Good Egg (2022) Movie Script

(dark musical jingle)
(air whooshes)
(distant traffic hums)
(dark musical jingle)
(no audio)
(engines rev)
(tires screech)
(car door opens)
(Jessica pants)
(Jessica grunts)
(foot thuds)
- Holy Shit!
(Jessica whimpers)
(Sal groans)
- Gio!
Not her, you bright light!
(Jessica pants)
(Jessica whines)
(fists thud)
(Jessica screams)
- Help!
(Jessica screams)
(upbeat music)
Well, come on
Hey, hey, hey
All right
I got this feeling
in my heart
Faded love
Won't you let me in
I've been waiting
all night, darling
I got you under my skin
'Cause it's real
I know you feel it, too
I'm moving mountains for you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you, hey
So come on
Shake it if you wanna
All right
Well, keep moving
like you're moving
Moving like you're moving
So come on, baby
You know you're looking fine
The way you're
moving makes me
Spin on a dime
You got me under a spell
I'm feeling something new
I'm moving the
mountains for you
I've gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
I gotta get to you
(distant music)
(Jessica speaks Spanish)
- Is that your baby's doll?
- Well, no. I don't
have a baby, yet.
- Is that because you're old?
- I'm sorry?
- [Nurse] Mrs. Sanders?
(Jessica chuckles)
- (sighs) Well, unfortunately,
we didn't accomplish
what we set out for.
Jessica, I think that it
is time that we discuss
some alternative options.
- Options?
- Options are good, Jessica.
(Jessica sighs)
Here you go.
- Do you happen to have any
idea why this round didn't work?
- I ran some tests, seeing that
this is your third attempt.
And what I found really
didn't surprise me.
Your eggs are mature.
- "Mature", as in?
- Refer to them as geriatric.
- "Geriatric"?
- Mm-hm.
- That's a horrible way
to refer to, well...
To anything.
- Well, it's common
in women over 40.
- Yeah, but I'm not 40.
- Oh.
I apologize. (chuckles)
Oh, yes, I see here that
you're gonna be 40 in
less than two weeks.
Well, some women peak
earlier than others.
It's common.
- Hm.
- This is not a guarantee,
but using a donor will
certainly increase
your chance of conceiving.
Now, I know it may
seem daunting at first,
and I realize it is
quite an expense,
but honestly, can you
put a price on life?
- Well, apparently you can!
- There are so many
Hispanic women out there,
all with big hearts,
and they are ready,
willing, and able.
- I don't, I...
I don't want someone like me.
You know, if it's not me...
Well, then it's...
It's not me! (chuckles)
- That's understood.
It's a huge decision.
So go home, throw your feet up,
and just review some
of the applications
that Gordon selected.
- I'm sorry. Uh...
"Gordon selected"?
(phone rings)
(footsteps approach)
- Hey, Gordon?
Kramer needs you, ASAP.
- What now?
- I don't know.
Just says he needs you.
(Gordon sighs)
(ethereal meditative music)
- Sanders.
I need you to fix my laptop.
It seems to have a virus or
something wonky like that.
- Um, yeah, but that's
your personal computer.
So, I'm not too sure
how comfortable I am,
handling something that
doesn't belong to the bank.
- Sanders.
Have you ever wondered why
you haven't been promoted?
- Uh, yeah. Well, I think it's
corporate culture, you know?
Something to do
about, uh, seniority?
- No.
It's because you
don't take chances.
I need a go-getter.
Are you my go-getter, Sanders?
- Maybe.
- Here's the deal, Sanders.
You find and remove whatever
has gone wrong with my laptop,
and I will consider
giving you a promotion.
- Thought you were
already considering-
- [Kramer] We have a deal?
- Um, yeah.
(mellow music)
Hey, did you clear
this with corporate?
- I will need it fixed before
the bunny is resurrected, yes?
- But, but sir, that's
only two days from now.
- And God created
the world in six.
- Right.
Do I need a password or
something to access the laptop?
- I am God at 666.
Now, if you'll excuse
me, a woman lies await.
- Give her my best.
(pen thuds)
Oh, shit.
- [Instructor] Let's start
by relaxing our shoulders.
Let your head tilt back.
(knocks on door)
(Jessica yells in Spanish)
(Elena speaks Spanish)
- You need to make sure
that you sit for at least
five more minutes, or
it's not going to work.
(Jessica speaks Spanish)
(knocks on door)
- You hear me, huh?
(Jessica speaks Spanish)
- Keep your culito over the pot,
until the mint evaporates
up your chocha.
- Abuela, I have
enough up my chocha
to make a gallon of mojitos!
(Elena sighs and speaks Spanish)
(phone chimes)
(Jessica sighs)
(Rebecca speaks Spanish)
Don't repeat that with
abuela. She'll kick my ass.
- Becca!
- What?
- Ayo, what the hell?
Lionel! Yeah? (sighs)
- That mofo kicked me and
his baby out of the house,
and changed the locks on me.
- (speaks Spanish)
What did you do now?
- I didn't do nothing, abuela!
He just thinks that because
he works at a lock and key,
he can change the locks
like he change his women.
- No.
- Do you ever just
think of calling first?
Come here.
Come with me.
- Take her, please.
(Lizette cries)
(Jessica speaks Spanish)
Oh, you're tired.
- She's not tired.
Dang, you got like
no maternal instinct.
- What?
- She's just vibing
off that stanky
negative energy you got, duh.
- Excuse me?
- Could be.
(Lizette cries)
- Okay, all right.
You know what? I'm late.
It's always a pleasure, really.
- You still trying to
manufacture a baby?
- Don't you have
like a job to go to?
- Do I have time for a job?
I'm a stay-at-home mom now.
- Oh, and that's not a job?
- Do I get paid?
- Oh-ho! Okay, all right.
You see that? And I'm the
one that's not maternal.
(school bell rings)
(distant chatter)
(hushed chatter)
- [Student] Guys, Mrs. Sanders
is here. Let's rehearse.
Where is it
There were some
I'm sorry, line.
How'd my voice sound? Was
it okay? (clears throat)
Where is it?
There were
complications, Rosemary
But nothing that will
affect future births
(Rosemary screams)
(ominous trumpet music)
- (chuckles) Bravo!
You nailed it!
And they said Rosemary's
Baby couldn't be a musical!
(Jessica chuckles)
- All right! Have
a great Easter.
Don't eat too much candy.
- [Sapirstein] Yeah, yeah.
- Thanks, Mrs. Sanders.
- Thank you.
(crickets chirp)
(Jessica sighs)
(paper crumples)
(Jessica sighs)
(door creaks)
(door closes)
(Gordon sighs)
- So, what'd Dr. Markoff say?
(Jessica sighs)
(Jessica sniffles)
I know. I know it's not
what you were expecting.
Hey, hey, hey.
You can always try another
round in a few weeks.
- Oh.
Gordon, I mean, it's
easy for you to say.
You're not the one that's
pumping hormones into your body
like a caged chicken.
- I know, I know.
(Jessica sighs)
Maybe we can look at some-
- Don't.
No, don't. Please don't say it.
- I'm just saying there's other
ways to have a baby, Jess.
- Which is the same thing as
saying that we have options.
- Because we do!
- Well, I'm just curious.
Do any of your options
match our profile?
- Ah.
(Gordon sighs)
I didn't think it would
hurt to start looking.
- You know, I would, um...
I would love to
see an application
of one of the
options you selected.
- Why are you so
against this, Jess?
- Why?
Why I'm so against this?
This is a stranger.
A stranger that you're
gonna have a baby with.
That's why I'm so against this.
It's, it's, it's like I'm
the freaking understudy
in a hit Broadway show
about my own life.
- Jess, I just figured I'd see
what our alternatives look like.
- "Our"?
- What the
alternatives look like on
paper, before broaching it.
(Jessica sighs)
- But that's just it, Gordy.
We don't get to see them.
We don't get to talk to them.
We don't get to know them!
We know nothing more
than what's written
on this piece of paper.
This person that's
gonna, all of a sudden,
become our baby mama.
I mean, how do you not
have an issue with this?
- I...
