Gone Kesh (2019) Movie Script

- (Train horn)
- (Birds chirping)
(Traffic ambience)
(Birds chirping)
(Traffic ambience)
ENAKSHI: Every town in the world, has its
own story. That's what I've heard.
And every story...
...has a town somewhere
at the heart of it.
Stories about people.
Stories about their relationships.
And stories about a life being lived!
This is the town of our stories.
(Cycle horn)
(Cycle horn)
ENAKSHI: And this is our home.
What I mean by ours is,
my mother, father...
...and me.
(Background music)
The person whose name is written on...
...all these certificates?
That's me.
Enakshi Dasgupta.
There's so much happening in
the kitchen since morning.
We're cooking lamb today! That's why.
Because it's the first time that a
boy's family is coming to see me.
For my hand in marriage.
Have some, my child.
Please have some.
- Please, do have some!
- Of course, you keep it for now!
Did you know?
Anup sir here owns...
...a watch shop in Hong Kong Market.
His is one of the oldest establishments...
...in Hong Kong Market! Isn't it?
The shop may be old, but our watches are
always the newest and most modern ones.
Our stock comes directly from Hong Kong.
And our Prasanjeet sir here...
He has an electronics shop at Sevak Road.
It's really successful,
it's always crowded!
All my stocks are made in China.
Where in Sevak Road?
- Do you know Vishal cinemas?
- Of course.
There's a wine shop right in front of it.
Sushma Wines!
Just take a right from there.
Sushma Wines?
The one next to Lovely Beauty Parlour?
- Yes, yes.
- Yes, that's the one.
My wife is a regular customer over there.
At Sushma Wines?
At the beauty parlour.
Oh! Alright, yes.
Mrs. Sushma is quite unhappy these days.
Poor lady.
She's involved in a court case right now.
She opened up a wine shop,
that too, next to a beauty parlour.
As soon as the sun sets,
the drunkards show up, get drunk...
...and stare at the ladies
going to the parlour.
That's the kind of
beauty parlour you go to?
I go in the afternoons!
I've heard that Enakshi dances quite well.
She's wonderful at it!
- She has a lot of certificates for it!
- Yes.
Then we'll definitely come to see
Enakshi dance one of these days.
Absolutely, you will have to come!
Would you dance to
'Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan' please?
Have one, won't you?
(Birds chirping)
- Yes?
- Search for an auspicious day now.
There's something important
that I had to discuss.
With you.
We'll get plenty of time to
talk, Mr. Anup.
Enakshi, my dear!
First tell me, are you a vegetarian?
You didn't even touch the mutton!
The thing is...
...I'm not allowed to eat mutton.
The thing is that the
doctor has told Enakshi...
...to refrain from eating lamb,
oil and many other things.
Oh! Her cholesterol must have gone up!
No, it's not her cholesterol...
Enakshi's hair...
...falls down a lot.
She has very weak hair, so...
- all of these things make it worse, so...
- Oh, what's big deal?
My child, use coconut oil on your hair.
It'll all get better and
your hair fall will stop.
It's not what you're thinking it is.
They must be falling when
she takes a bath, right?
Mine fall down too. What's the big deal?
And with the grace of God,
we don't have white floors in our home.
Even if the hair falls down sometimes...
...nobody will notice. Right, mom?
Mr. Anup? Mr. Anup?
- Mr. Anup?
- Yes?
Let's finalise this relationship.
Priest, find us an auspicious date.
I'll just check the
horoscopes and tell you!
- Priest!
- Hmm?
Tell us if there's a date
in November or December!
The weather is absolutely wonderful!
She's absolutely right!
Vishroop can wear a thick tuxedo as well!
He won't feel hot at all,
and the groomsmen will be happy too!
And we...
(Paper rattles)
- That was surprising! Priest...
- Yes?
...couldn't you have told us
earlier that the girl is bald?
Even I didn't know that the girl was bald!
I've just found out that the girl is bald!
Thank God we found out early enough.
Alright, let's forget and move on.
Don't worry, I'll find you another girl.
'GONE KESH' (Gone Hair)
(Upbeat background music)
"Watch out for me,
Im dancing with my heart."
"Adorn my ears with jeweled earrings."
"Its my day to dance and I wont stop."
"The love I have, it wont shy away."
"Its time to dance so come one come all."
"Its time to dance so get ready to rock."
"This girl dances up a storm."
"This girl charges up my heart."
"This girl looks like an ethnic cat."
"This girl will knock you flat!"
"See the beauty of love,."
"It makes every colour beautiful."
"Hear the tunes of happiness,."
"Our girl sways and dances to them!"
"Don't go falling in love so
fast, hold on crazy girl!"
"Give our words a listen
too, hold on crazy girl!"
"Come dance!"
"Come have fun!"
"Come dance!"
"Everybody come on, let's dance!"
"Oh! Put away your shyness."
"Come, show me how you dance."
"Else you have to pay the price!"
"Empty your pockets and have fun."
"Bring me your riches from far and wide."
"Open your heart and
give me a dream wedding."
"Don't go around talking
and making up stories."
"Come on and show me what you're made of."
"Your demands will never end,
there's no cure for you."
"The way you twist your waist,
makes every heart move for you."
"Hey girl!"
"This girl dances up a storm."
"This girl doesn't even catch a breath."
"This girl looks like an ethnic cat."
"This girl will knock you flat!"
Don't you have to go to work?
I'm seeing yours and dad's
dreams come alive in my dreams!
The same dream?
I was singing and dancing
in Punjabi this time.
Come on, get ready. You're getting late.
Have a dream or two in English next time?
Are there any other
colours or shades in this?
Ma'am, you should see this one.
This is the trendiest one right now.
And your complexion is quite fair...
...so it'll look wonderful on you.
How does it look?
Didn't you buy one last week?
Is it finished already?
You eat up half of it from my lips!
I'll take this one.
- Okay, please pack this one.
- Sure ma'am.
Ma'am, would you like
to see something else?
Shampoos, creams, face-packs?
There's a discount on
whitening clay as well!
- Next time...
- Sure.
- How much?
- One fifty.
Thank you madam!
