Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018) Movie Script

No identification with actuall persons, companies,
and organizations is intended or should be inferred.
Finally, the 4th floor.
I'm freaking nervous!
What the hell! So scared.
That's scary...
Damn it! Don't play around!
You little chicken.
Isn't this it? 402?
It really exists.
This shit is heavy.
Hey, Hae-chan.
You said we wouldn't come.
But we're right in front of room 402.
You see? 402!
We're not chicken like you.
We're real men!
Now we'll unlock it and leave.
You thought we cannot make it.
But we made it!
We're real men, you sucker!
We're opening the door!
Hold this for me.
We're doing it for real!
But it doesn't go through.
Stop acting!
It's not opening. I don't know how...
Total wuss.
- What was that?
- What?
Hello, everyone. You must've
seen this on Youtube.
The high schoolers who
went missing at Gonjiam.
So what should I do?
I checked whether the
clip was fabricated.
Teenage boys went missing
on their horror experience.
That's real.
And the ghost picture
doesn't seem fake.
Our next stop for Horror Times'
3rd horror experience squad is
one of three most
haunted houses in Korea
and one of 7 freakiest places on earth!
Namyoung Psychiatric Hospital.
Since it opened in May 1961, it was
the best mental hospital in Korea
but it closed in October 1979
after a mass suicide of patients
and the disappearance of its director.
The building still stands,
yet abandoned.
Gonjiam asylum, folks!
No. 1026.
The 11th 5.16 citizens award
ceremony was held at the Blue House.
The grand prize goes to Park Young-ae
the director of Namyoung
Psychiatric Hospital
recognizing her achievement for
treating not only mental patients,
but also political prisoners
and brutal criminals.
There are numerous rumors
around Gonjiam asylum.
Some say it was built on the place
where the Japanese brutally murdered
and buried the Korean resistance
so that nobody could trace the bodies.
Or it was the national torturing facility
in the 60s and 70s disguised as asylum
or that the mass suicide was
actually murdered by the director
who then killed herself,
not went missing.
So there are countless reports
of ghost sightings
and hearings of wailing after
the closure of the asylum.
The biggest rumor among
all is about room 402,
the only locked space of the asylum.
They say whoever dares to open
that room is cursed to death.
So we are going to
the Gonjiam asylum,
on October 26th the day it
closed, to investigate the truth
about supernatural phenomena
and the ghosts many people witnessed.
Care to join?
I'm at the terrace of
a cafe at Gangnam.
Guess I'm the first one.
Let me wait for others to come.
- For Horror Times?
- Yes.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Are you filming me?
- Yes.
Yes, my family is in the States
and I'm here with my dance crew.
- Wow.
- Awesome.
- What do you do?
- Studying nursing...
- Boys must like you!
- I'm at a women's univ.
Isn't he the one?
Here they are!
Hello everyone.
- Nice to see you.
- Hello.
Let's do some introduction.
These are the selected applicants:
Oh Ah-yeon, Park Ji-hyun, and...
- Charlotte!
- Charlotte Moon.
And from Horror Times,
Lee Seung-wook, Park Sung-hun.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Seung-wook will do MC
and Sung-hun will
operate the 1st camera.
And you know who I am?
Ha-joon, the captain of the squad.
- It's like a group date.
- Right.
- Didn't mean it...
- Just stop talking.
Seems like one is missing.
- As if you saw a ghost...
- Isn't he?
I guess so.
- Shall we call him?
- Here!
- Here!
- Come here!
Yes, please come here!
Here he comes!
Hello, you're here for Horror Times?
- Hello!
- Sorry, I was lost nearby.
Je-yoon will do editing
and graphic effects.
Ji-hyun, 2nd camera.
And one go pro camera per two.
Please memorize the floor
plan and the cue-sheet.
What are you doing?
It's for the fuck-you-mentary.
- Cheers!
- Bottoms up!
- Nice to meet you!
- Cheers!
Where have you been to among
CNN's 7 freakiest places?
Sedlec Ossuary in Czech, the
Island of the Dolls in Mexico,
and Aokigahara Forest in Japan.
I've been to three places.
Everyone who's seen
the ghost at Gonjiam
heard some sound first.
