Good Boy, Bad Boy (2007) Movie Script

The ambience is romantic.
Let's fall in love.
Come, come, come.
Come, beloved.
The ambience is romantic.
Let's fall in love.
Come, come, come.
Come, beloved.
What else is there in this heart?
When you were born...
you didn't cry...
...even when the nurse hit you.
I should have understood then only.
You are not those who cry but
those who make others cry.
Pops, please. Chill!
I don't know about that, son.
But since the time you have been
rusticated from three colleges...
...I have started taking BP pills.
How you are still in BSS college
for past 2 months...
...without creating any problem...
God only knows.
Actually you are right, pops. It's
very bad for my reputation.
- I will have to do something.
Listen to me carefully, Raju!
If you did mess up things
in this college then from...
...3 rooms in the house, one
room will be evacuated.
Pops, please. Where will
you go at this age?
- What?
Bad! Very bad!
Now he has got a new craze
after going to the college.
Under the pretext of studying,
he fights in college...
...he abuses and he threatens people.
This is Raju Malhotra. He
is a stigma. A stigma!
Now stop it! Enough of studying.
I forgot to add Boost in your milk.
No problem, mummy.
I had done pranayam taught
by Ramdev Baba.
Son, when you were born
I thought that... son will grow up
to be a stud like me.
But you are only concerned
about studies.
You neither have any friend
nor any social group.
No PR, no marketing.
You only work on the computer.
After that you will be gone.
Others' fathers say that my son
will achieve something in life.
My son will make his parents proud.
But papa, to which destination
you want me...
Son, my destination
is, I want that... should not be Koi
Mil Gaya's Hrithik.
Son, be like Hrithik
of Krish movie.
Socialize like me.
And make me proud.
Why are you teaching wrong
things to my son?
What is in this?
He wants me to be like him.
But I don't want to be
a businessman like him.
I want to be an IAS officer
and serve the country.
After becoming IAS officer
will you accept bribe?
What kind of a papa are you?
If you had your way, you
would have written...
...on my hand that my
father is a thief!
What did you say? What did you say?
Son... I don't tell you
to be a bad boy.
But you only have to handle
your papa's business.
That is what I am explaining to him!
What is his business? To
drink and serve others.
Please! Let me live my
life the way I want!
I am Rajan!
I am not going to change myself!
I am what I am!
Down with BSS!
- Down with Debo Chaterjee!
Down with BSS!
- Down with Debo Chaterjee!
Down with BSS!
What is a child's right?
That he gets Farex twice in a day.
A new nappy after every 3 hours.
And a new toy after every 2 days.
We used to get these rights
when we were small.
But since the time we have
joined this college...
...all these rights have
been snatched from us!
Commotion? Sir!
Now there is bound to be
commotion in college...
...and not in Nursery or KG.
If you can't handle the
college students...
...then give your resignation
No, sir! There is no problem, sir!
Sir, everything is under the table.
I mean everything is under control.
Here it's very peaceful.
Its the right of every young
girl to wear short skirt... feel cool in the sizzling heat.
And it's the right of
every young guy... see girls in short skirts.
I say... you all have
to decide whether... want to give the exams or not!
You are bad.
You are bad.
You are good.
You are good.
Pretty, pretty, pretty babe!
Wants to know...
You are bad.
You are bad.
You are a bad, bad boy.
You are bad.
You are bad.
You are a bad, bad boy.
You are good. You are good.
You are a good, good boy.
You are good.
You are good.
You are a good, good boy.
My beloved's hug.
My love's hug.
My beloved's hug.
My love's hug.
It gives me solace.
It takes me to heaven.
I am bad. I am bad.
I am a bad, bad boy.
You are bad. You are bad.
You are a bad, bad boy.
My beloved's hug.
My love's hug.
It gives me solace.
It takes me to heaven.
I am bad.
I am bad.
I am a bad, bad boy.
You are bad.
You are bad.
You are a bad, bad boy.
My heart, heart, heart.
My heart is crazy.
It loves you all the time.
You are the desire of my breath.
You are my dream.
My each heartbeat
has accepted you.
The slight heat of chill.
The charm of your beauty.
It gives me solace.
It takes me to heaven.
I am bad.
I am bad.
I am a bad, bad boy.
You are bad.
You are bad.
You are a bad, bad boy.
Go, go, go.
You don't know what
my desires are.
I don't like anything without you.
Without you, without you.
Without you, nothing seems lively.
Without you, without you.
This grace of your saunter.
The fragrance of your cheeks.
It gives me solace.
It takes me to heaven.
I am bad.
I am bad.
I am a bad, bad boy.
You are bad.
You are bad.
You are a bad, bad boy.
You are bad. You are bad.
You are a bad, bad boy.
You are good. You are good.
You are a good, good boy.
You are bad. You are bad.
You are a bad, bad boy.
You are bad.
You are bad.
You are a bad, bad boy.
That's okay. Now you can leave.
- Okay, sir.
He is Awasthi. What
is he doing here?
Maybe we need Awasthi to reform
the state of this college.
I am your new Principal.
Diwan Chand Awasthi.
There will be a meeting
tomorrow evening... 4 in the college hall.
Now I want the introductions
to be done properly.
Yours... mine... ours.
In life everybody has
a responsibility.
You all and I too have
a responsibility.
Your responsibility is to study
and be a better human being.
And my responsibility is to make
you all a better human being.
You all will be sad to know...
I have a bad habit...
...of fulfilling my responsibility.
So... whether you all want or not... all will have to fulfil
your responsibility from today.
Otherwise the consequence
will be very bad.
In this college...
Excuse me.
I think somebody has messaged
you a funny joke.
Come and show it to us on the
stage. We all will laugh.
Come on the stage.
Just come on the stage.
This principal is a big bore.
P for 'Pakau' (Bore). 'Pakau'!
Mr. Dinesh's point of view about
me is very interesting!
Mr. Dinesh! Mr. Long Hair Wonder!
Please come on the stage.
And accompany me.
Please come on the stage.
You think that I am a big bore.
P for 'Pakau' (Bore).
You think that I relate to the
alphabet P.
I will tell you about myself.
I relate to the alphabet E.
Now I will give you
both E certificates.
You are expelled.
He expelled Dinesh from the college.
This Principal won't stay
in this college for long.
He expelled MLA's son.
What does he think
of himself? Oh no!
Papa, this is Rashmi speaking.
