Gone by Dawn 2: Dead by Dusk (2019) Movie Script

You got me so nervous
'Cause you are so perfect
I'm down on my knees
And I'm telling you
I just want you so bad
I just want you so bad
I just want you so bad
Want a dance honey?
I'm broke.
You girls cleaned
me out tonight.
Maybe next time.
And she prowls
just like a tiger
Feel heartbeat
Are you lost doll face?
If you're looking for a job,
I can get the manager for you.
I'm looking for Roxy.
You just missed her.
Grab a table and I'll get her
to pop by when she's free.
Well, available.
She's never free.
Hi Scoobies.
The way I turn you on
You miss this kiss
These empty lips
This ass these hips
These empty lips
This ass these hips
You miss this kiss
This ass these hips
These empty lips
This ass these lips
You miss this kiss
Who's the babe?
I don't know, she just came in.
Looks like it.
Hopefully she's
just passing through.
Her type's bad for business.
How do ya figure boss?
Customers should never be
prettier than the dancers.
You miss this kiss.
He's ready for you love.
There's a girl out
there waiting for you.
I don't do girls.
Yeah right.
You don't do girls?
You know what I mean.
Well, I don't think she's
here to get rocks off.
Rocks off, you get it?
So is she.
She's sitting alone.
Can't miss her.
See what she wants and get
her the hell out of here.
She's gonna be bad for business.
Hope you saved room for desert!
You said that death
is gonna come again
I ask why
Ooh, for me.
Oh my. You said you want
My family and my friends
I ask why
Hey big spender.
You, I have a gift for you.
Oh really, what is it?
It's a cherry.
I'm gonna open back
your lies within
Don't ask why
Oh you're so fucking hot.
You can't kill again
Don't ask why
Come back here.
I'm gonna sing to keep
myself from the wall
So you can't reap so shut up
What do you have for me?
What is this?
Is that a knot?
Someone get a light
on this motherfucker,
I'm gonna take him home and
fuck the shit out of him!
Can I help you?
You're Roxy?
Yes, you are?
I'm a friend of Allana's.
How is Allana?
I haven't spoken to her...
She's in trouble.
She thinks you might be too.
What are you...
She sent me here to warn you.
Warn me about what?
You're supposed to come with me.
She's waiting at the diner.
She said you'd know the one.
She's in town?
She dropped me off.
Said she couldn't come in
on account of what
happened here.
She told you about that?
You said we were in trouble.
What kind of trouble?
She got a note this morning.
Said they'd knew what she'd done
and they wanted
their money back.
You sure?
I saw the note.
It was attached to this.
Is that a cat.
The office mascot.
One of Allana's first patients
when she opened the practice.
A stray that was half
starved to death.
Now look at it.
Starving would have
been a lot better.
She figured anyone sick
enough to do this was serious.
So we got in the car and
came as fast as we could.
How did she know I'd be here?
Your booking agency
lists all their dancers
and what clubs
they're dancing at.
I mean she tried calling, but...
Sorry, I'm in an on again,
off again relationship
with my cellphone provider.
This month we're
taking some time apart.
We should get going.
I don't wanna make
Allana wait anymore.
I need to change.
Be right back.
Then you'll be believing
A dark place,
recognize the signs
People die here the first
I don't wanna bring you down
It's gonna take
you away from us
First man, it's
what I understand
When you're back
and breathing
Then you'll be believing
Nothing's like us
A dark place, recognize
signs of the dark world
Said I'm gonna
bring you down
Nothing's gonna take
you away from us
You ask, we're the
Devil's disciples
A point blank range
the size of a vie room
Bleeding that you're
make believing
Nothing like us
It's the end of the years
Roxy, where the fuck do
you think you're going?
Personal matter.
Fuck that.
You still have three
hours left on your shift.
Look, I'm sick okay.
I've been in and out of
the bathroom all night.
Do you want me to
shit in some guys lap?
Just leave me a sliver
of fantasy, please.
It's bad enough
the dressing room
always smells like farts.
Come on Will.
Alright, go.
Get out of here.
So how ya feeling
Knowing that the
That was fast.
I take my clothes
off for a living,
I can put 'em on just as fast.
Better not let it pass
This moment
This is me.
Allana said you have
a thing for trucks.
You never know when you
might need to move in
the middle of the night.
Okay, how far is the diner?
Not far, but we have to
stop by my place first.
For what?
If we're in danger so is she.
So lucky
You found me
Now we're two hearts
We'll be as one
I'm so lucky
I got lucky with you
I'm so happy
I got lucky
I keep winning
when you're around
I'm so lucky
I got lucky, lucky with you
You have the same
look on your face
that Allana had the
entire drive from Chicago.
Yeah, what look is that?
What the hell did you
guys get yourselves into?
I thought she told you?
Just that some
club manager raped her.
You helped to make it right.
This doesn't feel like right.
It went to shit.
Big time.
But I thought we were okay.
From the note, I gather
you stole some money.
Allana didn't wanna
talk about it either.
You know, she tried really hard
to put that night behind her.
Me too.
I guess you wouldn't know
it looking at me huh?
Allana couldn't believe
you'd come back here.
Why did you?
I needed the money.
What happened to your share?
I made some bad investments.
That's all behind me now.
She must've run out.
I'll get her to meet
us at the diner.
I'm just gonna
grab a few things.
Is this Maggie?
We were connected
after she helped us out.
Just friends the
first couple years
and then I got into a jam
with the latest Mr. Wrong
and she helped me out again.
One thing led to another.
We've taken a page out
of Allana's playbook.
I'm just dancing while
Maggie finishes school
and then we're
selling this place
and moving somewhere warm.
Maggie has family in Texas.
Sounds nice.
I'm just gonna grab
my overnight bag.
Oh my god.
Roxy, we have to go.
They could be back any second.
We need to go!
We can't just...
Roxy, no wait!
It's a crime scene!
You can't touch anything!
Okay, we'll call the police,
they'll know what to do
next, but we need to go.
Okay, now!
Come on!
I killed her.
Who killed her?
How the fuck would I know?
That's it.
I'm telling Allana
I wanna go home.
This is her problem.
I don't wanna be involved.
How did you get involved?
Who are you!
