Goodbye Monster (2022) Movie Script

[dramatic studio music]
[cheerful studio music]
[magical sparkling music]
[traditional oriental music]
[narrator] Kunlun is in
a secluded location
of mountains and seas
with thousands of islands
which are stunning and rich.
In the very center,
lie two islands
known as the "Medical Islands."
Patients travel to visit
the Larger Island for treatment,
while most inhabitants
live on the Smaller Island.
They offer first-rate
medical treatment
and there isn't any sickness
that can't be treated there.
[traditional oriental music]
However, there's one disease
that's haunted the masses
for centuries
known as "The Dark Spirit."
[patient groans]
[narrator] Unfortunately,
the doctors that extract
the Dark Spirit
from their patients
are left with no other option
but to seal
and store it underground.
[narrator] But interestingly,
there's one doctor
who refused to submit
to the Dark Spirit.
[doors whooshing]
[Bai Ze whistles]
[fish assistant 1 whimpers]
We've got a p... patient!
[Bai Ze] That's nothing serious!
-Go find Doctor Lu.
-[fish assistant 1] Hm.
Look! His leg is broken!
[Bai Ze] 667 of the Kunlun
Medicinal Classic.
[fish assistant 2 hums off]
We tried. It didn't work!
[Bai Ze] Baloney.
What do you mean it didn't work?
Here! Try this instead.
Don't bother me right now!
I'm studying the Dark Spirit!
It's urgent!
It's the Dark Spirit! Quick!
Huh? A Dark Spirit case?
Let's go! Uh...
He was in an explosion
caused by the Dark Spirit.
[overlapping pleading for help]
[Bai Ze] I'm afraid
I can't help.
Where's Bai Ze?
Where'd he get to now?
There's a Dark Spirit outbreak.
He went to offer his help.
You should see for yourself.
[chief] I know
you're covering for him!
I bet he's experimenting
with new treatments again!
No, Master! Not at all.
[Huo Zhe] Not without
your approval!
[Bai Ze chuckles]
[groans in pain]
[Huo Zhe] Chief...
[male doctor] What a shame!
I guess he didn't make it.
-[patient grunts]
-[male doctor] Huh?
-I'm alive.
-[overlapping joyous exclaims]
[Huo Zhe]
What an innovative idea
to reset his bone and muscle!
Risky but it worked!
Brilliant as always!
-Amazing work!
Well, yeah!
You know there's no sickness
in this world
-I can't successfully treat.
-[villager] Run for your lives!
We can't contain
the Dark Spirit!
Come quick! There are too many
this time,
and even the Four Elders
can't contain them!
[Dark Spirit whooshing]
[Elders' strained grunting]
[Huo Zhe] The Elders!
Huo Zhe! Evacuate
the patients, right now!
Yes, sir!
Bai Ze, be safe!
It's only the Dark Spirit.
-[Bai Ze] I can handle it!
-Wait, no!
[chief] It can't
be destroyed, my boy!
-[chief] We can only contain it!
-[Bai Ze] Five Element Mantra!
[Bai Ze grunts]
[intense suspenseful music]
Be careful! Don't provoke it!
[Bai Ze's strained grunts]
When did he come up with that?
See? Don't sweat it, Master.
I'm not gonna disappoint you!
Doctor Bai Ze sure is
young and capable.
-[Dark Spirit rumbling]
[crowd yelping]
[Bai Ze] Five Element Mantra!
[crowd yelping]
Ow, that hurt!
-[villager] Save yourselves!
-Send him away!
-[chief] Enough, Bai Ze!
-Come on.
One more talisman should work!
-[Bai Ze] Just... just one more!
-Get him out of here,
right now!
[intense suspenseful music]
[villager] "Weak Water?"
Weak Water will suppress
the Dark Spirit!
[female villager 1]
It's the Weak Water talisman!
[villager] We've been saved!
[chief]Your arrogance has been
a detriment
to the Larger Island.
You're hereby banned
from practicing medicine,
and from studying
the Dark Spirit!
[Bai Ze huffs]
Well, if that's the case,
I'm outta here!
[gentle oriental music]
[voice over]Seven years later.
[bell ringing]
[White Tiger] Isn't this
tiny island better used
as backup and support instead?
Why'd they move
the hospital here?
She said she loved me.
So, who was that guy?
[growling sigh]
I'm fed up!
Everything is much too cramped.
How do they expect us
to work here?
-It goes from tiny to tinier!
-Oh, quit grumbling.
If it wasn't for the Weak Water
magically falling from the sky
back on the Larger Island,
we for sure
would've been goners.
What's on your mind,
Mister "New Chief?"
Ah! Forgive me.
I was thinking about
the best way
to handle the Dark Spirit
in the future.
Well, it won't be able
to resurface.
-Weak Water can sink anything.
-I found another wrinkle!
[moth villager groans, gasps]
I can't be seen like this!
[Azure Dragon] It's not like
you're a big movie star
or anything. Hey!
-[moth villager] Huh?
-But aren't you?
-[moth villager shushes]
-It's you, right?
Oh, my family and I
are big fans of yours!
The Dark Spirit causes that,
but it can be extracted.
Isn't there any other way?
I don't wanna turn
a grayish color.
Aw, but living's more important!
-But I'll look so ugly!
Although, we could document
your beauty with a nice photo!
Look! Look, over there.
[fish assistant] And voila!
[Azure Dragon] Did you use
a filter?
Ah. Much better.
This wrinkle has caused me
so much trouble.
I've been so anxious that
I haven't been able to sleep!
[croc mom] This kid always walks
around with such a sour face!
-Cheer up a bit, would ya?
-I wish that I could.
I just can't figure out how to.
But I only signed you up
for nine extra classes, huh?
What's wrong with expanding
your mind?
You can't fall behind
this early in life!
Just look at your classmates!
You know what I think
about those kids?
Oh, calm down, stay calm.
Don't provoke the Dark Spirit.
Take them yourself
if you like learning so much.
So ungrateful!
Do you know how much
I've spent on you? Huh?
-[croc mom yelling]
-[croc mom] As for you--
Whoa! We've got
an acute patient!
I'll be right there,
Vermillion Bird!
Don't you worry,
I'm rushing over to help you!
Watch out, coming through!
[Dark Spirit 1] I'm so annoyed!
[Dark Spirit 2]
Doctor, am I sick?
[Dark Spirit 3] Well, it would
be a waste anyway.
[Dark Spirit 4] I mean,
what a pointless life, right?
[Dark Spirit 5]
This is all my fault.
[Dark Spirit 6] Nobody likes me!
[Bai Ze] I'm sure
there will be patients
with the Dark Spirit today.
Oh, where? Where? Hmm.
-[Bai Ze shushes]
-And what's the issue?
My neck...
[fish assistant] Neck.
[gentle music]
[fish assistant] Next!
What's the issue?
[fish assistant] Stomach.
-What's the issue?
-I'm not sick. I wanna go back!
I've been feeling
under the weather lately.
Who's been sick? I'm not sick!
Well, I haven't been feeling
that great.
-[fish assistant] So, brain?
-I feel fine!
I've been feeling run down.
[patient] Where's he going?
[soldier 1] Get him!
-Get him, come on!
-[soldier 2] Let's go! Come on!
-[Kushan 1] Hey!
-[Kushan 3] Go!
-[Kushan 1] Which way?
-[Kushan 2] This way!
[Bai Ze's assistant 1]
After him!
-Stay there.
[Bai Ze] Don't move!
Wait. Huh?
-I'm fine.
-Of course, you're not fine!
-[cheeky music]
[Bai Ze] Get him!
Hurry up or we'll get caught!
[Bai Ze's assistant 1]
He's so heavy!
[Bai Ze's assistant 2]
Very heavy.
[Bai Ze] I've been waiting
for you for some time!
Welcome, you're my first patient
"God of Kushan."
[panicked gasp]
Who are you?
Huh? Wait, are you serious? Hm?
-He's the handsome-ist looney--
He's the handsome-ist doctor!
Well, you heard 'em!
I'm the devilishly handsome
Dark Spirit specialist!
I'm Doctor Bai Ze!
[heroic music]
But I don't need a doctor!
Then how do you explain this?
During the earliest stage,
the Dark Spirit leaks a little
like that, out of your chest,
but then it starts to spread.