Mr. Awasthi, this
is Rashmi speaking.
That's correct. Tell me, Rashmi.
Sorry, sir. I forgot that
I can't call you papa.
From today I will address you
only as sir or Mr. Awasthi.
You see, this agreement between
father and daughter... because I don't know
the college students... find out that you are my
daughter and exploit you.
You know that.
- I know, papa. Sorry! Sir!
But sir... your arrival
in the college has...
...for a moment put the
bad boys into trouble.
It will happen more often. See
what happens in the future.
Sir, you will get a
gold medal in acting.
I have already won that a long
time ago in this college.
Tell me, dear. What is going on?
Look... now you addressed me as dear.
I am your student living
in the hostel.
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
At times I have some problem
in playing this double role.
That's it. Okay, dear.
Bye. Sorry. Bye.
Yesterday evening on
the college stage... had played the role
of a plastic principal.
That was good! Good!
But... you have to maintain that.
Here guys are very smart!
And you have to be smarter
than them. Understand.
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
I have understood!
'What a college! What existence!
What fun! '
'There was only one hero. Me.
Diwan Chand Awasthi.'
'Sir, I could have never thought,
the college where I studied...
...under your guidance... I've become
the principal of that college.'
'Sir... now students don't
need idol of conduct Ram...
...they need Krishna
as per today's time.'
- Cheers!
Oh God! Run!
Excuse me, sir.
- Yeah.
Sir, we want to leave this college.
- Yes, sir.
Please don't misunderstand us, sir.
But our family has great
expectations from us.
And we have always been
good students. But...
But the current college ambience... can see it for yourself.
We can't study in this state.
So we... sorry, sir.
'Mr. Awasthi, the exam is not easy.'
'You will have to tolerate
many things.'
Principal Awasthi!
Yes, man!
Your responsibility is to study.
My responsibility is to educate you.
E for education. A for arrest.
Dinesh was right.
This new Principal is
P for 'Pakau' (A bore).
Hit! Hit!
Why did you stop?
What's your problem?
The face on which you are throwing
the darts, he is your guru.
There was Eklavya. For his guru,
he cut his thumb. And you!
What's the use of cutting the thumb?
What will we get in return? Nothing.
What are you trying to say?
For example look at our exams.
In our country intelligence
is measured...
...only by the marks that
we score in the exams.
And did you know? Einstein whom
people call as a genius...
...he was stupid in school.
You think that you can change the
system by behaving like this.
Yes. Uncle Einstein's theory...
every action has... equal and opposite...
Firstly it's Newton. And secondly,
not attraction.
Not now. But it will happen someday.
It will never happen.
Do you know why?
Because Newton's actual theory is...
...for every action there is an
equal and opposite reaction.
Come quickly.
- What happened?
The guy's family has
come to see ma'am.
Oh no!
- The alliance is almost fixed.
Oh no!
- Come quickly! - I forgot!
Take it.
Sorry, guys! I am very
sorry. I am late.
There was so much traffic
on the road.
My bike too broke down. But...
- Oh no!
I think you know my son Raju.
Yes! And if I had known that this
goon is Kavita's brother...
...I would have never come here.
What has he done?
What has he done? Look at this!
He was in a stupor in the disco.
And he misbehaved with my sister.
When I tried to stop him...
he smashed...
...the beer bottle on my head.
You see... that day I was too drunk.
And there was some misunderstanding.
It's okay. It's my mistake.
I have done a mistake
by coming here.
The girl whose brother misbehaved
with my sister...
...and who hit me... I should
make her my wife... must be crazy, man.
Hey! You can say anything about me.
But if you said anything
about my sister then...
...I will break the coconut
on your head.
You will hit me? Did you
see this papa? - Mama!
Let's leave immediately.
- Okay. - Look!
Don't reject the alliance.
I know my son has made a mistake.
I apologise for that. Please.
Please don't go! - Listen!
I am sorry.
You are sorry? You know
what is your problem?
You are always sorry, brother.
And you know what...
today I am sorry.
Because I am your sister.
Dad, I am... - Congrats, son.
I am really proud
that you are a bad boy.
How can he do this?
To rusticate the student
for a trivial matter.
I don't agree with this.
After all students need freedom.
Excuse me, ma'am. What is
freedom according to you?
Freedom means... living
life to the fullest.
Oh God!
Ma'am! Explain it in detail.
You see... we like your
this kind of freedom.
You all... are Hanuman's apes.
Ma'am, don't you think... freedom
that is careless... is not freedom but destruction.
Excuse me!
Every person has a different
point of view.
For example according to me if
students gets the permission... bunk the lecture...
then that is freedom.
Am I right, guys?
- Yeah!
What is freedom according
to you all?
Chikoo gets to marry Awasthi.
That is called freedom.
When girls are always
free with guys...
...that is freedom, man!
When you get clothes at 100%
discount in shopping mall...
...that is freedom.
The day every youth of this
country has a job...
...that is freedom.
If my boyfriend allows me to have
affairs with other guys...
...that is called freedom.
Isn't 'Azadi' (freedom) Manoj
Kumar's movie's title?
When a boring lecture ends...
that is freedom.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Good afternoon, sir.
'Sir, we want to leave
this college.'
'Our family has great
expectations from us.'
'And we have always been
good students. But... '
'But the current college ambience...
'We can't study in this state.'
Friends. We are leaving the college.
Take care, buddy.
- We will meet again. - Bye.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
You must have heard students
telling the principal...
...sir, give me one more chance.
But what if principal
tells the student...
...give me one more chance?
Sir, you are embarrassing us.
We love you, sir.
Look, if you love me... you should
love the college also.
So I reject your application for
leaving the college. Okay.
Go and attend the classes.
- Okay, sir. - Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
- Okay.
You all must be thinking
why I have called... all here suddenly.
I will divide my students
into 3 categories.
Those below 50% in C section.
Between 50%-70% in B section.
And above 70% in A section.
What? Class A, B and C!
Do we have to learn
A, B and C again!
The bright students of A section...
we just have to guide them.
I think it's a fantastic idea!
We have to motivate B section
students to fair better.
I want to be with bad boys!
And teach discipline to study
to section C students.
So start dividing the
students into sections.
I think it's a great idea!
Is this a college or Howrah train?
Bogie first class, bogie second
class. It's a bad idea.
They may put us into any sections.
- Great! Great! It's great!
An amazing thing has happened.
- What happened?
Our new principal has divided
the animals from humans.
