Good Guy with a Gun (2022) Movie Script

1 you understand?
I-- I mean,
I guess I understand.
When we bought the car,
the assumption was
I would use the car
when I needed it for work.
- Tomorrow,
I need the car for work, I--
- I understand that.
- And I already...
- Pardon?
...because I already arranged
with Mia.
- I already have to be there!
- Right.
Check with me first,
not with Mia.
This is such a stupid argument!
- Is it your fucking car,
or is it our--
- No. What? Yes!
- It is my car.
- All right, well, then--
It's my car I use to work
and not--
So, then, mister,
then we need a second one.
- We need two cars.
- -Will you even listen to me?
One car,
let alone two fucking car--
where are you going?
- Hey! Well, no! Ah!
- Hey!
-Are you okay?
-He's got my purse.
Come on, man.
Just give me the lady's bag.
You want to drive?
I said, do you want to drive?
You don't want to talk?
That's fine.
But if there was an emergency,
would you know how to drive?
Huh? Do you even know
the rules of the road?
Gee, Mom, what are they?
here's the important ones.
Always assume
the other guy is an idiot.
No speeding, and both hands
on the wheel, 10:00 and 2:00.
You ever take your hands
off the wheel, it better be
for a damn good reason.
Yeah, I got it, Mom.
10:00 and 2:00.
Yeah, hands on the wheel,
whatever. Can we go? Please?
You know what,
you're-- you're right.
You could never drive.
You'd have to take your hands
off that thing,
and you wouldn't know
what to do.
- Think so?
- Oh, I know so.
We're on an adventure.
Aren't you excited?
Yeah, big adventure.
Grandpa's house!
-You know what? Forget it.
I give up.
Just go back to your phone.
I'll see you in a week
when you come up for air.
Okay, fine. No, you're on.
You won't to see me
on this phone one time
this whole time we're up here.
Ha! Oh!
-Don't even try.
-Mom, there's such a thing
as free will.
Oh. Free will? Okay.
Right. Your dad
would agree with me on this.
that dumbfuck's not in
the picture anymore, is he, Mom?
- Tessa?
- Philip? Hi!
- Hi.
- I am so sorry.
Have you been waiting long?
You're fine,
you're fine.
So nice to meet you.
Here's the keys.
-There's just a few more things
for you to sign.
And-- oh! Uh, asters.
Uh, so sorry for your loss.
Those are perennials.
Um, done with annuals,
I'll tell ya.
In my line of business,
kind of over the whole
death thing, but these?
You plant 'em in a nice place,
where there's room
for the roots,
they pop up every year.
Oh. Okay, thank you.
So, uh, how long
are you gonna stay in town?
Just long enough
to clean the place out,
get it on the market,
maybe a couple of weeks.
Uh, I hope Don didn't--
didn't die inside, did he?
That's better. Way-- way better.
So, we saw a young guy
in the city carrying a gun?
Yep. I've been seeing
more of that lately, yeah. I--
Strange sight, isn't it?
Has there been
some sort of trouble, or--
Oh, no!
Still a sleepy little town.
I think it's--
kinda just happening everywhere.
No, uh, not in Chicago.
From what I hear,
maybe it should.
- Uh, yeah.
- Let me just...
-Here you go.
-Uh, yep. Great.
That's my pen.
- Thank you.
- All right.
-Woo! Thank you.
-Seem like a fine young man.
Oh, uh, yep.
Find a room you like, I guess,
and let's get to work.
-Donate, sell or keep?
-Mm, sell.
-Uh, donate, sell or keep?
Hey, five bucks is five bucks.
- Hey!
- I'm not gonna wear it.
-Hey, Mom?
What do you wanna do with 'em?
You can start
by putting it down.
Are they loaded?
Don't know, Mom.
-Just put it down!
-Okay. God...
You know, I think
the best thing is just
to clear it out,
slap a new coat of paint on it
and hope for the best.
- It'll be a good home
for somebody.
Look, I don't know
how much time you've got,
but I know people you can hire
to do the work,
and you can just go home
and not deal with it.
To me, that sounds expensive.
I'll do it myself.
Uh, okay.
Um, well,
I will just check back
in on you, in, uh...
-Two weeks.
-...two weeks.
All right, well, good luck!
-Thank you.
-It was really nice
meeting you, Tessa.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Need a hand?
- Jesus!
Sorry, uh, can I help you?
Sorry, I just wanted to see
if you needed any help,
and let you know how sorry I am
about your dad dying.
I used to try to get him
to let me help him
around the place,
but, um,
he could be a little prickly.
He's not my dad.
He's actually my husband's.
Wait, you're Tom's wife?
Aw, man.
I grew up next town over,
used to play ball against him.
Man, you just
could not hate that guy.
Where is that son of a gun?
I gotta give him some shit.
He's dead.
I'm sorry to hear that.
All right, slick.
Let's get this upright.
Come on.
Show me what you got.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Um, I'm Tessa. This is Will.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- What?
- It's weird.
- Be nice.
- Sorry about that.
Anything I can do to help.
How are you at settling estates?
-You an accountant, by chance?
But, uh, sure can fix that TV
if you need me to.
Ah, that's old.
We're just gonna
clear it all out.
In that case,
I got a son about his age.
So, he's temporarily dumb
as a stump,
but he'll be around
the next couple weeks,
so take advantage.
Anything we can do to help.
A-- actually,
we came across some of his guns?
Uh, they look kinda old.
I-- I don't know
what to do with them.
Keep 'em. They don't go bad.
I'd rather just have 'em gone.
Well, my brother
down at Cahokia,
he loves the old ones.
Maybe he'll buy 'em off you,
put a little money
in your pocket.
Okay. Uh, any rules about that?
- Like, what are the laws
around selling guns?
Don't worry about it.
Not-- not a big deal,
not around here.
I'll send my son,
Jonah, over tomorrow.
- And I'll stop by
and pick up those guns.
Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew.
And when do they need this by?
No, no, no,
I-- I can do it, Mia.
I'm just downstate, clearing out
my father-in-law's house,
but, hey, work is work.
What's red
and bad for your teeth?
- What?
- A brick.
- What the fuck?
- -Shut up, dude, it's not bad.
He's being helpful?
-Yeah, he's great.
-That's not my kid.
Who are you, and what have
you done with Jonah?
How's it going?
Oh, God,
a beer would be great ri--
Hey, kid, run down
to the store and grab a six.
