Gonin Saga (2015) Movie Script

Nineteen years ago
May 3rd, 1995
Ogoshi-gumi office
Shokuan St., Shinjuku
She's a cutie.
Your wife was a dime, too.
Ogoshi-gumi office
Shokuan St., Shinjuku
She's a cutie.
Your wife was a dime, too.
Hizu adored his
murdered wife
She's a cutie.
Your wife was a dime, too.
Hizu adored his
murdered wife
He and Junior Mitsuya
lay in wait for Ogoshi
From 10pm,
heavy rain fell
Masahiro Higashide
Kenta Kiritani
Anna Tsuchiya
Tasuku Emoto
Hey, Yazaki!
We got sea bream.
Tasuku Emoto
Hey, Yazaki!
We got sea bream.
Masanobu Ando
Hey, Yazaki!
We got sea bream.
Masanobu Ando
Well, I'm "breaming" with joy!
Masanobu Ando
Well, I'm "breaming" with joy!
Shingo Tsurumi
Well, I'm "breaming" with joy!
Well, I'm "breaming" with joy!
That fishface Bandai!
Koichi Sato
That fishface Bandai!
Koichi Sato
Naoto Takenaka
Who's that?
Back off! Get lost!
Protect the Boss!
Jinpachi Nezu
You fucker!
Jinpachi Nezu
Jinpachi Nezu
Five years ago, huh.
It was pissing down that night too,
wasn't it, Dad?
Written & Directed by
Takashi Ishii
It was pissing down that night too,
wasn't it, Dad?
It was pissing down that night too,
wasn't it, Dad?
May 1995,
the night of the raid.
What happened?!
May 1995, the night of the raid.
May 1995,
the night of the raid
My father was a lieutenant...
May 1995
The night of the raid
for the Ogoshi-gumi,
a Goseikai sub-gang.
We got word that all five members,
Junior's Dad and mine too,
had been killed.
Junior and me
rushed to hospital with Seiji,
who'd seen it go down.
Let us through!
When I saw my father's body
lying in the rain,
it felt strange, like I was
seeing my own future.
Daisuke! Take a good look.
- Dad!
- Daisuke!
- That's Hisamatsu.
- Junior was 15.
I was 13.
Mom wailed like a madwoman.
His name's Shigeru!
The Ogoshi-gumi's lieutenant...
Or bodyguard?
Our lives were transformed overnight.
As did Junior and me,
that night...
'Birds Disco'
At the time of the raid
People derided our "yakuza DNA"
behind our backs.
We derided dance music.
We smuggled in a boombox,
and danced to hip-hop by ourselves.
You're Ogoshi-gumi,
so we'll allow it, but...
Eurobeat is played out, dude!
Don't you know hip-hop, huh?!
- You little fuck!
- Don't touch him!
Birds Disco was taken from Bandai...
by my dad's gang,
but the Goseikai boss's son...
took it over,
as a show of power.
Knock it off!
Seiji's here.
Still playing that old shit?
No wonder it's failing.
Got any trance?
Trance! Trance!
Sir! You're the owner now?
Mr. Matsuura, I'm Ogoshi.
He's Hisamatsu's son...
Oh. I just drank with your old man.
"That fishface Bandai!", he said.
What a chump.
Ha ha! It's in our DNA.
She's cute.
He's a fan of hers.
Aren't you?
- Answer your phone!
- Say what?!
- You like trance?
- I like rock.
Hey, how's it hanging?
What? I'm with Seiji.
What is it?
All of them? No way.
To the hospital.
Get the car!
Hayato! Let's go!
The boombox!
Mikihiko Bandai...
He destroyed everything.
10 years ago,
Japan's bubble economy thrived.
Bandai, an ex-rock musician,
borrowed money...
from Dad's Okoshi Promotions.
He opened his own disco,
and became a celebrity.
I'm very sorry,
we're closing...
However, the bubble soon burst,
and Bandai was hounded daily
to pay his debts.
Okoshi Promotions was...
a front for the Goseikai syndicate.
Bandai knew that on weekends,
money from gambling, drugs,
and prostitution flooded their office.
I can't do it alone.
With you, Junichi, I can.
Bandai had a plan,
to turn the tables.
An ex-cop jailed for drugs.
Hizu, and a hothead...
We rob them to break them.
Jimmy, a failed boxer
turned gang member.
Ogiwara, a laid-off salaryman.
They were all broke.
Us yakuza ain't scared of guns!
The five outcasts
pulled off the heist.
Junior's dad had to
forfeit his finger.
the Goseikai's retribution
was inescapable.
Hey, Hayato!
You got big!
I couldn't tell on the phone.
It's been a while.
2000. Five years after the raid
Both of our dads died today...
2000. Five years after the raid
2000. Five years after the raid
Five years since Aum, too.
I like your black suit.
You're Seiji's bodyguard?
Matsuura's, officially.
And sometimes Seiji's.
To prep for reforming the
To make a living.
You wanted to talk?
I heard from an ex-gangster
loan shark.
"Hayato's mom is trouble...
"Every month on Hisamatsu's
deathday, she harasses Seiji."
Don't scare me like that.
Hey, Matsuura! Didn't you tell me
my grandpa died?
Lucky it was the Ogoshi-gumi.
You bastard!
Fuck you!
It was his job to be a shield!
Ogoshi got killed in the garage,
and Hisamatsu in the car! Unarmed!
And the shooter got away?
What the fuck?!
He couldn't protect his boss.
That punk was no yakuza!
Your man was a piece of shit, bitch!