[Bai Ze]Shivering and isolation
are part of the next stage,
and during the final stage,
the Dark Spirit will explode
out of your body!
You'll undergo extreme pain
and lose your mind,
and become a danger to society!
Then, you'll drop dead.
-[cheeky tune]
Fine, but I still don't want
the treatment.
I'll end up a grayish freak.
Huh? I'm not like
the Kunlun Hospital.
They extract the Spirit,
but I can cut it right out!
-One and done!
-This isn't Kunlun Hospital?
[Bai Ze] No way! They have
nothing on my talent, my friend!
[Kushan 1] Then what kind of
establishment is this?
Behold! Go ahead
and get an eyeful!
[Bai Ze] I created
each talisman!
When combined, they become
the Five Element Mantra.
I've used it to treat
countless patients!
Well, I don't buy it.
When I got here, you said I was
your first patient, remember?
Uh, hang on.
Uh, are you sure about this?
-Please don't go!
-It's fine, let him go!
[Bai Ze] I wouldn't want to
waste a talisman.
To be honest,
that guy seems like
a really good doctor, you know?
Well, sometimes amazing people
aren't that well-groomed.
But this hospital
sure looks luxurious.
[Kushan 2]
I'm sure he's a quack.
We didn't even check
if this is a real hospital!
So, you think,
you can really help me out?
It's just the Dark Spirit.
I found that cure forever ago.
It's easy to get rid of!
-Well, he's confident.
-You've got to be kidding.
I think this guy's
the real deal.
[overlapping bickering]
Should I treat you, or not?
[in unison]
Yes, sir!
You guys, I swear.
[Kushan 1] Well,
a cure is a cure, right?
[Bai Ze] With powerful
Taoist magic,
the Dark Spirit
will be eradicated!
[magical whooshing]
-[Bai Ze grunts]
[magical whooshing]
-I think I'm cured!
What the... It worked!
I finally did it!
[Bai Ze] Wow, you have
so many mouths, dude!
I'm cured
and I didn't turn gray!
[Kushan 2] That's it, right?
It won't be coming back again?
-What about the medical bill?
Money doesn't matter right now.
We're about to be recorded
in the history books
as doctor and patient.
-[bell ringing]
[Bi Fang] Bai Ze! You know
I can arrest you, right?
For smuggling patients out? Huh?
[whistles innocently]
Oh, hey! Bi Fang, wow!
Nice to see you!
I'm just playing a game
with my friend here.
You gonna make a move or what?
Hurry up!
Is that so?
Well, this friend of yours
is still wearing
clothes from Kunlun Hospital!
Ah, indeed he is!
You see, to be honest,
I just cured him
of the Dark Spirit!
You sell laxatives, yet you're
still studying the Dark Spirit?
[Bai Ze] Anti-inflammatories,
-My mantra blueprints!
I believe you were fired by
the hospital's former chief.
Or am I mistaken?
So, he's not a doctor then?
I know my way around
the hospital!
I am a doctor!
[Bi Fang grunts]
And you're about to know
your way around the jail.
[Bai Ze] Not today, Bi Fang!
What you're doing is illegal!
-Hold on a sec!
[confused grunts]
Your fly's down.
What? Huh? Who me?
-[Bai Ze] See ya!
-Wait! Come back!
-[Bi Fang grunts]
-I saw it! So funny!
You good for nothings!
Go after him!
Go! Hurry! Come on!
[Bai Ze screaming]
The hospital! The hospital!
[Bai Ze screaming]
Watch out, watch out, watch out!
Incoming, incoming!
[Bai Ze screaming, groaning]
Huh? Sorry, in a rush!
I'll pay for the lanterns later!
[lantern monster]
Hey! How dare you?
Anti-inflammatories might help!
-[soldiers panting]
-[Bai Ze yelps]
I have a cure
for the Dark Spirit!
Follow me
to the hospital, everyone!
Witness the miracle
performed by Doctor Bai Ze!
[male villager 1] You forget
to take your meds?
-This guy is crazy!
[yelps, panting]
Oh, now what?
-[suspenseful music]
-[Bai Ze grunting]
[Bai Ze yelps]
-[pots clattering]
-[crowd gasping]
[groans, yelps]
[both grunting]
[oriental chase music]
-Let's go!
Ladies! Special delivery!
[excited exclaims]
-[soldiers grunting]
Special buy one, get ten free!
[Bai Ze] With free shipping!
Bai Ze! Did you say free?
[Bi Fang groaning]
-[Bi Fang] Find him!
[soldiers groaning]
[Bi Fang] Bai Ze!
Something smells fishy.
[sneaky tune]
[suspenseful music]
Find him. Let's go.
[deep inhale]
[suspenseful music]
[deep gasping breath]
Huo Zhe!
Bai Ze, good job
throwing them off the scent.
I'm headed to the hospital.
I actually did it! Huh?
[Bi Fang] Search over there!
And there too! Hurry!
Turn this place inside out
and find him!
-Quick! Get in here!
So, you figured it out?
[gasping breath]
Well, it stems from the heart.
You know, it's hard to explain.
[smacks lips]
As long as you get it,
that's all that matters.
-It's our master's wish.
-[burps loudly]
Don't mention him to me.
[soldiers murmuring]
[Bi Fang] Search inside!
Where is he?
-[Bai Ze farts]
[cheeky tune]
[both gagging]
[Bai Ze farts]
-[both gagging]
So, you're in there. Hm?
[Bi Fang] Come out!
It's just a little brat!
Stealing wine, are you?
-Get on home!
-[soldier] Yeah!
[Bi Fang] Keep looking!
Whoever catches Bai Ze
gets a big reward!
[both gasping for air]
Bai Ze, you shouldn't
hold grudges.
-Our master cares about you.
-[Bai Ze] What'd I say about
mentioning him?
By the way,
where's the Dark Spirit?
If you found a cure,
I should take it back with me.
Not yet! It's too risky.
I've been able to keep studying
the Dark Spirit, thanks to you.
Okay. To the hospital.
There's gonna be trouble
if you just show up!
Because the Four Elders are...
Hmm? Wait, the Four Elders?
We're on great terms! It's okay!
I wasn't going to tell you,
but before Master left,
he told the Four Elders
that you can't set foot
in the hospital.
[Huo Zhe] Bai Ze,
I have an idea.
We'll elect a new hospital chief
and you can show your findings.
Yeah! And make it a big event!
[upbeat music]
-[croc villager] Too bad!
Xing Tian! Xing Tian!
Xing Tian! Xing Tian! Huh?
Hey! Hi, folks!
Hey, guess what?
The Dark Spirit
officially has a cure!
[crowd chatting]
[gulps, sighs contently]
[groans, chuckles]
[Bai Ze] Hey! Carry on.
[indistinct bar chatter]
Fill 'er up!
I'm in a great mood today!
Everyone's drinks are on me!
In that case,
I'll take two more pitchers!
I need a refill! Over here!
Let's drink 'til we drop!
The laxative seller rules!
I know your Dark Spirit cure!
You overdose it with laxatives
so it poops itself to death!
Who's the greatest doctor
in all of Kunlun?
[crowd chanting] Bai Ze!
I believe your tab is
300 taels of silver.
Whoa! Your face has darkened
and your eyes lack
a certain sparkle!
You're suffering from
severe love sickness!
So, how much
have you missed me, huh?
You can't sweet talk
your way out of it.
Hey, I accomplished
something amazing today.
You know the Dark Spirit?
Well, yours truly found a cure!
-Is that all?
Once I'm in practice again,
the tab will be nothing!
[Xing Tian] You're returning
to the hospital?
I bet you want to be chief.
For real!
I'll take another pitcher!
Two maces of silver.
I thought he was covering it!
And who's in charge here,
him or me?
-See? Nothing but a fraud!
You see how he stays
on the island
and takes advantage of everyone,
even though he got fired
from the hospital?
-[croc villager] What a loser!
Should we settle this? Huh?
Ooh. A gentleman talks
with his mouth, not his fists.
I say, we should dance!
People say that I'm crazy!
Oh, yeah!
They don't see what I see!
To them it's hazy!
Doctor Bai Ze!
I need you to treat me!
-I need you to treat me!
Make an appointment,
I'm dancing.
