Golmaal Returns (2008) Movie Script

Fishy, Fishy.. Everything,s
going to be Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy.. Everything,s
going to be Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy.. Everything,s
going to be Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy.. Everything,s
going to be Fishy.
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Life goes on with Fishy Fishy.
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy!
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Life goes on with Fishy Fishy.
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy!
So many beautiful faces,
everywhere I look.
But my eyes are stuck on you.
My days are spent thinking
about you.
But how do I spend the nights?
I dream about you.
I yearn for you.
I dream.. - l,m begging you.
I,m right down on my knees.
Is there a vacancy
for somebody like me?
Because I feel that
you are my destiny.
Is there a vacancy?
I,m the best you,ll see.
Because you,re the one for
me, you,re my destiny.
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Life goes on with Fishy Fishy.
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy!
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Life goes on with Fishy Fishy.
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy!
No, no, no. You don,t
know me at all.
Its great fun.
I don,t trust just anyone.
It takes a lot for
me to believe you.
Here she comes.
- Be mine.
Here she comes.
- Don,t break my heart.
Here she comes.
- l,m begging you..
I,m right down on my knees.
Is there a vacancy
for somebody like me?
Because I feel that
you are my destiny.
Is there a vacancy?
I,m the best you,ll see.
Because I feel that
you are my destiny.
I,m gonna think about it.
There,s no doubt about it.
You are a hunky funky
chunky monkey.
Say it loudly.
It,s Fishy number two.
- Fishy Returns.
Let,s come together.
- Let,s party more.
What what what what,
sing it girls!
Fishy, Fishy.. Everything,s
going to be Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy.. Everything,s
going to be Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy.. Everything,s
going to be Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy.. Everything,s
going to be Fishy.
So many beautiful faces,
everywhere I look.
But my eyes are stuck on you.
My days are spent thinking
about you.
But how do I spend the nights?
Here she comes.
- Be mine.
Here she comes.
- Don,t break my heart.
Here she comes.
- l,m begging you..
I,m right down on my knees.
Is there a vacancy
for somebody like me?
Because I feel that
you are my destiny.
Is there a vacancy?, l,m
the best you,ll see.
Because I feel that
you are my destiny.
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Life goes on with Fishy Fishy.
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy!
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Life goes on with Fishy Fishy.
Let,s carry on with
Fishy Fishy.
Fishy, Fishy!
Happy anniversary.
- Same to you.
How come you didn,t bring in
our anniversary last night?
I was watching,Desperate
Housewives,, season five..
..and you obviously couldn,t
miss it, right?
It,s you who missed it.
- What?
Where,s my anniversary gift?
You.. That must,ve hurt.
A little. Your love
acted as pain killer.
Although it would,ve
hurt a lot more..
..had your name been
Pushpanjali Laxmi.
Where,s my gift?
Here you go. A scuba diving suit!
I thought, since you,re into fish
import and export business..
..you should get a chance to
explore the underwater world.
Get into it and let,s
go scuba-diving!
No, you know l,m scared of water.
Besides, the water is freezing!
Gopal, someone,s drowning!
Fishy, Fishy..
Fishy, Fishy..
Thank you so much.
- You,re welcome.
Thank you so much.
So, was the water freezing or hot?
A guy pushed me into the water!
I,m still looking for him..
You,ve really hurt me.
What the hell is this?
Is this why it didn,t hurt?
It did hurt a lot in the start.
I tried very hard, I swear.
But then I stuck a sticker as it,s
the thought behind it that counts.
You stick a sticker for a tattoo
and then stick to a girl! What next?
Some men never change!
What a disaster!
Shut up! I,ve had enough.
I,ve reached my boundary!
Not boundary, sir. You,ve
reached your limit.
Shut up, Sawant! The
boss is always right.
Look over there! What
the hell is that?
Just like every bucket
makes an ocean..
Sir, every drop makes an ocean!
Shut up, Gopal! The boss is
always right. - Yes, sir.
..similarly, every fish
has been accountable..
..in making,Golden fisheries,.
I hear that our company
is under loss.
And all due to carelessness
on your parts!
I,ll soon be reduced to a pauper,
all thanks to you!
I will be out of place nowhere..
..at home everywhere!
No sir, you,re wrong.
You,ll be out of place everywhere,
at home nowhere!
Shut up! The boss is always right.
It was brought to my notice that..
..my old staff is stealing
fish and lobsters.
Peter and Pali have started
their own restaurant..
..called, Prawn,s corner,!
That,s why l,ve decided..
No, sir. Please don,t
sell the company.
If that happens, what will
happen to my SMS..
Shut up, Mr. Subodh! Is SMS-ing
all you can think about?
I,m sure your entire salary
is spent on sending SMS.
- So, where was l?
I,m going to fire the old
staff and hire new people!
Strictly vegetarians! No
fish-eaters, no fiascos.
correct, sir.
But how can you hire inexperienced
No more discussion!
Gopal and you, start training
fresh new talent.
I don,t want any mistakes.
If the staff is fit, the
company will be a hit!
And that implies to
the three of you!
Good.. Good night, sir!
I hope you heard him, Gopal.
The boss is always right.
I want the recruitment
list by today evening.
Make it quick. And
stay away from him.
Hey! - I hope you heard him.
The boss is always right.
I want the list by today evening.
Bloody SMS!
- Hello! I prepare the list..
..while you party with the loot?!
What loot?
- Oh come on!
You were trying to be David
Hasselhoff of Baywatch!
I,ll get you!
- Mummy!
Who,s in charge on the dock?
- I am. Tell me.
I,m inspector Madhavsingh
Ghai. And you are..
Everybody knows who I am.
I,m Gopalkumar Santoshi.
Nice meeting you.
According to our informers,
along with exporting fish..
..you,re also into exporting
cocaine and heroin.
It,s profitable, but it,s illegal.
I think that it,s your informers
who are into dope.
I see. - You,ve got wrong
information. Please leave.
I will, after conducting a thorough
search of the dock.
Do you have a search warrant?
Yes, show it to him.
- Remove it.
Sir? - What? - I forgot
to bring the warrant.
Sorry, sir.
- ldiot!
What do you think you,re doing?
Taking a stroll in the park?
come on, scoot!
Look, you can,t misbehave..
I,ll come back! Hey, who
are you trying to kiss?
I,ll be back with the warrant.
You be ready! -Out!
Security! - Let,s get out!
Get inside everybody.
The psycho!
- Let it go, sir. He,s crazy.
He,s crazy.
Your hair-style..
I missed you, Lucky!
You know, there,s a party
tonight at Mrs. Ujjwala,s.
Big celebrities are going
to grace the event.
And like always, I want
to look different!
come on, sweetheart!
Lucky, do you know something?
I was given a direct entry into
the Miss lndia contest.
Unfortunately, I got
married before that.
My husband said that I don,t need
to enter the Miss lndia contest..
..because l,m different.
Lucky, your love-interest has just
stepped out of the gym! - What?
Wow Lucky! She,s giving
you,the look,!
Why don,t you go talk to her?
Yes, talk to her.
He,s right. When she comes to know
your mouth piece is damaged..
..you won,t stand a chance!
Lucky! The sparks are flying
between the two of you..
..but the smoke is
arising from there!
Look over there!
Oh my God! What have you done?
Wow! This hair-style is called
,Lucky,s burnt look,.
Burnt look?! - Yes. The burnt look
to make people burn with envy!
Oh no!
- Oh yes! You look fabulous.
You really do!
- Mind blowing!
Out of this world!
- Beautiful! Awesome!
I,m so pretty that I can
carry off any hair-style.
Do you know why?
- Because you are different!
What were you thinking?
- You,ve ruined her hair!
,Don,t worry, l,m there
for you. Am I not?
,Relax, don,t hang up.,
,Relax, l,m there.,
Lucky, you,re blocking my view.
What? Your brother-in-law
needs a hair-cut?
Yes. - But he got one only
last week, didn,t he?
Like this? Keep your
arm up. Look up.
Gopal! What,s this nonsense?
It,s called,Power Yoga,, baby.
Haven,t you heard?
It,s the latest vogue.
Actually, my company,s MD sacked all
the unfit people from their jobs.
I have to stay fit,
or I lose my job.
But why hire a female trainer?
Get out! Don,t show
me your face again.
Mr. Gopal, one needs brains, not
brawns, to keep their jobs.
Lucky, no hair-cut for him and
don,t you dare utter a single word!
The truth is, you want to
stay physically fit..
..because you want to increase the
TRP of your physical relations!
Lucky, come with me.
Sister-in-law, what,s wrong?
Ask your brother.
Brother, what,s got into her?
Soaps, extra-marital, TRP..
They were right to have named her
,Ekta, after the queen of TV soaps.
- Shut up and cut my hair!
I,ll be back in sometime.
- Where are you off to?
I,m going for coffee with a friend.
Esha, one can buy an entire
coffee house..
..with the amount you,ve spent on
drinking coffee with your friend.
call him home.
I,ll call him tomorrow.
Thank you! Bye.
That,s not possible, Jigna.