Because, Jess, all
we've ever talked about
is starting a family, and this,
this could be a really
great option for us.
(Jessica scoffs)
- Green eyes?
- Yeah, I mean, I
thought it would be
like a really cool combination.
- Okay, this isn't like a
freaking drive-thru that you can
just like go up to the window
and order a combo baby!
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Jess.
I know. It's just...
I don't know! I don't know.
(sighs) It just kinda feels
like time is passing us by,
and we're just standing
still, you know?
(melancholy music)
- Sorry you feel that way.
- Jess.
(Jessica sniffles)
Look, can we just back burner
this whole thing for a minute?
- We can't back
burner this, Gordon.
Dr. Markoff?
(Gordon sighs)
He referred to my
eggs as "geriatric".
And personally, I would
like to become a mother,
before the rest of me expires.
- Whoa, whoa. "Geriatric"?
- Shh!
- Dr. Markoff is geriatric.
(Jessica sighs)
(door closes)
- What up!
- Oh, God. Not now, Becca.
- I just stole that fool's car!
His pride and joy
are all mine, now.
- Shh. Abuela and
Lizette are sleeping.
- (speaks Spanish) I can't
wait to see his reaction
when he realizes his
baby's gone, hah!
(Rebecca speaks Spanish)
- Becca, this is
really not a good time.
- Maybe not for you.
- [Gordon] I will
take Lionel out.
- I have like no idea
where his collar is.
- We'll be fine.
(suspenseful music)
- [Rebecca] Yo! Who ate
all the peanut butter?
- [Gordon] Come here, boy.
(upbeat percussive music)
- Yo, Beck!
Beck, what the...
- Mig? (sighs) What's up?
- She stole my baby.
That's what's up!
- Okay. Calm down.
- Calm down?
How would you feel if
somebody took your baby away?
- Quiet, fool!
Your real baby is up here.
Why don't you come up here
and say goodnight? Huh?
Huh? Huh?
- Okay, okay. You
guys, all right.
Let's just figure this out
tomorrow, okay? It's late.
- You know I got a
GPS in my girl, right?
Not to mention, I'm
a fricking locksmith!
I can pop any lock!
I got a spare key, too.
(keys clink)
- Do you want a cookie?
- Do you want a glass of milk?
- Do you want some cookies?
- Oh, you know what?
- Wow!
Worst baby daddy award goes
to, don-don-don, Miggy!
- Whatever!
- Stupido.
(engine revs)
(keyboard clacks)
- I am God at 666.
You actually locked your folder.
Maybe you're not as
dumb as I thought.
Unfortunately for
you, I am way smarter.
(suspenseful music)
- You sketchy son of a...
(chuckles) Hoarding bitcoins.
I knew it.
(keyboard clacks)
(phone vibrates)
Hey, babe.
- Hey!
How you doing?
- (sighs) I'm okay. I'm
just worried about you.
- (sighs) I just, you
know, I just wish that...
(sighs) That there was like a
sign or something, you know?
Like something that screams,
"This is your only option."
- It's just one of many, Jess.
- (sighs) I know.
Trying to be more open-minded.
- You know what?
Tomorrow's the bank's
annual Easter egg hunt.
What do you say you
and I just kick back,
have a couple cocktails,
and let loose a bit?
- (chuckles) I can't say
that searching for eggs
sounds appealing, but a
couple of cocktails sure does!
- Then it's a date?
- Yeah. I'll text you
when I leave the house.
- Sounds good. Hey, I love you.
- You've got options, Bridge.
- I love you.
- [Bridget] What're
you talking about?
- [Sal] Nikki sent me down
here, and you know why.
- [Bridget] I don't
care what Nikki said!
- I can only spend so many
miles looking for you.
- Then stop looking.
- Bridge, you're only making
this harder for yourself.
- You fools drove all the
way up from Atlantic City
to wish me a happy
birthday or something?
- You know exactly
why we're here.
So how long are
you gonna run for?
- [Bridget] However long I want!
Just tell her you
didn't find me.
- [Sal] I did find you.
- [Bridget] Whatever.
(Jessica gasps)
- What the fuck?
(Sal groans)
- God, no!
(Jessica grunts)
(chatter in Spanish)
(Jessica grunts)
(Sal groans)
(Jessica screams)
(Bridget screams)
(Jessica grunts)
(Jessica screams)
(gun cocks)
- Enough!
- (gasps) Oh, my God.
- You got till tomorrow.
- You're fine. Get up.
(Jessica pants)
- What just happened?
- You're okay.
You're okay.
- Yeah. (pants)
Was that, was that a real gun?
- Just breathe.
- Did we almost die?
- Lady, breathe.
(Jessica pants)
- Man!
I feel so alive!
(Jessica pants)
How do you know those guy...
(body clatters)
(suspenseful music continues)
- What the?
(keyboard clacks)
(phone vibrates)
- [Nurse] Mr. Sanders,
this is New York Hospital.
Your wife is here.
- What?
- [Nurse] She took a bad fall.
- Oh, my God.
- [Nurse] We'll need you to
come down to release her.
- Yeah, I'm coming now.
I'll be right there.
What the?
- Don't make a scene.
- Who are you guys?
- FBI.
- FBI?
What? Why?
- We've been tracking
Kramer for a few months now,
but we don't have enough
evidence to go after him yet.
- That's where you come in.
- I'm sorry. Me?
- We need a CI to help.
- Uh, uh...
Computer invest...
- Confidential informant.
- To help lock this
son of a bitch up.
So far, you're the only
one who's allowed access
to his personal laptop.
- Look, guys. I
don't have a choice.
If I don't fix that laptop,
I don't get a promotion,
and I cannot afford to
not get a promotion.
I need this job!
- He's been embezzling
money from your bank,
and placing those funds into
several offshore accounts.
- The money has been divided
between those accounts,
and Bitcoin wallets.
- All we need to catch
him is for you to get him
to use his bitcoins in an
online domestic transfer.
So far, he's only been
trading over the dark net,
which has made the
forfeiture of his assets
nearly impossible to seize.
- We even tried to lock him out,
in hopes it would
force his hand.
- You guys were
behind the lockdown?
- Best way to get him
to make this transfer
is to tell him that there
is a ransom on his laptop,
he needs to pay up ASAP,
or else he'll be
permanently locked out.
You think you can do that?
- Don't worry. We're going
to make it worth your while.
Here's my card.
Text me when you're
ready to play.
All you gotta say is, "Game on."
- Better think long and hard
about dropping that
ball on us, though.
Wouldn't want to think
of you as an accomplice.
- And Gordon?
Wish your wife a
speedy recovery.
(car doors open)
- Thank you.
Um, I'm not getting
a ride to the...
Okay. All right.
- [Announcer]
Paging Dr. Fischer.
(Jessica gasps)
- Oh, no!
(gasps) My knees!
Did they take your knees, too?
- Man, I really want
whatever you're on.
- Holy mother of God!
(Jessica squeals)
Are you okay?
- Are you the nurse?
- What happened?
- I had to jump in.
- "Jump"? Jump, honey?
You never, ever have to jump.
That's always a dangerous idea.
- I got boo-boo on my ankle!
Kiss it.
- Oh, God.
I got you.
- It's just...
I saw...
She was getting
bullied by these guys.
So, I-
- What guys?
- I had to, I waited
till the time was right,
and whacked the guy in his face!
- No, you didn't.
- And then I got
on this big dude.
And I started pounding on him.
- Jess?
- It's just so busy.
It's just so...
So busy and messy. I, I
think I gotta sit down.
- You know what? Why don't
we just lay down on the bed?
That you're already on.
We agreed we're gonna put
this donor stuff on hold
for a while and
just focus on us.
So why don't we do that?
- Okay.
- You must be Wonder
Woman's hubby.
Bridget Garcia.
Nice to meet you.
- (chuckles) Gordon
Sanders. You too.
Nice. Are you okay?
- Few bumps and bruises
never kept me down.
(Jessica giggles)
- Uh, hi, nurse.
Is she gonna be okay?
- Are you family?
- Yeah, sorry. I'm her husband.
She'll be fine. It's just
a tiny hairline fracture.