Well, I need you
to treat my horn.
I can't do
the "Wind Repelling Spell"
because my horn isn't growing!
And every Qilin can do it.
So, it's not a minor condition!
[Bai Ze] Then go
to Kunlun Hospital.
But they said
it's not treatable.
I swear, they're such quacks.
[Yi] Hey! Give it back!
Wow! Your horn sure is tiny
for a Qilin, huh?
[Xing Tian] Hey, kid. You know,
if you go to him for treatment,
he's just going
to prescribe you laxatives!
[laughs, groans]
You looking for a fight?
-[Bai Ze and Xing Tian grunting]
[Bai Ze] A gentleman
talks with his...
N... n... no! Hold on!
He talks with his fists,
not his mouth!
I was wrong!
Doctor Bai Ze!
Bleh. He had dumplings
for lunch.
[Jiu Wei] Fight, if you insist.
The loser isn't a real man.
I can't even catch a break
for my beauty treatments.
You know wine glasses
and plates aren't cheap,
and yet, you break them.
[customers screaming]
[Xing Tian] Jiu Wei!
Uh... He's the one
who started it!
I'm surprised you didn't say
the wine pitcher started it.
Hmm, forget it!
Bai Ze, did you bring
the kid here?
-[Yi] Yeah.
-No way!
[Jiu Wei] Well,
he shouldn't be here.
-[awkward chuckle]
But you didn't even
treat me yet!
After all, he's a minor!
Look, kid,
go find some jiaohuan.
Wait, what's a "jiaohuan"?
It's a type of herb
for treating horn disorders.
But where do I find it?
[Bai Ze] The Larger Island.
It only grows over there.
The "Larger Island"?
-But isn't that area restricted?
-Hey! Let's go, you little brat!
You should ask your parents
for help, okay, kid?
-Come on, where can I find it?
-Go home!
[Yi] And how should I use it?
[bell ringing]
[Black Tortoise panting]
[Vermillion Bird] Azure Dragon!
That new acupuncture treatment
you mentioned
is completely useless.
Well, there's no such thing
as too much knowledge. Yeah.
[White Tiger growls]
Chief? It's already after hours.
I see you're keeping us
on our toes, huh?
-Just "Acting Chief."
-[White Tiger] Your turn!
Four Elders, I'd like to
discuss a matter with you.
[White Tiger]
Which would be what?
Uh. Well, do you think
we should elect a new chief?
[Azure Dragon] We haven't had
a new chief in seven years.
Why elect a new one now?
The Dark Spirit has been
accumulating for years.
Weak Water
is no longer effective.
[Huo Zhe] If it erupts again,
I'm afraid that Kunlun will--
Why the concern?
Don't we have
the Impregnable Array?
We do,
and I've been practicing hard,
but it's only used for defense.
The Impregnable Array
can't eliminate the Dark Spirit.
Eliminate the Dark Spirit?
[Vermillion Bird]
No one alive can do that!
We may have found someone
who can do it.
Is that so?
[Azure Dragon]
Even if that's true,
our former chief
is still out and about,
I don't think it's appropriate.
[Huo Zhe] We don't know
when he'll return,
and the threat from
the Dark Spirit
is greater than ever.
If we don't elect a new chief--
I won, I won, I won!
One, two, three, four, five.
[Vermillion Bird] All right!
Dinner's on you!
If we don't elect
a new chief soon,
and the Dark Spirit
erupts once again,
who's to say what'll happen.
[eerie music]
[slurps, sighs]
Long story short,
they kicked me out.
They said it was my fault.
[Bai Ze] Does that
sound fair to you?
Do you want things to be fair
or do you want to be
a good doctor?
I want to be the greatest doctor
in all of Kunlun!
And I want to see the man
who you used to be.
The one who saved me.
That's why the Dark Spirit
must be conquered!
You know, you should consider
paying your tab off first.
No! Business with
the Dark Spirit comes first!
-Get out!
People say that I'm crazy!
They don't...
[tense music]
[rain clattering]
It's starting to rain!
[thunder rumbling]
[deep breath]
-[fish assistant grunts]
[crowd chatting indistinctly]
The watermelon is amazing!
[male rhino]
Let's go. I'm ready.
[Huo Zhe] As you know,
the hospital was rebuilt
seven years ago
and I've been the acting chief
since that moment.
Our former chief entrusted us
to select
whomever can eliminate
the Dark Spirit,
-to act as the chief.
-Coming through! Make way!
[Huo Zhe] If any of you can
prove yourselves capable,
then you may take on
the position of Hospital Chief!
Today, the Four Elders
of the Kunlun Hospital
will graciously serve
as the judges.
I'm coming. Hi!
Black Tortoise, why do you
even bother with the treadmill?
[Huo Zhe] And now,
let's welcome our doctors!
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[suspenseful drumming]
100 Poison Mist!
[gasping, applauding]
-[ominous whooshing]
-[crowd gasping]
[male villager 1]
That was a total fail.
[male villager 2]
Forget it! He's done!
He might have failed in the end,
but the Dark Spirit
was indeed weakened
by his poisonous mist.
He deserves a star for effort!
[Azure Dragon] Good job!
[suspenseful drumming]
Freezing Palm!
[crowd impressed exclaims]
I love you! I love you! Huh?
[ice cracking]
[male deer grunting]
Well, one thing's for sure,
he's a handsome gentleman!
I'll give you a star for looks!
What? Azure Dragon!
How could you do that?
Hm! Well, my daughter
Green Snake, is still single
and ready to mingle.
That guy is handsome!
[mooing grunt]
[confused exclaims]
[with squeaky voice]
You're just a parasite!
Just disappear already,
Dark Spirit! No one likes you!
Can't you take a hint?
Go bury yourself underground.
You jerk, I hate you!
I hate you!
One star for creativity!
Sure, you didn't follow
the rules,
-I'll give you a star anyway!
[Black Tortoise]
I'm starting to think
this contest might be pointless.
We're not achieving
anything here!
Huo Zhe is wasting
his time and effort on this.
[Bai Ze chuckles]
Hey! I'm here everyone!
[villager 1] Bai Ze! You have
no right to be here!
[villager 2] Who invited you?
Get outta here!
-[blows kisses]
-[villager 3] Get lost!
[villager 4] You should turn in
your doctor's certificate!
[suave music]
What? Go back to
where you came from!
[blows kiss]
[yelps, groans]
That's an "X," yeah, huh?
An "X." See? An "X."
[Huo Zhe]
According to the rules,
anyone can participate.
Bai Ze is included in that.
And I'm looking forward
to seeing the wonders
Bai Ze will demonstrate!
[chuckles nervously]
But first, I want to present
the Heavenly Thunder Mantra,
my very own spell!
[Bai Ze] But that's...
but that's my... What?
-Bai Ze, don't panic.
-[Bai Ze] But you--
I'm warming up the crowd.
You're the finale.
[eerie music]
With powerful Taoist magic,
the Dark Spirit
will be eradicated!
[Bai Ze] Huh?
[intense suspenseful music]
[crowd cheering]
[female villager 2] Huo Zhe!
That was amazing!
You're the best as always!
But that's...
That... You stole my spell!
Bai Ze, I've worked on
the Heavenly Thunder Mantra
for years and you know that.
"Heavenly Thunder Mantra"?
That's my Five Element Mantra!
[Vermillion Bird]
Five Element Mantra?
That spell failed to contain
the Dark Spirit seven years ago!
No, wait!
I'm telling you the truth!
[determined grunt]
[Bai Ze] With powerful
Taoist magic,
the Dark Spirit
will be eradicated!
[villager 5] What a fraud!
-You're shameless!
-You're a laxative seller!
-[villager 6] Leave!
-Come on, Bai Ze, you got this.
-It's okay if you can't do it.
-There's no shame in it.
-[Bai Ze] What the...
My banner. You two!
How could you? Traitors!
[gasps, grunts]
My brother, your behavior
is quite concerning.
[grunts angrily]
Bai Ze is illegally storing
the Dark Spirit!
[Bi Fang] Are you trying
to decimate Kunlun again?
Hmm? And where did he
get that from?
This kid is
so young and reckless.
[villager 6]
Harboring the Dark Spirit?
[villager 7]
You good for nothing!