Say what, scumbag?
My man was no coward!
Fuck off!
The Goseikai won't let it slide.
You've gotta stop her.
I'm sorry.
Ogoshi got a funeral,
but why not my husband?
He was expelled.
June 1995:
half a month after the raid
Goseikai HQ
He was expelled.
June 1995:
half a month after the raid
Goseikai HQ
He was Ogoshi-gumi.
June 1995:
half a month after the raid
Goseikai HQ
He was Ogoshi-gumi.
He even gave his life
for the Goseikai,
but he got no compensation.
That's not right!
Expulsion means getting totally
cut loose. Them's the breaks.
He shoulda taken out life insurance.
Here. Take this and scram.
Boss! I don't want money!
It's about his honour!
Cut the bullshit!
He made us look like chumps!
Grandpa stepped down.
They want us to break up.
The cops and media are on our backs.
You don't matter.
I'll kill you!
What the fuck?!
We were expelled, too!
Incense alone cost a million!
Bitch, you pulled a piece on Seiji?
I don't wanna see you again!
Hey, kid! You neither!
You're expelled for life!
So, Katsuko. That money.
You want it or not?!
You gotta hang tight.
Look at me:
I'm a syndicate bodyguard now.
I'll work my way up and
rebuild the Ogoshi-gumi.
When I do, you and me
will take over.
From now on,
I'll be the muscle,
and you be the brains.
- But that territory is...
- Yeah. It's Matsuura's.
But it's really Seiji's.
He pretends to be legit.
Hey, you were a fan of Asami, right?
She's an ex-idol,
but still Seiji's woman.
And sometimes the boss's.
She's an orphan too.
I don't need it!
Don't be a stranger.
Say hi to your mom for me.
What's his problem?
Shinjuku Central Hospital
See ya.
Stop it! Stop it!
No way. Shot eight times?!
- He was? Or them?
- Don't know. No witnesses.
Crimson Flower
Who shot my father?
The two hitmen?
Or did you do it?
You were a cop once,
so regain consciousness,
and testify.
You won't talk?
You're the only witness left!
Kaname Hizu
Admitted in 1995
I'm home.
I bought dinner.
Dad's shirts
Want a bath?
Or dinner first?
Bar Hisamatsu
I'm home.
I'm going up now.
Don't drink too much.
Your father...
He died protecting Ogoshi.
He was no spineless coward.
I'm glad you don't take after him.
Hurry up and get married,
and take over this bar.
You sure?
Of course I am.
Take your dad's tropical fish, too.
All of this is yours.
If I took over,
we'd serve food during the day,
and fine wines at night.
Good idea.
Your dad liked wine, too.
Good night.
19 years after the raid
Birds Disco
Out of business
19 years after the raid
Nursing Home 1-Life
Entrance Fees
20 million up front
or 400,000 per month
The chandelier came loose
in the big earthquake.
That's scary!
Was anyone hurt?
It was before we opened,
It must've been scary.
We were talking about
tearing down Birds and putting up...
an amusement building.
Then I met you, Yurika.
- So you chose here?
- Right.
We'll celebrate the new building,
and our wedding.
I won't invite my father,
or his associates.
Why not?
It's our wedding reception,
not my succession.
Your succession?
Oh no, I mean, well...
Hey, did you listen to the CD?
Last Waltz.
- Too corny?
- No liked it.
But I'm surprised you like
that retro stuff.
First, one of my agency's bands
will warm up the crowd.
Then several other bridal couples
will tango and waltz with us.
All dancing to a medley
of your favourite waltzes.
This will play on the screen.
Finally, we'll dance alone
to Last Waltz.
That's wonderful!
Thank you.
Won't people make fun of us
for being old-fashioned?
They won't.
They'll bust a gut.
Who listens to waltzes these days?
I'm sorry! I stopped her...
Excuse me. He's busy.
What's so great about that
dumb bitch?
Another girl to extort
with sex photos?
- Daisuke.
- I'm sorry.
Forget her. Give mine back
and I'll leave.
What's all this?
Give me a break.
Asami, let's go.
I hate you, too!
Why are you protecting him?!
Listen, Yurika.
You go ahead.
Sorry. Daisuke.
- Yes sir?
- Take her.
Let's go.
It'll be fine.
- Bye bye!
- Hey...
How dare you talk shit around Yurika!
Don't hit me.
I'm expensive property.
You fucking whore.
You fucking whore!
I'll stop hitting you.
I'll give you a hug.
So don't embarrass me.
She's not like us.
Give... them back!
I said I trashed them!
Unlike my father,
they're worthless to me.
- Bullshit! Get them!
- What's the big deal?
Your body's still sellable.
Especially as an ex-idol.
Drooling morons'll pay cash for you!
You're kidding me.
You ruined my life...
but get 'em and I'll go!
- Hug me more...
- Drop it!
Whore, you're lucky
you're still alive!
You're a washed-up ex-celebrity.
You think you're still hot,
always asking for money.
You need help.
I'm sorry. Forget this.
Let's go.
Ain't you lucky? Pretty soon,
you'll want one of these, too...
I'm sorry!
Tonight, watch her
so she doesn't try to stalk me.
She's lonely.
I'll take you. Huh?
Kapow! Bang!
Boom! Ratatat-tat!
What the hell's this?
Where are you?
It's dangerous.
Why'd you come down here?
You scared me!
I played here when I was little.
- Hide and seek.
- When you were little?
Aren't you gonna console me?
Don't like sluts?
Or are you scared of Seiji?