Our job is to export fish,
crabs and lobsters.
How will you work for us if you,re
cringing to touch them?
I,m a little touchy about these
matters, sir. I,m a pure vegetarian.
You,ll have to do it,
if you want the job.
Ma,am, what are you doing here?
I,ve brought food for Gopal from
his favourite restaurant.
I want to give him a surprise!
Okay, l,ll help you.
Touch it.
- Please, sir! I can,t do this.
come on, Jigna. Do
as your boss says.
You,ll make me happy by touching it.
Do one thing. close your eyesand
then feel it. - Sir!
You,ll be rid of your fear.
- Okay. - Okay?
come on!
- How do you feel?
I feel rather ticklish.
I told you! There,s
no need to be scared.
Sir, if my fiance finds out..
..he,ll break off the engagement.
Jigna, I too am a married man.
I would never want to create
a rift in your marriage.
Let,s try again tomorrow, now
that you,re a little confident.
Okay, sir.
So, you were training
her to catch fish!
Ekta! Yes, she needs the job..
- Shut up!
You,re following the foot-steps
of Mihir Vilani and Mr. Walia.
Who are these people?
- Don,t change the topic!
How many more affairs do
you have? Out with it!
Is this what you do in office?
Have an affair with whosoever
you can get your hands on?
Why don,t you listen..
- You don,t have an answer, do you?
But l..
- Shame on you, Gopal!
Shut up! Now l,ll talk
and you,ll listen.
Sir! I,m feeling much
more confident now.
I,ll do a better job from tomorrow.
Looks like his surprise was
way bigger than yours!
Your anger is 1 00% justified,
but sir is not a lecher.
Why, he only starts salivating
at the sight of a girl!
He,s a saint, that man! The
way he lusts for women..
..anyone would believe
it was his first time!
You,re very fortunate.
He,s a gem of a guy.
But these idiots fail
to understand him.
They call him Gopal, the rascal!
Look, this is Kannupriya,s message
for Gopal, the rascal..
,This is wrong, sir.,
,You,re married, while l,m engaged.,
,The only relationship
we can share..
..is that of a boss
and his secretary.,
,Some things are not
under one,s control.,
,lt,s true that l,m
a married man..,
,Jigna, you,re the reason
why l,m living.,
,But sir, l,m just a secretary..,
,You,re not just any secretary.,
,You,re my personal secretary.,
,This is Gopal,s car.,
-,Yes, it,s his.,
,This is Gopal,s car.,
Gopal,s car!
,And do you know the difference..
..between a secretary and
a personal secretary?,
,No, sir., -,A secretary says,
,Good morning, sir.,
,And a personal secretary says,
,lt,s morning, sir!,
,But sir, my fiance..,
-,Let him go to hell!,
,Okay. But what about your wife?,
-,My wife?,
,She must be glued to the idiot
box watching an idiotic soap.,
,So you see, she,s already in hell!,
The car got a flat tyre.
I had to use the stepney.
Stepney? Is this the first time
you,re telling the truth?
What do you mean?
- Stephnie,s figure is 36..24..
Why is the back-seat strewn
with rose petals?
Oh god! I,d gone for a
colleague,s funeral.
You,re disgusting! Making
excuses of people dying..
..to cover up your love affairs!
I,m only 1 5 minutes late!
What can I possibly
do in 1 5 minutes?
Tell her something!
- You dare not utter a single word!
Shame on you, Gopal.
The whole world is condemning you!
Even the neighbours know
the number of your car.
They spotted you at Lover,s
Point with that witch.
You both couldn,t get your
hands-off each other! - Witch?!
People call you a rascal.
Rascal? Who called me a rascal?
Subodh did.
- Subodh! I,ll get him.
I,ll kill him in such
a ghastly manner that..
..he,ll remember it all his life.
What,s happening?
- lt,s an everyday story. come.
I,ll shove him into
the deep-freezer..
..to rot with a ten year old
Bombhel for twenty years!
I,ll seal him in an air-tight box..
..and release thousands of
poisonous crabs over him.
I won,t spare him so
easily. I will..
What did you say?
Yes, you do that to him.
- Okay.
- You?! - You?!
- Wow! You both know each other.
I know this madman very well.
come on, get out!
Why didn,t you tell me
before that you,re mad?
Esha, I don,t care if you bring
home a limp or a deaf-mute..
..but I don,t want another
suspicious mad person..
..Iurking in the house!
Who exactly are you hinting at?
Let me deal with him first.
- What?
Get out, you psycho!
You,re the one who was behaving
like a psycho, not me!
Let go off me!
- Brother!
Why did you vent your anger on Mads?
Do you have to say anything?
The entire family seems
mentally disturbed to me.
Don,t worry, everything
will be fine.
S-U-N-l-T-A is..
You rascal!
- Help! Have you gone mad?
You like to break people,s
homes, don,t you?
What did you tell my wife?
That l,m a rascal?
- You,re a rascal!
Your father is a rascal, and
so is your grandfather!
Leave me! Your great grandfather
is a rascal!
What happened to you?
What,s going on? Stop it!
Sir, he likes to break people,s
homes. I won,t spare him!
He,s a cheap man.
Let me talk to him.
Don,t! Just call the cops.
Fine, call the cops! Go ahead.
- Yes. Relax Subodh!
I,ll chop your fingers in front of
the cops and feed them to the fish.
Enough is enough! Gopal, l,m
talking to him. One minute!
You,re forever after his life! You
don,t want to kill him, do you?
c,mon, back to work everybody. Why
are you still standing there?
You,re nothing but a wife,s pet!
He,s scared of his wife.
He may boss around at work,
but he,s a mouse at home.
He,s coming this way, sir.
You,ve come again?!
They say that if you wish to bash
up someone with a true heart..
..the whole universe conspires
to help you fulfill your wish.
Give me the search warrant, quick!
Search warrant!
Hey, did you tear a page
off my joke book?
No, sir. You were right
about him. He,s a psycho.
You stuffed face..
- That,s a good one!
Tell sir, that this is the warrant
for the ship Sea-queen..
..which is docked in Sri
Lanka at the moment.
Read what,s written there.
This is Blue Ribbon.
You typed it wrong, you moron!
I want the file on the crab,
not the fish. - Hello!
Give it to Gopal.
- Yes, ma,am.
Excuse me, sir. A call for you.
- Put it on speaker mode.
Hello! - What,s the programme for
today? Back seat or front seat?
Ekta, don,t start off again.
It,s you who starts off! You forgot
you were supposed to be home..
..ten minutes back, at sharp 7.:30.
Baby, calm down..
-,He,s nothing but a wife,s pet!,
,He,s scared of his wife.,
,He may boss around at work,
but he,s a mouse at home.,
Ekta, don,t treat me
like a daily soap..
..by expecting me to show
up everyday at sharp 7.:30.
What are you looking at?
Get back to work!
Let go off me! Help!
Don,t touch me!
Let go off me!
Hello! What,s going on?
- O sorry!
No! No save me!
Are you hurt?
Oh no!
What did you to my car?
Thank you.
Excuse me, thank you so much for
saving my life. - You,re welcome.
My car has broken down.
- My car has broken down too.
What shall we do now?
We won,t get any taxis at this hour.
One my friends owns
a yacht in this area.
We could halt there for the night.
- Esha!
Leave me, Maddy.
- Esha, wake up!
Aren,t you bored of having coffee?
- Sister-in-law!
What,s wrong?
- Gopal hasn,t reached home yet.
It,s 1 a.m. and his mobile
is switched off.
Why didn,t you wake me up earlier?
It looks like it,s going to pour.
We could halt at the yacht
for sometime, come.
Please come.
Thank you.
Will you have something?
No. - What does that mean?
Nothing, thank you.
Oh no! - What happened?
I,m scared of the dark.
Don,t be. I,m with you.
What are you trying to say?
What? Someone shot Gopal?!
- l,m doomed!
That witch from his office had
warned him about her fiance.
I,m sure her fiance has shot him.
I won,t spare you!
I won,t spare you!
No Hiren, don,t hit him!
Oh God, why did You have
to call him so soon?
I love reality, but only
when it,s shown on TV!
Lucky, it,s time you
accept the fact..
..that your brother-in-law
is no more.
You must slowly come
to terms with it.
Lucky, are you looking
for Gopal,s photo?
To hang it on the wall?
I have a solo photograph of him.
Lucky, control yourself!
He,s become speechless
because of the trauma!
Hands up!
- Hi! Hold the gun.
Baby! I missed you..
Esha.. where,s the dead body?
Whose dead body? I don,t
know of a dead body!
Gopal,s dead body!
Yes! Gopal is dead.
I,m sorry to hear that.
Where,s his dead body?
It,s you who has brought
the news of his death.
You should know where
his dead body is.
Dead body? News? Are you mistaking
me for a TV channel?
Lucky told me!
He told you? He peed in
his pants when he saw me!
Lucky, you murdered your
brother-in-law! - No!
Be careful!
One minute. He,s trying to
say that Gopal is alive!
Poor me!
But why are you on duty at 3 a.m.?
