GomBurZa (2024) Movie Script

There was once a peasant boy
named Apolinario dela Cruz.
He claimed that he was visited
by Saint Joseph in his dreams.
So, one day, he went to a priory,
to see about becoming a friar.
But he was not allowed to become one.
Because he was only an indio.
And during those times,
indios were not allowed to become friars.
He was rejected simply
because of his race.
So, he put up the Cofrada de San Jos,
A group that was for indios only.
They mixed Christian beliefs
and pre-colonial traditions,
like the use of the amulets.
And Apolinario changed his name
to Hermano Pule.
And Pule became known as
King of the Tagalogs.
The Spanish would not
allow this, of course.
One thousand soldiers came
to arrest the Cofrada.
Hermano Pule and his followers
stood their ground,
and faced the Spanish forces bravely.
They believed that God would grant them
invincibility through the amulets.
But the amulets
did not give them such luck.
Over 500 members of the Cofradia,
men, women, and children, were massacred.
And Pule was executed.
After Hermano Pule was killed,
the Spanish government
chopped up his body,
and put his head on a spike
for all to see.
So that no indio
would ever attempt what he did.
That's terrible, Father.
Thank you.
But why are you bringing this up?
And just when we're about to eat!
My God.
That is a new decree
from the Ministry of Overseas in Spain.
The parishes of Cavite, Antipolo
and some dioceses of Manila
will be transferred to the friars?
But these have always been
under us seculars!
All our efforts
decades of progress all erased
by a single signature from Spain.
The friars always want more.
Perhaps they know that the parishes
of Cavite and Antipolo are wealthy,
so they're taking them from us.
Of course, they won't admit that.
They'll spread vicious lies instead.
They say we, seculars, are irresponsible.
And that all island-born Spaniards
are feeble-minded,
and aren't suited for positions
of authority.
That is why they they keep harping
about Hermano Pule.
They insist
that we are no different from Pule,
Who is known to be anti-Spaniard.
Especially your mentor here.
But we are different from Pule.
We are Spaniards too.
In my genealogy, it has been proved
that my father was a Spaniard,
a military officer stationed in Vigan.
- You know, if he were still alive
- That's the problem!
For the friars, they are Spaniards,
but those of us who were born here
are not true Spaniards.
Then what are we?
In the eyes of the friars,
we are not Spaniards,
and thus, we are second-class.
For example,
How can you be considered a Spaniard
when you love that rice cake from Cavite?
Pepe really likes rice cakes.
Come on, Pepe,
Eat up! We were just teasing you.
The transfer of the supervision
of the parishes of Antipolo
is a big victory for us.
Yes, yes. But we still need
to be vigilant.
The indios' complaints
are getting too loud.
Those jerks.
Oh, no, no, Put it there.
Yes, we must be prepared.
I fear that, one day,
another Hermano Pule
will rise from their ranks.
Or a Jose Maria Morelos,
the half-breed priest
who led the rebellion in Mexico.
Imagine, a priest!
A priest led Mexico's
rebellion against Spain!
Your Excellency, Vice President,
the supervision of the parish of Antipolo
cannot be transferred
to the Recollect Friars.
The regulations are clear.
A change in administration
may only happen in a parish
without a secular priest.
If that secular priest
were to have passed away or retired.
Parishes that are flourishing
under the administration
of a secular priest
may not be transferred.
The decree from Spain is clear,
Vice President.
My understanding of the decree from Spain
is different from yours, Fr. Pelaez.
The supervision of the parish of Antipolo
rightfully belongs
to the Order of the Recollects.
Your Excellency,
here is Padre Francisco Campmas,
who has long been
the incumbent in Antipolo.
His parishioners love and respect him!
There is no need to replace such a man.
Vice President!
The parish of Antipolo
is often called the pearl of all parishes!
With all the income it earns
from pilgrims,
who would not want to gain control of it?
Is this the reason why,
of all the other parishes they may claim,
in Cebu, for example,
it is Antipolo that they want?
The half-breed is crossing the line,
Your Excellency!
The supervision of the Parish of Antipolo
rightfully belongs
to the Order of the Recollects.
What are we going to do now?
There is another way.
We will make noise.
Don Mariano, gather the bishops.
Write to them.
Seor Burgos, I need your help.