You have gone mad!
Keep quiet, 50% students!
During Diwali, you gave me stale
food instead of sweets!
Now under section C you will be
punished in the scorching heat!
And I will mock your
state and enjoy!
Hail principal! Hail principal!
- Now understand.
Freedom is gone. And destruction
has started.
Today he rusticated Dinesh.
Tomorrow he can do anything.
Why didn't he think before? I
wonder. I am very happy. - Me too.
Everything has changed in 2 days.
Hey! How did you say that?
With my mouth.
- Mouth!
Nowadays you have started
talking a lot.
What is going on?
- Nothing, sir.
We all are friends. We were having
some fun. So you know...
Nothing to worry.
Are you sure?
- Yes, sir. - Okay.
Yes, yes. Vinay.
They come to quarrel, not to study.
You got scared?
I am scared of myself. I hate lies.
If principal had found
out about them...
...they would have been rusticated.
I didn't want that to happen.
I am very happy.
Yeah. It's a cool idea!
- Actually!
At least those students will
feel relaxed. - I know.
Those who come to study in the
college and not to kill time.
I swear.
- Exactly.
I think it's a very stupid idea!
What you think... who
has asked you that?
Life is like 'Bhel Puri'
(a kind of snacks).
Like what? 'Bhel Puri'.
It has sweet things like me. And
some spicy things like you.
Now if both are separated, life
becomes dull. Like Awasthi.
Listen, if you think we can be
together, then you are mistaken.
It's impossible!
lmpossible! If you separate
impossible... what do you get?
I am possible.
By the way I like difficulties
and spicy things.
Really? Well then... try it.
But you will lose.
Because I am impossible!
Ms. Difficult!
Did you call me, ma'am?
Yes, Bakeda. Listen to me
carefully. - Okay, ma'am. Go on.
Look, I was saying that section
A, B and C's student...
Will go to watch a movie.
When did I say that? Don't
try to act smart!
I said to stick their photo
on the ID card. - Okay.
List A has toppers. Average
in B. And dull students in C.
Put it up on the notice
board tomorrow morning.
It will be done, ma'am.
Confusion, ma'am! Confusion!
Here R. Malhotra. And
there R. Malhotra.
I will solve the confusion.
Malhotra and Malhotra!
Congrats. You are in class A.
Are you joking?
- You are there, buddy!
Class A!
Hey guys, do you see my name?
Excuse me!
- Hurry up!
One second! - Let him see!
Let him see! - Oh no!
Where is my name, man?
I don't see my name!
How come my name is
not in section A?
Because baby... your name...
from top to bottom... above my name.
Good morning, sir.
Sir, my name is Rajan Malhotra.
I have scored 92%.
I hope you understand, sir.
This is some other R.
Malhotra on whose ID... photo has been affixed.
Sir, please just look
into the matter.
There has been a terrible mistake.
Nab that fraud and give
him severe punishment.
Hand him over to the police.
Yes, brother. What has happened
with you, it is bad!
You should complain to the police.
Call them. Shall I dial the number?
This R Malhotra, whose ID you
have got... I am that person.
Raju Malhotra.
- You? - Yes.
And I have thought, good student...
...that we should carry on
this mistake of fate.
- No! This will be a crime!
If the principal found out,
he will rusticate us!
Look, principal will
only rusticate you.
You don't know what I will do.
You don't know me.
By the way, I am such a fool.
If we think about it, how
will principal find out?
Neither I will tell him
nor will you tell him.
And why not?
If you will be in A class,
you will learn something.
I can even study in C class.
Exactly! This is called fate,
destiny, kismat.
Whatever you call it.
Now I will be in A class. And
she will also be in A class.
College's heroine!
Wow! Isn't that great!
Yes! Yes! Great! Great! Superb!
I am so happy. Shall
I tell you something?
We both can be good friends.
Because I really like you.
We are buddies, man. All right!
So... friends.
- Yes. Friends.
Not like this! Like men!
Friend Vs friend!
Malhotra Vs Malhotra! Great!
Let's go and check at the hospital...
...whether we both had got
exchanged as babies or not.
Don't worry. Henceforth nobody will
trouble you in this college.
I am there.
I am being too emotional.
Embrace me.
A section!
Don't cry, friend! It happens!
It happens!
So what if you are in section
C this time? I will teach you.
Next time you will be in A section.
Don't worry! Don't worry!
Don't worry!
Why is this scene going
on in my office?
Sir, you have segregated
A, B and C section.
So he has got separated from me.
He is my friend. He is in
C section. He scored 30%.
I was consoling him.
Sir, actually the reason of
meeting you is my daddy.
Sir, P. K. Malhotra. Sir, he
was worried that I might...
...get spoiled with these
C class students.
He has thanked you for
your experiment.
What does your daddy do?
Sir, he is an IAS officer.
It can be seen.
- Yes, sir.
The values of the
family can be seen.
Thank you, sir.
Are you in section A?
- Yes, sir.
Sir, actually only a jeweller
can assess a gem.
Enough! Enough! Enough!
No movie dialogues.
Please. Okay.
Do you want to say something?
Anything else?
Yes, sir. You see...
- Excuse me!
- Yeah.
Sir, do you want to transfer
Ajay to section C? - Yeah.
What about Sunil?
- Yeah! Of course.
Sure, sir?
- Yeah!
- Just do it!
But sir, he deserves section A.
No arguments and no excuses. Okay.
Okay, sir.
- Don't teach a teacher. Sorry, sir.
Let's go!
'What is life? '
'lf a bad boy wants to
become a good boy...
...then I should help him.'
'And as it is in A class
he can't misbehave.'
'He loves Rashmi.'
'That's why he has taken
such a big risk.'
What are you doing in this class?
Ma'am, I am trying to feel you.
I mean, I feel very
positive with you.
You were feeling so negative
about the exams.
Then... how did you score 90%?
No, ma'am. You thought
of me negatively.
I had a negative outlook
towards exams.
You know what we are
taught in maths.
That... if you mix 2 negatives,
the result is positive.
Do you understand, ma'am...
what I am saying.
Rocky, stand straight!
Move back! Let him come!
Raju has come! Raju! Raju! Raju!
Raju! Raju! Raju!
- The bore has come!
Silence! Silence!
Your philosophy professor
is in the class.
And you all have created a scene.
We were just relieving tension
from our body and relaxing.
So that we all could feel
fresh for your lecture.