Why am I on duty at 3 a.m.?
You all have lost it!
Don,t you remember it was
you who called me home?
Oh yes! Ekta had become
so emotional..
But why hasn,t brother
returned home yet?
Hello, sir?
- Yes, tell me.
A dead body has been detected
on Blue cross street.
Is it Gopal,s?
No sir, you ain,t that lucky.
But come soon, sir.
Esha, it,s an emergency.
I have to go. - Bye!
Wait, inspector. What
news have you got?
A dead body was detected
on Blue cross street.
Oh no!
- Brother!
Shut up! It,s someone
else,s dead body.
crazy family!
Sir, it,s a,Psycho Killer, case.
His fingers have been chopped off.
The killer must have
a fetish for fingers.
That reminds me. Take
his fingerprints.
Send the body for post mortem, we
need all the evidences possible.
Let,s find the killer
and bash him up!
This guy won,t a nail-cutter
anymore, isn,t that funny?
You,ve still not recovered
from the shock.
Gopal won,t ever come back again.
I,m no Superwoman who can bring
her husband back from the dead.
Look, brother,s back!
My dear brother!
Are you all right?
Yes, l,m perfectly fine.
What,s going on?
I was away for one night,
and you people..
One night-stand! Oh Lord, why me?
In which resort did you
spend the eventful night?
In whose lap, did you
do the lap-dance?
Something very tragic
took place last night.
Sure, spin a yarn! That you
were walking by the roads..
..when suddenly out of nowhere..
..you saw some goons
harass a poor woman.
You jumped to her rescue..
..as your brotherly instinct
suddenly came out alive.
No, nothing of that sort happened.
Then what happened?
Last night, I was walking
by the roads..
..when suddenly out of nowhere,
I saw a woman..
Ask for forgiveness, my son.
Remember, behind every
successful man..
..there,s a woman.
And behind every unsuccessful man..
..there are two, three, many more.
Brother, who,s this other woman?
Last night..
..irritated with your
zillion questions..
..I switched off my mobile.
Later that night I ran into
an old school friend..
..who took me home. We were
so engrossed talking..
- Gopal.
Your friend,s name!
- Fishy.
Akbar.. I mean, Anthony Gonsalves.
How come l,ve never
heard of him before?
Me too. I mean, I hadn,t heard
from him in many years.
Where does he live?
Drop it, sweetheart.
- Address!
Tell me.
Macchi Lake, Dockyard lane,
opposite Prawns, corner..
..Door No. 420.
Now excuse me please.
Don,t doubt someone.
Forgive her, God. She believes him.
Hi! I,m Daisy.
Hi! I,m Lucky.
And l,m lucky to meet you.
You have a very manly voice.
Thanks, the selectors of,lndian
ldol, were of the same opinion.
Actually, there,s something
I want to tell you..
Hear me out, first. I want to
say those three magic words..
I.. Love..
Why are you screaming?
- What?
Hi! I,m Daisy.
I have a friend named Sambo.
She needs a new hair
cut and a new look.
could you give me an appointment
for tomorrow please?
Why aren,t you saying anything?
- He can,t! He,s dumb.
It,s a temporary tooth
ache problem. Oh I see!
He has a bad swelling too. Where
was it again? The other side!
I am so sorry Lucky. But
it was nice to meet you.
Thank you so much. See
you tomorrow. Bye!
,Fishy! Fishy!,
,Fishy! Fishy!,
,Fishy! Fishy!,
I,d gone to the courier office.
I,ve mailed Anthony Gonsalves
on the address..
..Gopal had specified.
If he truly exists, then there,s
no tension in life.
But if he doesn,t..
..your brother-in-law
is in deep shit.
Gopal, where,s the file
of new recruitments?
Hasn,t Subodh Behra given it to you?
- One minute.
Kishore, where,s Subodh Behra?
Sir, he hasn,t come to office
for the past two days.
He must be nursing his wounds. I,ll
have it sent right away, sir.
No problem, l,ll be waiting.
What did you see?
- Yes!
What happened to her?
She wrote a letter to
someone? To whom?
Anthony Gonsalves?
I don,t have a friend by that name.
Lucky, you,re reading me wrong.
Actually, I was with
a girl that night.
You,re reading me wrong again!
Listen to me, first!
Just hear me out.
That night, l,d saved a woman from
the clutches of some goons.
Our cars had broken down so we had
to spend the night at the yacht.
Now, if I told that to your sister,
would she believe me? - No.
She won,t ask for a divorce,
she,ll jump to suicide!
Do you want your sister
to commit suicide?
Do you wish your parents
die of shock?
Do you wish to be orphaned?
If yes, then call her and
tell her everything.
Forget it, l,ll only tell her.
We,ll sort out this mess.
Who,ll save us now?
Whether there,s something fishy
or the fish is in something.
I,m amazing, baby. I,m a wonder!
Be careful, let no one
steal your heart!
Fishy.. Fishy..
May I come in, sir?
- come in.
I,ve come to apply for the
post of the Junior Manager.
Myself, Laxman Prasad Boss.
Laxman Prasad?
- Boss.
Do you know him?
No. Who,s he?
He too was Laxman Prasad.
- Was?
Now, he,s in seventh heaven.
Anyway, sit. Qualifications?
Thanks, boss. Today, every
Tom, Dick and Harry..
..can boast of experience
and qualification.
But I have the,X factor,..
..that gives me the upper hand.
- And what,s that?
I have the solution
to every problem.
Just name it, and l,m there.
Whether it,s the problem of
stolen fish from the dock..
..or the toilet flush
that needs repair..
..I am there! Whether it,s a clash
of the corporate titans..
..the great Bollywood scandal..
..or the problem of extra
marital affairs..
..I am there!
-,Fishy! Fishy!,
What was the last thing you said?
Whether it,s a problem of
extra-marital affairs.
I am there.
No, I think you,re
all talk, no show.
Sir, all I ask is a chance
to prove myself.
Give me a problem..
..and l,ll solve it for you.
Okay, I have a friend..
- I see.
..who lied to his wife that
he spent the night over..
..at his friend Anthony
Gonsalves, house.
But the truth was that he
had saved a woman,s life..
..and later they had spent the
night together in a yacht.
Since the woman was a bit
uncomfortable in the start..
..he switched on the
TV to distract her.
But a hot intimate scene
flooded the TV screen!
The woman cringed..
..while you cringed even further.
- Yes, you.
You,re talking about yourself..
..not your friend. Am I right?
Do you have a parrot?
What do you mean?
I mean, the parrot that predicts
people,s futures.
No, sir. I don,t need a parrot to
predict what must,ve happened.
After watching those
intimate scenes..
..you took a good look at
the girl,s geography..
..sub-consciously erasing
the history with your wife.
Your body chemistry
underwent a change..
..drawing you physically
very close towards her.
And then, a sensuous, seductive,
sexy romantic duet filled the air..
This was just an appetizer..
..as you,ve already
had the main course.
After all, horny men..
who can stop the inevitable?
Oh boss! You,ve turned the
colour of your shirt.
Never mind, l,ll take
care of your wife.
She has never seen Anthony, right?
- Right.
She hasn,t seen me either.
Problem solved!
- How,s that?
From today, l,m Anthony Gonsalves.
I,ll tell your wife that you
spent the night at mine.
Tell me something.
- Yes?
I always thought you looked like
a fool.. - Thank you.
..but I never knew that
you actually were one!
Thank you, boss. All you,ve
got to do is hire me.
My girlfriend,s family will be
happy and they,ll let us get married.
You don,t have a parrot, do you?
- No.
But I do. First, get me off the
hook, only then will I hire you.
Tomorrow at 9 a.m.
Okay, boss.
Hey! Ramu!
Are you dumb?
- Yes.
Tell your madam..
Tell madam that Anthony
Gonsalves is here.
Yes, that,s what.
No, not Bhansali, Gonsalves!
,l,ve mailed Anthony Gonsalves..
..on the address Gopal
had specified.,
,l don,t have a friend
by that name.,
,Do you want your sister
to commit suicide?,
,Do you wish your parents
die of shock?,
,Do you wish to be orphaned?,
- Out! Out!
I want to go in.
- Out!
Why are you kicking me out?
Hey, don,t push me! Enough!
I,ve seen the National Body
Building championship thrice!
Look at my bulging arms, my biceps,
my broad chest, my triceps..
Why are you laughing?
Take a good look.
Why are you humiliating me?
Don,t be deceived as
l,m fasting today.
Listen up..
No stones, please!
Stones are not allowed.
That,s cheating!
Don,t behave like children!
I,m going. Keep it down.
Why are you singing?
Anthony Gonsalves still
hasn,t shown up.
You drove him out?
You fool, that was my idea!
He was a phony!
You,re an expert at ruining
hair-styles and brilliant plans.
Go get him!
It,s hot!
Do you wanna partner.. O partner..
Love me, love me say.
Hey! Get lost.
- come with me.
My father-in-law tells me to
stand up on my two feet..
..but my state is such that l
won,t be able to sit all my life!
Give me one.
- You give me one first.
