Good Luck Jerry (2022) Movie Script

Attention, dear passengers.
Train Gareeb Yatra from Darbhanga
to Punjab is two hours...
I beg your pardon,
it's 22 and a half hours late.
Please wait patiently.
Life is taking you for a ride
Why do you have so much pride?
Life is taking you for a ride
Why do you have so much pride?
Get lost!
In my dreams
Life looked like
A shiny ad for a car
But in reality
My life is a ramshackle bus
Trundling down
The potholed roads of life
Like worn-out tyres
And poets who can't rhyme
Like petty liars
My life goes on
Get lost!
Life is taking you for a ride
Why do you have so much pride?
Life is taking you for a ride
Why do you have so much pride?
So much pride
Over there...
under the cot.
Under it...
They're leaving.
I'll be right there.
Wow, bro.
Is your mother able to recognise
one from the other?
Of course.
She's educated...
not from Bihar.
Silly girl.
What are you doing?
Don't you know it has
to be delivered tomorrow?
You guys are the limit!
It's heavy, Sarbati.
-I'll manage.
-Let me help you.
Let me take this.
Not my fault.
No problem, aunty.
-Pick them up, 30-second rule.
I'm an honest woman.
Forget the ones that
have fallen on the ground.
I don't want to serve these
and burn in hell.
Have you resigned?
Mummy, madam is back.
You guys, leave.
Who are you?
Why do you want to
go inside the house?
Mummy, please--
Don't call me Mummy.
I'm not your mother anymore.
Mummy, I want to go to the bathroom.
Stop this drama.
Have you given up that dirty job?
Let me go, Mummy.
Or else, I'll do it here!
I know...
you're capable of that.
You can do anything you want.
Your parents
don't mean anything to you.
Why are you bringing Papa into this?
He is dead, Mummy.
You talk too much.
No, he isn't.
He's standing right here in a sari.
If I don't guide her, who will?
She has to work
to earn money.
Don't speak to me about money.
I could've cooked
non-vegetarian food if I wanted.
I'd earn 4 more
for chicken dumplings.
But I didn't.
I only make vegetable dumplings.
I'm not doing this for you!
I'm doing it for myself,
to earn money,
so that I can get out
of this rathole.
Rathole, huh? Rat--
Come out, I want to talk to you.
Sarbati, patience.
Get some water
for your mother, Cherry.
She works in a massage parlour!
And you want me to be patient?
Has the ceiling
of your house fallen?
-What are you doing here then?
Go home.
She has become so selfish, Mummy.
I can't get married because of her.
Your massaging is ruining my future.
Will you stop this drama?
I'm aware that I'm a girl, Mummy.
When to smile or to cry...
when to talk or to keep quiet...
I know.
I'll manage.
Dumplings are originally
from Darjeeling.
They're being made by Biharis
and being gobbled up by Punjabis.
Just like my fate is gobbling me up!
Papa died in a stampede
two years ago.
That's when our lives ended as well.
Ever since then, we've been trying
to get our lives together again.
Every day there is a new struggle.
Instead of waiting for others
to say it, I will say it.
Uncle, at least add some milk!
So, Fatty, what's up?
The usual.
Rinku, I heard...
you got rejected by
Khatri's daughter too.
Never mind her.
Rinku has high standards.
Have you seen her teeth?
Her face looks like
a kitchen grinder.
Her teeth grind together
every time she smiles.
How can she reject Rinku?
I've lost interest
in studies, Mummy.
Please get me married soon.
This is the house.
Is there a wedding?
I've lost interest
in studies, Mummy.
Please get me married soon.
Where are the guests?
I'm going in.
Every time I close my eyes,
I see you.
I can't live without you.
Aunty, I want to
marry your daughter.
I'm ready to marry her.
Look, I'm ready.
-Marry her off to me.
Who the hell are you?
How did you get in?
My love wasn't receiving my calls.
I got restless.
Get her to talk to me, please.
I know how to deal with
chickens like you!
Understand? Get lost.
I'm not leaving.
I will marry Cherry.
Marry me, Cherry.
-Get lost!
-I'm not leaving without Cherry.
-Oh, Cherry?
Mine... Jerry.
Oh, my brother-in-law!
You're so cool, man.
What "brother-in-law"?
Are you crazy?
You think there's no "man"
in the family to protect them?
Aunty, let me marry Jerry.
-What's going on?
-I'll take care of everything.
I'll be the man of the house.
What's happening?
Who are you guys?
Uncle... I am Rinku.
I don't care
whether you're Rinku or Pinku.
Get out or I'll call the police.
What will the police do?
Beat me up?
I'm in love, uncle.
And lovers are not afraid
of anything!
Yeah, right.
Get out or I'll break your legs.
Hello, who are you to intervene?
Why are you hitting the poor guy?
You're a neighbour, act like one.
Who do you think you are?
That doesn't matter.
Who the hell are you?
I love Jerry.
I love Cherry.
And I love Sarbati!
You're as cute as a flower
That's so beautiful
Sparkling like a firefly
As precious as stardust
Don't shy away
Like a touch-me-not
Don't fly away
Like wisps of cotton
Even if you float away
You will return to me
You're as cute as a flower
That's so beautiful
Sparkling like a firefly
As precious as stardust
-You give me a massage.
-Go inside.
Your eyes hide tales
Of sweet sorrow
Rare to find nowadays
Is your sweet innocence
You're lost in your thoughts
Do you ever laugh out loud?
