Good Time (2017) Movie Script

Okay, Nick,
we're getting
close to the end.
But we're moving
into a new section now,
what they call
sentence interpretation.
Do you understand that?
You know what interpreting
a sentence means?
It's just a fancy word
for telling what the words
mean to you.
And what these are,
these are common expressions
that people
sometimes say.
You might hear it
out on the street,
you might've seen it on TV,
uh, maybe a friend,
maybe your grandmother.
So, I'm going to read you
a few of those, okay?
-All right.
Uh, the first one is,
"Don't count your chickens
before they hatch."
What does that mean to you,
that expression?
"Don't count your chickens
before they hatch?"
Don't count your chickens.
What are you writing down?
Well, the reason I'm asking
you the questions is
because I'm supposed
to write...
You know,
write down the answers...
but that's what I'm saying.
Why are you writing that down?
So, in case I forget it later.
But I don't like
people talking about me
after I go places.
I don't blame you. I'm not...
And I'm not talking about you.
This is just for me.
These are my own notes.
No one sees them but me.
I don't like it, but...
All right, here's another one.
"It's the squeaky wheel
that gets the grease."
What does that expression
mean to you?
You ever heard that before?
Okay, Nick, you know what?
Why don't we skip this section
and just move on
to the next one?
It's actually more fun.
It's easier.
It's called word comparisons.
It's two words that
don't appear to be connected,
and then you say what
you think when you hear
the two words together. Okay?
All right. First one is
cat and mouse.
What does that make you think?
They don't like each other.
That's right. They're kind of
enemies against
each other, right?
That's what I said.
Okay, um...
How about scissors
and a cooking pan?
You can hurt yourself
with both.
How about salt and water?
The beach.
The beach.
That's a good answer.
Do you mind, could we go back
to the scissors
and the cooking pan?
When you said
you can hurt yourself,
what were you...
What did you mean?
Do you ever think
about hurting yourself?
Why did you think
of being hurt?
Because I touched the pan,
and I hurt my hand.
Oh, well,
that makes perfect sense.
What happened?
Do you remember when it was?
Do you not want
to talk about this?
I was sitting there
and trying to eat.
And she started yelling at me,
and pushing me,
and just telling me
I can't eat food.
That was your grandmother
who was saying that?
Yeah, and then
she threw stuff at me.
-She threw things at you?
Then I picked up the pan,
and I threw it at her.
You threw it
at your grandmother?
I threw it at the wall.
Oh, you weren't trying
to hit your grandmother?
Did you burn yourself
when you threw the pan?
Nick, it's good that
we should talk about this.
This is good stuff
we're talking about.
- Excuse me.
- Are you Peter?
Yes, I am. We're in the middle
of a session. Hello?
Nick, what are you doing?
We're in the middle
of something here.
-The middle of an exam.
-Come on, get up!
- Hey, Nick, Nick...
- He's asking me about
the stuff, the pan,
- and the chicken.
- Wait, please!
How would you like it
if I made you cry, huh?
-Would you like that?
-No, I would not. But...
They told me
I had to do this.
Get up. Let's go. Let's go!
But he wrote...
He has all my stuff!
Rip that shit up then!
This is my work.
This is my stuff, okay?
shame on you, Connie.
-Shame on me? Shame on you.
-You're not helping.
Shame on you!
- Come on.
- Janice, please,
could you send
Mark and Matthew right away?
Is that what
you think you are?
Jesus Christ.
I'm sorry. It's just that
Grandma said that...
I don't wanna hear about
Grandma anymore, all right?
Fuck Grandma, Nicky.
It's just you and me.
I'm your friend, all right?
I love you, all right?
Stop it. Stop it.
Stop messing with it.
What are you thinking about?
It's almost over.
Stay calm.
No, no. No running.
-The mask.
-What about it?
The mask.
I want to take it off.
- Huh?
- I want to take off the mask.
We'll take it off
in two minutes. Two minutes.
It's all finished now,
and everything's great.
Nick! Nick!
- Where?
- Down this alley.
Start taking your shit off.
It's not coming off.
It's not coming off.
Connie, help! Help!
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
Remember how we did it?
Fingers under the flap
and pull up.
Push it up. Push it up!
Push it up, push it up!
Push it up!
You were fucking incredible.
You were incredible.
Do you understand?
-I'm serious.
You think I could have done it
without you standing
next to me, being strong?
You feel it, Nicks?
Are you feeling as good
as I'm feeling right now?
-Yeah, I'm cold.
-You're cold?
- Yeah.
- Hey, fuck it.
-Let's get to Virginia, man.
-All right.
What the fuck?
Nick! Nick! Come here.
Stay with me.
Where'd he go?
Where are you?
Is he at the bank?
You circling around?
I'm on the corner.
I'm on the corner
where you dropped me off.
You gotta get
back here right now.
I'm outside the Mango Rico.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
He's here?
-Get in the car.
I'm so sorry.
The cops, they moved me here.
- Don't want me there.
- Don't worry about it.
Let's go.
Are we still going
to the Port Authority?
Yes, nothing's changed,
exact same place.
You wanna hold it?
Yeah. I don't care.
What was that sound?
What the fuck
did you do?
My face. My face.
My face, my face.
My face is burning.
-My face is burning.
-Your face isn't burning.
-My face is burning.
-Hey, look at me, look at me.
-Connie, my face is burning.
-Look at me.
Your face isn't burning.
You'll be all right.
Look, look, look.
My face.
-My face, Connie. My...
-Just breathe, just breathe.
-We going for a walk?
-No, no.
I think
I'm gonna throw up.
You're not going
to fucking throw up. Come on.
I'm gonna throw up.
What did I just tell you?
I don't know.
I told you you're not
going to throw up,
so you're not going
to throw up, all right?
You're not.
Count to 30.
One, two, three, four...
Keep counting!
It's an emergency.
I gotta use the bathroom.
Hey, hey, hey!
No, no, no, no.
are for customers only.
Hey, customers only.
I'm gonna get something.
Just give me five minutes.
No, no. Open up now!
Just wash that shit
off your face already.
Nick, what the fuck are you
doing? Get in the sink.
Jesus Christ.
- Put your hands up.
- Come out!
-Take it off.
In five seconds,
I'll call the police!
Get off anything
with red or pink dye, okay?
My brother is
mentally handicapped.
A bucket of paint
fell off a construction truck
and hit him on the head.
I'm gonna come out
in one second.
It's an emergency, all right?
Please, just give me
five minutes.
-It burns, it burns.
-Stop, stop it.
The pants got dye all over
them. Got to get them off.
I like these pants.
I don't care if you like them.
Gotta get them off right now.
You got sweatpants underneath.
That's why you wore them.
Hurry up. Lace them up.
Look for anything...
- Yes, yes, yes, please.
- Come out now!
Just keep your head down.