- You mean a ping-pong ball?
- You're right.
People who saw the ghosts
there heard a ping-pong ball.
But why that specific sound?
Actually there is a ping pong table.
Broken in half.
Can't it be the echoed
sound of water drops?
But why did the director
kill all her patients?
There's no proof she killed them.
People say that as all
the patients died
and the director went missing.
Rumor also says she hung herself
at the hospital's bathroom.
Her neck apparently was
stretched a foot long.
Are you scared?
- You seem to be.
- No way!
Whose idea is it to air this live?
A car racing club uploaded
the clip of their wild speed racing
on their website a while ago.
It reached 200K views and
earned more than 100K for ads.
- 100K dollars?
- Yes.
Can you earn money
airing this kind of stuff?
Hell yes...
I guess you are a kind of student
who learns everything by the book.
Never breaks rules.
- She's cute.
- Yes, very cute but...
- learning everything by the book.
- Stop it.
Not by experiences...
How many views are you expecting?
- A million!
- A million?
I am aiming for that.
- Heavy.
- Do you mean a million?
It means well earn $500K
as it's 5 times of 200K views?
I really think we
should send her home.
- Ready?
- Sure.
- Wow!
- Oh my god!
- Did he catch it?
- I can't believe it!
He caught it!
- He got it! Right?
- Let me see!
How you do that?
Just throw it!
Shoot it!
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.
I think we really should
send her home.
- You come here.
- Please...
- For million views!
- Million views!
No one saw the director ghost.
Don't you think her spirit
should be there, too?
You're right.
But people only saw the patients
and a high school girl.
Patients I get it. But
why a high school girl?
About 30 years ago?
Three high school girls went
there to test their nerves
and were found unconscious
while trying to open room 402.
They were immediately
sent to the hospital.
Two of them went insane
and jumped to their deaths.
The other one remained unconscious.
That's what I heard.
That's why there's a rumor
that the room 402 is cursed.
What's our plan for room 402 then?
The climax of this experience
will be opening the door.
- You never mentioned that.
- Great!
It's more fun to know by surprise.
We're opening it! Yeah!
- Not all of us are coming in?
- Why?
Are you scared?
Hell, no!
You're really good at joking.
who is opening that door?
Go, go, go!
- No!
- Pass me, please!
No, hell no!
You ve got it!
Wait, wait.
- Go Je-yoon, go Je-yoon!
- I can't accept it.
- Someone manipulated it.
- What is he saying?
Horror Times don't do such thing!
Something's wrong with it.
Are you scared?
I can go with you.
You take care of yourself.
Why is he shaking?
He's relieved.
He saw us!
Wait for me!
Wait for me!
Let's go now.
- Can that follow us?
- Of course!
We can't get in anyway
if we get there early.
Let's have some fun.
You mean going for a dip like
previous horror experience?
It's almost November.
You've reached the destination.
That's the entrance all barricaded.
They blocked it!
- We can't get in through here.
- Then how can we go through?
We'll get in from the back.
Police patrol here even at night.
- Really?
- Yes.
Look at that.
This car can get in?
It's heavy.
It's scary here.
- We're here.
- Let's get out.
- It must be heavy.
- You're not helping?
Hey, look at the camera.
This way.
We are going all the way
to the top?
The hospital is right in front of us.
Why should we climb this hill?
There are surveillance cameras.
I have ta headache.
- Can't you see these?
- Why you wearing heels?
Hey, hurry up!
Are you okay?
Is this a horror club
or an extreme sports club?
A drone camera is
following us from above.
Let's go.
Do it properly!
- Help me with this.
- What?
So cozy.
It is 9:25 PM.
Sung-hun and Seung-wook
are out to Gonjiam Asylum
for installing CCTV inside.
Wish they wouldn't encounter
the ghosts too early.
We have ghosts here too.
My hat!
The camera is on.
O.K, they're inside.
Seung-wook that's good.
Okay with angles and positions.
Wow. No jokes.
The camera moved
automatically just now.
This is a follow cam.
The camera follows movement.
Everything is new to you, kiddo.
- She's so cute.
- We should send her home.
Sung-hun! Seung-wook!
Good job!