Really? Really? Then... then...
why didn't you tell me before?
You all don't know. I am not
just a philosophy professor.
I am a yogi too.
Rogi (Patient)!
Sir, what aliment are
you suffering from?
Not Rogi, Yogi!
Yoga. I am a professor
of meditation.
Of peace. Everybody close your eyes.
Today we all will meditate before
the philosophy class.
For Anand (peace).
Who, sir? We know only one Anand.
Evergreen Dev Anand.
To remain evergreen like Dev Anand...
...we should enjoy each joy of life.
So everybody... close your eyes.
And repeat with me.
Very good! Open your eyes! Look
it's so peaceful around.
All the evil powers have gone.
Because they couldn't find peace.
Look at her. She too is looking
so peacefully at you. Look.
It's not as pretty as you. But...
I have got it for you.
What happened? What happened?
What happened?
Sorry. I have allergy from flowers.
Oh no!
Students... what made man evolve
from apes to humans?
Can you hear?
What made man evolve
from apes to humans?
Maybe he got bored of
eating bananas, sir.
Very funny!
Change, revolution, transformation
is the norm of life.
We ourselves see how our body
and mind undergoes changes...
...from childhood to old age.
All right! Next!
You are a very impressive
student! I am pleased!
Yes, sir! When I get involved
in something...
...I get completely engrossed.
Once I am in, I am in.
Stop doing that!
Okay, man!
Good morning! Good morning, sir!
- Good morning!
Good morning!
Sit down. Have a seat. Please.
Look, no matter how much
a teacher teaches...
...he can't do anything till the
time the student doesn't learn.
It is not the teacher who teaches.
It is the student who learns.
Sir, it means the salary that
you get for teaching...
...we should actually
get it for learning.
- Thank you.
You just heard me. You
didn't understand me.
- Keep quiet!
There must be many students here...
...who read Gayatri Mantra at home.
Yes, sir!
Recite it.
Do you know the meaning?
Go, go! Say it!
Sir, I don't know its meaning.
Mummy taught me. And I memorized it.
Exactly my point!
This is another example
of learning...
...without understanding.
Is there anybody here who knows
the meaning of Gayatri Mantra?
It means... O Goddess, dispel
the darkness within us.
And fill us with truth
and sacrifice.
Good! Good!
How much% have you scored?
Sir, 92%...
I mean... I can't get 92%,
sir. Its 35%.
Silence! Look... before
laughing at him...
...we should think whether we
are laughing at ourselves.
It's also possible that
this guy might score 90%.
Don't forget. Lotus grows
in marshy water.
Yes, sir.
One of my friend says
that a lotus like me...
...will have to remain
in marshy water.
Tell me something. How
did you know? - What?
Gayatri Mantra.
Gayatri Mantra?
- Yes. Gayatri Mantra.
How do you know the meaning
of Gayatri Mantra?
You can also know it if you
concentrate on your studies.
Yes. But...
We have not come to college
to study. - Then?
What? Okay!
Concentrate on the studies,
not on me.
Let's go to the library.
- Where is library?
In the college.
Now don't ask where is
the college? Let's go.
Come. Come on!
What is this?
Library? We dissect frogs there.
How will we study here?
That is laboratory. This is library.
Let's go!
Oh my God!
Why is it so silent?
Has somebody died?
- Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
Come! Come on!
My brother Rambo!
- Yes man!
Do you know why I am
drinking so much?
You love Dinky!
I love her!
- Really?
I think she is sexy!
- Yes, man!
Great! Rashmi doesn't fall for you.
And Dinky is falling for me.
Look! Whenever you talk about her...
...she appears in front of you.
Now she will come to me.
- Hi!
I thought I can't find you anywhere
besides toilet and library.
What are you reading?
- Book!
Love story?
His story. I mean history.
Cool! Right now I have come to...
...invite you both for
my birthday party.
Saturday night at Rexy club.
It's too sexy!
Dinky, 2 months ago you had
celebrated your birthday.
What happened?
That... that was the birthday
of getting a passport.
The real one is now.
You guys are going to come?
- Yes. Sure.
Happy birthday, Dinky!
But you know I don't visit
parties and clubs.
Because I neither drink
nor can I dance.
Come on!
Show some loyalty towards section C.
All C section students are coming!
You too will have to come!
But in section C...
He will come. I too will come.
But... is nobody else
coming from class A?
Oh! Okay! I get it!
I had invited her.
After countless excuses
she said... I will try.
Yes. Please try.
Okay. I will try.
- Okay.
Okay, guys! Bye! See you!
See you there!
- Bye!
You go there! I won't go!
The more you mix with these people
the better it is for you.
It's good for your growth.
Every good boy should
see the bad boy's side.
Because afterwards he has to
venture in the bad world.
So start the training from now only.
My profligacy. My craziness.
Will find peace, beloved.
My profligacy. My craziness.
Will find peace, beloved.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
There is intoxication
and loneliness.
There is fervour.
Dawn and dusk. All the
time I remember you.
Don't go. Don't go in this state.
Dwell me in your eyes.
Come. Come.
Beloved, hide me.
My love. My craziness.
Will find peace, beloved.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
Oh yeah!
The destination is so lovely.
You have cast a spell.
There is the fervour of meeting.
I see you everywhere.
Desires have aroused.
Even thoughts are intoxicated.
This love is such.
That now I don't like it anywhere.
My desire. My craziness.
Will find peace, beloved.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
Stop it!
Hey! What are you doing? Leave her!
I swear I will call the cops!
I said leave her!
- Leave her now!
Listen! You can call the cops!
They will be helpful to you!
Tomorrow you are going
to have a bad day!
Where is your house, Dinky? Tell me.
I don't know. I don't want to
go home. I want to party.
Hi, girls!
What's up, man?
I am sorry about last night!
I was drunk!
Sorry! Please!
We are not friends anymore! Now
I don't want to talk to you!
Where are you going?
To get this... grow up!
Last night you were
acting very smugly.
Let's do one thing. Try
to enter the class.
What? What happened?
Do you want to be beaten
in front of everybody...
...or alone in the class?
In the class.
- Let's go.
- Let's go!
Come on!
- He is gone!
Don't hit me too badly!
Beat me! Beat me!
Oh my God!
- Yes!
Such a big book?
It's not big. Must
be 15-16 years old.
I mean... I was 15-16 years old when
I read a book for the first time.
15-16 years old!
