Good Night (2013) Movie Script

The owners who were here
really loved this house.
They just loved it.
It's about 1800-1900 square
Lots of sunlight too.
Lots of sunlight, yes! And it's
a great neighborhood.
Very family residential
And of course,
you don't have anyone on the
other side of you,
which is really good,
because for private...
Right. So we can have...
- A very private backyard.
There's a dishwasher?
- There's a dishwasher.
So you won't have to do as many dishes, honey.
- Me?
- Okay.
And of course, countertops...
they're nice. You know.
No marks on anything and this
is really nice and...
The tiles on the floor, I mean.
I love this Italian tile.
And I love the cathedral ceilings.
- Yeah.
Ceiling fan is good.
We have our formal dining room
for dinner parties.
Oh yes.
- Yes.
What do you think something
like this would...
cost... like... to keep cool?
Okay, let's see what we have
Oh! A little tiny bathroom.
What about... is the roof new?
Is that under warranty still,
or is that...?
I don't think...
The only thing that's going to cover this is your homeowner's warranty.
I'm interested.
- Yeah. She's interested.
Very interested.
It's a good... it really is a
good deal.
It's a great house. It's a very
pretty house.
And big enough for you for a
long, long time.
And finally...
We have the master bedroom
What do you think?
I think this is bigger than
our bedroom, baby.
I know, isn't it beautiful?
This is great.
- I like it.
I don't even think we have
enough clothes to fit in here.
I'm sorry, guys. I'm going to
have to take this.
I'll be right back.
I love it.
I love it! I love it!
I love it!
Are you sure, baby?
- This is it.
I mean it's more than we said we wanted to spend.
- This is it, Winston.
This is it. I can feel it.
But this is not where we said
we wanted to live.
I know, but we can do it.
We can afford this.
Do you have any idea how far
we are from downtown?
Yes, I do.
And this place is perfect for
It's everything we want.
And it's not like it's a bad
Pretty please?
That's so unfair.
Pretty, pretty, pretty please.
But what about the one with
the cool garage that had like--
Pretty please?
But it had all the cool shit--
It was like the coolest garage
I like this place.
Sorry about that, guys.
I had to take that.
So, what do you think?
Am I hearing yes?
Am I too early?
- No, come in.
Happy birthday!
Thank you.
- Look at you.
It's good to see you.
You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
Hello. How are you?
- Hey. How are you?
Good. Good to see you.
- I got a little wine.
A little bit of wine here?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Set this up.
I didn't end up inviting my brother.
- Okay.
And he's coming?
- He's coming.
And Hamilton is coming.
- Oh good.
I haven't seen him in a while.
Thank you. - You're welcome.
- Thank you.
Happy birthday.
Cheers. - Cheers.
- Cheers.
My two favorite people.
Happy birthday!
Oww! Oww! Stop it!
I hate it when you do that.
Sorry. Happy birthday.
Morris, it's good to see you.
- Good to see you.
I wouldn't describe this as
but we have just a group of
Is there a positive message woven into the...?
- No.
Is there a negative message?
- No.
So there's no--
- It's ambivalent.
I don't think you really do
this for...
Smell it.
...bottles of wine that are
less than 20 dollars.
- Hey.
Did you mention you were
bringing Herbert?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
We couldn't find a sitter.
And he wanted to come so badly.
Hey buddy.
- Hey buddy, what's up?
Are we putting you out,
No, of course not.
- I'm so sorry.
Of course not. Of course not.
Come this way. Follow me, follow me.
- Thank you.
Be careful, Charlie.
Let's get you something to
Sorry about this.
- It's fine. He's fine.
He was awake pretty much the
whole time we were in the car.
He was awake the whole time in
the car, so he should sleep
pretty well for
a couple of hours.
That's good.
We like that. We like sleepy
Pretty much the same amount
of people bowl.
Every year.
And so it's really hard to open
a new bowling alley,
unless it's in one of those
lifestyle centers.
That's great if you're
Yeah, but...
I don't know how much we can
ever expand.
Happy Birthday!
Thank you for coming.
Of course.
How was your flight?
My arms are killing me.
Other than that, I'm great.
Shut up!
Finally, everyone has arrived.
Look who's here!
- Hugs all around.
- How are you?
Good, good to see you.
- Good to see you.
Long time, no see.
- Long time, babe.
How are you?
- Good. How are you?
- Good, good.
Come right this way.
You were right.
I'll be right back.
You got it?
Isn't everyone here?
Don't hate me.
What did you do this time?
Oh, good.
I was beginning to wonder if
this was the right place.
Oh my God.
Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Happy birthday.
How are you?
- Wow.
- Hi.
Hey, I'm Winston.
We spoke on the phone.
- Maxwell.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Make yourself at home.
- Alright.
I'm going to finish dinner.
Charlie! Charlie, hurry!
Please help!
It's a cockroach!
Charles Henry!
- I got you!
Get away from it.
- Alright, alright, alright...
That is disgusting,
Ew. That is disgusting.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Nice shot.
Hang on, man.
- Wow.
Sorry, Lucy!
He's big though, man.
Look at it.
You've done that before.
- I've killed a few roaches.
I apologize!
You're not going to wash your
You want to watch?
Now THAT's disgusting.
- It is kind of gross.
You want a drink?
- Yeah, I do.
You know what I like.
Wine's fine.
- Alright.
Wine's fine.
Yeah, we do. And guess what,
we also have a local paper.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Dinner is served.
Thank you, baby.
- Thank you.
This looks delicious.
- Yeah, it looks good.