It's freezing when it gets dark.
Hurry. The tent is warm.
How was Gonjiam?
It's there...
Good job. Did you see the ghost?
They are not there yet.
I'm so hungry.
- Good job.
- Really.
I'm starving.
We should eat something.
- Sweetie!
- I'm making noodles now.
Good girl.
You're smart in that sense.
- You're making it now?
- Yes.
- Let's eat.
- It's done.
- Tuck in.
- Do we have a ladle?
It's good.
Are you okay?
Water, please.
Are you okay?
No, I'm not.
- Wow, GoPro sessions!
- Dope!
- So many of them!
- Are we bringing them all in?
Of course.
What is this?
What's in Korean?
A ghost detector.
An electro-magnetic field
tester to be exact.
The special magnetic field flows
where psychotic flow occurs.
So people use this
to detect spirits.
We usually call this EMF meter.
It fits there.
I'm fixing it in case you take
it off when you get too scared.
You can only release it here.
It makes me more nervous.
Tighter tighter!
Yes, tighter!
With this you can record your face
and your POV at the same time.
- Wow.
- See.
- Cool?
- Yes.
So it's almost working
hours for the ghosts.
Everyone must be nervous.
Shall we head down?
- Yes!
- Let's go!
Check Ah-yeon's face cam
and Je-yoon's POV cam.
I don't receive them.
And now?
It's okay. Sound check.
Say your name.
Sound check done.
I already feel a chill.
- Something might come out.
- Right?
Shall we use the EMF?
Already? We're not even
near the entrance.
Why, why?
- Something just passed.
- I heard a flap.
- Was it a bird?
- Bird?
That freaked me out.
Damn it.
Be still, my heart.
It's just it came out so suddenly.
I'm not afraid of anything.
- You look so chicken-hearted.
- No.
- You're lying.
- I'm not!
Don't lie.
Why are you laughing?
What's this?
- What is it?
- What is it?
Tell us!
Don't touch it.
What happened exactly?
Leave it there.
We can use it as a mark.
- Right.
- Good idea.
Someone's underwear as a mark...
We've passed 12,000 views.
We'll start to air in 5 mins.
Be careful.
Watch your steps.
Why you wearing heels?
- Be careful!
- Whew.
Watch out!
give me your hand, Ah-yeon.
It's slippery here.
Watch out, Charlotte.
Look there.
Damn it.
So the top floor is the 4th?
Yes the basement is
the first floor here.
Where is room 402?
I can't tell from outside.
Rumor says if you take a shit
there, you can make it big.
You should've told me earlier!
I already took a shit!
Damn it.
Let's go!
Be careful.
Turn off your lights, everyone!
Cover LED lights!
- Cover them.
- Why?
- It's not the patrol time.
- Shhh...
Is it a cop?
Be quiet and wait.
Are they gone?
This place is crazy.
What are you doing, Ji-hyun?
- Come here.
- I'm coming.
- Let's move together.
- It's so scary.
I'm scared.
This is the main entrance
leading to the 2nd floor.
Let's get in.
Go ahead.
Wait for me.
It's scary.
Aren't you coming?
Need to shoot from behind.
Wanna leak.
I'm shooting. You go ahead.
I'll shoot from behind.
Got it.
- Shall we go on?
- Yes.
Crap, what shall I do? Is it for real?
It's really terrifying.
What's written on it?
'Enter and you will die.'
And 'Fuck it', afterwards...
Time to start airing.
Hey gather here. We're starting!
Stand by.
Three, Two, One.
We, Horror Times'
horror experience squad
managed to sneak into the
prohibited Gonjiam asylum.
Today is Oct. 26th.
And it just passed midnight.
We can already get the
chill in this building
where the spirits are
said to appear midnight.
Korea's first live horror show ever!
Gonjiam horror experience
begins now!
Very good opening, Seung-wook.
VR first and get in!
- Hurry, hurry!
- Let's go!
- Enter.
- Enter.
Seung-wook, stand by.
It is four past midnight.
We're finally inside
of Gonjiam asylum.
Here's the lobby.
'Someone's living here...'
I'm getting a chill.
You always get the chill.
What do you want me to get?