I work for Allana.
As a vet assistant.
I open mail every morning
and this morning...
Yeah, they killed your cat.
And now they killed Maggie!
That escalated quickly huh!
But it doesn't explain
what you're doing here!
Allana thought that I
might be in danger too.
If they were
watching the office,
it's a small practice.
Just me and her and...
She thought that they might
hurt me to get to her.
But that's crazy.
I don't know
what's crazy anymore.
Until we figure out
who's behind this,
we don't know who
they might target.
Wait here, I'll grab
Allana and then we split.
Tweet tweet
Tweet tweet
He rocks in the tree-top
all the day long
Hoppin' and a-boppin'
and a-singin' his song
All the little birds
on Jay Bird Street
Sit wherever you like,
and I'll be right with you.
Rockin' robin
Tweet tweet tweet
Rock, rock
Rockin' robin
Tweet, tweedle-lee-dee
Blow, rockin' robin
'Cause we're really
gonna rock tonight
Hey, need a place to sit?
Reserved just for you.
They started goin'
steady and bless my soul
He out-bopped the
buzzard and the oriole
He rocks in the tree-top
all the day long
Hoppin' and a-boppin'
and a-singin'
Excuse me.
I'm looking for my friend.
Pretty girl, brown hair,
would have been alone.
We haven't had any single
girls come in tonight.
It's a bit of a rough crowd.
It tends to scare 'em off.
Where's Allana?
Not here!
Are you sure this
is the right diner?
This is the only diner.
Allana and I would come here
after our shifts sometimes.
The club is only
a couple blocks.
Okay, but she said to me that...
Call her!
Tell her to meet us
at the police station
and it's too dangerous
to meet here.
It went straight to voicemail!
Oh fuck!
You don't think that
they have her too do you?
That settles it, we
are going to the cops.
You sure you wanna do this?
Allana said she
doesn't trust them.
What choice do we have?
What are you gonna tell them?
They're gonna wanna
know everything.
Not a thing about that night.
But it's all linked.
You know it is.
Just let me think.
What's wrong?
I changed my mind.
You wanna tell me
what that was all about?
I changed my mind.
That cop, I know him.
He used to hang out at the club.
He's a real piece of shit.
Okay, and?
The Sheriff used to
work for these people.
What if he wasn't the only one?
Shit, you don't think.
I don't know what to think,
but maybe you had
the right idea.
Maybe we need to lay low
until we figure this out.
Okay, so where do we go now?
I know a place.
Can I help you?
A room please.
Just yourself?
And a friend.
I'll give you our best room.
How many nights?
Just tonight.
Is it possible to get
something in the back?
As far from the road
noise as possible.
You want privacy.
Just fill this out.
The rate is 89 bucks a night.
How will you be paying?
I need to see some ID.
Drivers license is fine.
I'm gonna take a quick shower.
Are you gonna be okay?
Oh shit, of course
you're not okay.
Come over here.
I can't believe
she's really gone.
It's all my fault.
It is.
I got her involved.
The way that Allana tells
it, you didn't have a choice.
No, there's always a choice.
Shit, why didn't I warn her?
When you warned me
why didn't I call her!
Roxy, she was
probably already gone.
Do you think she suffered?
Where she was shot, she
would have died instantly.
Where she was shot,
that's exactly where
she shot Crystal.
She shot?
It's a message.
It has to be.
Someone knows.
Someone knows.
You got to be careful rockstar.
I'm always careful, you know me.
Won't even let 'em touch.
That's not what I mean.
In the tub Rox.
It's Allana.
Allana, thank God,
where are you?
Allana can't come
to the phone right now.
And if you ever
wanna see her again,
you'll listen carefully.
What did you do to her?
Which part of listen
didn't you understand curly?
I can send her back in a
cardboard box if you'd rather.
No, no, please!
Please don't hurt her okay.
We're listening.
Is Roxy Myers there with you?
Yeah it's me you son of a bitch!
You are not gonna get
away with killing Maggie!
I've gotten away with worse.
Fuck you!
I can see we've
gotten off on the wrong foot.
Maggie's accident in
the tub was unfortunate.
But now it's time to
think about Allana.
Poor, pretty, Allana.
What do you want?
Nothing unreasonable.
We just want our money back.
All 900,000.
You think I have
that kind of money?
You must be crazy.
I think you're
a very resourceful girl.
You'll think of something.
Yeah, 50,000 lap dances.
Pity you don't
have time for that.
I can only give you three days.
I'll be in touch.
I wasn't involved
in any of this.
I just want to go home.
Think of yourself as
collateral damage Ms. Stahl.
What does that mean?
It means Allana is
estranged from her family,
so, you're the closest thing
to a loved one she has.
We killed Maggie to ensure
we had Roxy's attention.
We'll kill you if Allana
needs similar prodding.
Or, we'll kill her and
cut out the middle man.
Not married to any one
plan at this point.
This is funny to you?
Not at all.
But if you don't enjoy your job,
what do you have?
I'll be in touch.
He's gonna kill us.
All of us!
Sucks to be us.
Are you serious?
About as serious as he was.
What was that call about?
What do you mean?
We have to presume
he's been planning
this for a while, right?
Watching us.
I guess.
Then he's got to
know that asking us
for 900 grand is like
asking a dog to drive a car.
Unless you're secretly
the heir to some fortune
and work as a vets assistant
for shits and giggles.
I'm no heir.
I can't, I have about
20,000 in the bank.
The pads worth a
couple hundred but
it's in her name not mine
and it'll go to her kids.
She has kids?
Three, all grown.
Two in college in Texas.
So if they were
gonna kill one of us
it should have been me!
Then we have no choice but
to go to the police Roxy.
That is the one thing
I'm sure we shouldn't do.
Why not?
Because he didn't warn
us not to go to the cops.
That's kidnapping 101.
No cops, no marked bills.
Okay, I'm not following.
He didn't warn us
not to call the cops
because he doesn't
care if we do.
They someone on the inside.
She hasn't been dead long.
Who found her?
Said the door was wide open.
They hear the gunshot?
Got a couple uniforms canvasing,
but so far no one's
heard anything.
You figure the
shooter used a silencer?
Do you mean like
a professional hit?
