Good Manners (2017) Movie Script

- YES?
- Dona Ana, 15th floor.
Clara Macedo.
I should be on the list.
ELEVATOR'S ON THE LEF Hi, I'm so sorry, I completely
forgot about our appointment
- I thought you had cancelled.
- I was supposed to call?
No, I'm interviewing another
nanny right now.
I see.
Can you wait a little bit?
Wait here,
I'll call you shortly.
Excuse me, Cida.
You were talking about your conditions.
Yes, I only take care of
children up to 3 years old.
This is the first stage of childhood,
the most important for development.
-After this time, I leave.
-I see.
But don't worry...
It is normal for new
mothers to feel insecure.
I know the stages of pregnancy.
What is normal and what is not.
Are you alright?
Do you want me to call your husband?
No, it's just a cramp.
It's over.
All right, I have your address.
I will take your offer into
consideration and let you know.
Please, think about it.
It is the current market rate.
Good morning, I wish you luck.
Thank you.
I see you studied as a nurse.
That's right, in Santa Lucia.
Did you finish your studies?
No I didn't.
Things got complicated.
I had to leave, but I would
like to finish them.
You also looked after
kids at school.
-Do you like children?
- Sure. Who doesn't?
-Do you have children?
No, I'm alone.
All right.
You have no experience as a nanny?
No, but for seven years I
took care of my grandmother.
Until her death.
Listen, Clara. I need
someone to live here with me.
To help around here and cook.
Aren't you looking for a nanny?
Yes but...
Until the baby is born,
I need someone to take
care of the house.
I can't do everything alone.
It is a very large apartment.
But when you start
taking care of the baby,
I will hire someone
to do these other tasks.
You have not provided
any references here.
I haven't.
Can I send them later?
- You don't remember anyone?
- No.
I have the number of Dona Amlia.
She is a lady I looked after.
All right.
Doa Amlia?
Whats her number?
Two, five...
seven, eight...
seven, nine...
two, four...
She's usually not
home at this time.
Doa Amlia?
My name is Ana.
Clara Macedo is with me.
I would like to hire her, so I
needed to verify your reference.
What is your relationship to her.
She asks me where the remote is.
It is probably under the sofa.
It always falls there.
She tells me it's...
Ok, I'll tell her.
Thanks for the information.
She wants you to come
back and pay the rent.
I'm sorry.
She is the landlady.
But I have other references
that I can provide later.
If you want.
I'm sorry but...
Since you do not come from any agency...
Deep breath.
And exhale slowly.
Very well.
And now slowly exhale.
Very good.
You feel better?
Yes, much better.
Thank you.
I'll go now.
Can you cook?
This is the TV room.
My bedroom is at the end of the hall.
There is a bathroom there.
This will be the baby's room.
It's not ready yet.
It needs to be reorganized.
The crib is not assembled.
A disaster...
It is scattered everywhere.
I don't know this melody.
It's old.
It was my grandfather's
music box, passed to my father
and now it's mine.
Amazing that it still works.
I need someone to
accompany me all day.
Someone discreet.
I hate gossip.
Let's go to the kitchen
to discuss money.
Stormy night
Raindrops outside
They are a lullaby for me
But a misfortune for the poor
The freezing rain
That falls more and stronger
And invades their humble homes
Filling the mud floor
Quiet Tebaldo!
Yes on this day that happened
I denied my brother help
How can I be happy now?
Good evening!
Doa Amlia.
Where are my clothes?
Right here, you can take them.
But first, pay me the rent
and give me the remote.
I found a job.
Not around here.
It is near the city center.
Tomorrow I will pay you part, and
the rest on the fifteenth.
The lady needs help now,
so she hired me immediately.
All right.
We'll see if you keep this job,
at least you'll have a place to stay.
Okay, Clara.
Take your clothes.
But I'm keeping the microwave
until you pay me. All right?
All right.
Ehhh, Theobald.
I can not find tranquility
Doa Ana?
I would have cooked something better,
but you only have meat.
I'll give you my credit card.
You'd better do the shopping.
Well, what do you think?
I'll take care of the shopping.
This is a big spoon.
For the soup, do you
want a teaspoon?
Do you know the rules of etiquette?
What do you mean?
Because of the spoon?
My mother forced me to
learn good manners.
In a course for girls.
One of the exercises consisted of
eating soup without slurping.
Another was to improve posture.
The teacher puts
a book on our heads...
And to check...