Hang on.
Here's the hallway on the 2nd floor.
The rooms are lined on both sides.
There are lots of garbage
on the floor.
We're approaching the reception desk.
Ji-hyun and Charlotte,
you go ahead.
Where is it? It's here.
Ji-hyun, stand by. Go!
Charlotte pours the holy water
she took from Myung-dong
Cathedral into a bowl.
We're going to put a
camera and capture ghosts.
Seung-wook, your line.
We already set up the
high-tech equipments
at the spots of supernatural
phenomena and ghost appearance.
Let me brief you the rundown of...
What is it?
Where is it?
Was it the director's room?
It closed by itself. Didn't it?
This is real, everyone.
The door of the director's
room got closed by itself.
We will go and check.
I'm horrified.
We're now in the director's room.
Might be a coincidence but
just before, the door
got closed by itself.
It's the phenomenon many people
who came here witnessed.
Look at this!
- What?
- Come here, hurry!
Sung-hun, zoom in the picture.
Seung-wook your line.
Seung-wook, your line.
Seems like a group photo of the
patients and hospital crews.
It looks like an ordinary group photo
but if you take a closer
look, something is off.
- All stare at...
- Different directions...
And the woman in the center seems to be
the director who is rumored to kill
all the patients and disappear.
- She looks creepy.
- I agree.
We found other pictures.
Director getting the award.
Her playing ping pong.
Guess this lady was
fond of ping pong.
That can explain the
sound of ping pong ball.
Stop it! You scare me!
What is it? Over there...
It reads.' The people who read.'
Seems like people read
some books back then.
- From President Park Jung-hee.
- That's a surprise!
- By the way, who's Park Jung-hee?
- Ex-president.
Ex-president, Father of
the very former one.
Was her father a president, too?
What the hell?
- I was so surprised...
- This really freaks out.
Is that hair?
- Not a person?
- No.
Let's wrap it up.
Luckily we've found some
pictures and shown them you.
I and Sung-hun are going to prepare
the mediumistic ritual to bring
out the revengeful spirits
of the patients who were unfairly killed.
Meanwhile, other members
will introduce you the horror spots
on the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors.
Everything will be live, of course.
Everyone, move to the spots and stand
by while I'm playing the replay.
For supernatural phenomena
and ghosts' appearance.
Let me brief you the rundown of...
Charlotte and Ji-hyun
on the 1st floor, ready?
Time for the horror spots.
Ready, Go!
I am on the 1st floor now.
And Charlotte who's already experienced
3 among CNN's 7 freakiest places
is leaving her signature to
celebrate her 4th experience.
After Sedlec Ossuary in Czech,
Aokigahara Forest in Japan, and the
Island of the Dolls in Mexico,
among CNN's 7 freakiest places,
I, Charlotte finally
arrived at Gonjiam asylum!
I left my signature as a token
just like the other places.
And I can see someone
wrote 'Let's live' here.
Move to the corridor.
'Someone lives here', it says.
No, it says it's ghosts living here.
Damn. Ghosts live here, everyone.
And we are at the place
where ghosts live.
And there are weird
writings on the wall.
Look at this.
Why is this turning off?
This is the lab, everyone.
Lets go in.
What the heck?
The inside seems like the lab.
Water on the floor.
The water is leaking.
Numerous medical charts
scattered on the floor.
Burnt trace on the wall, too.
Cabinets are collapsed on the floor.
Here is the laboratory.
There are tiles on the walls,
and most of them are shattered
as if the room was bombed.
On the floor there are IVs, needles...
and a microscope.
Also there are lots of medicine bottles.
And a doll, too.
It's the spot my friend
took the psychic picture.
Check it out.
Here's the spot where my
friend took the picture
when she came here last year.
It was real. Point the camera at me.
Are you okay?
- What is it?
- What the hell?
- What is that smell?
- Oh my...
Is that a chicken?
Let's go out. We will leave here first.
Good job you two.
Move to the 4th floor.
Je-yoon and Ah-yeon on the 3rd floor.
Stand by and go!
Welcome back.
Ah-yeon and I are in the
hallway of the 3rd floor.
We are only one floor upper
but it feels colder here.