- Oh, sure.
- Wha-- how old are you?
- 17.
-This town totally devoid of rules?
Hey, Lou, this is Jerry.
Jonah's gonna come down
in a few minutes.
-He's gonna grab a six-pack.
-Hop in.
-Just a six-pack!
-Yeah, yeah.
Yeah. Thanks, Lou.
It takes
kind of a delicate touch.
I told you
not to buy that thing.
It's a classic!
Just needs a tune-up.
Some shocks.
Hot rods. What is it about 'em?
All that power, man.
Uh-uh. They're gonna be walking.
Today's not the day.
Let's walk.
-We're walking.
Just gonna walk, Mom.
Can I ask you a favor?
-Oh, yeah, what?
-Can I fix that back gate?
Seriously, I-- I need to fix it.
There you go.
-That gate is swinging smooth.
New coat of paint, you'll be
selling this place in no time.
Unless you decide to stay.
Why would I do that?
I don't know.
Sorry. Sounded kind of fresh.
-I wouldn't call it fresh.
-Well, I think you're right.
What was it, just weird?
-Well, now it is.
-Well, I am weird.
-I'm a weirdo.
-I'm six-toed.
-Okay-- What?
See? Right there.
That's where they cut it off
at birth.
Grandpa, cousins, uncles, all,
but I carry the six-toe gene,
which I believe
legitimately qualifies as weird.
Ol' Lurch over there
seems to have avoided the curse.
Probably skipped a generation.
We'll see,
if he ever finds a girlfriend.
Oh, give him time.
- Eh! Use that wrench properly.
- Yeah, yeah.
A tool's only as good
as the man wielding it.
- What he said.
- What I said.
Can I ask you something
kind of important?
Um, okay.
Can I power wash your front?
Oh! Yeah.
-Go nuts.
-Thank you.
So, um, there's this
church thing tomorrow.
Jonah's goin', so I'm sure
Will would be welcome.
It's no big thing.
Food, chitchat,
maybe a softball game
if they get enough folks.
Yeah, I don't think
he really knows the rules.
You hit the ball
and run around the bases.
-Morons can do it.
Well, you can ask him.
You'd be welcome as well.
Yeah, I-- I've got things to do,
but thank you.
Mm. Oh, I get it.
Kinda drifted away
from the church myself.
But I think it might be good
for that one.
- Hello, ladies.
- What?
Oh, you are a real natural
at that. You're something else.
You ever notice
how girls like jerks?
-Nice guys finish last, dude.
These girls are cute,
but kinda stuck-up, you know?
I used to go to Catholic school,
my dad left the church
because all priests
are perverts,
so now I go here.
Mom was never into it.
She lives over in Strawhook
with her new rich husband,
and they just go
to their timeshare on weekends.
They're in Branson this week.
Gee, thanks for taking me, Mom.
Jonah Rittenburg!
-It has been a blue moon!
-Hi, Mrs. Zirzow.
Well, you get bigger
every time I see you!
And who's this good-looking
young fella?
Sorry, this is my friend Will.
-Will Greenwood? Tom's son?
-Uh, yeah. Yeah.
Oh, I can see the resemblance.
What brings you here?
Oh, uh, well,
my grandpa passed away,
so we're cleaning out his house.
Oh, that's right. I am so sorry.
Oh, no, no big deal.
I barely knew him.
tell me about yourself, Will.
What do you like?
I-- I-- chemistry, I guess.
I don't know.
The properties of substances
and the transformations
they undergo.
- And what are
your religious beliefs?
Oh, none.
Okay. Well, I'm not gonna get
preachy here at a picnic,
but here's what belief in a God
An answer to the most
universal desire of man.
To become something
other than this,
because no one's happy
with who they are.
We're all just waiting
to become some better version
of ourselves, our true self.
And only then will we have
peace and be unafraid.
Because we all desire
to sit under a tree
and be unafraid.
Good shooting, guys!
What's up, chief?
this is my friend Will.
-Will, this is Auggie.
-'Sup, Will?
'Sup, Will? Donelle.
And that's Cade.
- You want to take some shots?
- You know it, man.
Let's go.
Not talking to you, freeloader.
Was talking to your friend.
My dad doesn't let me just
bring guns to the church picnic.
Tell him
to get with the program, man!
You wanna shoot?
- I've never done that before.
- What?
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
You wanna try?
Try again.
That's it.
Just firm and smooth.
Yeah, I heard you, Auggie.
You said firmly smooth.
-Nice shot, dude.
Take another one.
Go for those paper targets
back by those bottles.
That's 70 yards.
Let's see what you're made of.
And, this is gonna sound weird,
but don't focus
on hitting it so much.
Just breathe out.
And when you fire,
pull all the way back
and keep looking at the targets,
even after you've shot.
Fingers in ears, boys.
- Come on!
- That's a kill shot.
Rifle's so dialed in,
you gotta be blind to miss.
Come on, Will!
Let's go, man, come on!
He's a natural.
So, you're from Chicago?
-What's it like?
-Uh, it's good.
- Aren't you worried about getting killed?
-Don't be ignorant.
Not everybody gets killed
in big cities.
Shit, I'd be packing every day.
Boom, bitch!
That's my dad.
-See you.
-Bye, Cade.
- Catch you Friday.
- Oh, yeah, man.
- Duke is such a badass.
- Hard worker, man.
And he buys us beer.
What's not to like?
You guys
are gonna be there Friday?
Oh, let me check my schedule.
- Heck, yeah.
- "Heck, yeah"?
- The fuck was that, Bible boy?
- Oh, Jiminy crickets!
Oh, gollywomper,
I'm late for Bible study!
So, do you shoot a lot?
Yeah, I gotta start
bringing a gun though, man.
Tired of being the mooch.
Hey, so, what's Donelle's story?
Well, she's cool.
Cade hooked up with her once.
Says he thinks
she's a lesbian, so...
She seems cool.
My dad keeps asking
if we're dating.
Come on, man, she's a lesbo.
He's such a whack job, he--
I wish he'd just stay
out of my business.
Stop poking around in my room.
I mean, who has names
for their mutton chops?
-Who does that?
-That's pretty funny.
Yeah, you'd feel different
if you had to look at him
every morning.
I would give anything for that.
Aw, man,
I didn't mean it like that.
So, what did you think
of that lady?
-From earlier, Mrs.--
-Oh, Zirzow?
-What about her?
You think she's right?