- Shall we?
- Let's go.
What happened?
What are you thinking about?
There's a dance competition in the mall.
I'm thinking of participating in it.
It's the only thing I've cared
about since I was a child.
Dancing. And I'm doing
everything except that.
I'm selling shampoos,
lipsticks and creams!
(Birds chirping)
- Pri?
- Yes?
Are you going to sell lipsticks your
entire life or will you ever wear them?
Look at him, he's ready to eat it up.
I'd rather get married
than deal with that!
You'll get nowhere by
dancing, just get married.
Srijoy's been mad about
you ever since college.
See, he's still looking at you.
He's a manager at the shoe shop.
He's straightforward and always stands...
...at that spot to steal a
glance at you after lunch.
Hey! I'm telling you, he's a nice guy.
You should snatch him up, before...
...he moves on to somebody else!
(Cellphone ringing)
Yes, mom?
Have your medicine.
And, Mr. Ram?
When did you get back?
You took a really long vacation this time.
I came back just yesterday evening.
(Chair creaks)
- In the evening?
- Yes, yes.
What train stops here in the evening?
Brother Anup, that's what we talked about!
That our Ram here has
come by plane this time.
The wife was insistent on...
...flying by plane once in her life
I had promised her and we went.
That's it.
It took us two hours to come from Delhi.
- In two hours?
- Yes, just two hours.
The second you sit in the airplane...
...the airhostesses
come and serve you food.
You barely finish eating your food,
and they make an announcement
on the loudspeaker...
...that your flight is about to land.
When the plane takes off,
there's a sudden turmoil in your stomach.
And when it starts to land...
...you have to put the
seatbelt on really tightly.
Because the flight dips like that.
The man next to us didn't
tie his seatbelt...
...and he went face first
into the seat in front!
I had a very good experience...
...peeing in the open skies.
- You pissed inside the airplane?
- Not inside the plane.
There's a small latrine
inside the airplane.
- Inside?
- Yes.
Then it must fall down from it.
Yes, that it does!
That's why they don't allow
you to use the latrine...
...during landing. There are
people walking around the airport!
What if it falls on them?
So, brother Anup?
You say it's your dream to
get on an airplane every day.
When will you sit in it?
Forget about airplanes,
he's not even gone on a train yet.
Nothing like that! I've sat in a train.
I've been in a train when I got married.
- Yes?
- We went to Kolkata for our honeymoon.
- Oh!
- So we did sit in a train.
I see.
Where will he find the time for a plane?
He's only closed the shop on
Sundays for the past thirty years.
I'll do it. I will.
Soon enough, I'll be on a plane.
I read this, you can read it now.
(Traffic ambience)
- Hi.
- Hi!
Taking an auto today?
What happened to your bike?
Bike's tyre got punctured last night.
Actually, it didn't get punctured.
The tyre was low on pressure.
It's just that...
...the local kids were
playing football at night,
and one of them kicked so hard...
...that the ball came
and hit me in the face.
- Oh!
- My phone fell down,
and I got a little angry,
so I deflated their ball.
I checked in the morning,
the bike tyres had been deflated.
(Vehicle approaches)
Shall we?
(Vehicle engine sound)
Does the wig fit properly?
Yes, auntie.
Do you take a bath with
the wig on your head...
...or do you wash it separately?
I wash it separately, auntie.
It's synthetic.
What? What is that?
Synthetic means,
the hair is made of plastic.
The wig that's made with real hair...
...is really expensive.
And it's not even made here in Siliguri.
We'll have to go to Kolkata for it.
No, no. The plastic one is fine.
How can you trust somebody else's hair?
You never know what caste
or religion they're from!
Do the people at your mall know,
that you're wearing a wig?
We won't announce it to the town, will we?
Except for the four of us, nobody knows.
I'm getting really worried about her.
How will she get married?
(Intriguing background music)
There are some things
that change in an instant.
And others, they always stay the same.
Like this mirror.
It's been the same since my childhood.
The only thing that's changed is me.
The mirror knows that I
wasn't always like this.
ENAKSHI: "I'm feeling
on top of the world!"
"And the sky is beneath my feet!"
"I walk ahead,
and the world is behind me!"
"I'm feeling on top of the world!"
"And the sky is beneath my feet!"
Enakshi, you're getting late for school!
ENAKSHI: Just two more minutes, mom!
"I'm feeling..."
This girl!
"And the sky is beneath my feet!"
Enakshi! You've been
dawdling for 20 minutes!
Get out!
What is so special about the bath?
Your father needs to bathe too!
The fair starts today.
Enakshi, come out now!
(Dog barking)
Mom! You don't even let me bathe properly.
- Lord!
- (Chuckles)
She's already taking so much time!
She'll spend all day doing
makeup when she grows up.
Who'll put the towel to dry, huh?
Lord! It's like a swimming pool in here.
She's totally jammed the drain.
(Water plops)
So much hair?
TEACHER: Difference between
island and continent.
Who knows the answer?
Sanjana! You tell me. What is an island?
An island is a huge land mass
surrounded by water everywhere.
Good. Sit down.
So an island is a huge land mass,
which is surrounded by
water on all four sides.
Listen! There's an island
behind Enakshi's head as well!
It's brown though. A brown island.
What happened?
There's a brown island
on the back of your head.
There's hair everywhere,
and a bit of land in between.
(Intriguing background music)
Enakshi, eat!
What did the pancake ever do to you?
Your father said he'll take you to
the doctor on Friday, after school.
For a week, I've been teased
and called 'Brown Island'!
- Brown Island?
- Yes!
Hair everywhere,
and a bit of land in the middle.
Look at it!
Now you see why the bathroom
was becoming a swimming pool?
I'll make this brown island
disappear in a minute!
- What are you doing?
- Just hold on.
- Dad?
- Hold on!
- What are you up to?
- Oh, just wait.
Put your head down.
The island is gone,
there's just water everywhere now.
And I should sit still the
whole day like a statue?
Shake your head.
See! The island is back.
So just keep putting some water and...
...changing your look. What else?
Is she supposed to keep changing her
look with water all day while in school?
What are you saying?
Take this.