Yeah, this is fresh from
Leigh's garden.
I didn't know that.
- Wow! - It's true.
Nice work.
- That is awesome.
It's a bloody miracle.
This is unbelievable.
Did you make the dressing?
- No. He did.
Herbert's getting big.
How old is Herbert,
by the way?
16 weeks.
When do they go off the week
system, by the way?
Just a few more, honey.
I kind of dig it. I think when
he's 10 it should be like...
"He's 520 weeks."
Is he sleeping regularly yet?
He's getting better.
He's not really that bad.
So... any of you guys thinking
about having children?
Oh yeah.
We have a Mercedes.
- So no plans for the future?
Well, you know... the Mercedes
keeps us pretty busy.
- That's very funny.
You guys want to trade? I mean, any time.
- We should talk.
- Alright.
No, we don't need a Mercedes.
Shot that down.
I guess we won't talk.
How many miles per gallon?
- Not going to talk about it.
Because the baby gets like 45.
It's not that bad.
Speak of the devil.
Time to fill her up.
Wow. You're so terrible.
It's too early for that.
- No?
Fill the baby up.
- Yeah.
She needs some food probably.
I think I just got that.
That's that yogurt sauce.
I love that.
I'll have some.
How's life in Lawyer Town,
Lawyer Town? It's good.
Occasionally fun.
Sometimes rewarding.
Lots of hours.
It's a lot of work.
- Yeah, it's a lot of hours.
Although you work more than
I do, a lot more.
Yes, I probably do work more
than you do.
Probably? You work a lot more
than I do.
Really, not that much.
How much would you say?
I would say I work 60 to 75
hours a week.
Ballpark. That's my ballpark.
Her ballpark of how many hours
a week she works is probably...
80 to 95 hours a week.
- That is a lot.
That's a lot!
That's a typical week.
You know I was actually working that many hours a week for a while.
Yeah, but that was two jobs,
That's right.
- Yeah.
One of them he can't say
anything about.
You know, I don't mind.
I don't mind.
I enjoy my job,
and they pay me well for every one of those 95 hours.
Yeah. They pay you very
I bet if you weren't at this table,
you'd be at the office at this very moment.
- Yeah.
It's possible.
- It's definite.
So glad you are here.
You made the right choice.
- You think so?
Do you have paralegals working under you?
Or do you run as a team?
We do have paralegals.
I mean, we have...
- OH!
- I'll get that.
Thank you.
Can we get some soda water and
a paper towel?
Would you mind if I used your...
- Yeah, just come with me.
It's okay, guys.
Just leave it.
It's okay.
- No big deal.
Not that much.
Very smooth, Don Juan.
- Fuck off!
Dude, don't worry about that.
I don't want to use your...
- It's not that much. - Do you have a towel?
Everybody's grown up with either one mother or one father.
It's all different kinds of
The argument that it can't be
two fathers, two mothers...
Some of them, maybe some of
them are bad.
Some of them might be the best
But then,
the kid is going to grow up thinking that is normal.
There's no justification that
How is it abnormal?
- How is it abnormal?
Because it...
Love is love.
Whether you decide it's a choice,
or you're born that way...
Most people are not gay.
But there's no way that it's
a quality.
And if you are raising them in a household...
Happy birthday to you!
And many more!
Make a wish! Make a wish!
I wish to never have to make
another wish again.
That's terrible.
Alright, here we go!
- I say that a lot.
Forks, forks!
- Hey, fork me.
It's really good.
- It's really moist.
The icing is so good.
It's like...
More xanthum gum?
- Xanthum gum?
It's delicious.
- I'm hearing, hearing word of deliciousness
from that end of the table.
It's almost...
It's almost savory.
It's very rich.
- Yeah, it's good.
Cinnamon's good.
- Yeah.
It's like a little orange zest
or something.
Thank you, guys.
- Is it good?
I think it's really great.
- It's really good with the wine.
Me too.
I love this chocolate cake.
- It's good, huh?
It's so good!
- There's more.
So, enjoy.
- Good.
Thank you guys.
- Yeah.
Happy birthday, Leigh.
Happy birthday, Leigh.
- Happy birthday, Leigh!
Thanks, pals.
Thanks for being here.
- Happy birthday. - We love you.
I love you.
- Thanks for coming, guys.
You want a cigarette?
- Okay.
Are you interested in a
I was trying to get someone
to listen to me.
You're choosing baseball
because it's more patriotic,
not because it's a better
Are you guys planning on
smoking outside all night?
Back and forth? Back and forth?
You're welcome to join us.
Do you want to come outside with us?
Hey, you know what?
They can smoke inside.
Winston, are you sure?
It's fine.
- Are you sure, dear?
Are you sure?
- It's for one night, right?
One. One night.
I think it's a fantastic idea.
- Alright.
And if I may, can I have one?
- Sure.
Hey. Can I have...
Can I get one?
- Of course.
There you go.
- Thanks.
What are you doing, dude?
You are terrible.
- Oh my God.
Honey, are you going to be on
your phone all night?
Costa Rica...
- Don't be constrained by your idea...
...of what a home it.
So you do mainly residential?
Well, I do all residential.
But I'm dealing primarily with
clients that...
have never designed a home
I mean, we all live in homes
that we didn't design.
Can I ask you a question?
I don't want this to come off
as sounding rude.
At all.
But what the fuck are you
doing here?
What the fuck...
did you just say that?
I was invited.
By Winston.
And I don't think that Leigh
knew I was going to be here.
Do you know how cute you are?