Like one day,
we're all just gonna be
who we're supposed to be?
I don't know. Maybe.
What do you think
that's gonna be for you?
Who knows?
With my luck,
same as I am now, probably?
How 'bout you?
I just want to be like you.
You be you, too, though.
So, how did he die? Your dad.
I don't really know what happened.
I don't think anyone really does.
But someone had a gun,
and he didn't.
Hi, Mrs. Greenwood.
Is Will around?
- Yeah! Will?
- What's up?
-Hey, man.
-Hey, want to go to town?
Uh, well. All right.
So, Jonah, you live in this town
all your life?
Yeah. Why?
Do I seem brain damaged?
-Okay, bye, Mom.
-Okay. See ya.
What's big, white,
and will kill you
if it falls from a tree?
You suck. Your jokes suck.
- Jonah.
- Dumb--
Oh, hi, Father Tinley.
-Look at you. You've grown.
-So I'm told.
Huh? You playin' football
in the fall?
Yeah, but I'm going to school
in Strawhook now, so.
And shrink a little, won't you?
Nah, still be cheering for you.
-Hey, how's your dad?
-Oh, he's good.
-You know, same old. All good.
-Okay, good.
Oh, sorry,
this is my friend Will.
-Nice to meet you, Will.
-You from here?
-No, he's from Chicago.
-Oh, my, Chicago.
-He's just visiting. Yeah.
I did my seminary there.
Saint Mary of the Lake.
-It's a great city.
-Yeah, great city. Love it.
Yeah, all the shopping
and theater and-- and sports
and architecture and--
-Yeah. Cool.
I'm going this way, so...
-All right.
-Ah. You doing good?
-Yeah! Yeah, I'm good.
-Okay. Well, you look great.
-I'd love to catch up sometime.
I'm sure your father's
very proud of you. Very proud.
-Tell him I said hi.
-Will do.
-And nice meeting you, Will.
-Nice to meet you.
-All right.
Say hi to the Windy City for me.
-Okay. Yeah.
-I miss it.
Hey, you should come out
to Riot Fest.
It's in September.
- Rager.
- Okay!
I will, uh,
look for a, uh, reservation.
Hey, Mia.
I sent a first draft
for you to look at.
What do you-- Okay.
I will give it another go.
- 'Sup!
- Hey!
Come on, get in, bitches.
- We're goin'-- we're goin' to the mall!
- -Let's go!
Come on, Queef.
Eh, let's text
Auggie and Donelle!
Get in the truck, Chicago bitch.
We're going to the mall!
So, I found out
we all have Helmsley
- for chem this fall.
- Ha!
-I'm so glad I'm done.
-So glad.
-Guy's a dick.
-Aw, seriously?
Yeah. You gotta sit next to me,
so I can cheat off of you.
Dude, look who you're talking
to. I got held back last year.
-I'm droppin' that shit.
-No, don't do that.
Okay? I can help you.
Well, ain't you gonna be gone?
-Yeah, it won't work.
-Looks like you're droppin'!
Looks like I'm droppin'.
Hey, dibs on that AR.
I'll spot you for ammo.
All you, man.
A buck apiece adds up.
A buck a bullet? Seriously?
You can hardly find 'em.
People stockpile.
But don't worry about it.
I got a ton.
My dad gets as many as he needs.
What the hell is that?
- Looks like some German shit.
- Oh.
Is that a Luger?
- No idea. It was my grandpa's.
- Hey, excuse me.
Can I take a look at that?
That is a Mauser P38.
Oh, my God. Was your grandpa
in World War II?
-Yeah, I think so.
-Man, well,
you take good care of it.
I'm sure
he didn't come by it easy.
Probably took it off
a dead Nazi.
Good for him.
it's a World War II Mauser.
- Sweet.
- Check this out. Bump stock.
You really gotta bring
that thing? Jesus, Cade!
Mind your own business, Noreen!
You wanna check this out?
900 rounds a minute, baby!
Don't blow out
my Tannerite, dude.
Hold on tight.
Push that front hand forward.
Oh, my God!
Yeah, yeah, I can definitely see
why crazy people love this shit.
Oh, yeah, let's-- let's
take away all the guns,
let's see what happens.
An armed society's
a fucking polite society.
Open carry should be required.
I'm just saying, I would feel
safer sitting in class
if I knew my teacher
was packing.
Mrs. Schultz
would have shot you
on the third day of algebra.
And I would have deserved that.
Half these shootings are hoaxes.
The libs trying
to take away guns.
Jesus, man, I'm pretty sure
that's not what's happening.
Look at you.
You're talking gun control
as you're shooting a gun.
I'm pretty sure
that's called hypocrisy.
Okay, well,
what about a bazooka?
'Cause-- 'cause, personally,
I'd love to shoot a bazooka.
-Should everyone here
have a bazooka?
-I don't see why not.
-Okay, what about
the moron down the street?
-What about Black people?
-Let 'em.
But long as they keep
it in their neighborhood.
Oh, sorry. Your neighborhood.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure
they can go wherever they want.
You know,
being American citizens.
What if they came here?
-Well, then we got a race war.
-Okay, let's drop it, I--
Like, what do you imagine?
An army of African Americans
walking through our town
with bazookas?
They-- I'd feel threatened.
I can legally do what I need to!
Okay, but a bazooka
isn't threatening
when it's in the hands
of a redneck
with an IQ of 70, right?
- I'm with you there, buddy.
-Shut up, Noreen!
-You fucking lib!
-I have never voted Democrat
in my life.
No, you're a traitor.
Shut the fuck up.
You're just pissed
my dad dumped you.
Is that what he's going with?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- All right.
- Lib lover. Socialist.
- Republican.
Now, I don't know what you are,
except you're giving us all
a bad name
with your bump stocks
and exploding targets.
-Oh, just shut up.
-Sure! Yep! I'll shut up.
I'll shut up just as soon
as you get rid of that
bump stock.
-It's bullshit,
and it's illegal.
-Second Amendment, baby!
my constitutional rights.
As if you ever read
the Constitution,
Cade, you can't even spell
I can spell "bitch!"
Bye now! Bye-bye!
Well, you just remember
one thing, junior.
I am, and always will be,
the better shot.
-Goddammit, Noreen!
-You better stop listening
to your daddy, Cade.
You're about six months away
from being a full-baked asshole.
- Dude, chill. It's okay.
- Fucking hate her.
-See you, Noreen!
God, she's a good shot.