[clears throat]
Huo Zhe has become
quite talented indeed.
Look at this talisman,
Black Tortoise.
-Isn't it impressive?
-It is very creative!
But this mantra is an insult
to us tortoises,
due to its usage
of tortoise shells! Forget it!
What matters here,
is that the spell didn't kill
much of the Dark Spirit, right?
[White Tiger] Well, Bai Ze's
banner has been torn.
Shouldn't we let him fix it
and try again?
[Azure Dragon]
It'll be worth the wait.
There's no need!
Tomorrow afternoon,
I will be heading to the pier.
I'll eliminate the Dark Spirit
in the Weak Water
and liberate the world
from the Dark Spirit.
[door creaking]
[Bai Ze groans]
[grunts angrily]
Huo Zhe! You're the real fraud!
You did good,
so I'll keep my word.
[Huo Zhe] I'll arrange for you
to return to Kunlun Hospital.
And Bai Ze will spend
his life imprisoned.
We're finally rid of the root
of all disasters.
[eerie whooshing]
[Bai Ze's assistants yelp]
[ominous music]
The talismans.
Are they not enough?
Could the banner be the key?
-[door creaking]
[Bai Ze] Huo Zhe!
I treated you like a brother!
-[Bai Ze] You--
-I think
you should
hand over your banner.
You are currently locked up,
after all.
First, you steal my mantra,
now you want to steal my banner?
I don't know anything
about your mantra.
Chief Huo Zhe,
don't waste your time on him!
[both grunting]
[magic whooshing]
[pants, grunts]
[groans in pain]
-[Bi Fang snickers]
Just hang on, guys!
Ha! Huh?
-[Bi Fang] Now what?
Another failed trick of yours?
You two!
Oh, no!
-[Bai Ze] Hang on!
-That same old trick?
Smell this!
It's time to suffocate!
[Bi Fang] What's going on?
[grunting, sniffing]
[Bi Fang and Huo Zhe grunting]
[chuckles victoriously]
[grunts, pants]
[soldiers grunting]
-[female villager 3] Huh?
-Watch where you're going!
[villager] Ow!
[battle cries]
[hurried suspenseful music]
[soldier] Get him!
[bell ringing]
[groans, pants]
[suspenseful music]
[Bai Ze grunting, chuckling]
[determined grunts]
[Bai Ze yelps]
-[female villager 4] Get lost!
-[male villager 3] Get lost!
[female villager 5] Take that!
[gasps, grunts]
[soldiers groaning]
[blows hurriedly]
[Bai Ze yelps]
[groans, panting]
Enough. It's over!
Hang on. I got it. Hang on.
If you insist. I'll hang on.
You have nowhere left to run!
[Bai Ze grunting, yelps]
[cheeky suspenseful music]
[yelps, screams]
[groans, yelps]
[suspenseful music]
Give it to me!
-[Huo Zhe] Bi Fang!
I want you to get that banner
by three in the afternoon,
[scared yelp]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[strained grunt]
Oh, Huo Zhe.
How dare you?
That was my Mantra!
I swear that I'm gonna kill you!
-[Bi Fang] Stop running!
-Oh, no!
[Bi Fang] Get him!
[groans, yelps]
[Bai Ze] Who... who's there?
Show yourself!
[soft suspenseful music]
-[Yi yells]
-[Bai Ze groans]
[Yi] Stay back, you Dark Spirit!
I'm not afraid of you!
It's nothing but a little brat.
Huh? Hey! Doctor Bai Ze!
Wait, you're... you're that kid
from the tavern.
-Why are you here?
-I'm looking for jiaohuan!
-But where are your parents?
Um, I came here by myself!
So, where can I find the herb?
Over at the old hospital,
of course.
The "old hospital"?
Hold on. Why are you
looking for jiaohuan?
You could die here! Huh?
-Go back home!
But I'm your patient!
You have to treat me!
Did you even make
an appointment?
[Bai Ze] I need to head back
to the Smaller Island.
None of my proof will hold up,
not after tomorrow afternoon.
[Yi] You're heading
the wrong way!
The Lantern Bridge
is over there.
-[Bai Ze] I already know that!
The bridge was destroyed.
I'm heading to the pier.
But you can't sail through
Weak Water without lanterns.
You sure know a lot, huh, kiddo?
I also know you're a disciple
of the former chief.
-[Bi Fang] Bai Ze!
-So, I know you can treat me.
You're getting chased again?
I'll yell if you don't help me
find the "jiaoh--"
[eerie ominous music]
[Bi Fang] He couldn't have
gotten far.
Bah, I think I can smell
Bai Ze around here.
[whimpers, screams]
You're useless!
Where are you going?
[Bi Fang] Move it!
I want him found already!
[sighs in relief]
Cozying up won't help you.
-[both screaming]
[Bai Ze] Help, it got me!
Qilin Wind Repelling Spell!
You can't use the spell
with your tiny horn!
[Bai Ze grunting]
Please, hurry! Huh?
-[Bai Ze] Ow!
-[monster growling]
Now what?
-[Bai Ze] What?
-[sniffs, exclaims]
-[Bai Ze] Huh?
Uh, how'd you know that
that would work?
That was a Valley Monster.
They like sweet things.
You're kidding!
Did your parents teach you that?
None of your business.
Didn't you prepare
before coming to the island?
-Hey! But...
-Better late than never I guess!
-[Bai Ze] Hey, Valley Monster!
-[Yi] Hey!
-[Bai Ze] Go get it.
-But those were mine!
That was my food
for the next two days!
Look. Check out these guns.
[self-satisfied grunt]
[magical whooshing]
[frantic grunts]
[mysterious suspenseful music]
[magical whooshing]
-[angry whooshing]
[groans angrily]
I want the banner!
Get it!
[wind whooshing]
Stay close to me!
I have to take you back, kid.
You can't go back because then
they'll catch you, won't they?
-Well, I'll do it at night then.
-[Bai Ze] Hey!
-[ominous whooshing]
Hi-yah! Dark Spirit! I'm not...
[groans, yelps]
Wow! That sure was
one big Dark Spirit!
[Bai Ze] Little brat.
So, are you having fun yet?
[dark ominous tune]
-That's the entrance.
[Bai Ze] Hurry up, kid!
[Bai Ze pants]
It... But it's... but it's...
But it's all been decimated!
This round one
was a road sign, right?
Why are there
so many stone statues?
What stone statues?
It's just a bunch of rocks!
-[Bai Ze] Docks, docks...
-[Yi] I'll help you find it.
-You'll help me?
-[Yi] Yeah!
Just don't create more trouble.
Huh? The old hospital?
[Yi grunts]
-What're you doing?
Uh... I'm... I mean, nothing!
Uh-huh. Nothing my foot.
You're trying to hide this?
The Gen Gate
will lead us to the pier.
-Let's go!
I need to find some jiaohuan!
You little brat.
It's not up to you, you know!
[Yi] Put me down! Put me down!
[soldiers grunting]
[intense suspenseful music]
[Bai Ze] What a mess.
This island was destroyed.
What the...
[grunts, groans]
[grunts, yelps]
-This way!
-This way!
Please! It's obviously this way!
No. It's this way!
I'm in... I'm in charge here!
Listen to me! This way!
-[gasps, shushes]
[Bai Ze] There's still someone
on the island.
Hey! Kiddo! Don't run off!
-[Yi] I'll ask for directions!
-That little brat!
[suspenseful music]
[both panting]
Huh? God of Kushan!
What are you doing here?
Why did you turn gray? Huh?
Where are you going?
Huh? What...
Who is this God of Kushan?
He's, uh... he's just a...
He's, uh...
[Bai Ze panting]
Wait for me!
[soldiers whimpering, yelping]
[mysterious music]
[Mrs. Fang] And here we are.
This is going to be
your new home.
This place is
where patients used to stay
after they had
the Dark Spirit extracted,
just like you all.
-My name is Mrs. Fang.
-[Bai Ze panting]
[Mrs. Fang] Come find me
if you need anything.
God of Kushan.
Mrs. Fang, were you infected
with the Dark Spirit?
No, I wasn't.
[Mrs. Fang] My late husband
was infected,
however, his condition
wasn't treatable.
Thanks to the former chief
who took him in,
we stayed here
and after he passed
I ended up staying behind.