The island has disappeared!
Don't put any water on it the whole day.
It happens because of dust and dirt.
We'll show it to the doctor on
Friday, it'll be fine.
(Cheerful background music)
Since when are you having hair fall?
It's been about two
weeks since it started.
Do they fall while you're
bathing or just like that?
There's so much hair fall during the
bath that the entire drain gets blocked.
Her bedroom is just filled with hair.
On the bed, on the pillows.
I've stopped her from
coming into the kitchen.
Some hair were falling into the food too.
Doctor, there's an island
forming on the back of her head.
An island on the back of her head?
My child, come here. Show me your head.
Just show where it is.
It's down here as well.
What are these black spots? What is this?
The kids at her school
were teasing her, so...
...I put some black colour over there.
It's a colour pen,
it'll come out with water.
Kids these days are getting naughtier.
(Clears throat)
Basically, this is a common disease.
It happens due to a calcium
and protein deficiency.
I'll prescribe some medicines for you.
It'll be fine in a few days.
It'll be fine.
It's been ten days since
the medicines started.
- There's no difference.
- Yes.
And her hair-fall has just gone up.
I don't know what's
happened to our Enakshi.
Should we go to another doctor?
Oh, my auntie came by this morning.
- Really?
- Yes.
I met her outside the shop.
Do you remember Mr. Ashok?
What's his son's name?
- Bunty?
- Yes! Bunty.
There was an island on his head too.
- Really?
- Yes.
Most of his hair had
disappeared a while ago.
When did this happen?
He had a full head of
hair a few days back.
That's what.
Meat, fish, oil, spices...
...he stopped eating everything.
Just carrots and gooseberry juice.
That's all.
He didn't go to any doctor.
His hair just grew back.
What's the name of that film?
Which one?
That one...
Now he roams around like
Johnny deep from the pirates.
Our Enakshi doesn't touch
food without oil or spices.
Stop putting oil and
spices in her food now.
I'll have her drink a glass of milk
before she sleeps from tomorrow night.
How will her hair grow back
if she doesn't drink milk?
We've been talking about
hair for so long now.
You know what I saw in
my dreams last night?
That I went bald.
(Crickets chirping)
Enakshi! It's time for school. Come on.
'Every morning brings a new
hope in everybody else's life.'
'But for the past few weeks, '
'it's been just hair fall...'
'...in my life.'
(Train passing sound)
'My hair were in such a
hurry, almost as if...'
'...there would be no tomorrow for them.'
'Like they wanted to leave today itself.'
My child...
Quickly take a bath and
put on your uniform.
Deep inside,
I had started to give up.
(Saddening background music)
No more medication from today.
Then how will the hair grow back?
Be careful with the ball!
It could have hurt somebody!
It didn't hit somebody, did it?
Are you mad? You're a total nut case.
It's your friend who's the case here.
Forget about them, let's have lunch.
(Upbeat background music)
"My heart yearns,."
"For the same old thing."
"My heart yearns for the same old thing."
"My idyllic,."
"Days and nights."
"How can I convince it?"
"It's not in my control."
"What can I ask answers to?"
"When it's not in the syllabus."
"Bare those teeth and smile."
"Don't lose out on hope just yet."
"What can I ask answers to?"
"When it's not in the syllabus."
"My heart yearns for the same old thing."
"My heart yearns for the same old thing."
"My idyllic,."
"Days and nights."
"My luck, what did you do?"
"What did you do?"
"You twist and turn my paths in life."
"Your mercury is in retrograde."
"When the time came,."
"You betrayed me."
"My life has become a joke."
"Of what use is a Joker?"
"If he's not in the circus."
"What can I ask answers to?"
"When it's not in the syllabus."
"How can I convince it?"
"It's not in my control."
"What can I ask answers to?"
"When it's not in the syllabus."
"My heart yearns for the same old thing."
"My heart yearns for the same old thing."
"My idyllic,."
"Days and nights."
It's the Durga Festival season.
I want at least 40 handicraft stalls...
...outside the mall in the garden area!
Our sales will be at their peak.
Give me your budget!
We'll talk about the rest in person.
Hello, Alka madam.
- Hello. Say?
- I am...
I'm Enakshi Dasgupta.
I work below, at shop number
13, Lotus Cosmetics.
- Radhika's shop?
- Yes, yes.
What happened, did Radhika not pay you?
No madam, I get paid on time.
The thing is...
...I wanted to participate in the dance...
...competition that's
taking place in the mall.
The mall employees
aren't allowed to do so.
So Radhika ma'am asked
me to speak to you once.
- Dance competition?
- Yes.
Who will manage the shop then?
It's the Durga Festival season.
We're hosting this competition
just to increase the sales!
If the sales people start
participating in it,
then who will handle the shops? Me?
Not possible.
And if we let you, other people will
also say that they want to dance.
We can't entertain everybody, can we?
Madam, I've rehearsed a
lot for this competition.
Do you want to become a manager or not?
Or do you want to be a
salesgirl your whole life?
Come on, now.
Go and manage the shop.
You work at a cosmetics shop, right?
Yes madam.
You should look your best for that.
Put some lipstick on!
And why are your hair so dry?
Sorry ma'am.
She left? What did I do?
(Cycle horn)
How much did the whole thing cost?
The plane ticket...
and going around in Delhi.
What will you do with it?
It's not like you're going to go.
No, I've thought a lot about it.
I'll take Deboshree to Agra, in a plane.
She's always wanted to see the Taj Mahal.
So tell me,
how much did the whole thing cost?
It'll be quite an expensive thing.
Tickets for a round trip,
staying at a hotel, the food.
It'll at least be seventy
to eight thousand.
And your shop will be closed on top of it.
When we went, our son managed the shop.
You have a daughter.
So what if I have a daughter?
It's not like she's just sitting at home.
She does a job.
I'll manage all the expenses.
I'm going to the Taj
Mahal for sure this time.
In a plane.
(Aeroplane background sound)
I'm going to leave my job.
Then they'll let me participate.
Just think about it again.
What if you don't get selected?
They won't hire you again.
I've thought about it.
I want to dance.
As it is, I can't do this
salesgirl job any more.