Look, I think we can agree
that guns are here, and they're
not going away.
But if shit ever goes down,
don't you want one?
It's a messed-up world, dude,
and I don't wanna hurt anybody,
but if someone's gonna hurt you
or your family,
don't you wanna be able
to stop that?
I would.
What's wrong?
Dealing with all this
is just... difficult.
You didn't even know Grandpa.
I didn't even know Grandpa,
Well, honey, maybe it's because
I always hoped your dad
and he would patch it up.
How 'bout you and Dad
didn't patch it up?
Doesn't that hurt you, Mom?
You're right.
I just feel like
everything's disintegrating.
Well, everything
happens for a reason.
Honey, you know,
things don't always turn out
as we hope.
I'm so sorry for what happened.
Don't lie to me.
Excuse me? What does that mean?
You were gonna leave Dad.
I heard you talk about it.
That was talk.
I-- Do you think you're the only
one who's suffered?
What, Mom?
What is this?
I shot a gun.
You know how I feel about guns.
What about how I feel, Mom?
Everyone here does it,
and-- and-- and I'm good at it!
-You're good at it?
I'm good at it.
So, let's just do
what we came here to do
and settle this all up
and just go home.
Please, can we just go home?
Like, we go down
to Grant Park,
that's like a big thing.
Yeah, sure,
but it's just like...
Oh, dude,
you're gonna love this!
Look who I brought!
- Think fast!
- Oh, my God.
- Nice grab, dude.
- -What position you play?
Oh, I don't.
Uh, brain injuries and all that.
So, what sports do you play?
None, really.
I-- I do a little parkour.
What? Let's see it.
- Yeah, parkour away, man.
- -Let's see you parkour.
-What the fuck?
- Oh!
- Oh, my God.
- Will, are you okay?
- Dude!
- All right, that was pretty sweet.
- -Ah, ta-da!
- Dude, your mouth!
- Like, dude!
Holy shit,
is that your tooth?
Oh, my God.
You deserve
a beer for that one.
I've looked for your tooth.
Couldn't find it.
I-- I noticed
you didn't have a holster.
-Oh, man, thank you.
Take it.
I don't-- I don't need it.
Thanks. What do I, uh--
-How do I--?
-Um... can you?
Usually, it goes
on the right side.
-If you're a righty.
-I'm a righty.
Um, or it goes in-- in the back.
So, um, Chicago.
-Never been.
-You should check it out.
I've thought about it.
Knew a girl from town
who moved there.
She works in some high-rise.
She was always kinda weird.
Saw a picture of her
with John Cusack.
She looked good, uh...
I mean, um, different.
She had blue hair.
I'd love blue hair.
Just for a while.
-Do it.
-Are you kidding?
My mom would freak out.
And in this town...
who needs that?
How's-- how's that feel?
Good, how do I-- how do I look?
When do you leave?
Around next week.
It's been fun having you here.
You should come visit sometime.
It's all sorts of people
in Chicago.
Come back with blue hair,
couple piercings...
Freak everyone the fuck out.
I don't know,
I think blue hair's the shit.
I just-- I mean, I think
everyone should be able to do
whatever they wanna do.
- What's happening?
- Hey, yo.
Beer's here!
Got a lot.
- Hey, Dad!
- What's up?
- What's up, Riggs?
- What's up, ladies?
-What's up?
-What's up?
Oh, look at
these beautiful faces.
-Brought the beer?
- Here, let me help.
- Don't touch the Tannerite.
How you doing, Riggs?
Let's get this party started!
But first,
what kind of day is it?
- Great day!
- Great day to what?
- Be alive!
- Great day to what?
Be alive!
Yes, it is.
As I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death...
- who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
-Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Auggie!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
-Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Will!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
- Who's got my back?
- We got your back!
Saaay ooh!
Say ah!
Say ooh! Say ah!
We so bad, mother wah!
Say ooh, say ah!
Say ooh, say ah!
We so bad, mother wah!
- Deus...
- Vult!
- Deus...
- Vult!
- Deus...
- Vult!
Blut und Boden!
Blut und Boden! Blut und Boden!
Blut und Boden! Blut und Boden!
Blut und Boden! Blut und Boden!
Left eye. Right eye! No eye!
Come on, Donelle,
you shoot like a girl!
Oh, you gave me the stink eye?
If you were a guy,
I'd kick your ass!
See, this is why girls can't be
a part of a football team!
Us guys get all sensitive
about hurtin' em!
Eventually, you kill.
Just don't get all psycho
and shoot me.
Good work, Lee Harvey!
Finger off the trigger
till the end.
Square your feet.
Hand forward.
Private Pyle!
Please, focus!
Now, just relax.
Deep breath. Relax! Breath in.
On the exhale, on the exhale.
Okay, badass. Okay.
Stay in school.
Hold your fire! Going cold!
Who's first on the .50 caliber?
- Me!
- Dibs.
Ah, you think I'm crazy?
You grunts haven't earned squat.
Yet, we persist
with the hope that one day
you might prove
yourselves worthy,
and make it to the picnic.
And that, I promise you,
will be a time.
Now, Mr. Riggs
is gonna show us how it's done.
Double time! Let's go!
Let's light up the sky.
Going hot!
Oh, my God!
Boom! Boom! Boom! Yeah!
I placed
that last one a little close.
Going cold.
Oh, look, it's beer o'clock.
That gate is working great.
This driveway'd look
a lot better with a power wash.
-It's raining.
-Rain ain't a power wash.
You don't work here.
-Drink your beer.
-I'm sorry.
I used to rehab houses
before I got
my electrician's license.
Oh. I wish I had done that.
-Gimme something
to fall back on.
When I was in college,
I had a job doing repo.
- Wait, what?
- Yeah.
I was pretty good.
No one ever expected
little ol' me
was about to jack their ride.
Wait, so you couldn't,
like, hotwire a car?
The old ones? Oh, yeah. Easy.
-Ever get chased?
-Yeah, a few times.
But, you know, they're on foot
and I'm in their car, so.
Do you know, a lot of these cars
have been beat to hell
though, so,
they aren't always dependable.
I've had 'em break down,
run out of gas
a few blocks away,
and then things get interesting.
Who would ever think a deadbeat
wouldn't take great care
of a vehicle?
Yikes. Anything bad ever happen?
Uh, my last job,
a guy pulled a gun on me.
Yeah, that's when I realized,
I'm just not
that level of badass.