We will send our proposal
to the Royal Patronage in Madrid
in order to fight for our cause.
And we will publish a manifesto
in the newspapers
so that the public may be aware
of our struggle as well.
We must show our intellect
in order to prove that
we are just as human as the friars.
We must be eloquent
in order for our voice to be heard.
It's clear. Precise. And brave.
Let's hope the bishops support us.
Bishop Martinez,
Bishop Jimeno, Bishop Gainza.
There is no stopping the friars.
Even I, the appointed
vicar forane for all of Cavite,
they no longer consult me
about the things they do.
Ever since that decree
turned things around
and made the friars' stay permanent,
the friars no longer respect us.
And they are rude
to the secular priests as well.
Excellencies, you are in the best position
to cancel the decree
and recover the parishes
which the friars have taken.
Madrid will listen to you.
It's important that this proposal
be sent to the Royal Patronage in Madrid.
I agree.
While the monsignors are all here,
may we have this signed?
Who is this?
Your Excellency,
this is my brilliant student,
Seor Jose Burgos.
Speak your mind.
Now that you have the bishops' support,
are you going to publish this in Madrid?
Yes, and here in Manila as well.
It must first be read in Spain
before it reaches our islands.
But, Don Pedro
what about the rumors?
The ones being spread around
by the friars?
About what?
That I am an enemy of Spain?
- A rebel?
- Don Pedro?
A filibuster?
- Don Pedro
- The next Hermano Pule?
- Those pests.
- Don Pedro!
Aren't you scared?
Why would I be afraid
of telling the truth?
Truly, the secular priests born
in the Philippines
are capable, bright, clean
and most importantly,
they are closer to the natives.
They have a better understanding
of the parishioners.
This is why secular priests,
and not friars,
should be the ones managing parishes.
Drink, Seor Burgos.
Get used to it.
Go ahead, Son. It's not consecrated.
Consider it as payment for all your help.
I would like to be present
on the day you are given your doctorate.
Pray for me then, Don Pedro.
The exam was tough.
I think you will surpass me,
with everything you've accomplished!
A doctorate in Canonical Rights.
And then Theology, and Civil Law!
Keep doing well, son, so they can never
find fault in you, or in us.
Father Gomez and I can't spend
the rest of our lives fighting this.
Do you know we've been grappling with
this issue for more than 12 years now?
He wants someone to take his place.
This conflict isn't going to end
anytime soon.
Many of us will step up, Don Pedro.
Don Pepe,
don't be surprised if you too
will be branded by the friars a "rebel,"
"anti-Spaniard", and "anti-Church."
What's important is to do what is right.
Use your intelligence,
- and your skills to defend...
- Our rights.
Our rights as secular priests. Yes.
I have to confess, Don Pepe.
There are times when I think that
this isn't just about Church politics.
The friars think they can step on us
because they consider us inferior.
They think I'm inferior,
not because I am a secular priest,
but because I was born in Pagsanjan.
Because I am a half-breed like you.
If so, then the issue here
is not just the rights of secular priests.
What we are fighting for is equality.
Equality, for all those born
in the Philippines.
For the Filipinos.
The Filipinos?
They say we're not Spaniards.
We're all lumped together in one category.
To them, we all smell the same.
If that is the case,
then we are Filipinos.
Cheers, Don Pedro.
- Earthquake! Earthquake!
- An earthquake!
- Come on!
- Let's go, quick!
- Where is Father Pelaez?!
- I don't know.
Father Pelaez!
Don Pedro!
We humbly recommend to you, Lord,
our brother, Don Pedro Pelaez y Sebas
tian, whom in this mortal life
you have always pursued with immense love,
with your Son and the Holy Spirit,
forever and ever.
my mentor.
Our leader.
Our light.
Now that you're gone,
it's as if we've been thrust back
into the darkness
But I still feel your presence,
in brief flashes.
On the day I was ordained,
I heard your voice.
The secular priests born in the
Philippines are capable, bright
and most importantly,
they are closer to the natives!
When I received my doctorate in Canon Law,
I heard you again.
What we are fighting for is equality.
For all those born in the Philippines.
You will never be forgotten, Don Pedro.
Now, the friars can only hope
to tarnish your memory.
- Father
- Pepe.
"All parishes should be placed
under the supervision of the friars."
"We can no longer trust
the secular priests,
as they have failed
in managing their parishes."