Could you understand all
this at that time?
Yes. I learned everything
when I was 10 years old.
I understood.
But... I got the chance when
I was 15-16 years old.
I think you are really interested
in this subject.
Yes. To tell you the truth I have...
...always been interested
only in this subject.
I want to reach the depth
of this subject.
I want to drown in the lips...
I mean the depth of the words.
To tell you the truth, I have never
been interested in this subject.
You know. But I think I should
start taking interest.
Yes. I am ready to give.
My knowledge.
My philosophy is that... when a
person studies these books...
...he should have a practical
experience too.
One should be open to every
experience in life.
Yeah! And do you know
what my new subject is?
- You.
Jokes apart. I am really impressed.
You read Karl Marx. I mean...
No, jokes apart. I was reading
it just to impress you.
You are too smart!
- I am!
That's why you like me.
- Who told you that?
I know.
You can't do that! lts bad manners!
Of course! I can! I am a bad boy!
Rajan, click my snap too.
Battery is low.
The ambience is romantic.
Let's fall in love.
Come, come, come.
Come, beloved.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear papa!
Happy birthday to you!
I am sorry, papa.
I know you said in the college
and in public life...
...we both will behave like
principal and student...
...and not like father and daughter.
But today I know... a principal
doesn't need a student...
...but a father needs his daughter.
Happy birthday, papa!
Yes, dear. Come.
So how is everything?
- Good.
Tell me. How are your
studies going on?
Very good. Is the principal
asking this?
Papa is asking this.
Very good!
- Good!
Do you know... this time I am
thinking of studying a new subject.
A new subject? Which one?
Karl Marx's theory of communism.
Oh! You and communism! That
sounds interesting!
That guy is interesting!
You call Karl Marx as a guy?
Papa, not Karl Marx! Rajan!
Rajan Malhotra!
Rajan Malhotra?
Yes, papa. Do you know?
I always thought him to be
a vagabond and useless guy.
His behaviour too is like that.
But... in spite of all the
naughtiness and mischief...
...he is the guy who has scored
the highest% in our class.
Great! Rashmi!
- Yes.
I would like to meet
that boy. Bring him.
He has a friend in section
C. Bring him too.
Okay, papa. He is so cool!
Yes! Too much!
I think we both got exchanged
in the hospital!
What your dad wanted, my dad got it.
What my dad wanted, your dad got it.
I mean, why can't they be
happy the way we are?
I know. They always want to
change us according to them.
Hang on! Rashmi! Rashmi!
Yes, Rashmi!
Listen. I have some work from you.
Tell me.
Principal has called you and
Raju home this evening.
Home? Principal has
called us home? Why?
I think he is very impressed
with you both.
He is impressed! Okay! Okay!
Listen! Another thing!
I wanted some help
in some questions.
You want some help in some
questions. Speak loudly!
Rashmi, hang on! Here
the network is low.
Hang on! Hang on! She is
asking some questions.
You listen to the question.
I will give her the answer.
Thank you. Bye.
All right.
Oh no! I barely managed to escape.
This time you were here.
What will I do next time?
Tell her I don't know.
I will find out.
At the most she will think
you don't know the answer.
At least you won't give
the wrong answer.
Yes. I will do this the
next time. Thank you.
Come on. We have to meet the
principal in the evening.
Come on!
- Yes, sir.
Arts faculty second year section
A student Rajan Malhotra...
...and section C student
Raju Malhotra.
I want their original admission
forms and files. Immediately.
Sorry, sir. It will take some time.
I should get it tomorrow
morning at my home.
Okay. It's a bit urgent. And
please keep it to yourself.
Okay, sir.
'Sir, 92%... '
'I mean... I can't get
92%, sir. Its 35%.'
'Sir, actually the reason of
meeting you is my daddy.'
'Daddy? '
'Sir, P. K. Malhotra.'
'Sir, he was worried that I might...
...get spoiled with these
C class students.'
Principal sir!
You wanted to meet Rajan
Malhotra, didn't you?
He is Rajan Malhotra. And
he is Raju Malhotra.
Nice to know you... Raju Malhotra...
...and Rajan Malhotra.
Let's shake hands, my friend.
Bye Mr. Awasthi.
Dr. Awasthi.
Dr. Awasthi.
You are thinking something.
- No, no.
You are hiding something, good
fathers don't hide anything...
...from their children.
- No dear.
Papa, I can read your eyes.
As if these are your books
and not my eyes.
Really, where was
your concentration?
You were watering the cactus.
Oh No.
Tell me the truth, what
were you thinking?
I was thinking about those two boys.
Really, how did you like those two?
They are okay.
Okay or nice?
- Nice.
Nice or very nice.
Dear, people are not what
they seem to be...
...and what cannot be seen,
it is not there.
Be careful of those two okay.
Papa, I am your daughter my
eyes cannot be deceived.
See you in college sir.
Yes Ms. Rashmi Awasthi,
you may proceed.
Pass it, pass it here, here, here.
Pass it, pass it here,
here, here. Come on.
Okay guys I am out.
Take care of him today.
Why did you push me?
Can't you watch where
you are playing?
Shall I show you how
you should play?
Cool Raju, you have
thought me enough... that I can show
him how to play.
You! You will teach me!
You will teach me!
Yeah Rambo, and remember one thing...
...when a player is practicing
his new game...
...don't disturb him.
Did you hear that, come
on get out of here.
Yo man, I will be back.
So my brave man, you
learn very fast.
Keep it up.
May we come in sir?
- Yeah, come in.
Sir if you are busy, then we
will come back later sir.
Yes sir, tomorrow, the day
after, or even later.
I said, come.
Sir, is there something
important sir.
Something like that, take a seat.
I was very pleased to see
your AC combination.
- A means you and C means you.
No sir, I am in the A section.
You are in C section, but
you answer like A section.
Actually sir, he teaches
me all that.
He is very helpful.
But Mr. A, can you
help me with my PC.
There is a CD of modern education,
it is not running.
Oh sure, give it to me.
Go into the programs of the windows
and break the code of the CD...
...then it starts running itself.
I have thought him that.
It is an Indian software.
This, this.
I cannot send this MMS
from my mobile... is about the ragging
case in Haryana...
Sir, this is that Amita Gupta
case I will show it to you.
Go into the menu, scroll down...
...and here is your MMS sir.
It's nice isn't it sir.
- Yeah.
Surprising, I thought that you will
solve the computer problem...
