Gone Are the Days (2018) Movie Script

Go now!
Stay put.
Here you go.
One more.
- Virgil?
- No. It's Dr. Jenkins.
You get some rest.
I'll leave you that bottle
but you go easy on it.
I'll bring the priest in a few days.
Son of a bitch.
I don't know what to name that one.
Son of a bitch.
I gotta get out of here.
When I...
You look like a rotten weed.
- What?
- You heard me, Taylon.
You're a rotten weed.
Of course.
Now put that misfiring piece of shit away.
But I... thought...
You thought what?
My Lord.
It's all mine. Yeah.
How's Tantrum?
She's the best horse north
of the Mexicans.
That's good. Still ride him?
No, I walk him. That's all.
Doctor tells me I'm at the end
of my trail.
I think he's right.
But I am not going out like this.
Not a chance. Not here.
So? What'll it be?
I'm thinking about a bank.
A particular bank, I'm assuming.
Yeah. The very one.
But we need to do it right this time.
Jake still there?
Well, all right, then.
Gonna put up in the barn tonight.
Get some eggs going at sunup.
I'll cook them.
I miss him.
What you doing, old man?
Trying to kill yourself?
Why don't you give me a minute'?
Give me a chance
to get myself cleaned up here.
- You sure you're up for this?
- No.
I'm sure it's a bad idea.
But I'm going anyway-
Good enough for me.
Oh, yeah.
One bullet, huh?
Save the last bullet for yourself.
Well, then, you better not waste it.
I ain't gonna waste it.
So, we doing this today?
You okay in there?
- I got plenty of money.
- Take them.
It's gonna be dark soon.
Here, come on. There.
That's good. That's good.
We doing this?
Come on, man,
you can't take that tree with us.
Let's go.
Now, if you fall off that horse,
we're gonna have a big problem,
you know that.
Don't start. Let's go.
- Wanna race?
- That's far enough.
Something wrong?
Yeah, I forgot something.
What, like your damn mind?
Son of a bitch!
Let's go.
Won't waste it, huh?
I thought you were saving the last one
for yourself.
What were you shooting at?
I put a bullet into that tree.
Did you hit it?
You're damn straight I did.
looks like you did a hell of a lot more
than shoot one tree.
Yeah, I burned it down.
Oh, good Lord, Taylon.
I burned it all down.
The whole damn ranch?
- The whole damn thing?
- Well, it got out of hand.
- It what?
- The fire got out of hand.
I mean, I didn't mean
to burn down the ranch, for God's sake.
If I need more bullets,
I'll get them from you.
Like hell you will, old man.
I feel it's better this way
that you ain't got any.
I feel safer.
The whole damn thing.
The whole damn thing?
I tried to chop it down but I'm getting
too old for that damn nonsense.
I hope you're having fun.
The whole damn thing.
Come on.
Go, go. Let's go.
Just follow the light.
Wait, wait, where you going?
- Durango's this way.
- Going to Hesperus first.
What? Why?
Personal business. You coming?
Come on.
I won't miss it.
All right.
Hey, Tantrum.
Your friend crossed a while ago!
- What?
- Your friend, crossed a while ago.
Thought you'd wanna know.
How long ago?
Can't rightly say.
I don't remember crossing any creek
on that trail from Hesperus.
Water's change.
- So does the need to cross.
- Huh?
Just saying what I'm saying.
Whoa, whoa.
- You got to pay me.
- What?
You got to pay me.
I ain't paying you to cross no creek.
then you're not crossing this creek.
Maybe we got lost last night.
- I guess I'll just go around.
- Now look,
now you wanna get away from that place...
to get to that place, you got to cross.
There's no other way
to get from over there
to that place over there.
You got to pay me.
Did Virgil pay you?
Everybody pays. Now, coins will do fine.
They're no use to you.
They're only good for crossing.
- You hungry?
- No. No.
Yeah, you are.
That's not funny.
Oh, Lord.
All right.
Y'all get along now.
You have a good nap, old man?
Damn, you're slow.
I had to double back for you.
Where the hell are we, Virg?
On the road to Hesperus.
