Good Life (2021) Movie Script

When you hear the sound
of the gong,
you will look deeply into
the eyes of your partner
and you will know whether
they are your soulmate or not.
Its working.
And another beautiful winters
day in Cape Town,
chilly low of 6 to start then
warming up later to 20.
Our headline News coming up
after the commercial break..
I'd pray we'd be together
You'd say I'd see the light
That one day
we'll be forever
For life, for life
Hey mom.
How'd it go?
Was he tall?
It was hard to tell.
He either was or he wasn't.
What's he do for a living?
It doesn't matter mom,
he didn't tick any of your
boxes, just like John.
Who wasn't very
financially stable.
But he could afford buying me
an expensive watch.
So why'd Mr Perfect
break up with you
when you bring up marriage?
He didn't say its over over mom,
he's just to spread too
thin at work
and he needs some space...
So why you dating all these
other men?
Because mom, its helping take
my mind off him
while I wait for him to call.
Lady, get off your phone!
Olive, Olive..
Have some pride!
Promise me
you won't call him.
-SAM: So, no John today?
-OLIVE: No, just me.
-SAM: Ciao, ciao!
-Have a great day.
[peppy song playing]
So I've decided that by this
time next year I shall be
married and pregnant,
hopefully to John.
And I'm going to do it
through positive thinking
because I've been doing
it all wrong.
The trick is to see what you
want already in your life,
not in the future.
Just like I do
with my parking angels.
What the hell are they?
My parking angels.
Whenever I need a parking space
I ask them for a spot
and I always get one.
Its the power of positive
But you park in loading bays
and get tickets.
Mr Omar, how are we today?
Okay, lets get you comfy,
put your head right over here,
and lets bib you up.
You know your children are very
lucky to still have you,
I wish my dad was still alive.
He was very kind and very funny.
It would be good
to first meet you...
my word.
[Clears throat]
Olive your teeth cleaning paste
has been put up
for an environmentally
innovative award,
well done thats
great news!
Thank you Doctor J.
Mr Omar you sleeping again?
No, no, no, no.
Come on Athena, just a drop.
No, I will definitely
have thanks.
I suppose he always said
he didn't believe in marriage.
But three years seriously?
It can't mean nothing.
I mean how can you even think of
a future with a man
who is one point one metre tall,
with his hands in the air!
Ouch, that's a little harsh
Mrs P.
Just give him time hun, maybe
he will realise what he's lost.
I hope so, because if what
we had wasn't it,
then I don't know what is.
Stop pestering him, let him go.
When he does call, make him wait
at least a day before
calling him back.
A week, make the guy
sweat a bit!
I'm not asking again.
Make an appointment,
before they all fall out.
My favourite rascals!
You can forget about
having rascals.
Why can't you find a rich man
to look after you,
its not that difficult.
Olive doesn't need
taking care of,
she's doing fine on her own.
Thanks C.
Actually I'm up for an award,
for naturally white.
Well done!
You won't have
your good looks forever.
She doesn't need looks
for a sperm donor.
Reporting for duty!
What's that?
I've never heard of a sperm that
can show a woman the world
and spoil her
with beautiful things.
[Olive chuckles]
Thanks C but, I actually do
want the romance
of creating a child
with a man that I love.
I don't like this soup.
Trust me, nothing romantic about
having children.
Okay folks.
Welcome to speed dating.
You have two minutes per person.
At the end of each round,
men you'll move to your left.
Now don't exchange phone
Only when the evening is over
you can log onto our website
and exchange details
with the person
or persons
you're interested in.
Right, time.
[Blows whistle]
[Overlapping speech]
Umm, I'm sorry--
go ahead.
No, no, no,
you go please.
Okay umm...
When I graduated law school,
I realised it wasn't for me,
so I joined the United Nations.
Wow, which area?
So you're saving the planet.
Well, that's if there will be
one left for our kids Mike...
Our, kids...
[Awkward laughter]
[Whistle blows]
Stefan from Stellenbosch.
Okay, open up.
I'm not doing anything yet C.