It's now my home, you see.
Put this on.
[Mrs. Fang] This place
is sentimental!
[Bai Ze] God of Kushan, it's me.
Hey, why did you turn gray?
[Yi] Mrs. Fang, they don't
exactly seem happy.
-Why don't they return home?
-God of Kushan, it's me!
[Mrs. Fang] Well, you see,
their family has abandoned them.
They have no home to return to.
Weren't you two
abandoned as well?
God of Kushan. Hey!
Wait, you're not a patient,
are you?
I kinda am.
My horn is sort of...
But he's not a patient!
Aren't you Bai Ze?
You're quite famous, you know?
Okay! Yeah, yeah!
Of course I am!
You see? I told you
I was famous.
The devilishly handsome doctor!
Who doesn't know who you are?
[Mrs. Fang] And who doesn't know
what you did
seven years ago, sir?
Since you two
aren't Dark Spirit patients,
you need to leave now!
[chuckles nervously]
We're just passersby.
We need to get to the pier.
Right, Little, uh...
-What's your name again?
-It's Yi. Nothing else, just Yi!
Are you telling me you didn't
even know the boy's name?
[laughs nervously]
[Yi] Huh? Mrs. Fang,
what are they doing over there?
[Mrs. Fang] Well, I told them
to stop lying around
like a bunch of rocks
and I made them
start exercising every day.
We call this move here
the "Hip Twist"!
That's useless! It won't improve
their conditions.
Nah, well, it makes them
feel alive at least.
This guy was going through
a bad breakup!
And this guy, lost all his money
when his business failed.
This guy,
suffered from family issues.
[Yi] These poor people.
You know, they're just like
these lanterns.
[Mrs. Fang] The flames in their
hearts have been extinguished.
[Bai Ze] You know a lot
about these patients.
Well, I enjoy talking to them
when I have the time.
Instead of talking
and stretching,
they should come to me
for treatment.
Treatment for the Dark Spirit?
With that shabby-looking banner?
Please! Shabby banner? Hah!
I spent seven years working on
the talismans for this!
It's for curing the Dark Spirit.
Uh, you know that guy?
Where is...
Where is the God of Kushan?
I cured him, you know?
[Bai Ze] Hey!
What's up with you?
I cured your sickness, didn't I?
[Kushan 1] I remember
you treated me with that banner
and I didn't turn gray.
The hospital insisted
on extracting
the Dark Spirit from us.
Next thing we knew,
we were here.
You didn't have
any Dark Spirit left in you.
Those freakin' quacks
from Kunlun Hospital!
They made a healthy person sick.
You guys are all the same,
aren't you?
Hey. Don't say that.
[Bai Ze] It has to be
their mistake!
I need to get back there!
So, uh. Excuse me, Mrs. Fang.
Where is the pier?
[Mrs. Fang] There's one path
that leads to the old hospital.
It can't take you to the pier.
That would be the wrong way.
-Huh? What?
You little stinker,
you lied to me!
Yay! We're about to get to
the old hospital!
And with the jiaohuan,
my sickness will go away!
Yeah! Heh!
Twist your hips.
Twist, twist your hips!
[patient] Twist your hips!
[Yi giggles]
[Yi] Twist your hips.
Come on, everyone!
I can patch up that banner.
I'll make it
as good as new again.
[Yi] Twist your hips!
Altogether everyone!
Hey! We're leaving as soon as
the banner is patched!
[all chanting] Twist your hips!
-Twist your hips!
-Twist your hips!
-Twist your hips!
-Twist your hips!
[all chanting]
Twist your hips! Yeah!
[all cheering, laughing]
[patient 1]
A breakup is nothing!
[all] We can make it back!
[patient 2] Your sickness
can be cured!
[all] The Dark Spirit
can't get us!
'Cause we're gonna cure
our sickness!
The Dark Spirit can't get us!
My horn is gonna grow big!
[all cheering]
[Mrs. Fang] If you open up
your heart,
the glow will always return.
Bai Ze, you can tell me if
there's something bothering you.
I'm all ears, my dear.
Well... No, I'm feeling great.
Hey, everyone!
I'm Doctor Bai Ze!
I'm the greatest doctor
in all of Kunlun!
Do it again! Do it again!
[bright cheerful music]
[crowd laughing]
[Yi] God of Kushan!
Come dance with us!
Uh, is there something wrong?
I, uh...
-No use talking about it.
-Then, I'll go first.
[Yi] My horn stopped growing,
so people excluded me
and bullied me.
I have one friend
in the whole world.
It's my papa.
He always protects me.
Well, I have three heads,
so I think too much,
And I get so frustrated.
And I don't have
any friends, either.
Well, I can be your friend then!
I'm getting
three new friends at once!
-What a deal!
-I have a friend now!
-I've treated 9,900 patients.
-Maybe even over 10,000!
-But it's too late now.
I'm the greatest!
[Bai Ze] Yeah!
It's not, God of Kushan!
I'm sure Bai Ze can treat you!
-You think so?
-Stay right there!
Don't be silly.
Our condition isn't treatable.
One day, I will find a way
to treat
every single one of you here!
You can go ahead and schedule
your appointments with me today!
[Yi] Doctor Bai Ze, you need
to help God of Kushan!
-Do something, please!
-Say what? I can't hear you.
You need to help
the God of Kushan again!
His condition is a result
of Kunlun Hospital
and their malpractice.
I need more time to study him.
It won't be easy to treat.
We need to be patient.
[crowd cheering]
[somber tune]
[all chanting]
We'll get better!
God of Kushan!
God of Kushan!
[Kushan 1]
What's happening to me? What?
Huh? I'm the only one left.
[deep breath]
I'm finally free from
my frustration.
-God of Kushan!
-God of Kushan!
-How did this happen?
-God of Kushan!
[Yi] Why didn't you try
one more time?
You could have tried again!
It's because he's too fragile!
Is that why you refused
to do anything?
You really think
that's what I wanted?
[Mrs. Fang] When a patient
gives up completely,
they'll turn into stone.
At that point,
they're beyond saving.
You don't even care about
others' feelings!
You're not really a good doctor!
[wind whooshing]
[mysterious suspenseful music]
-[patients laughing]
-[patients] Twist your hips!
We have hope! We can be treated!
We can be treated!
Get out of the way!
Any of you see a guy
in a red cape with green horns?
[Bi Fang] Bai Ze! You're not
going anywhere!
[somber music]
-[Bi Fang] Show yourself!
-Bi Fang is here to arrest you.
Uh, Mrs. Fang.
I can explain, okay?
Here. It's all patched up.
I even aligned
the butterfly patterns
on the back for you, Bai Ze.
[Bi Fang] You can't hide
from me forever!
I don't know
why the former chief
cared so much about you.
Huh? The former chief?
[Mrs. Fang] Go through there.
-Go now!
-But, I...
[dramatic suspenseful music]
-[Yi grunts]
-Let's go!
[dramatic suspenseful music]
-[Bai Ze gasps]
-[both gasping]
-No, be quiet!
[soldiers murmuring]
Bi Fang...
-[Bi Fang] Bai Ze!
You have nowhere
left to run now!
Take him to the Smaller Island!
-Hold on!
-I'm not going back there!
[Bi Fang] Enough with
the games! Attack!
[sniffs, grunts]
Go get him!
[Bi Fang groans]
Stay close, kid!
'Cause otherwise,
you won't make it out alive!
So what?
Don't pretend like you care!
Look, kid, this place is dark.
Aren't you scared?
-What's the deal with you?
-[Yi] You're just playing nice.
[Yi yelps]
[Yi] You should have asked
God of Kushan
if he's afraid of the dark.
Ever think about that?
G... God of Kushan?
[Bai Ze] God of Kushan...
[grunts, groans]
[eerie music]
-[determined huff]
-Hey! Wait!
[Bai Ze] Where are you going?
Go look for the pier yourself.
-I'm going to the Old Hospital!
-[Bai Ze] Wait!
Fine, you stinkin' brat!
[eerie music]
[panting groans]
Ha! Mrs. Fang was wrong.
That sure looks like
a pier to me.
[eerie whispering whoosh]
[scared pants]
[magical sparkling]
[Yi panting]
[hurried chasing music]
[bully 1] Stay away from us!