Looks like it.
Who is she?
The apartment's
owned by a Maggie Tucker.
Part-time dancer,
full-time student.
That fucking club.
Do ya think?
Did she live alone?
One roommate, female.
We need to find her.
Anyone call the coroner yet?
Yeah, he's
coming from Milwaukee.
He'll be here in an hour.
Let's go.
Any luck?
As usual, no one heard a thing.
You get to every door?
Pretty much.
Hey, crime scene asshole!
I know her.
The victim?
No, the other one.
Roxy Myers.
You asleep Roxy?
Not so much.
What are we gonna do?
Every instinct is
telling me to split town.
But Allana's as
good as dead if we do.
She's good as dead either way.
We can't get the money.
You said so yourself.
So let's forget about the money.
This isn't about ransom,
it's about revenge.
They definitely seem
to have it out for you.
I wasn't talking about them.
They killed Maggie
and they need to pay.
You have an idea?
I need to go out,
you want to come?
I suppose.
It's not like I was gonna
be able to sleep anyways.
You wanna tell me
what we're doing here?
For my plan to
work, we're gonna need
lawyers, guns, and money.
Just like that
Warren's Evans song.
You can always find
one of them here.
Maybe two if we're lucky.
It's been a long day
I do it my own way
And we got to problem
If anyone look at a
nigger the wrong way
I'm repping my city
The villains my birthplace
I bring the whole city
Y'all had it be shaking
just like it's an earthquake
Anyway drop
Snare on fleek
Your girlfriend she want it
I take it we're not
here for the lawyers.
So it must be for the money?
I'd never take
money from a dancer.
I know the things we
have to do for it.
Guns on the other hand...
Putting this one back.
Ever since that night, this
place has been an NRA wet dream.
Climbing charts
no parachutes
Ain't coming down
Bitch I'm the bomb and
I'm counting it down
Now that's what
I'm talking about.
You're the one dancer who
doesn't have her own gun?
The one dancer
assume that they do.
Come on, a hell of a
more shopping to do.
A night to remember
A night to remember
A night to remember
A night to remember
Niggers so cold
Like in December
Like in December
The middle of winter
It's been a long day
It's gonna be a
night to remember
A night to remember
A night to remember
Nigger so cold
Where fuck did you disappear to?
There's some big bald
dudes looking for you
and they're in Will's office.
Are you in some kind of trouble?
You got Bumstead
Bearster back there?
Yeah, how'd you know.
I saw his car in
the parking lot.
You mean the Beamer.
Wait, you must be
in some serious shit
if you need his help.
Give me five minutes with him.
It's your ass.
Can you make sure
we're not disturbed?
Ain't nobody getting past me.
You're gonna be your bad self.
Well alright.
Must be my lucky day!
Even better, on the house.
I just wanna ask
a few questions.
Ooh, I'm intrigued.
Ever represent any drug dealers?
Yeah, it's like
half my practice.
The other half is,
you girls.
Who controls the
drugs here in Stracony?
Depends on the drug.
Yeah, coke comes
in from Chicago.
Through Milwaukee.
I did say Chicago didn't I?
They must have someone local.
What's with this one,
she's not even dancing.
She's shy.
Who runs things
here in Stracony?
Well, she's creeping me out.
Ignore her.
Hey, I'm not answering
anymore questions
until this one starts dancing.
One dance won't kill you.
Fucking kidding me.
Yeah, and you know what,
lose the jacket.
What, are you expecting a
blizzard to roll through here?
You're the most covered
up dancer I've ever seen.
I'm not...
Not even clocked in yet.
We just got here for our shifts.
Ah, and you couldn't wait
to see your Uncle Stanley huh?
That's right.
You were saying?
I was saying,
she's still creeping me out.
Have her turn
around or something.
Much better.
Okay, old man Mazzato, he's
the top dog here in Stracony.
Nothing comes in unless
he knows about it.
Vinnie Mazzato.
But you don't wanna
mess with him.
It was his nephew
that was whacked here
about three years ago.
Some say he orchestrated
the whole thing.
No proof of course.
- You looking to score?
- I told you,
There's no one here!
Gotta go.
You look as good
going as coming.
You better not
be lying to me bitch.
There's nothing back here.
What's in this room?
Roxy run!
Son of a bitch!
Out of the way bitch!
Roxy stop.
What's wrong!
She was shot Roxy.
Shit, how bad?
I don't know, but we need
to get her to a hospital.
No hospitals!
She's right,
hospitals ask questions.
And that bastard
might be waiting.
Do you think you
can patch her up?
You're a vet aren't you?
Assistant Roxy!
That trumps Alura and me!
Oh fuck.
You got anything
for pain up there?
There's some aspirin
in the glove box.
No aspirin.
It's a blood thinner,
you'll bleed faster.
See, you do know
what you're doing.
Was hoping for something
a little stronger anyway.
Then we'll stop
and get something.
Jessie, what do you
need to help her?
An ambulance.
This one's spunky.
I can see why you like her.
Jessie, you know what I mean.
Okay, I suppose if
we went to the office,
I could extract the
bullet and stitch her up.
We had a Great Dane come
in shot up a few weeks ago.
So we go to Chicago.
Hells no.
If those guys knew to
look for you at the club,
how do you know they're
not sitting on the office?
I don't feel like
getting shot again.
You got a better idea?
One vet's office is pretty much
the same as all
the others, right?
Except I only have
keys to one office.
We're going to the vet
and the liquor store
and not in that order.
What do you drink?
I don't know.
When I wanna get my
dance on it's coolers,
but when I've been shot and
I wanna number the pain,
I don't know, whiskey?
Whiskey, got it.
Hey cash.
We have to assume they
can track credit cards.
Normally I don't like to pry but
what the hell have you
gotten yourself into?
Those guys at the club
weren't fucking around.
How many were there?
There were three.
They kinda looked
like brothers to me.
Big bald bikers.
Kinda reminded me of bears.
The three bears.
The one we tussled with
wasn't the biggest.
So let's call that
one mama bear.
There's a papa bear and
there was a baby bear too.
Baby bear, he's been
in the club before,
but the other two, I've
never seen 'em before.
You said they were
in Will's office.
Do you think he called them?