Do you ever express your feelings?
Which song do you hum to yourself?
You're as cute as a flower
That's so beautiful
Don't shy away
Like a touch-me-not
Don't fly away
Like wisps of cotton
Even if you float away
You will return to me
You'll find it spicy.
I told you the ones near
our place are better.
Fine, you can go there.
Don't get offended.
He adds chemicals.
It tastes synthetic.
Since you're in the food business,
you should take feedback positively.
What happened?
Do you want water?
Did you make it too spicy?
No, she's having the sweet ones.
Please give some water.
Do you have a chair?
Look, she has lung carcinoma
with mediastinal lymphadenitis
and multiple lung opacities.
In simpler words...
she has lung cancer, stage two.
But there's nothing to worry about.
Radiation therapy and chemotherapy
are available.
Certain cases require both.
-The cost?
Do you have health insurance?
Each sitting will cost
up to 150,000.
In total, it'll cost...
around 2 million.
The initial stages of treatment
will show
how your mother is responding.
As the sessions progress,
her health should start improving.
I know you need it.
Please keep it.
We need 2 million.
Do you have that much?
No need to act so generous.
If I had 2 million,
would I be running
this massage parlour?
Please, ma'am. I'll pay you back.
How will you pay me back?
That too such a large amount?
-Let's go.
-Come on...
Such an expensive hospital.
I don't want to go.
-Where are you going?
One minute.
I can only help if aunty has HIV.
See this one.
An important announcement
by the police.
-There's a 20% discount.
Help the police stop terrorism.
If you see any suspicious bag...
He's hiding here in the market.
...or a suspicious person,
inform the police.
Sir, I'll call you back.
You there!
Catch him!
Don't let him escape.
Catch him.
Nab him.
Trying to escape?
Sorry, sir,
I didn't realise while opening--
No problem, miss.
He's a criminal;
he was running away.
You helped us catch him.
I'll take you to the police station
and beat you up.
Where have you hidden the drugs?
These guys hide the drugs
in all sorts of places.
I can't discuss this
in front of the ladies.
-Take him away.
-Come on.
-Thank you.
-Let's go.
What about our reward?
He's a petty thief.
If there were rewards
for catching these guys,
I'd be a senior officer by now.
Uncle, but you said he's a criminal.
Move away!
Hey, you!
Why were you arguing?
He's a cop.
So what?
Hurry up. Go!
Go, go...
And you are?
I'm Jigar, he's Daddu,
and the one with
the broken neck is Timmy sir.
And this is...
my gun.
-Put it away.
We don't have anything, sir.
This is not even a gold chain.
We don't want your stuff.
We want our stuff.
Get to the point, bro.
Look, miss, remember the guy
you banged into?
The police caught him.
Amazingly, he hid our stuff
in a toilet before that.
You will go and get it for us.
-No thanks, excuse us.
Do I look like I'm begging?
You won't be excused.
respect the ladies.
The police are inside;
our boys can't go in.
They won't suspect you.
Please go and get it.
-Your sister stays with us till then.
Buy her an ice cream.
-Please, sir...
-It was by mistake.
-It was a mistake.
It was an accident!
Do you want one or two?
-Get our stuff.
-Give us ice cream.
It was an accident, sir.
-Search them.
Please let me go in, sir.
It will only take me two minutes.
We're searching the place;
you can't go in.
-I'll be in trouble, sir.
-Yes, sir?
What's the problem?
She's saying
she left some paper inside.
I'll be in big trouble, sir.
Sir, please.
Let her go in.
-You can go in.
Listen carefully, miss.
Our guy has hidden the stuff
inside one of the toilets.
You have to find it and get it.
Gents toilet.
Fine, give me two days.
I'll call you in two minutes.
I'll call you.
Tell me...
Timmy, she's here.
What do you think?
Can she save you?
Got it?
Take it out. I won't look.
Take it out.
Inside the bag?
Sir, it's in the tiffin box.
Those cops can smell our shit
from miles away.
Sorry, please excuse my language.
Sir, the tiffin box...
Want it back?
do you have a plastic bag?
Get a plastic bag.
Give me a bag.
Take it.
I'll close it.
Let me close it, sir.
don't tell anyone about all this.
You better not blabber
to your boyfriend--
I don't have a boyfriend, sir.
You don't?
No, sir.
May I go?
No, Timmy. No.
Yes, sir?
Leave that strand of hair as it is.
You look pretty.
-Yes, Daddu?
Have you lost your mind?
What if he'd shot us?
It's wrong, Cherry.
And what about the rubbish we have
to deal with? Is that all right?
It's not wrong!
I simply picked up
what had fallen on the ground.
There's a lot of money in it.
Jerry, wake up.
Go and freshen up.
Comb your hair nicely.
-Come in, son.
-Rajinder, come in.
-Come in.
-Hello, ma'am.
-Come in.
I want two photos, son.
One, a family photo
-of the three of us.
-Sure, ma'am.
-The other one is of just me in it.
Put my photo
in a nice, cheap frame
and write the date...
No, don't write the date.
Mr. Anil will tell you
which date to write.
In the shop--
Why don't you die today itself?
You brought him, didn't you?
I didn't know
she called him for this.
What are you trying to prove here?
Would you have done this drama
if I were a boy?
let's get the photo taken today.
My face is still okay now.
I'll look haggard later.
we can use Photoshop to--
Oh, you'll use Photoshop, will you?
