Gongjo (2017) Movie Script

Cj entertainment presents
a jk film production
executive producer jeong tae-sung
"no trespassing"
"factory 215 near Pyongyang"
"order of the supreme commander"
captain, nothing to report.
Get some shut-eye, sir.
I'll buzz when there's a situation.
What is it?
How'd you find me?
You can't serve the leader on an empty stomach.
Aren't we doing all this for food anyway?
Does anyone know you're here?
Don't worry, I reported to the captain.
I hope it's seasoned properly.
You know...
Shots fired! Shots fired!
Report to cp 1 at once!
Wait here.
Hyun bin
yoo hai-Jin
directed by Kim sung-hoon
captain, we got a lead.
This is factory 215.
Good work, standby, I'm on my way.
You want us to wait till we get robbed?
We're moving in, come at once.
Hwa-ryung, take the rear, rest are with me.
Comrade lim
let's wait for backup.
And watch the sunrise?
Don't move!
Clean it up.
Freeze, he said.
I'll count to three.
If you don't drop your guns,
you'll get a bullet each to the head.
Lim cheol-ryung!
I told you to standby.
Do you ever listen?
No need for bloodshed among comrades.
Lower your gun and come down.
We need a little face-to-face.
Think about it.
With these plates,
we could all live like kings.
Am I right?
Shut your mouth!
If I do, her head will be blown off.
Lower your gun.
Rest of you too.
Coming down?
Take cover!
Cheol-ryung, you okay?
This may sound weird,
but I never liked you all.
Censors are lapdogs, loyal to the Republic.
Rabid lapdogs.
Lucky son of a bitch.
My graceful mercy...
Is the only reason you get to live,
and not because of the leader you serve.
I got a job for you, go tell the Republic.
I'm taking the plates
as the price of people's blood.
See you.
"North Korean homeland security"
created in factory 215, 'the supernote',
can perfectly replicate all security measures,
and can bypass any counterfeit detection
by the newest technology available
around the world.
The engraved plates
that are used to print supernotes
were made by our best technicians over
the course of many years,
and within 1 micrometer...
I'm not here to hear you boast.
Get to your point.
The plates were stolen...
After the counterfeit scandal of 2010,
we've denied the existence of the supernotes,
but if these plates are exposed, it would...
Start a war.
Party-sanctioned production
is like a declaration of war!
Who's the suspect?
Cha gi-sung, age 44, born in hoeryong,
deployed in Gulf war as a weapons specialist,
returned last September
to lead a special police squad.
But he was demoted for stealing drugs
from the Republic.
His wife was punished for family liability
and died in prison.
It's presumed that
he brought his old squad together...
God damn it.
Ministry of security has
detected his route out of the Republic,
and he reached chungdo on the 12th.
Passing through Beijing and reached dalian...
China? Are you serious?
Request their cooperation to extradite him!
We're in talks with mss,
but China is just a stopover,
and he boarded a plane from dalian today.
The destination is...
confidential assignment
I said stop!
You bastard!
Where will you go now?
Look what I did to catch you.
Come here, come here!
Okay, okay, don't come.
Let's talk about this!
Come here!
Don't come close, I'll slash you.
I won't, I said I won't!
Daddy, answer the phone!
Don't pretend to be busy!
Can I answer my daughter?
Daddy, answer!
Go ahead.
Yes, sweetie.
- Daddy.
- I'm working.
What about my iPhone?
You said you'd buy it!
When will you buy me?
Let's be frank.
Did you take bribes from him?
What bribe? I would never!
Then why call it in after letting him go?
I wasn't in a situation to call in first.
You worked so hard to catch that bastard.
You got your boys on stakeouts for weeks.
I know, I was on it too.
Stop compromising.
Say what?
You can't leave our conversation like that!
Things are bad.
Internal affairs are up my ass.
I'll suspend you for 3 months
until things cool down.
He came after me with a knife,
I'm not a robocop!
Chief pyo!
Det. Kang!
You idiot, I told you to call it
in to the chief first.
Why didn't you?
I thought the arrest came first.
You stupid idiot...
This isn't the academy.
I'll go talk to the chief, sir.
What about?
It was my mistake.
Forget it, asshole.
A rookie can't start out with a strike.
Go on in, it's a done deal.
It's part of being a cop.
It's okay, go inside.
So squad leader of district 12, cpt.
Cha gi-sung
fled the country,
but major lim cheol-ryung in his squad!
Why were you kept alive?
What's your plan with cha?
Kill me.
If you don't,
I'll go after cha to the cliffs of hell.
Leave us.
A north-south ministerial talk
will be held in Seoul next week.
It's an unprecedented event that we initiated.
I'm going to include you in the delegation.
Go and capture cha.
I didn't take the bribe!
Yeon-ah, my Princess, come here!
Daddy, my iPhone!
Okay, close the curtains.
When will you buy me?! You promised!
- When, when, when?!
- Okay!
L'll buy it today!
Close the curtain, okay?
- Mom said breakfast!
- I don't want any!
Brother-in-law! It's an emergency!
What is it?
I need $1,000 asap, can I borrow it?
Jesus, $1,000 is...
Shush! Be quiet.
I had a busy last month,
so my cards are all maxed out.
Go talk to your sister!
Bro, we're better than this.
Talk to your sister!
Send it to my account, got it?
What's going on here?
Did you see his face? He must be overworked.