Not as cute as you.
Should I do this?
It's up to you.
We already fucked them up.
You okay?
You sure?
You need to date.
You're hot.
You're single. You're smart.
I know, I know.
But the past two times...
There's no time.
There's no time.
You can make time for sex.
Hey, Morris.
Earlier, we were talking.
- Yeah, yeah.
Back to this.
- Okay.
So, just a quick question.
- Okay.
You know, nothing. Don't get
all fuckin' riled up about it.
In regards to 9/11--
- Yeah?
Do you think that the twin towers fell from the impact of the planes?
I mean--
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Because a building that size
can NOT fall into its own
Yes, it can.
...footprint from two
airplanes hitting them.
Yes, it can.
We watched that on television.
Ask the architect. Max?
I can speak to steel beams,
but I can't speak to some of the fixtures that were in the towers,
that were not steel, so...
I don't feel so good.
Well, it serves you right
for smoking.
I don't think it's the smoke
You okay, Charlie?
Yeah. I...
I feel kind of weird.
It might have been the food or
I've disagreed with Indian
Building 7.
- Building 7.
It was the third building that
later in the day fell...
I have something I'd like to
tell everyone.
There's no good way to say
this, so...
Here goes.
The bone marrow transplant...
...didn't work.
My leukemia has come out of
I'm sorry.
I'm okay.
I'm okay. Really, I am.
What does this mean?
It means what it means.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yes, I'm sure.
I mean, are you okay-okay?
Do you need anything?
- I'm okay.
Honestly, listen to me,
I'm fine.
What do you mean,
"it means what it means"?
But, you look so good.
Why, thank you.
- Yeah.
That'll probably change too,
in the near future.
When'd you find out?
I started feeling bad again
four weeks ago.
When are you going back into
the hospital?
I'm not going back.
It's metastatic.
What does that mean?
So that means it's spreading.
It's no longer just in my
bone marrow.
My cancer is a stage 4-B.
And there is no 5 or C.
What happened to the
I guess it didn't work.
Get another transplant.
I've had enough transplants.
You can do another round of
But there's another treatment.
There's something else.
Look, look.
What's the next step?
This sounds super cheesy, okay,
but look, miracles DO happen.
They happen. They happen!
- That's right.
They happen every day.
There's not a single doctor
in the world,
that's going to tell a 28 year old girl to stop fighting her cancer.
It doesn't--
Okay. Calm down, Morris.
We don't need to let this
derail into something negative.
What else could this
conversation be,
if it's not negative?
I just need more time to figure
it out, Morris.
Stop being dramatic.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that this is
a little dramatic.
I apologize.
I'm going to get a drink.
- Okay.
Would anybody else like a
- Bourbon Whiskey.
Why did you wait until just now
to tell us?
Is this...
some sort of pity party?
Look. I know I'm dropping a
bomb on you.
But you have to make an effort
to understand where I'm at.
I mean... do you really want
to cry about it?
Didn't we already sort of have
this conversation
when I was first diagnosed?
That was three years ago, Ruth.
I just...
I knew my friends would
I do.
I just need to go out and get
some air.
I feel really weird.
I have a question.
Are we high?
Wait. May I ask what you were
I baked it into the cake.
I knew it!
I knew it. That cake tasted
like pot.
How do you do that?
The butter and the oil. I'll
tell you about it later.
This is--
- Awesome.
This is so insensitive,
This is so insensitive.
I mean, did you have the common
or respect to think that I'm
breast feeding a child?
I mean,
I know you guys are okay with
just throwing it all to hell,
but what do I do the next time
I feed him?
Get him high?
I hope you're not laughing
at me.
Okay, look. I'm sure everything
is fine.
I think we just need to calm
down for a second.
No. Just shut up, Charlie!
Shut up! Damnit!
Thank you. Thank you.
Leigh... Winston...
People have lives, you know?
I for one have yoga tomorrow
And I worked 10 hours today.
I just...
I think I'm not alone in this.
I would have liked to have
been consulted.
I'm so sorry, Sue.
Yeah. I didn't use that much.
Still, I...
You know...
There are people walking around
today who...
20 years ago,
their doctors said,
"Hey. You've got a year to
Let's just drop it. Okay?
I'm going to go check on the
Please, let's just drop it.
I just cannot believe they just willingly gave us pot.
- I know.
I want to go home.
We can't.
- Why not?
Because it would look TERRIBLE.
I didn't know this was going to happen,
but we can't just leave.
We need to spend time with her.
Not like this.
This is a nightmare.
I know. Okay? You're right.
Don't "you're right" me. I know--
- Hey, hey.
Hey, Winston.
Are you okay?
- Yeah. - Okay.
I'm so sorry for you.
Thank you.
We screwed up.
We didn't even think about it
at all.
We didn't even realize
you were going to...
You know,
we would never EVER, EVER,
do anything...
to hurt baby Herbert.
You know, we've just been
through a lot,
I know.
I just... I just wish I had
I know.
Well, on the bright side,
it's not like he was never
going to try pot anyway.
Everyone, doesn't my wife look
Having just had a baby?
So, are we cool?
Cool as ice.
Really cool.
Do you mind if I put some music on?
- Please!
That's a good idea.
- Do it.
Let's do it. Let's get this party started.
- Alright.
I'm going to have some more
of that cake.
You would!
Leigh has been my best friend
for as long as I can remember.
When we were young,
my house was across the street
from her house.
And since we were the same age,
we naturally did a lot of stuff
School, dance recitals,
family vacations.