You'll use Photoshop?
-Get out of here!
-What are you doing?
-You'll use Photoshop.
You're not dead yet. You're alive.
So am I.
And as long as I'm alive,
I won't let you die.
Daddu, I heard something snap.
It's nothing...
-I heard--
-Do the exercises.
There it is!
I heard it again.
Okay, enough.
Take this off.
that girl is here.
The new one.
The pretty and innocent girl
who'd got our stuff out.
The one you fancied.
You talk too much.
What does she want?
She got our stuff out for us.
She deserves a commission.
How did she know
how much it was worth?
I told her myself.
She asked me and I told her.
-I'm all for honesty.
-Of course.
How did she get our address?
Timmy, is he mad?
Don't you have any brains?
No wonder you're not the boss!
Do you have any common sense?
Remember, I'd lost my wallet?
She found it.
My visiting card was in it.
Personal... it had this address.
Oh, my God...
I checked her background, bro.
It's clear.
Her father is dead,
sister is a student,
mother has cancer.
Poor thing sells ducklings.
-Sells what?
-Ducklings, those small ones.
Idiot, they're called dumplings,
not ducklings.
Get her in.
Close the window, Jigar.
we want to work.
How many of you are here?
Bro, she's from Bihar.
That's how they speak.
She actually means "I".
My mother is ill.
I need money for her treatment.
I'll do whatever you ask me to...
pick up and drop packages...
she thinks we're into illegal stuff.
You're mistaken.
That packet contained flour
to cook samosas.
We sell them in our shop.
You should try them;
they're delicious.
Have one before you leave.
It's too dangerous for a girl.
But I had safely got
the packet out that day.
No one suspected anything.
The cops can smell your shit
from miles away, can't they?
It's not as easy as it was that day.
Sir, please.
Try and understand...
this is a risky job.
So is crossing the road.
Love is also very risky.
It can break your neck.
I'm putting my trust in you.
Don't betray me.
Your mother won't die of cancer...
I'll shoot her.
Come tomorrow.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
be back.
Get a hold of yourself, bro.
Daler sir,
I've checked her background.
Why are you taking my clothes off?
Are you mad?
Her background is clear.
Her father is dead,
her sister is a student.
What have I done?
Are you crazy?
Her mother is suffering from cancer.
Poor thing sells dumplings.
-Put me down.
-Yes, sir.
She is an innocent girl.
Lal won't have a clue.
We've hit the jackpot.
Don't worry.
Remember, Timmy...
she's a girl, all right?
Use your brains. Okay?
-Catch him.
-Be careful, Joginder.
Hey, listen to me...
We will hear you tomorrow.
You fatso...
Tell me
where you've hidden the drugs.
Or else, I'll thrash both of you.
-The drugs are nowhere in the market.
I'm telling you...
-You're known as Danger Lal, sir.
I swear.
Boys get high on kerosene nowadays.
-Do they?
-Yes, sir.
-They must really fear me.
-Yes, sir.
These two won't submit easily.
Then let's help them
with that, shall we?
Cocaine, heroin, smack, stuff...
they're known by different names.
They're worth more than your life.
It's a simple job.
I'm the supplier,
and Malik is the distributor.
You have to pick up the stuff
from me and deliver it to Malik.
Where I get the stuff from
and where Malik sends it...
none of your business.
Do the job well to stay alive.
Killing someone is
not a big deal for us.
With Baba Mardanda's blessings...
get started.
there's a girl here to see you.
Send her in.
Wait, what?
Timmy sir has sent me to--
Fish is the queen of water
And water is her life
If you touch her
She'll get frightened
If you take her out of the water...
She'll die
Roast her in an oven
And it'll be delicious
Squeeze some lemon juice
And she'll make a tasty dish
Sir! My phone...
Fish is the queen of water
Even the walls have ears
This is how we can be safe.
Has Timmy cast a spell on you?
-Are you aware of what you're doing?
It's only flour.
A round of applause, please.
He's clapping for you.
Who are you clapping for?
Shut your mouth, you fool.
I'm sure you want the box back.
You keep your feelings
To yourself
You need to get out of your head
Nothing will make sense again
Forget about the world
Leave it all behind
Pain is the cure
Said the wise man
Pain is what will cure you
Without saying a word...
Pop a paracetamol
Pop a paracetamol
Pop a paracetamol
Pop a paracetamol
Stop! Where do you think
you are going?
I don't have anything.
I don't have anything.
As you make your way
In this world
Take the path less travelled
While your boat may seem unstable
Overcome the odds
And steer it to safety
Guide it to the shore
Without saying a word...
Where did you get so much money?
I took a loan
from the massage parlour.
Pop a paracetamol
Pop a paracetamol
Pop a paracetamol
Pop a paracetamol
O Goddess,
please accept my blood offering.
Cure Mummy and make Cherry mine.
Should we use this design, Jerry?
What's your name?
Excuse me?
What do you do here?
I'm sure you do something.
Why else would you be here?
Hello. What's happening?
Nothing much.
You're useless at catching thieves.
Now you want to play macho cop here?
Don't be scared.
He is my husband.
With Him as my guide
I have nothing to fear
With Him by my side
Many questions arise
Don't have any regrets
Send out a quiet plaint...
He hears your silent prayers
Your deep desires
He may be invisible
But He is around us, all-seeing
You'll realise you're a part of Him
If you believe
You may not be aware of this
Without saying a word...