Be good to him, I feel terrible for him.
You must want something.
Hey, hey, wake up.
Hey, dumbass, aren't you going to work?
What's with you all today?!
I'm off duty today!
- It's chief pyo.
- I don't care!
I'll take it then, hello?
- He won't answer...
- Give it!
I knew you'd take it.
Come eat breakfast!
Don't want any.
Good morning.
So much trash!
- Why are you here?
- Let me help.
Forget it.
Are you rested?
Like hell, I need to look for a part-time job.
15 years of partnership means shit.
This is what loyalty is all about?
I took easy on you because of our loyalty.
Remember how you lost
a suspect during a stakeout?
And the missing $5,000 after the ssangmun raid.
You came to tell me that?
Don't worry, really.
I made sure there's no strikes on your record.
- Bullshit.
- Come on!
Joint investigation?
Heard about next week's ministerial talk?
Their delegation will include a detective.
A censor bureau agent.
Anyway, there was a criminal
who defected to the south,
and they want to catch him themselves.
What crime did he commit?
I dunno.
It's an order from the commissioner.
Everyone's going rabid to take this case.
But I managed to secure it.
Cover their detective, you'll get my support.
You want me to babysit a commie?
- Don't call them that.
- Forget it!
I worked towards a just society,
but I'm just a corrupt cop.
But now you want me to do what?
How long must I sacrifice for my country?
You're hopeless, you really are.
You don't get it, do you?
I'm trying to get you back in good graces.
Forget it, I won't beg.
If you don't want it,
I'll get the rookie on it.
I never said no to this case!
And you can't trust this detail to a rookie.
Right, he's not up for it!
- I'll think about it.
- Okay, good.
So much trash...
Today at 12:50.Pm...
Bro, pass me the remote.
There, there.
Inter-Korean ministerial talks will proceed...
- Hold on.
- In Seoul for 3 days.
After a long dormant period,
the north Korea-initiated talk
is receiving much attention.
With this case, you'll get reinstated,
and if it wraps well, we'll all get promoted.
Special promotion!
Your salary will get a boost too!
When will we ever get a chance like this?
Thanks for everything, things will get better.
Thanks for everything, things will get better.
Get it yourself, it's in the fridge.
Get what? I'm thanking you.
Out of the way!
Why are you following me?
I said it's in the fridge.
No good, we're no good.
You've been investigated?
Yes, that was an administrative error.
That case was wrapped up nicely.
He used to be a hot shot.
Even got a commissioner award.
He's an undercover specialist.
That's why he's perfect for this detail.
In any case, very good.
Your task is to stay
with the north Korean detective 24/7,
and report anything unusual.
Chief pyo, support him
in whatever ways you can.
Of course.
Like I said earlier,
this is a joint and a covert operation.
They mustn't know the intelligence is involved.
Not only the south, but the north too.
Do you understand?
Find cha and secure the plates.
Did you learn to use this hand phone?
The south controls the people with this.
You may give up the gun, but never this.
You only have 3 days.
Look for park myung-ho first.
He was one of cha's men,
he's a smuggler in the south.
He will lead you to cha.
Leave your personal vendetta out of this.
Don't forget.
What a stud.
Aren't you det. Lim?
Welcome to the south, nice to meet you.
I'm kang Jin-tae from homicide.
North's weapon is confisticated
until the case wraps.
That's rule #1 of our joint detail.
It's a property of the Republic, give it back.
That's the rule, and you have to obey.
When in Rome, do as the romans do.
Let's move.
Eat some.
Our tax money is feeding you
to catch the criminal.
Go on.
The south will assign a snake to you.
He cannot find out about the plates.
The north's target is cha gi-sung,
they wouldn't initiate a talk
and request a joint detail
for a petty killer,
at least that's our assumption.
I've been at this for 20 years.
I can read between the lines.
I feel the weight on my shoulders.
I'll wrap this case nicely
as a honorable detective of south Korea.
Don't you worry.
Sit, sit.
We'll locate and arrest cha gi-sung.
Your job is to pretend to cooperate fully,
and steer him away.
What brought you here?
I read the dossier on this joint case.
An ordinary killer wouldn't initiate
a north-south detail.
Shouldn't you celebrate that a killer defected?
I certainly would.
It just doesn't make any sense.
It doesn't have to, just do your job.
Is that so?
That flag.
If you leave it on...
Rule #2, this is a covert case.
I wanted to give you a heads up
about the detail,
but you twisted my arm!
Good thing I suppressed myself,
we could have started out on a bad note.
So embarrassing...
Look around.
South is full of cctvs.
There are over 3 million of them,
we're always being watched.
So since we're...
Right, the north is always being watched too.
I guess we're all the same.
It's too early in the day for these flyers.
Ever seen one of these?
Give them a call.
Use this cell phone.
I favorited my number.
I got one too.
You do?
You can use this.
Then what's your number?
No need.
Give it to me, in case of emergency.
Take it back when you return home.
What do we do now?
Anywhere you want to go?
Seoul tower, or ltaewon?
This might be your last trip to Seoul.
Are you really a special investigator?
Is that what you heard? Yes, why you ask?
You feel more like a tour guide.
You think I don't know how to investigate?
We have no clues to go on.
My bosses are tracking cha's location,
- so we need to standby...
- Go to myeong-dong.
You like shopping? Okay, why not.
Aren't you better off as a soldier?