He owns me.
He owns you, huh?
Let's get out of here.
It's filthy.
Do you know what he says about you?
"That moron wants to rebuild
the Okoshi-gumi, but he never will.
"He and his mom
were expelled for life.
"They should be grateful
we let them eat.
"He's just a driver,
and that's all he'll ever be."
Hey. Will you help me?
Not alone.
I'll be your accomplice.
I'll do anything you want.
I want to take back my life
from Matsuura's operation.
What do you mean, "your life"?
I tell you, you're in.
You refuse, you die.
Fine with me.
Ever seen my pink
photo sticker diary?
Photo stickers?
Like back in the day, huh?
I want them to return it.
It's... what's the word?
Collateral, for a loan.
It's locked in a vault
for loan contracts.
If I can get it back...
Know it?
Seiji's shield.
The Goseikai's hidden vault.
Black market cash.
Kaido Legal Advice Bureau...
Outwardly, it's the office of
the Goseikai's lawyer, Kaido,
but it's really an illegal
loan sharking operation.
Walk in,
and up front it's a
legal advice bureau.
At the back, there's a counter
of exchange booths.
The vault's behind them.
Those who seek "advice"...
are actually deadbeats
unable to get credit elsewhere,
who are given cards immediately.
They take their cards
to a booth called G&P,
where they buy gold or platinum,
and exchange it for cash.
This is Heaven for people
in financial purgatory.
- I'm insolvent.
- You shoulda said so!
We'll make you a card.
Buy for 200...
- Fill this in.
- sell for 100.
50% interest per 10 days?
Can you believe it?
They blackmailed me with
a video of my rape.
The media revealed I'm a mistress.
- Your pink diary?
- A memory card inside.
Wanna see it?
If you get it, you can.
Another guy wants it more.
He's your fan, Asami.
He's a fan of yours.
A fan? I've still got one?
I'll take you.
Sir, we're closing.
I'm a freelance reporter.
I was hoping...
to ask about your husband.
My husband?
Mr. Hisamatsu, correct?
I need your help.
What's this about?
I'm closing up soon.
I'm not a vulture.
I want to know your struggles.
Our struggles?
My husband was a gangster.
They called him a menace to society.
He was murdered.
He was a victim!
You want to slander him too.
Go on, leave!
Listen, that's not my intention.
Scum like you hanging around
drives my customers away!
Get out! Come on.
Now, now!
There! Go, go!
I don't need your money.
Get out!
Yeah, and don't come back. Go!
I don't wanna go home!
- Why drink so much?
- It's not my fault.
It's not my fault.
Shit, I don't wanna go home!
Got the key?
We're here, sir.
Good night.
Fuck it.
19 years.
Few are left who
know what happened.
I visited the wife of Hisamatsu,
the Okoshi-gumi's lieutenant.
She kicked me out.
My father arrived in a patrol car...
On the scene...
Shots fired!
Who killed him?
That's all...
I want to know...
My mother thought you
might know something...
Keiichi! Keiichi!
Darling, don't die!
Don't die!
She soon joined him.
That poor woman...
I'm sorry...
to keep bothering you.
Crimson flower,
trampled underfoot
A love song begins to play
- That day, that time...
- Who are you?
- Where has it gone?
- You're Mr. Hizu.
- A vanished silhouette
- Aren't you?
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. Come in.
My apologies for the other day.
No, I'm the one who should apologise.
What'll you have?
Sit, please.
Being a reporter, you must know
what the cops know.
Like who killed who.
Would you mind telling me?
They're all dead,
so nobody knows when,
where or how,
but Bandai assembled them.
What's this?
- Mikihiko Bandai was the ringleader.
- I know.
Five men pulled off the heist,
and Okoshi's failure to take action
frustrated Shikine.
- The old boss. - He hired ace hitmen
Kyoya and Shibata,
and they took them out.
Starting with Jimmy.
Then ex-salaryman Ogiwara.
Kyoya soon attacked Hizu.
His estranged wife and daughter...
were slaughtered, but Hizu...
His daughter was only
four years old.
Four years old?
My husband couldn't have...
Below a highway bus waiting room
in Shinjuku,
Bandai was killed,
but not Mitsuya.
A week later, Hizu and Mitsuya
conspired to ambush Okoshi,
and attacked him.
That's it.
Who killed my man? Who?
The bullets in your husband's body...
were from a gun dropped on the street.
The prints were Hizu's.
It was Hizu. Hizu...
The gun on Okoshi had
your husband's prints on it.
It seems he took it from your
dead husband's hand,
and used it in a shootout
on the street.
You're sure?
You're sure of that?
I knew it! He did die
protecting his boss!
- A patrol car... - Enough!
It's champagne time.
That's my husband for you!
Apparently, Bandai had a girlfriend,
and a child, too.
A fleeing Mitsuya stole
Banda's remains from her,
and headed for Bandai's hometown.
Kyoya followed him there,
and they both died in a shootout.
Two cops investigating
the raid on Okoshi Promotions...
were killed on duty.
One of them...
was my father.
One of Kyoya's bullets
was found in his body.
I found that much out.
But I can't prove Kyoya did it.
Mr. Hizu, do you know?
The two of them...
Mr. Morisawa?
It's time.
Sure. I'm sorry.
It's such a shame.
The doctor says it's pointless.
His memory's frozen
at the moment he was shot,
and he was in a coma for 19 years.
He has zero new memories.
The brain's a mystery.
Oh, by the way.
I don't know how,
but somehow he wrote this.