Gonna pull back up on us.
Just don't say anything,
all right?
-Don't look at them.
Don't be scared.
-All right.
-Let me do all the talking.
Hey fellas, where we going?
Can I talk to you
for a minute?
First of all, could you take
your hoodie off for me?
Why? What did we do wrong?
You with the black sweatshirt.
Yo, my man, turn around!
He's all right.
We didn't do anything wrong.
Yo, oh, oh!
Get back here!
NYPD. Stop!
Nick, let's go!
Stop! Stop!
You're under...
You are not getting up.
Sir, I need you to get up!
Thanks for the welcome.
Yo, CO!
Let me talk
to the fucking captain, man.
I've been here for four days!
-Get off the bars!
Stop fighting!
Stop fighting!
Get the captain.
Stop fighting.
Stop fighting or chemical
weapons will be utilized.
Stop fighting.
The judge is gonna ask her
about Connie.
And if she says to the judge,
"I can't talk about that."
He's gonna say, "Then go away,
I'm not going to help Nick."
She needs to keep the judge
happy, answer his questions.
She can't do that
unless you answer
-her questions first.
-I don't like to.
I don't want to.
The point is, it doesn't
matter what you tell me.
It doesn't matter
what you say.
It doesn't matter what we do
in this time together.
Nothing that you and I
do here is going to get
your brother in trouble.
Then why do you keep
asking about him?
Because, you know what?
The thing is, is that I don't
think you're as responsible
for this
as you believe that you are.
That money was for us.
And he was going
to buy me a farm,
and we were gonna
live in the woods.
And I was going to be able
to do whatever I wanted,
when I wanted, okay?
You don't love me, okay?
He loves me. Connie loves me!
Talking all day
on the phone over here, man.
You don't know
what love is!
Yo, son,
can you please hurry up?
I don't want to talk
to you no more! Okay?
That was for us.
-Hey, yo...
-He did it for us.
I'm talking
to my grandmother, okay?
You need another ten grand.
You can't do anything
with this?
This stuff is dirty.
It's nasty.
You can't clean it?
You can't do nothing with it?
Nah, nah, nah. Come on.
It's all garbage.
You get another ten grand,
I'll get the judge
to sign the order.
And that's it.
I'll have the order
waiting for you.
Your brother will get out.
Go get the ten grand.
We're gonna watch Empire.
What the fuck are you doing?
I was watching this channel.
You can't do that.
I was watching
something in it before.
You do not rock
on this TV, man.
Hey, yo, man.
If I was you,
I wouldn't fuck with the TV.
-Just leave it alone.
-Don't talk to me, all right.
I don't like you, all right?
-Don't talk to me.
-You got that green...
was in here before.
I'm allowed to watch
whatever I want.
Yo, my man.
Don't touch that TV!
Man, this is some...
What the fuck
is you doing, man?
Give me that!
Are you not entertained, huh?
Not entertained?
I told you
I was gonna get you,
you bitch motherfucker!
- I got it!
- No, no, I'm here.
-Who is it?
-It's Connie.
No, no, no, no.
Ma... Mama,
I called him down.
Wait a minute.
How'd you get in the building?
- I invited him up.
- They didn't call up.
The doorman recognized me.
He's not
coming in here.
Yes, he is.
Well, I can just
come back later, Loren.
we're having dinner.
And I think
-if you could just...
-I... I can leave.
No, no, no.
- Go to my room.
- This is a very bad
time for us.
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
How rude!
I'd never treat
one of your friends this way.
- Look at you!
- What?
I'm begging you
to shut your mouth!
- Shut my mouth?
- Please, please...
Would you just
please go look at yourself
in the mirror?
Just look at yourself.
This morning you were fine.
What are you
talking about?
I'm fine right now.
This is your problem.
Would you just
do me a favor?
- You know what?
- What?
Call Dr. Klienman.
Why don't you call him?
I have a friend over.
Mom, I want to stop
this conversation.
- Yes, yes.
- I am stopping it!
- Yes.
- I'm zipping it!
And I'm gonna go
visit with my friend.
- Yes.
- You get a hold of yourself!
- Do that.
- Fucking freak!
Puerto Vallarta.
They have the best,
best hotels.
I love it there.
There's a Grand Miramar
resort and spa.
You can drink
right in the pool.
It's like they have
a whole bar.
Ah, fuck.
The flight's too long.
It's like eight hours.
Okay, that's all right.
What about Florida?
Or hey, hey, hey.
Can you just put it down
for a second?
Costa Rica.
Just put it down for a second.
I gotta come clean
with you about something.
So, I told you
about my brother, yeah?
I told you
about the program
he's forced to attend and
how he shouldn't be there.
And how everybody
involved with it doesn't know
what the fuck they're doing,
and he fucking hates it.
Hey, Costa Rica's
only four and a half hours...
Please, could you just put it
down for two seconds.
Just listen to
what I'm saying.
something happened,
I don't know exactly what.
But one of the therapists
was abusing him,
and I guess he must have
lashed out violently,
and he really hurt the guy.
Now this guy's
gonna press charges.
My brother's been arrested.
He's being held
at Riker's Island.
Oh, my God, that's awful.
I know.
You have no idea.
I've just gotta get him
out of there
before something bad happens.
See, he could get
killed in there.
I'm just a little short
on the bail money right now.
How short?
It's like a few thousand.
Okay. That's not bad.
That's why I was just hoping
your mom's credit card
could cover the rest of it.
Oh. Um...
Look, it's just to get him
out of Riker's.
It's like a temporary loan.
You get it right back.
Any judge is
gonna dismiss this
as soon as he gets to court.
What, and our trip?
We'll go after?
that's your response
to what I just told you?
That's your response?
Um, I mean, I'm thinking
about your brother, too.
We gotta make
a different stop.
It's still Queens. It's, uh...
82nd and Queens Boulevard.
It's near the Union Turnpike.
Eric, he's coming.
What'd I tell ya?
Couple of hours, right?
Yeah. You got the full ten?
-You do credit, right?
-Yeah. Yeah.
Wait. $10,000?
You said it was like
a couple thousand dollars.
It's a loan.
You get it back
the same time as the three.
What's the difference?
It's like $7,000 difference,
you know.
It's for my brother.
You're gonna get it back
the same day. Right? Right?
Yeah, yeah,
she'll get it back.
You'll get it back.
Are we cool?
-It's for my brother.
-Yeah, I know, I know.
It's fine. It's fine.
Hey, can you
put it through right now?
I want to get him out tonight.
Tonight? It's 8:35.
Judges go to dinner at 9:00.
So what?
What's the problem?
Can you not make a call?
They go to dinner.
It's only 20 minutes
to do the bond,
- prepare the paperwork.
- You got 20 minutes.
Can't you at least
see what's possible?
- She's paying already.
- I got you.