Nah, he doesn't want
their kind in the club.
I think he was scared of them.
Will, he doesn't scare easily.
Their kind?
He's worked hard to
clean that shit up
since what happened to Stag.
I'm sorry you got
dragged into this.
It's not your fault, his temper.
He slammed me into the wall,
called me bitch, and it was on.
I wanted to knock
that fucker out.
I know that feeling.
Shit, what is she doing?
I told her no plastic!
I think he's checking her ID.
She looks about 12, you
should of done it yourself.
Hey, I still get
asked for ID sometimes.
She is old enough
to buy booze right?
'Cause I can really use
some right about now.
Oh thank god.
How did you know
there wouldn't be an alarm?
There's no security plaque.
We're going for comfortably
numb, not unconscious, okay.
We still need you.
So what's next?
Assuming your little friend
can put me back together.
I don't know about you
but I need some sleep.
It's been a long day.
Come on.
Over here.
Well this sucks.
The sooner she starts
the sooner she finishes.
Are you sure you
know what you're doing?
Just let her take a look.
If it's real bad
we'll find a doctor.
Okay, I'm just gonna
pull your panties down
and get a closer look.
Just do what you got to do.
How bad is it?
Hold still.
My ass is one of my
best features you know.
I hope you can save it.
It's not that bad.
Really, it's just a flesh wound.
The bullet?
Back at the club.
Went right through here
and then out on the other side.
I'm just gonna clean it
up so it doesn't infect
and then I can bandage it.
Hear that?
You're gonna be fine.
You go on ahead, I'm
gonna grab a quick smoke.
I thought you were quitting?
It's not as easy as it sounds.
I'll just be a minute.
It's too risky Rox.
I left my bag in the room.
It has my cash.
You said they might be able
to track your credit cards?
Well Jessie put the
room on her card.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know not to.
It's okay, I'm not blaming you.
I'm just pointing out the facts.
I'll just be a minute.
What is it?
It's the three bears.
The three bears?
Now what?
I can't drive around all night.
I know a place where
no one will find us.
We can crash there, figure
things out in the morning.
What do you say Roxy?
We could really use some sleep.
Show us the way.
Well, make yourselves at home.
Whose place is this?
A friends.
He asked me to keep an eye
on things when he's away.
Oh, vacation?
You're sure no one
knows you're here?
Does it look like I
check up real regular?
Okay, so I'm gonna
take the master,
and you two can fight it
out over the other bedroom.
But just keep it down.
Flip a coin for it?
I'm just gonna take the couch.
You can have it.
Oh, hey Rox, wake up!
Ah, you just missed it.
The welcome to Texas sign.
We're here?
Another nine hours.
Texas is a big state.
You want me to drive home?
Nah nah, I'm good.
You look like you
needed the sleep.
I had a dream about Allana.
She decided to come
to Texas with us.
That's nice.
I've barely spoken to her since
I know.
She's been so busy.
First school and
opening her practice.
It's not just that.
We reminded her of things that
she didn't wanna be reminded of.
She's put it all behind her.
I'm really proud
of her for that.
I'm proud of you.
I didn't become a doctor.
Allana's not a doctor
Rox, she's a vet.
Still, she did what she said.
You know how many girls I've met
who said they were
saving money for college?
Just a story we tell ourselves
so we can feel better.
Not Allana.
She took the money and she
used it for something good.
Well, look around you Rox.
We're doing it too.
Hold your fucking horses!
Relax, it's just one of
Randy's idiot customers.
You're sure?
Yeah, put the gun down.
Is that my fucking piece?
Randy, open up man!
What's the matter with you?
People are trying to sleep here.
Well where's Randy?
And who are you?
Nevermind who I am.
Who are you and what
the fuck do you want?
Randy's not here.
Well where is he?
He told me to meet him here.
He owes me money.
I doubt that.
Randy's been gone
a couple of months.
I've been gone a couple months.
Didn't take huh?
What's it to you?
Why all the questions?
There's nothing here!
Randy isn't that stupid.
He sold his stash
before he reported.
What, did he join
the fucking army?
Where you're going if you
don't get the hell out of here.
You better put that down bitch!
Or what?
I was only playing.
Don't go crazy.
My friend asked you
to leave, get out.
Lots of places to score Max.
Just not here, not for a while.
Is he gonna go to the cops?
Nah, I think we're good.
But since we're
up, what do ya say
we make some breakfast
and decide what
we're gonna do next?
Car trouble you suppose,
in the middle of a field.
Sitting right on the seat.
Maybe they're hoping
someone would steal it.
Like an insurance
scam or something.
Jesus, is she, is she dead?
Stone cold.
I'll call it in.
You don't like them?
it's a little dry.
Hard to make buttermilk pancakes
without butter and milk.
I did my best.
You said you had a plan Roxy?
I do.
But you won't like it.
I don't like
anything about this.
I mean running, hiding,
getting shot at.
That was me remember?
So if you have a
plan to get Allana back
and get the hell out
of here, I'm listening.
I'm kinda curious
what I got myself into.
This is a revenge plot.
Plain and simple.
Maggie, Allana, and
I stole some money,
along with another girl
who double-crossed us,
and somehow some very bad
people have figured it out.
So, how much we talking about?
Oh shit!
Keep your panties on,
the money's long gone.
And they know it.
So why are they still
holding Allana for ransom then?
Maybe to flush us out.
I haven't figured that part yet.
Or, maybe they've
already killed her
and we move on to
part two of the plan.
Get the fuck out of town.
You can cut and run.
Wouldn't blame you
a bit, but I can't.
I'll listen to your plan first.
And then I'll cut and run.
If we wanna get Allana
back, we need leverage.
They took one of ours,
so we take one of theirs.
You wanna kidnap one
of the three bears?
Are you crazy?
No, the bears scare me.
I want to kidnap their boss.
You are crazy.
Those guys are mob,
and that means that their boss...
Stanley told me there's some old
man running things locally.
You don't believe anything
that ass clown says do you?
Stanley represents half
the scumbags in town.
He must do a lot drug cases.
Sure, we're
sitting in one of his
esteemed clients
places right now.
So who does he say runs things?
Vinnie Mazzato.
Old man Mazzato?