It's a meal napkin.
He must have used soy sauce.
Hizu... They called him 'Fish Head'.
Your dad did protect his boss.
Why all this now?
There's this reporter, Tomita.
He's researching the raid.
He knows his stuff.
Did you know that two cops
turned up and got killed, too?
- Cops?
- Yeah.
Morisawa and Kumagi.
Never heard of them, right?
What mag's he with?
He's freelance.
Why not publish that?
We've got to avenge your father.
So this Hizu guy killed Dad?
He got killed too.
Why blame Seiji and his dad?
Are you serious?
The Goseikai disrespected your father.
He was a gangster, but kind.
To you too, Hayato.
Slandering and expelling him
was unforgivable.
You're drunk.
There's only one thing to do.
I've decided.
- Rob them.
- Huh?!
I wanted you to have them
when you turned 20.
Four guns.
Dad hid them at home.
Force of habit.
I'm 32 now.
The Legal Advice Bureau.
Want to burst in flashing guns?
Like those five guys.
I want to humiliate Seiji
and his dad, and Matsuura.
"Kaido Legal Advice Bureau."
What a load of bullshit!
Your dad told me.
It's loaded with untaxed cash.
And that's not all...
Knock-off cancer drugs,
imported from China.
They're a gold mine.
Your dumb hick mom got tricked.
No way.
We'd get caught.
I'm only joking!
You're my treasure, Hayato.
Make an honest living,
find yourself a wife,
and build a happy home.
We need to buy
a proper grave site first.
You're right.
He doesn't have one.
But he gave his life for them.
It's his deathday again.
Where's Matsuura?
You bunch of swindlers.
Fuck the lot of you!
Gimme the cash!
Ma'am! Ma'am!
What are you doing?
Hey, bitch!
You a stick-up artist now?
Hey, assholes...
Wanna end up like my man?
Oh, is this your
cancer medicine? Huh?
Hey! Take it with you, cunt!
What's this cunting money?!
Suck on this! Suck it!
You're a nice boy,
so neither your father nor I
want you to take revenge.
I'm tired of this.
Now I know who shot your father,
I can tell him in Heaven.
I'm going to see him now,
but someday,
no matter how small,
build a grave for me.
Sorry, honey.
They say the new gang law...
blames the leader
who gives the order.
I'll make them kill me,
so the boss'll go to prison.
I'm sure of it.
I'll delete this text,
so don't worry.
Why'd you do it?!
I don't want this bar!
Four guns.
Dad hid them at home.
Force of habit.
They're on the rooftop...
You scared, Hayato?
Give it a try.
All boys like to play with pistols.
You got one too, yeah?
Don't fight it.
Blood is blood.
It runs in the family!
Why didn't you tell me?
What'll you have?
I heard it was suicide.
I heard she kit Kaido's, too.
They said, "Watch her".
This badge...
It's Matsuura's boys, right?
You want them on your case?
Wise up, man.
I'm getting lit tonight.
Join me.
Sorry. I gotta stick with Matsuura.
- He plays video games...
- Where?
I'm sorry, we're closed
until further...
My condolences.
I'm a reporter...
You drove her to this?!
Forgive me.
Robbery was never...
How'd you find out about it? Huh?
It ain't on TV.
Your mother called to thank me.
- Thank you?
- Kaido Legal Advice Bureau?
Why would she do something
so rash?
She stole nothing.
But she said it made her feel better.
She asked me to do it with her.
I was too scared.
"To get revenge,
I've got to hurt the Goseikai..
"By taking their money,"
she said.
Suicide is...
Hey, I'm with the Goseikai,
you know.
Mr. Okoshi, you want to
revive your gang?
To honour your father?
You do, don't you?
I don't know how my Mom
told you, but leave Junior out.
Seiji has promised to let him
rebuild the Okoshi-gumi...
- I somehow doubt that.
- What the fuck? Huh?
Hey, reporter,
I don't know what your game is,
but you better...
- Mom doesn't like it either, so...
- What now?
If we steal an illegal fortune,
the cops and media won't know.
We've got to do it.
Put your mother to rest!
Why should we do it with you?
It's obvious.
I have an obligation, too.
To repay my dead parents.
- It ain't your business!
- It is!
think up a plan.
- I've seen you somewhere before.
- I doubt it.
Yo. What's up?
A little longer.
Where are you?
Wait right there.
My piece!
Get my gun! Move it!
Move it!
Come back, motherfucker!
Come back!
You motherfucker!
Who the fuck sent you?!
What's that shit on your face?!
You stupid son of a bitch! Die!
Why you got an old piece like this?
Buy it on e-bay?!
Hand it over!
Hand it over, asshole!
Don't do it, sir! He'll keep!
- Let go, you fuck!
- Motherfucker!
Let go of me!
You shitheads! Go!
Don't let him get away!
Where the fuck were you?!
I'm sorry, sir!
Hey, I needed you just now,
You stupid fuck!
Matsuura's been shot!
He was fucking protecting me!
That's your fucking job!
Ain't it, you stupid fuck?!
You stupid fuck!
Get off me!
I'll make sure you stay
a grunt all your life!
You stupid fuck!
I'm sorry.
I couldn't avenge you.
Whatever became of me,
if the Goseikai had gone down,
I'd have died happy.
But Daisuke chose to save his own ass!
You OK? Where are you?
What do you want?
I'm out front.
You and your buddies
coming to kill me? Huh?!
I heard about your mom.
Those bastards...
Where are you?
On the roof.
It's Tomita!
Daisuke called me.