We had to walk with
the book on our heads.
As you can see, it didn't help.
Can you turn on the fireplace?
Just press the green button.
These are the kidneys.
And the little spine.
It was just a kick.
Do you want to know sex?
I do not know.
Well, ok.
See that?
It's a boy.
He weighs about 420 grams.
And his heart rate is 150.
-Is that normal?
It is week 20 and
weight is above average.
The pains you feel are normal.
Your body is getting ready.
Crystal Forest Shopping
Center, unique as you.
- Can they be exchanged?
- Yes, within 30 days.
They fit very well.
Will you have them in black?
I did not know you were in Sao Paulo!
Hello, Ana.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome. See you soon.
-I'll take them.
Put the old shoes in the box.
I'll wear the new ones.
-Are you okay?
Will that be credit
or debit card?
Authorization error.
Swipe it again?
Try this one.
Beautiful shoes.
Eighth floor, going down
Where were you?
Beer, Dona Ana?
This is not good if you breastfeed.
Hey, relax.
Come on.
Drink something with me.
The landlord called.
You did not pay the rent.
A new blouse?
Yes, I bought it at the mall.
I like it.
Someone called on the intercom.
He said there would be
a community meeting.
Clara, have a drink with me.
Today is my birthday!
29 years old!
My Saturn Cycle is closed.
Just one.
I toast your health, Dona Ana.
Thank you, Mrs. Clara.
Is this your family's farm?
Eh? Yup.
Me and my horse Pagode.
My little Pagode.
His eyes are beautiful.
He looks thoughtful.
Have you lived here long?
I moved here in January.
Do you miss them?
What happened?
I don't talk to them anymore.
My father broke all contact with me.
Nobody writes or calls me.
I wrote to my brothers,
but no one responded.
Stupid nonsense.
I was going to get married
in September.
And then...
This happened, and
my father got angry.
He brought me here,
so that I could get rid of the baby.
But I didn't.
I do not know why, but I could not.
I could not.
I do not understand.
Did the boy's father want him?
Acio, my fiance, is not the father.
There was another man.
When I told him I'm keeping it...
He posted a statement
on the internet.
Cynical with a capital "C"!
So there's no reason to go back there.
And I decided to stay here.
At least this apartment
is in my name.
You shouldn't...
pay attention to what
people say or think.
Ignore them.
My father doesn't want to see me.
Do you understand?
He will get over it.
He won't get over it, you do not know him.
He will get past it.
You just have to wait.
And take care of yourself.
I'm sorry, Clara.
We get so emotional during pregnancy.
It's apparently normal
What am I doing here?
I do not know...
Sometimes I miss Pagode.
He must miss me too.
It's good to be with
someone who likes you.
Let's take a picture.
All right.
28th week.
Everything is going well.
Except your blood pressure
which is elevated.
Clara, take her pressure
on a daily basis.
Ana, I'm changing your diet.
It will be hard at the beginning, but
over time you will notice an improvement.
NO MEA Already.
I think he' s over here.
This is for you.
A book of baby names ?
So you can think about it.
Need anything else?
I going out.
No, I'll stay here and listen.
All right.
Good night.
-Where are you going?
-To a bar.
Take the phone.
Impossible to find a lighter
in this giant purse.
Do you have one?
No purse or lighter.
A woman who goes out without a purse?
Can I sit down and find out
what planet you come from?
Joao, bring us two beers.
So, where are you from?
From far away.
Have we met before?
You are a supervisor...
in the Crystal Forest Gallery.
Are you a clairvoyant?
That's amazing!
You are still wearing your ID badge.
What an idiot!
I'm so stupid.
I hate it.
I always forget about it.
And what about you?
Did you run away from your boss?
I do not have to run away from anyone.
You are so pretty!
Hey, Gilda!
Lets sing happy birthday!
I'm here for a
co-worker's birthday.
I gotta go with them.
But I invite you to come with me.
I cannot.
I have to get back home.
At least, tell me your name.
Do you want to lie down?
Go back to bed.
Did you sleep well?
I had a strange dream.
But I'm fine.
I did not hear you come back.
Was it late?
I came home early.
Did you have fun?
At the bar?
A little too expensive.
But the place itself was nice.
The name for the baby.
It is a Biblical name.
I didn't know. Really?
I chose it because it sounds good.
I like it.
I like it too.
Take it easy.
-It was just a dream.
-My God!
What a nightmare.