"What they are good at
is spreading the seeds of rebellion."
"One example is the late Fr. Pelaez,
who apparently met
with the indio rebels of Cavite."
Son of a
They have the gall
to speak ill of the dead?
They know Don Pedro can no longer respond.
What do you plan to do, Pepe?
A manifesto,
not just to defend Father Pedro Pelaez
but to push for the aspirations
of those born in the Philippines.
Here are the friars,
pretending to be poor victims.
But the truth is,
it is the friars who impede
all moral and material progress
in these islands.
Visit any barrio
and you'll see how ignorant people are
of the Spanish language,
despite the many orders
by the King of Spain
that the Spanish language be taught!
A great heresy!
Father Mosqueda, who would have the nerve
to write such garbage?
There's only one comes to mind.
It's someone close to the late Pelaez
and wants to take his place.
Someone educated. A faithful disciple.
Father Jose Burgos.
I would not even say his name.
Have you read it? Read it.
It's very well-written.
Go on, have a seat.
Look! It's so good!
When I read it, I wasn't surprised.
Signed, "The Filipinos."
I wonder who wrote it?
Since it's so well-written,
I suspect it's Father Jose Burgos.
Why should we care about
quarrels between priests?
Don Joaquin, let's talk about this.
Think about it.
"The Filipinos."
Aren't we all Filipinos?
Haven't we all experienced cruelty
from the friars?
They grab our land,
just like they grabbed the parishes.
These friars act like
they own the islands,
and we're all just their slaves.
Don Crisanto.
Weren't you still a child
when they insulted your father Gregorio?
Even if he was in fact,
a rich manufacturer of bricks?
And so, my friends,
we are all Filipinos.
Sebio, boy,
We've been talking about this,
and we just want to know the answer.
Would you say you're a Filipino?
Sorry, what?
Don't worry, Sebio.
There's no right or wrong answer.
If asked, are you a Filipino?
I am Tagalog.
Of course you are.
- All in good time.
- Perhaps.
Where were we
"Yesterday I asked you to read
what St. Thomas Aquinas
wrote about natural rights
and human rights"
According to Saint Thomas Aquinas,
what is the fundamental natural law
and human law?
Can anybody explain?
Maybe there's a problem in understanding.
Let me say that
in another language.
Perhaps you can answer the question now?
Are you more comfortable?
Don Felipe Buencamino.
What is your response?
Natural law applies to all humans
and does not change.
Never change.
But human law could vary with time,
place, and circumstances.
It can change.
Very good.
Your intelligence surfaces
when we understand one another.
- Father Burgos
- Yes, Don Paciano Mercado?
Is it true that you wrote
the manifesto of "The Filipinos"?
- Long live, King Burgos!
- Long live, King Burgos!
Amidst the turmoil within the Church,
in 1868, a revolution in Spain
brought hope to the Philippines.
Let the war of kings and knights begin!
Father Zamora is my friend even though
secular priest and I am a friar.
What did he say?
He said, even though he is a friar
and I am a secular, we're friends.
I have no interest
in Church politics, Father Tressera.
All I want is to win.
Me too! Same here.
But, my friend, I got to thinking,
this fight between the seculars
and the friars,
perhaps it can be resolved
by a simple game of cards.
What do you think?
Of course not.
This game is sacred for priests like us.
Now what?
- Let's just play
- Let's play.
Don't be too cocky, Father Tressera.
The revolution in Spain has triumphed
and the queen lost.
Do you think that
the monarchy will not return?
I don't know.
I wouldn't be surprised
if the King and Queen return.
Even if the entire Europe changes,
Spain will always be left behind.
Father Tressera.
Do you think, Father Tressera,
that Spain will put up
a republican government?
- No, no, no.
- You don't think so?
No! My cards!
Deposed, like the Queen! Fucking cards!
The revolution has won, Father Tressera,
because the revolutionaries
had better guns and bullets.
I said, those who have
the most guns and bullets
will win the revolution.
Long live the revolution!
Beloved members
of the Association of Filipinos!
I am pleased to inform you
that arriving tomorrow
is the new Governor-General
of the Islands,
none other than
Don Carlos Maria de la Torre!
He is one of the generals who led
the glorious revolution in Spain.
A new era will push the conservatives
and the narrow-minded
into the wastelands of history.