On Saturday night,
we go for their jugular.
Let me make up for
provoking your mother.
Let me join you!
I'll supply our disguises.
For the four of us.
Who the hell are you?!
He told me your mom's idea.
They got a truckload of pigs
on their payroll.
They'll say she killed herself.
You can't hurt me, Hayato!
The reporter told me.
"I'm glad I know now
who shot my husband.
"Take care of Hayato."
She left him an
answerphone message that day.
He says he feels responsible,
so he wants in.
He was crying.
We can't battle the Goseikai.
Then again,
what's wrong with taking
100 million each as compensation?
What do you say?
Are you in?
The reporter's late.
What about our disguises?
- I bought balaclavas.
- Huh?
The real deal!
This is nuts!
- Well?
- Don't "well" me!
- Well?
- Hands up!
Robbing a loan shark?
You're under arrest.
Are you shitting me?!
We'll dress up as cops?!
Your gear and vests.
You got some kind of cop fetish?
- Here.
- Are they real?
I hope the security cameras
can't see us here...
What are you, embarrassed?
Get over yourself.
Cops don't wear bracelets.
I'm taking a piece of Dad with me.
- 100 million each.
- 100 million.
Yeah. I bet they got more.
Some staff are Goseikai members,
but they won't shoot. Too risky.
Put the cash in the bag,
then run.
- Mom said so.
- Okay.
Personal information,
phone numbers, e-mails:
delete it all. No contact.
- Okay.
- Take this.
Get outta here! This won't work.
Lots of them know me.
Wear them till we go in.
When it's time,
put these on.
Hey, Hayato,
better crouch down.
Your height's a giveaway.
A lot of them know your voice,
so I'll give the orders.
- Is that alright?
- Affirmative, sir!
Hey, who's number four?
Hi there.
You guys don't let up.
I brought it: the interest.
Is platinum okay?
You're Ms. Asami?
We've been waiting.
You've been waiting, huh?
Daisuke Okoshi
Ain't got a million?
Since when were you so broke?
- You're a fucking disgrace!
- Seiji!
We apologise for our staff's
rudeness the other day.
If we'd known it was you,
we wouldn't have...
We've prepared a seat for you.
Let's have fun tonight.
Everyone, we're closing early today.
What are you playing with
your phone for, whore?
Get back! Back!
Get back!
Take off your masks!
Closing time?!
Not till 11pm.
Busy from 8pm.
- It's 6pm now.
- Why are they closed?
Local police.
Would you mind letting us in?
Local police?
Why are you here?
Transfer scams are rife lately.
Seen anyone suspicious?
- Have you got any ID?
- Sure.
Nice to see you.
Didn't it say Kanagawa Police?!
Don't move. Freeze.
Hands. Hands up.
Hands up!
Hands in the air!
Stay right there.
All clear?
Good. Don't move.
Stay right there.
You! Open the vault.
Hey! You know what this is?!
Gun on the counter.
Hands up! Hands up!
Slowly. Good.
The key to the vault!
This ain't a toy!
Us loan sharks ain't scared of guns!
We got it. We got it,
so don't shoot.
- Onishi.
- Yes, sir?
Give 'em the key.
Get it!
You! Help me!
- You! Now!
- Alright!
Found it?!
What the hell?
There's no cash.
Where is it?
It's here, right?
The Goseikai's secret vault is here!
The vault! Come on!
We ain't got that kind of money.
Fine, I get it.
Kill 'em one by one.
You first!
Calm down!
Do you know what you're doing?
I can mediate for you.
Hey, if you don't haul ass,
the real cops'll come.
Shut up!
You'll go first.
We're not here to kill!
Hands hands hands!
Keep 'em up! Stay back.
Stay right there.
Right there.
OK, let's go.
Lady! You're our hostage!
Huh? Okay.
- I'll call the cops!
- Forget it! Don't move!
Nothing happened.
We saw nothing.
Listen up...
Say a word about this and
you're dead. Right, Matsuura?
Why kill him?!
I told you not to!
These are real guns.
Only yakuza or cops have 'em!
We're all guilty!
He's an underworld reporter.
He knows how to get guns.
The manager's a decoy
for when the cops raid them.
An ex-gangster to pin charges on.
They'll bury him,
but won't report it.
How much we got?!
- Less than 100 million each.
- Holy shit!
- May I? - Help yourself.
- I will indeed.
400 million stolen,
and one man killed.
Word'll get out.
They'll be humiliated.
They'll come after us relentlessly.
- Just like 19 years ago.
- We knew that from the start!
Let me off near that subway station.
I've got work.
Thank you. Goodbye.
His ID said Morisawa,
Kanagawa P.D.
Maybe he's a real cop.
He knew how to use a gun.
Morisawa? He's not Tomita?
Why didn't you say so before?!
It says "Kanagawa P.D."
- It was his photo.
- Keiichi Morisawa?
Seiji wasn't meant to be there!
Asami, delete my e-mail address.
Hayato's and the rest, too.
What for?
Listen up. You got away from us
and ran back home.
Seiji will suspect you,
being unharmed, and check your bags.
He'll find our e-mails on your phone.
Got it. Don't know
anybody else, though.
Go home in the morning.
He might come tonight.
So, did you find it?
I think.
Haven't checked it.
I shouldn't take this.
You take it.
Hayato, take our money.
And this.
Give me 30 million now.
Know how tough it is
to make 400 million?
Cut off your finger.
You're a disgrace!
Forgive me!
I swear...
I swear I'll catch them.