I don't remember any creek
on the way to Hesperus.
There ain't no damn creek.
- We're in the desert, Taylon.
- Yeah, that old river rat!
He just... He st...
I gave him the coins that you gave me.
So, I could cross the creek.
- He take them?
- Yeah, he took them.
- Both of them?
- Yeah.
- All right then.
- Shit.
- Storm's coming.
- Best get going.
See what you're made of, Taylon.
Don't tempt me.
Heidi, you in here?
Taylon, what you doing out in this?
What the hell you doing, Jaden?
I'm just giving a new pony a ride.
Where's Sam?
He died last spring.
You can talk to me.
I'm the new proprietor
of this establishment.
Where's Heidi?
- You... How long you stabling him for?
- I asked you a question.
Well, she's around here somewhere.
I'll tell her you're looking for her.
Can I get you a room'?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna need your pistol.
I'm gonna need your rifle.
That ain't gonna happen.
No one takes my guns off of me, nobody.
You can't stay in Hesperus
because new sheriff, new rules.
I'm gonna need it before I can give you
the key, and you can't stay in Hesperus
if you don't do it.
The only reason I'm gonna give you my gun
is I came here to see Heidi.
Make that happen.
Well, I'll arrange that.
You all right?
A bottle of your best.
Wanna dance?
No, no.
Tall glass.
God damn piano.
Piano, it's like tinky-tinky.
Have you seen my friend yet?
He's probably upstairs with a whore.
You know,
this is the only place to stay, so.
You all right, mister?
- Where's Heidi?
- Sam's daughter?
She's probably upstairs working.
What do you mean working?
Jade put her to work here
right after Sam passed.
That son of a bitch.
Where's my gun?
You looking for your guns?
- Give them back, Virgil. I need them.
- Calm down.
They took them from you last night.
Who's got them?
Don't know.
You have a fun night?
I didn't think you were up
for something like that.
No, I wasn't.
Who were you with last night?
- Some girl.
- A redhead?
Nope. Why?
Why are we here? Let's get going.
- I gotta give her something.
- Give who what?
Why don't you just tell her
she's your daughter?
I've been trying for 2O years.
Can't find the words.
I find out she's whoring.
I need some time to figure it out.
Well... I can't stay.
They don't like me much
in this town and...
I've already had my dance.
Tell you what.
How about I go on ahead,
-scout out the bank?
- Do that.
Good. Glad you agree.
Don't you go dying
before we get to Durango.
Go on, get.
I got... I gotta get some sleep.
Eat your peas, son.
Hurry up, hurry up! We gotta get laid
before we get outta them whores.
- Damn right.
- I haven't had a poke in damn near a week.
- Let's go.
- Hey, fellas!
We got young ins and a lady here with us.
You boys look new to Durango.
Hell, we are, we just come down
from the mine.
- Who's the old man trying to hush us'?
- That there's our sheriff.
Will McMullen's his name.
Used to be a Texas Ranger.
You don't say. A real-life Texas Ranger?
Well, hell. I gotta meet him.
Take it easy, now.
Hey. Hey-
What part of Texas you used to ranger?
The whole state.
Lived in San Antonio
if that's what you mean.
Hey, Tommy. You from them parts.
You ever hear of a Ranger
named Will McMullen?
Just wanted you to watch your language,
that's all.
I think the old Ranger is threatening you.
Watch yourself now.
- That right, old man?
- Yeah.
- You threatening me?
- Mm-hmm.
Ma'am, I will cover your dinner,
while you get your children
out of here now.
Let's go. Thank you, Sheriff.
Go on, get.
All right, you take it easy, partner.
I got a drink here.
Damn, that steak looks good.
Welcome to town, fellas.
It's a peaceful little town.
Sure, we got gentlemen that like to kick
the stink around from time to time.
But not while the sun's up.
Not around young ins. Not around women.
So, if you abide by the rules,
I'll be willing to forget about all this.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
What about you?
Okay, sure.
Now, you boys have fun tonight.
You make sure
that they're fed and watered.
- There you go.
- Much obliged, sheriff.
Y'all ever talk
about my past life again...
