Goodbye Julia (2023) Movie Script

That's the date
the concert of the Jazzton Band?
What time is Friday?
Five o'clock?
Okay, thank you very much.
- Akram, it's ready.
- Okay, I'm coming.
There's no eggs?
I made beans
but I'll bother you if you want to.
It's not worth it.
Are you still working on Fridays?
Yeah, we've got a lot of commands.
I'll leave after prayer, why?
Nothing, I'm thinking of buying some fish.
- Look at these bastards!
- What's going on?
The network doesn't work anymore.
They had to announce death.
Stay here, I'll close the gate.
Akram! They're burning Bakri's car!
Is this the police?
It's Bakri, he's got a gun.
- He shot them?
- No, he scares them.
The President confirmed the death of the 1st Vice-President
and leader of the Independent Movement, the SPLM,
John Garang, in a helicopter crash
on his return from Uganda.
Sudanese Government Renews Naivasha Peace Agreement
that ended a 50-year civil war
and guaranteed the right of the South to self-determination
at the end of the transition period.
We belong to Allah, and to Him we will return.
Latest news: victims among the Nordists
following riots
in several districts of Khartoum.
There is no god but Allah.
- There is no god but Allah.
- There is no god but Allah.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Sorry, Santino, the locals want you to leave.
Why? Because of the riots?
- What's my fault?
- I know.
I got them to leave you one more day to leave.
I didn't do anything.
I am against riots, they know it.
I pay my rent to Haj Ahmed, it's unfair.
I know, but it's their decision.
I have to respect her.
I have your money.
All the rent.
I'm sorry.
Here are your three bottles.
- Hi, Daniel, are you all right?
- Are you all right, Achole?
I'm fine, thank God.
- What about you, Santino?
- All right, are you okay?
- God bless you.
- We're all right, thank God.
Come in, please.
I'm sorry, I have a small delivery to do.
I won't be long.
- No problem, be careful.
- Yeah.
Thank God, you're fine.
It's very dangerous in some neighborhoods.
I'm sorry, Achole.
They invade you when it calms down.
You're my brother.
You're home here.
It's not much.
The neighbors are kind, they will not bother you.
I've made room for you, you'll be comfortable.
It's a Russian rifle.
It contains five bullets.
Four in the charger, here
and one in the cannon.
You put the cross against your shoulder,
you arm him,
and then you do this,
and you're ready.
00:07:41,720 -- 00:07:54,039
You live and you tires.
75 00:08:00,760 -- 00:08:02,759
Isn't there the Jazzton Band tonight?
00:08:02,960 -- 00:08:05,680
I'm sorry, Madam, because of the riots.
77 00:08:05,840 -- 00:09:08,720 they had to cancel.
They'll play next week.
00:08:09,239 -- 00:08:11,840
In that case, I'll come back.
- Thank you.
- Nothing.
All right. We will repeat the same exercise.
What's going on?
The road is blocked.
They're stopping the rioters.
Sing every note only once,
to make better use of your vocal strings
and improving the sound,
controlling your breath.
Starting from the diaphragm,
through the larynx, to the vocal strings.
00:09:09,479 -- 00:09:11,480
I'm going home.
Do you need something to choose from?"
The vocal strings produce the notes.
- That's not your job.
- Let me do it.
- Go.
It's still a sale.
00:09:35,960 -- 00:09:08,480
- Where's Achole?
- She went to get coal.
You see, Danny, everything's clean.
Go beyond the sea.
Santino, I'm not in the mood.
00:10:03,800 -- 00:10:6,400
Khamis sleeps and Danny comes back to dance for 2 minutes.
Two minutes is a long time.
00:10:08,200 -- 00:10:10,600
I water the trees in 10 seconds.
00:10:11,840 -- 00:10:12,800
On watching us.
00:10:19,079 -- 00:10:20,600
Are we gonna stay here for a long time?
00:10:20,999 -- 00:10:23,120
Two, three weeks to find.
00:10:23,360 -- 00:10:24,320
Two more weeks?
00:10:25,040 -- 00:10:26,840
There's no water, no electricity, no gas.
00:10:27.080 -- 00:10:28,720
You don't even go to the studio anymore.
00:10:29,120 -- 00:10:30,280
Why are you in a hurry?
108 00:10:30,800 -- 00:10:33,200
The Arabs are attacking the Southers everywhere.
00:10:33,440 -- 00:10:35,560
I was in a good mood, don't ruin everything.
We are supposed to enter a new era,
We need to evolve and...
00:10:50,840 -- 00:10:54,680
A breathing lesson for better control.
Let's take great inspiration
and let's try again.
Danny, are you all right?
00:11:222,840 -- 00:11:23,720
Are you blind?
00:11:26,240 -- 00:11:28,600
I call my husband, he calls an ambulance.
00:11:34,400 -- 00:11:36,839
Open the door.
Why is it closed?
What is this brothel? Stop!
Danny, are you all right?
00:11:49,480 -- 00:11:50,720
- Are you okay?
- Take it.
00:12:11,320 -- 00:12:12,320
Stop it! Stop it!
00:12:13,240 -- 00:12:14,120
Stop the car!
00:12:14,240 -- 00:12:15,880
Akram! A Souther pursue me!
- Stop!
- Where are you?
- I don't know.
- Stop the car!
00:12:19,000 -- 00:12:20,080
I don't know, Akram.
- You driving?
- Yeah.
- Stop it!
- Come home quickly!
Okay, I'm coming!
- Akram, wait!
- Come home.
- Akram, listen!