Why a cap'?
Find another route, one without traffic.
I wish I could, but there isn't one.
GPS tells us the best route.
For a country without any oil,
why are there so many cars?
Are the Southern cops always like this?
Yielding to all traffic,
playing with the hand phone
while chasing a criminal?
In Seoul, there's no way out of a traffic jam.
How do I get through that?
That death stare of yours...
I better yield.
Only ambulances can do that.
What were you saying?
We're going to myeong-dong
to look for a suspect?
We're partners, fill me in.
Daemyung condo, #1108.
(She's associate lives there.
Park myung-ho.
That's all I needed to know.
Hostage situation in mapo district.
A man in his 40s holding
a woman hostage with a knife.
What a world we're living in.
D-'l is nearby, we'll check it out.
What are you doing?
You heard the radio, we got a hostage.
Did you forget your orders?
Where's your priority?
A citizen's safety is a cop's #1 priority.
If we don't go, she could get stabbed...
Stop this bullshit!
You better let go of me.
We're not close enough
for this level of intimacy!
Okay, fine, let's talk it over.
Let go!
Wait, okay, let go!
Get out of the car.
What do you take me for?
All this twisting and grabbing over nothing!
If we weren't assigned to...
You're making a huge mistake.
Give that back!
Okay, fine, fine.
Truce, ceasefire.
Uncuff me and
let's talk like Democratic people.
Or like communists?
Cheol-ryung, hey, listen to me.
Hey, hey!
Lim cheol-ryung!
That's one crazy motherfucker!
Even if he's a special forces,
this isn't the place!
Det. Lee, I need to track a taxi!
Sixty-nine fucking eighteen
"daemyung condo"
"daemyung condo #1108"
You got here in one piece.
Detective, let's have a chat.
We need to talk!
Why are you so gung-ho?
No one investigates on foot anymore.
It's all about CSI.
We need to talk about...
How we deal with the suspect...
Dek. Lee, 3132914'.!
Myeong-dong to jongro!
Call me when you track it!
Made in the north?
Commonly known
as .
Asshole, whether it's Chinese or north Korean,
one large per kilo is too much!
It's not the fake shit that you get here,
it's the authentic, genuine north Korean ice.
Look here.
You lived too long with the fake shit.
The dirty and ragged defector has all grown up.
You're just a drug fiend chaser.
Give it to him.
Oh yeah.
Let me know if you're in the market for these.
I don't only deal drugs.
Lots of stuff.
Park myung-ho.
Where's cha gi-sung?
My arm!
Who are you?
Does this look fake?
It'll blow your head off.
Lim cheol-ryung!
- Where?
- Ltaewon!
It's dangerous, go inside!
' Ha-young!
- Daddy!
Come here!
' You okay?
- Daddy!
Look at this...
Lim cheol-ryung!
I got a hit!
Dalian a257 on the 18th
under the alias 'hwang wui-wan.'
search the exit gate.
check the car's owner.
Yes, sir.
Park's here, sir.
Park myung-ho reporting.
Aren't you sick of it? Stop saluting.
It's a free country.
The boat and weapons will be ready tomorrow.
But we got a problem.
He must be from the homeland,
he's searching for you.
Probably from facility #5014.
There were two.
The south Korean called him 'lim cheol-ryung.'
have you gone mad?!
Why don't you tell the whole world
we're on a covert detail!
I could've gotten killed!
When I caught up to lim,
he was in an action film.
Then a kid jumped out,
and she could've gotten killed!
- I jumped for her...
- Okay, forget it.
What about park?
He fled, he was long gone.
You let him flee? You didn't interrogate?
You wanted me to do that?
I don't believe it...
We got cha gi-sung's dossier.
He's a north Korean officer.
Stay on lim 24/7, don't let him cause trouble!
That's a bit much...
No, take him home and sleep with him!
This could be an exile of a vip.
Imagine what'd happen if lim finds him first?
And assassinates him
while on this joint detail?
We'd be so fucked.
Did you give him the phone?
He wants to use his.
You should've given it to him!
He knows he'll be tracked!
How can I force him?!
Where's lim?
Det. Lim?
I'm det. Lee dong-hoon.
I'm det. Kang's partner.
In other words, we're on the same team.
Good to meet you.
Our countries may be divided,
but we share the same blood.
As a joint detail,
we can wrap this up nicely...
That'd be nice, wrapping it nicely.
- Nothing to report.
- It'd be weird, if you did.
Let's go out.
What will you do now?
Park's gone and no break on cha.
Will you go door-to-door?
That'd only take 5o years.
If you had not interfered, I could've had him.
Come on.
This way.
You lost the suspect,
and terrorized the streets.
How's that a covert op? Get in.
Your legs, please.
I'll hop over, move your legs.
Spread them a bit.
Too much!
Legs together...
Hold on...
I'm getting sweaty.
Holy cow...
When will this day ever end?
Detective, this is hard for me too.
Can't we trust each other?
We're partners for a little while.
We have to catch cha together.
We can triangulate him right away.
Don't underestimate the power of our reach.
If you find him, let me know first.
If you do that,
I'll follow south Korean investigation rules.
That's what I'll do.
Uncuff me.
And run off on your own?
I want to trust our joint detail.
I got so much shit from the top because of you.
Let's stop being so formal.
I noticed that you're much younger than I am.
I usually share a drink and become friends.