I remember playing mash with
her at slumber parties,
when we would talk about what
our dream house
might look like
when we grew up.
When she and Winston found
that house,
she called me and the first
words out of her mouth were,
"Alright, it's not my dream
"but I've just got a really
strong feeling about it."
Then when they got a really
good deal on the mortgage,
and didn't have to make a down
this seemed to confirm to Leigh
that it was meant to be.
"So let's start a family."
Sometimes I think back on that
listening to her,
as one of the last times
I saw her REALLY truly happy.
But the problem was...
she couldn't get pregnant.
After trying everything they
could think of,
Leigh went to her doctor,
and then to another doctor.
And that's how she found out
she had cancer.
They diagnosed her with
acute myeloid leukemia.
And basically, the way she
explained it,
Her bone marrow wasn't creating
healthy blood cells,
which was, in turn, messing up
her immune system.
They said it might be fatal
if she didn't start
chemotherapy right away.
What made it worse,
was there were times she'd
The doctors would say she was
But it never seemed to last,
and she'd end up back in the
hospital weeks or months later.
The HMO's started refusing to cover certain parts of her bills,
and she and Winston didn't know
what to do.
On top of that,
they got behind on their
and Winston kept saying,
they'd get back to even
when Leigh got better.
But she kept getting sick.
All their plans seemed to
be ruined.
They thought about filing a
lawsuit against the HMO,
in a last desperate attempt
to get something out of someone,
but it was too much for them.
What's difficult for me...
is that even though I know this
is happening to my friend,
I feel like it's kind of
happening to me too.
I don't really know what I'd
if I was in her situation,
for some reason I just can't
that this is how I'm going to
lose her.
I've listened to her questions
about the afterlife.
I've sat in the waiting room,
until 3:00 a.m. comforting
I've cleaned her house,
and done their laundry
and made meals for them.
I watch the stress eat away
at her marriage,
and lately,
I've felt something...
new between them.
I can tell that they're
holding something back.
What the fuck is going on out
I don't know.
Did Leigh tell you about any of
She mentioned something,
but I didn't know she was going to do this.
They don't have what I want
I'm going to go to the store.
Hey, I'm going to go to the
store and get some tonic.
Anybody want anything?
But we have tonic, don't we?
- I looked.
You guys are all out.
Are you sure you don't want
something else?
I just want tonic water.
Everybody cool?
Are you okay to drive?
Yes, I'm okay to drive.
Alright, I'll be right back.
I'll go with him.
I know where the store is.
Yeah? Alright.
Yeah, and I'm going to go and
grab some tic-tacs. Be back.
You guys going to come with?
I guess I'll waiting to open the presents until you get back.
So hurry.
Here's my present, Leigh.
Thank you.
- Happy birthday.
You shouldn't have.
Oh, but I did.
I like the house.
Thank you.
Yeah, it looks good.
I like all the colors.
That's right. You haven't been
given a tour yet.
Would you do me the honor?
Anyone else?
- I'm good, thank you.
Come on.
Thank you.
Yes, Hamilton?
I... was reading something
the other day.
I saved my pictures of you.
You did not.
I did.
I know exactly which shoe box they're in at my storage facility.
Has a little label on it
that says,
"In Case Of Fire, Throw In."
You're such a romantic.
Come on.
You know a lot about
Do you even know anything
about homeschool?
Yeah. Do you have children that
we're unaware of, Hamilton?
Yes, he does.
- How many?
I can neither confirm nor
but when I have one,
that I'm unaware of and I'm
responsible for,
I'm going to homeschool the
Why homeschooling?
Because of the broken machine
that is the public education
Wow. That's bold.
Hey, can I get some of that?
It has been a while
since I've done this.
You're going to be in trouble,
What she doesn't know,
doesn't hurt her.
So did you guys know she was
going to do that?
Do what?
Tell us what she told us,
when she told us.
No idea.
Do you think she knew when
she invited us?
She knew when she invited us.
Are you kidding me?
Does that seem, I don't know,
You know what, Charlie?
I don't want to talk about it
right now.
- What?
I don't want to talk about it
right now.
Can you see how
some people want to
talk about stuff,
traumatically, that just
happened to them?
And that by you telling them
not to talk about it...
makes it worse?
Can you see how I wanted to
be alone?
And I was gracious enough to
let you tag along?
And now you're violating that
Can you guys stop acting like
How can you not want to talk
about this?
Because we fuckin' deal with
pain in our own different ways!
Can you just let me deal with
it in silence?
It's okay to be upset, dude.
I know it's okay to be upset.
You don't have to fuckin'
tell me...
You get your own car,
you make your own trip.
If I decide to tag along
without really asking to
on your own trip, you can make
your own fuckin' rules.
Charlie, it was my idea to
come to the store.
I'm the one driving the car.
I think I have some authority
on what we discuss,
or if I choose not to discuss
something, we do not discuss it.
Fine, fine.
- Okay.
Well, what would you like
to talk about?
Is there another topic of conversation?
- Yeah.
We can talk about anything you
like besides that. How's that?
I have this friend.
Her name's Lesley.
And she's dying...
You're such a dick. You want
to walk home right now?
Yeah, I'd love to walk home.
- Okay, great.
I'll pull over.
I'll pull here right on the side of this fuckin' bridge.
Pull over on the side of the
Oh wow.
Wow, this is cool.
This is my favorite spot.
Did you make this?
Yes, I did.
With Winston.
Yeah, yeah.
It's really something.
Come check it out.
You got some wild flowers here?
Exactly. Very smart.