These are just for show.
Put one on.
Please forgive me.
Whose son are you?
You got no balls.
Put it on!
Not that one!
Hey! Shoot me here! here!
Kill me, you asshole!
Whose son are you?
I can't die till you
give me a grandchild.
With a third of this money,
I could buy a grave,
and open a wine bar,
and I'd still be rich.
Don't worry about me.
Did you know that two cops
turned up and got killed, too?
Morisawa and Kumagi.
Never heard of them, right?
He can't be...
OK! Mom!
Get on! get on!
Where are we going?
To the hills, to dump me?
You got it! To the hills,
to live in peace forever.
I'm gonna leave this place
of my own free will.
Which one's the heist?
I'm downloading it now.
Who the hell are you?!
Who are you?
How'd you get in?
Excuse us. This is Mr. Myojin,
of Myojin Detective Agency.
We've been hired by the Goseikai
to investigate the heist.
I'm his assistant, Yoichi.
Detectives? This is my home.
- I'll call the police!
- Seiji gave us the key.
Oh, come on.
He's got no right.
Download complete.
The woman...
who was waving a gun
around in there.
Show me again.
She's the widow of Hisamatsu,
Okoshi's lieutenant?
And this is last night?
That big cop,
is it a coincidence he's
smashing the same boxes?
They both have the same old gun.
It's called a GI Colt.
In the old days,
only elite yakuza used them.
A lieutenant would have one.
Is there a connection to Hisamatsu?
That Matsuura fella,
he recently ran into a young guy
who had a GI Colt.
Apparently, he attacked Seiji.
He was big too.
It must be.
I'm calling the cops.
Have a seat.
Listen: my clients,
they say you know a lot,
so they want me to ask you.
Know a lot?! I was a hostage.
I'm a victim! Come on!
When did you escape your captors?
What did they say?
It's vital information.
You were released unharmed.
Have a seat.
Watch with me.
It appeared to be just a cash heist
of a loan shark operation,
but this guy got you to
search their filing cabinets.
Two weeks earlier, a woman was
eyeing up the same cabinets.
That was me.
I went there to borrow money.
Don't embarrass me.
If you went to borrow money,
why try to check out the cabinets?
Why, in the heist last night,
were you rifling through
those same cabinets?
Of course it was.
The other day,
I was just curious.
Yesterday, they forced me
to search it for money.
They couldn't find the vault,
so they got you to check the cabinets.
Isn't that unusual?
Why would the money be in there?
It seems a young gun
wearing an out-dated bracelet...
holds all the answers.
So, why are you
covering for this guy?
Weren't you there by chance?
To repay interest?
Even so, the more I look,
you seem to be searching
for something specific.
You found what you were after.
What? What is it?
That envelope? Huh?
They broke the ceiling cameras,
but vaults have cameras too,
don't they?
Seiji told me that.
Let me guess...
It's your secret diary?
How romantic.
You thought I was guilty
from the start.
Get Seiji.
Let me call him.
This oxygen tank...
No open flames.
Bang! It'll go bang!
What a masterpiece!
Not a Western tattoo.
Japanese-style, huh?
Truly a thing of beauty.
According to my client,
I can even stew or roast you,
then eat you.
But you know,
I have so much more to ask.
Your kitchen scraps.
Thrown them out.
I... can't stand flies.
Take it!
Gimme that.
Give it here.
We've got mail.
Only the first one.
I recovered it.
When was the heist?
6pm. 1800 hours.
A "Go" sign just before, huh?
That's bad.
- What's that?
- "Mr. Go-go Junior"?
You're sloppy.
Should've deleted it.
Oh, you did.
- Yes sir?
- Enjoy your day off?
- Sorry? Oh, thank you, sir.
- Shut the fuck up!
You put this on too,
and come sit here!
Quit acting dumb!
While you were fucking some broad,
Seiji nearly got killed, asshole!
Put this on and kneel!
- Daisuke.
- Yes sir?
- Know a hitman called Myojin?
- No sir.
I don't know him either,
but my old man wants me
to have him kill the thieves.
He'll be here soon,
so let him in.
- Yes sir.
- But I'll kill them first.
You're with me now.
I'm deeply sorry, sir!
What a fuck-up!
Runs in the family, don't it, son?
It's real?
I see.
If you have any data on him...
Thank you.
I'll be waiting.
- They e-mailed you?
- They did.
"Keiichi Morisawa,
age 32, single.
"Kanagawa P.D.,
Yokohama Branch. Senior Officer.
"Expert marksman."
Expert, huh?
Could be trouble.
"Father killed on duty
19 years ago.
"A Shinjuku Community Affairs
officer. May 3rd, 1995.
"Around 2300 hours,
killed in raid on Ogoshi-gumi."
A dead cop.
What was his name?
"Keiichi's mother later
attempted joint suicide."
What was his name?
"Keiichi's mother later
attempted joint suicide."
Inspector Hiroshi Morisawa.
Age 32.
"Keiichi's mother later
attempted joint suicide."
Inspector Hiroshi Morisawa.
Age 32.
I've heard that name somewhere.
What goes around...
The son of a cop murdered on duty...
attacking the Goseikai makes sense.
What doesn't is...
the guy with the GI Colt
and bracelet.
And that envelope.
Don't jump to conclusions.
"Everybody OK?
- "Asami."
- Give it back!
"A guy called Myojin..."
"Everybody OK?
I'm fine. Asami."
It's from Mr. Go-go.
"We're fine too."
Who's "we," I wonder?