It's see you,
bye-bye as soon as the month ends!
She must have had it.
Yes, mom. I've had the medicine.
Okay. And listen!
Get 1 Kg. sugar on your way home.
I'll get it. Can I call you later?
I told you she would have taken it.
Enakshi is a grown up now.
She can take care of herself.
Time just goes by so fast!
You don't even get to know.
When Enakshi was just a year old,
you said you wanted to see the Taj Mahal.
Do you remember?
You still remember that?
It's been twenty four years.
I haven't shown you
the Taj Mahal till now.
And you've never nagged me about it.
It's not like you've taken a
holiday in that many years.
You were working all the time
to keep the family going.
We're going to see the Taj Mahal
after this year's Durga Festival.
You want to see the Taj Mahal.
I want to sit in a plane, just once.
Will you come?
Do we have the money?
I've got some money saved up.
And Enakshi is doing a job too.
So it's for certain this time?
For sure.
You do know that the mall staff
is not permitted to participate?
That's why I'm leaving my job next month.
But until you're working
here, you can't register.
You'll have to speak to Alka ma'am.
I'd already told you,
that no mall employee is permitted...
...to participate in any
of the competitions...
...held for singing, dancing,
lucky draw or even painting.
Madam, I'm quitting the
job from next month.
There's just one week left
for the month to finish,
and today is the last
day for registration.
If you give permission then...
You have to give notice a
month before you leave the job.
Otherwise, you won't get your salary.
You know that, right?
So forget about dancing,
it's the Durga Festival time...
...so get out there and
sell some cosmetics.
Now go to your shop.
What happened?
(Intriguing background score)
I'm quitting right now.
And I don't want your salary either.
(Upbeat background music)
Why did you throw it?
You saw that?
I've seen it before too.
Oh, then I wasted a cigarette.
I had just lit it.
I quit my job.
You quit? Why?
I'm participating in
the dance competition,
and you know that staff
members aren't allowed.
So I quit.
Then you won't be coming from tomorrow?
I'll take your leave now.
I don't even have your phone number.
You have my home address.
Not your address,
but I know the way to your home.
Then come over someday to meet me.
- Today evening?
- No, not today.
Some other day. Okay.
Do you want to eat momos?
At Wong Kar Wai? They have good momos.
I have to go home and deal with my
parent's disappointment as of now.
We'll get momos some other day.
(Traffic ambience)
(Birds chirping)
What will you do now?
I'll dance.
You do that all the time anyway.
Why did you leave your job for that?
I practice every day so that I
can become a professional dancer.
Mom! I'll get a lot of offers after
winning the mall dance competition.
I'll get stage shows,
and maybe a dance teacher job!
Are you the only one in the competition?
Then how do you know you'll win?
I just know.
I don't want to be a salesgirl any more.
What's so bad about a salesgirl job?
It's perfectly fine.
Sit in the A.C. all day long and
deal with maybe five customers.
The money is decent.
Decent? Eight thousand a month is decent?
Dolly's daughter used
to work in the mall too!
She worked there for a few years,
and got a job in a Dubai mall later.
Didn't you see?
They got a new house built.
Dolly used to wear cheap clothes
worth 500 and look at her now.
She doesn't know how to dance, does she?
So the people that know how to dance,
can't do any other work, is it?
I don't know all of that.
All I know is...
...that I don't want to do a job...
...I'll dance and I'll win.
I used to be a dancer too.
Do you see me shimmying down the roads?
Why aren't you going
for practice these days?
It's stopped for a few days.
Why is it stopped?
Don't you have the annual
school function next week?
Won't you dance?
She's saying she won't dance this time.
But everybody looks forward
to her dance in the function.
Why won't you dance?
She's saying she won't
wear the scarf and dance.
Half of my attention stays on the scarf.
It shifts around, and falls down.
I eat my tiffin in the class these days.
Everybody teases me with 'GK!
GK!' if I go to the ground.
- GK?
- Yes, GK. Gone-kesh (Hair).
I get to school and run to the classroom.
I leave only when everybody else has left.
How can I go on stage with a
scarf in front of the same people?
You've been giving carrots and gooseberry
in her tiffin every day, right?
Dad, what will the carrots even do?
Do I look like a rabbit?
Why carrots all the time!
See, her hair won't grow back on a
diet of eggs, carrots and gooseberries.
Let's take her to some other doctor.
Sarita was actually telling me...
...that it may not be a hair issue at all.
Sarita says hair-fall
isn't a hair related thing.
A couple of people fell
sick in her house...
...and she thinks that makes her a doctor.
Just listen, will you?
She said it could be a skin issue.
Should we go to a skin doctor?
Since when have you had this problem?
It's been a fairly long time.
She used to have really long hair earlier.
But the hair doesn't grow
back after falling these days.
We've tried just about everything.
We tried different types of shampoos,
...we even ordered oil from
the jungles of Sundarbans.
My friends suggested that...
...beer makes hair better.
- Beer?
- Yes, beer.
So we washed her hair
with beer occasionally.
Nothing happened.
Somebody said that eggs
are good for the hair,
so we broke a dozen eggs on
her head and nothing changed.
Do you feel itchy?
Yes, sometimes it does get itchy.
You didn't say anything
about the itching earlier.
It does happen a lot.
You should have told me!
She didn't tell me.
She doesn't have hair related issues.
She has an infection on her scalp.
Let me prescribe some antibiotics,
and some topical cream to go with it.
This has to be put properly on the
scalp every night, before sleeping.
And use a different pillow.
It's a skin infection,
- it might spread.
- Yes, of course.
And child,
you have to control the itching.
Right? There's no need to be tensed
otherwise, it'll all be fine.
You have to put the medicine, every night.
- Will I be fine then?
- Yes, but you'll have to put it.
We'll buy two.
- Mom?
- Yes?
Rasika from my class was
saying that I won't...
...get married if my
hair doesn't come back?
I'm going to slap that idiot Rasika!
Why won't you get married?
You'll be married with a
bang and to a good home.
Focus on your studies.
She hasn't graduated from school yet...
...and she's already
thinking about marriage.