You haven,t gone yet?! I,ll give
you one tight.. - Give it to me!
Get lost!
- Fine, l,m going.
But do make up your mind!
He just won,t leave me alone!
I,m going! - I wonder what he,s
going to prick me with this time!
I,m going!
- Stop or l,ll smash you!
You shut up! Sorry, not you.
Move to the left. Sorry,
to the right!
Bend down. Go back.
- To be.. Get aside, unlucky!
Should l? Hello..
Hello boss! You,ve sent him?
- I don,t have a boss, okay?
Shut up! No, not you boss.
Okay boss, l,m on my way.
No, he,s mine! One minute.
Have a cold drink and
chill! Let,s go.
Good morning, Goa! I am Anthony
Gonsalves and you are..
Ekta. Ekta! call me once, and
l,ll come running to you!
Please come in.
Nice house.
So tell me, why did
you call me home?
I just wanted to confirm..
..that my husband Gopal was
with you on Friday night.
Why ask me? Ask your husband.
What did he say?
He said he was with you.
You,re unbelievable!
Why would you believe a stranger
over your husband?
Are you sure you want to discuss
personal matters..
..in front of your servant?
He,s Lucky.
- For whom?
He,s my brother.
- I see.
Mr. Anthony, Gopal and you..
- Actually, you have a disorder..
..of becoming overly suspicious.
If someone praises you..
..you call it hard work.
But God forbid if someone praises
your husband, you get suspicious.
If you come home late,
you call it bad luck.
But if your husband comes late..
..you get suspicious.
It doesn,t matter if he loves you,
you say that you deserve it.
But God forbid if he says
hello to another woman..
..you get suspicious!
Distrust! What the..
Many families have been destroyed
thanks to suspicious wives like you.
Just like the virus of suspicion
has destroyed your sensibilities.
That,s why I say, what the..
Anthony, my friend!
Gopal, my friend!
,Whether it,s a Monday
or a Tuesday..,
,Wednesday or a Thursday..,
,Friday or a Saturday..,,We,re
friends, come what may!,
What the hell was that?
We always greet each other like
this, ever since childhood.
What brings you here?
- Don,t ask.
Tell me. No, forget it. I,m
embarrassed to talk about it.
Did you do something stupid?
Forget it, Gopal. It,s
all sorted out now.
come on, tell me!
Ekta wanted to meet me.
I,m glad her suspicion has
been finally put to rest!
She wanted to cross-check..
..whether you were with
me on Friday night.
Gopal, please don,t be mad at her.
Actually Gopal, I was.. Shut up!
Now, l,ll talk and you,ll listen.
Three years ago, I met you at
my,best friend,s wedding,..
..and it was,love actually,..
..I was smitten like a,Shakespeare
in Love,..
..because never had I seen
such a,pretty woman, before.
But Juliet never took
Her Romeo seriously.
She thought he was just a,casanova,,
a,flirt, of the first order.
Your suspicious nature
assumed new heights..
..and our dream of,happily ever
after, shattered forever.
Ekta, you,ve scarred me for life!
Your love sank like the,Titanic,..
- Shut up! Don,t rub it in.
At least, I have true friend,
if not a true lover.
Enough Gopal!
- Anthony!
- Sorry Gopal, I doubted you.
Leave me alone.
- Ekta, listen..
- What the.. - Puck!I feel..
..sorry for the courier guy.
He must,ve gone crazy trying
to locate the address.
Machhi Lake!
Dockyard Lane!
Opposite Prawn,s corner!
Excuse me.
- Yes?
Which one is Anthony
Gonsalves, house?
There are many Anthonys
in this colony.
One is a priest,
the other is a tea-seller..
Another who,s a phony. Which
Anthony are you looking for?
He is Ekta,s.. - Oh I see!
It,s a love affair. - Yes.
Then it must be the phony Anthony.
He lives in that room over there.
Who is it?
- courier? Vichare.
Anthony Gonsalves? - That,s me.
There,s a courier for you.
A courier for this idiot?!
,l,m Ekta, your friend
Gopal,s wife.,
Gopal.. Ekta..
,Gopal praises you a lot.,
,l need to meet you urgently
in secret., Why man?
,So, could you please come
over if you don,t mind?,
,But please come during the
day between 9 to 6 pm..
..as my husband is away at work.,
Bravo Anthony! Nowadays,
husbands have started..
..to praise you to their wives!
I wouldn,t bet on it.
- Get lost!
Ekta, l,m coming sweetheart!
I wonder what you look like!
But l,m sure much better than
this antique furniture!
Whose letter is it?
- A friend,s.
Which friend?
- Ekta.
A girl?! Who is she?
No, a boy! A friend who,s no more.
I just got the news.
I,ll have to go.
I,ll have to carefully lay
him in his coffin..
..and strew flower
petals all over him.
I,ll have to go.
Has his friend died or rose
from the dead? I,ll have to go.
Oh my God!
So this is what the matter is.
You bloody swine! You better
watch out for me.
Is Ekta around?
Tell her Anthony,s, wife, Julie,
is here to see her.
,First, you drove Anthony away.
And now, his wife!,
,She was a part of the
plan, you fool!,
,She was the phony wife of
phony Anthony Gonsalves!,
Girl? Where,s she?
Hats off to you, boss.
What a colourful life you lead!
You,re gutsy to invite women over.
She,s a great catch!
True, except that I didn,t invite
her. - Did you call her?
Is she your wife?
My wife? What nonsense!
My grand dad was the last to
tie the knot in my family.
I,m Julie, wife of
Anthony Gonsalves.
She,s your wife, Anthony.
Boss, she,s Anthony,s wife.
I,m Laxman, remember?
So, you,re the one who,s having
an affair with my husband.
He,s a moron. But whatever
happened to you?
How come you fell
for a third grader?
You,re getting it all wrong.
I,d called him home for
a personal matter.
Was it so personal that
you asked him to come..
..only when your husband was away?
Stop it! Let,s call your husband.
That should dissolve the confusion.
Right now, he,s in the bedroom
with my husband. - What?!
He,s in the bedroom
with your husband?!
Disgusting! I didn,t know
he swings both ways.
Anthony, you scoundrel!
I,ll divorce you.
Anthony! You wife
is here to see you.
Please ask her to leave.
She,s horribly misunderstood!
She wants to divorce you.
Please tell her that there,s
nothing cooking..
..between Gopal and
you. Boss, help!
Ekta! It,s time for,Desperate
What nonsense! His wife is about
to divorce him and you..
Get aside! Ekta, please
don,t bother.
She,s just as suspicious as you
are. You must be twin sisters!
That,s why he always says..
Distrust, what the..
- Puck!
Where are you hiding,
you stinking pig?
I,ll drag you to court
and divorce you!
Don,t. I,ll divorce You! I do, I do,
I do! You fool, you,re divorcing her!
Sorry. I divorce you, divorce
you, divorce you!
You pig! You swine!
- You..
Excuse me. Two minutes. - l,ll..
I,ll come and get you.
You,re getting it all wrong.
Divorce, divorce, divorce!
Julie, listen up!
You fool! Were you trying
to save me or kill me?
What happened, boss?
- Anthony,s wife was here.
So? - That means Anthony
too will come here.
,Fishy! Fishy!..
..,Fishy! Fishy!,
Hey you! Go and tell your madam
that her Adam is here.
Anthony Gonsalves, man!
Hurry up!
How much?
You,re scared of him?!
He wasn,t around, was he?
You handle him.
- Of course.
Hey cobra-man! You,re
seriously scary, man!
Get out, you douche bag!
I can,t believe you,re
scared of this joker!
Oh no! Anthony,s so scared!
Hey, you want some milk?
What are you doing?
Hey! calm down, buddy.
You,re here to see Ekta, aren,t you?
Your life is set, buddy.
She,s so hot!
Big brown eyes..
Slender waist-line..
And a super hot figure!
- It is hotter!
She,s like a heater on
a cold winter,s day.
Hot actress Kareena Kapoor
pales in comparison to her.
Ekta, my sweetheart, l,m
definitely coming.
But how do you know that
she,s a bombshell?
That,s because she,s
my wife, you fool!
Tell me, will you ever show
me your face again?
Never. If you ask me, I won,t
look at my own face!
Will you ever hit on
someone else,s wife?
If you ask me, I won,t
hit on my own wife.
Why are you laughing, you idiot?
Hey, the dumb guy spoke!
Will you ever again say that
your name is Anthony?
Anthony? Who,s he? Where,s he from?
I,m Atmaram.
- May your,soul, rest in peace.
Atmaram.. Atmaram..
Here,s your appointment letter.
Thanks a ton, boss! But why
are you smiling so much?
Did you just remember Anthony,s
shock therapy?
No, I just remembered your
disastrous butt therapy!
Anything for the job, boss.
At least this will help
me settle down.
She,ll be very happy.
For how long have you been seeing
each other? - Two years.
She,s a very simple girl unlike
the girls of today.
You know what I mean, right?
First meeting at the yacht and..
I,ll take your leave, boss.
Meera is expecting me.