"A guy called Myojin
was sent by the Goseikai.
"He's probably a hitman.
Be careful."
Who spilled the beans?
"A hitman. Got it."
I'll go too.
It's okay.
She hasn't slept,
so be a good host.
Be careful.
An inside job?
Who? Tell me.
I'll kill them,
to show my father...
how big my balls are.
Your father and I...
already agreed a fee
for each of their heads,
so I can't say.
What does that matter?
At least give me a hint.
The leader's e-mail address is...
"Go-go Junior?"
Hello? Hello!
- Who is it?
- The name's Myojin.
Come in.
I'll take that.
- What is it?
- Kuroki.
- Yes sir?
- What's your e-mail address?
Mine? "Kurochan-pe".
- Matsuura.
- Yes sir?
What do you do when
your dog bites you?
That's easy. Pop!
- You're predictable.
- I don't bite, sir.
This way.
Excuse me.
Mr. Moyojin's here.
Delighted to make your acquaintance.
The name's Myojin.
lieutenant of yours...
is going to...
give me a hand?
Yes. He'll be useful.
- Hey.
- Yes sir?
This is Mr. Myojin.
Treat him with respect.
I'm Okoshi.
It's my pleasure.
Your method...
is to off them one by one.
Am I right?
That didn't work too well
19 years ago.
They brought shame on me.
I'll deal with them my way.
I'll be the flame,
- and burn the moths as they come...
- Bang!
"Tomita might be the dead cop's son."
"A guy called Myojin..."
A hitman?
"What do we do?"
When did you lose it?
You had it before
you got on the train?
Your lies don't matter,
just pick up!
In four days? At Birds?
What a pain in the ass.
Fuck it.
"We're fine.
A guy called Myojin..."
"Going to Seiji's shindig?
Do you say "shindig"?
"Shindig"? No, young people
don't really say that.
How do I do it?
Is this right? Delete?
Damn, I sent it.
Your phone's off?
- Huh?
- Your phone's turned off?
Er, yes, while I'm driving.
Go over there, Asami Kikuchi.
No way...
You're in a band?
That's history now.
Wow! What's all this?
All your clothes are great.
Hey, I'm hungry.
I haven't eaten since
last night. Let me.
Hang tight for now.
Aren't you hungry?
My blood sugar's so low,
I'm dizzy.
Oh, there's dessert in the fridge.
Honey and lemon,
from Qu'il Fait Bon.
Let's share it.
- Qu'il Fait Bon?
- Yeah.
Qu'il Fait Bon...
Qu'il Fait Bon...
Way in the back.
Stay there! Sit down!
Found you.
Living in this place...
You lucky bitch.
What a joke...
Listen, where are you?
"It's D.
A guy called Myojin..."
Listen, where are you?
"It's D.
A guy called Myojin..."
A hitman?
Ever taken in a lost old man before?
A few times, why?
Well, it's hard to make out,
but he says he knows
Office Morisawa.
Hello, Morisawa speaking?
Oh! Yes, yes. Sure.
Sir, I'll be right there.
Yes, don't go anywhere.
Bye now.
I don't know him...
Take care!
Who'd you call
You're lost?
He's a hitman?!
"Going to Seiji's shindig?
She perked up quickly.
"Shindig," huh?
"Going to Seiji's shindig?
She perked up quickly.
"Shindig," huh?
"Going to Seiji's shindig?
"Going to Seiji's shindig?
Hello, who's that on the elephant?
You're all wet.
Don't, old man! Don't!
Don't don't don't! Run!
Every cop in Japan will hunt you.
- Cut the crap.
- Man, that was close.
That bracelet ain't
coming back in style.
It was my father's.
Tell me why Okoshi's son
is going against the Goseikai.
- Get up! - Why?
- Yeah, why?
It all comes down to...
avenging my father!
You OK?!
Kanagawa P.D.,
Yokohama Branch...
Senior Officer...
Keiichi Morisawa.
someone you need to meet.
You and Hayato.
Mr. Hizu.
Fish Head survived?
He was in a coma
for 19 years.
A miraculous recovery.
It can't be.
The guy who killed my dad?
That's right.
His memory...
is frozen in 1995.
He's just like you!
He still wants...
- to avenge his wife and daughter!
- So what?!
You killed my dad?
You must've been crazy.
- On your knees!
- Junior! He's frail! - Shut up!
Beg forgiveness.
Do it!
Makes you cry, right?
My dad...
used to drink...
and listen to this...
with my mom.
There's a shindig...
Am I right?
I can't die yet.
Seiji's dad is coming?
Those bastards...
have got to go.
So what are we gonna do? Huh?
I'd crawl through...
Hell's depths...
Hell's depths?
Where's Hell?
Listen to me.
That shindig e-mail...
was a trap to draw us in,
and kill us all at once!
The depths?
Crawl the depths...
Under the shindig...
The depths?
Under the shindig!
What's all this? Junior?
A gun...
Gimme a gun...
A gun...
You wanna come?
You wanna come with us?!
You still alive?
I hope Asami's OK.
Myojin had her phone.
I'm worn out.
No sleep for two days.
I'll get some now.
Me too.
What's the time?
Almost morning, I think.
When's the party?
Know how long we've been here?
Two days and five hours.
Huh. Cool trick, Cop.
You stink.
Want me to buy you daipers?
Don't leak on me.
I'm so sorry.
- How's my stink?
- Junior stinks worse.
It ain't shit. It's piss.
Where'd he go?
Another trap?
From who?
- Hello?
- Whose phone is this?