Yeah, you know him?
Yeah, you do too.
You probably gave him
like 100 lap dances.
Biker looking dude,
always sits in the front row,
tips really well, never touches.
Unlike some of the others.
The Hell's Angel looking guy,
that's Vinnie Mazzato?
Do you suppose Stanley's
right about him?
How the hell would I know?
I don't ask him
about his business.
What if we're wrong?
What if we're right?
This is a bad idea Rox.
I need to be sure
Vinnie's the one
before we go through with it.
Last time it didn't end so well.
The longer
we're out in the open,
the better chance the
bears have of finding us.
This won't take long.
Besides, she's a friend.
Can I help you?
Hey Shelby, it's
been a long time.
Is that you?
It is you!
You look different.
But beautiful as always.
Sorry to drop by unannounced,
but I really needed to see you.
Of course, come on in.
Inside I feel alone
This dark and lonely road
But if somehow
I lose control
Please forgive me
Lord and keep my soul
Keep my soul
Single mother raising
brothers in the projects
Living hard
No cheese no
government checks
Get it all with the
Hey, take your
break, I got this.
What are you guys doing here?
I'm here for a lap dance.
What do you think?
Bitches haven't turned up yet.
You think they'd come here?
This is the last
place they'll show up.
This one shot at them.
some of these other girls
might know where they'd go.
No way, the other
girls are off limits.
The old man said so.
Relax, we're not gonna
damage the merchandise.
This one,
he's a real lady killer.
That's reassuring.
Look, we got a job to do,
same as you huh.
And the sooner we get doing it,
the sooner you don't
see us anymore.
Look, it's hard
enough to get girls
to wanna come down here
and dance without you
guys roughing 'em up.
The last manager had
a bad reputation.
Stag was an asshole.
No one deserves what he got.
Listen, all I'm
saying is that no one's
gonna be able to help
you with Roxy here.
She's barely been back a month
and she keeps to herself.
What about the other girl?
There's no way she's
involved in this.
Probably scared shitless
and dumped Roxy the
first chance she got.
The bitch raised
her hands to me.
The old man said
I'd get that one back.
He promised.
You'll get her back.
But she may have to dance
with a bag over her head
for the first couple of weeks.
That wasn't part of the deal.
Look, we don't wanna do
anything to hurt the club.
That would be like
cutting off our own nose.
Why don't you give us some idea
where to start looking, huh?
We can be on our way.
Who likes Roxy enough
to shelter her
from the shit storm
that she has brought on herself?
Roxy didn't have many friends.
Except Allana and Crystal.
There was one girl.
Shelby Kyle.
But she hasn't worked
here in three years.
She found the bodies with me.
It scared her straight.
But she's tight with Roxy?
I wouldn't say tight, but
they were friendly enough.
Well that's a start.
this Shelby Kyle,
where is she now?
Last I heard, she bought a place
in Appleton and got married.
You got married?
Two years ago next month.
Belly button Rob.
Just Robert.
Of course.
Can I get you guys anything?
Coffee? Tea?
Sorry to drop in on you
but we really need your help.
Of course,
anything you guys need.
You don't suppose we could
borrow some clothes do you?
You're in luck.
I have two bags of
clothes I'd been
meaning to give to Goodwill.
You're welcome to any of it.
It's just inside the
door in the guest room.
Jessie, let's go
try on some clothes
and let the grownups talk.
Roxy, are you in
some sort of trouble?
You could say that?
What can I do?
I just need some information.
You were there that
night three years ago.
Yeah, I was there.
The Wisconsin strip
club massacre.
You told the
cops you saw Crystal.
Well, technically it
was Will who told them.
I just backed him up.
But I never said
anything about you.
Come on Rox, I knew you
were there with Crystal.
I recognized your
panties on Stag's doorknob.
You recognized my panties?
The purple ones.
They stuck out because
I remember thinking
they looked good on you.
I was gonna get a pair myself.
You knew.
But I didn't say anything.
Not a word.
After that night,
I never went back.
Do you think anyone else knew?
Will maybe?
If Will would have known,
he would've told the police.
But they were only
interested in Crystal.
What happened that night?
Stag raped Allana.
So we went to get even.
No one was supposed to die.
Crystal was crazy.
She killed Cop and Vince.
Stag raped Allana?
Then he got what he deserved.
We didn't mean to kill him.
You didn't kill him Rox.
He's doing a
10-year-sentence at Kettle.
No, that's impossible.
He bled like a stuck pig,
but the paramedics
found a pulse.
Then they found like
10 pounds of coke
hidden in the ceiling
so he got sent up.
Hey honey!
Is that you?
You look
Great I mean.
Can you go put on some coffee?
Five cups of coffee.
It's really good
seeing you again Roxy.
So tell me, where'd
you disappear to?
Did a bit of travel.
I needed the change.
I hear that.
Shelby and I are going to
Vegas for our anniversary.
Robert, do you mind
giving us some privacy?
Girl talk, you know.
Of course.
I have a bunch of work I have to
get back to anyways.
It was great seeing you again
and very nice
meeting you ladies.
If you need anything,
just give me a holler.
So, how'd you kids meet?
How did you not
know Stag was alive?
It was all over the news.
Allana and I
didn't stick around.
We drove for two days straight
and caught a flight to Mexico.
Wait, Stag is alive
and Maggie didn't tell you?
Maggie split town
faster than we did.
Hopped a flight to Europe.
Allana moved to Chicago
a few months later
and I ended up in Philly.
Okay, but you must
have heard at least
something in the club.
I've barely been back a month.
I clock in, I
dance, I clock out.
Dancers aren't nearly as
social as you might think.
You're back at the club Rox?
The latest in a lifetime
of bad decisions.
It's obvious then.
Stag is the one that's
behind all of this.
He has every reason to
wanna hurt you and Allana.
Why are guys so damned
attached to their balls?
I know right?
But why wait three years?
He's in max.
Can't be easy to do
anything in there.
How could he snatch
Allana if he's in max?
That's what we have to find out.
What can I do to help?
You've done enough.
Thank you for the
clothes and the coffee.
I wish I could do more.
No, this is my mess.
I'll clean it up.
Can I ask you something?
Robert says he never
goes to the club.