Meera? - Yes, she lives up to the
name of the lndian saint Meera.
,Fishy., Laxman!
Give me seven thousand rupees.
That,s Meera.
she,s hot property!
She,s your sister-in-law.
She,s solely my property!
Give me the money at least.
Meera! Meera!
Oh my God! You got the
appointment letter!
It,s not just
an appointment letter.
It,s a marriage certificate.
- Oh my God!
My family will be delighted!
Amma, appa (Mom and dad), chinappa,
Sonappa, Ponappa..
I only have amma appa.
And do you know shri shri Trikula
Palla Radha Krishna lyer..
You mean, the new born?-Yes, and my..
.. favourite great great great
grand father Bala.. Yes, I know Bala.
Yes. I,m so happy, baby!
- I know, baby.
I wanted to ask you..
- Yes?
I hope you didn,t do any
fraud to get this job.
I am a fraud?!
Don,t utter another word. Sorry,
Laxman. Sorry, baby.
I,m really sorry.
- Forget it and give me a hug.
Oh baby! - Meera, what do I tell
you of all that l,ve done..
..to get my hands on a
hot property like you!
,Fishy! Fishy!,
Sir, l,ve brought the report.
But I never went to the doctor.
No sir, the dead body
at Blue cross street..
..was that of Subodh Behra.
He had a personal enemy.
He used to annoy people by
sending countless SMS.
Hence, the killer had chopped
off his fingers.
Sir, I have very good news.
You,ll jump with joy on hearing it.
- Are you serious?
The guy who was murdered..
..was threatened by none
other than Gopal. - Gopal?
Make way! Make way!
Whether there,s something fishy
or the fish is in something.
I,m amazing, baby. I,m a wonder!
Beware! Beware!
Beware, you might lose your heart.
Fishy.. fishy..
Watch what I do to Gopal.
What,s cooking?
Fish curry, your favourite.
What,s the matter?
You seem to be in a
romantic mood today.
I became a romantic the
first time I saw you.
Do you remember our first meeting..
..at your grand dad,s funeral?
You looked so pretty
in the white dress.
Our second meeting was
at a TV showroom.
I was there to buy a
24 inch Plasma TV.
Even you were looking
very smart that day.
When you took off your glasses..
..I just couldn,t take
my eyes off you.
And then both of us were afflicted
with conjunctivitis..
..for the next four days.
Your eyes had turned so red.
And do you remember how you
followed me till Mumbai?
We had spent the night
on the roof of my car.
Our hearts were flooded
with love and happiness.
Of course! The entire city
was flooded that day.
It was the 26th of July.
Do you remember the movie
we went for the next day?
It was our first comedy movie.
How can I forget,Bawariya,!
It was so funny.
I remember how you were
ogling at the hero..
..when he took off his towel.
Ekta, you,re doubting me again!
Nobody can come between us.
It,s a different matter that your
dad thought it necessary to send..
..this,silent film, on
our first anniversary.
Your family is no less. They sent
her as,Special Appearance,.
But the bottom line is,,We
lived happily ever after,.
The story doesn,t end
here, my friend.
You,ve come back?!
I,m back, but not as your
..but as a daredevil
police inspector!
I,m investigating about the
night you,d gone missing..
..because a murder had
taken place that night.
The might I had come here.
On that ominous night,
a dead body was found..
..on Blue cross street.
Do you know whose dead
body it was, Mr. Gopal?
His murder had taken place
the night before which..
..you had threatened to kill him!
You,re done for!
- No!
- Gopal is innocent. - Yes.
You too should stop suspecting
Gopal. - Why?
Yes, Mads.
That night, Gopal was with his
friend Anthony Gonsalves.
Who the hell is Anthony Gonsalves?
His friend! Stop doubting
my husband and get out!
Get out!
- Out!
Why does he open his
mouth when he,s dumb?
Send Anthony Gonsalves over
to the police station.
I have to take down his statement.
Inspector Madhav?
You good for nothing bamboo tree!
Your lies are taller than you!
I told you the truth now, didn,t l?
- But why did you lie to me earlier?
That was for the lie you
told me earlier..
..that certified you
as a liar. Bloody liar!
I hate liars!
And you told me one
lie after the other!
Hey! What are you doing?
I don,t know him.
I hate liars!
- Save me!
Who are you?
I.. I..
Anthony Talpade!
Anthony Gonsalves.
Did Gopal send you?
- Gopal!
- Yes, sir!
Take his statement.
- come.
Liars never go unpunished
from my station.
What have I done?
Who,s talking to you? Get out!
c,mon! - Take him away.
Keep it here.
Dare you move!
First, l,ll chop off your
hands with a saw..
..and then hack your legs
to make the movie,Saw 5,
Boss, l,ve given a false statement
but l,m petrified.
Because no sooner does
one problem end..
..than a new one emerges.
Don,t worry, my friend.
Don,t be so scared.
We,ll handle Madhav just
as we handled Ekta.
Nothing will happen.
What are you looking at, man?
She,s way out of your league.
She,s,Miss congeniality,,
while you,re.
Excuse me!
Hell! She,s hitting on him.
Nowadays, even phones
without ring tones..
..are in demand!
Yes. Go, talk to her.
Open what?
Fine, I understood.
come, let,s ruin his day.
Iet,s make his day.
Excuse me, may l?
- Please.
Thank you.
I,m Gopal Kumar Santoshi.
I,m Anthony. Lakshman Prasad Apte.
And he,s Lucky. He doesn,t
have a surname.
I,m Daisy.
- Daisy? - Daisy Daisy!
Daisy Daisy?
Unique name, isn,t it, boss?
It,s possible.
If we get Lara Dutta married
to Brian Lara..
..then what,ll her name be?
Lara Dutta.. Brian Lara..
Lara Lara!
But I hope you aren,t married.
- No. - Good!
I,m Lucky,s younger brother.
The whole and soul of
,Golden Fisheries,.
I love sunsets and practice
power yoga.
I,m a bit of an introvert but..
I like good company and..
Sorry, could you repeat
what you just said?
He said that he loves watching
sunsets with his wife.
He,s married.
- I see!
Lucky, why are you so quiet?
Say something.
Say something!
Na na nee na no?!
Actually, the poor fellow..
He,s saying that Nana Patekar
gifted a Nano car to his grandma.
Gifted a Nano to his grandma.
He,s a hairstylist, so he
trims everything he says.
How sweet, Lucky!
I was saying..
Excuse me?
- Hello!
Daisy Daisy, he,s saying something.
Hey turn around!
Why are you standing behind
me? come to the front.
How will I understand you
if I don,t read your lips?
I,m deaf.
Whoever said that love is blind?
Love is dumb and love is deaf!
If the movie,Black, is remade,
their casting is confirmed
What are you doing? What are
you doing? Leave him! Stop!
What are you doing? Let go!
What are you doing?
Just a moment!
My phone,s ringing! Hang on!
Hello! Yes, Meera. I,m coming.
Boss, Meera is waiting for me at
the mall. I,m leaving. Bye.
I,m leaving too.
- Baby!
Good news!
- Good news?
No, not that.
Amma, appa, Sonappa and chinappa..
..all have agreed for our marriage.
- Yes!
We,re in a shopping mall.
- Yes.
They,ve fixed the wedding for
14th February, Valentine,s day!
- Yes.
And exactly nine months later,
children,s day..
..there,ll be a junior Lakshman
playing in your lap.
If we have a baby girl..
We,ll name her Sridevi.
- What if it,s a boy?
We,ll call him Rajnikanth Lakshman.
Let,s find a corner to get cozy.
- In a mall?
Yes! come this way.
Sister-in-law, how,s this jacket?
Esha, did you see that?
How,s this?
- Yes, baby. Very nice.
Anthony Gonsalves?
Very nice.
- Behave yourself!
Look how he,s sticking to her.
- How romantic!
That,s why these malls
have become so popular!
Do you know who he,s hugging?
It must be his wife.
She,s not his wife.
Julie is his wife.
You weren,t around when she
came home the other day.
Baby, aren,t these the same
shoes with which you hit me?
Yes, baby.
- How cute!
Esha, Anthony turned out to
be of a loose character.
I have a strong feeling Gopal
and him are making fools of us.
What do you mean?
They both were cheating on
their wives that night.
He lied to Julie while
Gopal lied to me!
They both were together.
But how do we make sure?
By going to Machhi Lake, Dockyard
Lane, Prawns, corner!
Excuse me, where does Anthony stay?
Top floor.
This rascal has hit the jackpot!
- Gosh!
What kind of a woman are you?
You,re so frustrated that you
stalked my husband till here?
Hey! Mind your language. We,re
not like your husband.
Yes, your husband is
having an affair.
I,m 1 00% sure that our husbands..
..are cheating on us.
- Oh gosh!
I just came here to know what
exactly happened that night.
Is it so? Wait a minute,
l,ll call him.
Anthony, come out!
What are you looking at?
call your master.
What kind of a servant Julie?
He,s not my servant. This rotten
banana peel is my husband.
Are you Anthony?