- Come home!
Stop here!
Are you pointing a gun at me?
I said stop!
- Your name?
- Akram Mohamed Omar Al Makk.
- 39 years old.
- 13, Block 115, West Khartoum.
- It's me, officer.
Bakri Kamil, head of the local committee.
- Enchanted.
- Same.
- You must come with us.
- Okay.
Akram, your keys.
The victim's business?
I took the bike,
in compensation for my car.
Go with them. Go on, it's good.
Good evening, Your Honor.
We have a little problem.
00:13:45,200 -- 00:13:46,880
My neighbor killed a Southern,
who was chasing his wife.
We're on our way to the post office.
Thank you, sir.
00:13,55,640 -- 00:13:57,160
May God bless you.
Good night.
I want to report the disappearance
00:14:06,640 -- 00:14:7,760
from my husband.
His name?
00:14:11,360 -- 00:14:12,640
Santino Mabior.
00:14:14,240 -- 00:14:17,200
- Where do you live?
- At the corner of the street.
00:14:17,840 -- 00:14:20,000
He's probably naked somewhere.
00:14:21,200 -- 00:14:22,280
He doesn't drink.
Sit down. I'll check.
- What does she want?
- Her husband's gone.
Cover this, it's a police station here.
Lieutenant, what's his name already?
- Kamal El Din?
- Kamal, yes. A good guy.
He said we should call him if they bother us.
The problem was solved along the way.
If we had been late, it would have been different.
00:15:01,280 -- 00:15:3,680
but, fortunately, he acted quickly.
And thank God, your wife is fine.
We're in danger, be careful.
Okay, I'm leaving, rest.
- Stay, Bakri.
- Thank you, brother.
- Thank you.
- Nothing.
- Hello.
- Thank you again.
00:15:36,800 -- 00:15:37,799
Are you all right?
00:15:40,640 -- 00:15:43,040
What's going on?
Did he hurt you?
00:15:45,520 -- 00:15:46,679
Are you scared?
Are you worried?
It was legitimate defense, nothing more.
Take this, don't think too much.
- You couldn't shoot in the air?
- Mona, this guy was crazy.
He approached half naked, God knows what he could have done.
You could've targeted his leg.
I didn't have time to think about it, it was instinctive.
I said stop, he went on, I shot.
Did you see him?
He wanted to kill you, that's the only explanation.
- I wish he had.
- Mona.
Did you know him?
You know what he wanted of you?
How would I have known?
Then why blame me?
A man is dead, for God's sake!
00:16:48,520 -- 00:16:50,920
- You're not touched?
- That's not the question!
I was protecting my house.
I'd do it again if I had to.
Where else were you going?
You didn't tell me anything.
I went to see the doctor.
Was it really necessary?
It's the chaos outside.
Was it necessary?
I'm sorry, Akram.
I didn't want to blame you.
Don't worry.
You'll recover.
Take the stamps, it'll help you sleep.
Tomorrow is another day.
It makes 8 photos in 4 by 6
and the group photo, here it is for you.
00:18:03,560 -- 00:18:05,320
- Thank you.
- Nothing.
Julia, how are you?
Nice to see you.
Where's Santino, why isn't he here?
I'm here for him, Mr. Mirghani.
- He didn't come?
- Not in days.
Hey, kid, did Santino go by when I wasn't here?
Not since Garang died.
Okay, I'll go on.
Thanks anyway.
Good luck, sweetie.
May God protect you.
Did you find Dad?
- Khamis, did you find Santino?
- No, unfortunately.
Not in the hospital, not in prison.
00:18:48,320 -- 00:18:50,440
I called the family, nobody saw him.
00:18:54,280 -- 00:18,55,640
We can leave Daniel here.
and go check tomorrow among the victims.
O merciful Lord,
we give these souls into your hands.
00:19:17,000 -- 00:19:20,999
We believe that the dead will rise in Christ.
We praise you, God, that you have sent your sons.
00:19:26,519 -- 00:19:29,000
and have opened the gates of heaven to us.
00:19:30,040 -- 00:19:33,800
that we may dwell with you, Yahweh,
233 00:19:34,919 -- 0019:37,240
and that you reign forever and ever.
00:19:37,480 -- 00:19:09,080 Amen.
00:20:00,839 -- 00:20:02,960
My brothers and sisters in Christ,
00:20:05,240 -- 00:20:07,079
The Prophet Isaiah tells us this:
Once, before the coming of Christ,
00:20:13,120 -- 00:20:14,920
God told us he would destroy
death forever.
00:20:20,039 -- 00:20:23,120
He'll wipe our tears.
Be patient, my sister.
00:20:29,840 -- 00:20:31,799
- You don't have the right.
- Leave me alone.
00:20:33,959 -- 00:20:04,960
- Take her.
00:20:36,520 -- 00:20:38,480
- Let me go, Khamis, I want to find him.
00:20:38,600 -- 00:20:42,520
- Get her out of here.
- Let me get it.
00:21:58,000 -- 00:21:59,840
How do you feel? Better?
00:22:00,920 -- 00:22:03,920
Much better. What is that?
248 00:22:04,880 -- 00:22:55,920
Birds singers.
00:22:07,040 -- 00:22:10,120
They'll keep you company and raise your morale.
Feed them twice a day.
- Hello. Hello.
- Madam Mona?
- Yeah.
00:22:54,920 -- 00:22:56,800
Officer Kamal is waiting for you.
00:22:57,560 -- 00:22:58,960
Welcome, madam. Water?