-I'll get you some water.
-No, stay with me.
Now calm down.
I dreamed...
that my teeth fell out.
Then, suddenly, I was
alone in the forest.
I was digging to bury my teeth.
And digging and digging endlessly...
Do not ask me what
is the best way out
I've already suffered a lot for
love Now I'm going to enjoy my life
Cry, call me, beg
for my kisses again
Ask me for help
Maybe I can rescue you
Cry, call me, beg for my love
Tell me please.
Maybe one day I'll find her again
Lunch is almost ready.
You did not have to fall in
love It was just for fun
I warned you, love, I warned you
Did you know that he wanted
only one night of love
I warned you, love, I warned you
It will not be easy for you
to be back in your hands
First class.
-What did you do to your hand?
I cut myself cooking.
Tell me, what happened?
What's wrong?
You're looking strange at me.
Ana, I have to tell you something.
You suffer from some form of sleepwalking.
You walked out of the
apartment last night.
But not all the time.
A month ago, I saw
it happen again.
And this wound...
You gave it to me.
Did I hurt you?
You went out last night too.
This time on the street.
-I am going crazy?
- Its because of pregnancy.
- No!
The pregnancy.
And these nightmares.
They say it's normal, but it
happens to me every month.
-Four nights in a row.
Dr. Ciro said I should
have someone by my side.
Do not panic.
It doesn't bring anything good.
And its not good for the baby either.
When I took care of my grandmother,
I learned some things.
She wasn't a doctor, but she
knew how to deal with people.
She told me that during
full moons
The baby is always restless.
And the water in the womb,
is like sea water.
There's no full moon tonight.
We will do a test.
Thanks to the flour, we'll
know if you get up tonight.
Good night.
Is everything alright?
You're okay.
Good morning.
Sleep on Earth
Sleep in the hay
Sleep my little horse
You only lived one day
Run through the meadow
Run for...
Run my little horse
Because this world is so big
Night has fallen
The world covered in a dark mantle
Better go to sleep baby
Sleep in the hammock
in the cradle
Sleep my boy.
So you will not feel thirsty
If you're afraid
Say my name
Sleep my boy.
That way you will not feel hungry
I do not remember it well.
You can keep the money
left over from the accounts.
Pay Dona Amelia.
Are you kidding?
You need to think
about the baby.
No, do not overdo it.
You can't manage money well.
Why do you have a gun?
I know you keep one in the drawer.
In the countryside, to protect
against wild animals.
But here we are not in the countryside.
I got used to having a weapon.
Have you ever killed an animal?
Of course.
When was the last time?
I remember the last time I fired it.
During a vacation in Gois Velho.
My friends left me,
but I went out anyway.
At the end of the night, I
was up on the top of a hill,
in a kind of saloon...
It was there that I met him.
Jorge Mrio.
We got in the car and
went to "Macaco Hill".
And there...
we did it.
Then I fell asleep.
I was woken up by a growl.
Jorge had disappeared.
The animal, it looked at me and
then escaped into the forest.
It's eyes...
they shone in the dark...
gazing furiously.
And the boy?
I have not seen him again...
Never more.
I tried to find him when
I found out I was pregnant.
But nobody...
Nobody knew him in the city.
He is huge...
Big eyes.
Big mouth.
Big hands.
He's very robust, Ana.
Even your weight is perfect.
You can eat the corn cakes,
from the San Juan festival.
But no wine.
I'm prescribing you a
tranquilizer for insomnia.
Take half a pill.
It's normal to feel like this.
You are in the final phase.
Can I give her meat again?
Do you know what I want?
-Do you have a craving?
What is it?
You can't. They're not
good for the baby.
I can not sleep if I
do not snack a little.
-They have to toast them.
-No, they are already done.
I should not leave you alone.
It's not that far.
I'll hurry up.
Thank you.
It's my job.
Breathe, Ana.
I'll call Dr. Ciro.
Dr. Ciro's answering machine
Care lady
Accelerate the pace
The street is dark
A little beyond
All kinds of creatures
They hide in the night
Woman that you run
Get out of my sight
It will be better than that child
Do not cry
Hold it tight against you
While crossing to the other side
Walk straight
And forget your fear
Do not look back
It's the advice we give you
Never look back
It's the advice we give you
In my body I carry
Your blood, your clothes
What will be of my life?
I do not know yet
But tonight
Under the rain
Only the two of us were left
I'll protect you
Only the two of us were left
I'll protect you
Mom, you have to do it like him!