Oh, nasty...
Doctor Jacobs is gonna have
to remove it.
Oh no!
Uh uh, uh uh,
Olive, no!
-Uh uh.
-Are you serious?
Yes, yes, I'm serious.
Such a wuss.
Fine gas it will have to be.
[Inhaling deeply]
Breathe in, and out,
and just relax.
[C inhales]
So how many kids were you
planning on having
with the U.N Guy?
You are so mean.
Talk about a slip
of the old tongue.
It's a funny word, tongue...
You're such a nerd.
What is a tongue?
[Laughing hysterically]
Stop it!
[Continues laughing]
Wait we're still laughing right?
No don't respond Olive.
I'm gonna hyperventilate!
Look at me, look.
[Taking deep breaths]
The positive thing is that you
have me all to yourself, ok.
Its, its okay.
I shouldn't have put him
on the spot.
He obviously needed more time.
[Taking deep breaths]
Well he's cute.
That's a bit dramatic,
he's not looking.
No, I think I really hurt it.
Its a classic tear in the calf.
Did you feel anything
before it happened?
How old are you?
I'm thirty five.
Why what does that have to do
with anything?
Its all downhill from here.
Common, can I just get a break
here please?
[Birds chirping]
Hello John.
Olive, hi.
Late lunch?
Umm, Olive this is Mary...
That was quick mate.
What happened to you?
Oh, nothing I just tore my calf
when I fell off the kitchen
counter having sex with C.
[Awkward laughter]
-JOHN: Right.
[John clears throat]
Sorry Olive,
he's such a chop.
You're too good for him.
Just give it a break mom
I'm not in the mood.
Some wine miss?
[Indistinct chatter in distant]
So, what brought you
to South Africa Mrs P?
My husband and I left
during the coup.
That must have been difficult,
leaving your whole family
Do you go back often.
What's the point?
None of Olive's grandparents
are alive.
Except your sister is alive,
she doesn't speak
to her anymore.
Maybe its time
you forgave her mom?
You don't know
what you're talking about.
I would if you told me.
Leave it Olive.
There you go ma'am.
And for you ma'am.
So, Olive says your husband's
family owns a house there.
Do you know who lives in it?
-Did he have siblings?
[Clears throat]
So the house must be
in your name mom.
It was Aleco's family home,
not mine.
I have no intention of going
back there.
That is so ridiculous, we could
have a house, in Greece.
I told you, I'm not interested.
Its not worth it,
so much red tape in that
country its impossible.
Then I'll go sort it out.
No you won't.
You can't keep running away
every time
you have your heart broken.
I'm not running away, I'm going
to find my dad's house.
I forbid it.
You can't forbid me
I'm not a child.
Olive, listen to me
no good will come of it.
Look what about Doctor Jacobs?
I don't care.
I've gotta get away.
Athena She's not the same
since her father died.
Hi Olive.
Helen hi,
um listen,
we're about to take off.
Please won't you check in
on my mom every now and again.
Sure hun.
I'm not going to get
international roaming I just,
don't trust myself not to call.
Good idea.
Have a good time
and a swim for me please.
The captains already asked you
to turn you phone off.
-And put your seat up.
Sir we're about to take off.
[Indistinct chatter]
Excuse me.
Do you know where I can find
the Papadopolous house?
Wait, wait!
Through the door, turn right
then all the way
to the end of the road.
[Indistinct chatter in distant]
What are you looking for?
My late father's house.
Who is your father?
You wouldn't know him.
Try me.
Aleco Papadopolous.
His house...
What earthquake?
Before I born.
Sad no help.
Says who.
And my mother.
Stupid house!
I hate you John!
[Taking deep breaths]
[Indistinct speech in distant]
[Speaking in Greek]
[Indistinct speech in distant]
Hi, uh,
I'm looking for a room, for one.
Sorry there's no rooms.
Umm, do you know
where else I could try?
Only one hotel.
In the entire village?
Ok, thanks.
[Crow cawing]
What is happening?
Its like Bethlehem,
no room at the inn.