You haven't seen him have you?
Not once.
I'm sure he's never
seen Alura before either
and she's been there a year.
Why would he go
out for hamburger
when he's got steak at home?
Be careful Rox.
Okay, what's next?
I need to get
inside and see Stag.
That's crazy.
Crazier I mean.
Now I just need to find a
way to get a message to him.
Where's he doing his time?
Randy's doing his
time there too.
Want me to get him to
pass on a little message?
You're both crazy.
Occupational hazard.
Chris, nice to meet you.
Jessie's right you know.
Visiting the prison is crazy.
At least we'll know.
That's a high price to pay.
Wait, you don't think
Stag's behind it do you?
No, but I think
he'll know who is.
Now what?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
Jesus, hold on.
Who the fuck are you!
What are you doing
in Randy's place?
Dog sitting.
Randy doesn't have a dog bitch.
Okay good, 'cause I thought
I lost the little fucker.
Ha, ha, I'm calling the cops.
Oh, are you Randy's
friend or something?
I'm his girlfriend, who are you?
I'm just his friend.
He asked me to watch his
place while he was away.
Well why would he ask you?
You fucking him?
Not even a hand
job, I swear to god.
Is she fucking him?
Excuse me?
Rox, meet Randy's old lady.
Brandy and Randy,
that's adorable.
Don't worry,
Randy's not her type.
Oh yeah?
What's her type?
Well that doesn't explain
what you're doing in his place.
He asked me to
keep an eye on things
while he's doing time.
He gave me a key and everything.
He gave you a key?
Real exclusive club huh?
So what do you want?
Not that it's any
of your business,
but he asked me to keep
an eye on the place too.
If you're looking to score,
you're gonna be disappointed.
You don't know
Randy the way I do.
You'll clean this up?
You looking after
the place and all.
And water the fucking plants!
You need to see the news.
Police made a
grizzly discovery this morning
finding a body in
the trunk of a car
abandoned at a
local shopping mall.
The car reportedly belongs
to a Chicago Veterinarian
who is now missing.
Police haven't
confirmed if the body
is the missing vet
and have not released any names,
pending notification
of loved ones.
In other news, the governor...
Fuck fuck!
I knew it I knew it!
That's it.
It's cut and run time.
These guys are fucking around.
Did you not see what they did?
They killed Allana and now
they're gonna kill us Roxy.
If we run, they'll catch us.
What other choice do we have?
I have another idea.
Strip me
Of everything I ever had
Take me
And tie me to your waterbed
We talk
Your words drop like honey
Drink me
That evil monster money
This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you
This is what you get
This is what you get
When you mess with it
When you mess
Take off
Everything I'm wearing
Hey you
I'm fucking tired of caring
This mess
This is all you're doing
Who you think you're fooling
This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you
This is what you get
This is what you get
When you mess with it
When you mess with it
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Strange luck
Wishes become never true
This song
Everyone you ever knew
This is what you get
The guy who lives
in this shit hole
drives an $80,000 car?
Typical drug dealer.
Sounds like a lot
of strippers I know.
Oh not this one.
My place is bitching and
I will show it to you.
If we don't get whacked.
You know what to do?
My part's easy.
I still think you're
crazy for visiting him.
That makes two of us.
Not too late to make
a run for it hot stuff.
By the way, love the new look.
Now you're one of us.
What do ya say Jess?
You and me, we could be in
Cabo in a couple of days.
I can't.
Not after what
they did to Allana.
Besides, I want my life back.
Hair color and all.
Suit yourself.
Promise me you will
give me a heads up
if you do decide to cut and run.
I'm not going anywhere.
I need this money
worse than you do.
And if this plan works...
If it works.
later bitches.
This is what you get
This is what you
This is what you get
This is what you get
When you mess with it
This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you
Let's see if I've
got this straight.
You knew the victim in the tub.
You knew the victim
in the trunk.
And you know the first
victims partner, Roxy Myers,
who is missing.
Have I got it right so far?
Yes ma'am.
Sounds like you're
quite the expert
in the little strip club.
I've attended a
few functions there.
I'll bet.
Okay, let's hear
this theory of yours.
Well the murders three
years ago were drug related.
Everyone knows that.
Sure, and everyone thought
it was Crystal and Vince.
And that Crystal
killed Vince so she
wouldn't have to
share the money,
and the mob killed Crystal
when they found out.
But I think we got it all wrong.
How so?
What if Crystal wasn't
the only dancer involved?
What if Allana and
Maggie helped her?
Maybe Roxy too.
Why would they do that?
I don't know,
but I think the mob
has come to the same conclusion.
What proof do you have?
This morning I saw one
of their hitman in town.
You sure?
We questioned
him three years ago
and Crystal looked like his work
but there was
nothing linking him.
A mob hitman's in town.
Three mob hitmen are in town.
This guy I was talking about
is the middle of three brothers.
They always work together.
We got to find Roxy
Myers before they do
or we're gonna have
another body on our hands.
Do you know what to do next?
Yeah, head straight
to the Sheriff's station
and leave the truck
where it can't be missed.
You're getting the hang of this.
I could drop you off
at the prison first.
Leave you at the
bus station there.
Nah, they'll be looking
for the truck by now.
Safer to arrive by bus.
Slip in with the other women
visiting their bad choices.
Be safe Roxy.
You too.
See you back at the apartment.
Randy my man!
If you wanna make
some easy money, get in.
You wanna score or what?
You look different.
Less like a cunt
that I remember.
It's nice to see you too.
What do you want Roxy?
When I heard that
you wanted to see me
I didn't think you'd
be stupid enough
to show your face around here.
After what you did to me.
You shouldn't have raped Allana.
I should've killed
Allana and Crystal too.
Then I wouldn't be in here
and I'd still have my balls.
But you did kill Allana.
What are you talking about?
They found her body yesterday
in the trunk of her car.
Oh that's some shit luck.
For me.
What do you mean?
You honestly didn't know?
We don't exactly get
the latest news in here.
They're showing Joss
Night in the common room.
You didn't have her killed?
Her and Maggie.
Who the fuck is Maggie?
And how do you figure
I can have anybody
killed from in here?
Your drug connections.
Oh, you mean the
guys who blame me
for the 900 grand you took?