-Good morning, Clara.
-Good morning, Dona Glria.
Hi, Joel.
How are you?
Good morning!
I thought you would not come.
I'm sorry, Doa Norma.
Joel has been sick.
We didnt sleep well.
It's nice to have a nurse mom.
Right, Joel?
You will always be well taken care of.
Amanda, honey!
A friend is waiting for you.
She wants to ask him to accompany her
to school dance for San Juan.
He is still weak.
He really shouldn't go.
That would be a shame.
Clara, give your son a little freedom.
He never gets out.
Can you eat a piece of cake today?
Probably not.
My mom told me we
are celebrating alone.
Then I'll give you my present now.
I made it myself.
Maurcio you have improved.
Very good.
Where's Natalia?
Do not worry.
It was very difficult.
Yesterday I went with my father downtown,
on the other side of the river.
When I turn ten, he will
teach me how to drive.
What is that?
Have you ever tried it?
No thanks.
How do you eat those things?
They are healthy.
Eat them, then.
Do you want some?
No way!
The San Juan party will be fantastic.
One hundred twenty...
So my pressure is 120/80.
Do you understand?
More or less.
-I'll write it down.
-Thank you.
Wanna hang out, and get
something to eat?
No, I have things to do at home.
-You don't like hanging out, Do you?
-It's difficult with a child.
Look, I have a spaghetti arm!
Maurcio, let's go.
Get in.
I'm in a hurry.
I have client waiting.
The Pope?
It's Joel's birthday.
Happy birthday.
-Thank you.
-Take one, as a present.
See you tomorrow!
Joel! Clara!
Come help me!
What does she want now?
Happy Birthday!
On this day of celebration,
lots of health and happiness.
Happy Birthday to You!
Make a wish, Joel.
But don't have to tell anyone.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday darling.
- You remembered.
- Of course I remembered it!
I made a meat stew.
He can't! He has an allergy.
The boy needs protein, Clara.
Eat slowly.
Slowly, be careful with your tooth.
Son, it's time to
go into the room.
Come on, Joel.
-What's my height? How much?
-Just a moment.
Here it is.
See how much you've grown.
Soon I will be taller than Maurcio.
Who gave it to you?
Amanda, for my birthday.
-I'll gave it back later, okay?
Too tight?
-See this?
Don't bite them.
That's why your tooth hurts.
Try not to bite, okay?
Good night.
Do you know what would be great?
If I could go to the
school party with Amanda.
Will you let me?
-When's the party?
But on Friday there is still a full moon.
You need to be in the small room.
I'm never allowed to do anything.
You have to wait a little longer.
It will be over soon.
Good night.
You did not have to fall in
love It was just for fun
I warned you Love, I warned you
Did you know that I wanted
Only one night of love
Are you having lunch now?
Good morning.
Good morning.
How is your tooth?
What tooth?
The one that hurts.
You don't remember?
The one behind.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
Do you remember biting the chain?
I think...
I do not remember.
Can you tell me the story of the river?
Once upon a time there was a river,
that flowed under a large bridge.
And one day a beautiful
baby named Joel...
appeared on the shore.
It was a wonderful night.
The full moon shone,
and reflected in the water.
I was coming home,
when he heard a cry
in the distance.
I went to the shore and found a baby,
wrapped in a blue blanket.
He cried loudly.
He was hungry
He clung to life.
There was no note?
No, just the child.
Who left me there?
I do not know.
It could have been the stork.
Or maybe Coco, the boogeyman.
I only know that for me it was a gift.
You were weak this morning.
Doa Amlia will take care of
you while I work at pharmacy.
Do not go out.
All right?
Lunch is in the fridge.
Good boy.
Very good.
Here, very good.
That is enough for today.
You know it.
What's wrong?
I'm tired.
Did you have breakfast?
A bit of bread.
Just bread, Joel?
This is not a proper diet.
I cannot eat that.
Of course you can.
You will feel better.
It is tasty and healthy.
Just do not tell mom.
It will be our secret, ok?
-It smells good.
-It's delicious, you'll like it.
Eat up.
Chew well.
Do you feel better?
Where is Doa Amlia?
Who is she?
You went through my things.
I had forbid you.
I saw you hide the picture.
I look like her, just like
Mauricio resembles his father.
You're a liar!
You know who she is.
Son, I was going to tell you
when you've grown up.
Tell me the truth!