Pop a paracetamol
Pop a paracetamol
Pop a paracetamol
Pop a paracetamol
It's urgent.
Your life is in danger.
What did I do?
Not you... God...
by making me so handsome.
All the girls
are losing their mind over me.
Jasmine came home
the day before yesterday.
She thinks she's an angel!
I don't think she's any good though.
She came and fell
at my parents' feet,
saying, "Uncle... aunty...
"Rinku and I belong together."
Then she pounced on me saying,
"Rinku, promise me you're mine!"
I looked at her...
and said, "Jasmine...
"Come on, stand up...
"What does 'no' mean?
"'No' means no. Okay?
"Now, go.
"And listen,
take your cell phone with you.
"Don't use it
as an excuse to meet me, okay?
her face fell, you know?
Jerry, don't...
I am yours... only yours.
I rejected her, didn't I?
It's okay... You can go.
She's crying...
Oh, God!
Such innocence!
Inspector Lal,
the city is flooded with drugs
and you're sleeping?
-Who is it?
-Never mind.
There's a girl who's making you
-look like a fool every day.
-A girl?
Punjab Roadways.
Bus number PB-05-7474.
What does she look like?
Where does she board the bus?
do you have her photograph?
You go back to sleep.
People say, "Inspector Lal
is a dangerous guy."
Come on...
-Stop the car.
You guys, go check.
Search everyone.
No one should be left out.
each passenger will be searched.
Be quiet and sit patiently.
-Madam, you search all the women.
-You search the ladies.
-Yes, sir.
Check properly.
Take your bags out, everyone.
Madam, show me your bag.
Open your bag.
Check properly.
Whose bag is this?
Open the bags and search them.
Hello, madam!
I'm talking to you.
Sir is asking you something.
Hello, madam, look here.
Are you trying to avoid
getting searched?
I know Inspector Lal.
Kusum, move aside.
I'll check.
Give me your bag.
-Please give me your bag, madam.
Take your bag.
What's inside?
Comic books...
What's this?
It's just food!
Come on, leave.
You got away because
I was there, Timmy.
Otherwise, Lal would
have hit the jackpot.
Okay, bye.
Stop crying, Jerry.
Okay, sir...
Nothing happened.
Jassi is one of our guys.
It could have gone wrong, sir.
Timmy has a lot of enemies,
one of them must be behind this.
No, sir.
Even I have a lot of enemies.
Everyone is jealous of me...
because of the way I work.
Or else how would the police
get to know of my trip?
I'm really scared, sir.
Use your brains, Timmy!
-Whose phone is this?
-It's mine, sir.
Come here.
-Where's the call history?
-No, sir...
No... it wasn't me.
No, sir.
I like her.
It wasn't me. Madam.
I swear on my mother.
It wasn't me...
Sir, it wasn't me.
Did someone use your phone?
Joginder had used it in the morning.
He must have called the cops.
One of you has informed the cops.
You tell me
why he would've done it.
And you tell me why he would have.
Sir, I swear on Baba Mardanda...
I didn't make any calls.
I'm sure this rascal did.
Shut up. Why will I inform the cops?
Because you need money to
take your girlfriend out on dates.
He has been sitting idle
ever since she has come.
He's lying, sir.
-My girlfriend is rich; she pays.
-No, sir.
Madam is from Bihar
and he has a problem with that.
Let me explain, sir.
Jerry is a girl, and he's insecure
because she's earning more than him.
That's why this dog
has informed the cops.
You know what, sir?
He wanted to be the boss.
When he saw you giving
all your attention to her,
he tried to get her
out of his way by...
He is such a big liar!
Ditto, sir.
Don't copy my line.
-Go on...
Nothing like that--
Hail Baba Mardanda!
Hail him.
-Take him away.
-Clean the mess.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, madam.
Sir, I'm not convinced.
What if he's behind this
and you have shot the wrong guy?
No, Jerry...
my instincts are never wrong.
Oh, please. You thought
Rita would marry you,
but your instincts were wrong.
That's right, sir.
Instincts can be wrong.
We can't take a risk.
There's no hurry.
You can take a break.
Don't let her talk you
into this, sir.
She's talking rubbish.
Don't believe her. She's a girl!
My uncle lives in Thailand.
I'd rather die than betray you.
No way.
Don't listen to her.
Shoot him, only then I'll leave.
No, sir...
Don't listen to her.
No, sir...
I know you didn't do this.
But it's impossible
to find someone like her.
She's great at her job.
I can lose 10 guys like you...
but I can't lose her.
No, sir...
Don't believe her.
Don't listen to her.
Sir, she'll get me killed!
You'll need me!
Please don't, sir!
Please, sir...
Should I spare him?
Sir, I'll die!
Don't listen to her!
No, sir...
Sir, don't listen to her.
She'll get me killed!
...trying to avoid getting searched?
Open your bag, madam.
You'll need me.
Don't, sir!
I'll die, sir.
Please, sir.
What do you want to discuss, Jerry?
Sir, I...
Mr. Timmy...
I can't work for you anymore.
Please settle my dues.
What's wrong?
I just killed two guys for you.
That's what scares me, sir.
Your men think...
I'm stealing their jobs.
What should I do, Jerry?
Should I kill them all for you?
His Poor Majesty enters.
Look at him...
Stop, Timmy.
Why are you hitting them?
No, let's go inside.
Be careful with your neck.
Sit down.
-Let go!
Take care.