Not a single room
in the entire village.
Jet Who told you that?
The guy in the hotel.
He is lying.
The hotel, she is empty.
Why would he lie?
Greeks can be like that...
Yea you're one of them.
To you I look Greek?
Outside sleeping not so bad,
I likened it.
Yea you would,
you're 7 years old.
Seven and half...
Sorry, seven and a half...
What about snakes and bugs?
No snakes, no bugs...
You'll be fine.
[Greek radio playing]
[Clears throat]
Its sold.
Yea I know I'm buying it.
No, it is sold.
Ok so how do I know
if its sold or not?
You ask me.
Right, I get it.
Can I have some oil
for the lamps please?
We've run out.
Of course you have.
They've gone up.
Do you want them,
or don't you?
Forget it.
Thank you.
[Mumbling in Greek]
What is wrong with these people.
I help you.
Something to sleep on, you give
me money and I buy for you,
but you pay me.
No ways, I'll get it myself.
You drive a hard bargain.
My father teach me good.
Did he also teach you
to speak English?
Yes, and YouTube.
my friends call me Jet.
You're joking.
No I'm not, my parents had
a sense of humour.
What if you run away with it.
Its small village trust me, I
won't get very far.
Where's my change?
My commission.
I suppose I should thank you for
the ice cream.
[Speaking in Greek]
Wait, wait, wait.
Where have you been?
I've been looking for you
You'll be the death of me!
Ow mama.
[Taking deep breaths]
[Mosquitos buzzing]
Ah, you're back!
How was it?
Was freezing, we stopped over
in Canada and Alaska.
Pray I get another
route next time.
Thanks Spiro.
[Indistinct chatter in Greek]
Paw paw paw paw.
You have been nibbled.
Do you have anything
for the itch?
Its driving me crazy.
Don't worry Spiro,
I'll get it.
Its e5.
No put, put it down.
You're going to be invited
to a wonderful dinner party.
Fantastic food, the best you
ever had.
Am I the only one who work in
the village?
Ah Spiro!
What happened to you?
You're everywhere except home
aren't you?
I thought you said no bugs.
I said no snakes.
Don't you ever brush your teeth?
No I hate it.
They will fall out one day and
you'll be sorry.
No I won't.
Want to go fishing?
I thought there were no fish
left in the Mediterranean.
You have to know how to look.
Want to go?
It help your leg.
What's it gonna take
to get rid of you?
Forget it.
I know where you take shower.
With sweet water.
Sweet water?
-Gypsie, gypsie!
-Gypsie, gypsie!
Sure, I mean that would be nice.
The more you scratching,
the more you itching.
Hey I told you to turn around.
Its like life, the more you
thinking, the worse its being.
Thanks for the words
of wisdom, Jet.
Who's house is this by the way?
My friend.
Oh, God!
Why are you in my house?
Where is your mother?
Come back here!
Wait, I can't ow.
Are you okay Olive?
I sorry Olive.
[Both panting]
I help you.
[Both chuckle]
That was funny.
[Seagulls squawking]
Where'd this come from?
I think I'm allergic to whatever
you gave me yesterday.
There is a cockerel
announcing bad news.
Here, put this on there.
And drink the tablets
for the bumps.
Why are you limping?
I tore my calf muscle.
Paw paw paw, here, this will
help with the cow muscle.
No please no.
No money.
Thank you that's very
kind of you.
Umm, I'm not sure
if you'd know,
my father has a house here.
Its the one that came down in
the earth quake.
Do you know who I can speak to
about getting the well
in the garden fixed?
No, it can't be done.
Your grandfather block it up
after the war.
Did you know my grandparents?
Because my mother
still has a sister here.
She left the village
a long time ago,
there is no one here
who can help you.
Why you don't go home?
Its difficult for you here.
I won't fix it.
[Olive sighs]
[Flies buzzing]
What're you doing?
What is wrong with you people.
Greece does not agree with you.
Yea I've noticed.
Don't worry, its not you.
Its your mother.
My mother, why?
I can't help you with that.