Dream on.
I'm surprised at you.
You're missing the
most important thing.
Why do you suppose I
didn't roll over on you
and Allana when the cops
questioned me in my hospital bed?
Until yesterday I
thought you were dead
so I haven't given
it much thought.
Then let me tell you.
I didn't roll over because.
I got this idea, this obsession
of what I'm gonna do to
you when I get out of here.
And I've been counting the days.
In case you're wondering.
So, when I tell you that
no one is more saddened
to hear about Allana's
untimely demise than me,
you can be assured
I'm 100% sincere.
Because whatever
they did to her,
it was a mercy compared
to what I had planned.
You should tell the guards your
rehabilitation isn't taking.
I've raped Allana, oh,
1,000 times.
You a few too.
Even though you're not my type.
When I got out of here.
I was gonna find Allana
and I was gonna rape her in ways
they don't even have words for.
I even still get
erections you know.
Maybe not like I used to,
but enough to start the job.
Finishing is the problem.
No nut to bust thanks to you.
I was gonna give it to her
the way that she deserves.
Some guys, they're to proud
to use sex toys to finish.
But not me.
Oh no.
I was gonna bring a bag of them.
Baseball bats, broken bottles,
maybe even a chainsaw.
You are a sick asshole
and I hope you're getting
raped in here every night.
Oh I'm nobody's bitch.
But you on the other hand...
I got to go.
Thanks for the info.
Take real good care
of yourself Roxy.
I wouldn't want anything
to happen to you
before I got out of here.
If you wanna kill me,
you'll have to get in line.
I'm not gonna kill ya.
That'd be too good for you.
I'm gonna rip your
clit off with my teeth
and spit it in your face!
Come on Roxy!
Come on!
Come on Roxy!
I'm gonna fuck you up!
You fucking me you cunt!
You slut!
Yes, I have some information
about the dead women.
My name?
I don't really feel
safe giving out my name.
If they find out.
Look, I'm just
trying to help okay.
I work at the diner, we
had three men come in
and I overheard
them speaking about
stuffing the girl in
the trunk of her car
and killing another
one in the tub.
I mean they could've
just been talking big.
You know?
But they were really
really scary looking.
No, no, I've never
seen them before.
But they kinda stand out.
Bald, big biker types.
One of them even said
they shot the girl
between the eyes in the bathtub.
No, no, I told you that I
don't wanna give my name.
Okay, maybe I
shouldn't have called.
I have to get back to work.
Find all the
answers you're looking for?
No way Stag is involved.
He wants us dead no doubt,
but he wants the satisfaction
of doing it himself.
As slowly as possible.
Guys and their balls huh.
You're okay?
I'm fine, you make the call?
Just like you said.
And left the truck where
they can't miss it.
And you found Mazzato?
Max led me straight to him.
It's a church on Maple.
I'm certain now
Vinnie killed them.
And tomorrow he pays.
Better pay a lot.
Is this just about
the money for you?
I'm a realist.
If you think those guys are mad
the first time Roxy robbed them,
just wait until
she does it again.
She's right.
We need to get as far as we can
as quickly as we can
and never come back.
And that costs.
I don't know about you guys,
but I don't feel like
eating boiled noodles
for the rest of my life.
Do you have a bolo out
on those Beaufort brothers?
Yeah, why do you ask?
Because there's two of
them in the parking lot
trying to break into a truck.
Show me.
This was so much
easier with Stag.
He does it to himself.
Max says the old man
never touches that shit.
Give me a syringe Jess.
I can't believe I let
you talk me into this.
Drugging the old man?
Using a full dose
of epinephrine.
If I get a bee sting
now, I'm done for.
It's in the middle
of winter dummy.
There are no bees.
Do you know how much
one of these kits cost?
I'll buy you a new one.
You got the wrong
idea detective.
My brother and I...
It takes some
balls to try to steal
a truck from a police station.
That's what I'm
trying to explain.
We weren't trying to steal it,
just get a look inside.
I swear, a friend of
mine had one just like it
get stolen last week.
I thought maybe
you'd impounded it.
Lucky for us.
So you didn't know it
belongs to Roxy Myers?
Roxy who?
And you didn't pay a
visit to her apartment
two nights ago and
shoot Maggie Tucker?
Shoot a woman?
What do you take me for?
How about Allana Styles,
that name ring a bell?
You hear that?
Me neither.
Let me see if
you're still laughing
when ballistics matches
one of those guns
we pulled off of you
to Tucker or Styles.
How long do you
figure on holding me?
You got somewhere
you need to be?
Thought I might get
a drink at the joint
across the street
if it's still open.
You might even join
me once you realize
what a mistake you've made.
Dream on.
It's about time.
I thought you forgot about me.
Where is Carl?
According to my sources,
you and your little brother
don't do anything unless
big brother tells you to.
Is that so?
It is.
So when I catch you
trying to jack a truck
in my parking lot, I
know Carl can't be far.
Shows what you know.
First of all, we weren't
trying to "jack" a truck.
It turns out it's a dead ringer
for a friends truck that
was stolen last week
and we were just trying to...
Get a look inside.
Yes, I already heard that story.
Just one problem.
The truck belongs
to a missing dancer
whose girlfriend was just
killed a couple nights ago.
That sounds like a you problem.
Could be.
Except you and your
brothers seem to
roll into town at
exactly the same time
two women end up with
bullets in their head.
Oh oh.
I thought you said the
other one was only missing?
Found a Chicago vet
in the trunk of her car.
You're from Chicago aren't you?
Along with about five
million other people.
What's your point?
Turns out, before she was a vet,
she was a dancer right
here in Stracony.
Every second girl in
Stracony is a stripper.
I wouldn't be surprised if you
climbed the pole
on your nights off.
I'm flattered.
But there is only
one club in town
and I'm told that
you and your brothers
used to be regulars back
when Stag ran things.
Before some crazy bitch
neutered him you mean.
A lot of coincidences
don't you think?
I think that even a
first year law student
could poke so many
holes in your story
that you stand a better chance
of being convicted than us.
And our lawyer is not a
first year law student.
Look at that.
That's probably him
now with my bail.