Alright, go. Get the cream applied.
And quickly go to sleep.
Good night.
Hasn't Enakshi gone to school yet?
She doesn't want to go to school today.
Isn't it her school's
annual function today?
That's why she doesn't want to go.
She's not dancing this year...
...like she does every year.
I'll speak to her.
There are so many girls in Siliguri.
But this didn't happen to any of them.
Why did it have to happen to me?
I've never been a bad person, to anybody.
Then why is God so angry with me?
I know that my hair will never come back,
and I'll never be able to dance again.
Your hair will come back.
No matter what,
I won't stop till I get your hair back.
I'll put everything
I've earned on the line.
I'll take you to the biggest
doctor in all of Siliguri.
Get ready, both of you.
We're going to the doctor right now.
(Intriguing background music)
(Telephone ringing)
Are you sure he's a hair doctor?
I was sure till now.
But now I'm a little doubtful.
All the people waiting here...
...seem to have decent hair.
What are they here for, then?
(Clears throat)
What happened to your daughter?
It's a skin problem.
And your daughter?
She has a lot of hairfall.
He's a famous doctor,
he'll fix it for sure.
Is that so?
We've come to the right place!
He's a famous doctor.
Enakshi Dasgupta!
Let's go.
Why have you kept your hand
in the pocket for so long?
I have fifteen thousand
in cash in my pocket.
What kind of medicines were you giving...
...the child for so many months?
You should have come here directly.
There's a lab on the second floor.
Get these tests done there
and show me the reports.
(Papers rattling)
Your fees, Doctor?
We'll do that later.
First get these tests done.
How old are you, Enakshi?
You won't be wearing the scarf...
...for many more days now.
(Intriguing background music)
(Cycle horn)
What happened? You're late for the
first time in these many years.
I went to the doctor.
To the doctor?
Is everything alright?
It's not,
but it will be.
It's all pretty bad right now.
The reports will come tomorrow.
That's when we'll find out...
...what is happening to Enakshi.
Well, don't worry too much.
Everything will be fine. Just...
...keep your faith in God.
I have my faith in God,
I'm just scared of the expenses.
It's a big hospital.
I'd figured out yesterday
only what the problem was.
What's happened to me?
Have you heard about Alopecia?
Enakshi has Alopecia.
This is a hair related problem.
The hair on the head start to thin out,
...and then fall out
completely, in this illness.
Which is what Enakshi is facing!
It's a rare case.
How does the hair grow back?
There are chances.
But the medication for
this is quite heavy.
You'll have to get injections
in the head as well.
There are side effects as well.
And it is a little expensive.
We're ready for it, Doctor.
I'll do anything for my daughter.
(Intriguing background music)
'When we were leaving the
white building that day, '
'I turned back to look at it.'
To me, that building
looked nothing less...
...than a temple to my eyes.
And the doctor that sat inside,
was like my own God.
I folded my hands and
said a prayer in my soul.
"I'm flying with the moon in my hands."
"I'm drifting among thousands of stars."
"Can't stop me, can't scold me."
"I'm finding myself all over again."
"Where the stream flows,
without thinking,"
"I'm flowing away with
it and I don't know why."
"I'm flying with the moon in my hands."
"I'm drifting among thousands of stars."
"My heart has found a place to stand."
"Where the mellow breeze
can't hold it down."
"Where the strongest of thunders,."
"Will be like a soft touch on my cheeks."
"It's like being addicted to living."
"It's like getting a wakeup call."
"The butterflies have
started to change colour."
"The fish are almost ready to fly."
"The darkness can't stop me,
it's time to leave the past behind."
"I don't know where I'm going today."
"I'm flying with the moon in my hands."
"I'm drifting among thousands of stars."
First class!
It's time to get ready for college.
"I'm floating around a dream."
"I've been struck down by good fortunes."
"I'm floating around a dream."
"I've been struck down by good fortunes."
"No matter what they say,."
"I don't listen, I'm on my way."
"I don't think about
the sadness in my life."
"I'm flying away."
"I'm flying away."
"I'm flying."
Come on, dude!
She's here! Get ready!
She's alone today,
it's the perfect opportunity to say it.
Say it? What should I say?
Tell her that you're
madly in love with her.
That you can't live without her.
In Hindi?
Of course not, say it in English.
I love you, very-very much.
Should I directly say
I love you very much?
No, give it some style, you know?
Give it some flair, you know?
Like what?
Lilies are white, flying high like kite.
Your love makes me feel like a dynamite.
You're sure I should say that?
That's exactly what I wrote
to Aarti in my love letter.
She agreed to go out in two days!
Two days!
Yeah, but that was school
and this college...
So? Love is love, isn't it?
Whether it's at school,
college, your colony...
...outside or at the bus stop!
Now hurry up, or else her bus will come.
What was it?
Lilies are...
- White!
- Lilies are white...
- Flying high like a...
- Kite!
Her love makes me feel like a dynamite.
- Dynamite. Dynamite, okay?
- Lilies are...
Lilies are white, I love dynamite.
Lilies are white.
I love dynamite.
Excuse me. Excuse me?
Lilies... sorry.
Your name is Enakshi, right?
My name is Srijoy.
Srijoy Roy.
You like listening to music.
I like listening to music too.
I saw you dancing in college.
I just wanted to say that
you dance really well.
Thank you.
I'm from North Bengal University as well.
Final year, Sociology Honors.
You're in the first year.
- B.A. History.
- Yes.
I know.
(Background music)
When did you get here?
What did she say?
She said thank you.
She said thank you when
you said I love you?
I didn't even say I love you.
I'm going to throw something at you.
(Intense background music)
(Intriguing background music)
Doctor, earlier her hair
wasn't growing at all.
Hair growth has increased so much that
now she's growing a beard and moustache.
See, the steroids will
have some side effects.
What should we do?
Stop the medicine and injections?
The hair-fall will start
again if you stop those.
Doctor, there must be
some solution to this.
- There is one solution.
- (Telephone ringing)
(Intense background music)
They said yes as soon
as they saw the photo.
But, when I told them about the...
...hair, they became quite confused.
It took an hour for me to
explain, sister-in-law.