00:22:59,480 -- 00:23:03,080
No thanks, I just have a question, it won't be long.
00:23:03,440 -- 00:23:4,600
Check these files.
00:23:06,400 -- 00:23:07,760
How can I help you?
00:23:08,279 -- 00:23:11,360
Did you talk on the phone about last month's incident?
00:23:11,600 -- 00:23:14,000
Honestly, I came without telling Akram.
00:23:14,200 -- 00:23:16,400
I'd like to join the victim's family.
00:23:16,679 -- 00:23:18,119
What do we do for?
00:23:18,920 -- 00:23:21,800
I want to see if I can pay the price of singing or help them.
00:23:21,959 -- 00:23:24,880
Maybe they depended on him.
I need your help.
00:23:25,240 -- 00:23:27,640
Unfortunately, we know nothing about him.
00:23:28,439 -- 00:23:31,040
He's a stranger, no one came to the researcher.
00:23:31,120 -- 00:23:32,080
I can't do anything.
00:23:33,200 -- 00:23:35,360
Will you tell me if anyone is looking for him?
00:23:35,879 -- 00:23:38,600
Listen, Madam, I understand your position.
00:23:38,960 -- 00:23:41,960
but this case is classified under article 51:
a stranger killed by strangers.
00:23:45,400 -- 00:23:49,960
If you claim the body, then it's a first-degree murder.
Do you understand?
00:23:52,199 -- 00:23:54,040
Yeah, I understand. Thank you.
00:24:00,359 -- 00:24:01,360
- I think I can help you.
- Really?
I have a copy of the report
00:24:09,680 -- 00:24:13,040
and his wallet that was removed from the conviction coins.
It might be useful to you.
You'll know his name.
and if he has any family.
So you'll be fixed.
00:24:26,519 -- 00:24:29,480
Venice behind the post in 15 min.
Get my number.
Cause of death after examination: Crash during riots.
Driving license.
Mona, the workers are here.
00:25:03,479 -- 00:25:04,520 Come in.
00:25:08,080 -- 00:25:10,160
- Hello.
- Hello.
00:25:12,080 -- 00:25:15,200
- Cut 20 inches in this frame.
- All right.
00:25:16,000 -- 00:25:19,240
Call the painter for the ceiling.
He's still running.
Making alcohol instead of wayka pillar.
Hey you!
00:25:38,200 -- 00:25:9,320
What's wrong?
00:25:39,320 -- 00:25:40,640
Why are you looking at us?
You should be ashamed.
Let's go, let's leave the machine inside.
Hurry up, Danny.
Julia, this is Mariam's place.
It's hot there.
Who are you? Are you from the town hall?
Take care of your business.
I warn you, I'll tell him you took his place.
Take her on your knees if you love her so much.
Hello, my sister.
What do you need?
A little wayka. How much is that?
Five the big one, three the small one.
How much do you want?
A lot, if it's good.
It's cool this morning.
Taste it, you'll come back.
- What's your name?
- Julia.
- Is that your son?
- Yes, my son, Daniel.
May God bless him. I'm Mona.
big bags, please.
Very well.
Is that for an occasion?
No, I'm freezing them.
Do you come here often?
00:28:25,280 -- 00:28:27,800
Every day, I never move.
10 big bags and an offer for you to come back.
00:28:39,200 -- 00:28:40,240
Thank you very much.
Do you want anything else?
I'm looking for a maid.
Are you okay, Daniel?
Say hello to Tatie.
Come and taste the time your mother's done.
Thank you very much.
- Where are you from, Julia?
I mean, where's your family from?
A small town called Kodok, you see?
- No, not at all.
- Next to Malakal.
I am in Malakal.
I don't remember.
I arrived in Khartoum as a child.
00:30:22,880 -- 00:30:24,440
You never go there?
If I had money, I'd go to Egypt, not Kodok.
I don't have anyone there anymore.
00:30:32,000 -- 00: 30:35,120
Everyone died in the war or fled the country.
And why Egypt?
I want to take my son
00:30:41,200 -- 00: 30:44,000
away from war, visiting the pyramids.
00:30:45,080 -- 00:30:46,360
The war is over.
00:30:47,920 -- 00:30:51,040
Here, the war never stops.
Tomorrow, it'll start again.
00:30:52,480 -- 00:30:55,880
I'm from Khartoum now.
I barely know the South.
00:30:57,200 -- 00:30:59.080
You always sold wayka?
My mother used to.
When I got married, I stopped.
My husband took care of us.
But everything has changed recently.
00:31:13,000 -- 00:31:15,680
- Call me when you're done.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- Nothing.
00:31:27,880 -- 00:31:29,000
It's too much, Mona.
No, take it.
Come back if you want to work.
Yeah, tell me what you need.
00:31:31:34,640 -- 00:31:37,079
The housekeeping, the laundry, I can do anything.
I have a housewife, but she's not very regular.
- You can take his place.
- I'd love to. No wayka.
I'll come early.
- No, after 9 o'clock. Akram will be gone.
- I'll be there.
Are you tired?
Dismantle the tents.
Drop them.
Gather the evidence.
Dismantle everything and stack this to me.
All this on the ground.
Destroy everything.
Come on.
Let's move.
Get in there.
What's going on?
The neighbor's bullshit denounced us.
Let him crumble.
Go or I'll arrest you too.
Here, Mr. Agent, I'm sitting.
Julia, go see my brother Majok at Um Durman, stay with him.
It'll be a month or two in prison, we'll find another place.
Get out of here, woman.