This is my spiral of herbs.
Yeah. Smell that.
You have some mint here.
You can chew it.
But what is this?
Thai Basil. We have two
different types of basil.
I noticed a...
"For Sale" sign out front.
There's one out there.
How long you had it on the
A few months.
So as long as the...
- Yep.
As long as that.
Well, we don't have to...
It just adds up to too much.
I mean, we originally
moved out here so we could
buy a bigger house.
The yard...
Have kids,
that whole thing,
at this point...
long time removed from that
Just got to sell the house before the bank can foreclose on it.
But don't mention anything to
He'd kill me if he knew I was
telling people things.
Oh no, no. No.
Your secret's safe with me.
You've never bought your own
fucking pack of cigarettes.
You always bum off of
That's true. You always bum
Can you put my window down?
Do you want me to smoke your
fuckin' cigarette for you too?
Please, I could...
- Jesus.
Just saying, dude.
So, is there anyone special
in your life?
There are a few special people
in my life.
You know?
I'm a fucking single girl.
That's so kinky.
That is hot.
- Tell me about it.
I want to hear about it.
I got divorced, actually,
last year.
I was going to invite you to
the wedding, but...
That'd be a little awkward
with Winston.
I was kind of surprised to get
a call from him.
I thought he hated me.
No, he doesn't hate you.
He just...
had concerns.
Why'd you get divorced?
Why'd I get married to that
crazy bitch?
That's more of the question.
I don't know.
I think when you get older,
you just...
have a harder time fitting
your life into somebody else's,
and you just...
stop trying, you know?
It's like...
Of course,
it doesn't help if...
you have in the back of your
getting back together with
You know, I always thought
I'm glad you like Winston.
Possibly, that maybe...
All of this is because of
Lack thereof?
I don't think it's because of
but I'm sure they're not...
doing well.
Lucy and I lent them money
about a year ago,
during the shit,
and they...
Yeah, I remember that. They
never paid you back.
They never paid us back.
- Yeah.
We did the same thing. Never
got paid back.
Tonight's probably not the best
night to bring it up.
I don't know.
Maybe it's the perfect night
to bring it up.
The last thing I would want
is for them to need it,
and be afraid to bring it up.
Yeah, but you can't...
if you do, just don't ask in
front of Leigh,
because they're both
so fuckin' proud.
Just some gigs here and there.
Nothing permanent.
I'll start things,
and they always
seem to fizzle out.
I've got a new rule though.
What's that?
That is,
no more guys with wives or
in the band... or boyfriends,
for that matter.
It just always, always,
ALWAYS gets in the way.
Yay! You're back.
Yay! We're back.
What's going on?
What have you guys done to
my wife?
Oh, shut up, Charlie.
You're so annoying sometimes!
Have you checked on our son
Has she checked on our son?
I'm going to check on our son,
alright. You just stay here.
Thank you.
Alright, whose is this?
First present.
They're beautiful.
I love them.
How do I look?
You look beautiful, baby.
But do you LOVE them?
I LOVE them.
From you, brother.
It's in November.
You can exchange them if you
I thought you liked the ballet.
I do.
You sure?
Thank you.
Hey, Ruth.
Where's your present?
My present was being here
And it's a great present.
Thank you.
But at my birthday, get me a
REAL present, okay?
You could at least get her a
It's literally the least you
could have done.
Fuck the both of you.
That reminds me.
I have something I would like
to give all of you.
Just don't even say anything.
- Awesome.
Mr. Blue Eyes.
Did you make this yourself?
- I did.
With your own hands?
- All of it.
Thank you.
- Very nice. - Merci.
Thanks for coming.
- Let's see it.
Take care of
that fucking baby.
Oh my goodness.
Are you kidding me?
- It's my baby now.
Charlie, I think it's less
French and more Harriet Tubman.
It's amazing. Let's see it.
Oh shit. Thuggy thug in the
Is it? Do I look kind of thug?
- Look at this guy.
It's totally thug.
- I need to get a drink.
Who needs a drink? I'll get it.
Total bank robber!
It's a robbery.
- It's a robbery!
It's stylish.
It's beautiful.
It looks good.
I love it. Thank you so much.
- It's knit.
You're welcome.
Well, I get it. But look at
that, I mean...
I see it.
Yeah. It's amazing.
Just great colors.
- It's beautiful.
You can really pick excellent
Yeah, you look good in that.
Well, thank you for all of
your great presents.
And thank you for coming.
I think you are all just
wonderful people.
And I'm having such a good
We are too.
Happy birthday, Leigh.
We love you, Leigh.
Did you tell Mom and Dad
about your...
- Yeah. - And?
And... nothing.
They're fine.
You didn't tell them anything.
I told them what I wanted them
to know.
Should I not have told you?
Yeah, you should have told me.
Just not this way.
I don't know what I'm going
to do...
...if you go.
Do you hate me?
I'm so sorry...
that I tried to drown you
in the Witherspoons' pool.
I don't care about that.
I don't.
Are you two okay?
We're fine.
We're just... talking.
And everything's fine.
Before we got sick,
we used to go out a lot.
We'd go to this pool hall,
and stay out all night drinking
and partying with friends.
It was right by my place,
so we'd just stumble home and
sleep in.
And I fell in love with Leigh.
It's as easy as that.
It was the best time of my
But I swear, it all changed
when we bought that fuckin'
Like, right after we moved in,
Leigh started to get sick.
A lot.
She'd get these headaches,
almost every day.
And we thought she had the flu.
But it seemed to last forever,
you know?