That's when they finally agreed to it.
But there's no problem now.
That's wonderful news!
What does the boy do?
The boy is an officer in
Food and Supply department.
Wow! That's great.
And sir, a government job means...
- ...insurance for life.
- Yes, a government job.
They're short of nothing!
There's just one little thing.
The boy, he's a little...
...older than the girl.
A little age gap is fine.
- We're six years apart.
- Five years.
He's forty five years old.
And let me tell you everything clearly.
The boy already has two children...
...from his first marriage.
They're 13 and 14 years old.
That's the wedding offer you brought?
Our Enakshi is just twenty five years old,
and the boy is forty five years old?
Priest, it's a twenty year age gap.
He's already been married
and has two children.
What were you thinking with this offer?
I've already met with
twenty other options.
They all refuse when I
tell them about the hair.
You tell me what I'm supposed to do?
Refuse. Just refuse the offers.
(Train passing sound)
Just think about it one time.
(Intriguing background music)
Sister-in-law, just once...
Understood. Goodbye.
God has made you from a
different mould than others.
It's possible that he
had his reasons for it.
You should just focus on
your dance competition.
How much is it?
It's just about
ten-fifteen thousand short.
No problem.
We're going to the Taj Mahal.
(Car passing sound)
Don't pass it in one go! What?
Somebody needs to call!
What happened to you? Why are you sulking?
If you are missing Enakshi so
much, then just call her.
Yes! Smash it!
Come on! What was that?
What happened? Don't you have her number?
Brilliant job!
I had asked Enakshi for her phone number.
And she didn't give it?
Its fine, brother.
At least you know you're out of luck here.
No, no. She didn't give her number but...
...she called me home.
(Intriguing background music)
Did you go to her home then?
What why? I would have
had a nervous breakdown.
Have I ever met any girl alone till now?
I can't focus, dude.
I just keep grinning like this.
Dude, but it's a different thing here.
The girl called you, now you have to go.
Think about it,
what if she's waiting for you?
Listen to me, brother,
Put some scent on,
gel your hair and style them,
...get dressed to the nines and...
...just go to her house tomorrow.
Bend down, get a rose and say...
I love you, Enakshi!
What are you grinning for?
Am I joking here?
When will you tell her?
It's been so many years?
I'll tell her at some point.
When does this point come?
Dude! She'll probably have kids by then.
You'll be like Sunil
Shetty from 'Dhadkan',
running after her and declaring...
...Enakshi! It's not possible...
...for me to ever forget you!
And to let you forget me,
is something that's impossible!
I'll burn it all!
- Come, let's play!
- Anjali!
(Vehicle passing sound)
Between the flight tickets,
the hotel stay and food,
you're looking at one
lakh rupees in total.
One lakh rupees?
That's just too expensive!
Let's cancel.
There's no chance of cancelling this.
I've decided.
Will we eat rocks when we
come back from Taj Mahal?
We'll see about that.
If we don't go now, we'll never go.
It's been years,
and we haven't been outside Siliguri.
Just think about it again.
I wanted to take you there ages ago.
But all the money was spent on...
...Enakshi's medicines
and hair injections.
We have to go this time.
What is this?
- You've made it worse!
- What did I do? It was like this only.
Doctor, your medicine made
her head hair grow back.
But the side effects made
it grow on her face too.
And after six months,
we're back to square one.
All her hair has fallen out.
We did everything you asked us to.
We gave the medicines on time,
kept her on a special diet.
And we got the injections as well.
Even then?
Earlier she was a child,
she went to school.
But now she has to go to college.
Till when will she hide it with a scarf?
Will it help if we increase the dosage?
Not at all. It's risky.
Just continue with what has been given.
- When will they grow back...?
- I can't really say.
Doctor, what can we do
about her going to college?
We can do one thing.
You could use a wig.
That's artificial hair...
Yes, I know.
A lot of people wear them.
Wear it on your way to college.
And take it off when you sleep.
You never know,
your hair may grow back by then?
(Siren wailing)
Let's go... Sevak Nagar.
Just a second...
What happened? All your hair fell out?
They didn't fall, brother. I had them cut.
They were really long earlier.
Just like Sanju. See this.
I used to feel so hot with my long hair.
I had to pick between
fashion and the heat.
You could have cut them short.
Why did you go bald?
I'd gone to get them cut short.
But just as a I sat in
front of the barber,
and put the white cloth around the neck...
...I turned around,
and saw that the new...
...'Agneepath' movie was playing on TV.
And I decided to go bald in my excitement.
You're lucky to be so
happy without your hair.
Let's go...
It's fashion for somebody and tension
for another. Let's go, brother.
(Engine starts)
Excuse me, sir!
That's for ladies.
- Gents, over here.
- I need it for ladies only.
Ma'am! Come here.
See this.
Meena Kumari.
Sadhna style.
Hema Malini style.
You'll get whatever you want.
Enakshi! Come here.
- You need it for your daughter?
- Yes.
Child, come here. See this.
This is Katrina Kaif.
Kareena Saif.
Deepika Padukone.
And look up.
That's Kajol hanging there...
I mean, the wig.
If you wait for two more days,
you'll get Alia Bhatt as well.
It's just that the sample isn't here yet.
Brother, show us something simple. Normal.
- She has to wear it every day.
- Alright, simple.
We'll find it. We'll definitely find it.
Check this out.
Synthetic, cheap and durable,
but absolutely original!
Okay? Have you ever worn a wig before?
No problem!
You'll slowly get used to it.
It'll look absolutely original.
No problem.
It looks wonderful.
Not like that, no. Not that way.
Let her try it out.
There's a mirror there, try it out.
That's when we'll know
exactly how it looks.
Take it.
I'll just come.
Is it cancer?
- Brother...
- Sorry! Sister!
Check out this Meena Kumari
style for yourself?
But your original is brilliant as it is.
Try out mine?
(Intriguing background music)
It looks perfect!
It looks like it was made for you!
Right? See!
You look so good!
Really nice.
You can't even tell.
For two minutes, it felt like...
...my hair has really come back.
In these moments,
when I look into the mirror...