The cast is precautionary.
I'm gonna need you to
sign the discharge papers.
- Sure, yeah. I'll
be right back.
But everything is gonna be okay.
(Jessica grunts)
All right.
Mm-hm, mm-hm. Thank
you, thank you.
Oh, there we go!
- He seems like a real cool cat.
- He configures
numbers at a bank.
(Jessica chuckles)
- So which one is it, mama?
Sperm, egg, organ?
Just wondering what
you're in the market for.
- Oh.
- Your hubby said
something about a donor?
- Eggs.
Mine are ancient.
Maybe I'll get a nursing home.
- I might be able
to help you out?
Yeah, you know, I'd really
like to pay it forward.
I mean...
if you need fresh eggs,
I got 'em. (chuckles)
I could pop out a few
for you and your hubby.
And I could do it on the cheap.
(Jessica sighs)
- You're sweet!
- Just hit me up, if
you're interested.
We might be able to
work something out.
This might just be fate.
- "Bridget"?
- Mm-hm.
A life for a life
kind of exchange.
- (gasps) A life for a life.
I like you.
(gentle music)
(door creaks)
(switch clicks)
(door closes)
(knocks on door)
(Jessica gasps)
- Hey!
- Hey.
What you got there?
- [Jessica] I, um...
I'm so sorry, Gordon.
- For what, Jess?
Jess, there's nothing
you could have done.
- I know.
- You know what?
- Mm.
- [Gordon] Let's get you to
sleep. It's been a long day.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Let's get you to bed.
(door closes)
(Jessica moans)
- Okay. Here's your water.
- Aww.
- It's bad timing, I guess.
Rest up, Xena.
(warm music)
(switch clicks)
(Jessica sighs)
(warm music continues)
(Jessica sighs)
(switch clicks)
(Jessica sighs)
(phone clicks)
- A life
for a life.
(phone chirps)
(phone chimes)
(traffic whooshes)
- Okay, Dusty.
How do I get you to
use your bitcoins
to purchase something online?
(Gordon sighs)
(suspenseful music)
(cube clicks)
Here goes nothing.
(phone rings)
(phone rings)
(Dustin spits)
- This better be good, Sanders.
- So apparently, sir, your
computer's been infected
with the ransomware virus, and
the only way to get it fixed
is to just pay the ransom.
- How much do they want?
- This a very good question.
I don't know. I can ask.
- Ask?
What kind of amateur hour
ransom plot is this, Sanders?
- Sir, sir, if I may, they
are requesting payment
via virtual currency,
which is really easy,
assuming you have a Bitcoin
wallet or something like that.
I mean, I can take the
whole thing off your plate.
I just need authorization
to use your pass keys,
and I can get your computer
fixed, and up and running,
before the bunny resurrects.
- What?
Fuck whoever this is.
- Sir, I get that
you're mad, but,
if they don't receive
payment in the next 24 hours,
they will lock you
out permanently.
- I'm not paying shit.
No one threatens me.
You tell whoever this is that
I don't bite onto anyone.
They can kiss my nitamb!
- I don't know what that is...
Sir. (sighs)
- Fuck.
Give me a cookie!
Give me two!
- [Gordon] And there
goes everything.
(distant traffic hums)
(Jessica breathes heavily)
(footsteps approach)
- What's crack-a-lackin'?
- Wow!
You clean up well.
- That's the rumor.
Can I get grilled cheese
with tomato and bacon,
and a side of fries?
Make those cheese fries.
And a coffee milkshake.
- Are you sure you're not
already eating for two?
- One never knows.
- [Waitress] And for you?
- Um, I'll just have a glass
of pineapple juice, please.
- I'm glad you texted.
- I don't know how any of
this is supposed to work.
- Well, if I got
all my cards right,
you need something
that I can provide.
And quite honestly,
I could use the cash.
- Oh, my God. Is that why
those men were after you?
- Sal and I got some history.
We have a son together.
- You have a child with that guy
that tossed you
up against a wall?
- It wasn't always so tense.
But not everybody's cut
out for a storybook ending.
- Yeah, yeah. I'm getting that.
- Look, I don't
wanna pressure you.
Let's just let
bygones be bygones.
- No, no, but wait, wait, wait!
Like you said, I'm here, so...
- [Bridget] It's totally fine.
I gotta catch a bus
back to AC, anyways.
(Jessica sighs)
- He has your eyes.
- Miss him bad.
- Where is he?
- Slowly getting
destroyed by the system.
Long story.
- (sighs) Look.
This is quite honestly
just so unconventional.
I mean, the idea of sitting
across from a stranger
to talk about purchasing their
egg, so they can make a baby
with my husband is...
I don't know. (sighs)
It's just so... (sighs)
Black market, seedy, underground
illegal-like, you know?
- This unconventional way
allows you to get to know
me on a personal level.
I can promise you
that you won't know
much more about donor 2759,
other than what's
on her application.
You won't know if she prefers
cheese fries over chili fries.
You know?
How could you? I
mean, think about it.
It is just a piece of paper.
- Exactly.
- You swooped in
and saved my life,
and now I can pay it forward
by helping you create one.
Plus, buying eggs the regular
way is crazy expensive.
- (sighs) I know.
- According to,
it costs between
six and eight grand.
But today's special
has an offer for five.
- That's, you know,
that's still a bit steep.
- Yeah! But can you really
put a price on life?
- I really hate that question.
(indistinct chatter
in background)
- Do you smoke?
- No.
- Drink?
- Every other
Sunday after church,
but not when I'm knocked up.
- College degree? A BA, a BS?
- BS. (chuckles) I
definitely have one of those.
- Do you have any convictions?
- The only conviction I have
is that you and I
are meant to be.
- I gotta talk to Gordon first.
- I hear ya, but I
only have one week
before the court grants his
foster family adoption rights,
and after that, I lose
any chance of seeing him.
And without cash, I
can't get a lawyer.
And without a lawyer,
I am shit outta luck.
- I'm sorry. I really am.
But, I mean, this is a
huge decision for me.
It's not one I can
make on my own.
- Final offer.
- 4K?
(Jessica sighs)
I, I can give you
a small deposit?
Would, uh,
500 do it for now?
- I need at least half.
- Half?
I... (laughs)
I don't have that kind of
money just sitting around,
in my checking account.
I mean, besides, it's Easter
Sunday. The banks are closed.
- Lucky for us, there's
an ATM right by the door.
Nothing personal.
(clears throat)
I can't afford to miss work.
- Wait.
What if...
What if...
I can give you this,
as collateral?
- A dog collar?
- Yeah, no, it's a diamond,
um, -studded dog collar.
It's worth like a few hundred.
He's been our only baby for
years. He's a little spoiled.
(Bridget chuckles)
- Sure.
(Jessica sighs)
- Okay.
- Hey.
I got you.
(Jessica sniffles)
- [Jessica] Okay.
- Okay!
I'll see you in like five.
I gotta empty the tank.
- Yeah.
- Shit!
(sighs) Okay,
Taking back control.
(ATM bleeps)
(phone clunks)
Are you smoking?
(suspenseful music)
(Jessica gasps)
- Oh, hey. Nice
to see you again.
- You better behave.
- What's going on here?
- I'll let the Bridge tell you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- I thought you said
you didn't smoke!
- Only when I'm stressed.
- You may have met
your match, huh?
You got something for me?
- I have no idea what
you're talking about!
- Sal, this is really dramatic.
- Bridge, you're
getting in the trunk.
- What? No!
- No. No, no, no!
I'm not going in there.
(overlapping speech)
I'm not going in there!
- Whatever!
(Jessica yells in Spanish)
(Jessica yells in Spanish)
Ouch! My elbow!
- She has nothing
to do with this!
- That really hurts!
- Tie her up.
- [Jessica] Oh, I'm going to
rip that man bun off your head!
- After you, sweetheart.
- Grab it, then.
Shut up!
- Stop it!
- You stop it.
- Stop it!
- You stop it!
- You used to love me.
- Jesus Christ.
Bridge, get in the car.
- [Jessica] When I
get out of this trunk,
I am going to kick your ass!
- Stop yelling.