- Then I became
a waitress at IHOP.
Not without its perils.
And I did things that were safe,
and became a boring,
unemployable mess,
with a kid who hates me.
I nailed my hands together once.
-Hey, can I ask you a question?
-What do you want to fix?
I think you're perfect.
Uh, thank you. But, uh--
but, uh, that's not a question.
What are you doing here with me?
I'm a weirdo.
I'm so good-looking.
I nailed my hands together once.
I was gonna say...
you're a nice guy.
I like you.
You're a much better parent
than I am.
Just FYI, Jonah's car
needs more than new plugs.
The fuel system
on that model is notorious.
- When it starts acting up,
you need a soft touch.
Well, it was a good car once.
That straight six is no joke.
Who are you?
I don't know.
Do you play?
Yeah-- yeah, my dad,
he played a bunch, and, uh--
-So I kinda play, yeah.
-Let's hear it! Come on!
- I don't-- -Come on, man.
- Let's go.
- Wow, Will.
- Do it, come on.
I-- I mean, actually,
I have a...
little country song.
Country song? You have a--
-From the city boy.
-By all means.
-Let's hear it.
All y'all.
See ya around.
- Hey!
- Cade solo!
-All right.
-How's that?
-All right, city boy.
- Come on, Queef, give us one.
- Let's hear it, Queef.
Yeah, he's gonna make it.
- Make it sound like Miles Davis?
-Louis Armstrong.
-I like that.
-Yeah, make your farts
sound like Louis Armstrong.
-What's it gonna be?
-All right, I got one already.
- Yeah.
- It's nice and wet.
- I've heard better.
- Y'all are foul.
-Done my best.
-Perfect ten.
And that's why
you call him Queef.
Oh! Will needs a nickname.
Oh, yeah.
- What's his last name?
- Greenwood.
Greenwood, Green...
you related to Tom Greenwood?
You're his son?
Oh, shit!
Yeah. I knew him.
Oh, he was an asshole.
Total pussy.
Big man on fuckin' campus.
Man, I dated
his sweetheart once.
And he came back
from his little college,
and I told him,
"I fucked her in the ass."
And you know what?
He didn't do nothing.
I mean, seriously.
Wouldn't you think that'd get
a rise out of someone?
And what was going on there?
I mean, I know libtards
are innately
of the faggot persuasion,
but that surprised me.
It really did.
Surprised he had you actually.
You sure he's your dad?
Yeah. He's your dad.
He's your dad, for sure.
Want to know something funny?
That was Cade's mom.
Fuckin' bitch.
I hear
you're Annie Fuckin' Oakley.
Let's see what you've got, son.
Take a walk with me.
Let's fucking go!
Something wrong?
Terrible shot, your dad.
For Chicago.
Hell of a place.
Been there many a time.
Ton of potential in that town.
Relax that hand.
You're tense, man.
Why you so tense?
Sorry I said that shit
about your dad.
I heard what happened to him.
That was fucked up.
Yeah, word got around, man.
One of our own,
went down in the streets,
shot by some fucking dirtbag.
You gotta be pissed off. Right?
I mean, come on.
That was your dad.
Died like a dog
in the street, bro.
Why aren't you pissed?
Why are you taking this
like a little bitch?
That was your old man,
your blood.
Come on, man, let it out.
That was your dad,
and that's the fucking guy
who killed him.
That's the fucking guy
who blew his guts out
on a sidewalk.
That's the fucking guy!
Come on, man. Let it out!
They fucking take
and take and take,
and they keep taking.
They take a fucking life,
and then no one does shit!
Come on, man! Let it out!
Yes! Yes!
Man! Go, motherfucker!
There it is.
Get that Black
piece of shit, yeah.
All right, son.
Son, you're done. You're done.
That's what I'm talking about.
That's what I'm talk--
Can you feel that?
You're gonna go back to Chicago
a whole new man.
They won't know what to do
with a cat like you.
- I was testing you.
Seeing what you're made of.
And I gotta say, I like it.
You got it going on right here.
Well done. Get yourself a beer.
Hoo, motherfucker!
Have a seat.
-Well done.
Where's our lesbo?
I guess she left.
-Oh, did I hurt her feelings?
-Probably has
a big scissor date.
Well, I wish her well.
This man... has got it going on.
Right here. Well done.
Well done. You feel that?
Hmm? Yes, sir.
Beer me, motherfucker.
Your old man would be proud.
How was your night?
Hello? What do you think?
How was your night?
-It was fine, it was fine!
It's great, Mom!
-Oh, my gosh!
Are you really doing this
right now, Mom? Seriously?
-I want you to talk to me.
-No, no, no. Leave me alone.
We need to talk.
I don't like
who you're becoming.
-Do you have a gun?
No, no, I don't have
a fucking gun, Mom,
but I'm gonna get one
as soon as I can.
-Oh, Jesus!
-No, don't do that shit.
I know guns are bad. I get it.
Guns fucking killed Dad.
But if he was more of a realist,
he would still be alive.
-Well, he was a good man--
-No, your fucking
fake progressive bullshit, Mom.
You think this world's
gonna just flip upside down
and become
this happy fairy tale utopia?
It's not!
It is not gonna do that!
And-- and if he considered
what's really out there
instead of your peace
and love bullshit,
he would still be alive,
and we'd still have a family!
-Do not talk about--
-He was an idiot!
He was a fucking idiot!
How stupid can you be?
Bringing fucking words
to a gun fight!
-The world is so fucked up.
It is so fucked up.
It is not gonna get any better.
So, it's time
we just fucking let it go,
and be glad that
I'm learning to defend us
so I don't make
the same mistake that he did.
Fuck you! Fuck you!
-And fuck
that stupid piece of shit!
-You don't fucking--
he-- fucking idiot!
-You fucking shut your mouth!
He was bleeding
on the ground by himself,
and it's your fault!
-Oh, my--
-It's your fault
that he bled out by himself!
He was fucking scared!
He was probably terrified!
No one was gonna help him!
God, people are
fucking horrible, Mom!
People are fucking horrible.
He didn't deserve that.
-He didn't deserve that, Mom.
He didn't--
-He didn't deser--
Hey, come here.
Come here. Shh. My baby.
-It's okay, it's--
-I don't know what to do, Mom.
No, you know--
Your daddy loves you.
Changing up the scope of the project?
So, what are you saying?
No, that's not
how it's done, Mia.
They want it good,
they want it fast,
they want it cheap.