Friends, perhaps this
is what we've been waiting for.
I beg your pardon,
Don Antonio, Don Joaquin.
How can we be sure that the
new governor-general will be on our side?
Don Carlos Maria de la Torre
is a known liberal.
Do you know what he proposed
after the revolution?
He wanted to have
Queen Isabel's brass statue melted,
so it can be put to better use!
If that's the case, we better show
our support for the new Governor.
Father Burgos!
We are very honored
that you accepted our invitation.
Thank you, Don Antonio.
I brought two of my best students
from the university,
- I hope that's all right.
- Of course.
They will be finishing Law in a few years.
- This is Seor Felipe Buencamino
- Good afternoon, gentlemen.
- and Seor Paciano Mercado.
- Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Good afternoon.
have they changed
the textbooks in the university?
What language is being used now?
Still Latin, sir!
May I ask the innocent ones
In the law profession,
what language is being used?
Spanish, sir.
We've been wondering about that.
Not only is it very complicated
to explain things in Latin,
but the language also stunts most ideas.
Because that language is a reflection
of outdated beliefs.
- Don Pepe.
- Yes, sir?
They really are your students.
They've obviously learned
a few things from you.
Boys, have a seat.
Father, please. Sit, sit.
- Thank you.
- Please, please.
From the beginning since recently,
Benedict XIV, November 18,
Since recently, Benedict XIV
It is undeniable that,
according to the ancient canons...
In Latin, Buencamino.
The monks and religious
- were capable of governing the parishes...
- Buencamino, in Latin!
The monks and religious were capable of
governing the parishes...
But now, modern canonical law
Do not speak heresy, Buencamino!
Do not speak heresy!
Don Pepe,
you should have seen
the look on the face of Father Corominas!
We thought he was going to hurl
a bucketload of profanities
and insults at Buencamino!
I really don't know why those words
came out of my mouth.
You nearly got suspended, Don Felipe.
Thankfully, I was able
to plead with the rector.
- Good afternoon. Father.
- Father.
- But, Father...
- Please,
show some restraint.
I cannot bear
to see your future fall apart.
This is the first precept of the law,
that good is to be done and promoted,
and evil is to be avoided.
All other precepts of the natural law
are based on this
Saint Thomas Aquinas.
- Very good.
- Don Pepe,
it's about time the friars
get a sprinkle of liberalism, right?
I wonder what Governor de la Torre
will say about this.
That, we don't know.
But I will find out If I see him tomorrow.
Has it started?
It's almost time.
The governor is about to come out.
- Long live Governor de la Torre!
- Long live!
- Long live Governor de la Torre!
- Long live!
- Long live Governor de la Torre!
- Long live!
The winds are changing.
We shall see.
Long live Governor de la Torre!
"His excellency,
Governor-General Carlos Maria de la Torre
has granted an official amnesty
to the indio rebel,
Casimiro Camerino, as well as his men."
Just yesterday, he banned flagellation
as a form of punishment for prisoners.
And last week, he stripped
the newspaper censors of their powers.
As it should be.
I have never seen any other governor
do these.
We have the support of de la Torre.
At last, the friars' powers will weaken.
Don Pepe,
we should use
whatever power we get from the
liberal governor to our advantage.
Don Paciano and I have founded
The Liberal Youth.
It will promote students' rights.
What are you planning to do?
Good morning! Let's begin...
Down with "Yes, Father."
Down with Reverence.
Down with hand-kissing.
Down with "you" for "us."
Secularization in education?
The university uprising!
Insurrection of the youth!
Long live the Filipinos!
Long live the Filipinos!
No, this isn't good, Father Burgos.
But it's true! Don't tell me you disagree?
This is very different
from what we are fighting for.
We are pushing for secularization
in the Holy Church,
not the downfall of friars.
Why, this could be branded
This could be branded
as a university uprising!
Father, these are just young people.
Still, it's better to be prepared.
The students who initiated this,
the members of The Liberal Youth,
are your disciples.
Whatever comes out of their mouths
will be attributed to you.
Whatever you write will be exaggerated
or be taken out of context
by these passionate young men.
don't give them ammunition
to shoot down your reputation.
Let's just pray
that the liberal Governor-General
will understand how this happened.
This is not good. Not good at all, Pepe.
You sons of a bitch!
- You beasts.