I'll kill you both.
- Understood?
- Yeah.
- Hmm?
- Yes.
Good day, gentlemen.
- You have my back, huh?
- You screwed it up.
- What now?
- That feller out on the ranch,
you told me to let you know
if anything changed and...
He's taken a turn these past few weeks.
Thought he'd pass
when I saw him the other day.
- How long?
- It's hard to say, really.
I told him I'd bring
the priest out in few days.
All right, then.
All right.
And he was mumbling something about a...
it was a fella named Virgil.
Just... rambling, I guess.
Well, I'm sorry, Will.
Sorry? He ain't no friend of mine.
All right then, Doc, you let me know
when he's passed.
Will do. You have a good day.
Wait till the darkness is over
Wait till the tempest is done
Hope that the sun shines tomorrow
After the darkness is gone
Finally amongst the living.
Heard you were asking for me last night.
Sorry, I didn't show.
Were you with my friend Virgil last night?
You weren't with him, were you?
I was surprised when Jaden
told me you wanted me.
Wanted you?
What the hell are you doing?
Nothing, I just...
thought I should clean up
for you before we get to it.
Isn't that why you're here?
Yeah, well...
I just wanted to come see you.
Hey, well, you're seeing me.
Yeah, and you're all grown up.
You're a woman now...
and I missed it all.
I didn't come to see you as a whore.
What right have you to say that?
Look, if...
if you're not here for a poke,
then you need to go.
I'm sorry, look, I just...
My head's not... working right.
Will you put some clothes on?
Put some clothes, please?
Jaden hates it when I ain't making money.
if you aren't here for me.
What are you here for?
Is this enough to get me through
to tomorrow morning?
- Right there.
- Yeah, yeah, sure is.
I need you to tell me where my gun is.
Jaden locks up everybody's guns
until they leave.
And where is he hiding under,
that son of a bitch,
under some kind of rock?
I don't know. But he ain't here.
Yeah, right, well, I am gonna kill him.
Well, what rock is that son
of a bitch under?
I am gonna kill him.
As sure as the sun rises in the morning.
You Okay?
You don't look so good.
I'll just lay down for a bit, then.
What you doing, Henry?
Look at that sum bitch.
He ain't no Ranger.
- Yeah, he is.
- No, he ain't.
Ma and I were in the eating place,
and these two miners...
they said that Will wasn't no Ranger.
You gonna believe dirty miners?
Our ma seemed to believe them.
We need to find out.
I say one of us tries to sneak
into that window...
see if he's got
a Ranger badge or something.
You can't do that. They'll hang ya.
If we find out he's an outlaw,
then they give us a reward.
Well, I ain't doing it.
Fine, I'll do it.
Make a hooting sound if he wakes up.
- Wait, a what?
- A hoot, like this.
- What's a hooting sound?
- How am I supposed to know?
He's really gonna do it.
- Not now.
- My ma's coming.
- What in God's name are you doing?
- Nothing, Ma!
- Ma, Ma, please, no!
- Ma'am.
No, Ma! No, please, Ma, please!
No, Ma! Ma!
Sally Anne, you get your fanny
over here too now!
Your bath is almost ready.
I'm sorry, kid? What was that?
You smell like a horse's ass.
Didn't smell it in the stables,
but now that we're not
surrounded by horse shit.
You Okay?
Medicine, saddlebags.
- You got a spoon?
- No,no.
- Okay, okay, okay, here.
- Give me.
All right, all right.
Enough of this.
No more of this.
Your bath is ready.
You don't have to be
so damn modest, Taylon.
I won't look.
I'll get you a bottle.
- Having fun?
- What the hell?
I couldn't have possibly said that better.
What the hell, Taylon?
I thought you had a place to be.
In fact, I thought we had a place to be.
- You tell her yet?
- Nope.
You know how long you've been here?
Do you...
You even know what time it is?
- What does that matter?
- Two days, Taylon.
You've wasted two days.
- Trying to get myself together.
- Well, you look together.
As much as possible, anyway.
I want to take Heidi to Durango, Virg.
Now, you know I can't be a part of that.
I'm aware of that.