,Will you ever tell anybody
that you,re Anthony?,
,Don,t hit me!,
How many times do l
have to tell this?
Who,s Anthony? Where,s Anthony?
I,m Soulwinder Singh.
- Just a moment, Julie.
Why are you forcing your servant..
..to pose as your husband?
I swear by Jesus christ! He,s
my husband, Anthony Gonsalves.
I,m Anthony Gonsalves!
When I tell the truth,
I get thrashed.
When I lie, I get thrashed.
I am the one. Do what ever you
want! My death is inevitable!
I,m Anthony Gonsalves!
Do as you please.
Anthony, this is what happens..
..when you mess around with women.
Is it? But Richard, l
didn,t get hurt at all.
You didn,t get hurt?
- Not at all.
Not at all!
- Strange!
Esha, if he is Anthony,
then who was he?
Lakshman, the MP
Of Thiruvananthapura..
..had asked for my daughter,s
hand in marriage.
But Meera likes only you.
And now you even have
a respectable job.
I,m very happy. You both look as
if you,re made for each other.
Just like Lord Shiva and
his wife Goddess Parvati.
Lakshman, what are you waiting
for? Feed her some sweets.
She has yet to apply
henna on her hands.
Oh God!
Let me feed you some sweetmeat.
- Oh God!
Anthony Gonsalves?
Where are you taking him?
You want to get married, do you?
come, l,ll get you
married in prison.
Get in!
What,s with the shocked expressions?
c,mon, bid farewell to the groom.
I know it must be weird..
..to see a police van instead
of a palanquin..
..and bid adieu to the
groom instead of the bride!
Nothing to worry, relax!
What happened, mother?
But what crime have I committed?
- Nothing.
Your name is Anthony
Gonsalves, right?
Anthony is here. Amar and
Akbar will follow..
..and soon we,ll get to watch
a movie together. Excellent!
Amma! Appa! chinappa!
Lakshman, what have you done?
I haven,t done anything. Save me!
Don,t leave me at his mercy.
Boss, my engagement will break..
Why are you crying?
Do you want to partner? O partner!
Love me, love me say..
- Boss!
Gopal, you threatened to kill
Subodh, the SMS freak.
And then you went missing
on the night of his murder!
To top that, you introduced your
real wife to the phoney Anthony.
And made the phoney Anthony
give a phoney statement!
You,re great, man!
And the funniest part is that this
case has come to the cop..
..who,s your greatest enemy. Me!
In short, you,re dead. So sad!
Boss, we all are in a fix because
of your philandering nature.
Shut up!
Get lost!
- I have to give you one first.
It,s a government order.
Give me one.
Madhav, the truth is that l
rescued a woman that night.
I spent the night with her
on a friend,s yacht.
Who,s she? Where does she live?
If we look for her, we,ll find her.
Give us some time.
Okay, you have 1 5 minutes.
Am I a fool to let you go
scot-free? Scoundrels!
Kiss him!
- Yes?
Have you forgotten?
- What?
Madhav, don,t put your personal
life at stake..
..for the sake of your
professional life.
Gopal, this isn,t fair.
I,ll give you time.
Hey! Hey!
Sir, please open it.
Gopal! Just three days
for the three of you.
Three days?
- Yes, in English.
If only we were more in number,
we,d have gotten more time.
I,m there, am I not?
- Shut up!
If you don,t find that girl that
girl in three days then remember..
..that I don,t love Esha
as much as I hate you!
Wow! What a dialogue!
Three days!
Get out!
Ekta.. - Madhav called me
and told me everything.
Madhav, that son of a..
Baby, I know you,re hurt.
But why do you have to leave home?
I won,t let you go. You can,t
leave this house and go.
I,m not leaving the house. You are!
This is your baggage, not mine.
You,ll sleep on the lawn
till you find that girl.
How can you do this to me? I,m
your husband. - Shut up!
Find the girl in three days or this
three year long marriage..
Hey, c,mon girls! It,s
party time! Let,s rock.
What will you have? c,mon girl!
- Beer!
Hey Baljeet!
Gopal, my friend! You,ve
come at the right time.
Get ready for a high
sea adventure. c,mon!
Girls, booze, great fun! Hop on!
I thought your brother-in-law
is a scoundrel..
But his friend takes away the cake.
No, thanks. I had
some work with you.
Tell me, man.
I was here with a girl last Friday.
I,m looking for her. Was
she here by any chance?
No. But were you here Friday night?
No wonder everything
was so messed up!
Messed up?
Why are you turning your face away?
Your brother-in-law indulges
in cheap acts..
..with cheap girls and I have
to bear the brunt of it!
What,s the deal? What
did you do with her?
Let it go, man. Thanks.
Look at me. I said..
- What,s going on?
Tell him on his face. Why
do you always back-bite?
Nothing, boss. I,ve got a call.
Okay, Baljeet. Enjoy yourself.
- Why are you sticking to him?..
- Lakshman, why did they arrest you?
Meera..- Are you involved in
drugs? Or the underworld?
Did you rape somebody?
Meera, l,m not alone in this.
You mean, gang rape?!
Gang rape?! What nonsense!
At least, hear me out.
I swear to God, l,m a notorious..
I,m not guilty.
This is the first time in
our family history..
..that the cops ever came home.
Enough, Meera! Everybody
including you knows..
..that I never lie.
Actually my boss is involved in
a case concerning a girl..
..and in the process of helping
I too got entangled.
But once we find that tramp, all
the problems will be solved.
Trust me, baby.
Boss, you continue to amaze me!
Why didn,t you ask that hussy for
her name or her contact number?
You got a chance and
you jumped the gun!
What is it?
Women,s day celebration
at central Mall.
70% discount on all products.
70%! That means your hussy
will surely come there.
But it,s exclusively for women.
No men. - No men?!
No! No!
Fishy.. fishy..
Fishy.. fishy..
Fishy.. fishy..
Fishy.. fishy..
She,s nowhere to be seen.
Shall we check upstairs?
- c,mon!
Excuse me! Thank you.
Which floor?
- Stop!
I,m so sorry Gopal turned out
to be a complete nymphomaniac.
If he doesn,t find that girl, will
you kick him out of the house?
Exactly! He deserves it.
Will you throw me out, too?
Of course not, silly!
You,ll stay with me.
- Thank you.
You,re so sweet. He should
be ashamed of himself!
I,m ashamed to call him my brother.
How sad! It,ll be fine, okay?
come on. Sister-in-law!
Excuse me. Where,s Westside?
Shut him up!
Please excuse my friend.
She,s made in china.
Lucy Liu.
- Lucy Liu?!
Westside must be to your west!
You,re right. Sister-in-law, she,s
so intelligent. - Thank you.
Okay, thanks.
- Thank you.
My sister is bitching about
me! I,ll give her..
Ekta, you dropped your mobile.
This was Gopal,s voice.
Yes, this was Gopal,s voice!
Gopal! Oh my God!
Gopal,s voice!
- Oh my God! I want Gopal.
I want Gopal, mom!
Gopal knows them too?
Hell! Brother is so shameless.
He knows them too!
come on!
Mom, I want Gopal!
Where,s Gopal, mom? Tell me please.
What happened?
How will you do it here?
We,ll have to go to
the ladies washroom.
Boss! Boss!
Boss, my girlfriend is here!
When my wife didn,t recognize me,
how can your girl recognize you?
Let,s go.
Go to,His,. - No, you,ll
be caught. Go to,Hers,.
Tell him that by changing
one,s looks..
..the person,s sex doesn,t change!
Have some shame! If
he goes to,Hers,..
Go to,Hers,.
No, go to,His,.
- Go on!
It seems as though it,s going
to snow in the mall.
This is Madhav.
- How do you know?
He,s played this game
earlier as well.
Let,s go!
Boss, he,ll surely get us trapped.
- Excuse me!
- Yes?
I knew it!
Did you find the girl?
- No.
Just two days left!
Do you want to pee?
You,ll be in the lockup in two days!
Why isn,t it snowing here?
Boss, just one more night to go.
After that, we,ll have
to do this behind bars.
It,s been two days but your brazen,
god-forsaken hussy..
..is nowhere to be found.
How will we spend the night
if we don,t find her?
Poor Gopal!
From the,man of the house,..
..you,ve become the
,man out of the house,.
From a penthouse, you,re
living in a tent house.
I,m feeling very bad, friend.
- lt,s all because of you.
Yes, I can,t help but
take the credit.
Never mind.
So, did you find your girl?
Not yet? Shall I meet my girl then?
- No! - Leave me!
I know that she,s your sister..
..but I can,t let go of such an
opportunity? - She,s my sister!
Romantic song with violence!
Whoa baby!
Where will he run to?
I,ll get you for this!
Make way! Don,t mess with me
or you,ll be done for!
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
come into my arms, my love..
..after you,ve confessed your
love for me to the world.
come into my arms, my love..
..after you,ve confessed your
love for me to the world.
My heart is on fire, the
weak-hearted will perish.
You,re ignorant, someone please
make him understand.
Don,t be stubborn.
Listen to me carefully.