We will check the temperature.
It's 13 Celsius.
13 Celsius.
It's 13 Celsius on the 3rd floor.
What about the 2nd floor earlier?
13 Celsius.
...The temperature is the same.
But there's a thing called
sensory temperature.
The sensory temperature I feel
on the 3rd floor right now
is about minus 13 Celsius.
- There's a ping pong table!
- What?
There really is a ping pong
table as rumor says it.
There's a dead bird.
Je-yoon calm down a bit.
What now?
Introduction of the 3rd floor!
Right, we'll now show you
the rooms on the 3rd floor.
You must know well too,
umm, people who've been here
often said they witnessed
supernatural phenomena
on the 1st and 2nd floors
and actual ghosts here on
this floor and the 4th floor.
They are said to be haunted spirits
of patients wrongly killed.
We will now...
check out these rooms.
What the...
Je-yoon your line.
This is the shower room where
ghosts were seen many times.
You can see on that wall inside
an old stain in shape of a person.
Please zoom onto it, Ah-yeon.
- It does look like a person.
- That is a so-called 'ghost spot'.
That we don't want to believe...
Anyway we, horror experience squad,
installed this follow cam and a go pro
on this highest spot to confirm
the existence of the ghost.
Now we're finally going further
into the bathing room.
Here we are.
I can see...
There! That!
What is it? What's that?
Damn it! What is it?
It's a wig.
Shit, put that away!
It's so freaking scary!
Put it away.
I said put that away!
Don't do that!
Don't! Damn it!
Don't do it! I warned you!
- You damn...
- Why is it here?
Somebody must've left it for a joke.
Don't do that! I warned you!
I'm serious!
You think I'm kidding?
That's it for the 3rd floor...
Ji-hyun and Charlotte
on the 4th, stand by.
This is the hallway of 4th floor
the top ghost spot in the asylum.
Here are our state-of-the-art
equipment to trace the ghosts.
The ceiling is equipped with
6 flash lights with infrared censor
responding to a slightest
movement and the minimum energy.
We will now only have to wait
until the ghost is spotted.
Now to Ji-hyun.
This is the climax of horror
experience, the infamous room 402
where no one has been in since
the closure of the hospital.
The room used to be
the intensive care room.
So many people challenging
Gonjiam asylum tried to open
this door which has been closed
for so long.
But every single one of them failed
and were said to either have
committed strange suicides,
fallen in comas or died in accidents.
So people call it as
the curse of room 402.
We tried to see with our
eyes if it never opens.
No, I can't open it.
Did you all see it?
The door is closed as a solid rock.
But! Later,
we'll be the first ones to open
and shoot inside of room 402.
We'll get to the bottom of
the mystery of this room.
Okay, great!
ROOM 402.
You will wait here until
I finish shooting the intro
and follow me while I
go around the room.
Make sure to shoot at your positions
in any cases during the ritual.
Let's begin the ritual.
Music is... on.
Seung-wook, your turn.
Now I am in the director's room, the
place for our mediumistic ritual.
Can you see these?
The red strings attached with small
bells are hanging like a spider web.
Amulet, millet, and cinnabar
are prepared on the
table for the ritual.
We will perform the dangerous
ritual to call out the ghosts.
I'd leave this room this minute if it
were not for the live broadcasting.
I'm that much scared and nervous but!
We will keep our promise to
broadcast this ritual all live.
Ah-yeon, the youngest member,
will conduct the ritual.
Ah-yeon, let's begin.
She puts lights on the incense
and burns the amulet
filled with spell calling out
the haunted spirits.
A monk at Bomoon Temple
generously offered us the amulet.
Get up and put your hands together.
Now we will sit together
and wait to see
what happens...
The candle light is flickering.
What is it?
What the heck?
What is it?
- Damn it!
- What the hell is it?
What? What? What's going on?
To where!
Jesus Christ...
Did you all see the
surveillance camera turned?
It is not a joke!
The rumors were all true!
Did you all shoot it?
I missed it completely.
This place is of another level.
Don't scare me.
Comment Seung-wook!
Put everyone in the frame,
Stand by, go!
Did you all see that? I still
can't believe my own eyes.
The place is closed off from outside.
