Gone Mom (2021) Movie Script

I'm changing my life.
Doing what's best for me.
Living my own life
my own way.
You have to be the hero
of your own story,
my dear Blog readers.
I know, I know, I sound like
the poor little rich girl
complaining about a life
that most people dream of.
But most people aren't married
to him.
She hasn't shown up for any
of her appointments today.
No one's seen her or heard
from her all day long.
Yes, yes, that's
correct officer.
And, and, and she's
going through
an incredibly nasty divorce
with a man who's been,
he's threatened her
and he's been violent
towards her in the past.
Yeah, this is the mother
of five young kids.
Mother of five,
Jennifer Dulos,
has mysteriously vanished
from her Connecticut home.
Jennifer's family says
the devoted mother,
would " never ever disappear
"when she is responsible
for the lives
"of five loving and
energetic children."
Detective "...But most
people aren't married to him."
Did Jennifer ever
express to you
any concerns she might be
in danger?
Yeah, it's a nasty divorce.
She's scared of him.
Him? As in her husband?
Yeah. Fotis.
She felt threatened.
I, I don't think she ever
would've predicted he...
Jennifer's an optimist.
She always has been.
At least as long as
I've known her,
and we go way back.
I keep thinking you're going to
point at me and yell "gotcha!"
This is no joke.
In less than one week
I will be a Coloradan.
Or is it Coloradian?
You really going to leave me
all alone?
Who am I going to hit
art galleries with?
Who's going to come with me
to The Hamptons?
Oh, you'll survive.
I give it a month.
How are you even going
to fall asleep
without the soothing blare
of car horns all night long?
I gotta do this Audrey, okay?
This city is too distracting.
I mean, there's got to be
something more.
What's my purpose here?
So you're on a grand quest
for meaning?
Is that the thrust?
I think it's about time,
don't you?
But Colorado?
I need the fresh air
and the sunlight, okay?
No parties, no clubs,
I'll just be forced
to sit and write.
I get it.
I'm just going
to miss you.
-I love you.
-Oh, I love you.
-I'll be fine.
-I know.
Last chance to say "gotcha".
She was right though.
Colorado was exactly
what she needed.
She finally started her novel,
she found her voice.
And that's also where
she found him.
Fotis Dulos?
You won't remember me,
but one night I sprayed you
with a mouthful of beer
at a Halloween dorm party
when we were both at Brown.
You're going to have to be
more specific.
Jennifer Farber.
I'm so sorry, I had never done
a beer bong before.
It's great to see you.
You look incredible.
Oh, thank you.
You're holding up well yourself.
What are you doing
in Colorado?
I live here now.
What about you?
What brings you to my neck
of the woods?
Oh, I'm, I'm just here
for a ski weekend
with a bunch of friends.
Oh fun.
Are you here
the whole weekend?
It was a chance meeting.
One of those things that
can change your life forever.
But of course, at the time
you have no idea.
So you're a professional
water skier?
And quite successful.
Yes. But I'm more interested
in you.
I still can't believe
that no man
has found his way
into your heart.
I'm open.
I've just been living the life
of a recluse lately.
Well, that's too bad.
No, it's great.
I've been productive.
Yes, your book.
I'd love to read it.
Uh, well, I'm not quite finished
with it.
But you're close.
I've written 500 pages.
No, no, that was
his halfway mark.
I'm only on chapter 3.
You could say
I'm a little adrift.
Finished your play?
One act that ran a grand
total of three performances.
On a New York stage.
Now how many people
can say that?
That's true.
I'll admit that.
You're much more impressive
than you give yourself credit
for, Jennifer Farber.
How did you possibly get by me
in college?
Oh, I know a rogue
when I see one.
Here is to chance meetings.
So this is what adrift
gets you.
Well, I do get a little help
from my mom and dad.
Sounds good to me.
I can rationalize
being subsidized
as long as I'm being productive.
What is it they do,
your parents?
My Dad's a banker.
Does he own the bank?
And um, how many bedrooms?
But I only need one.
We definitely should've
dated in college.
I would never have graduated
if we did.
I release you.
Oh, um, I'm in no hurry.
You are under no obligation
to stay.
Besides, don't you have
an early day tomorrow?
I can just as easily wake up
early here as at the hotel.
We live half a country apart.
This was fun.
There's no reason to pretend
it's anything
other than what it is.
I'm glad I ran into you.
Maybe we can run
into each other again.
She was sure she'd
never hear from him again.
That's how it goes
with chance encounters.
One thing I didn't miss
was losing to you
every time on
the squash court.
I call that payback
for you gloating about me
moving back to New York.
I wasn't gloating so much
as rubbing your face in it.
Look, I considered it
all evolution for me.
Colorado taught me everything
I needed to learn.
Enlighten me.
Solitude and fresh air suck.
So now that you've finally
come to your senses,
are you ready to get back
into the New York dating scene?
Yeah. Maybe.
Do you have somebody
in mind?
I do.
He's a little bit older,
ridiculously smart,
ridiculously handsome.
My god, what's wrong
with him?
Nothing. He's an old
family friend.
Just won't be available
for another four months.
Three with good behavior.
You've got to be kidding me.
He made a stupid mistake.
In most states
it's not even a crime.
Totally white collar.
That is a firm no,
I'd grab him for myself
if I was still single.
Look, I am 35 but
I am not desperate.
Okay. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
So, what are your plans now that
you're back in civilization?
You know, the usual.
Finish the great American novel.
Once that's out of the way,
in between talk shows
I'll meet the perfect
non-incarcerated man.
The Dalai Lama will officiate
the wedding.