[bully 2] Get out of here!
[bully 3] We don't wanna
hang out with you, okay?
[bully 2] You're just
a big freak!
[bully 3] Yeah,
you're a hornless freak!
[bully 2] Hornless freak!
You're so weird.
[bully 1 laughing]
Get lost!
[bully 3] You're not a Qilin.
You don't even have a horn!
[visionary Yi panting]
Huh? Papa!
[Yi] Papa, I'm so scared!
Papa, don't leave me!
Papa, I promise you that
I'll be a real Qilin very soon.
It won't be long now!
[Dark Spirit whooshing]
Yi! Yi!
With powerful Taoist magic,
the Dark Spirit
will be eradicated!
Let's go! Come on, kid.
Go home to your dad.
[Bai Ze] Whoa.
[ominous music]
[determined grunt]
The Dark Spirit
will be eradicated!
[Dark Spirit whooshing]
[strained grunts]
[ominous suspenseful music]
[Bai Ze strained grunts]
What is this place?
Come on!
[Huo Zhe panting nervously]
[Azure Dragon] I'm looking
forward to tomorrow.
Yeah. For sure!
It's gonna be quite a show!
[Azure Dragon chuckles]
Let's go to Jiu Wei's Tavern
for some drinks!
-[Elders] Yeah!
-[White Tiger] I can't wait!
[ominous music]
[grunting, panting]
[gentle music]
[Yi] Oh. That was scary.
I only remember that I was
tightly wrapped up
by something
and I was suffocating.
That was the Dark Spirit...
Just now,
you were calling for your papa.
Huh? Well...
I'm guessing you came
to this island
behind your dad's back, right?
-Huh? I'm not hungry!
The Five Element Mantra.
It worked quite well
on the God of Kushan.
This butterfly still lit up.
Where's the place
I was in just now?
I told you the Larger Island
was dangerous, didn't I?
Heh. Come on, let's go.
No. I'm not leaving!
Not even to find jiaohuan?
Huh? To find jiaohuan?
Are you serious?
You have to keep
your promise, okay?
I always do,
at least to my patients.
But after we get it
we're going back
-to the Smaller Island.
-"After we get it?"
So, you know where to find it?
[both chuckling]
Well, uh,
it used to be right here.
Is this the old hospital?
Yeah, the pharmacy.
Hmm? Huh?
Watch out.
Huh? "...lun Hospital."
-[Bai Ze] Huh?
This is it! We made it!
-[Yi chuckles]
This kid... Whoa!
-[Bai Ze yelping]
[Yi] Ginseng... Gastrodia elata.
-[Yi] And licorice!
-[Bai Ze] The old hospital.
[Yi] There are
so many boxes here.
-[Yi] Which one is it in?
-[Bai Ze] It's in the red one.
Find the red box.
The red one?
But they're all red.
-[door closing]
Is it over here? Huh?
-[Bai Ze] Huh?
-[Yi sighs deeply]
Huh? It should be right here.
[strained grunts]
Here it is!
-[Bai Ze] Look.
Let's see. Uh. Huh?
[gentle music]
-Did it work?
-Huh? Why didn't the horn glow?
Hey, uh... Don't panic.
-[Bai Ze grunting]
-[magical shining]
[Bai Ze] What the...
But I just don't...
Why isn't it working?
Oh. Uh...
[somber music]
[sighs, sniffles]
-[Yi crying]
[Yi] This old hospital is huge!
There must be
some more jiaohuan!
I just know my horn
can be fixed, okay?
-It can be fixed, okay?
-Calm down.
-Calm down, kid!
-I know it can!
-Yi! Pull yourself to--
-You don't get it!
[somber music]
[soldiers panting]
-[magical whooshing]
-[soldiers yelping]
My map!
[intimidating music]
Jiu Wei?
Are you sure you wanna make
the hospital your enemy?
Depends. You gonna
pay his debt if he dies?
I still haven't retaliated
for what happened to my arm.
Get her!
[soldiers' battle cry]
[Jiu Wei grunting]
[both grunting]
[Jiu Wei growling]
[intimidating fight music]
[both grunting]
[both grunting]
[collision rumbling]
-[Dark Spirit growling]
-[Bi Fang screaming]
[pensive intimidating music]
[fish assistants grunting]
[Bai Ze] Don't panic.
Like I told you,
there's no illness in this world
I can't cure, kiddo!
[Yi crying softly]
[young Bai Ze] Master, I can
read all of these words.
"Good medicine cures illnesses,
while good doctors
treat the soul."
[chief] Bai Ze, remember,
an exceptional doctor
uses medicine
and their heart to treat people.
Uh, er... Don't be sad.
Are you chilly?
Do you want to
come nearer to the fire?
So, you're ignoring me,
huh? Okay!
[Bai Ze] People say
that I'm crazy!
Oh yeah!
They don't see what I see!
To them, it's hazy!
Time for hip twists!
Hey, you stinkin' brat!
This is the dance you did with
that long-legged guy, right?
That guy has nothing on me,
I'm a much better dancer
than he is!
-Watch this! Check it out!
-No, you're not! Huh?
[yelping, groans]
[both chuckle softly]
I'm sure there's another way
to help you, kid.
I'm a genius after all! Hm?
[Bai Ze yawning]
It's time to get some shut-eye!
I thought you were in a rush
to return to the Smaller Island.
Nah, don't worry about that.
Go to sleep!
Hey! This kid...
Jeez! Just...
[gentle music]
[magic surging]
-[bully 1] Such a freak!
-[bully 2] Where's your horn?
[bully 3] Yeah, weirdo! Hah!
It looks like I'm in
that strange place again.
[young Yi] Qilin Wind
Repelling Spell!
[Bai Ze] That's Yi
when he was little.
[kids cheering]
Am I in his mind right now?
[kid] Wow!
[bully 2] Look, guys!
He really is hornless!
[bully 1] A guy without horns!
[bully 2] He's such a weirdo!
[bully 3] Get lost!
[bully 1] You don't belong here.
[Yi yelping]
[bully 1] Go away!
Stay away from us!
[somber music]
[Yi's father grunting]
Huh? Papa! Don't go!
Papa! No, don't leave me!
-[Bai Ze] Yi!
-I need you to come back!
[whimpers, groans]
Run, kiddo! Run away!
That's the Dark Spirit!
Just now... just now,
I was in Yi's mind.
That little punk.
Did he catch it?
[Bai Ze] Huh?
A bamboo forest?
Yi! Where'd you get to?
Yi! Yi!
[pensive mysterious music]
-[Yi] Bai Ze?
You stinkin' little brat!
What are you doing here?
-Are you all right? Huh?
-[chuckles] Bai Ze!
[Yi] I found a doctor
who can fix my horn issue!
-A doctor?
-[Yi] Uh-huh!
There's no doctor here.
[deep rumbling]
[Tang Ni's battle cries]
[Tang Ni] I'm coming in hot!
-[Bai Ze] Ow!
-[Yi] Hey, it's the doctor!
That's the doctor?
You're a little radish demon!
Don't talk down to me!
-[Yi] Huh? Bai Ze?
-[Yi] Are you okay?
-What? Bai Ze?
So, you're Bai Ze,
my senior brother?
Don't try to be cute!
Who are you?
[Tang Ni] You don't know me?
Listen up!
I'm the latest disciple
of the great chief
of Kunlun Hospital.
Doctor Tang Ni!
Oh. Hold on.
All right!
I guess we share
the same master.
Uh... the former chief,
is he here?
The former chief,
is currently still on vacation.
I wondered why there are
so many stupid butterflies.
-Don't speak ill of Master!
So, master is a ginseng
and his new disciple's a radish.
Why you, you...
[Yi] But the doctor
hasn't treated my horn yet!
Don't believe
what that radish demon says.
Hold up! Yi, I can make
a quick diagnosis.
[magical whooshing]
[Tang Ni] Ah-ha!
It's untreatable.
Untreatable? What do you mean?
[Tang Ni] If even jiaohuan
can't treat it,
that means there isn't a cure!
Stop yapping about
that stupid scroll of yours!
This isn't a "stupid scroll."
It's all the illnesses
master has encountered!
He has a rare horn disorder!
Rare my butt!
Can't you at least sugarcoat it?
Over there!