But I can help you
with your well.
I'm Nikos.
How do you know I wanna fix it?
Small village.
I uh, don't have money
to pay you.
Its okay, I'm happy to help.
Hello Nikos.
Hello Jet.
Ah, thanks.
What, none for me today?
Sorry Nikos, next time.
Okay, next time.
Gypsie gypsie!
Don't worry about them,
its not worth it.
Who is Nikos?
He work in engine room
on big ship
and goes everywhere in world.
-An engineer?
Its very good job...
Someone died.
How do you know?
The bells.
He says the villagers don't like
my mother.
Do you know why?
Can you help me find out?
So where are we taking this?
For you bath.
You think of everything
don't you?
Mamma no tell, she go...
[Olive chuckles]
I promise, scouts honour.
What happened to your watch?
Lets play.
I thought you said
he was the pharmacist?
And plumber, and funeral man.
Greeks very talented,
What does that make you?
For me?
Take it.
Who's from?
Dear Miss Papadopolous.
Please be advised that
no alterations
can be made to the house without
town planning approval.
Who told them?
I don't know.
Have you been able to find out
anything yet.
No one's talking.
Come on Olive, hurry.
How'd you get that?
What's nunya?
None of your business.
I'm not gonna eat that.
Its delicious.
Its octopus.
My papa says you always try
something once.
You are very resourceful.
Don't give me evil eye.
It was a compliment.
[Blows raspberry]
Same thing.
You're late.
I'm starving and I'm ready to
try my first Octopus.
Dinner is served!
[Overlapping speech]
Manoli eat, eat!
What are you doing?
The oil has separated.
The village has given you
evil eye.
I think I've lost my appetite.
Me too, my tooth's very sore.
Let me have a look.
Ah, oh.
Put your head back.
This will help
with the infection.
So this is what you do
all day at work?
Looking in people's mouths?
And you like it?
I used to.
[Olive sighs]
Jet you really have to start
otherwise you will lose
all your teeth
and you'll never find
a girl to kiss you.
I told you I no care.
Am I interrupting a party?
No not at all, I was just
telling Jet that
he will never find a girlfriend
if he doesn't brush his teeth.
I don't want one!
Oh you will one day.
[Jet groans]
Not you too.
Okay so this is what they use in
some parts of Africa
to brush their teeth.
You can pretend
you're in Africa.
Is it my turn now?
Nothing wrong with your teeth.
[Speaking in Greek]
Your mother is looking for you.
Take your toothbrush.
Thanks Olive.
[Speaking in Greek]
So what brings you to Greece?
Uh, its a long story.
I have time.
I'm in trouble, again.
Where have you been?
Your father is turning
in his grave!
All the trouble
you have been giving me!
Do you want me to join him?
How old do you think she is?
She must be about thirty-five?
Mm, she looks older to me.
And not married.
Probably came here
to steal our men.
I can't rest with her here.
What are you eating?
Eyy, what are you eating?
I'm not eating anything,
it's a toothbrush.
[Muffled speech]
It is always Haroula's fault!
[Indistinct speech]
She did this,
she did this to me!
She's done nothing to you!
[Overlapping speech]
You are punishing
the wrong person.
I don't care,
she is Athena's daughter.
Where is Athena?
If she were here,
I'd punish her.
But she's not.
35 years Haroula!
35 years you have been
holding onto this hatred!
She stole--
She stole my fianc and left
without saying goodbye!
How do you forgive that?
You try Haroula, you try.
Spiro, you wouldn't understand.
He was the love of my life,
and she took him!
That explains why she never
wanted to come back.
She's just too proud, will never
admit doing anything wrong.
Paw paw.
She chose to cross
the wrong woman.
Who died now?
No one, its a wedding.
Don't worry Olive,
you'll learn.
[Taking deep breaths]
Paw paw paw paw.
Its poisonous sea coral.
There is no poisonous
sea coral here.
She has evil eye.
Don't worry Olive,
Spiro help you.
Sorry, sorry.
It must be done.
