.
Good news is that
the police and media..
..don't know that you're the thief.
Pappu, please give
them the necklace.
What will the world say
if they find out? - Yes.
What will they say?
They'll tattoo our arms
saying "Your father is a thief".
Why are you lying, Pa?
You've to face God one day.
And there's no horse or
elephant to take you there.
l swear on Gita,
l didn't steal. l didn't.
l didn't steal.
Get lost.
Pa will never falsely
swear thrice on my mother.
Get lost.
Puppy boss.
Sweetheart, don't be so smart.
Or else your Pa will
be beaten up as well.
Do you know what that means?
MRF. Beaten up.
And you'll speak the truth.
What have you done?
Mr. Puppy. Mr. Puppy.
Take this.
Quickly. - Let's go. Let's go.
- Hurry up! Hurry up!
Let's go.
Follow him.
What are you staring at?
Tell the truth, Pa.
You've surely done something.
lt's him. The serpent.
Gopu, reverse the car.
Reverse. Reverse.
Why would anyone
follow us like this? - Yes.
He has surely done something.
And now he's making up stories.
Correct. l know it.
Look, Pa, a movie
can't be a hit even..
..if you name it 'Naya
Daur' (lndian movie).
Tell us the truth.
Pa, if you've falsely sworn
on mother, then Gopal will..
Say it. - The truth is, Uncle, that
Puppy might forget and forgive you..
..but this insane man
won't forgive you. - Yes.
l haven't stolen any necklace.
l mean it.
He has the necklace.
ln the house.
The house, the house.
- No.
Where? - l don't know.
After one goes inside,
near the window..
Driver, give me a
ticket to Pandarpur.
Hey! Stop the car..
Why don't you stop it
when l asked you to stop?
Are you a pilot flying a
kingfisher plane? You deaf man..
Did your father die?
Drive away.. follow me.
Left. - Take care of it.
Sorry, Puppy boss.
Why are you going
right when l said left?
Come on. - Come.
- This is just too much.
What are you doing!
- l can't.. - Come.
What happened?
All of you go inside.
l'll be right back.
No. Where are you going?
To teach Puppy a lesson.
- Leave it. Just forget about it.
Forget it?
How could he shoot at us?
Hey, Krishnan lyer. MA.
What are you staring at?
We're here.
- Firstly you shot at us.
And now you dare to point
a gun at my Pa in my house.
At my Pa.
Pa. Pa.
l am Pa. Auro (Movie character).
- Auro?
Who else can be such
a childish old man?
"You belonged to us.
You were dearer than life."
"How could you leave us?"
Auro. Pa.
You didn't understand.
You didn't understand.
Let me explain to you.
YES, no.
Puppy boss.
Daaga. DOGGY, Daaga.
H20 'Haar' (Necklace).
lf you don't turn over
the necklace, you will die.
You, you.
Not you. You!
l will kill you.
Cool it, Puppy, cool it.
Puppy. Puppy. Puppy.
Puppy. Puppy. Puppy..
Madhav, you're
honour has been tarnished.
Move aside.
- No - Move aside.
Move aside.
Puppy kissed my brother.
- Yes.
He kissed my brother.
When you couldn't find a swimming
pool, you settled for the swamp?
Shut up.
- l won't spare him.
l won't spare Puppy.
Where is he?
Puppy. Puppy. Puppy.
Come out. - Until now, he
would only lose his memory.
But now he has
completely disappeared.
l've searched every nook
and corner of the bedroom.
But couldn't find the necklace.
Return the necklace or else..
- Or else?
Or else what? Or else what?
Or else what?
What? What? What?
- Gopal, calm down.
Gopal, calm down.
l know where the queen's
necklace is. Dande has it.
He called him a cursed crow.
Wait l'll.. Hello.
- You wretch.
Black mongoose.
Third grade villain.
Ludo game's snake.
lllegitimate father.
You're the groom who gather's
money in your own marriage.
Son of a ancient ghost
You are a rogue monkey..
- l won't leave him.
Half inside and half outside.
Come outside.
You are a sour sweet.
You are an itchy dog's..
You steal money from a
blind beggar's bowl.
Come and dare to face me!
What do you think of yourself!
That's him. lt's him.
You dare abuse me. lnspector Dande
Wretch, black mongoose. Wolf.
How do you know so much about sir?
Shut up, Gandhari.
- Sorry.
Why you..
- Sir, did you forget me?
But l didn't forget you, sir.
l hid the queen's necklace in
this Gun Master G9's suitcase.
Sir, you forgot, but l didn't.
l am your informer.
Try to remember.
A night before 'Diwali'.
- Boss.
l came out and duped this fool.
Duped, fool.
Sir, they're talking about you.
Shut up, Gandhari.
Where is the bag? Where is the bag?
Here is the bag.
That's the bag.
Where is the necklace?
"Golmaal, golmaal."
"The necklace is found." "Golmaal"
We got it. We got it.
Stop him, Gandhari, stop him.
Thank you, thank you.
Arrest him. Take him away.
On the occasion of
finding this necklace..
..there's a party in
the prison. Come on.
Boss. - Party in the jail?
But who will pay for it?
Congratulations, this necklace
is worth Rs. 30 million rupees.
And all of you will
get 10 % as reward.
Congratulations. Yes.
Well done, colonel Rathod.
You're sure to be promoted.
You can sit in my
cabin from tomorrow.
Hail lndia.
Turn around. - Come on. Come on.
You're just..
Honeymoon at this age.
What will the people say?
Guddi. No one knows that..
Gita, happy honeymoon.
Happy honeymoon.
Come on, the
security check has started.
And don't worry about us.
Yes, their cat and
mice war has ended. - Yes.
Yes, Pa, because we've understood..
..there's no use
fighting amongst ourselves.
lt's better to pick fights outside.
Shut up.
Let's go, Gita.
Bye, everyone.
- Bye.
See you.
Just a minute.
Daboo, come here.
Next time, we'll both be lovable,
together movable.
Hand in hand, go Nagaland.
Did you understand?
No, But l liked it.
Let's take tickets in advance.
Look, after we leave..
..no one should find out
that they aren't our children.
Gopal, Laxman.
No one should ever find out..
..that we know that we
aren't their children.
Aunty, don't worry, just chill.
No one will find out anything.
- Promise.
Bye, Dubs.
- Bye, Pups.
Dubs. Pups. Bye.
Gopu, you know what?
You two stay in your room and
we'll stay in the storeroom.
Yes. - No. - Yes.
You're our brothers.
We'll live in the storeroom.
Lucky, there's no question of
you living in the storeroom.
Just take your luggage and
shift back to your room.
Hey, won't you listen
to your elder brother?
Won't you listen to
your younger brother?
Come on. - No, l won't.
Gopal. - No.
l can't stop them, only one man can.
Rohit, help me.
Start sound!
You found them? - Yes, we
found them. - You mother..
And then the whole thing will..
Action! - Hey, you are too..
lt is supposed to be
an emotional scene.
Yes, that's the expression.
This is how we make movies..
With fun..