It has been a
pleasure detective.
don't take offense,
but only in a shitty
little town like this
could you be the lead detective
in a double homicide.
Run along.
Hey Rox.
He did that to you?
Jesus Rox.
You're stronger than this.
You need to leave
that piece of shit.
I've got no place to go.
Bullshit, you can stay with me
as long as you like.
Come on, let's get your stuff.
Let's get out of here.
Bad idea.
He's drunk and
looking for a fight.
When have you ever known me
to back down from a fight?
I'll come to your place but,
I'm too tired to get my stuff.
It'll still be there tomorrow.
you have to make them pay.
This maybe wasn't the best car
if you want to blend in.
Your truck is probably
impounded by now.
The car she arrived in
has a body in the trunk.
Randy's car would
stick out even more.
Whatever possessed you
to buy a pink Cadillac?
It's my cover.
I can't tell my mom
what I do for a living.
So I told her I sell cosmetics.
Yup, and I'm bitching
good at it too.
If anyone asks.
They don't give these
babies out to just anyone.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Ooh, not on the leather.
You'll be fine.
Just do the way we talked.
What if he's not here?
That's his truck.
Okay, but what
if he's not alone?
Max says he's always
alone this time of day.
This place is just a front.
They sell Jesus
like I sell mascara.
Okay, but what if he's just...
No more what if's.
Time to roll.
Should've taken you up on
your offer to run to Cabo.
Damn it.
You really
think she can do this?
What choice do we have?
The old man knows us.
We wouldn't even make
it through the door.
What if he recognizes her?
Bad dye job aside.
He wasn't at the club
by the time she was there.
If she doesn't
pull off her part,
I'm running Rox.
You can come or you
can stay, but I'm gone.
She'll do it.
We're closed.
I'm sorry.
My car broke down, could
I please use your phone?
It's freezing out here.
Alright, come on in.
Thank you.
I'd offer you a ride but
I got to be here all day.
That's okay.
I have Triple AAA.
Come, I got a
phone in my office.
Right, here's the phone.
Do you think you
could dial it for me?
My fingers are kind of frozen.
What's the number?
I don't care whose turn it
is, haul your ass on stage!
What now?
What can I do for you detective?
You missing some girls Will?
Something's wrong.
What is it Jess?
He's not breathing.
Okay, I gave him the
injection and he just dropped.
He's supposed to be...
He's not breathing!
I think I killed him.
You said that it would
just knock him out Roxy,
not kill him!
It didn't kill Stag!
Maybe he had a heart attack.
Okay, okay.
What do we do now?
We get out of here right now.
Not without the money.
We stick to the plan.
The plan?
The plan just died!
All the money that they ran
through the club comes here now!
You said so!
It's got to be here!
If there's any money,
it's in the safe.
He's not gonna give us
the combination now!
Well you did it
before with Stag.
Stag was an idiot!
He had the numbers
written right on the
wall for everyone to see!
So let's assume this one
isn't a road scholar either!
This would go a lot
faster if you two helped!
You know what, I'm gonna
go check the other room.
You guys check here.
Oh fuck.
What kind of fucked up town
gives a drug dealer
the key to the city?
Welcome to Stracony.
I found it.
This is different than Stag's.
Can you crack it?
Do I look like I can crack it?
Just do whatever
you did last time.
I told you, the combination
was written on the wall.
It's hopeless.
Just think Rox.
Some of the numbers
on Stag's safe
were worn more than the others.
That's what clued me.
Maybe it's not a code.
What do you mean?
Jess, go get me
the key to the city.
You don't think...
I got it.
- You did it!
- Oh my god.
See if you can find some bags.
How much do you think is here?
Maybe 300,000.
Not my biggest score, but
it'll get us out of here.
I will be damned.
You have missed your
calling Ms. Myers.
You can keep the
money, just let us go.
No one will ever know.
They'll know.
Of course they'll know.
Just like they knew you were the
one that popped Stag's safe.
Well, thanks for letting us know
where she'd be doll.
We owe ya one.
Oh, you owe me a lot
more than just one.
How could you do this?
They're gonna kill us.
You killed my aunt.
Call it even.
Crystal was your aunt.
Only family I had left.
And you killed her.
She tried to kill me and Allana.
Does it look like I care Roxy?
You fucking bitch.
I knew there was fucking
something off about you.
You never came here with Allana.
That was all bullshit.
You didn't even know her!
By the time
I made her acquaintance,
she was cold and dead,
and being stuffed
into her trunk.
She seemed nice though.
A little quiet.
You're crazy!
Better crazy than dead Roxy.
Well, I have a plane to catch.
Oh, you better shoot
that one again.
She's bulletproof.
Bye Roxy.
Let's get it over with.
Not here, come on.
Let's go downstairs.
We made it Rox.
Hair of the dog.
To us.
I thought that we
could visit the Alamo.
Oh and the Riverwalk.
The guidebook says it's
the jewel of San Antonio.
Oh, now look what I've done.
That was very careless of me.
I guess maybe my hands
aren't as steady
as they used to be.
Well now.
What a waste.
Please, please.
I just want you to know
that I take no pleasure in this.
Please, please.
Making an example of
you is one thing, sure.
But this,
this is...
Please god.
Stag was very particular
about how this goes.
No, no, no!
He was very specific.
My god.
But I take no pleasure in it.
Stay with me Rox.
Stay here.
You need to leave now.
Take that money and go.
Not without you.
I called 9-1-1, the
cops will be here soon.
I need a doctor okay.
A real one this time.
I can tell them what happened.
They'll seize the money!
And then this'll all
have been for nothing.
You take that car
and you get gone.
I'll join you as soon as I can.
Go, now!
Picture if you can
A lonely smile of memories
Feel the hand in
yours so soft and warm
And torn away
Don't let it slip away
From you
Don't let it chip away
At you
When you're on the run
Don't burn daylight
I'll run down
Don't burn daylight
Seen the sun come up
A sleepless night
And early dawn
Picture if you can
Her lonely smile
That is torn away
Don't let it slip away
From you
Don't let it chip
away from you
Picture if you
can a lonely smile
And time erased
When you're on the run
Don't burn daylight
I'll run that gun
Don't burn daylight
Don't burn daylight
Don't burn daylight