I'll see you there, promise.
But what's your plan with her?
I'm gonna get her out
of this Godforsaken place.
But don't you forget...
we have a bank to rob.
I know we did.
Not until I found out she was whoring.
Whoring, Virg. Just give me a day.
All right.
I'll head back.
But I won't wait long.
And if I have to come back
for you, Taylon...
I will not be happy.
I'll meet you there, I promise.
I'll be there.
See you then and there.
You fucking him or feeding him?
That old man...
don't look like he could handle
a girl like you.
It's not like that.
He's a gentleman.
gentleman or not...
he owes for your time.
- He's good for it.
- Yeah.
Better be good enough to...
cover room and board.
Well, he's got enough.
You'll get paid.
My God, Taylon, I think you've been
in there long enough.
Can't tell if you're pruning or aging.
All right.
Here you go.
- Cheers.
- Cheers to you.
You still an outlaw?
Yep. Always.
You still riding Tantrum?
Yeah, always.
-was it Thistle? What is it?
- Twitch.
How's Twig?
- His name's Twitch.
- Yeah.
An absolute tear. Fat.
He eats his weight in hay hourly.
he's all I got, so.
I love him.
You know, you like working
with the horses so much down there,
why did you ever stop?
Still do.
after Dad got shot...
Jaden wouldn't let me work
the stables no more, and...
Wait a minute,
Jaden told me that he died...
he died passed in the spring.
Yeah, he did.
'Cause of the bullet to the back.
Well, who shot him? Who shot him?
- Taylon.
- Who shot him?
Taylon! Taylon? What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- Medicine. Medicine.
One second.
Wait... Wait, Virg!
Wait, Virg! No!
No! No, no...
No, wait! Virg! No!
Here, just one sip. Come on, come on.
Okay. Okay.
Okay, you're good.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
You scared the hell out of me.
Hey, Will!
Something unusual
about that fella out on the ranch.
What the hell's going on?
Well, don't know, really.
Brought out his medicine
and Father Murphy,
but the place was burnt.
Burnt? What do you mean burnt?
Just that. Nothing much left of the ranch.
Burned down.
What about the man?
What happened to the man?
Don't know, I mean,
we searched pretty hard for the body.
We didn't find anything.
No remains. His horse was gone, too, Will.
How long ago?
Just now. Came straight to you.
No, how long ago did the fire start?
Oh, that? I don't know that.
Why you so concerned
about this fella, Will?
I'll be back soon.
Time to go.
You owe me for your time with Heidi.
Since you been here,
she hasn't been with a single man.
Considering she hadn't paid her due...
I need to be compensated for her time.
And I think this is gonna cover it,
Your welcome here has extended itself.
But I wish you a good day, sir.
Let me lead you out.
You looking for your rifle?
let's do it.
Get the horses!
Let's go. Let's go, come on.
It's time to get back to work.
You gonna waste a bullet on him or am I?
Nah. He won't make it anyway.
He's dead.
Not yet.
What's he doing acting like this?
Your friend crossed a while ago!
He ain't gonna make it.
He will make it.
Everybody PHYS-
Did you take him into town?
I built you a fire
to keep you comfortable, friend.
God bless you.
He'll be in His good graces soon.
Abandoned everyone he loved.
Never should have crossed.
Even though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
Even though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil.
You're not there yet.
They killed my wife, Jake.
Why'd they kill my wife?
- Why?
- You took their money.
For God sakes, get on your horse and go.
- I ain't leaving that baby.
- They'll kill you and your little girl.
- I'll take care of her.
- You swear to God, Jake?
I swear to God.
You're no good to her dead.
What you doing, Heidi?
All right, come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Brought you Tantrum.
I'm sorry.
Morning, ladies.
What you doing in our town
at this time, Sheriff?
Well, I'm looking for Jaden. You seen him?
He ain't around.
- Out at his ranch?
- No.
One of the girls ran off last night.
He's got every man
in this town hunting her down.
- Which one?
- Heidi.
She beat him pretty good, too.
Tried to burn his stable down on him.
Y'all happen to see an old man kind
of peaked-looking
passing through town recently?