Let's do that, okay?
That was unexpectedly easy.
Very good.
As a commemoration of our new friendship, here.
Show me your leg.
Very nice.
That device is,
it's a discreet sign
that you're a detective here.
Isn't this a GPS tracker?
There is a small function like that.
How do I explain this?
Let's say you arrive at a crime scene.
You can't tell who's who.
Then a man comes over and asks who you are.
"Me? Take a look."
"You're a detective?"
"Yes, I am. And you?"
Then you show him yours.
"You're a detective too? Great work here."
We are one, we are comrades.
That's what that represents, okay?
Then where's yours?
Mine's being charged. I wear it everyday.
Allow me.
I will gladly accept, thank you.
I'll return the favor.
- Take a shot.
- I'm okay.
Have just one drink.
Since we're on this detail,
it's game over for bad guys.
If I catch cha, what'll you do for me?
What would you like?
Let me think, anything in the world?
Give me just $1 ook.
I can send my kid to a private prep school,
marry my sis-in-law off,
and give the rest to my wife,
and say "buy a bigger house",
what do you think?
That's a chump change for slaving
a Southern cop for 3 days.
Do you know what my wage is?
You'll be shocked to hear it.
After taxes, about $38,000.
Divide that by 12,
then it's about $3,000.
Divide that by 30,
damn it! That's like minimum wages!
Good evening, ma'am.
Honey, we got a guest.
Come in, come in, he's my new partner.
Handsome, right?
He hasn't got a room yet.
So I told him he could stay with us for a bit.
He insisted that we buy something you like,
so he got fried chicken.
This is my wife!
And my Princess.
How was your day?
Whose daughter?
Mom's, of course.
When will you become mine?
Say hello to Mr. lim.
Good evening.
- Hello there.
- What is it?
You could've got him a motel.
Dumb! And dumber!
He can hear you.
You can't talk about him
when he's standing here.
So what?
Come inside, come!
It's okay, come in.
We live like this.
I'm the head of this family,
make yourself at home.
Says who?!
You're being rude to our guest!
That woman...
She's got a sharp tongue, but she's kind.
Please come in, it's okay.
I wouldn't have invited you otherwise.
He's so hot...
Ls he in there?
Yeah, why?
What, what?!
He's not getting the master bedroom!
You can sleep here, it's yeon-ah's room.
I hope it's not too uncomfortable.
If you need anything, please let me know.
This is my room.
Have a good night.
Once we locate cha,
I'll abandon the detail and go dark.
Remember, you got 48 hours left.
If you can't secure the plates, destroy them.
I will risk my life for this mission.
I hope you like it, I made this for you.
Please try it.
Do you have any favorites?
If you have any requests,
feel free to let me know.
Listen to her.
I've never seen you cook anything
in the last 3 years.
He's a guest, sis.
I hope it's to your liking.
Don't worry, I'm not a picky eater.
North Korean?
He defected because it's hard to live there.
He's a north Korean cop, so be nice to him.
Yeon-ah, eat this.
Whose daughter?
Good girl.
Huh, it's for him?
So kind.
It'd be nice to give me some too.
You eat plenty.
Please dig in.
No need for back and forth,
there's enough food in the south.
So insensitive.
Who starves to death nowadays.
Get with the times, go read some papers.
There are plenty.
Don't mind your brother-in-law.
He's right here.
- Don't mind him.
- Don't listen to him.
Daddy's bad.
- Bad!
- So bad!
Not all north Koreans are starving.
It depends on the person.
He's not the starving kind,
look at his perfect skin.
Allow me to apologize on his behalf.
He's like that.
Stop staring at him, eat your breakfast.
Go on, eat.
- Please eat.
- We need to go.
Have some.
Go ahead.
My wife is a great cook.
Boss, we got the car owner.
I'll call you back.
Go on.
His name is jang sung-tae,
coo of ds holdings.
Ds holdings?
Yes, it's a sister company
of ds resort and hotel.
Ceo yoon dae-hyub is a Chinese migrant,
and he's known as the Korean boss of the triad.
Put our men on yoon and jang.
Report when they contact cha.
How do you like free life?
Are you comfortable here?
I sleep and eat well as a free man.
If you have the money,
freedom can easily be bought.
Left and right wings don't really exist.
But there is top and bottom,
those with and without.
Let's cut the chitchat, and get to the point.
Come on, this doesn't prove shit.
I have to see the plates printing the cash.
We're not dealing petty sum here.
Let's see what the plates can do.
We gotta make sure it's genuine as well.
What do you take me for?
Counterfeit detection has advanced quite a bit.
We need specialists and equipment too.
I don't have a lot of time.
I just need 2 days.
Whether we verify or not is up to you.
But this deal is up to me.
You got balls.
Mr. yoon.
I betrayed my country,
my family and my youth for these plates.
Do you want my organs too?
You worked so hard, you deserve to get paid.
I'm the only one who has the resources anyway.
Then I shall wait.
You get 24 hours.
Bring your specialists, and whatever you need.
We'll meet back here tomorrow with the plates.
Very wise.
But you also get a warning.
If you fuck around, I will kill you.
Rewind, please.
Where is that man going?
To the basement.
What's there?
A duty-free shop, but it's not open yet.
- Duty-free shop?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
We can't barge in without evidence.
Park is carrying a different bag.
That can happen, so what?