We're going to set fire.
What are you doing here?
I said after 9 o'clock.
I'm sorry.
I had a problem at home.
And the rest of my family lives too far away.
All right, I'll wait until 9 o'clock.
But no, what happened at your house?
We were expelled.
But why?
A close friend sells alcohol.
If you live far away, how will you come tomorrow?
I'll fix this.
Once it's cleaned up, it'll be fine.
There's a shovel in the back.
Thank you, Mona, God bless you.
May the peace and mercy of Allah be upon you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Who is this?
- The new housewife.
She's going to live here?
I thought you didn't want good at home?
She lives too far away.
That would not be possible.
- Do you bring breakfast?
- No, it'll be fine.
West or South?
I don't know. I can't tell.
- What's his name?
- Julia.
So she's Southern.
She also has a son?
A neighbor strongly recommended it.
I like her being a mother.
Singles come home from weekends pregnant.
Do you think she'll be different?
Southerners are beasts.
Like lost dogs.
They're not ashamed.
The wife passes to the son-in-law as soon as the husband dies.
Can we try it for a week?
I gave her my consent.
- Okay, but she won't cook.
- I told him before.
Where's the painting?
I removed it. I don't like him.
I'll replace him.
All right. Bakri said the other day he was cursed.
He said the houses where he was were burned or damaged.
In short, I'll see you later. Hello.
Come on, open the gate.
Dear viewers,
this was our report on the week
00:37:44,320 -- 00:37:46,640
of Khartoum celebrations,
named Capital of Arab Culture 2005.
After our meal, I will leave
yours here.
The red-marked dish is for you.
I'll have you visit, there's not much to do.
We'd rather stay on this floor.
Below is Akram's workshop.
It's morning, my love
The Rossignol Gay came to you.
Oh, honey.
It's morning, my love
The Rossignol Gay came to you.
Oh, honey.
He came to tell you he came to complain
of his constant desire for you, my love.
Mona, you didn't put the wayka in the freezer.
Oh, I forgot. Do it.
Your hand on his shoulder.
Thank you. This way, please.
M. Mirghany, how are you?
Hello, Julia. It's okay.
- What about you? Are you okay?
- Thank God.
It hurts not to know where he is.
I thought he'd call you if he was going somewhere.
I'll leave you the number from where I work.
- Give him if he calls.
- Of course.
Well, that's his last salary.
Take it, and if you need more, don't hesitate.
I'm like your father.
- Thank you, Mr. Mirghany.
- Nothing.
Your tests clearly show that
your infertility is not due
to polycystic ovary syndrome
but rather premature ovarian failure.
There's no cure, I'm sorry.
Sperm injections, hormone treatments,
but nothing certain.
Isn't it okay?
What is that? An identity card?
It's whose? Come on, take it back.
Are you home?
What did the doctor say?
The doctor?
Similarly, polycystic ovarian syndrome.
He doesn't want to operate?
It is not necessary.
I respond well to treatment.
We're going on, there's hope.
If God wills.
Don't look in my closet!
Where's the wallet?
I got it because I'm trying to find your father.
You want to find him, don't you?
Okay, but if you tell your mother,
I'll put you out.
You'll have nowhere to go.
And nobody's gonna look for your father, okay?
Why did you do this to her face?
Don't bother him.
He loves you a lot.
I'd like a loan.
School begins, we need a bag and a uniform for Danny.
- Does he go to school?
- It's his first year.
Which school?
I'll find a public school around here.
How's he going there?
I'll accompany him as long as he's afraid of cars.
There's a private school at the end of the street.
He can go there alone.
Don't worry, I'll take care of the costs.
May God help us to pay you for everything you do.
It's nothing. I'm glad.
Don't stay here, help me.
Hold this for me.
You're not very talkative, are you?
Does this machine work?
I have one that works, do you want it?
Come on, hold the wood.
- Whose is the device?
- It's my father's.
- Your father?
- Yeah.
Where's your father?
Look what I got!
Take a picture and show it to me.
Hey, you, wait.
Where's your husband?
The boy says he's gone.
He left two months ago.
He never came back.
Did you ask the hospitals?
Or maybe he's in jail...
I looked everywhere.
I didn't find him.
- What's his full name?
- Santino Mabior.
Very well.
I know a lieutenant who could help you.
I've got more credit.
Can I call Mommy with yours?
Yeah, go.
- Hello, Mom.
- Yes, hello.
Are you all right?
Why are you calling with Akram's phone?
- I've got more credit.
- Okay, how you doing?
I need Ni'aimiya's recipe.
It's very simple, note it.
I'll put you on the speaker.
- Ready?
- Yeah, I'm listening.
First you cut a onion, then...
- Allo?
- Yes?
- Hello.
Yeah, hello, who's that?
Akram's wife, do you remember me?
I'm sorry, I didn't remember the name.
I came about the Southist case.
Yes, Mrs. Mona.
That's it, Mona.
Why did you leave?
I wanted to greet her.
I was calling for a recipe.
I wanted to see if I had the ingredients.
Outgoing calls.
Duration of the call.
If there weren't the reproaches, my love. If there wasn't...
Let go, Julia.
I put a bunch of drizzle nails in there.
I would spread my wings like a dove.
I would rise into space.
Give me the best.
I'd leave this world empty behind me.
Enough time.
Time has passed.
Fear of being blamed.
Are you doing fumigation in the South?
No, but we know each other.
You have a beautiful voice.
You sing Sayed Khalifa?
- Do you listen to our music?
- What? Of course.
I meant the North.