I too was ignorant..
..and now l,m trapped
in his love.
come into my arms, my love..
..after you,ve confessed your
love for me to the world.
come into my arms, my love..
..after you,ve confessed your
love for me to the world.
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way!
Hey you! Make way!
I follow my heart. I,m
not afraid to die.
There,s nothing you can do
once l,ve made up my mind.
What do I say? My life
is in grave danger.
I,m scared, l,m suffering,
as I desire only you.
come into my arms, my love..
..after you,ve confessed your
love for me to the world.
come into my arms, my love..
..after you,ve confessed your
love for me to the world.
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way!
Hey you! Make way!
I won,t spare you, even
if it costs me my life.
I,ve come to get you, l
won,t leave without you.
My crazy lover, how do
I explain it to you?
I,ve lost my heart to you.
I,m at your mercy.
come into my arms, my love..
..after you,ve confessed your
love for me to the world.
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way! Don,t mess with
me or you,ll be done for!
Make way!
Gopal, what happened?
You look worried.
No, sir. Subodh Mehra,s
provident file is ready.
You need to sign it.
Yes, drop it in my cabin.
Okay, sir.
Who do you think has killed him?
He didn,t have any enemy.
- Except you.
Did you.. I mean, only you used
to be at dagger ends with him.
I,m just kidding.
Make sure you send me
- Yes sir.
Is Lakshman there, sweetheart?
Give it to him.
Talk! No, go ahead!
Boss, type my promotion letter
along with my appointment letter.
What for?
The girl with whom you sang
,ding-dong, all night long..
..is sitting in front of me.
I,m calling from her house.
How did you find her?
Don,t ask questions. Take
down the address.
Where,s she?
She is not that girl.
Hey sweetheart! I like you.
What are you talking about?
You forgot me? Take a good look.
I,m the same girl.
Remember, when we were
walking on the street..
..a few goons teased me all over..
..enough for you to have an
action sequence with them.
You beat them black and blue and
then we went on the yacht..
I like you!
No. Have you undergone
plastic surgery?
What,s he saying?
Wait, l,ll explain.
No, Lakshman. The story is correct
but the casting is wrong.
Lucky, your brother-in-law hasn,t
forgotten her face yet.
I,m sure she must,ve been
unforgettable. What say, lover boy?
Boss, only you know that she is
Madhav has no clue.
After she gives her statement,
our problem will be solved!
As far as the one-night stand
on the yacht is concerned..
..she,ll censor all of that.
Ekta,s problem will also
be taken care of.
If I can pose as Anthony, why
can,t Munni pose as that hussy?
She charges three
lakhs per customer.
I like you. You,d promised
to give me only two lakhs.
A lakh more for my make-up?
- Shut up!
Boss, I was about to
say two lakhs but..
It was his idea to extort 3 lakhs..
..and split the extra
cash between us.
You keep the extra cash.
I refuse to be a part
of your fraudulence.
It was his idea, boss. I was
only trying to bargain..
I,d heard that friendship is
stronger than blood ties.
Blood ties don,t matter.
No, boss. Friendship is the
ultimate relationship.
I won,t spare you, you scoundrels!
No, boss!
- Rascals!
Jesus, I like them. So cute!
- Vasooli!
- Vasooli!
Tell me, how do I look?
You,re a bombshell, man!
How,s my lover?
- l,ve gone cold without you.
Then listen to some hot news. The
money has been arranged for.
What are you saying?
- The money has been arranged.
That,s what l,m saying.
Tomorrow, you,ll be freed
from prison and then..
Underneath the blue sky, on a
faraway land, we,ll buy a plot..
..and build our house of dreams.
The interiors of the house
will be done in blue.
Ever since your eyes met mine..
- What,s going on?
Nothing. Vasooli,s singing.
Our eyes met..
Ever since your eyes met mine..
- You sing really well!
Wow! You all look so relaxed.
Resting, munching on apples..
Very good! Gopal, it,s time for
the climax of the movie.
The movie isn,t over yet, my friend.
Does your movie begin
after the climax?
I,ve found my girl.
Goddammit! I hate it!
- come inside.
Munni! Munni!
- Munni! Munni!
Hey Munni!
- Munni!
Gopal, listen to what Munni
has written in this letter.
,You used me thoroughly,
But I didn,t object.,
,You kept me like
a keep, how cheap!,
,But I didn,t object.,
,You committed so many
frauds in the company.,
,But I didn,t object.,
Thank you.
,But after mercilessly murdering
Subodh Mehra..
..you want me to testify that
you were with me that night?,
,No way! I hate you, Gopal.,
,l,m leaving town. Munni.,
Madhav, Esha must
be waiting at home.
Are you serious?
- l,m her brother. - Is it?
But who can let go of such
an opportunity? - correct!
Had it been a little bigger, l,d
have slung it around your neck.
Listen to me, Madhav! I
haven,t done anything.
I,m sure Subodh Mehra,s murderer
has kidnapped Munni.
I,ve been framed.
In that case, thank the
murderer on my behalf.
I like him. Yes!
Look Madhav, an lndian wife can
never let go of her husband!
Fights and arguments come later,
husbands come first.
She has even brought a
lawyer to bail me out.
Why are you bailing him out? Ekta!
Gopal, he isn,t a criminal lawyer,
but a divorce lawyer.
Now it,s up to you whether
you do it mutually..
..or fight it in court.
A divorce case along
with a criminal case!
Buy one and get one free.
Indian women are great!
Ekta, I swear I haven,t
murdered anybody.
I haven,t cheated on you either.
Thank you, Ekta.
- Ekta!
You,re feeling lonely, isn,t it?
I,ll do you a favour. I,ll get you
your two cronies for company.
Whether there,s something fishy
or the fish is in something.
I,m amazing, baby. I,m a wonder!
Be careful.
Let no one
steal your heart!
Fishy.. Fishy..
Fishy.. Fishy..
I,m talking about you.
D company.
Which company are you working for?
My company? - Which racket
are you involved in?
Racket? I haven,t even touched
a tennis racquet till date.
I,m speaking the truth.
Tell her something.
Let it be. I,ll explain.
I guess l,ll have to
tell you the truth.
Actually, it,s my shameless boss
and his brother-in-law Gopal..
..who has put us in this
sticky situation.
The cops suspect that
he murdered someone..
..Iast Friday.
Boss says that he was at Red
Rhino disco that Friday.
And that when he left the place,
he saw a few goons..
..harass a girl on
Blue cross street.
He rescued that girl,
pacified her..
..and took her on a yacht
at Malegaon beach?
Yes, but how do you know all this?
Has a film been made on it already?
I,m the girl your boss rescued.
- Yes.
You,re the one!
Why does this always happen to me?
I,m doomed!
My life is ruined!
Meera is that girl!
Why, Meera is that girl!
Meera, for god,s sake,
my sake and namesake..
..tell me that it,s a lie!
It is the truth!
Why me?
You should be happy.
- Yeah, right!
Because the girl who you,ve
been looking for..
..is standing right
in front of you.
Why should I be happy?
Am I getting married?
Meera, this means that Gopal and
you.. that night on the yacht..
I,m doomed!
Tell me, in which lcU ward
is your family admitted?
Book a bed for me as well.
I can,t take this!
Shut up!
Just because a man and a woman
spend a night together..
..doesn,t mean that something
happened between them.
How could you even think
of such a thing?
Gopal is innocent.
I,m going to the police station
to give my statement.
One more thing..
- Is it loose?
Love and trust should
go hand in hand.
You shouldn,t marry me
if you can,t trust me.
I don,t want Gopal and his wife,s
story being repeated in my life.
Meera.. - lt,s all because
of having no trust!
Distrust, what the..
Meera.. Meera..
Look, l,m really very sorry.
I made a huge mistake.
I,ll never again doubt you.
I, promise, sorry.
Wear this, please? Please?
Whoever gave you this
ring? I,m kidding!
Sorry, sorry. Let,s go
to the police-station.
What are you laughing for?
Just because a man and a woman
spend a night together..
..doesn,t mean that something
happened between them.
She just said that a man and a
woman spending a night together..
..doesn,t imply anything vulgar.
Stop laughing!
- Stop it!
Look at me.
- What are you doing?
Nothing, darling. He takes longer
than usual to understand things.
Look at me!
Just because a man and a woman
spend a night together..
..doesn,t mean that something
happened between them.
Stop it! - Hey!
Where,s Munni?
Has your child gone missing?
- Not my child, my child,s mother.
Vasooli,s Munni.
- Who,s she?
Jail return.
- Munni?
We have no idea where she is.
Leave your mobile number..
..I,ll give you a missed
call as soon as I find her.
Missed call? Mobile?
Ever since Munni became
a part of your network..
..she,s been out of
reach. Who,s she?
She,s not Munni.
- Leave me!
You can,t do this. You can,t
take the law in your hands.
So, her name,s,Law,?
Now, wait for Vasooli,s verdict.
Ok. - Send Munni and take your
friend,Law, in exchange.
You don,t know me, I have a gun!
c,mon, Law!
What are you doing? Meera!