[Taking deep breaths]
What's the matter
with her now? Huh?
[Taking deep breaths]
Come, its time you
and I had coffee.
Can we talk about it
another time
my knee is really killing me.
[Blows raspberry]
One coffee never killed anyone.
[Clears throat]
I don't believe
in fortune telling.
Have you ever had
your cup read before?
No, I--
Then how would you know? Huh?
Circle the cup
with your right hand,
three times and then
put it upside down.
What does it say?
That you are in grave danger.
What do you mean?
That you are a very thick
skinned woman,
who doesn't know
when she's not welcome
just like her mother.
No wonder my father left you
and by the way he's dead
so now both of you
can't have him.
Does that make you feel happy?
Aleco is dead?
Get out.
You get out of my shop,
you get out!
[Indistinct speech]
Can I have another one please?
So is there a taxi
to Athens everyday?
Don't leave, don't let her win.
The entire village hates me
and my family.
It is not true.
You have two fans,
possibly three.
I see how Spiro looks after you.
No I made a huge mistake
coming here.
But I made an even bigger
mistake pushing John away,
I should have listened
to Helen and C.
What did they say?
They told me
not to contact him,
but I did I just missed him
so much.
Its all just games no truth
Everyone is so scared that they
will get hurt... they pretend
they don't care
and then the games begin and
everyone loses.
But I could have won him back.
If he could not see
who you are,
then he was not
the right man for you.
Can I tell you a secret.
I wanna have children,
and I wanna get married one day.
all the movies end like this?
Marriage isn't the only way
to be happy Olive.
All these old fashioned ideas of
what love should look like
is making so many people
You're very wise
for such a young man.
I had to grow up quickly.
My mother was sick
since I was a little boy,
so I help my father
take care of her.
Im sorry Nikos.
Don't be.
My life is good Olive,
I'm very lucky.
I'm sorry.
Spiro, see you later.
Finally, I waiting for you,
come on.
No, leave me alone.
Jet please go away.
I'm sorry.
Its me, again.
Is she here?
Any chance you can do
my teeth for me?
I don't have my equipment
or anywhere I can work.
Its no problem,
I arrange everything.
Okay, do you have something
for sunburn?
You must take a hot bath
with vinegar immediately,
take out the sting.
I don't have a bath remember.
This is also very good.
And something for my head.
I'm sorry, about everything.
But mostly I'm sorry
about your father.
Thank you.
How is Athena?
I'm sure she will find love
Yea I don't think so she loved
my dad very much.
I know, Aleco had no choice.
The marriage was set when
Haroula was born.
Don't blame your mother,
sometimes you don't choose love,
it choose you.
Thank you Spiro,
means a lot to me.
Where you close to my parents?
Yes Koukla.
But now is not the right time
to talk.
Haroula will be back soon.
Why is she still so angry after
so many years?
Its complicated Olive.
Come, I don't need trouble.
Thank you.
You are burnt.
Need some protection.
Its okay,
I've got some cream now.
I'm so embarrassed I fell asleep
on you didn't I?
You were tired.
I woke up this morning
and you were gone.
I had many things to do.
What things?
Psshh, things.
A wedding?
No, its three o'clock.
[Blows raspberry]
Come on I'll never get it.
Spiro, I've been stupid woman.
I know.
don't think about
what I said the other day.
You are the love of my life,
there's no one else.
I know.
So, enough now with Athena.
Told you!
How is this possible?
You make all the wrong moves,
you still beat me.
[Olive sighs]
I'm just better than you.
No one is better than me.
Olive, Olive.
Stop trying to distract me.
But you're still gonna lose.
[Speaking in Greek]
Dinner for two.
Who brought that?
Thank you for looking
after the shop.
What took you so long? Huh?
And don't even think
about lying to me.
Oh, I see.
These are amazing.
My bet is on Spiro.
Haroula would never let him
bring you all this.
Then who else?
Where are those bells
coming from?
What bells?
The little bells ringing
I'm glad I ring your bells.
I'm serious, its like the bells
the papas ring in church.
So its true.