- Move!
- Move!
- Fuck you all!
- You sons of bitches.
- Scoundrel, stop it!
Don't let him go!
- Don Jose Mariano
- Paciano!
- Felipe Buencamino!
- Get a hold of yourself!
Calm down.
- What happened?
- They arrested Buencamino.
They tied him up and took him to jail.
Did he admit to anything?
He was forced to,
to prevent them
from making further arrests.
Father, I really thought
de la Torre was on our side.
We can't know for sure.
What's going to happen to Don Felipe?
Most likely, he will not be allowed
to finish his course.
His imprisonment will serve as a warning
to all students like him.
I'll look into it.
I'll see what I can do.
The King of Cards has arrived!
I am not a king today, Father!
With the few weapons I have today,
I can't even pass for a knight.
That will do. We will accept any amount!
Father, what news do you have today?
Careful, my friend.
There are rumors
about a secular priest in Manila
who is instigating a rebellion.
A priest in Manila?
Someone with a connection
to the late Don Pedro Pelaez
who, to be honest,
if not for the earthquake,
would probably be in jail, or executed!
They say he is the priest
of the Sacristy Chapel.
Don Pepe Burgos?
That's impossible!
He's friends with the Governor-General.
The one on the way out,
not the one who's about to arrive.
The time of liberalism has passed, Father.
If I were you, my friend,
I would distance myself from this Burgos.
Good afternoon, Father.
Good afternoon, sir.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon, Your Excellency.
No, thank you
Your Excellency.
Here is a cigar you cannot decline.
Valencian pastries.
Thank you.
- About the student Buencamino,
- Yes.
I will allow him to finish his studies.
Thank you, Your Excellency.
And for you, a piece of advice.
No. A warning.
You and your colleagues,
the secular priests,
need to tone things down.
Stop promoting these radical ideas...
Liberal ideas.
Radical ideas.
Stop promoting these radical ideas.
You must know your place.
Do not cross the line.
Yes, Your Excellency.
Father Burgos,
there is one more thing
I'd like to speak with you about.
What is this group
that I hear you are a part of?
"Association of Filipinos"?
That is just a name said in jest,
Your Excellency.
It is a committee of reformers.
I was just invited
to attend some meetings.
It is a happy gathering of friends.
It cannot even be seen as an organization.
We don't even meet often. We don't
But why is it exclusively for "Filipinos"?
I'm sorry, Your Excellency,
but I do not differentiate
between Filipinos and Spaniards.
To me, we are one.
We just happened to be born
in different places.
What we Filipinos want
is to be your equal in terms
of aspirations, opportunities, rights.
If we cannot have these,
how can we aspire for progress?
Like I said
know your place.
Your ideas go against the friars,
and the friars are Spaniards.
Like me.
There are matters
in which I cannot support you.
Besides, I'm about to be replaced.
The winds may change very quickly.
Father Mosqueda
and the Recollects, your Excellency.
Your Excellency,
thank you for your gracious invitation.
It is an honor to welcome you.
Yes. Please sit.
The report of His Excellency,
Carlos Maria de la Torre, Your Excellency.
Do you know anything
about the "Committee of Reformers"
or the "Association of Filipinos"?
There are some native priests
mentioned in this report
that perhaps you could tell me about.
- Thank you
- Thank you, Don Enrique.
Thank you.
To former Governor-General
Carlos Maria de la Torre Damn you!
And to the new Governor-General
Rafael Izquierdo
Son of the greatest piece of shit!
What bad luck.
Looks like the promise
of the the glorious revolution
in Spain will not be fulfilled.
I'm not surprised.
The reforms that many were hoping for
will not be given freely.
Well, if it won't be given,
then it should be taken.
- You would need an army to
- Don Crisanto,
you mentioned
one of Izquierdo's recent orders,
the one pertaining to soldiers?
According to Izquierdo,
only the Spanish soldiers
are exempt from paying taxes.
This means
that those born in the Philippines
have to pay,
just like ordinary citizens.
And that's not all.
Native-born soldiers are obliged
to take part in forced labor.
You're playing with fire, Izquierdo.
I traveled far to get here.
How can we save money
if they'll require us to pay taxes?
Ask the Governor-General!
This guy's a jokester!
Hey! Move faster.
Give that to me, so we can finish sooner.