Nothing too big.
Then three kids,
international acclaim,
and, I guess, immortality?
I mean, I haven't really
given it that much thought.
That's the Jennifer
I know and love.
Yeah, except it'll happen
before I'm 40 and not 30.
What, who?
-Who's Fotis?
To what do I owe?
I'm looking at a picture
in the paper.
Is that you I see at
the Met event last night?
Um, maybe?
Yeah. I, I made an appearance.
So, you're here
in New York.
I am.
Hey. I'm just on my way
out the door.
Fotis, hey.
I, I'm so sorry but I think we
have to do this another time.
I've come down with something.
Oh no.
Um, what can I do for you?
I'm all right.
I just- I'm sorry we have
to cancel.
Yeah, me too.
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.
What are you doing here?
Just some necessities
in a time of need.
You should've called first.
I look like hell.
Well, if I called you would have
told me not to come over.
Well, yeah of course.
I don't want you to get sick.
No, I never get sick.
Come on. Let me in.
There's magic in these bags.
Oh, my gosh, those flowers
are so pretty.
I am going to set these
just here for now.
Thank you.
Let me set that there.
Oh, here, let me get
this for you.
-Thank you.
There you go.
Chicken soup from Kat's Deli.
I'm going to heat this up
for you.
This is the Greek cure
for cold and flu.
Some of this with a little bit
of honey and cinnamon
and you'll be doing backflips.
You will also be
a little drunk.
Let's see.
Cheesecake from Eileen's,
best in the city.
And finally to stave
off boredom.
So you play with this and I'm
going to get your dinner ready.
Oh, you're too much.
No, no.
I'm just the right amount.
What do you think?
I think we have a winner.
It's not too low
in the front?
Show a little skin.
My mother's going
to hate it.
Well, she's not the one
wearing it.
I think it's the one.
Where is Mom's head on Fotis
these days?
Oh, well, she and Dad don't know
what to make of him,
but they don't know
what to make of anyone
who hasn't been on the society
page of the New York Times.
They'll come around.
Yeah. I guess so.
You guess so?
That's encouraging.
I mean they might think
this whole thing
has happened pretty fast.
They might think so or
it's you who's thinking that?
You guys are very different.
Uh, yeah.
I'm not looking for the male
version of me.
I don't know, I just,
I think maybe I saw you
ending up with, you know,
like a senator or an editor
from Simon and Schuster.
Not, you know, a water skier.
Now we're being a little snobby,
aren't we?
He is a financial advisor
for an international
business consultancy
and an Ivy League graduate
just like me.
Come on Audrey,
spit it out.
What are you trying
but failing to say?
You've known him
less than a year.
I just wouldn't want to think
that you're settling
because you've reached
a certain age.
There, I said it.
My god, I have hit
the jackpot.
Hey, I'm your friend.
I'm just looking out
for you.
I know, and I love you
to pieces for that.
But if there's anything else
you want to put on the table
now is the time.
How do you know he's not
marrying you for your money?
How does he know I'm not
marrying him just to have kids?
Are you?
Oh, come on. You know me
better than that.
Just asking.
Look, look.
Here is my answer.
I love Fotis.
I don't just want
to have a family.
I want to have a family
with him.
I don't need a senator.
You know, I'm not
perfect either.
Fotis and I get each other.
We're going to make a great
family together.
And I don't think it hurts
that he sets my loins on fire.
How flammable
is this material?
New Canaan police are asking for the public's help
in the search that has gripped
the Tri-State area.
Detectives hope that leads
from the tip line
will help solve what happened
to the missing mother of five.
Any prints?
All right. Send me a report
when you are through.
Police have not yet identified
any suspects in the case.
Come here.
Go on! Go, go, go, go, go!
There's your brother
and sister.
Oh. How is my beautiful wife?
Don't you ever do this
to me again.
One more set of twins,
then we're done.
Oh! Oh!
Oh, my goodness.
Are the kids, okay?
Oh, I don't know.
Jennifer took to
suburban motherhood
like she was born to it.
Of course living in one of
the richest communities
in the country eased
the transition some.
Hello. Hi.
Up, up, up!
Added to which
she adored Fotis.
She was happy.
Fotis couldn't quit
his job fast enough
after they got married.
He started the Fore Group,
a high-end building company
specializing in
Connecticut Mansions.
That takes a lot of money.
And guess whose parents
were rich?
This all here is fine.
...It's the flow of this one
that I need to manage.
Of course the house that he was
the most proud of was his own.
I mean, his own and his
families, I should say.
It was clear to me
what he was doing.
But Jennifer seemed blind
to it.
Oh, my god.
What are they, killing each
other out there?
They're playing hide
and seek.
It was a much quieter game
when I played it.
What's that look, Mister?
Well, I want to play
hide and seek too.
-Oh, really?
Okay then.
Let me put
the work away.
You look worn out, girl.
Oh yeah.
You try raising five kids
on your own.
Uh, I count four.
Are you keeping one secret
from me?
Oh, he's sitting in his office.
Now what's his part in dealing
with the kids?
Staying out of the way.
As long as he's pulling
his weight.
Look, he's been growing
his business.
Traveling all over the place.
The last thing he needs is
something else on his plate.
Yeah, I'm just saying
you've sort of let your writing
go by the wayside.
Why should it be all you?
I'm writing.
Whenever I can.
I hope so.
You gotta keep at it.
So, things are good,
you and Fotis?
Yeah, yeah.
They're great.
I mean, what's great?
There are ups and downs
in every relationship.
But... I mean, I can be a bit
of a nag if I'm being honest.