Yeah, he spent a couple days with Heidi,
and then Jaden and his men
beat him down and ran him off.
- Think he's dead.
- What's going on, Sheriff?
Well, I'm not sure.
Well, we ain't earned nothing last night
clue to all the men being gone.
You fancy a poke?
Good day, ladies.
Shouldn't never gone to Hesperus.
Don't start.
Well, what, you gonna just sit here
and die?
I say you get up and we go rob us a bank.
You know, I was gonna give her
all the money anyways... and the ranch.
Yeah, well...
I don't think
she'll want that ranch anymore.
- You look like crap anyways.
- Thank you.
Hey, you, in camp! I ain't coming in.
Just looking for someone.
Little redhead girl. You seen her?
Well, she pistol-whipped the saloon owner
in Hesperus, made off with his money
and his horses.
- We figured her for Durango.
- We ain't seen no one!
Now get the hell out of our camp!
Shut up.
Yeah, I saw her.
She was headed south towards Santa Fe.
- Santa Fe?
- Yeah!
That right?
That's right.
All right.
Well, we could just rob the damn bank
like I said.
Hey. Quit. I'm not gonna hurt you.
Back off. I'm keeping the money.
- I didn't come here for the money.
- Yeah?
- I was gonna give it to you anyway.
- Give it to me? Why?
That doesn't matter.
We gotta get you out of town.
Yeah, well, that's what I'm trying to do.
Stop it. Right now!
You go to that train station,
they will be looking for you there.
- Jaden's out for blood.
- Jaden's dead.
No, Jaden's not dead.
He's here in Durango.
I can't believe that bastard didn't die.
I mean, I smashed him good.
I burnt the stable down on him.
- You burnt him down?
- Yeah.
Why are you helping me, Taylon?
No, I left you to die.
We gotta get you out of here.
How? I can't... I mean,
I can't outrun the posse,
-and I can't get on that train.
- No, you can't.
No, I'm dead. I'm dead.
He's... He's gonna kill me. Yeah. No, no,
he's gonna worse than kill me.
If Jaden gets to me, he won't let me die.
- I'd rather get shot and die.
- No,no.
- Please, just do it! No, come on.
- You're not gonna die. Look. Give it back.
- What?
- The money, give it to Jaden.
Give it back to Jaden.
That's all he wanted anyway.
- No, no, he'll still come after me.
- Yeah. No, he won't. I'll see to it.
Just give it back. Take it to the bank.
- How?
- We gotta go. Come on, come on.
- Sheriff.
- What do you want, Jaden?
One of my whores tried to kill me.
Burnt down the stable
and stole all my money.
I think she's hiding in your town.
And she did all that for no reason?
- Give me that!
- I need my rifle.
- I won't have this in my county.
- Have what?
Well, let's just say shooting people
in the back doesn't go over so well
around these parts.
I don't want her to get away.
Well, I don't want anyone
to get hurt, you understand?
She will go before the judge.
She tried to kill me, Will.
And she may be with Taylon.
She did? Really?
Well, I'd be real careful.
Yeah, you might have a bigger fight
than you even know.
How's that?
Well, that fella she's with,
he is one mean sum bitch.
I'll be with you in a moment, ma'am.
How may I help you?
- I'd like to make a deposit.
- Okay, and your name?
I would like to put it under the name
of Jaden Pen...
Open that safe.
- Really?
- Taylon... is Wesley Flynn from Texas.
The same guy who tried
to rob our bank twenty years ago.
- Mm-hmm.
- Whose wife got hung.
How long you known that?
Far too long.
What the hell are you doing?
Shut up! Shut up, whore!
You stay put or I'll f... I'll finish you.
I'm only saying things once. Open this up.
Come on out. Yeah. Get the hell out.
Go on, get.
Now, we know what happened to Virgil.
But what happened to the other guy?
What other guy?
There were only two of them.
No, there was another guy
that rode with him in Texas.
If memory serves,
his name was Jake O'Malley.
- Well, I wouldn't know.
- You wouldn't know.
I thought you were a Texas Ranger.
They're from Texas.