...and see myself as a different person.
I saw the face that I
didn't want to see...
...today it felt like my own.
If only for a few moments,
I felt happiness in some odd way.
And nobody can ever steal
this happiness away from me.
(Birds chirping)
Anup sir!
Good morning!
Did your cycle break down?
The chain is giving some problems.
I was just coming to see you.
If you wanted to talk about the last...
...marriage offer, we're not interested.
No, no! Nothing about the old offer.
I already had the marriage fixed.
There's a new offer, Anup sir.
Did you tell them about Enakshi?
Yes, I told them
everything about Minakshi.
That's how the topic started.
And they agreed?
Of course, they agreed.
How old is the boy?
He's about twenty seven years old.
Oh! Just two years older than Enakshi.
Of course, of course!
What does he do?
He was a salesman in the...
...Aquaguard company a few years ago.
But he's left his job now.
If he has left his job,
then what does he do?
His own business.
He's about to start his own business.
He's about to open an Aquaguard shop!
His own shop, at Sevak Road.
He's already seen the shop!
Wow! So bring them over this Sunday.
Of course!
But I forgot to tell you something.
He's falling a little
short on the money...
...he needs to start his business.
So they want a dowry.
Anup sir, what are you talking about?
When did I say that they want a dowry?
Once his business takes off,
- then our darling Minakshi...
- Enakshi.
Yes, that. Enakshi will rule the house!
How much do they need?
Just about one and half
to two lakh rupees.
...you know my financial status.
Did you tell them how big my shop is?
- I don't know what they thought...
- You should be the ones thinking now.
...I have done my job.
One and half to two lakhs
is not a huge sum of money.
Your daughter will live
like a queen in that house.
It's up to you to think about it.
Right? Well, I'll be off then.
Why this early in the morning?
If the boy is good enough,
and if he'll keep our Enakshi happy...
...then we can make
arrangements for the money.
(Birds chirping)
We could do that.
We'll have to cancel
the plane and Taj Mahal.
That's fine!
Is our trip to Taj Mahal more important...
...or our daughter getting married?
She's already faced so
much at such a small age,
how long will she keep
dealing with stress?
She has every right to live...
...the rest of her life in happiness.
Forget the Taj Mahal.
(Intriguing background music)
'I'd already stolen my
parent's happiness.'
'Today I stole their dreams as well.'
- (Glass bottles rattling)
- (Birds chirping)
I finally understand why Devdas...
...used to drink so much.
Which rascal drinks to tolerate it?
We drink...
...so that we can sit here.
So that we can look at this.
So we can learn to live with this.
And so that we can forget this.
(Cow mooing at a distance)
I've kept everything else upstairs...
...and here is your sugar and semolina.
Come here,
learn how to make semolina porridge.
Later on, mom.
It's too hot, I'm going for a bath.
Get the ghee from upstairs, please!
Where is it, mom?
It must be near the cupboard somewhere!
Alright, I'll get it.
Mom, it's nowhere near the cupboard!
Alright, come here and handle the food...
...I'll look for it.
Keep it on a low simmer, alright?
It's right in front of her.
Come in!
(Intense background music)
Come on in!
Thank you!
You didn't go to work today?
Who is it, Enakshi?
Mom, this is Srijoy.
We studied together in college.
He was my senior.
And now he works as a manager at the mall.
(Intense background music)
I'll get some.
Come son, sit down.
Of course, ma'am.
So, which store do you manage?
Red Ford, ma'am.
- Oh.
- It's in the mall.
Where do you live?
(Intense background music)
Shall we go out for momos?
Will you still look at me from
the other side of the bus stop?
(Birds chirping)
Will you still be fond of...
...my dance?
Will you still ask me out for momos?
I just...
I just came over to say that...
...I like you a lot.
And not just now,
but since we were in college.
(Intriguing background music)
Can I say something?
I've come to love you even more now.
I'm an average boy.
I'm not gifted with looks.
I don't have any particular talent.
I don't even have a sense of humor.
I just know how to sell shoes.
And to love you in my heart.
Enakshi, will you marry me?
I'll learn how to care
for you with time as well.
"With some cheating."
"With some convincing."
"You took my heart,"
"with ease."
"With a strange,"
"beautiful story."
"You became a part of my heart,"
"with ease."
"I'm falling head over heels,
gracefully and slowly."
"I'm looking at you and
smiling innocently."
"Let somebody ask this
crazy-in-love girl,"
"what being in love is all about?"
"With some cheating."
"With some convincing."
"Fire and water are
starting to become one."
"With a strange,"
"beautiful story."
"The melody of dreams coming
true, starts to play."
"With some cheating."
"With some convincing."
"You took my heart away with ease."
(Vehicle approaching)
(Tyres screech)
We have reached your home.
My home...
I know your house address, but...
- 9532...
- Just a minute.
(Bike engine starts)
(Upbeat background music)
Listen! Check the onions
before you buy them.
They were all rotten last time.
Those were the cheap ones.
- Don't we need carrots?
- No.
Get Enakshi's medicine too.
It's about to finish.
There's no need to get
medicine from now on.
Mom! Do you still think
my hair will grow back?
Of course! Why won't they grow back?
If they were going to grow
back, they would have.
I've accepted the truth,
and you should accept it too.
So from now on, no more medicines.
And one more thing.
You'll not cancel...
...your trip to Taj Mahal because of me.
I won't listen to you.
Everything else is on one side,
and your happiness comes first.
Dad, how can a boy that has already...
...put a price tag on my future...
...ever keep me happy?
(Intriguing background music)
And I've found somebody to keep me happy.
- What? Who? What?
- What? Who is it?
He didn't run away when he
heard the truth about me.
In fact, he loves me more because of it.
He wants to marry me.
Who? Who is it?
I'll tell it to you later,
I'm working right now.
- Did you know?
- Why didn't you tell us?
- Mom, please!
- Who is it?
Tell me who it is!
- What does he do?
- Show his photo?
- What's his name?
- Go and get onions!
- What will we do with onions?
- Tell us something!
Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
And of course, once again...
...we are back with your beloved...
...dance competition, just for you!
The Durga Festival Dance Competition!