What's true?
The villagers say this house
is haunted,...
...but I never believed.
Many years ago,
when the communists moved
into our village
they caught a priest
who was helping the rebels
in the mountains
and they brought him here,
to this house
and they tortured him.
And when he died they just threw
his body down the well.
They say you can still hear
his bells ringing,
and that this house is cursed.
That's why it was so badly
damaged in the earthquake.
Come, we go to my house.
How do you like
spending your time?
I read, a lot.
My mother was very sad
after I was born,
she never got better.
So growing up I become
in how a woman thinks,...
...and you don't let go.
Yes I do.
No Koukla,
in that moment you stop.
You're scared.
Of what?
Not being in control.
Okay so, I may have been told
that before...
[Inhales and exhales]
I don't know, maybe the
uncertainty hurts too much,
I hate not knowing.
If you cannot let go,
you cannot live.
You have to surrender
everything, even the pain,
and this pain
here is a reminder
that you are alive.
Sounds terrifying.
So my wise gorgeous man,
what are we gonna do today?
I thought we'd spend
the day together.
Sorry Koukla, I have other
things I must do.
Oh ok.
I thought you were on holiday?
So, who was that?
Oh some little sheep having fun.
So um...
...I was thinking.
...maybe I should set up a small
practice in the village
to earn some money.
Yes you could,
how long are you staying?
I don't know, its not like
I have much to rush home to.
You mustn't stay for me Olive.
Of course not.
Is this just a holiday fling
for you?
It is what it is.
You have a fling every summer?
Don't make this bad Olive,
its doesn't have to be.
Not every relationship
has to be forever.
Sure, okay.
I have to go.
I've been wondering
where you've been.
Thanks for watering
the garden for me.
So Nikos is your boyfriend now?
Not anymore.
Stupid house.
Going to break like everything
in your life.
Jet stop.
Look I'm sorry.
I'm sorry,
I haven't been around.
How about we go
for a swim tomorrow
when I get back from Athens?
Why you go Athens?
I have some business to do.
What business?
None of your business.
If you need money
I give back to you.
You haven't spent it?
I saving it.
For what?
But take it back.
No you've earned it
fair and square.
So you selling your watch?
No I, I threw it down the well.
Why didn't you tell me
about the papas ghost?
Jet Because maybe he comes back.
I don't think he's ever left.
I heard his bells
the other night.
Jet you don't have to be afraid,
I'm pretty sure the papas
was a good person
and he would never hurt you,
only protect you.
Here, hold it tight close your
eyes and make a wish.
And throw it down the well.
Come, I show you something.
My parents told me
about this church.
Its where I make my wishes.
My papa showed me.
He said that if you want
a thing in life,
you must believe
and it will come.
Just like my parking angels.
Maybe, make a wish now.
[Both exhales]
Jet is in love, Jet is in love!
Leave him alone!
[Costa groans]
Costa, the more you think about
it the worse it will be,
common think about
something else.
Imagine you are swimming
in the sea or picking olives.
I promise I won't hurt you.
Its my first time.
I can see.
Hi, is this City Planning?
[Slurping soda]
Excuse me.
Costa, what are you doing here?
So sorry to interrupt.
Excuse me Sir,
please can you help me.
I have been trying to get
divorced from my wife,
for 5 years.
I don't know
where else I can go.
All I need is one official stamp
to make it legal.
I stamp it.
Only out of the goodness
of my heart.
It will cost you e100.
No problem.
[Speaking in Greek]
Thank you, thank you!
So as I was saying.
My father had no siblings,
so we believe the house
would have been left to him.
Jannis The name?
Aleco Papadopolous.
I also wrote you a letter
but I never heard anything back.
[Slurping soda]
These things take time.
Ah, here is your letter.
I will have to run a search and
make enquiries.
How long will that take?
Months, maybe years.
Are you kidding me?
Would you like me to do it
or not?
Yes, yes, we might as well get
the process started thank you.
And I advise you
not to be tempted
to start building until
we establish true ownership.
Nikos, what is this?