What else are you hiding from me?
She's dead, Joel.
-When were you born...
-Do not joke!
Calm down, I've never seen you like this.
I'm telling you the truth.
I'm not allowed to do anything!
I have to sleep and
eat when you tell me!
-I'm sick of the small room!
-Get a hold of yourself, Joel.
-And I won't eat your food anymore!
-Shut up!
Go to the small room now!
I'm not going!
You will listen, I am your mother.
You are not my mother!
I am not going!
You'll do as you are told!
You will obey me!
What did you say to Joel?
Me, Clara?
You left him alone,
even though he was sick?
He got better.
He felt strong and healthier
He even studied for his English test.
I had a rehearsal,
then I came here.
This morning he was not like that.
Something happened.
He has changed a lot.
What did you do Dona Amlia?
I fed him.
-A steak.
It was just one...
I thought it would do him good.
And I was right.
He stopped feeling weak.
The child feels sick once a month.
He gets sick every month.
You need to take him to a doctor.
What do you want?
We wanted to see how Joel is.
He's fine.
He already went to bed.
We want to give him something.
For tomorrow's
presentation at school.
I don't know if he's going to school
tomorrow. It depends on how he feels.
Can you give him this, please?
Thanks, Maurcio.
Thanks, Amanda.
Good night.
Come on, Amanda.
Maurcio brought this for you.
Everything I do is to protect you.
One day you won't have
to sleep here alone.
But it's still too early.
What was her name?
Your mother's name was Ana.
She had a very good heart.
She liked to dance.
Like you.
And she was very beautiful.
Like you.
Where did she live?
Near the bridge.
On the other side.
How did she die?
I will tell you everything
when you are older.
My father?
I know nothing about him.
-Give me back my darling!
I'm your brother.
Forgive me.
I am so sorry.
Bravissimi guys!
I'm sorry, I hit you too hard.
Its okay.
How do you trim your nails?
-I eat them.
Hi Joel.
Hi Maurcio.
Hi, Amanda.
Hi, Julinha.
We were waiting to
dance with you in the square.
Are you coming?
Maurcio hurt himself.
We can't make it.
Of course not.
Poor thing!
Are you okay, Maurcio?
Yeah, I'll be okay Julinha.
It's starting, we'll wait there.
All right.
Do you know the city well?
Which part of the city?
The shopping area...
Yes, why?
Because I want to find someone.
Come with me?
-Professor, are you all right?
-Hi, Clara.
Have you seen Joel?
No. The lesson is over.
We're rehearsing for the dance.
Joel didn't come.
He said he could not dance.
He didn't come home?
Welcome to the Crystal
Forest Shopping Center.
-Where will we find your father?
-Look at this...
This is the only clue I have.
We have to look everywhere.
Let's see if we can find this store.
Mari B.?
It doesn't exist.
Are you accompanied by an adult?
Where is your mother?
Over there.
Do you need something?
Are these children with you?
Let's keep looking.
No one is at home.
Have you been to the school?
Yes, Joel and Maurcio
were already gone.
They're running around.
Joel always comes straight home.
Do not worry, they're just playing.
Can I ask you a favor?
I have to go to the airport.
When Maurcio comes back, please
tell him there's money on the table.
Of course.
Can I give you my number
if Mauricio talks to him?
Here is my number.
Please leave a message,
I'll be in touch.
Do not worry.
When they are hungry, they'll come home.
Amanda, did you talk to Joel today?
Did he say anything?
No, did something happen?
Go to sleep, Amanda.
Tomorrow you have to get up early.
Clara, what about the police?
They can ask for information
from hospitals and other places.
No, that is not necessary.
Good evening.
Good evening Clara.
- It's getting late.
- Let's stay a little longer.
Joel, it's that woman again.
Come on!
Good idea.
Dear customers, our stores
will be closing soon...
Crystal Forest thanks you for your visit.
Good evening.
- I think she's back.
- Good!
You have a visitor.
I tried calling you...
I couldn't close the register.
It requires a code.
You didn't close it?
You said you were coming back.
I haven't done it alone.
Go back, close the register and
put the money in the safe.
The password is 2306.
- Okay, 23...
- 06!
You need to do it alone.
That's why I trained you.
I am not your
guardian 24 hours a day!
Clara, are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm going.
Thanks, Doa...
What happened, Clara?
Where's Joel?
Are you alive?
We are so screwed.
Joel's dad!?!
Do not get nervous.