[Bai Ze] Don't! Leave him!
Stay away! Hey!
-Huh? Don't...
It's no big deal!
I don't have a neck
or a waist...
[Yi] I really thought that
the jiaohuan
-could fix everything.
-...breathtakingly handsome!
Bai Ze, you said
it could be cured.
That was what you told me,
wasn't it?
Tell me! Tell me it can!
Tell me it can!
Will I ever... will I ever
become a real Qilin?
-[Bai Ze] Yi. Listen.
-'Cause I don't think so.
Must jot it down!
-[Yi groans in pain]
[Tang Ni] Don't do
anything extreme!
Master said we mustn't do
anything irrational!
I'll prove myself to him
once and for all!
With powerful Taoist magic,
the Dark--
[straining grunts]
[Bai Ze] My Five Element Mantra
still might not work.
What is the Five Element Mantra?
I don't have a record of it.
-[Bi Fang] Capture him!
Bai Ze! Hand over the banner!
-[Tang Ni whimpers]
-Take Yi and go!
-[Tang Ni] Okay.
[Bi Fang] Another patient
caught the Dark Spirit.
How many more lives
do you want to ruin?
I'm just the victim
of your conspiracy!
[both grunting]
[menacing grunts]
[both grunting]
-[Bai Ze groans]
-[Tang Ni] Bai Ze!
Huh? Oh! Master?
Radish! What is this?
This isn't something
to joke about!
Give me that!
Master wouldn't allow me
to tell you about it!
He exhausted his vitality
when he was summoning Weak Water
to try and contain
the Dark Spirit.
He said the Larger Island
was decimated because of him.
The all-submerging Weak Water.
I hereby summon you!
[Tang Ni] He began
to plant bamboo one by one,
hoping to revive
the Larger Island again.
He said he couldn't finish
what he started,
but that his disciple Bai Ze
would finish his work.
Master told me
that you were a troublemaker
who always worried him,
and that many others
weren't fond of you.
But he also told me
you bend over backwards
for your patients,
and that you never care
what others might think.
He said you have
a "beam of light" in your heart!
It's just that
you haven't figured out
how to use it just yet,
but he said you're sure
to brighten
someone's life with it!
[chief] All lives suffer
at some point.
So, you must find a way
to eradicate the Dark Spirit
and cure those
who are suffering.
[groans, coughs]
Bai Ze, you're hereby banned
from practicing medicine,
and from studying
the Dark Spirit!
Master also said that
"beam of light" in your heart
could light up
the entirety of Kunlun!
[dramatic emotional music]
[Tang Ni] Master!
[thunder rumbling]
So, the former chief
really died because of you!
[Bi Fang scoffs]
[Bi Fang] You're the reason
your master died!
Shut your mouth!
He's lost his mind!
He's lost his mind!
All of you, stop him!
-[soldiers murmuring]
-Scram! Go! Go!
Go away!
[Bi Fang] Bai Ze!
[Yi groans]
Why don't you pick
on someone your own size?
Come at me instead!
Time to give me the banner!
This banner
isn't working at all.
It can't eliminate
the Dark Spirit.
I don't care if it works or not!
You know that
you don't deserve this banner!
Back then,
you only cared about
-fighting the Dark Spirit...
-Ow, that hurt!
...and your obsession
led to many people getting hurt!
All you care about
is proving yourself!
You're even willing
to use a kid!
But I'm not! I swear, I'm not!
Bai Ze, you only ever care
about yourself!
Nothing is going to change
that fact, right?
[Bi Fang] Take him away!
[dramatic emotional music]
[Bi Fang] Today, I'm seeking
justice for all of the people
you've hurt in the past!
The Dark Spirit you love so much
is mixed in with the Weak Water
your master traded his life for!
[Yi] Bai Ze!
[pants, gasps]
Bai Ze!
[dramatic music]
[ominous music]
[struggles, gargles]
Hold on!
[chief] You're hereby banned
from practicing medicine!
[Tang Ni]Master also said that
"beam of light" in your heart
could light up
the entirety of Kunlun!
[croc mom] Just look at
your schoolmates!
[villagers moaning]
[Yi] You don't even care
about others' feelings!
You're not really a good doctor!
[Bai Ze]I'm not a good doctor.
I didn't realize until now.
The Dark Spirit
is causing us all to suffer.
Master. Is that you?
I wrongfully blamed you.
I've disappointed you!
[dramatic momentous music]
Coming through! Move!
I'm not missing this!
Look, what a crowd!
Didn't I tell you?
[sighs, worried hiss]
[crowd chatting indistinctly]
[White Tiger] Hey! Huo Zhe!
It's showtime!
Let's get started!
Right away!
I'll start right away.
[Bai Ze groans]
Oh. Wait, am I dead?
Why are my lips so wet
and so warm?
Jiu Wei? It's you.
Bai Ze, it was me!
I was the one who saved you!
I wondered why
my mouth tasted like radish!
-[Jiu Wei] Bai Ze.
-Bai Ze, we're really...
-We're sorry.
-really sorry.
-Where'd Yi go?
[crowd's disgruntled murmurs]
[Azure Dragon] Hey! Huo Zhe!
It's starting to get late!
Are you sure you can do it?
-[villager 1] Yeah, show us.
-[villager 2] Hurry up!
[villager 3] Yeah!
Start already!
We're getting bored!
[power rumbling]
[indistinct whispers]
This banner should have belonged
to you, New Chief Huo Zhe.
-[wind whooshing]
-[group groaning]
[gentle mysterious music]
[crowd murmuring indistinctly]
With powerful Taoist magic,
the Dark Spirit
will be eradicated.
[power rumbling, crackling]
-Huh? But... Did... did you...
-[Elders gasp]
[intense suspenseful music]
[shocked exclaims]
You see that?
The Dark Spirit is gone!
[excited exclaims]
[chuckles in disbelief]
I did it.
I did it!
I did it!
Stop! Stop now!
Bai Ze? You're still alive?
Time to face your doom, Bi Fang!
[both grunting]
-[Bai Ze grunting]
-[villagers groaning]
-[shocked exclaims]
-Bai Ze...
Huo Zhe,
the Mantra doesn't work!
You have to get out of here!
Nonsense! This is my Mantra,
Heavenly Thunder!
I used it to eliminate
the Dark Spirit!
But you didn't actually
destroy it!
It's just hidden
within those talismans!
It what?
Bi Fang! Bai Ze is trying
to deceive us! Capture him!
[Bi Fang and Jiu Wei grunting]
-[soldiers grunting]
Oh, yeah. That banner was given
to Bai Ze by the former chief.
It should have belonged
to me instead!
I'll treat this kid
with my mantra,
so you can see how amazing
Heavenly Thunder Mantra is!
Huo Zhe! You have to stop!
[dramatic music]
Watch it, kid!
Hi-yah! Here you go!
-Bai Ze, give it back!
-[Bai Ze groans]
[laughs maniacally]
[eerie whooshing]
[eerie whooshing]
The Dark Spirit is erupting!
Everyone! Run uphill!
[crowd clamoring]
[both] Huh?
Bai Ze was right after all!
[Bai Ze] Yi!
Huo Zhe! You need to run!
[ominous whooshing]
[laughs maniacally]
Hurry! Run!
[laughs, roars]
[dark suspenseful music]
-[Yi yelping]
Bai Ze, it's over.
-Forget about me.
-Don't say that.
I'm not abandoning you again!
[Yi] Watch out! Lower your head.
To the right!
Now, to the left!
[Bi Fang and Jiu Wei grunting]
-[Jiu Wei gasps]
-Jiu Wei!
[screams, groans]
Chief Huo Zhe, it's me!
It's Bi Fang!
Take Yi and go.
-I'll hold him off! Huh?
-Do you have a death wish?
Bai Ze?
You're making it sound like
I'm not coming back, kiddo.
But I will. I'm the most
handsome doctor in Kunlun.
-[Bai Ze] Go now!
-[crowd clamoring]
-[crowd panting]
We're doctors
and the Four Elders,
I don't think
we should be running.
Shouldn't we help?
It's just a thought, you know?
Outta my way!
[Elders yelping, panting]
-[Huo Zhe grunting]
[strained groan]
-Watch out!