Now the sun won't bother you.
Are you still angry with me?
No its city planning,
this is gonna get me
in a lot of trouble.
You worry too much.
They will never find out.
Don't be so sure.
Hello Panajoti!
Just in time, this is Olive.
Olive this is my cousin
he has been helping me
unblock the well.
[Speaking in Greek]
-We are nearly finished no?
-Yea, nearly nearly.
Is this what you've been
busy with?
Yes, and for this you are angry
with me?
-I'm so embarrassed, I'm sorry.
-Don't worry,
I'm happy you are
talking to me.
You really are quite wonderful.
I know.
Listen, I'm late.
I need to meet Jet for a swim.
I'll see you later.
Hi, I'm Olive.
I'm looking for Jet,
have you seen him?
No, everyone is always
looking for him!
I'm sorry its just,
I was supposed to meet him
and I was a bit late,
I'm a bit worried.
Don't waste your breath,
he is impossible, impossible!
[Olive gasps]
Nikos don't unblock the well!
[Taking deep breaths]
[Olive panting]
Spiro, please help.
Its Jet, he's fallen down
the well
and Nikos has gone up
the mountain to unblock it!
Haroula watch the shop!
[Taking deep breaths]
Oh my God.
[Taking deep breaths]
What was he thinking?
We have an audience to watch
the water arrive.
Nikos hurry,
Jet's fallen down the well!
Panajoti put the rocks
back quickly!
George go help him!
[Speaking in Greek]
What are you waiting
for Nikos?
Get down there!
For Pete's sake!
We don't have time
for your superstitions!
[Taking deep breaths]
[Speaking in Greek]
The waters coming faster,
[Speaking in Greek]
Get the stretcher from the car.
[Speaking in Greek]
[Speaking in Greek]
One, two, three!
Go, go Olive, go!
Slowly, slowly.
[Speaking in Greek]
I've got his legs.
[Taking deep breaths]
Okay, come, come, come!
Olive come quick!
No, go just go!
You're not going?
[Breathing heavily]
I'm going to phone Haroula,
you want a coffee?
My boy.
I should have known something
was wrong.
Its not looking good Haroula,
the doctors say he hit
his head very hard
he might not survive.
Look what she's done.
If Olive did not find him,
who knows what would
have happened.
If it wasn't for her,
he wouldn't have been
down that well.
I've have had enough
of this Haroula!
Our niece was the only one brave
enough to go down the well,
I don't want to hear want more
bad thing about her!
-But Spiro--
-SPIRO: Enough!
Please, please be okay Jet.
I just can't do hospitals
The last time I was in one
I was holding my dad's hand
praying for him
to open his eyes
and he never did.
You're not running
from the fear of Hospital.
You're running from the fear
of yourself.
I'm sorry I got so heavy
with you the other day.
Its okay.
No, its not.
Its what I always do.
I meet a man and I so badly want
them to be the one
I forget to enjoy
what's in front of me.
You are such a wonderful,
beautiful woman Olive.
Any man would be
very lucky to have you.
I love that little boy so much.
I know.
He loves you.
This house is Government
property now.
Its seems your father didn't
like to pay tax
like many of his fellow
He thought he was smart so he
ran before he could be arrested.
This house will be valued,
sold and the back taxes paid
to the Government.
Here is your e200
fine for making alterations.
I don't have this kind of money.
Maybe you should have thought
about this before you started
messing with Greek history.
-Please, I'm sorry.
-Its too late for sorry.
You are a conniving
horrible woman
with a chip on your shoulder
bigger than the Acropolis!
How dare--
No, you are going to hear me out
for a change.
Can you not spare anyone
just a little joy,
just a little happiness?
I guess not because
your heart is too hard.
Don't you get it?
They had to leave because
otherwise my father
would have been arrested
for tax evasion.
And what do you think
it was like for them
starting in a new country?
What would you know?
You've never left this village,
happy to bully your kind husband
and tell lies
to all of your friends while you
read their coffee cups.
Well are you happy now?
Do you really believe my father
would have been the answer to
all your problems?