Excuse me, I'll take this.
Thank you.
What do you want to drink?
Have the guarana.
That will pick you up.
There you go...
You're weird.
Come on.
Take it easy.
Are you ok?
I want to go home!
Calm down, we have to wait.
For the first patrol to come.
You're scaring me.
What's on your hand?
Is that a glove?
Did you get it from the store?
Every hour that passes
It breaks my heart
Listen, God, to my prayer
Bring my child back
Light your way
Protect them from the thorns
Here the silence resounds
Comfort, my God, our wait
Since you were born
You have been mine
I fed you with my chest
Do not run away from me like that
Listen to me, feel my fragrance
My son
Come back to me
Came back. I will heal you
They watch hidden by the shadows
Be careful with the hunter
Return following the
trail of my pain
They are the crumbs
That I scattered along the way
Come back, honey, to your nest
Because you are not alone
Follow the crumbs
Do not get lost on the way
Come back, honey, to your nest
Because you are not alone
The clock won't move ahead
This wait is consuming me
But our prayer does not stop
I wait for you
I wait for you
I wait for you
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
He's alive.
Thank God.
Where did you find him, Clara?
I knew we should have
baptized him, Clara.
I will call a priest.
I'm sorry to bother you at this time.
I need the number of the Father Zezinho.
Do you have it?
Yes, I'm sorry, I have a problem.
It's an emergency.
Doa Amlia...
You will not call the priest.
Yes, I must.
We have to solve this thing.
He is a werewolf.
We have to do an exorcism, Clara.
I'm waiting.
You will sleep for a while.
-Come here.
-I'll do it!
-I'm gonna be late for school.
-You're not going...
Where were you yesterday?
With Maurcio.
We went looking for my father.
Took the train.
Maurcio knew the way.
It was very far.
How did you get back?
How did you come back, Joel?
I do not remember.
I had a very strange dream.
About Maurcio.
He had a sword.
Can l call him?
Drink this and let's go.
I'm not hungry in the morning.
Only at night.
In the small room, I
feel hunger in there.
If you leave me food there,
I will eat it.
I'm always hungry at night.
-Where are we going?
-We're leaving.
-We cannot stay here.
-That's enough!
Now, come on, let's go!
I don't want to!
We're leaving now!
I hate you!
Are you ready?
I want to take these lights.
Open the door.
Open the door immediately.
Open the door, Joel!
Hello, Clara?
I'm worried. I would like to know
if everything went well last night.
Call me please.
There was blood everywhere.
In the elevator and on the roof.
But I did not see any bodies.
Just blood everywhere.
The police have not
confirmed the story yet.
But they are not letting
anyone into the center.
Hey, Joel.
How are you?
Did you mother punish you yesterday?
Because you disappeared.
Yes, she did.
What did you do?
We were just playing.
Who are you going to the dance with?
I do not know.
Two guys asked me to go.
Did you lose my present?
Would you like to go with me?
Will your mother let you go?
Are you in there?
Thank you.
Where's Joel?
What do you mean?
What happened?
Who locked you up in there?
I think I know where he went.
Joel, concentrate.
Keep your hat on your head.
It's raining!
The dance prepared
by our students
And there will also be a wedding.
A great party in which the
preist will also participate.
Did you find Joel?
Yes thanks.
Maurcio has not returned home.
The money was still on the table.
He must be somewhere.
You were right.
Children are always playing around.
-And now kneel.
This is my favorite part.
Of course, because you don't do anything.
Let's Dance!
Joel, let's go.
The dance is starting soon.
Joel, are you okay?
Let go, it hurts!
Go away...
Get out of here!
Ladies and gentlemen,
gather in the center...
and dance around the fire!
Dance near the fire!
Wait! Wait!
Stop the music!
Amanda, my daughter, what's happened?!?
It's okay....
She's gone...
Sleep on Earth
Sleep in the hay
Sleep my little horse
You were alive just one day
Run in the meadow
Run in the grass
Run my little horse
Because this world is so big
Fly, my little one
Mom knows what she does
Fly my little bird
This is a cage, not a nest
If you're afraid
Sing very loud
Fly my little bird
Go out and find the clouds
Night has fallen
The world is very dark
Better go to sleep, baby
Sleep in the crib
Sleep in the crib
Sleep now my child
And you will not feel thirsty
If you're afraid
Say my name
Sleep my child
And you will not feel hungry
I do not want you to be hungry.