Infuriating, isn't it?
Who wouldn't be furious?
It lowers the morale of recruits.
Seor Francisco Zaldua, right?
- Welcome, welcome!
- Thank you sir!
Thank you for accepting our invitation!
How can I be of service?
We'll go ahead.
Let's go.
Seor Francisco.
Here's a list of people
who will be given rewards.
Make sure they get this.
Thank you.
If it won't be given,
then it should be taken
We are all soldiers here.
But clearly,
they treat us,
the native-born, differently.
The issue here
is not just forced labor and taxes.
It's an issue of who is Spanish
and who is not.
You think?
We're not the only ones who feel this way.
I don't know those people.
More and more people are getting angry.
They just don't know what to do.
What is that list for?
Just try to listen.
Will you join us?
- Comrade.
- Comrade
Come in
What do you think?
The plan is to have
simultaneous uprisings
here at Fort San Felipe in Cavite,
and at Fort Santiago in Manila.
Your support is needed from inside.
The first to advance
will be the soldiers of Intramuros.
They will give us a signal.
There's no turning back now.
Do not be afraid.
Our benefactors assure us
that many will join our cause.
The soldiers will fire the cannons
from Fort Santiago in Manila.
Once that happens,
we will take over Fort San Felipe.
This is the signal.
Your Excellency.
Speak, Sgt. Octavo.
Your Excellency.
I have overheard some information.
That in a few weeks
a mutiny will take place.
Their mission, revolution against Spain.
And to kill all the Spaniards.
They're coming!
They're coming!
Positions, everyone! Get in position.
Let's go! Attack! Quickly!
Sergeant, no reinforcements have arrived.
Why are we the only ones here?
Why is Tondo not on fire?
We should be able to see
the fire from here!
Keep fighting!
Keep fighting!
Come back here! Stay the course.
Stop that!
All of them, a lot of them!
Over here, quickly!
Pledge loyalty, scum!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
Louder, pussies!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
Shameless filibustering insurgents!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
And you, La Madrid?
Say it!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
As soon as Izquierdo arrived,
the atmosphere in Manila changed.
Fear and apprehension
were palpable.
It was as if an iron hand
had once again strangled the people.
All of dela Torre's liberal policies
were abolished.
The Philippines is so unlucky.
- Slowly now.
- Make sure you don't forget anything!
Just go straight.
Be careful. If you drop it,
Inocencio will wring our necks.
- Make sure to bring everything!
- Faster!
Make sure you don't forget anything!
- What now? Where is it?
- Here, quickly!
What, where is it?
I told you to bring everything.
We're overloaded now.
Don Maximo!
Never admit anything.
Don't give in. Go! Hide!
- But Seor!
- You can't be arrested here in Cavite!
We'll let things cool off a bit.
And then, let's meet up in Manila.
What idiotic thing did you do?
Fort Santiago was barely scratched!
Where do I begin?
The military was ready for us,
it seems someone told Izquierdo.
Add to that La Madrid's stupidity!
He thought that the fireworks set off
during the fiesta in Sampaloc
were the cannons!
- Such bad luck!
- Seor!
Son of a bitch!
you need to take your medicine.
You're such a jokester!
Father Burgos.
- What brings you here?
- How are you?
I'm okay.
Don Miguel.
I'll be back.
Open the door!
I said open the door now!
Faster! Open the door!
Come on!
- Faster!
- Wait!
I'm coming!
I'm coming!
Search the house.
How can I help you, officer?
Search the house!
What's wrong, officer?
We are looking for Father Jose Burgos.
Father Burgos?
Hold on.
Is there a problem?
- Hold on. What is this about?
- You're under arrest.
Hold on. What is this about?
You have to state a reason for the arrest.
You are under arrest
for the mutiny in Cavite.
- Mutiny?
- Yes, the insurrection.
Hold on! Hold on, please. What happened?
Sir, we found something
You're also under arrest, Father Zamora.
Let go of me! I don't know
what you're talking about!
Father Gomez.
- Father Gomez, the civil guards are here.
- Why?
- I don't know, Father.
- What's going on?
I don't know. Father
Father Mariano Gomez de los Angeles?
Yes, that's me. Why?
Arrest him!
What happened?
They didn't do anything wrong.
Don't touch them.
- Don't hurt them.
- Father Gomez!