You only get two of those.
Tell 'em to pick two.
No, yeah, I understand
that the industry is changing,
but I'm not gonna
sell myself short--
You know what?
Tell 'em I'm not available.
They can fuck 'emselves
with a bag of dicks!
Excuse me, sir.
Uh, I'm sorry.
It's okay. How can I help you?
I need
a fuel pressure regulator,
part number PR424.
It's not gonna work on that car.
-Yeah, I know.
Do you have it?
I can order it for you
and get it in a couple of days.
Ugh, are you kidding me?
That's a standard part.
It's not that standard.
We can have it for you
in a couple days.
I won't be here.
I need it by tomorrow.
Well, I won't have it
by tomorrow.
Hey, boss,
Bernie Zimmerman's wondering
when his car's gonna be ready?
Well, tell him
it'll be ready tomorrow,
like I said
it would be ready tomorrow.
Unless it's ready tonight,
which it probably will be.
- You got it.
- Anything else?
I like your alignment rack.
What's it rated for? 10, 12,000?
You know anything
about this model?
'65, 351 V8?
Yeah, I think
I might be having an issue
with the rear differential,
but I can't quite tell.
-Well, you gotta
get it up on the lift.
-But I don't have a lift.
-I do.
I like to do
all the work myself.
You asking to borrow my lift?
I could trade.
Do you need graphic design?
Need someone to change the oil,
clean the toilets.
You actually considering it?
I'm just fucking with you.
You can't get under my lift.
Can I hang out
while you do the work?
Well, can you
keep your mouth shut?
It's unlikely.
What are you doing in this town?
What are you doing in this town?
Oh, I have my business.
-My boat.
-You got a lift.
I got a fucking lift.
The way I see it,
the right attitude,
every place
kind of sucks the same.
So, what are you thinking?
You want me to order that part?
Nah. But thanks anyway.
I've been texting you.
Don't you ever check your phone?
I've been staying off it lately.
Get in the car.
I need to talk to you
about something.
-Come on,
parkour your ass up in here.
-Shut up.
What's up, man?
Want you
to take a look at these.
You're good at chemistry, right?
-This make sense to you?
What is it though?
-This is an explosive?
-We're trying to extend
the logging road into the swamp,
so we need
to loosen up some stumps
so we can pull 'em out
with the ATV.
Bust-ass work, man.
I need some help.
Okay, why don't you
just use, like...
You need permits
and paperwork,
and that puts you on a list.
It's just better
to avoid all that.
Yeah, I--
I don't know
the electronics very well.
Get Jonah on board.
His dad's an electrician.
Could be money involved.
My dad's anxious
to get this done.
I'd really like to surprise him.
Let him know
I'm not a total idiot.
Just do something that counts.
Uh, okay. Yeah.
I'll talk to Jonah.
See you later, man.
Who is that?
It's just a friend.
Okay, so,
supposedly some guys are coming
to pick up those boxes
in the garage soon.
Still hoping
to sell a few things,
and then we'll be ready
to go tomorrow.
I was actually thinking
about staying a little longer.
If that's okay.
I could take a bus back
or something,
but I just have an opportunity
to make some money.
-Doing what?
-Helping my friend.
What, and I just
drive back to Chicago alone
and leave you down here?
You-- you have
a visit to the University
of Chicago in a few days.
Do you really want me
to go to school on
the South Side of Chicago, Mom?
It is one of the best
schools in the world.
They're very interested in you.
We've talked about this before.
-Yes, I know--
-You know, and they might
give us a lot of help.
Yes. I know we're broke, Mom.
That is another reason
why I'm not rushing this.
I just think
a gap year could be smart.
And what's back there?
For us, really? Sell that house.
Is that what you want?
I don't know.
What do you want?
-Hello? Hey, where you going?
-Going out with Jonah.
We'll talk about this later.
-Hello? Ye-- yes.
I-- I am, uh,
selling a kitchen set.
I think.
Yeah, I mean,
I think I could do this stuff
in my grandpa's basement.
But how do we get
that much ammonium nitrate?
That's just liquid fertilizer.
I mean, you could
get it at the co-op.
-How complicated
are the electronics?
-Oh, they're not.
I mean, it's all stuff
that we've got lying around.
I mean...
But some don't make sense.
Like, what is that, a timer?
-Uh, what do they need
a timer for?
-Maybe they want to be far away.
-Yeah, but how far?
Well, Jonah,
this is an explosive,
so probably pretty far.
I just don't wanna be
anywhere near this thing
when it goes off.
Yeah, but not too far either.
I want to see this thing
when it goes off, man.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
I can't believe I did that.
-I don't know what happened.
I-- I-- I-- Oh, goddamn it.
-My God, I'm so sorry, man, I--
-No, it's okay.
-I messed up everything--
-Dude, Jonah, it's okay.
I just freaked out.
-I get it. It's okay.
-I don't mean to make
things weird.
No, you're fine. It's fine.
I promise, it's okay.
I just freaked out.
I'm not gonna tell anyone.
You're fine.
We're fine. It's okay.
Okay? We're still friends.
'Kay, it's--
I j-- I just freaked out.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay. We're fine.
Holy shit.
-Jonah, these are churches.
My-- my friend goes to Trinity.
These are churches
on the South Side, dude.
- Oh, my God-- -Well, well, well.
- What do we have here?
Sorry to interrupt.
Been looking for Cade.
Had a little fracas earlier.
A little kerfuffle.
Seen him around?
- No.
- Well, he said he might have
met with you earlier.
You sure?
Well, what's that then?
He asked us for some help.
What did he say?
-Ju-- uh, just that you needed
to blow out some stumps.
If you haven't
figured it out yet...
we got a way
of doing things here.
So you'd be well-advised
to keep your mouths shut.
So if anything--
I mean, anything,
any trouble comes in my way...
I got friends who'll
make those troubles disappear.
- Excuse me?
- Yes, sir.
I might have
to change your name.
Fudgy? No.
Pole Smoker.
No, no, I got it, I got it.
-No. No, please.
-Please what?
-Please don't.
-Don't what?
Don't what, Cornhole?
-Duke, leave him alone.
Well, look
who finally got some balls!
I respect that. That's okay.
Good job.
But I'm gonna need you
to look at your friend
over here...
that one, and say,
"Hey, there, Cornhole."
Or faggot, your choice. Hmm?
-Fuck off.
Little fucker.