Down here, suspects are innocent
until proven guilty,
so they're free until he's convicted.
You have to follow our laws.
I'm not a Southern detective.
So I have to take point to make things legit.
Good day.
Let me ask you something.
What is it?
We're here for park myung-ho,
he was here around 3pm yesterday.
You know him, right?
The one with fat head and weird hair.
We saw him on security cams,
so don't pretend...
Why is he here?
Knife swinger, you know me, come over here.
- Goddammit!
- Come here!
Get back here, asshole!
Boss, it's bad!
Over here!
Boss, boss'. That guns).!
It really hurts!
What is this place?
What's going on here?
The government granted you
to setup an honest shop,
aren't these all fakes?
Yo, who are you?
Are you the boss here?
I'd like to ask you for your cooperation.
Do you know park myung-ho?
Did you bring a warrant?
It's being mailed out, but we can talk it over.
You skipped due process and came without one?
You got shit for common sense.
Mr. po-po.
Are we already starting off on the wrong foot?
Det. Lim.
Do I deserve this kind of treatment...
Ls this real?
Don't joke around and give it back.
Give it, asshole!
- Give it back!
- You got no power here.
You can't do shit without a warrant.
Where's park?
You got a way with that suit.
I won't ask twice.
You got terrible manners.
What if I don't talk?
Obstruction ofjustice is an applicable law.
If you do not cooperate with the law...
We can take appropriate action.
A detective
is not a "po-po",
but an official who carries out the law.
You must treat him accordingly.
Ls that toilet paper?
Back home, toilet paper isn't a weapon.
No one will look at it as such down here too.
How did you...
They were coming at me, it was self-defense.
Yeah, you had that right, but this is...
Park's number is on it, track his location.
Can you drop me from this detail?
Do you know what happened just now?
Lim knocked out a bunch of huge henchmen
with a roll of toilet paper, in a flash.
The triad?
Ds holdings is a corporate gang,
and cha got in touch with them
after landing here.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
Did you really plant a bug in lim's cell phone?
I did!
Then how come we get no signal?
How should I know?
Let's solve this first.
Why cha defected, the triad and his goal.
We could be getting
so much more than a promotion.
Leech some intel from lim,
even the agency is clueless.
I got it, sir.
Okay, listen, I got park's location.
Yeongdeungpo district, 66 dosin St.
We're on our way too.
When you get park, hand him over,
we'll interrogate him.
Due to low unemployment rate,
more youths are relying on...
Sis, what's Jin-tae's salary?
After taxes, insurance, just over $30,000.
- $30,000?
- Yeah.
That's it?
What do you mean?
We live off that, and paid for your college.
Career men with $100k+ salary
are lining up for me,
it's a step back to marry a cop
with $30k income.
A major downgrade, right?
Did he propose to you?
If I want to, of course he will.
Sis, I'm park min-young.
So what?
You're just a freeloader.
Where did you get that dress from earlier?
I lost count because of you!
Focus on getting a job and moving out.
Whatever! Stop!
Not whatever!
So why does he have to be so hot?
I can't decide.
Why are you so fixated on looks?
And you really weren't. I was so shocked.
I was shocked too, almost fatal, right?
Totally fatal.
...crashed into a truck,
it was a dangerous scene.
Their reckless brawl was...
It's him!
Sis, sis!
Isn't that cheol-ryung?
...even engaging in a fist fight...
Look, look...
Jesus Christ! No way!
Don't even think about it!
He's so hot!
Seriously! Are you nuts?
The magazine won't fit in properly.
Please wait here.
Park could have another exit route.
No way, how could I trust...
Not that I don't trust you,
it's better to move as a team.
Hello there.
Is this it?
What is it?
I'm a cop.
So damn smokey...
What's this place?
- Let's move.
- Lieutenant.
Can't I just live down here for good?
I made all preparations,
got the guns and the boat.
I don't need my cut,
so please tell the captain for me.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Are you the boss here? Who are you?
Why are you here?
I'm looking for park myung-ho.
Out, get out.
Look at these guys...
Lim, they're underestimating you.
You should teach...
Hey, cheol-ryung!
Don't come any closer!
You could die...
Wait, wait!
There's one of me, and 2, 3 of you...
Wait! Stay back!
You got a deathwish?!
How did he do this?
Come at me!
Can't risk a traitor.
I took care of park.
And lim?
Speak of the devil.
Comrade, answer.
You really found park.
You shoulda let it go when I spared you.
I kept you alive since we go a long way.
But you came here to catch me?
That's regrettable.
Shut up and wait.
I'll end you with my own hands.
What a shame.
You're standing on you grave.
It's not my fault, rest in peace.
Who was that bastard?
Secure 1st and 2nd floors!
How did he die?
Evidence and warrants are all pointless now.
Did you get shot?
Like hell I did, I'd be dead.
Shit, I got slashed.
Out of the way, move please.
What's all this?
Where's kang Jin-tae?
Det. Kang!
What is it? What?
- Chief!
- Come here!
Come here, you bastard!
This is a covert op.
People cannot know about this.
Look at that crowd.
I'll report this situation to the chief myself.
That's all you need to know.
This is park's cell phone.
Extract all his 4-day locations from this.
Then give me a call.
Don't make mistakes like last time, got it?!
Okay, covert op...
Let's go.
Det. Kang!
- Blood!
- It's okay, I'm fine.
Shouldn't you go to the er?