But soon after the ritual began
the candle, the bells, and
the camera moved by itself.
As if someone's not happy
about our challenge.
But we promise you that
we'll finish our mission
whatever risk lies ahead of us.
Don't go anywhere.
Move to the next spot.
I'll air the replay.
She puts light on the incense. .
- Yes, captain.
- They didn't notice, did they?
No, they absolutely freaked out.
Did it look real?
Sure. It rocked!
What is the number now?
- 100K, really?
- Unbelievable!
We've got the good start,
so we need to do it right
to reach 1 million views.
Double-check the settings
and lead their reactions.
Got it!
I think Charlotte's
reactions are killing it.
I'll try to incite her more.
Good. Make sure that
they'd not find out.
Even a ghost cannot. Gotta go.
What the hell!
You're kidding me?
Come on.
Perfect. Perfect timing.
What now?
So we are now in the lab
on the 1st floor after the ritual.
We're a bit eased but like
all of you watching online
we still can't figure out
how to explain what's just happened.
Anyway we'll stick to our plan
and go into the lab.
The entire room smells weird.
- This is the lab?
- It's further inside.
Isn't it dope?
This is the inside of the lab.
That's the stench.
I broke a glass bottle before.
On the floor, left side. Can you see?
Something like a dead chicken.
That's what stinks.
Hold on. Why ls there a
doll in the lab room?
Are you kidding?
It wasn't there before. Right Ji-hyun?
It was in the cabinet, not there.
The doll was in the cabinet!
Zoom in onto the doll.
Looks like the doll in the picture.
A patient was holding it.
No way.
Is someone else here?
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Don't touch it.
Don't touch it! Put it back!
Put it down! Lee Seung-wook!
Hey, put it down now!
Right now! Put it down!
- Seung-wook.
- Shoot this, quick!
Can't you just put it down?
Je-yoon, follow her.
Captain, check it out!
Yes. That's the same doll.
Captain said it's the same one.
Why is he touching it?
Charlotte, calm down.
You just can't randomly touch
things in places like this.
Ji-hyun! You saw it too.
The doll was in the cabinet!
Are we the only people in here?
I will put the picture on screen,
your comment, Seung wook.
Stand by, go!
You see this doll I'm holding?
Don't be shocked.
This doll which Charlotte
claims was in the cabinet
is the doll from the picture
in the director's room
where we performed the ritual.
Please compare them.
Why has this doll shown up
and has it moved itself?
Is there really a supernatural
energy in this place?
Strange things keep happening here.
It's all real
and you're watching all live!
Good, we'll be back soon...
You're fucking natural born actors!
I can't stay here.
I want to leave.
Charlotte, how can we leave?
This is really weird.
- We can't just leave.
- Yeah, Charlotte.
Stop shooting, Ah-yeon.
- I'm sorry, Charlotte.
- You too, stop shooting!
Lee Seung-wook!
You never touch things
in places like this!
They're cursed!
You can be in a serious trouble!
I just wanted to check as I
couldn't believe my eyes.
Damn it...
We should give her some time...
It's more dangerous to be on her own.
Let's just finish up and
get out of here, okay?
Do you all hear me?
If everyone wants to quit here,
I will follow your decision..
Then all we have done so far
would turn into nothing.
Let's hang in there a bit,
shall we?
Wrap this up as safely as
possible just as Charlotte said.
Yes, we are here together,
so let's finish this together.
Okay then.
Hey, you never do anything risky!
Yes, ma'am. I won't touch a thing!
I am so sorry.
- Never! I mean it.
- Alright, I got it.
It's a break.
Let's move to the next
spot and stand by.
Je-yoon and Ah-yeon go to the 4th floor.
You'll be on air soon.
Install the infrared
flashes on the ceiling.
Yes, captain.
Can we take a minute?
When the 1st floor is done well
be go short on the 3rd and 4th.
Seung-wook and Sung-hun, let
me know when you're ready.
- Alright.
- Sure.
Can we just take a minute? Please?
- Don't do that again, ever!
- Got it!
- Can't you hear me?
- Let's move!
Are you alright, Charlotte?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Everyone stand by and...
This is the collective care room.
Take a look inside.