Good, nag him.
I just want you to be happy
as always.
I am.
You know I always thought,
I'll be a writer
and that will give my life
meaning or whatever.
But then we met
and we had kids,
and, and I realized this
is what's important.
I'm a success at this.
Whose life goes exactly
as you plan it?
I guess the most you can
hope for is
to hit as many of your goals as you can and find contentment.
And in those early years
I think Jennifer really had.
Oh, Ari.
That's twice today.
Be careful.
I hate oatmeal.
And what does that have
to do with it?
Oh, are the other kids dressed?
Where are my sunglasses?
Are you talking to me?
I can't find them anywhere.
I don't know, have you checked
your car?
No. They're not in the car.
Can you help me find them,
I'm running late.
Fotis, I'm sorry.
My hands are full.
Why is it every time
I need something
it goes missing
in this house?
I don't know, Fotis.
Maybe if you didn't spend
half the year traveling
you'd have a better sense
of where things are
in your own home.
Half the year?
Yeah, 10 days a month.
That's half a year.
You're exaggerating.
At any rate, I have to travel
for business.
Come on, we all know
it's not all business.
Most of your trips are either
skiing with friends
or hanging out in
some other country.
Maybe it's time you gave up
some of your hobbies, Fotis.
I mean, you're not
30 anymore.
Your damn sunglasses
are on the dashboard.
When you get married in
the second half of your 30s,
there's a built-in speed bump.
You've lived long enough
that you're set in your ways
and your habits.
For things to work smoothly,
compromise is a must.
If compromise can't be reached,
sometimes you have
to give it a shove.
I cannot believe
you're from France
and you have never tried
Baronne Adrienne.
Champagne is not
my drink.
Oh, sacrilege.
Yeah, I think maybe you're just
trying to get me drunk.
Oh no, no, no, no.
I would never do that, no.
Unless it was absolutely
Mr. Dulos?
I'm sorry, but your credit card
was declined.
Run it again, Marvie.
I've run it twice.
It's been reported lost.
No, this is absurd.
I am obligated
to destroy it, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
This is obviously a mistake.
Just give me my card.
This is impossible.
Give me my card!
Pas possible.
Je suis desole.
Good trip?
Did you think you were
being funny?
I needed to get your attention,
There are things we need to talk
about but you never want to.
You made me look like
a fool.
Do you have any idea
how people look at you
when your credit cards
are declined?
You go away too much.
You need to remember you have
a wife and kids.
You need to start making
some sacrifices.
Do I not work hard?
Do I not stress enough
keeping this business going?
Those aren't business trips.
Look, I knew when I got married
I would have to give up
certain freedoms.
Oh, so now I'm selfish too.
Is that it?
Yeah. You could give a little.
Have I not given you exactly
what you wanted
when we got married?
I wonder what you think that is,
An impressive husband?
Purpose, if you will.
Oh, you weren't adrift?
Wow. You really saved me,
What is it you were
looking for?
Someone who wouldn't cancel
my credit cards.
Did you really mean that crack
about the credit cards?
Is that all I am to you?
I was angry. No.
I love you.
I love our family.
I shouldn't have ignored you,
I'm sorry.
I mean, if we don't
No, you're absolutely right.
I'll listen more.
You won't have to make
such grand gestures
to get my attention.
I promise.
So you'll be around more.
I'll listen more.
What have we solved then?
Jennifer, I'm 45 years old.
I'm the man you married.
I am who I am.
I'm going to take a shower.
Hi. Who's my favorite
little girl?
Who is it? Is it you?
Is it you?
Yes, it is.
Oh. It is you.
You are looking glowy
these days.
What are you doing different?
Nothing. I'm happy.
Everything's really good.
And Fotis?
He's behaving himself?
Yeah, you know.
The usual.
But we've really been
connecting lately.
I mean, the occasional glass
of wine doesn't hurt.
Mother's little helper.
I don't know if it's the new
baby or what,
but he's been stepping up.
I mean, that wasn't the reason
to have the baby though, right?
Audrey, how many years do I have
to be married
before your doubts go away.
I'm just saying some people
do that.
I'm not saying you did.
Audrey, seriously.
All right, I'm a bitch.
But I'm a loving bitch.
I'm a loving bitch.
Yes, I am.
I gotta go.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Love you.
Okay. Love ya too.
Hi, my love.
Okay. Come on boys.
Hi mom.
Jim Garvey from
the bank called.
He wants you to call him back
as soon as you can.
He said you tried to reach you
on your cell.
Yeah, I'll call him.
Is everything okay?
Everything's fine.
Don't worry about it.
He said you're overdue
on payments
for the Norwood property.
Why is he talking to you
about those things?
This is Fore Group business.
Are you overdue on payments?
No. I sent it through
this morning.
He's just upset because
it was due Monday.
That guy's such a stickler.
I swear, you're 10 minutes late
for something...
The amount of cash I put through
that bank?
It's handled.
Forget it.
I thought those payments
come out automatically.
They do.
I just, I needed to move
some money
from one project
to another one.
Please Jennifer, I've got
a splitting headache.
Can we not talk about this?
That's fine, but look, if we're
having money troubles then I...
We are not having
money trouble.
This is my company.
I told you it's not
a big deal.
If it's any kind of...
Goddamn it, I told you!
I have built this company
from the ground up
and I'm going to learn
from you?
I'm three days late
on a bill,
you're 10 years late
on your novel!
But please, sit there,
look at me,
tell me something
about deadlines!
When did my life
become so complex.
Don't know when,
don't know how.