There are only two ways
you can quit this job.
Either get shot
by the cops or by us.
What should I do with you?
You're a good girl.
I'll let you go.
You're a good man.
Come and take
your money tomorrow.
come tomorrow.
What's wrong?
Why are you sulking?
I'm not.
Are you crazy?
I have ice cream up my nose.
Oh, come on!
Cherry, don't...
Cherry, please!
You're so serious these days.
Hello, Mr. Timmy.
How are you, Jerry?
Take the bag.
Thank you, Mr. Timmy.
You think I'm a nice guy, Jerry?
Are you sure?
You've helped me so much, Mr. Timmy.
You're leaving;
you'll lead a happy life.
What about me?
You're very clever, Jerry.
You know exactly
when to call me sir,
when to call me Timmy
or Mr. Timmy.
-Mr. Timmy--
You work in a massage parlour,
don't you?
Yes, but...
Give me a massage now.
Mummy, Cherry, we have to leave...
Dumplings with spicy chutney.
Press harder.
Hurry up, aunty.
Or else, you'll miss the train.
So, where are you going?
Patna or Darbhanga?
I'll shoot her.
Should I?
Should I shoot her or not?
-Quick, tell me.
Wait... Move away.
-Come on.
Daddu... Mr. Daddu.
My name is Mohinder Singh Chandal.
Mohinder Singh Chandal.
Mr. Chandaal--
Not Chandaal! Chandal.
Mr. Chandaal--
Not Chandaal! Chandal.
She did all this for me.
For me...
Keep quiet, aunty.
Sit there.
Aunty, sit. Sit down.
Poor Timmy...
He will be bedridden for life.
It's not what you think, sir.
I didn't do anything.
I really didn't.
I just pushed him.
His pants were down.
He tripped and fell.
Why are you laughing?
I knew it right when I saw you...
you're a shrewd and--
Yes, Uncle?
Yes, she is here.
-Move, Daddu.
Uncle wants to talk to you.
Hello, sir.
Hello, my child?
How are you?
I didn't do anything, sir.
No, no.
Don't be scared.
It'll be an easy death.
No, sir. Please don't do this.
I give you my word.
So, tell me...
should we start with your mother
or your sister?
No, sir...
listen to me.
I'll do whatever you want.
Good boy.
That's like it.
The powder will reach
your house tomorrow.
You have to deliver it
to Malik's farm.
Then you're free.
I'll do it, sir. I'll do it.
Okay. 100 kilos.
How can I deliver 100 kilos, sir?
No problem.
Put me on speaker.
Okay, sir.
You're on speaker, sir.
Yes, sir?
Hail Baba Mardanda!
Hail Baba Mardanda!
No, don't!
I'll do it.
Okay. See you, buh-bye.
What have you done!
Sarbati, what are you doing?
She's your daughter!
But, Sarbati...
I was trying to help.
Why have you left me alone
And gone away?
I have heard
There's no pain or sadness there
A place full of stars
Give me a sign
With a shooting star
I'll wish upon it
And ask for everything
My heart desires
You're in this mess because of me.
I'll get you out of it.
Did we get overconfident?
Why are you getting involved
in this mess, Anil uncle?
You are like my family.
But what we're doing--
You're not family,
so don't try to be.
Know your place.
-Please leave.
-I won't.
What do you mean you won't leave?
-I'm not going.
I'm not going anywhere.
This is my house too...
-My family...
Listen to me carefully.
there's no difference between
food delivery and drug delivery.
The only difference is fear.
You won't be scared
when you're delivering dumplings.
But when you're delivering drugs,
you'll be scared.
It'll show on your face,
and the cops will notice it.
So you need to control
your expressions.
Pretend to be totally innocent.
If anyone asks questions,
start crying.
Get it?
I understand.
-Jerry, listen...
Don't get smart with me.
I am not Timmy.
Start with your drama.
The vehicle will come
outside your house.
My driver will get off,
and you have to drive the vehicle.
Why do I have to drive?
Take a look at my men.
Now look at your people.
Now think like a cop.
I get it.
Can you drive, Anil uncle?
I used to be a truck driver.
I even have a licence.
Are you all right, Sarbati?
-Do you want water?
What's wrong, Mummy?
Mummy, what happened?
I'm just acting.
Me too.
Is this okay, Jerry?
Please help.
Mummy is sick.
She is shivering.
We need to take her to the hospital.
Jigar, let me check.
Are you crazy?
Come out...
Come out.
-What is it?
-It was an accident.
Come out.
That girl was shouting for help,
so that's why we are here.
This girl is mine.
The neighbourhood is mine.
And you'll help her?
-How come?
-Why? What's the problem?
Get lost.
Rinku, no...
Try your luck elsewhere.
-Why are you doing this, Rinku?
-Come out of the car.
What if I don't?
Watch it!
-Shut the...
This is Rinku's neighbourhood!
Let go of my hand.
I'll teach him a lesson.
What are you doing?
Mummy is sick.
We have to take her to the hospital.
That's why I'm here, baby.
Oh... we can go in that car.
Why will you go in that car?
You can take this one.
Have you seen these guys, baby?
One look at them
and the patient will die!
I'll get you...
try to understand.
Is he mad?
You're so shy!
Always worried about
what people might say.
No one will find out about us.
I'm having an affair with her.
I'll go and get your mother.
Don't bother, Rinku.
She's my mother-in-law.
Silly girls.
No, Rinku...