It's okay, it's part of being a cop.
How do I tell my wife about this?
Are you okay?
Of course not, it hurts like a bitch.
How could you do that to me?
They were coming at me,
and you took off without me.
We don't have each other's backs?
I'm disappointed, you unloyal bastard.
Anyway, that big guy who killed park,
that's not cha, right?
If I ask you something, answer me for once!
I'm risking my life for this detail!
Forget it! Whatever!
Screw this joint detail.
He's cha's man.
You probably knew cha was a soldier.
How many men does he have?
I don't know.
His squad consisted of a dozen or so men,
and if his mercs got involved...
Lim cheol-ryung.
What the hell is happening here in the south?
Why'd a northern officer
come here with his men?
I tell you everything, but not you.
It's hard to maintain this detail
if you stay quiet.
Who is cha and why is he hear?
Why are you so desperate
to catch this bastard?!
Some time ago, he killed a squad of censors.
They were like my family.
The men in the picture...
We were supposed to standby,
but because of me...
Because of you?
As if terrorizing the streets
weren't enough, now murder?
I told you to catch park, not kill him.
We didn't do it.
"We"? Who's "we"?
You and lim and you and I?
Are you guys dating now?
Fine, if not you, then who?
(She's not alone, he has soldiers.
Park's smuggled weapons must've ended up there.
Then he has at least 10 men with him.
Did you get that from lim?
So what's cha's end goal?
He doesn't know, that's all I got.
How could he not? Leech more intel.
I'm not a fucking blood-sucker!
Anyway, recover park's cell phone...
What's your area of expertise.
Bdsm, I see.
Cosplay for me.
Wanna know how you could
free yourself from the ankle bracelet?
Help me! Please!
My arm's gonna break!
He must be a cop too.
You said you didn't hide anything from me.
I'm really sorry.
You didn't want to take my cell phone,
I can get worried if I can't find you.
What if you get in trouble in a foreign land?
I was just worried.
I can't seem to cut it.
Okay, I'll try again.
Anything can be cut.
Here we go! Come on!
I sot it!
I barely cut that thing off.
I have to return it, idiot!
Holy cow, that was tough.
Where are you going?!
Come home with me!
Cheol-ryung! Cheol-ryung!
Who kicked your butt?
Go easy, that stings.
Stay put.
Stop, that's enough. It's just a bruise.
At attention, come back!
You dumbass!
Don't be a crybaby.
You pinched too hard.
Give me your face.
Come here!
It's okay, enough.
I've told you before.
If you get stabbed again, we are finished.
So I don't go around getting stabbed.
Ww do you get beaten up'?
You're not doing god's work.
Bad guys won't go extinct
because of what you do.
Are you burning with passion?
Your child is 9 years old!
Okay, that's enough.
You're a cop like dad, right?
You must fight really well.
Do you shoot bad men with guns like him?
I mean, roll up your sleeve.
Look at this hand...
No need.
It looks bad...
How could you say that with these hands?
Your salary is low
but I hate seeing you get hurt.
If you get married, will you live in the south?
I'm sure you don't have much,
but I'll overlook that.
Have a girl.
Why didn't you tell me that earlier?
My 90d...
So embarrassing!
I'm sorry.
Do you love her?
Of course, I love her.
Come on...
Go to bed!
They were like my family.
We were supposed to standby,
but because of me...
He thinks he's so cool...
"Park myung-ho"
good work.
I'll reward you all for your contribution.
Once we complete this mission,
we will achieve freedom for good.
Fight to your death.
We got something.
It came from park's body.
After the 3-day ministerial talk,
the northern delegation is returning...
You scared me.
Did you get any sleep?
Do you only have 1 suit?
Come out here!
Park's phone was recovered, let's get to it.
Looks good, I loved that jacket.
Have some breakfast.
There's no time, we have to go.
Then throw it out!
Okay, let's eat a bit.
- We'll eat fast.
- Did you dress up for him?
- So embarrassing.
- Give it!
What's with off-season food?
This doesn't look normal.
It's north Korean style.
North Korean? Because of him?
It looked like he had no appetite.
Give it a try.
- Go on.
- It's good.
- Come on, eat.
- I hope you like it.
I looked up the recipe online
and made it myself.
- Is that true?
- Do you like it?
It's great.
Is that so? I'm so glad!
- Have plenty.
- You liar.
Auntie, mom made that.
- My baby!
- Come here honey.
You want some?
- Don't sit on him!
- I'll eat later.
He's uncomfortable, sit on your seat.
- Daddy?
' Yes, baby?
Where's my iPhone?
- I'll buy it.
- When?
- When? Tomorrow?
- Okay, deal.
- Don't get her hopes up!
- Why not?
It doesn't cost much, I'll really buy it.
- No, she doesn't need it.
- Please eat.
"Chief pyo: Your phone's bugged"
ls it okay?
Finish up, I'll get the car started.
Why? Have some more.
You haven't finished.
Finish your meal.
It's okay, please.
Have some more.
Wait, wait!
Det. Lim?
Can I be informal with you?
You already are.
Is that so?
I don't know what you do
to come back with bruises,
and I know you won't answer me.
Please look after my husband.
He's stubborn, so my nagging doesn't work.
Take on difficult work in his stead.
You're still single, so you may not get it...
Sis, you're too much!
Your husband is important
but not someone else's?
There must be someone, I'm sure.