Thank God! It's Asami!
Thank God.
Sorry. My phone was taken.
I know.
You're in their sights, too.
Run away. Get some
plastic surgery or something.
Lay flowers on my grave.
Where are you?
A place you know.
Hey! Don't come...
Damn. Out of juice.
We could've used her, and her PPK.
But she's been through enough.
We came so close.
To ending the Goseikai.
Thank you.
- Fuck off!
- Fuck off!
That bitch. Fuck off!
Leave it. It's been a while.
Let her sing.
Her requiem.
Heard this before?
You bet I have.
It's Asami's Rose.
His mistress sings at his wedding?
They're crazy bastards,
that family.
Fuck off, bitch!
So, they're all here?
Like moths to a fucking flame.
Seiji, it's time.
Holy shit.
I told you not to come.
This is my fault.
It's nobody's fault.
It's... mine.
I... dragged you in.
Don't talk.
You used to play here?
Where are we exactly?
After three days, I'm lost.
Let's go. We can get out
behind the screen.
Did you hear the music?
From where?
Over there.
Don't tell me you sang?
Over there! Let's go!
- What about Fish Head?
- Fish Head?
Forget him. He must be
looking for his four pals.
He'll come.
Leave me here.
The fun's only just beginning.
The old boss and his cadre are coming.
Gotta have a cop!
She went in there!
Flashlights! Go get 'em!
Where is she?
Hey! What the fuck?!
Get off me!
Everyone, the time has come at last.
The bride and groom!
Give them a big hand!
Now, a greeting from the groom,
Mr. Seiji Shikine!
Thank you all for coming today.
Birds is closing down,
but it will re-open in three years.
And, like all of you
couples here today,
Birds will take flight!
Next, Mr. Yuzuru Matsuura,
owner of Kaido Legal Advice Bureau.
will make a toast.
Seiji and Matsuura are close.
Do it now!
Not yet.
It is therefore my great honour
to propose this toast.
To their new life.
Osihi Construction and
Gosei Holdings...
We can't endanger the civilians.
Not to mention...
the boss isn't here yet.
Maybe he was never invited.
There's no parent alive...
who'd miss the wedding
of their son and heir.
- Dance with me?
- Gladly.
Ain't that a bitch?
We're covered in shit and piss,
they got Dom Perignon.
Have you seen it?
My pink secret.
The fatal one.
I haven't.
Have you, Hayato?
Oh. It's in the bag.
Who's that?
That's Mom, me, and my dad.
You... this is...
Who's your father?
This man?
Mikihiko Bandai.
They said he was a thief.
Leader of a gang of killers.
They said they'd leak this
to the media,
if I didn't give the Goseikai an heir.
Fathered by the boss.
They were there,
but they got away.
Get this.
We gotta protect Seiji
to cover our own asses.
Are there any other exits?
Get the floor plan.
Running away would have
disgraced my mother.
Hey. Open it.
I feel sick...
In the end, it's the fault...
of your yakuza fathers...
Our murderous fathers.
Wanna die?
We didn't come here to die.
We've got 400 million.
We'll invest in a designer building...
Hey, Cop, we're outta time.
Seiji and Matsuura are enough.
You go.
I'll... stay here...
OK. If we get split up,
head to the hospital garage.
The garage?
Don't sweat it.
I'll take you.
Now, it's time for
our surprise guest!
Gosei Holdings President,
Mr. Takamasa Shikine!
A welcome surprise!
Come on! Come on!
You're kidding me!
Would you... dance with me?
Our finale has arrived.
A dance to the 'Last Waltz',
with blessings to all.
How do you feel?
Seriously? This song?
Now what?
Mom and Dad loved this song.
It brought them together.
A rock musician?
This song?
I played it for Seiji a lot.
He said it was annoying.
Sentimental, ain't it?!
- Who's there?
- Get out here!
Yeah! Here we go!
See ya around!
You can't do this!
Not in your state!
Come over here!
Father, don't.
Boss! Boss!
Fucking move!
I can't take this bullshit no more!
Go on.
All of you, attack.
I'll take care...
of your legal arrangements. Go.
Bye now.
Where were you? Well?
You old coot!
Your targets are still alive!
The Goseikai's finished!
Run! Run!
Hisamatsu's little bastard!
Stop hiding and show yourself!
You know who killed your momma?!
Not that old fuck Matsuura!
It was me!
Your momma was a fine piece of ass!
Fuck you!
Forget that small fry!
We got our revenge!
Let's get outta here,
before the cops come! Hayato!
Die... cocksucker!
Asami! Asami!
A gun!
You son of a bitch!
You'll all...
go up in flames...
This works great!
Just like you said, fucker!
What the fuck's going on?!
You're all meant to be enemies!
You're Bandai's daughter!
You dumb bitch!
Why won't you die?!
Who are you?
Oh... fuck it.
Masahiro Higashide
Kenta Kiritani
Anna Tsuchiya
Tasaku Emoto
Masanobu Ando
Jinpachi Nezu
Executive Producer:
Shinichiro Inoue
Produced by:
Takeshi Kikuchi
Katsuya Kamo
Naohiko Ninomiya
Takashi Achiwa
Directors of Photography:
Yasushi Sasakibara
Yoshiaki Yamamoto
Lighting Director:
Miyanobu Inori
Production Designer:
Takashi Suzuki
Music by
Goro Yasukawa
Sound Recording:
Hiromichi Kori
"GONIN SAGA" Film Partners Present
A Femme Fatale Production
Written and Directed by
Takashi Ishii