-Wait, you don't understand...
your son is here.
Oh, no...
Take the settee along...
-Settee! -Who's Settee?
The bed. Take the bed along.
You'll get a bed in the hospital.
This used to be Papa's bed.
She doesn't want to die
on someone else's bed.
My dead husband's bed!
Her husband died on this bed too.
Hurry up...
Don't worry, Mummy.
You'll be fine.
What's wrong?
This is true love.
I love you, Mummy.
promise me.
You'll never sleep
on anyone else's bed.
-Fine, I won't.
-Come on, help us.
I'll get you a fantastic bed.
By the way,
what is she suffering from?
-Nothing infectious, right?
-No, it isn't.
Lift the bed. Mummy...
Guys, come in and help.
What happened?
What are you doing?
Why are you touching my feet?
You lift that corner.
What are you doing?
Not on your shoulders.
She's still alive!
Let's go.
What's it called again? Shetty?
-Don't worry.
-This Shetty is really heavy.
What are you doing?
Mind the spider webs!
They're on my face.
My vessels!
You idiots! What's all this crap?
Go back.
Turn, turn, round, round...
You are in Rinku's hand, Mummy.
Just relax.
-Let's go, Jerry.
-Good job. That should do it.
-Sit inside.
-No, Rinku.
-Anil uncle.
-He will drive.
Why? I'll drive.
Try and understand, Rinku.
Oh, understand...
Oh, she wants me to sit with her,
hold her hand,
keep her head on my shoulder
and cry.
-Go ahead, uncle.
-Yes, all right.
-Let's go.
-Careful with the gears.
I don't want to study
Let's go, quick.
Get me married soon, Mummy
Oh, no!
Let's go.
Hurry up.
Get me married...
Let's go, uncle.
Save Mummy! Get Cherry!
Take a deep breath, Mummy.
Don't worry.
I, Rinku Khanna, promise you that
I will take care
of both your daughters.
All right?
You can peacefully...
not worry.
Drive faster!
Yes, bro.
Jerry, police.
Mummy, start coughing.
Don't be afraid.
-I'll talk to the police.
-Rinku, no!
Stop the car.
What's wrong, sir?
We have a patient.
A woman, sir...
What's going on?
-What's wrong with her?
-She's very sick, sir.
It's an emergency.
We're taking her to the hospital.
-Give me the file.
-Show me her file.
Take a look, sir.
The doctor asked us to take her--
Jerry baby...
Sit inside, Rinku.
I'll handle this.
Go and sit.
What are you doing, Rinku?
This poor old mother
Your mother
My mother too
Is going for treatment
And telling everyone her story
Leaving her children behind
She's about to die
Die... die...
This is so unfortunate
Midway we got stopped by wolves
Who are tearing off her flesh
They're showing off their power
Power... power...
You stand at every crossing
-Asking for bribes
-Shut up.
-You say you're there to protect us
-Shut up!
Is this the way to behave with us?
Sir, sir, please...
Please, sir.
-I have to go.
Please, listen...
Is this the way to behave with us?
Please, sir.
Lie down, Mummy.
Please let us go.
My mother is very sick.
He is the one who's sick.
Get him admitted as well.
I will, sir.
When I add music to this,
-the entire country will get emotional.
-Who has stopped you?
Then you'll learn a lesson.
I'll take care of it, sir.
I'll take care...
Fraud Michael Jackson.
-Take him away.
-Yes, I will.
Did you bribe to become a cop?
I'm gonna beat up that fool!
Check them.
So, where are you going?
We're following that vehicle.
-Idiots! You think I'm a fool? Get out!
-No, sir.
give him something
to strengthen his heart.
He is easily swayed by emotions.
Yes, sir?
Daddu, as soon as
you receive the goods--
We'll kill the family.
I know that, sir.
I know that very well.
I see Daddu has become intelligent.
Come on, sir...
please call me Mohinder Singh.
Sure, Mohinder.
Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you.
Did you check out Rinku's swag?
If we weren't taking Mummy
to the hospital now,
I would've told her right now.
you can run over anyone
who tries to stop the car.
-Rinku will take care of things.
You know why I've never
played Cops and Robbers?
The game is not about
cops and robbers.
The game is about
robbers and robbers.
What's wrong, baby?
Get off the bed.
Why are you making her
get off the bed?
Do you want to lie down?
This isn't right, Jerry.
-Not now.
-Please lie down, aunty.
-Keep quiet.
What's this?
What is this?
It's what the cops are after.
Yeah, right... drugs...
Such a huge quantity of drugs,
in my van.
It means
you should stop talking shit!
This is cocaine. Cocaine!
Haven't you seen it in movies?
This is worth 100 million.
It has come all the way
from Columbia to Africa,
Africa to Afghanistan,
Afghanistan to Mumbai,
Mumbai to Chandigarh.
And now it's inside your stupid van.
We have to deliver it
to the fish farm.
Till then just keep your trap shut!
If we get caught,
we'll be in jail for 10 years.
What's wrong with this man?
Jerry, police. Again.
-The police are here.
-Mummy, lie down.
The police are here, Jerry.
Shut up!
Or I'll give you a tight slap.
Search the vehicle.
We need to hurry, sir.
Let me check the papers.
She's very sick.
They had stopped us
at the previous checkpost too.
He's my brother.
Fine, you can leave.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you.
That girl works so smoothly.
She's dodging past all checkposts.
Lal won't be able to catch her
in a million years.