What have you gotten
yourself into, Francisco?
Come on! Move fast!
Those who recruited you,
where are they now?
Aren't they rich?
Surely they can help us!
I don't know!
- Arrest him!
- Seor Francisco.
- Love.
- Seor Francisco Zaldua!
- Love!
- Run!
- My love, run!
- Stop!
Get him!
We got him!
Who will believe that we had anything
to do with the mutiny?
Father Gomez?
Take off your cassocks.
- I'm begging you, officer!
- Now!
- Take it off!
- Okay, wait!
- Faster!
- Yes, sir. I'm sorry.
A Court Martial will pass judgment on us.
Court martial?
What's that?
A military court.
It follows military rules.
The Governor-General
will provide a judge and a lawyer.
They probably won't let us know what
evidence they have against us.
In short,
this was all planned.
What are we going to do?
What are we going to do?
Don't you have a doctorate in civil law?
You can defend us, right?
What are we going to do?
What are we going to do?
What are we going to do?
What are we going to do?
I will try.
I'm sure they don't have any evidence
against you or us.
They will listen to you.
They will listen to us.
If only you didn't visit us,
I wouldn't have been arrested.
Francisco Zaldua, come with us!
Silence! Order!
Please tell the court about this.
On the day we went
to Father Zamora's house,
- we found this short letter.
- No!
Grand reunion friends are coming,
bring lots of bullets and gunpowder!
- No!
- It is not signed, sir.
No! It's not what you think!
Bullets and gunpowder mean money!
It's money, money for gambling!
- Silence, Father Zamora!
- What's this bullshit?
Wait, you're not listening to me.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
When we went to the house of Father Gomez,
we saw a box, evidently abandoned
and covered with a simple canvas.
We opened it,
and saw ammunition and rifles inside.
Your honor,
is the Father Gomez that you refer to
the same Father Gomez
suspected of being involved
in other conspiracies
since the time of Father Pedro Pelaez?
We suspect the late priest
as being the true origin
of the failed insurrection.
Your honor, that is a lie.
I can submit our manifestos
and proposals as evidence.
- Silence, Father Burgos!
- All we want, all we have ever asked for,
is equality.
One moment! One moment!
Silence, Father Burgos!
I'm warning you!
The court calls on Seor Francisco Zaldua.
Seor Francisco Zaldua.
What is your participation
in the Cavite Mutiny?
Tell us everything you know about it.
I just followed orders.
I did not organize.
I just passed on information,
Where did the instructions come from?
Who ordered this?
Father Burgos!
Do you know Father Burgos?
He is
He is the leader of all this,
as far as I know.
It was his intent
to end the reign of Spain
and be crowned as the King of the islands.
- King of the new Philippines.
- I have never seen this man in my life!
I have never met this man in my life.
Who are you?
This is not a tribunal,
this is a farce!
all lies!
All lies! All lies!
You brought us here
with no formal accusations?!
No strong evidence.
Is this what Spain calls justice?
Death sentence
issued on February 17, 1872.
Against the defendants named
Jose Burgos,
Mariano Gomez,
Jacinto Zamora
for having been declared guilty
in the first instance
against the government and
for violating the law.
I have a family!
Son of a bitch!
I have a family!
We are the Shadow Theatre
We are the Christians.
We are the Muslims.
We have inherited this land.
This land belongs to us!
Very well, we shall fight!
We won, Father.
It's God's will!
What did we win?
You're no different from these children.
We were used.
The Governor-General
planned this all along.
He will execute the secular priests
for being revolutionaries,
and he will let us friars,
take the blame for it.
History will hate us.
Not Izquierdo,
not Spain.
Teodora Alonso,
you are under arrest for murder!
Murder? That is a lie!
Go ahead, take her with you.
Come on!
You can't imprison her without a trial!
My mother is innocent! Innocent!
Paciano, stop it!
There's nothing we can
do about your mother.
It would be best,
to keep our mouths shut.
Do you understand?
But that wouldn't be right.
According to my professor, Father Burgos...
I don't ever want to hear that name!
- But Father...
- Paciano!
In this house, I don't want to
hear the names of those three priests
or whatever it is they are advocating.
The friars in Manila already know you.
Just finish your studies
and stop acting like you know everything.
- It would be hard to forget a...
- Paciano!
Let's just eat.