The ceiling has fallen in
and small wooden closets
surround the walls.
It looks like a catacomb
bombarded during the war.
The patients were given
so-called treatments
in these small wooden closets.
So creepy.
Well, I will look into
this coffin with a door.
Strangely, there's a hole the
chest level, not on the face.
What was this hole for?
Not for the surveillance. I guess.
Let me open the door.
There's no knob.
Why? What's wrong?
- Shit.
- Why?
- Someone pulled my arm.
- What?
Stop messing around, I warned you.
I'm not kidding!
I told you! This place
is fucking cursed!
Seung-wook, put in your hand.
Sung-hun, shake the camera more.
Seung-wook, your line.
Someone did pull my
arm inside that door.
I can't tell exactly 'cause
it happened too fast.
So I will put my arm in there again.
- Are you insane?
- Don't do it!
Stop him!
- Don't do it! Please don't!
- Why not?
Let me do it!
Hey, don't!
- It's too dangerous!
- Stop her right now! Quick!
Okay, alright. I got it!
Take this.
Ji-hyun! Ji-hyun!
- What is going on?
- Captain!
- What is it?
- Do something! Ji-hyun!
Ji-hyun your arm...
They scream like they
ride the pirate ship.
- I hear the ping pong ball!
- Get the EMF out.
It was written 'Let's live'
but changed into 'Let's die'!
Are you sure?
This place is cursed.
We have to leave... or
we are all gonna die.
Let's leave, Charlotte.
I can't be here any longer.
- What are you doing?
- We are leaving.
- Hey, Ji-hyun.
- Look at this.
We never know what comes next.
We're cursed. What shall I do?
- Hey...
- Move away, will you?
Captain! You hear us?
- Calm down.
- You saw it too!
You saw what happened at
the mediumistic ritual.
It even pulled my scarf, too.
And it grabbed your arm
too like it did to mine.
And the letters on the wall changed!
Listen, Ji-hyun... the truth is...
at the ritual...
Hey! We're scared too.
We're frightened but...
we're on board together so
let's finish and leave together.
Even captain doesn't know what to say!
If any shit happens who
will take care of that?
Move! We're leaving. Let's go.
Be careful, Charlotte.
I can see someone wrote
Let's Live' here.
Hey bro!
Say something!
Yes, Seung-wook.
Why didn't you say anything!
The connection is bad.
Ji-hyun and Charlotte left.
I know. I saw.
I checked the letters on the wall.
Did they change?
Are you kidding? No way.
It was 'let's die' from the beginning.
I'm just speechless.
Then what is wrong with them?
Don't know. They're just freaked out.
Charlotte was already panicking
since you touched the doll in the lab.
But you just saw it, too.
Ji-hyun's arm pulled and
Charlotte's scarf, too.
It seemed like Ji-hyun was faking.
She seemed to figure about our show.
Why the hell would she fake it?
How should I know? Maybe
she just wanted to leave?
- Then the scar on her arm?
- Right.
There might have been thorns inside.
How about Charlotte?
- I saw her scarf with my own eyes!
- I filmed it too!
That's what I find strange, too,
so I keep checking the video.
Was there any wind blowing in?
It's fucking closed underground!
How could the wind blow in?
There must be something.
Freaking strange. Let's stop here.
You think you can
fucking quit like that?
Listen carefully. We
have to finish this.
Do you know how many are the views now?
More than 300K! What if we stop now?
No ad for the halted broadcasting!
Let's try just little more.
A brief tour on the 3rd
floor and open room 402,
and it's a wrap.
What if something happens!
I will buy some time
playing a short replay...
- Let's go live again...
- Screw it.
Seung-wook... Lee Seung-wook!
Come back!
Hey, you!
Damn it!
I shouldn't have signed on the wall.
I'm cursed and might actually die.
That's why we left. It should be okay.
- You saw it too.
- Charlotte!
- Under my name, It's written...
- I said we'd be okay!
What should I do?
Get up!
Get up!
We go back to the base camp now
and can go home in the morning.
Let's go home.
We can go home.
Let's go home.
We can go home.
You see?
The scarf is pulled up by itself.
It's not the wind.