You're being pushy.
Thank you.
Hi, Bobby, how are you?
Yeah, I know, I know.
Sorry. I just have a client
that walked in.
Wanted me to post a bond now.
Yeah, can you just
check, please?
Last name N-I-K-A-S. Nikolas.
You think the judge will wait?
Come on, just ask.
We good?
It's pretty late for this.
Sorry, it's taking
longer. The new system...
I know.
Those chips are such a...
They're the bane
of my existence.
Hold on. He's not on...
He's not on the calendar
for tonight.
What's the calendar?
Where is he?
Do you see anything there,
any notations?
He's at Elmhurst.
Lovely. Elmhurst.
Elmhurst, the hospital?
Yeah, like where
sick people go.
What's wrong with him?
They're not gonna tell ya.
It's privileged information.
Does this mean
we're not going?
He's not going
to be arraigned in court
because they've got him
in the hospital.
Can we still go away?
So until he gets
a medical clearance,
they're not going to put him
on the calendar.
When's that going to be?
Bobby, give me a second.
Just bear with me.
When did he
get put in the hospital?
The card is declined.
I think maybe
you're punching it in wrong,
or something?
'Cause I just used it.
What the fuck
is wrong with your card?
I have no idea.
You can call
the bank if you want.
I do want to call them.
I will dial for you,
and you do it.
Hold on, Bobby.
What do you want to do?
Can you not call someone?
Give me a second.
I'm going to call Corrections.
I'll see what I can find out.
I'm going to punch
the numbers, and then...
Fuck! It's my mom.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Hi, Mom.
Did you, um, cancel the card?
Did you...
Do you want to talk to them?
Mom! Sorry, sorry.
- Mom, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Calm down.
No, no, no,
of course, of course.
Mom, Mom, Mom,
please listen to me.
I'm at a legitimate...
It's a bail bonds place.
So the thing is this.
The thing is...
-Mom, Mom, Mom.
-Hold on.
-We get the money back! Mom.
-I'll call you back, Bobby.
Chaos. Hold on a second.
Can you take that outside?
Sorry. Excuse me, sir.
It's a legitimate loan.
Okay. We've got
ten minutes, decide.
What do you want to do?
Look. It's a fucking disaster.
I didn't know she was going
to be like this.
I don't like people
yelling in my office.
I understand, I understand.
Just let me get back
the money from earlier,
and I'll come back
with the rest in full.
The money in my safe?
No, that stays in the safe.
You want to get
your brother out?
You bring me
the other ten grand.
That's how it works.
Come on, man.
Just give me a break, please.
I'm giving you a break.
That money stays in the safe.
That's mine.
You get the other ten,
I'll get your brother out.
You are so good.
Please, this isn't your fault.
I just wanted to do
a good thing for somebody.
Hey, man,
what's with all the cops?
What do you mean?
There's cops everywhere.
Cops outside my dad's room.
All right,
what floor is he on?
There's not supposed to be
any prisoners on five.
They're supposed to be on six.
Supposed to be on six?
That's unacceptable.
Excuse me.
Where's the nearest bathroom?
Down the hall, to the left.
Thank you.
Something just scared
the shit out of me, man.
I was sleeping with my dad
down the hall.
Who's dying, so I'm already
half freaked out already.
And, uh, all the TV channels
started changing on their own.
When I get up, it stops.
When I sit back down,
they all start changing again.
So I...
What the fuck is that?
I don't know
what to tell you, man.
Fuck, man.
I'm think I'm losing my mind.
I've been here
48 hours straight.
Want something
from the vending machine?
Nah, I'm good. Thank you.
Going down
to vending to get some coffee.
You want some?
Yeah, get me a coffee.
I'll see you in a sec.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Do you mind
if I put my brother on first?
It's so cold, and he doesn't
have a jacket or anything.
-Is that all right?
-You don't mind?
All right.
Thank you so much.
God bless you.
Turn him
to the side. There you go.
All right.
Thank you.
Hey, can we get on now?
you guys can get on.
Just go in this way.
There we go.
All right.
Push it. There you go.
6180 Woodhaven.
That's ours.
Close to the building, please.
-Regal Garden.
-That's us. That's us.
220 Fourth Avenue.
Thank you so much.
Excuse me.
-Good night.
-Thank you.
I hope you feel better.
You, too.
- Hope he does, too.
- Okay now...
Bring your feet up.
Hey, yo!
I only had three stops.
I didn't know about a fourth.
That's odd, man.
I definitely called.
This dispatch
be messing me up.
It's all good.
We only live
a few blocks from here.
That's why I figured
you were leaving us last.
A few blocks.
What, like two blocks?
Like a literal two blocks
or a "15 minutes" two blocks?
Two blocks. It's right there.
All right, I got you.
Thank you.
All right, say when.
It's just down here
on the right.
It's the one
with the driveway.
-You don't got to pull in.
-Oh, yeah?
I'll just push him from here.
Perfect, thanks, man.
- Crystal?
- Hmm?
Look for me,
do not open.
Who's this? I don't know.
Every second!
Can I help you?
Hey, what's up?
Is there an older couple
that lives here?
- Annie?
- I just got dropped off
- by the Access-A-Ride.
- Oh, Lord!
What happened again?
at the door for you.
Who is it?
I don't know.
Some white guy.
I'm hoping you recognize me
from the Access-A-Ride.
The driver just dropped us
off on our house on 23rd,
and I can't find
my keys anywhere.
And my brother doesn't have
a jacket, and it's freezing.
Is there any way
I can use your phone?
Just for, like, two minutes?
That's okay. That's okay.
God bless you.
- God bless you.
- Come in.
It's so cold.
It's freezing.
All right.
This is the phone,
If you use the phone,
do not unplug.
All right.
The battery no good.
-It's messed up, okay?
Thank you.
Oh, God damn it.
Mom, it's Connie. Nick and I
are locked out of the house,
and I don't have my keys
or my wallet or anything.
So we're gonna wait at
the Dunkin' Donuts
until you get off work.
But if you get this message,
can you call me back at...
What's the number here?
- 917.
- 917.
- 718.
- 718.
- 63.
- 63.
- 17.
- 17.
So, yeah, call me back
if you get this
in the next, like,
five minutes.
Um, can I just leave him here
for, like, ten minutes
while I go break a window?
-So I can get into my house.
-What window?
Uh, my window.
-My window! Not yours.
-Why did you not call
-a locksmith?
-Because I don't have
any money in my...
I don't have my wallet.
I don't have any money either.
No, no. I understand.
Um... Could I...
Could I borrow
some clothes for him?
Because I...
How many hours
does your mother work?
Well, she gets off at,
like, 7:00, so she'll be back
at, like, 7:30. But...
Um, I hoping
she gets my message.
If you want,
I can give you a room,
not you, for your brother.