-[Bi Fang yelps]
[soft menacing music]
Bai Ze! Bai Ze!
-[grunts angrily]
[Bai Ze] Huo Zhe! You've been
blinded by the Dark Spirit!
Think about
our master's teachings!
You're a disciple of
the former chief, aren't you?
A disciple of the former chief?
[Huo Zhe] I'm a disciple
of the former chief?
[chuckle maniacally]
I thought the former chief only
saw you as his true disciple!
[gasps, grunts]
Don't forget about me,
senior brother!
The Dark Spirit
can use fireballs.
Hey, watch out!
-Hurry! Let's go!
-[Tang Ni grunts]
Huh? You need to wake up!
[Huo Zhe] Brother, huh?
I'm nothing but a lackey to you!
[emotional music]
[Huo Zhe] All of Kunlun has
always revolved around you.
Has anyone ever actually
cared about how I feel?
Master gave you the one
and only banner.
Am I even a disciple of his?
-[Huo Zhe grunting angrily]
I've always done so much,
yet you're constantly
ranked above me.
I never even wanted anything!
I'm also willing to forgo
the position as the chief!
[young Huo Zhe] Me too!
But I must.
I must somehow surpass you!
I want to beat you.
Even just once!
I want to win for once.
I want to win for once!
[crowd pant]
[Black Tortoise]
Hey! A little bit higher!
Yeah, higher!
Ah! Move the big lantern.
Over there, to the left.
To the left.
What brand is your treadmill?
The Dark Spirit is coming!
[crowd yelping]
[determined hums]
[Elders] Impregnable Array!
[magical sparkling]
[Elders grunting in effort]
[menacing whooshing]
[crowd scared gasps]
[thudding, whooshing]
[victorious chuckle]
Saving our patients is
our responsibility as doctors!
Right? All together!
[Elders] We may be Elders,
but we're not old!
-[Tang Ni] Yi!
-[Tang Ni] Yi!
-[Jiu Wei] Oh, Yi.
You hang in there!
-Just hang in there!
Should we extract
the Dark Spirit from him?
[Bi Fang] I don't think the kid
can take much more.
Papa. Where are you going?
[Elders] And open!
Bai Ze!
Yi! Yi! Yi!
I'm back now, Yi!
Look at me! Look at me, Yi!
Bai Ze! Don't you think
you're better than me? Huh?
[Huo Zhe] You're like a tortoise
hiding in its shell!
What'd you just say?
-[Vermillion Bird] Not worth it.
-[Azure Dragon] Just ignore him!
Big brother!
What should we do now? Huh?
Come out!
[Bai Ze] Huo Zhe, I'm willing
to give up everything.
You and I are doctors,
if we work together,
we might be able
to save this poor little kid!
So, you want to
save the kid, huh?
Well, I don't want
to save anyone!
[shocked exclaims]
I only want to dominate.
I'll show you the real Huo Zhe
and just what I can do!
No one will ever
belittle me again!
[Huo Zhe's ominous laughter]
[Huo Zhe] The Dark Spirit
cannot be destroyed.
And now, the Dark Spirit is me
and I am the Dark Spirit!
You really think you can
keep me out of
the Impregnable Array
I came up with?
The Dark Spirit can transform
into a monster.
-[crowd screaming]
All out!
All out!
[battle cries]
[all grunting efforts]
[Tang Ni] Hi-yah! Pew, pew.
Don't provoke the Dark Spirit!
[Bai Ze] It's standing up now!
[Huo Zhe roaring]
[Bai Ze groans]
[crowd screaming]
Uh, Wait! Hang on!
Uh, what's next?
[Bai Ze gasps]
What's next?
Wait for me, Yi. Wait for me.
[groans, yelps]
[Huo Zhe] Bai Ze,
today is the day you die!
[grunts in effort]
[intense suspenseful music]
[Mrs. Fang] When a patient
gives up completely,
they'll turn into stone.
At that point,
they're beyond saving.
Yi! Hey, remember this dance?
You did it at Mrs. Fang's!
The Hip Twist!
You taught it to me!
[Bai Ze] Come on,
twist your hips!
[Huo Zhe laughs]
You're dancing around
like a clown!
Is this your way of asking me
to show you mercy?
[Bai Ze] Open your eyes!
Watch me dance around!
I'm starting
to get better at this!
I'm the best dancer
in Kunlun, right?
Do you remember now? Come on!
[Huo Zhe] Oh, my brother.
Time to say farewell!
[bully 1] You're hornless.
[bully 2] You're such a loser.
[bully 3] You can't use
the Wind Repelling Spell?
What? Papa!
[bully 1] Stay away from us,
you ugly weirdo!
[Yi] Papa, don't go!
[Bai Ze] Your dad is waiting!
-Go to him! Just go.
-[Yi] Bai Ze?
The more scared you are,
the stronger it gets.
-Go on!
-[Yi grunts]
Move forward!
[Bai Ze] You just
have to ignore it!
You can do it!
I know you can!
Yi! You went to
the Larger Island all alone
and you used your bread
for the Valley Monster!
And you also managed
to trick me!
You're the bravest kid
that I've ever met!
But most importantly,
I can't hang on much longer!
Go now!
Your dad is waiting for you!
[gentle somber music]
I already know everything.
I already know that...
that you died.
[Yi] Papa, I...
I'm still hornless.
But even without a horn,
I'm still a Qilin!
[determined grunt]
[inspiring music]
Papa! Where are you?
[Yi] Papa!
Papa! Where are you?
Papa, I've grown
a whole lot now,
even though
you weren't by my side.
[inspiring music]
I don't have a papa anymore!
Silly little kid.
[Bai Ze] Papa will always
be here for you,
silently accompanying you.
[Yi crying softly]
[Huo Zhe growling]
-[crowd screaming]
[both screaming]
Qilin Wind Repelling Spell!
I figured it out!
The Dark Spirit
stems from the heart
but it can be eliminated
from the heart too!
Let's get rid of it!
[Bai Ze] It, it...
Qilin Wind Repelling Spell!
[momentous music]
[Huo Zhe growling]
[Huo Zhe laughs]
Bai Ze!
-[Mrs. Fang] Bai Ze!
[Huo Zhe]
You should just give up.
[crowd] You got this!
You can do it!
Admit it,
you've completely failed!
[Bi Fang] Bai Ze! Are you crazy?
-Bai Ze!
-[Elders] Bai Ze!
I know that
your greatest fear is...
Your greatest fear is the light
within people's hearts.
[crowd groaning]
[determined grunt]
[Huo Zhe groaning]
No one can stop
the light within our hearts!
[Huo Zhe growling]
Goodbye, Dark Spirit!
[crowd panting]
You see that?
Here come the butterflies.
[crowd gasping]
[amazed exclaims]
[Bai Ze] You okay?
-All right.
[hopeful music]
[Huo Zhe groaning]
Huo Zhe?
[hopeful music]
[Bai Ze] Perhaps we can't stop
the Dark Spirit from emerging.
But if you happen to see it,
you can simply smile
and tell it "Goodbye."
-Be careful!
-[rhino girl] Water.
-[deer boy] I got it.
[peaceful music]
[kids] Qilin Wind
Repelling Spell!
[Bi Fang] That's great.
Put it over there.
Watch out, don't bump it!
[Mrs. Fang] It's break time!
-[excited exclaims]
-Come on down!
Today, we're having
five nut mooncakes!
-[disappointed groans]
-[bell ringing]
[Elders panting]
My fellow Elders, this jogging
is working out so well!
Tang Ni,
put that down, will you?
That's such a simple concept!
I've known about it for a while!
[gentle music]
Boss lady?
Bai Ze isn't here today?
I think I might smell
love in the air, right?
Leave me be!
I'll charge you extra
if you keep bothering me.
[Jiu Wei] Since then,
Kunlun has been completely free
of the Dark Spirit,
and the world of
mountains and seas
has remained
peaceful and serene.
[cheerful outro music]
-Wow! Oh!
-[excited chuckling]
-Here. Go ahead. Go in.
-Go in!
Have a seat.
What seems to be the issue?
[yelps, sighs in relief]
I thought that
you received Buddhahood.
What brings you here?
Uh, I've been feeling
a bit under the weather!
My head has been feeling tight,
like there's a headband
around it.
[traditional oriental music]