It's a big state, Texas.
There're a lot of outlaws in Texas.
So I'm beginning to understand now.
Sheriff, you gotta hurry.
Roy, what... what is the matter?
You'll give yourself agita.
- What are you... What is the matter?
- The bank is being robbed right now!
- Damn!
- And at gunpoint!
- I think he's gonna kill her!
- What woman?
- Tall, pretty one. Fancy dress. Red!
- What color is her hair?
That's the whore, sheriff!
You stay... No,
-you stay outta this, Jaden. No, no.
- I need the rifle. I can help you.
- I don't need you in this. Shut up!
- I want to help you!
- Shut up and get out of here!
- God!
Go on! Get out, go on!
Come on. Come on, get up. Get up.
Find a hiding place and wait till you hear
the gunshots of them coming for me,
but be quick 'cause that train's
gonna want to get the hell out.
I don't understand.
You've always deserved a better life,
- Why are you doing this for me?
- Well, that's why.
We're running out of time.
You gotta go, now. Get, go.
- I won't forget you.
- Go on. Go.
My county, I'll handle it. Go on.
Hey! You kids! Get outta there!
Go inside now!
All of you, get off the street!
Get that thing out of here!
Where's your partner?
You told me to tell him to wait
at the train station.
Give me your pistol. Give it to me.
Go get him.
The whore's down here in the bank.
- Is that Jake out there with them?
- What?
How would that be Jake?
What the hell would he be doing up here?
I'm telling you it is, he's got that damn
Winchester pointed straight at us.
Yeah. Does he know it's us?
He will when he sees
that damn crooked smile of yours.
There you go.
You know, Virgil...
he's gonna kill you.
Yeah. I know.
Virg? I'm sorry I didn't go out front
with you.
I'm sorry I didn't die with you.
I really am.
I know.
But that's why we're here now.
So, let's get to business.
I think we could probably take them
all down this time,
even Jake and his damn Winchester.
We go on three.
- Wait, wait, Virg.
- Two! You ready?
Let's give them hell.
You don't need to do this, Taylon.
Is that you, Jake?
Of course, it's me. Stop this now!
You wanna see if he'll surrender to you?
- Do what?
- You wanna see if he'll surrender to you?
That's a good idea.
We both know
you're not gonna harm the girl.
So, come on out.
She'll be fine unless you try
to break in here.
- You don't need her. Let her go.
- Not until you hear me out!
Jaden is trying to kill the whore.
And all she did was give me back my horse
and my money.
She tried to kill me!
Stop firing! Stop firing! You too, Taylon!
He needs killing, Jake!
He shot Sam in the back!
You hear what I said?
Take it to the judge!
I promise you'll get a fair hearing.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
Jaden will never stop hunting her.
- She's not an outlaw.
- Nope. She ain't.
Ain't a whore no more either,
and that's because of you.
But you.
You are an outlaw.
Son of a...
Stop firing, damn it!
Damn it, Jaden.
- Looks like you took one.
- Yeah.
I think I took two.
Well... looks like
I'm gonna be seeing you soon.
- I guess so.
- Yep.
Try it again.
That rifle never worked.
This ends right here, now.
Try to take me in, old man.
Nobody gives a crap about us.
All right.
Wesley, I gotta take you in.
You still wanna do this?
I gotta get you to the doctor.
I didn't come to Durango for a doctor.
I didn't want it to go down like this.
No, I don't reckon you did.
I can't believe you shot Virgil.
I didn't even know it was Virgil.
Would that even have made a difference?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Good Lord, you look old.
I am old.
Where's Heidi?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't have to worry about Heidi.
She'll be okay, I assure you.
There's ain't no one
to go after her anymore.
Jake? You should've taken care
of my Heidi girl.
You should've taken care
of my Heidi girl, Jake.
- Sheriff?
- Not now.
But he said to give these to you now.
- Who?
- Him.
Everybody PHYS-
You gonna go get him, Sheriff Will?
You just gonna let him get away?
Shouldn't he have to go before the judge?
All aboard!
Sheriff Will. Shouldn't he have
to go before the judge?
That's where he's going.