Are you a singer?
I saw your picture in the closet.
I was, but I stopped.
Akram has given me an ultimatum.
Stop, who'd leave a beautiful woman like you?
And yet we got divorced for that.
He took me back because I stopped.
Most men are selfish.
I didn't mean to say that Akram is selfish.
He looks like a good man, who loves you.
He is, but I gave up love a long time ago.
A good man is enough.
You're right, you have to keep it.
You only understand its value when you lose it.
Give me the blanket.
I'm always thinking about him.
What happened to him?
If he's alive, why doesn't he say anything?
The absent have their reasons.
Sometimes I think he's gone.
- They say men run.
- Why would he have done that?
He wanted to go to Europe.
So I can finish school and go to college.
To make me somebody.
But I refused.
We don't even know how to swim.
How to cross on a boat?
I'd have liked to say yes.
We'll be there.
Daniel will start school soon.
You could resume your studies and then go to college.
Daniel can stay with me.
Which school would take me?
I'm too old now.
Don't worry, I know a good place.
- Are you all right, Madam?
- Yes, thank you.
What did Akram say?
He was looking for a missing Southern.
He told me his name.
I said I'd check.
Okay, and if he calls, what are you gonna tell him?
That I found no trace of him anywhere.
If he calls, don't answer.
- All right. Thank you.
- Nice to help you, Madam.
I can pretend to be Kamal.
I can even pretend to be Akram if you want.
Listen to me, aren't you ashamed?
You won't make me sing.
At the first move, I scream for help.
Akram would hate me, but he'd kill you, okay?
- You want the money?
- I'm sorry, forgive me.
Do you want the money or not?
Don't apologize.
This is a misunderstanding.
Take your bike and go.
Shame on you.
Do you think it's gonna work?
Maybe, if God wills.
God is generous.
By the way, you can do fumigation more often,
not just when you ovulate.
The Southern will stay then.
Yes. She keeps my company and works well.
You enrolled his child in the neighborhood school?
Really, Mona?
I paid with my inheritance.
It's not for the price.
This school isn't for him.
Put it in public.
He won't integrate, he'll just suffer.
How long do you plan to pay?
If she leaves, will you continue to pay for him?
The public school is too far, it's too small for the bus.
He can walk.
You go too far with them.
How's that?
Find a neighbor, somebody to go out with.
Not with the slave.
Don't call him that.
But that's what she is.
Not long ago, my grandfather's house still had slaves.
May God forgive you.
He said we were all equal.
00:55:57,680 -- 00:56:00,640
He was talking about free people, not slaves.
00:56:01,280 -- 00:56:03,560
Otherwise slavery would not be in Islam.
We'll never evolve with people like you.
Even yesterday, you didn't know Garang,
And you're an activist?
You always said slave.
What about now?
I stopped.
I never said it in person.
Neither treated people differently because they are Southern.
Because you know them?
There are millions of Southerners in Khartoum.
Do you know anyone else besides her?
That's not the question.
Oh, yeah? You're part of the society you call racist.
You do the same things, but you don't see it.
Besides, you treat them differently.
- Me?
- Yeah.
You sleep with the clim,
while she is cooking in the discount.
You rest while she serves you for 3 cents.
It is not slavery, it is not related to its origins.
- It's a job, that's all.
- That we, the Arabs, do not do.
A matter of pride, our daughters would never do that.
You know I'm right.
You didn't drink in her cup, you marked her.
So, please.
Ask Father Peter, he's waiting for you.
The school is behind the church.
Why doesn't Achole vote here before he leaves?
People are already having a party there.
- She can make money.
- More than here?
There's branded alcohol, who'd buy his?
Our men don't like industrial alcohol.
Get us one of her bottles before she leaves.
I want to try the arak at least once.
You want a divorce or what?
Don't fire me.
Besides, are we going to this place or not?
Hi, Danny.
What's wrong?
- Tell me?
- I don't want to go to school anymore.
I want to work with Uncle Akram at the factory.
Julia, get your bag.
I'll drop you and bring him back.
- Is this a game of chess?
- Yeah.
- You made them?
- I did the pions.
Do you know how to play it?
Uncle Akram said he'd teach me.
You wanna tell me what happened at school?
- The boys harass me.
- What did they tell you?
It was early in the morning, I was sleeping in our cabin.
My sister Alek woke me up and said,
"Majier, the Arab Army is here."
I heard the kalachs.
Our whole family was killed.
Alek and I ran away.
We crossed the river
to enter the jungle.
We ran away for a very long time.
My sister was very sick and she died.
I left it there, without burying it.
I walked until I reached an APLS camp.
I was recruited by the People's Army.
I took the weapons when I was twelve.
I know about war, my brothers.
It must stop,
for our people and our children.
Who is this?
The People's Liberation Movement.
- What do they want?
- We are talking about the referendum.
- Do you have any plans for Christmas?
- I'm going to Djuba.
- You too?
- You should come.
My sister speaking there,
you want to share with us?
I was just saying I't go to Djuba.
A girl from Khartoum.
So, what are you voting for?
The unit. We are all brothers, sharing the same land.
Listen to me.
they are our brothers for their own interests.
The Government of Bashir
just wants peace and unity
for oil.
When they have it, it will be the same again.
You're African.
We are Arabs, descendants of Al Abbas.
If Al Abbas were alive, he't believe it.
We want separation.
The "Jalaba" is not reliable.
Don't say that at school.
My brothers, once
a commander called the Arabs
"Mondokoro", "Jalaba".