- Help!
How is there nobody here?
(engine roars)
What the hell's going on?
- Don't worry. Everything's
gonna work out.
I still got you.
- You got me?
You got me?
(Jessica pants)
How could you be so calm?
- Just chill.
Someone's gonna take their
pony out of the stable,
sooner or later.
And when they do, that's when
you and I make a run for it.
(Jessica pants)
- What if they don't
open the trunk?
- [Bridget] Trust me, they will.
- Trust you?
- Yeah. Trust me.
(Jessica pants)
- Help!
(cheerful jazz music)
(music intensifies)
Who's that girl, all alone
Dazzling your senses
You cross the
room to say hello
Swinging for the fences
Well, you're reaching
for the stars
- Be right back
with those boxes.
Hey! It's me again.
Where are you?
I know you said you were
running late, but just,
I'm starting to get
a little worried.
Can you please just
give me a call?
I love you.
(phone bleeps)
- [Elena] You know, you need
to do your hair like that.
- No, I'm not gonna do that.
- Those curls.
- Abuela, were you blonde
when you were younger?
The blonde. (speaks Spanish)
- Like you said, she has the
little curls. Look at that.
- You can, and you should be
blonde. Blonde curls. (laughs)
- [Lizette] Yay!
(phone vibrates)
- Baby. Oo-oo-oo.
- [Lizette] No!
- Yo.
- Becca, it's Gordon.
- What up?
- Hey.
Have you talked to Jess?
- No. Why?
- She was supposed to
show up at the office
over an hour ago, but I just
keep getting her voicemail.
- Well, maybe her
phone died, yo.
- What?
- She always takes
her charger with her.
- Maybe she's stuck underground.
- Que?
- She still would've called.
- Maybe she got jacked.
- Que, que?
- What?
- I don't know!
Maybe she just
needed some space.
Hormones are a tricky thing!
- Okay, Becca?
Could you just try her
before I call the police?
- Um, okay, so the police
ain't gonna do shit,
for at least 24, so
yeah, I'll hit her up.
(Rebecca sighs)
- What is going on?
(Rebecca speaks Spanish)
- No, what is going on?
Is Jessica okay?
- He thinks she's missing.
- Who said missing?
I didn't say missing.
Nobody said missing.
(phone keypad bleeps)
- Yo. What the fuck, woman?
Gordy's all worried and shit.
Can you please pick
up your phone? Okay?
All right, I'll keep
an eye out. Okay, G?
- Thanks, Becca.
Couldn't do without you.
- Ah!
- Oy!
(Rebecca blows)
(background chatter)
(brooding music)
(keyboard clacks)
(engine hums)
(phone vibrates)
- That's my phone.
Oh, my God. (speaks
Spanish) Where is it?
Beep again.
(tense music continues)
(tires screech)
- [Sal] We don't
got all fucking day.
(fist thuds)
(Jessica pants)
Aww. What's wrong, sunshine?
- It ain't me causing havoc.
- Get me out of here, now!
- Hey, hey!
Not another word outta you.
- [Gio] Now, I usually gotta
pay to see shit like this.
- Yeah, I got this. All right?
- It's your party.
- So here's the deal.
I gotta go take a leak.
Now if either of you
try anything funny,
that'll be your last
road trip, you hear me?
(phone vibrates)
(phone vibrates)
(Jessica grunts)
(foot thuds)
- Holy shit!
(Jessica whimpers)
(tense music)
(Jessica grunts)
(Jessica pants)
(Sal groans)
- Gio!
Not her, you bright light! Her!
(Jessica pants)
(Jessica whines)
(hands thud)
- Help!
(Jessica screams)
- [Gordon] Jersey?
Why are you in Jersey?
You hate Jersey.
(Sharon chuckles)
- Hey!
Hey, Gordy.
Come join the festivities.
- I will. I'm just
waiting for Jess.
- You're missing out on Kramer's
attempt at being normal.
(upbeat dance music)
- (gasps) This is hysterical.
I gotta record this.
Leverage for the next time
that tool threatens to fire me.
- That's a good plan.
- Yeah.
Not the booty. Not the booty.
(tense percussive music)
- No, no, no! Let go of me!
(Jessica grunts)
- [Gio] Where you
going? Where you going?
- Jackass!
(Gio groans)
Oh, my God! (pants)
(Jessica screams)
Oh, my God, I did it!
Oh, my God, I did it.
Okay, okay, okay.
This isn't a
fucking escape room!
(pants) Okay, all right. Okay.
What do I do?
(music from TV)
(phone vibrates)
- Yo?
- Has she called yet?
- We just spoke
like a minute ago.
- Okay. Well, who does
she know in Jersey?
- Jersey? She don't
know anyone in Jersey.
- Well, I tracked her there.
- Hah! You GPS'd your wife?
Maybe she got a man
on the side, huh?
- What?
No! No!
No, I tracked her
using Lionel's collar.
She keeps forgetting to
take it out of her purse.
- Well, you tracked
the wrong dog, dog,
'cause your boy's been
chilling right next to me.
- Yeah, again, it's not
the dog. Not the actual...
Forget it.
Do you know anybody
with a really fast car
that I can maybe borrow?
- Well, (clears throat)
Mig got a fast car.
But, uh, that pendejo
swiped it back.
- You think he'd lend it to us?
- Gee, (speaking Spanish),
I'm like his kryptonite.
- You are?
- [Rebecca] Um,
excuse you. Yes, I am.
I got my ways. Where
are you headed?
- Uh, I got a signal, about 40
miles north of Atlantic City.
- [Rebecca] Atlantic City?
Like the Atlantic City?
- Uh, it's the only Atlantic
City I'm aware of, Becca.
- Locked and loaded, G.
I'll use my magic and I'll
see you in a few. Bye!
Okay. (clears throat)
All right, Miggy.
Come on, Miggy.
(phone rings)
(suspenseful music)
Hey, papi. Mami needs a favor.
What the fuck?
Miggy! Miggy if you
hang up the phone...
(Rebecca speaks Spanish)
(Rebecca sighs)
I just said one bad word. One.
You're just like all
over me today, abuela.
- I'm gonna need you to use
that wonderful charm of yours
and get her outta there.
- She's not gonna come out.
- Make her!
- [Sal] What happened
to you, butter fingers?
- That bitch fucking cut
me! That's what happened!
- Next time, don't let her go!
- Are you...
Oh man, fuck. I just need a-
- She's not gonna come out, Sal.
I'm telling you, she didn't do
anything. Just leave her be!
- Bridge, I don't
know if you know this,
but my loyalty
lies elsewhere now.
And that wasn't my choice.
(Jessica pants)
- Where's your magic,
(pants) when I need it?
(Jessica pants)
- Hey, Jess? I'm gonna
need you to come out.
- Fuck you!
- Figure it out.
Make her come out.
- Look, I know I did you wrong.
I feel bad about getting
you all caught up in this.
But we still have a deal, right?
(Jessica grunts wildly)
If you come out, I'll give you
an even more discounted rate.
- It's not gonna happen!
- Move.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
(guns fire rapidly)
G, I said I got this!
- Oh, do you have it?
(door thuds)
(Jessica gasps)
(dramatic music)
Get out of the fucking room!
- Hey! Hey!
I don't know what you got
going on with Bridget,
and quite honestly,
I don't give a fuck.
But if you try that again,
I promise you, this will
be your last Easter.
Get her outta my sight.
- This don't feel right, Sal!
- Hey. Since when do
you have a conscience?
(distant traffic hums)
- Hey. Do you think
maybe I can ride bitch?
Got a feeling it's gonna
get real awkward back here.
- In the car.
(Bridget sighs)
- Move over.
- [Jessica] I should've
let them beat you.
- [Bridget] I knew it was
gonna get awkward back here.
(trunk door slams)
(train clacks)
- What is the one thing in this
world that means more to me
than anything else, huh?
- Lizette.
- Okay.
What're the two things
that mean the world to me?
- Me and Lizette.
- Damn it, Bec.
(Gordon pants)
- Weed, your Xbox! I don't know.
- No, Senorita. Daisy is what.