You wait until your mother
-came back from work.
It's gonna be a long time,
that's, like, seven hours.
But is that okay?
Let me show you the room.
Why, thank you so much.
Let me
show you the room.
Come with me.
But, sorry,
the light doesn't work.
We have the TV, okay?
Okay. Leave him there.
Come with me.
I've been sitting
on the couch,
watching TV.
The remote doesn't work.
Okay? It's no good.
If you want
to change the channel,
-you go in the box, okay?
-Okay, I can just sit here.
It's fine. Thank you so much.
Okay, okay,
that's enough.
Come on, baby.
-I have work tomorrow.
I'm going to take my medicine
-to sleep, okay?
Put your phone down, Crystal!
Always giving me
problems with the phone!
Stop the phone, okay?
All the time
you're doing that to me.
When I'm talking to you,
I don't want your eye
in the phone.
You have to watch me,
eyes to eyes.
Okay. Okay.
Um, I'm sorry,
I just need to look
for something really quickly.
Yeah, it's fine.
Just don't, uh...
Just try not to wake him up.
What's that in your hair?
This? I found some hair dye
in your bathroom.
You dyed your hair?
Just kind of a weirdo.
I hope
that's not the one
from the bottom
of the cabinet.
-Hold on a second.
-I don't know what color
-your hair is gonna turn out.
-I hope you don't mind.
I took your mom's
phone in here.
That's not my mom.
That's my grandmother,
and I don't care what you do
with that lady's phone.
As long as you don't
bring it back...
Sorry, this is my mother.
I just need to take this.
Hey, I said hold on
- for a second.
- Hold on to what?
You don't understand.
Everything's falling apart.
No. Stop it.
Stop what?
Where are you?
-I'm with Nick right now.
Oh, great.
So you got your brother back,
and now you don't need me?
No, just calm down,
calm down.
There's no reason to worry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
-I just...
-No, just hold on a second.
What I'm gonna need you to do,
you get a cab
and you come pick us up.
You don't understand.
I'm a prisoner here.
My mom spoke to the doorman
and told him to call her
if I try to leave.
What time does
the doorman switch shifts?
At 5:00 or 6:00.
Okay. At 5:00 a.m.,
you go downstairs,
get a car and come pick us up.
I don't know, Connie.
I'm sorry. I can't stay
on the phone much longer.
It's rude. It's not my phone.
It's rude?
Whose phone is it?
Where are you?
What's the address here?
220 Fourth Avenue.
Connie, who is that?
Who are you talking to?
Connie. Hello? Hello?
I just sent you the address.
Did you get it?
Uh, yeah.
Okay, so come pick us up
as soon as you can.
I love you. See you in a bit.
I thought I should
let you know,
but my grandmother told me
-not to talk to you.
I don't care
what she says anyways. But...
Would you mind
just talking outside?
I really don't want
to wake him up.
Let's just go outside.
Just gonna make my brother
something to eat.
You want something?
I wouldn't do that.
What is all this shit?
You're not really
gonna find anything.
I have chicken nuggets
in here actually.
Um, that should be good.
How old are you?
Um, I'm 16.
You look way older than that.
I know. I get that.
So what's up?
You just stay up all night?
I go back in my room.
Stay up, eat,
watch movies, smoke.
-Is that weed?
It has no effect on me.
I'm immune to it.
My boyfriend sells this shit.
For like $30.
How old's your boyfriend?
He's not my boyfriend. My ex.
-He's a drug dealer?
Where does he live?
Can't disclose that.
Oh, yeah? Why not?
'Cause it's gonna
make his house hot.
Can't do that to him.
What, from me?
From anybody.
We're out
to a call of a lady
that's threatening
to commit suicide.
The reportee on this
is her husband,
who's at a different location.
she's armed herself
with a knife and has taken
some anti-depressant drugs.
This is our second time
out to this apartment today.
And it looks like
she's still out front
in her car here.
The red minivan.
Sharon. Stop it!
Did he just try to kick her?
- I want to help you.
- No, you don't!
-You gotta help me. Yes, I do.
-You lied to me.
I'm not lying to you.
Come on, we need you out here.
Come on, come on.
-Give me that knife!
Back off! Lady...
Jesus Christ.
Get your arm
outta there.
Bring it out.
We still have
the knife under there.
Yeah. We're fine.
-Oh, my God.
-You gotta change this.
I don't want to see them
justify this shit.
She's fine. There's
nothing we can do for that.
Just leave
the knife right there.
look at the doggy!
...say he was
caught breeding pit bulls
for dog fighting
inside his home.
That is messed up.
I really love dogs.
One of my cousin's
friends, Tiara,
she has this dog.
His name is Blade.
He's a Great Dane.
Oh, my gosh!
I think I was a dog
in a previous life.
In fact, I know I was.
It's why they love me so much.
You're watching
Time Warner Cable News
New York 1.
Now an update on last week's
bank robbery in Flushing.
Authorities are still
searching for
Constantine Nikas,
suspected of carrying
out the robbery
along with his brother.
Nikolas Nikas was arrested
near the scene
after crashing through
a plate-glass window
at the New World Mall.
Today the brothers'
grandmother is speaking out
in an exclusive interview
with NY1's Tara Lynn Wagner.
She joins us now from Flushing
with the details.
that's right, Lewis.
In a NY1 exclusive,
Agapia Nikas
describes her complicated
relationship with
her grandsons.
She took out
a restraining order
against Constantine
earlier this year,
after she says he threatened
and stalked her.
And she blames him for
an altercation with Nikolas
that left her
with a broken arm.
I don't want to call him.
I don't want to talk with him.
I don't want to, uh...
All because he treats
his brother so badly.
What the fuck?
Where the fuck am I?
where you going?
Yo, where the fuck am I, man?
Did you do this
to my fucking face?
Shut the fuck up.
Lower your voice.
No. Back the fuck up, man.
Back the fuck up.
-Listen! Stop it!
-Get the fuck off me!
- Shut up! Shut up!
- Ow!
Ow, my fucking arm!
Ow! My fucking hand
and handcuff!
-Shut up!
- Get the fuck off me!
- Stop yelling!
-Shut up!
-My whole fucking body hurts.
Yo, C, can you get some
painkillers, please?
You do
this shit to me, bro?
Now! Now!
Did you do
this shit to me?
Shut the fuck up.
If you wake the grandma,
I swear to God
I'll fuck you up.
What fucking grandma?
You're in an old lady's
house in Rego Park.
-Are you gonna stay quiet?
-How the fuck did I
-get here, bro?
-Calm down.
-Calm down.
-Fuck. All right.
Get off. I'm calm.
-All right. Calm down.
-All right.
So get the fuck off.
Thank you.
-Yo, take these.
-What the fuck is that?
- What is it?
- Oxys.
Take it. Take it.
They'll make you feel better.