Anyway, take care of him.
He may be an idiot, but he's all we've got.
I understand.
It's called 'supernote',
the plates can print fake cash,
and (She's negotiating with the triads over it.
- Meet up location?
- Ds resort.
Did you track cha's location?
Not yet.
- Park's phone...
- Tell me, I know you do.
- I don't.
- Tell me at once!
Gonna hit me?
- Tell me.
- I don't know!
Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you, asshole.
You planted a bug on your partner.
No wonder my gramps always said,
"all north Koreans are commies."
You people couldn't be trusted, even back then.
3rd generation dictatorship
really messed things up.
They're starving people to death.
The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
Do you know what the south's debt is?
I dunno, enlighten me.
Even the ability to get loan is a skill.
Better than having so many people starve.
At least we are all poor equally.
What a load of shit.
Is it fair that your leader
burns cash head over fist?
Don't insult the Republic!
But I did, so what, are you gonna hit me?
Okay, fine.
I'll park here to make it easy for you.
Let's be honest.
You're here for the supernote plates, right?
But you told me
you're here to avenge your comrades.
How could you lie through your teeth?
I believed your lies,
and I almost helped you out, asshole.
I've never lied.
Forget it.
- Please help.
- How can I trust you?
If you help me catch cha, I'll give the plates.
I promise you.
I know it's a lot,
please help me.
I'm begging you, comrade.
We should standby, the support will arrive.
What are you looking for?
Us two can't face an entire platoon.
Not us, I'm going alone.
They're ex-special forces who fought in wars.
They're not like your spineless unis.
If you want to live, stay back here.
Not quite $100k.
What is it?
Buy '(Eon-ah an 'phone.
Yankee stuff aren't good for children,
but at least live with some class.
What do you mean by that?
Thanks for everything.
So the plates are verified,
let's get to the deal.
I've been thinking,
the tech is mine,
and so are printing and distribution.
For that reason, the plates are overpriced.
Let's meet half way, $5 million.
Got any coke? Give me a can.
The partners cannot be more than 10m apart.
Rule #3, did you forget?
The joint detail isn't done.
Down there?
You got a plan?
Place a call, with the video.
010-2335-6972, that's my number.
What will you do?
Took you long enough.
Answer it.
That feels good.
I missed this whenever
i returned home from overseas.
My people must taste
the sweetness of capitalism.
$10 million isn't nearly enough.
Make it $20 million.
No? Then $30 million.
The clock's ticking as you hesitate.
$40 million.
This is a highway robbery!
I told you not to fuck around.
I didn't come here to make a deal.
I'll transfer $10 million
as we originally agreed...
No need.
I'll print my own money.
Grab the plates.
What will you do? Hey! Hey!
You really came.
Good to see you alive.
Must we break things whenever we meet?
Time's up, let's go.
Take cover!
What the hell was that?
You okay?
So that asshole's cha?
That's right.
See you at the pier.
It missed the heart,
you'll live with first aid.
Det. Kang.
It's okay, you'll live.
Officer down, sector c, parking!
Send ambulance!
Part of the being a cop.
I won't die, please go after him.
Go and catch cha.
Put pressure on it.
Keep an eye on him.
Yes, sir.
Hurry, hurry!
Route 2330, songdo-bound, getaway car found.
Any nearby units?
This is d-1, we're on our way, over.
Kang, you bastard!
Return to the station at once.
I told you lim can't go there
over and over again!
What exactly is the reason?
Because our joint detail will get exposed?
Or lose the supernote to them?
It's out of our hands.
The detail is finished!
You said to suck his blood for intel.
You couldn't stand
the suits running all over us.
Jin-tae, what's with you?
It's dangerous there. The suits are...
I'm with the agents.
Who gives a shit about them!
Det. Kang, suit here.
As of now, we have the jurisdiction.
Stop where you are and turn him around.
Why do I have to?! You saw yourself too!
He shot a cop in broad daylight!
Who cares about south and north?!
Okay, fine.
Listen carefully, det. Kang.
We're in a state of emergency.
We have to arrest cha
and secure the plates at any cost.
You need to prevent lim from killing him.
If need be, you can eliminate lim.
You promised, the plates are mine.
I meant, my country's.
Let me do my duty, and become a respected cop.
Take them.
One more thing.
When we get cha, will you kill him?
I understand your situation,
but revenge is not in our job description.
He must be arrested and punished.
Nothing more, got it?
I understand.
Don't answer half-heartedly.
I said I understand.
That's what being a cop is.
There, that's him!
Slow down.
Hold the wheel.
Get close.
Hey, cheol-ryung!
Stop, please.
Why did you do it?
I didn't want to be a lapdog
to the rotting heads of state
in the name of our people.
Do not taint the honor of our people.
You betrayed their trust to be here
for your revenge.
Goddamn shit!
Go on.
Don't do it!
What are you doing?!
You can't, you'll die!
Let go of me!
You're gonna shoot me?
Answer me, will you?
You promised, asshole.
You said you won't kill him!
Cha gi-sung!
Killed my wife.
This was in her belongings.
I thought you needed to know.
Before the cavalry arrives,
take this.
This fell into the river with cha.
It's the only way for you to live.
Doesn't matter if I die.
You must.
You have to live strong!
Your wife in heaven will want that too.
Cha jumped to his death.
Even if he survived it, I'll arrest him, so go.
Do you trust me?