He thought that racism without authority
was resistance.
Now we have the authority.
Leave racism to the Nordists, we don't want racism in the South.
If we can forgive and forget the Nordists,
then we can heal and build a home.
SPLM, Listen!
SPLM, Hey!
Separation, Listen!
Separation, Listen!
Separation, Listen!
SPLM sent me to America
to do my studies there.
- You graduated?
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
It's Julia, isn't it?
I'm sorry I embarrassed you in front of your comrades.
It's okay.
I'm Majier Mulual Majok of the SPLM.
Former Lieutenant of the People's Army.
- I'm Julia.
- Julia how?
Just Julia.
I know your name. Tell me something else.
Like what?
Are you single or not?
Okay, see you tomorrow, just Julia.
Why make stories?
The director said it't happen again.
They do not regard him as Sudanese.
They don't do anything to him.
They say it "integrates well".
I told you it was the wrong school.
You're not listening.
Let him come to the factory to do carpentry.
He's good at wood.
He will never be a diplomat.
Super Akram, thank you very much.
Then put the wood on the blade.
Danny, let's go.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Your whispers, your contact.
Oh, my healer.
I miss your eyes.
My love.
Your whispers, your contact.
Oh, my healer.
Stop it, we're gonna get noticed.
You're beautiful.
You should wear this more often.
I washed it without knowing it was yours.
And now you know.
Don't tell Akram, he'll kill me.
Don't worry.
Do you come here often?
Once a year to listen to their new titles.
Thank you.
It's always a pleasure to be here.
Who wants to join us on stage?
The gentleman over there?
Or the veiled lady?
Your friend shows you a finger.
Come on, Mona.
No one will recognize you.
What do you want to sing?
Oh stranger, far from his home, you will come back for sure
You'll definitely come back.
To tell me...
What's going on with you?
People encouraged you.
You didn't want to sing?
I would die of envy, but he would have recognized me.
Akram, you scared me.
Where are you going?
Where were you at Bakri's to watch the match?
To the market.
I forgot my keys downstairs.
Take mine, I'll stay here.
- What market did you go to?
- Saad Gishra.
Well, you didn't buy anything?
No, not this time.
I just looked at the fabrics.
Nothing makes me envy.
You said a man would recognize you, who is that?
A salesman, in negotiation.
I told him that a veil was cheaper next door
and let him go and see for himself.
That's what he did.
So we left in the meantime.
Give me your cell phone.
Come here.
Where were you?
- To the market.
- Which one?
Saad Gishra.
You can go.
I'm sorry, I misunderstood.
- How many?
- 25.
- Here it is.
- Thank you.
Are you okay with the curtains at the entrance?
The Greens?
They're red.
You don't know your curtains?
It's not my thing.
My mother-in-law put them on.
Change them, then.
I wanted to move.
Being away from the cemetery.
But this is Akram's family home.
Should we keep everything we inherit?
Or do we just keep what we love?
She smells like her father.
With the cemetery, it makes smells of dead fathers.
By the way, I met someone at school.
Stop. Who is that?
Tell me, go!
Hello, Julia, are you okay?
Hello, Father.
Where are you going to pass the exam?
In Khartoum, my Father.
We're opening a school in Djuba.
- We're gonna need assistants.
- It would be an honor.
But I don't want Daniel to change school.
Okay, no problem.
If you change your mind, tell me, okay?
Thank you, Father.
- Good day.
- Thank you.
Are you in a hurry?
No, why?
You haven't finished yet?
I want to show you something.
This is my first church.
It's beautiful.
I want to show you the choir that repeats for Christmas.
There's no music in the mosque.
Is that why you never go there?
- Mona El Zahi?
- Yeah.
How are you?
I'm James, I was with Jazzton.
- Is that your friend Julia?
- Yeah, that's it.
You have to sing with us.
I don't want to bother you.
Next time.
No problem.
It's the day of Christmas songs.
We play everything.
The choir and the instruments are there.
It would be an honor to have you.
He's my neighbor, I'm his neighbor.
When am I going to go to his house?
He's my neighbor, I'm his neighbor.
When am I going to go to his house?
All I wish him is heaven.
But I'm burning in her hell.
The man closest to my heart.
His dark skin is breathtaking.
The man closest to my heart.
His dark skin is breathtaking.
My neighbor, my neighbor.
He's my neighbor, I'm his neighbor.
I've just kept one for you.
As-Have you ever received such a cool invitation?
My son Daniel is 11 years old and he writes better than you.
Bring him.
I'd like to meet him.
I'll think about it.
Baby, I'm the neighborhood guy.
I swear I'm in love, in love with you.
Baby, I'm the neighborhood guy.
I swear I'm in love with you.
Love, love, love.
It was a concert at Ahfad University.
You're so good, Mona.
You were a real star.
That was at Parliament's Caf.
Is Tariq's face being cut?
- The guy who was singing at the coffee shop?
- Yeah.
What happened?
Are you mad?
No, he's a good guy.
Then why cut his head off?
He's at the root of the divorce.
- He was in love with you?
That's why he hates singing.
He can't stand it.
And then?
Tell me what happened!
It's a stupid story.
We were writing a song on the phone.
Akram called me, but he was busy.
He went home angry,
He asked me who I was talking to.
I told my mother.
I didn't want trouble.
But he searched your cell phone.
Yeah, but I had deleted Tariq's number.
He didn't find anything.
- So how did he know?
- He didn't find Mom's call.
How did he forgive you?
I promised not to sing or lie anymore.
- But it's not true.