Damn, Rinku...
you'll get thrashed today.
How did you forget?
Aunty, I make videos
of my mother's cooking.
She posts cooking videos.
I had to make a video of her
making yam curry today.
And I'm here.
Please stop the car, uncle.
I need to go home.
Do you see that van?
That one?
They'll shoot you
if you get off now.
Just sit quietly.
Do these guys have guns?
Thrilled when the skies are cloudy
Dancing like there's no tomorrow
Thrilled when the skies are cloudy
Dancing like there's no tomorrow
Who's this guy dancing
At a stranger's wedding?
Who is this guy?
This guy will become a peacock
Yes, he has turned into one
Dancing like a peacock
He's dancing like a peacock
Flying straight into trouble
Dancing like a peacock
She'd gone away for 12 years
She brought back a drum
She'll go around like a boss now
Let's get the party started
She'd gone away for 12 years
She brought back a rocket
Holding a Type-C charger
She's looking for a socket!
Let's get the party started
Let everyone dance
Like there's no tomorrow
Who is this guy?
This guy will become a peacock
Yes, he has turned into one
Dancing like a peacock
He's dancing like a peacock
Flying straight into trouble
Dancing like a peacock
Save Mummy! Get Cherry!
-Get off!
-Save Mummy! Get Cherry!
I'm not helping with the settee.
Okay, sir.
I'll take your leave...
The groom...
Yes, you.
What's he saying?
Fish is the queen of water
And water is her life
If you touch her
She'll get frightened
Take her out of the water
Or else, we'll all die!
We'll all die!
Aunty, we've become
real-life drug dealers.
We've delivered
such a huge quantity of drugs.
Uncle, please turn the van around.
Let's go home.
The job might be done, but...
the plan has just begun.
You were to deliver cocaine.
Only 10 kilos of it is cocaine.
The rest is salt!
-If I don't get my stuff...
I'll rip your beard to shreds!
Hey, Daddu, where's my stuff?
Call me Mohinder, sir.
Mohinder my foot!
Where are those rats?
You better make sure
I get my stuff, or I'll--
Where's Jerry, sir?
How the hell will I know
where she is!
She isn't receiving my calls!
My stuff...
One hour.
You have one hour to deliver it.
Otherwise I'll kill you first
and then her.
Get it? Daddu!
You frog! You idiot!
Do you want to die, Jerry?
Where's the stuff?
With me.
All 90 kilos of it.
Jerry, I'll shoot your mother--
I'll disconnect the call.
Keep quiet and listen to me.
Don't take me for a fool.
I know I'm safe
as long as I have the stuff.
Listen carefully.
I'll hand over
the entire thing to you.
You can be the boss.
Tell Daler that Jerry
has fled with the goods.
No way, I don't want to die.
Fine, you can keep living
as a puppet in their hands.
Think about it...
Mr. Mohinder.
You don't need to
worry anymore, Jerry.
You and your family
will be free after this.
Mohinder Singh Chandal assures you--
Yes, sir?
I'm searching for her,
haven't found her yet.
I think she has fled with the goods.
Excuse me?
Okay, sir.
You're on speaker now.
Jerry, my child...
Don't believe her, sir.
She'll get us all in trouble.
Sir, please...
Give me one more chance.
Daddu, I had told you...
she's from Bihar.
Jigar, give the gun to Jerry.
But, Uncle...
Give it.
Jerry, don't...
Shoot Daddu.
Jerry, ask him
to give me another chance!
Help her, Jigar.
Pull the trigger.
one last chance, please.
Pull the trigger, Jerry.
No, please give me one more chance.
-Shoot, Jerry.
Please give me another chance.
I said shoot him.
Shoot, Jerry!
Shoot, Jerry!
-Hail Baba Mardanda!
-Hail Baba Mardanda!
Get the stuff to the restaurant.
We have to go to the restaurant.
Yuck, this one's peeing.
The van disappeared?
Are you crazy?
How can the van disappear?
We were following them.
They were right in front of us,
and we were following them.
Find the van!
The cops haven't caught them.
The cops have been
searching for them all day.
Are you double-crossing me, Malik?
I'm not a loser, Daler.
Had I been interested in the girl,
I would've told the world about it.
I'm not a cheater. I'm straight.
Get me the real stuff
and take the money.
Else, get lost!
Enough for now.
Yes, Bablu?
Brother... it's not salt.
That's great...
Double profit.
it is sugar. Sugar.
It is powdered sugar.
Doesn't this girl feel scared?
Don't you worry,
she may think she's conning us.
I know how to deal with her.
Where have you hidden the stuff?
How dare you hit a woman!
Be a man and talk to me.
I have a black belt.
I can take you on.
Shut up!
I'll tell you the address.
Please let them go.
What? No.
Are you mad? They're dangerous.
Stop this nonsense.
Sir... please don't.
Jerry madam,
please give him the address.
I need to go home.
House number 830, Lane number 3,
Ram Mandir, Jodiwara.
Repeat it.
House number 830...
How much further?
Yes, you are right.
This is the real thing.
Who are you?
All of you?
What are you doing?
What are you doing, Mr. Bablu?
Mr. Bablu...
Stop talking.
I've told you the address.
You'll get the stuff.
I know how to convince you.
I'll shoot your mother in the head.
That should convince you.
Should I shoot her?
Please call my mother
and sister here.
What if your men hurt them?
They'll do no such thing.
I'll be very worried about them.