Are you gonna stay calm?
Can you leave
us alone, please?
why do I have handcuffs?
Just go
down to your room.
Shut the door. Shut the door.
Close the door!
- Fuck!
- I swear to God,
if you wake up
the grandmother,
-I'll fuck you up!
-Yeah, yeah.
I heard you, bro.
-God damn it.
-Are you gonna stay calm?
Yeah, yeah, I'm calm.
Christ, man.
What the fuck is going on?
Why am I in handcuffs?
You were handcuffed
to a stretcher in a hospital.
I broke the wrong guy out.
-That's all I know.
There was a cop
outside your room.
- What?
- I fucked up.
I don't know what to tell you.
I don't know what to tell you.
There was a cop outside your
room and you're the wrong guy.
Well, what the fuck
am I going to do?
You can do whatever
the fuck you want to do.
What you can't do
is fuck my shit up.
Acting stupid and getting me
thrown out. Okay?
All right, well listen.
Get me a phone, man.
I gotta make some phone calls.
I don't have a fucking phone.
Well, go get one
from that fucking girl then.
All right.
We need to go back
to the hospital.
Is your brother okay?
That's not my brother.
The hospital fucked up.
Who is that upstairs?
I don't know who it is.
The hospital fucked up.
It's not my fault.
Does the car
-in the driveway work?
Do you know
where the keys are?
Well, where could they be?
Can we just go
and look for them quickly?
Hurry up, get some shit on
and go find the keys.
Fuck, man.
Don't be confused.
It's just gonna
make it worse for me.
Yo, yo!
I'm leaving.
You gotta leave too.
-Let's go.
-Can I get a ride?
Yeah. Whatever.
I gotta make
a phone call, too, bro.
-Fine, fine.
Just don't say anything stupid
in front of her.
I won't say nothing stupid.
And clean that shit
off your face.
What the fuck do you think
I'm trying to do here?
-You're gonna scare her.
-Get me that phone!
Fuck, man.
Oh, shit!
Oh, it's probably
just some bullshit.
Hey, Ron, it's me.
Listen, I'll explain later.
Are you with Mom right now?
All right, listen.
Is there anybody else in the
room with you right now?
Oh, fuck.
Listen, listen, when I get
off the phone with you,
you gotta pretend
like you just got
off the phone
with one of your friends
or something, all right?
All right,
it's really important.
I gotta call you back later
from a different phone.
I'll explain everything.
All right?
All right, I love you, bro.
Whoa, whoa.
Why are we going back
to the hospital for?
I thought that's
where you wanted to go.
Are you fucking crazy?
All right.
I'm gonna drop you off
at that White Castle.
I gotta get something
for my brother, anyway.
Yo, could you run in and get
a number 5 six-piece
chicken thing?
All right.
Get me something too.
I'm starving.
Just a couple sliders, please.
Go ahead.
Give me my phone.
-No, no, leave that in here.
I wanna use it.
All right, bro. She's gone.
Let's get the fuck out of
here! Let's fucking book it.
Driving around
in a stolen car?
Don't be a fucking idiot.
We're waiting for her here.
Well, I guess I'm gonna stay
in the car, too, then, man.
Because you've seen
how it is back there.
All those fucking cops.
And there's fucking cops
at my house. I don't think
you understand, bro.
I just got out
of prison yesterday.
I'm on fucking parole.
I'm fucked.
I'm gonna end up back in jail.
I am not going back to jail!
And these fucking pills
aren't doing shit.
Man, this is all
a bunch of fucking
bullshit, man!
Shut the fuck up.
I'm trying to think.
What do you think
I'm trying to do?
I'm trying to fucking
figure out my shit, too.
I don't know what the fuck
I'm going to do.
I don't remember half the shit
that went on yesterday.
I don't know if I ended up
in the hospital first.
Or the precinct first.
I don't know
if they got my fingerprints.
I don't know
what the fuck is going on.
And I don't remember
half of it
because I was so
goddamned fucked up!
I remember being
dropped off by a bus.
The jail releases me,
the bus drops me off
right in front of
a liquor store on the corner.
I mean, after doing
two years in jail,
what the fuck do you think
is gonna happen, man?
I'm gonna want
a fucking drink.
Right away I'm getting
a bottle of brandy.
I'm already practically broke,
with the little money
that was left in my account.
So I call my boy, Caliph.
He comes through
with some more liquor.
Your boy's home, man.
And some sticks of Xanax.
My brother!
He takes some sticks.
I take some sticks.
And by now,
we're all fucked up.
And I'm just feeling so good
that I don't even give a fuck.
So we both walk over
to his boy Trevor's house.
This guy who has
this hustle going
where he moves acid
for this guy in the Bronx
to this other guy
in Long Island.
But what they do is,
they skim a couple
of sheets off the top,
you know, so they could
have some money
on the side for themselves
before they make the delivery.
Yo, Bells, Belvis,
how much was that?
Yo, son, hook me up, son.
Finish her. You're a
three-minute man anyway.
Fuck, let me do my thing, man.
So I ride with him
to Long Island,
and I'm thinking
the whole time
this PO's gonna
read me the riot act,
'cause I'm fucking up already,
but, I mean...
I'm feeling so great,
and I'm fucked up.
And I just don't give a fuck.
I'm celebrating.
I'm not gonna spill it.
Yo, how much
is this shit worth?
So I'm at the arcade
with Trevor now.
You know, we're doing
our thing, hustling acid.
And, you know,
we take over this place.
Like it's our fucking office.
Once in a while
someone will show up
and we'll make a sale,
you know.
Make a sale here.
Make a sale there.
Twenty? You know...
Take that shit
and get high, baby boy.
A little stronger
than last time, I hope.
But then,
one of Trevor's friends,
this clown Donnie walks in.
And he's all fucked up.
And he's talking about
how he just robbed some
Radio Shack down the street.
Look, check this out.
At this point,
the acid's kicking in for me,
so I can't follow this shit.
I'm having a hard time
following the story,
and I'm starting
to freak out a little bit.
Bam! Right over
his fucking head.
And then, guess what happens?
The fucking cops show up.
And the next thing I know,
Trevor's grabbing me,
and we just book it into
the parking lot.
And I just remember thinking
I could run
for, like, 20 miles straight.
It's here, right here.
So I'm following Trevor,
and it's fucking freezing.
He leads us
into Adventureland,
this amusement park.
At this point, I have no idea
what the fuck is going on.
And then Donnie leads us
into this ride,
and they look for a place
to hide their shit.
But it's fuckin'
dark in there.
I can't see shit.
All of a sudden,
they get bagged,
I'm all by myself in the dark.
And literally
the next thing I remember is,
I'm fucking running down
some random street.
And I just see a fucking cab.
And I hail it,
and I just get in.
And this driver,
he just kept talking to me
and talking to me, and
I'm fucking tripping balls.