She means the world to me,
Becca, and you know that!
- [Gordon] She's
moving! She's moving!
- Get in, get in!
- [Gordon] Okay!
(talking over each other)
(lively rock music)
(engine revs)
- Hey yo, G.
- Huh?
- So your dog's collar
is not on your dog,
but in Jessica's purse.
- Right.
- Right, so what if
we're tracking a dude
who stole her
purse, and not her?
- Nice. Way to keep
the hope alive.
- Okay, yes, maybe we are
following some purse snatcher,
not my wife, but my hope is
that one will lead to the other.
- Yo, I feel like
Inspector Gadget, man.
- So, we good then, right?
- Nah.
Depends on how this all ends.
- Nah. Just let it go.
- No, you let it go, Bec!
(Rebecca groans)
You let it go!
(Gordon sighs)
- I wish she'd just
magically appear.
- Well, maybe it's a sign.
- [Miguel] Nah, that's
more like a billboard.
Signs are smaller.
- Becca, you are a genius!
Maybe the sign is a
sign! It's a sign, right?
It's gotta be a sign!
- You see that, Miggy?
Now pull over in the next
stop, 'cause I gotta pee.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
As long as the collar
is going, so are we.
Wait, what happened?
What, is it frozen?
What happened?
It stopped! Lionel stopped!
- Hey. At least wherever
she is, she's not moving.
It's a good thing, man.
- And how is that a good thing?
- It gives us time to catch up.
- Well, yeah. Not
if we have to stop!
- Your call, but my
bladder is about to blow.
- Oh, not in here, you're not.
(engine roars)
- The collar is still moving.
- Just drop trou and go.
- Yeah, I'm going. Jesus.
- Drop trou and go.
(car door slams)
(footsteps clack)
(distant traffic whooshes)
- [Rebecca] What the fuck?
(footsteps clack)
Yo! Yo!
- What?
- What's going on?
- You gotta come see this!
- What did you find?
- Come on!
- What?
- What happened, man?
(car door slams)
(brooding music)
- Is that blood?
- Yeah, it looks like it.
(Gordon pants)
- Those holes are from
a nine-milli, man.
This could be from
anything or anyone.
None of this means Jessica
was even here, son.
- No.
But this does.
- That's nasty.
Isn't that one of the
dolls that Abuela makes?
- Damn. That thing look
just like you, son.
- The collar's moving.
Let's go.
- Hey!
Shouldn't we call the cops?
- Nick's Paradiso? We gotta go!
(tense percussive music)
Like now!
- Yo, I am serious.
They got my cousin!
- [Operator] Ma'am,
who's got your cousin?
- I don't know who!
All I know is that we
found a Santeria doll
floating in the shitter.
- Are you for real?
- What? I told you I had to pee.
- Come on, I told you to
drip dry. Let's roll, man.
- [Operator] Ma'am? Ma'am,
are you still there?
- You called the po-po, Bec?
For real? They
ain't gonna do shit!
Let's go!
(Miguel speaks Spanish)
(phone clacks)
Let's go!
- Dang it!
I'm going!
- Yes. Right now.
Aww, yeah.
(car starts)
Oh-hoh! What you doing?
Nobody drives
Senorita Daisy but me!
- Let him, Mig!
You know what it's like to
want control, don't you?
Come on!
- And we're going.
And we're going.
- We're coming.
- And we're going.
- I'm coming.
- We're going.
(gamblers chatter)
(PA system chimes)
(gamblers chatter)
(glasses clink)
- I don't know who you
are, or why you're here.
Actually, I don't give a shit.
What I give a shit
about is my money.
Do you have my
money, sweetheart?
- No, I don't!
- Leave her be, Nicky.
This is between you and me.
(suspenseful music)
- What is this?
Since when do you give a shit
about anybody but
yourself, Bridget?
You don't do loyal.
What is this?
A fucking joke?
This doesn't even cover the vig.
Not to mention the
money you owe me
from all those scams you've
been pulling on my floor.
And I want what I
loaned you back.
And I think you better figure
something out, because,
you might have to wind up
paying me with your life.
Or even worse.
With hers.
(Jessica gasps)
- Her husband works at a bank.
- And what the fuck
does that mean to me?
- It, it doesn't. Nothing.
It means nothing.
- (sighs) He's an IT guy.
(Jessica chuckles)
- He presses buttons and
he, and he like, configures-
- Fuck this.
- He doesn't handle the money.
- I bet he's got his hands
on the wire transfers.
- [Jessica] No, he doesn't!
- Give me a burner.
Let's give hubby a little call.
I'm fucking done here.
(aggressive rock music)
(engine roars)
(rock music continues)
(car door slams)
Keep on pushing, man
I can feel it coming now
- Yo.
Where we gonna find her?
- We'll just follow the collar.
- Right, let's get
moving. Come on, let's go.
- I'm coming.
- I got my hands tied, here.
- No, Sal. My hands
are tied here.
- You know what I mean.
I can't do nothing for you.
- Aww, hanging up your
cape already, Superman?
- You know what? Go
fuck yourself, Bridge.
- Don't act like some
savior, or something.
I want my son back.
- And I don't?
- I don't see you risking
your life for nobody.
- I hate to interrupt
couple's therapy,
but what the hell
is going on here?
- I need a smoke.
And I'm gonna let you two
spend some time together,
and figure out what
the hell this is.
- [Bridget] Wait. (gasps)
(aggressive rock music)
- Here.
(elevator bell dings)
Whoa, hey! Watch, wow!
Watch where you're going!
You too! Vamos!
That's the problem, these days.
- Yeah. No fucking class, man.
(elevator bell dings)
(pleasant elevator music)
(elevator bell dings)
- Damn it!
We need a key card
to access the floor.
- What're we going to do?
- I don't know, I don't know.
Wait a second.
You just said NFC before.
- Yeah, and?
What do people with no fucking
class gotta do with this?
(hand slams)
- Becca!
- G, what're you doing, man?
- Becca, you did it again! NFC!
Near field communications.
It's a set of
communications protocol
that enables two electronic
devices to talk to each other.
- [Miguel] Okay.
- Yeah.
What'd he say?
- I don't know.
(phone chirps)
- Damn it!
- Go on, go on. Do it
again, you got this.
- This don't look right.
I really have to pee!
- Tah-dah!
- Go!
- [Miguel] Dang. He
really is a magician.
- Fuck!
(feet stomp)
God. All this, and for what?
- A baby.
- God, you have no shame.
- You don't get it.
When you're fighting
to get your child back,
shame doesn't get factored in.
- Oh, damn it.
God. (sniffles)
Oh, God. This was
such a mistake.
- There are no mistakes.
Just happy little accidents.
- Did you just quote Bob Ross?
(Jessica sighs)
- I am sorry I got you
caught up in my drama.
- Yeah, well, you should be.
You know, as a mother desperate
to get her child back,
you should know better
than to toy with someone
who only wants what you had.
- What I "had".
(Jessica sighs)
- What's the best way out?
(suspenseful music)
- What? Why?
You plan on magically
- Oh, no. You work here.
There have to be employee-only
entrances and exits.
- Yeah, but unless we
get untied somehow,
I don't think we can run
with a pole up our ass.
(Jessica sighs)
- What are you doing?
- Shh.
Houdini used to slow his
breath down, (exhales deeply)
to almost nothing,
in order
(Jessica laughs)
- You, you got loose?
- Tah-fucking-dah.
- Nice! Untie me.
- Tell me the best way out.
- Untie me and I'll show you.
- No, tell me the
best way out first,
and I'll think about it.
- Are you freaking kidding me?
What happened to a
life for a life, hm?
- Clearly, that
wasn't a real thing.
- Untie me. You need me!
- [Jessica] No, not as
much as you need me.
(door creaks)
(door slams)
(Jessica gasps)
- Shit!
- [Bridget] Look,
look, look, look, look!
There's a hidden shaft in
the hall, over there, okay?
It leads to the main gate
and we can get out that way.
(muffled chatter)
Shit! Sit, sit.
(keys clink)
(tense music)
(Gordon pants)
- No.