We make our own happiness
There's a taxi outside for you
to go home.
Take a shower,
I'll be here when you get back.
Thank you.
You missed
a really exciting day today.
This crazy Greek man drove all
the way from Athens
to shout at me.
I think you would have had
a good laugh watching me
get into trouble.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
I'm sorry.
I am a stubborn woman who
doesn't know when to stop.
My sister raised
a wonderful woman.
Yes, I am your aunt.
I couldn't tell you,
in my heart she was dead.
Aleco was supposed to be mine.
And one night my big sister
and the love of my life
just disappeared,
not a word, not goodbye...
...and I could never
forgive her.
She held on to the secret
for 35 years.
Maybe ashamed,
or it hurt too much.
Who knows?
But I think Aleco
inherited a lot
of his father's business
But I would never have left
the village with him,
Athena was always up
for an adventure.
Its so hard to believe my father
ever did anything wrong he was--
he was such a wonderful man.
Yes Koukla.
But our souls don't die.
We move on to a better place
when we're ready
and our time has come.
Do you know, that Jetmir means
good life, in Albanian.
Maybe this was his.
Its going to be okay Koukla,
it is I promise.
I will speak to our cousin at
city planning about the house.
I will sort out this mess
I've made, okay.
Okay, come, come here.
Its okay.
Thank you for opening
my heart
and showing me that love comes
in many shapes and sizes,
especially little ones.
[Olive sniffles]
[Overlapping speech]
I owe you.
You save my life.
You saved mine.
I lost my toothbrush.
Can you make me another?
I'm so happy you're not finished
with what you came here to do.
Finished what?
Olive, you still speaking
What I'm trying to say is
welcome back.
What are you doing here?
Your mom was beside herself.
I bet she was, she has a lot of
answering to do.
So you know?
Its okay mom.
For all we knew you could have
been run over,
drowned or abducted by some mad
Hey, I'm Albanian.
-I missed you.
-I missed you.
We were worried about you.
This is such a great surprise.
-C: You look amazing.
-OLIVE: Thanks C.
[Olive chuckles]
Oh, I forget give
watch back to you.
Jet, I can't believe you
did that for me.
Why Olive?
I love you.
We all do.
Oh and we came to tell you that
you won the competition
for naturally white.
Also Doctor Jacobs says
you can come back
to your job anytime.
If you ever decide to come back.
Stupid bin!
Now why didn't we think of that?
There is an umbrella over you,
protecting you.
And a long trip.
Tell me something I don't know.
That you are a very brave,
strong woman.
Who I have missed
with all my heart.
[Speaking in Greek]
Finally I can breathe again.
Now come,
tell me what else you see.
Yes, yes.
There is a man waiting
for Olive at the airport
he plays the umm.
Spiro, Spiro,
how do you call this thing?
The flute.
Yes, no.
The Saxophone.
Something like that.
-Its music.
Anyway, no you put your finger
in the cup
and you make a wish.
Bravo, now your wish will come
and Olive will meet
her new husband.
Its not what I wished for.
Not bad.
Hello Olive.
For me?
Your goodbye present.
Thanks Olive.
You turn it on over here.
And then you frame
the picture that you want
and you smile and you click.
KID 1:
Can we see?
[Kids gasping]
Take all of us now.
Yeah, sure!
Now the trick is
to make it nice and smooth.
So that there's no grit.
Open up Haroula.
And then you work gently around
them in a circular motion.
Wanna try?
Thats it, there you go.
Now you can add dental hygienist
to your resume.
[Speaking in Greek]
Huh, you look like a film star.
So when you come back?
I don't know.
Maybe when the walls finally
fall down.
Thank you.
No, Baptism!
I'll never get it.
This is for you Koukla.
And this, this is for me,
I come to collect my things.
I knew it was you.
Take this with you,
for protection.
Can you hear that too?
[Bleating in distant]
-Bye Olive!
-Bye Olive!
Bye Koukla!
Goodbye Olive!
Goodbye good life!
She was my best friend.
She will be back.