I have fantasies of
chucking everything
and living out the rest
of my life in a monastery.
I know things will change,
I have to believe we can find
our way back.
I'm sorry.
Are you?
No, I am. I...
I don't even know
where that came from.
It came from you, Fotis.
I'm just-
I'm under pressures that I don't
want to burden you with.
And I know that you were
just trying to help.
That's why I love you
so much.
Forgive me?
I'm getting tired of having
to forgive you all the time.
You blow your stack and
then you pour on the charm.
It's not going
to work anymore.
Look, I don't know what
the problem is, Fotis.
Look at us.
We have a beautiful home.
We have great friends,
a great family.
Five terrific kids.
There is no reason either
one of us should be unhappy.
But I am not happy.
All I want is for you
to be happy
and it seems like there's
only one answer.
I have to be better.
That's the right answer,
but are you just saying it?
No, I'm saying it
because I mean it.
You want me to be around more,
so I will.
I have a business trip coming up
in a couple of days.
Do you want me to cancel it?
Say the word,
it is done.
No, you don't have to.
You offering means a lot.
I will make you happy.
Well, at least a little
less miserable.
How's that for a start?
A little bit?
I love you.
Do you mind if I join you?
Que rico.
This is heaven.
I like your accent.
Fellow European?
South American.
I'm a ski bum
from Argentina.
Waterski bum from Greece.
I'm Michelle.
Good to know you.
Are you here on business
or pleasure?
Strictly business.
My days of pleasure
are over.
That's too bad.
Are you married?
I enjoy my days of pleasure
too much.
Well, I didn't say anything
about my nights.
You think you have
what it takes?
I think I have that
and more.
Who's this?
I want to introduce you
to Michelle.
A new member of our team.
My father just died.
Sweetheart, I'm so sorry.
Are you all right?
Yeah, why?
It just seem like you've been
somewhere else today.
It's nothing.
Tell me.
It's nothing.
It's just, um...
Something to do
with the company.
Things are stretched
pretty tight lately.
Nothing to worry about.
Alright. Well, you seem
like you're worrying
about it, though.
At the moment we're
very low on cash.
Your father was reluctant to
invest any more in the business.
I am just thinking maybe
your mother would be easier
to convince.
Wait, what?
You mean now that
he's out of the way?
No, that's not what
I was saying at all.
We just left my
father's funeral
and you tell me
you're thinking about
all the money you couldn't
get out of him
while he was alive?
First off, you're twisting
my words.
I didn't say that.
No, no. Secondly,
I just told you
I didn't want
to talk about this.
I can't believe you're even
thinking such things.
So now you're policing
my thoughts?
Maybe you wouldn't be so cash
poor if you gave yourself
less generous of
an expense account.
I guess we are talking
about it.
The money I spend on myself
presents success
to the people I do
business with.
Maybe you should take a look at
the awards on my office wall.
I'm obviously doing
something right.
Oh yeah, you have a lot
of fancy awards.
Unfortunately that
hasn't translated
into the houses
you're putting up.
I can't control the market.
Fotis, you are spending crazy
money on mansions no one wants.
I do not want to go begging
my mother for more money.
It's embarrassing.
So now you're embarrassed
to take money from
your mother, hmm?
You have spent your whole life
living off your family's money.
When did you start being
embarrassed about it?
When did you start sleeping
with Michelle Troconis?
I'm not a fool, Fotis.
I've seen the pictures
you post on Facebook.
I'm sure she's not
the only one.
What do you want to know?
Just what I asked.
Michelle and I have been
involved for a few months.
It's not just a fling.
And don't worry about it,
it won't affect our family.
Oh, right, okay.
Why would something like that
affect our family?
Let me make it really simple
for you, Fotis.
You end it with her today
or this is over.
Oh. What, you're going
to divorce me?
Oh, no, no, no.
No, I don't think so.
Start thinking so!
Jennifer, let me tell you
how things really are, hmm?
You're almost 50 years old.
Bloom is off the rose.
This family is the only thing
you have ever accomplished
in your life.
Are you really going to go
and end it
and tell your family
and friends
that you have succeeded
at absolutely nothing?
Men have mistresses,
it's not a big deal.
Don't be so American
about it.
What a piece of crap!
The stones on
that son of a bitch.
Yeah, but the worst part is
he's right.
Right about what?
I really don't want
to end up
with another failure
on my life's resume.
Oh, for god's sakes, don't you
dare call yourself a failure.
You've got five great kids.
Would any of them say you're
anything but a great mom?
All right, how many great moms
do you know?
Great? Not that many.
But I don't want to end up
divorced, Audrey.
That wouldn't be your failure,
that's his.
Just don't give him
all the power.
This macho BS
has got to end.
Hey. What's going on?
I've been working on this
month's schedule for the kids.
Yes, and?
It's too much, Fotis.
They need some down time.
And what good will that
do them?
It'll just let them be kids
for a few more hours a week?
I think they should stop
water skiing.
Oh, I see.
So you want to get rid
of the thing
that means the most to me,
is that it?
It's the one thing
that takes the most time.
That's what it takes
to compete.
Yours is not the only voice
in how we raise our kids, Fotis.
I am their mother.
I'm saying that waterskiing
has got to get...
No one gets a goddamn vote
but me!
I really...
Don't you ever, ever undermine
me with my children!
Let me in!
Let me in there!
You better open the door,
goddamn it!
Open it up!
Fotis! Stop!
Open it!
-Fotis, stop! Please.
-Open up, now!
Please, please!
It's fine.
We're just having
a disagreement.
Are you going to let me
see what it's about?
Did you finish
your homework?