...and you will go for the mobile.
But your habits seem
to have changed.
Sir, It's out habit to teach
each other all this.
We always believe in exchange...
I mean we believe in skill exchange.
Something happened.
No sir, I have brought him
a new pair of shoes.
Yes sir, whenever
he buys new shoes...
...I always have to bear...
I mean wear it
Come on.
- Bye-bye sir.
Bye sir.
Rajan... thanks.
My pleasure sir.
Our pleasure sir.
You will get many more pleasures
like this, in near future.
I feel like eating something.
We are in such grave trouble and
you are thinking about food.
I want to take an oath... oath...
...that we will never get entrapped
in problems like this again.
Think about it, you will never lie.
Are you sure.
Actually speaking, I am not sure.
To tell you the truth, I am
enjoying this role change a lot.
What a life.
'I was very pleased to see
your AC combination.'
'A means you and C means you, AC.'
Hi Humdum.
- Say Gumnam.
Tomorrow is a Sunday,
and she has agreed.
- Rashmi, who else.
Agreed for what?
To go on a long drive, I will
say and she will smile.
I will read out a poetry and...
- She will listen to you.
She likes to hear to
Tennyson's poetry.
I know only Anand Bakshi
and Samir's songs.
Are you coming?
- No, I am not coming.
Love can be confirmed only
when you sing songs.
Try and adopt my style, and
Dinky will fall for you.
I am not filmy.
- Then become one.
Nowadays every person
is filmy, understood.
- Hi.
Did I disturb you?
- Yes you did.
You study the entire day,
but you score just 35%.
You are a 100% failure.
Shall we talk about something else?
It is raining outside.
Strange isn't it, it is raining
in the rainy season too.
Come out of the house.
Come out.
Touch the rain drops, and
listen to its music.
How does it feel?
It feels strange.
And what do you call this feeling?
What? What do you call it?
Love. I love you.
It is the climate of love,
come and fall in love.
Come, come, come my beloved come.
There is nothing else
in this heart.
It is the climate of love,
come and fall in love.
Come, come, come my beloved come.
It is the climate of love,
come and fall in love.
Come, come, come my beloved come.
Your hopes.
Your intoxication.
There is nothing else
in this heart.
There is nothing else
in this heart.
My heartbeat indicates.
You are my love, you are my
beloved, you are my life.
My heartbeat indicates.
You are my dream, you the desire
of my impatient heart.
You are my world, every
saga starts with you.
You are immersed in me.
Your desires, your feelings
are the essence of my life.
I crave for you.
I ask for you in my prayers
from the Lord.
You are my only desire.
You are my insanity.
I have fallen in love with you.
It is the climate of love,
come and fall in love.
Come, come, come my beloved come.
It is the climate of love,
come and fall in love.
Come, come, come my beloved come.
There is nothing else
in this heart.
There is nothing else
in this heart.
My daughter who used
to befriends books... she is befriending flowers.
Such a change.
Look dear, I can understand
your emotions very well.
But what if the one you love,
turns out to be a deceit.
Girls those are blind,
only they are deceived.
Even those dear, who
close their eyes.
You are right papa, but
I have closed my eyes...
...after thinking it through.
God bless you.
Awasthi, you will have
to open her eyes.
My dears, the new experiment
that I have done... dividing the classes
in sections.
I have been observing that... has been bearing new fruits.
A lot of things have changed.
Students have changed too.
There are some students
in section C...
...that deserve section A.
And there are some students
in section A...
...that deserve section C.
And that's why, for everyone
revaluation... is necessary to
have another exam.
An interim exam, so
that as of today...
...we will know that
who deserves what.
So students, get ready for new
exams on the 10th of September.
Clap please.
Thank you.
I don't care about the world.
What if Rashmi leaves me?
That's true, now I will have
to leave Dinky's class...
...and will have to sit in class A.
Along with the exams, It is
the question of our love too.
Hi Rajan, aren't you happy
about the re-examination?
You... why are the both of you upset.
See, see even Rashmi is saying
exactly what I was.
When did you say that?
I was saying that.
Actually Rashmi, he is a bit upset.
He was thinking that, if
he scores less marks...
...then you will, I mean...
Every girl dreams that, his
partner should be handsome...
...dashing, a bit intelligent,
and that's all.
That's what I want.
Awasthi sir has complete
faith on the both of you.
Did you hear, what Rashmi said?
Yes, she wants a first class,
95% scoring life partner.
That means I lost in
the battle of love.
Hundred percent, and not only
you even I have lost.
Bringing Dinky from 35% to 75%...
...will take me my entire life time.
But it is necessary, not for her... is necessary for the
peace of my own mind.
That I make her a serious
student too.
Then go, get some peace
of mind and let me study.
Come on Dinky, let us study.
What is the hurry we still
have the entire night.
That's why there is a hurry...
...I don't want to spend the
entire night at your home.
Okay, you can leave
tomorrow morning.
What? Look Dinky I don't
like such jokes.
Come on, let's study.
Come on, today I will teach
you a new way of studying.
A new way?
- Yes, it is very easy.
It is called, SS.
SS, you mean serious studies right
Strip study.
- What?
Come on, I will ask
you a few questions.
And for every question,
I will strip something.
Dinky, this is a very
dangerous way to study.
I know, that's why I have
thought of this way.
Okay the first question,
the truth is often...
...a terrible weapon of destruction.
Who said that?
- Alfred Adler.
Next question, there is
a saying that a man...
...should love his neighbour
as himself...
...and in a few hundred years,
it should become... natural, as breathing itself.
Who said that?
- Alfred Adler.
Okay, next question.
Love in itself, in the form
of longing and depreciation...
...lowers the self regard.
Who said this?
Alfred... Alfred.
Alfred Hitchcock.
Sorry, wrong answer.
No, no, no wait, wait.
John Grey, John Grey,
John Grey, John Grey.
Oops wrong answer.
Stop, stop, stop I know, I know this
Jung, Karl Gustak Jung.
Yeah, yeah.
- Wrong answer.
- Sorry, next time.
Best of luck brother.
No matter how much you study... are not going to pass.
'Every girl dreams that, his
partner should be handsome...
...dashing, a bit intelligent,
and that's all.'
'That's what I want.'
Whose empty seat is that?
Rajan Malhotra.
You are not writing the exams.
- No.
All the questions and it's answers,
you have it don't you.
Yes, but giving an incomplete
answer to any question... like making a fool of yourself.