(Gordon sighs)
All my girls, all my girls
Calling all around the world
All my girls, all my girls
- No matter what's on the
other side of these doors,
just remember, we're
doing this for Jessica.
(knocks on door)
(Gordon sighs)
(knocks on door)
(Gordon sighs)
(door opens)
(group cheers)
(upbeat dance music)
(group cheers)
- Yo! You serious?
G, are you sure this
is where she's at?
- This is where
the tracker led us,
so let's not rush to judgment.
- Uh, no judgment here.
(group cheers)
Oh, what the-
- Hey, do not get distracted.
We're here to find
Lionel's collar, okay?
- You. Come here, baby.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait!
- Whoa!
- Not every soldier
survives. I need you!
Come on. Stay focused, soldier.
- Oh, I'm focused.
I got me, myself and I
And we are walking
to the beat
So girls, follow my lead,
girls, follow my lead
- [Gordon] Oh, my God.
There's Lionel's collar.
Becca, look! It's
Lionel's collar!
- [Rebecca] What? Where?
- [Gordon] Eyes up! There!
- (gasps) Oh!
- Yo!
that dude had his
ass all in your face,
and you didn't catch the collar?
- I'm not looking
at his neck, Mig!
We got that ooh, that
ah, that ooh, la la la
We got that ooh
- Great party!
- I don't do lap
dances for dudes, man.
- I'm not here for a
dance. I'm here for that.
- This?
- Yeah.
- Nice, right? Found it
in lost and found bin.
- It's my wife's!
- You mean it was your wife's.
- I was just having
fun for a second!
- No second!
- Oh, yeah.
- That was more than a second.
- You could be out with women,
take your baby
out of your house,
but I can't have
fun for a second?
- Oh, you going there?
- That's my wife's!
- What're you doing, bro?
- Do you understand marriage?
God, you're like a
human slip 'n' slide!
- Well, did you know that
choking on mozzarella
is the third leading
cause of death in Italy?
- Get outta here.
- No shit.
- Well, let's just
take care of this.
(sighs) What's his number?
- Please don't involve him.
- I didn't. You did.
Now, what's his number?
- Sal, no!
- Bridge, stay out of this.
Look, I need you to
give me his number,
and I need you to tell
him to transfer the money
into a private account.
- He has nothing
to do with this.
- Let me make something
super-duper clear to you.
If you refuse, Nick's gonna
have Gio beat it out of you.
And I'm pretty sure after
that dinger you gave him,
he'd be more than
happy to follow orders.
- Aww. (chuckles)
You have no idea.
- [Sal] Let's go. I
don't have all day.
- Give him to him, Jess.
He means what he says.
- 'Cause I'm a man of my word.
- 'Cause you're a puppet
who obeys his master.
- Hey, watch your mouth!
- Am I wrong?
- 5-5-5
- Good girl.
Now follow my lead.
(Jessica sighs)
(phone rings)
- Get up, man, come on.
- Come on!
- Get up.
- Come on!
- Hello?
(Jessica gasps)
- Gordon. Oh, my God,
thank God picked up.
- Oh, my God.
Jessica, are you okay?
- I'm not done with you.
- Oh-oh!
(door slams)
- Where are you?
- I...
Where are you?
- I'm in Atlantic
City, looking for you.
- What?
Wow! How'd you know?
- What part of AC?
- Uh, uh...
Gordon, um, where
exactly are you?
We're at the Paradiso.
- "We"? Who's "we"?
- Becca and Miggy. We
needed a car, so...
- Get to the point.
- Uh, um...
Gordon, I need you
to listen to me.
I'm in trouble.
And it's a long story,
but I need money.
- Jessica, what's
going on? Are you hurt?
- No, no, no. I'm
fine, I'm fine.
It's just, um...
I really need you
to hear me out.
I just need you to listen
and not panic. (chuckles)
- You're in trouble,
and you need money,
and you want me to not panic?
Are you kidding me, Jess?
- Tell him to drop his baggage.
And he needs to do this
alone. You hear me?
- [Gordon] Jess?
Jessica, are you there?
- Yeah. Yeah, hey, I'm here.
Gordy, Gordy...
I need you to figure
out a way to wire...
- $10,000.
(Jessica sighs)
(Jessica sighs)
- $10,000?
- 10K? I only, he
only brought five!
- I'm sorry, what's going on?
Who's that in the background?
(group giggles)
Should I move? I'll move.
I'll move.
(body thumps)
(Gordon groans)
- (gasps) I'm sorry. Who's
that in the background?
(Gordon grunts)
(curtain rings scrape)
- It's nothing, it's
nobody. Nobody's here.
(muffled dance music from phone)
- Okay, Gordon. (sighs)
I just, I...
Gordon, I need you to figure
out a way to wire $10,000,
transfer it over to-
- [Gordon] What? Jess!
Where am I going to
get $10,000 from?
- Figure it out.
Here's the account number.
It's 919-946-1513.
Oh, and if I didn't say
this before, no cops.
- "No
- [Sal] Are we clear?
- [Gordon] Yeah!
Yeah, we're clear.
- Good.
- But I'm gonna need a computer.
An air-gapped computer
to open an RDP.
That's a remote desktop
protocol launched crypto cat
to access the files.
- Yeah, yeah, whatever.
I'm gonna have one of my boys
come down and pick you up,
and he's gonna escort
you to my boss' office,
where then you can figure-
- No.
No, I get to see my
wife first, or no deal!
- Oh! (chuckles)
It seems like hubby is willing
to gamble with your life, huh?
- Hey! Big guy!
You want your money or not?
- Gordy, just give
him the money!
- No, it's okay. He's in AC.
He wants to take
chances. I get it.
- Yeah, damn straight.
So have your boy meet me
under the magic show marquee,
and don't forget
to bring my wife!
- Yeah. Sounds good.
(phone bleeps)
- Oh, my God. (gasps)
Oh, that felt good! (chuckles)
(knocks on door)
- Hey, Gordon, you...
Whoa. I just snatched the
collar, we gotta bounce.
Come on!
(Gordon grunts)
- Have a fun wedding.
(door slams)
(brooding rock music)
No baggage.
- Huh?
Who you calling baggage?
- I have to do this alone.
- Do what? What're
you talking about?
Who was on the phone that
got you talking all crazy?
- It wasn't the phone call
that got him all crazy.
Trust me. Hey, hey, hey.
Let him go. He got this.
Got the fire
In your eyes
Mama says
Oh, man, the love gonna hurt
(brooding music continues)
- [Gordon] Oh.
I'm so cold
I'm so free
Let me go
Let me be
Hands to the sky
On your knees
Not giving up
Up on me
- Now, here's what's
gonna happen, Bridge.
Gio's gonna cut you loose,
and then I'm going
to follow after.
Untie them.
(knife flicks)
- [Gio] Yo, what the fuck?
- Yo, yo, yo! Grab her!
- Hey, get over here!
- Wait, G! Get her!
I'll get Bridge.
- Up, up, up.
- (gasps) Oh, okay! Okay.
Okay, okay.
Okay. (pants)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(Bridget yelps)
(Sal pants)
- Not again!
(Sal grunts)
(Bridget pants)
- [Chef 1] Ay, Bridge!
(chef 2 groans)
- [Chef 3] Yo, watch it, Bridge!
- Change of plans.
You call hubby, and you tell
him to come up here right now!
We're gonna play by my rules.
(Gio sighs)
(Jessica pants)
- [Gio] You're lucky.
(Jessica breathes heavily)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(Bridget sighs)
(Bridget speaks Spanish)
(car door opens)
(car door slams)
- Gordon!
- Jess!
- Stop.
Right time.
- It's just a simple transfer.
- Sit, sit.
- I promise everything's
going to be okay, baby.
- Sit.
- You wanna tell me what you
and Bridge had going on here?
- It's complicated.
- Well, make it uncomplicated.
- Uh...
We were gonna do like a life
for a life kind of exchange?
- What does that even mean?
(Jessica sighs)
- She was gonna
sell me her eggs.
(Sal laughs)
For a one-time discounted price.
- Wait, hold on. Let
me get this straight.
Bridge was gonna
sell you her eggs,
so you could do what with them?