And then she'd break out in
night sweats.
And then she started losing
What's wrong with you?
Come here.
And all of a sudden,
the plan changed.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, doctor.
Good to see you.
- Nice to meet you.
Thanks for being here today.
- Yeah.
They put her in the hospital
the next day,
and we ended up staying there
for two months.
The chemo wrecked her.
She got pneumonia, she broke
out in rashes,
got these horrible sores on
her mouth.
And then she lost her hair.
Watching her go through it
was almost too much for me.
And even though the cancer
would go away for a while,
it would always come back,
worse than before,
which meant that I had to get
a second job.
One night in particular,
I remember,
she called me on my cell,
and she was freaking out,
and she was crying so hard,
I couldn't understand what she
was saying.
I finally got her to calm down.
She said she was sorry
for doing this to me,
and that she was so afraid.
I said to myself,
that I was in this situation,
because I loved her.
And it wasn't a sacrifice,
because I couldn't help
but do it.
You've got to give her a lot
of support.
You've got to hang in there.
How's it going with you?
- Alright, man.
Even when I was too tired,
I would stay with her in the
because I was scared it would
hurt her feelings if I didn't.
When her cancer finally went
into remission,
her doctor said she should get
a transplant
to stop it from coming back.
But our HMO said
they wouldn't cover a
They said...
They said my policy didn't cover the experimental procedure,
which they estimated would
cost us...
"If you can't tell me what it is,
I don't have to pay for it."
You want to play that game?
So I did something
and begged my family for money.
Thanks a lot, guys.
But the handouts
weren't near enough.
I'm sorry! I don't want
anything anymore!
So we refinanced our mortgage,
and I applied for every
credit card
and piece of financial aid
I could get my hands on.
Why are you yelling at me?
I'm not hungry anymore!
- Leave me alone!
You came to me and you said
you were hungry,
so I'm in there fuckin'
cooking for you!
How am I supposed to be hungry?
How am I supposed to want to eat
when you're yelling and cussing
and throwing things?
and then you said,
"I don't want that!"
Fuck you.
No, no, no. FUCK YOU!
- Fuck you.
What the fuck do you want
me to do?
I was trying to pull a rabbit
out of a hat, man.
And I did.
I fuckin' did it.
We paid for the surgery that
we couldn't afford.
And it didn't work.
But I don't care.
I don't.
We're in so deep,
it doesn't matter.
Nothing matters.
...except Leigh and me.
And that's what bothers me,
because there is a time
when she won't be around,
and I will be left alone,
to deal with what is left
of me...
Little help?
What's going on?
Let's move her over there.
You want to carry her?
- Yeah.
I've done it before.
Let me... get her feet?
- Yeah.
You've never done this before?
- Yeah. I mean...
Weren't you in a frat, man?
- No, I wasn't.
Watch that. Watch the door.
Putting her on the bed?
- Yeah.
There you go.
All out the window.
Dude, once,
once Lucy got pregnant,
did you guys...
You know,
did you guys sit down and
discuss alternatives?
Beau, he can hear you, okay?
I'm holding him right now.
Can you not discuss his murder?
You'll give him a complex.
He doesn't understand anything.
Take that away from him.
He absolutely knows....
Okay, come here.
...that I'm his dad.
I just don't know
what else he knows.
Come here, buddy.
Oh shit.
Why... why the curiosity?
Jake, is Sue pregnant?
No, she's not pregnant.
I was just curious how you
guys, you know...
I was just wondering how it
all worked.
Well, when a man and a woman
love each other...
Slow down. You got to start
No, I mean, I wasn't like...
planning on making Herbert
when I was fucking my wife
one night, but...
You know, I hadn't been
wearing condoms,
and she wasn't on the pill,
so it's not like it was a...
I heard he's a little miracle.
Yeah, uh oh. Come here.
Hey, Leigh.
Is it a private moment?
- What's up?
The guys and I were...
talking in the back area,
and we were wondering if you
had any...
- Dominos.
...if we could play dominos.
You want to play with us?
Can I play?
- Yes, of course!
- You must. Dominos.
Right this way, gentlemen.
I didn't know you could dance
like that.
Morris needed a little love.
Yeah. You know what?
It means you've had too much
to drink.
We need coffee.
Coffee is a good idea.
- Coffee.
We'll make some coffee.
My head...
Wine is so good.
Can you walk a straight line?
Not if pressured.
- Yeah?
Hey guys. We're going to make
some coffee.
You want some?
I'm good.
- Yeah. - Okay!
Hey, I want some whiskey in
Of course.
Do you think
they have any, like
cinnamon or honey, or...
Oh yeah. I've got honey
right here.
Just show me what you got.
Show me what you've got.
You know your way around this
I used to come over a lot,
you know.
When Leigh first got sick.
Stay and make them dinner.
She was in no condition, and
Winston was working a lot.
We can't play.
- Right.
It's established at this
You know, I was watching them
They seem really connected.
And I just can't imagine...
what he's going through.
And I can't imagine
her going through this
without someone like him.
Well, she's lucky.
She's got a really good
support system.
1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1
7... 11.
Oh! How about that!
- Yeah.
You want some coffee?
You okay?
I just needed a few minutes out
here to clear my head.
By myself.
You want me to go?
You're okay. Come on.
So did you tell anyone else
besides me about tonight?
I didn't think she was going
to do it like that.
Oh yeah?
How do you think
all that went?
Okay, I guess.
Well, you know Leigh.
I do know Leigh.
But I didn't know you were
planning on selling the house.