On the right time, I will give the
complete answer to all the questions.
If you want to give me something...
...then give me another chance.
Okay, I give you another chance.
In today's meeting, we want
to give you all a good news.
And that is after 5 years, our
college will take part... the inter-college
youth festival.
And the final list that Mr.
Awasthi has made...
...Ms. Julie will announce it.
Javed Kisthi, will be in
the poetry competition.
For symposium it will be...
- Radhae.
Correct, Ms. Radha Kashyap.
And yes, for the singing
competition it will be...
- Himesh, Himesh.
Himesh Chandra.
Wear the cap, wear the cap.
He is not Himesh Reshamiyan,
he is Himesh Chandra.
And now comes the dance competition.
For the dance competition
we have selected...
...Mr. Raju Malhotra.
Thank you sir.
And now for the quiz competition.
In which you need brain, brilliance
and knowledge...
...instead of your heart.
And that is, Rajan Malhotra.
Give him a big hand.
Give him a big hand.
All the best my dear.
That old man Awasthi insulted
our Rambo a lot.
Our Rambo is a dancing champion...
...and whom did he select,
that idiot Raju Malhotra.
Malhotra, I can't take it.
Malhotra, even I have to settle
an old score with him.
That's a good idea, now only... can spread this destruction.
After all I am an ex-best student.
Doctor sir, how is Awasthi sir?
He is still unconscious,
otherwise he is fine.
Look, visiting hours are over.
You can leave now.
Okay sir, then we will
take Rashmi along too.
No, it is necessary for
one relative to say back.
I think it well be better for
her daughter to stay back.
- What did you say?
Rashmi is his daughter.
Yes, it is written Rashmi
Awasthi on the form.
Are you sure doctor?
I am telling you, please
you can leave.
Now just drink milk and study,
and forget everything else.
That Rashmi Awasthi's
daughter fooled us.
Even you fooled her by posing
as an A class student.
But I am an A class student, I am.
Look, Awasthi sir is a nice man.
There is only one thing left to do.
Go and meet him in the evening...
...and tell him the truth.
What? - That we have done
a very big fraud.
And sir, we cannot take
part in this competition.
Truth is the only way to
solve a grave problem.
Sir, we want to tell you something.
Sir, we cannot take part
in this competition.
You should not take part.
The truth that you want
to tell me now...
...I know about the truth
long back, yes.
You played the game
of changing class... I played the game of faith!
Even though I knew
about your truth...
...I sent your name for the
inter-collegiate competition.
Do you know why?
If you give a responsible job
to a weak student with faith...
...he can see his strength
in that faith!
He can win! He can win
even though he losses!
No, but the both of you.
The both of you have
lost from yourself.
And how dare you come here
and ask for forgiveness!
By thrashing Dinesh you
have acted like goons...
...and not like good boys!
I could have lodged a complaint
against them...
...with the police, what was
the need for you to go?
Because you had a selfish
purpose in it.
You wanted to impress
me, my daughter.
Rashmi, whom you love... yes!
You can't even tell the truth
to the one you love!
You know why?
Because you are a coward, gutless.
I am disappointed.
I am ashamed of both of you
But sir...
- I don't want to hear anything!
Just leave me and get lost!
You have hurt my faith, get lost!
- Don't touch me!
Rashmi, I know you
are angry with me.
I know that I have made
a mistake, I have lied.
But if I have lied, then
you have lied to me too.
By hiding that you are principle
Awasthi's daughter.
There is a limit of
being shameless Raju.
But it's obvious, that you
don't know that limit.
Whether papa forgives you or not...
...I can never forgive you.
Do you love me or my percentage?
The one I used to love,
I didn't know him.
But today the one I hate, he
is a hundred percent liar...
...and a selfish person.
Okay, today this selfish man will
go away from your life forever.
But remember one thing,
whatever I did...
...I did it because, I have
always loved you 100%.
Sir, two boys that you have chosen...
...they are completely useless.
They will surely fail.
Instead of them, send
Rambo and Rashmi.
No, send both of them.
Let them learn their own lesson.
They have brought this situation
upon themselves...
...let them face the consequences.
Okay, I will ask you
the first question.
Who is the most insane person?
You have four options A, you
who is going to take part.
B, me because I am listening
to such foolish things.
C that principle who is sending
you there. - Papa, please.
Just a minute.
And D, the people who are
organising this quiz competition.
Your son is a total loss
in dance, a total loss.
In dance, I am...
- Please don't talk like that.
Then what else shall I do,
what else shall I do?
He wants to take part
in a dance competition.
If a lizard enters his pants then,
he will dance like this.
Like this.
Oh Lord, this Prabhu Deva had
to take birth in this house.
You never even danced
in Ganpati or Dandia.
Atleast my child is trying.
He is trying.
You wanted a son like me,
now that I am trying...
You are trying...
You hurt him, didn't you.
Okay, if we are destined
to win, then we will win.
But we will not lose
hope till the last.
I say that you can win
this dance competition.
You know, you once told me that
recognise your abilities...
...understand your weakness...
...and just go for it
with your willpower.
I know Dinky, but practically
I don't have much time...
...and in so less time we...
- Look, for the next 10 days...
...I will make you do dance
rehearsals continuously.
And I believe that you can do it.
We don't have any other
way then trying.
Let's do it Raju.
This is a game of life and
death, let's play it.
Let's do it.
I will turn this youth festival
in such an event...
...that Awasthi and his
pupil will remember it.
The sorrows of my heart.
The sorrows of my mind.
The sorrows of my desires.
I want to tell you.
I want to tell you.
I want to tell you.
Welcome to inter-collegiate
youth festival.
The next competition is music
and dance competition.
We don't want to say anything
about the current condition...
...of our college, whatever
you want to ask... can ask Dr. Awasthi.
And the courage that our children
have shown today...
...that proves that, they are
worthy of this competition.
Enough, enough, enough, thank
you, thank you, thank you.
And now comes the turn on,
from BSS college...
...Mr. Raju Malhotra.
No one knows when this
pain will stop.
My insanity says, I ask only
for you in my every prayer.
My day does not conclude
without seeing you.
My day does not conclude.
I don't have any control
on my desires anymore.
I don't have any control
The sorrows of my heart.
The sorrows of my mind.
The sorrows of my desires.
I want to tell you.
I want to tell you.
Hurray! Hurray!
Hurray! Hurray!