- You making an omelet?
- She was never gonna
go through with it.
- (scoffs) Thank God for that.
- Hey!
That woman is the
mother to my son.
You would've been lucky to
have her breed with you.
- What?
Well, if you feel that way,
then why aren't you helping her?
Why are you helping Nicky?
- I think it's time for
you to mind your business.
Get to work, Houdini.
And I'll consider
letting you both live.
(Gordon clears throat)
(suspenseful music)
(keyboard clacks)
(keyboard clacks)
(Gordon breathes deeply)
- [Gio] My mom is gonna
flip when she sees this.
I just don't want it
to scar, you know?
- Buddy, you writing
a novel over there?
- Just alerting the
bank about the transfer.
Since it's such a large amount,
we don't want any red flags.
(Gio speaks Italian)
- Unexpectedly
popping up, you know?
Transferring the bitcoins now.
- Oh, oh, oh. Bitcoins?
I don't know if Nicky's
gonna like that.
- Why not?
Bitcoins have a much
higher exchange rate.
- Yeah. Enough with
the bullshit, okay?
It's not cash.
- Yeah, but you
work in a casino.
You can easily sell the
bitcoins in exchange for,
you know, more
traditional currency.
- No, no, no. Fuck that.
We want hard cash.
- I don't have hard cash.
What I have are bitcoins,
which, by the way,
are worth more and
are untraceable.
- Well?
I don't know. Look,
he could be right.
I don't know, he could be right.
- But is he or isn't he?
- I will Google it.
- Do you want your
fucking money or not?
- [Sal] Enough outta you.
(Jessica murmurs)
(Sal chuckles)
- I wouldn't mislead you.
Not with my wife's
life on the line.
- Just hurry up.
(phone rings)
Just get it done.
- [Gordon] Got it.
(phone rings)
- Yeah, what?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Does Nicky know?
And what'd he say?
That bitch.
Yeah, okay.
(phone slams)
- What's up?
- Somebody called
in a bomb threat.
They wanna evacuate the hotel.
- Well, what did Nicky say?
- He said to stand our ground.
- So, he thinks it's a prank?
- Nah. Probably just
a burning bridge.
(tense percussive music)
(Bridget sighs)
(gentle music)
(Bridget sighs)
- And...
(keyboard clacks)
The transfer is...
- About fucking time.
Call Nicky. Tell him
to check his account.
- [Gio] Yo. Put
Nicky on the phone.
(explosion pops)
- Go!
(lively rock music)
- Oh, God! Baby!
- That's on me!
(gun fires)
- What're you doing?
Hold your fire!
I don't need a weapon
'cause I am one
- I think I've been shot!
- What?
- [Nick] The fuck's
goin' up here, Sally?
Why am I gettin'
calls about gunfire?
I don't need a weapon
'cause I am one
- Honey, honey, honey. (pants)
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
(Gordon groans)
Let me look.
(gasps) Oh, my God, you're
bleeding. You're bleeding.
Since when do you carry
ninja balls on you?
- This isn't about
my balls, Jessica.
This is about what you've
gotten yourself into.
Christ, that hurt!
(rock music continues)
- We've gotta get out of here.
(door thuds)
What're you doing?
(Jessica chuckles)
- What?
- Only you, baby.
- Okay. Let's do this.
Fight like it's
for your life
Push it to the max,
never look back
- Are you ready?
- I've already been shot.
- Fight through the pain.
(Gordon grunts)
(Jessica whimpers)
To your right, to
your right! Let's go!
- [Gordon] To the
left a bit! Door!
(Jessica yelps)
(audience applauds)
(smooth jazz music)
(smooth music continues)
(audience applauds)
(smooth music continues)
(audience applauds)
(Jessica pants)
- And step, and step, and step.
Nice, baby. Here you go.
- Oh, yes!
- Stay still.
Stay still. I don't
wanna cut you.
I'm gonna find a place to hide.
- What?
(Gordon grunts)
We can't play dress-up now.
- We can at least
try to blend in.
You know, hide in plain sight.
(knocks on door)
(Jessica gasps)
(hurried footsteps clack)
(Gio pants)
(audience applauds)
- Fuck.
(box clatters)
This really is your job and get
the girls and get the money!
(Jessica pants)
- Careful!
- Shit!
(audience applauds)
- [Gordon] Ow!
- In here.
- You know, I read that Houdini
had a few run-ins
with guys with guns.
And he never threw a
punch, he never fought.
He'd just change his outfit
and he'd slip out the back.
Just like us.
(audience laughs)
(audience applauds)
(Jessica pants)
- (gasps) Look!
- Good old disappearing box!
- [Jessica] Oh, my God.
I escaped using the Houdini
breathing you always talk about.
I inhaled for five, held for
three, and I exhaled for eight.
- That's awesome, babe.
Look, let's get you
tucked away in here,
and then I'm gonna find a spot.
- What? Absolutely not.
We are not separating
now. We can both fit.
- But, Jess!
(audience applauds)
Hold on.
Get in.
(audience laughs and applauds)
(door closes)
- Gordy?
- Yeah?
- I'm really sorry.
I don't know what I was
thinking. I was just...
I was trying to be
more open-minded.
- I love you, Jess, but not now.
- It's just, you know, I
kept telling myself that if,
if I really wanted
to be a mother,
buying someone else's eggs
shouldn't be an issue.
But it, it was. It just was.
- I know.
- And then I met Bridget
and I just, I thought that-
- What?
What? You thought she
was our best shot?
- No, I just... (sighs)
That she was a real person,
that I can talk to her.
That she's not just, you
know, a piece of paper.
(box rattles)
(Jessica gasps)
Oh, my God. What's happening?
(audience applauds)
- And now, my lovelies, a very
special treat for you all.
An Easter surprise of sorts.
Bring out...
The tomb.
(audience applauds)
- Ow!
- Now, everyone knows the
story of the resurrection, yes?
Where once a man was locked
away inside the tomb,
in the morning, he was gone.
Or was it more?
Who here wants to follow
in those glorious footsteps
and see if we can't send
you to the other side?
A volunteer from the audience!
- Here! Me, me!
- And how about you, my dear?
- That's right! I
can use some fun.
- Get it, girl! Let's get
resurrected up in here!
Get it!
(audience applauds)
- Ooh! Excuse you.
(Miguel laughs)
- Now, tell us your name
and where you are from.
- I'm Rebecca, and I'm
from Brooklyn! Ow, ow!
(audience laughs)
- Oh, is that Becca?
- It sounds like her, yeah.
- Wonderful!
Yes, well, maestro, can I
get a drum roll, please?
(drum rolls)
Rebecca, if you would, please
step inside the empty tomb.
(Jessica screams)
(indistinct yelling)
- What the?
(Donald grunts)
(Donald pants)
- Tah-dah!
(audience applauds)
- Yo! How'd you do that?
- [Miguel] Holy Jesus!
(gun fires)
(audience screams)
- Show's over, folks!
(gun fires)
Why don't you take five minutes,
while we reset the stage
for the next performance?
- Will do, Mr.
Mendoza. All right.
(audience murmur)
- [Gordon] I got this.
- [Nick] Now, where were we?
(engine hums)
(car door opens)
(keys clink)
(car door slams)
(patrons chatter)
- [Employee] All hands
on deck in the theater.
All hands on deck.
- Oh, yes, please help me, sir!
Go in the room.
They have my girl!
Oh, come on! A drink, please.
Oh, damn.
- Hey.
Looking for a good time?
- What?
Oh, my God. You are
so cute. (chuckles)
But I'm a taken man, and
actually, you know what?
My girl is trapped inside
right now in the magic theater,
and there's a bunch
of dudes with guns!
And they're trying to kill her!
- Shh!
Cash is king.
I get you some cash,
you get your girl back.
- Seriously?
All right, what I gotta do?
- Follow me.
(moody guitar music)
(radio static crackles)
- [Employee] All
available agents
report to the
theater immediately.
(footsteps clack)
(moody music continues)
- Here. Help me out.
- Oh, this is kinda sketchy.
What're we looking for?
- A key!
- Where's the money?