Don't you ever
talk to me like that,
nigger-lover pussy-ass bitch!
I will fuck you up.
- I will put you six feet under,
you little cunt!
You and your faggot
little friend!
-You hearing me?
-No, stop, stop!
Fucker, I will kill you,
you little faggot!
- The fuck away from me.
- -Get the fuck away from me.
Stay the fuck away from him.
You gonna shoot me?
No, it's okay.
It's okay, shoot me.
- You should use it.
- Stop.
You should use it,
You dumb fucker, fuck you.
Look at you.
Coming from the big city,
spreading your pussy-ass
libtard juice around the county.
Turning our boys gay,
this little faggot.
Now Cornhole over here,
has to spend a lifetime
being the local cocksucker!
And you pull a gun on me,
and don't have
the fucking balls to use it?
Don't fuck with me, bitch.
Have I not told you anything?
Oh, you little fuck.
I will fuck you up.
What have you got to say?
I can't hear you!
Oh, my God, what have I done?.
Jonah, you shot me!
Hold still, hold still!
You shot--
you shot me in the arm.
You fucking shot me.
He was gonna kill me, Jonah.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
I didn't mean to shoot you!
-Oh, my God.
-Jonah, am I okay?
Yeah, you're okay.
I think I just scraped you.
Thank God.
- Oh, man. Man.
- Duke.
Oh, God, no. Oh, no, no, no.
How many times
did you shoot him, Jonah?
I don't know, man, I--
I-- I don't know what happened,
I was just shooting
I didn't know what to do!
Oh, fuck. What do we do?
I don't know, Jonah!
I don't know.
We're fucked.
Oh, shit!
Call 911! Call 911!
Dude, what are you doing?
Let's go!
Oh, my God. Oh.
My God.
God, why did you bring that gun?
I don't know.
Ah, my legs are a little wobbly.
Jesus. Can't believe I did that.
I know. With a six-toed hayseed.
Stop it.
I miss this.
I don't-- I don't mean this.
I mean...
It's been forever
since I've held...
or been held by...
-Nice paint job.
-Mmm, thanks.
No, you really
transformed the place.
Oh, I haven't even begun.
So many ideas! Wh--
-How do you and Will get on?
He is not particularly
fond of me at the moment.
Why's that?
Maybe 'cause I'm a shit parent.
Ugh, stop with that.
I forgot. I'm perfect.
Will got a girlfriend?
Maybe. Who knows?
These days, define "girlfriend"
with the hookup culture,
I mean--
-Who knows?
We're not guilty of that at all.
No, not us.
-That's it, I'm calling my dad.
-Wait, wait, stop! Jonah, stop.
Let's really think
about this for a second, okay?
Your dad is gonna
have to call the cops,
and Duke's
in with the cops, dude!
And Riggs,
who the fuck is Riggs?
I don't know, he's ex-military,
special ops, something,
I don't know.
they're scary as fuck, dude.
-And Duke was gonna kill me--
-You don't know that!
I don't know that!
Maybe, he was just teaching
one of his messed-up lessons.
Maybe I didn't have to kill him.
We saw their plans.
We-- we had their plans.
Plans for a bomb
designed to kill people, okay?
Jonah, let's not
fucking kid ourselves here, man!
They were gonna
blow up churches!
We were gonna blow up churches!
You shot a man in the back!
You're gonna go to prison!
You understand what I'm saying?
You will go to prison
for the rest of your life!
You're almost 18,
you'll be tried as an adult.
Your dad can't help you.
This is gonna kill my mother.
What do you think's
gonna happen to you, man?
-We gotta come up with a story.
-What? I can't do that, I--
Yes, you can.
Yeah, you have to, Jonah.
-You have to.
-A-- and what?
We just lie to our parents,
a-- and the police?
And our friends and Cade
for the rest of our lives?
Hey, we're just different.
Oh, we're just real different.
You don't understand, Jonah.
It's not that I don't
feel guilty.
We fucking killed a man.
I don't know why
I brought the gun.
I mean-- I mean, the reason
we're here in the first place,
but I'm trying to keep you
from going to prison!
And you really want to tell
everyone what started this,
what Duke saw?
-No, no.
Okay, so what do we do?
Here you go.
Here you go.
-You're good?
-We should leave the boots
and the keys by the truck.
It's what you do
if you're gonna kill yourself.
That would be a bad idea,
they would know exactly
where to look for him
if they can't find him.
Yeah, you're right.
Hey, give me my hoodie.
Go, go, go!
How was your day?
It was fine.
-How was yours?
Hey, where'd you get the gloves?
From that job with Cade.
Looks like dirty work.
Mom, hey, uh, when does
that donation truck come?
Supposedly before we leave.
What if it doesn't come?
I guess that stuff stays
there till we sell the place.
-Mrs. Greenwood?
I'm Officer Osborne. Is Will in?
Yes. Uh, may I ask
what this is about?
I just have
a couple questions for him.
Is he in some sort of trouble?
No, no, no, no.
There's just a local man
who may be missing,
and we thought Will might have
some information we could use.
Come in.
Sorry, it's so empty.
We're getting
the place cleared out for sale.
That's not a problem. It's fine.
Hi! Will. I'm Officer Osborne.
Just got
a couple questions for you.
You mind?
You're familiar
with Mr. Duchannon, am I right?
- Yeah.
-Did you happen to see him any time yesterday?
-Mm, no.
-Hmm, so, no contact.
Well, he's been missing
since yesterday afternoon,
and there's a report of a truck
that looked just like Duke's
what sounds like Jonah's car?
At the intersection of
County Trunk C and Highway 8.
Were you with Jonah
in that area anytime yesterday?
Um, yeah, it was at-- I--
I was with Jonah. I don't know
if I was in the area.
I don't know--
I don't know the area very well.
You say you know Duke.
You know his truck then.
You can't miss
that thing, right?
So, did you notice it
driving behind ya?
-Did you see him, at any point?
We were just listening
to music and driving,
and looking for a place
to lay rubber, so I don't--
Have you talked to Jonah today?
-Mind if I look at your phone?
-No, no. Hold on.
It's okay.
Mind telling me
what he's talking about here?
-I don't think I should.
-I think you better, son.
Will, you are not saying
anything else without a lawyer.
It's okay.
Jonah tried to kiss me.
It's not a big deal.
So, just please,
don't tell his dad.
He can't know, I-- I just--
That's why it looks like that.
I don't know anything
about-- about Mr. Duchannon.