Father Mariano Gomez?
Your last will?
I am leaving my properties,
to the people of Bacoor.
Have you accepted our fate?
I pity him the most.
He knows nothing of this.
I can't accept this, Father.
Perhaps my student, Buencamino, was right.
Bad luck is the Filipinos' companion.
Do you believe in bad luck, Father Burgos?
With our present situation?
Of course!
The truth,
in the history of these islands,
has anyone who had been
born here ever felt lucky?
Consider the Indios.
Slaves without rights,
second-class citizens.
They're not the kind of citizens
with rights in their own land.
And we,
who despite having Spanish blood,
are barely treated like human beings
all because we were born here.
I can't contradict that.
The kindest among us, Father Pedro Pelaez,
was ill-fated,
buried by an earthquake.
And the good Governor-General,
replaced by a dictator.
Now, tell me Father, aren't we
an ill-fated and cursed people?
my students might get implicated.
Paciano, Buencamino all of them.
They'll say,
that it was you who brought them bad luck.
Romans 8:18.
Our present suffering,
cannot be compared,
to the glory that will be revealed to us
I don't believe in bad luck, Pepe.
Everything is
part of God's plan.
It pains me to think,
that it is God's will
for us to die in the garrote.
God's will?
I know there's a reason.
It is our duty as priests
to bring people closer to God.
In the midst of darkness and evil,
it is our responsibility to care,
for the light of His goodness.
That's what we offer our lives to, Pepe.
To the light.
I hope our death may be a spark.
For the light.
For the light.
He reconciled the world to himself
through the service
of the Church
grant you forgiveness and peace
And I absolve you of your sins
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!
I am not asking you. I am telling you.
They are nothing more
than condemned rebels.
We have to take off their cassocks.
But they are priests, Your Excellency.
I cannot strip them of their cassocks.
Isn't their execution enough?
there are only 300 Spanish soldiers,
against a population of 8,874 Indios.
Did you know this?
If you don't believe me,
here is the information from de la Torre.
Three hundred Spaniards
against 8,874 indios.
If they had succeeded
in Cavite and Manila,
the rest of the country
might have followed.
Your Excellency, with all due respect.
You said it yourself.
Three hundred Spanish soldiers
against 8,874 Indios, you say?
If the natives wanted to overthrow us,
they would have done so a long time ago.
Most Indios will not rebel,
because we,
the Church,
have taught them to be obedient.
Perhaps the friars have.
But your "Filipino" priests,
are causing trouble.
They preach the gospel, Your Excellency.
No, Archbishop.
Every time they put on a cassock,
they teach the indios that they can be
more than what they were born to be.
I'm sorry, Your Excellency.
They will die as priests.
You will die as priests.
Brother, where are we going?
Well be back in Calamba soon.
We just need to pass by somewhere first.
Thank you.
But, Pepe,
let's keep this to ourselves.
Don't mention it to anyone.
Not even to our sister.
She's a tattletale.
But, most importantly,
make sure you don't mention this
in front of our father. Do you understand?
Yes, but where are we going?
We are going
to mourn.
I was deceived!
I was deceived!
I need to talk to the Governor General!
Traitor! You traitor!
I need to talk to the Governor-General!
My love!
My love!
- Traitor!
- You're a traitor!
Who are they?
They are martyrs, Pepe.
They are innocent,
falsely accused,
just like Mother,
who is now in prison
for something she didn't do.
I know that,
there is no leaf in a tree that can move
without the grace, of God.
Since He wants me to die in this place,
may His will be done.
We're innocent.
My great teacher!
Gentlemen, I forgive you
and may God forgive them as I do.
We didn't do anything wrong!
We are all innocent!
Why must we die this way?
He did nothing wrong!
- He did nothing wrong!
- He did nothing wrong!
- Is there really no justice in this world?
- He did nothing wrong!
Even Christ Himself was innocent.
Remember this, Pepe.
Remember it well.
- Long live Spain!
- Long live!
Long live Spain!
Long live Spain!
Enlightenment cannot be killed.
It stays alive as embers
in people's hearts
and its flames
Ready, aim
Fire it up!
grow more intense with time.
Words become stories
stories become images
images become dreams
and dreams become aspirations.
"Filipino" is no longer just a word.
It is a nation.
"Viva los Filipinos!"
Long live the Filipinos!