Go on, go!
Go, right now!
Good work.
You are a pride of the Republic.
We have not recovered (She's body.
If you give me some time...
"The threat against the Republic
has been dealt with, return at once,"
that was the chairman's last order.
Forget cha.
This marks the end of the joint detail.
Lend me your phone.
Daddy, answer the phone!
Don't pretend to be busy!
Daddy's on the way home.
- Baby, whose daughter?
- Daddy...
- It's been a...
- Daddy...
Are you crying, baby?
Look here.
There's something I lost.
I don't have it anymore, it's already with...
I don't care if you have it or not.
You got 2 hours.
Bring the plates to lncheon pier's power plant.
Then I promise your family will live.
If you get police support,
i will break that promise.
I'll tear your family to pieces.
Please just let my child go.
- Yeon-ah!
- Mom!
Cha gi-sung...
Took my wife and yeon-ah.
He wants the plates by 9
at lncheon pier's power plant.
Or they'll kill them both.
Cheol-ryung, please help.
Please don't let them kill yeon-ah, please.
Leave us.
Cha is still alive.
Let me take care of it.
I told you the detail is finished!
Are you still hell-bent on your revenge?
Separate your order from personal vendetta!
He took my south Korean partner's family.
Leave them be.
I don't want to lose anyone else.
I don't want to lose you either.
I'm sorry.
I'll return afterwards.
Yes, baby?
Are the bad men gone?
Yes, they're gone.
But keep your eyes closed.
Let's wait for daddy a little more.
the target has arrived.
Y eon-ah'?
Honey, over here!
- Daddy!
- We're here!
Honey, we're up here!
- Yeon-ah!
- Over here!
- Honey!
- Daddy!
- Honey!
- Daddy!
Where are the plates?
Let the girls go first.
Then I'll hand them over.
Wanna die together?
Hand them over.
You don't have them.
No, I don't have them, you bastard!
I don't have them!
Stop hiding and come out!
Come out, you fuck!
Yeon-ah, it's okay.
No, no, I'm sorry. I really am.
I'm sorry, comrade.
Cpt. Cha, this is all my fault.
My family doesn't deserve this.
Let them go and just kill me!
I'm sorry, let them go, kill me instead!
Are you listening?!
Yeon-ah, daddy's here.
We'll go home soon.
comrade, you okay?
Sorry, I'm late.
Thank you.
Move and you're dead.
Let the southerners go,
I'll give you the plates.
Yo, cheohyung.
Did you betray your country
to save these people?
How can I trust you?
Crane, upper deck.
Front piece are missing.
We're 2 plates short.
Like I said, they leave first.
Not bad for a lapdog.
Alright, sure.
Let them go.
Take your family and get home, comrade.
Yes, okay, cheohyung.
Okay, 0k8)'-
what about...
Don't worry.
I'm sorry.
I got you into this mess.
I need you to move.
Okay, thank you, thank you so much.
Get going!
Cheol-ryung, there's no need to shed blood.
If you return to the north,
you'll get a firing squad.
Join us.
There's a boat standing by.
Alright, I'm coming.
Why aren't we moving?
You know I love you
two more than anything, right?
I'm a detective, a south Korean cop.
Cheol-ryung is all alone...
Don't beat around the bush.
Go! Get going!
Kill them all and bring cheol-ryung back.
You really mean that?
You won't go alone, right?
You'll contact the chief?
Yes, of course.
If you get hurt, I'll kill you.
Look, there.
Take this.
Are you alright?
Just dandy.
Sorry I'm late.
Why aren't you at home?
Then why are you here? Same deal.
You wailed and begged for help.
Yeah, I cried like a bitch, wouldn't you?
There's no one like me, though.
Just be thankful.
Chan's fleeing that way, there!
I'm actually a marksman.
Where did he go? He's really fast.
I shoulda killed you first!
Hey, asshole!
Do you know what these plates are?
It's revenge against the Republic
for abandoning its people,
and it's a reward
for my blood and sweat!
You cannot ruin my noble plan!
Let's go...
Cheol-ryung, look at me.
Let me see you.
You sons of bitches.
Take it with you.
Are you so desperate to go to prison camp?
My country should be ashamed by this.
Be a cop respected by your country.
It's not like we get paid enough
for our services.
We starve, we get injured, almost die too.
And it's not like they'll award us.
Why did you become a cop?
I didn't know it'd be like this.
I thought I'd look cool while shooting guns,
catching bad guys, reading their rights,
cuffing them, and cheered on by
a crowd like in the movies.
What about you?
Everyone's busy starving,
so no criminals, I bet.
Wait, it's a heaven, for detectives.
Take me with you,
i want to defect to the north.
You better be careful.
Your mouth will get you arrested.
Anyway, that was how I began.
Catch bad guys, save good guys. You?
Me too, in the beginning.
Oh man, oh man. I'm in so much pain.
Took them long enough.
That bastard of a chief.
"1 year later, Pyongyang"
On what case?
Pyongyang's first ever serial killer.
The suspect is a south Korean,
he defected to the north.
Anyway, this is a covert op.
Your counterpart has been chosen.
Oh yeah?
You're still ugly as ever.
- Good to see you.
- Likewise.
Rule #1 of our joint detail.
South's weapon is confisticated
until the case wraps.
Fine, okay.
Let's go this way.
My sister-in-law went nuts
when I told her I'd be here...