Well, we owe more to the bank
than it's worth.
If we could sell it...
That'd really help us out, but
we haven't had any luck yet.
On top of that,
we can't afford to put anything
else into the house
to make it more sellable.
And on top of that,
it's not really what Leigh wants
to be doing right now.
Which I totally fuckin'
Well, that sucks.
Can I tell you something?
I don't know how...
I don't know how we would've
gotten through all this...
...without you.
I don't know how I would've
gotten through it.
And I just wanted to say
thank you.
Come here.
I think about you all the
I'm sorry.
I have to get the...
I'm sorry.
Oh yeah!
15, bitches!
You're kidding me!
When are you guys going to
start playing?
You guys can feel free to
jump in at any time.
Okay, here we go.
- Hey.
Look who's at the party.
You're smoking, Charlie.
I didn't think this was going
to be an issue.
I want to go home.
- Now.
You sure you don't want some coffee?
- No.
I'm doing very well.
Jake and I are doing very
well today.
Just finish this game.
I want to go home now.
Will you just...
- I'm tired.
I don't feel good.
We just got a call that there
are checkpoints everywhere,
and my alcohol level now is probably not...
- Charlie.
He's a lawyer. He knows.
It's not wise.
It's not prudent.
- Come on.
Let's go.
Okay, I'm good...
- Play, play, play something good.
Charlie, shut up and get out
of your fucking chair,
and let's go home.
F bombs are out!
We're going home!
Hi, baby Herbert!
Thank you guys so much for dinner.
- You're welcome.
Thank you for coming.
- Thank you for coming.
It was different.
- Did you like it?
Come here, baby Herbert.
Say goodbye!
Goodbye, bye.
- Bye Herbert. - Bye!
Bye. And happy birthday.
- Bye.
Bye, Winston.
Let me stay for another half
an hour.
I want to go home.
Let's have a real party, y'all.
Time to get loose.
Are you okay to drive?
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Why don't you want to stay?
Jake, I have to be up early
in the morning.
I'm tired. I am so tired.
- Okay.
I'll meet you back at the
Oh no. Not you too.
You guys leaving?
- She is.
I'm just walking her out.
Thank you, guys.
- Of course.
Thank you guys so much.
- Thanks for coming.
What if you miss your yoga
class tomorrow morning?
Just this once?
What would happen?
I don't want to miss
just this once.
I meant it when I said
I was tired.
I thought I was coming
for dinner.
I didn't plan on getting coked up and wasted with you and your friends.
Let me ask you a question.
Why did you come out here
If you so obviously don't give
a FUCK about any of this,
why did you even come out
You know who my friends are.
- Okay.
Right? You know who they are.
I've had enough.
- Oh you've had enough. Okay.
Well, guess what?
I've had enough of you.
You want to go outside and
bum me a smoke?
I'm sure I'm going to regret
saying this tomorrow morning.
for a while now,
I've been suspecting that she's fucking somebody she works with.
- Yeah.
For the past...
maybe even six weeks,
two months.
I've definitely felt that way.
With who?
I don't know.
I don't really know the people
she works with that well.
We have this... I mean, there's
a few things, but...
We have this office...
She's got an office in her
And it's like, all marked up
with shit, you know.
Phone calls and appointments,
and it's all like, you know,
pretty neatly organized,
with people and their contact
whatever, where the fuck
they're meeting...
But every now and then,
it just says "Lunch."
You know? No other information.
No phone number. No place for
where they're having lunch.
Just fuckin' lunch.
You know?
And it's like, you know,
3-4 times a month.
Just fuckin' sprinkled in
You know?
Well, have you brought it up
with her, or...?
No, because I'm not sure.
And I'm scared.
And I don't want her... see that I'm sort of
jealous, I guess.
Just petty.
Do you guys still have sex,
Not really.
Shoes off! Shoes off!
That way, Winston doesn't get
Where are you going?
We're not done yet!
Get up here!
Are you okay?
- I'm tired.
She's fine.
Okay. You okay?
Yeah. I'm great.
Now you guys are broken up
and got back together at
I don't know.
Four, five, six times?
It's not six.
Four, tops.
Have you initiated every time?
Is this the first time you're
No, I think we're even.
We're two and two, which means
we have balance.
We can both move on.
Which means you need a tie
You need to get back together
one more time.
A tie breaker. Let's see which
one of us wins.
I'm going to fly solo for a
little while.
I can poison my own cat. to speak.
Where's Leigh?
She's in the living room.
There's a dance party.
What are you doing?
Put your hand on Morrison's
I checked them into a hotel!
I don't know what this does.
I don't know what this does.
Did you go to the black market
or something?
I was in China.
Use only under close adult supervision.
- Hey, it's dancing time.
Wait. Wait.
I wouldn't leave my fuckin' baby with a passed out woman.
That's ridicu...
I also told the front desk.
I was like...
"If you hear a baby crying..."
"Could you please check on
that shit?"
What would you do with a
drunken sailor?
What would you do with a
drunken sailor?
What would you do with a
drunken sailor?
Who gave Morris the guitar?
Hey, hey, up she rises.
Hey, hey, up she rises.
Hey, hey, up she rises,
early in the morning.
What the fuck is going on here?
Are you guys hooking up tonight?
- Okay.
Don't lie. - Meh.
- Are we okay here?
No, we're fine.
- No, we're not. We are not.
I heard a cool story about
The more it diverts... - The more action?
- Those were the days.
The more it diverts from the
Yes, exactly. Exactly!
The more unfamiliar, yet
pleasing harmonically...