Let's get out of here
with Je-yoon and Ah-yeon.
- Bro.
- Yeah.
Hey, let's make a deal.
If we end here everything
becomes useless.
300K view can earn $150K for ads.
Let's ask for 20% more we
can get at least $40K each.
Continue this?
As if someone's not happy...
Seung-wook and Ah-yeon...
Charlotte and Sung-hoon,
all six are there.
Who the hell shot this then?
What the heck! No!
No, don't do this to me!
No way!
Damn it!
As if someone's not happy...
We have some conditions.
What conditions?
Raise our shares by 20% each.
Then we're in.
And for the others, too.
What do you say? Yes or no?
Okay for 20% more for
you and the others, too.
We're going back live
when the replay is done.
Hurry to the 3rd floor.
Don't ever cut the radio again.
Or I will kill you.
Was it this far?
It's taking too long.
Look at that!
We're right on track.
We put it there on the way.
We're almost there.
Almost there. Let's go.
What you see is the shower room
one of the top two ghost spots along
with the hallway of 4th floor
in this asylum.
Looking up,
you can see the follow cams.
But no particular signs so far.
What is this sound?
Is it from supply room?
Leave the shower room,
move to the supply room!
Both of you, fast!
Seung-wook, your line.
We just heard strange
sound coming from here,
the supply room.
You must've heard it, too.
A loud sound of something
being crashed against the wall.
What was the sound?
Sung-hoon, go behind
the cabinet and shoot it!
Seung-wook, say something first!
Say it!
Did you all see that?
What if there's...
the supernatural energy...
Lee Seung-wook!
Wake up!
Seung-wook, please!
How is it possible?
We already passed by it.
This place is weird, too. Ji-hyun...
Hold on.
What's this smell?
Why is it here?
These were at the lab!
What is wrong with you?
No, don't do that!
Oh my God...
Captain! Captain...
Where are you?
Please help me...
Save me...
No! Help me! Please!
Please let me out!
Open the door!
We have to leave right now!
Let's go now! Fast!
The door is almost opened!
That doesn't matter.
We shouldn't be here. We have to leave!
Seung-wook is locked
in the room downstairs.
Fuck that bastard!
We're about to reach one million!
What are you talking about?
We must not be here.
We have to save Seung-wook
and get out of this place!
- Yes, captain.
- Ah-yeon.
Open the door and get in now.
Captain told me to open
the door and get in now.
You two listen to me.
The ritual and the doll we staged them.
We faked it for the views!
But everything going
on right now is real!
That fucking moron...
Seung-wook might die.
We have to save him now!
Is this for real?
I mean it! We're all
going to die if we stay!
If you don't do it, I'll do it myself.
The ping-pong ball again!
Shit! What the hell is that?
Is someone inside?
What's going on?
Everything is real.
Please help me!
Save me!
Is that you?
- I can't open the door!
- Let me do it. Charlotte!
- Charlotte!
- Do something! Charlotte!
What shall we do?
- Charlotte!
- Charlotte!
- Hey...
- Where are you going?
Sung-hun! Sung-hun!
- Sung-hun!
- Sung-hun!
What's going on?
What the fuck is this?
- Ah-yeon...
- I'm here.
Where's Sung-hun?
Don't move.
What is it under our feet?
It feels like water.
You have the light?
What is wrong with it?
- Why isn't it working?
- Shit.
Why is it echoing in here?
I guess we are...
- in room 402.
- What?
You got the camcorder, right?
Give me that.
Where are we?
There's no door here.
Why is there no door?
How is it possible?
What's going on?
There's someone.
- A girl...
- No way.
Is looking down on us.
Are we really in room 402?
On your face! The hands!
You too, Ah-yeon...
Don't do that...
Someone's here...
We have to get out of here.
Ah-yeon... Ah-yeon!
Can you hear me?
Please help me! Where are you?
Help me, please!
Save me! Sung-hun!
Please come help me!
Anybody here?
It's not a live broadcast?
It's cut off after it
turns out a fake show.
I knew they would manipulate it.
Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum
Directed by JUNG Bum-shik
SHOW BOX presents
a HIVE MEDIA CORP production
In the memory of JUNG Woo-shik.