- Just keep looking. Go, go!
(Bridget sighs)
(Bridget grumbles)
- Is it a round
key? A square key?
What kind of key?
Is it a BlueGrass
key? A Phoenix?
- [Sal] Does anyone
have eyes on Bridge?
- You talking about
like a, a lockbox key?
- (sighs) I really
need a cigarette.
(sighs) Okay.
(Bridget grunts)
- You got it?
(keys clink)
- Shit!
- What happened?
- Doesn't work!
- Wait, I have an idea.
Hold on, hold on.
Give me a sec.
- It doesn't work.
- [Miguel] Hold up. I got
a bump key right here.
- Never passed a bump before.
Come on.
- [Miguel] Hand me the stapler.
This baby can open anything.
- [Bridget] Oh, come on.
- [Miguel] There you go.
(both gasp)
Are you serious?
- [Bridget] Yes.
- Am I on a hidden
camera show right now?
- Nope.
- You kidding me?
- Real as it gets, come on!
- Hawaii, here I come.
Oh, goodbye, cheap rims.
- This was not exactly how I
intended to spend my Easter.
Here we are.
- You got your money.
I transferred everything
into your account,
just like you asked.
- (chuckles) Yes, you did.
But you see, I got
another little problem.
I lost a lot of business
tonight, because of all of you.
And I was just wondering, who's
gonna pay me back for that?
Any ideas?
(Gordon clears throat)
- Look.
I think if we all
just stay calm-
- Mm-hm?
- Then we can find a resolution
that works for everybody.
You know? I mean, we
have options here.
- Options?
- Options are good.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
- I'm assuming you're
talking bitcoins again?
- [Gordon] Yep.
- I hear Sal agreed to, uh...
Hey, where is Sal?
- I don't know.
All right, forget him.
I'll deal with him
later, you hear me?
- Loud and clear, Nicky!
You want loyal?
Here's loyal!
(upbeat music)
- [Nick] What the hell is this?
That's what I'm
talkin' about
- Freeze!
- Everybody hands up!
Got to have all the money
- Hands up!
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa! Easy there, easy.
Stop, stop! Hands behind
your back, right now.
Right now.
Talkin' about money,
I need it so bad
- [Clark] Stop, stop.
Hands behind your back.
Money is the best friend
I ever had, oh yeah
- Right there, stop.
Yeah, honey, I need money
Hey, I want money
Yes, I'm talkin' about money
I love it more
than I love myself
Money is sweeter
than anything else
If you're broke, then
you know it's true
Money is the only
thing helping you
And if you get some,
you'll want some more
(trunk clacks)
- [Bridget] Thought you were
tired of chasing me down?
- Oh, I am.
- [Bridget] Good.
- What if you stopped running?
Put down some roots.
- What? Drive off
into the sunset?
Start somewhere fresh?
Just you and me?
- And our boy.
- Are you sure about that?
You're not gonna
miss the fast life?
- Not if I have you in mine.
(gentle music)
- You getting soft on me?
(Sal chuckles)
- Maybe.
Come here.
(gentle music continues)
- You drive.
(keys clink)
(engine revs)
- Hey! Hey!
Hey, hey, hey! Where
you going with my...
Where you going with, where
you going with my baby, man?
(background chatter)
- [Nick] You got the
wrong person here!
- Come on.
- [Nick] Hey, do
you know who I am?
- Hey, come on just...
Hey, would you just let me
call my mom, please? All right?
- So, game over?
- For Kramer and those guys.
- What's happening? Ow, ow, ow!
Hey, watch it! I took a
bullet in the hammy, you know!
- What's happening?
- Don't sweat, babe.
Handcuffs are child's play.
- Where are we going, guys?
- It's just protocol.
They'll take care of us.
- Do we need a lawyer?
- Watch her head.
Watch her head, Officer.
- Oh, thank you, baby.
- Please, please.
- I can't believe this.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm all right, baby.
Watch his hip. He has a bad hip!
- Oh, oh, that's smart!
(Gordon groans)
(car doors slam)
- (sighs) Gordy.
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
- For what?
This is the most excitement
we've had in years. (chuckles)
- We, (chuckles) we almost died.
- Yeah!
I know.
It was exciting!
Jess, we've been
putting so much pressure
on this whole baby thing that
we've forgotten how to live.
(warm music)
- You're right.
I guess I just...
I got so caught up in it
all, you know? I... (sighs)
I just really wanted us to have
that happy storybook ending.
- I kinda like
this ending better.
- Yeah.
Me too.
(car starts)
(upbeat percussive music)
- Last Hope Bank's
CEO, Dustin Kramer,
lost his appeal today,
and will begin serving
his prison sentence.
Kramer was indicted two
years ago for embezzlement,
and money laundering.
(doorbell rings)
Do you have a comment, sir?
- Kiss my nitamb.
(tape cracks)
(Jessica chuckles)
(guests applaud and cheer)
(distant upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(Jessica sighs)
(upbeat music continues)
(guests laugh and squeal)
(upbeat music continues)
- Look right there!
The bunny needs the coin, okay?
Bunny's gonna hold
the coin. You got it?
And the bunny's gonna
go, "Goodnight."
(guests applaud)
(upbeat music continues)
- [Bess] Mommy!
- Hey!
There's my birthday girl!
How's papa doing?
He's doing a good job?
- Bravo, bravo, bravo.
- Dance party!
And freeze!
(upbeat music continues)
(vocalists sing in Spanish)
(upbeat music continues)
(vocalists sing in Spanish)
(upbeat music continues)
(vocalists sing in Spanish)
Ooh, ah
Ooh, la la la
Ooh, ah
Ooh, la la la
All my girls, all my girls
Calling all around the world
All my girls, all my girls
Gather up around the world
Who got the power,
we got the power
Who got the power,
we got the power
Who got the power,
we got the power
Here we go
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
Ooh, ah
Ooh, ah
Ooh, ah
Ooh, ah
Ooh, ah
Ooh, ah
Ooh, ah
Ooh, ah
I don't need nobody
to make me complete
I got me, myself, and I and
we are rocking to the beat
So girls, follow my lead
Girls, follow my lead
Who got the power
We got the power
Here we go
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that ooh, the ah
The ooh, la la la
We got that confidence
That je ne sais quoi
We got that classy touch
The ooh, la la la
And there's no stopping us
No stopping us now
We got that confidence
We got that ooh, la la la
(upbeat music)
Oh, yeah
The feeling's taking over me
Oh, no, I can hardly breathe
With you standing next to me
My lover
My lover
Step by step, move
a little closer
Feel your breath,
ooh I wanna hold you
Just not yet, wait
until the beat, yeah
Hey now
Spin with me
Show me how
One, two, three
On the dance floor
Right foot over the other, the
other, the other, the other
Hey now
Spin with me
Show me how
You're all I need
On the dance floor
Right foot over the other, the
other, the other, the other
Over the other
Come on, honey
You know just what we'll do
Dance until the
sky turns blue
Oh, as long as I'm with you
My lover
Step by step, move
a little closer
Feel your breath,
ooh, I wanna hold you
Just not yet, wait
until the beat, yeah
Hey now
Spin with me
Show me how
One, two, three
On the dance floor
Right foot over the other, the
other, the other, the other
Hey now
Spin with me
Show me how
You're all I need
On the dance floor
Right foot over the other, the
other, the other, the other
Move a little closer,
move a little closer
I just wanna hold you
Don't I, don't I
Move a little closer,
move a little closer
I just wanna hold ya
Hey now
Spin with me
Show me how
One, two, three
On the dance floor
Right foot over the other, the
other, the other, the other
Hey now
Spin with me
Show me how
You're all I need
On the dance floor
Right foot over the other, the
other, the other, the other
(cheerful jazz music)
I'm lucky, so lucky
The arrow missed my heart
Hey, cupid
Really off your mark
Hand that bow to me
I'll snap it across my knee
I'm no fool
I know that love is a lot
Can't you see
Her kiss don't
mean a thing to me
Been in love and now I know
It's just a tragic
picture show
Hey, cupid
Don't be stupid
She's lovely as can be
I'm begging you, don't
point that thing at me