It's been a week.
You ever going to talk
to me again?
Look, I know you don't want
to hear another apology
but I'd like it if we could talk
about things when I get home.
We do need to talk
about things.
I gotta go. I'll talk to you
guys later.
Okay guys.
Finish up.
We're going to go
to grandma's.
Hurry up, come on.
It's a school day.
Nope, no school today.
Okay, let's go.
Here we go baby.
Get your stuff, get your bags,
take your bags from Stephanie.
Yeah, get the blue bunny.
Yeah, that one works.
I have a package
for a Fotis Dulos?
Yeah, that's me.
You've been served.
Where the hell did you take
my kids?
Okay, calm down.
I just took them
to my mother's.
I thought you might want
to gather yourself.
I don't want to make a big scene
in front of them.
You think divorcing me
is going to be easy?
No, I, I think it's going
to be inevitable.
You have no idea who
you're dealing with.
That's why we're getting
a divorce.
Maybe one day
you'll come home
to an empty house
like I did, hmm?
Only your kids won't be
in the next state,
they'll be with me on the other
side of the ocean
where you're never going
to see them again!
I'll remember to mention
to my lawyer
that you threatened to kidnap
my children.
Why stop there?
Why not tell them I threatened
to kill you too, hmm?
How does that make sense?
He threatened your life.
Well, according to our great
legal system
it's a very common phrase.
They can't take custody away
from everyone who says
"I'm going to kill you."
So he gets shared custody
even though he chased you
through the house
and tried to break down the
bedroom door to get to you?
He didn't lay a hand on me.
Isn't that at least enough
to get, you know,
like an emergency
restraining order?
He's allowed to break
his own door.
They'll act when they find you
dead in the gutter.
I don't think we need
to worry about that.
Listen, the marriage is ending
and that's the most
important thing.
Leaving Fotis for Jennifer
was like flipping
the creative switch.
Turns out she could be a mother
and a writer at the same time.
She started a whole new novel,
I read some of it.
It was good.
It was about a desperate woman
in a failed marriage.
Boy, where does she come up
with these ideas?
Okay, here you go, baby girl.
-Okay, here you go.
Hey buddy, how are you?
You go on ahead, okay?
I'll be right there.
-You go inside.
Hi, go with your brother.
Hey guys, go on, there's pizza
inside, okay?
I'll be right in.
Go get some pizza!
Bye sweetie,
I love you.
Yeah, go on in.
Mind if I drop off the kids
later on Sunday?
There's a carnival.
I hear your girlfriend and her
daughter are living here now.
What are you talking about?
I mean, come on Fotis.
You didn't think things
would get back to me?
Michelle and Elaine
are just visiting.
We had an agreement.
When it comes to our kids...
Fine, listen.
I am with Michelle now,
and if I want her to live with
me she's going to live with me.
You don't have to like it,
but that's the way it is.
Oh, is it?
It is.
You asked your children to
deliberately lie to their mother
about your violation
of this court's order?
Your Honor, if I may.
Counsellor, would you kindly
remind your client
he had his turn to speak?
I'm ordering that shared custody
be terminated
and that the mother be given
full custody
from this date forward.
Full custody!
Your Honor, that's
completely unfair.
You would give full custody
to a woman who abuses
She has mental health issues!
This is such a load of crap!
You call this justice?
Continue with this outburst,
Mr. Dulos,
and I'll find you in contempt.
My client is understandably
upset, Your Honor.
Mr. Dulos.
You don't seem to appreciate
the consequences of
lying under oath and willfully
violating a court order.
Your behavior constitutes
emotional abuse
of your children.
I said "don't tell Mom"
and I winked.
You're telling me
that's emotional abuse?
Their mother shall have
sole physical custody
and the final word on all
decisions involving them.
Court adjourned.
Get your client
out of here
before he does more damage
to himself.
You're not supposed
to be here, Fotis.
What's this I hear you changed
the kids' doctor?
Yeah, I did. I made
that decision.
Don't you think you
should've consulted me
before you signed them up
for hockey?
Once again, I made
that decision.
I have sole custody.
And I'm still their father.
I understand that.
Their mother
has sole custody.
You should leave.
My god!
Two and a half million dollars?
Where the hell does
Jennifer's mother think
I'm supposed to come up
with that kind of money?
This is, I don't even...
I don't have enough
legal troubles with Jen,
now I have a lawsuit
with her mother too?
It wasn't a damn loan.
She invested
in the business.
Every penny is tied up
in these houses.
The courts will see that.
The courts?
Whoever has the most money
wins in court.
That's not true, Fotis.
Her mother is giving her
75 grand a month
to spend on lawyers
to torture me.
How am I supposed to compete
with that?
I mean, Jesus Christ.
I'm already in the hole
practically seven million.
You need to relax, Fotis.
You can handle this.
Let's just focus on one issue
at a time.
I know, it's just...
I just...
I know. I think it's just-
it's hitting me all at once.
Let me help you relax.
Goddamn it.
Jennifer's trying to ruin
my life.
Fotis, come on.
Sometimes I just...
I just wish she'd disappear,
you know?
I feel safe in my new home
in New Caanan.
Seventy miles away from Fotis.
I need warm sand
between my toes.
Someplace tropical.
Someplace with hammocks
between palm trees
and water so clear it doesn't
even look real.
Warm ocean breezes, papaya.
I always get
self-conscious these days
when I put on a bikini,
my dear blog readers.
But I'm thinking about a place
where it just doesn't matter.
Mr. Dulos?
Yes? Who are you?
Come in.
I'm here to supervise
your visit.