Hip, Hip Hurray!
Hurray! Hurray!
Hip, Hip Hurray!
The sorrows of my heart.
The sorrows of my mind.
The sorrows of my desires.
I want to tell you.
I want to tell you.
I want to tell you.
And the winner is Raju Malhotra.
I won!
Dam good man, congratulations.
I won it, I don't believe
it that I won it.
You won with physical exercise...
...but now I will have to exercise
my mind, what about that.
Look, Rajan has won now Raju
will win too. - Really.
Dinky is still with you,
I wish that Rashmi...
You will win the competition
and Rashmi's love too.
Just keep looking at me, I will give
the answers and you will say it.
And the codes are, right ear A,
nose B, left ear C and lips D.
Come on.
- Come on.
Hello and welcome to the brain game.
And the participants are, from
St. Xavier's college...
...Mr. Lavell Atari.
Hurry up, the quiz has started.
Ms. Deepali Shah.
Hi baby.
- Don't let go of him.
Leave me.
- Come on.
And the last participant is,
from, BSS college...
...Mr. Rajan Malhotra.
Before staring this competition...
...I would like to tell you, that
in today youth competition...
...St. Xavier's college and
BSS college are on a tie... winning 3 competitions
each from the 8 events.
Whoever will win this
quiz competition...
...he will be the rightfully
deserve the inter-college...
...youth festivals champions trophy.
Then let us starts today
quiz contest...
...fingers on your buzzer,
first question.
Which is the first collective
...of William Shakespeare's works?
Yes St. Xavier's college.
- The First Folio.
That's right, First Folio right
answer St. Xavier's college.
The next question, world's
largest college.
Yes, SS college.
- Imperial palace, Beijing.
Imperial college, Beijing is the
correct answer SS college.
The next question, history
teaches us...
...that we don't learn anything
from history, who said that?
Yes BSS college.
- Socrates.
No, no, no BSS college,
wrong answer...
...the right answer is
George Bernard Shaw.
Yes, that's the correct answer.
Rambo, leave me.
- Leave me.
Rambo, leave me.
Leave me.
And with that the first round
of the quiz ends here...
...lets see what are the points.
With 75 points, St. Xavier's
college is in first place.
With 60 points, Govt. College
is in second position.
With 55 points, Sophia college
is in third position.
And with 45 points, SS college
is in fourth position.
And with 35 points, BSS college
is in last position.
But there is no need to be worry...
...because we still have
our second round.
Social awareness.
But before that, audience
what is our national song?
Listen carefully, what
is our national song?
No, not correct.
Not correct either.
'Vande Mataram'! - 'Vande Mataram'
that's the right answer.
And the question goes
to our participants.
And who has written it?
Yes BSS college.
Bankim... Chandra Chaterjee.
Bankim Chandra Chaterjee
is the right answer...
...BSS college, you get 10 points.
And the next question for you, give
me the name of the person...
...who was appointed as twice the
acting President of India...
...but could not become
the President.
Yes BSS college.
Gulzari Lal Nanda.
Yes, that's correct.
Good going BSS college, fantastic.
Good going.
You do know the name of India's
present President.
A.P. J Abdul Kalam!
Yes that's correct,
A.P. J Abdul Kalam.
But I would like to ask
the participants...
...what is the full form of A.P.J.
BSS college.
Abdul Pakir Januellabbidin Kalam...
That's correct, good
going BSS college.
In our life time, how
many times do we sing...
...'Jana Gana Mana
Adhinayak Jaya He...
...Bharat Bhagya Vidhata'.
What is the meaning of 'Bharat
Bhagya Vidhata'?
You can give the answer
by keeping seated too.
Sir I have stood up for the
national anthem and not for you.
Sir, it means the constructer
of the fate of India.
Wonderful answer, wonderful answer.
Let's give him a big hand
ladies and gentlemen.
The last question, what do we
see here St. Xavier's college...
...and BSS college are on a tie.
So today's tie-breaker questions.
The question is, in which
year did Alfred Einstein... the third law of motion?
Listen to the question carefully.
In which year did Alfred Einstein... the third law of motion?
Option A 1845, option
B 1850, option C 1860...
...or option D 1875.
In which year did Alfred Einstein... the third law of motion?
Option A 1845, option
B 1850, option C 1860...
...or option D 1875.
It's a tie breaker question,
go for it guys.
BSS college.
'I am really proud of you,
that you are a bad boy.'
'Today I feel sorry, that
I am your sister.'
'Truth is the only solution
to solve any grave problem.'
'lf weak students are given
responsible tasks with faith...
...then they see their strength
in that faith.'
BSS college your time
is running out.
A it is Newton, and
B not attraction.
Sir, this is a trick question,
the law of motion...
...was discovered by Newton
and not Einstein.
That was a tie breaking answer
to the tie breaking question...
...and the answer is correct.
And with that, the winner of
today's quiz contest is...
...BSS college's Mr. Rajan Malhotra.
And the champions trophy of the
inter-college youth festival...
...goes to BSS college.
We have done it.
We have deceived and lied to all
of you to win this trophy.
You know it all sir, don't you.
I am Raju and he is Rajan.
Yes, with the mix up in the
college our sections changed.
Our names and our deeds changed.
And when did we start changing...
...we never realised that.
The truth is that, neither us
nor our parents believed that...
...we are capable of it.
But we can do something, we
can change and we can win.
Only one person believed that,
just one person.
Our principle Mr. Awasthi,
who supported us...
...and then challenged us.
Thank you Awasthi sir, thank you.
That you gave us this challenge.
If you want you can rusticate
us from this college.
Because now we attained
our trophies.
We can see out victory, in
the eyes of our parents.
In the tears of joy of my sister.
In Mr. Awasthi's faith.
Friends, there is a Raju
and a Rajan in all of us.
There is nothing like
good boy or bad boy.
They are all smart boys, all
colleges should not have...
...such brass and copper trophies...
...but such live trophies.
Like the one's that I have.
And not just one, but two
like the one's that I have.
My profligacy. My craziness.
Will find peace, beloved.
My profligacy. My craziness.
Will feel peaceful, beloved.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
There is intoxication
and loneliness.
There is fervour.
Dawn and dusk. All the
time I remember you.
Don't go. Don't go in this state.
Dwell me in your eyes.
Come. Come.
Beloved, hide me.
My love. My craziness.
Will find peace, beloved.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.
If you will hold me,
I will not stagger.