- Yeah, I stopped singing.
What about lying?
I still lie sometimes, but better.
I don't get caught.
Why lie when you can tell the truth?
I don't really know.
The truth is not always good to say.
What if someone lied to you?
- Wouldn't you be mad?
- It depends on his intention.
The current is coming back.
Are we listening to the Daloka?
I'm fine.
- Danny, come sing.
- I don't know the song.
So come and dance.
Emotions are vivid, because of hatred
between the North and the South.
Mona, where's the tea?
He's almost ready.
- Where are the birds?
- I let them go.
I had trouble keeping them in cages for no reason.
You think you saved them?
They're gonna die.
They don't know how to feed on their own.
It's stupid sensitivity.
You should've told me about it before.
Keep the cage open, maybe they'll come back.
I believe that the proposal put forward by the other party
is arrogant and has a racist connotation.
He talks a lot about racism,
but he't leave his daughter with a Southern.
They're politicians, they're just talking.
It serves the Israeli imperialist interests in these regions.
Are you all right?
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Don't you do that for everybody?
Who said I did that?
- Majier. - Daniel.
Are you in sixth grade?
Are you in the army?
At SPLM, it's almost the same thing.
Are they real?
Are they shooting?
You want to shoot?
Can I get another one?
You can, but without blowing everything up.
Give him another.
Come on, don't be afraid.
Where are we going?
You live by the river.
I'd like a son like Daniel.
Take it, you'll do me a favor.
He's coming with his mother?
Come, the water comes from the South.
Do you want Danny or his mother?
I want everything.
I want a child, a house and a woman to love.
You don't have a woman to love?
When the war kills your whole family
Anger prevents you from having any news.
You're not angry anymore?
Did you reconcile yourself with your assassins?
I forgave them
but we haven't made peace.
How's that?
Peace is made with the other.
Forgiveness with oneself,
to live and move forward.
Come south.
We'll build a home together.
I can't, Majier.
You still think of Santino?
He's dead.
I can call people from the government.
and have you some info.
It's not your business.
I don't need you.
You think that since you speak Arabic well,
Are you a Jalaba?
One of them?
The Mondokoros won't be there for you at the end.
These are the apology letters from the parents of the students.
They swear it won't happen again.
Great, so much better.
Why are you so cold?
Be happy for me, for once.
For you?
Are you doing it for yourself or for Daniel?
It's just ink on paper.
They will all be dismissed if they vote for separation.
All your work will have been useless.
I didn't think you'd answer.
It was by chance.
Happy New Year, Mona.
Happy New Year, Tariq.
How are you?
All right. I heard you were singing in church.
I was with a friend.
How did you know?
James told me. Is that your friend who was at the concert?
Listen to Mona.
We want to reform the old group.
People are demanding you.
We're ready if you are.
I stopped singing, Tariq.
But thank you for the proposal.
Don't decide here, take your time.
I'll think about it.
I have to hang it.
Why are we breaking up?
We split up to live safely
and in peace.
We split up so that each of us
live his life to the full.
- Where did you find that bike?
- Get out of here, kid.
- That's my father's.
- Fuck the camp here. Come on.
Mom, Akram only comes home to change, and then he leaves.
But it's all right.
Akram is a man, my daughter, he...
Aunt Mona, I found my father's bike at the neighbor's house.
Mom, I'm reminding you.
- Maybe it's just the same.
- She was registered in 1955.
Stay here.
I'll ask. I'll be back.
Load everything.
Leave the bike for the end.
Hey, Bakri, are you moving?
No, I'm just making room.
We can't imagine everything we have.
You're right.
The little Southern is yours, isn't it?
He is the son of the good woman.
Don't worry.
He invents stories.
He says it's his father's motorcycle.
Do you know who it is?
He's lying.
Everything belongs to her father.
I know his father.
He sometimes works for us.
Okay, no problem then.
- Thank you and I'm sorry about that.
- Don't talk about it.
What did he say?
You were right, Danny, it's your father's bike.
Bakri says a Southern sold him.
He wanted money to go.
It was 4 or 5 years ago.
Why would he lie?
I'm sorry, Danny.
It looks like your father won't come back.
Look, I know you're very disappointed.
But you're a big boy.
If Julia finds out, it's gonna break her heart.
She's starting to turn the page.
You don't want to make her unhappy?
Promise me, it's our secret.
No one else should know.
Our Most Holy Father, we ask you to give
the victory to our leader, Dr. John.
Our leader who fights
for the cause of Abyei.
Give victory to our chief Dr. John.
This is Bor where the revolution began.
And the people of Agar
who supported the revolution.
Aweil celebrated the success of the revolution.
The Twic mobilized.
And the Rek joined the revolution.
The Nuer led us to victory.
The Ngok continued the revolution.
Enter your name, age and gender.
Then enter and vote unity or separation.
Tell the women that the fight continues.
Generation after generation.
Our young men got up and took up the weapons.
And the women led us
toward the path of liberation.
For the rebirth of our country,
they raised their children.
And all this effort, for our real country, the South.
Does your neighbor drive a motorcycle?
Bakri, is he riding a motorcycle?
Why would he do that?
He has a car.
What do you have?
Nothing, I'm just tired.
Okay, finish the play and get some rest.
This generous land
makes flowers grow in the midst of thorns,
This same dear land...
Did you get hurt in your hand?
I cut myself off with the dishes.
Listen, Akram.
I need to talk to you.
Tariq called me.
He learned that I sang at Julia's school.
He thought I was back.
He needs a singer.