Just a few minutes more,
and we will begin!
The train is running late today.
Have you been on a plane?
Enakshi, come on! It's almost six.
Srijoy, you're here!
- Let's go.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Shall we?
We have received a list of 22 dancers.
Some of these are Siliguri's favourites...
...and some are absolute freshers.
And amongst these we'll find...
...the one winner of
our competition today.
You go ahead, I'll pay and come.
Let's go.
Could you get a bottle of water please.
Yes. You want anything else?
How much?
Please welcome our judges with...
...a huge round of applause.
(Crowd cheering)
What happened? Why did you stop?
Is this the time to shop for watches?
Let's go!
Ladies and gentlemen, let's start the...
...Durga Festival Dance Competition.
I invite the first dancer
of the day on stage!
Antara, from Sevak Road!
Where is Srijoy?
Oh! Thank you!
Where is Enakshi?
She's over there.
- Behind the stage.
- She already went?
- I'll just meet her and come.
- Okay.
You can sit ahead if you like.
- No, no. We're okay.
- We're fine here.
Your name isn't there on the list.
When did you get it registered?
It's been a long time.
Wait, I'll check it again.
Your name isn't in the list.
Did you get a confirmation call?
No, I didn't get any call.
Maybe the call did come,
but my phone had water
damage and was broken.
The list is done now.
I can't do anything.
Just add my name now, please.
It's not possible.
Sir, just try once.
I can't do anything.
Could you just check once?
It's full.
What happened? Everything alright?
What's the problem?
Her name is not on the list.
- Enakshi? Her name isn't there?
- It isn't.
How can it not be there? Check properly.
I've already checked.
Our Enakshi dances better than her.
(Music playing in the background)
HOST: I present you,
the next dancer!
You'll get upset if you think too much.
And then you won't even be able to dance.
Come on, come with me.
I'm telling you, her phone was damaged.
You took her name out of the list.
Just put it in now, what's the big deal?
It's too late now,
It's not too late.
Write it. Enakshi Dasgupta.
Last contestant.
What are you looking at? Write it down!
Enakshi... Dasgupta...
Last contestant.
If you can't dance in the competition...
...for which you left your job,
...it'll hurt me more
then it will hurt you.
Thank you, ma'am.
Alright, get ready now.
(Music playing in the background)
- A better dancer than...
- Yes, I know.
Our Enakshi is better.
Mark my words, Enakshi will win today.
You can go and sit with my parents.
No, I'm fine over here.
It's going to take a long time.
Is that so.
You also come.
Get back when it's your turn.
Sit there.
Enakshi's here.
- What happened?
- I have the last number.
It'll take some time,
so I'll just sit here.
I'll just go to the bathroom and come.
(Intense background music)
(Intriguing background music)
(Door knock)
MOTHER: Enakshi!
(Door knock)
MOTHER: Come out, Enakshi!
Enakshi! Please, come out.
Open the door!
My child, nothing happened.
Nobody saw anything.
It's all fine.
It's all okay.
I'm about to call on stage,
our second last dancer for this evening,
...Swati Biswas!
(Claps and whistles)
Enakshi is up next!
I don't think Enakshi
will be able to dance now.
I'm feeling afraid of the same thing.
- Enakshi?
- Deboshree?
She's saying she won't go up on the stage.
Let's go home.
What is this?
You can't lose hope that easily.
If you don't go up on that stage today,
you won't be able to
dance again in your life.
This is your last chance.
Your father is right, Enakshi.
You have to win this competition anyhow.
(Intriguing background music)
"Spending my life, always defeated,"
"by my own life."
"My dreams slowly disappeared,"
"one by one."
"Speechless, just like these shops,"
"I kept filling myself."
"But a true flame never backs down,"
"in the face of a storm."
"Even today,"
"my heart looks forward,"
"to the life that could be."
"In my mind, I play the song,."
"That drives me ahead."
"Set your life on your own rhythm,."
"And keep moving."
"I was living in a prison
made of black silk."
"I was ashamed of myself."
"From the merciless
medicines and prayers,."
"Far away,"
"I was hidden."
"For years of my life, I was hidden away."
"My heart looks forward,"
"to the life that could be."
"In my mind, I play the song,."
"That drives me ahead."
"Let life dance to your own rhythm,"
"and keep moving."
HOST: Can I have a round of applause?
Now, I'm about to call
on stage the last...
...dancer for this evening.
From Sevak road, Enakshi Dasgupta!
Welcome Enakshi on stage with applause!
It's your name, Enakshi!
(Intriguing background music)
(Heartbeat background sound)
(Cheerful background music)
(Cellphone ringing)
Yes, high command?
You've been making momos every week
since our marriage. What's going on?
Of course, I'll come.
The pee doesn't fall down from the plane.
There is air pressure inside the bathroom.
It makes a loud sound,
and the pee evaporates!
Air host!
How does the food remain so hot?
There's a stove in there!
There's a stove in the plane!
The food is heated.
It's so hot you can burn your hand!
And there's a button on the chair.
If you press it like this,
the person just reclines back like this.
(Intriguing background music)
There's a bell right above!
If you press it, it lights up!
I wanted to register for
the dance competition.
Are you trying again this year, Enakshi?
You almost won the last time!
I'll register your name,
you have to win the first prize this time.
No, no.
I don't want to,
I've come to register their names.
They're all children from my dance group.
- What's the name of your dance group?
- Koshish!
Koshish Dance Group.
(Upbeat background music)
Everybody's life has
something missing in it.
But life becomes whole when you
bring these missing parts together.
I am, the way that I am.
"Watch out for me,
Im dancing with my heart."
"Adorn my ears with jeweled earrings."
"Its my day to dance and I wont stop."
"The love I have, it wont shy away."
"Its time to dance so come one come all."
"Its time to dance so get ready to rock."
"This girl dances up a storm."
"This girl charges up my heart."
"This girl looks like an ethnic cat."
"This girl will knock you flat!"
"Don't go falling in love so
fast, hold on crazy girl!"
"Give our words a listen
too, hold on crazy girl!"
"Come dance!"
"Come have fun!"
"Come dance!"