You're here to what?
I'm a monitor appointed
by the court.
I'll be along on all future
visits with your children.
What the hell is this?
She's the court monitor.
Did you request this?
I have reason to believe
you'll run off with my kids.
Oh, come on.
You threatened to do that once,
if you recall.
You're doing this out of spite.
"They'll be with me on the other
side of the ocean
"where you'll never see
them again."
You didn't say those
exact words?
I'm not agreeing to this.
I'm afraid you don't have
a choice.
Your Honor, this situation
has become intolerable.
This woman ruined
me financially.
She is dragging my name and
my reputation through the mud,
and now I can't even see
my kids
without some
court appointed spy.
Mr. Dulos, it's been entered
into the record
that you allegedly tried to run
your wife over with your car.
Without an eyewitness I have
to take it as hearsay.
However given your behavior
in court,
you seem to have a very
short temper.
By all rights I could deny
you access
to your children altogether.
Consider yourself lucky.
Are you ready?
You really think this is right?
You think this is what's best
for our children?
Fotis, don't
make things worse.
Just, let's go home.
Save it for another day.
And after that?
That's all I can tell you.
That was the last time
I saw her.
Walk me through
what you did that day.
We woke up around40.
That's usually
when we get up.
We took a shower together,
and um...
We were intimate there,
you could say.
I fed my daughter breakfast
and I dropped her off at school.
Adios, mi amore.
Then after that I met Fotis
at the Fore Group offices.
That would be around15.
About an hour later I went
to pick up some groceries
and then, uh, Fotis was
out checking on several
of his work sites
and we had plans to meet
at one of them.
They didn't have the Greek
salad that you wanted
but they had
the other one.
-The other one?
-The other one, you like it.
Yeah, yeah.
We spent the rest of the
afternoon cleaning the house
to get it ready for potential
buyers the next day.
After that we grabbed a sandwich
and then we headed home.
That's about it.
All right.
That was your day.
Here's what we know
about Jennifer's.
She drops off her kids at school
just before00 AM.
Then a neighbor's camera catches
her driving home
about 10 minutes later.
So we assume she went home.
Maybe to get ready
to go to her doctor's
appointment in the city.
The nanny found her purse
on the floor in the house,
but after that she's gone.
It's like she vanished.
No one's seen Jennifer Dulos
since the morning of May 24th.
So if you're telling us
the truth,
then, I guess, your boyfriend,
the missing woman's
disgruntled husband,
would have a pretty
tight alibi.
But if you're not,
then that puts you both
in a bit of trouble,
now wouldn't it?
Hi, you've
reached Jennifer.
Leave me a message
and you know the rest.
Jennifer, it's Stephanie.
Um, I see you left
your purse here
and you didn't take the other
car like you said,
so, I guess, just call me
when you get this.
Doctor Simkin's office.
Hello, I am Jennifer Dulos'
I know she has an appointment
with you this morning.
Would it be possible for me
to speak with her
or is she in with the doctor?
Oh yes.
We were expecting her at00,
but she never arrived.
Has she called you?
No. We haven't heard from her.
Is everything all right?
Thanks for getting here
so fast.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Anything yet?
I keep calling her.
I brought the kids here
to their grandmothers'.
I didn't know what to do.
She told me she was going
to drive her other car
into the city,
so I thought it was odd that
it was still at the house.
Yeah, I keep calling her too.
It keeps going straight
to voicemail.
That's the thing that's really
got me worried.
I've never been unable
to reach Jennifer.
Seven years working for her,
not once.
She hasn't shown up for any
of her appointments today.
No one's seen her or heard
from her all day long.
Yes, yes, that's
correct officer.
And, and, and she's been
going through
an incredibly nasty divorce
with a man who's been,
he threatened her and he's been
violent towards her in the past.
Yeah, this is the mother
of five young kids.
It was odd because I just
stocked the shelf
with a dozen rolls of paper
towel last night.
This morning?
There's only two.
You need to find her husband,
Fotis Dulos.
Why is that so urgent
to you?
Whatever happened to Jennifer,
he is behind it.
Okay, why do you think that?
Do I answer?
Yeah, get it.
Hey. Just a reminder,
I have visitation
with the kids tomorrow.
I should be there
Fotis, the kids.
I brought them to their
They're in the city? Why?
Are you even aware that
Jennifer's gone missing?
Nobody's seen or heard
from her all day.
Yeah, I heard.
Just make sure they're there
when I arrive.
00, okay?
My wife's mother is stealing
my children.
Sir, I understand you're upset
but if they don't want you in
the building, you can't go in.
New Canaan PD says he's not
allowed unsupervised visits.
You don't get it.
My wife is missing.
I'm the only parent
those kids have.
That's something you're going
to have to take up
with the Connecticut Courts.
So what, it's just legal now
to steal a man's children?
By the way, the Connecticut
cops say
they've been trying
to reach you.
I couldn't believe...
Mr. Dulos.
We meet at last.
Very few people keep us waiting
for three hours.
Well, I was consulting
with my lawyer.
That'd be this distinguished
gentleman beside you?
We're here as a courtesy.
My client will not be speaking
with you today.
We thought that the husband
of a missing woman
would want to help.
Look, I'm obviously very worried
about Jennifer.
But, well, I have to take
the advice of my counsel.
Can I take a quick look
at your phone, please?
What's the password?
It's four zeros.
Oh. Hang on a second.
Give that back please.
You have no right in searching
that man's cell phone
without a warrant.
I'm not searching it.
I'm seizing it.
We have reason to believe
that this phone
might contain evidence
related to the disappearance
of Mrs. Dulos.