I refused.
The call lasted less than two minutes.
Did you sing?
I'm sorry.
Why did you answer?
I didn't know it was him.
There's something else.
I know I'm sterile.
I don't have polycystic ovarian syndrome.
The doctor told me.
And I didn't tell you anything.
I was afraid you'd get divorced.
To you.
Play, man.
He blocked the game.
Daniel. What's going on?
You okay, Mona?
Sit down.
I have something to tell you.
I don't know if you'll forgive me.
Who are you?
What are you doing at my house?
On your knees!
Slave bastard.
What's going on? Tell me?
We didn't meet by chance.
It's not smart to shoot in the air.
You should've shot me.
I know you like shooting at the Southerners.
More a gesture! Let go of that gun!
Are you crazy or what?
What the hell are you doing here?
You know you live with the guy who killed your husband?
- Killed who? I don't know her husband.
- Shut up!
Take it.
Is this the man who killed Santino Mabior?
Yeah, it's him.
It's not about you.
I told you to let me go!
You don't want to come with me for these Mondokoro
then you know he killed your husband?
And besides, you're their good?!
It's not your business.
No one asked for your help!
Yes, Daniel.
He wanted to know about his father.
And here this man calls me a slave bastard.
If he doesn't ask forgiveness,
I throw him in jail
for the love of God,
Don't do that.
They're my family.
If you accept being humiliated, it's you who sees.
If you want to be their good, that's what you want.
But I don't accept disgrace.
Akram, excuse me, please.
Do it for me.
Do not make the situation worse.
Excuse me, officer.
I was wrong, forgive me.
A woman who betrays her husband for so little
is not worthy of my love.
Take your son and get out.
I never want to see you again.
Come on, Danny.
Here's the key.
I'll play tomorrow morning.
If he's hungry, there's a grocery store next door.
I left some money in the drawer.
Okay, sweetie?
May God protect you.
Thank you, Mr. Mirghany.
We killed a man, Akram.
That's the least I could do.
I did it by myself.
I didn't want to involve you.
Saying you were protecting me doesn't justify anything.
You were afraid of divorce.
And don't make me blame for that man.
I was protecting my home.
But that was not a legitimate defense.
You killed him because he was a Southern.
I killed him because you lied!
We all lied, Akram.
And you chose to lie to yourself.
What do you mean?
That I'm wrong?
That I'm a racist bastard?
Yeah, I was wrong.
to take you back when you will never change.
Why did you do that then?
Because I love you.
But to love you is one thing.
To trust you, another.
This is the first time you've said that since our separation.
Actually, you don't like me.
You don't even know who I am.
Even in bed.
You don't know what I like or not.
You never ask.
You like a version of me that you created in your head.
You want me to be her.
I know you very well, Mona.
I don't see where you're going.
I want you to get to know me.
Maybe then you'll love me.
I'm not the one you imagine.
But I'm not bad.
Yeah, I understand now.
You want to go back and sing, don't you?
Don't rotate around the pot.
Your speech, your confession yesterday.
Yes, Akram, I want to sing.
But I don't want to lie anymore.
I'm so tired.
I want to be with you without fear.
Tell you my day, listen to yours.
Speaking without thinking
and you would listen without judging.
Okay, very well.
I understand.
But I have a question.
You didn't keep Tariq's number?
It's late.
You'll be sleeping here tonight.
I'm going to sleep elsewhere.
Tomorrow, pack your bags and leave.
Sing, Mona.
Do what you want.
South Sudanese party
to announce results
allowing them to found a new state.
More than 98% of Sudan's voters
have chosen to separate from the North
under the 2005 peace agreement,
ending decades of bloodshed.
The results of the referendum are in favour of secession,
with 99% of the votes.
The UN and the EU have described the procedure
of the referendum as being widely transparent.
International observers included figures...
IOM announced
the departure of thousands of Southerners
from the port of Kosti by boats
to the cities of Wau and Aweil of the new nation of South Sudan.
Deportations are organised
with the assistance of the National Travel Centre...
...marked by two civil wars of 5 decades
and an incalculable number of victims.
The largest country in Africa
is now divided into two.
A square root of nine?
- Square root of 4? - 2.
- Square root of 1? - 1.
It's here, Madam.
When did you know?
The very first month.
Because I put Danny in this school?
Something was wrong.
Nobody paid me that much.
And you bought me all that wayka
while you're not even using one.
I had an intuition.
How did you find it?
I found Santino's wallet. Not Danny.
Did you grasp the ID card?
He would have kept it if he had seen his father's photo.
Is this an interrogation?
I came to apologize.
Actually, it was you who lied to us.
It depends on the intention, doesn't it?
What intention?
You took advantage of me.
You killed my husband and you still have the courage to talk?
What was I supposed to do?
Call the police?
You would've gotten out of it.
You decided to pay your debt this way.
I was forced to accept for my son.
If I hadn't been so worried about him,
I would have killed you both.
Did I take advantage of you?
It's the opposite.
You took advantage of our distress and our loneliness.
Where's Danny?
I miss him so much.
What scares us at first,
is that we will see the end one day.
I can't live without you.
You couldn't be with me.
Keep your memories close to you.
My apologies were not enough.
Leave a smile behind you so I can see it.
When I talk to myself in the mirror,
I can survive another autumn
without you by my side.
When only your shadow remains.
Tell me.
Can I survive another autumn
without you by my side?
When only your shadow remains.
Which makes the end so scary,
this is the stubborn memory of the beginning
and realize that I live without you.
Without you by my side.