Please get them here.
Won't it be awkward?
In front of them?
They're here too.
-I'm not with them. I just hitchhiked.
Go in.
Shut up!
I haven't done anything to her.
She's crying already!
go to that side of the room
with your daughter.
It'll be over in 10 minutes.
No. Don't say that, son.
She's like your sister.
-Let go.
-Little sister.
You are a good boy.
Let go.
Let go.
Find something to hit him with.
No, son.
I really respect you.
I won't hit you.
Will you hit me?
No one will hit you.
We will.
Kill us instead.
Hi, Uncle.
Daler sir, good news.
Jerry and her family
were trying to flee,
but I've caught them.
Then get them here.
-Sure, sir.
-Take care.
It's done, sir.
This is the only way you and
your family can be safe, Jerry.
Help us catch Daler,
and you and your family can go free.
Listen to me carefully.
As per the plan, you'll reach
the restaurant with Jassi.
Undercover cops will be there,
and they will give me updates.
Check. Everybody in position?
Yes, sir.
-Position two copy.
Both of you will go upstairs
and engage Daler.
Jassi will give me a signal
when Daler appears,
and we'll nab him.
This is all you have to do.
Get it?
Where are you?
Daler sir.
Where are you, sir?
Keep quiet.
Give me the gun.
Have you reached, Jassi?
Yes, sir.
Left the family behind?
Why isn't this working? Hello?
The police are surrounded
on all sides.
Put your weapons down
or you'll get your ass kicked.
Till they are red!
Form a circle.
Well done. Uncle, you come here.
This way.
You, go over there.
What are you doing?
Want me to shoot?
This is not a circle, bro.
Form a perfect circle.
Don't move or I'll shoot.
Situation under control?
you can come out now.
Took me for a fool, didn't you?
Move back.
Do you know who the real fool is?
There. He's the real fool.
Your admirer.
No, sir.
Sir, I know we're safe
as long as we have the drugs.
Let us go.
You'll get the drugs.
You can leave.
I have your mother and sister.
Introduce us at least.
What's your name, child?
Chhaya Kumari.
Chhaya Kumari.
And you?
Jaya Kumari.
Welcome to Punjab,
Miss Jaya Kumari.
"Ji aaya nu" as they say in Punjabi.
Come here,
earn a living and enjoy life.
Or don't.
What did you think?
That you're the boss now?
No, my child.
I'm the boss here.
I'm a non-violent guy.
But I can't help it.
Work is...
Look, Cherry's boyfriend.
What the hell is going on?
Stand quietly.
Don't move.
Don't you dare move.
Is it a gunshot, sir?
Sir, it's a gunshot!
It's Malik!
-He is mad!
This girl is a sly one, Malik.
Is he crazy?
A pillow won't stop bullets.
Cease fire!
Are you alive?
Speak softly.
Should we go home?
Calm down, brother.
Over here, on the left.
What are you doing?
Wait, stop!
We're on the same team.
Ram Malik is not on anyone's team.
Malik is single!
You're the distributor,
and I'm the supplier.
Of course we're a team.
Look, we've even got the powder now.
Come, let's sit and have a chat.
Come on.
Are you trying to fool me?
Not at all.
You're like my elder brother.
Come with me.
Here you go.
You were worrying unnecessarily.
All the powder is here.
Like the taste?
It's flour.
It's what?
It's flour!
All the drugs... It's flour!
I don't abide by the rules
I don't abide by your textbook
If you build walls around me
I will paint those walls
With my rebellion
People will call me mad
I will hold on to my madness
Trust me, I'll hold on to it
I have renounced the world
She has renounced the world
She has given it all up
At a young age
She has renounced the world
She has given it all up
At a young age
Sarbati, let's go.
Where do you think you're going?
These tricks and traits of yours
You've brought bad luck with you
These tricks and traits of yours
You've brought bad luck with you
With your dagger
You have pierced many hearts
You didn't break hearts
You clawed through them
You're dark and destructive
There's darkness inside you
This night is like
A dangerous kitten
Waiting to grab you
Waiting to pounce
-From high above
The night scares us
With its dark eyes
But my heart is as rebellious
As fireflies
It is determined
To make its way
Through the darkness
She has renounced the world
Hey, Malik...
what are you doing?
Wait... don't shoot.
Where are you hiding, Jerry?
I can sacrifice myself
For you
I owe my life to you
I owe it all to you
He is all-pervading
I give myself unto Him
He is a drop
And the mighty ocean
He is supreme
She has renounced the world
She has given it all up
At a young age
She has renounced the world
Hands up!
Search the place.
Come here.
Where do you think you're going?
Come to the police station.
But we had a deal, sir.
Criminals strike deals,
not the police.
Get it? Come with me.
I know where the real drugs are.
Your house.
My house?
How are you, aunty?
Please come in.
Is she getting the pressure points?
Make sure she's satisfied.
Massage her legs properly.
You don't know who brought it?
I fell asleep after the massage.
Fell asleep?
The house could've been on fire!
Check the cupboard!
May I leave, sir?
Won't you wish me good luck?
Let's go.
A new world awaits
once you conquer your fears.
You don't need to
take a cab to get there.
All you need
is a little bit of courage.
But once you reach there,
I swear you'll love it.
Luck favoured me.
That's why I'm doling out wisdom.
Otherwise, I'd be dead
along with those gangsters.
Before I sign out,
all I want to say is...
Hail Baba Mardanda!