So we're just going to hang onto
it until we can get a warrant.
No! Hey, can they do this?
We can do that.
By the way, I've put the phone
in airplane mode.
So don't bother trying to erase
anything remotely.
So we're done here?
The search
for a missing Connecticut
mother of five.
Today investigators searched
a shallow pond
near the park where Jennifer
Dulos' SUV was abandoned.
It appears they're also
increasing search efforts
in the Hartford area.
Local newspapers report
that forensic investigators
have found traces of
blood inside Jennifer's
New Canaan home.
Dozens of people
gathered tonight
to pray for Jennifer Dulos'
safe return.
Detective Look at
these coordinates.
All right, slow down.
Slow down.
There it is up ahead.
He was here that night.
So this is why
his phone pinged.
I don't see a guy
like Fotis Dulos
hanging out regularly in a dumpy
part of town like this.
What the hell was he
doing here?
Detective I'll get out
the GPS.
This looks like the spot.
GPS says we're right
on top of it.
-Look at this.
-Hmm. You're right.
I'll uh, go, freshen up.
All right, listen Carl.
I need you to tear the seats out
of the truck and replace them.
Yeah? What's with the seats?
I spilled coffee.
So you want to replace them?
Why not just clean them?
Why not just replace them?
Look, you know my wife's
gone missing
and, you know,
they're looking at me.
Truth is, I gave her a hug
on Mother's Day
and I don't need them
combing through the truck
looking for clues finding a
strand of hair or anything.
You understand?
Yeah. No, I get it.
All right. Just replace them.
Get rid of the originals.
I'm on it, boss.
He was here Friday night.
Today's Tuesday.
Do we know when these things
get emptied out?
It might be too late
to find anything.
Didn't expect to see you
here today.
Of course.
When have I ever missed
one of your barbecues?
It's just, you think
it's a good idea
for you to be at a party with...
everything that's going on?
Listen... I need to get on
with my life.
Hiding in a basement's not going
to help Jennifer.
Besides all these ridiculous
rumors, you know.
Haven't you been watching
the news?
We're taking a hiatus
from the news.
Too depressing.
Uh, police say they found
evidence of...
They're using
the word "murder".
This is unbelievable.
I need to get inside.
I know, I know.
Listen, how much longer
is this going to take?
We've got 15,000 square
feet here.
I can't see us wrapping up
until pretty deep in the night.
You folks should probably
find yourselves
someplace else to sleep.
Okay, calm down.
It's not a big deal.
We just stay at
a friend's house.
What friends?
We have no friends!
We're pariahs.
What happened
to missing mother of five,
Jennifer Dulos.
Police still have no firm answer
two weeks into their search.
State police search
the Farmington home
of her estranged husband
for a second time today.
Investigators have
continued digging
through mountains of trash
in a Hartford waste facility.
You stupid bastard.
Police, open the door!
Put your hands where
I can see them!
Where is he?
He's... he's not here.
We weren't watching
the hotel.
I just went for a run.
You're both under arrest
under Statute 53-A1-55,
tampering with or fabricating
physical evidence.
How many times do you want me
to tell you the same story?
We spent the rest of the
afternoon cleaning the house
to get it ready for potential
buyers the next day.
After that we grabbed a sandwich
and we headed home.
"We spent the rest of the
afternoon cleaning the house
"to get it ready for potential
buyers the next day.
"After that we grabbed a
sandwich and headed home."
Around the water cooler we're
calling these the alibi scripts.
We found them in a trash can
by Fotis' desk,
and I must say your memorization
skills are top-notch.
You repeated them
almost verbatim.
You and Fotis made sure to get
your story straight.
It's still the truth.
We only wrote it down
so that we would be sure
we remembered it correctly.
Not long ago the powers that be
in Hartford wanted a safer city.
The way they went about that
was they installed video cameras
in every corner.
More or less.
Now what you see there
is a black pickup truck.
Plate of that truck has Fotis
Dulos as the registered owner.
This video and others like it
were taken the night
that Jennifer Dulos
went missing.
And now you see the male of
the two tossing garbage bags
into a dumpster.
We recovered those bags
with bloody clothes, zip ties,
sponges, as we could call it,
evidence of murder.
Now I'm not a gambling man,
but I'm willing to bet
that that's Fotis.
And that... that's you.
My client and Michelle Troconis
have made bail.
They are not guilty
of any crime
and this will be proven
in court.
And also, I would caution
the media
not to jump to any conclusions
about Mr. Dulos.
Did you kill
your wife?
Did your girlfriend help?
Where's Jennifer's body?
Did you kill your wife, sir?
Mrs. Dulos has long been
battling psychiatric issues
and is on antidepressants.
We believe that what is
really happening
is that she's in
hiding somewhere
or perhaps has tragically
taken her own life
in order to frame Mr. Dulos
for the murder.
In fact, Jennifer had
just written a novel
with exactly this plot-line,
mirroring in large part
the novel Gone Girl.
What about your children's
trust fund?
It's an awful lot of money.
Well, people make all sorts of
horrible assumptions about me.
But they don't know me.
I know I'm innocent.
Nothing went catastrophically
wrong with our marriage,
sometimes people
just grow apart.
Never, never any violence,
any abuse, in any way.
You know, Jennifer and I
didn't even really argue
all those years.
Well right now,
my world is a mess
and I just wish Jennifer
was here
to help me sort through
this mess.
Well, I think the people
who do not know me,
they look at me
as a monster.
What's going on?
What does it look like?
I'm leaving.
You mean for good,
I take it.
My life has been destroyed.