Is that all?
For now.
Thanks for your time.
By the way, you're bleeding.
Your arm.
Huh! Look at that.
You are!
Is that
from the rosebushes earlier?
It must be.
All right.
I'll be in touch
if I need anything more.
Oh, one more thing.
Did you find a place?
To lay rubber.
Did you find a place?
Oh, no, uh-- No, that car
kills once you start it.
that thing could use some work.
All right, you have a good day.
-Hey, Dave!
-Hey, Jer, how are ya?
-I'm all right.
-Good, good. Is Jonah home?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Jonah.
I just have
a couple questions for ya.
Did you, by any chance,
see Mr. Duchannon,
anytime yesterday?
Uh, no, sir.
-No contact?
-No, sir.
All right, well,
there's a report of a truck
that looked a lot like Duke's,
following your car
at the intersection of C and 8.
-Oh, really?
I just got done talking
to your friend Will,
across the way.
And he confirmed it.
So, is that the case?
Did you notice Duke's truck,
driving behind ya?
-Uh, yeah. I guess so.
So you did see Duke's truck.
Yeah, yeah, I think so.
But I-- I-- I never
mentioned it to Will,
I-- I'm surprised
he noticed it, in fact.
He must have saw it
through his side view mirror.
Hmm. Okay.
All right, thanks for your time.
Did you find
a place to burn rubber?
-Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Where?
Where'd you burn rubber?
Where did you
burn rubber, Jonah?
I'm lying.
My car won't burn rubber.
I wasted all my money
on that piece of junk.
Hmm. Okay.
Cade's dad'll show up.
Don't worry.
So, did he believe you?
Yeah. You?
Yeah, I think so.
It's Cade.
I don't know if you heard,
but my old man's missing.
Yeah, we heard.
Yeah. So, um...
...just forget about that thing
we talked about, okay?
-People got pissed.
-What people?
People that...
mean business, man.
My dad was really mad,
and now there's...
So you gotta give me
those plans back, okay?
Never should have done that.
Gotten you guys involved.
That was fucking stupid, man.
I'm just-- I'm
fucking stupid.
Hey. It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna get you
those plans back,
not gonna say anything.
We promise, okay?
Cade. Listen to me.
Your dad is going to show up.
Everything's gonna be fine.
We're okay.
It's my mom. I gotta--
I gotta take care of this. Um...
just get me
those papers back, okay?
- Okay.
- It's important.
It's gonna be okay.
-How can you lie like that?
-Shut up.
He's not gonna show up, 'cause
he's in a hole in the ground,
and we put him there.
-He was gonna kill me.
-I don't know that.
-A-- and he's Cade's dad!
-Stop saying that.
suck it the fuck up, dude.
Suck it up. Who do you think
he was talking about?
People, dude. Riggs. Riggs!
and whoever else is with him.
Aren't you scared at all?
They're fucking scary, dude.
- Maybe, Cade thinks those guys did it.
- -Yeah.
the cops'll go after them.
How do you think
they feel about this?
-We gotta stick to our story.
Gotta get him those plans, but--
Where'd you put them?
Jonah, I don't have them.
Oh, man, we gotta find those.
Well, can they be
traced back to us?
Yeah, of course, they can--
I made notes on those things.
Dude, of course
they can be traced back to us.
Gotta be at the--
the boat launcher
or-- or the fire pit.
-Oh, man, the fire pit.
-Let's go.
It's those cops, dude.
What do we do?
Fire pit.
-Come on! No.
-Jonah, go. Jonah.
Call my dad.
What's up, bud?
You don't say.
Yeah. Sure.
I'll be there in a minute.
-Guess who that was.
-Hah, let him walk.
Oh, hang on, just--
-Got your part.
-Thank you!
Uh, how did you find me?
What, you think you're
the only lunatic in this town?
Go nuts, you can pay me
when you come back,
and get under my lift.
You'll be around this week?
I've resisted
looking under the hood
for as long as I can.
What happens
when you turn the key?
- Uh, it just clicks.
- Ah. Starter.
Just gotta give it a whack.
And when is
the last time you changed
your fuel filter, mister?
- I don't know.
- What are you guys doing here?
Oh, we're just curious.
We were watching the--
Good luck!
See you in a bit.
what if it's still on him?
No way. It can't.
Can I get canceled
if I comment on someone's butt?
Generally not,
if she's your girlfriend.
Will you be my girlfriend?
I would gladly
be your girlfriend.
But I'm leaving today.
You're a really good man.
You think so?
Why don't you stay?
-Jonah likes you.
-I like Jonah.
And I love that boy
more than anything
in this world, but...
I can't talk to him
about everything, you know?
Not everything.
I just--
I want him to be happy,
you know?
Destroys me
to see a clogged carb.
It's a fuel filter.
That's why I like you.
Just think about it, okay?
Change is good.
Change is good.
Not cutting it.
Gotta get back to work.
Just give it some thought.
What's going on?
So, I heard Duke
was looking for you boys,
and now he's missing.
What's that about?
Did you see him?
I know the cops visited you.
-What did you tell them?
Visited me too.
What could you
possibly be doing around here?
Who you looking for?
Nobody's coming.
Now, I know you don't like Duke,
uh, but there's a place for guys
who are worried about fluoride,
and chemtrails and...
But you...
...I like you.
So much potential.
So my question to you is,
what are you gonna do
with all that dynamite
running through your veins?
You feel it, right? Right?
That's fear mostly. It's okay.
You just gotta transform it,
put a little pressure.
A little fire.
Turn it into action.
And the world
loves a man of action.
So don't feel bad that you're
scared shitless right now.
It's actually
quite appropriate to the moment.
Because now's the time
that you're gonna make
the most important decision
of your life.
Where's Jonah?
- Just go.
- You look a mess!
Mom, go!
Mom, go!
-Who is that?
-Mom, go!
On your ass!
Come on!
He's gonna hit us, Mom!
Go, go!
-Come on!
-Go, Mom! Come on!
Oh, no, you don't!
Mom, stop!
We gotta go find Jonah.
-Everything okay?
-Yeah, it's just-- Got lost.
City kid.
So, I think I made
some headway on your car, Jonah.
-You wanna drive?
-Uh, no. I-- I'm good.
Take your time.
I guess, this is it.
You're a good guy.
-You are too.
-I'm okay.
Okay. See you never.
See you never.
I got it back from Jerry.
Thought you might want it.