And I'm telling him,
"Please, please.
"Just give me
some peace and quiet,
"or I'm going to throw up."
If you're going to throw up,
you give me my money right now
and you get out of this car.
And I told the driver,
"Don't worry.
I'm going to go in the house,
"I'll get the money
from my bag."
I just got out of jail today,
man. I don't have shit.
As soon as he hears the word
"jail," he fuckin' freaks.
Talking about, "Oh,
I'm not getting ripped off
"by one of you punks again."
- I am not getting fucked over!
- And he just fucking
steps on the gas,
and that was it.
He just takes off.
I'm gonna pay you. My mother's
gonna pay you. She has money.
I'm going to the police, okay!
Man, I heard the word
"cops," and I lose it.
I gotta get
the fuck out of here.
-Pull over. Fuck this.
-You are crazy!
I'm not going
back to jail, man.
I'm not going back to jail.
God damn it!
So I happen to get
one of the doors opened
before he locked them all.
This guy's crazy.
He's fucking driving.
He's speeding down the road,
30, 40 miles an hour.
And I know we're getting
closer and closer
to the precinct.
I know where my local
precinct is. It's not far.
And I am not
going back to jail.
So I just looked down at
the pavement and just jump.
And now look
at my fucking face!
I can't go walk around
looking like this.
Yo. Yo, you listening to me?
Yo, you fucking hear me?
Fucking serious? Hello?
Tell you what I think.
I'm gonna drive us
out there right now,
gonna go through the ride,
and we split what we find.
All right?
What, to Adventurers?
Right now?
Are you fucking serious?
I should be in a fucking bed
somewhere right now.
You have nowhere to go.
You have no plan.
And she's coming right now.
Did you see all the activity
outside the hospital
when we drove past?
Yeah, the police?
Yeah. So I called over there,
and there's been
a police incident.
They're not going to discharge
anyone for an hour and a half.
So what's going to happen
with your brother?
I don't know.
It's fuckin' nightmare.
I'm kinda fucked.
So I want to drop him off
back at home,
then come back
to the hospital afterwards.
So I'm gonna drop you off
back at home, right?
Yeah, yeah, that sounds good.
Yeah, drive me home.
Where am I going?
Yeah, just right up here.
Just pull up
around back right here.
Right here?
Yeah, just pull up
around back.
I don't want to go
around front
because then the dogs
are going to start barking
and wake everybody up
and stuff. So...
Get out for a second.
I need to talk to her.
You know what? Tonight,
it's fucked up as it is.
I just think...
I think something
very important is happening,
and it's deeply connected
to my purpose.
And I think that
you are somehow
connected to it as well.
I mean, do you feel me at all?
Or do I just sound
like a total faggot?
No, I feel you. I understand.
Okay, I'm gonna go take a shit
in that guy's house.
And we'll try the hospital
again in a minute.
-Just wait here for me, okay?
-All right.
We can cut
right through here.
Oh, fuck. Ow!
Ow, my fucking shoulder!
Power with your legs.
Don't use your arms.
-Oh, fuck. Shit, man.
-Shut the fuck up!
I can't do it, man.
Tell me where it is.
I'll be right back.
I'm not telling you
where it is.
You can wait by the car.
That's my ride
as well as yours.
No, no, no way.
We find another way
around or something.
If I have to come back
over there,
I'm gonna kick
the living shit out of you.
You keep pushing me, bro,
and I'm gonna
forget how fucked up
my shoulder is.
You gotta help me over, bro.
Come on.
Just boost me up.
There we go.
I'm good.
Fuck me, bro!
Oh, shit!
Here we go.
All right, you feel
this track right here?
- Yes.
- Follow it.
Yo, check this coffin.
Behind it, under it.
nothing here, man.
Try lifting the lid up.
This is
fucking bolted down.
Look, I'm not gonna spend
all night looking through
everything single thing in
here, so think, think harder.
All right. I'm trying
to fucking think, bro!
It was fucking dark,
like it is now.
It's gotta be farther,
let's go father.
Come on.
Right. Got it.
This Egyptian shit.
I don't know.
Maybe this tombstone, man.
I think they stashed it here.
- Oh, shit!
- You got it?
Yes! Nah,
I found the fucking acid.
I don't care
about the acid.
Are you fucking stupid?
Do you know how much
this shit is worth?
Find the money.
Do you recognize any of this?
I told you, man.
I was fucked up.
The cops came in quick.
- Oh, shit!
- Hey!
Y'all need to come out.
Stop fucking with me
right now.
I already called the cops.
Stop playin'.
Y'all need
to come out right now.
If I find you,
you gonna get
your assed kicked.
I'm not fucking around.
Show your face.
Oh, fuck!
Shit. Fuck! Ow!
Hey! Calm down!
- Ow. Fuck!
- Hey!
I got beat up!
I'm the victim here, man.
Oh, shit.
Where's your friend?
-I don't got no friend.
-I saw you on the monitor!
There's cameras here, okay?
I got beat up. I'm the victim.
Look at me, man.
Oh, come on, bro.
I'm gonna show
your friend now, huh?
I'm not trying
to give you no problems, man.
All right.
Let's wait for your boy
to come out.
Just let me go.
You will never see
my face again, I promise.
Let's wait for your boy
to come out now.
Please, man. Come on, bro.
Shut the fuck up.
There he goes.
Oh, shit!
Come on! Come on!
Get me the fuck outta here!
Yo! Yo!
Open the door!
Yo, cut me the fuck
out of these things, man.
There's got to be
scissors somewhere.
Let me see those things.
Let's get the fuck
out of here.
All right,
let's leave him here.
Keep looking.
Go find it.
I want to be in
and out of here.
Damn you fucked him up.
I want to be in and out,
all right? In and out!
Yo, does any of this
black light shit ring a bell?
I don't know, man.
Just look around.
Look under shit.
Look behind shit,
like I'm doing.
The cops came in.
They stashed it
really quick, man.
-What about the boat thing?
-The what?
The boat. Did you look
through the boat?
Nah, not yet.
Hello! Nassau County Police.
Anybody in there?
Fuck! Fuck!
Nassau County Police!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Shit, man.
Take his shoes off!
Go look for a hiding spot.
Don't leave the ride.
Hold on, hold on.
This motherfucker's
not gonna remember shit
when he wakes up.
Open the fucking mouth.
Oh, there you are.
What happened?
We were yelling at the gate.
Sorry, man,
I couldn't hear anything.
He's inside here.
Watch out
for the rail.
-He's just here.
-Oh, shit.
What happened to him?
I don't know.
I just heard
a ton of noise outside.
I just walked in here,
and he's just
layin' there like this...
Unconscious, I guess.
What happened
to the other one?
- Could we get a bus for a...
- The other one...
...lacerations to the face.