I can't be with you anymore.
I was under the impression
you love me.
I loved someone.
I'm not quite sure
who anymore.
Michelle, please.
Please don't go.
I love you.
Just tell me the truth
for once.
Did you do it?
It is the decision
of this court
that all five of
the Dulos children
shall henceforth be placed
under the permanent custody
of their maternal grandmother.
This isn't over.
I will get my kids back.
Are you sure that's what
you really want, Fotis?
Could it be your kids'
trust-fund you'd then control?
How dare you say it to my face
I don't love my kids.
To your face,
behind your back,
what difference does it make?
Would a father who loves
his children kill their mother?
You see, you're wrong,
It is over.
You're over and I'll tell
you why.
You're a narcissist
and you're a user.
You used Jennifer,
you used her parents,
you used everyone
in your life.
You're used to winning and
you killed my best friend.
So now you'll never see
your children again.
And you're going to die
in prison.
I didn't have
any champagne.
But... the DNA came back.
Hers on the bloody clothes.
His mixed with hers
at the house.
Just as I thought.
-Oh, but it gets better.
They also found the missing
seats for the red truck.
Fotis asked the handyman
to ditch them, but he didn't.
He said he thought they might
be important.
You want to guess whose blood
is on them?
They purposefully put
that memorial
where they knew I couldn't
miss it.
They did it to taunt me.
Come on, this,
this is harassment.
Of course it was.
Um, unfortunately the terms
of your house arrest
are very clear and limited.
Vandalizing something
on public property,
it's in the don't column.
Fine. I'll pay for it.
It's not going to be that easy.
You're not saying
they're actually
going to send me back to prison,
what, for that?
The situation is much more dire
than that, Fotis.
They're charging you
with murder.
Now your arraignment
is tomorrow at00 AM.
I've arranged for them to allow
you to turn yourself in.
They know you're not going
to run anywhere.
No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Um... No, um...
Fotis Dulos,
estranged husband of missing
Connecticut mom,
is set to be arraigned
on new murder charges.
Prosecutors are calling this
a strong case,
after police released a lengthy
arrest warrant
detailing the chilling evidence.
Although her body
has not been found,
police identified Jennifer's
blood on items dumped
in Hartford,
including her underwear
and zip ties.
Dulos is being held
on a $6 million bond
for the murder of his
estranged wife.
Despite the arrests,
Jennifer's family said
there will never be able
to find closure
and nothing will bring
their beloved daughter,
mother and friend back.
We are live in Stanford
Connecticut this morning.
"If you're reading this,
then I am no more."
"I refuse to spend even
an hour more in jail
"for something I had nothing
to do with.
"Enough is enough.
"And if it takes my head to end
this, then so be it.
"Please let my children know
that I love them
"and I would do anything
to be with them,
"but unfortunately we
all have our limits."
It's00 AM Mr. Reed.
Where is your client?
I'm sure he'll be here
any minute, Your Honor.
Excuse me Your Honor,
but his tracker is showing
that he's still at his house.
Get somebody over there.
Fotis Dulos never
arrived to court today
for an emergency bond hearing.
AMR's advising us of
a priority one medical.
Earlier today police
were heard on dispatch audio
sending emergency personnel to
Fotis Dulos' Farmington home.
So... he basically
got away with it.
Only if he dies.
He could still
come out of it.
And if he lives,
do you have enough to put
him away for good?
Oh yeah.
I mean there's still some things
we'll never know,
but we have enough to tell
a jury exactly what happened.
Tell me.
She dropped her kids off
at school
a little before00 AM
that morning.
Bye guys.
-Love you.
-Bye, mom. Love you too.
Detective That was
the last anyone saw her.
Detective But maybe
that's not where we begin.
Let's go back three
and a half hours.
Fotis wakes up at20 AM.
His phone records show that that's when he was up and at it.
Turns his alarm off at21.
A neighbor's security camera
shows Fotis
making a brief stop at one of
his building sites
then leaving in one of
his work trucks.
Then a rest stop security camera
picks him up
on the Merritt Parkway
about an hour later.
Three more cameras
pick him up
driving southbound all the way from Farmington to New Canaan.
He left his truck
in Waveny Park
and rode the last four miles to Jennifer's house on his bike.
Everybody's got security cameras
these days.
Let's face it, if you're outside
you're part of a movie.
Where's your rich parents now?
Please, please!
No Fotis!
At25 AM, Jennifer's Suburban
was recorded traveling westbound
away from her home.
Investigators believe
Jennifer died
from stabbing or
blunt force trauma.
The Chief Medical Examiner said the amount of blood found
indicates non-survivable
A police warrant alleges
that Dulos bound Jennifer
using plastic zip ties
before placing her inside her
own Chevrolet Suburban.
The SUV was found abandoned
during exhaustive
search efforts.
But Jennifer's body
remains missing.
About an hour later
Fotis arrived back at the spec
house where he started.
Michelle Troconis met him there
about an hour after that.
What happened to her
from there
and the point where we found
the bloody clothes,
that we just don't know.
Obviously there are no cameras
in the garage.
But all the forensic evidence
paints a pretty clear picture.
This was a homicide
of violence.
That worthless bastard.
He was going to kill
himself anyway.
For the sake of the kids,
couldn't he have said
where her body is?
As I close out another
hectic day,
my dear beloved blog readers,
I'm pondering kindness.
When you are kind and good
to others,
it's good for them
and for you.
Kindness transcends
the act itself
and heals you
from the inside out.
I pray that my life and yours
be filled with more of it.
Be well until next time.
Bye guys.
Love you.