My mobile number is 9002200001.
Don,t be afraid, l,m there.
I,ve already said that.
Rascals! I,ll shoot both of you.
- Just a moment.
We found the girl.
- Which girl?
- Who,s Meera?
The one who spent the
night with Gopal.
That was Munni.
- No, she was a part of our plan.
Which plan is Meera part of?
She,s my girlfriend, sir.
- Send Meera over.
Vasooli took her away.
Who,s Vasooli?
- He,s Munni,s boyfriend.
If he,s Munni,s boyfriend
he should take Munni away.
Why did he take Meera?
Because he wants Munni, sir.
That,s why.
He,s crazy!
Mads, enough!
- Baby! - Not now!
Are you planning to put my
entire family behind bars?
I want to put them in an asylum
but l,ve to make do with a jail.
Enough, Mads!
- Enough, Mads!
Why are you sounding like a guy?
- Mads! - Yes?
Gopal,s my brother.
- So sad!
He,s so tense these days and
instead of helping him..
..you,re always after him.
- l,m so sorry.
Mads, free Gopal.
- He,s already free.
His MD, Mr. Sawant bailed him out.
We should catch up with them.
- Why?
Because boss has a knack
for inviting trouble!
Thanks for the bail, sir.
Anytime Gopal.
But where are we going?
- Lover,s point.
Hey! That,s boss and his boss.
But why are they going
to Lover,s Point?
Is he like..
Poor Ekta!
She always thought that Gopal
had affairs only with girls.
I must inform Ekta.
Ekta, reach Lover,s
Point immediately.
You have no idea what
your husband is upto!
Hello! Vasooli, come to Lover,s
Point with Meera immediately!
Don,t you want to call up somebody?
Oh God! crazy family!
Sir, why have we come here?
I,d like to show you something..
..before answering your question.
It,s for you.
Read it.
I, Gopal, in my complete
senses, admit that..
..I,ve killed Subodh Mehra?!
- Subodh Mehra.
It,s because he found out
that I smuggle drugs.
But now l,ve realized my mistake..
..and l,m committing suicide.
- Suicide?!
Are you going to commit
suicide, Gopal?
Sir, I haven,t written this.
But the handwriting
is yours, right?
Yes, but I haven,t written it, sir.
Maybe you haven,t.
But how,re you going to prove
that after your death?
Subodh Mehra found out that
Mr. Sawant exports drugs.
Hence, I exported him to heaven.
You were a suspect for the
murder right from day one.
In order to prove it, I kidnapped
Munni and also forged this letter.
Yes! I knew it. I knew it.
,Golden Fisheries, smuggles
drugs. I knew it!
I,m a Super-cop! - Yes. But that
also means Gopal is innocent.
Damn it!
Munni! Meera,s passport is right
here. Vasooli,s coming here too.
Take a look, the noose
is awaiting you.
You could,ve opened it yourself!
Mads, let,s save Gopal or
he,ll be hanged unto death.
Let,s go save him.
- I don,t think so.
The problem is that I wasted
all my bullets on these two.
I have a gun, but it,s empty.
- Sorry!
Hurry up!
Gopal Wait!
Let my husband go.
He may cheat on me, but he,s
my husband after all.
I,m so glad you came!
We were so worried.
We looked all over for you!
I,m here, lover boy. I,m the girl
you spent the night with.
And I like him.
- Hey Munni!
Not you! Ekta, she,s the girl.
Lakshman, my friend, she,s the girl!
She,s the girl I spent
the night with!
Take a good look, Madhav.
- She.
Yes, inspector. I,m the one.
So cheap! Is he your brother?!
Bloody nymphomaniac!
Gopal, now I have no
reason left to live.
I,m going to suicide.
- Sister-in-law!
This noose isn,t designed for you.
Give me your hand, step down.
Have you gone mad?
Please save her.
- Why?
She,s going to hang herself.
- I asked her to leave Gopal..
..but she didn,t listen
to me. Silly girl!
Put Gopal back on the platform.
I didn,t spend the night
with two women!
We had hired one of them
to play the part.
What about the other one?
- The other one..
I was with the other one, but..
You don,t have an answer, do you?
Baby, save her!
Wow, boss! Bad butterfly!
Was Gopal with Meera as well?
Not you, him!
Well done, boss! You,ve
finally spoken the truth.
What are you blabbering about?
I didn,t do anything.
Then why do you smile..
..every time I ask
you about that night?
Did you see that?
That,s because I have a smiling
face ever since childhood.
Shut up!
Do I look like a fool to you?
Sister-in-law, step down.
Let me hang.
Somebody has to die, l,ll die.
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Step down, Lakshman!
I,m sorry. I,m your boss, boss.
Listen to me. come down,
let Gopal hang.
Get lost! To hell with my boss!
Lakshman, stop right there!
- Gopal..
Shut up, rascal!
Sister, please listen..
- Get off, dog!
I should be the one dying for
having loved a guy like you.
I convinced you so much,
yet you doubt me.
Give it to me, I want to die.
- What are you doing?
It,ll break!
Just a moment.
At least, tell them the truth
before you die. - Sure.
Ekta, I swear to God..
..nothing happened between
Gopal and me that night.
I told you!
- Your husband is innocent.
But I don,t know what transpired
between that hussy and him!
God, l,m coming.
Get lost! - Leave.
- God, l,m coming.
I won,t extort money henceforth.
- I can understand.
This scoundrel didn,t spare
your lover as well!
Go, hang yourself.
Hey! Where are you going?
Sir, I can only request you..
Law, give me that noose.
I should be the one dying.
I loved you and thought
of you as my own..
..but you betrayed me,
called me a madman!
- Oh God!
I have no reason to live now!
Give it to me, I want to die.
The one for whom I put layers
of make-up everyday..
..doubts me. I hate you!
But I want to clear something
before I die.
Look ma,am, I don,t have an
affair with your husband.
Damn it!
- Nothing happened that night.
This fellow gave me money
to do the act. - Rascal!
I was always chaste, I am chaste
but won,t remain anymore..
..as l,m dying.
Munni, don,t be so silly.
You,ll die!
Stop it! Nobody dare move!
Fools! The cops have surrounded
this place..
..from one side. And
don,t you see this?
It,s a gun. I,ll shoot you!
Stand straight!
This is cheating. You told me
there aren,t any bullets in it.
Fool! Why did you have
to tell them that?
You,re the biggest fool! And l,m
a bigger fool to have loved you.
God, please help me!
Where are you going? Sorry!
Brother, let me die. I don,t
wish to live anymore.
What are you doing, Nisha?
How dare you make my sister cry!
There aren,t any bullets in it.
- Darn it!
Shut up!
- You all are good for nothing.
What,s going on? Shut up all of you!
Somebody tell me what,s going on!
I,ll go crazy.
- Hang yourself! - Get up!
I asked you to tag a few men along.
Now who will handle this
troop of lunatics?
He,s calling us a lunatic!
I,ve decided.
Only one person shall die!
- Who?
- I help you.
I want salvation!
Thank you, Gopal.
I,m coming!
Bring me down!
What are you so angry about?
Gopal is innocent, Madhav.
I may watch serials but my husband
isn,t a serial killer.
Boss, control your anger for now.
If your sister marries a cop..
..he,ll be able to rescue
you in the future.
c,mon, Mads. Shake
hands with brother.
Only then will you get
my hand in marriage.
Shake hands, sir.
- Enough!
Not so high, a little lower..
Towards the left..
- lt,s okay.
Wow! What has God made!
- lt,s okay.
Sorry, Ekta. I lied to you.
You lied because l
always suspect you.
I promise I won,t watch
soaps from today.
Good! - Yes!
- correct!
Soaps are highly contagious!
Did you catch yesterday,s
episode of F.Rl.E.N.D.S?
Ross is dating some new chick!
Really? Who?
They haven,t disclosed that yet.
Tonight, the big secret will be out!
c,mon! There,s still time.
What the hell was that?
Sawant was punished for his deeds.
As they say, what comes around..
..goes around!
And now, l, Babloo Pachisia, As
the owner of Golden Fisheries..
..it,s my duty to introduce
to my employees..
..the new managing director
of the company.
congratulations, boss.
You,ve become the MD.
Same to you, you,re going
to take my place.
Of course.
A big round of applause for
the new managing director.
- Hello!
Lucky is the new Managing
..as also my future son-in-law.
When the lovers have
made up their mind..
..there,s little a stupid
(cupid)can do. - Daddy!
Oh my God! You,re going to be
a big man now, almost a VlP!
That,s why, for your security..
..inspector Madhav will
accompany you 24/7.
Gopal and Lakshman will
work under you.
Down under.
Okay, carry on.
He,s our boss?!
In the first one, he took the girl.
In the second, he stole the job.
And in the third?
Will he be even there in the third?
What nonsense!
You can,t kick me out
of the third film..
..just because I played
dumb in the first two.
That,s not happening! Never!
I have a three film contract.
I still quote the same price!
Rohit, this is downright injustice!
They can,t do this to me!
Look, what they,re doing to me!