As soon as I turned the lights
on, everybody ran off.
Is he still in the park?
Maybe. I don't know.
You have an ETA?
I'm gonna
need you to turn all
- the lights on in the park.
- Copy.
Uh... Yeah, just give me
a couple of minutes.
Hold on.
Let me call you back, hold on.
'Cause I just
peeped something.
Yo, yo, yo.
Stop! Stop! Turn around.
Turn around.
Nice strong pulse.
He has a good chest rise.
He's moving good oxygen.
Those whacks are pretty nasty
on his forehead though.
Hey, bud. Hey. Hey.
What's going on, man? Hey.
You awake? Hello. Hello.
He's a little agitated.
Hold on. Hold on to him.
Hey, man, it's all right.
It's all right.
Relax. Relax. Relax.
There goes that drug use, huh?
Just hold
on to his legs.
Make sure you got his legs.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
- I'm gonna cuff him.
- Yeah, yeah.
Let's restrain him.
you're gonna be all right.
All right, I got his arms.
You get under.
Take your time.
One. Two. Three.
All right, let's put him
on a stretcher.
All right.
Get off of me!
Why are you still
holding me, sir?
Get off!
Get off! Get off of me!
Wait, I just
explained myself to you.
I didn't have to do that.
You're not
making any sense.
This is the girl.
Is this the one
that was running around?
it wasn't a girl, bro.
I don't know who that is.
Look me at,
don't look at him.
Look at me. How old are you?
-I'm 16.
-Where's your ID?
What are you doing here?
You don't want...
You don't know, and
you don't want to talk to me?
Come on. You're outta here.
I don't got time
for this shit.
We'll find somebody
that'll talk to us
and tell you why
you're here, all right?
Get her outta here.
I'll start her 61.
Elmhurst, can I help you?
Yeah. I'm just
looking for a patient
who's currently
in the hospital.
I'm just checking
to see if he's okay.
Name, please.
Nikolas. Nikolas Nikas.
Do you have a floor
or wing or something?
No. No, I don't know anything.
All right, please hold.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm unable to release
any information
regarding that inmate.
Why not? I'm a family member.
Like I said, I'm not allowed
to release or to disclose
any information about...
- Yo!
- Yeah.
We're leavin'.
Yo, are we good, man?
Are they gone?
Yo, wait up!
Let me in.
You have the acid?
Get in the back.
I gotta get
to a fucking phone, man.
I gotta warn my family.
If they call that fucking
stupid girl's number back...
If she's with the cops,
then I'm fucked, bro.
They might trick my mom
into saying something stupid,
like I...
Like I called her earlier.
Fuck, man.
Lay down.
We're going to his house.
Lay down.
Make yourself invisible.
- What apartment?
- 12B.
Come here.
Smell the coat.
Smell the coal.
Smell that. Go on.
You smell it? You smell it?
Come here, come here.
Come on.
...getting $46 million
in funding for
upgraded infrastructure.
...35,000 feet of new sewers,
water mains, and sidewalks.
Shit, that's what
I'm talking about.
Man, this is a nice
fucking place.
I wish I had
a fucking place like this.
How much money
can you get for this
-right now, tonight?
For the acid. Who can you call
to get some money for this
right now tonight?
I want to move it right now.
That doesn't belong to me.
That belongs
to my boy, Caliph.
Well, then he can
pay me for it.
Fuck that, man.
I'm the one who found it.
Not you.
You wouldn't have found
anything without me.
You were handcuffed
to a bed in a hospital.
What do you think
I'm doing this for?
You think I'm doing this
for charity?
All right. You're right.
You got a point. I hear you.
Listen. My boy
will hook you up.
He'll throw some
money your way.
But, my point is,
it's not up to me.
I gotta call him, all right?
-It's not up to me.
-You're right.
It's not up to you.
So get on the phone
and call him right now.
Plug the phone in. Charge it.
And give me a minute.
It doesn't need to be charged.
I want to relax
for a minute, man.
It's been a long
fucking night, you know.
I don't give a fuck
if you want to relax.
You gotta get on the phone
right now, and you gotta
make sure it's plugged
into the wall 'cause
-otherwise it doesn't work.
-Give me a minute, bro.
Call him now.
A Bronx man is
facing animal cruelty charges.
Officials say an anonymous tip
about emaciated dogs prompted
an investigation
by law enforcement.
They will soon
be available for adoption.
Now an update
on last week's
bank robbery in Flushing.
Authorities are still
searching for
Constantine Nikas, suspected
of carrying out the robbery
along with his brother.
Nikolas Nikas was arrested
near the scene
after crashing through
a plate-glass window
at the New World Mall.
He's currently being held
at the Queens Detention Center
awaiting a court appearance.
Today the brothers'
grandmother is speaking out...
So how much time
are you facing?
She joins us now from Flushing
with the details.
Come on, man, look at me. exclusive,
Agapia Nikas...
I don't care.
I don't give a fuck.
I know your situation
can't be worse than mine.
Everybody goes through shit.
I'm the last one to judge.
She blames him for
an altercation with Nikolas
that left her
with a broken arm.
You ever do time before?
Fucking kidding me?
Just asking you
a question.
Why you gotta be such
a fuckin' little prick
all the time, man?
Look at you.
Look at you.
You're drunk as shit,
and now you wanna
get real with me?
Don't fucking
flatter yourself, bro.
I'm not trying
to get real with you.
You know what?
I'm fucking real.
I'm trying to
talk to you, all right?
Go fuck yourself, man.
You think
you're better than me.
I am better than you.
You're an ignorant fuck, bro.
No one's better than
any next man, all right?
You don't know me from Adam.
The second you got here,
you went to the booze
and you got fucked up.
But that's fine.
-So the fuck what?
-So that's who, that's who...
That's just who you are.
You're a fuckup.
That's it. I don't care.
Whatever. I don't give a shit.
You shouldn't give a shit.
Who gives a shit?
I... I definitely
don't give a shit.
Look. Losers like you
are incapable
of taking care of themselves.
You're either leeching off
mommy or leeching off welfare
or living off
the government in jail.
That's you!
You don't know the first thing
about me, bro.
What's to know?
What's to know?
You serve absolutely
no function whatsoever.
It's pathetic.
I probably made more money
in the last two years
than you did in
your whole fucking life, man.
Let's see, man, a couple
of years from now,
you ever seen me driving by
in my fucking Lambo.
You're gonna put
your fuckin' foot
so far up your mouth, bro.
You don't know what I'm
talking about at all.
'Bout fuckin' time.
Yo, it's Caliph. Buzz me up.
All right.
I'm buzzing you up right now.
Yo, come on. Get in, man.
What the fuck happened
to your face, nigga?
-I told you it was fucked up.
-You didn't tell me it was
-like this.
-It is. It is.
Aw, I can't even fuckin'
look at you, man.