The more...
Are you alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I just need to get some fresh
How much have you had to drink?
- A lot.
Where's he going?
- Hey! Wait up!
Morris, wait.
- That's not the bathroom.
Dude, spin around really fast. It helps!
- Fine.
Where's he going?
Don't make out with him!
I'll try really hard.
We know your reputation.
Did you ever make out with
I tried so hard.
- When?
That was a joke.
- Happy birthday!
That was so classy.
- I know.
Who are you?
What have you become?
Married, a lawyer.
Start your own musketeers.
Hey, guys. Hey, guys.
I got this really sweet weed.
Hold on. Hold on right here.
I'm going to show you this
really sweet weed.
You don't really have weed.
- He doesn't.
It's something else.
- What does he have?
This is all a ruse.
All a ruse.
Even better.
- No! No!
- That's fuckin' awesome.
Don't do it, Winston.
Don't do it.
Don't do it!
I hope nobody cares we're
sitting on their lawn.
We'll be gone before
they're any the wiser.
What kind of people do you think live in this neighborhood?
I don't know.
People afraid of the city.
People afraid of black people.
My sister and my brother in
I could never live in a place
like this.
I know.
It feels so fuckin' detached
from the rest of the world.
Like earlier, when we went to
the store with Jake...
It took us 10 minutes to get
It's a tragedy.
What ever happened to walking
to the corner store?
Hold on, hold on...
End of the table is the line
and it's right here right now.
Alright, there are no rules
in Duck Hunt, alright?
Sure there is.
Sure there are.
That's why you have to get a
license to hunt ducks.
You're putting your fucking gun
right up to the screen.
What about the guests?
Who cares?
They can hear us.
- I don't care.
Are you sure?
How long you staying for?
I'm going to be here until
My flight's in the afternoon,
I think.
Who are you staying with?
Just some old girlfriends
from college.
Happy birthday, Leigh.
The clusters of the nerves
that love manifests itself in,
is feelings festering doubt,
will turn my stomach inside
So when you going back to
I don't know. I've just been
thinking a lot about...
you know, Leigh's thing,
It's kind of got me thinking.
About life and death.
The universe.
...and having sex with me.
Not just that.
I just wonder sometimes why,
if I wanted something, if I
really wanted something...
Why would I...
deny it to myself?
...little to do.
This probably has little to
do with you.
If you want to take it
I guess.
No skin
off my ass...
Then do,
I guess.
It's no skin
off my ass...
Hey guys, want to go to the
park and--
I'm sorry.
We're going to go to the park
if you want to go.
Let's go.
That was awkward.
Was it?
It's getting a little late.
It's not that late.
I feel like I should go.
I'm not used to staying out
all night.
Well, thanks for...
Thanks for all this.
And if you need anything,
you know...
You okay to drive?
Yeah. I'll get a motel.
You're going to see me again.
Okay, well...
See you soon.
- Maxwell.
You realize you're a very
lucky man.
Yes, I do.
Thanks again.
25... 27 dollars...
if you ding dong ditch
this house right here.
That one right here.
Didn't do it.
Then you should take my 27
Where do you want me to set this?
- You're a lawyer. You ...
Set the goal up?
- So the goal of the slam dunk contest is...
You killed my father.
You killed my father.
- I'm your father!
You tried to fucking kill me.
- Yeah, fuck you. You're not my fuckin'...
I'm your dad!
- Fuck you!
It's going to be okay.
I remember when the doctor
first told me.
It was like I...
- The results show that you have... have leukemia.
- I couldn't...
process it.
...acute myelogenous leukemia.
We need to tackle this right
Honestly, I don't really remember much of what he said after that.
What was going to happen
to him?
We were supposed to start a
family together.
I thought of everything I did
to stay healthy.
You know, like yoga...
eating right...
None of it mattered.
I keep thinking about how I
got it.
if I had done something
differently in my life,
could I have avoided it?
Even if it had been my own
like something that resulted
from my own stupidity,
I think I might not feel so
Anyone who's healthy...
can't have any idea what
I'm talking about.
When I wake up in the
It's the first thing on my
There's a hill to climb, and
you just have to climb this
I don't know if you're a runner
or not.
Is this really what my life is
supposed to be like?
I wish I could just get in
my car,
and drive away from all of
Away from the disease,
away from the debt...
I actually tried to one day
when Winston was at work.
I just...
...couldn't turn the key.
I thought of Winston.
I know it sounds terrible,
but sometimes he makes this big
show about how much he helps me,
and how much he's given up and
how tired he is all the time.
And in those moments,
I just wish
he would SHUT UP
and leave me alone.
I know this whole thing
fucked you over,
but what about me?
Could you really ever think
I did this to you?
On purpose?
I've told Alice
that I want my funeral to be
held in some field
in the middle of nowhere.
I want them to bury me under
a tree.
I just hope
that there's more to death
...endless sleeping.
Or, if it is only that,
then I hope it's endless
dreaming too.
These days, with the energy
I have left,
I try to concentrate more on
how warm the sun feels,
or how good something tastes.
...scares me to my core.
And I don't want to feel
...anguish any more.
I just want it to end.
I don't care how.
Was it the best birthday ever?
It was the best damn birthday
It was fun.
I think everybody had, well...
I think a lot of people had
I think everyone had fun.
The cake?
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm ready.
Let me get you out.
On three?
- Count to three.
Alright, one...
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Happy birthday.
Want me to put you in bed?
Come on.
Kick em, kick em, kick em!
Here we go.
Are you comfortable?