It's disgusting.
Then don't look at me.
I don't know what to tell you.
Where's the bottle?
It's in
this room with this fucker.
What are you whispering about?
Listen. Listen. This guy's
fuckin' shot up, all right?
I just want to
get this shit over with.
Man, fuck this shit.
-Yo, what's up?
-Shut the door!
What the fuck! You didn't
tell me there was a fucking
dog in there.
Fucking forgot about that,
man. That's my bad.
What the fuck!
How much did
you bring?
Calm the fuck down.
How much
did you bring?
I thought we were gonna
talk about this shit first,
and then decide.
So you brought nothing.
I need to know what the fuck
I'm payin' for.
Is this guy serious?
I'm very serious.
I could've run with
my own fucking car
and got the shit
the other day myself.
All right, both of you
get out. We're done.
Yo. Just give him
whatever you got,
and let's get the fuck
outta here.
I'm gonna go get $1,000
from the ATM
and bring it right back.
I want 15,000, not 1,000.
How am I gonna get 15,000
from an ATM,
you crazy motherfucker?
This conversation's
over. You can leave now.
-Both of you.
-Don't give him shit.
How 'bout we do this?
I'll go to the ATM right now,
and I'm gonna take out $1,000
times three.
-Three Gs for you...
From the ATM in 30 minutes.
No. Not good enough!
All right. I'm gonna go
to the motherfuckin' bank.
It's gonna take me
about three hours
to get you the 15 Gs.
You want to sit here
and wait here like a dick?
Okay, great. Fine.
That guy's full of fuckin'
shit. He's an asshole.
You see what the fuck
I've been dealin' with
-all fuckin' night?
-Yeah, I get it. I get it.
I'm gonna fuckin'
go right now.
I'll be back at 9:30.
Keep your eye on him,
all right?
I'm gonna go to the BX.
I'm gonna get with Tasha.
And then I'll be back.
That's what I'm talking about.
Hold him
the fuck down.
Yeah. I'll see you, all right?
What are you doing?
I told you. I'm done.
He's coming back
with the money, bro.
Get off. I'm leaving.
No, we're waiting.
We're fucking waiting.
Waiting for what?
We're fuckin' waiting!
I'm not letting you leave
with that fuckin' bottle, man.
Fuckin' let go of this shit.
Get off me! Fucking mutt!
Get the fuck off me!
Shit! God damn it! Fuck!
Yo, it's me. Yo, you gotta get
back here right now.
You gotta get back here
right fucking now.
Dude, he left!
He left with it!
What were
you fucking thinking?
The fuckin' dog, man!
Listen, you just gotta come.
They're swarming
the fuckin' building.
Hold on. Hold on.
Stop! Stop!
Hey, yo!
Stop! You're under arrest.
Get the fuck down!
Oh, shit!
He's getting bagged
as we speak, man!
It's on top of a parking lot.
In a puddle.
The Sprite bottle.
You can't miss it.
It's right out front.
It's right out front.
You can't miss it.
I gotta go.
I'll call you back.
You never talked to me. Bye.
Police Department!
Come out with your hands up!
Open the door.
Hey, keep an eye
on this crowd.
They're starting
to set up
a perimeter for this.
He went
out the window! Window!
Look up!
All units!
He's on the building!
All units.
Call it in now!
There he is.
Good to see you, Nick.
I'm really glad you're here.
And I gotta tell you,
that is a very cool haircut.
You look really sharp.
Mrs. Nikas, it's so good
to see you, too.
-Good to see you.
-Thank you for bringing
-Nick in. Thank you.
-Thank you very much
for everything.
Okay. Listen, I want you
to come with me.
I'm gonna take you someplace.
I just enrolled you in
this really terrific class.
I'm gonna walk you
there right now.
You are gonna love it.
You know, Nick,
I have to tell you,
what Connie did.
Connie did the right thing.
He did
the really responsible thing.
And the best news is,
he's right where he belongs.
And you're right
where you belong.
And I gotta tell you,
this place where we are now
can be a lot of fun
if you let it.
You know that, don't you?
Energy in my hands.
Energy in my foot.
- Hi, Peter!
- Hi. Hi, Samantha. Hi.
Please excuse me
for interrupting.
I just want everybody to
meet my friend Nick.
Nick, say hi to everybody.
Hi, Nick!
That's Samantha.
This is Aubrey.
-Aubrey conducts this class.
I've seen these classes.
They're great.
I think you're gonna like it.
It's a lot of fun.
I don't know
nobody here though.
No, you don't.
That's okay.
There's a lot of people here
that are new, too.
You're not alone.
You're gonna have a good time.
And I'll be right out here.
I'm just going to be
waiting for you.
- I'm not leaving without you.
- All right.
Thank you, everybody.
Nice to see you.
Bye, Peter!
Bye, Samantha.
Nice to meet you.
Can I take your coat?
I've really had
a long day.
Hey, guys, say hi to Nick
one more time.
- Make him feel welcome.
- Hi, Nick.
Since Nick is here,
we're gonna get to know
each other a little bit more
and play something
called Cross The Room.
So I'd love
everyone to divide up
on one side of the room.
Nick, this way, thank you.
Uh, Rodney, you can actually
get over here.
Backari next to Andrew.
Okay. I'm going to give you
a prompt.
I'm gonna say,
"Cross the room if you
like something.
"Cross the room
if you want to do something.
"Cross the room if you have
ever done something."
And if you have or agree
with those prompts,
you would cross the room.
you choose whether or not
you want to cross.
You don't have to.
It could be your secret.
You choose your truth. Okay?
So let's start with
something easy.
Cross the room
if you like candy.
Mikey and Michael
don't like candy? Okay.
How about something harder?
Cross the room
if you've ever been in love.
- I think I have.
- You think you have?
Cross the room
if you have ever lied.
Cross the room
if you've ever
not gotten along
with your family members
There were
family problems.
Family drama.
No family drama?
Does anybody have
another suggestion?
- I do.
- Sure.
-Oh, sorry, guys.
-Cross the room
if you've ever been blamed
for something
that you didn't do.
Oh, plenty of times.
Cross the room if you've ever
been to New Year's Eve,
Christmas at
Rockefeller Center.
Cross the room
if you've ever done
anything stupid
with your friends.
Cross the room
if you've ever done something
stupid with your friends.
Mikey, do you have
a suggestion?
Yeah, cross the room
if you have not been
to Dream Street.
Cross the room if you
have not been to Dream Street.
- Samantha?
- Cross the room
if you'd really love to mentor
special ed nursery school.
Cross the room
if you've ever mentored
or want to mentor
special needs children.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Cross the room
if you have a friend.
Cross the room
if you've even been lonely.
Cross the room if
you like musicals.
Do an easy one.
Cross the room
if you've ever felt
like you spend
too much time at home.